The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of February 15, 2016 on Y&R

Victoria accepted Billy's proposal. Max had dark thoughts about pushing a pregnant Abby down the stairs. A drunken Neil passed out in a motel room and hit his head. Victor exposed Noah to the police, and Noah was extradited. Victor turned over evidence that incriminated Marisa.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of February 15, 2016 on Y&R
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Billy Proposes to Victoria Billy Proposes to Victoria

Monday, February 15, 2016

In Ashley's office at Jabot, Dr. Neville and Ashley attended to their research. Dr. Neville asked Ashley if she had plans for Valentine's Day. Ashley explained that she was too tired and had planned to rest. Dr. Neville gave Ashley a bottle of medication tied with a red bow. Ashley took the bottle and smiled at Dr. Neville. The usually apathetic doctor beamed at Ashley and grinned.

At the hospital, Abby told Ben that they could forgo the Valentine's Day party if he'd rather spend time with his son. Ben said he'd decided it was time to stop walking on eggshells around Max. Abby was elated when Ben said he'd already enrolled Max in school and planned to move back in with Abby. Ben kissed Abby and said it was time for them to draw together as a family. Ben told Abby that he'd meet her at the Genoa City Athletic Club to celebrate their first Valentine's Day as husband and wife.

At the Genoa City Athletic Club, Lily summoned Neil and said she was concerned because he'd been drinking again. Neil admitted that he'd suffered a momentary lapse of reason, had consulted with his sponsor, and was "back on the program." Neil said that after what he'd done to Hilary and Devon, his son might not be as compassionate toward him as Lily. After Neil walked away, Cane approached Lily, and the couple kissed. Cane whispered in Lily's ear and asked if she could sneak away with him. Upstairs in a suite, Cane and Lily made love.

At Jabot's lab, Devon, concerned about Neil after he'd stormed out the day before, said his dad wouldn't answer the phone. Hilary noted that working closely with her and Devon might be too much for Neil to handle. Devon recalled that the last time Neil had become emotionally distraught, he'd turned to alcohol. Hilary remembered that during Neil's past relapse, he'd become involved in an accident that had caused Christine to miscarry. Hilary suggested that Neil should find a different job because it wasn't worth the risk.

Neil arrived at the lab. Neil admitted to Hilary and Devon that he'd relapsed. Devon look concerned. Neil assured Hilary and Devon that he was clean and sober. Neil encouraged Hilary and Devon to carry on with their relationship and not to fear working with him professionally. After Neil stepped into the office to talk to Dr. Neville, Devon asked Hilary if she believed what Neil had said. Hilary recalled that like her mom, Neil was an addict and might have difficulty breaking the cycle. Devon said that he and Hilary should place their trust in Neil because he'd faced his problem and had dealt with it properly.

In Ashley's office, Neil asked Ashley and Dr. Neville why they hadn't yet made a formal announcement about their product. Dr. Neville said additional testing was necessary, and he asked Neil to be patient. Ashley said she had the utmost confidence in Dr. Neville. Dr. Neville beamed in response to Ashley's praise. Abby arrived and said she was surprised to see her mother back to work. Ashley claimed her that brief illness had passed. Abby gave Neil her initial design for a product promotion plan. Neil said he'd look it over. Abby said she hoped to see everyone at the party later. Neil said they all should attend to support Lily.

At Victoria and Billy's, Billy awoke in his bedroom. Delia's ghost had stopped by for a brief visit. Billy said, "Happy birthday!" Delia said she'd stopped by to ask her father why he hadn't asked Victoria to marry him. Billy said he was trying to determine the right time, so his proposal would be special. Delia presented Billy with a hand-drawn card and said, "It's Valentine's Day!" Delia also reminded Billy that Victoria loved Italy. Delia quickly tucked the card beneath Billy's pillow when she heard Victoria calling out. Suddenly, Victoria roused Billy from a sound sleep. Victoria reminded Billy about the party at the Genoa City Athletic Club.

At Summer's apartment, Natalie noticed Summer's disappointment when Kyle phoned and said he couldn't fly from New York to Genoa City to be with Summer on Valentine's Day. Natalie commiserated with Summer and said Summer had put a lot of effort into choosing her wardrobe and accessories and had a right to feel disappointed. Victoria stopped by and angrily ordered Natalie to fix the problems with the software. Natalie assured Victoria that she'd been working around the clock. Natalie insisted on enjoying time away from her laptop to attend the Valentine's Day party. Victoria said she expected Natalie to produce a successful product in one week. Natalie wouldn't back down and stepped out to get ready for the party.

After Natalie was out of the room, Summer told Victoria that Natalie had been working hard day and night. Summer asked Victoria to back off on Natalie and let her enjoy one night of fun. Summer said Natalie would feel refreshed after a break and would get back to work after the party. Victoria was no longer angry after she received a text message written in Italian. Victoria said she assumed that Billy had sent it. The message instructed Victoria to meet the sender "at the top of the world."

In Victor's office at Newman Enterprises, Nikki interrupted Victor as he was working on Natalie's nonfunctional security software. Nikki pulled the plug on Victor's computer and reminded him that she'd set aside Valentine's Day just for them. Nikki told Victor that they could prove to the world that they were a powerful couple by attending the party. Billy stopped by and told Victor and Nikki that he planned to propose to Victoria. Billy said Victoria wanted to get married, so he intended to fight for their relationship.

Victor said his feelings for Billy hadn't changed. Nikki pleaded with Victor to support their daughter and their grandchildren. Nikki said the grandchildren would be thrilled to have their father back home. Victor said he wasn't as convinced as Victoria that things would be different this time. Billy glared at Victor. Nikki embraced Billy.

As guests gathered at the Genoa City Athletic Club, Lily and Cane rushed downstairs. Lily wiped smeared lipstick off of Cane's mouth. Neil, looking glum, watched from the back of the room. Nikki and Victor arrived. Nikki complimented Lily and noted that the decorations were beautiful. Victor greeted Summer. Natalie told Victor he need not lecture her because Victoria already had. Natalie stepped away to get Champagne.

Summer told Victor that she'd made an executive decision to let Natalie enjoy the party. Abby arrived and greeted Victor and Nikki. Victor said he was happy to have Summer on board at Newman Enterprises. Victor assured Summer that she was doing her job well. In a corner of the room, Neil appeared angry as he watched couples, including Devon and Hilary, enjoying intimate moments. Neil picked up a glass of Champagne and gulped it down quickly.

Hilary and Devon approached Lily and reported that they'd had an informative discussion with Neil. Lily snapped at Hilary, but she didn't cause a scene. After Lily angrily walked away, Hilary told Devon that she considered Lily's ability to maintain her composure as a step in the right direction. Neil continued sneaking drinks. Lily left to pick up the kids.

Nikki enticed Victor to retreat to their home, so they could enjoy a very personal celebration. Abby seemed concerned when Natalie pointed out that Ben hadn't shown up. Neil overheard when Hilary told Devon that she'd turned to Neil after the accident because she'd felt fearful and guilty. Hilary assured Devon that he was the love of her life. Devon drew Hilary close and kissed her. Neil, scowling, turned to walk away. Drunk and unsteady, Neil ran into a table and knocked over the serving dishes, which noisily fell to the floor. Guests looked on, startled by Neil's appearance.

At the hospital, medical staff rushed Ashley into a treatment room. Dr. Neville told Ben that Ashley had fainted and hit her head. Ashley's forehead was bandaged. Dr. Neville assured Ben that Ashley's condition wasn't serious. Ben, upset, told Ashley he intended to run tests. Ashley said, "Absolutely not! No!"

Victoria arrived at the Top of the Tower. Billy greeted her. Candles flickered all over the room. Billy said he'd decorated the room to remind her of a romantic Venice eatery. Billy said they would enjoy fine Italian food and wine. Victoria was delighted and said Billy had thought of everything. The couple danced to Italian music. Billy knelt on his knee and asked Victoria to marry him. Victoria said, "Yes!" Billy slipped a ruby ring on Victoria's finger.

As Billy and Victoria danced, Billy admitted that an angel had urged him to propose on Valentine's Day. Billy and Victoria returned home later. They disrobed and began making love. After Victoria fell asleep, Billy slipped his hand beneath his pillow and found the card Delia had left behind. Billy smiled when he noticed that Delia had drawn a red heart inside the card. Across the middle of the heart, Delia had written "love always" in Italian.

Dancing Too Close to the Edge

Dancing Too Close to the Edge

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

At the Valentine's Day party at the Athletic Club, a drunken Neil struggled to stand up, and Devon helped him to his feet. Neil said he'd simply lost his balance, and he asked Devon not to embarrass him by making a scene. Jack approached, and Neil stated that Jack had missed the floor show. Jack questioned how much Neil had had to drink, and Neil fibbed that he hadn't had a drop.

Neil said he was grateful to Jack for setting him straight, and he revealed that he'd confessed his slip to his kids and apologized to Hilary and Devon. Jack warned that things didn't always go as planned, but Neil insisted that he had a million reasons to stay sober, and he thanked Jack for being a friend who had said what Neil had needed to hear. Jack worried that seeing Devon and Hilary together would be a trigger, but Neil reiterated that he had it under control, and he envisioned his life turning around.

Hilary assured Devon that Neil was fine, but Devon suspected that Neil was still drinking. Hilary referred to how it had felt to be in Devon's arms again, but Devon remained preoccupied with Neil's behavior, and he vowed not to let Neil drink himself into oblivion. Hilary commended Devon for standing by Neil, but she pointed out that Jack was with Neil, and Jack understood what Neil was going through. She added that staring at Neil would just add pressure, and she suggested that Devon help by giving Neil space. They headed upstairs.

Natalie observed that everyone appeared to be miserable on a day that was supposed to be about being in love, and she noted that Summer's boyfriend had failed to show up, and that Abby's date was late. Summer reiterated that Kyle had needed to work, and Abby insisted that Stitch would be there. All three women gladly took glasses of Champagne from a server, and Natalie remarked that they could still celebrate that St. Valentine was the patron saint of epilepsy. Abby mumbled that her husband wouldn't stand her up on their first Valentine's Day together.

Abby reasoned that it had been Stitch's idea to meet her there, and Summer wondered if there had been a medical emergency. Abby grumbled that a doctor who wasn't in love with his hot wife could cover, but she suddenly became nauseous, and she excused herself. Natalie figured that she'd won because she didn't have a guy to stand her up, and she reached for a tray of chocolates. Phyllis approached Summer, who informed her that Kyle was stuck at work. Phyllis inquired about Summer and Natalie's living arrangement, and the young women both feigned enthusiasm.

Summer added that Victor would be proud, and Phyllis advised her not to make his happiness a priority. Summer prepared to leave, but Natalie preferred to stay for a while, and Summer warned Natalie not to stay out too late. After Summer took off, Phyllis cautioned Natalie to make sure Summer didn't find out about Phyllis and Billy's plot to take Victor down, and she asked when Natalie planned to start dropping hints about her alleged past as a scammer. Natalie noted that Phyllis had pulled out her claws at the thought of Victor using Summer, but Phyllis didn't mind Natalie using Summer to sell her act. Phyllis vowed to keep Summer out of Victor's building, since Newman Enterprises ate people's souls, and she wouldn't let that happen to her daughter.

Neil bragged that he couldn't be more proud of the work he was doing, and Jack was happy to hear him talk passionately about his job. Neil claimed that it got him excited to face the day, and Phyllis joined them. Neil said he'd monopolized Jack's time long enough, and he stepped away. Jack hoped Neil was okay, but Phyllis ordered Jack to keep his eyes on her. He called her a vision, and she replied that she was a woman in love. He apologized for abandoning her on the most romantic night of the year, and Phyllis said he'd been blessed with a heart that took in strays, but she declared that Jack was hers for the night. They kissed, and she amorously suggested that they not stay too long.

Jack asked about Phyllis' earlier conversation with Natalie, and he learned that Victor had stashed Natalie at Summer's apartment. Jack was confident that Victor wouldn't put Summer in harm's way, but Phyllis didn't want Summer to be pulled into Victor's web. Jack was sure that Summer would figure out Victor's true motivations before she got in too deep, but Phyllis feared that Summer was already in over her head. Phyllis suggested that they enjoy the party before it was over, but Jack proclaimed that it was a celebration every day he returned home to her. Phyllis gushed that the man she loved was always there for her, and he never held her back, even when she danced too close to the edge. They kissed.

Neil made a call to someone to set up a press conference for the next day to announce some major news. He grabbed a half-empty glass of liquor and finished it.

Devon walked Hilary to her hotel room, but he said he had an early morning and should get going. She began to massage his shoulders and purred that he'd sleep better with the knots out, and he admitted that it felt good. He added that he'd forgotten how good she was at it, and she marveled at how good they'd been together. She murmured that they could have that again, but he balked because she'd been adamant that she no longer loved him, yet she was suddenly sure she did. Hilary thought he'd felt it when he'd kissed her that night, and she suggested that it would help Neil to see them truly together again.

Hilary urged Devon to listen to his heart and to hers, and she held his hand to her heart and insisted that she belonged with him. They kissed passionately and made love. Later, Hilary called out for Devon, who returned after getting dressed in the bathroom. She said he didn't have to go, and he replied that he wanted to believe that he finally had her back again. She pulled him toward her and told him to believe it, and they started kissing again.

Chelsea made a call from the penthouse, where she'd set up a romantic setting for Valentine's Day. She left an irritated message for Adam to remind him that Anita was watching Connor all night, and it was supposed to be just the two of them and Cupid, but Adam wasn't there.

Noah and Marisa cuddled in bed in their island hotel room, and his phone rang. Marisa offered to make it worth his while if he ignored it, but Noah guessed that Luca had talked to Adam. Noah answered the call, and Adam asked Noah to confirm that he wasn't out to destroy Victor. Noah admitted that he'd wanted to nail Victor for the "crap" he'd pulled, and Adam chided Noah for enlisting Luca's help. Noah called Luca a liar, since Marisa had made Noah realize that payback wouldn't solve anything, and he and Luca weren't partners anymore.

Adam inquired about Noah's latest plan, and Noah replied that life was good, so he and Marisa were ready to stay away forever if necessary. Noah requested that Adam make sure that Victor never found out that Noah had ever considered turning on him, but Adam suddenly said he had to go when Luca walked in. Adam reported that Noah had said Luca was lying, but Luca spat that Adam had heard it from the nephew who'd been lying to Adam, and he wondered who Adam chose to believe.

Marisa noted that never going back was a big sacrifice for Noah, and she pledged to do everything she could to make him happy. He replied that they were home, and he mentioned that she'd wanted to take his mind off Adam earlier. Noah asked if the offer was still on the table, and she replied, "Always." They started kissing, but he pulled away and crossed the room. He pulled out a simple shell necklace and regretted that it wasn't diamonds, and Marisa asked him to help her put it on. He obliged, and they made love.

Luca said he wanted to protect his family's investment from threats, but Adam scoffed at the thought that it didn't bother Luca that his wife had left him for Noah. Luca called Marisa a beautiful distraction, but he was sure that new adventures awaited him. Luca imagined that Victor wouldn't be happy if he found out what Noah had had in store for him, but Adam asserted that he believed Noah was over it. Luca countered that it had still been Noah's idea, and he suspected that Victor would rain down "hell" if he felt threatened within his own family.

Chelsea entered, carrying a single red rose, and she announced that she had a very important appointment with her husband. Luca remarked that she looked stunning, but she flatly told him that he could go, and he complimented her shoes on his way to the door. After Luca exited, Chelsea worried that Adam was teaming up with Luca again, but Adam clarified that their alliance hadn't ever been real. She wasn't reassured, but Adam thought blackmail was the only thing Luca knew, and he pledged to be on Victor's side.

Chelsea declared that she didn't find the conversation interesting at all, and she disrobed, revealing sexy lingerie underneath her clothing. She ordered Adam not to say another word about Victor, Luca, the Santoris, or the company, and he jokingly asked who those people were. He admired her body and apologized that he'd missed their dinner, and he referred to his call with Noah. Chelsea reiterated that he wasn't to say one more word, and she clasped her hand over his mouth. They made love.

Summer arrived home and found Luca waiting outside her apartment door with a bottle of Champagne. She let him inside, and she called the gesture incredibly thoughtful, but she reminded him that she had a boyfriend and that he had a wife. He questioned what kind of boyfriend left a woman alone on Valentine's Day, and she explained that Kyle was working in New York. Luca vowed never to let work get in the way of love, but Summer said there was a rule against dating one's boss. Luca clarified that the Champagne was to celebrate her new job, and she was embarrassed for assuming he'd expected a date.

Luca called Summer's boyfriend a lucky guy, but he thought it was wrong for her to be low on Valentine's Day. Luca added that he'd been to the vineyard where the Champagne had been made, and he personally vouched for how good it was. Luca toasted to dolphins and gingko trees, and Summer chirped that it had been the best job ever so far. He asked if Victor approved of her boyfriend, and she mentioned that Kyle was an Abbott. Luca wondered if the Abbotts were in the same "circle of hell" as the Santoris, and Summer blurted out that Luca's family was much worse. She quickly apologized for offending Luca, and she asked for more bubbly.

Luca imagined that Victor trusted Summer, and he asked if she'd had any exciting work assignments. Summer divulged that she was overseeing the company's latest acquisition -- a top-secret Internet technology called PassKey -- and her roommate was the coding genius behind it. Natalie arrived home, and Summer said they'd just been talking about her. Luca introduced himself, and Natalie barked that it was past lights-out time. After Luca departed, Natalie wondered what Summer had said to "Mr. Smarm-a-lot." Summer realized that she'd said too much.

A tipsy Summer babbled about the bubbles and Luca's smile, and Natalie snagged the Champagne bottle away from Summer before she drunk-tweeted Natalie's code. Summer begged Natalie not to tell Victor that Summer had told Luca about the program, and Natalie pointedly stated that there wasn't much to tell. Summer stumbled upstairs to call Kyle before Valentine's Day was over, and Natalie recommended that Summer leave out the part about getting drunk with another guy. Natalie swigged from the bottle and turned to her computer.

Later, Adam was gone when Chelsea awakened. At Top of the Tower, Adam informed Luca that he'd concluded that Noah had been telling the truth about cutting ties with Luca, but he was concerned about Victor learning that Noah had been plotting against him. Adam proposed that Luca not tell Victor about Noah's plans, and in return, Adam would help Luca get whatever he wanted. Luca taunted that it had been more fun when he'd had to work for it, but Adam warned that he wouldn't ask again. Luca demanded PassKey.

At the hospital, Ashley refused to have any tests done, and she said she just needed food. Stitch insisted on making sure there was nothing else wrong, and Simon maintained that Ashley had nothing more serious than the flu. Simon added that he'd already treated Ashley appropriately, and he guaranteed that she'd beat it if she stayed on her medication. Stitch countered that the flu would have run its course already, and he was determined to find out what else was going on with Ashley's health.

Ashley pushed Stitch to go be with Abby on Valentine's Day, and he promised that he would as soon as he made sure Ashley was okay. She complained that he was overreacting, and he wondered why she was fighting him that hard. Simon offered to take Ashley home, and she tried to stand up, but she became woozy. Stitch insisted that she stay, and he told her that it was against hospital regulations for her to leave.

Stitch stepped out, and Ashley freaked out that the doctors would find drugs in her system. Simon slyly replied that they'd give Stitch exactly what he wanted, and he gave her his word that the hospital wouldn't discover anything, since they wouldn't be looking at her blood. He pulled a vial from his pocket and assured Ashley that the tests would indicate that she was a perfectly healthy woman.

Stitch called Abby and left a message to inform her that Ashley was in the hospital and refusing tests. He swore that he would be with Abby as soon as he could, and Simon emerged from Ashley's room and announced that Ashley had consented to giving a sample. Stitch wasn't thrilled that someone on staff hadn't drawn the blood, but he accepted the vial.

Later, Abby burst into Ashley's room with a slew of questions, and Ashley disclosed that her blood was being analyzed, but there was nothing to worry about. Stitch entered and said he needed a moment alone with Ashley, and Abby exited, followed by a hesitant Simon. In the corridor, Simon observed that Abby looked pale, and she chalked it up to being worried about her mom. She commented that the shrimp puffs might have been bad, and she raced toward the bathroom.

Ashley asked why Stitch was looking at her funny, and Stitch said he'd been surprised by her test results, but he was glad that she'd consented to the test, since she was pregnant. Ashley said it wasn't possible, and Stitch guessed that the pregnancy hadn't been planned. Simon returned and asked if everything was okay, and Ashley told him she was pregnant. Stitch left to give them some privacy, and Ashley demanded to know where Simon had obtained the blood sample.

Outside the room, Abby asked if Stitch was all right, and he observed that Abby looked green in the gills. She guessed that she'd contracted the same flu that Ashley had suffered from, but Stitch remarked that there was no way she'd gotten the flu from her mom. Abby panicked that Ashley's aneurysm had returned, and he suggested that she talk to her mom. Abby vowed to be strong for Ashley, and she begged Stitch to spit out the truth. Stitch announced that Ashley was pregnant.

Simon deadpanned that he'd help Ashley raise a child with his intelligence and her looks, and he pointed out that he'd had no way of knowing the test would turn out that way. He explained that he'd grabbed the vial from the samples they'd obtained from a control group of healthy people, and Ashley noted that Abby had volunteered to participate. Simon realized that Abby had been the only female in the group, and Ashley squealed that Abby was pregnant.

Stitch and Abby get some unexpected news

Stitch and Abby get some unexpected news

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

by Mike

While Dylan and Paul were discussing Patty's case over cups of coffee at Crimson Lights, Sharon arrived with Faith and Sully. Dylan wanted to talk to Patty again because he was convinced that there was a reason she had killed Dr. Anderson, but Paul believed that Patty was beyond reason and had killed the doctor simply to avoid being medicated again. Considering the case closed, Paul told Dylan to instead focus on his family.

"If [the case is closed], then why did Dylan want to see us?" Nick asked as he and Sage entered the coffeehouse. Shrugging, Paul pointedly guessed that Dylan had asked to talk to Nick and Sage for personal reasons, since there was no further police business to handle regarding Anderson's death. Sage stepped aside to say hello to Sharon and the kids, leaving Nick to continue discussing the case with Dylan and Paul.

"Maybe we shouldn't be so quick to let this go," Nick suggested. Dylan agreed, reasoning that there were still a lot of unanswered questions about Anderson and her endgame motivations. Dylan found it especially confusing that it seemed like Anderson had actually tried, in her own way, to help Sharon, despite the fact that, on paper, Sharon looked like the perfect target for Anderson's jealousy because she was the one Nick had created a life with after Anderson's accident. Dylan was also curious to know what Patty had tried to warn him about months earlier, but Paul impatiently maintained that all the pertinent information about the case had already been obtained.

After Paul walked away, Dylan apologized for wasting Nick's time. Nick said he understood that it was hard for Paul to talk about the case because it was a harsh reminder that Patty was sick and would probably never get better. Dylan suggested that Anderson might be at least partially responsible for that, too. Nick didn't spend any time entertaining the theory, concluding instead that, since Sage had already been through a lot, it really might be best to just move on and leave the past in the past instead of continuing to look for answers that might not even exist.

Dylan went to see the kids, and Nick joined Sharon, who wondered what he and Dylan had been talking about. Nick explained that Dylan still had some questions about Anderson's true motivations and wasn't ready to consider the case closed yet. Sharon found that interesting because she had just finished having a similar conversation with Sage, who also suspected that there might be more to the story. Nick wasn't convinced, but he conceded that he might just be blind to the signs because he desperately wanted life to get back to normal.

Meanwhile, Sage -- who had awoken that morning in a panic after a nightmare in which she had been racing through the empty halls of a hospital in search of Christian -- vaguely explained to Dylan that she thought her nightmares were somehow indicative of a bigger mystery surrounding Anderson. Dylan agreed that there were still a lot of unanswered questions. Dylan added, however, that everyone else seemed ready to consider the case closed -- and that might be for the best, since Patty was the only living person who could possibly provide more answers, and she wasn't lucid enough to do so at that time.

"Look, when it comes down to it, we [already] know everything that really matters," Dylan reasoned. Conceding the point, Sage joined Nick and told him she was ready to move on and get back to focusing on their life together. Smiling, Nick promised Sage that they were going to have a good life together. Sage agreed, but as she hugged Nick, her own smile faded, hinting that her unanswered questions were still troubling her.

At the hospital, Ashley was upset to learn that Stitch had shared her test results with Abby. Abby explained that Stitch had only told her about Ashley's pregnancy to stop her from worrying that something was seriously wrong with Ashley. Ashley insisted that she wasn't pregnant, pointedly stressing that there was no way for that to be possible in the first place. Abby wasn't convinced because she had seen the way that Dr. Neville had been looking at Ashley lately, but Ashley protested that she wasn't in the habit of sleeping with people she worked with. Abby and Stitch exchanged a look but decided not to contradict Ashley's claim.

At the Athletic Club, Neil hid behind a corner and gulped down some liquor while waiting for his press conference to begin. As Neil pocketed his flask, Neville approached and demanded to know why Neil had summoned him. Complaining that Neville had neglected to put on a tie, Neil flagged down Lily and asked her to find one right away. Neville was confused, but before he could get answers out of Neil, members of the media arrived and circled them. Neville tried to object when he realized what was going on, but Neil ignored him and assured the reporters that he was about to give them their headline story for the evening.

Lily soon returned with a tie, and although Neville continued to insist that the press conference was a bad idea, Neil maintained that they needed to tell the world about how Neville had successfully treated Hilary. Neil stepped aside to get a cup of coffee, and Lily seized the opportunity to ask if he was okay. Neil insisted that he was, popping a stick of gum in his mouth as he excitedly explained that the press conference was going to put Jabot on the fast track to obtaining FDA approval for Neville's drug protocol. Lily feared that Neil might be having trouble staying sober, but he dismissed her concerns and excused himself so he could start the press conference.

Meanwhile, Neville contacted Ashley and told her to get to the Athletic Club right away. "You need to do damage control," Neville explained before ending the call. As Devon and Hilary descended the stairs, beaming because they had woken up that morning in each other's arms and had realized that was right where they both wanted to be, Neil asked for everyone's attention. Devon approached Lily and wondered what Neil was doing. "I don't think he even knows right now," Lily replied. Neville irritably donned his tie as he summarized that Neil was about to blow up a lifetime of work with one ill-conceived press conference.

As Neil blathered his way through a speech, Ashley arrived with Abby and Stitch and wondered why Neville had allowed Neil to go in front of the press. "What did you expect me to do, staple him to a chair?" Neville asked. Ashley fretted that Neil was going to jeopardize the research project, but Devon assured her that he wouldn't let that happen. Devon approached Neil, took the microphone from him, and summoned Neville forward. Ashley quietly asked if Neville knew what he was going to say. "I don't know. Maybe I'll talk about my tie," Neville replied.

Devon tried to get Neil to step aside, but Neil refused and demanded to know why Devon and Hilary had crashed the press conference in the first place. Neil tried to shove Devon away and regain control of the microphone, but he stumbled and fell flat on his back in the process. Photographers began snapping pictures as Neil rose to his feet and dusted himself off, complaining that Devon was trying to steal his spotlight, just like Devon had previously stolen his wife -- twice. Devon tried to get Neil to think about how Moses would feel if he saw footage of Neil's behavior, but Neil countered that Devon was the one who was making a scene.

Meanwhile, Ashley spoke up, apologetically informing the reporters that the press conference would have to be cut short because Neil was clearly not feeling well. Hilary had another idea, though, and, with Ashley's approval, she seized the microphone and began telling everyone about how Neville had saved her life, defying conventional medical protocols in the process. Hilary explained that Jabot had since begun funding Neville's research and needed the scientific community and the FDA to also get behind it. Hilary concluded that Neil had called a press conference to talk about Neville's research, despite being under the weather, because he understood just how necessary and important it was.

After fielding questions from the reporters, Hilary rejoined Ashley, who was thrilled with the way Hilary had managed to turn the press conference around. Neville agreed that Hilary had been brilliant. "And you didn't even need a tie," Neville added. Neville suggested to Ashley that Hilary could actually be the face of the research project. "I mean, she's a P.R. bonanza -- especially when she's saying such nice things about me," Neville reasoned. Ashley pointed out that it was a bit too early to be making such decisions, but Hilary stressed that she wanted to help in any way she could because the research project mattered to her.

Meanwhile, Devon demanded to know why Neil had scheduled a press conference in his club and had then decided to get drunk before the start of it. Insisting that he wasn't drunk, Neil added that he had simply been trying to get people talking about Devon's project -- the one Devon had hired him to oversee. Devon told Neil he was fired, and as Neil protested that Devon couldn't fire him, Lily approached and agreed that attacking Neil wasn't going to solve anything. Devon clarified that he was trying to help Neil, adding that he wasn't going to let the pressures of the research project stand in the way of Neil's recovery.

Devon continued that his research project was important, and he wasn't going to let Neil screw it up. Neil complained that everything -- the research project, the Athletic Club, the perfect life with the perfect wife -- belonged to Devon. "To hell with you, son! To hell with you; to hell with everybody!" Neil spat before storming off. Lily tried to convince Devon to go after Neil, prompting Devon to wonder if Lily thought it was cool for Neil to badmouth him to the press and get drunk in public. "All I'm doing is protecting myself and the people that I love until he decides to get help," Devon added.

Hilary soon joined Devon, who praised her for saving the press conference from being a complete disaster. Shaking her head in disbelief, Lily blamed Devon and Hilary for causing the mess in the first place, reasoning that they had driven Neil back to the bottle when they had decided not to try to hide the fact that they were sleeping together again. Lily continued that Devon had then made matters worse when he had fired Neil. Hilary was surprised to hear that Devon had fired Neil, but Devon insisted that he had done what had been necessary.

Hilary pointed out that Neil was the one who had pushed for her and Devon to get back together, prompting Lily to counter that Devon had fired Neil as a way of thanking him for that sacrifice. "[Neil] didn't deserve that, and you know it," Lily spat before storming off. Devon explained to Hilary that he simply wanted Neil to get some help, and she assured him that she understood.

"Neil has to take care of himself. You're just giving him the motivation to do that," Hilary reasoned. Meanwhile, alone in a hotel room, Neil finished a bottle of vodka and stumbled over to a nearby table, where plenty of additional bottles were waiting to be opened. Before reaching the table, Neil fell to the floor, where he remained, apparently passed out.

Stitch decided to take Abby to the hospital so he could run some tests and get her on some medication to get rid of whatever illness she had contracted, since she looked pale and wasn't feeling well. As Stitch asked Abby a series of routine questions, they laughed off the one about the possibility of her being pregnant, agreeing that they hadn't had much alone time to work on that goal yet. However, when Stitch got the results of Abby's blood work back a short time later, they were pleasantly surprised to learn that she was indeed pregnant. "We're having a baby, baby!" Stitch happily shouted as he wrapped his arms around Abby.

Adam Informs Victor of Noah's Betrayal

Adam Informs Victor of Noah's Betrayal

Thursday, February 18, 2016

At the hospital, Abby asked if Stitch was sure she was pregnant, since the lab sometimes made mistakes. Stitch mentioned that Ashley had taken another test to confirm that she wasn't pregnant, but he was certain that he and Abby were having a baby. Abby declared that she felt like she going to throw up in the best possible way, but she understood if he wasn't ready, since they'd just gotten married. Stitch exclaimed that it had been the best surprise he'd ever gotten, and she gushed that she couldn't wait to tell everyone. Her enthusiasm faded when she realized that also meant telling Max.

Stitch recognized that it was tough for a kid who'd lost his mom to start a new life, and Abby suggested that they wait to tell Max about his new sibling. Stitch thought it would be better if Max heard about the pregnancy from them sooner rather than later, and Abby recommended that Stitch tell his son without her present. Stitch agreed, but he insisted that it be the last solo mission with anything involving the baby. Abby vowed that they were in it together, and they excitedly embraced.

At Top of the Tower, Phyllis fawned over Victoria's engagement ring, and Jack said he couldn't be happier for both Victoria and Billy. Phyllis toasted to all of their dreams becoming a reality, but Lily interrupted and asked if Jack had seen her dad. Lily worried that no one had heard from Neil, and Phyllis inquired whether it was related to Neil's tumble at the Valentine's Day party. Lily informed them about Neil's drunken behavior at the press conference, and she added that Devon had fired Neil after the reporters had left. Lily was scared Neil might get hurt -- or worse. Meanwhile, Neil was passed out on his motel room floor.

Jack recalled that Neil had sworn that he hadn't been drinking, but Lily was concerned about her father's erratic behavior. Phyllis swore that none of them would judge Neil, and Victoria and Billy offered to help look for him. Jack was confident that he and Lily could handle the search, and Victoria guessed that Devon and Hilary were also out looking. Lily spat that Devon and Hilary were the reason Neil was missing, and she and Jack hurried out. Victoria referred to Jack as a white knight, and she said it felt good that he wouldn't have to ride off to rescue Billy again, since Billy had his life back together.

After Victoria took off, Phyllis clinked glasses with Billy, and he revealed that Delia had visited him in a dream on Valentine's Day morning. Phyllis remembered that it had been Delia's birthday, and Billy said it had given him a wake-up call. He wondered if it was getting harder for Phyllis to keep Jack in the dark, and Phyllis replied that she also didn't like using Summer. Billy offered to put an end to their plan, but Phyllis said they just had to make sure the risk was worth it, since Victor would eventually see through it. She believed they only had one shot to take Victor down, and her daughter was the silver bullet.

Jack and Lily ran into one another at the Jabot lab after they'd unsuccessfully tried to locate Neil. Jack tried to call Neil but received no response, and he suggested that Lily try reaching Sofia to see if Neil had been in touch with Moses. Lily hugged Jack and thanked him, and Jack vowed do anything for Neil. After Lily departed, Jack dialed a liquor store and claimed that he needed to pick up an order for Neil Winters, and he learned that a case of liquor had already been delivered. Jack found out the delivery location, and he raced out.

Jack burst into a motel room outside of town and found Neil unconscious on the floor. Jack was unable to awaken Neil, and he called 9-1-1 for help. Jack begged Neil not to die.

Later, Lily entered Neil's hospital room, and Jack reported that the doctors had pumped Neil's stomach and stitched his head, but Neil would live. Lily credited Jack with saving Neil, and Jack was sure that Neil would have done the same thing for him. Lily softly told Neil not to scare her like that again, and Neil stirred and asked what was going on. Neil tried to get up to leave, but Lily held him down and ordered him to rest. Jack sternly said he'd tell Neil exactly what happened next.

Jack anticipated that Neil would go somewhere safe to detox after the doctors had cleared him to leave, but Neil said he needed a scotch. Lily wailed that the twins had almost lost their grandpa, and Jack firmly stated that it wasn't Neil's decision anymore. Jack promised to be by Neil's side, just like Neil had been there for Jack. Lily begged Neil to do it for them but mostly for himself.

At the Athletic Club, Victoria asked Abby what was wrong, since Abby's message had sounded urgent. Abby announced that she'd urgently needed to tell Victoria that she was pregnant, and Victoria was shocked. Abby wondered if it was weird for Victoria because the baby was Stitch's, but Victoria replied that it was the best news ever, and the sisters hugged. Victoria imagined that Stitch was excited, and Abby confirmed that he was, but he was breaking the news to Max on his own.

Victoria wondered why Abby and Stitch hadn't told Max together, and Abby replied that she'd thought it would be less of a blow if Stitch told his son by himself. Victoria insisted that everything would be okay, but Abby questioned whether it was too soon for diapers and feedings. Victoria expressed confidence that both Stitch and Abby were ready, and she declared that she was ready to be an aunt again. Abby suddenly noticed Victoria's ring, and Victoria revealed that she'd accepted Billy's proposal. Abby squealed that it was the best day ever, since they had both a baby and a bridal shower to plan.

Abby brainstormed baby names, but Victoria encouraged her to slow down, since Abby had nine months to finalize a name. Abby worried that she'd be a terrible mom who would scar her kids for life, and Victoria joked that it was what psychiatrists were for. Abby admitted that she was selfish and flighty, but Victoria assured her that those traits would go out the window the minute the baby was born, and she was sure that Abby's Newman determination and Abbott heart would make her a great mom. Victoria counseled Abby not to forget that she was also someone's wife, since Abby would be taking care of her family by taking care of her marriage.

Later, Billy joined Victoria at the club, and he asked what decisions they were there to make. She informed him that Abby was pregnant, and Billy commented that Abby and Stitch hadn't wasted any time. Victoria relayed that Abby had been ecstatic but scared, since Abby had been convinced that she'd be the world's worst mom. Billy jokingly suggested that they give Abby a copy of their manual about how to be a better parent, since they were still trying to figure it out after three kids. Billy said his whole world was with Victoria and the kids just in case he ever forgot it, and Victoria questioned why he ever would.

Billy said sometimes it felt too good to be true, and he expected bad luck to crash down on them at any time. Victoria asked if he hadn't learned that they made their own luck, and he reinforced how special she was to him. She recalled that she'd advised Abby to love her kids but never to forget her man, and Billy suggested that Victoria put it in chapter one of their parenting manual.

At Crimson Lights, Stitch made small talk about Max's new school and friends to be sure Max was settling in okay, and Max coolly replied that he was fine. Stitch was glad, since Genoa City was Max's home and always would be, and Max told Stitch just to say whatever it was he wanted to talk about.

Stitch awkwardly explained that when people's love was strong, they wanted it to grow, and Max declared that he'd learned all about sex in health class. Max referred to walking in on Stitch and Abby in bed, and Stitch said he wanted to talk about what had happened as the result of sex.

Stitch revealed that he and Abby had just found out that they were having a baby, and they'd wanted Max to be the first to know. Stitch wondered if they could count on Max to show his new sibling the ropes. "Sure," Max pleasantly replied, and he agreed that it would be cool to have a kid sister or brother to boss around. Stitch suggested that they celebrate with hot chocolate, and Max told him not to forget the whipped cream. Max's expression darkened when Stitch headed to the counter.

Abby arrived at the coffeehouse and asked if Stitch had told Max the news, and Stitch informed her that Max was looking forward to being a big brother. Max chirped that he couldn't wait, but he envisioned pushing a very pregnant Abby down a flight of stairs. Max went up to the counter, and Abby asked Stitch if it really had been a good talk. Stitch said they'd been worried for nothing, and she thanked him for handling it that well.

Abby gushed that the baby was lucky to have Stitch as a father, and he replied that the tot was even luckier to have her as a mom. Abby asked Stitch to promise that, even though they were excited to become parents, they'd never forget that they were husband and wife. He noted that she seemed to have it all figured out, and he said he loved her and the baby. Max glared at them as they kissed.

At Summer's apartment, Natalie watched the video feed of Victor's office, and she wondered why the sound wasn't working. Luca arrived, and Natalie flatly stated that Summer wasn't there and told him to go away. Luca explained that he was there to see Natalie, since Adam had filled him in, and he was there to monitor her progress. He requested a quick demonstration, and she refused, but he insisted that they were on the same side. "The hell we are," Summer barked as she appeared in the doorway, and she ordered him to get out.

Summer wished she'd seen through Luca's ploy to ply her with cheap Champagne to get her to spill her secrets, but Luca clarified that the bubbly hadn't been cheap, and he'd enjoyed her company. Luca insisted that there were no secrets where the project was concerned, since Adam had updated him about everything. He opened his briefcase and took out the latest projections and passwords, and Natalie realized that Luca had been let into the inner circle. Luca said he relished the opportunity to learn from a genius like Natalie, who rolled her eyes and remarked that he was laying it on a little thick. Luca suggested that they get to work.

Natalie claimed that the program wasn't operating the way it was supposed to, but she didn't know why. Luca wondered if she was stalling, but Natalie argued that she wasn't interested in being on Victor's hit list. She complained that she couldn't work with the unrealistic timetables and people staring over her shoulder, and Luca suggested that they have a meeting with Victor, who might inspire her to explain what she was doing or not doing. Natalie reluctantly prepared to leave, and Summer offered to join them, but Natalie insisted that she knew what she was doing. Natalie left with Luca.

At Newman Enterprises, Victor told Adam that he wanted Noah home, and Adam anxiously advised Victor to be patient. Victor contended that Natalie was about to finish PassKey, so they could soon throw out the Santoris, and Noah could continue his life without the threat of a prison sentence. Victor was perplexed by Adam's silence, and he asked if Adam knew something he didn't. Adam revealed that there had been a reason why Luca had asked for a meeting about Noah leaving town, but Victor paused to take a call from Summer.

Summer couldn't believe that Victor had let Luca get involved in the security project, and she informed Victor that Luca was with Natalie at that moment. Victor thought it wasn't possible, and Summer divulged that Luca had a briefcase of information about the project. Summer asked if she'd done something wrong, but Victor assured her that she'd done everything right, and he hung up. Victor turned to Adam and growled, "What hell have you unleashed on this family now?"

Victor lectured that the project wasn't just an investment but the future of Newman Enterprises. Victor demanded to know why Adam had let the Santoris in when Victor had been trying to get them out, and Adam defended that Luca and his family had blackmailed their way in. Adam divulged that he'd discovered that Luca and Noah had been working to take down a common enemy -- Victor. Victor didn't believe it, and he assumed Luca had lied about Noah. Adam said he'd thought the same thing, but he'd reached out to Noah, who hadn't denied it.

Adam explained that Noah had been mad at Victor and had wanted to make Victor pay for his sins, but Noah had also sworn that he was done with his plans for revenge. Victor grumbled that Noah's change of heart wasn't worth a damn thing, since Noah had been ready to betray Victor in an effort to save Marisa's honor. Adam added that Noah had taken Marisa with him, and Victor theorized that she had turned Noah against Victor. Adam disclosed that Marisa had convinced Noah to cut ties with Luca, and Victor dejectedly sank down into his office chair.

Adam wrote off Noah's actions as a young, impressionable young man in love who'd wanted to ride off into the sunset with his girlfriend, but Victor ranted that his grandson had been ready to stab him in the back after everything Victor had done for Noah. Adam noted that Noah hadn't gone through with it, and he suggested that they focus on the things they could control, like the Internet security deal and getting the Santoris out of Newman. Luca entered with Natalie and said they needed to talk. Victor agreed that they had a great future to discuss, and Adam requested that Natalie check out Newman's new IT facilities and provide her opinion.

After Natalie left, Victor snarled that he'd heard Luca had decided to insinuate himself into the project, and Luca replied that it had been Adam's idea. Luca opined that the alleged genius couldn't be trusted based on what he'd seen, and he knew when someone was trying to pull a fast one. Victor chuckled and expected that Luca would know that. Luca recognized that Victor didn't trust him, but he wanted to earn Victor's trust in time. Adam pulled Luca outside and told him not to push it, but Luca wanted Victor to know that Luca was on his team. Adam huffed that they all knew whose team Luca was on.

Phyllis stopped by to see Summer and judged from Summer's expression that something was wrong. Summer confided that something seemed off with Natalie, and she suspected that Natalie wasn't as innocent as everyone thought she was. Summer reported that Adam had sent Luca to oversee Natalie's project, but Victor had been surprised to hear it, and it had been bizarre watching Luca and Natalie work together. Summer noted that it had seemed like Natalie had been messing up on purpose, and Phyllis questioned whether it was possible that Natalie had been conning everyone.

Summer groaned that she'd been starting to like Natalie, and Phyllis urged Summer to listen to her gut. Phyllis said Victor had hired Summer because of her instincts, and Summer thanked her, since she always saw things more clearly after she talked to Phyllis.

Later, Natalie returned to Summer's apartment and found Phyllis waiting for her. Phyllis asked if Victor had fired Natalie yet, and Natalie reported that he hadn't, but she'd deliberately planted the seeds by appearing to have trouble with her program. Natalie inquired whether Summer thought Natalie was holding out on "grandpa dearest," and Phyllis acknowledged that Natalie was playing her part well. Natalie remarked that it was all going according to plan, and she expected the door to open for Phyllis and Billy to take over the project sooner than they'd expected. Phyllis ordered Natalie out of the apartment and out of Summer's life.

Summer stopped by Victor's office and hugged her grandfather hello. She divulged that she had the feeling that she couldn't trust Natalie, and she suspected that the security program was never supposed to work. Victor wondered if Natalie had thought she could fool people into paying her a lot of money, and he said he was glad to have one grandchild he could trust completely. He thanked Summer for her hard work, and she wished him luck.

After Summer departed, Victor stared at his phone for a moment and made a call to the police station. Adam eavesdropped as Victor greeted Paul. Victor exposed Noah as the hit-and-run driver who had almost killed Billy.

Noah Is Extradited and Injured

Noah Is Extradited and Injured

Friday, February 19, 2016

Noah awakened in a hospital bed, and Nick thanked God that his son was alive. Noah asked where he was, and Nick explained that Noah had been given a sedative before he'd gotten on the flight. Noah remained confused, and Nick informed him that he was home. Noah discovered that he was handcuffed to the bed, and Dylan announced that Noah was under arrest for the hit-and-run that had almost killed Billy. Dylan urged Noah to explain what had happened, but Nick growled that it wasn't a good time, and he firmly stated that Noah wouldn't say anything without an attorney present. Noah suddenly doubled over in pain.

In the hospital corridor, Marisa turned away when Sharon approached her, but Sharon pleaded for an explanation because she had no idea how Noah had been hurt. Sharon relayed that Noah should be okay, despite having broken ribs and possible internal injuries, but she needed answers. Sharon explained that she and Nick hadn't had any idea that Noah had been out of the country until Dylan had told her that Noah had been arrested, and she suspected that Marisa knew what was going on. Marisa replied that she and Noah had thought they'd been secluded on a Caribbean island, but she'd gone out for a walk, and when she'd returned, she'd seen the island police chasing Noah.

Sharon asked whether Noah and Marisa's island trip had been more than just a vacation, and she chided Marisa for evading her questions. Medical personnel raced into Noah's room, and Dylan stepped into the corridor and informed Sharon that Noah was having some kind of attack. Barton ordered everyone to clear the room and let him do his job, and Sharon worriedly asked Nick what was wrong.

Barton reported that Noah had internal bleeding, and they were prepping for surgery, but he expected Noah to make it through. Barton left to scrub in, and Nick coldly told Dylan that the interrogation would have to wait. Nick asked what proof there was that Noah had been involved, and Dylan replied that they were working on it, but they'd received a credible tip. Sharon surmised that Billy had remembered the night of the accident, but Dylan disclosed that Victor had tipped off the police. Nick became incensed.

Dylan explained that he was just doing his job by trying to find the truth, and Noah's behavior had raised red flags. Nick grumbled that Dylan had already decided that Noah was guilty, and he stalked off to talk to the doctor. Sharon reminded Dylan that people were considered innocent until proven guilty, and she asked that he give Noah the benefit of the doubt. Dylan swore that he didn't want Noah to be guilty, but he had to gather information, and it appeared that Noah had covered up his involvement in the accident and fled the country.

Sharon pressed Dylan to talk to Victor, since she was sure Victor hadn't told Paul out of a sense civic duty. Dylan maintained that he was still looking at everyone, and Sharon said she'd had a bad feeling when Noah had decided to work for Victor. She pushed Dylan to consider why Victor had decided that Noah had needed to be punished then Dylan could let her know whose side he was on.

Later, Nick returned to the waiting area, and he informed Sharon that Noah should be out of surgery soon. Nick was glad to see that Dylan had left, and Sharon revealed that Noah had had another visitor -- Marisa, who had been with him on the island. Sharon had no idea where Marisa had gone, and she believed that Marisa knew a lot more about what was going on, but Sharon hadn't told Dylan anything. She couldn't believe that their son had left after hitting someone and lied about it, and Nick remarked that they'd get answers once Noah woke up. Sharon asked if he knew what day it was, and he recalled that it was their anniversary.

Nick marveled that he and Sharon had been on quite a trip since they'd fallen in love in high school and gotten married and divorced. She referred to their kids and the fact that they were still friends, and he added that they were both married to other people. They agreed that they were glad that they'd made it that far, and he wondered what he would have thought if someone had told him back in high school what his future would look like. He flashed back to reciting their first marriage vows and carrying her over the threshold into the cottage.

Sharon said they'd grown up fast, and Nick noted that they'd gone from newlyweds to parents in record time. He reflected back on the day she'd told him that she had been pregnant, and their beautiful boy had changed everything when he'd been born. They recalled holding Noah in their arms for the first time, and Sharon softly stated that even though Noah was grown, he was still their little boy. She added that they needed to do everything they could to protect Noah when he was in trouble, and Nick groused that it was all because of Victor.

At the Athletic Club, Chelsea and Adam discussed the potential fallout once the story about Noah hit the media. They abruptly stopped talking when they noticed a beaming Victoria and Billy walk in, and Victoria revealed that they'd gotten engaged. Chelsea congratulated them, and Victoria gushed that they hadn't stopped celebrating. Billy vowed never to forget how close he'd been to losing Victoria, and he said that chapter of his life was over, so it was time to write a new one. Chelsea and Adam squirmed as Billy and Victoria kissed.

Chelsea hugged Victoria and said she was happy for the couple, and Victoria reported that the kids were thrilled to have their dad back. Adam inquired whether they'd set a date, and Billy hoped to do it soon, since he didn't want to waste the second chance he'd been given. Chelsea remarked that it had been a long, strange journey for Billy and Victoria, but things were working out the way they were supposed to. Chelsea admired Victoria's ring, and Adam received a text message from Marisa, saying they needed to meet, since Noah had been arrested. Adam announced that something had happened, and he didn't want Victoria and Billy to hear about it from a reporter. Adam divulged that Noah had been arrested for Billy's hit-and-run.

Billy pointed out that Noah's arrest didn't mean that Noah had done it, but Victoria countered that Noah wouldn't have been arrested without a case against him. Chelsea suggested that Victoria and Billy talk to Noah, and Adam reminded Billy about the importance of second chances. After Adam and Chelsea left, Victoria wondered if the news had triggered any memories for Billy. He said it hadn't, but he felt like something was on the tip of his tongue. Victoria understood that Billy wanted to put the accident behind him, but she stressed that they needed to know if Noah had done it.

At Newman Enterprises, Victor asked Paul if Noah was all right, and Paul recounted that he'd woken up a judge to get a warrant for extradition. Paul continued that Noah had taken off running when the island police had shown up, and Noah had suffered injuries when he'd fallen down an embankment. Paul confirmed that Noah was under arrest and that Dylan was at the hospital, waiting to talk to Noah, but Paul wanted to ask Victor a few questions first. Paul wondered how Victor had known that Noah had been responsible for hitting Billy and leaving the scene.

Victor told Paul that Marisa was the key to the whole debacle, and he mentioned that Marisa was not only Luca's wife, but she also had been Marco's mistress. Victor called her a deceitful, manipulative woman who'd convinced Noah not to talk about the accident, and he insisted that Noah was under her spell. Victor accused Marisa of being more than just a co-conspirator, but Paul was skeptical. Victor declared that he had proof.

Paul perused Victor's file of evidence, and Victor asked if it was enough proof to prosecute Marisa along with Noah. Paul conceded that it appeared as though Marisa had helped Noah cover his crime, but he guessed that Victor had known about it all along. Paul questioned why Victor had changed his mind and decided to turn Noah in, and Victor replied that his grandson had committed a serious crime. Paul noted that Victor had covered up more serious ones than that, and he couldn't fathom that Victor cared about getting justice for Billy.

Paul and Dylan arrived at the Athletic Club, and Paul informed Billy and Victoria that the police had charged Noah with the hit-and-run. Paul wanted to corroborate what had happened, and Billy explained that he had flashes, but he couldn't picture the driver. Victoria pushed Billy to think back to that night, and Paul recounted the events that had led up to Billy heading to the parking garage. Billy flashed back to taking a beating from Gil and his goon, and he suddenly saw Noah's face in the side-view mirror of the car.

Billy claimed that there was nothing in his head but flashes, and Paul told him to get in touch if he remembered the slightest detail. Dylan and Paul left, and Victoria knowingly said that the men didn't know Billy the way she knew him, and she asked what he'd remembered. He confided that he'd seen Noah driving the car, and Victoria was shocked that it was true. Victoria assumed that Billy hadn't told Paul because Billy had wanted to tell her in private, but Billy clarified that he wouldn't go to the police with the information because Noah was a decent guy who'd gotten in over his head, and Billy knew the feeling.

Billy argued that it hadn't been Noah's fault that Billy had been crumpled on the ground, and getting hit had been the best thing that had ever happened to Billy, since it had made him realize that he'd had to turn his life around. Victoria thought Billy was being really noble, but she was surprised that he wasn't as furious as she was. Billy reiterated that it had been an accident, but he had survived it and was with her, and the last thing he wanted to do was ruin Noah's life over it. Victoria questioned whether Billy was sure he could live with keeping it a secret, and Billy replied that he had to do it for them.

At Crimson Lights, Paul offered to reassign Dylan to another case, but Dylan opted to stay put. Paul regretted that Nick and Sharon viewed Dylan as the enemy, but Dylan thought they'd find a way through it. Dylan inquired about Paul's talk with Victor, and Paul reported that although Victor had dodged most of his questions, Victor had also handed over some solid evidence.

At Adam and Chelsea's penthouse, Marisa snapped that Noah was in the hospital, and Chelsea asked how he'd been hurt. Marisa said he'd tried to run when the police had started sniffing around, and Adam wished he could help. Marisa angrily told him to shut up, since everything had been perfect until Adam had dragged Noah back. Adam insisted that he hadn't gone to the police, and he revealed that Victor had exposed Noah. Adam explained that he'd been forced to tell Victor that Noah and Luca had been conspiring together, and he asserted that if he hadn't told Victor, then Luca would have.

Adam added that he'd told Victor that Noah hadn't been a threat, and he'd advised Victor to let it go. Marisa hissed that Noah's life had been in Adam's hands, but he'd sold Noah out. Marisa slapped Adam across the face, and Chelsea intervened and warned Marisa to back off, since Adam had only tried to protect Noah. Chelsea suggested that Marisa go after Victor if she wanted to blame someone. Adam advised Marisa to steer clear for Victor, who blamed Marisa for Noah turning his back on Victor, and there was a price for betrayal in the Newman family.

Marisa said she didn't care about Victor, and she only wanted to make sure that Noah was okay. Adam volunteered to go to the hospital to check on Noah, since Marisa couldn't risk being charged as an accessory, but Marisa declared that it was a risk she was willing to take, and she stalked out. Chelsea bemoaned that it was like watching a train wreck in slow motion.

Later, Chelsea entered Crimson Lights and hesitantly approached Billy, but she made it clear that she was in a rush. He said he had noticed that she and Adam had been acting squirrelly earlier, and he thought she was still doing it. Chelsea claimed that Billy had misinterpreted things, but he didn't believe it. He said hearing about Noah's arrest had shaken things loose in his head, and he'd been shocked to remember seeing Noah's face in the side-view mirror, but he'd realized that Chelsea had already known that Noah had done it.

Nick burst into Victor's office and demanded to know why Victor had turned Noah over to the cops. Victor replied that he'd done it to save Noah, since Marisa had convinced Noah to leave the country and never return. Nick refused to believe it, but Victor huffed that Noah had gone on the run with a married woman, so Victor had made sure that Noah had faced the music and his punishment like a man. Victor anticipated starting over with Noah, and Nick incredulously asked if Victor expected Noah to thank him. Victor coolly replied that he expected nothing, and he told Nick to kindly leave.

Nick ranted that Noah was in a world of hurt, and he wondered why Victor had done something like that without making sure Noah had been the driver who'd hit Billy. Victoria appeared in the doorway and confirmed that they could be sure, since Billy had remembered everything. She added that Billy had no intention of going to the police, but she thought it would be best if Noah took responsibility. Nick pointed out that Billy was willing to forgive but that Victoria seemed determined to fight Billy's battle for him. Nick snarled that it was obvious that Noah was a pawn in a selfish game Victor was playing, and he hoped it blew up in their faces. Nick proclaimed that he would be where he belonged -- next to his son.

After Nick left, Victor said he was glad that he and Victoria agreed about the right way to handle the situation, and Victoria replied that she couldn't ignore what Noah had done. Victor inquired whether she expected Billy to follow her lead and tell the police, and she said they'd have to wait and see. She thanked Victor for letting Billy use the restaurant to propose to her, and she hoped her father had found a way to be happy for them. Victor said he always wanted her to be happy, but he remembered too many things to be happy about her being with Billy. Victoria was confident that Billy wouldn't make the same mistakes, but Victor predicted that Victoria and Billy's relationship wouldn't last any longer than it had the last time.

Later, Adam confronted Victor about calling the cops on his own grandson, and Victor stated that it had needed to be done. Adam countered that it hadn't, but Victor chided Adam for not looking at the bigger picture. Victor said Noah needed to learn that his actions had repercussions, and he didn't want Noah in their inner circle until he understood that. Adam accused Victor of punishing Noah by keeping him on the outside looking in, just like Victor had treated Adam. Victor lectured that once Adam had earned his stripes and was sitting in Victor's chair, Adam would get to make the decisions, but Victor called the shots until then.

At the hospital, Barton reported that everything had gone well with the surgery. Nick stopped Sharon from going into Noah's room, and he relayed that Billy had remembered that Noah had been behind the wheel of the car that had hit him. Nick quickly added that Billy wasn't planning on telling the police anything, but they needed to be prepared. Sharon insisted that they needed to be with their son, and they entered Noah's room.

"My poor baby," Sharon cried, and Victoria stepped into the room. Nick said it wasn't a good time, but Noah stirred and insisted that it was all right. Noah prompted Victoria to say what she had to say, and she recognized that he'd been running from the truth for a long time. Victoria acknowledged that Noah was hurt, and everyone who cared about him was hurting alongside him. She declared that it was time for Noah to own up to what he'd done to Billy.

Marisa cautiously approached Noah's room, but Dylan intercepted her and said he had a few questions for her. He assumed that she knew that Noah had been arrested for the hit-and-run, and he inquired whether there was anything she wanted to share about the accident. Marisa professed Noah's innocence, and Dylan asked if she had helped Noah cover it up. Dylan wondered how she could explain a surveillance video of her in a landfill shortly after Billy's accident, getting rid of a set of tires.

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