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Shawn went into premature labor. Nikki started drinking again. Victoria returned Billy's engagement ring. Victor was convicted and sentenced to ten years in prison. Victor disowned his family. Victoria publicly reignited the war between the Abbotts and the Newmans.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of March 28, 2016 on Y&R
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Victor Defends Himself in Court Victor Defends Himself in Court

Monday, March 28, 2016

In the courtroom, Victor, clad in an orange jumpsuit, told the judge that he intended to serve as his own counsel. After Victor called himself as his first witness, Christine immediately rose from her seat and said, "Your honor, this is absurd given the severity of the charges." The judge agreed. Victor explained that his attorney, Michael Baldwin, had attempted to throw the trial, so there was no one he could trust. Victor blamed Phyllis for having concocted the scheme to humiliate him in front of his family and friends. Jack jumped out of his chair and defended Phyllis.

Victor addressed the jury and said that Jack, Billy, and Michael should be found guilty for their plot against him. Spectators, including Victor's and Jack's families, began arguing. The judge ordered everyone out of the courtroom. Before Jack was escorted out, he yelled, "You're sick in the head, Victor! You're going away for a long, long time!" Summer asked Phyllis why she'd convinced Michael to throw Victor's trial. Phyllis replied, "You know why." Luca took Summer by the arm and led her out of the courtroom.

In the hallway, Jack approached Luca and berated him for telling Victor about the plan to throw his case in court. Luca claimed that he hadn't told a soul about what he'd overheard until forced to under oath. Michael stood face-to-face with Luca, called him a liar, and said that Luca had indeed told Victor. Luca insisted that Victor had found out about the plot from another source. When Luca asked Summer if she believed him, she cried that she didn't know what to believe anymore. Summer rushed out of the courthouse. Noah warned Luca to leave Summer alone. Michael, addressing Luca, said, "If you're smart, you'll walk out of here, and you'll keep on going. No one is going to trust you in this town again." Luca warned that Michael could be disbarred. Michael glared at Phyllis and walked away.

Back in the courtroom, Christine accused Victor of using his unfortunate situation with Michael in an attempt to sway the jury. The judge asked Victor if he was laying the groundwork for a mistrial. Victor explained that his intention was proving to the judge and the jury that he wasn't a fool. The judge gave Victor permission to represent himself. Phyllis returned to the courtroom and found Christine sitting alone.

Christine told Phyllis that the judge would allow Victor to represent himself. Phyllis sighed. Phyllis told Christine that Michael's aim had been to seek justice, so he shouldn't be made a scapegoat and be unduly punished. Christine said that despite what Michael might have done, all Victor had to do was convince one juror that he'd been a victim. Christine berated Phyllis for having made it easier for Victor to sway the jury in his favor.

At the Top of the Tower, Nikki, Nick, Victoria, and Abby took a break and discussed Victor and his trial. Victoria said she'd warned Michael that Victor wouldn't go down without a fight. Nikki said their desire to save Victor from himself by making him aware of his transgressions had somehow backfired. Victoria pondered that their aim might have been to punish Victor for not valuing his family over his company. Nikki admitted that she'd felt like a traitor. Abby and Nick said they also felt horrible about betraying Victor. After Victoria and Abby left, Nick told Nikki that Victor would never change. After Nick left to take a call, Nikki went to the bar and gulped down a glass of vodka.

In a holding cell at the police station, Summer visited with her grandfather. Victor said he believed that the jury would set him free after he proved that his betrayers had made a mistake. Summer was shocked to learn that Victor had a back-up plan in place. Victor reached across the table to hold Summer's hand and said he'd never forget that she was the only one who'd visited him. Victor asked Summer to stay away from Luca because he was out for himself.

On the patio at Crimson Lights, Summer met with Luca after he summoned her. Summer was aloof and said she'd just met with her grandfather. Luca told Summer she shouldn't believe everything her grandfather said. Summer asked Luca if he'd told Victor about the plan to throw his trial. Luca admitted he had because he thought Victor deserved a fair trial. Noah and Marisa arrived. Noah insisted that Luca had helped Victor because he wanted something from him.

At Crimson Lights, Adam told Chelsea that he had no regrets about his decision to turn down Victor's offer of running Newman Enterprises and instead focusing on his family. Chelsea told Adam that he was finally free. Adam said he couldn't have done it without Chelsea's support, which would also sustain him while he testified at Victor's trial. Unlike Victor, Adam noted, he wouldn't be alone. Chelsea smiled at Adam, but she seemed as apprehensive as Adam.

At the Genoa City Athletic Club, Victoria joined Billy. Victoria asked Billy if he'd been part of the scheme to throw Victor's trial. Billy said he hadn't, though he'd learned of the plan after it had already been underway. Billy noted that Victoria wanted her father to suffer the consequences of his actions. Victoria admitted that it was a reckless plan, and she feared Victor would make her look like a villain. No matter what happened, Billy explained, Victoria knew the truth, so she shouldn't allow Victor to control her.

After the trial resumed, Victor called Phyllis to the stand. Victor asked Phyllis to admit that she'd worked with him to capture a common enemy named Ian Ward. Phyllis said she'd assisted Victor because they were alike. Victor nodded. Phyllis elaborated and said both she and Victor would stop at nothing to ensure that Ian Ward had been brought to justice.

Victor next questioned Jack about Marco Annicelli. Jack said that because of what Victor had done, both he and Phyllis suffered every day. Victor asked if the battles between him and Jack had ever deprived him of his liberty, his family, or his business. Victor also answered his question and said the battles had instead made Jack stronger. Victor added that the scheme Jack, Phyllis, and Michael had concocted wasn't any more or any less nefarious than the tactics Jack had accused him of carrying out.

Summer supported her grandfather on the witness stand. Summer explained that she hadn't voted to oust him from the company because he was the best person to run Newman Enterprises. Victor questioned Summer about Phyllis' coma. Summer admitted that Victor had gone to great lengths to seek a doctor to help Phyllis recover. Summer caught Jack's eyes and admitted that Victor had prevailed even though everyone else had given up on her mother's recovery.

Abby was up next, and she also defended Victor by noting that he'd supported her when everyone else had doubted her abilities to succeed at Newman Enterprises. Victor questioned Nick about Matt Clark. Nick admitted that his father had helped him prove he hadn't murdered Clark. Nick said he'd always be grateful for what his father had done. Victor scoffed and said Nick resented his father for being protective of his family.

Victor punished Nikki the most by forcing her to admit how they'd first met. Nikki explained that she'd once worked in a strip club. Nikki admitted that Victor had introduced her to a more glamorous life. Nikki said she'd readily embraced her new life and loved her husband and their children. Nikki explained that after a time, Victor had begun to lose sight of his family when he'd become obsessed with winning at any cost, even though he'd destroyed the trust they'd once had.

Victor asked Nikki why she'd abused alcohol if she loved her life so much. Hurt, Nikki said she drank because she could no longer handle the lies and the secrets. Victor asked Nikki if he'd ever turned his back on her during her battles with alcohol and depression. Tears ran down Nikki's cheek, but she didn't answer. Victor said, "Am I turning my back on you now when I can smell vodka on your breath? I know all the telltale signs." Nick hung his head. Phyllis rolled her eyes and shook her head in disgust. Victor told Nikki that he still hadn't turned against her even though she'd turned against him. Nikki cried, "Damn you."

When Victoria took the stand, she asked her dad how he planned to twist her words in an attempt to prove to the jury that he loved her. Victoria told the jury that her father knew which buttons to push and which words to say. Victor became emotional and said that his beloved daughter's words had truly saddened him. Victor, addressing Adam, noted that their relationship had alternated between hate and love. Adam agreed when Victor said that both he and his son were considered to be ambitious, passionate, and ruthless.

Victor pointed out that after Adam had been convicted of a serious felony, he, not Jack Abbott, had helped Adam because they were family. Victor became emotional and cried, "My blood courses in your veins. Blood is thicker than water. Blood is thicker than alcohol. Blood is thicker than phony business betrayal, and we both know it!"

During closing arguments, Christine addressed the jury. She said that Victor had given a masterful performance. Christine noted that Victor might have appealed to the jury by touching their hearts and making them think differently about him. Christine added that Victor had broken the law and brought pain to the lives of numerous people. Christine pleaded with the jury to convict the man who clearly believed he was above the law.

In his closing statement, Victor said he'd stepped on a few toes and had perhaps overstepped the law while protecting his family. Victor told the jury that his destitute mother had abandoned him when he'd been only seven, so he'd learned to fight for survival. Victor explained that he'd become successful on his own and would do anything to protect his family, even if he might have broken the law to fight for and defend the family he so dearly loved. With a tear on his cheek, Victor said, "I'm just telling you that that is who I am. This is the man you will judge."

Awaiting the verdict in Victor's trial

Awaiting the verdict in Victor's trial

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

In the courtroom, Victor wrapped up his defense by telling the jury that he'd chosen to protect the people he loved and the company that he'd built from the ground up, even if he'd had to bend the law to do it. The judge gave the jury instructions before they began their deliberations, and Nikki rushed out of the room. Nick followed her, and Nikki cried that Victor would go free, so there would be retribution for all of them.

Victoria confronted Victor about lying in court, since she believed he hated everyone who'd testified against him. Victor countered that she obviously hadn't been listening, since he'd loved and protected his family just like he always had. Phyllis hissed that he was out of his mind, and Victor lectured that the truth wasn't always easy to accept, but some people had the guts to tell it. Adam grumbled that Victor had a warped sense of the truth, and Victor warned his family to remember that they'd chosen "this."

After Victor was escorted out, Billy remarked that they had Victor right where they wanted him, and the jury just had to keep Victor there. Christine blasted Phyllis for derailing the case, since she doubted Michael would have thrown it without emotional blackmail from his so-called friends. Phyllis asserted that it had been Christine's job to get Victor convicted, but Christine snapped that Phyllis might have destroyed Michael's career. Christine ranted that she'd had the evidence and the witnesses to get a conviction, but there was a good chance Victor would go free, and it was all on Phyllis. Jack agreed with Christine.

Phyllis barked that she didn't want to hear how she'd messed up the plan that Jack had signed off on, and Jack regretted that he'd agreed to it. Phyllis firmly stated that she didn't regret anything she'd done, but Jack pointed out that the case had been tainted because of her plan, and her best friend might face disbarment. Phyllis countered that Michael had chosen to do it because he'd known the odds of getting justice had been microscopic. Jack contended that if Victor was found guilty, she might not have anyone to celebrate with, since she'd been pushing everyone away.

Billy looked on as Phyllis sobbed that she'd done nothing wrong, and she was the person suffering. She continued that she'd do it again to ensure that Victor was torn apart the way she had been, and she wondered why Jack couldn't see that. Phyllis ran off, and Jack worried to Billy about what she would do next. Billy thought Phyllis would be fine if the jury found Victor guilty, but Jack doubted that any sentence Victor received would satisfy her.

In the corridor, Nick said he hated that Victor had humiliated Nikki, and she thought it had been "classic Victor" to tell her that he loved her then call her a drunk in open court. Nick questioned whether she'd really had a drink that day, and she admitted that she hadn't been able to handle the trial without one. She added that Nick had been smart to leave the company to get away from Victor's cold-hearted ways, and she advised Nick not to get dragged back in.

Other Newman family members exited the courtroom, and Victoria contemplated what they should do. Nikki wondered why she sounded surprised, since Victor never took responsibility for his actions. Noah griped that Luca hadn't been able to wait to get on the stand and run his mouth, but Summer defended that Luca had told the truth. The family bickered about what Michael should or shouldn't have done, and Nikki pointed out that they could have avoided the entire thing if they'd accepted the deal Victor had offered Adam. Adam asked why they were talking like Victor was going to walk free, since Adam was certain that the jury wouldn't buy Victor's sanctimonious claims that he'd done everything for his family, and he expressed confidence that Victor would go to jail.

Victoria found Victor in the visitation room, and he asked what they possibly had to say to one another. She inquired whether he was going to give her any options if he was released, and he replied that it depended on her. Victor offered to forgive Victoria if she could forgive him, but she pointed out that the family had been united in its decision to vote him out of the company. Victor speculated that the family would follow Victoria's lead if she voiced her support for reinstating him, and things would go back to normal. She guessed that he meant more lies and deception, and she expected him to go back to making the kind of callous decisions that had gotten him into that mess to begin with.

Victoria insisted that there had to be some changes, but Victor declared that it would be business as usual. Victoria stated that she wanted no part of it, and he threatened to remove her from the premises and disown her. He calmly requested that she relay that message to the rest of the family, since they'd betrayed him profoundly, and he'd probably never get over it. Victoria surmised that everything he'd said in court about loving her hadn't been true, but he softly replied that she was his daughter, and she'd always been his special girl. Victor asserted that he'd never stop loving her, but it was business. She tearfully walked out.

At Nick and Sage's penthouse, Shawn praised Faith for her help with painting the nursery, and Faith remarked that she'd be sad when Shawn wouldn't be there after they took the baby home. Shawn said she was happy that her baby would be living in an awesome place with an amazing big sister. Faith chirped that she'd already had practice with Sully, and she wondered what the new baby's name would be. Sage was sure Shawn hadn't thought about it, but Shawn replied that she had.

Shawn explained that she'd spent a lot of time with her grandpa when she'd been little, and the few good childhood memories she had were of "Big Dave." She recounted that her grandfather had taken her hunting and fishing, and she'd been able to tell him anything. She remembered feeling really safe and loved when she'd been with Big Dave, and that was how she wanted her baby to feel. Shawn added that the baby's name was Sage and Nick's choice, but Sage mused that she liked the sound of the name David. Nick overheard as he walked in.

Sage explained to Nick that Shawn had told a story about her grandfather, and she swore that she hadn't made a unilateral decision, but Nick noted that the name choice had sounded final. Shawn insisted that they didn't have to name the baby David to make her happy, but Faith contended that it was a good name. Nick conceded that he'd had expectations, but he'd learned that clinging to expectations could be a mistake. "David it is," he announced, and Faith cheered. Sage prepared to take Faith home, and Faith called out goodbye to David as they left. Nick noticed some paint on Shawn's face, and she gazed fondly up at him as he tried to wipe it off.

Shawn handed Nick a beer, and he remarked that it had been nice seeing everyone laughing and covered in paint when he'd arrived home. She mentioned that she'd read about what had happened in the courtroom, and she asked how he was doing. He replied that the proceedings had reminded him that he'd made the right decision to separate himself from Victor, and he asked about Shawn's family. Shawn said her parents had been pretty strict, and she'd lived with her father after her folks had gotten divorced, but he'd been angry when he'd found out about her pregnancy. Shawn added that her dad hadn't wanted her around if she kept the baby, and she imagined that he'd been ashamed of her.

Shawn said she didn't understand the way families treated one another, since they were supposed to have one another's backs, but the way most families acted didn't inspire her confidence in humanity. Nick said it took work to surround oneself with the right people, and it was important to know how they were feeling and to show small kindnesses. Shawn became emotional, and Nick squeezed her hand and asked what was wrong. She replied that Nick had said the sweetest, most beautiful thing she'd ever heard, and Sage walked in on the close moment.

Shawn claimed that she had something in her eye, and Nick relayed that he'd been telling Shawn that there were such things as happily ever afters, citing him and Sage as the perfect example. He received a text message about more fallout from the trial, and he headed out to deal with it. Sage started to go upstairs to do some work, but she told Shawn to call if she needed anything. Shawn forlornly plopped down on the couch and lovingly touched her belly. Sage overheard Shawn tell "Little Dave" that it was really tough, and she apologized and promised that she would always think about him. Shawn hoped her son could forgive her for walking away.

Adam and Chelsea returned to their penthouse, and he commented that it had been another embarrassing chapter in the Newman saga. Chelsea noted that it had been painful for the Abbotts, too, but Adam was proud that the Newmans hadn't blindly done what Victor had suggested. Chelsea complimented Nick's statement to Victor about not using his family as an excuse to hurt other people, and she recognized that it had been difficult for Adam to turn down the offer to run Newman. She declared that it was finally over, but Adam looked unsure, and she questioned whether it really was.

Adam was sure that Victor would be held accountable and sent to prison, but Chelsea thought something was still bothering Adam. Adam admitted that Victor knew how to get to him, and Chelsea inquired whether Adam planned to make another play for the company. She complained that Victor wanted to suck him back in, but he silenced her with a kiss and vowed that it would never happen again.

Later, Adam watched a newscast that said it had been a bad day for Victor between the trial and Newman Enterprises suffering loss after loss. Chelsea crept down the stairs and stared with concern at Adam, who intently listened to the reporter talking about the beginning of the end for the Newmans.

Victoria met Nikki, Noah, and Marisa at Top of the Tower, and she relayed that Victor was confident that he'd won and that he was itching to disown them. Victoria lashed out at Nikki for taking a drink on that day of all days, and she spat that Nikki couldn't have done more to help Victor win. Noah warned Victoria not to take her frustrations out on Nikki, but Victoria testily questioned whether it had been Nikki's way of proving her loyalty to Victor, since Nikki had given him an opening to talk about how he'd stood by and supported his drunken wife. Nikki empathized with Victoria about feeling empty and helpless, since Nikki had spent much of her life the same way, and she walked out.

Later, Jack found Victoria at the restaurant, and he said he'd expected to find Nikki there. Victoria guessed that he was worried about Nikki, and she confessed that she'd accused Nikki of breaking her sobriety to help Victor's case. Jack recognized that the trial had put a strain on everyone, but he applauded Victoria for ousting Victor and carrying Newman on her shoulders. Victoria imagined that she wouldn't remain at the top for long once Victor was acquitted, and Jack apologized for the way Phyllis and Billy had handled things.

Victoria inquired whether Jack thought Billy had changed, and Jack remarked that Billy had wanted a victory to prove himself to her, but Billy had known that the latest win over Victor would cost him Victoria. Victoria sadly noted that Billy had done it anyway, but Jack suspected that Billy would have walked away if Phyllis hadn't coerced him. Victoria contended that Billy had made his own decision, but Jack stressed that Phyllis hadn't been willing to take no for an answer from either Billy or Michael. Victoria pressed again to know if Jack thought Billy had changed.

Jack thought Billy was torn over what he'd done, since Billy believed that he and Victoria were beyond reconciling. Victoria confirmed that she'd told Billy as much, and Jack asked if she'd meant it. She considered herself an idiot for turning to Billy when she'd needed to talk, but Jack asserted that Billy had done nothing out of malice. Jack continued that what he'd seen in Phyllis' eyes "scared the hell" out of him, but it wasn't what was driving Billy, and he suggested that the emotional chaos of the trial had distorted things.

Victoria stated that the trial had made things crystal clear for her, and she'd reached a monumental decision about Newman. She announced that if her father was put away, she wanted to end the war between their families and turn the company around without Victor's help. She pledged to prove to everyone that Jack and Victor could end the war between them with forgiveness. Jack liked the sound of it, but he thought she should be telling it to someone else -- Billy.

Noah and Marisa arrived at the Athletic Club, and he bemoaned that it was killing him to see what the trial was doing to Nikki and Victoria. Marisa sympathized that waiting for the verdict had everyone on edge, and Noah kissed her and thanked her for loving him despite everything she'd seen and heard that day. They retreated to their hotel suite. Meanwhile, Nikki headed to the bar and ordered vodka.

Jack entered the club and saw Nikki sipping her drink at the bar. He attempted to take the drink away, but she protested and told him to leave her alone. She ranted that they'd had the audacity to think they could put Victor Newman behind bars, but they had been fools. She blamed Jack for keeping the war alive, but she suddenly recanted her words and admitted that she was scared.

Billy returned home to the Chancellor mansion, where he found Phyllis on the couch, sipping a glass of wine. She said it was possible that Victor was the devil incarnate, and Billy asked what she was doing there. Phyllis recalled that Victor had admitted to being guilty of breaking the law, but she'd seen on the jurors' faces that they'd bought into what he'd done. Billy thought she should be with Jack, and Phyllis agreed, but she flatly stated that she wasn't. She questioned why Billy thought she was there.

Billy quipped that things "going to hell" was normal in his world, and he guessed that misery loved company. Phyllis hesitantly admitted that Jack had been right in that she shouldn't have involved Michael in her scheme, since she'd walked right into Victor's trap and turned him into the injured party. Phyllis couldn't imagine how she'd react if Victor walked free, and she confided that she'd fantasized about hurting him. Billy told her to stop thinking like that, and Phyllis swore that she wanted to stop feeling that way, but she didn't know how. Billy said he'd felt those things about Adam, but the only way to get through had been through forgiveness, and he implored Phyllis to forgive Victor.

Phyllis groused that Billy was treating her the same way Jack had by scolding her, but Billy found nothing wrong with her trying to make her life better by going after Victor. Billy understood how hurting someone could become a viable option, but he didn't want that for Phyllis. She hissed that Victor had to pay, but Billy questioned what taking action would do to her loved ones if she was out of their lives. Phyllis whimpered that she didn't like feeling that way, but she didn't know how to forgive Victor or stop her thoughts. She tearfully wondered what was wrong with her, and Billy pulled her into his arms as she cried. Victoria entered and spied them together.

At the jail, a guard informed Victor that the jury had reached a verdict.

Victor's fate is revealed

Victor's fate is revealed

> Victor's fate is revealed

Victor's fate is revealed

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

by Mike

Lauren ran into Michael at Crimson Lights and told him that reporters had been calling her nonstop in an effort to obtain a statement about what had happened in court. Michael said he had been receiving the same phone calls and had ignored most of them, although he had taken the one he had just received from the bar association. "They have started the process to have me disbarred," Michael revealed.

Lauren thought she should have tried harder to talk Michael out of sabotaging Victor's defense, but Michael knew she wouldn't have been able to, since his only regret was that he had made the rookie mistake of underestimating Victor. Not wanting to spend the rest of the day fending off the press and feeling sorry for himself, Michael suggested that he and Lauren could instead head to the Athletic Club, order a bottle of Champagne, and celebrate his newfound freedom from hassles like billable hours, twenty-four-seven availability, neckties, and office space.

At the Athletic Club, Jack advised that it would be best for Nikki to face her fears head-on instead of turning to alcohol to keep them at bay. Jack assumed that Nikki's biggest fear was that Victor would get convicted and be sent to prison. "Of course. I mean, what else could it be?" Nikki reasoned. "Maybe what the rest of us are afraid of: Dad skating these charges and going free," Nick suggested as he joined Jack and Nikki at the bar.

Nikki was outraged to learn that Jack had alerted Nick that she was getting drunk at the bar and needed her son to stop her from making a fool of herself. Jack clarified that he hadn't used those exact words. Nick offered to take Nikki home, prompting her to bitterly point out that he couldn't take her back to her real home because his ex-wife had burned it down. "[But] it's just as well. That old house just reminds me of what a failure I was -- to my husband, my family, myself..." Nikki mused before letting her voice trail off.

Jack insisted that Nikki was being too hard on herself, but she disagreed. "Every time I fell down, Victor was there to pick me up -- every time. And how do I pay him back? I turn my back on him," Nikki regretfully noted. Nick argued that Nikki had simply told the truth, and Jack added that she had done so out of love for Victor, even if Victor would probably never understand that. "We all did," Nick agreed.

At the Chancellor mansion, Victoria observed that she was apparently interrupting something between Billy and Phyllis. "But at least this time you've got your pants on," Victoria said to Billy, who insisted that she had misinterpreted the situation. Phyllis added that Billy had simply been listening to her rant about Victor. Phyllis explained that Billy understood her need for revenge better than anyone else did because he had gone through the same thing with Adam. "Hi, I'm Billy; I'm a recovering revenge-seeker," Billy dryly acknowledged.

Phyllis showed herself out so Billy and Victoria could have some privacy. Billy informed Victoria that Jill had given him the mansion, and Victoria admitted that she liked what he had done with the place. Observing that Billy had chosen a paint color she was fond of, Victoria wondered if that had been done for her benefit. "Does it matter?" Billy asked.

Dodging the question, Victoria changed the subject, informing Billy that there were two reasons for her visit: she wanted to let him know that she planned to do what she could to end the feud between Newman Enterprises and Jabot if she remained CEO of her family's company, and she also wanted to return something to him. "A little housewarming present for you," Victoria explained as she placed her engagement ring in Billy's hand, ignoring his protests. Billy stared sadly at the ring as Victoria exited the mansion.

At Adam and Chelsea's penthouse, Chelsea found Adam sitting in the living room, watching a news report about Victor's trial. The newscaster soon announced the breaking news that the jury had reached a verdict. Adam considered skipping the reading of the verdict, but Chelsea convinced him to go, reasoning that he needed to be there for closure. Chelsea offered to accompany Adam, but he declined, believing that he needed to face the situation on his own.

At the courthouse, Abby wondered if it was a good sign or a bad sign that the jury had quickly reached a verdict, and Summer optimistically replied that she had a feeling that it was a good sign. Smiling, Victor hugged Abby and Summer and thanked them for their love and support. "If -- I mean, when -- I walk out of here a free man, I just want the two of you by my side," Victor added.

A guard approached and tried to end the conversation, but he agreed to give Victor some more time with Abby and Summer after Victor pointed out that it might be his last chance to say goodbye to them. Summer wondered why Victor had suddenly adopted a different attitude about how things would turn out. "Look, in case the verdict goes against me, I want you to walk out of here with your heads held high," Victor explained.

Summer struggled to imagine what the future would look like without Victor in it. Victor assured Summer and Abby that he would always be in their lives and that they had bright futures ahead of them. "As for the rest, I'm not so sure. Newman against Newman...until there's nothing left but bitterness and betrayal," Victor mused with a heavy sigh.

Outside the courtroom, Victoria apologized for the things she had said to Nikki earlier, and Nikki insisted that Victoria had nothing to feel guilty about. Christine interrupted to announce that the judge was about to return. Adam soon arrived and asked if he could sit with Jack, who nodded in agreement. Looking somewhat surprised, Nick said he would save a seat for Adam, just in case Adam decided to sit with the Newmans instead.

Nick, Nikki, and Victoria headed into the courtroom together, and Jack urged Adam to follow them. "I'm waiting for Phyllis, anyway, and it seems like your family is waiting for you," Jack added. Adam took Jack's advice and entered the courtroom. Phyllis soon arrived, and Jack was surprised to see that she was with Billy. Phyllis explained that Billy had found her earlier and had helped her calm down.

Billy announced that he wasn't going to stick around to hear the verdict. Confused, Jack pointed out that Billy hadn't stayed to hear the verdict in Adam's trial, either. "Well, maybe I'm not feeling very optimistic. Or maybe if I don't actually hear the words 'not guilty,' it won't be real," Billy reasoned. Phyllis tried to assure Billy that things were going to go their way, but he refused to change his mind.

A short time later, the judge resumed the court proceedings, and Victor stood to hear the verdict. "Victor Newman, on the counts of kidnapping and fraud, the jury finds you...guilty as charged," the judge announced. Victor stoically absorbed the news as everyone else displayed emotions ranging from sadness, in Summer's case, to pleasant surprise, in Phyllis' case. Victoria quietly assured Nikki that everything was going to be okay. "It's what we wanted, remember?" Nick pointed out. "Is it?" Nikki muttered.

The judge started to move on to the sentencing portion of the proceedings, but Victor interrupted and asked to address the court. "Your Honor, I don't expect mercy; I think mercy is for the weak. The verdict was guilty. I accept that, because I am guilty...of loving those who have betrayed me and testified against me. Perhaps they have forgotten that love, or they have chosen not to remember it," Victor began, and as he spoke, Nikki, Victoria, Nick, and Adam each thought about happier times with him.

"Your Honor, I must admit that I am not always the easiest man to deal with. I have strong opinions about things, and I have certainly had differences with various members of my family, but I have always tried very hard -- very hard -- to respect those differences. [There's] love and respect, and then, I guess, there's trust, and I've made the mistake of trusting in those who are closest to me -- trusting that we were more than business partners; that we are family. But what I am perhaps most guilty of, Your Honor, is hoping and believing that love, and trust, and respect could overcome years and years of resentment. Did I miscalculate? Yeah. But if those are the crimes that the jury found me guilty of, then I agree -- I am guilty. And I wouldn't change a damn thing," Victor concluded.

The judge pointed out that the trial had been about Victor's actions, not his admirable love for his family. "And for that reason, the court sentences you to...ten years in the state prison," the judge added before announcing that court was adjourned. Victor calmly sank to his chair as his stunned family absorbed the news. A short time later, as a guard approached to escort Victor out of the courtroom, Victor turned to Phyllis and wondered if she was satisfied. "It's a start," Phyllis spat, but Jack and Christine dragged her away before she could say anything else.

Phyllis didn't understand what Jack and Christine were upset about, since they had all gotten exactly what they had wanted. "By the skin of our teeth," Christine pointed out. Christine warned that Phyllis might be facing a fine -- or worse -- as punishment for her meddling, which had nearly allowed Victor to go free. "Will you just get over it?" Phyllis dismissively replied. Christine wondered if Phyllis thought it would be easy for Michael to do that, especially since he had already been disbarred once before. "You are such a crappy friend. To put him in this position... I hope you're proud of yourself," Christine added before storming off.

Jack stared at Phyllis in silence, and she uncomfortably assured him that she really was quite concerned about what might happen to Michael. Phyllis decided to go look for Michael, but Jack stayed behind to talk to Victoria. Jack advised Victoria to watch Nikki closely, and Victoria promised to do so but added that Jack had his own family to worry about. Confused, Jack wondered what Victoria was talking about. Victoria hesitantly explained that she had seen Billy with Phyllis earlier and had gotten a strange vibe from them. Nodding, Jack said he would keep an eye on the situation.

Phyllis found Michael at the Athletic Club and offered to help him fight the bar association. Lauren argued that Phyllis had already done more than enough, but Phyllis countered that Michael could have refused to go along with her plan. "How? You make it completely impossible!" Lauren insisted. Michael assured Lauren and Phyllis that he was prepared to live with the consequences of his actions, but the one thing the women were able to agree on was that he shouldn't have to do so. Changing the subject, Phyllis revealed what had just happened at the courthouse. "In the end, justice won," Phyllis happily concluded before walking away.

"Justice? Is that what she calls it?" Lauren asked incredulously. Michael told Lauren that ten years in prison didn't seem like enough, considering what Victor had done -- and what the whole ordeal was about to cost them. Michael reluctantly admitted that he was actually worried about what might happen to him. "What if there's no comeback this time? If I'm not a lawyer, who am I?" Michael mused.

Lauren pointed out that Michael was much more than just his law degree, and she assured him that his career had nothing to do with why she loved him. Fighting back tears, Michael explained that, while he understood that, he had always liked being able to look at his law degree and know that it meant he wasn't a total lost cause. Chuckling, Lauren suggested that Michael could instead look at her for that reassurance. "I believe in you more now than I ever have, and wherever this journey takes us, and whatever happens next, I will always be by your side," Lauren promised.

Chelsea ran into Billy at Crimson Lights and was surprised to learn that he wasn't at the courthouse because he was trying to get over his anger toward Victor, just as he had previously gotten over his anger toward Adam. Billy reasoned that the cycle had to end, not just for his sake but also for Victoria's sake. Chelsea hoped that meant there was still a chance for Billy and Victoria to reconcile, but Billy revealed Victoria's engagement ring as his way of showing that he didn't think that would happen. Chelsea tried to assure Billy that Victoria's decision to return the ring didn't necessarily mean anything, but Billy said that the gesture had definitely felt meaningful.

Changing the subject, Billy wondered how things were going with Chelsea and Adam. Chelsea explained why she had encouraged Adam to return to the courthouse to hear the verdict. "You have to close one door in order to open another, right?" Chelsea reasoned. Billy hoped that the next door that opened would be the door to Victor's prison cell.

When Chelsea returned home, Adam shared the verdict with her. Stunned, Chelsea wondered how Victor had reacted to the news. "Like someone canceled his newspaper subscription," Adam answered. Adam thought that the rest of the Newmans were still in shock, but he dismissively claimed that, to him, it had been just another day. Chelsea wasn't convinced, so Adam hesitantly admitted that he didn't really feel like he was free yet. "The demons are still there; the doubt's still there," Adam added before letting his voice trail off. Adam doubted that Victor would serve all ten years of his sentence. "This isn't the end; it's just the beginning," Adam predicted.

Jack went to the Chancellor mansion to tell Billy about the verdict. "I would say I'm sorry, but I'm clearly not sorry," Billy excitedly admitted. Billy wondered how Phyllis had taken the news, prompting Jack to respond that he was surprised that Phyllis hadn't gone straight to Billy to celebrate with him. When Jack told Billy about what Victoria had implied earlier, Billy laughed off her suspicions, claiming that they were about his and Phyllis' involvement with PassKey. Jack clarified that Victoria had made it sound like the vibe she had noticed hadn't had anything to do with business. "Because it didn't," Phyllis admitted as she entered the mansion.

Although Nick, Victoria, and Abby each tried to advise against the idea, Nikki insisted on staying at the courthouse to say goodbye to Victor, believing that his earlier speech had been meant to let them know he had forgiven them. A guard soon escorted Victor out of the courtroom and agreed to give him a moment alone with his family. Summer told Victor she was sorry about the verdict, and Abby wondered if he was okay. "I'll be all right," Victor replied.

Nikki hoped that Victor would eventually understand that his family had tried to act in his best interest. Speaking for the whole family, Victoria added that they loved Victor, and Nick continued that Victor didn't need to worry about them because they would stick together and be the family he expected them to be. "I don't have a family anymore. You're all dead to me," Victor declared before calmly walking away with the guard.

Shawn Goes Into Premature Labor

Shawn Goes Into Premature Labor

Thursday, March 31, 2016

At the Athletic Club, Kevin, Mariah, and Natalie discussed Victor's prison sentence, and Mariah remarked that popping open some Champagne seemed appropriate but weird. Kevin relayed that Victor had disowned his entire family, and Mariah imagined that Victor would grind the three of them to dust if he had the chance, since they'd also betrayed him. Mariah suddenly remembered that Jack had said they couldn't release PassKey until Victor's case had been resolved, but Victor had since been convicted. Kevin crowed that the money was ready to roll into their pockets, and they had to make it happen right away. They hurried out.

At the Chancellor mansion, Phyllis interrupted Jack confronting Billy about the strange vibe Victoria had witnessed between Billy and Phyllis. Phyllis confirmed that it had been something private, and she didn't think Jack wanted to know about it any more than Victoria had. Jack wondered if Phyllis and Billy had stolen another Internet project or arranged another kidnapping, and he pressed them to tell him what they'd done before whatever it was hit the fan. Phyllis revealed that Billy understood what it was like to be in a place where he couldn't take it anymore, so she'd turned to Billy when she'd thought Victor would get away with everything.

Jack testily surmised that Billy had fanned the flames, and Phyllis chided Jack for always assuming the worst instead of giving Billy the benefit of the doubt. She divulged that Billy had told her to forgive Victor and move on, and a stunned Jack asked why she hadn't gone to him instead. Phyllis explained that Billy didn't judge her, and she'd needed someone who understood, even if it wasn't Jack. Jack apologized for his reaction, and he insisted that she could always turn to him no matter what. Phyllis turned the topic to getting some food, and Jack invited Billy to join them, but Billy opted to spend some time alone. Billy flashed back to kissing Phyllis as Jack and Phyllis left.

Kevin, Mariah, and Natalie stopped by to see Billy, and Kevin marveled that Billy had remodeled Katherine's place. Kevin explained to Natalie that Katherine had been the greatest lady he'd ever known, and he thought Katherine would be happy that her home hadn't become a ghost house on a hill. Kevin announced that they were there to talk about PassKey, since there was no reason to wait to launch it. Billy observed that they were fired up, and Kevin wondered why Billy wasn't.

Billy promised that the launch would happen soon, and Kevin suggested that they alert the media the following week, but Billy proposed that they roll it out that night instead. Billy left Phyllis an urgent message about work, and Natalie suspected that Phyllis might not want to hear from them. Billy was certain that Phyllis wanted the launch to happen just as much as they did, and he decided to call a press conference. Kevin asked if Billy intended to tell Jack about their plan, and Billy anticipated that Jack would need some persuading. Natalie mused that it had been what she'd waited for her whole life, and she owed it all to Kevin. Mariah glowered as Natalie hugged Kevin.

Over dinner at the Athletic Club, Phyllis noted that Jack had thought she and Billy were capable of some scary stuff, and Jack conceded that Victoria's concerns had set off alarms. Phyllis insisted that Victoria was wrong, and Jack agreed that they didn't need any more drama. Phyllis muttered that Victoria had married a man she'd wanted to change, and she thought perhaps the fact that Phyllis didn't judge Billy the way Victoria did had set Victoria off. Phyllis conceded that she should have gone home to Jack instead of seeking out Billy, but Jack was glad that Billy had given her good advice.

Jack stressed that it was time for Phyllis to put the past behind her and let go of the anger, since Victor was going to prison, but Phyllis begrudgingly referred to the lack of time Adam had served for killing Delia. Jack reiterated that Phyllis had won, so it was over, but Phyllis contended that she couldn't say Marco was out of her head to make Jack feel better. She believed that the only way to get over it was to make Victor suffer the way she had, and she declared her intent to destroy Newman Enterprises. Jack reflected back on Phyllis' failed attempt to take down Newman with Paragon, and he envisioned Victor sitting in a cell, having no control over the company, so it wasn't necessary for Phyllis to go after it again.

Phyllis argued that the company still bore Victor's name, and she wanted Victor to know that it was falling apart. Jack worried that her need for revenge would eat her alive, but Phyllis pledged to protect Summer from being brainwashed by Victor. Phyllis swore to do anything it took to protect her daughter, and Jack grumbled that Phyllis sounded like Victor. Jack maintained that the law had done what it was supposed to do, and he warned that creating chaos wouldn't give Phyllis more justice. Phyllis huffed that how she felt wasn't up to him, and Jack told her to add his name to her hit list if she was determined to punish everyone who'd hurt her.

Phyllis insisted that both she and Jack had been victims, but Jack contended that he'd provoked Victor, and Victor wouldn't have gone that far if Jack had walked away. He thought it was a chance to end a war that had gone on for decades, and Billy and Victoria were also ready to walk away. Phyllis declared that she'd be happy to walk away as soon as Newman was in the ground, so Victor would have nothing once he got out of jail. Jack cautioned that seeking retribution had gotten Billy visitation rights and a broken engagement, and Phyllis wondered if he was implying that she could lose Jack. Jack clarified that she might lose herself, and she barked that it was fine if it was too upsetting for him, but anyone who stood behind Victor's empire would be in her line of fire.

Phyllis ordered wine at the bar, and she flashed back to kissing Billy. Kevin entered with Mariah and Natalie, and he remarked that Phyllis had beaten them there. Mariah questioned who would do the talking, but Phyllis had no idea what they were talking about. Natalie revealed that they were about to roll out PassKey, and Kevin added that Billy was on board with launching the product right away. Phyllis mumbled to herself that of course Billy was, since he never let her down.

Natalie stressed out over whether she'd look like a computer genius to the public, and she rushed off to check her appearance in the ladies' room. Phyllis cautioned that they weren't prepared with video demonstrations or graphics, but Kevin said Billy wanted to make a big move to get attention. Phyllis contemplated how to present PassKey to the press, and Kevin recommended that Phyllis, Jack, and Billy do it together as the Abbott brothers and the woman who'd gotten them back together. Kevin handed Phyllis a glass of Champagne and toasted to the ultimate victory, and she added, "To sweet, sweet revenge." They clinked their glasses together.

Billy made some calls to generate buzz about PassKey, and Jack returned to the mansion and voiced his concern about Phyllis' determination to destroy Newman. Billy said he couldn't object after what he'd done with Paragon, but Jack argued that Victoria was emotionally and financially invested in Newman, and she was trying to make peace. Jack thought that they had to stop Phyllis before she escalated the war again, and Billy announced that he had a good way to take Phyllis' mind off Newman -- the PassKey launch. Jack protested that it would be like declaring war, but Billy asserted that they owned the project. Billy admitted that he loved that Phyllis wanted to ruin the last thing that Victor had cared about.

Billy reminded Jack that they'd agreed to launch PassKey once Victor was in jail, but Jack objected because they hadn't looked at all the legal ramifications. Billy barked that PassKey had been taken away from him when he'd been in the hospital, and they'd legitimately hired Natalie after Victor had fired her. Jack warned that if they proceeded, Billy would have no chance of putting things back together with Victoria, but Billy expected that she'd never forgive him. Jack questioned what the launch would do to Phyllis, and Billy replied that it would make her rich and allow her to feel vindicated. Billy said he didn't recognize Jack, who was acting like a scared little boy in a corner, and he suggested that Jack let him and Phyllis handle Jabot. Billy answered a call, and he bragged that it was the big start of great things.

Nick stopped by to see Sharon at the cottage, and he informed her that Nikki had been drinking again. Nick thought he should have foreseen it, since Nikki had been a wreck since the trial had started and especially since the verdict had been announced. Sharon assumed that Victor had walked, but Nick clarified that Victor had been found guilty and sentenced to ten years in prison. Sharon was shocked that Victor hadn't found a way out, and she assured Nick that it wasn't his fault, since Victor had needed to face the consequences of his own choices. Sharon imagined that Nick and Victor would find their way back just like they had before, but Nick thought that time was different, and he wasn't sure if his family would make it through the anger and betrayal.

Sharon argued that Victor would have had more validation to continue tearing people's lives apart if Nick hadn't stood up for what was right, and she contended that no one deserved what Victor had done to Phyllis. Nick wondered if he and his family had gone about it the wrong way, and he noted that Summer had stood by Victor. Sharon opined that Nick couldn't have changed the fact that Victor thought he was above the law, but Nick was sure that prison wouldn't reform his dad. Sharon refused to let Nick second-guess himself for doing the decent thing, and she commended him for being a good father who didn't pit his children against one another. She added that Nick's new baby would be lucky to have him, and Nick hoped that everything worked out with the adoption because he really needed some joy in his life.

At Crimson Lights, Shawn wolfed down a doughnut and reasoned that she'd been good all day, and Sage assured her that she deserved it after working hard on the nursery. Shawn bet that David would like the color they'd painted his room, and Sage remarked that it had felt right to do it together. Sage said she wanted to give Shawn something, and she pulled out the adoption papers. Shawn balked at signing the documents, and she suggested that they do it at the hospital. Sage reasoned that there would be a lot of excitement once the baby arrived, and she pressed to do it in advance, just like they'd prepared the nursery.

Shawn swore that she wouldn't change her mind about the adoption, since she still wasn't ready to be a mom, and she knew Nick and Sage were the right parents for her child. Sage gushed that they couldn't wait to meet David, and they already loved him. Shawn promised to look the papers over, and Sage received a text message about Victor's verdict being in. Sage encouraged Shawn to sign the papers as soon as she could, and she took off to find Nick. Shawn gazed forlornly at the documents.

Shawn perused the paperwork, and Sharon arrived and asked how Shawn was feeling. Shawn replied that she was hungry all the time, but things were great at the penthouse, and Nick was awesome. Sharon spotted the documents, and Shawn stated that they were making the adoption official. Sharon assured her that it was okay to admit that it wasn't easy, and she understood because she'd been through it before. Shawn was surprised that Sharon had given a baby up for adoption, and Sharon realized that Nick hadn't told Shawn about Cassie. Sharon explained that she'd given Cassie up at birth, and Shawn surmised that Sharon had changed her mind and taken her daughter back.

Sharon explained that she'd been younger than Shawn when she'd given birth to Cassie, but she hadn't known who the adoptive parents had been for years, whereas Shawn knew that her baby would be raised by people who loved him. Sharon regretted that Cassie hadn't been as lucky, and Shawn inquired whether Sharon thought she'd made a mistake by giving her child up. Shawn clarified that she wasn't saying that the adoption was a mistake, but she was scared about how she'd feel when it happened, and she wondered what was normal. Shawn whimpered that it was hard and scary, and she didn't have anyone. Shawn suddenly cried out in pain and grabbed her belly.

Sage and Nick cuddled in bed, and she urged him to tell her what was going on. He said it had been a rough day, but he didn't want to talk about the trial. She implored him just to be there with her, and they began kissing passionately. His phone rang, and he reluctantly answered it. Sharon informed him that Shawn was in labor at the coffeehouse, and she told him to meet them at the hospital. Nick said he and Sage were on their way, and Sage fretted that it was happening all over again.

Sage and Nick arrived at the hospital, and Sharon informed them that the doctor was in the exam room with Shawn. Sage and Nick burst into the room, and the doctor forbade visitors, but Shawn insisted that Sage stay. Shawn panicked that it was too soon, but Sage called Shawn brave and strong, and she promised to do everything she could to get Shawn through it.

In the corridor, Sharon told Nick that she'd stopped by the coffeehouse to drop off supplies, and Shawn had been fine at first, but she'd gotten upset when they'd talked about the adoption. The doctor wheeled Shawn out of the exam room, and Sage called out words of reassurance as he rushed Shawn to the delivery room. Sage worried that something was wrong with the baby, and Sharon blurted out that she was sorry. Sage demanded to know if it was Sharon's fault. Sharon recounted that Shawn had wanted to talk about the adoption, and she'd reminded Shawn of what great parents Sage and Nick would be to the baby, but Shawn had been concerned about the feelings she'd have after the baby was born.

Sharon added that she'd had no idea that Nick hadn't told Shawn about Cassie, and Sage concluded that Sharon had said she'd regretted giving Cassie up for adoption. Sage accused Sharon of driving Shawn into labor because Sharon didn't want them to have a baby, but Nick stated that no one was to blame. Nick thanked Sharon for calling the EMTs, and Sharon repeated that she was sorry and hurried out. Nick swore that it wasn't like it had been with Christian, and the doctor returned and reported that the baby wasn't out of the woods yet. The doctor directed them to the NICU, and Sage replied that they knew the way.

Mariah showed up at the cottage in response to Sharon's messages, but Sharon hesitated to talk, since talking had gotten her into a big mess. Mariah assured her that they could talk about anything, and Sharon rambled that she'd just wanted to help Nick find happiness, especially after he'd lost Christian. Sharon feared that she'd only made things worse, and she worried that she'd be the reason Nick lost his baby.

Sage and Nick stepped out of the NICU, and she noted that David was very small, but his color had looked good. They entered Shawn's room, and Shawn anxiously asked how David was. Nick informed her that her son was tiny but tough, and Sage added that the doctors were taking really good care of the baby. Shawn demanded to see her son right away.

The Newman-Abbott war reignites

The Newman-Abbott war reignites

Friday, April 1, 2016

At the cottage, Sharon relayed to Mariah what had happened during her conversation with Shawn at Crimson Lights when Shawn had suddenly gone into labor. Dylan overheard as he entered, and Sharon wailed that it was her fault that Nick and Sage might lose their little boy. Mariah insisted that Sharon had meant well and couldn't blame herself, but Sharon worried that Shawn might not go through with the adoption. Mariah hugged Sharon and declared that there would only be happy thoughts that day, and she departed.

Dylan finished a phone call and reported that Shawn and the baby were okay, and he referred to Sharon's earlier conversation with Shawn about the adoption. Dylan reminded Sharon that they'd talked about her staying out of Nick's family life, and Sharon insisted that she'd been trying to help. Sharon added that she felt like she'd owed it to Nick because he was the father of her children, and Dylan pointed out that he was the father of one of her children, too. Dylan understood that Sharon shared a history with Nick, but he maintained that she couldn't keep inserting herself into Nick's life.

Sharon asked if Dylan could forgive her, but he assured her that there was nothing to forgive. She wondered if the stress over the adoption was the reason for her dreams about Sully, but Dylan suspected that the dreams were really about Dr. Anderson. He admitted that he'd gone to see Patty to try to understand Patty's motive for killing Dr. Anderson, and Sharon noted that it hadn't been the first time that Patty had lost touch with reality. Dylan lamented that Patty was the only person who could tell him what had really happened, but Patty had been out of it and had kept repeating something about the baby.

Sharon recalled that Dr. Anderson had been obsessed with Sharon's pregnancy, but the details were foggy in her mind. Dylan revealed that he'd spoken with some staff members who'd worked closely with the doctor, but none of them remembered Sharon giving birth, and there was no record of any other doctor who'd delivered the baby. Dylan requested that Sharon think back to that night, and she remembered becoming upset when he'd told her that Nick and Sage had lost Christian.

Sharon tucked Sully into his bassinet, and she vaguely remembered holding Sully in her arms right after he'd been born. Dylan coached her through building on the memory by closing her eyes and focusing on small details, and Sharon recalled feeling fuzzy from the medication, but she suddenly gasped. She remembered Dr. Anderson placing Sully in her arms, and someone else had been there. Sharon flashed back to seeing a nurse watching her with Sully.

At the hospital, Shawn demanded to see her son, and she panicked that Nick and Sage weren't telling her something. Shawn frantically asked if something was wrong with the baby, and Nick sat next to her and assured her that they wouldn't keep anything from her. He added that the doctors were trying to get David stabilized, and Sage said both Shawn and David needed time to get stronger, so it was best not to visit the baby then. "Best for who?" Shawn questioned.

Shawn recalled that Sage had said her biggest regret was not seeing Christian, but Sage clarified that she'd seen her son, but she'd never been able to hold him because he'd been in an incubator. Sage insisted that it wouldn't be the same thing with David, and she reiterated that Shawn and David both needed more time. Shawn ordered Sage to stop telling her what she needed, and she stated that no one could stop her from seeing her baby. Nick said Shawn was right, and he pulled Sage out to arrange for Shawn to see David. In the corridor, Sage asked what Nick was doing, since Shawn would want to keep the baby if she saw him.

Sage was sure that Shawn was considering keeping the boy, but Nick imagined that Shawn was scared to death and that she just wanted to know that the baby was okay. Sage remembered being flooded with hormones the first time she'd seen Christian, and she thought Shawn would forget the reasons she'd wanted to give her child up for adoption. Sage ranted that Sharon had gotten into Shawn's head, and she expected that all promises would go out the window once Shawn saw the baby. Nick reiterated that Shawn had every right to see David, and they'd only make things worse if they tried to stop it from happening.

Later, Shawn peered into the incubator, and she observed that David was very tiny. She fawned over his fingers, and Sage said they were perfect. Shawn wanted to hold the baby, and Sage acknowledged that it was hard, but David had to stay in the incubator. Shawn tenderly told David that she knew everything seemed scary, but she swore that things would be really great. Shawn marveled that the baby was looking right at her like he knew that she was his mom. Sage struggled not to say anything.

In the corridor, Sage whimpered to Nick that everything she'd been afraid of was happening, and she expected Shawn to fall in love with the baby that was supposed to be theirs. Nick held Sage and swore that loving David didn't mean they would lose him, but Sage thought they'd never get the baby once Shawn held him. Nick acknowledged how badly Sage wanted a baby, but he insisted that they had to give Shawn the time she needed to know she'd made the right decision, since it had to be the right decision for all of them. Sage realized that Shawn was about to make the biggest decision of her life, but Sage was making it all about herself. Nick assured Sage that she simply wanted to be a mother to a child who needed her, and they hugged.

Shawn called David amazing for fighting that hard, and she thought he was perfect. Sage joined her and agreed with a smile. Meanwhile, the same nurse who Sharon had seen at Fairview entered Shawn's room to take the baby for tests. Shawn refused to let David go.

Summer bumped into Luca at Crimson Lights, and he wondered if she considered it good or bad that they'd run into one another. He mentioned that he was about to head over to the Athletic Club for a big announcement Jabot was making, and she was surprised that he hadn't been fired. Luca couldn't imagine being fired for telling the truth under oath, and he regretted that his efforts to save Victor hadn't done any good. Summer remarked that she seemed to be the only one who was upset that Victor was in prison, and Luca offered to be there if she wanted to talk. He started to head out, but Summer anticipated that he'd need a wingman, and they left together.

Across the coffeehouse, Billy flashed back to his kiss with Phyllis. Jack approached and guessed that they both liked the same things, and Billy looked startled. Jack gestured to their identical coffee cups, and he asked if Billy was having second thoughts.

Phyllis and Kevin shared a toast at the Athletic Club, and Victoria approached and surmised that they were drinking to her father's demise. Kevin darted away to join Natalie, who'd primped up for the press conference. Phyllis grumbled that it would ruin the mood if she asked Victoria to join her, and Victoria replied that she didn't have a lot to celebrate. Phyllis pointed out that Victoria had the corner office and the trembling minions that she'd always wanted, but Victoria noted that even though Victor might have deserved punishment, her family was a huge mess over it. Phyllis poured more Champagne, and she toasted to justice and to karma finally playing out the way it should.

Phyllis added that it was about the good guys winning, and Victoria spat that it didn't get any dirtier than Phyllis convincing Michael to throw Victor's case. Phyllis conceded that Michael's involvement had been the one thing she would change if she could, but Victor had changed her life forever, and Victor was just beginning to pay. Victoria realized that Phyllis wasn't out for justice but for revenge, and she said she felt sorry for Phyllis. Phyllis encouraged Victoria to stick around for Jabot's big announcement, and Victoria guessed that they were about to launch PassKey. Phyllis raised her glass to Billy's dreams becoming a reality, and Victoria stared at Jack and Billy as they arrived.

Natalie nervously wondered what would happen if she couldn't answer the media's questions, but Kevin assured her that she was a superstar. Mariah arrived and congratulated Natalie on combing her hair, and Kevin stated that he was the point person to coordinate photo ops and interviews. Some reporters entered, and Mariah marveled that she couldn't believe it was happening. Kevin gushed that they owed it all to Natalie, but Mariah grumbled that Natalie had screwed them over a dozen times first.

Victoria pulled Billy aside to speak privately, and Jack again voiced his concern to Phyllis that the PassKey announcement would be a declaration of war. Phyllis reminded Jack that he'd promised to launch PassKey once Victor was imprisoned, but he argued that he'd planned to do it with a carefully executed plan and not a victory dance. Jack worried that it would be the last nail in the coffin of Billy's relationship with Victoria, but Phyllis crowed that they would put Jabot back on top by claiming what was rightfully theirs.

Jack warned that it wasn't the time to escalate the feud, and Phyllis suggested that Victoria graciously step aside, since PassKey was theirs. Luca approached and said he was there to help with the launch, and Jack abruptly fired him. Luca protested that what he'd said under oath had no bearing on his loyalty to Jabot, but Jack retorted that Luca's loyalty was to himself, and Jabot didn't need anyone working there who was driven by revenge and payback. Summer inquired whether that meant Jack was going to fire Phyllis, too, and she shrugged off Phyllis' effort to talk and followed Luca as he walked away.

Billy asserted that the launch was about taking his life back, and Victoria angrily questioned if he felt good about it. She couldn't believe that he was fine with passing off the project as his own, but he reiterated that Victor had stolen it from him. Victoria countered that Victor was in prison, so the person Billy was hurting was her. Billy proclaimed that PassKey was his dream, and the program was back where it belonged.

Victoria accused Billy of conspiring with Phyllis and Natalie for weeks to manipulate Victor into firing Natalie, and she blasted Billy for lying and cheating when all else had failed. Victoria pointed out that Billy had never had the capital to acquire the program, but Victor had, and she believed Billy had offered to cut Newman in because he knew PassKey rightfully belonged to Newman. She continued that she and the kids hadn't stood a chance because Billy had been too consumed with winning, but Kevin pulled Billy away to prepare for the announcement.

Summer approached Mariah, who noted that Jack and Luca's confrontation had appeared nuclear. Summer wasn't sure why she'd defended Luca after he'd screwed over Phyllis and Victor, and she recognized that both sides of her family hated Luca. Mariah wondered why Summer hung out with Luca at all, and Summer said she understood him when he was honest with her. Mariah advised "Snowflake" to be happy that she had a smart, hot boyfriend, but Summer griped that Kyle had a life in New York that she wasn't a part of. Mariah suggested that Summer get a pet to combat the loneliness, and she cautioned that saving the bad boy might provide a high, but the lows would rip Summer's heart out.

Victoria reminded Jack that they'd talked about wanting peace between their families, and she questioned whether he was fine with Jabot claiming rights to a product that belonged to Newman. Jack argued that Jabot needed it after Newman had milked them for a half-billion dollars, and Victoria asked whether he expected her to move on as if she wasn't being robbed. Victoria pleaded with Jack to stop the launch, but he stated that it was business, and he encouraged her to accept that Jabot was on top for once. He added that she knew what it meant to Billy, but she snarled that Billy had done nothing but lie to her. Jack warned her not to use it as an excuse to declare war, but she snapped that she hadn't been the one to make that call.

Billy asked if Jack wanted to take the lead with the press, but Jack said it was Phyllis and Billy's project. Phyllis announced to the press that Jabot was proud to introduce an exciting new security program that would revolutionize the way people lived their lives. Phyllis turned the microphone over to Natalie, who rattled off a technical explanation of how the program worked, and Kevin stepped up and simply stated that the program would keep all data protected. Summer was surprised when Luca returned, and she hoped he wasn't planning to do anything. He remarked that he wasn't the one who was looking for retribution.

Billy touted the program as a bold leap into the future. Luca noted to Summer that the Abbotts were proud of themselves, but it was too bad they were heading into a new set of problems, and he thought Jabot would need someone like him on its side. Victoria turned away as Billy raved about the program, and Phyllis haughtily stated that it was a good idea for Victoria to take the high road. Victoria interrupted Billy and called him a liar and thief. Victoria slapped him across the face as photographers snapped pictures.

The press went wild as Victoria accused Billy of corporate espionage for stealing PassKey from her, but Billy contended that he'd championed the project from its infancy. Victoria confronted Natalie about conspiring to steal the program, but Billy snapped that Victor never should have had PassKey, and Victoria had to deal with the fact that she'd lost. Victoria declared that she was a Newman, not a loser, and the war was on if he wanted one.

At the state penitentiary, the door to Victor's prison cell opened, and an inmate walked in and welcomed Victor. The prisoner introduced himself as Bobby, and he commented that the first time could be a real shock to the system, but he could be a good friend. Victor revealed that it wasn't his first prison stint, and he wasn't there to make friends. Bobby stressed that Victor would need one in there, and Victor skeptically replied, "Oh, yeah?"

Bobby chided that Victor's tough guy act worked in the boardroom, but Victor's CEO title meant squat, since Victor had no power there. Bobby taunted that Victor thought he had it all figured out, but Victor had a target on his back, and guys were lined up to take him down. Victor ominously stood to face Bobby, and he inquired whether Bobby could protect him. Victor told "Bobby Boy" that he'd met guys far tougher than Bobby who'd tried to shake him down, and he didn't need Bobby's protection. Victor huffed that Bobby had approached the wrong guy, adding, "Watch your ass."

Bobby brandished a blade and hissed that he'd warned that Victor needed protection. Victor smiled at him and asked what he needed protection from, and Bobby attacked him. Victor easily knocked Bobby to the ground with a series of blows, and he questioned who needed protection. Bobby lunged at Victor, and the men scuffled. Victor knocked Bobby to the ground again, and Bobby mumbled that "he" wouldn't like it. A guard entered and roughly led Victor away.

Later, someone entered Victor's prison cell, and Victor chuckled. "So it's you. I should have known," Victor told an unseen person.

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