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Devon saw Neil and Hilary having sex in the Jabot lab. Kevin took on Victor as an investor. Natalie made a deal with other investors, who threatened her. Billy had an out-of-body experience as he prepared to die, but he recovered. Adam was kidnapped.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of January 11, 2016 on Y&R
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Jill Pleads with Dr. Neville Jill Pleads with Dr. Neville

Monday, January 11, 2016

At Newman Enterprises, Victoria poured out her heart to her father. Victoria cried that Dr. Dellafield would soon approach Billy's family about choosing whether or not to turn off the machines that kept his blood pumping and his lungs breathing. Victor warmly embraced his daughter and told her to cry on his shoulder. Victoria explained that police couldn't identify the person who'd struck Billy in the parking garage because the security cameras hadn't yet been installed. Victor seemed saddened by his daughter's grief.

Victoria told Victor that Billy had tried to put his life back on track. Victor blamed Jack for refusing to loan Billy the money to fund his project. Victor offered to fund Billy's dream. Victoria asked if Victor intended the investment to be a memorial. Victor ended the conversation about the project investment and encouraged Victoria to visit the hospital to be by Billy's side.

At the hospital, Lauren comforted Jill as the two sisters peered into Billy's hospital room. Jill blamed herself. Lauren said the heartless coward who'd struck Billy with a car was the only one to blame. Jill replied, "The surgery was my decision, and Billy went into cardiac arrest while he was on the table. That was my fault."

Lauren reminded Jill that she'd followed the doctor's recommended advice. Jill cried that she should've considered Hilary's case and taken Dr. Neville's advice instead. Jill asked Lauren to watch over Billy. When Lauren asked Jill where she was rushing off to, Jill replied, "If I can't drag Billy back to the living, I'm getting someone who can."

Victoria arrived and stood near the glass window, watching Billy. Lauren explained that Jill had left in search of a miracle. Victoria noted that Billy could never stay still because he enjoyed chasing their children. Victoria cried that she didn't know whether to fight for Billy or let him go. Michael overheard Victoria's comment and told her that it wasn't her decision to make. Michael retrieved a document from his briefcase and explained to Victoria that Billy had arranged for Jack to make decisions about health care should Billy become incapacitated. Victoria cried that Billy wouldn't want to live in the state he was in.

In the lab at Jabot, Dr. Simon Neville told Ashley that perhaps he might have to reduce the dosage of her medications to lessen the harsh side effects. Ashley worried that she'd be unable to hide her illness from her family because she was too tired to function. Simon urged Ashley to tell her family about her illness. Simon railed against the conventional medical interventions he'd deemed unsuitable to treat Billy's injuries. Simon insisted he would successfully treat Ashley.

Ashley asked Simon what might happen if his treatment didn't work. Simon said he'd utilize science to redirect his approach. Ashley replied, "Hillary, Billy, and me are science projects. I'm just your damn lab rat." Simon said he valued his patients' lives and yearned to help them realize their hopes and dreams. Simon admitted that he lacked bedside manners but made up for his deficiencies in other ways. Ashley agreed that she'd put her life in his hands because he was the only one who could offer a cure.

Jill rushed into the lab and pleaded with Simon to help Billy. Simon noted that Billy's condition had changed markedly since the surgery. Simon explained that lives depended on the protocol he was already working on, so he'd rather not walk away from it. Jill was taken aback and asked why the doctor would rather play with his beakers and test tubes while her son desperately needed treatment. Ashley said, "Jill, that's not it. Dr. Neville is a brilliant scientist and doctor. If Dr. Neville is telling you that the window has closed, then he can't help Billy. That breaks my heart."

Jill lashed out at Ashley and said she seemed willing to let Billy go. Jill added that Ashley's skill was making perfume, so she couldn't give medical advice. Jill accused Ashley of worrying more about the fiscal condition of her company. Simon defended Ashley and told Jill that she'd made the best decision she could've about Billy's care. Jill became more distraught and said she'd find someone else who wouldn't turn her down.

After Jill left, Ashley collapsed. Simon said, "You're fading fast. I've got to get you out of here." Dr. Neville booked a suite at the Genoa City Athletic Club. He tucked Ashley into bed and explained that he'd registered them under an assumed name. Ashley said her mind was racing. Dr. Neville began reading aloud from a medical journal in hopes of lulling Ashley to sleep.

After Simon read one sentence, he realized that Ashley was sound asleep. Simon was still sitting on the bed beside Ashley after she'd slept. Ashley awoke and begged Simon to cure her. Simon replied, "That's the plan, Mrs. Abbott. We'll get there."

At the Genoa City Athletic Club, Nikki and Neil talked about the tragic circumstances that could end Billy's life. Nikki said that Victoria was beside herself with worry. Because Billy had asked Victoria to reconcile before his accident, Nikki explained, Victoria had been torturing herself for rebuffing him. Neil said the young often believed there was ample time to work things out. Neil said he believed that somewhere deep inside, Hilary still remembered how much she loved Devon.

Neil asked Nikki if she was still willing to help him. Nikki replied, "I went along with that New Year's Eve kiss, but this is a very dangerous game we're playing. As my friend, I need you to promise me that I'm not going to regret it."

Devon intercepted Hilary when she arrived through the front entrance at the Genoa City Athletic Club. Hilary immediately became suspicious when Devon asked her to join him for a meal at a truck stop. Devon admitted he was attempting to divert Hilary's attention because Neil and Nikki were enjoying each other's company in the dining room. Hilary rebuffed Devon's warning and insisted that Neil and Nikki were just good friends. Devon moved to the side to let Hilary pass by.

When Hilary took a few steps toward the dining area, she spotted Neil and Nikki laughing and carrying on like smitten lovers. As Hilary approached, Neil leaned toward Nikki and whispered, "Show time." Nikki faked a wide smile, and both Nikki and Neil made conflicting comments about their reasons for meeting together. Neil excused himself to make a business call. Neil joined Devon in the lobby and asked him to further participate in the ruse. Devon said he doubted the plan would work because Hilary had dismissed the kiss Neil and Nikki had shared during the New Year's Eve party.

Back at the table, Hilary stood nearby, chatting with Nikki about the New Year's Eve kiss. Nikki said her jealous husband had begun checking up on her constantly, even though he knew that she and Neil were only good friends. Nikki received a text message, and Hilary encouraged Nikki to check her phone. Nikki laughed and said it was just Victor. Nikki retrieved her phone from her purse and set it within view.

While Nikki freshened her lipstick, Hilary read the text message. It was from Neil, stating that he'd booked a suite and would meet her there. When Neil returned to the table, Nikki quickly excused herself. Hilary flirted with Neil and asked for his help in putting together a proposal for Jack. Neil initially declined, but Hilary persisted. Neil said he'd help, but he noted that he also had other matters to attend to. Hilary said she'd be waiting in the lab at Jabot.

Devon met with Jill at the coffeehouse. Jill pleaded with Devon to help her convince Dr. Neville to help Billy. Devon explained that though he was funding the doctor's research, he believed the scientist was a maniac. Jill cried that Dr. Neville had claimed he could no longer help Billy because of the surgery. Devon said, "I really hate that guy."

Jill beat her fists against the table and begged Devon to help by threatening to pull the doctor's funding if he didn't agree to help Billy. Jill reminded Devon that he had Katherine's money. Jill cried that Katherine would've helped Billy in every way possible.

At Crimson Lights, Michael overheard a conversation between Mariah and Kevin. Mariah and Kevin were debating how Kevin might obtain funding for the revolutionary security software his friend Natalie was developing. Kevin said he feared that Natalie might not wait for him to acquire the money. Mariah asked Kevin if he was considering accepting Victor's offer. Michael joined Kevin and Mariah and asked them to elaborate.

Kevin explained to Michael that he and Billy had an opportunity to invest in a product that would provide reliable Internet security. Mariah told Michael that Kevin had hoped to honor Billy by waiting for him to recover. Michael noted that Billy might never awaken. Michael warned Kevin that he'd be at a disadvantage if he formed a partnership with Victor because Victor would take all the glory, money, and credit and leave Kevin with nothing. Kevin couldn't hide his disappointment. Mariah seemed worried.

In the lounge at the Top of the Tower, Victor arrived seconds after a waiter set a bottle of chilled Champagne where Kevin was seated. Kevin scoffed and said he should've known who'd sent the secret message to meet at noon. Victor told Kevin that although Kevin wished to honor his deal with Billy, there was a strong possibility that Billy might not survive. Victor denounced Billy's habit of gambling and drinking and asked Kevin if he had dreams of changing his own life. Victor suggested that Kevin could "reach his full potential by partnering with someone who'd already reached his."

In a daydream, Kevin envisioned himself in Victor's office, whiling away his time playing foosball with Mariah. Kevin imagined Michael serving as his personal legal counsel. While Michael praised his brother's success, he stroked the painting of Kevin suspended above the fireplace mantel. Mariah lauded Kevin for being the most successful person they knew. Kevin said the best part was sharing his wealth with people the he loved.

Victor noted that Kevin seemed lost in thought and said, "Is the bubbly getting to you or what?" Kevin said he aspired to be a man who could turn down an offer from Victor Newman. Kevin recalled that he'd already made a deal with Billy.

Victor warned that Billy might not be the same even if he recovered. Victor offered financing and infrastructure for sales and distribution immediately. Kevin asked what role Victor would play. Victor replied, "I'd control the whole damn thing." Kevin declined. Victor noted that Kevin had hesitated before he'd declined, and they both knew what that meant. Kevin thanked Victor for lunch and left.

Jill returned to the hospital. She told Victoria, Lauren, and Michael that she'd approached Devon. Jill said Devon would talk to Dr. Neville about treating Billy. Jill noted that Dr. Neville couldn't ignore the guy who'd funded his research. Michael explained that Jill's efforts were futile. Jill cried, "We have to try everything, Michael." Michael explained that Billy had signed a legal document designating Jack to make health care decisions. Jill cried, "It's Jack's call if my son lives or dies?"

Kevin arrived at the hospital and quietly asked Michael about Billy. Michael explained that there had been no change. Kevin's face looked pale after Michael explained that the next step would be end-of-life decisions. Kevin said, "That sounds like he's not going to make it. I don't know what to say." Michael replied, "No one does." Kevin walked away.

In a suite, Nikki worked crossword puzzles while she waited for Neil. Her phone rang. Nikki said, "Neil! Finally!" When Nikki learned that Victor was phoning, she rejected the call. Nikki was unaware that Victor had learned about her meeting with Neil.

While Nikki continued to await Neil's arrival, he was across town at Jabot with Hilary. Nikki gave up on Neil and slowly descended the stairs. She searched for Neil in the dining room. Victor approached and said, "What were you doing upstairs? Were you meeting with Neil?"

In the lab at Jabot, Neil read Hilary's proposal. He made suggestions based on Jabot's new business model. He explained that Jabot didn't have the capital to fund every project. Hilary batted her eyes and said she realized that everything had to be completely compelling, so no one could turn it down. Neil succumbed to Hilary's charms and kissed her. Hilary pulled Neil close, and he unzipped her dress. Devon later stopped by in search of Hilary and spied Neil and Hilary making love on the sofa.

Jack Decides Billy's Fate

Jack Decides Billy's Fate

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Devon burst into the Jabot lab, but he stopped in his tracks when he spied Neil and Hilary making love in the office. Devon stared at them for a moment then rushed out, unseen.

After having sex with Hilary, Neil firmly stated that it shouldn't have happened, but Hilary gushed that loving one another had felt good and right. He replied that there had been nothing right about it, but she thought he just wouldn't let himself accept the truth. Neil stammered that he'd gotten caught up in the moment, but he wanted things to be the way they were supposed to be. Hilary insisted that they were, but Neil reiterated that he'd never meant for anything to happen. Hilary guessed that it had happened because he'd wanted it, or he would have chosen to meet Nikki in the hotel suite instead.

Hilary wondered why Neil was still fighting it, and he said she was married to his son. She insisted that she would never go back to Devon because Neil was the man she wanted, and there was nothing anyone could do to change that. Hilary understood that Neil didn't want to hurt Devon, but she thought it didn't change the fact that she loved Neil, not Devon. Neil recounted getting his sight back and seeing Hilary and Devon in bed together, and it had been like a knife through his heart every time he'd seen them kissing and laughing.

Neil refused to do that to Devon, and Hilary asked if Neil intended to punish himself for the rest of his life. She insisted that Neil was allowed to be happy, but he balked at doing it at his son's expense. Hilary asked if Neil had been spending time with Nikki to keep his mind off what he really wanted, and she purred that what Neil had with Nikki wasn't real, whereas what he had with Hilary was. Hilary proposed that she and Neil start the rest of the lives they were meant to have, but Neil apologized and said he couldn't be with her. He walked out over Hilary's protests.

At the Athletic Club, Lily told Cane that the twins had had fun going ice-skating with him, and he said it had made him happy to be with the kids. He asked her to let him know if she needed him to spend more time with the children, since he and Lily were still a team. Lily brightly remarked that things were great, but after an uncomfortable silence, she sat down and recognized that they weren't. She mentioned that Christmas had been great, and she wanted to know where she and Cane stood.

Cane said he wanted to continue parenting with Lily, but he apologized if he'd led her on. Lily swore that he hadn't, but she maintained that they'd had a nice time over the holidays, and he agreed. She mentioned their kiss under the mistletoe, and he noted that Neil had orchestrated it for the benefit of the kids. Lily suspected that there had been more to it, but Cane chalked it up to tradition. Lily accepted where things stood, and she promised not to make a fool of herself. Devon walked in, made a beeline for the bar, and grabbed a bottle of liquor.

Lily remarked that it was a little early to be drinking, but a surly Devon replied that it was the perfect time. He called Neil a "lying, two-faced son of a bitch" who had been all talk about wanting Devon and Hilary to get back together when Neil had wanted her for himself. Lily and Cane objected, but Devon announced that he'd seen Neil and Hilary having sex in the lab. Lily swore that Neil didn't love Hilary, but Devon slurred that he'd witnessed Neil loving Hilary a lot, even after everything Devon had done for Neil. Lily wondered what he was talking about.

Devon babbled that everyone thought Neil was a great guy, but Neil was really just a man who was sleeping with Devon's wife. Lily guessed that it had been a moment of weakness, but Devon ordered her to stop defending Neil, since it felt like payback. Lily pointed out that Neil had forgiven Devon and Hilary at their wedding, but Devon mumbled that Lily had no idea what Neil was capable of. Devon stumbled away, and Cane stopped Lily from following her brother. Lily huffed that she knew exactly who to talk to about it.

In the foyer, Victor testily asked if Nikki had been upstairs with Neil, and she vaguely replied that she might have been visiting anyone. Victor disapprovingly noted that she'd been spending a lot of time with Neil, and he referred to her kiss with Neil on New Year' Eve. Nikki downplayed the buss, but Victor insisted on knowing what she'd been doing upstairs when she'd supposedly had a lunch meeting. She incredulously inquired whether he was there to check up on her, and he ordered her not to embarrass him in public. Victor demanded to know if she was having an affair with Neil.

Nikki told Victor that Neil was a dear friend and that she and Neil understood one another, but Victor snapped that Nikki had booked a suite upstairs. She said Neil had been her rock, and Victor barked that he should fill that role as her husband. Nikki retorted that Victor was always at the office, and he reminded her that Paragon had almost ruined him. She lectured that he was putting work first at the expense of their marriage, but he insisted that he was doing it for his family.

Nikki blasted Victor for using Billy's tragedy to beat Jack out of a business deal instead of comforting Victoria, but Victor defended that he'd do anything for Victoria. Victor accused Nikki of trying to paint him in the worst light to divert attention away from her own "hanky-panky." Nikki admonished Victor for saying he was all about family when he didn't show it, and he demanded to know what she'd been doing in a suite with another man. Nikki complained that Victor wasn't listening, and he stormed out.

Later, Neil entered the club, and Devon drunkenly yelled that Neil had a lot of nerve. Cane held Devon back, and Devon demanded to know if Neil had planned to play him for a fool by showing him love and support then taking Devon's wife for himself. Devon snarled that he'd seen them having sex in the lab, and Neil wordlessly hung his head. Devon wondered if the sex had been extra good because Neil had finally gotten revenge.

Neil contended that he'd never meant for it to happen, but Devon wanted to know how long Neil had planned on jerking him around after everything Devon had done for Neil. Neil suggested that they talk in private, but Devon scoffed at the idea of being discreet when Neil had slept with Hilary in public. Devon recounted that Neil had forgiven him and had offered to help Devon get his wife back, but Devon had been stupid to believe that Neil had wanted him to be happy, since Neil still hated him. Neil insisted that it wasn't true, but Devon declared that Neil was no longer his father, and he stalked off.

Neil asked Cane to talk to Devon, and Nikki approached Neil and asked if he was all right. Neil admitted that he'd messed up by sleeping with Hilary when he'd intended to prove that Devon was the man Hilary loved. Nikki recognized that it would be hard to do if Neil still had feelings for Hilary, and Neil replied that he didn't want to have them. Neil regretted giving in, and he apologized to Nikki for dragging her into his scheme by staging a phony affair. Nikki revealed that his plan hadn't been a failure for her.

Nikki explained that the faux affair had made Victor jealous, and her husband had actually tracked her down and paid attention to her. Neil called Victor a chump for not putting her front and center, and she confided that Victor had growled and roared, but she thought he'd realized that he couldn't take her for granted. Neil asked if she wanted to keep their phony affair going.

Over drinks, Cane groaned to Devon that he'd taken Lily back, but she'd slept with Joe again, so he wasn't sure that he was the right man to give Devon advice. Devon asked if Cane still loved Lily, and Cane conceded that he was fine with co-parenting together. Devon noted that Lily still loved Cane, but Cane wasn't sure if he could let himself get hurt again. Devon pledged not to walk away from Hilary, since she was his soul mate, and he wouldn't just give up on the chance to live the life he knew they could have.

Lily stormed into the lab and asked where her dad was, and Hilary replied that Neil wasn't there. Lily shoved Hilary and said she'd thought Hilary had changed, but Hilary was the "same bitch" she'd always been. Lily snarled that Hilary was still playing the Winters family after all that time, and she berated Hilary for giving Devon hope. Hilary contended that she'd just tried to keep things friendly, and she tried to leave, but Lily demanded to know why Hilary had slept with Neil.

Hilary looked horrified, and Lily snidely recommended that she try locking the door the next time, since Devon had seen the couple together. Hilary panicked, but Lily accused Hilary of not caring about Devon. Hilary admitted that she loved Neil, but Lily pointed out that Devon loved Hilary. Hilary reiterated that she'd never lied about her feelings for Neil, and she'd tried to give back Devon's rings, but Devon had refused to take them. Lily accused Hilary of throwing her marriage to Devon away and destroying Devon and Neil's relationship in the process.

Hilary insisted that she hadn't been out to destroy anyone, but she was in love. Lily angrily asked if Hilary even knew what the word meant, and Hilary suggested that Lily fix her own marriage or just call Joe. Lily snapped that the difference between them was that she owned her mistakes, and she vowed to save her marriage, but she thought Devon and Neil might never bounce back from the damage Hilary had caused. Hilary swore that she'd never meant to hurt anyone, but nothing changed the fact that she loved Neil. Lily wished that Hilary had stayed at the bottom of the cliff.

Jack and Phyllis arrived at the hospital and learned that Billy's condition hadn't changed. Jack said he wanted to spend time with Billy, and Jill followed Jack into Billy's room. Victoria remarked that it would be a brutal conversation, and Phyllis asked what she meant. Victoria explained that whatever happened to Billy was in Jack's hands, and Billy had never gotten what he'd wanted in life. Lauren noted that Billy had Victoria and their kids, but Victoria clarified that Billy had wanted to be taken seriously. Victoria added that Billy had fought for respect, and she questioned whether they had any right to deny him that.

Phyllis was stunned to hear that the burden had been placed on Jack's shoulders. Michael explained that it had been Billy's decision to designate Jack on his healthcare power of attorney, and he assumed that Billy had told Jack about it. Phyllis was sure that Jack didn't know anything about it, and she worried what the information would do to Jack.

In Billy's room, Jill hoped Billy would bounce back the same way Jack and Phyllis had, but Jack thought Billy's injuries were different because of the brain trauma. Jill chided Jack for only seeing the worst, but Jack maintained that he wanted Billy to wake up as much as she did. Jill mentioned that she was working on a miracle, since she had been in touch with Dr. Neville, and Hilary was still alive because of the doctor. She added that she'd asked Devon to talk Dr. Neville into treating Billy, but Jack countered that he didn't have faith in Dr. Neville and his ego.

Jill argued that Phyllis was still with them because of an experimental treatment, but Victor had made that decision, and she questioned whether Jack would have made the safe choice instead of getting his wife back. Jack recognized that no one deserved a miracle more than Billy did, but he had to consider the facts of the case. Jill ranted that the doctors were talking as if her son were already dead, and she begged Jack not to let Billy die. Jack thanked God that it wasn't up to him, but Jill revealed that it was totally Jack's decision.

In the waiting area, Michael explained to Jack that the doctors had to comply with Jack's directives regarding Billy's medical care, and he headed out. Jack grappled with the decision and told Phyllis that he didn't want the responsibility. Jack relayed that Jill had pleaded for her son's life, and he wondered who he was to say no. Phyllis pointed out that Billy had trusted him to make the decision, but Jack pondered whether he should honor Billy's wishes to protect his dignity or rob Jill of the chance for a miracle. Jack locked eyes with Victoria, and he asked what she wanted him to do.

Victoria thought there was no choice to make if there was no hope or alternative, since Billy had made his opinion clear that a life spent on machines was no life at all. Phyllis asserted that both she and Jack had survived comas, and she thought they owed Billy the same chance, but Victoria countered that Phyllis and Jack hadn't suffered the same traumatic brain injuries or cardiac arrest. Phyllis argued that she was there because of an experimental treatment, and she thought there was a chance Dr. Neville could get Billy back. Victoria questioned what would happen if Billy got worse, and she thought they had to face the truth. Jack softly stated that he needed to be alone.

Jill and Lauren sat at Billy's bedside, and Jill tearfully questioned why Billy hadn't trusted her to take care of him. Lauren noted that Jack had always been there for Billy, and Jill acknowledged that Jack had been even when she hadn't. Jill regretted her mistakes, but she cried that Billy was the best part of her, and she loved him like no one else did. Lauren assured her that Billy knew that, and it was why he hadn't burdened her by putting her name on the legal document. Jill wailed that she had to sit there helplessly instead.

Later, Phyllis told Billy that she knew he was in there, and she asked him to give her a tiny twitch. She recognized that he'd never liked to be told what to do, but she thought she and Billy understood one another, since they both shot for the moon, and they owned it if they screwed up. She added that it was why she needed Billy to wake up and be her friend, but she became choked up and rushed out.

Victoria sat at Billy's side and quietly asked if he had any idea what he was doing to them, since it was an impossible situation for Jack. She yelled for Billy to wake up, and she sobbed that she couldn't do it. Jill entered and wrapped her arms around Victoria.

Jack stared at the papers, and John's ghost appeared and placed a hand on Jack's shoulder. Jack wished he had John's wisdom, and John said Billy had always had faith in Jack because Billy had known Jack would always look out for him. John was confident that love would be the basis of Jack's decision, and Billy had always burned hot and bright and hadn't been able to live any other way. Jack asked if that was the answer, and John said the decision was Jack's to make, but Jack knew what Billy wanted. John told Jack to have peace knowing that if he decided to let Billy go, John had the light on for Billy and would show him the way.

As Jack wiped away a tear, he looked up and saw Victor standing over him. "Not now," Jack barked, but Victor sat down and assured Jack that he wasn't there to fight. Victor stated that no matter what they thought of one another or how many battles they'd had, he could only imagine how tough the situation was for Jack. Victor sincerely said he was truly sorry for the burden on Jack's shoulders, but he knew Jack would make the right decision.

Phyllis became alarmed when she spotted Jack and Victor together, but Jack assured her that it was okay. Jill and Victoria exited Billy's room, and Jill realized that Jack had made a decision. Jack reflected back on being on the opposite sides of many fences with Billy over the years, but there had always been loved underneath. Jack said he had always wanted to protect his brother and had sometimes failed miserably, but his love for Billy had never failed, and Billy had trusted Jack enough to be his voice when he couldn't speak for himself.

Jack announced that he was going to respect Billy's wishes by telling the doctors to take Billy off all the machines, and he proclaimed that it was time for Billy to be free. Victoria hugged Victor, and Phyllis embraced Jack as Jill crumpled into tears.

Billy's Loved Ones Say Goodbye

Billy's Loved Ones Say Goodbye

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

At the Athletic Club, Nikki pondered what it would be like if she and Neil continued their faux affair to keep Victor guessing, and Neil warned that it could be dangerous. Nikki thought it was better than being bored, since life was passing her by while Victor kept promising that he'd find more time for her. She imagined the unexpected bad things that might happen instead, and Neil guessed that she was talking about Victoria.

Nikki worried that Billy and Victoria would never have the chance to share special occasions or even small moments together again, and she wanted to cherish those kinds of moments with Victor before it was too late. Neil suggested that Nikki be honest with Victor, but she thought Victor needed to be shaken back to the reality that he might lose the woman he loved if he didn't step up. Nikki declared that continuing the masquerade was the only way to get through to Victor.

At the hospital, Jack imagined that things would be different if Billy had any chance of recovery, but Victor flatly stated that there wasn't any chance. Victor admired Jack's courage for making the decision to honor Billy's wishes, but Jack clarified that he'd made the choice out of love, and he owed it to Billy to allow him to leave life with dignity. Victoria confirmed that it was the way Billy wanted it, and Jack prepared to tell the doctor. Jill refused to let Jack leave, and she vowed to take him to court and fight with everything she had to keep him from killing her son.

Phyllis argued that Jack wasn't the one killing Billy -- the person who'd run Billy down had done it. Victor said it was only fair to point out that the driver might never have known they'd hit anyone, but Jill tearfully questioned what was fair about her son being on life support or the fact that the one person deciding his fate hadn't supported Billy's desire to turn his life around. Phyllis begged Jill to stop attacking Jack, and Victoria asked Jill to take a walk with her. Jill told Jack not to make any decisions without her consent, and she and Victoria departed.

Victor opined that Billy wouldn't want to be a burden on his family, but Jack asserted that he would have also stood by Billy's decision if Billy had wanted to stay on life support. Traci entered and hugged Jack, and she assured him that he didn't have to go through it alone. She added that it was Billy's decision, and they'd deal with it as a family.

At Newman Enterprises, Chelsea praised Abby's marketing ideas for the new clothing line, and she asked how Billy was doing. Abby reported that there had been no change, and she groaned that she felt powerless. Abby griped that not being able to talk to Stitch made it even harder, but he needed time alone with Max. Marisa marveled that it was an amazing gift to raise a child, and Abby mumbled that it was one way to look at it. Abby acknowledged that what she was dealing with was nothing compared to Victoria's situation, and she condemned the heartless person who'd mowed down Billy. Luca eavesdropped.

In Victor's office, Adam tried to discuss business with Noah, who was obviously not listening. Noah apologized for spacing out, and he said he didn't yet have the information Adam needed. Adam pressed to get numbers that night, and he hoped Noah wasn't blowing off the request just because it had to do with Luca's project. Adam urged Noah not to let Luca beat him, and he told Noah to focus on their plan to oust the Santoris. Adam recognized that deception wasn't second nature to Noah, but he ordered Noah to man up and channel the Newmans' talent for treachery and deceit.

Noah asked how Adam had lived with a lie after he'd decided not to turn himself in for running down Delia, and Adam explained that he'd told himself that no good would have happened from stepping forward, since it wouldn't have gotten Delia back. Adam added that he'd also been selfish because he'd had too much to lose, and he'd thought he'd made peace with it, but it hadn't worked. Adam wondered what was going on with Noah, but Luca interrupted and asked for the production schedule. Adam said Noah was tweaking it, and Noah left.

Luca asked if Adam had found out Marco's exact location, and Adam relayed that Victor was keeping the information on ice, but he'd obtained the direct number of the prison warden, who would put Marco on the phone for a price. Luca called the number, and after he hung up, he informed Adam that another inmate had killed Marco a few nights before. Adam speculated that Luca's father had gotten to Marco, but Luca accused Victor of arranging Marco's death. Adam contended that Victor wasn't a killer.

Meanwhile, Chelsea mentioned that she'd heard the police had questioned a bookie, but Abby revealed that there had been no evidence that the bookie had been the driver, so the authorities had hit a wall. Noah walked in as Chelsea remarked that the police had to keep looking for suspects. Abby asked Noah if Kevin had said anything about the investigation, and Noah grappled for a response.

Jack called Abby and told her to get to the hospital, since they were going to honor Billy's wishes by turning off the machines. Marisa guessed that it was bad news, and Abby numbly disclosed that Jack had decided to let Billy go. Chelsea excused herself, and she barged into Victor's office and asked to talk to Adam. Luca stepped out, and Chelsea told a stunned Adam that the Abbotts were taking Billy off life support.

At the Top of the Tower bar, Mariah teased Kevin for his dream of having a foosball table in his office if he became filthy rich. Kevin defended that Victor had asked the question under pressure, and Mariah asked what Kevin's real fantasy was. Kevin replied that it didn't matter, since he'd turned down both Victor and Jack to stay loyal to Billy. She questioned where Kevin and his "hacker babe" would go from there, and she pointed out that Jack was the lesser of two evils. Kevin suspected that Jack had bigger things on his mind.

Noah and Marisa arrived at the restaurant, and Marisa told Kevin and Mariah about the call Abby had received from Jack about saying goodbye to Billy. Noah ordered tequila and told the bartender to keep serving him until he couldn't feel anything. Marisa reiterated to Noah that the accident hadn't been his fault, and he coolly replied that it had been exactly what Adam had told himself when he'd killed Billy's daughter. Noah said it didn't change the fact that Billy was going to die because of what Noah had done, and Marisa instructed Noah to lower his voice, since no one had to know if he kept it together. She insisted that it would only create more pain if Noah confessed, and Noah chugged his drink and remarked that the least he could do was dull it.

Noah continued to toss back drinks, and Luca arrived and pulled Marisa aside. Marisa revealed that Billy was about to go off life support, and Luca reported that Marco was dead, so that defeated his plan to take over his father's empire. Marisa noted that Luca had a bright future at Newman, but Luca scowled at the thought of continuing to take orders from Victor. Luca was sure Victor had ordered a hit on Marco, and he pledged to find leverage in other places. Marisa reminded Luca of his promise not to use Noah's accident against him, and Luca agreed to keep his promise, but it killed him that the Newmans had all the power. Luca questioned what he had, and Marisa replied that he had her. "Do I?" he asked.

Mariah had the bartender cut Noah off, and she demanded to know why Noah was acting like an idiot. She mentioned that he'd arrived with Marisa, and she asked what had changed. "Everything," Noah replied.

In a hospital waiting area, Jill pledged to take her case to the Supreme Court if she had to, but Victoria pointed out that the law was on Jack's side. Jill thought it would at least keep Billy with them a little longer, but Victoria remained silent. Jill questioned how Victoria would tell her kids that she hadn't given their father every chance, and Victoria swore that she'd be fighting along with Jill if there was any hope, but Billy had no brain activity. Victoria continued that the Billy they knew and loved was gone, and he wouldn't want a life like that. Victoria insisted that she loved him, too, but she had to prove it to him by letting him go.

Victoria cried that she couldn't face it alone, and she needed Jill to help her. Jill sobbed that she couldn't help because she couldn't bear it, and the women hugged. Victoria called Chelsea and asked her to pick up Johnny and Katie and take them to the hospital. Chelsea agreed that the kids needed to be with their mom and dad. Adam pulled Chelsea close and held her.

Abby arrived at the hospital, and she informed Victor that she'd left messages for Stitch and Ashley. Ashley rushed in, and Traci observed that she looked pale. Ashley claimed that she'd been working at the lab, and she asked if there was any hope. Traci pulled Abby and Ashley out to get some air as Nikki and Neil walked in, and Victor barked that only family should be there. Neil said he didn't want to argue, but he was there to support Jack, and he went to find his friend. Nikki glared at Victor.

Jack thanked Neil for being there, and he confided that everyone expected him to be strong, but he'd never felt that alone in his life. Ashley overheard and said Jack wasn't alone, and she apologized for taking such a long time to get there. Neil stepped away, and Ashley told Jack that they were all behind Jack's decision to honor Billy's wishes. Jill approached and announced that not everyone was, but she conceded that it wouldn't do any good to give Jack a hard time, since she knew he was doing what he thought Billy wanted. Jack thanked her for saying that, and he suggested that they gather the people who loved Billy to say goodbye.

Chelsea and Adam arrived at the hospital with Johnny and Katie, and Victor fawned over the children. Victor requested a moment with Adam, and Chelsea took the kids to find Victoria down the hallway. Adam said it wasn't the time to discuss business, but Victor countered that life went on even in the face of death. Adam reported that he'd followed the plan to the letter, and Luca could no longer use Victor's connection to Marco against them. Victor told Adam to go to Spain that night to meet a contact who had information about the Santoris that the Newmans could use against them. Adam protested that he wanted to stay with Chelsea, but Victor ominously stated that Adam's future depended on him taking the trip, so Adam would leave that night.

Victoria hugged her kids and said she was happy to see them, and she explained that their daddy was hurt, so the doctors had hooked him up to machines to help him. She added that what would really help was seeing them, and she swore that Billy would know they were there, even though he was sleeping.

Billy's loved ones took turns sitting with and talking to him. Ashley bemoaned to Billy that they'd wasted a lot of time arguing about stupid things, and she would do anything to get that time back with him. She said she might be joining him wherever he was going, and he'd been the only person she'd told about that, but she was determined to try her hardest to stick around to be with all the people they loved. Ashley sobbed that she loved Billy "so much."

Abby told Billy that she'd always depended on him to mess up to make her look good. She admitted that she was a mess, but she needed to grow up and be a wife and stepmom. Abby wondered how Billy could leave her when she needed him, and she contemplated who else would peel her off the ceiling. She realized that she was again making things all about herself, and she promised that she'd still talk to Billy a lot.

Traci apologized to Billy for being out of touch when she should have realized what he'd been going through. She wished that she had been the kind of person he could have talked to when things had been spiraling out of control, and she sobbed that she'd regret for the rest of her life that she hadn't been the sister he'd needed. Traci insisted that it wasn't goodbye, and she envisioned Billy meeting John, Colleen, Katherine, and Delia again. "Godspeed," Traci whispered, and she professed her love.

Kevin told Billy that he wished he'd never involved Billy in the project, even though he'd thought it had been an opportunity for both of them to do something positive with their lives. Kevin admitted that he felt responsible for Billy's accident. Kevin promised that when the project became a success, he wouldn't forget that Billy had believed in him.

Phyllis told Billy that it was a first that she didn't know what to say, and she wondered who else would help her "irritate the hell" out of Victor. She called Billy fierce, brave, and passionate, and she said he was one of her few friends. She recognized that he understood who she was and that he had called her out on her "crap," accepting her despite her flaws and making her laugh. Phyllis mused that the world would be a dull place without him.

Jill sobbed that it was wrong, and she hoped Billy knew that she'd fought the decision. She recalled that she'd fought for him to enter the world, and she wailed that he shouldn't be going out before her, but he would be. "Goodbye, my baby, my angel. Goodbye, my sweet, sweet Billy," Jill whimpered as she broke down in tears.

Chelsea told Billy that he'd made her feel alive again after she'd thought Adam had been gone forever, and she wanted to believe that she'd done the same for Billy after he'd lost Delia. She said she would be forever grateful, and she'd think of him every time she looked into Connor's eyes. Adam comforted Chelsea, and he said people like Billy never really died but lived on in their hearts and minds. Adam told Billy that he was a good man, and he led Chelsea toward the door and informed her that he had to leave on business. She whined that she needed him then, but he insisted that it was important, and he thought Victor might have been right in that life had to go on.

Neil approached Victor and Nikki, and Victor implied that Neil should give the family some privacy. Nikki told Victor not to let her stop him from going back to the office, but her place was with Victoria and their grandchildren. Neil offered to make sure that Nikki got home, and Victor stalked off. Nikki assured Neil that she could find her own ride home, and Neil asked if she was sure about what she was doing with Victor. Nikki proclaimed that her plan was working beautifully, and she thanked Neil. They hugged.

Jack held the door for Victoria and her kids as they entered Billy's room. Victoria reiterated to the children that their daddy was sleeping, and he would be asleep for a long time. Johnny whispered that he knew, and Victoria instructed her son to tell Billy goodnight and sweet dreams. Johnny set one of his toys beside Billy, and Victoria said his daddy would always keep it with him, just like they'd keep Billy in their hearts. She struggled against tears as she held her children.

Victoria emerged from the room with the kids, and the Abbotts comforted one another. Jack stepped into Billy's room, and Phyllis stood at his side. He looked at a nurse and solemnly nodded, and she began shutting down the equipment. "Be at peace, Billy," Jack said as he placed his hand over Billy's heart.

Kevin opened the door to Victor's office, and Victor greeted him. Kevin explained that he'd honored his commitment to Billy, but his own involvement in the project would die if he didn't line up another investor, and Jack was in no position to discuss it. Victor chuckled, and he asked if Kevin was ready to make a deal. Kevin replied that he was, and he extended his hand. Victor shook it and called Kevin a smart boy.

At the penthouse, Adam prepared to leave for Spain, and he asked Chelsea to give Connor a kiss from him. Chelsea had a bad feeling about Adam leaving, but she chalked it up to there being too many goodbyes that night. Adam assured her that everything would be fine, and they exchanged declarations of love. Adam left, and Chelsea heard a thud in the hallway and rushed to the door. Meanwhile, the elevator doors closed before she saw Adam with his hands up and a hood over his head.

Billy's Out-of-Body Experience

Billy's Out-of-Body Experience

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Chelsea listened at the penthouse door after she'd heard a noise in the hallway. She opened the door, but no one was there.

At the hospital, Nikki offered to take Johnny and Katie home. Nikki headed out with the children, but Jill asked them to wait. Jill asked Johnny for a hug, and she picked him up and held him close.

The nurse turned off the machines keeping Billy alive, and Jack told Billy to be at peace. The nurse advised that it would take some time, and Jack mentioned that the doctors had said Billy's heart would keep beating until it stopped. The nurse stepped out, and Jack sat at Billy's side and said he was sorry, since there had been much more for Billy. Billy's spirit appeared next to Jack and announced that there was a lot more for him because he was still alive, so Jack could "cheer up already."

Billy wondered why Jack couldn't hear him, and Jack stood up and headed to the door, pausing to somberly look back at the hospital bed before he exited. Billy chased after him, but he turned around and saw his seemingly lifeless body in the bed, and he realized that he wasn't "all that alive after all." Jack told Ashley, Jill, Victoria, and Phyllis that it was over, but Billy's heart would keep beating for a while. Ashley whimpered that it wasn't long before they'd lose Billy, and she hugged Jack. Billy recognized that it had been his fault for doing that to all of them.

Billy questioned what was going on, since it was "hell" for him to watch his family grieve for him, and he begged them not to make him watch Victoria go through it. Jack asked if Victoria was okay, and she tearfully replied that Billy wasn't gone yet because she would have felt it. Jack relayed that the nurse had said it wouldn't be long, and Billy wondered whether he was in some sort of limbo. Victoria worried that Billy was scared, but Billy insisted that he wasn't, and Jack assured Victoria that he wouldn't have turned the machines off if he'd thought Billy was frightened. Victoria pondered whether she should be with Billy or if that would only keep him from going.

Victoria reflected back on the millions of pictures she'd taken of Billy with the kids, but they would never be enough. Billy called himself an idiot, and he said the smartest thing he'd ever done had been to marry her. He recognized that he'd made her too many promises, and he'd never gotten it right, but he had to get it right that time. Billy pleaded that they had to let one another go, and he was sure that she and the kids would have a great life. Victoria grappled with whether or not to be with Billy, and he insisted that he didn't want her crying over him. Victoria suddenly decided that she should be with her children, and she walked out. Jack pounded the wall with his fist.

Jack lamented to Phyllis that he was supposed to protect his kid brother, not turn off the machines. Phyllis told Jack that it had been brave of him to do what had needed to be done, and she assured him that Billy knew Jack loved him. Billy urged Jack to listen to his wife, and he implored Jack to trust Phyllis the way Billy trusted Jack. Jack asked about Traci, and Phyllis said being at the hospital had been too much for his sister, so someone had taken her home. Billy felt like a jerk for making Traci be there after what she'd been through with Colleen.

Jill told Ashley that she'd wanted Billy to make things right with Victoria for his sake, but she regretted the things she'd said to him. Ashley said Billy had wanted the same thing, but he'd gotten in his own way, and Billy knew what had been in Jill's heart. Jill wondered if Billy knew how hard she'd fought Jack's decision or if he'd considered it another rejection, like when she'd sent him to boarding school. Jill cried that she'd never tried to push him away, and Ashley said Billy knew that.

Billy stood close to Jill and told her that things would be okay soon, and he said he loved her and knew she loved him. Ashley confided that she'd said horrible things to Billy, too, but she'd meant none of it. Billy admitted that he'd screwed up, but he'd wanted to try to fix it by doing right by their family, Jabot, and Victoria. He swore that they'd never have to worry about him letting them down again.

At Top of the Tower, Noah told Mariah to stop and let him think in peace. She reminded him that she was his big sister, and she'd learned from watching television that she was supposed to badger him until he talked so she could help him. Noah refused to drag her into it, but Mariah pointed out that she was begging to know, since he was clearly twisted up about something. He said he appreciated her concern, but he insisted that there was nothing to talk about. She questioned why he'd been worried about dragging her into it then, and she pushed to find out what it was, since he couldn't stay quiet about it forever.

At the Newman office, Victor welcomed Kevin to the Newman Enterprises family, and he declared that Kevin was one of them. Kevin sarcastically replied that it didn't sound ominous at all, and Victor reminded Kevin that he'd gotten what he'd asked for. Kevin pointed out that it had only happened because Billy wasn't going to make it, and Victor replied that Billy's demise had been the unfortunate result of the path Billy had taken. Kevin wished he didn't feel like he was dancing on Billy's grave.

Later, Victor declared that he and Kevin had solidified the terms of their agreement, and he wanted to see all the research Kevin had done. Kevin balked, and he revealed that some of the research and development had involved hacking and maneuvering that hadn't been completely legal. Victor noted that he was wiring money into Kevin's account as they spoke, and that meant Victor owned the idea. Noah burst in and asked for a word with Victor, and Kevin left.

Noah imagined that Victor had heard about Billy being taken off life support, and Victor promised that he would take care of Victoria and her children. Noah was horrified that Billy's death would make him a killer, but Victor warned that Noah would be on his own if he stepped forward. Victor doubted that Noah telling the truth would help anyone, and Billy's spirit appeared and clucked that Noah seemed to be getting a lecture. Noah thought that staying quiet wouldn't help anyone but himself, but Victor reiterated that confessing would hurt a lot of people.

Billy scoffed at Victor's idea of family loyalty, and Noah stressed that he wanted to do the right thing. Victor asserted that their family needed to pull together and heal, and he crowed that his latest deal would make enough money to secure future generations. Noah couldn't believe Victor was talking about business when Billy's heart was failing. Victor declared that revolutionizing Internet security would do much good in the world, and he suggested that he give some of the profits to a charity. Billy spat that it had been his deal.

Noah thought there was no point in talking about it because Victor had always hated Billy, and Victor admitted that he'd always hated the idea of Billy with Victoria, but it didn't mean he wanted Billy dead. Noah was skeptical, and Victor told Noah to get back to work. After Noah left, Victor sat back in his chair and said to himself that Billy was a degenerate and a drunk, but Billy had given him his grandchildren and the technology deal, so he hoped Billy rested in peace.

Chelsea stopped by to see Victor and said she needed to know where Adam had gone for business. Victor replied that it was confidential, and she wondered why he was being secretive. He vaguely stated that sometimes it was better to have secrets in business, but Chelsea sensed that something was off with the timing, and she was worried because Adam hadn't called her from the plane. She argued that Adam should be home with her and Connor, since it was a traumatic time for all of them.

Victor expressed condolences because he knew Chelsea had been close with Billy, and she replied that it was hard on everyone who cared about Billy. Chelsea insisted that she needed to talk to Adam, but he hadn't been answering his cell phone. Victor called the pilot and inquired whether the plane had taken off on time, and he found out that Adam had never shown up.

Meanwhile, Kevin reflected back on when he and Billy had bonded when Delia had been sick, and he'd covered for Billy when no one was supposed to have known Billy was in town. Kevin noted that he and Billy had been neither enemies nor friends, but their relationship had started and ended in the hospital. Mariah wished she could say something to make it easier, and Kevin divulged that he'd gone right from Billy's bedside to Victor's office. Mariah was shocked that Kevin had made a deal with Victor, and she marveled that Kevin was a millionaire. Kevin expected that Victor would screw him over, but he reasoned that Natalie would have taken her program elsewhere if he'd waited.

Billy's spirit appeared and snarled that Kevin hadn't even waited for Billy's body to be cold before Kevin had struck a deal with the devil himself. Kevin told Mariah that he'd thought about waiting to go to Jack, but he'd imagined that Natalie wouldn't wait for the Abbotts to grieve. Kevin expected Mariah to lay into him, and Billy eagerly hoped she would. Mariah noted that Billy also hadn't played by the rules and that the deal hadn't been locked in, and she advised Kevin not to torture himself over it. Kevin guessed that Billy would have done the same thing in Kevin's position, but Billy hissed that he would have kept his word, and he was amazed that no one seemed to know him.

Noah returned to the bar, and Kevin sympathized that it had been a tough night for Noah and his family. Noah coolly replied that it was why he was going to drink himself through it in silence, and Kevin cautioned that it wouldn't help, since things would still suck when Noah sobered up. Kevin recommended that Noah be with his family so they could get through it together, and Mariah suggested that perhaps the police had found some new leads. Mariah expressed confidence that someone would eventually pay for what they'd done to Billy, and she thought Noah had to hold onto that. Noah chugged a drink.

At Crimson Lights, Victoria found Nikki having cookies with Johnny and Katie. Victoria reported that she'd almost gone into the room to be with Billy, but she thought he'd want her to be with the kids instead. Victoria lamented that Katie wouldn't have any memories of Billy and that Johnny's would eventually fade until there was nothing left. Nikki pointed out that the kids would have Victoria's memories and stories, so Victoria would keep Billy alive for them, but Victoria countered that it wouldn't be in the way they needed. Victoria cried that they deserved to know their father, and Billy's spirit appeared as Victoria called Billy an incredible person whose children were his truest joy. "There's somebody who knows me," Billy mused.

Nikki went to the counter to get another cookie, and Billy sat down between the kids and wondered how he'd missed them getting that big. He recognized that he was going to miss more, but he told them that they had the best mom ever, and Victoria would always be there for them, unlike Billy. He regretted that he'd left their big sister alone in the car and that he was about to leave them, but he was grateful that he'd never be able to hurt them or let them down. Billy asked the children to tell Victoria that everything would be okay whenever they saw that she was sad. Billy started to leave, but Katie cried out, "Dada!"

Victoria blurted out that it was Katie's first word, and she panicked that something was happening. Nikki regretted that Billy hadn't gotten to hear it, but Billy said he had heard it, and it had been beautiful. Nikki offered to take the kids home while Victoria went back to the hospital, and she advised that last moments were important, no matter how much they might hurt. Victoria prayed that it wasn't too late, and she rushed out. Nikki told the kids that their mommy would be just fine, and she started to bundle them up. She found the toy car that Johnny had left at Billy's bedside, and she wondered how the boy had gotten it.

Phyllis entered Billy's room and found Jill at his bedside, and Jill said he shouldn't be alone. Phyllis replied that Jill shouldn't be, either, and Jill marveled that Billy was the most perfect thing she'd ever seen. Jill wondered if Katherine would be there to rip him up for being a fool or to take him in her arms and hug him. Jill wailed that she didn't want him to go, and she realized that she was still trying to protect him, since he was still her baby.

Jill commented how much Katie and Johnny looked like Billy, and she thought that Billy had always felt things too deeply. Jill cried that she would never see his smile again, but Phyllis assured her that Johnny and Katie would have Billy's spirit with them forever. Jill questioned whether Billy was still in there or if his soul had already gone away while his heart was waiting to catch up. The nurse peered in, and Jill put her head on Billy's chest and sobbed.

In the waiting area, Ashley asked Jack if they'd be sitting there if their dad was still alive, and Jack recalled how much John had doted on Billy. Jack said it felt like there was a fist around his heart that was getting tighter, and it wasn't about him losing a brother but about Billy never having a chance to set things right. Jack added that when Billy died, everything that could have been would die with him. Phyllis and Jill emerged from Billy's room, and Jack anticipated that Billy wouldn't be with them much longer.

Jill, Jack, Ashley, and Phyllis sat with Billy, and they agreed not to stand in his way, since they loved him and had to let him go. Jill said it was wrong, and she knew Billy had gone through losing a child with Delia, but none of them should ever have to go through it. Jack said it was time for them to say goodbye, but Ashley told him not to say that, since they would all see one another and be together again someday. "Until we see you next," Ashley told Billy.

Billy's spirit peered in at his family sitting at his bedside. "Daddy?" a familiar voice cried out, and Billy turned and saw Delia. She asked how he was doing, and she added that he'd better be honest. He admitted that he was a little confused, but seeing her was better than he'd imagined. She recognized that he was sad, and he explained that he'd thought he'd been ready to go, but he wasn't sure anymore. Delia asked if it was because of Katie and Johnny, and Billy said he didn't know what he was supposed to do.

Billy bemoaned that he'd messed up a lot of stuff, and he should have fought to be a better person and father, but he was out of time. Delia assured him that he wasn't, and she told him to fix it. Billy pointed out that she was there and that he'd missed her, but she chirped that she was okay, and she held up her hands, which were adorned with Katherine's rings. Delia stressed that she was fine, but Billy wasn't, and she ordered, "Now go."

Billy contemplated staying with Delia to make sure she wasn't sad or lonely, but Victoria arrived at the hospital, and Delia stared at her. Billy followed Delia's gaze, and he said he loved Delia very much. Delia replied that she loved him, too, and she repeated for him to go. Billy's spirit passed through Victoria on his way back to the hospital room, and Victoria felt it.

Jack softly stated that it was time, and Victoria entered the room. Billy's monitor began beeping loudly, and Ashley asked if that was normal. The puzzled nurse said it wasn't, and she incredulously announced that there was brain activity. "Billy's coming back to us," Victoria declared.

Adam's Captors Make a Demand

Adam's Captors Make a Demand

Friday, January 15, 2016

At the hospital, Paul and Dylan approached Dr. Delafield, and Paul mentioned that he'd heard Billy was breathing on his own. The doctor suggested that they take their inquiries to family members, since he wasn't allowed give them any information. Paul asserted that they were trying to solve a hit-and-run, and Dylan asked when they could speak to Billy. Dr. Delafield replied that he had no idea when Billy would wake up or what he'd remember.

Victoria sat at Billy's hospital bedside, and she placed Johnny's toy car next to Billy for luck. She asked Billy to forgive her for thinking that he'd been leaving them, since she knew he'd never give up without a fight. She noted that he'd already mastered breathing on his own again, and she said she needed him to open his eyes. She begged him to wake up, and she put her head down next to him. She felt his fingers move, and she bolted upright. "Hey, Vic," Billy rasped.

Victoria wanted to get the doctor, but Billy grabbed her hand. She promised she'd be right back, and she imagined that he was overwhelmed after going through a terrible ordeal. She thanked God he was back.

Outside Billy's room, Paul fretted that every moment that passed meant less of a chance to find the driver. Dylan recalled Paul's advice to use a slow, methodical process, but Paul burst into the room. Victoria said he shouldn't be in there, but Paul pushed to know if Billy had seen anything. Victoria protested that Billy had nearly died, and Billy joked that it was just a flesh wound. Paul argued that the colder a case got, the more difficult it would be to solve. Victoria doubted Billy was coherent enough to provide a license number, and Billy drifted off. Victoria panicked and yelled for him to wake up.

Dr. Delafield examined Billy and determined that he was stable, but he was a long way from a full recovery and needed rest. The doctor ordered everyone to step out, and Victoria berated Paul for pressuring Billy about the accident. She worried that Billy might never wake up again, but Dylan noted that the doctor had said Billy was recovering. Victoria barked that Billy had been until Paul had walked in, and it was possible that she'd never hear another word from Billy. She refused to let them hurt Billy, and Paul agreed to return when Billy was stronger. Victoria prayed that happened.

Victoria returned to the room asked how Billy was, and Dr. Delafield reported that his vitals were normal and that his brain function was improving, so there was no reason to think he wouldn't wake up again. Victoria inquired whether there was any way for her to help Billy, and the doctor suggested spending time with him, talking and telling stories. Dr. Delafield exited, and Victoria sat down and prepared to tell a story about an entitled, obnoxiously reserved princess and a gambling, womanizing, charming frog. She wasn't sure of the ending yet, but she was determined to make it a good one.

Victoria spun a story about the princess getting arrested on her wedding day and being kidnapped because she'd associated with the wrong toads. She added that the frog had always reassured the princess that their marriage had been worth saving and that she'd never love another frog the same way. Billy didn't respond, and Victoria softly stated that she'd made the mistake of shutting him out of her life, but he'd kept returning to her. She called him a "foolish frog," and she pleaded, "Come back now, Billy, please, so we can have our happy ending together."

At Crimson Lights, Mariah scolded Kevin for summoning her there when she was supposed to be at work, and she asked what was that urgent. Kevin announced that Billy hadn't died when he'd been taken off life support, and she wondered how that was possible when Billy had supposedly been brain-dead. Kevin called it a medical miracle, and Mariah realized that it wasn't good for them. Kevin groaned that he should have waited, and Mariah quipped that they were about to be in "a stomping ground of crap between the Abbotts and Newmans." A bespectacled young woman walked in and demanded Kevin's phone.

Kevin handed over his phone, and Mariah testily asked who the woman was and where she got off barging in and telling them what to do, but the woman snapped that she had no time for pleasantries. Kevin inquired whether the woman was downloading her latest version of the software, and Mariah realized the woman was Natalie. Natalie explained that she'd changed the settings on Kevin's phone so no one could track them, and he had 18 to 24 hours to stash her someplace. "Or not," Mariah haughtily replied.

Kevin officially introduced Mariah and Natalie, but Natalie barked that she had no time for socializing, since she didn't feel safe. Mariah moved to leave, but Kevin stopped her and suggested that they give Natalie a chance to explain things. Natalie revealed that people were after her, so she had to stay out of sight. Natalie reluctantly admitted that another group of investors had found out about the project, and when she hadn't heard from Kevin about the money, she'd said yes to someone else.

Kevin demanded to know why Natalie had made another deal when he'd already taken money from Victor, and Natalie said the other investors had caught her off guard when they'd called. Kevin wondered how they'd even known about the project, and Mariah quipped that they could hire a security expert to find out. Natalie explained that she'd already made the other deal when Kevin had told her he'd gotten the money, and she'd thought she could back out, but she hadn't been able to. Mariah scoffed at the idea of Natalie being a genius, and Natalie said the other investors had threatened her if she didn't keep her end of the bargain, so she'd left the country and gone there.

Natalie reluctantly admitted that she'd kept the investors' money, and Mariah called Natalie a liar and a thief. Kevin defended Natalie, but Mariah ranted that Natalie had totally screwed them over, so Natalie had to go. Kevin reasoned that they couldn't desert Natalie because they still had to deliver the product to Victor, and they had to protect her. Mariah demanded to know if Natalie had said anything to the other investors about Kevin or Victor, and Natalie divulged that the investors might have hacked into her computer.

Mariah found the hack ironic, and Kevin asked how it had happened. Natalie confessed that there were issues with her program, and it might not work as well as she'd thought. Mariah called Natalie a fake, and she bet Natalie couldn't even yodel. Natalie guessed that Mariah could do nothing that took brains or skill.

Kevin and Mariah escorted Natalie to a suite at the Athletic Club, and Natalie nervously looked around the room. Mariah growled that there was nothing she liked about Natalie, and Kevin asked if Mariah was jealous. Natalie reported that the room was clear, and Mariah dryly noted that no one had known they were taking her there. Natalie asked why Mariah was being hostile, but Mariah countered that she was being nice. Kevin suggested that Natalie work on fixing the program, and he assured Mariah that everything would be fine.

Kevin and Mariah exited the room, and he said they had to keep Natalie happy while she worked out the kinks in the program. He asked Mariah to run to Crimson Lights to keep Natalie fed and caffeinated, and he insisted that the reward would be huge, since they stood to make millions. Mariah questioned how much they stood to make if they didn't keep Natalie safe, and she contemplated contacting the investors and offering Natalie's whereabouts, which might be more profitable.

Kevin protested, and Mariah noted that he seemed emotionally attached to Natalie. Kevin stressed that he was attached to Natalie's idea, and he didn't want to double-cross her, especially since he already felt terrible about Billy. Kevin swore that they could do amazing things if they stayed aboveboard. Natalie suddenly opened the door and curtly demanded food. Mariah recalled when Ian had kidnapped her and tried to marry her, and she huffed that it had been more enjoyable than dealing with Natalie.

At Newman Enterprises, an investigator reported to Victor that there had been no sign of Adam, and Victor ordered the investigator to find out whether the Santoris had had anything to do with Adam's disappearance. Chelsea burst in and demanded to know "where the hell" her husband was. Victor dismissed the investigator, and Chelsea asked if Victor knew where Adam was, since they both knew he hadn't boarded the jet. Victor suggested that Adam had flown commercial, but she countered that Adam hadn't called her or answered his phone. Chelsea asked where Victor had sent Adam, but Victor replied that he couldn't tell her.

Chelsea wondered if Adam's disappearance was related to whatever he'd been working on with Luca, and Victor warned her not to get mixed up with the Santoris. She huffed that she didn't want her husband affiliated with them, either, and she worried that something had gone wrong. Victor insisted that she was overreacting, and he promised to let her know once he found out anything. Victor speculated that perhaps Adam hadn't wanted her to know where he'd gone, and she incredulously asked if Victor was insinuating that Adam was cheating on her.

Victor swore that he wasn't suggesting anything of the kind, but he thought there might be another woman involved -- Adam's mother. Victor theorized that Adam had wanted to spend some time away at the farm, but Chelsea pointed out that she and Adam had gotten married there, so he would have mentioned it. She was sure that Adam hadn't been looking for reasons to leave, since he'd wanted to be home with her and their son. Victor argued that Adam had also wanted to be part of the family business, but Chelsea countered that Adam had wanted to be Victor's son. Victor stated that Adam was, and he told her to stop worrying.

In an Athletic Club suite, Marisa rolled over in bed and saw Luca standing across the room. She asked if he'd gotten any sleep, and he replied that he had a lot on his mind, since he'd been counting on the Santoris' connection to Marco to expose his family's illegal activities. Marisa reached out her hand, and Luca joined her in bed. Luca declared that he wasn't giving up, but he needed another plan of attack. He intended to talk to Adam to make sure Adam hadn't changed his mind about working together, and he vowed to get what was rightfully his, no matter what it took. Marisa seductively asked Luca to stay a little longer, and they kissed and fell back into bed.

After having sex with Marisa, Luca reflected back on the time when he'd thought he'd never have her in his arms again, and she said she'd missed what they'd had at the very beginning, before his family had interfered. He wondered if she was over the shock of having him reenter her life, and she pointed out that their lives had changed since they'd last been together. Luca swore that his love for her had never changed, and he wanted to give her an amazing future. He thought they were close to having the life they'd dreamed of when they'd gotten married, and he pledged to find another way to prove his father was involved in illegal dealings. Marisa declared that she might have a way to do it.

Marisa referred to her years with Marco, when he'd trusted her and introduced her to some of his associates. Luca guessed that those people had also had dealings with his father, and he asked how to find them. She explained that she remembered bits and pieces, but she had to try to reconstruct things in her mind. She recalled that she'd kept a journal, and she volunteered to check it to see if it pointed them in the right direction. Luca insisted that he didn't want her involved in that life anymore, but she wanted to help. Luca questioned whether her intent was to help him or to protect Noah.

Marisa reiterated that she wanted to assist with legitimizing Luca's family's business, and she could help with pushing his father out if that was the best way to do it. Luca noted that she was always careful about what she said and what she didn't say, and he surmised that she wasn't ready to commit to a future with him. Marisa explained that she needed more time to sort out her feelings, since Luca still shared many traits with his father. Luca conceded that he'd go to any length to get what he wanted, but he was also a man of his word, and he'd promised that he wouldn't use the information about Noah. Luca swore that he loved Marisa and wouldn't risk losing her, but it would only work if she trusted him completely. He answered a call from Victor, who demanded to see him right away.

Luca arrived at Newman, and Victor asked if Luca thought he could double-cross Victor. Luca insisted that he had no reason to hurt Victor or the company, since it was good for everyone if Newman succeeded, but Victor accused the Santoris of being responsible for Adam's disappearance. Victor revealed that Adam had planned to be on a plane to Spain the night before, but he had a feeling the Santoris had grabbed Adam as a power play. Luca swore he had no idea what Victor was talking about, and he offered to look into it. Victor instructed Luca to deliver a message to his father -- if Adam didn't return unharmed, it would be an heir for an heir.

At Top of the Tower, Chelsea thanked Marisa for joining her, and she looked forward to hearing Marisa's thoughts about the new wedding line. Marisa pointed out that she had no experience, but Chelsea thought Marisa could offer an international perspective, since she'd lived all over the world. Chelsea imagined that Luca and Marisa had had a fabulous wedding, and Marisa asked about the timeline for the wedding collection. Chelsea said it was in the early stages, and she pulled out her sketchpad and anticipated drawing a gown with Spanish flair. Chelsea continued to ask questions about the Santoris, and Marisa realized that Chelsea was pumping her for information about Luca's family.

Chelsea claimed that she and Marisa were just getting to know one another, but Marisa demanded to know what Chelsea was after. Chelsea confided that Adam was missing, and it was unlike him to not be in touch with her. Marisa realized that Chelsea thought Luca's family had been behind Adam's disappearance, and Chelsea begged Marisa to help her. Marisa sternly advised her to steer clear of the Santori family, since Victor was better equipped to handle powerful people like them.

Later, Luca found Marisa at the bar, and she asked how his meeting with Victor had gone. He said it had been an intriguing conversation, and she coldly replied that her talk with Chelsea had been, too. Luca dismissively said he didn't have time for fashion, but Marisa snarled that everything he'd said about wanting to be better than his family had been a lie, since he'd never intended to turn his father in. She demanded to know how she could trust Luca when he'd been working with his father to overthrow Newman the whole time.

At the police station, Dylan recognized that Paul had just been doing his job, but he thought Victoria had had a right to be upset. Paul was impressed that Dylan had kept calm, and he said Dylan was good at police work. Dylan thanked him for the compliment, but Paul presented him with a badge and clarified that it was an invitation. Dylan chuckled and asked if he got to become a cop just because Paul was his dad. Paul explained that Dylan had filled out the paperwork when he'd considered joining the force before, and Dylan's military experience had put him on the fast track. Paul added that there would be training and a written exam, but Dylan would become Detective McAvoy after that.

Dylan sighed deeply. Paul admitted that he'd pulled some strings, but he thought Dylan had earned it on his own if he wanted it. Paul suggested that Dylan talk it over with Sharon, and Dylan anticipated that she wouldn't object. Paul asked if it was something Dylan wanted, and Dylan picked up the badge and gazed at it. Paul anxiously inquired whether the answer was yes, and Dylan confirmed it was. Paul shook Dylan's hand and welcomed him aboard.

Chelsea burst in and announced that Adam was missing, and they needed to find him before it was too late. Meanwhile, Victor received an email, asking for "the girl" in exchange for his son.

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