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Dr. Neville warned that Hilary could die if she didn't take certain pills. Family and friends gathered for Christian's memorial service. Victor confronted Adam about being Christian's father. Victor blackmailed Adam into helping him rebuild Newman. Judge Elise Moxley was assigned to Adam's appeal.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of November 9, 2015 on Y&R
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Sharon Expects a Baby Boy

Sharon Expects a Baby Boy

Monday, November 9, 2015

In Hilary's room at the hospital, Devon attempted to revive Hilary's memory. Hilary said she remembered having kissed Devon in Chancellor Park the night before she'd married Neil. Hilary insisted that her feelings for Devon had been a brief infatuation. Devon replied, "What you and I have is very, very real. You love me, and I love you." Hilary said she didn't feel anything for Devon and still loved Neil.

Hilary declined Devon's offer to live with him. Devon was noticeably disappointed. Hilary agreed when Devon offered to book her a suite at the Genoa City Athletic Club. Devon touched his wedding band and the wedding ring on Hilary's finger and said, "I believe in us, and I believe in these." After Devon stepped out, he rolled his wedding band around his finger as tears ran down his cheek.

At the Genoa City Athletic Club, Gwen expressed her disappointment to Neil when he cut short their time together. Neil explained that he hoped to be present when Hilary regained her memory. Gwen expressed disappointment that Hilary was still in love with Neil. Gwen said she feared that Hilary's confused state could be a stumbling block for Neil's relationship with her. Neil insisted that Hilary's suppressed feelings for Devon would resurface.

Neil stopped by the hospital to visit Hilary. She perked up and said she'd hoped he would stop by. Hilary said that bits and pieces of her memory had returned. Hilary said she wasn't sure where she should go after being discharged. Neil offered to let Hilary stay at his home temporarily. Hilary thanked Neil, but she said she'd heard that he was dating someone. Neil said he and Gwen had been dating for a while.

Hilary shook her head in shame and said she couldn't imagine having betrayed Neil the way he'd said she had. Neil extended his hand and said, "I know it's hard for you to accept this reality right now." Neil offered to help Hilary get settled if she needed him. Neil kissed Hilary on the cheek before he left. After Neil stepped out, Hilary vividly remembered making love to Neil. Suddenly, the memory of Neil was replaced with a recollection of making love to Devon. Hilary winced. She noticed that Neil, standing outside her door, was observing her through the window.

In a hallway at the hospital, Billy ran into Ashley. Billy asked Ashley if she was all right. Ashley said she was fine and expressed her gratitude for Abby's and Adam's roles in saving her life and Ben's. Ashley noted that Abby had spent the night at Ben's bedside. Billy inquired about Ashley's state of mind. Ashley said she'd gained a clearer perspective during her near-death ordeal.

Ashley changed the subject when Billy mentioned Ben. Billy persisted and asked what had happened between Ashley and Ben when they'd thought they might not survive the fire. Ashley said she'd thought she'd never see her daughter or anyone else ever again. Ashley cried that Ian Ward had intended for everyone in the building to perish. Billy said that at least the Paragon Project was no longer wreaking havoc. Ashley noted that their future was uncertain because their company couldn't withstand another threat.

In Ben's room, Abby was elated when Ben awoke and called out her name. Abby said she and her mom were both doing well. Ben replied, "Abby, there's something I have to tell you." Ben was initially surprised when Abby interrupted and said her mom had already told her about the conversation Ashley and Ben had while they were trapped. Abby said, "I think it's sweet that you told my mom how much in love you were with me and how you couldn't wait to spend the rest of your life with me. I can't wait for us to get married!" Ben forced a smile and nodded.

Abby later talked to her mom in a hospital waiting area. Abby's eyes lit up when she said she was overjoyed with Ben's recovery. Abby's smile quickly faded, and she explained how guilty she felt for being so happy, knowing that Paul had lost Patty, Nick and Sage had lost their baby, and Victor had nearly lost his company. Ashley encouraged Abby to be grateful for her good fortune and to offer kindness to those who were suffering. Ashley grabbed Abby and tightly embraced her.

Ashley visited Ben in his hospital room. Ben asked Ashley why she'd lied to Abby about what he and Ashley had said to each other before being rescued. Ashley replied, "We thought we were going to die. A lot of things were said that we didn't mean." Ben said he'd meant every word he'd said. Ben told Ashley that he loved her. Ashley sighed and looked away.

Ashley told Ben that their traumatic experience had confused them. Ben replied, "I am not traumatized or confused. I know exactly how I feel. I love you." Ashley told Ben that he couldn't be in love with her because Abby loved him. Ashley insisted that Ben should forget everything that had happened between them and focus on living a long and happy life with Abby. Ben asked Ashley if she could forget. Ashley replied, "Yes. And so can you."

After Ashley left Ben's room, Abby returned with several magazines devoted to wedding planning. Ben was taken aback and said he wasn't aware Abby wanted to jump into planning a wedding so soon. Abby said she wanted to give her family something happy to look forward to. Abby said she'd enlisted her mother's help to plan the wedding of the year. Ben seemed reserved. Abby said, "Is this too much for you?" Ben replied, "No. It's going to be great."

Outside Sage's hospital room, Victoria delivered a cup of coffee to Nick. Nick looked exhausted and brokenhearted. Victoria said she wished there was something she could do for him. Tears filled Nick's eyes when he mentioned making final arrangements for Christian. Victoria offered to handle the arrangements with the minister and the florist. Nick was concerned that Sage might not be prepared, but Victoria suggested that there was no right way or wrong way to proceed. Nick agreed to Victoria's plan to hold an intimate service inside the hospital's chapel before Sage's discharge.

Nick was sitting beside Sage's bed when she awoke. She said she'd had a terrible nightmare, and she pleaded with Nick to tell her that what had happened was only a bad dream. Nick's lower lip quivered when he said, "Our little boy's gone." Sage cried out in agony and said, "No, no, no! I can't imagine living without our son. I can't do it."

Nick announced that Victoria was handling arrangements for Christian's memorial service. Sage became irate. Sage said she didn't want to talk about a funeral. Sage cried, "What the hell is wrong with you? Why is Victoria pushing this? I don't want her help!" A nurse entered the room. Sage apologized and said she couldn't handle saying goodbye. Before Nick stepped out, he told Sage to rest and not worry.

Billy and Victoria talked in a waiting area at the hospital. Victoria said her parents were worried about Nick and Sage and about the future of Newman Enterprises. Billy asked if Victor had gotten a report from a building inspector. Victoria said her dad believed the structure was sound. Victoria admitted that the Paragon Project had left Newman Enterprises' financial status in shambles.

Billy proposed that Newman Enterprises could share office space in Jabot's building. Victoria nixed the idea of merging. Billy said that both companies would operate independently. Billy explained that the two companies working in close proximity would allow them to join forces and eliminate threats from the Paragon Project. Victoria wasn't sure her father would accept help from the Abbotts. Billy said he'd handle it.

After Victoria left, Billy ran into Ashley. She was visibly upset and hid her face with her hand. Billy asked if something had happened to Ben. Ashley said, "No. He's fine." Billy replied, "Well, you're not. What is going on with you?" Ashley claimed that she'd been through a lot and was emotional. Ashley said she was glad that her little girl was happily anticipating a future with Ben. Ashley added, "I'm going to do everything I can to make sure she gets that." Billy embraced Ashley and comforted her.

Devon joined Gwen at the Genoa City Athletic Club's bar. Gwen was drinking a tall Bloody Mary, and Devon made a remark about Gwen imbibing alcohol so early in the day. Gwen shrugged. Devon said, "Believe me, I'm thinking about joining you because I just got back from seeing Hilary at the hospital." Gwen replied, "Is she still living in an alternate universe?" Devon said he'd tried to tell Hilary how much he loved her.

Devon told Gwen that Hilary was still fixated on Neil as if their marriage had never ended. Gwen said, "She doesn't get to have him back after what Neil and I went through to make sure she got home to you." Devon asked Gwen to explain what she meant. Gwen slid her glass away and said she'd had too much to drink and had become confused. Gwen claimed she'd meant that Neil had devoted all his time and energy to searching for Hilary. Gwen urged Devon not to give on Hilary.

At the Fairview Psychiatric Facility, Dylan arrived and told Dr. Anderson that he wanted to see Sharon immediately. The doctor claimed that Sharon didn't want to see visitors. Dylan argued with the doctor and explained that he had concerns about the facility's standards. Dr. Anderson insisted that patients received the best possible care. Dylan, angered by the doctor's defiance, said, "How did Patty Williams end up dead?" Dr. Anderson said that what had happened to Patty had no bearing on Sharon's treatment.

Dylan said he believed the facility wasn't the best place for Sharon. Dr. Anderson reminded Dylan that Patty had suffered from a number of psychiatric illnesses. Dylan said that Patty's mental health had improved, which was why she'd been transferred out of the prison's psychiatric ward. Dr. Anderson said that Sharon, committed to her recovery, had never been resistant or combative like Patty. Dylan again insisted he see Sharon.

Dylan walked to the door to Sharon's room and saw her through a narrow window in the door. Sharon, sleeping, turned onto her back. Dylan noticed Sharon's expanding abdomen. Dr. Anderson explained that Sharon's pregnancy had been taxing. The doctor displayed a recording of a sonogram and claimed that the moving fetus was Sharon's. Dylan was elated as he identified the unborn baby's fingers and face on the doctor's electronic tablet. Dylan said, "Wow, this is really happening."

Dr. Anderson offered to tell Dylan the sex of the child. Dylan said he'd rather wait until Sharon shared the news. Before Dylan left, he told the doctor that before Patty had died, she'd risked her life, trying to warn him about someone he shouldn't trust. Dylan said Patty's exact words had been that he "can't trust her." Dr. Anderson claimed that Patty had believed, due to her paranoia and delusions, that Sharon was her enemy.

Dylan grew frustrated with Dr. Anderson. Dylan asked why he hadn't been informed about Patty's obsessive fears of Sharon. Dr. Anderson claimed that she'd been bound by confidentiality. Dr. Anderson told Dylan that Sharon didn't know what had happened to Patty. Dylan said that if Dr. Anderson refused to let him see Sharon, he'd make it happen one way or another.

After Dylan left, Dr. Anderson looked concerned. Dr. Anderson entered Sharon's room. The doctor lifted Sharon's sweater and gently removed a piece of foam padding that was rounded on one side and flat on the other. Before Dr. Anderson exited, Sharon awoke. Still groggy, Sharon said, "What are you doing?" Dr. Anderson quickly stuffed the padding into a tote bag.

Dr. Anderson told Sharon that she'd covered Sharon with a blanket, so she and the baby wouldn't become chilled. Dr. Anderson said that Dylan had stopped by earlier and said he didn't want to know the sex of the baby unless Sharon did. Sharon said she definitely wanted to know. Dr. Anderson said that Sharon could tell Dylan herself. Sharon was happy to learn that she would be allowed to see Dylan.

Dylan joined Nick in the hospital chapel. Dylan placed his hand on Nick's shoulder and said, "I'm sorry. Is there anything I can do for you?" Nick replied, "Yeah. We can talk about something else. How's Sharon?" Dylan said he'd just left Fairview. Dylan sounded disappointed when he noted that he wasn't allowed to talk to Sharon.

Dylan told Nick that he'd seen Sharon sleeping and noticed that she'd begun to show. Dylan mentioned having viewed the ultrasound, but he didn't elaborate. Nick said, "You're going to be a dad. You should be excited." Dylan noted that he wouldn't mention anything to Sharon about Christian. Nick agreed that Sharon should be spared from upsetting news during her pregnancy.

Sharon contacted Dylan via video chat. Dylan said he wished he could've seen her in person. Sharon said, "I couldn't wait to tell you my news." Dylan asked Sharon how she felt. Sharon said she felt rested. Sharon mentioned the sonogram. Sharon announced that she and Dylan were having a boy. Dylan replied, "I can't believe we're having a boy! It's incredible."

Sharon assured Dylan that she and the baby were well, so he shouldn't worry about them. Sharon paused, glanced in the corner of the room, and smiled in response to Dr. Anderson's nod of approval. Dylan asked Sharon if someone was in her room because she seemed distracted. Sharon assured Dylan that she was alone. Dylan asked again if Sharon was all right. Sharon replied, "I'm fine, perfectly fine." Dylan seemed concerned.

Rev. Wilkins entered Sage's room and told her he was sorry for her loss. Sage became upset and warned the clergyman not to tell her to feel better because she didn't want to feel better. Sage cried, "I want you to leave my room. Get out!" Nick entered. Rev. Wilkins explained that Victoria had approached him about performing Christian's memorial. Sage became incensed. She cried, "What? Nick? Today? You want me to bury my son today?"

After Rev. Wilkins left, Sage expressed her disapproval about Nick pressing ahead with the memorial. She said, "You decide, and I go along with what you want. That's how it always is, Nick, because I didn't want to go to the party last night. You convinced me to go, and I left Christian. He died alone without his mommy, and now you're rushing to bury our son?" Nick tried to explain, but Sage said Nick had gotten his wish, so he no longer had to stay married to her. She yelled, "Get out! Leave me alone!" After Nick walked out, Sage cried, "Nick, come back." Sage sobbed and pressed her palms against her head.

Victor Rejects Jack's Offer of Help

Victor Rejects Jack's Offer of Help

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

At the Athletic Club, Victor coordinated over the phone to have an inspector decide whether to rebuild or relocate Newman Enterprises. Luca informed Victor that his family wanted to offer assistance with the recovery, and he said he'd be happy to discuss an agreement. Victor grumbled that they'd already had one in place, and he questioned why he'd want to enter into another arrangement after Luca had failed. Marisa joined them, and Luca declared that it hadn't been a failure at all. Victor walked away, and Marisa asked what Luca had been doing with Victor.

Luca said he and Victor had been talking business, since Luca's family wanted to help during a difficult time. Marisa snapped that Luca's family only helped themselves, and Luca implied that Marisa had given her child away to people who were worse than his family. She wondered what kind of father wouldn't save his own child from a horrible place, but he spat that she'd never given him a chance to be a father, and she knew what her decision had cost her.

Marisa conceded that it had been a mistake to trust Marco to protect her daughter, and she pointed out that Luca's father and Noah's grandfather were a lot alike, since both men were ruthless but would do anything for family. Luca became incensed at the mention of Noah's name, and Marisa said she was tired of fighting. She suggested that she and Luca do something fun that evening, but he coldly replied that he had things to do. He added that the people who had their daughter called the girl Ava.

Chelsea cuddled with Adam in his hospital bed, and he mentally filed away how it felt to have her in his arms. She said she was grateful he was alive, and she told him not to scare her like that again. Adam insisted that she and Connor had been the reason that he hadn't died, and he would always return to them. Chelsea said hearing that helped, and she thought Connor should hear it, too. She prepared to call Anita, but Christine and a police officer burst in over Michael's protests. Chelsea said Adam needed his rest, but Christine said he could rest in his new bunk, since he was going to prison.

Michael complained that Christine could have given him time to take an argument before the judge. Christine huffed that the state had already been generous by allowing Adam to spend an extra night in the hospital, and she insisted that Adam start serving his sentence that day. Michael and Christine stepped out to give Adam and Chelsea some time alone.

Michael chided Christine for going after an injured man who'd risked his life to save people, and he wondered when she'd become a bully. He warned that it could be a huge PR nightmare, but she asserted that Adam was a convicted felon who'd escaped custody after evading prosecution, and people should be held accountable for their crimes. Michael noted that hit-and-runs were a personal issue for Christine, and she threatened to charge him for aiding and abetting Adam's escape.

The police started to lead Adam down the corridor, but Victor arrived and proclaimed that, according to the judge, his son wasn't going anywhere. Christine perused the legal documentation that Victor provided, and Victor explained that Adam's prison sentence still stood, but the judge had granted Adam a few days to heal from the wounds he'd incurred while he'd been saving lives. Christine instructed the officer to take Adam back to his room and handcuff him to the bed, and Chelsea hugged Victor. Christine called it a travesty of justice, but Victor countered that it was justice after Adam had risked his own life to save others.

Victor entered Adam's room, and Adam sincerely thanked him. Victor said Adam deserved the reprieve for saving a lot of people, and it would also give them time to work on an appeal, which he expected to win. Victor told Adam and Chelsea to get some rest, and he promised to keep them informed about the appeal. Victor exited the room, and Adam incredulously asked if that had just happened. Chelsea told Adam that he could believe his father loved him.

Chelsea observed that something had changed between the men, since Adam wasn't pushing Victor away, and Victor wasn't being rude and defensive. Adam guessed that Victor didn't want anyone shaming the family name, but Chelsea pointed out that Victor had had his own children arrested before, and she implored Adam to accept that Victor loved him. Adam conceded that having Victor on his side was a good thing, and it was nice not to feel rejected.

Chelsea asserted that Adam's heroic actions in the fire showed that he had become the incredible man he'd always wanted to be, and she encouraged him to accept that he was the man Victor had hoped Adam would be. Adam said he only wanted to accept the extra time he got to spend with her and Connor, and she was grateful that they could eventually look forward to a future as family, since Nick and Sage hadn't been that lucky. She reported that Nick hadn't been sure if they'd have a memorial for Christian that day, since Sage might not be able to handle it.

A sleeping Sage imagined that she heard a baby crying, and she woke up with a start and sobbed for Christian. Meanwhile, Victoria made arrangements with the hospital staff for Christian's memorial. Nick approached, and Victoria suggested that they discuss how to invite people to speak at the service. Nick replied that they wouldn't be inviting anyone, since there would be no memorial.

Victoria understood that a memorial would make the loss feel real and permanent, but she thought it was necessary to start healing. Nick recognized that delaying the service wouldn't change anything, and Victoria offered to try to convince Sage that the memorial was about celebrating Christian's life. Victoria wanted to remind Sage that people wanted to see her and Nick through it, and Nick agreed that it might be better if Victoria talked to Sage. He voiced concern that if they left the hospital with things unsettled, the service would become a looming thing that could crush them.

Summer and Noah arrived and hugged Nick, and Nick thanked his kids for being there. Nick asked how Faith was doing, and Noah reported that she didn't know about Christian's death. Nick realized that he had to be the one to tell her, but he didn't know how to do it. Nick regretted getting back too late to see Christian again, but Summer and Noah encouraged him not to blame himself. Nick prepared to speak with the minister, but he insisted on doing it alone. Noah received a text message, and he asked Summer to let him know if they went ahead with the memorial.

Noah met Marisa at the Athletic Club bar, and she told him about Luca's remark that she had to live with her decisions. Noah informed her that Luca knew about their romp during the benefit, and Marisa realized that Luca was punishing her by not telling her where Ava was. Noah thought having a name would help Kevin find the girl, but Marisa groaned that it was taking too long, and she said Noah had no idea what it was like to be separated from a child. Noah recounted that he'd listened to his father grieve the death of his infant son, so he had an idea.

Marisa said her heart broke for Christian's entire family, and Noah said he had to get back to the hospital. Marisa offered to go with him, but he replied that it was just family, and she looked hurt as he walked off. She called Luca and summoned him to their hotel suite right away.

In the hotel suite, Marisa told Luca that things hadn't been right between them, and they'd each said things that had been unfair to the other. She apologized for offending him by talking about his family, and she handed him a mimosa and recalled that it had once been easy for them to talk. She toasted to it being easy again, but he told her to stop lying.

Marisa said she wanted to talk about the truth, since she knew that Luca had seen her sneak off to be with Noah, and she surmised that Luca wanted to punish her. He coldly reminded her that they'd had an agreement, but she stressed that she was only there so he would tell her where her daughter was. Luca snarled that Marisa wanted her daughter, but she'd wanted to have sex with Noah more, so she had made her choice, and Luca had made his. He walked out.

Victoria told Sage that she knew the memorial seemed scary, but it would be a chance to say goodbye. Sage whimpered that she didn't want to say goodbye, since she wanted Christian there with her every day while she watched him grow and play. Victoria said she'd wanted the same thing for her daughter, Eve, who had also been born prematurely. Victoria lamented that Eve had left the world way too early, and Sage testily asked why Victoria was making it about herself. Sage declared that it was about her loss and her decision, not Victoria's.

Victoria swore that she wasn't trying to compare her loss to Sage's, but she wanted to let Sage know that she knew what Sage was going through. Victoria advised that the heartache would always be there, but the feeling of not being able to survive would fade. Sage pointed out that Victoria had three other kids, but Christian had been Sage's miracle. Victoria informed Sage that the doctors had told her that she'd never have children again, but she'd adopted Johnny, and Katie had been a surprise blessing.

Sage sobbed that people like her didn't get a second miracle, since she'd walked out of the hospital and her miracle had no longer been there when she'd returned. Victoria said Nick was feeling the loss, too, and she thought he needed both Sage and the memorial. Victoria cautioned that Sage and Nick couldn't lose one another because they'd already lost too much, and she encouraged Sage to remember that Nick loved her. Nick listened from the doorway.

Victoria stepped out, and Sage apologized for being awful to Victoria and to Nick. Nick said they had to take it one step at a time, and the memorial could be however Sage wanted it to be. Sage maintained that she didn't want to have one, but Nick insisted that they had to find a way to honor that their son had been in the world. Sage asserted that she didn't need a reminder to mark that day, since she'd never forget it. She urged Nick to have a memorial if it would give him any peace, but she asked him to respect her decision not to go.

At Jabot, Jack and Phyllis pressed Billy to share details of his plan to end Victor's reign of terror. Jack guessed that Billy intended to finish Victor off with one final stroke, but Billy announced that he planned to do just the opposite, and he proposed that they "save Victor's ass." Phyllis objected to saving the man who'd put her through intense humiliation, but Billy pointed out that Jack had considered it a bad idea to pick the bones of Newman during the virus outbreak. Jack explained that he'd wanted to be sure that Jabot hadn't gotten sideswiped, but it had, anyway, because of Billy's greed.

Billy contended that Ian had gone after both companies, but Phyllis stressed that Ian had gone after her, and she pledged not to let it happen again. She refused to cuddle up to Victor just because both she and Victor hated Ian, but Billy presented the idea of sharing office space with Newman. Phyllis guessed that it had been Victoria's idea and that Billy was going along with it for the woman he loved. Billy reasoned that Newman was more than just Victor, since Victoria, Abby, and Nick had also been affected by Newman's demise.

Jack excitedly contemplated the idea of getting Abby and Chelsea back at Jabot, and Billy scolded him for not following his own advice about not picking over Newman's bones. Billy insisted that Newman needed a place to start rebuilding, and he pointed out that people had gotten out of the burning building by working together, so they could at least not be jerks. Jack considered sharing office space, but Phyllis voted for being jerks. Jack was sure Victor wouldn't accept any offer of charity, and Billy thought Jack was the only person who could convince Victor that it was a good idea.

Phyllis couldn't believe that Jack wanted to put out a welcome mat for Victor to exploit their generous hospitality, but Billy pressed Jack to present the offer as an act of business camaraderie. Jack agreed to make the proposal. Phyllis answered a call from Summer and said they had to head to the hospital chapel. Phyllis reminded Jack that he'd promised payback for what Marco had done, and she warned him not to forget it.

At the hospital, Summer told Phyllis that she'd seen more in Nick's eyes than grief, and Phyllis recalled that something had broken inside of Nick when he'd lost Cassie. Phyllis advised Summer to talk to Nick when he wanted to talk and stay quiet when there was nothing else to say. Nick approached and hugged Summer, who said she loved him and was lucky to have him as her dad. Phyllis called Nick an amazing father, and she knew Christian had felt his love. Noah returned and asked if Nick was going through with the service, and Nick replied that it needed it to happen that day. Phyllis volunteered to get Sage, but Nick said Sage couldn't be there, so he had to say goodbye for both of them.

Adam entered Sage's room, and she told him to go away. He sat down next to her and said he was sorry, but she snapped that he didn't "give a damn." He pointed out that he was there, and she ranted that people made it all about themselves. Adam said he was trying to apologize, since he was the only reason she'd ever been in town. Sage said she'd convinced herself that meeting Nick had been fate, and she'd believed that Nick had been able to save her from the loneliness of having no one to call her own.

Sage continued that it was all gone, and she was back to where she'd started -- with nothing. Adam protested, and she said he'd never understand because he was a Newman, but her flesh and blood was gone. She imagined that Nick would go back to his life with his family and his children, and she guessed that was where he was right then while she was stuck with nothing because her baby was gone. Adam gently placed his hand on hers.

Michael expressed condolences to Victor about Christian's passing, and Victor wished he could do more for Nick, but he was hopeful that he could do something for his other son. Victor was determined to get the verdict overturned, but Michael warned that it would be a long shot. Victor said he had something in mind. Jack approached Victor and Michael, and Michael excused himself. Jack recognized that the loss of a child wounded like nothing else, and he said his heart went out to Victor. Victor suspiciously asked what else Jack wanted, and Jack replied that he wanted to help raise Newman Enterprises from the ashes.

Jack recounted that the Abbotts and Newmans had shared office space before, but Victor replied that he wasn't in the habit of making the same mistake twice. Jack called it a practical matter, but Victor scoffed at the idea that he needed Jack's help. Jack reasoned that Newman needed an infrastructure, and there was no time to set up a space from scratch, but Victor ordered him not to play hero. Jack questioned whether Victor planned to let his pride get in the way of what was best, but Victor crowed that he'd rebuilt his company several times, and he vowed to do it again.

Victoria joined the discussion and contended that Jack's offer showed kindness and respect, and she couldn't believe Victor was turning him down. Victor asked if Billy had known about the scheme, and he huffed that Victoria's involvement proved that the gesture was insincere. Victoria complained that Victor was stubborn as a mule, but Victor said he made the decisions for his company. Victoria urged Victor to show that he was rational and human by accepting Jack's offer, but Victor remained determined to rebuild Newman by himself. Victoria declared that he would have to do it without her.

Remembering Christian Andrew Newman

Remembering Christian Andrew Newman

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Neil dropped Hilary off at her hotel room, and he mentioned that he'd had her clothes delivered from Devon's suite. Hilary thanked Neil for everything, and he hoped that feeling comfortable in her surroundings would help her regain her memory sooner rather than later. She was still aghast that she'd cheated on him with his son, and she wondered how Neil could be kind to her, much less forgive her. Neil remarked that forgiveness went two ways, and he might need her to forgive him someday. She said all he'd ever done was love her and make her his wife, and she couldn't imagine what she would have to forgive him for.

Neil suggested that Hilary take some time to clear her mind and try to remember all the special times she'd had with Devon. Hilary griped that she'd tried, and Neil encouraged her to try harder. She maintained that all she could remember was how happy she'd been with Neil, and she wondered why she was blocking the rest out if she'd been happy with Devon. Neil assured her that the memories would return if she gave it time, and he urged her to get some rest. She thought it might be best if she didn't remember, and he recognized that it wouldn't be easy, but she had to reclaim her memory for her sake and everyone else's.

In the park, Paul reviewed Hilary's forensics report, and the forensic technician asked what Paul thought. Paul noted that it wasn't like any toxicology report he'd ever seen, and he thought it had been dangerous for Hilary to have that many medications in her system at once. Paul wondered if a doctor had been responsible for administering the drugs, and he considered whether it had been someone who had known exactly what they had been doing.

Disguised as a flower delivery driver, Dr. Neville dropped off a bouquet at the hospital nurses' station and said he was looking for Hilary Hamilton's room. A nurse reported that Hilary had been discharged earlier that day, and he offered the blooms to the nurse instead. She went to put them in some water, and Dr. Neville ducked behind the desk and looked over Hilary's chart. Dr. Neville quickly replaced the chart when the nurse returned, and Paul arrived to ask questions about Hilary. He asked the nurse if Barton was available, and the nurse left to check.

Paul thought he recognized Dr. Neville, but the doctor commented that he just had one of those faces. Dr. Neville tried to make a quick exit, but Paul flashed his badge and wanted to ask a few questions. Paul assumed that a flower deliveryman would make frequent trips to the hospital, and he asked if Dr. Neville had noticed anyone acting strangely. The doctor claimed that he just dropped flowers off and left, and he asked if he could go. Paul handed him a card and told him to call if he remembered anything, even if it seemed insignificant.

At the Athletic Club, Devon confronted Gwen about her earlier comment that she'd gone "through hell" with Neil to get Hilary back. Gwen claimed that she'd been frustrated because she wasn't a patient person, but she loved Neil and would do anything for him. Devon questioned just how far she'd go, and Neil approached and guessed they were talking about Hilary. Neil announced that he'd figured out the key to restoring Hilary's memory.

Neil suggested that Devon knock on Hilary's door and talk to her, but Devon recalled Neil's previous advice to wait for her memory to return. Neil pointed out that their lives were on hold, and he thought Devon was the only one who could help her. Devon left to see what he could do, and Gwen asked why Neil was pushing for Hilary to remember. Neil replied that he couldn't go on like that, and Gwen asked if he'd realized that he still wanted Hilary.

Neil recognized that the situation was hard on Gwen, but he thought the worst thing they could do was doubt one another. She said she hated feeling more insecure the longer it went on, and Neil explained that had been why he'd sent Devon upstairs, since Devon might be the only one who could trigger Hilary's memories. Neil commented that the most critical memory was the one that Neil hadn't pushed Hilary off the cliff, and once Hilary remembered that, the truth would set them all free.

Hilary pulled a box from the closet, and she affectionately wondered what Neil had done. She found the photo album from her wedding to Devon inside, and she leafed through the pages. Devon arrived at her door, and he promised that he wouldn't upset her. She said he already had, and she guessed that he'd left the wedding album for her to find. He admitted that he had because he'd hoped seeing the photos would be proof of how happy they'd been together. Hilary recognized that the moments had been real, but the feelings were missing for her.

Devon thought that Hilary was afraid to let herself feel because of her guilt over what they'd done to Neil, even though Neil had forgiven them. Devon added that he still felt guilty every single day, but the love that he and Hilary shared was stronger than the guilt. He hoped that Hilary could accept it just like Neil had, and he requested that she look through the album and try to remember the love and happiness they'd felt on their wedding day. Devon exited, and Hilary resumed perusing the album. She paused when she spied a photo of Devon and Neil together.

Devon returned downstairs, but he took off when Paul summoned him to the hospital. Neil prepared to follow Devon to find out what it was all about, and he answered a call from Hilary, who asked if Neil was still at the club. She requested that he return to her room, since she'd remembered something.

In Hilary's room, Neil inquired whether Hilary's memory had anything to do with the wedding album Devon had left for her. She said she'd been looking at photos and mementos, and she exclaimed, "It was you. You were there!"

Dr. Neville met with Gwen in the park, and she fretted that they'd all end up in prison, depending on what Hilary had remembered. The doctor highly doubted Hilary had remembered anything, since none of the "clowns" at the hospital had the skill or knowledge to complete her treatment. Dr. Neville added that he couldn't go near Hilary for fear of being recognized, so it was critical that Gwen finish what he'd started. He handed Gwen a bottle of pills.

At the hospital, Victor suspected that Victoria had threatened to leave Newman Enterprises because of "Billy Boy's" influence. Victoria insisted that she'd leave because of Victor and his insufferable pride, and she argued that they couldn't afford to have enemies. Victor asserted that he'd built Newman his way, and he vowed to do it again -- without charity. Victoria protested that it was just temporary office space, and Jack offered to charge rent. Nikki admonished them for arguing about business when they were there to honor a child's life.

In her hospital room, Sage said she didn't think she could survive, and Adam told her not to be a coward. She wailed that she'd lost her baby and her whole life, and she demanded to know what Adam was doing there. Adam explained that he was trying to fire her up, since anger was better than self-pity. Sage ordered him to leave, and Adam acknowledged that no one could give her back her son, but she hadn't lost everything unless she'd made the choice to throw it away. She thought it was easy for him to say, since he had Chelsea and Connor, but he countered that Sage had Nick. Sage bemoaned that they weren't a family anymore, and Adam dared her to cut and run if her husband was that unimportant to her.

Adam said he knew what it felt like to have a gaping hole in his heart that would never heal, since he and Chelsea had lost a child. Sage was shocked that he'd never mentioned it, and he explained that he didn't usually talk about it. He revealed that he hadn't been able to deal with the loss, and he and Chelsea had eventually broken up because of it. Adam encouraged Sage to make sure that Christian's life had meant more than a silly divorce statistic by not acting as foolish as Adam had. Adam recalled helping usher her son into the world, and he said he felt like he owed Christian Andrew Newman a proper goodbye -- and he thought she did, too.

In the chapel, Summer said she was worried about Nick, and Noah added that Nick shouldn't have to go through it alone. Phyllis pointed out that they were there for Nick, and she asked them to round up everyone else for the service. Chelsea arrived and approached Nick, and she offered to try to persuade Sage to attend the memorial. Nick mentioned that Victoria had already tried, but Sage just couldn't do it. Chelsea empathized with having to say goodbye to a piece of one's heart.

The minister started the service with a prayer, and he asked if anyone wanted to say something in remembrance of Christian. Victor stepped to the podium, and he admitted that words of prayer and comfort weren't his strong suit. Victor declared that he was proud that the little boy had been given his birth name, and he imagined the moments that he would miss out on experiencing with his grandson. Adam and his guard entered the back of the chapel as Victor talked about how hard Christian had fought to stay with them. Nick hugged Victor and tearfully prepared to speak.

Nick recognized that he should be grateful that Christian had been in their lives, but he only felt anger and confusion, so feeling gratitude was too hard. He continued that getting answers about why his son had died would never make up for the loss, but the day wasn't about Nick -- it was about an amazing little boy. Nick marveled that Christian Andrew Newman was a "hell of a name," and he explained that Andrew meant strong and courageous. Nick pictured knights in shining armor, and he said his son had been a warrior who'd fought hard every moment of his life. Nick added that they were there that day to honor Christian's brief time on earth, and they'd never forget him. Sage appeared in the back of the chapel.

Sage gently touched Victor's arm on her way to join Nick, who thanked her for being there. He asked if she wanted to say anything, and she thanked everyone for attending and expressed gratitude to Victoria for putting the service together. Sage started to say that words couldn't express how she was feeling, and she started to cry. She sobbed Christian's name as Nick held her.

Family and friends exchanged hugs after the service was over, and Noah commended Sage for finding the courage to be there. Sage replied that she'd had to get through it for Christian, and she told Nick that she just wanted to get home. Victor remarked that it was times like that when he realized the only thing he had when all was said and done was family, and Billy agreed. Dylan asked how Nikki was handling the sad day, and she inquired whether he had any good news. Dylan reported that he'd been worried about Sharon's doctor and treatment, but he'd spoken with Sharon that day, and he'd learned they were having a boy. Paul pulled Dylan aside to go for a walk.

The guard indicated that it was time for Adam to go back to his room, and Victor stated that he was sure the judge would revisit Adam's sentence. The guard led Adam away, and Jack commented that it would be a big favor to ask a judge. Victor huffed that it was none of Jack's business, and Phyllis tried to pull Jack away. Jack questioned how Victor could speak movingly about his grandson and be clueless about other things. Jack pointed out that both he and Victor were concerned about Adam and that they had both been affected by Paragon, so they were in it together. Victor barked that the more Jack pushed, the less attractive the offer became, and he still wasn't interested.

Jack implored Nikki to talk sense into Victor, but Nikki asserted that Victor was the most practical man she knew, and she was sure Victor was refusing the office space for a reason. She demanded to know what that reason was. Jack explained that Paragon had crushed Newman's bottom line the same way it had taken down Newman Towers, and Phyllis urged Nikki to think about protecting herself and her kids financially. Nikki haughtily stated that they didn't know Victor as well as they thought, since he had an uncanny way of snatching victory from the jaws of defeat.

Paul showed Barton the bizarre combination of chemicals that had been in Hilary's system, and Barton determined that it was a protocol to stimulate different parts of the nervous system. Paul noted that it had succeeded in waking Hilary up from a coma, and Barton guessed that the person who'd administered the medication had been a highly trained specialist. Later, Paul explained to Devon that it appeared that a doctor who liked to play by his own rules had been treating Hilary. Dylan theorized that if they found out who'd been treating Hilary, they would figure out who had been holding her.

Nick suggested that Sage stay another night at the hospital if the service had been too much for her, and she asked how he kept from falling apart. Nick softly replied that he was afraid that if he fell apart, he wouldn't be able to put himself back together. He added that he was trying to be strong for her, but it didn't mean he wasn't in terrible pain, and something in him had died inside when the minister had recited the prayer for the dead. Nick mentioned some paperwork he had to sign, and Sage went to gather her things while he took care of it.

Nick asked a nurse about finishing the paperwork, and she stepped away to get one more document. He spotted a sheet of paper on the counter, and he picked it up and realized it was Christian's death certificate. Nick crumpled to the floor and sobbed, and Sage watched him from the doorway of her room.

At the Athletic Club, Victoria worried about Nick and Sage's marriage, since the death of a child was a big loss, and they hadn't been together that long. She added that her marriage to Billy hadn't survived such a loss, but Billy pointed out that their love had lasted, even if their marriage hadn't. Victoria was impressed with Billy's new attitude, and Billy replied that he was doing it for her, so they could start their new lives together after they saved her family's company. They kissed, but a skeptical Victoria wondered if Billy was really "full of crap" and it was all a setup to crush Newman once and for all.

In Adam's hospital room, Chelsea asked how Adam had convinced Sage to go to the service, but Adam didn't want to talk about it, since he didn't have a lot of time left with Chelsea. Chelsea reminded him of their promise not to have any more secrets, and he divulged that he'd told Sage about Chelsea's miscarriage. Chelsea couldn't believe that she and Adam had found their way back to one another after that, and she shuddered at the thought of losing Connor. Adam grumbled that he was about to lose his son for ten years, but Chelsea was hopeful that Victor might be able to do something.

Adam was glad that he knew Connor would be okay, whereas Sage's whole world had been wrapped up in her baby. Chelsea realized that Christian's death had really affected Adam, and he said it was tragic that a child was dead. She left to find a nurse to give something to help him sleep, and Adam set his head down to rest. Victor quietly entered and said it was just the two of them, and they both knew why Adam was upset. Adam argued that he'd just been at a funeral, and he sympathized with Nick, even though they weren't close. Victor was sure that there was more to it than that.

Adam refused to apologize for grieving a loss, but Victor questioned whether it had only been Nick and Sage's loss. Victor thought Adam knew what he meant, and he guessed that Adam had known for some time. "Christian was your child, wasn't he?" Victor queried.

Dr. Neville Warns That Hilary Could Die

Dr. Neville Warns That Hilary Could Die

Thursday, November 12, 2015

By the nurses' station at the hospital, Chelsea found a grieving Nick on the floor. He sobbed that his son was gone, and Sage watched as Chelsea comforted him. Nick stood up and apologized, but Chelsea recognized that he'd just lost his son, and there was no right way to deal with it. Chelsea urged him to scream or throw things, since everyone understood and supported him. "Not everyone," he forlornly replied.

Nick bemoaned that he and Sage were drifting further apart, and he worried that Sage was determined to shut him out. Chelsea pointed out that Sage had shown up at the memorial, and she suggested that they take things one step at a time. Nick thought he'd really screwed up by trying to be strong for Sage, since it had made things worse because Sage thought he didn't care. Nick fretted that Sage was closing herself off from everyone, especially him.

Nick said Sage was dealing with more than just grief, since she'd never had a family to lean on, and she felt like she had no one. Chelsea empathized because she hadn't been able to count on anyone while she'd been growing up, so she had shut people out until she'd met Adam. She recalled that it had been scary to be vulnerable for the first time, but she hadn't had a choice when she'd found the right person, and she thought Sage and Nick were right for one another. Chelsea advised that Sage just needed time, and she urged Nick to go home, and they could start healing together. Nick entered Sage's room and found it empty.

Sage arrived at the tack house, and she picked up a baby blanket. She sank to the couch and buried her face in the blanket. Faith suddenly burst in and was surprised to see Sage, who stammered that she'd thought Faith was staying with her grandparents. Faith chirped that she'd forgotten Miss Patsy, but she could just stay there, since Sage was home. Faith asked if her daddy was upstairs with Christian, and she gushed that she couldn't wait to meet her new baby brother.

Sage waved goodbye to Faith's sitter, and Faith excitedly asked to see Christian. A pained Sage explained that he wasn't there, and Faith requested to go to the hospital to see him. Sage stated that they couldn't, but Faith pleaded that her cold was gone, and she promised to wash her hands to avoid infecting Christian with germs. Sage said she knew Faith would never do anything to hurt her baby brother, and Faith wondered why she couldn't see him. Sage reminded Faith that Christian had been born very early, and he'd had a lot of trouble breathing on his own.

Faith said Nick had told her about the wires and tubes, and she promised that she wouldn't freak out when she saw Christian. Sage gently stated that things had changed since Faith had last spoken to her dad, and Faith pleaded that she wanted to tell Christian that she loved him and would look out for him, since that was what big sisters were supposed to do. Sage hugged Faith and said she knew Faith would be the best big sister ever, but there was something she had to tell Faith about Christian. Nick walked in.

Nick wished he could put Faith in a magic bubble to keep the bad stuff away, and his voice broke as he told her that she wouldn't get to see Christian. Nick struggled for words as he informed her that Christian had fought very hard, but he hadn't made it. Faith's expression crumpled, and Nick added that Christian had gone up to see Cassie and Delia in heaven. Faith protested that they were supposed to be a family once Christian got home, and she begged Nick to go to the hospital and get her baby brother. Nick wished he could do it, but he couldn't, and Faith sobbed that she didn't want it to be true. Nick replied that he didn't, either, but it didn't mean they'd ever forget Christian, since they'd keep him in their hearts forever. Sage quietly cried as Nick held Faith.

Faith told Sage that she was sorry, and they hugged. Nick asked if Faith wanted to talk about it more, but Faith said she'd planned to draw a picture for Christian to welcome him home, and she asked if it was okay if she still drew one for him. Nick thought it would be nice, and Faith queried whether Nick thought Christian would have liked ponies. Nick bet that Christian would have liked them a lot, and Faith went to get crayons and paper. Sage thanked Nick for taking care of the hard task of telling Faith when Sage hadn't been able to, and Nick took Sage into his arms.

In Adam's hospital room, Adam scoffed at the idea that he had been Christian's father, but Victor asserted that it was the truth. Adam insisted that he and Sage had been married in name only, but Victor mentioned that Nick had told him there had been a question about the baby's paternity. Adam argued that a paternity test had proven that Nick had been the father, but Victor insinuated that Adam had fudged the results to hide his true identity when he'd been posing as Gabriel.

Adam admitted that he'd slept with Sage once when he and Chelsea hadn't been together, but Chelsea knew the whole story. Victor imagined that Adam hadn't given "a damn" about Chelsea being upset, but Adam had been concerned about the lab technician determining that his and Nick's DNA samples were similar. Victor speculated that Adam had bribed the technician to keep his mouth shut, and Adam argued that he just would have left town if he'd been trying to protect his new life. Victor remarked that Adam had had a bigger priority -- to destroy his father.

Adam questioned whether Victor had any proof that Christian had been Adam's son, but Victor asserted that he didn't need proof because he'd seen Adam's face at the memorial. Adam defended that despite popular opinion, he had a heart, and he'd felt bad for Sage and Nick. Victor thought Adam's grief had seemed more personal, and Adam inquired whether Victor intended to tell Chelsea what he thought he knew. Victor refused to hurt Chelsea more than she'd already been hurt, and he added that Nick had suffered enough. Adam surmised that Victor thought Adam hadn't, and he asked what Victor wanted from him.

Victor said he wanted Adam to help him rebuild Newman Enterprises as his son, and Adam grumbled that he was the son Victor could do without. Victor blared that what Adam had done had been unconscionable, and Adam questioned why Victor still wanted to work with him when Victor had three other kids chomping at the bit to do so. Victor stated that his other children wouldn't do things the way he wanted to do them, and Adam realized that Victor was planning to screw over the Abbotts on the way to the top. Adam refused to do that to Jack, and Victor asked if Adam honestly thought he had a choice.

Adam realized that Victor intended to blackmail him, and he asked if he had to sign his name in blood. Victor offered to make sure certain the judge ruled in Adam's favor in exchange for Adam's unwavering loyalty, and he asked if they had a deal. Chelsea returned and explained that she'd bumped into Nick, who hadn't been doing well. She didn't think her attempt to comfort Nick had helped, and Adam remarked that one never got over losing a child.

Victor said he had to get going, but he told Adam to think about what he'd said. After Victor departed, Adam claimed that he and Victor had been discussing the appeal, and Chelsea asked if Adam thought Victor could get Adam's sentence reduced. Adam replied that there wasn't a doubt in his mind.

In the hospital corridor, Devon finished a call with Dr. Cutler. Dylan reported that human resources hadn't given him any information about employees, but he offered to talk to the staff himself. Devon mentioned that he'd spoken to Dr. Cutler, the doctor who Victor had hired to get Phyllis out of her coma, but Dr. Cutler hadn't treated Hilary. Devon added that Dr. Cutler had explained that it was a highly specialized field, and it had taken him years to perfect a drug cocktail with no side effects. Devon angrily assumed that someone had been using Hilary like a guinea pig, and he groused that Hilary was no longer the woman he'd married.

Devon thought there had to be a way to override the effect of the drugs, and he wondered if Hilary's favorite meals or music might help her remember things. Dylan sympathized, but he encouraged Devon to imagine what it was like for Hilary to lose months of her life. Dylan referred to his own situation with Sharon, and he advised Devon to take a step back and give the person he loved time to heal. Devon pondered what would happen if Hilary didn't.

Dylan introduced himself to Emma, and he explained that he was trying to figure out who had been responsible for Hilary's disappearance. Emma recounted finding an unconscious Hilary in a hospital room, and Dylan asked if she'd seen anyone outside the room, but she didn't recall anyone strange being there. Dylan mentioned that Hilary's toxicology screen had indicated that there had been an unusual cocktail of prescription medication in her system, and Barton had guessed that it had been a radical treatment to get Hilary to wake up from her coma. Dylan asked if Emma knew a doctor who might be involved with something like that.

Emma hesitated to get anyone in trouble, but Dylan swore that he just wanted to talk to the person who'd tried to help Hilary. Emma disclosed that there had been a brilliant, passionate doctor who had worked there, but he'd clashed with his superiors over the progressive treatments he'd wanted to use on coma patients. Emma added that the doctor had asked if she'd be interested in helping him with some experimental work, but he'd been fired before he'd gotten started. She identified the doctor as Dr. Simon Neville.

In Hilary's hotel room, she said she remembered Neil standing right in front of her, and he nervously asked where. She replied that it had been at her wedding to Devon, and she recalled that Neil had forgiven them and wished them a lifetime of happiness. Neil confirmed that he'd said those things, but he wondered why she seemed upset. She thought it didn't make sense that he'd said such kind things after she and Devon had hurt him that badly, and she was skeptical that Neil had gotten over their betrayal. Neil admitted that he didn't know if he'd ever completely get over it, and she asked why he'd said all those things.

Hilary complained that her memories weren't making any sense, and Neil said she needed to know what had happened. He confided that he'd been consumed with anger and thoughts of revenge when he'd first found out about Hilary and Devon's affair, and he hadn't been able to stop thinking about ways to hurt them. Hilary asked if he'd really forgiven them before the wedding, and Neil confessed that he hadn't meant a single word, since he'd hated them both and had wanted them to suffer. He added that it had been why he'd been on the island during their honeymoon, and he revealed that he'd been there when she'd fallen.

A stunned Hilary demanded to know why Neil hadn't said anything, and he replied that he'd hoped she would remember on her own. He added that he didn't want her to jump to bad conclusions with her memory returning in bits and pieces, and he thought he could help her make sense of things. Hilary recalled that Paul had told her that she'd been arguing with someone before she'd fallen, and Neil confirmed it had been him. Neil divulged that he'd been on the island to show her a video of Devon with a prostitute on the night of his bachelor party, and Hilary wasn't surprised that Devon had cheated on her, since he'd cheated with her. Neil clarified that Devon hadn't been unfaithful, but Neil had set it up to make it look like that way to hurt them for what they'd done to him.

Hilary angrily wondered if Neil had gone far enough to push her off the cliff, but he swore that he'd saved her life. Hilary thought she should talk to Paul, but Neil grabbed her arm and insisted that he would never hurt her. Neil recounted that he and Hilary had argued, and she'd taken off down the trail. Moments later, he'd heard a scream and had found her unconscious on the rocks below, so he'd taken her to a doctor and flown her home.

Hilary realized that Neil hadn't told anyone where she'd been, and Neil said he'd feared that Devon and the police would assume he'd hurt her, but he swore he hadn't. He revealed that he'd kept her at the boathouse so no one would find her, and he'd begged her to wake up and tell everyone what had really happened. Hilary spat that he'd done it to save himself and not because he cared about her, but Neil insisted that he'd had a change of heart when he'd been praying for her to recover. She told him to stop, and she threw open the door and bellowed for him to leave immediately.

In the park, Dr. Neville insisted that Gwen finish his course of treatment for Hilary by making sure Hilary ingested some pills. Gwen pointed out that it would be a huge risk for her to suddenly present Hilary with a cure, and she compared it to wearing a sign saying that she'd held Hilary hostage. Dr. Neville testily asked how Gwen proposed they deal with it, and she suggested that they wait until Hilary got her memory back and verified that Neil hadn't had anything to do with her accident. The doctor stated that it wasn't an option, since the side effects might be life-threatening if Hilary didn't complete the treatment.

Gwen condemned Dr. Neville for never saying that Hilary's life might be at risk, and the doctor explained that it hadn't been while Hilary had been under his care, but it hadn't been his fault that Hilary had abandoned the treatment. He said a complex series of medications had to be administered over time to complete the protocol, and he wasn't completely sure of the consequences if it wasn't followed. Gwen commented that his dismissal for conduct violations was starting to make sense, but he pointed out that she'd known what she had been signing on for when she'd asked for his help, and he'd restored Hilary to consciousness as promised. Gwen argued that his efforts wouldn't matter if Hilary died, and Dr. Neville pleaded with Gwen to make sure Hilary took the pills.

Later, Gwen freaked out when Neil told her that he'd spoken with Hilary about keeping her at the boathouse, but he assured Gwen that he hadn't said anything about Gwen or Dr. Neville's involvement. Neil hoped that telling Hilary part of the truth would make her stop digging for the rest, but she hadn't wanted to hear his explanation for keeping her hidden. Gwen panicked that if Hilary went to the police, it wouldn't take them long to figure out that Gwen had been in on it, but Neil was optimistic that he'd triggered enough of Hilary's memories to get her to recall that he hadn't hurt her. Gwen countered that Hilary wouldn't remember anything until she took Dr. Neville's pills, and she held up the bottle.

Neil was livid that Dr. Neville hadn't said a word about Hilary's life possibly hanging in the balance, and Gwen said they had to get Hilary to take the pills to regain her memory. Neil wanted to throttle Dr. Neville, but Gwen said they had to focus on clearing Neil by getting Hilary's memory back. Neil said he only cared about Hilary, and he insisted on taking the pills and finding her.

In the Athletic Club foyer, Devon stopped a clearly upset Hilary, and she angrily tried to push him out of her way. Devon begged Hilary to talk to him, but she said she had to go. He assured her that they could figure things out together, but she retorted that she couldn't trust anyone. Devon swore that he loved her and would do anything for her, but she barked for him to get away, and she stormed out.

Later, Dylan arrived at the club and asked if Neil and Gwen knew where Hilary was, and Neil wondered if there was a new lead. Dylan reported that a doctor had recently been fired from the hospital for working on experimental drug therapies for coma patients. Gwen inquired whether the source was credible, and Dylan revealed that it had been her sister. Dylan was determined to find Hilary and see if Dr. Neville meant anything to her. Dylan rushed off, and Neil panicked that they had to find Hilary before Dylan did.

Hilary entered the boathouse, and she flashed back to Neil wishing her and Devon a beautiful future before their wedding. She was startled when Devon showed up, and she asked what he was doing there. He thought the real question was why she was there.

Judge Moxley Takes Over Adam's Appeal

Judge Moxley Takes Over Adam's Appeal

Friday, November 13, 2015

In the park, Gwen informed Neil that she'd sent a text message to Dr. Neville to ask him to meet them there, and she worried that it would all be over if Dylan found the doctor first. Neil pointed out that the doctor had risked a lot to give them the pills that Hilary might die without, and he left an urgent message for Hilary. Gwen scolded Neil for telling Hilary the truth, but Neil thought Dylan was a bigger problem.

Neil pointed out that Dylan had gotten Dr. Neville's name from Emma, and he wondered what Gwen had told her sister. Gwen swore that she hadn't said a word, but Neil thought perhaps she had needed to vent. Gwen asserted that her feelings for Neil hadn't changed, and the only thing that had changed was that Hilary was in love with him. Gwen griped that things hadn't been the same between her and Neil since Hilary had woken up, and she questioned why Neil doubted her. Neil obsessed over finding Dr. Neville before Dylan did, but Gwen was more concerned that Hilary would go to the cops.

Neil said he trusted Hilary to do the right thing, and Gwen testily stated that he believed Hilary wouldn't talk to the cops, yet he had given Gwen the third degree about Emma. Neil assured Gwen that he loved her, and he thought they needed to focus on getting Hilary the medication in order to restore her memory and health. Gwen asked if she was just supposed to hope that Hilary loved Neil enough not to turn him in.

Hilary was taken aback that Devon had followed her to the boathouse, and Devon said he'd been worried about her. He guessed that she was there because she'd remembered something, and she replied that being there had made her realize how much Neil had cared for her. Devon asked if she had remembered more, since she hadn't known about the place, and Hilary explained that she'd only known because Neil had told her about it. She murmured that she felt safe there, and Devon questioned how she could feel anything about the place when she'd never spent time there with Neil -- the only time she'd been there previously had been right after Neil's accident.

Hilary didn't know what Devon was talking about, and Devon explained that Neil had been electrocuted and had lost his eyesight for a while. Hilary was disgusted that she'd cheated on Neil while he'd been blind, but Devon insisted that they had both felt guilty and had tried to protect Neil's feelings. Devon maintained that he and Hilary belonged together, but she questioned why she felt nothing if their love had been that incredible. Devon said he'd waited for months to look into her eyes, tell her how much he loved her, and hear her say the words back. She yelled at him to stop pressuring her, and she threatened to disappear for good if he didn't leave her alone.

Devon defended that he just wanted Hilary to remember, but she snapped that she didn't. She chided him for following her there, and she spat that if she didn't know any better, she would think that she'd stayed away on purpose. Devon inquired whether she knew something about the time she'd been missing, and she retorted that she obviously hadn't drugged herself. He asked how she'd known she'd been drugged, and she said Paul told had told her. Hilary ordered Devon to stop interrogating her, and he agreed to respect her wishes. She walked out.

Later, Hilary answered her hotel room door, and she hesitantly allowed Neil and Gwen to enter. Neil informed Hilary that he'd told Gwen everything, and Hilary questioned whether Gwen had no problem with her boyfriend's actions. Gwen replied that she trusted Neil implicitly, and he'd been doing the right thing. Hilary doubted that Devon would agree, and she revealed that even though she'd just seen Devon, she hadn't told him that his father had kidnapped her and held her captive for months. Neil asked why not, and Hilary said she hadn't decided what to do yet.

Neil realized that Hilary wasn't mad at him anymore, and she announced that she'd remembered him taking care of her at the boathouse. She recalled that despite what she and Devon had done to hurt Neil, Neil had been kind and gentle, and she had been able to feel him willing her back to consciousness. Gwen coolly stated that the drugs had helped. Hilary continued that she felt nothing when she looked at Devon, but she'd felt a very real connection to Neil when she'd been at the boathouse. Gwen steamed.

Hilary explained that she'd had flashes of Neil pleading with her to get better, and she wondered why he'd done it after everything she'd done to him. Gwen blurted out that she'd also been there to take care of Hilary, but Hilary said she didn't remember. Gwen grumbled that it was convenient, and she held up the bottle of pills and ordered Hilary to take them in order to rejoin the real world. Neil asked Gwen to wait downstairs for him, and she sauntered out.

Neil revealed that the doctor who had revived Hilary had insisted that she take the pills as part of the protocol to restore her health and memory, and the doctor had warned of complications if she didn't take them. Neil swore that she didn't have to be afraid, and he pressed the bottle into her hand. She confided that she was afraid that the medication would make her love someone she wasn't supposed to love. Neil assured Hilary that no drug could change what she felt in her heart, and she would eventually realize that Devon, not Neil, was the man she loved.

Hilary imagined that Gwen really loved Neil if she'd helped take care of Hilary, and she asked if Neil loved Gwen, too. Neil admitted that he had real feelings for Gwen, but he turned the topic back to the pills. Hilary protested that she didn't want to love Devon, but Neil reasoned that she couldn't risk her life just because she didn't want to remember. Hilary questioned whether she'd want to turn Neil in to the police once she remembered everything that had happened. Neil conceded that it was possible, but he didn't care about himself, and he desperately wanted her to get better.

At the Athletic Club bar, Devon stared at his wedding band, and he flashed back to cuddling in bed with Hilary on their honeymoon. Gwen plopped down next to him and ordered a double vodka, and she grumbled that she hadn't signed up for what was going on. She moaned that she'd tried to be supportive and understanding, but she thought the evil, manipulative Hilary who had trashed his whole family was back and fighting for Neil.

Devon called Hilary "a damn good person," but Gwen was skeptical. Devon said Hilary had been through a traumatic experience and was dealing with a lot, but he had all the faith in the world in their love, and he knew Hilary would remember it. Gwen hoped everything worked out, but she vowed that if it didn't, Hilary wouldn't get Neil back without a fight.

Across the dining room, Victor said Nikki looked beautiful, and he was glad she'd decided to return home. Nikki replied that she needed to be at the ranch with him after they'd suffered such sadness and loss, and Victor thought they drew strength from one another in times like that. Victor wished he hadn't been so emotional when he'd spoken about Christian at the memorial, but Nikki assured him that it had been obvious that he'd meant every word. She recognized that Victor was also concerned about Adam and Newman Enterprises, and she pledged to be by his side.

Michael approached and reported that Christine had been in a snit because of Victor's friendship with the judge who had been assigned to Adam's appeal, so she'd petitioned for a new one. Michael divulged that the new judge was a wife and mother who was a champion of family values. Victor contended that it didn't matter which judge presided over Adam's appeal, but Michael warned that any plan Victor had would no longer work. Victor instructed Michael to make sure to paint a strong picture of Adam as a hero who had saved people's lives.

Michael mentioned that Elise Moxley was nicknamed "Maximum" because she was known for handing out maximum sentences, and Nikki groaned upon hearing Elise's name. Nikki thought Elise had avoided her at charity events, and she agreed that Adam was in trouble. Victor ordered Michael to earn his money rather than cast doom, and Michael departed. Nikki didn't understand why Victor was confident when he hated Elise, but Victor replied that "hate" was a strong word.

Nikki reminded Victor that Senator Moxley had backed Jack when Nikki had run for office. Nikki added that Senator Moxley had also said unflattering things about Victor's ethics, but Victor was sure that an upstanding judge like Elise would see the virtue in Adam's heroic deeds. Nikki remained certain that Elise held some sort of grudge against her, and Victor's phone rang. Nikki said she'd be home after she ran some errands, and she confirmed that home meant the ranch. Victor said that made him very happy, and they kissed.

At the hospital, Jack was happy to see Adam awake and looking good, and Adam proudly displayed a drawing that Connor had made for him. Adam imagined that Connor would send more artwork to him in prison, but he expected that the contact would taper off after the first couple of years and eventually become nonexistent. Jack assured him that Chelsea wouldn't let that happen, and he volunteered to help with the appeal however he could. Jack added that Adam also had to be prepared if things didn't go his way, and he offered to once again become Connor's legal guardian if Adam wanted to protect his son from Victor.

Adam told Jack that he wasn't overly concerned about Victor's influence, and he felt good about the way things would shake out. Jack was surprised that Adam was feeling lucky when he was about to start a ten-year prison sentence, and Adam expressed confidence that Michael would win the appeal. Jack surmised that it would happen with Victor's help, but Adam claimed that Victor had his hands full with Newman Enterprises. Jack pointed out that Victor had found a way to corner a judge in the middle of the Paragon debacle, and he inquired whether Adam expected Victor to call in a favor. Jack warned that there was a limit to Victor's generosity, and Victor would want something in return sooner or later.

Adam conceded that Victor always had ulterior motives, and Jack urged Adam to consider why Victor was opening his arms to Adam. Adam theorized that Victor had a newfound respect for him because of Paragon, since it had shown what Adam was capable of. Adam thought it would be a good foundation for a solid father-son relationship, but Jack thought Paragon had only sharpened Victor's edges, since Victor had thrown Jack's offer of help back in his face. Adam hoped that Victor finally saw him as a son who Victor could love because Adam had owned up to his mistakes.

Jack recognized how much Adam wanted Victor's acceptance and love, but he cautioned that Adam had been disappointed every time he'd met Victor halfway. Jack implored Adam to think about all the times Victor had promised to love him but had treated him differently than his siblings. Jack advised Adam to be careful, and Adam warned Jack to be careful, too, since Victor would take an olive branch with one hand while brandishing a knife in the other. Michael interrupted to speak with his client, and Jack exited. Michael announced that he had bad news, and he hoped Adam took it more seriously than Victor had.

Adam realized that Michael expected the judge to make an example of him and uphold his sentence, and he asked why Victor hadn't flipped out. Michael commented that Victor was used to getting his own way, but he thought Victor was in for a rude awakening.

At the Athletic Club, Jack approached Victor, who dryly asked if Jack was going to offer him Jabot's surplus office supplies. Jack said he only wanted to know what Victor expected from Adam in exchange for getting Adam's sentence reduced, and Victor claimed that he was just trying to help his son. Jack huffed that Victor had never done a generous thing on anyone's behalf without strings attached, and Victor countered that Jack's paranoia was making him delusional. Victor wished him a good day, and he stalked off.

Judge Elise Moxley thanked Christine for meeting her at the courthouse, and Christine gushed that she couldn't have asked for a more qualified judge for Adam's appeal. Christine thought Elise was the perfect choice, but Elise replied that she was absolutely the wrong choice. Christine argued that Elise knew the facts of the case, and the sentence had been fair, but the appeal was just a distraction. Elise replied that she found it unconscionable that an officer of the court had pulled strings to be sure the case landed with her, but Christine defended that backdoor tactics weren't her style. Elise realized exactly whose style it was.

Later, Michael confronted Christine about arranging for the one judge who was guaranteed to smash Adam's appeal to be assigned to the case, but Christine swore she'd had nothing to do with it. Christine thought the only way to get justice would be to have a judge who wasn't in Victor's back pocket, and Michael remarked that getting justice and winning weren't the same thing. He warned her to expect him to fight her, and she expected nothing less, but she proposed that they not sling mud. Michael replied that she was going after Victor's son, so someone would get dirty.

Nikki arrived at the courthouse and approached Elise, who curtly said she was running late. Nikki recognized that they were acquaintances at best, but she felt like something wasn't right between them, and she wanted to clear the air. Nikki apologized if she'd done anything to offend Elise, but Elise insisted there was no need. Nikki stated that she didn't want any ill feelings to translate into bias during Adam's appeal, and Elise flatly stated that it wouldn't be a problem, since she was recusing herself.

Nikki was surprised that Elise wasn't eager to take on such a prominent case, but Elise remarked that she'd fought enough battles, and she didn't need it. Nikki wondered why Elise considered it a battle, but Elise declared that she would be off the case as of the next morning, and no one could make a judge take a case they didn't want. "Of course you want this case, Elise, and I'm sure you'll take it," Victor ominously stated as he joined them.

Victor noted that he respected Elise for her objective rulings, and she replied that there were many fine judges who had time to hear the case. Victor said his point was that Elise would listen to the appeal and make a ruling everyone respected, since she knew the consequences of a bad ruling. Elise refused to make any promises, and she walked off. Nikki realized that Elise was afraid of Victor, and he pointed out that Nikki hadn't heard him threaten the judge. He answered a call from Adam, who wanted to see him.

Jack ran into Nikki in the Athletic Club foyer, and he recognized the look on her face as the one she got when she couldn't figure out what Victor was doing. Jack asked what Victor was up to, and Nikki clucked that Victor was always up to something. Jack suspected that Victor had dangled a reduced sentence in front of Adam to lure him into a devil's bargain, and Nikki mentioned that Victor thought it was a fine idea that the senator's wife was the judge handling Adam's appeal. Nikki added that Elise had wanted to recuse herself, but Victor had insisted that she stay on. Jack remarked that it was time for a constituent to check in with his senator.

Victor visited Adam, and he said it had been touching that Jack was concerned about Adam's well-being. Adam confirmed that he hadn't told Jack anything, and Victor inquired whether Adam had considered rebuilding Newman Enterprises and healing their relationship. Adam said he'd thought about it, but he wanted some answers, since Michael thought Adam had zero chance of winning with Judge Moxley presiding over the appeal. Victor said Michael had overreacted, since everyone had a soft spot, and he knew the judge's.

Victor was certain that Elise's ruling would be respected because she was tough, and Adam realized that he had to go along with Victor's deal or the judge would uphold his sentence. Adam continued that if he went along with Victor's plan, he could enjoy life with his family, and Victor said family was more important than anything. Victor proclaimed that he and Adam could make Newman stronger than ever if they worked together, but Adam struggled with turning his back on Jack when Jack had always had his.

Victor barked not to give him any "phony baloney nonsense," and he questioned whether Adam expected Jack to be there for him in ten years. Victor scoffed at the thought that Jack could get Adam a better deal, and he asked whether he and Adam had a deal or not. Adam agreed to Victor's terms.

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