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Ian set a fire at Newman Towers with most of the town inside. Jack told Paul that Patty had perished in the blaze. An injured Stitch professed his love to Ashley. Adam carried Stitch to safety. A nurse told Nick and Sage that Christian had passed away.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of November 2, 2015 on Y&R
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Fire Threatens Halloween Party Guests

Fire Threatens Halloween Party Guests

Monday, November 2, 2015

In an electrical room near the top floor of Newman Enterprises, someone dressed in a devil costume set a fire. In a lower-level breakroom, Kevin and Mariah entertained children while their parents enjoyed a Halloween gala held as a benefit for the Delia Project. Mariah, preparing to assemble the children to parade through the ballroom in their costumes, sought Kevin's assistance. Kevin had been occupied on his laptop. Victoria and Billy stopped by with Johnny and little Katherine. Billy was wary of leaving his children in Kevin and Mariah's care.

At the Halloween gala, Lily, dressed as Cleopatra, Ashley, and Lauren were impressed with Abby's engagement ring. Nearby, party attendees Jack and Phyllis discussed Victor's manipulation of Adam. Jack said that Victor had urged Adam to flee. Victor was occupied accepting Sage's apology. Sage said, "I gave you a really hard time when we first met, and I said some awful things." Victor told Sage that she'd made amends by naming her son, Christian, after his grandfather.

Noah paused to ask Nick about Christian. Nick said that he and Sage would return to the hospital to check on the infant after the children's parade. When Noah spotted Marisa and Luca, he told Nick that though Luca was Marisa's husband, the couple hadn't reunited. Billy interrupted private conversations when addressed the guests. Billy thanked everyone for attending and funding the Delia Project.

Billy explained to the benefactors that the Delia project provided opportunities for children to participate in arts such as theater, dance, and music. Billy also thanked Phyllis and Nikki for organizing the event, and he acknowledged Victor for allowing the benefit to be held in the ballroom. Jack privately thanked Victor, too, and noted that the event hadn't experienced glitches connected to the Paragon Project. Victor replied, "So far." Victor seemed apprehensive.

Lily visited with Joe, who was wearing a devil costume. Joe's mask, however, remained raised away from his face and rested on top of his head. Lily thanked Joe for entertaining Mattie and Charlie. While guests mingled, the person wearing the devil costume entered the ballroom and watched guests from a distance. No one seemed to notice the uninvited visitor because everyone was dressed in costume.

Cane phoned from the hospital and told Lily that Hilary had been admitted for treatment. Cane added that Paul and Dylan were attempting to piece together what might have happened to Hilary while she'd been missing. Lily asked if the police had questioned him. Cane, angry, replied, "You still think I had something to do with this after I call to tell you how happy and relieved I am that Hilary has been found?" Cane overheard Joe's voice and told Lily that he'd be at the party soon.

At the hospital, Michael visited with Adam, who was recovering after Chloe purposely struck him with a car. Christine barged into Adam's room. Christine announced that she'd arranged to have Adam transferred to the Walworth Correctional Facility. Michael protested, but Christine noted that Walworth had its own hospital. Christine noted that Adam had avoided imprisonment for two years and shouldn't remain free just because he'd been injured.

After Christine left, Michael assured Adam that he'd remain in the hospital until his doctor authorized his release. After Adam expressed a desire to see Connor in his Halloween costume, Michael initiated a video chat connection with Lauren. Adam spotted Connor, dressed as a bat, in Kevin's arms. Lauren summoned Chelsea. Adam became emotional when Chelsea asked him what he thought about their son's costume. Adam smiled and became choked up when he realized he'd soon be separated from his family.

After the called ended, Michael said he planned to file an appeal on Adam's behalf. Adam asked why Michael seemed so eager to defend him. Michael explained that Avery Bailey Clark had taught him to do what he felt was right even if it wasn't easy. Adam said he often relived the night of Delia's death and regretted having taken her from Billy and Chloe. Michael replied, "No matter what Christine says, what happened to Delia was an accident, and I'm never going to stop trying to prove that."

Christine returned to Adam's room. Adam was surprised when Christine said that he wouldn't be transferred to Walworth until his release from the hospital. Michael protested when Christine gave the nod to a police officer to handcuff Adam to his bed. Michael insisted that the restraint was unnecessary. Christine said she wouldn't allow Adam to escape justice again. Michael sighed to show his disapproval.

After the guests enjoyed the children's parade, Victor instructed Kevin to monitor the building's security system. Kevin replied, "I have been. I'll check again when I get to the break room." Kevin agreed to alert Victor if a problem arose. Victor approached Chelsea as she was ending her video chat with Adam. She embraced Victor, and he comforted her.

At the bar, Marisa asked Noah if Kevin had located her young daughter. Noah said Kevin hadn't. Luca approached and asked Marisa why she was crying. Marisa claimed that Noah had treated her cruelly for ending their relationship. Noah later approached Marisa and expressed his dislike of her association with Luca. Noah said he wanted to be with Marisa as much as she wanted him. Marisa followed Noah out of the ballroom before Luca returned with drinks.

Luca, unable to locate Marisa, approached Victor. Luca asked Victor if he'd seen Marisa. Victor looked angry and said that Marisa and Noah had walked out together. Victor indicated the direction in which he'd seen the couple exit with a nod of his head. Luca abandoned the drinks on a nearby table and went to search for Noah and Marisa.

Jack, Phyllis, Victoria, and Billy gathered around Chelsea and asked about Adam. Chelsea said Adam was improving, and she cried that his recovery meant he'd soon be incarcerated. Phyllis noted that Christine seemed too eager to send Adam away. Chelsea said Adam was ready to accept his punishment and was grateful that Billy had forgiven him. Jack said that John would've been proud of Billy for offering forgiveness.

On another floor of the hospital, Devon was growing impatient because Hilary, recovering from a coma, believed she and Neil were still married. Ben, accompanied by Dylan, told Devon that the results of Hilary's toxicology tests weren't yet available. Devon questioned Ben about Hilary's condition when he'd found her. Devon said, "You said when you found her that she'd had an I.V. in her arm, and she was out of it. Is that why she's confused? Because someone has been feeding her drugs?"

Ben told Devon that he'd know more after reviewing the results of the toxicology tests. Dylan asked Devon why Hilary seemed to fear him. Devon said he believed that Hilary might have suffered a head injury if she'd fallen from a cliff and had supposedly been keep sedated for months. Dylan pointed out that Hilary wasn't at all afraid of Neil. Devon said, "Do you think I had something to do with her fall? Hilary is everything to me. There is no way in the world that I would hurt my wife."

In Hilary's room, Neil explained to Hilary that she'd been hiking and had fallen. Noticing Paul, Hilary asked why the police were involved. Paul explained that a witness had seen Hilary arguing with someone before she'd fallen. Paul asked Hilary if she could recall the hike or the argument. Hilary seemed confused and said she couldn't remember. Paul asked if Hilary could remember where she'd been held. Neil explained that the authorities had been searching for her for two months.

Paul attempted to spark Hilary's memory by describing what had happened during her honeymoon trip. Hilary questioned Neil and recalled that they had been too busy to enjoy a honeymoon trip. Devon entered the room and overheard Hilary swear that she was Neil's wife. Paul stepped out. Devon told Hilary that their wedding ceremony had taken place at the rooftop of the Genoa City Athletic Club.

Devon showed Hilary the ring she was wearing and said that soon after they'd exchanged vows, they'd traveled to the Virgin Islands. Hilary refused to believe Devon. Neil told Hilary that they'd ended their marriage months before she and Devon had married. Hilary shook her head in disbelief. Neil explained that while he and Hilary had still been married, he'd caught her and Devon in bed together. Devon told Hilary that they'd fallen in love and had never meant to hurt Neil.

Hilary grabbed Neil's hand, apologized for hurting him, and said she loved him. Hilary firmly insisted that Devon leave at once. Neil warned Devon that if he forced Hilary too much, he might worsen her condition. Hilary turned away when Devon attempted to embrace her. After Devon stepped out, he peered into the room through the narrow window in the door. Hilary tightly embraced Neil.

In the hallway outside Hilary's room, Christine told Paul that she believed Adam was well enough to be transferred to prison. Ben overheard Christine and reacted angrily. Ben said, "Adam might be a convicted felon, but he's my patient." Ben explained that Adam might have underlying injuries. Ben received a text from Abby and said he needed to leave. Ben told Christine that he wouldn't allow Adam to be released from the hospital.

After Christine left, Paul told Dylan that he believed Devon's story. Paul added that he also thought Cane hadn't been involved. Dylan asked who might have been involved with Hilary's disappearance if Devon and Cane were innocent. Paul said they'd have to wait until Hilary could remember what had happened. Dylan nodded.

Ben entered the lobby at Newman Enterprises. A security guard explained that the elevators were out of service. The guard told Ben he should use the stairs. Ben replied, "I guess I better do it. I don't want to keep Abby waiting any longer than I already have." As Ben began climbing the stairs, Kevin tapped away at his laptop in the break room. Mattie and Charlie asked Mariah about Cane's whereabouts. Mariah told the children that their father might be climbing the stairs.

Mariah quietly asked Kevin if he'd determined why the building's elevators had malfunctioned. Kevin stepped out to check on the elevators. Cane exited the stairway and ran into Kevin. Kevin told Cane that Mattie and Charlie had asked about him. Cane asked Kevin about the malfunctioning elevators. Kevin replied, "I can't figure out why it's happening. There's an override on the system that I can't crack. If it's on the elevators and the communications systems, it could also be on the sprinklers and the alarm, which could be a real disaster for everybody upstairs." Kevin told Cane to climb upstairs to the ballroom, gather everyone, and escort them out of the building. Kevin warned that whatever was going on was dangerous.

As Cane ascended the stairs, the person disguised as a devil approached from behind and hit Cane on the head. Cane fell down the stairs and remained unconscious as the attacker pulled him by his legs into an office. Ben exited the stairwell on an upper floor and attempted to summon an elevator. After Ben smelled smoke, he noticed smoke escaping beneath a door leading into the electrical room. Ben opened the door. A raging fire, fed by oxygen, quickly engulfed the area and blew out windows near the top floor of the structure.

The explosion knocked Ben to the floor, where he remained, unconscious for a time. After Ben regained consciousness, he attempted to activate the fire alarm. He repeatedly pulled the alarm activator, but the system failed. Ben attempted to use the wall-mounted fire hose. He released the hose and turned the spigot knob. Ben panicked when he discovered that the emergency water hose was also nonoperational.

In Victoria's office, Noah and Marisa made love. Luca cracked opened the door and covertly watched. Luca was waiting in the ballroom when Marisa and Noah returned. Noah smoothed his hair while Marisa removed smudged lipstick from Noah's cheek. Luca handed Marisa a drink, but he didn't mention having spied on her and Noah making love in Victoria's office.

Nick and Sage stopped by the break room. Faith begged her dad and Sage to delay a trip to the hospital to check on Christian, so they all could listen to Mariah's scary story. The children gathered and intently listened as Mariah told her story, which she said "would scare the devil out of them." Kevin's eyes widened when he saw scrambled code appear on the screen of his laptop. Kevin was taken aback when he saw the image of a horned devil appear on his computer screen. Kevin said, "Paragon's back."

Ben entered the ballroom. He stumbled and seemed disoriented. Ben approached Abby. His clothes were sooty and torn, and his face was bleeding. Abby initially thought Ben was disguised as a zombie. Fighting to catch his breath, Ben yelled, "Fire! Everyone, the building is on fire! We have to get out of here now!"

A Fire Puts Lives in Peril

A Fire Puts Lives in Peril

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

At the hospital, Michael and Christine bickered over the need to handcuff Adam to his bed, and he argued that Adam wasn't capable of making a run for it. Christine countered that Adam had survived and escaped before, and she vowed that it wouldn't happen again on her watch.

In the corridor, Dylan and Paul discussed Hilary being found, but Paul ducked inside Adam's room when he heard raised voices inside. Patty called Dylan and said she'd left Fairview to attend the Delia Project benefit, and she requested that he meet her at Top of the Tower, since he would want to hear what she had to say about Sharon. Patty hung up, and a security guard stopped her at the elevators and told her that they were off-limits. She rambled that she was sure her name was on the guest list, but he clarified that the elevators weren't working. She opted to take the stairs.

As a fire raged at Newman Towers, Cane lay unconscious in a file room. The person in the hooded red cloak closed and locked the door, trapping Cane inside.

At Top of the Tower, Stitch announced that there was a fire, and everyone had to get out of the building. Billy pointed out that there hadn't been an alarm, and Stitch reported that he'd pulled it, but it hadn't worked. Stitch stressed that he'd just been in the middle of an explosion, and Abby realized that he'd been burned. Stitch added that the elevators were out, and Victoria discovered that her cell phone wasn't working. Victor and Jack agreed that Paragon was to blame.

Chelsea tried to race out to find Connor, but Jack grabbed her and said it wasn't safe to leave, so they had to wait for help. Jack urged everyone not to panic, but he explained that the rules were different in a high-rise building, since they could get stuck in the stairwell and be overcome with smoke. He and Stitch prepared to go check things out, and Billy wanted to go with them. Jack asked Billy to look out for Phyllis and Victoria, and Billy replied that all bets were off if Jack wasn't back within 20 minutes. Abby worriedly told Stitch not to do anything stupid, and Ashley watched as Stitch kissed Abby before he headed out with Jack.

In the lounge area, Mariah told a scary story to the kids while an alarmed Kevin looked at the sinister image of a devil that flickered on his computer screen. Nick sat down next to Kevin and asked what was going on, and Kevin explained that Victor had asked him to make sure the building wasn't being sabotaged. Kevin voiced concern that his Wi-Fi and cell phone weren't working and that Cane hadn't returned from checking on the elevators. Nick wondered if Paragon was back. Sage informed Nick that she'd smelled smoke in the hallway.

Nick said they had to get the kids down to the lobby, and Kevin rounded up the children and asked if they'd ever been to a cornfield maze. Faith chirped that she'd been to one the prior Halloween, and it had been scary but fun. Kevin suggested that they play the same game there, and Mariah instructed everyone to grab a jack-o-lantern and buddy up, since it was the only way to get through the maze. Nick calmly stated that it was important to stick together no matter what happened, and they led the kids to the stairwell.

Nick told the kids that they were doing great as they marched down the stairs, and Sage worried that it was getting smokier. Nick encouraged the children to move quickly without running, and Kevin proposed that they pretend they were being chased by a pterodactyl by staying low and moving fast. The children squealed when the lights went out, but Mariah prompted them to turn on their pumpkin lights. The group continued down the stairs.

Faith whined that she wanted to rest, but Nick said they couldn't stop, since it wasn't safe to be in the building. He promised to protect them, since daddies kept everyone safe, and he assured the children that they were almost there.

At the hospital, Paul sided with Christine about following procedure by keeping Adam handcuffed, and Adam said he appreciated Michael's efforts to fight for him, but he was content after seeing Connor in costume via Michael's phone. Adam requested something for his pain, and Michael left to find a nurse. Christine and Paul stepped out, and Dylan mentioned the call he'd received from Patty. Paul revealed that Patty had a history of fantasies and hallucinations, and he recalled that she'd told him that she'd been in Paris during her last call.

Dylan thought Patty had sounded normal, and she had made it sound important. Paul started to contact Patty's doctor, but he got a call from police headquarters and announced that Newman Towers was on fire. Adam overheard from inside his room, and Dylan said that was where Patty wanted to meet him. An agitated Adam yelled for his guard, and he ordered the officer to remove his handcuffs, since his family needed him, but the cop snapped that the only place Adam was going was the state penitentiary.

Adam furiously protested when the officer walked out, and the cop told Michael to ask his client to pipe down. Adam pleaded with Michael to get him out of there, and he revealed that Paul had received a call about a fire at Newman Towers. Michael offered to check it out, but Adam appealed to Michael as a father to take Adam with him, so Adam could make sure his wife and son were okay. Adam contended that he knew the building like the back of his hand, and he told Michael to do it for Lauren, since she was also at the benefit.

Later, Christine made a call and learned that Patty wasn't in her room at Fairview. Michael exited Adam's room and said he was heading to Newman Tower. Christine ordered Michael to stay there, and she burst into Adam's room and found the bed empty. She glared accusingly at Michael.

Victor instructed everyone not to use the stairwells, since they would be filled with smoke, and he was sure that help was on the way. Billy refused to just stand there when his kids were in the building, but Victoria stopped him and said it wouldn't help if something happened to him. Billy agreed to stay, but he pledged to head out if Jack wasn't back by the deadline. Nikki found some candles, and others searched for flashlights. Luca found a flashlight and pointedly noted to Noah that he could see everything. Phyllis and Ashley slipped out to find Jack.

Nikki realized that Victor was very concerned despite putting on a brave face, and he lamented that everything he'd built was going up in flames. He wanted to make sure no one panicked, and she asked him to promise not to put himself in danger. He replied that he couldn't promise that.

Noah said they might have to break the windows, and Luca volunteered to shield Marisa from the glass, since that was what husbands were for. Chelsea and Victoria commiserated over their concern for their children, and Abby fretted that Jack and Stitch should have returned already. Billy declared that the time was up. Abby asked where Ashley was, and Nikki observed that both Ashley had Phyllis had disappeared.

Stitch and Jack discovered that the lounge was empty, and they checked the rest of the floor to make sure no one was there. Cane pounded on the door to the file room and yelled for help, but no one heard him. The lights went out. Jack suggested that he and Stitch go back upstairs to tell everyone that the kids had gotten out, but Phyllis and Ashley arrived.

Jack and Phyllis decided to go downstairs to send help, while Ashley and Stitch headed back to the top floor to advise everyone about the children. They went their separate ways, but an explosion rattled the building, and Jack grabbed Phyllis. Jack cried out Ashley's name as the ceiling collapsed, and Stitch dived on top of Ashley. Ashley and Stitch bolted as a fiery inferno raged behind them, and they both tumbled to the ground for cover.

Stitch and Ashley confirmed to one another that they were all right, and she thought they were in an employee kitchen. She gasped when she saw his injured leg, and she asked if he'd broken it or if he could move. He told her to get out before the smoke got denser, but she refused to leave without him. He warned that they both might die if she didn't get out, but she vowed not to let that happen.

Ashley realized that Stitch's injuries were more extensive than he was letting on, and he suspected that he had either broken ribs or a punctured lung. He sensed that the air was getting thinner, and he said she should have gotten out when she'd had a chance. She was certain that help was on the way.

Outside the building, Paul asked for an update, and a firefighter said all access had been cut off to the top floors. Dylan inquired whether they could get a chopper on the roof, and Paul ordered a helicopter. Nick emerged with the kids and informed the authorities that a bunch of people were still upstairs. Faith moaned that she didn't feel well, and Kevin said the kids needed to get checked out. Paul named Memorial Hospital as a central meeting point for families to find one another.

Sage set Connor down while she inquired about an ambulance, and Adam, clad in firefighter attire, called to his son. Connor ran over, and Adam picked the boy up and admired his costume. Kevin and Mariah freaked out when they spotted Adam holding Connor, and Adam explained that he hadn't been able to do nothing. Paul instructed an officer to escort Adam back to the hospital, but Adam was determined to get upstairs to find Chelsea. Paul reiterated that Adam was a prisoner, and Sage assured Adam that she' take good care of Connor. During the chaos, Adam ducked inside the building, which continued to collapse.

Christine informed Paul that Adam had escaped, and she grumbled that Michael should face charges. Paul reported that Adam had been on the scene, and Adam had torn up the stairs to find Chelsea. Christine asked why Adam hadn't been arrested, and Paul replied that he'd had bigger fish to fry. Christine revealed that the call from Patty hadn't been a hoax, since Patty had slipped out of Fairview. Paul realized that Patty might still be in the building. Nick pressed Sage to go to the hospital, but she wanted to stay to keep him from running back into the building to save the rest of his family.

Victor tried to keep people calm, and Lauren heard a helicopter outside. Victor opened a hatch to the roof, and Dylan announced that the police would be evacuating a few people at a time. Dylan added that the kids had made it to the lobby and were on their way to the hospital to get checked out as a precaution. Abby inquired about Ashley and Stitch, and Dylan reported that there had been an explosion, but he didn't know who had made it to the lobby. Victor comforted a distraught Abby.

Dylan prepared to rescue the women first, and he yelled to keep things orderly to facilitate getting everyone out. Nikki refused to go without Victor, and Dylan shuffled Lauren and Lily off to the helicopter. Victor encouraged the Newman women to go, but Abby wanted to be sure Ashley and Stitch were safe. Victor swore that he would find them, and Billy insisted on going with him. Billy pressed Victoria to be with the kids, and Victor and Nikki silently blew kisses to one another before he headed to the stairwell.

Dylan told Nikki and Chelsea to board the chopper, and he assured them that he had time to get everyone out. Luca asked if there was room for one more, and he urged Marisa to leave. She wanted to let others go before her, but Noah sided with Luca. Marisa and Noah gazed at one another, and she turned to leave, but Luca pulled her into a kiss and promised they'd be together soon. Dylan led Marisa up the ladder, and Luca coldly told Noah that he hoped Noah and Marisa had enjoyed themselves, since he'd make sure it never happened again.

Jack realized that it was more than a small fire, and he wanted to see what he could find out, but the door was jammed shut by debris. He told Phyllis that they had to pray that someone rescued them, and she fretted that Ashley and Stitch might be dead. Jack assured her that they were all strong, and they had to be okay. Phyllis started laughing because she'd considered saying that they'd made it out of tougher situations, but she couldn't think of anything that had been tougher than that. She remarked that it could only go downhill, and he joked that there could be a tiger loose in the building.

Phyllis and Jack chuckled together as they held one another, and he acknowledged that everything was stacked against them, but he implored her to trust him. She replied that she did, and they heard the whirring of the helicopter outside. Jack said they had to figure out how to get to the roof, but it might be safer for them to stay there rather than venturing into more fire. The door suddenly opened, and they were stunned to see Patty, whose flashlight cast an eerie glow over her face.

Adam screamed Chelsea's name, and he made his way through debris and flames. The hooded figure appeared on the stairs and knocked Adam unconscious. Later, Billy found a man in the stairway, and he thought it was Stitch. Billy identified Adam, and Victor rushed to Adam's side.

At the hospital, Christine lectured Michael about helping Adam to get away, but he said he'd had to make sure his wife and brother were okay. Lauren arrived, and she was relieved that he hadn't been on his way to meet her in the burning building. Lily checked her text messages and realized that Cane had been in the building, and she frantically tried to find her kids. The twins ran into her arms, and Kevin revealed that all the children had checked out fine.

Michael hugged Kevin, and Matty proclaimed that Kevin and Mariah had made getting out of the building fun. Lily struggled for a response when the twins asked about their daddy. Meanwhile, Cane weakly called for help as he pounded on the door.

Faith worriedly looked around the waiting area, and she shared one of her toys with Johnny. Lily waited nervously as she gazed at her children. Victoria took Katie from Mariah and hugged Johnny. Nikki entered, and Faith's face lit up as she rushed into her grandmother's arms. A relieved Chelsea squeezed Connor.

At Newman Towers, the remaining guests waited for the helicopter to return while flames continued to spread throughout the building.

The Devil Reveals His Identity

The Devil Reveals His Identity

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Paul advised the rescue workers that the fire was burning hotter and faster than they'd anticipated, so they had to get everyone out as quickly as possible. Dylan radioed Paul and informed him that Nikki and Victoria had been evacuated and that the chopper was on its way back to get more people. Paul urged Dylan to move fast, and a relieved Nick thanked Paul. Paul replied that Nick and Sage could thank him by going to the hospital, but Nick refused to leave until he was sure the rest of his family was okay.

Paul empathized because he also had loved ones in the building, but he ordered Nick to stay out of the way and trust the crews to do what needed to be done. A firefighter told Paul that the wind was picking up speed, so containment might not be possible. Paul griped that Nick was wasting his time, and he pointed out that there would be fewer men looking for Victor if Paul needed to have someone haul Nick out of there. Sage reminded Nick that Faith and Christian were waiting, and Nick agreed to leave if Paul swore to get the rest of Nick's family out.

Dylan informed Paul that most of the people had been rescued, and Paul said he wasn't sure how much longer they had. Paul asked if Dylan had seen Patty, and Dylan replied that he hadn't, but he offered to ask around. A firefighter reported that the fire safety systems had been disabled, and Paul realized that someone had wanted to see Newman Towers burn to the ground.

In the stairwell, Victor tried to revive Adam, who mentioned the devil as he regained consciousness. Adam insisted that he had to find his wife, and Victor revealed that Chelsea had been rescued by helicopter. Adam wanted to make sure Jack was out of the building, but Billy pointed out that Adam couldn't even stand up. Victor said they had to help Adam get upstairs to the helicopter, but Billy opted to find his own family instead. Victor reminded Billy that Adam had saved Billy from a burning building the year before, but Billy spat that it was fitting that Victor and Adam had to help one another, and he took off.

Victor helped Adam to his feet, and Adam remarked that his first steps had probably looked similar, but Victor had missed them. Victor lectured that Adam shouldn't be there, and Adam expected Victor to call him a fool, but Victor declared that Adam was a Newman. Victor added that all his children had stubborn streaks, and he imagined that Nick had saved all the kids and was probably arguing with Paul to get back into the building. Victor began to cough, and he and Adam helped one another ascend the stairs.

Billy yelled for Ashley and Stitch, and he stopped for a moment when he saw a table with photos of Delia. He covered his mouth with a handkerchief and ducked out.

On the top floor, Joe grumbled about Dylan putting him at the end of the line to be rescued, and he asked why Abby was trying to stay out of sight. Abby explained that she didn't want her family to see her, since they'd force her to leave, and she didn't want to go without Stitch and Ashley. Joe was surprised that they hadn't returned, and Abby told him not to sound like she was a fool for believing there was hope.

Dylan told Joe the helicopter was full, but they were moving as fast as they could. Victor and Adam made it to the restaurant, and Victor demanded to know what Abby was still doing there. She reiterated that she wouldn't leave without Stitch and her mom, and Victor revealed that Billy was looking for them. Abby called Adam an idiot for leaving the hospital, but Adam said all that mattered was that Chelsea and Connor were safe. Abby said she was glad Adam was okay, but she still thought he was an idiot.

Adam told Victor to get out of there, but Victor contended that it was Adam's last chance to flee to another town and send for his wife and son later. Billy overheard and urged Adam to go ahead, since it would prove that everything Adam had said about justice for Delia had been a lie. Victor huffed that it was none of Billy's concern, and he ordered Billy to board the helicopter with Abby. Billy preferred to hear more about the plans for Adam to evade punishment, and Victor asked if Billy's claim of forgiveness had been a lie.

Billy asserted that he'd told the truth, but it would be different if Adam intended to avoid the legal ramifications for leaving Billy's child dead. Victor defended that he was just trying to protect his son, and he accused Billy of feeling guilty that he hadn't done enough to protect his daughter. Billy incredulously asked if Victor was comparing Adam to Delia, but Adam intervened and declared that he wasn't running -- he was going to prison like he deserved.

Abby handed Adam a bottle of water and said the chopper was ready, and Victor encouraged some waiters to board. Victor pressed Adam to go, but Adam didn't want to take someone else's spot. Victor warned that the helicopter might not make another trip, but Adam refused to be responsible for taking another person's life. Abby reluctantly agreed to climb on board, but once she was out of Victor's sight, she told Joe to take her spot.

Later, Billy thought the heavy winds might prevent the chopper from making another landing, but he refused to go down in Newman Towers. Victor swore that things wouldn't end like that, and they heard the helicopter return. Billy asked if Dylan had seen Jack and Phyllis, but Dylan ordered everyone to go, since it would be too hard for the pilot to make another trip. Adam turned back and saw the figure in the devil costume.

Adam told Victor to go without him, and Victor wished him safe travels. Adam returned inside, and he approached the hooded figure and demanded to know who had left him there to die. "Please allow me to introduce myself," Ian said with a grin as he whipped off his mask.

In the lounge, Patty cackled, and Phyllis wondered if the smoke inhalation had caused hallucinations. Patty marveled that it felt like a dream, since she'd thought she'd never see Jack again. Jack mentioned that he'd thought Patty was at Fairview, but she declared that she wasn't anymore, and she slammed the door shut. "Out of the frying pan and into the fire!" Patty quipped, and Phyllis surmised that Patty had set the fire. Patty called the accusation rude and unfair, since she was only there to help.

Phyllis griped that there was a fire outside the door and a wacko in the room, and Patty said the remark was insulting and hurtful. Phyllis thought their history entitled her to an insult, and Patty stated that Phyllis was living in past. Patty announced that she was there to discuss something personal with her nephew, and she asked Jack if Dylan had gotten out of the building. Jack replied that he didn't know, and he implored Patty to help lead them to safety.

Patty turned to the door, but she suspected that it was a trick, and Jack and Phyllis wouldn't follow her. Jack reasoned that Patty knew a safe way out, so they were putting their lives in her hands. Phyllis snapped that Patty owed them for shooting Jack, and Jack encouraged Patty to be a team player. Patty became incensed that Jack was choosing Phyllis over her all over again, and she lunged for Phyllis and started to strangle her.

Jack pulled Patty off Phyllis, and Patty angrily questioned how Jack could be blind enough to go back to Phyllis. Jack apologized for the many ways and times he'd failed Patty, who thought he didn't mean it. Jack insisted that he did, since they were in a bad situation, and it might be his last chance to tell her that he'd been wrong and she'd been right all along. He added that no one had ever loved him the way Patty had, and he said it gave him hope to see her doing well.

Jack encouraged Patty to be strong and lead them out so they could talk about the future the next day. She caressed his face and said she wanted to believe him. She wanted to see if he meant it, and she kissed him deeply. Phyllis yanked Patty away and slugged her. "You keep your hands off my husband, you sick bitch!" Phyllis screamed.

Jack tried to wake up Patty, and Phyllis checked the door and said they had to get out right away. Jack told Patty that they had to make a run for it, and he tried to help her up to get her out of there. Patty gushed that Jack was her hero as Phyllis rolled her eyes, and Patty mumbled that she had to tell Dylan that he couldn't trust "her."

In the kitchen area, Stitch contemplated what would happen if help didn't arrive, and Ashley grasped his hand and vowed that she would get them out of there. Stitch declared that he had something to say before she left, but she maintained that she wouldn't go anywhere without him. Stitch urged Ashley to get out through the smoke and fire and send back help, and she couldn't argue with his logic. He insisted on saying what he had to say, and she told him to stop acting like it was their last moment on earth.

Ashley noted that Stitch had lived through a war, and they were both survivors who would soon be back with the people they loved. Ashley hoped Abby was okay, and Stitch fondly remarked that Abby was a force of nature. Ashley thanked him for making her little girl happy when he'd asked Abby to marry him, and she teased him for leaving the ring behind when his proposal had been interrupted. Stitch winced in pain when he started to laugh, and he admitted that Ashley had been right when they'd talked at the hospital, since he still had feelings for Ashley.

Ashley prepared to go for help, but Stitch insisted on telling her what he had to say. She said she didn't want to hear it, since they'd only shared one moment months before. He scoffed at the idea that it had been nothing, since they'd had a real connection, and he knew she felt it. Ashley told him to save his strength and not talk, but Stitch said he needed her to know just in case, and he professed his love for Ashley. She clapped a hand over his mouth then leaned in and kissed him passionately. There was a hissing noise, and Stitch recognized it as a gas line.

Abby hollered for her mother and Stitch, and he heard Abby as he desperately reached out to try to shut off the valve to the gas line. Suddenly, there was a spark, followed by a massive explosion. Abby continued yelling for Stitch and Ashley, and she found them sprawled in the debris and begged them to be okay.

Phyllis said they'd need a forklift to remove Patty from the debris, and she cautioned that the fire was getting closer. Jack felt for Patty's pulse, but he couldn't find one, and he lamented that life hadn't given Patty any breaks. Jack and Phyllis made their way through the fiery wreckage together.

The lead firefighter wanted to pull his men out, and Paul commended the workers for going above and beyond, but he was devastated that his sister might still be up there. Jack and Phyllis stumbled out of the building, and Jack told Paul that Patty was trapped upstairs. Paul planned to run inside despite the risks, but Jack added that Patty was already gone.

At the hospital, Lauren complained that there had been no communication, and Michael explained that the networks and phones at Newman Tower had been damaged, so they had to wait for the next group of people to arrive to tell them what was going on. Kevin reported that he'd been checking the security system to see how the Paragon virus had corrupted it. Lily joined them and inquired about any updates, since she wanted to have good news for the kids when they woke up. Lauren asked where Nikki was, and Victoria replied that her mother had had something to do.

Nikki knelt in the chapel, and she joked that she wasn't sure her Mae West costume was appropriate to wear while praying. Nikki admired the ring that Victor had given her on their last wedding day, and she clarified that it would be the last wedding they'd have. She thought it was progress that she and Victor had made it through their latest round of troubles without getting divorced, and she cried that she couldn't lose Victor. She begged God to get Victor out of the burning building, even though Victor thought he could stave off a fire by sheer will.

Nikki called her husband flawed, wonderful, and human, but she was sure it wasn't his time, since he had too much to live for. She mentioned that their youngest grandchild was there in the hospital, fighting for his life like a true Newman. Nikki pledged not to give up on her grandbaby or her husband, since she and Victor needed more time to get it right. She wondered if perhaps they had had it right for years and hadn't known it, and she begged God to let Victor return home to her.

Victoria hugged Mariah and Kevin and called Mariah and Kevin the heroes of the night. Mariah tensed at the unexpected display of appreciation, but she said she was glad they had been able to help. Chelsea added that Mariah and Kevin had both been amazing, and she was sure Adam would be grateful. Kevin was happy that Connor was okay, but he grumbled that he didn't care how grateful Adam was. Chelsea understood, and she started to leave to see Adam in his room, but Kevin told her it wasn't possible.

Nikki joined the group, and Victoria assured Nikki that all the grandkids were safe. Lily added that the children hadn't had any idea of what might have happened, and she asked if anyone had seen Cane, but Nikki said she didn't remember in the chaos. Chelsea assumed that Christine had taken Adam to prison, but Kevin announced that Adam had broken out of the hospital to save Chelsea at Newman Towers. Chelsea said it had been impossible for Adam to escape with a guard outside the door, and Adam hadn't even been able to walk across the room. Nikki commented that both Chelsea and Lily had strong, resourceful husbands, and she was confident that Paul and Dylan wouldn't leave anyone behind.

Chelsea confronted Michael about letting Adam escape, but Michael replied that there had been no reasoning with Adam when the safety of his family had been at stake. She ranted that it had been Michael's sole job to keep Adam in bed, but Lauren pointed out that Chelsea was yelling at the one person who'd protected Adam when no one else had cared. Lauren acknowledged that it had been a terrible night, but attacking one another wouldn't help anyone. Chelsea tearfully apologized, and she whimpered that she'd thought that she and Adam would have a second chance, but he might die for real by trying to save her. Lauren hugged her.

Faith ran into Nick's arms, and Victoria and Nikki hugged him. Faith asked about Abby, Noah, and Victor, and Nick relayed that Noah was at another hospital. Sage led Faith away to help her find a water fountain, and Victoria asked what Nick hadn't wanted Faith to hear. Nick said the fire was bad, but his voice trailed off as he imagined what would happen if the others didn't get out soon.

Sage reported that Faith was having a slumber party with the other kids, and she suggested that she and Nick check on Christian. They headed to the NICU, and Mariah told Kevin that it wasn't the best time to play on the computer. Kevin tried to make sense of the strange things that had happened that night, and he thought they hadn't been a coincidence. He believed that someone was inside Newman's system.

Lauren announced that the next group of guests had landed, and Lily hugged Joe and asked if Cane had been with him. Joe guessed that Cane had gotten out on his own, but Lily was sure that Cane would have contacted her if he had. Nikki anxiously asked if anyone else had been on the helicopter, and Joe said there hadn't been any others. He added that there had been a huge explosion as they'd lifted off, and he wasn't sure if the rescuers had been able to get to anyone else.

Sage swore she'd never leave Christian's side again, and a nurse informed Nick and Sage that the hospital had been trying to reach them. Nick explained that they'd been in the Newman fire, but they were ready to see their little guy. The nurse gently stated that there had been complications, and Sage raced over to the empty incubator. The nurse confirmed that Christian hadn't made it.

Behold My Creation in All Its Glory

Behold My Creation in All Its Glory

Thursday, November 5, 2015

At the hospital, Sage insisted that her baby wasn't dead, and she demanded to know where her son was. The nurse said she was sorry, and Nick protested that they'd only been gone for a few hours. He asked how it had been possible, and the nurse went to get someone to help. Nick pulled Sage into his arms, and she wailed that they never should have left their son. They reached inside the incubator and touched the spot where they'd last seen their baby alive.

Sage cried that they never should have left, and Nick said no one could have predicted the tragic turn of events, since Christian had been holding his own. Sage said they'd told themselves that to justify leaving their son in the care of strangers, but Nick countered that Christian had been with doctors and nurses. Sage ranted that Christian had just been a case to the hospital staff, but their child had fought to be with her and Nick, and they'd left when Christian had needed them most. Sage guiltily recalled dancing and laughing at a party instead of being there to tell their son that they loved him, and she wondered if Christian had known. She screamed in agony, and Nick held her as she sobbed that their baby was gone.

A social worker named Monica introduced herself to Nick and Sage, and she expressed her condolences and asked if they had any questions. Sage wondered why it had happened, and Monica regretted that she didn't have the answer, but she suggested they speak with the hospital chaplain. Nick asked to see their son, and Monica warned that it might be difficult, since doctors sometimes took extraordinary measures to save a life. Monica recommended that the last memory of their son be one when he'd been alive, but Sage sobbed that she hadn't even gotten to hold or touch him once, so she wanted to see her son.

Nick and Sage numbly walked down the corridor to outside the room where Christian's body was being held. Nick said their boy had been a warrior, but Sage whimpered that Christian had been helpless and alone. A nurse told them to take as much time as they needed with the baby. Nick softly said they didn't have to go in until Sage was ready, and Sage quietly insisted that she had to see her son, since she wouldn't believe he was gone unless she saw it for herself.

Nick assured Sage that he'd be with her, and she steeled herself to enter the room. She recalled that there had been a lot of joy and love ever since Christian's heartbeat had been inside of her, but she'd been scared and superstitious. She remembered the nightmares about her son being taken from her, and she sobbed that she couldn't do it. Nick held Sage as she broke down.

At Newman Towers, Ian and Adam faced off in the ballroom, and Adam said he should have known Ian had been behind everything. Adam asked what Ian had done, but Ian clarified that what they'd done was wonderful. Adam said they'd planned to destroy a company, not put people in danger, and Ian asked when Adam had started caring about anyone other than himself. Adam barked that Chelsea and Connor could have died, but Ian countered that it had all started when Adam had killed a little girl. Ian contended that Adam had lit the match, so it was too late to cry, "Fire!" Ian held up a glass and proposed a toast to their success.

Adam knocked the glass out of Ian's hand and called Ian a "son of a bitch," but Ian calmly replied that he wasn't the one who'd wasted Champagne. Ian complained that he was parched from the heat, and Adam snarled that it was hotter where Ian was headed. Ian crowed that they'd had a common goal to destroy Victor, and they'd succeeded. Adam reiterated that putting people in danger hadn't been part of the plan, but Ian said he'd had to think of the big picture for both of them.

Ian asserted that Victor had beaten and humiliated both him and Adam over and over again, and he encouraged Adam to embrace and savor their victory. Adam argued that women and children had been at risk, but Ian reasoned that the innocent ones had gotten out, and it was "positively biblical" that only the evil ones had been left behind. Adam pointed out that the one person Ian had wanted to destroy had made it out. Ian called Victor a coward, but Adam defended that Victor was saving lives while Ian was "burning to hell," and Victor was ten times the man Ian would ever be.

Ian scoffed at the idea that Victor was Adam's hero, and he wondered what had happened to the years of resentment after groveling for Victor's approval and getting kicked in the teeth. Adam spat that he wouldn't expect a sociopath like Ian to understand, but Ian contended that Victor wouldn't have left Adam behind if he'd given "a damn" about Adam. Adam asserted that he'd chosen to stay, but Ian clucked that Victor had left without as much as a backward glance. Ian bellowed that Victor deserved "every bit of hell" that they'd unleashed, and Adam hissed that he couldn't stop Paragon, but he could stop Ian.

Ian realized that only one of them would live to tell the tale, and he proclaimed that it was his story to tell. Ian threw a handful of ashes in Adam's face and kicked him to the ground. "Behold my creation in all its glory!" Ian bellowed as explosions went off behind him. Adam attacked Ian and got him into a stranglehold, and Ian asked if Adam intended to kill him like he'd killed a little girl.

Ian taunted that it would be murder and not an accident, and Connor would remember his daddy as a murderer. Adam yelled at him to shut up, and Ian freed himself by slashing at Adam with his devil's fork. Adam pushed Ian, who crashed through an unstable wall and was pinned under the wreckage. "They won't call it murder. They'll call it justice," a seething Adam stated.

In the employee kitchen, Abby tried to get Ashley to wake up, and she rambled that she couldn't plan the wedding of the century without her mother and the groom. Abby pleaded that they had to get out of there, and Ashley began to cough. Ashley said she thought she was okay, and Abby explained that it looked like Stitch had used his body to cover Ashley's. Abby asked if Ashley thought she could make it out of there, and Ashley questioned what choice they had. The women looked worriedly at an unconscious Stitch.

Ashley suspected that Stitch had internal injuries, so they couldn't move him. Abby argued that they'd die if they stayed, and Ashley promised to plan the best wedding ever if they got out. Abby said they needed to get down the stairs first, and she vowed not to let down the two people she loved most. Abby promised to lead them out of there, and she begged Stitch to open his eyes or squeeze her hand. Stitch didn't respond, and Abby insisted that they carry him down. The women unsuccessfully tried to pick Stitch up, and Ashley said they had no choice but to leave him behind.

Ashley thought Abby was their only hope, and she urged Abby to save them by going for help. Abby told Stitch that she loved him and would see him soon, and she took off. Through tears, Ashley said she wasn't sure if she wanted Stitch to hear her, but she had to tell him something. She admitted that she'd lied when she'd told him that she hadn't wanted to hear what he'd wanted to say, since she'd really wanted to hear it. She thought it was inevitable that they would all die, and she said if that was the way it was supposed to be, she was glad she was with him. The building continued to crumble around them.

Abby screamed for help as the building crashed down around her, and she heard someone call out to her. A short time later, Abby returned to the kitchen with someone who could help -- Adam. Ashley fretted that Abby should have made it to safety, but Abby reiterated that she wouldn't leave without Ashley and Stitch. Adam said the only way out was to get to the lobby, and he suggested that they make a sledge. Ashley said there was no time, and she told Abby to get out. Adam firmly stated that they were getting out together, and he ordered the women to grab Stitch's legs.

Outside the building, Jack told Paul that Patty had been trapped under a vending machine, and he hadn't been able to find her pulse. Jack said the fire had been spreading quickly, and there had been smoke everywhere. Phyllis added that it was impossible that Patty had survived, but Paul insisted that Patty was a survivor. Paul lamented that he was all Patty had, so he had to make an effort to help her. Phyllis questioned who it would help if Paul died, and she warned that he'd be committing suicide by going back into the building. The lead firefighter stressed that he was pulling his people out before the place imploded, and Paul looked helplessly at the burning building.

In the hospital waiting area, Victoria expressed frustration that she couldn't do anything to help, and Nikki told her to be grateful that they were alive and that the kids were safe. Nikki prayed that Dylan worked another miracle, but Victoria wondered if they'd used up their shares of miracles. Victor and Billy entered the hospital, and Nikki and Victoria rushed to greet them. Chelsea worriedly asked if they'd seen Adam, and Billy said Adam had been in the ballroom with them. Victor reported that Adam had stayed behind to help someone, and Victoria inquired whether it had been Abby.

Victor said he'd told Abby to take the helicopter, but Nikki informed them that Abby wasn't there, and they hadn't seen Ashley or Stitch, either. Victor said he'd seen Abby walk up the stairs, but Dylan reported that she'd never made it to the roof. Joe revealed that Abby had wanted to stick around to look for Ashley and Stitch, and Victor accused Joe of taking Abby's place on the chopper. Lily asserted that it had been Abby's choice to stay, so Joe had had every right to the seat.

Lily asked if Dylan had seen Cane in the building, and Dylan suggested that Cane might have found another way out. Joe assured Lily that Cane was a strong man with a family to fight for. Victoria worried about Abby, and Billy remarked that Abby wouldn't let a fire get in the way of her big wedding day, so he was sure she would make her way back to them.

Dylan told Chelsea that he'd done everything he could have to get Adam out, but Adam had opted to stay. Chelsea realized that Adam's only way out was through the lobby, and she couldn't imagine how he'd get down dozens of floors when he'd barely been able to walk across his hospital room. Chelsea willed herself to think positively, since Adam had done the impossible before, and he would have to do it again.

Nikki couldn't believe that Victor was being stoic about Adam, but Billy suspected that Victor was doing a victory dance in his head, since the fire had been the perfect cover to help Adam escape. Billy dared Victor to tell everyone that he'd tried to convince Adam to run, but Victor recalled that they'd heard Adam say that he intended to accept his punishment. Victor took responsibility for anything that happened, since it was his building that was burning. Billy suddenly raced over and hugged a bedraggled Jack, and Phyllis explained that they'd gotten separated from Ashley and Stitch.

Dylan was happy to see Paul, who revealed that they'd needed to shut down rescue operations because the building's structure had been compromised. Dylan asked about Patty, and Paul relayed that Jack and Phyllis had told him that Patty hadn't made it. Dylan wished he could have done more, but Paul pointed out that Dylan had saved over a dozen lives. Dylan thought he'd failed if he'd left even one person behind, and Victor questioned whether Dylan would go back in to save his daughter. Chelsea added that Adam was still in there, and Lily pleaded that Cane couldn't die.

Paul explained that he knew how they felt, since his sister was also still in the tower, but he couldn't ask his team to go into a building that might collapse at any moment. "If you won't go, I will," Victor declared. Dylan volunteered to try another roof evacuation, and Paul cautioned that the winds were up with zero visibility, but Dylan said he was willing to risk it if the pilot was. Paul reluctantly agreed to let Dylan make one more trip, provided that Dylan got off the roof the moment Paul ordered him to. Nikki hugged Victor and told him to be safe, and Paul sternly told Dylan only to evacuate the ballroom, not any lower floors or stairwells.

Lily worried about whether Cane had made it to the ballroom, especially since his cast would have slowed him down. Joe envisioned Cane getting on the chopper at that moment, but she contemplated what to tell her kids if no one had seen Cane. Billy quipped that the qualities that made Victor a "pain in the ass" also meant that Victor wouldn't stop until he got what he wanted, so if anyone could rescue their loved ones, it was Victor. Nikki pointed out that it also meant Adam would return home, and Billy declared that he was counting on it, so Adam would face the punishment he deserved.

Jack regretted that he hadn't tried harder to save Patty, but Phyllis assured him that he'd done what he'd needed to do. Jack called Patty a troubled soul who had deserved compassion, and Phyllis assumed he was referring to the fact that she'd punched Patty. Jack admitted that some part of him had wanted to leave Patty behind in the hope that the awful things she'd done would die with her. Phyllis said even a superhero like Jack couldn't save everyone, and he'd made the only choice he could have made. He held her close and murmured that he was glad he'd made the choice to make sure she was safe.

Ian weakly cried out for help, and Patty peered through the debris at him. She proposed that they help each other. "What do you say, hot stuff?" Patty asked.

In the Newman Towers lobby, Paul told Victor that they had to get out, since the whole place was falling down. Victor remarked that they had to die of something, and he didn't intend for it to be old age. Dylan informed Paul via radio that he'd made it to the roof, and Paul gave him two minutes to get in and out. Dylan raced into the ballroom and yelled for people who might still be there. Victor asked if Dylan could see anyone, and Dylan said he needed more time, but Paul was adamant that there was none. Dylan dodged chunks of falling debris and confirmed that he was getting out of there.

Dylan struggled with emotion when he returned to the hospital, and Jack anxiously asked him about the people still in the building. Dylan reported that no one had been in the ballroom, and he regretted that he hadn't had more time because of the heavy winds. Nikki called Dylan a hero, and Victoria noted that most of them wouldn't be there if it hadn't been for him. Dylan mentioned that Victor was safe with Chelsea and Paul, and Billy wondered if there was a chance people might be making their way to the lobby. Dylan honestly stated that the fire was out of control and the tower was unstable, and if anyone was still in the building, he wasn't sure if they'd make it.

Paul was stunned when Chelsea rushed into the lobby, and she demanded to know where Adam was. Victor gently informed her that the rescue crew had done all they could, and he was sorry. Paul declared that their time was up, and there would be three more bodies if they didn't leave right away. Chelsea wailed that Adam was only there because of her, and Victor heard something and said to wait. Chelsea cried out in relief when Adam appeared, carrying Stitch over his shoulder, followed by Ashley and Abby.

Jack Delivers Patty's Message to Dylan

Jack Delivers Patty's Message to Dylan

Friday, November 6, 2015

In the lobby of Newman Towers, Victor and Paul helped Adam set an injured Stitch on the floor. Chelsea cried that she'd thought she'd lost Adam, and they hugged. Paul noted that Stitch barely had a pulse, and he ordered that no one move Stitch. Paul summoned EMTs to the lobby, and Ashley tried to awaken Stitch, marveling that he'd saved her life.

At the hospital, Sage told Nick that she should hold Christian for the first time, but she couldn't bear the thought of seeing her baby cold and lifeless. Sage wailed that she couldn't do it, and Nick said she didn't have to see the baby, since Christian had known that they loved him. Sage recalled that she'd told Christian that she loved him a few hours earlier, and she wondered if he'd heard her. Sage inquired whether Nick planned to see their son, and he replied that he wouldn't if she didn't want him to. She clung to him and said she didn't. He said their beautiful boy had fought very hard, and that was what they would remember.

A nurse asked if Nick and Sage needed more time, and she assured them that she'd take care of Christian. Sage begged the nurse not to take her son to a cold, dark place, and she sobbed that she didn't want her baby to go. The nurse offered to find a doctor, and Nick tried to console a hysterical Sage.

In the waiting area, Dylan said there was nothing more anyone could do, and Nikki implored Dylan to remember that many people were alive because of him. Joe followed Lily as she walked away, and she regretted that she'd told Cane that he shouldn't be around the kids. She berated herself for saying that to someone who had stood by her through cancer and had given her beautiful children. Lily hated that her last words to Cane had been cold because she loved him, and Joe comforted her.

Joe suggested that Cane was on his way there, but Lily referred to Cane's message about being on his way to the tower, and she worriedly pointed out that he hadn't turned up after the building had been evacuated. Lily was stunned when Cane entered the emergency room, and she rushed into his arms. Joe said he was glad that Cane had made it out, and Cane asked about the kids. Lily replied that they were fine, but she thought Cane needed to see a doctor. Cane insisted that he only wanted to see his children, and Lily led him to them.

Lily insisted that Cane get checked out, but he argued that other people had been hurt worse. She pushed him to see a doctor so they could go home, and he reminded her that he didn't live there anymore. Lily said she'd realized that she might have lost him when the rescue crews had stopped the search, and she declared that she wanted him to return home. Cane refused because it would confuse the kids, but Lily was sure they'd be thrilled. Lily thought they could try to work things out, but Cane said he couldn't pretend everything was okay after she'd turned on him, and he couldn't be with her if she didn't trust him. Joe looked on as Cane walked away.

Joe mentioned that he'd seen Cane leave, and Lily whined that all she'd wanted was to be a family again and for Cane to return home. She groused that she'd been willing to look past all the evidence against Cane, and she couldn't believe he was mad at her. She realized that she sounded as if she thought he was guilty, and she didn't blame him for walking away.

At the Athletic Club bar, Cane ignored a call from Lily. He threw his phone on the bar and chugged his drink. Meanwhile, Lily blamed herself for acting like she'd been doing Cane a favor by asking him to move home. Joe pointed out that it had been an emotional, terrifying night, and he advised her to give Cane some space. Joe asked if she needed help getting the kids home, and she thanked him. He said she had to trust that everything would turn out all right.

Adam returned to the hospital with Chelsea and Victor, and he insisted that Michael not be held responsible for his escape. Paul remarked that Adam had bigger problems, but Adam replied that it had been worth it to make sure his wife and son were okay. Paul wanted to hear the whole story after Adam saw a doctor, but Adam couldn't wait to reveal who had started the fire -- Ian Ward.

Victor informed the Abbotts that Ashley and Abby were all right, but Stitch needed medical attention. Victor added that Adam had saved all three of them, but Billy grumbled that Adam should still be behind bars. Victor pointed out that Adam hadn't tried to escape serving his sentence, and he asserted that everyone owed Adam an apology and a thank you. Christine announced that Adam was facing additional charges for escaping from custody, and Chelsea and Victor protested when an officer handcuffed Adam.

Victor insisted that Adam needed medical care, and Christine replied that he'd get it in the prison hospital. Paul pulled her aside and noted that Adam had gotten people out of a burning building when he could have fled instead. Paul added that if it hadn't been for Adam, the place would be filled with people who were grieving the loss of a loved one, and he knew what that felt like, since he'd just lost his sister.

Christine argued that she couldn't give Adam the chance to escape again, but Paul requested that she allow Adam to be treated there before he was transferred. Christine relented, and she instructed the officer to take Adam to an exam room before his transfer. Dylan suggested to Paul that perhaps Patty had gotten out the way other people had, but Paul relayed Jack's statement that Patty had never had a chance.

Phyllis reported to Jack that Ashley and Abby were doing well, and she was sure they'd call with any news about Stitch. Jack hesitated to leave, and Phyllis realized that he wanted to wait to say goodbye to Adam. Jack added that Adam also deserved a thank you, and he marveled that his family had somehow managed to make it out safely. Phyllis guessed that Jack was still upset that he hadn't been able to get Patty out, and she asked why he couldn't let it go. Jack referred to the one moment when Patty had seemed lucid and had told them that she'd needed to warn Dylan about something.

Chelsea confronted Christine and pointed out that Adam could have run, but he hadn't. Christine asked if Chelsea thought he deserved a reward, and Chelsea contended that he deserved credit for staying and helping people when he could have let everyone think he'd died in the fire. Chelsea chided Christine for denying Adam medical attention and punishing him for the doing the right thing, but Christine countered that Adam should have been in prison rather than at Newman Towers. Chelsea ranted that Ashley, Abby, and Stitch all would have died if it hadn't been for Adam, and she wondered if Christine had an ounce of humanity.

Christine argued that Adam had been found guilty by a jury, but Chelsea defended that he'd ultimately done the right thing, even though he'd known he would face charges and miss out on years of his son's life. Chelsea questioned whether Christine had any compassion in her heart, and she pointed out that Adam had risked his life by getting out of his hospital bed and climbing through the smoke and fire to save people. Chelsea huffed that they all knew Adam deserved better than a quick once-over before he was shipped to prison, and she believed that somewhere in the corner of her heart, Christine knew it, too. Chelsea stalked off.

Later, Barton reported that he'd patched Adam up, and Christine announced that they wouldn't be transporting Adam to prison that night. Adam got settled into his hospital bed, and Chelsea lectured that it hadn't been smart to run into a burning building in his condition. She set Connor down next to him, and Adam said his entire world had been in there, so he'd had to get the two of them out or die trying. Chelsea and Adam kissed, and they snuggled with Connor in bed together.

Nick shuffled to the waiting area, and Dylan knew something was wrong when he saw Nick's expression. Nick's family gathered around, and Nick brokenly revealed that Christian was gone. Nikki hugged Nick, and he explained that there had been complications while they'd been away at the benefit, so they'd returned to an empty incubator. A crushed Victor embraced Nick, and Nikki said they all loved Nick and Sage. Nikki added that Nick had his other children, who loved Sage, too. Nick said he wanted to be alone, and he walked off.

Billy noted that he and Victoria had been through losing a child more than once, and Victoria recognized that everyone was trying to be supportive. Victoria sensed that Nick had wanted to be grateful for the words that were supposed to make him feel better, but Billy knew that words didn't mean a thing at a time like that. Billy thought that Victoria should be with her brother, and she hugged Billy and said she loved him.

Victor asked if Nikki thought Nick and Sage's marriage would survive the loss, and Nikki replied that it couldn't end because of it. Meanwhile, Nick sat with a sedated Sage, and he said he'd been in that position before, so he should know what to say. He wished he had the words to take the pain away. Later, Nikki told a sleeping Sage that they were a family, and she vowed that Sage and Nick would get through it.

Victoria found Nick in the chapel, and he said he'd been trying to pray. She understood that all he felt was emptiness, and he acknowledged that he wasn't the only person who had been through it. Victoria noted that it was happening to him right then, and she didn't think comforting him would do any good. Nick wished Sage had been able to hold their baby just once, and Victoria said she sometimes wondered if it would have helped or made things worse if she'd held Eve. She added that there was no right way to handle the grief, and she encouraged Nick to feel whatever he felt.

Victoria said she'd seen the look on Nick's face when their family had tried to comfort him, and she knew they'd meant well, but they didn't know what it was like. Nick recognized that he couldn't run from his grief, but he and Sage had to deal with it together. He promised never to forget his son's beautiful little soul.

Barton examined Stitch in a hospital room, and Abby anxiously asked if Stitch would be okay. Barton ordered Abby out of the room, and Abby and Ashley worriedly waited outside. Barton instructed the nurse to monitor Stitch closely and to let him know immediately if there was any change. He stepped out of the room and informed Abby and Ashley that Stitch was in critical condition with numerous injuries and respiratory problems, and a ventilator was keeping him alive.

Abby asked if Stitch would be okay, and Barton replied that they were doing everything they could, but Stitch had a long way to go. Abby huffed that if Barton couldn't help Stitch, she'd find a doctor who could. Barton told her that Stitch had been one of the best residents he'd had, and he wanted to do everything in his power to help, but he couldn't tell her what she wanted to hear. He added that the next 24 hours would tell them a lot, and he left to tend to other injured patients.

Abby considered what the outcome would have been if she'd gotten to Ashley and Stitch sooner, but Ashley imagined that Abby also would have been stuck in the explosion. Ashley swore that Stitch wouldn't die after saving her life, and she started to say that he wouldn't make her live with something, but she clammed up. Ashley covered by saying that they'd gone through a lot when they'd thought they would die, and she flashed back to Stitch telling her that he loved her. Abby asked what Ashley and Stitch had talked about when they'd been trapped, and Ashley fibbed that they'd talked about Abby.

Ashley said the only thing on Stitch's mind had been Abby, and she claimed that Stitch had told her how happy Abby made him. Ashley continued that he'd been thrilled to finally find true love, and he'd told her about his hopes and dreams for his life with Abby. Abby said she was happy that Ashley and Stitch had been there for one another, and she was sure that Stitch would fight to get through it because he knew what was waiting for him.

At Stitch's bedside, Abby pledged that Stitch would heal and that they'd get married, and she pleaded with him to get better. She said Ashley had told her what they'd talked about when they'd been trapped, and he still had the love he'd talked about, so all he had to do was get back to her. Ashley peered in through the window.

At Fairview, Sharon stepped out of her room, and Dr. Anderson asked what she was doing out of bed that late. Sharon said she'd heard alarms earlier, but the doctor encouraged Sharon to go back to her room. Sharon mentioned that she'd heard an orderly talking about Patty, and Dr. Anderson said Patty had been resisting treatment and had broken out of her room. The doctor added that she didn't know where Patty had gone, and Sharon stated that Patty had gone to see Dylan.

Sharon recounted that Patty had said she'd needed to talk to Dylan, but she didn't know what it had been about, and she wanted to call Dylan. Dr. Anderson reiterated that it was best for Sharon and her treatment to avoid outside contact, and she announced that it was time for the next dose of medication. Sharon complained that she didn't like how the meds made her feel, and the doctor maintained that they were good for Sharon and the baby. Sharon adamantly refused to take them.

Sharon griped that the drugs made her feel foggy, and she didn't want to feel like she was forgetting things anymore. Dr. Anderson asked if Sharon was sure she wanted to go back to acting erratically and putting her baby and her relationship with Dylan in jeopardy, and Sharon said that wasn't what she wanted, but she felt like she was getting worse. The doctor contended that she'd never seen Sharon stronger, but Sharon countered that she slept all the time, and it was a struggle to put her thoughts together.

Dr. Anderson maintained that Sharon was making great strides and that Sharon had never been more capable of being a good mother to her children. Sharon said she missed Faith, and the doctor pressed the pills into Sharon's hand and said she'd see her daughter soon. The doctor stressed that all she wanted was for Sharon to be a good mother, and she fetched a cup of water. Sharon swallowed the pills.

Later, Paul visited Fairview and coldly informed Dr. Anderson that his sister had died. The doctor expressed her condolences, but Paul demanded to know how a patient under her care had sneaked out. Dr. Anderson informed him that Patty had been in solitary after a volatile therapy session, but Paul was certain that someone had helped Patty to get out. The doctor claimed that a sympathetic orderly who Patty had persuaded to help her had been fired.

Paul wondered why Patty had been determined to find Dylan, and he said he'd thought Patty had been making progress. Dr. Anderson said she'd been hopeful, but Patty had struggled with issues for years and had become increasingly irrational, so she wouldn't be surprised if Patty had started the fire. Paul testily stated that he knew who had started the fire, and it hadn't been Patty, but he questioned why the doctor would accuse his sister of doing it. Dr. Anderson claimed that she'd been trying to illustrate the dramatic turn Patty had taken, and she knew about Patty's violent history.

Paul conceded that Patty had done terrible things, but she had been there to get help, and being sick hadn't been her fault. Dr. Anderson offered to recommend someone for Paul to talk to, but Paul retorted that he recommended that she find a good attorney, since she'd need one. Later, Dr. Anderson looked in on Sharon and told her to rest, since everything would be all right, and her beautiful baby would arrive soon.

Christine was relieved when Paul returned to the hospital, and he revealed that he'd gone to Fairview to find out what had happened, but he'd only gotten excuses. Dylan joined them, and Paul said nothing the doctor had said changed the fact that Patty was gone. Christine expressed her condolences and hugged him. Jack told Paul that he wished he could have done more, and Paul thanked him for trying to help.

Jack commended Paul for being a great brother, and Paul relayed that Dr. Anderson had told him that Patty had taken a turn for the worse. Paul guessed that was why she'd run into a burning building to find Dylan for a reason they'd never know. Jack recalled that Patty had seemed very lucid when she'd said her last words, and she'd had a message for Dylan: "You can't trust her."

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