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Sage found a book about paralysis in Dr. Anderson's office. Dr. Anderson kissed Nick. Patty told Paul that Dr. Anderson shouldn't be trusted. Devon refused to give Hilary another chance. Neil took a drink. Luca turned the tables on Adam by threatening to expose Noah as the hit-and-run driver.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of February 1, 2016 on Y&R
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Sage Enters Fairview Psychiatric Hospital Sage Enters Fairview Psychiatric Hospital

Monday, February 1, 2016

At the hospital, Victoria snapped a group photo of Phyllis and Jack with Billy after he agreed to return to Jabot. Billy said it would mark the first time he'd be an equal partner in his family's company. Jack said Phyllis had convinced him to reach out to Billy after Abby had decided to work with Ashley and Dr. Neville. Billy was ready to walk out of the hospital immediately when Victoria informed him that he would soon be released. Victoria told Billy that she, too, would be returning to work because her father had placed her in charge of the "Internet security deal" that Billy had once hoped to be part of.

Jack became outraged by Victoria's announcement. Jack said he couldn't believe Victor couldn't bother to manage the security project himself after having fought so hard to win it. Phyllis suggested that Victor's aim was to cause tension between Victoria and Billy. Victoria insisted that she and Billy were stronger than ever. Phyllis put Johnny's toy car into Billy's hand and told him not to forget it. Billy tightened his grip on the little red car and seemed grateful for his family.

After Phyllis and Jack stepped out, Jack thanked Phyllis for having encouraged him to rehire Billy. Phyllis embraced Jack and seemed relieved. Jack again complained that Victor had managed to steal Billy's project. Phyllis told Jack to let it go. Jack said he wished he could. Jack's face reddened with anger as he considered his brother's loss to Victor.

At Adam and Chelsea's penthouse, Chelsea questioned Adam. She noted that Adam had fulfilled all the requirements of his parole, so Victor could no longer use the threat of a prison sentence as blackmail. Adam insisted that he had no secrets, so Victor had nothing to use as blackmail. Chelsea said Adam could break "the stupid Newman curse" if he'd just tell her the truth. Adam claimed he wanted to be at Newman Enterprises. Chelsea begged Adam to be truthful, but a knock at the door interrupted Chelsea and Adam's conversation.

Chelsea opened the door. Nick entered, approached Adam, and said, "We need to talk about Sage. Let's just get everything out in the open." Adam said that Sage didn't belong in a mental institution under Dr. Anderson's care. Nick explained that he'd signed the commitment papers, so Dr. Leon Karshmer could evaluate Sage's mental health. Nick added that both Dylan and Sharon believed that Dr. Anderson should be credited with helping them reunite as a family.

Nick and Chelsea both asked Adam if Sage had sought his help. Adam said Sage had asked him to back off because she knew that Nick loved and cared for her and wanted what was best for her. Nick reminded Adam that Adam's marriage to Sage had been an act, so he had no right to meddle. Adam reminded Nick that Sage was grieving and needed support. The men began shouting, and Chelsea asked them not to disturb Connor. Jack phoned Adam and asked to meet with him. Adam apologized to Chelsea for ruining their plans for the evening.

After Adam left, Nick admitted to Chelsea that he'd gone too far in hopes of helping Sage. Nick said he feared he might have put Sage in danger. Chelsea said that if Sage needed intense psychiatric care, then Fairview Psychiatric Hospital was the best place for her to seek treatment. Nick apologized for his behavior. Nick noticed that Chelsea seemed distraught.

Nick encouraged Chelsea to share what was bothering her. Chelsea said that Newman men, referring to Victor and Adam, always seemed to focus on secrets and shady business deals. Chelsea said Nick was missing that gene. Nick said he thought Adam had given up keeping secrets. Chelsea said she'd thought so, too, but when a relationship involved Victor, there was always a price to pay for his love and support.

In a hospital exam room, Dr. Karshmer, a psychologist, asked Sage how she felt about Dr. Anderson. Sage said that Dr. Anderson had made her feel violated. Sage explained that Dr. Anderson wanted Nick for herself. Sage said she'd concluded that Dr. Anderson was evil after she'd convinced Nick to have her committed for a psychiatric evaluation. Dr. Karshmer asked Sage how she felt about Nick. In a flashback, Sage recalled Nick changing his mind about her plan to enter the hospital in hopes of uncovering whatever it was that Dr. Anderson was hiding.

Sage collected her thoughts and told Dr. Karshmer that she'd fallen in love with Nick because he was a wonderful father. The doctor said, "You mean the kids he has with other women?" Sage sarcastically replied, "Thank you! You took the words right out of my mouth, Dr. Karshmer. Something that I'll never share with Nick. Never." Dr. Anderson entered the room just as Dr. Karshmer asked Sage if she blamed Nick for the loss of her child. Glaring at Dr. Anderson, Sage replied, "Yes."

Sage told Dr. Karshmer and Dr. Anderson that she didn't believe Nick had ever really loved her, though the arrival of Christian had obligated Nick to remain committed. After the baby had died, Sage explained, she believed that Nick had finally felt free. Sage, pointing at Dr. Anderson, claimed that the doctor had pretended to help them cope with grief over Christian's death, though all the doctor had really wanted was Nick. Dr. Shelby entered the room and asked to speak to Dr. Anderson outside the room. Sage insisted that Dr. Shelby share his findings with her, too. Dr. Shelby explained that other factors might have caused Sage's erratic behavior.

Sage protested when Dr. Shelby said he would rescind the commitment pending additional tests. Dr. Anderson stood by her diagnosis. Sage told Dr. Shelby she hated Dr. Anderson for trying to seduce Nick and for helping Sharon have a baby. Sage cried that she needed help because all she could think about was her loss, which made her feel guilty and alone. Dr. Shelby asked to speak Sage alone, so the other two doctors stepped out.

Dr. Shelby calmly asked Sage to tell him what was really going on. Sage pretended not to know what Dr. Shelby meant, but he explained that being a surgeon had given him a different perspective his colleagues hadn't considered. Sage asked Dr. Shelby to enlighten her. Dr. Shelby said Sage's outburst had been nothing more than a performance because he'd seen no signs indicating psychosis. Sage admitted that Dr. Shelby was correct. Sage leaned in close and said she was convinced that Nick was having an affair with Dr. Anderson. Sage lowered her voice and looked wild-eyed as she explained that she'd set a trap and would prove she'd been right all along about the affair between Nick and Dr. Anderson.

Nick arrived at Genoa City Memorial and found Dr. Anderson in the hallway outside Sage's exam room. Nick was surprised to learn that Dr. Shelby wasn't in agreement with Dr. Anderson and Dr. Karshmer regarding the status of Sage's mental health. Nick questioned Dr. Shelby when he stepped out of Sage's room. Dr. Shelby explained that he'd initially believed Sage might be suffering from a physical condition that had altered her mental state, but after talking to her, he'd concluded that Sage needed treatment at Fairview. After Dr. Shelby walked away, Nick requested that Sage's transfer be delayed, but Dr. Anderson explained that with three physicians agreeing to the treatment, Sage would be transferred immediately.

Nick visited with Sage and told her she'd convinced three doctors that she was mentally ill. Nick told Sage that Adam was understandably concerned. Nick said he feared that he and Sage might never uncover Dr. Anderson's motives, so the plan wasn't worth the risks. Sage explained that she felt compelled to prove that Dr. Anderson wasn't fit to treat patients. Sage said she hoped that the twisted Dr. Anderson would be declared unfit and would soon be out of their lives forever.

Sage was touched when Nick warned her not to trust anyone or take any medications administered to her. Nick recalled that Dr. Anderson hadn't allowed anyone to visit Sharon, so Sage might be on her own. Sage assured Nick that she'd be okay. Nick said he didn't know what he'd do without her. When Dr. Anderson entered Sage's room, Sage pretended to be aloof and angry at Nick. Sage said she was ready to be transferred, and she walked past Nick without making eye contact.

At the Genoa City Athletic Club, Adam arrived to meet with Phyllis and Jack, who was serving Champagne. Adam asked what they were celebrating. Phyllis announced that Billy had been released from the hospital. Jack raised his glass of sparkling water, and the trio toasted Billy and Victoria. Jack said he was aware that Victor had left Adam in charge. Jack and Phyllis asked Adam to do the right thing and sell the Internet security idea back to Billy.

Adam told Jack and Phyllis that he couldn't deal behind his father's back and sell an asset Newman Enterprises had just acquired. Jack recalled that when Billy had been at death's door, Victor had swooped in and taken away something that had belonged to Billy and Kevin. Adam reminded Jack that he'd turned Billy down when he'd asked for help to acquire the idea. Adam said he wouldn't undercut his father to clear Jack's conscience, so Jack would have to find another way to start over.

After Adam left, Jack was angrier than ever. Phyllis suggested that there were other ways to help Billy. Jack asked for details. Phyllis kissed Jack and suggested they table the business talk. Jack invited Phyllis upstairs. After Jack and Phyllis entered their suite, she undressed him, and the couple made love.

At Victoria and Billy's house, Victoria escorted Billy inside and insisted he rest after his tiring journey. Billy placed his hands on familiar objects and said he felt like he was in a dream. Victoria told Billy that everything he was experiencing was as real as their reconciliation. Victoria welcomed Billy home with a kiss. Johnny ran to greet his dad. Billy returned the toy car and told Johnny that the car had helped him return home.

Victoria recalled how Billy had recited Katie's first word, even though he hadn't been present when the baby had uttered it. Billy replied, "It baffles me still, but I know as much as I know anything that I heard it." After Victoria helped Billy upstairs, she feared she might hurt him when she leaned in for a kiss. Billy grimaced and removed the toy car from his pocket. Billy and Victoria resumed kissing and later enjoyed making love.

Adam was working late in Victor's office at Newman Towers when Chelsea arrived with coffee. Chelsea began questioning Adam again about the leverage Victor was using against him. Adam claimed that the only leverage affecting his life was his family. Adam said he was tired of running and had finally learned to accept himself and didn't want to change. Chelsea said she realized she'd been wrong to ask him to change. Chelsea told Adam that she trusted him and would no longer compel him to be something he wasn't because she never wanted to lose him again.

Adam began kissing Chelsea and removed her blouse. He shoved everything off Victor's desk and hoisted Chelsea onto it. While Adam was kissing Chelsea's neck, she glanced at Victor's portrait and saw Victor's face morph into Adam's. Chelsea gasped in horror, and Adam asked what was wrong. Chelsea said nothing was wrong, and she continued to make love with Adam.

Dr. Anderson Kisses Nick Dr. Anderson Kisses Nick

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Neil greeted Hilary at the Jabot lab, and she informed him that she was running the latest financial reports for Dr. Neville's project. Neil pointed out that it wasn't her job, but she coldly informed him that he wasn't her supervisor. Neil suggested that she find better uses for her time, and Hilary snapped that she knew he'd never love her again and that he thought she still loved Devon. She mentioned that she hadn't been able to sign the divorce papers, and Neil asked if she was ready to try to make her marriage to Devon work.

Hilary explained that it had surprised her to realize that she wasn't ready for a divorce, but she didn't know what she wanted. Neil thought she did, and Hilary acknowledged that he wanted her back with Devon, but she wasn't sure what was right for her. She grappled with how to decide what that was, and Neil encouraged her to get rid of her guilt and fear. He implored her to look into her heart to find the answers.

In her hotel room, Hilary looked through her jewelry and looked thoughtful as she took out her wedding ring. She set the ring on top of the divorce papers and flashed back to exchanging tender declarations of love with Devon.

At Top of the Tower, Lauren insisted on treating Jill and Colin to lunch for their anniversary. Jill spotted Cane talking to Michael across the restaurant, and she asked if Lauren knew anything about the meeting, but Lauren didn't. Jill had a bad feeling about it. Meanwhile, Cane told Michael that he wanted to talk about his situation with Lily. Cane contemplated what he should do next, and Michael asked if Cane was looking for professional advice to help end his marriage.

Cane explained that he and Lily had been living separate lives and co-parenting, and Michael questioned what the problem was. Cane said he didn't know his options, and he wanted to be prepared. Michael asked what Cane wanted, and Cane replied that he wanted to go back to the way he and Lily had been, but he got angry every time he thought about her cheating. Michael recounted feeling crushed when he'd learned about Lauren's affair, and Cane asked how they'd bounced back. Michael said it had taken work and counseling, but the idea of having a life without Lauren had made him decide to trust her again. Cane wished he could get to that place, and Michael encouraged him to make a decision.

The men headed over to Lauren's table, and Lauren asked what Michael and Cane had been discussing. Cane changed the subject to Billy's recovery, and Jill pointedly noted that Billy couldn't be happier to be back with Victoria and their kids. Jill asked how things were going on Cane's home front, and Cane replied that all that mattered was that he and Lily were putting the kids first. Jill suddenly announced that she was having an impromptu family celebration for her and Colin's anniversary, and she invited Cane to join them at the Athletic Club later. Cane departed, and a surprised Colin and Lauren asked when Jill had decided to have a party.

Jill, Colin, Lauren, and Michael devised a plan for that afternoon, and Lauren guessed that Michael and Cane had been talking about marriage earlier. Michael said he couldn't divulge details of their conversation, but he was confident that Cane was still in love with Lily. Colin was skeptical that their plan would work, but he agreed to go along with it if there was a "chance in hell" of fixing Cane and Lily's marriage. Jill ordered everyone to get to work.

At the Athletic Club, Devon told Lily that he'd had divorce papers drawn up, but Hilary had said she couldn't sign them. Lily was relieved that Hilary wasn't getting back together with Neil, but she questioned Hilary's motives. Devon grumbled that it felt like Hilary was playing games, and Lily wondered if it was about Devon's money. Devon replied that he just wanted things settled and done, and Lily empathized that it was hard to be in limbo. Devon inquired whether things had changed between her and Cane, and she said Cane still couldn't forgive her.

Devon suspected that Cane wasn't done with his marriage to Lily, but Lily whined that Cane had barely spoken to her since he'd moved out. Devon reasoned that Cane was afraid of getting hurt, but Lily doubted that she and Cane could get back what they'd had after that much time had passed, so she was ready to give up. Devon guessed that Cane would eventually let down his guard and admit that he still wanted to be with Lily, and he advised Lily to be there to catch Cane when he finally took the leap of faith. Lily wondered what would happen if Cane never trusted her again.

Devon remarked that Lily had a better chance of making things happen than he did. Lauren called Lily to invite the Winters clan to Jill and Colin's anniversary celebration. Neil overheard as he arrived, and he and Devon both balked at attending, but Lily scolded that the men should put their feelings aside to wish Jill a happy anniversary. Lily flitted off to tend to the arrangements, and Devon flatly stated that he had nothing to say to Neil. Neil took a call from Michael and learned that the day's festivities were really about Lily and Cane.

Neil mentioned that he'd heard Hilary hadn't signed the divorce papers, and he considered it to be a good sign. Devon guessed that she was hedging her bets in case things didn't work out with Neil, but Neil believed that the documents had made her think about what she really wanted. Devon groused that all she wanted was Neil, but Neil urged Devon not to shut Hilary out. Devon snapped that he was done talking to Neil, and he announced that he was there to save a marriage that stood a chance.

Devon greeted Jill, Colin, Lauren, and Michael when they arrived, and Jill gushed about the flowers and Champagne. Lily said she'd been happy to do it, and she and Cane awkwardly greeted one another. Jill whispered that contact had been made, and it was time for phase two. Devon noticed Cane staring at Lily, and Cane said he'd never stopped caring for her. Devon thought it was something deeper, and he inquired when Cane and Lily had last spent time together without the kids. Cane divulged that it had been a while, and Devon surmised that keeping their distance from one another wasn't helping.

Devon remarked that Cane and Lily couldn't stay frozen in time forever, and he received a text message from Hilary, asking to speak with him right away. Devon wished Jill a happy anniversary and hurried off. Jill resumed a humorous story she'd been telling about being in Hong Kong with Tucker, but she became irritated when she saw that Colin was preoccupied with his phone. Colin sarcastically insisted that she continue with the "Tucker files," and Jill griped that Colin hadn't even been listening. Jill and Colin bickered, and she demanded to see what he'd been doing on his phone, since it had probably been something illicit. He rolled his eyes and questioned if she'd ever trust him, and she ranted that he'd given her a million reasons not to. Lily declared that it was enough, and Cane reminded the couple that it was their anniversary.

Neil commented that Jill and Colin's only problem was that they were too much alike, and Michael respectfully suggested that they get over it. Jill huffed that she was through with Colin, and Lauren recounted all the times she'd begged Jill to walk away from him, but Jill had refused because the two of them worked together. Lily and Cane exchanged a glance. Lauren said no marriage was perfect, but she implored Jill and Colin to remember their chemistry instead of fighting about it.

Colin and Jill began bantering again, and Cane intervened and noted that his father had been miserable for decades because Colin had been married to the wrong person. Cane continued that Jill made Colin happy because she loved him in spite of his character flaws, and Colin loved her despite hers. Cane pointedly stated that what they had was real, and it was all that mattered in the end. Colin agreed, and he and Jill declared their love and kissed. Lily crossed over to Cane and complimented his speech, and he suggested that they go somewhere to talk in private. She responded that she wanted that more than anything, and they left together. The rest of the group peered after them and grinned.

The group toasted, and Jill commended everyone's outstanding performances. Michael hoped Lily and Cane were reconciling, and Colin suggested that he and Jill leave for a more intimate celebration. Michael amorously told Lauren that he wouldn't mind heading home himself, and Neil proposed one last toast to Jill and Colin. Neil added that the right people had gotten back together, so their mission had been accomplished. The couples headed out, leaving Neil alone. He sipped his water but stared at the half-full Champagne flutes. He picked up a Champagne glass and swallowed the rest of its contents.

In a suite, Cane said he didn't know where to start, and Lily told him just to say it, whether it was good or bad. He blurted out that he'd missed her, and she smiled and said she'd missed him, too. They kissed passionately and began to disrobe one another.

Devon arrived at Hilary's room, and she said she'd summoned him about why she hadn't signed the divorce papers. He expected her to say that she loved Neil, but Hilary proclaimed that she wanted to be with Devon. Devon said he'd waited a long time to hear Hilary say that, but he wondered if she was still confused. Hilary recognized that her decision seemed to be sudden, but she'd remembered what they'd had. Devon spat that she'd just slept with his father, but he was clearly affected when Hilary touched his arm and pleaded that she'd almost died.

Hilary explained that she'd been disgusted by the lies she'd told, and she hadn't been able to escape the guilt she'd felt about her affair with Devon, so she'd tried to reset her life to fix everything she'd broken. She continued that she'd realized that she'd never set out to hurt Neil, and she'd only cheated because she'd loved Devon. She apologized for hurting Devon, and she begged him to give her one more chance. Devon said he was glad that Hilary had found some clarity, but he couldn't do it again, and he walked out. Hilary crumpled onto the couch, devastated.

At Fairview, Dr. Anderson asked how Sage was feeling, and Sage testily wondered how she was supposed to feel. Sage said she hated being there, but she claimed that she was also relieved, since she'd been thinking about how angry she'd been at Nick and Dr. Anderson. Sage continued that she'd told herself that they were the problem and that she didn't need help, but three doctors thought she did. Sage recognized that she'd never apologized to Dr. Anderson for attacking her, and she said she was sorry. Dr. Anderson pointed out that they both knew Sage didn't mean it.

Sage swore that she regretted attacking Dr. Anderson, and the doctor recognized that taking responsibility and expressing sincere remorse were good first steps, but she stated that Sage wasn't ready to leave. Sage said she was scared because she needed to be there, but she was even more scared about how out of control she'd been. Dr. Anderson referred to Sage's belief that the doctor was conspiring to have Nick for herself, and Sage noted that it "sure as hell" looked that way. Sage quickly apologized, and Dr. Anderson assured her that they'd work though all of it, but they had to learn to start trusting one another. Sage pledged to do everything she could to earn the doctor's trust.

Sage asked if she was crazy, but Dr. Anderson said Sage was simply grief-stricken over the loss of a child, and that grief had evolved into paranoia and delusion. Sage wailed that all she'd wanted had been a family, but she'd never be a mother, and she thought Nick no longer wanted her. Dr. Anderson recommended that Sage maintain a distance from Nick and concentrate on getting well. Dr. Anderson added that Sage should consider what she wanted to do after she left Fairview, and Sage wondered if the doctor thought she should leave town. Dr. Anderson declared that it would be great for Sage to get a fresh start, and she stepped out to get a written test for Sage to take for further assessment.

At Crimson Lights, Faith handed Sharon a card for Nick to give to Sage, showing before and after drawings of a sad Sage becoming happy. Nick approached, and Faith explained that she'd made it because Sage was sick and might not be home for a while. Nick sent Faith to the counter to get some hot chocolate, and he asked why Sharon had told Faith that Sage was sick. Sharon defended that she hadn't gone into details about Sage's arrest, but their daughter had had questions, and Faith knew that Sharon had done well at Fairview. Nick mumbled that Sage wasn't in as much trouble as Sharon thought, and Sharon asked what was going on with him.

Nick informed Sharon that Sage was working through her problems with Dr. Anderson's help, but Sharon pointed out that Sage couldn't stand the doctor. Nick claimed that it had been part of the problem, but he reasoned that Dr. Anderson already knew them, so she could help Sage get better faster. Sage covertly called Nick from Dr. Anderson's office, and she relayed that the doctor's advice had been for Sage to break up with Nick and leave town. Sage was convinced that Dr. Anderson wanted him, and she hoped to find more information about the doctor's past, but she needed time alone in the office. Sage asked if Nick would help her, and he told her to consider it done.

Nick told Sharon and Faith that he had to take off, and he reminded Faith about a sleepover the next night at his place. He stepped out to the patio and called Dr. Anderson, and he asked if they could meet right away at Top of the Tower. She assumed that it was for an update on Sage's case, but Nick said he wanted to talk about him and Dr. Anderson. The doctor said she'd be on her way shortly, and she asked an orderly to escort Sage to her room after she was done with the written test.

Sage completed the forms, and the orderly prepared to walk her back to her room. They entered the hallway, and a patient bolted past them. The orderly chased after him, and Sage ducked back into the office. Sage searched Dr. Anderson's shelves, and she found a book about living with paralysis. She flipped through the pages, and her eyes widened.

Later, Sharon bundled up Sully to leave the coffeehouse, and she imagined that his big sister would love to sing his favorite song on the way home. Sharon looked over at a sullen Faith and asked if the girl was ready to go, but Faith shook her head. Sharon asked what was wrong, and Faith declared that she didn't want to go back to her daddy's house -- she wanted to live with Sharon, Dylan, and Sully.

At Top of the Tower, Dr. Anderson told Nick that it had made a difference for Sage to be away from the pressures of the outside world, and she reported that Sage seemed open to treatment. Nick said he couldn't stop worrying, since the situation had gotten complicated. Dr. Anderson questioned whether that was because she and Nick had become close, and she asked if he had second thoughts about her being Sage's doctor. Nick imagined it was difficult for Dr. Anderson, given Sage's outrageous suspicions, and the doctor offered to withdraw from the case.

Nick asserted that he trusted Dr. Anderson, and he selfishly wanted her to treat Sage because the doctor understood him. He noted that Dr. Anderson had been compassionate even after Sage had attacked her, and he knew Dr. Anderson was willing to do whatever she could to help Sage. Dr. Anderson said it was just as important for her to help him. Nick countered that he'd been through tough times before, and he could take care of himself.

Dr. Anderson cooed that she hated watching Nick suffer, since the women he'd been with had treated him badly, and he deserved better. Nick conceded that he'd also made his share of mistakes, but the doctor said she couldn't blame him for the choices he'd made, since he was a genuinely good man. Nick wondered why she would say that, and she replied that she cared for him. Dr. Anderson planted a kiss on Nick.

Adam sets a trap for Luca Adam sets a trap for Luca

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

by Mike

After leaving Crimson Lights, Sharon returned home with Faith, who reiterated that she wanted to live with Sharon, Dylan, and Sully on a more permanent basis. Faith explained that, while she loved Nick and wanted Sage to get better, she preferred being at Sharon and Dylan's place because no one was ever pretending to be happy there. Sharon promised that she would talk to Nick about the matter.

At Fairview, an orderly caught Sage using Dr. Anderson's office phone to leave Nick a voicemail message. The orderly took Sage back to her room, and when she grabbed his arm while begging him to let her make another phone call, he decided to sedate her, ignoring her objections.

At Top of the Tower, Nick pulled away from Anderson's kiss and started to say something, using her formal title to address her. Anderson interrupted and reminded Nick that he could call her "Sandy," so he corrected himself and continued that he loved his wife. Nick admonished himself for letting things with Anderson progress as far as they had, but she assured him that it was okay.

Anderson explained that she had kissed Nick because she felt compassion for him and had wanted to take away his pain, at least for a moment. "It's very clear to me what an empathetic man you are, Nick, [and] how difficult it is for you to watch someone suffer. I mean, if you had only known, I know you would have done anything..." Anderson began to add before letting her voice trail off.

When Nick prompted Anderson to continue, she hesitantly steered the conversation back to Sage, reasoning that Nick would have done more to help Sage if he had realized, early on, just how deeply Christian's death had affected her. "Anyway, I apologize for overstepping. It was unprofessional, [and] it won't happen again," Anderson concluded.

Nick locked eyes with Anderson while considering how to respond, but before he could make a decision, he received a phone call from Sharon, who asked to see him at her place. When Nick got there, Sharon told him about Faith's earlier request. Nick blamed Sharon for unsettling Faith with unnecessary details about Sage's mental health, but Sharon insisted that she had simply been trying to give Faith the facts.

"Telling [Faith] that Sage is gonna be home any minute is the same as lying," Sharon pointed out. "It's not a lie," Nick protested, but Faith entered the living room before he could elaborate. Nick assured Faith that he wasn't upset with her for wanting to live with Sharon and Dylan for a while, and he agreed to grant the request, stressing that he just wanted Faith to feel happy and safe.

When Anderson got back to Fairview, the orderly told her about Sage's earlier behavior. The orderly assured Anderson that Sage hadn't managed to complete the call to Nick, reasoning that she wouldn't have requested another phone call if the first one had been successful. When Anderson asked, the orderly confirmed that he had filed a report about Sage's "attack." Anderson mused that Sage seemed to be more of a danger -- to herself as well as others -- than her initial evaluation had indicated.

After listening to Sage's voicemail message and realizing that it had been cut short, Nick went to Fairview and convinced Anderson to let him talk to Sage privately, hinting that his earlier talk with Anderson had made him realize that he needed to accept the fact that Sage was no longer the same woman she had been when they had gotten married. Nick assured Sage that Anderson didn't seem to know about the voicemail message. Sage told Nick that she had found old books in Anderson's office that were all about living with paralysis, and there had been lots of notes scribbled inside the books. "What do you think it means?" Sage wondered.

At Chelsea and Adam's penthouse, Adam's cell phone chimed while he was in another room, and Chelsea sneaked a peek at the text message that had just arrived from Victor -- "Good luck today." Adam soon called out to Chelsea in search of the device, and she directed him to it then casually noted that he was about to go to Newman Enterprises to work his con on Luca. "Or at least try to, anyway," Chelsea worriedly added.

Chelsea warned that she was getting a really bad feeling about what Adam was about to do -- the same bad feeling she had gotten when Victor had recently asked Adam to go on a business trip. Adam claimed that he couldn't remember how that had turned out, but Chelsea wasn't amused. Chelsea urged Adam to abort the mission, but he insisted that he couldn't because there might never be a more perfect opportunity to oust the Santori clan from Newman Enterprises. "Besides, this is completely different. I'm not in any danger at all [this time]," Adam added.

Pointing out that the Santori clan didn't consist of a bunch of pushovers, Chelsea suggested that Luca might be working his own con on Adam. Adam laughed off the idea, insisting that Luca's eagerness to best the Santori patriarch had blinded him to potential threats. Adam was certain that he was right about Luca because he recognized a younger version of himself in Luca. Chelsea raised the possibility that Adam's desire to prove himself to Victor might be making him just as blind to potential threats as he believed that Luca was, but Adam didn't think that was the case.

Adam advised that Chelsea was just going to have to trust him, prompting her to wonder when he was going to start trusting her. Adam insisted that he did trust Chelsea's instincts, but she countered that he always refused to follow them. Maintaining that everything was going to be okay, Adam gave Chelsea a kiss and left the penthouse.

At the Athletic Club, Marisa tried to talk Luca out of going through with his plan to work with Adam to oust the Newman and Santori patriarchs from their respective companies. Marisa feared that something bad was going to happen because it had been suspiciously easy for Luca to convince Adam to go along with the plan, but Luca assured her that Adam had just been eager to team up with him because they were the same.

Marisa understood Luca's desire to free himself from his father's grasp, but she warned that she also understood that things could quickly go south. "I don't want anything --" Marisa began to add before stopping herself. Luca guessed that Marisa didn't want anything bad to happen to him. "Yes. Yes, that's exactly it. I don't want anything bad to happen," Marisa hesitantly replied before giving Luca a hug.

After Luca left, Marisa went to Adam and Chelsea's penthouse, hoping that Adam might be running late for his meeting with Luca. Chelsea reported that Adam had already headed off to Newman Enterprises. Marisa wondered if the plan Adam had cooked up with Luca was legitimate. "Why wouldn't it be?" Chelsea asked. "I don't know, maybe 'cause Adam's a known liar and a fake," Marisa replied.

When Chelsea objected to the insult, Marisa apologized and explained that she was just worried because she had a really bad feeling that Luca was about to be double-crossed. "Would [that] really be that horrible? With Luca out of the picture, you could finally be free," Chelsea reasoned, pointing out that, while Marisa was married to Luca, it was obvious to everyone that her heart really belonged to Noah.

Marisa tried to deny the suspicion, but Chelsea remained convinced that Luca was somehow forcing Marisa to be with him instead of Noah, and she optimistically assured Marisa that Luca would soon lose whatever power he had been holding over her. "It's not that simple. It never will be. Please, Chelsea...I need to know where Adam is springing the trap on Luca. I need to stop this -- before all hell breaks loose," Marisa insisted.

At Newman Enterprises, Adam sent a text message to Victor -- "All going according to plan." Meanwhile, Marisa arrived and demanded to know where Luca was. Adam explained that Luca was in Victor's office, talking to an FBI agent. Marisa tried to head into Victor's office to stop the interview, but Adam blocked her path. "If you're playing him, you have no idea the consequences. He knows things," Marisa warned.

Adam assured Marisa that she had no reason to worry because Luca had no intention of throwing her under the bus. "I'm not talking about me, damn it!" Marisa protested, but before she could elaborate, a man emerged from Victor's office and gave Adam a reassuring nod. As the man walked away, Adam turned to face Marisa again -- and discovered that she was gone.

While Billy and Victoria were dining at Top of the Tower, Noah approached their table and said that he was glad to see Billy out of the hospital. Noah added that he was really sorry about what had happened to Billy. Recalling that Abby had listed Noah as one of the people who had visited him at the hospital, Billy wondered why Noah hadn't actually entered his room to say hello. Noah explained that he had gotten sidetracked with a task from Victor. Meanwhile, Billy received a phone call from Jack. After Billy stepped aside to answer the call, Victoria wondered why Noah seemed tense.

Noah blamed Victor, launching into a rant about what Victor had done to Marisa and Natalie. Victoria advised Noah not to let his anger take him down the same dark path that Adam and Billy had each traveled down in the past due to their respective issues with Victor. Victoria added that Billy's need for revenge had almost gotten him killed, but Noah argued that Billy had simply wanted to help the Abbotts recover from what Victor had done to their company. "You can't pin this all on Grandpa. Billy was battling some of his own demons," Victoria pointed out. "All of them bearing the name 'Victor Newman,'" Noah countered.

Victoria continued to defend Victor, insisting that Noah needed to find a way to forgive him. "I almost lost Billy because he couldn't let go of the anger that he had for Adam and for my father. I don't want to see the same thing happen to you, Noah. It's such a colossal waste," Victoria added. Meanwhile, Billy returned and announced that Jack had just given him a to-do list the size of Mt. Everest.

As Noah congratulated Billy on returning to Jabot, Billy started having visions of the car that had hit him. Victoria and Noah feared that Billy was overexerting himself, but he dismissed their concerns and tried to change the subject, insisting that he was tired of talking about the accident. Victoria said she would stop as soon as the police figured out who had hit Billy. "[They] will...in time. I have a feeling that the karmic hammer is about to drop -- hard," Billy predicted as Noah listened uncomfortably.

Billy started to talk about how he didn't have any memories of the hit-and-run incident, but he soon stopped himself and apologized, acknowledging that he was still talking about the accident, despite previously insisting that he was tired of talking about it. "You really don't remember anything?" Noah asked. Before Billy could respond, Victoria turned Noah's attention to Marisa, who was standing nearby.

"What the hell did you say to Billy?" Marisa quietly demanded to know when Noah approached her. Meanwhile, Victoria wondered if Noah seemed off to Billy, who didn't respond because he was in the midst of another vision about the accident. When Victoria asked if Billy was okay, he admitted that he was starting to remember the hit-and-run incident.

Adam entered Victor's office and revealed that Luca had just revealed the Santori family's secrets to a Newman Enterprises security guard, not an FBI agent. "I gotta hand it to you -- I didn't see that coming," Luca admitted. Luca guessed that Adam planned to take the information to the real federal agents, and Adam confirmed that he would -- unless Luca convinced his father to nullify the deal that the Santori family had made with Newman Enterprises. Adam also wanted Luca to leave the country and never return.

Luca refused, prompting Adam to warn that doing so would result in the Santori patriarch's imprisonment. Adam added that Luca would probably also be arrested -- or, at the very least, receive some other form of punishment from the Santori patriarch for the betrayal. Adam started to leave, reiterating that he was heading off to turn the incriminating information over to the FBI.

"[Then] Victor's precious grandson, Noah, [also] goes to jail -- for a hit-and-run," Luca countered -- just as Chelsea entered the office.

Secrets Are an Unfortunate Part of Life Secrets Are an Unfortunate Part of Life

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Lily and Cane made love in a suite at the Athletic Club. Afterward, Cane turned to Lily and breathlessly asked, "Now what?" Lily wondered if she should thank him for the best makeup sex ever or if it had only been "ex sex." He said it had been pretty incredible no matter what they called it, and she guessed that nothing had changed outside that room. Cane said he'd meant it when he'd said he'd missed her, and being together had felt right.

Lily questioned where things stood in the real world, and she said Cane had to forgive her and trust her in order for it to work between them. Cane admitted that he didn't know if he could do that, and she hesitated to get the kids' hopes up. Cane suggested that they just stay in the room, but she decided that it had to end there, since things were complicated enough already. As they prepared to leave, they recalled that it was the anniversary of one of his proposals to her, and she mused that a lot had changed since that snowy day in the park. Lily suggested that they get back to the party before anyone noticed they'd been missing, and Cane suddenly realized it had all been a setup.

Lily swore that she hadn't schemed to lure Cane into bed, and he referred to Jill's impromptu party. Lily reflected back on the fight between Jill and Colin, and she felt foolish for not seeing that it had been staged. Cane imagined that he and Lily hadn't wanted to see it, but Lily sadly stated that nothing had changed. She offered to head out first so that no one saw them together, but he stopped her from leaving. He thought it seemed weird to just say that he'd see her later, and they tenderly kissed. Their embrace quickly became more passionate.

At Crimson Lights, Mariah and Kevin debated whether or not Natalie truly intended to include them in the Internet security project. A disheveled Natalie entered, and Mariah asked if the other investor had tried to grab Natalie. Natalie snapped that she'd been working nonstop, but the bug wouldn't die. Natalie reported that Victor had left the country, and he'd left "mini-Vic" in charge. Kevin sensed that something wasn't right about the timing of Victor's departure, and he guessed that something big was about to go down.

Kevin contemplated why Victor had left town after he'd just acquired a groundbreaking computer program, and he wondered if it was Victor's way of taunting them. Mariah pointed out that Victor had left the project in the hands of a good businesswoman, and she and Natalie bickered about Victoria. Kevin pushed Natalie to explain exactly how she planned to let them back in on the deal, but Natalie huffed that they were ruining her coffee, and she hurried out.

Mariah anticipated that Natalie would sell the project out from under Victor, and Kevin quipped that such a move would be brash and sassy. Mariah was disgusted by the way he always defended Natalie, and she wondered who Natalie would try to sell the software to. Kevin pointed out that it had to be someone who wouldn't mind having two more partners, and he prepared to do some digging.

At Newman Enterprises, Adam threatened to go to the FBI with the evidence Luca had accumulated against the Santori family, but Luca countered that Victor's precious grandson would be the one to go to jail for a hit-and-run. Chelsea eavesdropped outside the doorway as Luca realized that Adam hadn't known about Noah's involvement in Billy's accident, and Luca crowed that the irony was fantastic. Luca taunted that Victor still wasn't sharing everything with Adam, and Adam replied that he didn't believe Luca. Chelsea entered and asked what Adam didn't believe.

Adam asked Chelsea to give him a second to wrap things up with Luca, and she reminded Adam that he'd promised not to keep any more secrets. Adam said the lies Luca was spreading could be dangerous, and Luca suggested that Adam verify that everything Luca had said was true. Luca advised Adam to let him know when Adam had made a decision, and he left. Chelsea demanded to know what Adam had done, and Adam claimed that Luca had simply been lashing out because he'd lost. Chelsea realized that Adam's big plan had just blown up.

Chelsea asked why Luca had acted like he owned the place, and a frazzled Adam said he needed time to think. Chelsea continued to push, and Adam explained that Luca's accusations might have just been a stall tactic or a distraction. Chelsea questioned why Adam was shutting her out, and he insisted that he was trying to protect her. Chelsea ranted that she wouldn't have even known that Adam was working with Luca if Marisa hadn't told her, and Adam testily reiterated that he'd confided to Chelsea that he was working with Victor, so he didn't know "what the hell" Chelsea wanted from him.

Chelsea demanded the truth, and Adam said Luca had been talking about an entirely different issue. Adam added that he'd decided not to go through with the plan, but Chelsea guessed it would only be until Victor got back to town. Adam told her to go home to Connor, and she incredulously asked if he was dismissing her. She angrily congratulated him on the completion of his transformation into Victor, and she stormed out.

At the penthouse, Anita was surprised when Chelsea returned home early, and she remarked that Connor had a double dose of stubborn in his genes. Chelsea thought her own level of stubbornness couldn't begin to compare to Adam's, and she groused that her husband had been lying and keeping secrets. Anita pointed out that Adam wasn't a very good liar if Chelsea had caught on, and Chelsea theorized that Adam was doing Victor's dirty work while Victor was away. Anita guessed that if Adam was acting squirrelly even though Victor was away, it meant Adam was cheating on Chelsea.

Anita doubted Chelsea would get that worked up over shady business dealings, and Chelsea clarified that it was the lying that bothered her. Anita recalled that Chelsea hadn't even known Adam's true identity for months, and she inquired whether Adam was a loving husband and father. Chelsea confirmed that he was, and Anita wondered when the fact that Adam wasn't an upstanding citizen had started to bug Chelsea. Chelsea confided that she didn't want Adam to turn into Victor, and she suspected that Victor was holding something over Adam's head.

Anita advised Chelsea to quit imagining things too hard or too much because it might just make them happen. Chelsea didn't want Connor growing up with secrets, but Anita replied that it wasn't all up to Chelsea, since Adam would make sure his son was a Newman. Chelsea wanted Connor to stay far away from Newman Enterprises and everything it stood for.

At Top of the Tower, Noah explained to Marisa that he hadn't confessed to Billy and that they had just talked. Noah revealed that Billy had been having flashbacks of the accident, and he worried that it was just a matter of time before everyone knew the truth. Marisa urged Noah to stay away from Billy, but Noah said he'd needed to say he was sorry to stop the throbbing in his head when he was trying to sleep. Marisa called Noah a good man, and his kindness and decency were what she loved about him. She implored Noah not to let his guilt ruin his life, but Noah stressed that Billy had almost died.

Marisa was worried about Noah losing his life, and she thought there was a greater chance that Billy would connect Noah to the accident if the men spent time together. Noah argued that he couldn't avoid Billy, since Billy and Victoria had reunited, but he agreed to be careful. Luca approached, and he mentioned that his meeting with Adam had been productive. Noah inquired whether the men had discussed their plan to take down their fathers, and Luca vaguely commented that Noah had been in on it in his own way, so Noah could thank Luca when it was all over. Luca escorted Marisa out.

Across the restaurant, Victoria asked if Billy had remembered seeing the driver or the license plate, but Billy said his flashback hadn't been anything that specific. He hoped he could grab onto one memory, and Victoria encouraged him to give himself a break and let the police find more evidence. Billy pledged to work harder to remember who'd hit him. Victoria understood that Billy needed to hold someone accountable, but she worried that he would become obsessed with vengeance, just like he had after Delia had died.

Billy swore that the situations weren't the same, since he'd been filled with grief and rage back then, and the only way he had been able to do to deal with his guilt had been to find the driver who'd hit Delia. Billy contended that his own hit-and-run had knocked sense into him, and he'd realized what he needed to focus on. Victoria begged Billy to go easy on himself by spending time with the kids and concentrating on his new job at Jabot, while she focused on her new project. She grumbled that Natalie was running the most expensive scheme in the world, and Billy suggested that Victoria get her work done so they could go home together.

Natalie returned to her hotel room, and she was startled to find Billy waiting for her there. She grabbed a wine bottle to defend herself, but Billy assured her that he had simply been trying to be discreet. He apologized for scaring Natalie, and she reluctantly put the bottle down. She grumbled that everyone wanted to talk, but they had to stay away if they expected her to do her job. Billy insisted on knowing if the project was on track, and Natalie snapped that she couldn't work in front of an audience.

Natalie pointed out that Billy had done nothing other than talk about how he might get the money to fund the project, and he hadn't even done that, but Billy argued that he believed in the project. Billy added that it wasn't about the money but redemption for him, and the deal was his life. There was a knock at the door, and Victoria called out to Natalie. Billy hid, and Natalie let Victoria in.

Victoria asked for a status report, and Natalie said she needed alone time to do her job, but she couldn't work with someone looking over her shoulder. Victoria asserted that a professional could do a job under any circumstances, and Natalie reported that she was getting there, but Victoria wouldn't understand if Natalie tried to explain. Victoria rattled off a bunch of questions in technical terms, and Natalie sarcastically invited her to take over while Natalie hit the sauna. Victoria stated that it was her job to make sure Natalie did hers, and she ordered Natalie to show her where things stood.

Billy sent Victoria a text message, saying he missed her and asking if she was almost done. Victoria told Natalie that she would be back the next day to check on things, and Natalie flatly replied that she couldn't wait. Victoria departed, and Natalie sarcastically asked Billy why he'd hidden when Victoria was "so sweet." Billy called Victoria smart and strong, and Natalie questioned why he was plotting against Victoria. Billy clarified that he was working with Phyllis and Natalie to get revenge on Victor, but he had no intention of ruining things with Victoria.

Mariah and Kevin arrived at the Athletic Club, and she suggested that Kevin do the talking, since she wanted to duct-tape Natalie's mouth shut. Victoria overheard and asked to consult with Kevin about the Internet security project. Victoria asked if Natalie could do what she claimed to be capable of doing, and Kevin suggested that Victoria let Adam take over the backstabbing part of the business. After Victoria stepped away, Kevin spotted Billy descending the stairs, and he wondered if he and Mariah weren't the only ex-partners who Natalie had cut in on the deal.

Victoria ran into Billy in the foyer, and he claimed that he'd thought about getting a massage when it had taken her that long. She complained that Natalie was more trouble than she was worth, but she apologized for talking about the project that he'd lost out on because of Natalie. Billy assured Victoria that he'd figured out a way to make peace with all of it.

At Crimson Lights, Luca told Marisa that he'd fallen into a trap that the Newmans had set for him, but he'd climbed right back out because Noah had thrown him a rope. Luca crowed that Adam had been shocked to learn that his nephew had left Billy for dead, and Marisa chided Luca for looking pleased with himself. Luca announced that he wasn't leaving Newman, and he had more power than ever. Marisa admonished him for selling Noah out, but Luca claimed that he'd done it to keep both him and Marisa at Newman. Marisa slapped him.

Marisa accused Luca of being just like the rest of his family by showing no decency, and she called herself an idiot for giving him a second chance. She vowed never to make that mistake again, and she turned away, but he grabbed her arm and hissed that she was ungrateful and wrong. Luca insisted that Noah's crime had many uses, and he kissed her wrist and said he'd see her later. She looked disgusted.

Noah arrived at Newman, and Adam said the only thing he wanted to hear was that Noah hadn't been driving the car that had hit Billy. Noah guiltily looked away, and he admitted that he'd been behind the wheel. Adam informed him that Luca had found out, and he blasted Noah for not telling anyone. Noah revealed that Victor had helped cover it up.

Noah explained that he hadn't known he'd done it, and he'd wanted to go to the police, but Marisa and Victor had convinced him that it wouldn't help other than to ease his own conscience. Adam didn't understand why Victor hadn't told Adam about it, especially since Adam was the one person who understood the situation. Noah suggested that Adam throw him under the bus so that Luca would lose his leverage -- unless Adam was afraid of what Victor would say. Adam said he'd been in Noah's position before, and he refused to watch Noah make the same mistakes.

Noah was skeptical that Adam wanted to help, but Adam said he wouldn't wish Noah's position on anyone. Noah thanked him, and Adam warned that Luca was a wild card and that Victor would want Noah to keep quiet. Adam added that he needed time to figure out how to deal with Luca, and Noah asked how Adam had lived with his own guilt. Adam replied that he hadn't, so he'd had to die and return as someone else, but the huge difference between them was that Noah hadn't taken a life.

Noah argued that Billy had almost died, but Adam countered that he had to live with the fact that Delia would never be back. Noah pointed out that there was another big difference in that everyone knew what Adam had done, and Adam cautioned Noah against stepping forward. Adam acknowledged that it was hard for Noah to keep secrets, but secrets were an unfortunate part of life for most people.

Noah went to Crimson Lights, where he blasted Marisa for selling him out, but she defended that Luca had tricked her into telling him the truth. Noah realized that Marisa had covered for Luca, and she pleaded that she'd done it to protect Noah. Noah vowed to handle the situation himself by confessing to the police.

Luca returned to see Adam and was glad to see that Chelsea had left, so they could speak freely. Adam coldly told him never to mention her name again, and Luca taunted that Victor and Adam had thought they were smarter than everyone else, but the Santori family still had a stake in the company. Luca suspected that Adam had realized how valuable Luca was, and he ominously suggested that he have more power and control, starting right then.

Adam sat down at Victor's desk, and he opened a drawer and handed over the incriminating dossier and recording to Luca. Luca curtly thanked him, and he said he'd work on a new contract between the Newmans and the Santoris, since they could achieve great things by working together. Adam ordered him out, and Luca taunted that Adam needed to make a private call to explain to his daddy how badly he'd screwed up.

Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire

Friday, February 5, 2016

Nick dropped by Sharon's house, and Sharon asked if everything was okay, since he'd left abruptly earlier. He reported that Sage was doing better, and Sharon assured him that Sage would get the best possible treatment from Dr. Anderson. Nick hoped Sharon could give him some insight about how the doctor worked, but Sharon thought it was impossible to compare her situation to Sage's. Nick explained that Sharon knew Dr. Anderson better than he did, and he just wanted to find out everything he could about the doctor.

Sharon gushed that she'd never seen a psychiatrist as devoted as Dr. Anderson. Nick asked if that was why the doctor had expressed such an interest in Sage and Sully, and Sharon reasoned that her family dynamics played into her recovery as Dr. Anderson's patient. Nick inquired whether Sharon had always been that positive about Dr. Anderson's treatment, and Sharon admitted that she'd questioned the doctor's decisions a few times. Nick mentioned that Dr. Anderson had kept Sharon away from her family for weeks, and Sharon sensed hostility in his tone. Sharon thought it was starting to sound like he didn't trust the doctor.

Nick swore that he was just anxious because Sage had never been in that situation before, but Sharon noted that it had seemed odd for Sage to allow Dr. Anderson to treat her. Sharon questioned why Nick was digging for information, and she guessed that Sage had put doubts in his mind. Nick begged Sharon not to blame Sage, since things weren't what Sharon thought they were. Sharon argued that she and Nick were still family, and she asked him to make her understand what was going on. Nick realized that he couldn't keep her in the dark any longer.

Nick insisted that Sage wasn't insane, and he confided that she had gone to Fairview to learn more about Dr. Anderson, while he tried to get the doctor to open up. Sharon thought the plan was extreme, but Nick explained that they didn't know enough about Dr. Anderson's history to know why she'd insinuated her way into their lives. Nick added that Dr. Anderson had kissed him while Sage had been at Fairview, and he thought the doctor had been trying to undermine Sage to break Nick and Sage up. Nick recognized that he was taking a big risk by telling Sharon everything, but he needed her to believe he was telling the truth.

At Fairview, Dr. Anderson asked how Sage was feeling after her nap, and Sage snapped that the orderly had drugged her when she'd needed to use the phone. Dr. Anderson said the orderly had reported that Sage had been combative when he'd caught her on the phone without permission, so he'd simply followed hospital procedure. Sage explained that it had been important for her to speak with Nick, since she didn't want to lose him while she was away. Dr. Anderson recalled that they'd agreed to try to trust one another, but she sensed that Sage wasn't being honest. Dr. Anderson pushed Sage to tell the truth about why she'd been desperate to talk to Nick.

Sage claimed that she'd needed to talk to Nick to ask him to reassure Sharon that there was no harm in Sage spending time around Sully, but Sage had known that Dr. Anderson would be against it. Dr. Anderson said she was sorry that Sage had felt the need to hide it, but she considered it to be further proof that Sage was fixated on someone else's child. Sage was adamant that she'd never harm a child, but Dr. Anderson said Sage needed to learn to contain her emotions. Dr. Anderson added that Sage had never fully dealt with losing her son, and it would be impossible for her to lead a fulfilling life until she did. The doctor suggested that they talk about Christian.

Sage said she didn't want to talk about Christian, but Dr. Anderson pressed Sage to get her feelings out in the open to get better. Sage said she opened her eyes every morning, and it felt like any other day, but then it all crashed down because her son was gone. Dr. Anderson recalled that Sage hadn't been with her son when he'd died because she'd been at the benefit with Nick, and Sage admitted that she'd blamed Nick for a long time. Dr. Anderson imagined that Sage still resented how he'd chosen to leave their son that night when he'd always been there for Faith, and she recounted that Nick had dropped everything when Sharon had called earlier. Sage asserted that Nick would have been just as devoted to their child.

At Crimson Lights, Noah announced his decision to confess to the hit-and-run to keep Luca from using the information as blackmail material, but Marisa implored Noah not to confess for her sake. Noah spat that Marisa had lied to him again, and he expected her to continue to go back to her husband. Marisa swore that she was done with Luca, but Noah was sure that Luca would never let her go. Noah ranted that meeting her had been the worst thing that had ever happened to him, but she believed that he still loved her. Noah declared that she was wrong, and he was done wasting time with her. He rushed out.

At the penthouse, Chelsea gazed at a silly family photo, and she answered a call. She apologized that a payment hadn't been made as promised, and she said she would fix it right away. She tried to call Adam.

At Newman Enterprises, Adam's phone rang, and Luca taunted that it might be Victor, so Adam could tell his father how Luca had bested Adam. Adam ordered Luca to leave, but Luca smugly anticipated that things would go more smoothly from then on, since they had a mutual understanding. Luca warned that he'd be keeping an eye on Adam, and he reminded Adam that Luca had all the cards as well as Noah's fate in his hands. Luca gleefully envisioned the look on Victor's face when Victor learned that the balance of power had shifted, and Adam retorted that Luca would wish he'd never set foot in town when Victor found out what Luca was doing to Noah.

Luca expected Victor to be relieved that Noah was safe, and he thought Victor would appreciate his discretion and consider him a worthy adversary. Adam noted that Luca had committed the ultimate sin by messing with Victor's family and company, and he recalled what had happened to Marco when he'd done the same thing. Marisa called Adam and begged him to stop Noah from confessing to the police. Adam relayed that Luca's plan had backfired, since Luca's leverage was about to go up in smoke. Adam refused to let Noah throw his life away, and he raced out to get to Noah before he confessed.

Marisa paced in the Newman corridor, and Chelsea arrived and asked where Adam was. Marisa feigned ignorance, and she suggested that Chelsea wait at home. Chelsea recalled that Marisa had been intent on stopping Adam from springing a trap on Luca, and she had a feeling that Marisa knew why Adam had changed his mind about allowing Luca to stay at the company. Marisa claimed she'd been too busy arguing with Luca to find out, and Chelsea inquired whether they'd been fighting about Noah, since it was obvious that Marisa was still in love with him.

Marisa said Chelsea was letting her imagination get the best of her, but Chelsea guessed that the whole thing was about Noah. Marisa rambled that Adam had dropped his plan, but Luca might be out of the company anyway, and she might have lost Noah forever. Chelsea pushed to know what Adam had gotten involved in, but Marisa flatly told her to ask her husband. Marisa hurried out.

At the police station, an officer informed Paul that Patty was in his office. Paul couldn't believe that Patty had been living on the streets nearby, and he said he had to question her about her escape and the murder allegations before she went back to Fairview. He entered his office, where Patty was slumped in his chair. He greeted "Patty Cakes," and he cleaned off Patty's face and said he was glad she was safe. He said he needed to call their brothers to let them know she was okay, since they'd thought she'd either died in the fire or run off with Ian.

Patty gushed that Ian was a lovely man, and she divulged that he wouldn't have escaped if she hadn't helped him. She continued that Ian had given her money and told her to start a new life by finding her own path, and she'd tried looking for Ian, but she hadn't been able to find him. Paul informed her that Ian was in prison for doing bad things, and she was dismayed. Patty asked if she could stay with Paul, but he pointed out that she'd done some bad things, too, like trying to kill Phyllis.

Patty defended that she'd just tried to shut Phyllis up, and she wailed that Phyllis had left her in the fire to burn. Patty recounted that Jack had been really sweet, and she wanted to see him again. Paul steered the conversation to why she'd broken out of Fairview, and he said he knew she'd tried to see Dylan to tell him that he couldn't trust Sharon. Patty incredulously asked if that was what everyone thought, since Dr. Anderson was the one who couldn't be trusted.

Patty called Dr. Anderson a monster with two faces and a black heart, and she insisted that the doctor was pure evil. An officer entered, and Paul said it was time for Patty to go back to Fairview. Patty whimpered that she didn't want to go, and she struggled against being taken. Paul assured her that she'd be fine, and he promised that he'd meet her at Fairview later.

Noah arrived at the station and asked to see Paul, but an officer informed him that Paul was dealing with his sister. Noah offered to wait, and Adam and Luca rushed in. Adam understood that Noah was frustrated, but he insisted that Noah couldn't confess. Noah refused to let Luca get away with blackmail, but Luca told him not to be a martyr. Adam recognized that Noah was consumed by guilt, but he urged Noah to consider how being locked in prison would affect his family. Adam expected that Noah's confession would devastate Sharon, and he questioned whether Noah wanted her to have a setback.

The officer led Patty out of Paul's office, and Adam asked where the police had captured her. Paul revealed that Patty and Ian had spent some time together after the fire, but they'd long earlier parted ways. Paul indicated that Patty had shown no animosity toward the Newmans or their company, and he excused himself to tend to Patty.

Later, at Crimson Lights, Kevin asked Noah what was wrong, and Noah replied that everything was wrong. Noah asked how Kevin had lived with himself after doing terrible things, like robbing a bank. Kevin joked that the robbery wasn't even among his top ten worst things, and Noah said he knew Kevin wasn't a bad guy. Kevin remarked that good people did bad things sometimes, and he wondered what Noah had done. Noah remained silent, and Kevin explained that he'd tried to commit selfless acts after he'd done things he'd regretted, since there was a natural inclination to try to find a balance.

Kevin advised Noah not to worry about it, and he figured that it couldn't have been bad enough to land Noah at the police station. Noah disclosed that he'd gone to see Paul, who'd been too busy with his sister. Adam and Luca approached Noah, and Kevin commented that it looked like Noah had his hands full, too. Kevin took off, and Noah barked that he didn't need to be babysat. Adam sent Luca to get some coffee, and he asked if Noah intended to stand by his decision not to confess.

Noah promised that he wouldn't say anything, but he wondered what Adam planned to tell Victor. Noah pointed out that Adam worked with a man who he claimed to love, but Victor used Adam like a pawn in a game. Adam acknowledged that Victor would never change, but he'd gotten used to it. Adam suggested that Noah do the same thing if he wanted to be part of the Newman family and business.

Later, Marisa arrived at the coffeehouse, and Luca commended her for calling Adam, since he and Adam had stopped Noah from baring his soul. Noah chided Luca for trying to take credit, and he clarified that it had been a matter of luck that he hadn't told Paul. Noah added that Adam had reminded him that actions had unintended consequences, and he'd found an excellent reason to stay quiet -- he wanted to go along with Luca's blackmail scheme and take down Victor together.

Noah groused that Victor thought he could control all of their lives, but Victor was about to learn that there was one member of the family who he couldn't control. Marisa cautioned Noah against forming a twisted alliance with Luca, but Noah countered that she'd had her own twisted alliance with Luca for months. Noah berated her for not telling him that Luca had known about the accident, and Marisa insisted that she'd only been trying to protect Noah. Marisa stormed out, and Luca accused Noah of still wanting her. Noah asked if they had a deal or not.

At Fairview, Paul pointed out that Patty already knew all the rules at the facility, and he recalled that she'd liked the activities there. Patty glared at Dr. Anderson, who said she'd been relieved to hear that Patty had been found. Patty growled that Dr. Anderson was a liar who didn't care about anyone, and she begged Paul not to make her stay there. Paul reminded Patty that the judge had ordered her to be there, but he was happy that he could visit her all the time. Paul asked the police officer to escort Patty to her room while he spoke with the doctor, and he hugged Patty goodbye.

After the cop led Patty away, Dr. Anderson told Paul that the police had apprised her of the situation, and Paul mentioned that Patty had said some interesting things about the doctor. Paul explained that Patty had been homeless and off her meds, and she'd had a physical outburst when he'd told her that she had to go back to Fairview. Paul sternly warned that he expected better care for his sister than she'd received the last time, since Patty had escaped under the doctor's watch. Nick eavesdropped as Dr. Anderson swore that nothing was more important than her patients' welfare.

Dr. Anderson met with Patty and suggested that they make a fresh start. The doctor thought it could be a very positive experience if Patty followed the rules and didn't disrupt other patients' treatment, and Patty complained that Dr. Anderson had scolded her for befriending Sharon before. The doctor insisted that Patty had gotten worked up over nothing, since Sharon was at home with her husband and a healthy baby boy. Dr. Anderson told Patty to get some rest, and Patty muttered, "Liar, liar." The doctor's phone rang as she stepped out, and Sharon asked to see Dr. Anderson right away.

Sage hugged Nick, and she revealed that she'd been unnerved when Dr. Anderson had tried to get into her head. Nick mentioned that he'd talked to Sharon to get information about Dr. Anderson, but he'd ended up telling Sharon everything. Sage protested that Sharon thought the doctor walked on water, but Nick contended that Sharon had needed to understand who the real enemy was. Nick figured that if they could convince Sharon, they could convince anyone. Sage hoped he was right.

On his way out, Nick warned Sage that Patty was a very disturbed person, and he advised Sage to do her best to stay away from her, since Patty was dangerous. They encountered Patty in the hallway. "Dangerous? I'm the keeper of all secrets," Patty declared.

Sharon thanked Dr. Anderson for getting there quickly. Sharon revealed that Nick had said things that had her worried.

At the police station, Paul finished calling his brothers, and Kevin appeared in the doorway and asked if he was okay. Paul explained that both he and Todd had grown up wanting to help people, but it was ironic that the one person they couldn't help was their own sister. Kevin was sure that Paul had been a good brother, just like Paul was a good boss and a good man. Paul thanked him.

Adam returned home, and he found Chelsea silently packing a bag. He asked where they were going, and she announced that she was taking Connor and moving out. He considered that an extreme reaction to their fight, but she replied that it wasn't an empty threat. He asked what he could do to fix things, and she referred to being out after three strikes. "You're out, Adam," she coldly informed him.

Chelsea griped that Adam kept shutting her out, and she was insulted that he'd told her to go home to Connor. Adam apologized for speaking to her that way, and he defended that he'd been overwhelmed by the situation, but it wasn't something to leave him over. She refused to let him keep secrets from her, and he asserted that business secrets didn't affect her. Chelsea asserted that business was personal to him, so it also affected her and their whole family.

Chelsea said she needed to go away because she couldn't breathe there, but Adam stopped her from going upstairs to get Connor's things. She demanded the truth about what was going on with him, Victor, Luca, and Noah, and Adam agreed to tell her everything.

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