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Noah left the country with Marisa. Victor hired Summer to keep an eye on Natalie. Sharon and Nick realized that Dr. Anderson was really Sandra Allen, and they found the doctor's dead body. Patty flashed back to confronting Dr. Anderson about giving Nick and Sage's baby to Sharon.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of February 8, 2016 on Y&R
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Nick Remembers Sandra Anderson's Identity Nick Remembers Sandra Anderson's Identity

Monday, February 8, 2016

At Adam and Chelsea's penthouse, Chelsea was stunned when she learned from Adam that Noah had been driving the vehicle that struck Billy. Adam explained that Noah, forced to back his vehicle to exit a parking space, had been unaware of Billy's presence when the accident had happened. Chelsea cried that the issue was complicated because Billy was Noah's uncle. Adam explained that he had been just about to oust Luca when Luca had boasted about his knowledge of Noah's involvement. Luca, Adam said, was using the information as leverage, which meant that the Santori family was firmly planted at Newman Enterprises.

Chelsea, worried about Noah, asked Adam why anyone should care about the implications for Newman Enterprises. Chelsea said that Adam, more than anyone, should be aware that covering up Noah's involvement was the worst possible choice. Chelsea recalled that the actual legal and moral crimes Adam had committed were the steps he'd taken to avoid accepting responsibility for Delia's death. Adam explained that by the time he'd learned of Noah's incident, Victor had already intervened and had insisted that the family and the business be protected no matter what. Adam explained that because Billy had survived, Noah shouldn't be forced to serve a prison sentence. Adam pleaded with Chelsea to support him while he acted to protect Noah.

At Crimson Lights, Noah pressured Luca to accept a deal to betray Victor. Luca said he was wary because Adam had double-crossed him after having lured him into a scheme to deceive Victor. Luca asked Noah if nearly killing Billy Abbott had changed him from being predictably self-righteous. Noah listed Victor's recent offenses, including his grandfather's manipulation of Marisa. Luca recalled that both he and Noah shared a common love interest in Marisa. Noah claimed he was no longer interested in pursuing Marisa.

Luca continued to stall and wouldn't agree to accept Noah's tempting offer. Noah explained that the secrecy tied to Billy's accident had given his grandfather even more control over him. Luca noted that he was using the secret to maintain his family's foothold on Newman Enterprises, so Noah should be angry at him instead of Victor. Noah warned Luca that if Victor learned about Luca's knowledge of the incident, he would quickly crush Luca and his family. Noah said that for Luca to survive, he'd have to act against Victor first.

Summer approached Noah and Luca and said she'd been searching for Victor. Summer announced that she'd decided to work for the family business. Noah advised Summer that it wasn't the right time for her join the company. Summer said that other family members were working for the company, so she was ready to participate in her family's legacy.

Luca praised Summer's bravery and said that the Newman business could get rough because nothing was off-limits. Summer told Noah that she could work alongside him because he trusted her. Noah looked down at his phone. Adam had sent Noah a text message and asked to meet him at the office.

In Victor's office at Newman Enterprises, Noah met with Adam. Adam said he had to oust Luca from Newman Enterprises before Victor returned. To accomplish his goal, Adam explained, Noah would have to leave the country. Adam had already secured Noah's airline tickets. Noah said he wasn't in favor of running away. Adam claimed that the company and members of Noah's family, including Sharon, could be hurt if the truth were revealed. Adam said his aim was to protect Noah until the situation could be resolved. Noah reluctantly left the office with his tickets in hand.

Summer and Luca were enjoying coffee on the patio at Crimson Lights when Noah returned and asked to speak to Luca alone. After Summer left, Noah warned Luca not to involve Summer. Noah said Adam was sending him out of the country, so he'd be "out of the line of fire." Luca replied, "If that happens, I lose my leverage, and this plan is screwed." Noah agreed and said he intended to stay in town.

At Victoria and Billy's house, Victoria felt compelled to work on the security project, but Billy easily lured her away. Chelsea stopped by, and Victoria stepped out of the room. Chelsea was overjoyed to see that Billy had almost completely recovered from his injuries. Billy said that the police hadn't been able to identify a suspect because his partial memory of the incident was hazy. Billy said he'd rather focus on his job and his family. Billy added that he was alive, so he couldn't become obsessed about the person who'd been driving the car.

Chelsea said Billy deserved to be happy. Chelsea spied the open bottle of wine and said she'd leave so Victoria and Billy could enjoy their evening. After Chelsea left, Billy told Victoria about Chelsea's discussion of the accident. Billy said he suspected Chelsea might know something. Victoria replied, "What could she know?" Billy became angry and suggested that Adam might have been involved. Victoria said Adam had been at the Top of the Tower when accident took place.

Chelsea went to Newman Enterprises and admitted to Adam that she'd stopped by to visit Billy. Adam asked about Billy's reaction to the news. Chelsea said she hadn't told Billy that Noah had been driving the car. Chelsea explained that Billy was happy and believed that the accident had given him a new beginning. Adam seemed relieved. Chelsea said she didn't want to spoil Billy's happiness, so she'd kept quiet.

At the Fairview Psychiatric Facility, Nick and Sage questioned Patty after she referred to herself as the "keeper of all secrets." Patty added that some people at the facility couldn't be trusted. Patty acted confused and didn't respond when asked to name the people she believed were untrustworthy. When Nick explained that Sage needed rest, Patty laughed and noted that Dr. Anderson had worked miracles for Sharon. Patty became fixated on Sharon and referred to her as a little chirpy bird. Sage and Nick were taken aback when Patty continued comparing Sharon to a tweeting bird and asked Sage what kind of bird she was. Nick told Patty that she should retire to her room.

Nick and Sage were taken aback when Patty pretended someone was injecting medication into her upper arm. Patty said, "Dr. Anderson's special recipe, and there's always more where that came from. Tweet, tweet!" After Patty left, Sage said Patty seemed to know things about Dr. Anderson they didn't. Nick said he doubted Patty's ability to differentiate between real life and delusion. Sage said she could question Patty and determine what was real was what wasn't. Nick feared Sage would be placing herself in danger.

Sage insisted on carrying on with her covert investigation. Nick cried that with the judge's court order in place, he'd be unable to rescue Sage. Sage assured Nick she could fool Patty and Dr. Anderson while continuing to search for clues about Dr. Anderson's past. Later, Nick secretly entered Dr. Anderson's office and found a book hidden from view. The book, titled "Living with Paralysis," had the initials "S. A." scribbled inside the front cover. Nick took the book and left the office.

At Sharon's house, Dr. Sandy Anderson stopped by when Sharon phoned and said she wished to share some concerns about Nick. Dr. Anderson was eager to hear about Nick and assured Sharon that talking about what Nick had said demonstrated that Sharon had compassion. Sharon said, "Nick suspects that he's having feelings for you." Dr. Anderson claimed that Nick's feelings could be characterized as "transference" because she provided solace. Sharon asked if Dr. Anderson feared that Sage's condition might not improve. Dr. Anderson said she remained hopeful, though she stressed that Nick and others concerned were responsible for their own health and happiness.

Sharon defended Nick and said he'd stood by her when she'd started the fire at the ranch and even after she'd switched the results of Faith's paternity test. Sharon insisted that Nick was a good man. Dr. Anderson replied, "All the way back to high school?" Dr. Anderson suddenly clarified her comment and recalled that Sharon and Nick had met during high school. Dr. Anderson winced when Sharon talked on and on about Nick's smile, his good looks, and his resolve to always stand up for what was right. Dr. Anderson replied, "No. Not always. Not all the time."

Sharon asked Dr. Anderson to explain why she doubted that Nick stood up for what was right. Dr. Anderson rambled on about how Nick's decisions could be greatly impacted by his father's disapproval. Sharon insisted that Nick had always stood up to Victor. Dr. Anderson replied, "Men are weak, and that's when they hurt you. They always hurt you. They always leave." Sharon was speechless. Dr. Anderson suddenly regained her composure, wiped away tears, and assured Sharon that she'd be discreet and cautious in her dealings with Nick.

At Fairview, Sage later intercepted Patty in the hallway. Patty referred to Sage and Nick as trickster birds and said she knew they had a plan. Sage asked about Sharon's time at the hospital. Patty recalled that Dr. Anderson had always ensured that Sharon remained heavily medicated and was denied visitors. Patty explained that she'd escaped just so she could inform Dylan that Dr. Anderson was filling Sharon's head with nonsense. Sage asked Patty to elaborate.

Dr. Anderson suddenly appeared and ordered Patty back to her room. When Patty calmly pleaded with Dr. Anderson to back down, Dr. Anderson yelled for an orderly. Sage seemed shocked by what she'd witnessed. Later, Sage sneaked into Patty's room to check on her. Patty seemed oblivious to Sage's presence. Patty was stroking a plush cat toy while softly singing, "Hush, Little Baby." Sage cried, "Patty, what did Dr. Anderson do to you?"

Nick stopped by Sharon's house. Sharon told Nick about her startling conversation with Dr. Anderson. Sharon said that Dr. Anderson had had tears in her eyes at one point during their talk about Nick's past. Nick asked why. Sharon said Dr. Anderson had seemed to be referring to an old emotional wound when she'd mumbled about men hurting women and leaving them.

Nick was surprised to learn that Dr. Anderson had also been fixated on Victor. Nick showed Sharon the old book and said it contained scribbled notes. Sharon said that though Dr. Anderson had tried to pretend she didn't care about Nick's affections, it was obvious she did care very much. Sharon and Nick were also bewildered by Dr. Anderson's mention of his high-school days. Sharon said that despite Dr. Anderson's feelings for Nick, she continued to treat Sage, which was a breach of professional ethics.

Suddenly, Nick put all the pieces together and realized that Dr. Anderson was actually Sandra Allen. Nick recalled that Sandra's injury had occurred after she'd jumped into a swimming pool from a balcony. Though Sandra had claimed he'd egged her own, Nick said he'd never intended for her to get hurt. Sharon reminded Nick that Victor had paid off Sandra's family. Nick said that Sandra was seeking revenge. Sharon couldn't believe she'd trusted Sandra. Nick said Patty had tried to warn him about Dr. Anderson. Nick quickly left to rescue Sage.

Sharon followed Nick to Fairview. Sharon said she needed answers from Sandra Allen. Nick opened the door to Sandra's office. Sharon gasped when she and Nick saw the doctor. Sandra was facedown on the floor with a bloody wound on her back. A bloodstained letter opener lay on the floor next to the doctor.

The Truth Is Locked Inside Patty's Head The Truth Is Locked Inside Patty's Head

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

At Newman Enterprises, Adam thanked Chelsea for not telling Billy that Noah had been the hit-and-run driver. Adam was glad that Billy had a second chance with his wife and kids, and he hoped that he still had a chance with Chelsea. Victor entered and inquired whether they were holding court in his office, and Adam asked how Victor's second honeymoon had been. Victor requested that Chelsea excuse them, but Chelsea announced that she knew everything about the blackmail. Victor expressed surprise that she was still there.

Adam quickly covered by saying that he'd told Chelsea about Luca's blackmail, and Victor griped that he'd cut his trip short because Adam's decisions had left much to be desired. Adam defended that Luca had threatened to go to the police about the accident Noah had caused, and Chelsea swore that she wouldn't turn in Noah or tell Billy. Victor recounted that Chelsea had run to Billy to expose Adam's identity, and he questioned why she wouldn't do it again. Chelsea declared that she was standing by Adam, since they didn't keep secrets anymore. Victor pointedly noted that trust in a marriage was a wonderful thing, especially when a child was involved.

Chelsea said she and Adam had made mistakes, but they understood that having no secrets or lies was the key to a successful marriage. Victor dryly hoped Adam appreciated Chelsea's love for the truth, and Adam replied that he'd appreciate her every single day of their lives. Adam told Chelsea that he and Victor had to discuss business, but she refused to let Adam dismiss her again. Adam claimed that they had to talk about boring stuff, and he suggested that she go home and find something sexy to wear when he met her there later. She backed off, and Victor sternly told the couple to have their private conversations outside the office in the future.

Chelsea left, and Adam admonished Victor for referring to Sage's baby in front of Chelsea. Victor blasted Adam for telling Chelsea about Noah's accident, and Adam swore that they could trust Chelsea, but it was Noah who Victor should be worried about. Adam disclosed that Noah had been about to tell the police everything, but Adam had stopped him. Victor told Adam not to expect any thanks, since Victor had been mistaken to put his trust in Adam.

Adam argued that Victor should have trusted him with the information about Noah's hit-and-run, since Adam would have played his cards differently had he known, but he was fixing things by getting Noah out of the country the next day. Adam figured that with Noah removed from the equation, Luca would lose his leverage, and Adam and Victor could focus on grinding the Santoris into dust.

At Crimson Lights, Noah informed Luca that he intended to stay in town and take down Victor like they'd talked about, since he wanted payback for all the times Victor had hurt the people Noah loved. Noah pointed out that Victor assumed Noah was loyal, so Victor wouldn't know what hit him if Noah and Luca worked together. Luca countered that he and Noah weren't friends, and Noah recognized that Luca didn't like or respect him, so they were even. Noah insisted that they wanted the same thing, and he called Luca "partner."

Noah said it wasn't just about Marisa, since Victor had gone after Sharon and had devastated the Abbotts, and he asked if he and Luca had a deal. Noah cautioned that Victor would go after Luca with everything Victor had, and Luca stated that he could take care of himself. Noah warned Luca to stay away from Summer, and Luca questioned what Summer thought of Noah's plot to take down her beloved grandfather. A man approached the table and informed Luca that Victor had returned and wanted to see him in the office.

Chelsea plopped down next to Marisa at the Top of the Tower bar, and she announced that she knew what Marisa had refused to tell her earlier. Marisa feigned ignorance, but Chelsea said the man Marisa loved was in trouble, and she noticed Noah walk in. Chelsea informed him that she knew he'd run down Billy, and Noah guessed that Adam had told her. Noah inquired whether Adam had also relayed that he'd booked Noah a one-way ticket out of the country, and Chelsea replied that the smartest thing Noah could do was get on the plane and never look back.

Chelsea asserted that Noah's punishment would be living with the guilt for the rest of his life someplace else, and she suggested that Marisa go with him. Chelsea explained that she and Adam had had the chance to leave Genoa City and live their own lives, but they'd stayed and were trapped under Victor's heel. She beseeched Noah not to make the same mistake, and she urged them to go while they still could. Marisa pointed out that she and Noah were no longer together, but Chelsea thought it was obvious that they were still in love. Chelsea said they'd be free if they left, but Victor would be part of every breath they took if they stayed.

After Chelsea left, Marisa hoped Noah no longer intended on going through with his plan to get back at Victor, but Noah questioned whether she expected him to go into hiding like a coward. Marisa argued that he'd be safe, but Noah grumbled that Victor would get away with everything he'd done. Noah recalled that Adam had told him to accept how Victor ruled the world with threats and lies, but he couldn't live with it. Marisa implored Noah to start a new life, but he balked at leaving his family and friends behind. Marisa promised that she'd go with him.

Marisa felt responsible for Noah's predicament because she was the reason Luca was in Genoa City, but Noah countered that Victor had started the war by making a deal with the Santoris. Noah ranted that Victor had "brought down hell" on the people he loved, and they hadn't deserved it. Noah refused to accept it the way Adam had, and Marisa suggested that Noah pay Victor back by being happy with her. She proclaimed that she'd never stopped loving Noah, and her only hope was that he still loved her. They kissed.

At Newman, Luca cheerfully asked how Victor's trip had been. Victor confronted Luca about threatening Noah, and Luca coolly stated that Noah had committed a crime, smugly adding, "Like uncle, like nephew." Luca wondered if Victor was impressed that Luca had made a brilliant move to shift the balance of power, and Adam attempted to intervene, but Victor insisted on handling the situation himself. After Adam departed, Luca clucked that Adam should have been more prepared to play with the big boys. Victor called Luca a "cocky bastard," and Luca scoffed at the idea that it was impossible to beat Victor Newman. Victor roughly grabbed Luca and hissed, "No one beats Victor Newman. Do you understand that? You're playing with a big boy now."

Victor snarled that more powerful men had gone after him before, and he advised Luca to end it. Luca replied that Victor couldn't touch him if he wanted Noah to be safe, and Victor promised that Luca didn't want to find out what Victor was capable of. Luca dared Victor to hurt him, since Luca had left two files with his lawyer -- one detailing the cover-up of the hit-and-run, and the other with evidence of Victor's dirty dealings with Marco. Luca crowed that Victor could kill him, and he'd die happy, knowing Victor would spend the rest of his life in prison -- perhaps in the cell next to Noah's. Victor ordered Luca to get out of his office.

Adam returned home, and he observed that Chelsea hadn't unpacked. She said she needed him to be honest with her about everything, and he insisted that he'd given her the honesty she'd wanted, even though it hadn't been what she'd wanted to hear. Chelsea accepted that it was important to Adam to work at Newman, but she wanted to make sure Victor didn't get between them or the truth. Adam declared that she was the love of his life, and he didn't want to be anywhere but there with her. He added that it was exhausting to think about life without her, and they kissed. She promised that he never had to imagine a life without her as long as he was honest.

Dylan entered the cottage and yelled out that he was home, but he received no response. Meanwhile, at Fairview, Nick and Sharon discovered Dr. Anderson's lifeless body on the floor of the doctor's office with a bloody letter opener beside her. Nick felt for a pulse and confirmed that Dr. Anderson was dead, and Sharon prepared to call the police. Nick told her to wait.

Nick wanted to think things through in case Sage had been involved, but Sharon was sure that Sage hadn't attacked Dr. Anderson. Nick theorized that the doctor might have attacked Sage, and Sage might have acted in self-defense. Nick prepared to find Sage, and a shaken Sharon answered a call from Dylan, who informed her that he was back from Switzerland. Dylan asked where Sharon and Sully were, and Sharon grappled for a response. Nick took the phone and told Dylan to get to Fairview right away.

In a patient room, Patty rocked back and forth and sang to her stuffed cat. Sage softly called to her and asked if she was all right, and she inquired whether Dr. Anderson had done something to Patty. Sage referred to what Patty had said earlier about Sharon being drugged and confused, and she wondered if the doctor had done something similar to Patty. Patty put down the cat, and Sage gasped when she saw blood on Patty's shirt.

Sage worried that Patty had hurt herself, but she couldn't tell if Patty was still bleeding. Sage told Patty to stay there, and she ran into Nick and Sharon in the hallway. Nick became alarmed when he saw blood on Sage's hand, and Sage explained that it was Patty's blood, but Patty was completely out of it and needed a doctor. Nick revealed that it was probably Dr. Anderson's blood, since they'd found the doctor stabbed dead. Sage panicked that Patty had killed Dr. Anderson, and Nick informed her that the police were on their way. They looked in on a despondent Patty.

Patty flashed back to bursting into Dr. Anderson's office, and the doctor had ordered her to leave, but Patty had insisted that they chat about a little baby first.

The police arrived at Fairview, and Nick pointed Paul in the direction of Dr. Anderson's office. Sharon explained to Dylan that Nick and Sage had suspected that something had been seriously wrong with Dr. Anderson, so Sage had become a patient. Dylan realized that Sage's attack on Dr. Anderson and Nick's agreement to commit Sage had been an act, but he didn't understand why Sharon was there. Sharon revealed that the doctor hadn't been who she'd claimed to be, and Nick disclosed that he and Sharon had been there to confront Dr. Anderson about who she really was. Sharon blurted out that the doctor had fallen in love with Nick years earlier.

Nick and Sharon recounted how the book about paralysis had led them to believe that Dr. Anderson was really an obsessed Sandra Allen, who had infiltrated their lives to get close to Nick. Dylan noted that it didn't explain why Dr. Anderson had been murdered, and Paul returned and asked if there was any indication of who had been responsible. Nick apologetically informed Paul that it appeared that Patty had done it, but Dylan said they wouldn't know until they talked to Patty, and that might not be possible. Paul peered through the window at Patty and recalled that she'd been scared to death of Dr. Anderson, but Dylan told him not to blame himself. Paul entered the room, and police officers wheeled a covered body by on a gurney. Dylan led Sage away to take her statement privately.

Sharon assured Nick that nothing he'd done had led up to that moment, and Nick remembered thinking that he'd met Dr. Anderson before when he'd introduced himself to her. Sharon pointed out that the doctor had done everything possible to hide her identity, and Nick recounted that he'd visited Sandy once after her accident to tell her that he'd been sorry. He said that had been the last time he'd seen her, even though he'd tried to contact her again. Sharon asserted that Sandy's family had been paid to stay away from Nick, and even though Nick had tried to do the right thing, they were all still paying for Victor's attempt at damage control.

Sharon lamented that she'd bared her soul to Dr. Anderson, and the idea that the doctor had had an ulterior motive all along was frightening. Nick was thankful that Dr. Anderson had actually tried to help Sharon, but Sharon was confused about how Patty had figured out that the doctor had been dishonest. Nick felt like there was a missing piece of the puzzle.

Sage told Dylan that Patty had indicated that she knew secrets about the place, and Patty had seemed terrified of Dr. Anderson. Sage relayed that Patty had said the doctor had filled Sharon's head with something, so Patty had escaped on the night of the fire to warn Dylan. Dylan recalled Jack passing along Patty's message not to trust "her," and Sage was sure that Patty had been trying to warn Dylan about the doctor. Sage speculated that Dr. Anderson had lashed out at Patty if the doctor had thought Patty would expose her, and Dylan wondered what secret would have been big enough to kill for. Sage remarked that she wouldn't be surprised if Dr. Anderson had been hiding even more.

Paul asked Patty to tell him what had happened, but she continued humming to herself. He asked why she'd thought Dr. Anderson had been a monster, and he wondered if the doctor had tried to hurt Patty. Paul tenderly took Patty's hand and tearfully held her close, and he guessed that she didn't know what she'd done. He whimpered that he never should have left Patty there, and he was sure Patty wouldn't have killed Dr. Anderson without a reason. He begged Patty to tell him what had happened, but Patty resumed singing, "Hush, little baby, don't say a word."

Patty flashed back to blasting Dr. Anderson for keeping Sharon away from her family for months, and she'd imagined that the doctor had given Sharon "crazy good" drugs to make her talk to her belly when no one had been listening inside. Patty had demanded to know how the baby had gotten there, and she'd accused Dr. Anderson of arranging it. Dr. Anderson had acknowledged that things had seemed very real to Patty, but she'd claimed that Patty's cognitive processing had been compromised due to lack of medication.

Patty had realized that Sage hadn't really lost her baby and that Dr. Anderson had taken that "little bitty birdie" and put into Sharon's nest. Dr. Anderson had insisted that Patty had been suffering from paranoid delusions, and Patty had threatened to go to Sage with her suspicions. Dr. Anderson had growled that she'd lock Patty up and lose the key, but Patty had declared that one DNA test would confirm that she knew the truth.

The police gathered evidence, and Dylan asked if Paul had gotten through to Patty. Paul suspected that she'd had a psychotic break, and it was possible that she'd killed Dr. Anderson in cold blood. Dylan reported that Sage was convinced that Patty had known about the doctor's hidden past, and he suggested that Dr. Anderson had initiated the altercation. Paul forlornly stated that there were no facts to back up a self-defense claim, since there was no sign of a struggle. Paul thought he'd deluded himself into thinking his love could restore his sister, but it was pretty clear that Patty was insane, and she hadn't been getting any better. Paul sadly faced the fact that he'd never get his sister back.

Sage regretted that they'd never know Dr. Anderson's side of the story, and Sharon expressed disbelief that the doctor had had a secret agenda while she'd been helping Sharon's family. Dylan thought the pieces of the puzzle didn't fit, and Nick suspected that the answers were locked inside Patty's head.

Patty flashed back to Dr. Anderson sarcastically congratulating her for solving the puzzle, and the doctor had covertly prepared a syringe. Dr. Anderson had explained that Nick had been responsible for an accident that had almost paralyzed her for life, and she'd recovered, but Nick had never loved her or supported her. Patty had sympathized that Nick had abandoned Dr. Anderson, and the doctor had said she'd wanted to break Nick's heart the way he'd broken hers, so she'd stolen his baby to punish him.

Dr. Anderson had continued that she'd then spent time with Nick, and she'd felt the gentleness of his soul. Patty had understood that Dr. Anderson had fallen back in love with Nick and had wanted Sage out of the way, but she had objected to involving an innocent baby. Patty had been determined to tell the truth, and she'd tried to run out, but Dr. Anderson had brandished the syringe. Patty had smacked it away, and the women had scuffled. Dr. Anderson had reached for the phone to call for help, and Patty had picked up the letter opener and stabbed the doctor in the back. Patty continued to sing to herself.

Phyllis and Billy proceed with their plan Phyllis and Billy proceed with their plan

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

by Mike

At the Athletic Club, Jack insisted that he didn't want Billy to return to work at Jabot right away, reasoning that Billy needed to relax and spend some time with Victoria and the kids first. Billy protested that he could balance work and family obligations, just like Victoria already did.

Phyllis seized the opportunity to casually ask Victoria how things were going with the Internet security project that Victor had left her in charge of -- the one that had originally belonged to Billy. Jack suggested that it might be best to change the subject, but Victoria assured him that Billy had already gotten over the loss. "Furthest thing from my mind," Billy claimed. Victoria soon received a text message from Victor, who wanted to talk to her about something. After Victoria left, Jack wondered if Billy had been telling the truth earlier.

Billy admitted that he still wanted in on the Internet security project, but he stressed that he wasn't going to let that sort of thing ruin his relationship with Victoria. "And if there's such a thing as karma, this hacker girl's brilliant idea will be a bust, and Victor will lose his investment," Phyllis added. "From your lips," Billy agreed, but Jack reasoned that Victor could have his "little victory" because it paled in comparison to Billy's miraculous second chance at life -- and the Abbotts could develop their own brilliant idea eventually, anyway.

At Newman Enterprises, Victor was on the phone with Natalie, demanding proof of her "so-called genius" right away. "That woman is absolutely maddening," Victor muttered after hanging up on Natalie.

Meanwhile, Summer entered Victor's office and jokingly hoped that he wasn't talking about Nikki. As Victor hugged Summer, she wondered if she was interrupting something important. Victor assured Summer that he would much rather talk to her than deal with unpleasant business. "Oh, well, your business is my business now," Summer replied. Confused, Victor wondered what Summer was talking about. Summer dodged the question, focusing her attention on a state-of-the-art computer system that Victor had recently set up in a corner of his office. "Wow. Think I could get one of these for my office?" Summer asked, again puzzling Victor.

Summer wanted to test out the computer, but Victor asked her not to touch it, explaining that it housed the program that was going to be the future of the company. Victor asked Summer to clarify her earlier comments, prompting her to guess that he hadn't talked to Luca recently. Summer explained that she had mentioned to Luca earlier that she had been thinking about joining the company, and he had been totally on board with the idea. Victor told Summer not to talk to Luca again -- about anything -- because the man was a menace.

Victor's reaction confused Summer, not only because Luca had seemed pretty cool to her but also because Victor didn't seem particularly excited about her interest in joining the company. As Summer began to question the latter oddity, Natalie arrived and observed that the computer looked even more hard-core in person. Natalie recognized Summer as one of the models from Chelsea's recent fashion show, and Summer recognized Natalie as the reason for the fashion show. "Sweetheart, you were just leaving, weren't you?" Victor asked Summer, who confirmed that she did indeed have somewhere else to be -- and she could take a hint regardless.

"I like her," Natalie announced after Summer left. Uninterested, Victor demanded to see the "fancy program" that he had purchased from Natalie. Before Natalie could respond, Victoria arrived and wondered why Victor had asked to see her. Victor was glad to see that at least one of his children had responded to his earlier message, since he still hadn't heard back from Adam. Victor explained that he had given Natalie an ultimatum. "Put up or shut up?" Victoria guessed, and Victor confirmed the suspicion.

Natalie took a seat at the computer and produced a USB device. "Here's what you paid me the big bucks for," Natalie told Victor, who gave her permission to proceed with a demonstration of the device's capabilities. Natalie plugged the dongle into one of the computer's USB ports, launching a program she dubbed "PassKey" -- an alternative to password protection that would provide a user with impenetrable security because it would be sophisticated enough to recognize the owner of the device and only grant that owner access to the files stored within it. When Natalie tried to unlock her own encrypted files, however, she received an "entry denied" error.

"I could have sworn I worked out all the kinks," Natalie muttered as she tried to stop the program's blaring alarm. Victoria complained about the annoying sound, asking Natalie to at least turn down the volume on the computer's speakers, and Victor soon took matters into his own hands, yanking the computer's power cord out of its electrical socket. Natalie thought she knew why the error had occurred, but Victor wasn't interested in hearing her theory. Victor warned that Natalie only had one more week to provide him with a working prototype. "Genius can't be rushed," Natalie protested, but she reluctantly agreed to Victor's terms.

"I don't think she has an idea of who she's working with," Victor told Victoria after Natalie left with the device. "Maybe. Or maybe she's working for somebody else," Victoria suggested. Victoria explained that she had recently paid Natalie a surprise visit -- and had gotten the impression that Natalie was hiding something. "She promises results, but only if we give her privacy -- more privacy. I mean, what does she want -- a drawbridge? A moat? I mean, what the hell? We're letting her work from her hotel room as it is," Victoria mused.

Victoria concluded that Natalie could be asking for privacy to hide the fact that she was working with a silent partner. Victor's prime suspects were Jack, Phyllis, and Billy, but Victoria was skeptical about each candidate, reasoning that Jack was too focused on the relaunch of Jabot to make a move against Newman Enterprises, Phyllis was too crazy about Jack to go behind his back on such a thing, and Billy was too devoted to her and the kids to scheme against her family again. Victoria's arguments failed to convince Victor, but he agreed to drop the subject when she remained adamant that Billy, in particular, wouldn't betray her again.

At the Athletic Club, Jack said goodbye to Phyllis and Billy then headed off to take care of some business. Once the coast was clear, Phyllis and Billy reassured each other that they weren't having second thoughts about their plan to steal the Internet security project back from Victor. Billy warned Phyllis that they were going to have to be more careful in the future, since he had already had one close call with Victoria recently, thanks to an unexpected visit that she had made to Natalie's room while he had been talking to Natalie about the Internet security project.

Billy told Phyllis about how he had hidden from Victoria in Natalie's room -- as if he had been cheating on her. Phyllis protested that Billy was making the whole thing sound a bit melodramatic, but he disagreed. "I mean, I'm running around behind her back, working on the real success, and in the meantime, I'm setting her up for failure," Billy pointed out, prompting Phyllis to concede that, when put like that, what Billy was doing to Victoria sounded awful. Phyllis assured Billy, however, that if they played their cards right, Victoria and Jack would never find out about what they were up to.

At Jabot, Devon and Hilary bumped into each other outside the lab. As Devon knelt to help Hilary pick up some documents she had dropped, she joked that it wasn't the first time he had handed her paperwork recently. Devon pointed out that Hilary had not yet signed the divorce papers she was referring to, and she reminded him that she didn't want to sign them. Hilary admitted that she was surprised to see Devon because she had assumed that he would want to keep his distance from her. Devon explained that he was there to check on Ashley and Dr. Neville and make sure that his investment was paying off.

Hilary thought that was wise, especially since Neil hadn't been around lately. "You know, I get that [being around us] is awkward, but Neil still has a job to do," Hilary complained -- just as Neil approached her from behind. Neil agreed that he had an important role at the company, and he dismissively added that Hilary, on the other hand, was there solely to be Neville's pincushion. Devon explained that Hilary was just concerned that their personal situation with Neil could affect things at work. Neil assured Devon and Hilary that there was nothing to worry about.

"It seems to me that this story is having a happy ending. Lily and Cane are finding their way back to each other, [and] so are my son and wife -- ex-wife," Neil mused. Popping a piece of gum in his mouth, Neil added that everything had worked out the way it had been meant to, just as he had previously predicted it would. Hilary observed that Neil seemed on edge, but he assured her that he was fine, and he headed into the lab after insisting that she and Devon needed to trust him to run the company properly.

Devon agreed with Hilary's earlier observation about Neil, and he took Neil's odd behavior as a clear indication that Neil was still in love with Hilary. "Maybe we should tell him that there is no happy ending," Devon suggested. "Well, I'm still holding out for one," Hilary replied. Devon and Hilary entered the lab, where Abby was observing that Ashley looked kind of pale. Hilary agreed and offered Ashley a chair, but Ashley insisted that she was fine. Ashley headed into her office with Neville, and Abby followed them.

Outside Ashley's office, Neil praised Ashley's dedication to her job and wished that Devon and Hilary would start following her example. Devon complained that Neil wasn't acting very professional, prompting Neil to counter that Devon had no room to talk about professional behavior because he was sleeping with one of his employees. "I'm not one of [Devon's] employees, okay? I'm his wife -- which you spent a lot of time reminding me of -- [so] we're not breaking any rules," Hilary protested.

Neil clarified that he wasn't talking about rules; he was talking about having a moral compass. "Wow. This coming from the man who left me locked in a boathouse for weeks, making everyone think I was dead," Hilary countered. As Devon reminded Hilary to keep her voice down, Neil loudly complained that Hilary was being ungrateful to the man who had saved her life and had fought to repair her relationship with Devon. Hilary and Neil continued arguing with each other, and Devon soon intervened and advised Neil to go home and cool off for a while.

"You're managing me now," Neil complained. "Yeah, well, someone needs to," Hilary countered. Devon reasoned that the conversation wasn't going anywhere and that it would be best to just start fresh the following day. "To hell with [that] -- [and] to hell with both of you," Neil spat before storming off. Devon apologized to Hilary on Neil's behalf, and she suggested that it might be best for Devon to tell Neil not to return, especially if that was how Neil was going to continue treating them in the future.

Devon wondered why Neil had woken up on the wrong side of the bed that morning. "Probably because he woke up in an empty bed," Hilary suggested. Devon said that Neil had only himself to blame for that because he had messed things up with Gwen and had then pushed Hilary back to Devon. "Devon, I chose you. Even if you won't let yourself choose me," Hilary protested.

Devon reasoned that it wasn't the time or the place to rehash old things, and he wished that Neil had been able to recognize that. "I mean, I hate to fire him, but I think it might be for his own good. Maybe being around us is too much for him. I mean, God forbid he starts..." Devon began. "Drinking again?" Hilary guessed.

In Ashley's office, Abby demanded to know what was really going on with Ashley. Ashley maintained that she was fine, but Abby wanted proof, so she asked Ashley to accompany her to the hospital so Stitch could run some tests. Ashley protested that she was too busy to do that, and Neville jumped in to add that, in his expert opinion, Ashley was simply suffering from a case of the common flu. Abby wasn't convinced, but before she could continue grilling Ashley, she received a phone call from Stitch, who wanted her to meet him at the Athletic Club right away.

Abby left after asking Neville to take care of Ashley. Once the coast was clear, Neville told Ashley that she could go ahead and drop the act. "Your overbearing but well-intentioned daughter has left the building. It's more than all right to admit that you feel like dreck," Neville added. Ashley admitted that she did indeed feel that way, prompting Neville to advise her to go home and get some rest. Ashley refused, but Neville warned that the effects of the drug protocol would probably get worse before she started to get better. "You mean if I get better," Ashley muttered.

Neville preferred to focus on the fact that, at least for the time being, Ashley wasn't getting any worse, but his glass-half-full optimism didn't make her feel any better. Ashley complained that she was sick of being sick. "Your miracle cure is crap, and so are you!" Ashley added before quickly apologizing, assuring Neville that she hadn't meant what she had just said. Neville didn't want Ashley's apologies because she had every right to be angry and scared -- and there was a very real possibility that she could be right about his drug protocol.

"I hope I'm not right," Ashley whispered, and Neville hugged her as he stressed that he felt the same way. Ashley assured Neville that she really did believe in him, adding that she was simply scared. Neville admitted that he was scared, too, but that didn't exactly make Ashley feel any better. "Oh. Sorry about that. [But] if you think about it, why wouldn't I be [scared], you know? You're my only patient, and my boss. Just imagine my odds if you decide to croak," Neville pointed out, eliciting a genuine laugh from Ashley. Satisfied, Neville again offered to take Ashley home, and she finally agreed.

Neil went to the Athletic Club and ordered a drink at the bar, but Jack spotted him and tried to replace the drink with a cup of coffee. Neil told Jack to go home to his beautiful life and his beautiful wife. Jack pointed out that Neil had a life, too, and Neil sarcastically agreed that his cup was overflowing with things to be happy about, such as the fact that his son was with the woman who had once been his wife.

Jack insisted that Neil couldn't just crawl into a hole with his pain and a shot glass, but Neil dismissively countered that Jack needed to leave him alone. When Jack didn't take the hint, Neil angrily grabbed Jack's shirt collar and shouted, "I'm gonna drink if I want to, and there's nothing that you can do about it!"

Upstairs, Abby was surprised to find Stitch alone inside his room, with lit candles creating a romantic atmosphere. Stitch explained that Summer had agreed to watch Max for a while. "Sorry about all the secrecy. It's just...we're newlyweds, damn it, and I just needed some quality time with my wife," Stitch added before kissing Abby.

Later, while Stitch and Abby were lying in bed together after making love, Max burst into the room, having tricked Summer into leaving him unattended at Crimson Lights for a few minutes. Abby covered herself with a sheet and rushed into the bathroom. Max told Stitch he was sorry. "Are you really? You know, I've been really understanding about a lot of things, but this is out of line. You have no business here, and you know it!" Stitch snapped.

Back downstairs, Jack finally managed to convince Neil to head home. Jack stood at the entrance and watched Neil get into a cab, just to be sure. Once he was satisfied, Jack turned away from the entrance -- and found Phyllis and Billy descending the stairs together, having just finished a meeting in which Natalie had assured them that she had tricked Victor into believing that her device didn't work. "What were you two doing upstairs?" Jack wondered.

Alone in her room, Natalie spied on Victor via the webcam device on his state-of-the-art computer system, which she had gained control of during her earlier demonstration. Victor was assuring Victoria that he knew the perfect girl to task with the job of keeping a close eye on Natalie.

Summer and Natalie Become Roommates Summer and Natalie Become Roommates

Thursday, February 11, 2016

At the Athletic Club, Jack was surprised when he spotted Billy and Phyllis descending the stairs together. Phyllis quickly crafted a story about retracing her steps after losing her phone, but Billy said she didn't have to lie for him. Billy admitted that he'd been more interested in Natalie's project than he'd let on, and he'd planned to go upstairs to talk to her about the prototype. Jack objected, and Billy claimed that Phyllis had stopped him by giving him all the good reasons why he shouldn't go down that path again. Billy pledged to go where he should be -- home to Victoria and the kids. Billy departed.

Jack thanked Phyllis for keeping Billy from going down the rabbit hole, but he wondered if Billy wasn't ready to be back at Jabot. Phyllis argued that Billy had nearly died trying to prove himself worthy of Jack's respect, and she couldn't believe that Jack was considering letting Billy go. Jack worried that Billy wasn't in the right frame of mind to handle pressure, but Phyllis recalled Jack's speeches about having the Abbotts by his side to save Jabot from ruin. Phyllis insisted that Billy needed Jack's support, and she called Jack's attempt at tough love a "load of crap."

Jack insisted that he was trying to help his brother, but Phyllis downplayed Billy's attempt to visit Natalie as a moment of weakness. Jack reminded Phyllis that both he and Billy were addicts, and it only took one moment of weakness to wipe away all their progress. Phyllis pointed out that Billy hadn't given in, but Jack wondered what would have happened if Phyllis hadn't been there to talk Billy down. Phyllis urged Jack to believe in Billy, but Jack fretted that reverting to old patterns could kill Billy and any chance of him rebuilding a life with Victoria and the kids.

Phyllis cautioned that the quickest way to send Billy spiraling was to doubt him while he was putting his life back together, and she stressed that he needed his big brother to have his back, which meant keeping Billy on at Jabot. Jack agreed, but he wanted to stay in front of any potential problems, since he knew how an addict's mind worked. Phyllis questioned whether Jack was concerned about his own sobriety, and Jack mentioned that he'd seen Neil with a drink in his hand earlier. Phyllis pointed out that Billy wasn't Neil, but Jack replied that Billy's addictions were gambling and besting Victor. Jack pledged to show Billy everything that he had to appreciate in life and to tell him to hold onto it.

In her hotel room, Natalie spied on Victor and Victoria, using the surveillance feed she'd planted on Victor's computer. Victoria asked Victor who he'd picked to be Natalie's watchdog, but someone frantically knocked on Natalie's door. Summer burst in and said she needed a favor fast, and she babbled about the kid she'd been babysitting running off. Natalie questioned why Summer had turned to her, and Summer referred to Natalie's computer hacking skills. Natalie offered to tap into security cameras, and Summer begged her to help find Max.

Natalie spotted Max on several cameras around town, and she discovered that he was at the club right then. Summer made a call and was relieved when Stitch informed her that Max was with him. Summer apologized for letting the boy out of her sight, and she thanked Stitch for understanding. After she hung up, Summer thanked Natalie, who replied, "Now you owe me one."

Nick stormed into Victor's office and declared that whatever Victor and Victoria had been talking about could wait, since Dr. Anderson had been killed at Fairview the night before. Victor pointed out that there had been nothing on the news, and Nick explained that Paul had done a good job of keeping the matter quiet, but Nick and Sharon had found the body. Victor said he was sorry to hear it, and Nick coldly replied that he should be, since a woman was dead because of Victor.

Victor demanded to know what he'd had to do with Patty stabbing a woman, and Nick revealed that Dr. Anderson had really been Sandra Allen. Victoria recognized the name of the girl who'd fallen off the balcony, and Nick snarled that Victor had paid off Sandra's family to keep Sandra out of contact with Nick in order to avoid a scandal for the Newman clan. Victor defended that he'd been looking out for Nick, since Sandra had been dumb enough to jump off a roof during Nick's party. Nick countered that it would have given Sandra closure if he'd talked to her, but Victor barked that he'd paid a lot of money to allow Sandra to get the best possible care.

Nick explained that Sandra had never gotten over what had happened, and she'd taken Sharon on as a patient because Sandra had been obsessed with Nick. Victor called Dr. Anderson delusional, and Nick pushed him to imagine what had happened when a woman like that had crossed paths with Patty, who Victor had also unleashed on the city. Nick blasted Victor for thinking that he could manipulate everyone, and he tried to force Victor to accept responsibility. "The hell I will!" Victor bellowed.

Victor said Nick wasn't dealing rationally with the situation, and Victoria advised that nothing would be accomplished by arguing. Nick wanted Victor to acknowledge that he understood what Nick was saying, and Victor inquired whether Nick had been involved in Dr. Anderson's death. Nick insisted that he hadn't been, and he ordered Victor to stay out of his life, since there was always a horrible price to pay when Victor interfered in the name of family. Nick stormed out, and Victor asked if Victoria agreed with Nick. Victoria encouraged Victor to think about more than just how their family name might be affected by the doctor's death, and Victor maintained that he'd had nothing to do with it. Victoria coldly replied that she was done for the night.

Later, Natalie and Summer entered Victor's office in response to text messages they'd received, and Victor announced that there had been a change in plans. Victor revealed that he was going to restructure things, starting with where Natalie would work on the prototype. Natalie grumbled that she couldn't work in an office, and Victor asked if Summer had an extra bedroom. Summer incredulously realized that Victor wanted Natalie to move in with her, and both women's expressions soured. Victor lectured that he hadn't seen a finished product by having Natalie work out of a hotel room, and Summer reluctantly agreed to host Natalie.

Summer showed Natalie around her place, and Natalie assumed that the Newman family had hooked Summer up, since there was no way Summer could afford it with babysitting money. Summer asked if it mattered, and Natalie spotted a photo of Kyle. Natalie guessed that Summer's boyfriend was over there constantly, and she refused to share a bathroom with a guy. Summer mentioned that Kyle was working in New York, and Natalie commented that long-distance relationships never worked out. Summer retorted that the prototype also wouldn't work unless Natalie fixed it, and Natalie said she needed her space. Summer offered to give her some, and she angrily headed out.

Summer returned to Newman and groused that she hadn't anticipated getting a sudden roommate when she'd decided to work for Victor. Victor disclosed that he needed someone to keep an eye on Natalie, and he trusted Summer to make sure that he wasn't getting the runaround. Victor said it was a very important job, and he asked if Summer was up for it. Summer grinned.

Natalie called Phyllis and informed her that they had a new place to meet. Natalie stretched out on the couch, and she provided the address and announced that Victor's grandkid was her new roommate. Natalie asked if Phyllis knew her, and Phyllis replied that Summer was her daughter.

Billy returned home and told someone on the phone to get something to him right away, since he didn't have much time. Later, Victoria got home in a bad mood, and she found Billy with a rose clenched in his teeth. She noticed the lit candles around the room and a yummy smell in the kitchen, and she realized that he'd ordered in one of her favorite Italian dishes. He thought there was a storm cloud over her head, and he asked what Victor had done. Victoria threw herself into Billy's arms and said there had been big trouble, since someone had been killed, and Nick was blaming their dad.

Victoria relayed that Nick had wanted Victor to admit that he'd handled the situation wrong, and she thought Nick had had a right to be upset. Billy was glad Nick and Victoria had walked out, but Victoria doubted it would change anything. Victoria and Billy recounted the various ways that Victor had meddled in their lives, and she contemplated how they'd managed to survive everything Victor had thrown at them. Billy replied that not even Victor could mess with destiny, and they kissed.

Billy and Victoria retreated to the bedroom, and they made love. While cuddling in bed afterward, Billy recognized the look on Victoria's face as one she had when she was having big thoughts, and Victoria replied that she was having a huge thought. He amorously said he liked the sound of it, and he wondered why they should wait. She said it had been exactly what she'd been thinking, since it had been nice having him home, but it felt temporary. He asked if she was kicking him out already, but she suggested that they get married again.

At the hospital, Michael summarized the strong case against Patty, and Paul surmised that Michael thought she had no chance of beating murder charges. Michael doubted that he could build a defense strategy that would keep Patty from going to a maximum-security prison unless they found a motive to justify her actions, and Paul said she hadn't given them one yet. Michael gently inquired about how Patty was doing, and Paul reported that she wasn't lucid. Paul added that all he wanted was for her to be safe in a high-level psychiatric facility where nothing like that would ever happen again.

Michael vowed to do everything he could to make sure Patty was taken care of according to Paul's wishes, and he asked if Paul would be okay. Paul wished he understood why Patty had killed Dr. Anderson, and Michael relayed Sage's theory that Patty had figured out the doctor's real identity, so Dr. Anderson had tried to keep Patty quiet. Paul lamented that there was nothing to back up a self-defense claim, and he wished he had a logical explanation. He noted that he was usually the one Patty opened up to, but she hadn't that time. Michael looked into her room and suggested that she might open up to Dylan.

Patty awakened and found herself handcuffed to the hospital bed. She saw Dylan at her side and murmured his name. He said he'd been waiting for her to wake up, and she wondered where Paul was. Dylan informed her that Paul was outside, and he asked if she remembered trying to warn Dylan about Dr. Anderson on the night of the fire. Dylan pressed Patty to tell him why she'd wanted to warn him, but she wasn't sure.

Dylan wondered if Dr. Anderson had done anything to make Patty angry or scared, and he inquired whether whatever Patty had been trying to warn him about had been the reason why she'd killed Dr. Anderson. Patty insisted that she hadn't killed anyone, and Dylan inquired whether she remembered being in Dr. Anderson's office the night before. Patty cried that she didn't remember the fire, the doctor, or the office, and she became increasingly agitated. Patty yelled that she wasn't a murderer, and a nurse injected her with the contents of a syringe to calm her down.

In the corridor, Dylan told Paul he was sorry that he hadn't found out anything, but he was determined to figure out why Patty had done it. Paul said he'd spent decades praying that Patty would once again become the sister he'd known, but there was no controlling her when she felt threatened. Michael referred to Patty's obsessive behavior with Phyllis and Diane, but Dylan thought he could be objective, and he wanted to try to talk to her again. Paul told Dylan to let it go and to go home to his family, but Dylan argued that Patty had been calm with him when she'd woken up. Dylan stressed that they were talking about their family, but Paul urged Dylan to accept that they wouldn't get all the answers.

At the cottage, Sage said she'd missed Faith, and Faith nervously asked if her daddy knew Sage was there. Sharon assured Faith that she'd invited Sage over, and it had turned out that Sage hadn't been sick at all. A confused Faith wondered why Sage had been in Fairview, and Sage grappled for an explanation. Sharon informed Faith that Sage had done some playacting to get answers, and Faith compared it to being a detective in a mystery. "And now the game's over?" Faith inquired.

Faith said she was glad Sage was okay, and she asked if Sage wanted to see Sully, who was napping. Sharon left the decision up to Sage, who said she'd love to see him. Faith went upstairs to wait for Sully to wake up, and Sage thanked Sharon for clearing things up with Faith. Sharon marveled that Sage had been brave to expose Dr. Anderson, and Sage asked if Sharon was all right. Sharon was horrified that she'd revealed such personal things to the doctor, and Sage empathized that they'd both been vulnerable in the doctor's hands.

Sharon wished that Dr. Anderson was still there, since she wanted to know why the doctor hadn't allowed her to speak to her family for weeks and why the doctor had gone after Sage. Sage preferred to forget all about Dr. Anderson, but she acknowledged that the doctor had been right about one thing -- Sage still wasn't over losing her son, and she didn't think she'd ever get over losing him. Sharon remarked that it hurt when a loved one died, but the wound never really healed after losing a child.

Sage asked how to cope, and Sharon explained that sometimes she didn't, but the days became weeks and eventually years. Sharon continued that she'd learned to hold onto the good memories and put aside the bad ones, and thinking about Cassie every morning made her feel close to her daughter. Sharon felt that Cassie could really feel Sharon's love, and Sage said she wasn't there yet, but she would like to be. Sharon promised that Sage would get there.

Nick arrived, and Sage hugged him and asked about his talk with Victor. Nick griped that his father never listened, and he expressed frustration that Victor had refused to accept any responsibility. Nick swore never to let Victor interfere in his life again, and he was sure that he and Sage could handle anything together. Dylan arrived home, and they heard Sully cry over the monitor. Sharon said it was perfect timing for Sully to see his daddy, and she went upstairs to get the tot.

Dylan reported that Patty had gone from not talking to not remembering to screaming that she'd had nothing to do with it, so Paul had decided that the case was closed. Dylan regretted that they'd never have answers, and Nick guessed that Dylan didn't want to let it go. Dylan thought there was more to it, and Nick agreed.

Sharon returned with Sully and Faith, and she handed the baby to Dylan. Faith chirped that she'd watched Sully wake up, and she mentioned that Sage had wanted to see the baby. Dylan said he was sure that Sully wanted to see Sage, too, and he asked if she wanted to hold him. Sage nodded and smiled, and Dylan placed Sully in her arms.

After Nick and Sage left, Dylan sensed that Dr. Anderson's murder had gotten to Sharon, and Sharon explained that she'd trusted the doctor as her therapist, but Dr. Anderson had used her. Sharon worried about getting sick again, and Dylan assured her that she'd been responsible for her own recovery. Sharon said she was grateful to finally have a peaceful moment together, and she wished the same thing for Sage and Nick. Sharon thought it had meant a lot to Sage to have Dylan hand her the baby, and Dylan asserted that Sage needed to know they trusted her and considered her part of their family. Sharon wondered how she'd gotten that lucky, but Dylan insisted that he was the lucky one. They kissed.

Sage dreamed that she was wandering through the hospital, and she heard a baby crying. She opened the door to a patient's room, and she found Patty singing to a baby. Sage screamed and bolted upright in bed, and Nick comforted her.

Moving Full Speed Ahead Moving Full Speed Ahead

Friday, February 12, 2016

At the Top of the Tower bar, Luca complained that Adam had summoned him, and Adam reported that Victor was aware of Luca's interest in things that didn't concern him, like Victor's granddaughter. Adam cautioned Luca not to mentor or befriend Summer, and he suggested that Luca keep his hands off, especially since the Santoris' hands were dirty. Luca retorted that the Newmans had no room to talk. Adam crowed that Noah was no longer a poker chip to be put in play, since he was out of the country indefinitely.

On a tropical island, Marisa insisted that Noah put his phone away, and she seductively asked him to put sunscreen lotion all over her body. She urged him to remember why they were there, and Noah recognized that his being out of country meant Luca had lost his leverage. Noah grumbled that he'd been forced to run and hide, but Marisa insisted that he was being smart, since they were in an island paradise, and no one even knew they were together. Noah anticipated that her husband would figure it out, but she refused to shed a tear over Luca. Noah reminded her that Luca was his partner.

Marisa called Luca a user, but Noah thought he was the one using Luca, since someone had to make Victor pay for the things he'd done. Marisa begged Noah to let it go and to let Luca and Victor destroy one another, so Noah could be free of it. She wanted to throw Noah's phone in the ocean and leave the rest of the world behind, and Noah said she made it sound easy. She said it was, and they kissed passionately and tumbled onto the couch. She grabbed his phone and playfully ran toward the ocean.

Noah and Marisa returned to their hotel room, and she teased that she'd almost thrown his phone in the water because he wouldn't turn it off. He promised that he would someday, and the phone rang. Marisa went to rinse the sand out of her hair, and Noah answered a call from Luca, who congratulated him on doing an excellent job of convincing Adam and Victor that Noah had left the country. Luca imagined that he and Noah could work together in secret more easily, and he asked where Noah was holed up. Marisa called out to Noah, and Noah gestured for her to stay quiet, but Luca realized that she was with Noah.

A towel-clad Marisa grabbed the phone and taunted that the joke was on Luca, and she dared him to go to the police. Luca guessed that Adam had pulled it off, since Noah wasn't smart enough to do so, and Marisa vowed never to let Luca hurt her or anyone else she loved again. Luca appealed to her to remember what they'd meant to one another, but she spat that he was nothing to her. Luca ominously stated that if he went to the police, Noah could never return home, and Marisa snapped that they wouldn't be back.

Marisa hung up, and Noah wondered if she'd realized what she'd said. Marisa assured him that she knew people who could help them disappear, but Noah protested that his friends and family were in Genoa City. Marisa questioned what kind of future they'd have in Genoa City, and she proclaimed that all they had was that moment and one another. She professed her love, but she thought Noah didn't believe her. Noah reached for her hand and insisted that he believed her, and he said he loved her, too. They kissed, and her towel fell to the floor.

After having sex, Marisa noticed that Noah looked far away, and she asked if he was thinking of the people and places he'd left behind. Noah said he'd been thinking about the people they'd meet and the places they could call home, but mostly, he'd been thinking that they'd always have one another. They kissed.

At Newman Enterprises, Summer didn't understand why Victor had chosen her to watch Natalie, and Victor explained that Summer was loyal. Summer asked why he was working with someone he didn't trust, and he reasoned that the computer program stood to be enormously profitable, so it was worth taking a risk. Victor assured Summer that she was qualified to handle the task, and Nikki arrived and asked if she'd missed something. Victor announced that he was welcoming his granddaughter into the business, and he was sure she'd fit right in.

After Summer left, Nikki was shocked when Victor informed her about the circumstances behind Dr. Anderson's death. Nikki sympathized that Paul had fought hard for his sister, and Victor replied that it had been in vain. Nikki wondered what she'd walked in on between Victor and Summer, and Victor explained that Summer was perfectly qualified for an important job related to the Internet security program.

Adam walked in on Victor and Nikki kissing, and he surmised that their trip had been a success. Nikki offered to meet Victor upstairs after his meeting was finished, and she left. Adam relayed that Noah was far out of reach of the long arm of the law and the Santoris, and he suggested that they move on to more important things, but Victor said they weren't finished yet. He pulled out the incriminating dossier on the Santori family, and he declared that the Santoris had their hooks into Newman, but it was going to stop as of that day.

Victor contended that there was nothing to stop him from handing the file over to the FBI, and Adam looked forward to the day when he didn't have to look at Luca's smug face anymore. Adam wanted to formulate a backup plan, and he suggested that they use the profits from the Internet security project to buy the Santoris out. Adam answered a call from Luca, who demanded an immediate meeting with Adam and Victor. Adam informed Victor that Luca wanted to meet, and he commented that it felt like the room was bugged.

Later, Luca arrived at Newman and demanded to know where Victor was. Adam replied that Victor called the meetings and didn't just hang out to wait for Luca. Luca bet that Adam considered himself smart because he thought he'd put one over on Luca by getting Noah out of the country, and Adam replied that Luca had been an easy guy to fool. Luca stated that if he was a fool, then so were Adam and Victor, since they had both been played and didn't even know who had betrayed them.

Luca divulged that Noah had proposed that they join forces to take down Victor, but Adam scoffed at the idea that Noah was the biggest threat to Newman. Adam figured that Luca was trying to throw suspicion off himself, but Luca revealed that Noah had taken Marisa with him, and he bet Noah and Marisa were both laughing at the two of them. Luca guessed that Noah and Marisa were plotting to return and sink their teeth into the company, but he could prevent it by telling the police that Noah had left Billy for dead. Adam accused Luca of lying, but Luca asked if Adam was willing to bet everything on it.

At Summer's apartment, Phyllis chided Natalie for putting their plan into jeopardy, but Natalie defended that Victor had given her no choice but to move in with Summer. Natalie thought it was the perfect setup, since Victor would think he had her under a magnifying glass when she was really working behind his back. Phyllis warned that Summer would be watching Natalie and reporting back to Victor, but Natalie asserted that she wouldn't provide any material. Phyllis objected to Summer being involved, and Natalie asked if Phyllis was worried about Summer or about missing the chance to beat Victor. Phyllis threatened that if her daughter got hurt in any way, Natalie would wish to be back in Switzerland, making cuckoo clocks.

Natalie pointed out that it was in Summer's DNA to work for Victor, but Phyllis remarked that Summer's DNA was more complicated than that, since Summer was also loyal to the Abbotts. Natalie noted that Summer hadn't taken sides in the "stupid war" between the families, but it seemed like they all turned against one another sooner or later. Phyllis ordered Natalie to stop acting like she knew everything, and she demanded that Summer not be hurt. Summer returned, and Phyllis claimed that she'd just been getting acquainted with Summer's new housemate.

Phyllis lectured that Victor was already taking over Summer's life by saddling her with a new roommate, but Summer claimed that it was nice to have someone her age sharing the place. Natalie left to get settled in, and Summer confided to Phyllis that Victor wanted her to keep an eye on Natalie. Phyllis groused that Summer was a glorified babysitter, but Summer countered that she was protecting Victor's investment, and she wanted to earn a place at the company. Phyllis cautioned that taking orders from Victor made people jaded and cynical, and she didn't want that for Summer. Summer declared that it was her decision, but Phyllis worried about Summer being caught in the crossfire.

After Phyllis left, Natalie commented that she'd once envied the kids with perfect families when she'd been growing up, but she'd eventually seen the divorce and dysfunction, and she'd never wanted that. Summer said she loved her family, but Natalie imagined it was hard to get the Newman and Abbott clans together for photo opportunities. Natalie envisioned all of them having to pose together when Summer and Kyle got married, and Summer barked to lay off about Kyle. Summer realized that Natalie seemed to know everything about her, but she knew nothing about Natalie. Natalie surmised that Summer was gathering intelligence for Victor, but she insisted that there wasn't much to tell.

Victoria and Billy cuddled in bed, and she prompted him to respond to her marriage proposal. She hoped he wouldn't insist on being traditional by wanting to be the one to ask, but when he remained silent, she wondered if perhaps he didn't like the idea at all. He couldn't think of any reason why he wouldn't want to be married to her, but she had the feeling he was holding something back.

Billy swore that he was crazy about Victoria, and he wanted to marry her. He credited her with being the reason he was still alive, since he'd dreamed about returning to her, and she'd been waiting for him when he'd woken up. Victoria wondered why he'd rejected her proposal, and he said he hadn't. He wanted to let her know when he was ready, since he owed it to her, Johnny, and Katie not to make a promise he couldn't deliver.

Billy insisted that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with Victoria, but she questioned why he wouldn't set a date. He explained that he didn't want to blow the chance she'd given him, and he pledged to prove to himself that he was worthy of her, but he needed a little time. She told him to take all the time he needed, and she'd be waiting the minute he was ready. Billy received a text message from Phyllis, saying that their plan was working and telling him to meet her at Crimson Lights. Billy fibbed that Jack needed him, and Victoria told him to hurry back.

Billy met Phyllis at the coffeehouse, and he confessed that he'd lied to Victoria about meeting with Jack. Phyllis contemplated whether their plan was still worth it if her daughter was in the line of fire, since Victor had pushed Summer into taking in Natalie as a roommate. Phyllis added that Victor had recruited Summer to spy for him, and she worried that Summer would find out that Natalie was working for them. Billy grumbled that it was supposed to be easy, but he couldn't marry Victoria until their plan succeeded. He revealed that Victoria had asked him to marry her, but he feared that he'd lose her if she found out that he was still obsessed about the deal.

Phyllis urged Billy to walk away, since Victoria was too important to him to risk losing again, but Billy refused to put the burden on Phyllis if something went wrong. He was confident that there was a way for everyone to get what they wanted, and he thought Summer was the key to convince Victor that Natalie was conning him. Billy anticipated that Victor would drop the deal if Summer informed him that Natalie was a con, and Billy and Phyllis' hands would be clean. Phyllis imagined that they could then hire Natalie legitimately, and she called the plan genius.

Nikki visited Victoria, who remarked that it felt like her mother had been gone for ages, since a lot had happened. Victoria revealed that her mind was on something that night -- her wedding. Nikki excitedly asked if Billy and Victoria had set a date, and Victoria disappointedly replied that they hadn't yet. Nikki thought it was time she and Victoria had "the talk" about loving complicated men like Victor and Billy. Victoria insisted that the men were nothing alike, but Nikki thought they were more alike than Victoria realized.

Nikki recounted that she'd been ready to walk out on Victor, but it had only taken one week away from the office for them to realize what they meant to one another. Victoria remarked that she and Nikki were alike in that they loved men who'd upset them over and over, but they couldn't imagine their lives without Billy and Victor, and they always found ways to forgive their mates. Victoria said she'd expected Billy to jump at the chance to get married again, but he hadn't wanted to commit until he felt worthy of her.

Natalie watched Adam and Victor on her hidden camera, and Summer plopped down with a bowl of snacks and implored Natalie to tell her real life story. Natalie quipped that she wasn't a performing seal, but Summer insisted that she was interested. Natalie revealed that her parents had shipped her off to boarding school and college, and Summer pressed to know about Natalie's friends. Natalie replied that they were all on her computer, and she liked it that way. Summer fished for information about boyfriends, but Natalie replied that her computer was her first love, and hacking gave her a rush.

Summer realized that Natalie didn't just code for money, and Natalie explained that she loved it and was good at it. Natalie added that it was safer than having a boyfriend or a family, and Summer guessed that being alone meant Natalie never got hurt. Natalie received a text message, and Summer spilled her food in an effort to get a look at Natalie's phone, but Natalie said she had to run. Summer said she hadn't bought what Natalie had just told her, and she wondered if Natalie was really heading out to see a guy. Natalie flatly told Summer not to wait up, and she departed. Summer grabbed her coat and followed Natalie.

Natalie arrived at Crimson Lights and found Billy on the patio. She reported that Summer had tried to follow her, but Natalie had lost her. Natalie called Summer a sweet kid who had no idea that she was stuck between her mother and her grandfather. Billy told Natalie that it was her job to convince Summer that she was a bona fide con artist, so Summer would relay that to Victor. "What if I really am a con artist?" Natalie questioned.

Phyllis approached Victor and Nikki as they were dining at Top of the Tower, and she queried how Victor could be smug and smiling after what he'd done. Victor huffed that he and his wife were busy, but Phyllis noted that he hadn't been too busy to hire his granddaughter to be his personal spy. Phyllis ranted that she didn't trust the computer hacker, and she thought that Nikki needed to know that Victor had moved the "scheming piece of trash" into Summer's apartment. Nikki declared that she'd heard enough, and she turned to Victor.

Nikki praised Victor for showing Summer the same respect as any other member of the family, and she thought it showed how much he'd changed. Nikki asked what was wrong with Phyllis, since Victor would never knowingly put his granddaughter in jeopardy. Phyllis suggested that Natalie was a counterfeit, and Nikki countered that they should be proud if Summer discovered that to be true. Phyllis sauntered off, and Nikki was surprised that Phyllis had backed away so easily, since she'd expected Phyllis to give them more trouble. Victor agreed.

Billy returned home, and Victoria informed him that she'd had a nice talk with Nikki about how much Billy and Victor were alike. Victoria apologized for putting pressure on Billy by proposing, and Billy said he was honored that she wanted to spend the rest of her life with him. He added that he was sorry for bailing on their conversation, and she asked if his meeting with Jack had helped Billy get closer to setting a wedding date.

Billy insinuated that it might happen sooner than Victoria thought, and Victoria said there was no rush, since Nikki had reminded her that they had their whole lives ahead of them. Billy said he'd always liked her mom, and Victoria asked what he liked about Victoria. "What don't I like about you?" he affectionately replied, and they kissed. Billy's phone buzzed with a message from Phyllis, indicating that their plan was moving full speed ahead.

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Multi-soap vet Michael Tylo dead at 73


Multi-soap vet Michael Tylo dead at 73
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