The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of December 7, 2015 on Y&R

Victor sued Jabot over the Paragon virus. Jack blasted Billy for causing another Newman vs. Abbott war. Joe confessed to framing Cane and was arrested. Sage moved into a penthouse across the hall from Adam and Chelsea. Mariah grew increasingly suspicious of Dr. Anderson. Luca took Marisa to see their daughter. Dylan proposed to Sharon, and they were married on the spot.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of December 7, 2015 on Y&R
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Victor and Adam Sue Jabot

Victor and Adam Sue Jabot

Monday, December 7, 2015

In a suite at the Genoa City Athletic Club, Phyllis found Billy passed out. She awakened him and said, "What have you done to yourself?" Phyllis served Billy a cup of coffee and said she'd heard that he'd been arrested for drunk driving. Billy blamed Phyllis. He said because she'd prodded him to attend Sully's christening, he and Victoria had argued at the church. Billy added that Victor was aware that both he and Phyllis had resurrected the Paragon Project and had used it to destroy Newman Enterprises.

Billy picked up a betting slip, but Phyllis snatched it away. Phyllis refused to allow Billy to self-destruct. Phyllis said, "Victor got what he had coming to him, and I would gladly do it again." Phyllis prodded Billy to shower and get sober because they were about to face Jack. Billy said he wouldn't allow Jack to berate him about "screwing up again." After Phyllis left, Billy made his way downstairs to the bar. He gave his car keys to the bartender and ordered a Bloody Mary.

At Jabot, Jack stopped by in search of Phyllis, but Ashley said Phyllis wasn't there. Jack, frustrated, said he'd realized that Billy and Phyllis had sent to him Switzerland on purpose, so Phyllis could lure Ian Ward out of hiding. Ashley acknowledged Billy's participation in reviving the Paragon Project. She noted that the computer virus had inflicted minor damage to Jabot in comparison to the major destruction incurred by Newman Enterprises. Ashley said, "For his plan to work, it had to look like Jabot was under attack, too." Jack said he couldn't understand Billy's motives. Ashley said that during the fire, when Victor had urged Adam to run away, something in Billy had snapped.

Jack was distraught when he learned from Ashley about Phyllis' involvement. Ashley asked why Phyllis would do something antagonistic to Victor when she knew her actions would adversely affect Jack. Jack replied, "Because of Victor, Phyllis spent our honeymoon in the arms of a ruthless psychopath." Jack said a pact with Victor had prevented him from divulging the truth about the ruse Marco had pulled off by pretending to be him. Ashley said it was a miracle that Jack and Phyllis' relationship was still intact. Jack said he'd been wrong to believe that Phyllis wouldn't strike back at Victor over the "Marco thing."

Phyllis entered and greeted Jack with a hug. Ashley stepped out. Jack said he knew that Phyllis and Billy had plotted together to unleash the Paragon Project during his absence. Phyllis said she'd had the ultimate pleasure of seeing Victor's life's work ruined. Phyllis added that both she and Billy had avenged a tiny fraction of the wrongs Victor had done to them. Jack said it had been a long time since he'd seen Phyllis' angry, vengeful side. Phyllis told Jack that Billy had become a total mess after Victoria had kicked him out.

At the Genoa City Athletic Club's bar, Billy was talking to his bookie on the phone. Billy said, "That's easy money. Give me a dime on the over." Jack snatched the phone away. Jack said, "Do you have any idea what you've done?" Jack threw Billy's betting slips on the bar and told him to stop blaming everything on his dead little girl. Billy said he'd done everything Jack had never had the guts to do. Jack said he'd no longer enable Billy's addiction to revenge. Billy said Phyllis was on his side and unlike Jack, would never allow her enemies to walk all over her. Jack jerked Billy up by his collar. Billy said, "Come on, Jack. What you won't do to Victor, why don't you do it to me."

At Crimson Lights, Mariah stopped by for coffee and discovered that Dylan was offering free coffee to celebrate the birth of his son. Dylan learned from Mariah that Sage had been moody and difficult. Mariah noted that Nick had experienced a loss, too, but wasn't suffering from frequent meltdowns. Dylan recalled the tension he and Sharon had experienced when Sage had asked to hold infant Sully at his christening. Mariah replied, "You and Sharon can't feel guilty over having a healthy baby to love." Dr. Anderson approached and agreed with Mariah.

Dr. Anderson said she regretted having missed the christening, so she'd arrived with a gift for Dylan and Sharon's baby. Dylan accepted the gift and thanked Dr. Anderson for helping Sharon. Dr. Anderson asked Dylan to tell her more about Sharon, so the two stepped out to the patio to talk. Mariah seemed uneasy. Kevin arrived and asked Mariah if she intended to stare out into space all day. Mariah chuckled nervously and greeted Kevin with a hug.

Mariah asked Kevin if he'd tracked down the hacker responsible for the Paragon Project while he'd been in Switzerland. Kevin explained that Billy had made up the story about the hacker to get him and Jack out of the way for a while. Mariah was taken aback and said, "So there's no hacker guy?" Kevin replied, "There's a hacker, only it's not a guy. She's pretty damn amazing." Mariah seemed jealous when she overheard Kevin talking on the phone with someone named Natalie. After Kevin's call ended, Mariah questioned him. Kevin replied, "I can't tell you what I'm working on, but I will tell you this. If it's as big as I think it is, it's going to change the world."

Out on the patio, Dylan said that Sharon seemed to be doing as well as she had been before she'd stopped taking her medication. Dr. Anderson said that Sharon and Nick's past unstable relationship had taken a toll on Sharon's mental health. Dylan noted that people and their relationships often changed over the years. Dr. Anderson asked if Nick had mentioned similarities between his troubled relationship with Sharon after Cassie's death and what Sage was experiencing after Sully's death. Dylan was reluctant to discuss Nick's private life. Dr. Anderson advised Dylan to keep Sully away from Sage.

At Adam and Chelsea's apartment, Chelsea straightened Adam's tie before he headed out to work for his father. Chelsea said it seemed as if Adam had traded one prison for another. Adam replied, "A deal's a deal. Newman needs me, and I'm the right man for the job." Nick stopped by and said Sage had let him know she was staying with Adam and Chelsea. Adam and Chelsea said Sage needed time to rest. Nick said, "I know you mean well, but how are things supposed to get better between us if she's avoiding me?"

Sage entered the room and asked Nick how he could still love her after everything that had happened. Nick said that they'd both lost their child and should support each other instead of her turning to others. Sage replied, "We're just not connecting. We can't seem to come together over this, and I don't know why." Nick said he'd failed to support Sharon after they'd lost Cassie and had turned to Phyllis. Nick said he feared his and Sage's relationship might be jeopardized if she turned away from him emotionally and physically.

Chelsea intervened when Nick's impatience seemed to rattle Sage. Chelsea asked Sage to follow her to the kitchen. After the women left the room, Adam offered to do whatever he could to help Nick and Sage mend their relationship. Nick tried to contain his anger and said, "Can you bring back my son?" After Nick walked out the front door, Adam said aloud to himself, "Your son."

At Newman Towers, Victor expressed his appreciation when Victoria escorted him into his office. Victoria announced that the building was structurally sound. Victoria said the interior spaces would be ready for occupation within weeks. Victor noticed the bare area above the mantle and said he doubted that his portrait could have survived the fire. Victoria uncovered the oil painting and said, "I think it would take more than a few minor setback to destroy this."

Victoria asked Victor if he planned to have Billy arrested. Victoria said she believed that something inside Billy had snapped after he'd lost Delia. Victoria said she'd warned Billy to get his head on straight because he might be restricted to fewer visitations with his children. Victor said that Billy would be shut out after his family learned what he'd done. Victor pondered a plan to retaliate. Adam entered and said, "We strike back as hard as possible."

Adam proposed suing Jabot's executives, which would include Billy, Ashley, and Jack. Adam noted that in addition to diminishing their competition, Newman Enterprises could rebound by utilizing support from the Santori investment and regaining lost profits. Victor said, "I like the way you think, Adam." Victoria said that Adam's suggestions were fair and legal. After Victor left, Adam phoned the company's lawyers and instructed them to sue Jabot.

Victoria said she was impressed to watch Adam tackling problems without being underhanded and vengeful. Victoria said she agreed with Victor that it would've been a waste for Adam to languish in prison. Adam said, "I owe him. The least I can do is reward his faith in me." Victoria replied, "Ah! There's the Adam I know. The one who thinks he can snow me and get away with it." Adam said he'd made a deal with his father to help Newman Enterprises and didn't understand why Victoria was against it. Victoria asked what else besides prison Victor was holding over Adam's head. Adam pleaded with Victoria to trust him. Victoria told Adam that she would never trust him.

While Adam was at the office, Chelsea set out Christmas decorations and said the holidays stirred emotions in most people. Sage said it should've been her son's first Christmas. Chelsea said Sage was welcome to stay until she felt well enough to return home. Sage said she and Nick had once shared a strong bond. Sage noted that Nick's feelings for her had changed from love to pity. Sage added, "The more he tells me that he loves me, the more I feel like it's just a big lie." Sage mentioned having another baby. Chelsea cautioned that no one should expect a baby to mend a relationship.

Sage told Chelsea that when Adam had been fighting his way back after the car wreck, he had persevered because he'd yearned to be Connor's father. Sage said that Adam's strong bond to his family had convinced Chelsea to take him back. Chelsea replied, "Sometimes I forget how connected you are to Adam." Sage said that along with Adam's subtle vulnerability, he also possessed irresistible charm, confidence, and intelligence. Chelsea replied, "You fell in love with him, didn't you?" Adam entered and overheard Chelsea and Sage's conversation about him.

Phyllis visited with Ashley in the laboratory. Ashley said Jack had told her about what had happened with Marco. Ashley said she wished Phyllis had confided in her. Ashley said that at least Phyllis had Jack to lean on for support. Phyllis said she empathized with Billy because they both had been filled with unrelenting rage. She explained that Jack had dealt with his rage constructively. Phyllis explained that joining forces with Billy to avenge Victor had made her feel empowered.

Victor entered the laboratory and asked Ashley if Jack was available. Ashley told Victor she was in charge. Victor warned that it was a matter of time before she would be ousted. Phyllis said Victor planned to have Billy indicted. Victor replied, "Interesting theory. I have something better in mind for Jabot. I'm giving you fair warning, which is far more than you deserve." Victor told Phyllis that he'd take every dime Jabot had. Victor said, "Tell Jack that it's just business. I'll see you in court."

Nick entered the patio at Crimson Lights and overheard Dr. Anderson advising Dylan to keep Sage away from Sully. Nick said, "Since when are you my wife's doctor? Go back to Fairview and stay there." Nick told Dylan that Sage had moved in with Adam and Chelsea. He angrily confronted Dr. Anderson and asked why she'd said Sage shouldn't visit her nephew. Mariah heard the commotion and stepped out on the patio.

Nick walked to the dining area, and Dr. Anderson followed Nick. She offered to let Nick vent to her over coffee. Nick said he didn't even know the doctor's first name. Dr. Anderson said her first name was Sandy. Nick ordered two cups of free coffee and told Sandy that the idea of giving something for free had never occurred to him when Noah had been born. Nick recalled how tiny Noah had been at birth.

Sandy noted that Noah, Summer, and Faith were thriving. Nick said, "Now Sage can't have kids anymore. Doesn't make my loss any less." Sandy told Nick that spending time apart from Sage might help both of them heal. After Sandy left, Nick mentioned to Dylan how indispensable Sandy had suddenly become in their lives. Dylan was surprised that Nick had referred to Dr. Anderson by her first name. Dylan said that Sandy had kept up with her patients, and he and Sharon were grateful.

Adam offers Jack a way out

Adam offers Jack a way out

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

At the Genoa City Athletic Club, Jack angrily confronted Billy about his self-destructive behavior. Billy voiced his complaints about Jack having allowed Victor to destroy the Abbotts. Phyllis defended Billy and noted that Victor deserved to be punished. Jack replied, "I have fought Victor Newman for decades. Getting down in the gutter with Victor is a losing proposition."

Jack told Phyllis and Billy that he wanted to end the cycle of revenge, take the high road, and negotiate peace between the Abbotts and Newmans. Billy said he'd sought revenge because Jack had lied about Adam still being alive. Jack said his aim had been to keep Billy out of prison. Billy noted that Adam had launched the Paragon Project, which had nearly destroyed the Abbotts and the Newmans. Jack rebutted Billy's justification and said, "And relaunching the Paragon Project was the solution?"

Phyllis explained that Victor was suing Jabot in an attempt to regain everything he'd lost. Jack berated Billy when Phyllis said Victor was also demanding reimbursement for the billions in losses he'd incurred after Billy had relaunched the Paragon Project. Billy replied, "Bring it on. I'm not afraid of Lurch." Billy said he intended to crush Victor. Jack told Billy that he might have destroyed their father's legacy himself -- all because of his insatiable need for revenge.

Billy said their father, John Abbott, would've been proud because he'd stood up for the Abbotts while Jack had been behaving as a coward. Jack said all Billy had done had been to reignite a war. Jack pointed his finger in Billy's face and said, "You made this mess, Billy. Stay out of my way while I clean it up!" Jack's face reddened with anger before he turned and quickly walked out the door.

After Jack left, Billy ordered another Bloody Mary at the bar. Phyllis cautioned Billy not to act irrationally. Billy complained that Jack treated him like Jack was his father instead of his brother. Phyllis said that Jack had faith in his brother. Billy said, "Then he should listen to me. He should save himself, and the rest of the family, and cut me loose and walk away." Phyllis replied, "You're right. He should."

At Chelsea and Adam's apartment, Chelsea recalled Sage's past life with Adam when he'd pretended to be a man named Gabriel Bingham. Sage was referring to the facial-reconstruction surgery Adam had undergone after a car crash had left him seriously injured. Adam's altered facial features closely resembled Sage's best friend, Gabriel. Chelsea said, "Sometimes I forget how connected you are to Adam." Sage said that along with Adam's subtle vulnerability, he also possessed irresistible charm, confidence, and intelligence. Chelsea replied, "You fell in love with him, didn't you?" Adam entered and overheard Chelsea and Sage's conversation.

Chelsea replied, "Yeah. Yeah, I did." Adam spoke up and said, "You fell in love with me?" Sage quickly reworded her statement and claimed that she had fallen in love with the man Adam had pretended to be. Sage added that besides Nick, Gabriel was the only other man she'd ever loved. Chelsea faked a smile, nodded, and replied, "Of course." Sage cried, "You have to believe me."

Sage apologized for having barged in just after Adam had reunited with his family. Adam offered Sage his vacant apartment across the hall and said she could stay as long as she wanted. Sage accepted Adam's offer, but Chelsea seemed apprehensive. After Sage left, Chelsea questioned Adam about his relationship with Sage. Chelsea said she knew that Adam and Sage had slept together only once and weren't in love with each other. Chelsea asked, "What is it you're not telling me?"

Adam told Chelsea that he'd felt bad because he'd used Sage to get his own family back without ever considering Sage's feelings or considering what she had wanted. Adam said he felt like he owed Sage. Jack knocked on the door and barged in. Without exchanging pleasantries, Jack addressed Adam and said, "You've been saying you owe me. I'm here to collect." Adam insinuated that he'd already paid his debt.

Adam said the only reason Jack had kept Adam's identity a secret had been to protect Billy. Jack said he'd heard about the lawsuit. When Chelsea learned that Victor was suing Jabot, and specifically Billy, she insisted that Adam wouldn't let it happen. Jack asked Adam to convince Victor to drop the lawsuit. Adam admitted that the lawsuit had been his idea. Jack became livid and said he'd thought Adam was his friend.

Adam explained that Victor had accepted money from the Santori family of Spain because he was out for Jack's blood. Adam said he'd instead suggested legal recourse. Adam noted that Victor loved the idea of Jabot incurring a major financial loss and public humiliation. Jack said he bet Victor did. Adam said he'd built in an exit strategy for Jabot, but Jack would have to "cut Billy loose and let him take the fall."

Sage stopped by the Underground to talk to Nick. She announced her plan to move into her old apartment. When Nick asked how long Sage planned to live apart from him, she said she didn't know. Sage said, "I just need to be on my own to figure things out." Nick noted that Sage kept turning to Adam. Nick asked Sage why she could share her grief with Adam and not him. Sage said that Chelsea and Adam understood her need for space.

Nick told Sage that their distance from each other was driving them farther apart. Nick cried, "Christian is gone, but we lost him together. I want to talk to you. Please talk to me." Nick said their love shouldn't die with Christian. Sage she didn't want their love to die. Sage seemed torn about what to do. Nick took Sage in his arms, and the couple kissed.

Out on the patio at Crimson Lights, Mariah became annoyed with Kevin when he reveled with excitement over a secret project. Kevin was collaborating with a fellow computer genius in Switzerland. Mariah warned that Kevin shouldn't expect her to bail him out of jail. Kevin replied, "I'm not doing anything illegal. I'm just breaking new ground." Kevin said his partner, a woman, had no idea how much money could be made. Kevin asked Mariah if she was jealous.

Kevin told Mariah that the Newmans and the Abbotts might pay a fortune to acquire the newly developed technology. Mariah suggested that Kevin intended to steal the idea from the Swiss woman. Kevin replied, "Not from the young, beautiful girl! I'm just interested in her computer skills." Kevin noted that the technology only exited as an idea, so he couldn't steal it even if he wanted to. Mariah became exasperated when she wasn't able to guess what the idea entailed. Kevin said he couldn't trust anyone with the confidential information.

In Mallorca, Spain, Marisa accused Luca of having lured her to his home country by falsely promising that he knew where to find their daughter, Ava. Marisa displayed the photo of Ava that Luca had given her. Marisa begged Luca to tell her where to find the child. Luca stalled and claimed that he'd have to pay someone before the child's location would be revealed. Marisa yelled, "You liar! You used our daughter to get me to go away with you."

Luca promised Marisa that they'd be reunited with their little girl soon. Maria's mood changed, and she said she couldn't wait to talk to Ava and hold the child. Luca asked if Marisa planned to return to Genoa City. Marisa said she wasn't sure of her future other than being a good mother. Luca said he wanted to be part of Ava's life, too. Marisa reminded Luca that he'd told her he loved her and would reunite her with Ava with no strings attached. Before Marisa stepped out for a while, she asked if Luca intended to keep his word. He nodded.

When Marisa later returned to the hotel suite, she overheard a man talking to Luca, so she quietly listened. The man told Luca that he'd followed the little girl for a week. The man added, "Every day after school, she goes to Saint Lucia park with mother for about an hour." Luca said the girl should be at the park. The man offered to "grab the girl," but Luca replied, "No. We do this the way I said." Marisa closed the door and hurried away.

At Saint Lucia Park, Marisa watched children at play. She studied the faces of little girls and compared them to the photo she had of Ava. Marisa spotted a little girl that resembled the girl in the photo and quietly cried, "Ava." Just as Marisa stepped toward the girl, Luca grabbed Marisa's arm and warned that it wasn't in Ava's best interest for Marisa to frighten the child. Marisa said, "Being with her mother is what's best for Ava."

Marisa approached the child and said, "Hi." The little girl smiled. Marisa mentioned the plush bear sporting a red bowtie the girl was holding. The girl tightened her grip on the bear. Marisa noted that the child had had the bear since birth. Marisa sobbed when the little girl said, "My mommy gave him to me." The little girl said, "Why are you crying?" Marisa continued to sob softly.

At the Underground, Nick, noticing that Noah was frustrated and angry, invited his son to talk about what was bugging him. Noah said he'd lost his temper when Marisa had told him she would be traveling to Spain with Luca to find their daughter. Noah said he wanted to find Marisa and convince her to leave Luca, return to him, and never look back. Nick reminded Noah that Marisa and Luca had gone to find the daughter they shared, which could complicate the relationships. Noah, exasperated, said he was reluctant to give up on Marisa.

Nick suggested the Noah give Marisa the time she needed to figure things out on her own. Nick said he and Sage had separated because she needed time to think. Noah said he'd heard about Sage's breakdown at Sully's christening. Nick mentioned that Sage was staying with Adam and Chelsea. Noah frowned and shook his head disapprovingly.

Nick said he'd been told by someone to step back and give Marisa some space. Noah replied, "I don't know who the hell told you that. Giving Sage space right now is the worst possible thing you could be doing." Nick said he couldn't force Sage to return home, just like Noah couldn't force Marisa to return. Noah said he intended fight for Marisa, and he urged his father to fight for Sage.

Noah went to Crimson Lights to confront Kevin. Noah told Kevin that because he'd failed to locate Marisa's daughter, Marisa had flown to Spain with Luca. Kevin replied, "Hey, I've been working my ass off making sure Paragon didn't decimate Jabot and Newman." Noah pointed out that Kevin had failed to do either job. Kevin said all the information Noah had supplied was the young girl's name. Noah said Kevin often gloated that he could figure out everything. Kevin replied, "I'm an expert in technology and deductive reasoning. I'm not a magician."

Mariah told Noah to ask Marisa when Ava had been born. Noah admitted that Marisa wouldn't speak to him. Noah said he'd angered Marisa when he implied that she'd slept with Luca so he'd reunite her with Ava. Kevin shook his head. Mariah replied, "I don't know why I'm trying to help you when you won't even help yourself."

While Kevin was involved in research via his laptop, Noah recalled his encounter with Luca in a flashback. Noah remembered threatening Luca and telling him that Marisa would hate him for using their child as coercion. Luca had said he and Marisa had shared something special and would again. Mariah's voice caught Noah's attention. Mariah warned Noah that if he continued to accuse Marisa of sleeping with her ex-husband, he'd push her farther away.

Noah mentioned to Mariah that Nick believed time away from Sage might help mend their relationship. Noah said he believed his grandfather had given Nick bad advice. Mariah explained that Dr. Anderson had given both Nick and Dylan unsolicited advice. Mariah said she didn't agree with Dr. Anderson's advice, nor did she agree with the doctor's rule about not allowing Sharon to have visitors. Noah said he understood why Mariah didn't trust Dr. Anderson.

Kevin summoned Noah and Mariah and said he'd found some information. Kevin, pointing to his laptop screen, said he'd determined that Marisa and Luca had traveled to Mallorca and were staying at a hotel. Kevin added that the hotel was situated close to a school, where a five-year-old girl named Ava was registered as a student. Noah thanked Kevin. Noah said that perhaps Luca had been truthful about helping Marisa find her daughter. Kevin said he'd also discovered conflicting information.

Newman vs Abbott -- the Battle is On!

Newman vs Abbott -- the Battle is On!

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

At Adam's penthouse, Jack and Chelsea were surprised to learn that Victor, at Adam's suggestion, was planning to sue Jabot for the damage done when Billy and Phyllis had reactivated the Paragon virus. Adam said he had a built-in "exit strategy" for Jack -- all Jack needed to do was "cut Billy loose." Adam thought legal action initiated by his father would be far preferable to any underhanded revenge scheme Victor might hatch -- especially since the diabolical Santori family was backing Victor financially.

Chelsea was stunned that Adam expected Jack to turn against Billy in order to avoid Newman's lawsuit. Jack sternly ordered Adam to give Victor a message: "I am not going to run and hide while Victor wages war on my brother." Adam calmly replied, "Then you're all gonna lose."

When Jack reiterated that he wasn't going to throw Billy under the bus, Adam responded that it was time for Billy to suffer the consequences for what he had done. Chelsea reminded Adam that Phyllis was also complicit. Adam thought that Billy had coerced Phyllis and she would be forgiven if Billy resigned or was ousted. Jack disagreed, saying that Phyllis had been a "very willing participant" in the Paragon Project, although Jack realized that Billy had probably been the instigator.

Jack admitted that he had been angry with Billy for involving Phyllis, but he still wasn't going to hand his brother over to Victor. Adam asked Jack to consider the consequences for the rest of the Abbott family -- something Billy obviously hadn't done when he'd reignited Paragon. Jack said that maybe Billy had been thinking about Delia. Chelsea accused Jack of being unfair, and Adam said where Billy was concerned, it always "came back" to Delia.

Adam warned Jack that if he didn't get rid of Billy, Victor would bankrupt Jabot then go after the Abbotts. Adam said, "You know what I'm talking about, Jack." Almost under his breath, Jack growled, "You bet I know." Adam added that although Ashley was Jabot's CEO, it was Jack's job to protect his family.

Through clenched teeth, Jack said that he was going to protect his family. He reminded Adam that John Abbott had founded Jabot so the Abbott children would have a professional home -- a legacy. Jack vowed to preserve that legacy for every one of John Abbott's children. Jack stormed out of the penthouse. Chelsea asked Adam if he hated Billy so much that he would try to turn Jack against his brother.

Adam defended himself, telling Chelsea that he wanted to make the Newman-Abbott war reach a peaceful conclusion. Chelsea didn't believe him -- she thought that Adam still resented Billy, although Adam claimed she was wrong. Adam explained that any resentment he felt toward Billy was trumped by guilt -- after all, Adam was responsible for killing Delia.

Chelsea reminded Adam that she had almost married Billy -- she and Billy had been close, just as Adam had been close to Sage. Adam protested, saying his situation with Sage was completely different from Chelsea's relationship with Billy. Adam eventually admitted that he and Sage had been extremely close, and Chelsea wondered how he would feel if she threw Sage under the proverbial bus.

Chelsea suggested that Billy was not the villain; rather, Victor was. Adam admitted to knowing that, and Chelsea wondered why Adam didn't simply walk away from his father. Adam was out of prison, Chelsea pointed out, and therefore, Victor could no longer hurt him. Adam countered that he was glad to be his father's right-hand man -- that way he could keep an eye on Victor. Adam insisted he was doing Billy a favor.

Adam told Chelsea that he was removing Billy from the fray and protecting him from Victor. In essence, he was giving Billy his last chance -- to reconcile with Victoria and get his family back. Chelsea believed Adam's altruistic motive and rewarded him with a kiss.

At the Athletic Club's bar, Phyllis told Billy that he should take the fall for reigniting Paragon, causing Newman Enterprises to lose many of the company's entities. Billy agreed with Phyllis -- his resignation would please Victor and help keep Jabot solvent. Phyllis said that Jack would never sacrifice his brother in order to avoid a fight with Victor.

Phyllis sang Jack's praises. Billy commented that Jack had some shortcomings -- primarily Jack's "delusion" that he could peacefully coexist with Victor. According to Billy, that was an impossibility after what Victor had done. Billy felt that no matter what happened, Victor would fight until he was the last man standing -- and there was only one way for the Abbotts to survive.

At Ashley's request, Victor stopped by her office. Ashley was interested in making a deal. Ashley then turned the tables on Victor when she revealed that Jack had told her about Victor's very prominent role in the Marco/Jack impostor debacle. Victor wondered how Stitch would feel if he learned that Jack had been responsible for Kelly's death. Ashley was shocked.

Victor realized that Jack had revealed only parts of the Marco/Jack switch. Victor asked if Jack had told Ashley about Jack causing an explosion on a cargo ship -- an explosion that had killed many innocent crewmembers. Victor stared at Ashley and said, "Your brother has a lot of blood on his hands. So, shall we talk business?"

Ashley accused Victor of being the proximate cause of Jack's alleged misdeeds, but still wanted to offer Victor 25 million dollars to settle. Victor laughed, stood up, told Ashley that she was wasting his time, and began to leave. Ashley chirped, "50 million. I don't want to see another brother hurt by you." Victor wondered why Ashley was so protective of "Billy Boy" Abbott. Ashley reminded Victor that their daughter Abby was about to get married -- Ashley didn't want to be sparring with Victor as Abby walked down the aisle.

Ashley implored Victor to accept her offer of 50 million dollars to "make this go away." Victor guffawed and started out as he told Ashley that she needed to add another "zero" to that -- then they could talk.

Later, Ashley met with Jack, Billy, and Phyllis to tell them about her meeting with Victor. Billy chuckled when Ashley said that, in order to settle out of court, Victor was demanding 500 million dollars. Billy and Phyllis did not want to pay Victor -- Billy said it would deplete Jabot's resources. Ashley snapped that they couldn't afford to go to court, where Jabot might be held liable for far more than 500 million dollars.

Billy offered to resign, hoping that would placate Victor. Jack responded with an adamant "no." When Billy said he would resign no matter what Jack wanted, Jack grew angry -- he said they were not going to trial, they were not going to pay Victor 500 million dollars, nor would he allow Billy to be offered as a "sacrifice." Jack said he would try to work things out with Victor.

Billy approached Jack and began jabbing him in the shoulder, while saying, "There is no negotiating with Victor Newman." Jack's face turned red with anger, his eyes widened, and the veins on his neck bulged. Billy shouted, "See. That's what you have to do. You have to fight if you want to beat Victor."

Jack insisted that he would broker a better deal with Victor. Billy and Phyllis disagreed. As Jack left, Billy said there was "no reasoning with Lurch." Ashley blamed everything on Billy and said if Jack couldn't arrive at a better deal with Victor, she would pay him the 500 million dollars. Billy began to protest, but Ashley cut him off, telling him that his input wasn't welcome. Billy said, "Fine, Ashley. Do whatever the hell you want." He stormed out of his sister's office.

At Crimson Lights, Kevin told Noah and Mariah that Marisa's daughter, Ava, was attending an expensive school in Mallorca. Kevin had thought that Ava was living with a poor family. Noah nodded in agreement. Mariah realized that someone had to be lying.

At Saint Lucia Park in Mallorca, Marisa approached Ava, not heeding Luca's warning to leave the little girl alone. Marisa said hello to Ava. The little girl smiled. Marisa mentioned the teddy bear that Ava was holding. Marisa sobbed when the little girl said, "My mommy gave him to me." The little girl said, "Why are you crying?" Through her tears, Marisa said that she had been waiting a long time "for this moment."

Ava introduced herself to Marisa. Before Marisa could reply, a woman called out Ava's name. Ava enthusiastically said, "Mama," and went off with the woman. After Ava and the woman were gone, Marisa asked Luca what she should do. Luca said that was up to Marisa.

Marisa and Luca returned to their hotel room. Marisa was smiling as she told Luca how impressed she had been by Ava -- but she was interrupted by a phone call from Noah. Noah warned Marisa that Luca had been lying -- Ava attended an exclusive, expensive school -- and was definitely not being raised in a poor, abusive environment. Marisa remained silent but stared at Luca. Noah asked if she was with Luca. When Marisa answered, "Yes," Noah warned her to get as far away from Luca as she could.

Marisa hung up. She realized that there were things that didn't make sense -- there was something about Ava's clothes, her manners, and the caliber of her classmates implying that Ava was most definitely not being raised in a poor, abusive household. Luca said that he would never allow their daughter to be brought up in such an environment.

Marisa demanded to know why Luca had lied to her. Luca said that his family had driven a wedge between him and Marisa, and he'd thought if they searched for their daughter together, it would reunite them. He admitted that he paid Ava's tuition. The family Ava was staying with wasn't wealthy, but they were good people. He admitted that what he had done had been misguided.

Luca had Carmen, Ava's adoptive mother, driven to the hotel room. Marisa introduced herself as Ava's biological mother, and Luca introduced himself as the man who had been paying for Ava's schooling. Carmen seemed frightened. She thought Luca and Marisa were going to take Ava from her. Carmen started to sob as she told Luca and Marisa that Ava was very much loved. Marisa said she could see that and was grateful to Carmen. All Marisa wanted was Ava's happiness.

Marisa told Carmen that she had been told that Ava was being raised by an abusive family. Carmen reassured her that wasn't the case -- Ava was surrounded by love. Marisa began weeping as she told Carmen how overjoyed she was to see Ava doing well. Carmen wondered if Marisa planned to take Ava back. Marisa replied, "That's why I came. Yes."

Carmen didn't know how she was going to explain everything to Ava. Marisa began openly weeping and told Carmen that she couldn't take Ava away from the only family -- and only mother -- the little girl had ever known. Marisa and Carmen hugged. Marisa implored Carmen to take care of Ava as Luca looked on.

After Carmen left, Luca questioned Marisa's decision to leave Ava in Mallorca. Marisa said all she had ever wanted was for Ava to be happy -- and Ava obviously was. Marisa begged Luca not to do anything that might upset Ava. Luca said that what Marisa had done was very selfless. He hugged her as he told her that he was proud of her.

Noah approached Kevin and asked him for another favor -- he wanted dirt on Luca's family, the Santoris. Kevin tapped away at his keyboard for a moment then informed Noah that Luca's family had been the target of several criminal investigations. Some of the probes involved white-collar crime, but the Santoris had also been investigated for dealing in illegal arms.

Kevin said that the authorities hadn't been able to make any of the charges against the Santoris stick -- witnesses had recanted, and some had gone missing. Noah asked Kevin to send the information to his phone, but Mariah and Kevin weren't sure that was a good idea. The Santoris were obviously not people to be messed with.

After Noah left, Kevin told Mariah he needed to go home and continue work on his top-secret project with the woman who Mariah called, "the yodeler chick." Mariah wondered if the project was illegal, but Kevin swore that it was "totally legit." She asked Kevin why he thought the Newmans and the Abbotts would pay a fortune for whatever he was working on.

Noah found Victor at the Athletic Club. He demanded to know why his grandfather was going into business with the Santoris -- who had been accused of not only financial crimes, but also dealing in illegal arms. Victor said that powerful people attracted all types of unwarranted accusations, and the Santoris had never been convicted of wrongdoing. Victor realized that Noah was only interested in the Santori family because of Marisa. Victor told Noah that it was good that Marisa was out of his life. She had been with many treacherous men, including Luca and Marco.

Noah said that the Santoris were the worst kind of people, and he couldn't stand by while Victor involved them in the Newmans' lives. Victor warned Noah not to insinuate himself into the situation. Without saying a word, Noah stood up and left.

Noah sat in the club's lobby, mulling over the Santori situation. After thinking for a few moments, he called a federal agency and said, "There's an arms dealer doing business in Wisconsin. And I know where your agents can find him."

At the Underground, Mariah continued to pester Kevin about his project. After swearing her to secrecy, and unaware that Billy was eavesdropping on their conversation, Kevin said that he and his hacker friend had discovered a way to return complete privacy to computers -- to make them "hackproof." He said, "This is the stuff that fortunes are made of." Mariah said his secret was safe with her. Billy appeared intrigued by what Kevin was saying.

Mariah prepared for work behind the bar. Billy approached Kevin and told him that the Newman-Abbott situation was getting uglier and might end up in a court battle if Jabot didn't pay Victor 500 million dollars. Kevin realized that if Victor sued Jabot, questions would be raised about who had been on the "tech side of things" when Paragon had reattacked Newman Enterprises -- which would mean a lot of questions for both Kevin and Billy.

Billy informed Kevin that Victor would learn that Kevin had been working for Billy to take down Newman Enterprises while Kevin had been on Newman's payroll -- and Victor wouldn't like that. Billy said, "So? You got any ideas how to resolve this?"

Jack joined Victor at the Athletic Club and informed him that Ashley had updated him on Victor's 500 million dollar demand. Jack wanted to work out a compromise, as handing over such a large sum of money would cripple Jabot. Victor accused Jack of losing control and urged him to go "quietly into the night." He suggested Jack let Jabot dissolve and take an early retirement. Jack leaned toward Victor and whispered, "Why don't you go to hell?"

Victor said he would take Jack to court. Jack welcomed a chance to reveal the truth about the Marco/Jack fiasco. Victor threatened to reveal Jack's role in Kelly's death and the ship explosion. Jack said he would happily go to prison in defense of his family. Jack and Victor stared each other down and declared that the Newman-Abbott feud would resume with renewed vigor.

Lily's Trap for Joe Backfires

Lily's Trap for Joe Backfires

Thursday, December 10, 2015

At Nick's tack house, Sage greeted Nick when he arrived with a bouquet of red roses and a bottle of wine to celebrate her homecoming. Nick said, "I'm so happy, and I'd do anything to make you realize how much it means to me." Nick poured the wine and played soft music. He kissed Sage and asked her to dance with him. Sage set down her glass and told Nick that it was too difficult to be in his house.

Nick told Sage that he understood, and he offered to just hold her in his arms like he'd done the previous night after they'd made love. Sage replied, "I'm going to move back to the penthouse. Our son is still gone, and everything in this house reminds me of him." Nick explained that he'd boxed up everything in the nursery and had donated the clothes, toys, and furniture to charity. Sage became upset and asked Nick how he could carry on as if Christian had never existed. Nick said he'd kept a few sentimental items -- the baby's blue blanket, the toy car from Victor, and a drawing Faith had made.

Nick apologized to Sage and cried, "Boxing up our son's life was one of the hardest things I've ever had to do." Sage took a deep breath and said she regretted that Nick often had to offer apologies after he'd tried to help her. Sage said that from the minute she'd moved into the tack house, she'd envisioned watching their son eat, play, and learn to walk there. Sage said that even with the reminders gone, she still couldn't handle living at the tack house. Nick offered to move or even bulldoze the place down the ground, but Sage wouldn't hear of it.

Nick asked Sage if she'd given up on their relationship. Sage explained that she'd mourned the losses of her parents, Gabriel, and Constance and had survived each time. Sage cried, "I have an ache that's so deep and dark that it doesn't feel real. I don't know how to live the rest of my life." Nick replied, "Your life, not our life?" Sage asked Nick not to fight her decision, and she tenderly kissed his hand before she grabbed her coat and walked out the door.

At Sharon and Dylan's house, Faith happily flitted around the living room, admiring Christmas decorations, while Dylan fed Sully a bottle of formula. Faith swooned over the blue stocking bearing Sully's name. Paul stopped by. Beaming, Paul cradled his grandson, expressed his joy, and said he had a lot to learn about being a grandfather. Faith noted that Paul was doing a great job. While Faith went to get cookies, Dylan enlisted Paul's help to surprise Sharon with an early Christmas present.

At Crimson Lights, Dr. Anderson asked to meet with Sharon. A tone alerted Sharon about a text message. Sharon picked up her phone and said the message was from Dylan requesting that she return home soon. Dr. Anderson asked Sharon how she was doing. Sharon gushed about how much in love she was with her newborn. Sharon also mentioned that she harbored a fear of losing him, though she wasn't sure why.

Concerned about her troubled feelings, Sharon asked, "Is that why you wanted to see me? Do you think I need to go back to Fairview?" Dr. Anderson said she wanted to ensure that Sharon didn't feel overwhelmed with a new baby while dealing with postpartum depression and the holidays. Sharon assured Dr. Anderson that she was doing well and said her time at Fairview seemed to have passed very quickly. Sharon remarked, "I went in so confused and unsure, and I came out happy and healthy and with a beautiful baby boy!" Dr. Anderson explained that the drug protocol prescribed for Sharon had allowed her to safely carry her baby to term. The doctor informed Sharon that she'd need to begin taking her regular medication again.

Sharon conversed with Dr. Anderson and happily anticipated her future with Dylan and their family. Dr. Anderson was taken aback when Sharon mentioned that Faith could easily visit both her house and Nick's because both homes were situated on the same property. Dr. Anderson questioned Sharon and asked if Nick stopped by often or perhaps planned to in the future. Sharon said that Nick, grieving his loss, might find it difficult to be around Sully. Dr. Anderson changed the topic of their conversation and talked about Nick, Sage, and the stress on their marriage. Dr. Anderson noted that losing a child was "devastating on so many levels." Sharon was confused by the doctor's sudden interest in Nick and replied, "Is this Nick's therapy session or mine?"

After Sharon left, Dr. Anderson read about Nick's life online. She found an article titled "Newman Golden Boy." The article stated that Nick, newly married to Sharon Collins, would be assuming a leadership role in his father's business conglomerate. Dr. Anderson seemed troubled as she closed the lid on her laptop. When she noticed that Sharon had accidentally left behind her phone, partially hidden beneath a menu, the doctor quickly picked up the phone and dropped it into her bag. Dr. Anderson gazed into space and seemed lost in thought.

Sage was sitting alone in Chancellor Park when Dr. Anderson happened by. Dr. Anderson approached and said, "Mrs. Newman, is there anything I can do to help?" Sage recognized Dr. Anderson from a past encounter at the Fairview Psychiatric Hospital. Dr. Anderson apologized for her insensitive remark about Sharon's baby. Dr. Anderson again offered her assistance. Sage explained that she'd lashed out at Nick because he'd packed up their baby's nursery. Sage said she wasn't sure what she'd been thinking, or why she'd hurt Nick. Sage seemed calmer and said she was considering returning home to be with Nick. Dr. Anderson disagreed and insisted that both Sage and Nick needed time to grieve alone.

Sharon returned home just as Paul was leaving. She peered into the crib and admired Sully as he soundly slept. Dylan displayed the Christmas stocking Faith had made for him from one of his athletic socks. Faith explained that she'd affixed the initial "D" because it stood for both his name and his role as Sully's daddy and her daddy, too. Dylan said he was proud to be a second dad to Faith. Sharon smiled proudly.

Nick stopped by Sharon's and asked if Faith could spend the evening with him at the tack house, watching Christmas movies and playing a game. Dylan said he thought Faith had already planned to stay with him and Sharon. Faith asked Nick about Sage, and Nick said it would just be him and Faith. Sharon was agreeable to the change in plans, but Dylan was adamant that Faith stay put. Sharon took Dylan aside and asked why he wouldn't allow Faith to spend time with Nick, especially because he shouldn't be alone. Dylan didn't have a ready response.

Faith was set to leave with Nick, but Dylan voiced numerous reasons for her to stay put. Sharon and Nick seemed concerned about Dylan's behavior. Faith's smile had turned to a grimace. Sharon answered a knock at the front door. A jolly Santa, played by Paul, bellowed, "Ho, ho, ho!" Dylan and Faith smiled, and Nick nodded that he understood why he and Faith had been detained. Paul gave gifts to Faith and Sully. After Paul gave Sharon her gift, she opened it. Inside the box was a bride-and-groom cake topper. Paul said, "Anybody in the mood for a wedding?"

At the Genoa City Athletic Club, Joe covertly moved about the dining room while Cane and Lily, at the bar, talked about a family outing to select a Christmas tree. After Cane and Lily began arguing, Devon joined them and defended Lily. Cane's anger escalated. Addressing Devon and pointing at Lily, Cane said, "She slept with Joe Clark, and now she claims she has feelings for him." Joe was standing just out of view, but he overhead every word of the tense confrontation. Cane ordered Lily to leave. Lily pleaded with Cane not to punish the kids. Cane shouted that he'd buy a tree for the kids himself. Devon intervened and tried to escort Lily away from Cane, but before she walked away, she loudly told Cane that she hated him.

After Lily left, Cane quietly told Devon that he hated every word he'd just said. Cane said, "Going off on Lily like that was all for show. We had to convince an audience of one -- Joe Clark." Cane explained he and Lily had found a hoodie inside the safe in Joe's suite that was identical to the one the extortionist had been seen wearing. Cane suspected that Joe had framed him for stealing the million dollars in ransom money that had been dropped off in Chancellor Park. Devon asked if Cane and Lily had taken the hoodie to the police. Cane said they had, and though the evidence was inadmissible, Paul had deemed that the collected evidence, including DNA, was sufficient to open a full investigation on Joe.

Devon asked about Joe's possible motive. Cane explained that with him out of the way, Joe thought he could have Lily all to himself. Devon apologized for believing Cane would ever put money ahead of his family. Devon offered to help Cane ensure that Joe paid for his actions. Cane said he was still disturbed because Lily had believed he could've extorted money from Devon. Devon said he would never give up on Hilary while he waited for her memory to return, and he urged Cane not to give up on Lily.

Cane became nervous when he realized that too much time had passed, and Lily hadn't sent him a text message. He told Devon that Lily was supposed to lure Joe to her home after the two bought a tree. Once there, Cane explained, Lily's plans were to serve mulled wine and lead Joe on in hopes that he'd let down his guard and tell her the truth. Devon grew concerned and said, "What if Joe found out about your plan?" Both Devon and Cane made frantic calls, hoping to determine what had happened to Lily. Cane said Joe had a bad temper, so he and Devon left to search for Lily.

At Chancellor Park, Joe caught up with Lily. Breathing heavily, Lily acted upset and said that Cane had humiliated her. Joe said that Cane didn't deserve Lily. Lily cried that Cane was ruining the twins' holidays over something she'd done. Joe replied, "Maybe I can fix it. How about I take you and the kids to go get a tree?" Lily explained that the family tradition was to surprise the kids with a decorated tree. Joe agreed to help Lily create holiday magic, and the two left the park together.

In the woods near the Abbott cabin, Lily's car wouldn't start. Because the area was beyond the range of cell phone service, Joe offered to walk back to the main road to summon help. Lily nixed the idea and told Joe that they could walk to the Abbotts' nearby cabin and call for help. Lily retrieved the door key kept hidden beneath a garden gnome and let herself and Joe into the cabin. Lily soon discovered that the power and phone lines were out of service.

Joe lit candles and offered to light a fire in the fireplace, so they'd be warm and cozy. Lily said being stranded was better than being publicly humiliated by her husband. Joe stroked Lily's hair and said he knew a perfect way to keep them both warm. Joe continued to put his hands on Lily and enticed her to make love. Lily said she felt safe with Joe and wanted them to take things slower and get to know each other by talking.

Joe persisted in groping Lily. She reminded Joe that she was still married. Joe said, "That ring's never stopped you before. Something is off, Lily. Are you setting me up?" Lily denied Joe's claim and laughed nervously. Joe remarked that Lily's argument with Cane had been perfectly staged. Lily again denied Joe's accusations.

Joe threateningly grabbed Lily by the arms and yelled, "You covered for Cane after he ransacked my room and convinced you that the hoodie he stashed was mine, so that I'd be the bad guy. I'm not the bad guy, Lily!" Lily told Joe he was wrong. Joe continued to badger Lily about turning on him. Lily bolted for the door, but Joe forced it shut and said, "You're not going anywhere!"

Dylan and Sharon Wed

Dylan and Sharon Wed

Friday, December 11, 2015

At Adam and Chelsea's penthouse, Adam answered a knock at the door. It was Sage. When Adam let Sage in, she was shivering and said the heat had been turned off at her place. Sage announced that she'd made a crazy decision to move into the penthouse across the hall. Chelsea said she and Adam had thought Sage might have changed her mind about moving. Sage said Nick had tried to reconcile and had even offered to bulldoze his house to the ground. Sage cried that even that couldn't set them on the right course.

Sage told Chelsea and Adam that she'd had a chance encounter with Dr. Anderson. Sage said the doctor had instructed her to stop second-guessing herself. Sage noted that Dr. Anderson had counseled her after Christian died and had agreed that Sage should do whatever was necessary to help herself heal. Chelsea and Adam said they supported Sage's decision to move in next door. Sage smiled and immediately seemed more relaxed.

Chelsea invited Sage to stay and make paper angels with Connor. Sage said it was good for her to spend time with Connor. Chelsea carried Connor upstairs to bed. Adam poured drinks. Sage told Adam she would've been a good mother. Adam smiled when Sage acknowledged that she was beginning to feel better.

Sage berated herself for feeling more at ease with Adam, Chelsea, and Connor than she did with Nick and his family. Adam assured Sage that there was nothing wrong with her, but he noted that her feelings of emptiness would never completely go away. Sage admitted that all she could see in her future with Nick was misery and pain. Recalling Dr. Anderson's advice, Sage said had to do what was best for herself and for Nick. Before Sage left, Chelsea invited her to attend Connor's preschool pageant. Sage accepted the invitation.

At Sharon's ranch house, Dylan asked Sharon to marry him on the spot. Paul, dressed as Santa, noted that he'd been ordained to perform weddings. Nick changed his plans to take Faith to the tack house. Sharon and Dylan insisted that Nick stay for the ceremony. Mariah and Noah arrived. Mariah had put together a bridal bouquet comprised of mistletoe, and Noah had picked the rings from the jeweler.

While Sharon, Dylan, and Noah were rearranging furniture to make room for the ceremony, Dr. Anderson walked in. Dr. Anderson apologized for her intrusion and said she'd stopped by to return Sharon's cell phone. Sharon explained that she and Dylan were about to wed, and she invited Dr. Anderson to stay. Faith asked that Sully be present for the ceremony, too. Mariah offered to get the baby.

Dr. Anderson quietly asked Nick if he was all right. Nick said, "Yeah. My daughter's smiling, so I'll be fine." Mariah returned carrying the sleeping baby. Paul began the ceremony by stating that Sharon and Dylan deserved to enjoy happiness. Paul scanned the standard vows he'd printed, but he declared that they weren't suitable for Sharon and Dylan's special ceremony.

Sharon and Dylan recited vows from their hearts. Dylan said he'd always wanted a family and hoped to make Sharon happy every day for the rest of their lives. Sharon, her eyes teary, said she'd once believed her chance to find real happiness again had passed. Sharon recalled that she and Dylan had begun their relationship as friends. She praised Dylan for standing by her side through the sorrowful times and later celebrating the joy of welcoming their son.

After Sharon and Dylan exchanged rings, Paul said, "I pronounce you a very lucky husband, and a very beautiful wife." Paul held the bouquet of mistletoe high above the couple's heads and instructed them to kiss. The joyful guests enjoyed Champagne. Faith made the first toast and raised her glass of milk. Faith happily announced that she loved her mom and Dylan very much.

Dr. Anderson noticed that Nick seemed depressed as he watched Mariah coo over Sully. Nick seemed forlorn as Noah posed the newlyweds and the children for a photo. Mariah had a private chat with Dr. Anderson. Mariah said, "So, you wanted to do a good deed, and you ended up at the wedding. It's uncanny, considering that a few months ago, we didn't even know you existed." Dr. Anderson said it was gratifying to see a patient grow and thrive. Mariah nodded before walking away.

After Paul left, Nick told Sharon that he'd let Faith spend the night. Nick offered to walk out with Dr. Anderson. Noah noticed that Mariah had been glaring at Dr. Anderson. Noah said, "So what's with the death stare?" Mariah said it wasn't a death stare yet, but it could turn into one if needed. Noah nodded.

Later, alone together, Sharon and Dylan snuggled in bed. Dylan asked Sharon where she'd like to travel for their honeymoon. Sharon said she was happy to stay home with her children in bed asleep. Sharon asked Dylan to make love to her. Dylan pulled Sharon close and kissed her. Sully cried out. Sharon said, "Well, the honeymoon's over." Dylan disagreed and said it was just getting started.

Sharon tried to comfort Sully, but he continued to cry. Dylan invited Sharon, cradling the baby, to sit down on the sofa. Faith ventured downstairs and said Sully enjoyed singing just like she'd enjoyed having her mom sing to her. Sharon asked Faith to sing to Sully. Faith sang "Silent Night." Sully fell fast asleep. Sharon beamed at her daughter as she continued to sing. Dylan fell asleep, and rested his head on a throw pillow.

Nick accompanied Dr. Anderson to Chancellor Park. It was snowing, and Nick said that perhaps Faith could make snow angels after sunrise. Dr. Anderson encouraged Nick to make angels and enjoy sledding with Faith. Nick agreed to heed the doctor's advice because he'd failed to listen after she'd suggested he not pressure Sage. Nick added, "You were right about that. I shouldn't have pushed. I should have given Sage space. She walked out." Dr. Anderson said she'd also visited briefly with Sage.

Nick asked Dr. Anderson if she was married. Dr. Anderson said she was married to her work. Nick replied, "But you obviously know a lot about relationships, and you can't get all that from books." Dr. Anderson replied, "There was someone - once. He was funny, very handsome, down-to-earth, and kind of like you."

Nick asked Dr. Anderson if the man she'd once loved had let her down. She replied, "It was the kind of thing where I was left thinking that I wouldn't fall in love again. He didn't take any responsibility. I had it in my head that he was such a great guy, so it must be all my fault." Dr. Anderson told Nick that she'd become a therapist because she'd hoped to heal herself. Nick asked if she'd healed. Dr. Anderson said she believed for the first time ever that she could try again. Nick walked away after Dr. Anderson said she'd prefer to sit on a park bench for a while.

At the police station, Cane and Devon arrived and told Kevin they needed to talk to Paul immediately. Kevin said that Paul was out. Cane explained that he and Lily had initiated a plan to trick Joe Clark into confessing that he'd framed Cane for extortion. Devon and Cane said Lily's plan was to be alone with Joe. Cane told Kevin that Lily had driven with Joe to a remote area. Kevin used his computer to locate Lily's car using the vehicle's on-board tracking system. Cane and Devon rushed out to find Lily.

At the Abbott cabin, Joe refused to let Lily leave. Joe was angry because Lily had pretended that her marriage to Cane was over. Lily admitted that her marriage was complicated. Lily said Joe was easy to be with, and she pleaded with him not to be upset. Joe noted that Cane had lied repeatedly, even about his own name.

Lily tried to persuade Joe to return to Genoa City so they could talk things through. Joe refused and said, "Some people don't know what's good for them, and they have to learn the hard way." Joe said he'd always told Lily the truth. Lily asked Joe if he'd framed Cane, by writing the ransom note sent to Devon, so she'd turn against her husband. Joe changed the subject and insisted that Lily should be with him because he respected her. Lily said she owed it to her kids to save her marriage. Joe said Lily had wanted him as much as he'd wanted her.

Lily assured Joe that he'd understand what commitment was someday when he found the right person. Joe, enraged, grabbed Lily's arm and replied, "Don't patronize me! Avery did the same thing, and now you! What more can I do?" Lily asked Joe to let her walk out the door. Joe replied, "Never!" Joe hurt Lily when he grabbed her by the arms and shook her.

Cane and Devon burst into the cabin and ordered Joe to let Lily go. Joe held Lily close to his body with a chokehold. Joe accused Cane and Devon of setting him up to make it appear that he was "an abusive jerk." Devon denied that they'd arrived to accuse Joe of wrongdoing. Devon explained that through the tracking device on Lily's car, they'd determined that she'd been stranded, so they'd set out to search for her.

Devon, placating Joe, said, "You had to show Lily who and what Cane really is, even if it meant setting him up. We get that." Joe told Lily that if he had it to do over, he would've framed Cane much sooner. Paul overheard Joe's statement, entered the cabin, and arrested Joe. Lily ran to Cane for comfort after Joe released her. Cane thanked Devon for believing him. Devon said, "Runs in the family. Don't forget that." Joe blurted out to Lily not to forget that he believed in her.

Devon left with Paul and Joe. Cane told Lily that she could wait in his car until roadside assistance arrived to service her car. Lily said, "Can you forgive me for doubting you? Our plan worked, and I did it because I wanted to show you that I believe in you." Cane replied, "You believe in me now, but before, you believed in Joe, didn't you? You believed in him over me so much that you slept with him twice. I don't think that you and I will ever be able to get past that."

Lily paused for a moment to reflect on Cane's unforgiving words. Cane glared at Lily. After an intense moment of silence, Lily told Cane she could walk back to her car on her own. After Lily walked out, Cane seemed frustrated with himself. He sighed deeply. Lily returned to her car and sobbed pitifully.

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