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Kevin discovered that Chloe had been the driver who had hit Adam. Abby accepted Stitch's marriage proposal. Cane left Lily. Hilary awakened and thought Neil was her husband. A disguised figure started a fire during a benefit for the Delia Project.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of October 26, 2015 on Y&R
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Adam Clings to Life

Adam Clings to Life

Monday, October 26, 2015

Outside the courthouse, family, friends, and members of the media were gathered as a police officer and Michael escorted Adam to a waiting van. Streetlights illuminated the dimly light area at the edge of the sidewalk, where Adam paused. After a uniformed police officer instructed the van's driver to unlock the door, Adam and Michael walked toward the van, parked on the other side of the street. Michael turned and walked a few steps back toward the sidewalk moments before a speeding vehicle hit Adam. The vehicle drove away without stopping. Victor, Michael, and Chelsea rushed to Adam. He was unconscious.

As paramedics assessed Adam, still handcuffed and lying in the street, Victor approached Jack. Victor claimed that Billy had driven the car that had struck Adam. Phyllis grabbed Jack's arm and whisked him away from Victor. Phyllis quietly asked Jack if he believed Billy might have been involved. Jack told Phyllis to meet him at the hospital. Chelsea attempted to accompany Adam in the ambulance, but Michael held her back and reminded her that Adam was a prisoner.

At Crimson Lights, Billy and Victoria enjoyed coffee. Billy said he'd finally found a way to live without rage and guilt. He expressed his appreciation to Victoria for helping him. Victoria told Billy that she and their children loved him. Jack entered and told Billy that the judge had sentenced Adam to ten years in prison. Jack explained that someone driving a car had hit Adam before driving away. Billy said, "Don't tell me. Victor has already branded me suspect number one."

Victoria told Jack that she and Billy had gone to Chancellor Park to see Delia's tree after they'd left the courthouse and had been together the entire time. Jack said that someone had wanted Adam dead and might have succeeded. Billy noted that he would've felt differently had the incident happened before he'd forgiven Adam. Jack said, "You touched a lot of people with what you said today in the courtroom." Billy asked about Chelsea. Jack said she was about to lose the man she loved again and couldn't expect another miracle.

In the dining room at the Genoa City Athletic Club, Ben treated Abby to a formal dinner complete with Champagne. Wearing a smart suit and tie, Ben said he yearned to celebrate life and remember what was important. Abby agreed that life could change in an instant. Ben set down his glass and took Abby's glass, so he could hold her hand. He explained that recent life-changing events had made him realize that they shouldn't waste another moment.

Ben drew closer to Abby and said, "I'm hoping tonight will be a night we're never going to forget." Ashley approached and said, "What are you guys celebrating?" Abby said, "No celebration. Just a night like any other night." Ashley told Abby and Ben that the judge had sentenced Adam to ten years in prison. Ben said he realized that though Adam deserved punishment, he had safely delivered Sage's baby in Chancellor Park. Ben's pager alerted him about an emergency at the hospital, so he left.

Abby told her mother that she believed Ben had been about to propose before Ashley had interrupted. Ashley replied, "It wasn't that long ago that the two of you were broken up, so excuse me if I think this proposal came out of nowhere." Abby insisted that the separation had made her and Ben closer. Abby said she loved Ben and wanted to be his wife. Jack phoned Ashley and told her about Adam. Ashley broke the news about Adam to Abby and said she should join her family at the hospital. Abby left.

In the neonatal intensive care room at the hospital, Sage and Nick watched their infant son sleep. Sage said she feared they might never be able to take Christian home. Nick and Sage gushed as they talked about painting their son's nursery blue. Nick said he'd assembled the crib. Michael stopped by. Nick gasped when he learned that Adam's sentence was ten years in prison. Michael cleared his throat and explained that Adam was being treated in the emergency room and might not live.

In the emergency room at the hospital, Ben ordered a police officer to remove Adam's handcuffs. Chelsea and Victor arrived, and Chelsea repeatedly called out to Adam. Nikki and Phyllis arrived just as Ben instructed his staff to immediately begin treatment. Nikki comforted Chelsea. Victor told Phyllis he believed that Billy had been driving the car that had hit Adam. Victor said he thought Jack had gone to search for Billy.

After Phyllis walked away, Victor promised Chelsea that he'd do everything in his power to ensure Adam's recovery. Sage and Nick rushed to the waiting area to offer comfort to Nikki. Nikki asked about Christian, and Nick said that his baby was improving every day. Nick told Victor that Adam was "too rotten" to die. Victor nodded, but he appeared very concerned and distraught.

Sage offered words of encouragement to Chelsea. Chelsea, inconsolable, stood stoically as she waited for news. Sage said that when she'd first met Adam, he'd told her that he loved Chelsea and Connor more than anything in the world. Chelsea said, "Stop talking about him like he's dead. He's going to make it." Sage nodded in agreement.

Sage and Nikki joined Nick and Victor. Nick told Victor that Christian was gaining weight and strength. Victoria arrived, greeted her parents, and asked about Adam. Nikki said they hadn't heard a report from the doctor. Jack and Billy arrived. Victor told the police officer standing outside the treatment room to arrest Billy.

Yelling, Victor claimed that Billy had issued a fake apology in the courtroom before deliberately seeking revenge against Adam. Chelsea asked if Billy's speech in the courtroom had been a lie. Billy insisted that he'd meant every word he'd said. Billy added that he'd sought justice, not revenge. Billy added that there had already been enough pain, anger, and guilt. Victor didn't seem swayed by Billy's pronouncement.

At the police station, Paul comforted Christine. She told Paul that watching the car hit Adam had reminded her of the night she'd lost their baby after being struck by Nikki's car. Christine said she had no doubt that the person driving the car had targeted Adam. Paul nodded. Christine said the only detail she remembered was that the car was white.

Victor phoned and told Paul that he'd buried his son once and didn't intend to do it a second time. Michael entered Paul's office. Michael recalled that the car that had hit Adam was white and had never attempted to stop. Michael said he hadn't seen the driver or the car's license plate. Paul said at least Michael had confirmed Christine's statement about the color of the car.

After Paul left, Christine told Michael that he'd represented Adam well. She said the ruling had been fair. Michael replied, "A lot fairer than the hand Adam's been dealt now." Christine answered the phone in Paul's office. After she hung up, she told Michael that a bystander had identified the car that had struck Adam. She said police had discovered a car matching the bystander's description at the South Lake Motel.

Paul entered the waiting area outside the emergency room. Victor ordered Paul to remove the guard outside the treatment room so Chelsea could enter and be with Adam. Paul mentioned protocol and said he was there to get statements about the incident. Paul first approached Billy. Billy said he'd left the courthouse before the judge had pronounced the sentence. Jack defended Billy and said, "There was no way in hell he was driving the car!" Victor ordered Paul to arrest Billy.

Victoria told Paul that Billy had been with her. Paul noted that Victoria had recently lied to cover for Victor. Victoria was stunned when Paul said she might also be providing a false alibi for Billy. Victoria reminded Paul that Adam was her brother, and she wanted the person responsible to be held accountable. Paul said police would inspect Billy's car. Billy handed over his keys. Jack and Phyllis left. Chelsea thanked Billy for what he'd said in court. Billy said he hoped Adam would pull through for her sake and for Connor's.

After Billy left, Paul took Nikki aside to get her statement. Nikki said all she had seen had been chaos. She expressed concern about Christine having relived her own horrible experience. Nikki said she'd never forgive herself for what had happened to Christine. Paul said, "I think we all learned something about forgiveness today." Paul added that Christine was strong and resilient. Nikki panicked when she noticed that Victor had left.

Abby arrived and asked Chelsea about Adam. Chelsea, panicking, said she'd heard nothing. Abby assured Chelsea that Ben was the best doctor. Ben stepped out of the treatment room and told Chelsea, Nikki, Abby, and Paul that Adam would need emergency surgery for internal bleeding. Paul allowed Chelsea to enter the treatment room.

Chelsea sat by Adam's bedside and held his hand. She kissed Adam's hand and said, "I'm not going anywhere, so don't you dare leave me." Chelsea reminded Adam that he'd promised her and Connor a normal life together. Sobbing, Chelsea pleaded with Adam to return to them so they could enjoy their dream. Ben returned and told Chelsea that Adam needed surgery immediately. After nurses wheeled Adam away, Chelsea stood in the doorway and waited.

Sage and Nick returned to Christian's room. The panicked when they heard the sound of alarms. Sage cried, "Oh, my God! It's Christian!" Christian's nurse rushed in and assessed the baby's condition. Sage asked what had happened. The nurse asked Sage and Nick to stand back while she treated the baby. Sage gasped when the nurse said that Christian had stopped breathing.

At Chelsea's apartment, Victor gave the nanny a wad of cash and instructed her to get something to eat. The nanny was reluctant to leave, but Victor explained that Chelsea wouldn't be home from the hospital for a while. Victor sat down on the sofa with Connor. Victor assured Connor that his daddy loved him and considered him to be the most important thing in his life. Victor began praying. He told Connor that he wanted the Lord to save his daddy. Victor prayed that Adam wouldn't be imprisoned for a long time.

Billy, Victoria, Phyllis, and Jack joined Ashley at the Genoa City Athletic Club. Jack told Ashley that Adam was holding on. Ashley said, "It's cosmic justice, right? I mean, he was hit by a car." Billy replied, "It isn't justice. It's attempted murder. What Adam did was an accident, and he shouldn't have to pay with his life." Jack said that if Billy could find a way to forgive Adam, perhaps they all could, too.

Ashley said she couldn't forgive Adam. Billy said that if Adam died, Chelsea and Connor would suffer. Billy added that Adam's family had already suffered enough. Jack said Adam would pull through because Ben Rayburn was Genoa City's finest doctor. Billy and Victoria nodded in agreement.

After Jack, Billy, Phyllis, and Victoria left, Ashley returned to the table where Abby and Ben had been sitting and enjoying Champagne. Ashley picked up Abby's glass. Ashley carefully inspected the glass and spotted something in the bottom. She poured the Champagne into the ice bucket. Ashley peered into the bucket and retrieved a diamond engagement ring. She held the ring in front of her face and seemed lost in thought.

Kevin Discovers Chloe Was the Driver

Kevin Discovers Chloe Was the Driver

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Ashley arrived at the hospital, but she ducked out of sight when she spotted Abby and Stitch in the waiting area, and she gazed at the engagement ring in her hand. Meanwhile, Abby invited Chelsea to sit down, but Chelsea feared that she'd think too much if she sat still. Chelsea asked how long the surgery would take, and she whimpered that Adam couldn't die on her again. Abby comforted her.

Chelsea fretted that Adam had already been through a lot physically, and she wondered how much more his body could take. Abby insisted that Adam was strong, and she noted that he'd pulled through before. Chelsea worried that the doctors wouldn't try to save him, and Stitch gave her his word that the medical team would do everything they could. Abby thought of someplace to take Chelsea, and Stitch promised that he would call if there was any news.

Abby led Chelsea away, and Ashley commended Stitch for being kind to Chelsea. Stitch replied that he'd just been doing his job, but Ashley doubted that he would have made elaborate plans for Abby if he'd known he'd have to rush back to the emergency room. Ashley showed him the ring that she'd found in the bottom of Abby's Champagne glass, and Stitch realized that he'd forgotten it. Ashley wondered if the slip had been Freudian, since Stitch and Abby had just gotten back together.

Stitch explained that his breakup with Abby had been rash and stupid, but they'd known that being apart wouldn't last. Ashley noted that Abby could be impulsive, and Stitch conceded that he didn't always think things through, either, but he believed he and Abby were good together. Ashley recalled that Stitch had said he hadn't been able to get Ashley off his mind not long before, but Stitch replied that a lot had happened since then. Ashley inquired whether Stitch had spoken with Abby's father, but he said Victor wasn't the parent he was worried about.

Ashley said Abby was a grown woman who didn't need her approval, but Stitch contended that Ashley's opinion mattered to both Abby and him. Ashley wondered if he was asking for her blessing, and he replied that he wanted to know that she wouldn't hate him or Abby. Ashley said she loved her daughter more than anything in the world, and she begrudgingly gave her blessing and urged him to ask Abby to marry him right away. He said he needed the ring, and Ashley handed it over and wished him luck. Ashley's expression soured as he headed off.

Nikki winced as she sipped some hospital coffee, and Jack handed her a packet of sugar. Victor approached and asked if there had been any news, and Nikki replied that there had been no update since Adam had gone into surgery. Victor acknowledged that Billy hadn't been behind the wheel of the car that had hit Adam, and he admitted that he'd made a wrong assumption. Victor added that he wanted to thank Jack on Adam's behalf for supporting Adam on the stand.

Jack huffed that Adam could thank Jack himself when he recovered, and Victor said he'd let Jack know when Adam was ready for visitors. Jack became incensed that Victor was implying that he should leave, but Phyllis reasoned that there was nothing they could do. Jack asserted that all Adam had wanted was someone to be there for him, and Victor testily inquired whether Jack considered it a competition. Nikki pulled Victor aside to take a walk with her, and Phyllis suggested that Jack not start a fight. Jack grumbled that Victor had been a worthless excuse for a father for Adam's entire life, so Victor didn't get to start marking his territory then.

In the NICU, Sage panicked when Christian's monitors sounded, and she demanded to know what was wrong with her baby. The doctor explained that Christian had experienced a "brady episode" when the baby's heart had slowed down. The doctor requested that Sage and Nick take a step back, but Sage protested that her baby needed her. Sage struggled against Nick as he dragged her out of the NICU, and he pleaded with her to let the doctors do their jobs. Sage countered that it was her job as Christian's mother to be there, and she freaked out at the thought of not being by her son's side if something happened. Sage calmed down when Nikki hugged her.

Nikki recognized that a mother felt like she'd break into a million pieces when her child was hurting, but she assured Sage that the feeling would pass. Nikki imagined that Sage's beautiful baby would give Sage joy and occasional heartbreak for many years, and she implored Sage to hang on to the thoughts of the life she envisioned for her son. Sage walked over to the NICU window and wailed that Christian needed her. Nikki said Sage needed to trust the doctors to get the baby through, but Sage could provide the strength and love that only a mother could give.

Nick told Victor that Sage had been afraid of something happening to her baby ever since she'd learned about her pregnancy, and her nightmares had become a reality when the monitors had gone off. Victor said he often worried about his children and grandchildren, but they all had Newman blood in common. Victor added that they were all fighters, and he was confident that the little boy would pull through.

Later, the doctor informed Nick and Sage that the baby had stabilized, and he explained that the bradycardia had most likely been caused by apnea. He equated it to the infant forgetting to breathe, and Sage incredulously asked how it had happened. The doctor stated that it was unfortunate but not unusual for a premature baby to have an underdeveloped nervous system. Sage snapped that the doctor wasn't dealing with a case or a patient but with her son, Christian.

The doctor said the goal was to avoid putting Christian back on the respirator, but the baby still had a fight ahead of him at his age. Nick questioned whether they could still lose their son, and he added that they deserved the truth. The doctor replied that he couldn't make any predictions, but odds weren't in their son's favor. Sage collapsed in tears as Nick held her.

In the corridor, Jack ranted that Victor was pacing while Adam was on an operating table, but he questioned where Victor had been for the rest of Adam's life. Jack spat that Victor had pushed and tested Adam, and Victor had always expected the worst from his younger son. Phyllis reasoned that Victor was still Adam's father, and she pointed out that they had their own dysfunctional family issues. Jack recognized that he had his own shortcomings as a parent, but he worried that Victor would only cause Adam more pain. Phyllis urged Jack to focus on Adam, and Jack said he might have been on pills if it hadn't been for Adam, so he owed Adam his life.

Jack revealed that Kelly had kept him on the island by drugging him, and he'd been given pain medication after the shooting. He imagined that no one would have blamed him if he'd continued to numb the pain with drugs, but he hadn't. He credited Phyllis and Adam for giving him the strength to stay sober, since he hadn't been able to put them through it again after they'd worked hard to get him clean. Nikki suddenly announced that Adam was out of surgery, and Jack said they had to find Chelsea.

In the hospital chapel, Abby reasoned that it would help for Chelsea to be away from the noise in the rest of the hospital, and Chelsea recounted that she'd spent time there when she'd been worried about Connor's eyes. Chelsea remembered asking God to protect her sweet boy, but she thought it was another thing to ask God to look out for Adam. Abby remarked that saints didn't need forgiveness, but the people who had screwed up did. Chelsea inquired whether Abby had forgiven Adam, and Abby replied that regardless of how she felt, Chelsea loved him and needed a place of peace to gather her strength for whatever happened next. Chelsea knelt down and prayed.

Chelsea wondered why Abby had taken her there, since Abby didn't like Adam. Abby replied that she liked Chelsea, and Adam was Chelsea's husband. Chelsea lamented that Adam would go to prison, but Abby speculated that he would become a better person in the process, and she encouraged Chelsea to hold on to hope. Stitch entered and reported that Adam had made it through surgery, and Chelsea thanked him and rushed off. Abby commented that some prayers got answered faster than others.

Abby told Stitch that her instincts had told her to take Chelsea there to remind Chelsea that she wasn't alone. Abby added that sometimes, praying was its own answer to get through the dark times, and Stitch gushed that she was kinder and smarter than she gave herself credit for. Stitch thought that perhaps she didn't want people to know that side of her to avoid seeming vulnerable, but he knew what a good person she was, and he loved that about her. Abby started to head out to check on Chelsea and Adam, but Stitch stopped her from leaving.

Stitch said he'd always talked about how fragile life was while never stopping to enjoy it, and he dropped to one knee and pulled out the engagement ring. Abby squealed that she'd been right, and Stitch continued that she made him laugh and look at the world with a different view. He declared that he wanted to make her all the promises in the world, and he asked her to let him love her and to let him be the one person she could count on for the rest of her life. He asked her to marry him.

Outside Adam's room, Chelsea said she wanted to be with Adam, but the cop stationed at the door forbade any visitors. Nikki argued that Paul had allowed Chelsea to go in earlier, and Victor threatened to resolve the matter himself. Jack offered to throw his own weight around, and Phyllis suggested that it would be in the officer's best interest to step aside. Chelsea entered Adam's room, and she lovingly touched Adam's face and asked if he could hear her. She smiled brightly when he opened his eyes.

Chelsea instructed Adam not to talk or move, and she gently informed him that he had just gotten out of surgery and was doing well. She asked if he could squeeze her hand, and he obliged. She promised that she would never leave him or give up on him again, and she wanted him to make the same vow. He squeezed her hand in agreement, and she willed him to get better and stronger, since it would be them against the world.

Chelsea reported that Adam was awake and that he'd promised to fight to stay with them, and Victor and Nikki expressed relief. Nikki suggested that they all get some rest, but Chelsea refused to leave the hospital, although she needed some fresh air. Chelsea pointedly looked around and said she wanted to remember who had been there for Adam, and she stepped out. Nikki and Victor went to check on Christian, and Jack and Phyllis marveled that Adam had made it.

Jack was surprised when Ashley informed him that Abby and Stitch were getting engaged, and Ashley insisted that she was fine with it. Jack noted that her daughter was marrying a doctor, and Ashley commented that Abby deserved to be with a wonderful man like Stitch. Ashley imagined throwing the couple an amazing wedding, and Jack hugged her, but she looked unsure.

Later, Nikki looked through the window as Victor sat with Adam. "You fight, my boy," Victor whispered.

Kevin and Mariah rushed to the police station when they'd heard Adam had been hit by a car, and Paul reported that Adam might not make it, so they might be dealing with a potential homicide. Paul asked Kevin to pull footage from around the courthouse and the South Lake Motel to try to find the driver. Mariah realized that she might not have properly locked up the Underground, and she left to check. Paul directed Kevin to look for a white sedan with out-of-state plates, and he pointed out that it could have been a rental car. Meanwhile, at the Underground, someone set a set of rental car keys on the bar.

Kevin perked up when he got a hit on the license plate, but Paul said they needed to identify the driver. Paul narrowed the number of recent rentals down and prepared to gather a list of renters, but Kevin's expression darkened, and he numbly stated that he knew the driver. Paul looked over Kevin's shoulder and recognized Chloe on the footage.

Kevin left a message for Chloe, begging her to call him to let him know that she was okay. Paul looked suspicious, and Kevin insisted that he hadn't seen Chloe since the tree-planting ceremony. Kevin swore that Billy had told him that Chloe hadn't planned to stick around for the trial, and he'd assumed that she'd returned to California. Paul warned that things would only get worse for her if Adam didn't pull through, and Kevin promised that he would tell Paul if he found out where she was. Paul said they had to find her before someone else got hurt.

Mariah called out at the Underground, and she asked who was there when she heard a noise. Chloe stepped out from the shadows and begged for Mariah's help. Mariah recognized Chloe from photos at Kevin's place, and Chloe mentioned that she knew Mariah lived there. Chloe dryly added that she was happy that everyone was moving on, and Mariah insisted that she and Kevin were just roommates. Chloe flatly stated that she didn't care, but she needed to find Kevin, since he was the only one who could help her. Mariah guessed that it had something to do with what had happened to Adam at the courthouse, and Chloe demanded that Mariah call Kevin.

Kevin insisted that he wouldn't make the mistake of covering for Chloe again, and he divulged that Chloe had pulled a gun on Adam in the park. Kevin defended that Chloe hadn't shot Adam, and she hadn't been the only one who'd wanted Adam dead when he'd shown up at the memorial of the girl he'd killed. Paul received a text message, and he relayed that Chloe was no longer at the motel. Mariah called Kevin and informed him that Chloe was at the bar, wanting to talk to him about recent events. Mariah reported that Kevin was on his way, but Chloe smashed a bottle over Mariah's head. "You tipped him off, you bitch," Chloe hissed, and she stalked out.

Kevin arrived at the Underground and called out for Mariah and Chloe, and a gun-toting Paul followed shortly behind him. They spotted Mariah on the floor, and she slowly stirred. Mariah warned that Chloe wasn't okay at all, and Paul called in an APB. Kevin apologized, but Mariah replied that he couldn't control Chloe. Kevin thought he should have seen that Chloe needed help, and Mariah mentioned that Chloe had said Kevin was the only person she could turn to.

Esther heard someone enter Crimson Lights as she cleaned up, and she yelled that the coffeehouse was closed. She was surprised to see Chloe, who said she was in really bad trouble and needed Esther's help more than she ever had before. Esther realized that Chloe had been in town when Adam had been hurt, and Chloe huffed that Adam was supposed to be dead. Esther gasped in horror, but Chloe ranted that she'd done what was right, since ten years in a cell was ridiculous for taking her daughter's life. Chloe ordered Esther to give her all the cash in the register and the keys to Esther's car, but Esther said she couldn't help Chloe run.

Chloe clarified that Esther meant she wouldn't help, and she snapped that Esther wouldn't lift a finger when Chloe really needed her. Chloe questioned when Esther had ever really given "a damn" about her, but Esther insisted that she loved Chloe. Chloe raged that Esther had shipped her off to boarding school and hadn't cared if she'd existed, but Esther countered that Chloe had been the one who hadn't wanted anyone to know that Esther was her mother. Chloe retorted that Esther didn't know what it was like to ache for a child every moment, but Esther replied that she ached for both Chloe and Delia.

Chloe growled that Adam was a monster who'd hurt everyone who had crossed his path, but no one had ever made him pay, and at least she'd tried to get justice for her daughter. Esther reasoned that it wouldn't get Delia back, but Chloe told her to "go to hell" if she wasn't willing to help. An upset Esther retreated to the back room. "It was you," a glowering Chelsea barked from the doorway, and she accused Chloe of trying to kill her husband. "I should have tried harder," Chloe icily replied.

Hilary Awakens and Takes Off

Hilary Awakens and Takes Off

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

In the hospital chapel, Stitch asked Abby to marry him, and she grinned broadly and nodded. He asked her to confirm that her answer was yes, and she exclaimed that she would marry him. She giggled as he put the ring on her ringer, and they laughed and kissed. Ashley entered, and Abby pulled away from Stitch's embrace when she spotted her mother. Ashley smiled and congratulated them.

As Ashley admired Abby's ring, she offered to throw the couple the most amazing wedding ever, and she said she was happy for both Abby and Stitch. Stitch suggested that he and Abby go out for a romantic celebration, and he left to change out of his scrubs. Abby asked if Ashley really was happy for her, and Ashley inquired whether Abby was positive that Stitch was "the one." Ashley worried that Abby hadn't weighed everything properly in the excitement of the moment, but Abby insisted that the decision hadn't been sudden, since she and Stitch had been through a lot. Abby asserted that they loved one another and would be together forever, and Ashley swore that she was thrilled for Abby.

Abby and Stitch retreated to a hotel suite, and he offered to pour some bubbly, but she purred that what she wanted wasn't in a bottle. After they made love, Stitch suggested that they order room service or go downstairs to show off Abby's new bling. He noticed that she was quiet and thoughtful, and he asked what was wrong. Abby replied that she'd been thinking about Ashley's comment that Abby hadn't thought the engagement through, and Stitch wondered if Abby had just been caught up in the excitement of the moment.

Abby said nothing had ever felt more right, and she thought Ashley had just been being protective because of Abby's terrible track record with men. Stitch noted that Abby wasn't the only one with a past, and he pointed out that Ashley had suffered heartbreak herself, so she didn't want that for Abby. Stitch assured Abby that he wouldn't have proposed if he'd had doubts, and she was the woman he had waited for and wanted to spend the rest of his life with. He urged her to listen to what her heart was telling her, and they kissed.

Billy sat at his desk at Jabot, and he flashed back to Ashley instructing him to acquire as much of Newman as they could, even if meant going up against Jack. Victoria appeared in the doorway and surmised that Billy had gone back to scooping up Newman companies, but Billy replied that he was doing just the opposite. Billy announced that he wasn't going after Newman anymore, and he intended to cancel the orders in the pipeline and sell off the assets at zero profit to undo the damage he'd done.

A stunned Victoria asked what had led to Billy's decision, and he replied that it was part of finding forgiveness. Billy recounted that he'd felt like Delia had been there when they'd visited her tree, and it had felt good to let go. He continued that he'd hated the guy he'd been becoming, and he didn't want to go back. Victoria remarked that something good had happened from the disaster if he'd gotten to that place, and Billy credited Victoria with getting him there. Victoria remarked that sometimes people thought they wanted revenge when they really wanted peace, and Ashley overheard and said it sounded like the way she was feeling.

Billy asserted that he wanted to undo the damage for his own peace of mind, and Ashley revealed that she was there to return all the companies to Newman. She explained that the ordeal with Adam had gotten her thinking about right and wrong and where to draw the line, and Victoria was very surprised but grateful. Victoria stepped out to check on a pizza she'd ordered, and Ashley informed Billy that Stitch had just proposed to Abby. Billy observed that Ashley didn't look tickled about the news, and Ashley referred to the Abbotts' bad track record with relationships. Billy insisted that it wasn't a family curse, and Ashley claimed that Stitch could be fickle.

Billy pointed out that Abby loved Stitch, and he understood Ashley's hesitation because Abby could be flighty, but he thought Abby had grown up. Victoria returned, and Billy told her that Stitch had popped the question to Abby. Victoria commented that Stitch and Abby were good for one another, and she asked Billy to go downstairs and pay the pizza delivery guy. After Billy left, Victoria noted that Ashley didn't seem thrilled with the engagement, and Ashley replied that she didn't want to see Abby make a mistake.

Victoria wondered if Ashley was uncomfortable because Ashley had a thing for Stitch, and she promised not to say anything about what she'd seen between Ashley and Stitch if Ashley was honest about her lack of enthusiasm. Ashley insisted that she wasn't jealous, but Victoria pointed out that they'd known one another for a long time, and Ashley wasn't good at hiding her feelings. Victoria recognized that they weren't best friends, but she said they didn't have to be enemies, and she'd seen the way Ashley and Stitch looked at one another. Ashley conceded that she and Stitch had a connection, but Abby loved him. Ashley insisted that she was happy for the couple.

Ashley refused to discuss it any further, and Victoria recommended that Ashley find someone else to focus on. Billy returned and reported that they had a problem, since he'd stopped by the server room on the way downstairs, and the system had been going crazy. He explained that he'd been able to reverse some earlier transactions, but Jabot's assets were being sold below market value the same way Newman's had been. Victoria realized that the Paragon virus was also attacking Jabot.

At the Underground, Paul arranged for his officers to search for Chloe, and Kevin encouraged Paul to tell his men not to overreact, since he didn't want Chloe to be hurt. Mariah pointed out that Chloe had mowed down Adam and had clocked Mariah over the head, but Kevin believed that Chloe was acting from a place of fear. Paul suspected that Chloe was more than scared -- she was dangerous. Kevin insisted that Chloe wasn't a violent criminal, but Mariah said to tell that to Adam.

Paul pointed out that they didn't know how Chloe would react when she was cornered, and he warned Kevin that it would be a mistake to protect her. Paul appealed to Kevin to help put an end to it before someone else got hurt, and Kevin reluctantly agreed. Kevin received a text message from Esther, letting him know that Chloe was at Crimson Lights. Mariah hoped that what she'd said hadn't upset Kevin, and Kevin acknowledged that Chloe had crossed a bunch of lines. Mariah went to get more ice for her head, and Kevin ducked out.

At Crimson Lights, Chelsea said Adam had almost died because of Chloe, and Chloe retorted that she should have driven faster, since her daughter had died after Adam had left her on the side of the road. Chloe claimed she'd been seeking justice, but Chelsea replied that Chloe's actions had been insane. Chloe said it was insane for Chelsea to have any sympathy for Adam, and she questioned how many lives he had to destroy before Chelsea realized that he wasn't worth her time.

Chelsea was aghast that Chloe was trying to justify what she'd done, and Chloe wondered what had happened to her smart, independent best friend who hadn't needed a man to feel complete. Chloe demanded to know where Chelsea's self-respect had been when she'd pleaded for leniency for Adam after she'd sworn that she'd washed her hands of him. Chelsea contended that Adam was being punished, but Chloe questioned how a ten-year sentence was fair when she was the one who had to suffer a lifetime without her child.

Chelsea praised Chloe for working hard to put her life back together, but Chloe snapped that Chelsea was no longer her friend. Chelsea asserted that she'd had every reason to turn her back on Chloe after Chloe had kidnapped Connor, but she hadn't. Chelsea recounted taking Connor to see Chloe before Chloe had left town, and she'd told Chloe that they would always be connected. Chelsea added that she cared too much to allow them to become enemies or strangers, but Chloe spat that the only person Chelsea cared about was Adam.

Chelsea said she was sorry that Chloe was going through such incredible pain, but pulling a gun on Adam and running him over with a car hadn't made things better, and she refused to let Chloe leave. Chloe tried to step past Chelsea, and she insisted that she needed to get out. Chelsea reasoned that the police were looking for the driver, so Chloe had to calm down and think about how she wanted to end things on her terms. Chloe was adamant that she had to go to be with her daughter, but she turned and faced Kevin and Esther.

Chloe thanked God that Kevin was there, and he mentioned that he'd heard she'd been looking for him. Chloe reiterated that she needed to get home to their daughter, since Delia needed her. She asked Kevin to take her to Delia, and Kevin stammered that Delia wasn't at home. Chloe asked where Delia was, and Kevin gently told her that everything would be okay. Chloe imagined tucking Delia in and reading a book like she'd promised, and Kevin assured her that Paul would get her home in plenty of time.

As Paul led Chloe away, she asked if Kevin was joining her, and Esther covered by saying that Kevin had some work to do. Kevin told Chloe to give Delia a big kiss for him, and Mariah hugged a devastated Kevin as Paul escorted Chloe out. Kevin said it was his fault, since he never should have let Chloe walk away after she'd pulled a gun. Esther pointed out that they'd all thought Chloe had been getting better, and she left to go to the police station. Mariah insisted that Kevin had helped Chloe by letting her go with Paul, and Chelsea added that Chloe would get the help she needed. Kevin worried that Chloe would never get over the loss.

At the boathouse, Gwen greeted Neil with a hug, and she reported that Hilary's condition hadn't changed. Neil asked how Gwen was holding up, and she said it would all be worth it if Hilary woke up. Neil and Gwen both saw Hilary's hand twitch, and he believed that whatever Dr. Neville had been giving Hilary was working. Gwen stepped out to call the doctor, and Neil pleaded with Hilary to return to them.

Later, Dr. Neville examined Hilary, and Gwen inquired whether the hand movement had been a sign that Hilary was getting better. The doctor crowed that his custom course of treatment had been working better than he'd expected, and he rambled about how fascinating neurochemistry was. Neil asked when Hilary would wake up. Dr. Neville couldn't provide a firm timeframe, but he was confident that the patient was on her way back to them.

Neil asked when Dr. Neville could provide a realistic estimate for Hilary's recovery, but the doctor snapped that stimulating and stabilizing human anatomy wasn't like tuning up a car. Neil pushed to find out when Hilary would wake up, and Dr. Neville reminded him of their agreement not to question the doctor's methods. Neil said he just needed answers, and Gwen apologetically explained that they were under a lot of stress. Neil added that he was anxious to have the nightmare end, and Gwen suggested that she and Neil take a walk while the doctor did his work.

Cane entered the Athletic Club, and Lily asked why he was carrying an overnight bag. He dryly told her not to worry, since there wasn't ransom money in it, and he offered to let her take it straight to Dylan. Lily reminded him that she'd already apologized, and she reiterated that she hadn't known what to think. Cane barked that she'd thought the worst possible thing, and he informed her that his clothes were in the bag, since he was moving out.

Cane explained that he couldn't stay in the house if Lily didn't believe him, and Lily blasted him for hurting the kids by sneaking off to a hotel instead of working on their marriage. Cane countered that they wouldn't be in that situation if she'd gone to him instead of to Dylan, and Lily scoffed at the idea that it was her fault, despite the evidence that had mounted against Cane. Cane accused her of always turning to another man instead of to him, and Joe intervened and lectured that fighting wouldn't solve the problem. Cane surmised that Joe was trying to suck up to Lily, but Joe opined that Lily needed to cut Cane a break.

Joe empathized about having one's reputation thrown in the gutter when there was no proof of wrongdoing, and Lily countered that there had been a lot of proof, but she'd been willing to stand by her husband. Cane argued that it was different than believing in him, and she countered that Cane was making it hard to believe in him. Joe advised Cane to give Lily the space to realize that she'd made a mistake by doubting him, and Cane growled that he didn't need Joe's advice about Lily. Joe said he admired Lily for the tolerance, love, and devotion she'd shown Cane when Cane hadn't deserved it. Cane slugged Joe, and Joe returned the punch.

Later, Gwen arrived at the club and found Lily cleaning up the mess from Cane and Joe's fistfight. Gwen asked if anyone had been hurt, but Lily replied that she didn't care, and she just wanted the entire thing to end. Lily ranted that Hilary's disappearance had ruined their lives, and Cane had moved out because she wouldn't ignore the evidence piling up against him. Gwen expressed sympathy, and Lily complained that there was only so much she could do in the name of love. Gwen mentioned that she was meeting Neil for dinner, but Lily informed her that he'd left with Cane.

At the club bar, Lily asked Joe where it hurt, and she intentionally prodded a sore spot on his face and blasted him for fighting in her hotel. Joe defended that her husband had thrown the first punch, and he'd only been trying to be a friend to both of them. Joe clarified that Cane had been his friend until he'd slept with her, and Lily sarcastically thanked him for the painful reminder. Joe blamed himself for his horrible impulse control, and he said he felt horrible about ripping apart their marriage. Lily conceded that it had taken two people, and infidelity was a sign that something was seriously wrong in a marriage.

Joe agreed that cheating wasn't only one person's fault, and Lily bemoaned that sleeping with him had been a huge mistake. He recognized that he should regret their night together, but he didn't, since despite all the trouble it had caused, it had been worth it.

In a hospital exam room, Cane sported a cast on his arm, and Neil questioned why Cane had risked his freedom and family by taking a swing at Joe. Cane grumbled that Joe had deserved it, but Neil cautioned that if Joe went to the police, Cane would have his bail revoked, and a broken elbow would be the least of his problems. Neil prepared to take Cane home to put the kids to bed, but Cane revealed that he was staying at the club. Cane explained that he hadn't been able to stay at home when Lily thought he was capable of stashing Hilary somewhere, and Neil hid his guilt as Cane contemplated what kind of monster would do that to another human being.

Neil downplayed Cane and Lily's troubles as a bump in the road, but Cane quipped that they'd had enough bumps that he wasn't even sure he was on the road anymore. Neil assured Cane that he and Lily would sort things out, but Cane was sure it wouldn't happen until Hilary resurfaced and told everyone that he'd had nothing to do with her disappearance. Neil said he had to meet Gwen for dinner, but he guaranteed that Lily would eventually forgive Cane. After Neil departed, Cane said to himself that he didn't know if he could forgive her.

Neil and Gwen strolled through the park, and she asked if he was feeling better. He replied that he was starting to believe it would all be over soon.

Hilary's eyes slowly fluttered open, and her vision gradually focused as she spied a sleeping Dr. Neville. Later, the doctor awakened, and he panicked when he discovered that Hilary's bed was empty.

Cane Sees Hilary, But She Flees

Cane Sees Hilary, But She Flees

Thursday, October 29, 2015

At the boathouse, Gwen reported to Neil that she hadn't heard from Dr. Neville since that afternoon, and she fretted that Hilary had been lost for almost 24 hours. Neil wondered if perhaps Dr. Neville had found Hilary and was giving her medical attention, but he grumbled that the doctor could also be sleeping somewhere. Neil couldn't believe that the doctor had taken a nap when he'd known Hilary had had the ability to wake up, but Gwen reasoned that no one could have expected Hilary to hop out of bed and walk out.

Neil conceded that he was thankful that Hilary had woken up, but Gwen worried that they might all end up in jail if Hilary went to the police. Dr. Neville appeared in the doorway and proclaimed that he wasn't going to jail. The doctor said he hadn't found Hilary, so Hilary might have gone to the police if she was still alive. Neil said there was no reason to assume Hilary was dead, but Dr. Neville countered that they had to consider every possibility, since she was in no condition to be traipsing around. Gwen stated that there had been no news that Hilary had been found, and Neil was sure that his family would have called him if Hilary had turned up.

Gwen suggested that they split up and keep looking, since she didn't want to imagine what would happen if Hilary told the police that Neil had been holding her there, but Neil hoped that Hilary would confirm that he hadn't been responsible for her fall. Dr. Neville said they were assuming that Hilary remembered what had happened, but she had been traumatized and heavily medicated, so she might have easily misinterpreted why she'd been there. Gwen pledged to make sure Hilary understood that their intentions had been good, and Dr. Neville was adamant that they track Hilary down themselves, since he wouldn't do well in prison.

Neil stressed that the important thing was that Dr. Neville had succeeded, and Hilary had woken up. Gwen contemplated where Hilary might have headed, and the doctor suspected that Hilary might seek treatment in an emergency room. Gwen offered to check with her sister, and Neil guessed that Hilary had gone to the Athletic Club to find Devon. Neil prepared to go to the club, and Dr. Neville warned that Hilary's heart and mind were taxed even if she was awake, so she was still in a dangerously fragile state. Neil insisted that Hilary wouldn't die, since they hadn't gone that far only to lose her.

Hilary staggered to Chancellor Park, panting for breath. She weakly cried out for help, and a jogger ran by and ignored Hilary, who huddled on a bench. Cane strolled through the park and was stunned when he spotted Hilary. Cane asked if she was all right, but she flinched at his touch. He soothingly said she didn't have to be afraid, since she was safe. He turned away to call for help.

At the Athletic Club, Devon remarked to Lily that perhaps it had been for the best that Cane had moved out. Lily acknowledged that the evidence looked bad, but she was still upset that her husband had left her. Devon pointed out that at least she knew her spouse was safe, and he would give anything in the world for proof that Hilary was okay. Lily said she had to believe that Cane was innocent, and she argued that someone could have set Cane up.

Devon referred to the way Cane had been acting and what he had done, and he wondered how Lily could believe Cane was innocent. Colin overheard and declared that Lily should believe it because it was true, but Devon asserted that the evidence indicated that there was more than a chance that Cane had been involved in Hilary's disappearance. Lily said she didn't believe Cane had been responsible, but she conceded that her husband's behavior had been strange. Colin defended that Cane's loved ones had been accusing him of a heinous crime, and he expected Cane to clear the mess up when he arrived. Paul entered and announced that Cane had found Hilary alive in the park.

Later, Neil arrived at the club, and Colin relayed that Devon and Lily had taken off with Paul, since Hilary had been found. Meanwhile, Devon, Paul, and Lily rushed to the park, and Devon frantically asked if Hilary was okay. Cane revealed that Hilary had taken off, and he explained that she'd been sitting on the park bench when he'd turned his back to call 9-1-1, but she'd been gone when he'd turned around again. Devon questioned why Hilary would disappear again, and Cane reported that she had seemed confused or drugged.

Lily imagined that Hilary couldn't have gotten far, and Paul asked what else Cane could tell him about the sighting. Devon accused Cane of lying to get himself off the hook. Cane insisted that he was telling the truth, but Devon scoffed at the idea that someone was still setting Cane up. Lily said she wanted to believe Cane, but his story didn't make sense. Lily questioned why Hilary would run away, and Cane said he had no idea.

Some reporters arrived and asked about the happy reunion, but Devon informed them that Hilary was still out there, and he appealed to the public to provide leads to help get her home. The reporter asked why the chief of police was there, and Paul explained that he'd been following up on a lead, but he had no comment. Neil approached as Cane announced that he'd made the emergency call. The reporter quizzed Cane, but Paul ordered an officer to escort the press out of the park. Devon admonished Cane for doing everything possible to sabotage the search for Hilary, but Cane maintained that Hilary had been right there.

Paul pulled Cane aside to ask some questions, and Neil asked Devon if Hilary really hadn't been found. Devon growled that Cane had been playing games, and he wanted to get back to the club before he lost his temper. After Devon left, Cane reiterated that he hadn't even hung up the phone when he'd turned around and found Hilary gone, but he realized that Paul didn't believe him. Paul said he would follow up, but he advised Cane not to leave town. Paul departed, and Neil asked Cane how Hilary had seemed. Cane wondered why Neil believed him when no one else did, and Neil pointed out that Cane had no reason to lie about Hilary's disappearance, so no one should blame him for any of it.

At the club, Devon barked that he wanted to tear Cane apart for getting his hopes up, and Colin guessed that the news wasn't good. Devon hissed that Cane was a liar who had been in on the kidnapping from the beginning, and he suspected that Cane had gone to the Virgin Islands to snatch Hilary. Colin insisted that there was no way, and he'd expected Lily to back him up, but when she hadn't, he'd speculated that she was looking for excuses not to stand by her husband in order to be with Joe. Lily blurted out that she wasn't defending Cane because she didn't believe him anymore.

Gwen arrived at the hospital and greeted Emma, who asked about Gwen's work. Gwen said things at Jabot had been intense because of the virus, but it hadn't been as scary as what Emma dealt with there. Gwen inquired whether it had been a slow night, and Emma replied that it had been pretty crazy. Emma referred to a patient who had just been admitted a few minutes before, and she excitedly whispered that she shouldn't be telling Gwen about it.

Later, Hilary stumbled down the hospital corridor, and Gwen approached and said she was glad to see Hilary. Hilary recognized Gwen, and she begged for Gwen's help to call Devon. Hilary asked to use Gwen's phone, but Gwen suggested that Hilary get cleaned up first. Gwen was distracted when Emma called to her, and Hilary was gone when Gwen turned around.

Hilary made her way down the hospital corridor, and she asked a doctor to help her. Dr. Neville turned around and said it was why he was there, and her eyes widened in horror. She tried to scream, but the doctor clasped his hand over her mouth and injected her with the contents of a syringe.

In Victor's office, Jack griped that the Paragon virus wouldn't have infected Jabot if Victor had bothered to share information, but Victor snapped that his company was none of Jack's business. Jack asserted that it was his business that the virus had ended up at Jabot, but Victor blamed Jack for allowing his siblings to steal Newman's companies. Kevin piped up that he had to kill the virus from both companies, but he could only do it if Victor and Jack managed to work together. The lights flickered, and Victor and Jack exchanged an alarmed glance.

Kevin reported that there was nothing to indicate that the virus had caused the power surge, and he considered whether it was just a hardware issue. Jack sympathized that Kevin was worried about Chloe, but Kevin reasoned that he couldn't be with her, so he wanted to focus on Paragon rather than go crazy. Victor hoped Paragon gave them a reprieve for the night, and Jack said nothing could go wrong with the benefit. Kevin insisted that it would be a special night for Delia, and he left to check on the electrical system. Victor took a call and received some good news about his son.

At Top of the Tower, Phyllis and Nikki sat next to a large framed photo of Delia, and Phyllis hoped Jack and Victor didn't kill one another that night. The lights flickered, and Nikki asked an electrician if there was a problem, since half the town would be there that night. Meanwhile, someone tampered with the wiring in the electrical room.

Phyllis remarked that she'd had no idea that Victor had planned to reopen the restaurant, and she imagined that bankrolling a charity event there was a power play to combat the bad press from the Paragon virus. Nikki insisted that the night was to honor the memory of a precious little girl. Phyllis was pleased that their plans for the evening were working out, and she noted that there hadn't been one battle cry from downstairs. Nikki pointed out that she and Phyllis had also set aside their personal differences for that night, and she hoped Phyllis would talk with Jack about not grandstanding to steal Victor's thunder during the benefit. Phyllis replied that the only person who needed to be reined in that night was Victor.

Nikki reminded Phyllis that Victor was hosting the event out of the kindness of his heart, and she asserted that he shouldn't have to put up with Jack trying to outdo him. Phyllis argued that Jack was on the charity's board, so he had every right to make a speech or a donation, but the night was about a little girl's memory, not their husbands or themselves. Nikki thought they could learn something about forgiveness from Billy, but Phyllis thought that any peace between their husbands wouldn't last long. Someone watched them from the shadows.

Kevin met the electrician outside the electrical room, and they were surprised to find the door unlocked. They stepped inside the room, and they began searching to see if anything looked out of place.

Phyllis crowed that she and Nikki got a lot done when they were forced to work together, and Nikki said they shouldn't make a habit of it. Kevin entered and stared at Delia's portrait, and Phyllis wondered why he was out of breath. Kevin revealed that the elevator had been out, but it had started working as soon as he'd climbed the stairs. He reported that there had been no problems in the electrical room, and he'd wanted to see the venue before the movers and shakers got there. Phyllis had a bad feeling about taking the stairs, since the last time she'd done so, it had cost her a year of her life.

Adam awakened in his hospital room, and he saw Chelsea at his bedside. She assured him that he was okay, and she explained that his throat might be sore from the breathing tube, but he should be able to talk. She asked him to say something, and he croaked that she was beautiful. She said they were words worth waiting for, and he asked "what the hell" had happened to him.

Chelsea divulged that Chloe had tried to run Adam over, and he compared it to what had happened to Delia. Chelsea clarified that Delia's death had been an accident, and Chloe staging a hit-and-run had been entirely different. Chelsea reluctantly told him about her encounter with Chloe at Crimson Lights, and she recounted how horrible it had been when Chloe had started talking about her daughter as if Delia were still alive. Adam said it was his fault, and he didn't blame Chloe for wanting revenge. Chelsea murmured that things had to get better, and Adam replied that the good news was that he wasn't dead, but the bad news was that he was still going to prison.

Chelsea lamented that Adam's injuries had only postponed his transfer, and a guard was waiting outside to take him to the penitentiary once he'd recovered. Adam groaned that he didn't get any time off after being run over by a car, and Chelsea asked if he remembered what she'd said to him when he'd first woken up. He repeated her words that she'd stand by him, and she vowed to fight to get him out in less than ten years. He announced that they had bigger problems, since he couldn't feel his legs.

A doctor examined Adam, and Chelsea asked if Adam was paralyzed. The doctor replied that Adam was for the time being, but they'd given him intensive nerve blockers to facilitate repairing his internal bleeding, so the feeling in his legs would probably return very soon. The doctor stepped out, and Chelsea insisted on finding the chief of staff to get all the facts. Adam noted that she was fighting for him already, and she left.

Jack and Victor entered Adam's room, and Adam guessed that he had been close to death if the men had arrived together. Adam dryly stated that someone might assume that Victor gave "a damn" about him if Victor had walked in on his own, and he wondered if Victor was there to help break him out. Jack said he and Victor weren't there to stage a jailbreak, but Victor had been there day and night to ensure that Adam received the best medical care possible. Jack added that Victor had gone up against the entire police force to have Chelsea sit by Adam's side, and Adam questioned why Victor had done all that. Victor asserted that a ten-year prison sentence was excessive, so they'd have it appealed.

Jack and Victor informed Adam that Paragon had infiltrated Jabot, and they wondered if Adam could help in any way. Victor explained that the virus appeared to have gone dormant, and he asked if it could have burned out. Adam said he didn't know, but Ian had told him that Paragon had the ability to take on a life of its own. Chelsea returned and heard the men discussing Paragon, and she lectured that Adam didn't need the added stress. Victor and Jack left, and Adam suggested that he run after them and thank them, since his paralysis was gone. Chelsea expressed relief, and Adam asked her to do something special for him.

Chelsea ducked out and reappeared moments later in pink scrubs, and Adam stated that he wanted her to go to Delia's benefit that night with Connor. He explained that he'd started the Delia Project, and it was important to him to make sure it continued to thrive. Chelsea hesitated because her presence there would remind people of Adam's crime, but he wanted them to be reminded of Delia and inspired to give generous donations. Adam added that he wanted Chelsea and Connor to have a normal life, starting that night, and he thought Connor should be at the party with the rest of the kids. Adam begged Chelsea to give Connor the life he couldn't.

Victor and Jack checked in with their employees, and Jack said there had been no sign of Paragon at Jabot since the prior night. Victor reported that there hadn't been any news about another attack on Newman and that Kevin had confirmed that nothing was wrong with the electrical system at Newman Towers. Jack declared that it was time to get into their costumes, and he remarked that maybe everyone might find out what scared Victor that night.

Someone entered Victor's office and looked at an invitation to the benefit on Victor's desk. The person opened Victor's laptop and entered information to override security.

Hilary Thinks Neil is Her Husband

Hilary Thinks Neil is Her Husband

Friday, October 30, 2015

At the police station, Devon ranted to Paul and Dylan about Cane's lies, and he worried that they were wasting time while Cane was playing them. Dylan pointed out that it didn't make sense for Cane to put himself under more scrutiny by lying, but Devon spat that Cane was "guilty as hell" and doing everything he could to distract them from finding Hilary. Devon added that even Lily had stopped defending Cane, and he questioned whether it would take Hilary turning up dead to get the police to do their jobs. Dylan offered to speak to Cane with Paul's permission, and he said they owed it to Devon and everyone else to find out if Cane was telling the truth.

After Dylan left, Devon brokenly told Paul that after all the false leads, he had to face that Hilary might be dead. Devon's voice shook as he said he'd been kidding himself to think that she could have survived, but Paul said there was no reason to talk like that if Cane was telling the truth. Devon whimpered that Hilary wasn't alive, and he'd give anything to take back what he'd done and do things over again.

At the boathouse, Gwen lamented to Neil that she'd lost Hilary after Hilary had been right in front of her, but Neil was relieved that Hilary had shown up at the hospital. Gwen relayed that Hilary had been disoriented and upset, but Hilary had recognized her and had wanted to call her husband. Neil wondered if anyone had recognized Hilary, and Dr. Neville entered and announced that he had. The doctor revealed that Hilary was still at the hospital, but he'd made sure that she wouldn't wander off. Meanwhile, Hilary lay unconscious in a hospital room.

Neil demanded to know what Dr. Neville had done, and the doctor revealed that he'd given Hilary an injection to sedate her. Dr. Neville added that Hilary was resting comfortably in a private room where someone would find her, but Gwen worried that it might take hours. The doctor recommended that they use the time to get a head start out of town, but Gwen pointed out that the doctor had done nothing wrong by saving Hilary. Neil pressed to know why Dr. Neville wanted to get out of town that quickly, and the doctor explained that he'd expected to gradually restore the patient to a cognitive state, but he hadn't been able to analyze her responses or document data patterns.

Dr. Neville said he had saturated Hilary's body with medications that other doctors would never dream of trying, and his protocol was years ahead of the curve. Neil realized that Dr. Neville might have caused permanent damage to Hilary, and he asked if the doctor had revived her just so they could lose her all over again. Dr. Neville said his medical miracle had been revolutionary, but it also might be misinterpreted, so he had to get out of Genoa City. The doctor ducked out, and Gwen groaned that they'd been hopeful just a few hours earlier.

Neil was relieved that Hilary would get the help she needed, but Gwen contemplated what would happen to them if Hilary couldn't back up his story. Gwen proposed that they go to a country without an extradition treaty, but Neil refused to run. He said he had to do the right thing, and he was determined to clear Cane's name. Gwen called Neil a good man, and he told her to pack a bag and get out of town until it all blew over. She kissed him and said she was already in deep, and the only place she was going was to the hospital with him to make sure the police knew the truth.

At the hospital, Emma entered a patient's room and gasped when she recognized Hilary. Emma pulled Stitch into the room, and he noted that Hilary seemed to have been drugged. Stitch instructed Emma to call the police, and he assured a groggy Hilary that he would take care of her.

At the Athletic Club, Lily helped the twins with their Halloween costumes. In the foyer, Cane insisted to someone over the phone that he'd told the reporters the truth about spotting Hilary, and he grumbled that even his own attorney thought he was lying. Cane added that only his father-in-law believed him, but he didn't know if he could trust Neil. Cane hung up and approached Lily and the kids, and he asked if they were ready for trick-or-treating. Lily coolly replied that they were going to the Halloween party, since the kids were excited about being in a parade.

Cane sent the twins to practice their trick-or-treating skills at the front desk, and he told Lily that he would like to spend some of Halloween with the children. Lily flatly stated that they already had plans, and Cane suggested that he join them. He joked that he could go as an extortionist with a broken elbow, but she wasn't amused. He wondered if she was trying to keep the kids away from him, and she replied that he was out of control. He incredulously asked if she thought she had to protect the twins from him.

Lily told Cane that she didn't think the kids needed protection from him, but she worried that his recent drama would ruin their evening, and she implored him to let the twins have fun. They argued about her lack of belief in him, and Lily noted that Cane seemed desperate enough to do or say anything, so she didn't want him around the kids. Cane asserted that he was their father, but she rounded up the twins and walked out. Cane glumly sat at the bar, and Dylan approached him. Cane expected Dylan to accuse him of something else, but Dylan said he thought Cane wasn't lying about Hilary.

Cane said everything he knew was in the police report, and Dylan insisted that he was on Cane's side, but he needed more details. Dylan imagined that Hilary had been desperate for help, and he asked why she had run away from Cane. Cane surmised that Dylan didn't believe him, but Dylan swore that he was just trying to figure things out, and he stressed that he might be Cane's only hope. Cane recalled that there had been blood on Hilary's arm, perhaps from a needle. Dylan theorized that she had been getting medical attention with an I.V., which lined up with the theft of supplies at the hospital. Dylan answered a call, and he revealed that Hilary had been found.

Devon rushed to the hospital, but Emma stopped him from entering Hilary's room. Stitch exited the room, and Devon anxiously asked if he could see Hilary. Stitch explained that Hilary was asleep, but she'd been receiving I.V. treatments, and they were running a toxicology screen to find out what drugs were in her system. Stitch added that Hilary was out of it and unable to communicate, and he advised that it would be safest to treat her slowly and carefully. Paul urged Devon to let the doctors do their jobs, and Devon worriedly gazed at Hilary through the window.

Cane and Dylan arrived at the hospital, and Paul updated them about Hilary. Devon realized that Cane really had seen Hilary in the park, and Cane said all he cared about was that Hilary was safe. Devon was skeptical that Cane had been the only one to see her, and he demanded to know who Cane had hired to babysit her while he'd been telling the world he was being framed. Devon warned that Hilary would tell the truth when she woke up, and Cane told him to "go to hell" and stalked off.

Neil and Gwen arrived, and he suggested that he find out what was going on and find her later to figure out what to do next. Gwen insisted that things would work out and that they'd be together, and she said she loved him. Devon told Neil that Hilary was alive, and Neil hugged Devon and said he'd known it. Stitch said Hilary could have visitors, and Paul insisted on having five minutes with her.

Paul entered the room and soothingly told Hilary that he was there to help her, and she asked if her husband was there yet. Paul said he needed to ask a few questions, and he inquired whether she could tell him what had happened on the cliff. She seemed confused and begged for her husband, and Devon burst in and tried to take her into his arms. Hilary pushed him away and yelled not to touch her.

Hilary vehemently told Devon to get away from her, and she frantically asked to see Neil. Neil entered, and she reached out for him and thanked God he was there. She sobbed that she'd been asking for her husband -- asking for Neil -- but no one had been listening to her. Hilary clung to Neil as Devon helplessly looked on.

At Top of the Tower, Victor remarked that Jack's vampire costume was appropriate attire, since Jack had tried to suck the lifeblood out of Newman. Jack replied that Ashley had ordered the buys to be undone, and Ashley confirmed that she had, but it had been entertaining to make the purchases. Victor huffed that she'd been fine with buying his companies until the virus had started attacking Jabot, but she asserted that it was under control. Victor declared that he didn't want anything to interfere with Delia's benefit, since it was an opportunity to show the business community that Newman was as strong as ever.

Victor added that Kevin was there to ensure that Paragon didn't strike again, and Kevin said he'd monitor both companies' systems from Victor's office while he administered a technique to attack the worm. Jack invited Kevin to be a bigger part of things on Delia's night, but Kevin replied that he'd honor his stepdaughter by making sure nothing spoiled the event. Phyllis lectured that there was to be no more talk about business that night, since it was supposed to be a celebration.

In a lounge area, Nikki admired Faith's pink pirate costume, and she explained her Mae West attire to the girl. Nikki looked forward to watching Faith lead the children's parade, and Faith asked Nick to take a picture to show Christian. Nick noted that Nikki had her hands full, and she mentioned that the people who had been scheduled to manage the parade had canceled. She hoped Sage would be there, but Nick explained that Sage hadn't wanted to leave Christian at the hospital. Nikki understood, but she thought it would be good for Sage to get a glimpse of what future festivities with her son would be like.

Nikki departed as Chelsea carried Connor in, and Chelsea told Nick that it had been Adam's idea for her to be there to honor Delia and for Connor to enjoy Halloween. Nick thought it was a good idea, but Faith suddenly screamed when she spotted a figure clad in a red-hooded cloak and a black mask. Faith squealed that it was the devil, but the person darted away.

Nick called Sage, who reported that Christian was hanging in there. Nick suggested that Christian would want her to join him and Faith for some laughter and a sugar rush, but she didn't think she could get a costume together. He asked her to think about it, and they exchanged declarations of love and hung up. Chelsea assumed that Sage didn't want to leave Christian, and she mentioned that Adam had practically needed to throw her out of his hospital room, since she was greedy for every second she got to spend with him.

Nick inquired whether Adam's medical condition had changed anything, but Chelsea griped that Christine would have scooped Adam off the operating table if she could have. Chelsea grappled with how to give Connor a normal life, and she imagined all the birthdays and soccer games Adam would miss over his ten-year sentence. She recognized that Adam needed to be punished, but she thought it wasn't right that Connor would be punished, too. Nick hugged her.

Mariah teased Kevin for not wearing a costume, and he explained that he was there to work. Nikki announced that she needed someone to lead the children in the parade, and Mariah volunteered to do it with Kevin. Kevin said Mariah was on her own, but she protested that he was the only one with kid experience, and no one would leave their little monsters in her care. Mariah argued that it would be more fun than making small talk with rich adults, and she urged him to make an appearance for a good cause by heading up the parade. Kevin conceded that Delia would have loved the party.

Mariah and Kevin entered the lounge, and she proclaimed that the adults were free to go. Chelsea offered to stay and help, but Mariah encouraged Chelsea and Nick to hang out with the grown-ups. Chelsea handed Connor to Mariah, who immediately became uncomfortable and turned the tot over to Kevin. Kevin prepared to teach Connor all about trick-or-treating, since he'd learned from the best -- Delia.

Kevin tried to calm down the kids and get them to line up, but Mariah handed out candy. Kevin warned that the children were already bouncing off the walls, and he forbade them from having more candy until after the parade. Mariah threw pieces of candy at Kevin, and the kids followed suit. Lily entered with the twins, and Kevin requested her help. Faith screamed when someone in a devil costume entered, and Joe pulled off his mask. Faith exclaimed that he wasn't the real devil. Meanwhile, someone tinkered with the wiring in the electrical room.

Kevin marveled that the kids had quieted down, and Mariah remarked that it was boring, but he'd used his superpowers for good. Meanwhile, Joe asked Lily about Cane, and Lily informed him that she'd asked Cane not to attend. Lily added that she wanted to believe Cane was innocent, but his lies kept piling up. Joe questioned why Cane would make up a story about seeing Hilary, but Lily was distracted when Charlie and Matty squabbled. Joe asked if the kids wanted to have some fun.

Mariah admitted that she had been in over her head, and she thanked Kevin for helping out. He joked that it was the sugar talking. Lily smiled as she watched Joe get the twins in line for the parade. Kevin prepared the kids for their entrance.

At the benefit, Abby greeted Victor, Ashley, and Jack, and Ashley asked where Abby's fiancÚ was. Abby showed off her ring, and Victor was perturbed that Stitch hadn't asked for permission. Ashley revealed that Stitch had asked her. Abby asserted that she was an adult who didn't need permission to get married, and she inquired whether Billy had asked for Victoria's hand. Victor replied that Billy had known better, and Abby said Victor was cute when he was old-fashioned and stuffy. The masked person in the red-hooded cloak watched the partygoers.

Abby insisted that marrying Stitch was a good decision, and she was very happy but not in an impulsive way. Victor congratulated her, and Nick overheard and learned about Abby's engagement. Nick hugged Abby and called Stitch a lucky guy, and Phyllis mumbled that Stitch was in way over his head. Sage entered the party, wearing pink hospital scrubs, and Nikki embraced her and said everyone would be happy to see her. Chelsea pretended to be offended that she and Sage had the same costume, and the women laughed and hugged.

Later, Chelsea forlornly looked around, and Jack offered her a drink. He toasted to the people who they were missing that night, and he imagined that she would have to get used to doing quite a few things alone. Chelsea didn't want to think about it, but Phyllis remarked that they couldn't sugarcoat the fact that Adam was going to prison. Jack reminded Phyllis that they'd agreed to treat the evening as a celebration, but Phyllis asserted that Chelsea had the strength to face the future head-on, since Connor would need Chelsea more than ever before.

Nick and Sage snapped photos of themselves, and they envisioned looking at them with Christian one day. Sage said she couldn't stay long, and Nick replied that he and Faith were really glad she was there. Sage gushed that they were a family, and they kissed. Sage said she felt bad for Faith because Sharon wasn't there, and she promised to cheer extra loudly when the kids paraded out. Nick called her the best stepmom ever, and they agreed to get back to their son after the parade. Victor interrupted and invited Sage to dance.

As Jack and Phyllis danced, he told her that she was the most beautiful woman in the room, and she apologized for slamming reality over Chelsea's head. Meanwhile, Sage called Victor an amazing dancer, and he said there was much they didn't know about one another, but he was looking forward to finding out. Nikki told Nick that Sage looked happy and relaxed, and she felt like the night would be special for the Newman family.

The monitor in the electrical room indicated that a protocol had been activated, and a fire blazed through the room and quickly spread.

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