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Judge Moxley sentenced Noah to probation and community service for Billy's hit-and-run. Marisa accepted Noah's proposal. Luca taunted Noah into punching him. Cane forgave Lily and prepared to move back home. Sage invited Shawn to live with her and Nick.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of March 14, 2016 on Y&R
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Billy's Testimony Might Save Noah Billy's Testimony Might Save Noah

Monday, March 14, 2016

At Crimson Lights, Sage, sitting beside Nick, was taken aback when she learned from Sharon that Dylan would be testifying against Noah. Sharon explained that Dylan loved Noah and would do whatever he could to help her son. Nick said he'd accept whatever help he could get for Noah. Sharon and Nick left for the courthouse. Sage told Nick to keep her posted.

After Nick and Sharon left, Sage comforted a worried Faith. Shawn showed up and told Sage and Faith that someone had broken into her apartment. Shawn reported that the thief had taken an old television. Faith insisted that Dylan would catch the bad guy. Shawn pressed her palm against her swollen abdomen and cried that she was concerned that the criminal might show up again. Sage invited Shawn to move in with them.

At Sage's condo, Faith and Sage showed Shawn the rooms. Shawn asked Faith if she enjoyed living there. Faith replied, "I do, except I had to live with Mommy and Dylan for a while when Sage was in Fairview." Shawn was taken aback when she learned that Sage had been a patient at a mental hospital. Sage sent Faith upstairs. Sage explained that she'd sought treatment because losing the child she'd carried for nine months had crushed her soul. Shawn replied, "I guess I'm about to find out if my soul can take it."

In Billy's hotel suite, Phyllis arrived with a cure for a hangover. Billy repeatedly insisted that he hadn't been drinking. Billy acknowledged that though he'd lost Victoria due to poor decisions he'd made, he hadn't destructively misbehaved. Billy said he still had his family and friends and anticipated making a billion or more dollars on PassKey, which would give him something to rub in Victor's face. Billy swigged Phyllis' raw-egg concoction anyway. Phyllis winced, but she seemed pleased about Billy's change for the better.

At the Genoa City Athletic Club, Natalie asked Jack if he knew where Billy was. Natalie was shocked when Jack announced that he planned to kill her PassKey project. Jack explained that he wasn't keen on building his company on a project obtained through deceit and blackmail. Jack added that Newman Enterprises would likely sue Jabot for corporate espionage. Billy and Phyllis joined Jack and Natalie.

After Billy and Phyllis learned about Jack's plan to pull the plug on PassKey, Jack explained that Victor had almost bankrupted Jabot the last time the two companies had waged a courtroom battle. Billy and Phyllis pleaded with Jack to reconsider because PassKey's billion-dollar payoff could be Jabot's last chance. Jack replied, "Or it could be the thing that wipes us out forever." Phyllis said Jack was willing to terminate a project that could save Jabot just because he was so afraid of Victor. Natalie became irate and suggested she should seek another buyer. Phyllis told Natalie not to make a move until she heard back from her.

After Natalie left, Phyllis told Jack that no one would be able to prove what she and Billy had done. Jack said Summer knew, so Victor could put her on the witness stand, which would place Summer between the Newmans and the Abbotts again. Jack added that the scheming and lies had already caused Billy to lose Victoria. Phyllis insisted that there was no chance Victor could sue because he was headed to prison. Jack replied, "Even if there isn't, this is all so dirty. You had Adam kidnapped, held prisoner. You could be charged with these things." Phyllis said she hoped Jack wouldn't tell Adam that she'd had him kidnapped. Jack urged Phyllis to keep all business aboveboard.

At the Top of the Tower, Noah and Marisa met with Leslie, their attorney. Noah said that he wanted to postpone his trial so he and Marisa could marry. Noah noted that a husband and wife couldn't be forced to testify against each other. Marisa said she'd first have to divorce her husband. Leslie explained that Noah and Marisa's plans to marry wouldn't help them in court because Noah had confessed, and security video proved that Marisa had dumped a set of tires from Noah's vehicle.

Leslie said she'd seek leniency and wouldn't anger the judge by asking to postpone the trial or suddenly invoking spousal privilege. After Leslie stepped away, Luca approached Noah and Marisa and scoffed that the lovers were enjoying "their last meal." Marisa told Luca that Noah wouldn't end up in prison. Luca smugly replied, "We'll see."

On the patio at Crimson Lights, Luca met with Natalie and asked her about PassKey. Natalie told Luca about Jack having proclaimed the project to be dead, though Phyllis had disagreed. Billy, Natalie added, had yelled at Jack and Phyllis before he'd left. Natalie cried that she'd finally created a project she was proud of, but it might all be dismantled because the Abbotts and Newmans couldn't stop bickering and fighting. Luca invited Natalie to work with him. Natalie refused and berated Luca for his disloyalty. Luca warned that it would be best if Natalie had him on her side rather than against her. Natalie collected her things and cried, "I'll take my chances."

At the courthouse, Nikki approached Judge Moxley on Noah's behalf. Judge Moxley noted that Nikki could no longer blackmail her. Nikki said she'd hoped to appeal to the judge as a grandmother. Judge Moxley replied, "You want me to show your family mercy when you were willing to tear mine apart?" Judge Moxley explained that her marriage was over because she'd had to reveal her past affair with Victor to the world.

Nikki said that Noah was a fine young man, so Judge Moxley shouldn't let her resentment against other members of the Newman family affect Noah's trial. Judge Moxley replied, "I'll make my decision based on the facts, so all your money and all your power aren't going to get Noah off the hook." The judge added that for once, it was time for the Newmans to be a little afraid.

Inside the courtroom, Christine told Dylan she hoped he'd put aside conflicts of interest and testify honestly. Dylan vowed to tell the truth. Outside the courtroom, Marisa, Nikki, Nick, and Sharon rallied around Noah. Nick assured Noah that his family would support him. Leslie appeared and told Noah it was time for him to take his place. Billy approached the doorway just as Noah was about to enter. Both men hesitated to enter.

After the trial commenced, Dylan testified that the tires on Noah's vehicle didn't match the tracks at the scene of the accident because someone had switched them the day after the accident. Leslie approached Dylan and pointed out that Noah had done the right thing by not letting Marisa shoulder the blame for his wrongdoing. Christine immediately cross-examined the witness and noted that Noah hadn't done the right thing when he'd switched the tires and fled the country. Marisa explained that Noah had been unaware that his vehicle had struck someone and had felt devastated when he'd learned what had happened.

After Billy took the stand, he admitted he'd been lying on the ground when Noah's vehicle had accidently struck him. Billy said he felt no ill will against the defendant. Leslie called Noah to the stand and asked why he hadn't immediately admitted to what had happened. Noah said he'd taken bad advice from his grandfather, a trusted individual. When Leslie mentioned Victor's name, Judge Moxley frowned and scribbled a note on a legal pad.

Noah said keeping silent had made him feel sick, but his grandfather had convinced him that admitting he'd been responsible would hurt his whole family. Noah explained that Victor had used the information as a power play. Judge Moxley pursed her lips and defiantly folded her arms at her waist as she listened. Christine approached Noah and asked if Victor had ordered him to leave the country or switch the tires. Christine also noted that Victor had been the one who'd asked the authorities to track down Noah.

Noah told the court that everyone was aware of Victor's use of power to control others. Christine attempted to end Noah's testimony against Victor, but the judge didn't allow him to continue. Noah said that the biggest regret of his life was listening to his grandfather. Christine addressed the judge and insisted that Noah Newman should be held accountable on all charges. Judge Moxley adjourned court, so she could make a decision.

Noah thanked Billy for his testimony. Billy advised Noah not to ever take Victor's advice again. Nikki had a private conversation with Christine. Nikki said she hoped that Christine would seek mercy on Noah's behalf if the judge found him guilty. Christine asked if Nikki intended to make the same request at Victor's trial. Nikki said she absolutely wouldn't because Victor's crimes were unforgivable. Christine replied, "If you genuinely believe in justice and you have some information that could make that happen, you know where the D.A.'s office is."

Nick returned home and greeted Sage and Shawn. After Sage told Nick that Shawn would be living with them and why, Shawn went upstairs to her bedroom. Nick told Sage he could arrange for Shawn to have her own apartment. Sage said that Shawn was lonely. Nick asked what would happen after the baby was born. Shawn listened when Nick asked if Shawn intended to live with them indefinitely and watch them raise the child. Shawn walked downstairs and said she'd leave if they didn't want her living with them.

At the Genoa City Athletic Club, Noah and Marisa retired to their suite to make love after court was adjourned. Billy joined Jack and Phyllis downstairs in the dining room. Billy pleaded with Jack to continue with PassKey. Billy insisted that Victor wouldn't be a problem because his family had denounced him. Jack mentioned Adam's kidnapping, and Phyllis explained that Billy had become involved after the fact.

Billy and Phyllis stood firm. Jack said, "You two are teaming up against me?" Jack told Billy and Phyllis that they might be dead set on driving over the cliff by losing the company or facing prison, but they shouldn't expect him to watch. Jack left abruptly.

Judge Moxley determines Noah's fate

Judge Moxley determines Noah's fate

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Shawn overheard Nick and Sage's argument at their penthouse, and she announced that she knew that she was in the way. Sage insisted that Shawn stay, but Shawn pointed out that the couple had only agreed to cover her medical expenses and adopt her kid, so they didn't have to take care of her. Sage asserted that they'd never let a pregnant woman go to an unsafe place, and Nick explained that he'd been hesitant about Shawn staying with them because he was worried about breaking the adoption agency's rules. Shawn swore that she wouldn't say anything about living there, and Sage asked her again to stay.

Shawn said the offer proved that Nick and Sage weren't just in it to get a baby, and they actually gave "a damn" about her. Sage hugged Shawn and insisted that they were in it together, and Nick reluctantly echoed the sentiment. Sharon arrived and reported that the judge was ready to announce a verdict, and she and Nick headed to the courthouse. Shawn noted that they were a close family in which exes didn't seem like exes.

Faith popped in and said she'd heard Sharon's voice, and Sage mentioned that the girl's parents had needed to run back to the courthouse. Faith explained to Shawn that Noah wasn't a criminal, and Shawn remarked that even nice people got into trouble. Shawn added that it was nice that Nick had Noah's back, and Faith declared that Nick would be there for Shawn's baby, too, since Shawn didn't want the child. Shawn clarified that it wasn't that she didn't want her baby, but Nick and Sage would be better parents.

Faith suggested that Shawn might want the baby back later, and Sage said Shawn had picked their family to raise the baby. Faith innocently asked if it would be forever, and Shawn mentioned that she had up to a year to change her mind, since she didn't know how she would feel after she gave birth. Faith chirped that Shawn could always visit the baby if she missed him. Sage asked Faith to draw a picture for her, and Faith happily ran upstairs to do so. Sage told Shawn that Faith was excited to be a big sister, and Shawn flatly stated that they'd been dancing around what Faith had asked about.

Shawn questioned what the rules would be after the baby was born, and Sage said she hadn't thought about it. Shawn dryly imagined living in the guest room as "Aunt Shawn" until the baby was 21, and Sage told her to stop. Sage said she didn't want Faith to be confused, but Shawn thought the girl had her head screwed on straight. Shawn swore that Sage didn't have to worry about her popping in for visits, since it would hurt too much to be part of their family as a friend. Sage took Shawn's hand and said she knew Shawn would do the right thing for herself, the baby, and everyone else.

Victoria visited Victor at the jail, but he told her that he had nothing to say, and he asked to go back to his cell. She asked him to hear her out, since she was having trouble with the department heads at Newman, but Victor snickered and said he'd needed a little humor to brighten his day. Victor taunted that he'd known it would only be a matter of time before Victoria asked for help, and he questioned why he'd want to rescue her after she'd removed him from the company. She thought a reassuring call from Victor to a couple of nervous executives would allow business to go on as usual, but he hissed that Nikki, Victoria, and the rest of the family had thought they could run the whole thing without him. He dared them to try to do it.

At the Athletic Club, Phyllis informed Billy that Jack had washed his hands of PassKey and had stormed out. Billy wondered if Jack had been right, since Victor could sue them for stealing the project, and he contemplated what would happen if Victor found out that Phyllis had been behind Adam's kidnapping. Phyllis argued that Victor couldn't do anything worse than putting Marco in her life, and she warned that they risked losing billions if they walked away. Billy countered that Phyllis risked losing Jack if she didn't walk away.

Phyllis vowed not to quit, and she condemned Jack for making a snap judgment about her. Billy noted that Jack had shown that he supported and loved her, and he urged her to take her own advice and fix things before Jack was gone. Phyllis acknowledged that she and Jack loved one another, but she and Billy had worked very hard on the deal, and she refused to give up. Billy suggested that they delay the rollout until after Victor was sentenced, and he received a text message about Noah's verdict being in. Phyllis griped that it would make her feel weak if she caved in with Jack, but Billy encouraged her not to make the same mistake he had.

At the Top of the Tower bar, Jack told Neil that some things couldn't be fixed, no matter how much one loved a person. Jack recognized that Phyllis had reason to hate Victor, but he wondered if the endless game of king of the mountain was worth sacrificing their values. Jack thanked Neil for taking the high road by trying to break up Jack and Victor's fight, and Neil reasoned that he couldn't start a foundation to help others and make an exception for Victor. Jack thought the constant need to top Victor had to stop, or he and Phyllis would end up becoming the very thing they hated.

Jack thought Victor should be punished, but he thought it was enough that Victor was in a cell, awaiting trial to be put in prison for years. Neil agreed that revenge got people nowhere, and he referred to the damage he'd caused by trying to punish Hilary and Devon. Jack wondered how to stop Phyllis, but Neil pointed out that they couldn't save someone from themselves -- the person had to want it. Phyllis overheard, and Neil stepped aside to let them talk. Phyllis confirmed that Neil was right -- she had to want it, and she did.

Phyllis refused to apologize for wanting Victor to suffer, but she regretted allowing her hurt and anger to turn into an uncontrollable fire. She recognized that she'd been ready to throw everything she cared about into the flames, including Jack's love and respect, and she was sorry. Jack wished he could change the things that had happened to her, and she recognized that Victor had hurt him, too. She credited Billy for making her realize that while punishing Victor had been her ultimate goal, she'd given Victor victory by allowing him to turn her and Jack against one another.

Jack professed his love and swore that he didn't want to change Phyllis, and he loved her fire, but he thought it was better when they were able to control the flames. She laughed and admitted that she'd been wrong when she'd said that Jack hadn't been fighting. She proclaimed that he'd fought and won, and he inquired about PassKey. She said she still believed in the project, but she agreed to hold off on rolling out the prototype until Victor was behind bars. Jack considered it to be the perfect compromise, and he suggested they go home and fan the flames of the fire together.

After Jack and Phyllis made love at home, he said they should argue more often, and she suggested that they just have the makeup sex without the arguing. She mentioned that she was craving chocolate, and he went downstairs to fetch some. She sent a text message.

At Crimson Lights, Luca assured someone over the phone that would handle the problem. Summer walked in, and he asked if the judge had delivered a verdict. Summer reported that she hadn't been able to watch her brother on the stand, knowing that Victor's trial would start soon, but Luca remarked that Victor had caused his own problems. Summer lamented that Victor had been kicked out of his own company, and Luca revealed that he'd heard from some of Newman's division heads who didn't like Victoria's management style. He added that they'd expected Adam to take Victor's place, and Summer blurted out that Victor had, too.

Luca was surprised that Adam had passed up the chance to be top dog, and Summer wondered if Newman was really in trouble. Luca anticipated that things could be salvaged if Victoria had help. Nikki arrived and ordered Luca to get away from Summer, and Luca stepped away. Nikki lectured that Summer should be in the courtroom when the judge announced the verdict -- unless Summer's loyalty only extended to Victor. Summer argued that someone had to stand by Victor, and she asserted that he needed Nikki just as much as he needed his kids and grandkids.

In bed in their hotel room, Noah thought Marisa was acting like she was having second thoughts about getting married. She assured him that she wanted it more than anything, but she worried that the judge would rule against him. He promised that they'd find a way to be together, and he encouraged her to have a little faith, since their future started that day.

Later, at the courthouse, a flustered Victoria finished a work call, and she informed Nick and Sharon that the judge was still in her chambers. Sharon gave the siblings some privacy to talk, and Victoria confided to Nick that she'd gone to the jail to ask Victor to help with some potential problems at Newman. Nick guessed that Victor had laughed in her face, and he imagined that Victor had been hoping for a crisis so he could be the savior. Victoria begged Nick to join her at the company, but he maintained that she didn't need him or their father. Nick entered the courtroom, and Billy asked Victoria if she was all right. Victoria wailed that everything was wrong, and Billy urged her to talk to him about it. Summer and Nikki arrived, and Victoria followed them inside the courtroom.

In the courtroom, Noah steeled himself for the verdict to go against him, but he wondered if there was something he could do or say to affect Marisa's chances of going free. Leslie advised him to worry about Marisa later, and she thought that Noah's attempt to put the blame on Victor might work in his favor. Judge Moxley prepared to announce her verdict, and Noah stood up and apologized for interrupting, but he wanted to say a few words. The judge pointed out that he'd already taken the stand under oath, but he thought he might have misled the court by blaming Victor of convincing him to commit a crime.

Noah declared that it had been his own choice to cover up the accident and to try to run from justice, and he wanted to be clear that his mistakes had been his own. He glanced back at Marisa, and he added that no one but him should be held responsible for what he'd done or failed to do. Judge Moxley admitted that she hadn't been entirely sure that she'd made the right decision, but after hearing Noah's statement, she was convinced that her decision was sound and appropriate.

Judge Moxley praised Noah for proving that he was his own man who wasn't controlled by anyone but himself and his own conscience, and she thought his family should be proud. She found Noah guilty of the hit-and-run, but she noted that it was his first offense, and she sentenced him to probation and community service. Noah hugged Marisa and expressed relief to his family, and he chased after Billy to thank him. Billy said he was glad it was over so they could all move on, and he pulled Victoria aside. He hoped that they could move on, too.

Victoria said the situation wasn't about her and Billy, and she hadn't meant to give him the wrong idea. He insisted that it wasn't too late to change, and he thought they could get over the bad things that had happened. She stated that she didn't want that, and he asked what she wanted. Victoria replied that she wanted what she couldn't have, and Billy said he could tell that she missed them being together. She conceded that it was hard to be alone sometimes, but it was a temporary feeling, and she knew they needed to go their separate ways.

Later, Victoria forlornly watched from the corridor as the courtroom doors closed with Billy inside. Billy read Phyllis' text message, which told him that she and Jack had worked things out, and she hoped there was a happy ending for Billy and Victoria, too.

Luca stopped by to see Victor, and Victor barked that visiting hours were for family members. Luca noted that Victor's family had booted Victor out of the boardroom, and Newman was crumbling from within. Luca revealed that several division heads had reached out to him to express their lack of confidence in Victoria, but Victor asserted that she knew what she was doing. Luca indicated that Victoria was alienating others by not allowing them to make any major decisions without her approval, but there was a way to keep the company strong -- Luca. Victor guffawed.

Victor said he wouldn't trust Luca to park one of his cars, much less manage his company, and Luca voiced surprise that Adam hadn't made an attempt to take a place at the top. Luca continued that Victoria's hands-on control had people wondering where the company was headed, and he guessed that Victor was waiting for his family to see their dividends and trust funds suffer so they would beg Victor to save the day. Luca cautioned that if Newman took a nosedive, then there would be nothing left to save, and he offered to keep the company in the black until Victor was back. Victor called it a "hell of an idea," but said it would happen "when hell freezes over."

Noah and Marisa returned to their hotel room, and he gushed that he was free to start over and be with the woman he loved. He mentioned that Leslie was confident that the D.A. would drop the charges against Marisa, and Marisa marveled that the nightmare would finally be over. He pushed her to get divorced right away, and he whipped out an engagement ring and said she would look silly wearing it if they weren't officially engaged. She breathlessly accepted his proposal.

Summer entered the Athletic Club and happily informed Luca that Noah had gotten probation. Luca questioned whether that meant she no longer blamed Luca for everything that had gone wrong with her family, and she said she was in no mood to be angry, but she thought he might not consider it good news, since Marisa was with Noah. Luca pointed out that Marisa was still married to him, and Noah and Marisa approached.

Noah announced that he was keeping his lawyer on retainer to handle Marisa's divorce, but Luca pointed out that Marisa might not be lucky enough to avoid jail time. Marisa proclaimed that her luck had changed when she'd discovered life after Luca, and Summer noticed Marisa's engagement ring. Marisa said they'd all move on once her lawyer drew up the divorce papers, and Luca said he wouldn't stand in her way if that was what she wanted. Noah suspected that Luca expected to gain something as a result of the divorce.

Sharon and Nick toasted to their son at Top of the Tower, and she was happy that Noah hadn't tried to use the Newman name. She pointedly added that Noah had reminded her of another great man she knew, but Nick said he couldn't take all the credit, since Noah had gotten half his genes from her. She marveled that they'd done something right as parents, and they'd both get to do it all over again with their respective spouses. Nick confided that Sage had invited Shawn to move in with them, but he worried that things would get complicated once the baby was born. He couldn't stop thinking that someone was bound to get hurt.

Nikki visited Victor to let him know that Noah had been given probation. Victor coldly said she could leave if that was all she had to say, and she pointed out that she knew he cared about his grandson. She thought Victor would have been proud of Noah for taking full responsibility, but Victor growled that Noah's freedom wouldn't mean "a damn thing" as long as Noah was under the spell of "that woman." Nikki contended that Noah and Marisa were very much in love, but Victor snarled that he didn't "give a damn." He raged at Nikki for helping to put him in there and forcing him out of the company, and he promised that she'd regret her decisions.

Nikki mentioned that Summer had been concerned that Victor had needed Nikki, but Victor retorted that he didn't need anyone, and he ordered her out. Nikki stated that his family and his family business would keep running, and she wondered if he'd realized that he'd lost more than his freedom. He kicked aside a chair and huffed that he'd heard that people were complaining about Victoria's leadership. He bellowed that when the company and the family fell apart, Nikki would only have herself to blame, and he wouldn't forgive her for it.

Nick offers Shawn some advice

Nick offers Shawn some advice

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

by Mike

At the Athletic Club, Luca observed that Marisa and Noah were acting like divorce was nothing more than a transaction that needed to be executed. "Because it is," Noah argued, prompting Luca to counter that Noah had no idea what he was talking about because he had never even been married. Luca was confused when Noah took the statement of fact as a low blow, so Marisa explained that Noah had once been engaged, and his fiancée had been murdered on their wedding day. Luca apologized, stressing that he hadn't been aware of that.

Marisa argued that what Luca was aware of was that their relationship was over, and it had been for a long time. "Why drag this out? Why? Because you can?" Marisa guessed. Luca admitted that it was going to take some time to adjust to the idea of no longer being married to Marisa because she had once been the love of his life. Chuckling, Noah called that "a colossal load of crap," prompting Summer to intervene, insisting that Luca's heart had just been broken and that Noah was only making the situation worse.

Noah started to argue with Summer, but Marisa interrupted and told him not to waste his energy. Noah agreed to drop the matter for the time being but warned Luca that they would revisit it later. After Noah and Marisa walked away, Summer offered to give Luca some privacy, but he asked her to stay, admitting that he didn't really want to be alone at that time.

Unable to remember the last time someone had rushed to his defense, Luca wondered what had prompted Summer to do so. Summer explained that she knew what it was like to plan a future with someone then watch those plans disappear in the blink of an eye. Luca was sorry to hear that Summer had experienced a similar loss. Luca admitted, however, that it was nice to talk to someone who understood what he was going through. "If I had met you months ago, my introduction to Genoa City would have been very different," Luca mused.

Upstairs, Marisa fretted that Luca had the time and the resources to keep the divorce pending indefinitely and would probably love nothing more than to do just that. "Well, it's a good thing that Luca's not the only one with money," Noah pointed out. Marisa didn't find that comforting because she didn't want the matter to turn into a contest, but Noah assured her that nothing was going to stop them from getting married.

Still worried, Marisa wished that she could think of something that Luca wanted more than her so she could offer it to him in exchange for his cooperation in the divorce proceedings. "Maybe there is...but I'll be damned if he's gonna get it," Noah vowed.

Noah headed back downstairs and found Luca alone at the bar. Noah guessed that Luca had set his sights on Summer in an effort to worm his way into the Newman family. Noah insisted that was never going to happen, prompting Luca to observe that Noah was starting to sound just like Victor and Adam. "[The three of you] don't own me. You don't get to call the shots, all right? And soon enough, I'll be calling all the shots at Newman Enterprises," Luca promised.

Noah said Luca was living in a dream world, but Luca countered that he could say the same thing about Noah, who actually believed that his relationship with Marisa would last. "I know her better than you ever will, Noah, and man to man, let me tell you this: no matter how hard you hold on to her, you're going to lose her. Everyone does," Luca warned.

Noah bragged that it felt great to know that Marisa had chosen to be with him, but Luca dismissively insisted that Noah was just a passing infatuation for Marisa and another in a long line of notches on her belt. Noah warned Luca to back off, but Luca continued that Marisa didn't love Noah and would never be able to because Noah was just a spoiled little rich boy who had been too cowardly to admit what he had done to Billy. "You will never be man enough to satisfy a woman like her," Luca added, prompting a fed-up Noah to punch him.

Summer went to see Marisa, hoping to convince her to give Luca some time to adjust to the idea of getting a divorce. Summer reported that it was breaking Luca's heart to know that he had lost Marisa for good, but Marisa insisted that Luca was playing Summer. "He's not some lovesick puppy. He is angry, and he wants to punish me for leaving him," Marisa continued.

Summer wondered why Marisa had gotten back together with Luca in the first place if she had truly believed all along that he was the heartless person she was making him out to be. Marisa admitted that she had made a mistake because she had wanted to believe that Luca had changed, but she had since realized that he hadn't changed -- and he never would. Marisa warned that it would be foolish of Summer to fall for Luca, prompting Summer to protest that she already had a boyfriend and definitely wasn't falling for Luca. "No, I know that look. He is in your head. Just...please, be careful," Marisa advised Summer.

Cane received a surprise visit from Lily, Charlie, and Mattie, who wondered if he would like to join them for a picnic in the park. Unfortunately, a sudden change in the weather prematurely ended the outing, forcing the family to move the picnic to Crimson Lights. While there, Charlie spontaneously asked Cane, "So, when are you moving home?" Lily saved Cane from having to answer the question, assuring the kids that although he wasn't living with them at that time, they would still get to see him often.

After Charlie and Mattie went to order some hot chocolate, Cane tried to say something to Lily, but she interrupted and insisted that he didn't have to say anything because she already understood that he still didn't trust her completely and therefore wasn't ready to return home yet. In response, Cane produced a small gift box and slid it across the table to Lily. "Happy belated anniversary, sweetheart," Cane said as Lily stared at the box in stunned silence.

Cane explained that although he hadn't been ready to return the sentiment when Lily had given him a gift on their actual anniversary date, he had since spent a lot of time thinking about their marriage as well as their breakup. "You know, I spent the entire winter living in a hotel, away from you and the kids, and I'm just so miserable. And now spring is here, and everything is starting to come alive again, so I'm thinking that maybe...I don't know, maybe we could start again," Cane suggested. Lily thought the offer was too good to be true at first, but Cane assured her that he was being completely sincere.

At Cane's urging, Lily opened the gift box and found a double-heart pendant necklace inside. "[That's] how we should always be: together," Cane explained, and Lily agreed, raising her cup of coffee to toast to the sentiment. Cane suggestively proposed that it might be a good idea to find a babysitter so he and Lily could drink something more festive later that night and enjoy some alone time together. Lily said she actually already had one lined up for the evening because she was going to be attending a fundraiser for Neil and Jack's new foundation. Cane offered to be Lily's date to the event, and she happily accepted.

When the kids returned a short time later, Mattie noticed and admired Lily's new necklace. Lily revealed that it was a very special necklace. "It means that Daddy's moving back home," Lily announced, delighting the kids.

Dylan went to Sage and Nick's penthouse to let Shawn know that he had filed a report about the break-in at her apartment and had also changed the locks on her door. Shawn was amazed that Dylan had gone out of his way to help someone he didn't even know, but he pointed out that he knew Sage and Nick, and he also knew that what Shawn was doing for them was incredible.

Shawn wondered how Sage, Dylan, Nick, and Sharon managed to get along with each other, considering their complicated family dynamic. Dylan and Sage admitted that it hadn't always been easy to make the situation work, but they had eventually figured out a way to do so, primarily for Faith's sake. Shawn said it meant a lot to her to know that her baby would be a part of the tight-knit family.

At Top of the Tower, Sharon admitted that she could relate to Shawn because she had once been in Shawn's shoes. Nick pointed out that Sharon had ultimately regretted her decision to give Cassie up for adoption, but Sharon argued that Nick couldn't compare her story to Shawn's because they simply weren't the same. Conceding the point, Nick mused with a sigh that it would be nice to have a crystal ball so he could see how things were going to turn out. Sharon wished she could be of more help to Nick, but he insisted that just having someone to talk to had actually been quite helpful.

Chelsea arrived a short time later, and she and Sharon briefly discussed their previous conversation, each admitting that they could have handled it better. Once that was settled, Nick began questioning Chelsea about Adam, suspecting that he was up to something. Chelsea insisted that Adam had moved on and no longer cared about Newman Enterprises, but Nick skeptically reminded her that leopards couldn't change their spots.

"Well, Adam has. And apparently you have, too, because since when do you care about Newman Enterprises?" Chelsea countered. Nick clarified that he was questioning Chelsea not because he cared about Newman Enterprises but because he cared about his family and wanted to know if he needed to warn Victoria to watch her back.

Chelsea maintained that Adam had moved on -- and, in fact, had already found a new job in Manhattan. Sharon wondered if that meant that Adam and Chelsea would soon be moving there. "Well, that was the original plan, but the company thinks that Adam's skills are best suited to potentially opening a new branch in Chicago, so Connor and I are gonna stay in Genoa City, and Adam is gonna split his time between the two," Chelsea explained. Chelsea reasoned that the new arrangement was actually better because she needed to stay local while her brand was expanding.

Sharon praised Chelsea's new line as the best one yet. Chelsea thanked Sharon and unexpectedly offered her a job. Stunned, Sharon happily accepted then rushed off to call Dylan and share the good news with him. Nick wondered if Chelsea had room for Sage, as well. Nick explained that he wanted Sage to have something to focus on while waiting for Shawn's baby to be born. "[Sage] is so consumed with this adoption going through that she's sabotaging it without knowing it," Nick continued.

Nick started to fill Chelsea in on some of the concerning things Sage had done recently, including inviting Shawn to stay at the penthouse. Meanwhile, Nick received a text message from Sage, who wanted him to accompany Shawn to her apartment and help her pack a few things. After Nick replied to the text message, he resumed his conversation with Chelsea, pointing out that the adoption wasn't a done deal yet. Nick reasoned that if it fell through, the pain might be easier for Sage to deal with if she had something else that was giving her life purpose and joy.

After Nick left, Chelsea arranged a meeting with Sage, who was flattered to receive a job offer from Chelsea but chose to decline because the timing wasn't right. Chelsea tried to change Sage's mind, but Sage maintained that she really needed to focus all her attention on the adoption process. "I understand. But, you know, I just feel like maybe [that] shouldn't be, like, your only focus," Chelsea carefully suggested, adding that it would help for Sage to have something to keep herself busy, just in case the adoption ended up falling through.

"You're really starting to sound like... Did Nick put you up to this?" Sage guessed. Chelsea hesitantly admitted that she had seen Nick earlier and had mentioned to him that she was hiring. Chelsea stressed, however, that she had offered Sage a job because she believed that Sage was a perfect fit for the company. "But was it his idea?" Sage wondered.

Chelsea confirmed the suspicion but quickly added that Nick had suggested Sage for the position because he knew that Chelsea was looking for people who were smart, honest, and hard-working. "People like you and Sharon," Chelsea concluded. Sage sarcastically agreed that working long hours with her husband's ex-wife sounded like a great deal of fun. Chelsea said she hadn't meant for the job offer to upset Sage, who assured Chelsea that she understood. Sage maintained, however, that she was going to have to decline the offer.

After helping Shawn move her stuff out of her apartment, Nick took her to Crimson Lights for some coffee. Shawn appreciated Nick's help but complained that her ex was the one who was supposed to be helping her with such things. "But instead, he ran. What a punk," Shawn added. After first stressing that he wasn't trying to defend Shawn's ex, Nick suggested that the guy might have just been scared.

Shawn argued that a decent guy -- such as Nick -- wouldn't have abandoned her. Nick admitted that he could have handled things better when Sharon had told him that she'd been pregnant with their first child. Shawn maintained that in the end, Nick had stepped up and stayed with Sharon, just as he later had with Sage. Nick clarified that the situation with Sage had actually been quite different because he had already known, at that point, what it was like to be a father. Shawn could tell, just from hearing Nick talk about fatherhood, that he would truly love her baby like it was his own. "You have my word," Nick confirmed.

Sharon was excited about her new job at first, but once she returned home and started tending to Sully's needs, she began to fear that she wouldn't be able to handle the extra responsibility at that stage of his life. Dylan stressed that he would support whatever decision Sharon ended up making. Dylan advised, however, that it was important to have fulfillment from a career. "But at what cost?" Sharon wondered.

Dylan pointed out that Sully had plenty of people in his life who would be willing to tend to his needs when Sharon wasn't available to do so herself. Dylan added that Chelsea understood the difficulties of being a working mother because she was a working mother. Realizing that Dylan was right, Sharon decided to discuss her concerns with Chelsea and make a choice based on the results of that conversation.

Later, while Sharon and Dylan were taking advantage of Sully's nap to get a bit of rest themselves, Sharon dreamed about being pregnant in Fairview then being handed a baby and introducing him to Dylan. Sharon awoke with a start, rousing Dylan in the process. When Dylan asked Sharon to tell him what was wrong, she jumped out of bed while explaining, "The baby's crying!" Confused, Dylan glanced at the nearby baby monitor, which was turned on but silent. Dylan soon heard Sharon's voice being transmitted through the speaker, assuring Sully that everything was going to be all right.

As Nick and Shawn continued their conversation at Crimson Lights, Shawn admitted that deciding to give her baby up for adoption had been the hardest decision of her life. Nick promised that, while he wasn't going to try to pretend that he would ever be able to know exactly what Shawn was going through, he would always try to at least be understanding. "Does that mean you wouldn't be mad if I changed my mind?" Shawn asked.

Nick assured Shawn that he wouldn't be upset if she decided to keep the baby, or even if she decided to give the baby to another family. Nick stressed, however, that Shawn did need to make a decision, one way or another, and she needed to be absolutely sure that the decision she made was the right one for her, so she wouldn't have any regrets about it later. "But what if what I want costs you what you want?" Shawn wondered.

Nick admitted that he and Sage would certainly be disappointed if Shawn ended up changing her mind about letting them adopt her baby. "[But] this is about you. This is your life. It's your baby, and if you want to keep him, you have every right to do so," Nick added, unaware that Sage had just entered the coffeehouse and was within earshot.

Pre-empted for basketball

Pre-empted for basketball

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Due to CBS Sports coverage of the NCAA "March Madness" basketball tournament, The Young and the Restless did not air. This was a planned pre-emption and there were no "lost" episodes as a result.

Regular programming resumed on Monday, March 21, and picked up where the Wednesday, March 16 episode concluded.

Pre-empted for basketball

Pre-empted for basketball

Friday, March 18, 2016

Due to CBS Sports coverage of the NCAA "March Madness" basketball tournament, The Young and the Restless did not air. This was a planned pre-emption and there were no "lost" episodes as a result.

Regular programming resumed on Monday, March 21, and picked up where the Wednesday, March 16 episode concluded.

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