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Faith convinced Victor to leave work to attend Nikki's Christmas Eve party. Cane agreed to go home to give the twins one last perfect Christmas. Traci returned to Genoa City to unite the Abbotts. Chelsea assumed that Adam was ready to have another child.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of December 21, 2015 on Y&R
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Ashley's Illness Remains a Secret

Ashley's Illness Remains a Secret

Monday, December 21, 2015

At the Genoa City Athletic Club, Jack met with Gwen to announce that her job had been temporarily eliminated. Gwen expressed concern about inexperienced accounting personnel handling year-end finances. Jack said he'd terminated the positions of all senior managers to slash the company's budget. Devon overheard and approached Gwen after Jack walked away. Devon was taken aback when Gwen asked if he'd consider hiring her to help with Dr. Neville's research project. Devon said, "You let me believe that my wife was dead for months, and now you ask me for a job?"

Devon told Gwen that he'd chosen to fund Neville's research at his wife Hilary's request. Gwen defended her actions, but Devon noted that Gwen had disclosed Neil's deception out of spite after he'd ended their relationship. Gwen asked Devon if his future plans included winning back Hilary. Devon said he'd have to wait until Hilary recovered her memory. Devon told Gwen that if she accepted the job, she'd be working with Neil because he'd be managing the business side of the research project.

Jack joined Phyllis, Kyle, and Summer for an early breakfast to celebrate her birthday. Summer admitted that she was recovering from a hangover because she'd ordered drinks at the Underground just after midnight. Summer recalled Billy's unpleasant behavior. Kyle explained that a drunk Billy had fought with Victoria and had attempted to punch Ben. Phyllis expressed sympathy for Billy, but Jack noted that Billy had caused his sorrows for himself. Phyllis defended Billy and said he was suffering from emotional distress.

Jack talked briefly on the phone with Ashley and afterward excused himself to meet his sister. Before Jack left, Summer thanked Jack and Phyllis for a scrapbook they'd made using various memorabilia collected during her childhood and teen years. After Jack and Phyllis left, Summer told Kyle that she was unsure about her future goals. Kyle told Summer that he certainly wasn't looking forward to a career in the cosmetic industry. Kyle said that his dad had insisted he work for Jabot.

In Billy's suite, Phyllis attempted to force Billy out of bed. Phyllis said, "What happened last night? I heard that you made an ass of yourself at the Underground." Billy replied, "Why are you here?" Phyllis said, "Redemption, but I'm not talking about just you. Jack needs some redeeming, too." Phyllis told Billy that the family was in crisis and needed to pull together.

Billy told Phyllis how badly he'd treated Victoria. Billy feared that Victoria might not allow him to see his children on Christmas Day. Phyllis reminded Billy that he and she had joined forces to hurt Victor, though she more than Billy had wanted to hurt Victor the most. Billy said, "What the hell else did that guy do to you?" Billy changed his mind and told Phyllis not to answer. Billy cried that he was certain he'd completely destroyed his chance to mend his relationship with Victoria. More attuned to the future, Phyllis announced that she intended to peacefully gather Billy and Jack into the same room.

In Hilary's suite, Hilary relived her memory of kissing Neil and telling him that he still wanted her. Neil knocked on the door, and Hilary let him in. Neil told Hilary he wished she hadn't convinced Devon to finance Dr. Neville's research. Hilary said she'd do anything to protect Neil. Hilary mentioned the kiss and told Neil that her feelings for him hadn't changed. Neil said Hilary's passions should be directed at Devon.

Neil's rebuff clearly frustrated Hilary. She cried that there was no explaining why her life had changed, but she expressed hope for others to benefit from Dr. Neville's research. Neil said he doubted that Dr. Neville's motives were pure, especially with Ashley. Neil explained that he'd be heading up the business end of the research project so he could keep tabs on Dr. Neville. Hilary offered to help, but Neil said, "I don't want you anywhere near him."

Hilary met with Devon in the lobby. She thanked Devon for protecting Neil. Hilary mentioned that Neil had just left her suite. Devon seemed crushed that Hilary made no effort to spare his feelings. Hilary said she'd learned that Neil would be overseeing Dr. Neville's research. Devon explained that Gwen would be working alongside Neil if he hired her. Hilary seemed anxious when she heard that Neil and Gwen would be working closely together.

At Chancellor Park, Gwen caught up with Neil and told him she'd lost her job at Jabot. Gwen asked Neil if he'd hire her to work on the research project. Neil seemed uncertain. Gwen assured Neil that she could keep her work and professional lives separate. Neil noted that Devon was in charge. Gwen replied, "He's willing to hire me if you are. I'm the only one who really knows what happened at the boathouse. Like it or not, you owe me."

Summer and Kyle enjoyed a stroll through Chancellor Park and talked about Christmas traditions. Kyle noted that he and his mother, an architect who had specialized in skyscrapers, had traveled often. Summer said it sounded like an exciting career. Kyle said when he and his mother had been in Brazil, she'd arranged for him to tour a tall structure before installation of the outer walls. Kyle laughed when he recalled that Santa Claus, wearing a hardhat and work boots, had suddenly appeared carrying a bag of presents. Summer said Kyle's mother sounded amazing. Kyle said, "She was."

Summer and Kyle sat on a bench and browsed through photos in her scrapbook. Summer said she regretted her rebellious years because she'd fallen behind and might never catch up. Kyle noted that Summer embodied the culmination of everything she'd done and experienced. Kyle told Summer he couldn't wait to see what would come next in her life story. The couple snuggled close and kissed.

On the patio at Crimson Lights, Ashley talked on the phone with her doctor. Ashley claimed that her pain medication had kept her headaches manageable. Ashley added, "You already said there was nothing you can do, so I'm not telling my family." After Ashley's called ended, she overheard Dr. Neville bantering with a quite young barista about employing "a magic trick" to lessen the acidity of bitter coffee. She rushed into the dining area.

Ashley, overreacting, berated Dr. Neville and asked him if he realized that lives were at stake. The doctor, taken aback by Ashley's sense of urgency, defended his professionalism. Ashley claimed that her reputation was on the line. Dr. Neville said that medical research, without assurance of reaping a pot of gold, was more painstaking than the discovery of wrinkle creams. Ashley didn't approve when the doctor said he'd had no other choice but to set up a makeshift laboratory in an unsterile motel room.

In the laboratory at Jabot, Ashley introduced Jack to her business partner, Dr. Simon Neville. Jack said, "You're in business with this guy who was hiding Hilary?" Dr. Neville pointed out that he'd saved Hilary. Jack said he'd hoped Ashley had reconsidered her decision to leave Jabot. Ashley explained that Devon had agreed to fund Dr. Neville's new project, so they'd hoped to rent the laboratory for a quite sizable sum of money. Jack replied, "How did you convince Devon to bankroll a doctor who was using Hilary as a guinea pig?"

Ashley, frustrated, pleaded with Jack to let her and Dr. Neville rent the space. Neil and Gwen entered the lab. Neil explained that Devon had placed him in charge of the project as an administrator. Neil noted that Gwen would be working with him as his assistant. Dr. Neville pointed out that Neil and Gwen lacked training in science, but Neil said that Gwen, a certified accountant, had experience in regulatory affairs.

Jack took Ashley aside and insisted she wasn't being completely honest with him. Ashley said she'd told him everything he needed to know. Ashley again pleaded with Jack to let her rent the laboratory. Jack seemed taken aback by Ashley's behavior when she yelled, "Just give me a number!" Ashley's outburst stunned Jack, and he seemed at a loss for words.

Ashley quickly retreated to her office and stumbled to her chair. She turned to face the back wall, put her hands up to her head, and then reached for her medication. She struggled to open the bottle and cried, "Oh, God!" The pills spilled onto the floor, so Ashley sat on the floor, grabbed a pill, and took a sip from a cup. Ashley waited in pain for the medication to kick in and alleviate her suffering.

Jack peered through the glass into Ashley's office, but Neil redirected Jack's attention to discuss the research project. Jack said that surely Neil and Devon knew that Dr. Neville was shady. Neil insisted that his own research had proven that Dr. Neville was a brilliant scientist. Jack wasn't convinced and made Neil promise to protect Ashley. Through a cracked-open door, Ashley overheard what Jack said to Neil.

After Jack left, Ashley asked Neil about his role in the project. Neil replied, "I'm going to protect Devon's investment. I write the checks, reports, and I'll be handling all the media. Gwen's going to report to me." Dr. Neville again noted that Neil had little experience in science. Hilary walked in a said, "But he does know what success looks like."

Gwen expressed her disapproval when Hilary said she felt obligated to be a part of the project. Neil expressed his misgivings about using Hilary as a "lab rat." Ashley assured Neil that Hilary had something of value to contribute to make the project a success. Hilary said, "There are so many other people that Dr. Neville's research could help." Dr. Neville had found a bottle of Champagne in the cooler, and he poured the bubbly wine into glass beakers. Neil opted for bottled water as the partners toasted their new venture.

At the Abbott cabin, Phyllis greeted Jack when he arrived. Jack offered to light a fire so the two of them could relax. Jack kissed Phyllis. She happily announced that she'd arranged for his family to enjoy an old-fashioned Christmas together. Jack didn't share Phyllis excitement at the prospect of facing his family. Phyllis admitted that most of the family couldn't celebrate with them. Billy entered through the back door, carrying firewood. Jack clenched his jaw and said, "You set me up!"

Victor decides to work through the holidays

Victor decides to work through the holidays

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

by Mike

Phyllis admitted that she had tricked Jack into meeting her at the Abbott cabin because she hadn't wanted Billy to be alone for the holidays. "If he hadn't screwed up beyond comprehension, he wouldn't be alone," Jack spat. Taking the hint, Billy started to excuse himself. "Nobody is leaving here until we work this out," Phyllis insisted.

Phyllis advised Billy to use his head for a second. "Why start now?" Jack muttered. Phyllis countered that Jack wasn't helping, and Billy said that was because Jack obviously wasn't interested in helping him. "Why should I be?" Jack wondered. Phyllis was sure that Jack and Billy could straighten things out if they sat down and had a civil conversation with each other, but Jack insisted that no amount of talking would straighten out the damage Billy had done to the entire Abbott family. Billy tiredly braced himself for yet another lecture from Jack, who said he was just as sick of giving them as Billy was of hearing them.

Billy tried to leave again, but Phyllis reminded him that he didn't have a car to drive away in because he had ridden to the cabin with her. Jack chimed in to point out that Billy also didn't have a valid driver's license. Billy said he didn't need either to walk to the main road and hitch a ride from someone. Phyllis blocked Billy's path and refused to move, so he turned around and exited the cabin through the back door instead.

Phyllis could tell that Jack was upset with her, and he confirmed the suspicion, complaining that he had expected his trip to the cabin to be an opportunity for him to get away from the family drama, not get ambushed with it. Phyllis reasoned that it would follow Jack wherever he went, and she added that Billy, in spite of his bravado, needed Jack. Jack said he hadn't seen bravado; he had just seen Billy being Billy. Phyllis suspected that Jack wouldn't have it any other way, but Jack clarified that he would actually like to see Billy grow up a bit and start taking responsibility for his actions.

Phyllis recalled that she had once felt the same way about Daniel but had eventually realized that he wouldn't be able to start doing that until she stopped swooping in to clean up all his messes. "Yeah, I've been doing that for Billy his whole life," Jack admitted, and he agreed that, in doing so, he had just given Billy permission to keep hurting people. Jack complained, however, that Billy's latest mess had been different because Billy hadn't just left a few people in his wake; he had done terrible damage to Jabot and its employees, many of whom Jack had just been forced to let go.

Phyllis was sure that Billy had never meant for any of those people to get hurt, and Jack agreed that Billy's pain had blinded him to such consequences. Jack knew that Billy had simply wanted Victor and Adam to be held accountable for their respective actions, but he reasoned that Billy needed to be held accountable, too. "He can't turn everyone's life upside down and expect everybody to just give him a free pass!" Jack insisted. Phyllis stressed that she wasn't asking Jack to give Billy a free pass; she was just asking him not to cut Billy out of his life. Jack assured Phyllis that he wasn't going to do that -- but he was going to cut Billy off.

"All of Billy's money comes from the family trust. The last time he went on a gambling spree, we had a lawyer set up an emergency shutoff to protect his assets," Jack explained. Phyllis reminded Jack that Billy was a grown man, and Jack countered that Billy could have his money back as soon as he started acting like one. Phyllis reasoned that, while Jack had every right to be angry, Billy still needed his support, if not his forgiveness. Phyllis pointed out that Jack was all Billy had left, since Victoria had cut him off from their children. Phyllis wondered how Jack would have felt if she had done that to him instead of helping him when he had hit rock bottom.

"You have always said that I saved your life. Billy needs someone to do that for him. Are you really gonna turn your back on him, or are you gonna go out there and find him and bring him back here? [Because] we both know he is stubborn enough to stay out there until he freezes to death," Phyllis added. Nodding, Jack hesitantly exited the cabin, and when he later returned with Billy, they went right back to arguing with each other. After another unsuccessful attempt at keeping things civil, Phyllis went to the kitchen to make some coffee, ignoring Billy when he requested scotch instead.

"Are you trying to kill yourself?" Jack wondered, prompting Billy to caution that Jack was getting dangerously close to sounding like someone who cared. Jack stressed that he did care, adding that he hadn't seen Billy in such a self-destructive state since Delia's death. "You're right; I am as much of a mess right now as I ever was. And do you know why? You don't, do you? It's because ever since Adam Newman came back, all of it, Jack -- it's all come back. The anger, and the pain, and the sorrow -- it has all come back!" Billy explained. Billy added that he had already lost Delia once, and he couldn't live through losing her again.

"Are you thinking of leaving this life behind and [joining] Delia?" Jack wondered. Billy assured Jack that he wasn't going to do anything stupid -- or, at least, anything stupider than the things he had already done -- because he had kids to think about. "I can't believe that you would think otherwise -- although it'd be weird if you didn't, [since] you always think the worst of me," Billy added.

As Phyllis returned, Jack wondered if Billy could blame him. Shaking his head, Billy conceded that he had been reckless, irresponsible, and unreliable lately. Jack reasoned that Johnny and Katie deserved better, prompting Billy to defensively protest that, if nothing else, he was at least a good father. Jack clarified that he wasn't questioning Billy's love for Johnny and Katie; he was simply saying that the tension between Billy and Victoria couldn't possibly be good for the kids. "Jack, I have tried, okay? I've tried as hard as I know how to make things right. But she's not gonna forgive me; hell, you won't even forgive me," Billy pointed out.

Reminding Jack that he had found a way to forgive her, Phyllis suggested that it might be time for him to do the same for Billy. Jack stressed that, while he wanted to trust Billy, he was going to need proof that it would be okay to do so. "Why should I jump through hoops for you?" Billy asked. Jack clarified that Billy needed to do so for Victoria, Johnny, Katie, and, most importantly, himself. Billy suspected that Jack didn't believe he could pull himself together. Jack said he would like nothing more than to see Billy do that. "Can you?" Jack wondered. "I'll give it everything I've got," Billy hesitantly replied.

At Crimson Lights, Faith excitedly opened an early Christmas gift from Nikki -- matching "Big Sister" and "Little Brother" tee shirts -- and wondered if it would be okay for her and Sully to wear them to the family's annual Christmas party at the Newman ranch. Nikki tried to explain that there might not be a party, but Faith protested that Sully's first Christmas needed to be special -- and Nick and Sage needed to be around family because they were going to be missing Christian during the holidays -- so Nikki eventually agreed to discuss the matter with Victor.

At Newman Enterprises, Abby read Victoria the GC Buzz article about what had happened at the Underground the previous night. Groaning at the sleazy way in which the tabloid had chosen to describe the incident, Abby admitted that Billy's behavior had left her feeling a strong urge to strangle him.

Victoria wanted to focus on work, but Abby wasn't ready to drop the subject, arguing that, while Victoria had every right to be upset with Billy, it would be cruel to keep him away from the kids during the holidays. Victoria said she had no idea how the holidays were going to play out because she could no longer predict what Billy was going to do from one day to the next. "If he wants to spend his Christmas with a bottle of booze in [one] hand and a racing form in the other, it's totally up to him," Victoria added with a shrug. Abby was certain that Billy wouldn't do that to Johnny and Katie -- or to Victoria -- but Victoria wasn't convinced.

Noah entered Victor's office, looking for Victor, and explained to his surprised aunts that he had decided to return to Newman Enterprises to help rebuild the company. Victoria said that, while she wanted to do the same thing, it was going to have to wait because she needed to get some last-minute Christmas shopping done first. Abby was also eager to hit the stores, but as she and Victoria stood to leave, Victor arrived and told them to hire assistants to take care of such things. "If we're gonna get back on track, I need all of you here -- today, tomorrow... Until Newman is back on top," Victor added as he took a seat at his desk.

Victoria and Abby protested that they had already done more than enough work for one day, but Victor countered that, as top executives of Newman Enterprises, the company needed to be their priority. "It is. I just thought that we would be closing for the holidays, like Jabot," Abby hesitantly explained. "Not that Jabot is a company that we want to be emulating, since they're likely to be closing down for good soon," Victoria quickly added.

Victor insisted that was Billy's fault, not his. Reminding Victor that the Abbotts were her family, Abby argued that he could have found a less severe way for them to make up for the damage Billy had caused. Victor countered that Abby was, first and foremost, a Newman -- and COO of Newman Enterprises. "However, if you'd rather work for Jabot, then make up your mind, let me know, and I'll find a replacement for you," Victor added.

Noah doubted that Abby had meant to imply that, and she confirmed that she had simply been expressing her opinion because she had been under the impression that she was allowed to do so. "Just as long as you know that I have the final word, okay?" Victor stressed. Victoria assured Victor that everyone was well aware of that. Changing the subject, Victor wondered where Adam was.

Adam and Chelsea entered Crimson Lights with Connor and greeted Dylan, Sharon, and Faith. Sharon asked if Chelsea and Adam were doing some last-minute Christmas shopping, and Chelsea clarified that they were actually waiting for Santa to return from a break at Fenmore's so they could take Connor to see him. Dylan excused himself to check on some cookies that were baking, and Faith, Chelsea, and Connor went with him.

Sharon -- who had seemed a bit uneasy since Adam's arrival -- hesitantly recalled that he had seemed oddly familiar to her when she had first met him as Gabriel Bingham. Adam said he would have told Sharon the truth if he could have, and she assured him that she understood. Sharon wondered what Adam thought of Sully, whom she was holding. Adam smiled as he replied that Sully seemed great -- and she was lucky to have him in her life.

Adam said he was glad everything had worked out for Sharon, and she returned the sentiment. "You got a second chance with Chelsea and Connor. What more could you ask for?" Sharon mused. "Not a thing," Adam muttered as he stared at Sully. Adam excused himself to answer a phone call from Noah, who explained that Victor wanted everyone to be working that day. "Tell the Grinch that I'll be there in a minute," Adam replied before ending the call. When Chelsea and Connor rejoined Adam, he apologetically informed them that they were going to have to visit Santa without him.

After Adam left, Sharon wondered how Chelsea felt about him being back at Newman Enterprises. Chelsea admitted that she was a bit nervous and a bit worried, and Sharon said she had felt the same way every time Nick had gone back there. "And now Noah's there," Sharon added. Chelsea reasoned that, since Victor was never going to change, she just had to have faith in Adam and believe that he was making the right choice. "Sometimes, that's all you can do -- just know that, somehow, everything is gonna work out the way it's supposed to," Sharon agreed.

"I think it just did," Dylan observed as Santa entered Crimson Lights and merrily greeted everyone. While Sharon was taking pictures of the kids with Santa, Chelsea and Dylan watched from across the room. Chelsea said it was nice that she and Dylan could talk to each other civilly after everything they had been through with each other, and Dylan agreed. Chelsea said she would always regret tricking Dylan into believing that Connor was his son. Dylan protested that he was the one who deserved to feel guilty, since he had kidnapped Connor during one of his PTSD episodes.

Chelsea was sure that Dylan wasn't that person anymore, observing that there was a look of peace about him that had never been there before. Chelsea suspected that was because Dylan finally had the family he had always wanted. "Sometimes, it seems too good to be true," Dylan admitted. Chelsea assured Dylan that wasn't the case, adding that he was a good man with a good heart who was finally getting the happiness he deserved.

Nikki entered Victor's office and tried to convince Victor to let everyone take a break for the holidays. "You know what happened to Scrooge when he overworked his employees," Nikki cautioned Victor -- just as the electricity blinked off and back on. Nikki suggested that had been a warning, but Victor soon received a phone call that revealed the true cause of the power surge -- the construction crew that was redoing the top floor of the building had just started working on the wiring, assuming that no one else would be working that day because of the holidays.

Nikki shared the construction crew's surprise. "I came here to talk to you about organizing the family so that we can celebrate Christmas together, but apparently work is more important to you," Nikki observed with a sigh. Victor insisted that preserving his family's legacy was the best thing he could possibly do for them. Nikki argued with Victor for a while, hoping to change his mind, but she eventually gave up and left.

Later, Adam arrived and asked Victor where everyone else was. Victor explained that Nikki had convinced Victoria and Abby that they had more important things to attend to that day. "Well, I would tend to agree with her," Adam admitted. Victor added that Noah was dealing with some legal issues but would be leaving after he got those sorted out. Victor told Adam to go ahead and take the day off, as well. "And leave you here to rebuild Newman all by yourself?" Adam asked. Victor said he had built the company himself, and he could rebuild it himself, too. "In fact, I prefer it that way," Victor added.

Adam pointed out that Victor had always insisted that Newman Enterprises was a family affair. Victor conceded that he couldn't force his children and grandchildren to help him restore the company to greatness. "They're [just] taking a little time off for the holidays, Dad. You should try it; it's good for the soul," Adam advised.

Victor said taking time off was bad for Newman Enterprises. "Well, you know what else is bad for Newman Enterprises? You running yourself into the ground, young man," Adam countered. Victor chuckled but maintained that he had to do everything in his power to ensure that the company would never be in peril again, because people were depending on him.

Meanwhile, Chelsea arrived with Connor. As Victor was talking to Connor about Santa, Chelsea asked Adam if he would be able to return home soon. Adam hesitated, but Victor assured him that would be fine. Adam, Chelsea, and Connor returned to the townhouse, and as Adam was looking through the pictures Chelsea had taken of Connor with Santa, he told her that Victor had opened up to him earlier -- as much as Victor allowed himself to open up, anyway.

Chelsea guessed that Adam would have stayed if Victor had asked him to. Adam confirmed the suspicion but added that, for once, Victor had done the right thing. Adam said he was happy about that. "But?" Chelsea asked. "I mean...he told me to go home and be with my family, right? But whether he wants to admit it or not...he needs me right now," Adam mused.

After doing some shopping, Nikki, Victoria, and Abby stopped to rest for a moment at the Athletic Club. Victoria soon noticed that Abby was being uncharacteristically quiet. After some coaxing, Abby admitted that she was trying not to talk about how amazingly happy she was with Ben, since Victoria and Nikki were both having problems with the men in their lives. Nikki joked that if people fell silent every time she and Victor went through a rough patch, the world would be a much quieter place. Victoria agreed that there was no need for Abby to feel guilty, and Nikki advised Abby not to let anyone -- including Victor -- take away the joy she was feeling.

Nikki, Victoria, and Abby ordered drinks, and Victoria proposed a toast to accomplishing the impossible -- convincing Victor to give them time off to finish their Christmas shopping. Nikki stressed that she had meant what she had said earlier -- she wasn't going to let Victor ruin Christmas, even if that meant celebrating the holiday without him.

Alone in his office, Victor stopped working and turned away from his desk to look at the row of family pictures that were lined up on a shelf behind it. After a few seconds, Victor turned back around and resumed his work.

Nikki prepares for the Christmas party

Nikki prepares for the Christmas party

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

by Mike

At the Athletic Club, Cane entered Lily's office and suggested that it might be best for him to spend the night with Lily and the kids -- in the guest bedroom -- so he could be there when the kids inevitably woke up at the crack of dawn the following morning to open their gifts. Smiling, Lily said that was a great idea.

After Cane left, Devon arrived to deliver some gifts to Lily for the kids, explaining that he wasn't going to be around the following day because he was about to board his jet and head to Miami for the holidays. "It's too cold in Wisconsin," Devon complained, but Lily wasn't fooled. Lily advised Devon that he wouldn't be able to escape his feelings for Hilary in Miami, but he countered that he could at least have fun trying.

Lily urged Devon to reconsider, admitting that she could use help getting through the holidays without making a fool of herself around Cane. Devon was happy to hear that Cane would be spending the night with Lily and the kids, thinking of that as progress, but Lily explained that Cane was only doing what he had to do to give the kids a good Christmas. Devon reasoned that if Neil could forgive him and Hilary for their betrayal, there was still a chance that Cane could forgive Lily for hers. Lily wondered if Devon could ever forgive Hilary for still having feelings for Neil.

Downstairs, Jill fretted about Billy, who wasn't answering or returning her calls. Colin advised Jill not to worry too much about Billy, but she insisted that, while Colin might be a fan of the hands-off approach to parenting, she couldn't just sit back and watch her child self-destruct. Colin tried to clarify what he had meant, but Jill forged ahead, fearing that Billy could be gambling his last cent away -- or lying in a ditch somewhere -- at that very moment. "Or...standing right over there," Colin countered, directing Jill's attention to the bar. "Looks pretty good for a guy that just stepped out of a ditch," Colin added.

Jill joined Billy at the bar and started to lecture him about the futility of trying to solve his problems with alcohol. Billy clarified that he was actually drinking water, not vodka, but Jill didn't believe him until she tasted the drink herself. Billy explained that he hadn't answered Jill's calls because he had been at the Abbott cabin with Jack and Phyllis, and the reception wasn't very good there. Billy told Jill about the conversation he'd had with Jack at the cabin, and he added that he had realized that he owed it to Delia not to succumb to his demons. "Especially the ones named Newman," Billy muttered.

Jill hoped that Billy would soon be back at Jabot, since he and Jack had worked things out, but Billy warned that he still had a long way to go with Jack -- and a lot to prove, not just to Jack, but also to Victoria and, most importantly, himself. Billy added that he was sick of being "the family punch line" and wanted to do something with his life that he could actually be proud of. Jill encouraged Billy to find Victoria and tell her that. Billy said Victoria had made it abundantly clear that she wanted him out of her life, but Jill countered that Billy would never be out of Victoria's heart -- and, therefore, he would never be out of her life, either.

Colin hinted that Cane might want to stay with Lily and the kids for more than just one night, but Cane clarified that he hadn't forgiven Lily yet -- and he couldn't forget what she had done that easily, either. Colin wondered if Cane and Lily had discussed divorce yet, and Cane replied that they hadn't. Colin mused that the whole thing sounded quite confusing, and, with a sigh, Cane agreed that it was.

Colin stressed that, while he wasn't trying to push Cane toward divorce, he would support that decision, since Lily had given Cane plenty of provocation to make such a choice. Cane said he appreciated that but wasn't concerned, at that time, about anything other than ensuring that his kids had the best possible Christmas.

After Cane left, Jill rejoined Colin, and they swapped updates on Billy and Cane's respective marriages. Raising his glass of Champagne, Colin proposed a toast to long shots. "Who'd have thought that, of all the marriages, ours is the one that lasts?" Colin mused with a grin. "Me," Jill replied, returning the smile.

At Jabot, Neville asked Ashley to overrule a decision Gwen had made about the proper way to handle the budget for his research. Ashley didn't respond right away, and when Neville realized that something was wrong with her, she explained that she had a headache. Neville wanted to know if Ashley had any idea what had caused the headache, so she blamed it on his and Gwen's incessant bickering. Neville complained that Gwen's attempts to micromanage every little thing about his research would just slow him down, but Ashley didn't care, insisting that it was important to properly document everything because they owed it to people to do things the right way.

Elsewhere, Neil tried to talk Hilary out of being Neville's "lab rat," but she insisted that she wanted to do what she could to help Neville save other people's lives, just like he had saved hers. Neil warned that Neville was a loose cannon, but Hilary suggested that Gwen was the person they really needed to be concerned about. "She knows that you could be arrested for what you did, and, like Neville, she is leveraging that information to get what she wants -- you," Hilary added. Neil doubted that Gwen had ulterior motives, but Hilary remained certain that Gwen was still in love with him -- and wanted him back.

Gwen soon approached to get Neil to sign some paperwork, and she and Hilary exchanged a few thinly veiled insults while he was looking through the documents. After Gwen left, Hilary reiterated, with even more confidence than before, that Gwen wanted Neil back. "She wants you bad," Hilary stressed.

Later, Neil walked Hilary back to the Athletic Club. Hilary wondered if Neil would like to spend Christmas with her. Neil apologetically declined, explaining that he had already made plans with Lily and the kids. "But I hope that Santa brings you everything that you ask for," Neil added before excusing himself.

Later, Devon -- who had been forced to cancel his trip to Miami because of poor weather conditions -- returned to the Athletic Club and spotted Hilary sitting alone at a table, reading a menu. Devon quickly ducked out of sight but didn't go far.

While working with Neville in the Jabot lab, Ashley asked if he had tested his drug protocol on anyone else before giving it to Hilary. Shaking his head, Neville explained that his work had been entirely theoretical until he had met Hilary. "Then what we're doing right now could be a complete waste of time!" Ashley pointed out. Unconcerned, Neville reminded Ashley that, in research, nothing was guaranteed.

"I mean, yes, if you want to be pessimistic, I suppose that what happened with [Hilary] might have been a fluke," Neville conceded. "It can't be a fluke," Ashley stressed, adding that, to a lot of sick people in the world, Neville's research was their only hope. Nodding, Neville changed the subject, suggesting that Ashley might want to take the rest of the night off so she could celebrate the holidays with her family. Ashley insisted that she was going to work all night because it was important for her and Neville to perfect his drug protocol as soon as possible.

Nodding, Neville retrieved a beaker of green liquid from a cooler and explained to Ashley that it was an interesting little concoction that he had been working on. Ashley wondered if it had been tested yet. Shaking his head, Neville poured some of the liquid into a cup as he replied that he was going to skip that whole process and just take the first dose himself. Ashley tried to protest that doing so would be quite irresponsible -- and stupid -- but Neville wasn't concerned, although he did offer Ashley the opportunity to take the first drink instead. Ashley declined, pointing out that she didn't even know what it consisted of.

"Oh, a little of this, a little of that. Friendly little compound; it's a molecule called C-two-H-six-O," Neville replied. Ashley took the cup from Neville and tasted the liquid. "C-two-H-six-O with a little additive of...coriander. berry. This is gin," Ashley guessed. "Along with a little bit of seasonal food coloring," Neville confirmed as he filled another cup for himself.

Ashley wondered why Neville had led her to believe the concoction was some sort of horrible thing. Neville explained that he had been trying to get Ashley to calm down because she was running herself ragged and giving herself headaches. "Try to remember -- in research, sometimes it's a matter of leaping before you look; being willing to take risks," Neville advised.

Neville added that he and Ashley could always end their partnership if it was getting to be too much for her, but she insisted they couldn't do that. "Because this stuff is too damn good," Ashley added before taking another sip of her drink. As Neville refilled Ashley's cup, someone watched them from the hallway.

At Newman Enterprises, Nikki and Victoria were decorating Top of the Tower for the Newman family's Christmas party. Nikki hoped Nick and Sage would make it back to Genoa City in time for the event, but Victoria's thoughts were focused on someone who wouldn't be in attendance -- Victor. Nikki insisted that if "Scrooge" wanted to spend Christmas Eve working, the Newmans could get along just fine without him.

Nodding skeptically, Victoria suggested that Nikki had chosen to have the party at Newman Enterprises, instead of one of the many other possible locations in Genoa City, because she had hoped that might make it harder for Victor to stay away. Nikki admitted that she would love to see Victor change his mind about attending the party, but she added that, since that probably wasn't going to happen, it would be safe for Victoria to invite Billy, if Victoria wanted him there. Victoria said she did want Billy at the party -- for the sake of their kids -- but could no longer trust that he wouldn't show up drunk and out of control.

Victoria wished that real life could be like life in old-fashioned Christmas movies and sappy Christmas commercials. Nodding in agreement, Nikki admitted that she always got teary-eyed while watching How the Grinch Stole Christmas because the Grinch reminded her of Victor. "Well, who knows -- maybe Dad's heart will grow and grow, and he'll show up and dance around the tree with all of us," Victoria mused. Nikki and Victoria laughed about the mental image then simultaneously muttered, "Not a chance."

Victor summoned Luca and Marisa to his office to give them the rest of the night off. Marisa thought that was quite generous, but Luca suspected that Victor was just trying to get rid of them. Noah overheard the conversation from the hallway and entered Victor's office to explain that it had actually been his idea to give Luca and Marisa the night off. Noah's announcement prompted Luca to quickly reconsider his decision to decline the offer. After Luca and Marisa left, Victor praised Noah's quick thinking and told him to keep up the good work.

Noah left Victor's office and found Luca and Marisa lingering in the hallway, watching a video of Ava that had just been sent to one of their cell phones. After bragging about the bond he shared with Marisa, Luca invited Noah to watch the video. Forcing a smile, Noah took a quick glance at it then looked away again. Unsatisfied, Luca told Noah to take a closer look. Noah tried to politely decline, but Luca persisted, practically shoving the phone in Noah's face. Noah held up a hand in protest, pushing Luca's arm away -- and causing the device to fall to the floor in the process.

Noah picked up the broken phone and handed it back to Luca. "You did that on purpose," Luca guessed. Marisa complained that she had just lost the video of Ava for good, but Noah assured her that he could probably find a way to recover it for her. Luca insisted that Noah had already done enough.

Victor emerged from his office and ordered an immediate end to the bickering. "I'm trying to bring this company back from the brink -- family or no family. You're no longer welcome at Newman Enterprises," Victor added. Luca started to remind Victor about the deal that was in place with the Santori family, but Victor impatiently interrupted and clarified that he had just fired Noah, not Luca.

"I brought you back to this company reluctantly, [and] you've proven again [that] you're not ready for this level of responsibility," Victor told Noah. Luca diplomatically suggested that Noah could still be an asset to Newman Enterprises if he just learned how to control his "youthful energy." Noah started to protest that he didn't need Luca to speak on his behalf, but Marisa interrupted and assured Victor that neither she nor Luca was upset about what had happened. Marisa urged Victor to drop the matter, and he agreed, but only because she and Luca were willing to do the same.

"Consider this your Christmas bonus," Victor told Noah before returning to his office. Luca and Marisa left, and when they got back to the Athletic Club, Marisa thanked Luca for saving Noah's job. Luca clarified that he hadn't done that for Noah; he had done it for Marisa, because he knew that she still cared about Noah, despite the fact that their relationship was over.

Luca started to leave, but Marisa stopped him and invited him into her room. Luca said he didn't want to push things, and he jokingly added that he and Marisa needed to follow the fraternization guidelines of Newman Enterprises, anyway. "Have you ever followed guidelines?" Marisa asked. Luca replied that the only guideline he had ever followed was "when in doubt, follow your heart."

Marisa pulled Luca toward her and gave him a tentative kiss, and they soon began kissing more passionately as they entered her room and started disrobing. Luca pulled away and gave Marisa a chance to change her mind, but she just gave him another kiss in response.

Noah entered Victor's office and started to apologize for what had happened earlier, but Victor clarified that he wasn't upset; he had simply used the incident as a way to reinforce, in Luca's mind, that Noah was "the weak link in the Newman chain," while also massaging Luca's ego. Victor told Noah to get back to work, but Noah suggested that they could instead take the rest of the night off and go to the party Nikki was hosting at Top of the Tower. Victor encouraged Noah to go ahead and do so. Noah started to protest that he didn't want to go without Victor, but he soon stopped himself and conceded, "You're the boss."

Victoria went to the Athletic Club to get a punch bowl for the party, and while she was there, she ran into Jill, who hinted that Victoria might want to invite Billy to the event. Victoria warned that it would be best for Jill to refrain from getting into that subject with her -- unless Jill wanted to hear a list of the many ways Billy had screwed up lately, which would probably take all night to recite.

Jill assured Victoria that Billy was devastated about the pain he had caused. "Billy is always sorry, but he always makes the same mistakes," Victoria pointed out. Jill conceded the point but insisted that was no longer going to be the case because Billy was determined to turn his life around.

Victoria was surprised to hear that Billy and Jack had managed to have a conversation that hadn't ended in violence. "If Jack is willing to give Billy another chance, why won't you?" Jill asked. Jill challenged Victoria to make eye contact while saying she no longer loved Billy. Victoria sadly replied that love wasn't always enough. "But in the end, what else is there?" Jill countered before walking away.

A security guard entered Victor's office while doing his rounds, unaware that Victor was still working. The guard apologized for the interruption, and Victor assured him that it wasn't a problem. Victor seized the opportunity to praise the guard for the heroism he had shown during the recent fire. The guard said he had simply been doing his job, but Victor thought the guard had gone above and beyond the call of duty -- and he promised that would be reflected in the guard's Christmas bonus.

After thanking Victor, the guard wondered why Victor wasn't at the party that was happening at Top of the Tower. "To paraphrase you, this is part of my job," Victor replied. "Well, so is being with your family," the guard pointed out before leaving.

Later, Billy entered Victor's office, looking for Victoria. "Whoa, whoa, whoa. I may reconsider giving my security guard a Christmas bonus," Victor mused. Victor added that he hadn't seen Billy since Jack had fired him. Victor guessed that it had probably been quite embarrassing for Billy to get his walking papers from his own brother, of all people.

Billy impatiently asked Victor to tell him where Victoria was, but Victor refused. Victor said Billy couldn't possibly win Victoria back because he was bankrupt -- financially, morally, and spiritually. "You think I'm bankrupt? You should look in the mirror," Billy countered. Victor proudly stated that he saw a hard-working, successful businessman when he looked in the mirror.

"Well, it's Christmas Eve, and here you are, sitting by yourself with nothing but dollar signs and that ridiculous picture of yourself to keep you company. Face it, Victor -- you're just as sad and lonely as I am," Billy replied.

Genoa City Families Celebrate Christmas

Genoa City Families Celebrate Christmas

Thursday, December 24, 2015

At the Ashby home, the twins eagerly shook their presents. There was a knock at the door, and the kids squealed that it might be Santa. Lily let in Neil, who spotted Cane and remarked that the family was all together. Charlie innocently mentioned that his daddy was staying on the couch to wait for Santa, and Cane led the twins over to check out more gifts. Lily explained to Neil that she and Cane were giving their children one last perfect holiday, and Neil observed that Lily and Cane were acting like a team. Lily lamented that it was the end of her marriage, and there would be no miracle to save it.

Neil asked if Cane had any cool Christmas stories, and Cane replied that his favorite holiday story was when he and Lily had announced that they were having the twins. Cane went to the kitchen to fetch apple cider for everyone, and Lily stepped out to tend to other arrangements. Neil pulled the twins close and asked where their mother's secret stash of decorations was located.

Later, Cane built a fire, and Matty asked Lily to fix her hair. Charlie called to Cane, and as Cane and Lily made their way over to tend to the kids, Charlie pointed out the mistletoe over his parents' heads. Cane and Lily wondered how it had gotten there, and Neil chalked it up to magic. Neil added that it was supposed to be the perfect Christmas, and he urged the couple not to disappoint the children. Lily agreed to one quick buss, and she and Cane shared a tender kiss. The twins cheered as Neil grinned.

Neil proposed a toast to Christmas and to the baby who'd entered the world to remind them of their own humanity and to show that they all deserved love and care. Neil encouraged everyone to love and forgive one another and themselves. He added that family was never easy, but they would never cherish it if it was.

In the Jabot lab, Ashley sipped the drink that Dr. Neville had concocted, and she thought she heard something. The doctor suggested that it had been eight tiny reindeer, but Ashley speculated that it was an elf or Santa. Traci appeared at the door and declared that it was Ashley's long-lost sister. The women hugged, and Dr. Neville excused himself to give the sisters privacy.

Traci explained that she'd wanted to see Ashley to talk about Jabot before meeting up with the rest of the family, since she was stunned that Ashley had quit after finally achieving her dream of becoming CEO. Ashley replied that she'd wanted to do something more meaningful, but Traci questioned whether it had to be with the guy who'd kidnapped Jack's assistant, and Ashley assured her that it hadn't been as ominous as it sounded. Traci implored Ashley to join her to deal with the rest of the Abbotts. Ashley opted to stay and work, but she promised to help solve their family's problems the next day.

At the Athletic Club bar, Abby sympathized with Devon that things seemed impossible with Hilary, but she assured him that he had people who loved him. Stitch approached and cautioned that he wouldn't be the best company, and Devon replied that it made two of them before he headed off. Abby asked Stitch what was wrong, and he revealed that he'd called Max to see if his son liked the gifts he'd sent, but Jenna had said Max hadn't wanted to talk to him. Stitch worried that he was losing his son.

In the club foyer, Traci hugged Abby and Stitch and gushed about the couple's upcoming wedding. Abby quipped that it might not be all smiles and rose petals with her other family there, and she mentioned that she and Stitch had to get to the Newman holiday party. Traci pleaded that she really needed help with the Abbott family, since Ashley was still at the lab. Abby couldn't believe that Ashley was being as bad as Victor was about working on the holiday, and she offered to take care of it with Stitch's help. Traci stated that she thought a solo mission to take care of that wouldn't be pretty.

Ashley and Dr. Neville discussed chemical formulas, and Abby and Stitch burst into the lab, clad in Santa hats and long, white beards. Abby tried to get Ashley to go with them, but Ashley maintained that she was working. Stitch reported that Traci had sent them, and Abby questioned whether Ashley wanted to be the only person other than Victor who was missing the Christmas Eve celebration. Ashley caved in and prepared to leave, and Dr. Neville assured her that he was in his element at the lab. The doctor held up his glass and wished them a merry Christmas, and Ashley, Abby, and Stitch headed out.

In her hotel room, Hilary pulled her eternity ring from a jewelry box, and she flashed back to when Devon had given it to her. Meanwhile, Devon walked down the hallway of the hotel, and he paused outside Hilary's room. He reflected back on giving Hilary the ring, but he snapped out of his thoughts when she exited her room and attempted to return both the eternity ring and her wedding band to him. He refused to ever take them back from her.

Devon said nothing had changed since the night he'd given Hilary the eternity ring, and he swore that he would never stop loving her. He suggested that she either hide them or give them away to charity, since he would never accept them back. Hilary asked why Devon was at the club when Lily needed her family's support, and Devon disclosed that Cane and Lily were trying to give the twins a perfect Christmas that evening, but he planned to see them the next day. Hilary realized that Neil had used Lily as an excuse to push Hilary away.

Devon quickly reasoned that Lily might have needed Neil there to make the situation less awkward, and Hilary was astounded that Devon was making excuses to make her feel better. Devon pointed out that Neil cared about Hilary, even if it wasn't the way she wanted. He bemoaned that he hadn't thought things could get more complicated between the three of them, but he'd been wrong. Hilary asked if it would be strange if she and Devon tried to be friends.

In Victor's office, Billy speculated that Victor was as sad and lonely as he was, but the difference between them was that Billy wanted to be with his family, whereas Victor wanted to be at work. Billy ranted that Victor claimed to value his family, but Victor undermined them at every opportunity and was doling out a giant helping of hypocrisy. Victor cautioned that it wasn't a good idea for Billy to "piss [him] off."

Billy chided Victor for not seeing his kids as people with needs and wants. Victor called Billy a lowlife punk, and he spat that John would turn over in his grave if he could see what Billy had become. Billy acknowledged that Victor was probably right, but he argued that at least his kids would never take him to court. Victor taunted that Billy wouldn't be around once his children were old enough to judge him, since Billy would have drunk himself into oblivion by then. Victor recalled that Billy had gotten drunk and driven into a signpost two weeks earlier, and he growled that Billy belonged in jail. Billy said maybe neither of them deserved to be fathers.

At the newly rebuilt Top of the Tower, Nikki wished her party guests a merry Christmas. Dylan approached Victoria and said she looked great, but she guessed that Dylan looked tired because he'd taken over the late-night feedings. Dylan kissed Sharon and explained that he was trying to make things easy on his wife, and Victoria called him the perfect man.

Across the room, Mariah told Faith to test all the sweets to determine which ones were the best. Summer warned that it wasn't wise to get kids hopped up on sugar, but Mariah noted that it might help avoid the usual family drama. Meanwhile, Sharon asked Nikki where Victor was.

Nikki announced that Nick and Sage had been snowed in, so they couldn't get to the party until the roads were plowed. A disappointed Faith inquired whether her grandpa would be there, and Nikki tried to distract her by playing some games. Chelsea remarked that it was weird that Victor wasn't there, and Dylan thought Victor should at least show up for Nikki's sake. Victoria admired Dylan's protectiveness of Nikki, and Dylan suggested that they work together to give Nikki the gift she really wanted.

Adam and Victoria entered Victor's office, and she mused that she'd just been thinking about what had been missing at the party. Adam suggested that Victor make an appearance to take credit for getting the restaurant finished in time for Nikki's shindig, but Victor maintained that he wanted to continue working. Victoria reminded Victor that he had a life and a family, and Victor grumbled that her ex had just been there to give him a lecture, so he didn't want one from his children. Victor advised Victoria to stay away from Billy, and Victoria accused Victor of being alone and grumpy.

Victoria stalked out, and Adam called Victor stubborn. Victor pointed out that Hope had also been stubborn, but Adam countered that his mother had known the difference between right and wrong, and he thought it was wrong that Victor was at work while his family was upstairs. Victor scoffed at the idea of Adam telling him about family when Adam was afraid and embarrassed to look his wife in the eye after he'd sired Sage's child.

At the Athletic Club bar, Billy read a text message from his bookie, who asked if Billy was feeling lucky. Traci approached and urged Billy to stop going back to the booze and betting, since both he and his family deserved more. Billy questioned whether he deserved to be a father, and he referred to leaving his little girl in a car and losing his license because of his drinking. Traci refused to let him drown in his misery, and she ordered him not to miss out on one more second.

Traci informed Billy that she'd intended to have him go on a mission with her, but she thought he was needed more someplace else. Her phone rang, and she ordered him not to argue with her. She stepped aside to answer a call, and Billy stared at his drink. Victoria walked in and spotted Billy at the bar, and she walked out, unseen.

Kyle arrived at the Newman party, and Summer was relieved to see him. She explained that it was the most depressing party ever, and he hoped that meant it was almost over. She groaned that it had barely started, and he said there was somewhere else they needed to be.

At the Abbott cabin, Phyllis praised Jack for forgiving Billy, and Jack thanked her for convincing him to cut Billy a break. Jack resolved to focus on the holidays and not work, since they were away from everything and everyone. He added that he wanted to hold onto the memories, since it might be their last holiday at the cabin. Jack recognized that the Abbotts might have to get rid of some assets, and Phyllis pointed out that she had the money to buy the cabin herself.

Jack pointed out that the place hadn't been full of happy memories lately, but Phyllis countered that many wonderful things had happened there, too, and the cabin meant something to the Abbotts and to her. Jack commented that Jabot meant more than any real estate, and he regretted that he'd needed to lay people off and make cutbacks. Phyllis assured him that they'd roll with the bad times and get back to good ones, since they'd proven that they could face anything, and they'd do it again. They fell back onto the couch in a kiss.

Later, Traci, Abby, Stitch, Summer, and Kyle burst into the cabin with holiday decorations, and Traci mentioned that Ashley had been lagging behind them on the road. Kyle and Abby credited Traci with knowing that they'd all needed some holiday cheer, and Traci declared that money was fleeting, but family was forever. Jack and Traci hugged and wished one another a merry Christmas.

Jack said that some of the Abbotts were there by blood and others by marriage, but all of them were there because of love. He was sure their family wouldn't be down for long, and he pledged that what didn't kill them would make them stronger. He recounted that John had built Jabot as a source of pride and a foundation, and it would always be there. Jack proclaimed that the Abbotts would stay strong and united.

At home, Victoria led Johnny downstairs and said Santa hadn't been there yet, but she was surprised when she found new gifts under the tree. She anxiously looked around, and Billy peered in from the foyer. After Victoria took Johnny up to his room, she scolded Billy for using his key when he no longer lived there. He admitted that he'd done a lot of things that had made her uncomfortable, and she questioned whether he'd driven there after he'd been drinking at the club. He said he'd taken a cab, and he insisted that he hadn't been drinking.

Victoria confessed that she'd seen Billy at the bar, and he explained that he'd ordered a drink, but he'd pushed it away instead of consuming it, since he wasn't ready to give up on them or on himself. Billy vowed to do whatever it took to win Victoria back, but she looked skeptical. Billy acknowledged that words were pointless because he'd already made too many promises, and he recognized that it would take a lot of time, but he was determined to prove that he and Victoria belonged together.

Billy realized that it was four years to the day since he'd declared that he and Victoria would be forever, and he still believed that they were meant to be. Victoria forced back tears, and Billy offered to leave. She stopped him and asked him to stick around to watch their son open his presents.

Victor heard someone at his office door, and he barked that there were to be no more interruptions. Faith protested that it was a special day, and Victor's demeanor softened when he saw her. Faith asked why Victor was grumpy on Christmas Eve, and he replied that he was just working. She insisted that everyone missed him at the party, and Victor explained that some people had time to party, but others worked. He inquired whether she knew what he did, and she responded that he made money.

Victor elaborated that the company he'd built made money for the entire Newman clan. He anticipated that one day, Faith would inherit it along with her brothers and cousins, and he imagined that his office might eventually be hers. She excitedly asked if the chair would be hers, too, and he offered to let her sit in it. She plopped down in the chair and happily spun around in it, but she suddenly stopped. She quietly stated that if she couldn't go to parties or see her family, perhaps she didn't want the chair.

Adam returned to the party and informed Nikki that Victoria had taken off when Victor hadn't been welcoming, and Nikki asserted that they'd have a lovely time without "Scrooge." Chelsea looked thoughtful when she observed Adam watching Sharon and Dylan tend to Sully. Sharon told Adam that his efforts with Victor had been brave but bizarre, and he thought the words also summed up his relationship with his father. Sharon struggled to find a comfortable position to hold Sully in, and Adam offered to take the infant. Adam cradled Sully in his arms and cooed that the tot was perfect.

Sharon remarked that Sully liked Adam, but she noticed the look on Adam's face and wondered if he was thinking about the time he'd missed with his son. Adam was startled by her comment, but he was relieved when Sharon rambled about how he'd missed out when Connor had been a baby. Mariah asked if anyone had seen Faith, and Victor suddenly announced that she was right there, as Faith led him in by the hand.

Nikki asked if Faith had convinced Victor to attend his own party, and Victor bragged that Faith was persuasive enough to conduct all of Newman's negotiations. Victor stepped aside to talk to Noah, and Chelsea told Adam that she'd seen the look on his face. Adam assumed she meant his reaction to Victor's arrival, but Chelsea referred to when he'd been holding Sully. Chelsea gushed that she thought they were both ready to have another baby. Adam locked eyes with Victor.

Victor looked around the room and crowed that it had been rebuilt in no time at all. He imagined how quickly they'd literally rebuild Newman Enterprises from the ashes, since it wasn't just a company, and it had a heart and a soul. He continued that all of them had a role in it, and he welcomed back someone he was very proud of -- Noah, who was back where he belonged.

Victor credited Faith with making him aware of what was most important, and Faith beamed up at him. Victor raised a glass and toasted to family. At their respective locations, the Newman, Abbott, and Winters clans all clinked their glasses and cups together in celebration of the holiday.

Christmas Pre-Emption

Christmas Pre-Emption

Friday, December 25, 2015

Due to the Christmas holiday, The Young and the Restless did not air. The pre-emption was planned, and there were no "lost" episodes as a result of the change.

Regular programming resumed on Monday, December 28, and picked up where the Thursday, December 24, episode concluded.

Our family wishes you and yours a very Merry Christmas.

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