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Stitch realized that Simon had feelings for Ashley. Shawn gave birth and took off with baby David. Michael and Nick returned to Newman. Victoria proceeded with a lawsuit to reclaim PassKey. Victor recovered from being stabbed in prison.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of April 4, 2016 on Y&R
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Victoria Declares War on Jabot Victoria Declares War on Jabot

Monday, April 4, 2016

At the ranch house, Sharon told Dylan that she vaguely remembered a nurse being present when Sully had been born at the Fairview Psychiatric Facility. Sharon also recalled that the nurse's scrubs had been a different color from those worn by Fairview's staff. Sharon told Dylan that the nurse, whose badge identified her as a staff member of Genoa City Memorial Hospital, seemed to have had an established relationship with Dr. Anderson. Sharon recalled that Dr. Anderson had used her to get to Nick, but Sharon also expressed concern that she might have also been the doctor's target. Sharon expressed apprehension about what they might find, but Dylan explained that finding answers would help end Sharon's nightmares.

Dylan and Sharon went to the hospital to investigate the nurse Sharon remembered seeing the night Sully had been born. Using her tablet, Sharon perused a list of hospital personnel Dylan had gained access to as part of his reopened investigation. Sharon suddenly spotted the nurse in the hallway. Dylan insisted on speaking to the nurse alone. Dylan displayed his police badge and asked Nurse Stephens about Dr. Sandy Anderson. The nurse said she'd heard that a patient had attacked the doctor. Dylan said he believed that Patty Williams, the attacker, might have acted on a motive.

Nurse Stephens said she couldn't help with Dylan's investigation because she didn't work at Fairview. Dylan replied, "Then why were you there the night Sharon McAvoy went into labor?" The nurse explained that typically, the mother and child would've been transported to the hospital, but because it was a special case, she'd traveled to Fairview to assess the newborn at Dr. Anderson's request. Dylan asked if Dr. Anderson had done or said anything suspicious. Nurse Stephens insisted that Dr. Anderson had been a consummate professional. The nurse said Dylan and Sharon should be grateful for their beautiful, healthy baby.

At Genoa City Memorial, Shawn panicked when she heard that baby David needed to undergo tests. Nick and Sage were also present when Nurse Stephens announced that babies born early might have minor complications. In a flashback, Sage suddenly remembered the day Nurse Stephens had announced that baby Christian had suffered complications. Sage had discovered moments after the nurse's use of the dire term that her son was gone.

Shawn, terrified about her newborn's predicament, cried that she'd never see her son again after signing the adoption papers. Before Nurse Stephens rolled away the incubator, Shawn peered through into the chamber and cried, "I love you, David." After the baby and staff left, Nick comforted Shawn. The young mother said, "You're his family now. I'll be nothing to him. Nobody." Sage offered to arrange an open adoption, so Shawn and David could maintain a relationship.

After Sage and Nick stepped out of Shawn's room, Nick asked Sage if she was certain about the open adoption. Sage said she'd been struck by a statement the nurse had said. Sage explained that the nurse was the same woman who'd told them about Christian. Sage said, "Well, she mentioned the word 'complication' to Shawn, and that's the same word that she said to us." Sage cried that she'd known at that moment she couldn't take a baby away from another mother.

Sharon approached and asked about the baby. Nick said that though the baby was tiny, he was strong and breathing on his own. Sage happily announced that she was about to become a mom. After Nick walked away, Sage told Sharon that David's adoption would be an open one. Sage stressed that she, not Shawn, would be David's mother.

In Shawn's room, Nick talked to Shawn about David's open adoption. Nick said that though it wouldn't be easy, they all could work together to give David the type of life they all envisioned. Nick asked Shawn what she thought about the idea of an open adoption. Shawn said she was in favor of it because she'd strongly desired to hold and protect her baby after she'd realized how small and fragile he was. Nick said he didn't want Shawn to believe they were forcing her to accept their terms.

Shawn said, "We have a deal. You're adopting David. You guys have been so great. I'd never want to hurt you." After Nick left Shawn's room, he told Sage he believed that Shawn might be backing out of the adoption altogether.

Sharon later caught up with Dylan and asked about his encounter with Nurse Stephens. Dylan said that the nurse had confirmed that she'd been at Fairview to check on Sully. Nurse Stephens, Dylan noted, insisted that Dr. Anderson had acted professionally. Sharon shuddered and said she experienced "the hairs on the back of my neck" feeling whenever she saw the nurse. Sharon noted that the nurse could be lying.

At the Genoa City Athletic Club, a tabloid reporter approached Jack and Phyllis with questions about Jabot's launch of PassKey. Victoria had earlier interrupted the press conference and had accused Jabot of theft. Jack told Billy that the project wouldn't move forward until he straightened things out with Victoria. Billy replied, "Jack, does it look like she's open to working things out with me right now?" Phyllis insisted that PassKey belonged to Jabot, so Victoria had no rights to it. Jack ordered Billy to find Victoria, apologize, and work out their differences. Jack encouraged Billy to think about his family.

While Billy gulped down a scotch on the rocks, he insisted that a win for Jabot meant that nothing he could do would appease Victoria. The reporter approached Jack again, but he stalled her. Jack implored Billy to set things right because he'd done enough damage. The reporter, Lois, again returned and demanded that Jack respond to Victoria Newman's allegations. Jack insisted that both he and Victoria had committed themselves to a peaceful resolution of personal and professional differences. Jack explained that Victoria's outburst had been related to her father's incarceration. Lois recalled that Victoria had called Billy a liar and a thief.

After Jack took Lois aside, Phyllis visited with Billy at the bar. He invited Phyllis to celebrate with him. Phyllis said she should remain by her husband's side. Lois dropped her questions after Jack gave the woman access to PassKey and instructed her to check out the software. After Lois left, Phyllis admitted to Jack that the aftermath of Victor's prosecution and incarceration meant nothing if she didn't have Jack. Phyllis said she'd give up her desire to destroy Victor's empire if Jack asked her to do so. Phyllis said she wanted to be with Jack for the rest of her life.

At Newman Enterprises, Michael nervously awaited Victoria's arrival. When she entered, Michael immediately announced that the Bar Association was meeting to disbar him. Michael admitted that he'd betrayed Victor and wasn't in the mood for a lecture. Victoria stunned Michael when she offered him a lucrative position at the company. Victoria told Michael that she wanted to go after the Abbotts because they'd stolen a legally acquired idea from Newman Enterprises. Michael explained that Kevin had been excited about PassKey for a long time before Newman had become involved.

Victoria told Michael she wanted to sue Jabot for fraud, corporate espionage, and theft. Victoria said she didn't care if Michael lost his license because he had the most brilliant legal mind of anyone in Wisconsin and could advise Newman's attorneys. Michael said that if he accepted the position, he'd advise Victoria to carefully consider what she'd be starting. Victoria replied, "They started it." Michael asked Victoria if she really wanted to send someone she cared about to prison.

Victoria told Michael she didn't want the father of her children to be imprisoned. Victoria noted that both Kevin and Summer might have useful information to help Newman Enterprises regain control of what rightfully belonged to the company. Michael recalled that PassKey had originally belonged to Billy. Victoria said that Billy had lost the deal because he had been unable to fund it and had sworn that he'd no longer pursue it. Michael said that Victoria's reasoning sounded like a personal vendetta. Michael encouraged Victoria to utilize diplomacy before waging an expensive legal battle.

At the Chancellor mansion, Billy congratulated himself while he perused his glowing press reviews. Victoria arrived, and Billy prematurely said he'd accept her apology. Victoria said she had no intention of apologizing. Victoria insisted that Jabot and Newman Enterprises should share ownership of and split the profits from PassKey. Billy said he agreed, and he mumbled about a merger just before he pulled Victoria close and kissed her on the lips. Victoria angrily pushed Billy away and noted that he was same as he'd always been. Billy muttered that he'd defeated Victor. As Victoria left, she told Billy she'd see him in court.

In prison, Ian Ward approached Victor. Ian said, "I bet you wish you'd killed me when you had the chance." Victor ordered Ian out when he asked about Nikki. Ian said he'd risen to the top of the food chain and wielded the power to protect Victor in prison. Victor said, "Don't bother me, and I won't bother you. You stay the hell away from me." Later, while Victor was sweeping, Ian instructed another prisoner to ensure that Victor would be left alone. Ian vowed to protect Victor.

As Victor slept, he had a dream about Victoria. He reminded Victoria that she'd led the charge to put him in prison. Victor dreamed that he'd embraced Victoria after she'd begged for his forgiveness. Victor was suddenly awakened by extreme pain and distress. He pressed his hand to his side, where blood had stained his shirt. A sharp instrument lay on the floor. Victor tried to get up, but he collapsed and continued to moan in pain.

Shawn disappears with baby David Shawn disappears with baby David

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

A guard stood outside Victor's hospital room, and Nikki rushed to Victor's side as he opened his eyes. She assured him that he was all right, and she explained that someone had stabbed him in his cell. She marveled that Victor was lucky to be alive, and she lovingly offered to get him anything he needed. Victor weakly ordered her out of his room.

Nikki recognized that Victor was angry at her and that being helpless was his worst nightmare, but she thought he was lashing out instead of facing it. She implored him to tell her who'd attacked him, but he barked that it was none of her business. Nikki reminded him that he was her husband, and she loved him. Clearly in pain, Victor spat that she'd launched the fight against him, but she reiterated that she'd been trying to save him from himself. He repeated for her to get out, and she sadly obliged.

In the hospital corridor, Sage told Nick that she was confident that Shawn would agree to an open adoption because it was the best solution for everyone. Nick said he was proud of Sage for going ahead with the arrangement, and he applauded her huge heart. She insisted that she wanted what was best for David, and Nick asserted that the baby was lucky to have Sage as a mom. They headed down the hallway to check on David, but they encountered a distraught Nikki, who realized that Nick hadn't gotten her message. Nikki revealed that someone had tried to kill Victor.

Nikki bemoaned that she'd seen Victor looking small and weak in a hospital bed, and she couldn't believe she and the rest of the family had done that to him. Nick conceded that they'd helped put Victor in prison, but he contended that they'd had no way of knowing what would happen. Nick queried where prison security had been, but Nikki relayed that Victor didn't want their help.

Nikki asked what Nick and Sage were doing there if they hadn't received her message, and Sage stepped away to allow Nick to fill his mother in. Nick explained that Shawn had delivered her baby boy, but the adoption might be up in the air. Nick added that he couldn't think about anything but Victor, and he knew someone who might be able to help.

As Dylan and Sharon slumbered, she stirred in her sleep and muttered that her baby was hungry. She dreamed about holding Sully, and Nurse Stevens said it was time for the baby's bottle, but she refused to let Sharon breastfeed because of the combination of medication she'd been taking. Sharon protested when the nurse took Sully, and she bolted awake. Dylan assured her that it had just been a dream, but Sharon insisted that it had seemed real.

Sharon cradled Sully in her arms, and she mentioned that Sully had been crying in her dream, but the nurse hadn't let her feed him. Dylan guessed that Sully's cries over the baby monitor had simply bled into Sharon's dreams, but she felt that it had seemed more like an awful memory from Fairview. Dylan recalled that Nurse Stevens' explanation for being at Fairview had made sense, and the baby was healthy, so they had no reason to doubt her story. Sharon wondered why the night of Sully's birth kept recurring in her dreams, and she thought maybe she was trying to remember something.

Dylan regretted that his investigation into the connection between Dr. Anderson and Nurse Stevens had upset Sharon, but she remarked that the entire situation at Fairview had been crazy. He gazed adoringly at Sully, and he said the happy little boy was all that mattered. Nick called Dylan and informed him that Victor had been attacked in prison and that Nikki was freaking out, and Dylan said he was on his way. Dylan kissed Sharon goodbye and stroked Sully's head, and he asked if Sully felt warm to her. She attributed it to the baby getting a tooth, and she assured Dylan that a low-grade fever was normal. Later, Sharon got Sully ready to leave the house, and she realized that he was burning up, so she decided to take him to the hospital.

At the hospital, Sage imagined how great it would be with all of them raising David together, and she and Nick entered Shawn's room. They discovered that the bed had been stripped down, and Shawn was gone. Sage questioned a nurse about whether the hospital had let Shawn walk out with their baby, and the nurse replied that both Shawn and David had been cleared for discharge. The nurse handed over a letter that Shawn had left for them, and she excused herself to give Nick and Sage some time alone.

A stricken Sage told Nick not to read the letter, but he insisted that they had to. Nick opened the letter and read aloud that Shawn hadn't been able to face them, knowing she'd been about to hurt them. Shawn had written that she'd never been more grateful to anyone in her life after everything they'd done for her and David, and the thing that had meant the most had been when Nick had asked what she'd wanted. Shawn had realized that she loved her baby and that she wanted to be his only mom, and she hadn't known it until she'd held David in her arms.

Nick read that Shawn hadn't been scared anymore, and she'd found strength in herself that she hadn't known she'd had. Shawn had credited Nick and Sage for allowing her to see what it meant to be a real family, and she'd vowed to find a way to give that to her son. Nick's voice shook as he read that Shawn hoped they could understand one day. "He's gone. Our baby's gone," Sage wailed.

At Crimson Lights, Nick asked if Sage blamed him for asking Shawn what she'd wanted, but Sage suspected that even if he hadn't, it only would have prolonged the inevitable. Sage wondered if he was relieved, and he explained that even though he'd wanted the baby, he was glad to know that there would be no more hoping for the best and expecting the worst. Sage questioned why things always had to be hard for them, and Nick pulled out Shawn's letter and commented that it had been hard for Shawn, too. Sage griped that Shawn had a child to raise, whereas they had nothing. Sage crumpled up the note and threw it on the table, and Nick pulled her into his arms.

Nick assured Sage that it wasn't the end, and he envisioned finding another birth mother who knew what she wanted. Sage agreed to revisit adoption in a couple of months, but she wanted to sit on it for a while. Nick kissed her hand and noted that they had a lot to be grateful for, since their love had survived the worst, and they would get through their latest disappointment, too. She agreed that they were very lucky, and they exchanged declarations of love and kissed.

Dylan arrived at the hospital, and Nikki informed him that Victor was alive but that he wouldn't be for much longer if he went back to prison. Dylan revealed that the prison hadn't had any indication of who'd been behind the attack, and he asked if Victor had said anything. Nikki said Victor didn't trust her anymore, but she thought Dylan might be a different story, and Dylan entered Victor's room. Dylan said he wanted to help get Victor someplace safe, but he needed something to go on. Victor grumbled that he didn't need any help, but Dylan revealed that he'd learned from the prison warden that the surveillance camera outside Victor's cell had been turned off, so someone had gone to a lot of trouble to try to kill Victor.

Victor claimed that he'd been asleep when the attack had occurred, but Dylan imagined that a knife to the ribs had woken Victor up, and he asked if Victor remembered anything about the assailant. Victor said he'd woken up in pain, and the next thing he'd known, he'd been in the hospital. Dylan clucked that he was trying to help Victor, since Nikki was frantic to keep him alive. Victor asked Dylan to tell Nikki that he'd never forget that Nikki and the others had testified against him, and he could take care of himself. Dylan realized that Victor wanted to go back to repay whoever had stabbed him.

Victor asked to be left alone, but Dylan advised him to let the law protect him. Victor inquired whether it would be like the law had protected him in court, when his own lawyer had sabotaged his case and his wife had sent him to a prison cell to get stabbed. Victor maintained that he would take care of things himself, and Dylan told him to stay safe, since Nikki was worried about him. "Who the hell is Nikki?" Victor asked.

Elsewhere at the hospital, a pediatrician confirmed that Sully's fever was high, but she still suspected teething was the cause. Sharon wondered if the medication she'd taken during her pregnancy had affected him, but the doctor doubted it, and she promised she'd call later to follow up. Sharon fussed over Sully, and Nurse Stevens cheerfully greeted her. Sharon looked uncomfortable as the nurse cooed to the baby.

Nurse Stevens marveled at how much Sully had grown since the last time she'd seen him, and Sharon mentioned that it had been at Fairview. The nurse called Dr. Anderson's death a tragic loss, and she mentioned that the police were still investigating. Sharon pointedly stated that she also had unanswered questions, and she inquired whether Nurse Stevens recalled what medications Sharon had been given when she'd been pregnant. The nurse replied that she hadn't been on staff at Fairview, so she wouldn't have been privy to such information. Nurse Stevens requested to hold Sully for old times' sake.

Nurse Stevens sang to Sully, and Sharon looked stricken as she flashed back to the nurse saying that Sully was crying for his mother. Nurse Stevens thanked Sharon for indulging her, and she hoped to see them again soon. As the nurse walked away, Dylan approached and asked why Sharon had been talking to Nurse Stevens.

At Newman Enterprises, Victoria glumly read an online news article about the Abbotts' triumph. Someone hidden behind a large bouquet of flowers appeared in the doorway, and Victoria snapped that it was a sick joke to send flowers for Newman's funeral. Billy revealed himself and apologized, and he swore that he was there in peace. Victoria haughtily stated that she'd donate the blooms to the hospital so they didn't go to waste, but Billy said the point had been to brighten her day. She sourly inquired whether she didn't look bright, and he admitted that what he'd done the night before had been wrong.

Victoria called Billy's actions reprehensible, and she sarcastically stated that the flowers made up for it. She added that since they hadn't been able to compromise, she intended to sue for every penny that was rightfully hers. Billy remarked that whoever was giving her legal advice should be disbarred, and Michael walked in and proclaimed that Billy was right. Victoria explained that she'd offered Michael a chance at redemption, and she advised Billy to hire the best lawyer money could buy and to leave Phyllis out of it. Victoria and Billy heatedly argued, and Michael interrupted and declared that they didn't need lawyer -- Billy and Victoria needed a room.

After Billy left, Michael suggested that Victoria and Billy settle out of court, but she argued that she'd made a fair offer, and Billy's response had been inappropriate. She added that Billy had been arrogant and certain that he was right, and Michael replied, "And you're not?" Victoria questioned whether Michael was on her side or not, and he assured her that he was. She asked how they could sue Jabot and win.

Michael handed Victoria a file of things to consider before she proceeded with a lawsuit, and she asked if it was the beginning of a beautiful friendship. He said he was game, and she suggested that they drink on it, just like Victor had always sealed his deals with tequila, but Michael passed. After Michael departed, Victoria poured herself a drink and looked up at Victor's portrait. She pledged to do whatever it took to get their rightful share, and she raised her glass and sipped. She stared at Billy's flowers and repeated to herself, "Whatever it takes."

At the Athletic Club, Phyllis gleefully read glowing reviews about PassKey, and she reported that Jabot's website had nearly crashed from all the traffic. She noticed that Jack seemed distracted, and he muttered that he was glad the headlines were about sales and not the ugly scene between Victoria and Billy. Phyllis griped that they'd finally been on the same page where the project was concerned, but Victoria had tried to kill it before it had had a chance to take off. Phyllis voiced her determination not to let anything spoil Jabot's success.

Jack lamented that the Abbotts had reaped the rewards at the expense of Newman and Victoria, and he wished Victoria was still talking about ending the feud. Phyllis contended that Victoria had to meet them halfway if it was going to happen, and Jack noted that Victoria had been highly emotional at the press conference, but he believed that she was still in love with Billy. Jack thought the best way to calm the waters would be to help Billy and Victoria find their way back together, but Phyllis blurted out that it was a terrible idea.

Phyllis clarified that she was all for a reconciliation, but she didn't see it happening. Jack recalled that sparks had flown between Billy and Victoria at the press conference, but Phyllis argued that the couple had a lot of issues, and sometimes love wasn't enough. Phyllis suggested that Billy and Victoria contain their sparks long enough to negotiate a settlement for PassKey, and Jack mused that he wanted Billy to be as happy as he was. Jack and Phyllis kissed.

Phyllis promised to get the dark thoughts out of her mind and be better, but Jack said the goal wasn't to improve her but to love her, and she gushed that they'd reached their goal. Billy joined them and disclosed that he'd tried to reason with Victoria, but she was going to sue them. He added that Victoria had Michael on retainer, and Phyllis wondered if Victoria had hired Michael as payback. Jack ranted that it had all started with Billy's crooked plan to swipe Victor's company out from underneath him, and Billy retorted that Jack couldn't go one day without pointing out Billy's screw-ups, but PassKey wasn't one of them. Billy wished he'd never gone to Jack in the first place, and he snapped that he would handle it.

After Billy stalked off, Jack wondered why Phyllis hadn't jumped to Billy's defense. Phyllis stated that Billy needed to put on his "big boy pants" and not self-destruct every time Victoria got under his skin. Jack excused himself and crossed over to an upset Nikki at the bar. He suspected that she could use a friend, and he asked what was bothering her. She said she'd really thought making Victor own up to his mistakes would be his salvation, but it might cost him his life, and it would be her fault.

Nikki thanked Jack for listening despite everything Victor had done to him, and Jack said it didn't change the fact that she was still his friend. He added that it was too bad that he wasn't her sponsor, and she prepared to return to the hospital to see if Dylan got through to Victor. Jack suddenly realized that there was no reason why he couldn't be Nikki's sponsor, especially since he and Neil were committed to helping as many people as possible through their foundation. She thought Jack made it sound like a calling, and he replied that maybe it was.

Phyllis tracked down Billy at the Chancellor mansion, and he guessed that Jack had sent her there. Billy groused that the whole point of PassKey had been to prove that he was worthy of the Abbott name and that he could do right by Jabot, but Jack had scolded him instead of being proud that Billy had done it. Phyllis insisted that Jack was proud, but he also saw Newman's lawsuit as a legitimate threat. Phyllis pleaded with Billy to make things right with Victoria, and Billy surmised that Phyllis was speaking for Jack, but she asserted that it was what she thought was best, too.

Billy thought they should be gearing up for a fight, since it was what they were best at doing, and he offered Phyllis a drink. She declined, but he swore that he just wanted to celebrate their success. Phyllis agreed to one drink, and he toasted to PassKey and the ones who'd made it happen -- him and Phyllis. They clinked glasses and locked eyes. Phyllis turned away, but Billy protested that it was bad karma not to drink after a toast.

Phyllis started to walk away, but Billy grabbed her arm and asked where she was going. She replied that she was going to Jack, since Billy couldn't keep leaning on her shoulder. Billy reasoned that there was nothing wrong with having a friend, but Phyllis countered that she had a supportive, loving husband she could count on, and she had to go to him. She departed, but she peered through the window as Billy chugged his drink.

Victor gives Adam a mission Victor gives Adam a mission> Victor gives Adam a mission Victor gives Adam a mission

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

by Mike

At the Athletic Club, Hilary complained to Devon about how she had been barred from joining the board of Neil and Jack's new foundation. Hilary believed that Neil was still holding a grudge against her for the things she had done to him in the past, but Devon clarified that Neil had actually rejected her offer at his request.

Devon believed that Hilary wanted to be on the board for the wrong reasons -- namely, to use the position as a way of climbing the social ladder to higher levels of power and status -- but she argued that there was nothing wrong with wanting such things. Devon pointed out that there were more important things in life, prompting Hilary to give him a kiss and seductively assure him that being on the board wouldn't stop her from giving their relationship the attention it deserved. Hilary thought that would be enough to settle the matter, but Devon insisted, to her dismay, that he wasn't going to change his mind.

At Jabot, Stitch listened patiently as Abby snapped at him, knowing that she was only lashing out because she was worried about Victor. Abby admitted that she wasn't just upset about her father's recent hospitalization; she was also annoyed because none of her family members had bothered to tell her about what had happened, leaving her to instead find out from one of Stitch's work buddies.

As Abby started to complain that she hated her family's habit of keeping things from her for her own protection, someone called the lab and asked to speak to Ashley. Abby took a message then ended the call and, with obvious confusion, asked if Stitch was familiar with a doctor whose last name was Morse. Stitch confirmed that Morse was Memorial's top radiologist. "Has Ashley said anything about feeling sick?" Stitch wondered.

"I was sick...but I'm better now," Ashley announced as she entered the lab with Neville. Abby and Stitch were stunned to learn that Ashley had known about her brain tumor since before the fire at Newman Towers and had never bothered to say a word about it to any of her loved ones. Ashley explained that she had simply been trying to spare Abby and the rest of her loved ones from the pain of dealing with the diagnosis.

"That's why you stepped down as CEO [of Jabot] -- because you were sick?" Abby guessed. As Ashley nodded, Devon and Hilary arrived and wondered what was going on. Stitch started to make up a story, but Ashley interrupted and assured him that it was okay to talk about her illness in front of Devon and Hilary, the latter of whom had actually known about it for a while. "I...wasn't at liberty to say [anything]," Hilary hesitantly explained.

Devon quickly realized that Hilary had blackmailed Ashley into putting her in charge of the research project. Hilary claimed that she had simply urged Ashley to step down and focus on her health, but Neville was happy to confirm Devon's suspicion. Stitch started to express his outrage, but Ashley told him not to waste his breath. "Besides, now that I'm well, I'm gonna have a much stronger presence around here," Ashley added.

Hilary said she was glad to hear that Ashley was doing better. Stitch found that hard to believe, but Hilary insisted that she was being sincere, adding that the research project had just gained its second success story. "And I fast-tracked the FDA testing," Hilary announced. "You did what?" Neville asked incredulously. Oblivious to Neville's concern, Hilary agreed that it was exciting news.

Devon led Hilary into the adjacent office so he could talk to her privately. Neville admitted that Hilary had been right about one thing: there really was a lot to celebrate. Abby said the celebration would have to wait because she first wanted some time alone with her mother. Stitch was due back at the hospital, anyway, so Neville decided to accompany him there so they could go over Ashley's latest test results together.

Abby mused that, given the news about her mother as well as the news about her father, it had been a really terrible day all around. Ashley was shocked to learn that Victor had been stabbed in prison. "He's gonna be fine, but you know what? I'm not okay. Everything keeps changing and shifting -- with work, with Dad, with Max, with Ben, and this new baby -- and the whole time, you were going through this mega crisis, and I had no idea, and now I -- I keep thinking..." Abby said before letting her voice trail off.

Ashley prompted Abby to continue, but Abby was reluctant to do so because she hated what she was thinking. "Did you stay away from Ben and encourage him to be with me because you thought you were dying? Look, I know that you said that you didn't have feelings for him anymore, but maybe you did; maybe you had feelings for him the whole time, and if you were well, then you would have pursued it -- him -- maybe," Abby mused. Ashley insisted that nothing would have happened between her and Stitch, regardless of her health status, because he loved Abby, and they were meant to be together.

Seemingly satisfied, Abby wondered if Ashley was hiding anything else from her. Ashley promised that she wasn't, and she wondered if Abby could forgive her for keeping quiet about the brain tumor. Abby confirmed that, while she still wasn't happy about the way Ashley had handled the situation, she understood that Ashley had simply been trying to protect her. Ashley pointed out that Abby would soon start experiencing that same maternal instinct. "You will do everything you can to protect your child," Ashley predicted.

Meanwhile, in the office, Hilary tried to defend her actions to Devon, insisting that she had done what had been best for the research project. Devon observed that it seemed like Hilary had actually just acted in her own best interest, as usual. "Well, maybe that's because I have to. It's not like I can count on my husband to have my back," Hilary countered.

Hilary argued that what she had done to Ashley had been no different than what Devon had done to her when he had blocked her attempt to join the board of Neil and Jack's new foundation. Devon countered that there was no comparison because he hadn't been trying to elevate himself, unlike Hilary. "I'm trying to bring you back down to earth," Devon continued.

"What is so damn great about being down on the ground with everyone else? I like reaching for the stars, Devon!" Hilary insisted. "At what cost, though, honey?" Devon mused. Ignoring the question, Hilary continued that it was a good thing that she was running the research project, since she was the only person who had the ambition to get the job done.

"If it was up to [the rest of] you, we would still be inching toward the starting line instead of celebrating this tremendous breakthrough! God, if you do not get that, then you just need to get out of the game," Hilary added. Devon reminded Hilary that she couldn't push him out of the research project because he was the one who was funding the whole thing. Devon insisted that he wasn't going anywhere because he loved Hilary and was determined to do everything in his power to save her from herself.

At the hospital, Stitch wished Ashley had opened up to him about her illness sooner. Stitch said he would have moved mountains to help Ashley, but Neville predicted that Stitch would have lost Abby in the process. Neville insisted that if Stitch still had feelings for Ashley, he needed to admit to them right away. "I don't have feelings for Ashley...but you do. My God. Admit it -- Ashley's more than a patient to you. You're falling in love with her," Stitch realized.

Elsewhere, Sharon told Dylan about her earlier encounter with Nurse Stephens, which had seemed innocent enough but had felt unsettling for some reason. Dylan suggested that Sharon's dreams could be getting to her, since there was no reason to suspect that Stephens wasn't being honest with them.

Chelsea ran into Nick and Sage at Crimson Lights and was surprised when Sage spontaneously asked if there was any work she could help Chelsea do that day. Chelsea accepted the offer, explaining that she and Sharon were actually planning to spend the day preparing for a photo shoot. Nick urged Sage to get to work, quietly adding that he was proud of her.

Later, at Adam and Chelsea's penthouse, Sage admitted to Chelsea that Shawn had given birth the previous day and had subsequently backed out of the adoption agreement. Sharon arrived in time to hear the news, with Sully in tow. Sharon started to apologize, fearing that it would be hard for Sage to be around Sully on that particular day, but Sage clarified that she actually found his presence comforting. Sharon offered to let Sage hold Sully, and Sage happily accepted. A tear rolled down Sage's cheek as she bounced the child in her arms.

Paul found Nikki sipping a drink at the Athletic Club, and she assured him that it wasn't alcoholic. Nikki fretted about what would happen to Victor once he returned to prison. Paul admitted that he couldn't guarantee that Victor wouldn't be attacked again. Nikki insisted that she had to do something to help Victor. "Even though he doesn't want to have anything to do with me," Nikki added with a sigh.

Paul was surprised to learn that Nikki had asked Dylan to question Victor about the attack. Nikki explained that she had simply been trying to help Victor get transferred to a safer prison. Paul doubted that Victor would ever identify his attacker, especially since it would probably be safer for him if he didn't. "There's no guarantee of him being transferred, even if he tells all, [and] nobody likes a snitch," Paul pointed out.

Dylan soon arrived and apologetically reported that Victor hadn't been willing to share any information about the attack. Paul wondered if Victor had hinted that he planned to deal with the matter himself. Nikki hoped that wasn't the case, fearing that the other inmates could gang up on Victor and kill him if he tried to retaliate. Dylan confirmed that Victor had promised to handle things his own way.

Sighing, Nikki admitted that she couldn't bear the thought of receiving another phone call from the prison warden, reporting that Victor had been hurt again -- or worse. Paul told Nikki that, while he couldn't promise anything, he would talk to a few of the guards and see if he could at least get them to agree to keep an eye on the situation.

After Nikki left, Dylan wished he could do more to help her. Paul advised that Dylan couldn't do everything for everybody. "Sounds like you're saying you don't want me to do more," Dylan observed. Paul confirmed that, while he wanted Dylan to help Nikki, he didn't want Dylan to get involved in another Newman mess.

Adam went to the hospital to see Victor, who had asked a nurse to contact him. Adam preemptively insisted that he still wasn't interested in running Newman Enterprises in Victor's absence, but Victor clarified, with great effort, that he actually wanted to talk to Adam about something else.

Victor told Adam that Ian had orchestrated the attack. Adam guessed that Victor had summoned him to the hospital to guilt-trip him, but Victor said that wasn't the case. "If I stay in prison, one of two things will happen: either they manage to kill me, or I kill the bastards who are after me. Either way, my life is over, whether I'm six feet under or, you know, behind bars forever," Victor continued.

Adam observed that Victor was being pretty fatalistic. "It's not fatalistic; it's realistic, okay? [And] if Ian Ward manages to kill me, I want you to exact revenge," Victor replied, adding that it could be Adam's penance for pulling Ian back into the Newman clan's orbit in the first place. "Okay, well, that's fair enough," Adam conceded.

Adam wondered what Victor wanted him to do. "Should I get killed, I want you to rid this world of Ian Ward once and for all. I want you to kill him. You'll take care of that, won't you?" Victor asked. Before Adam could respond, Nick entered Victor's hospital room and wondered what was going on. Victor told Nick and Adam to leave, insisting that they were dead to him, along with everyone else who had helped put him in prison.

Nick tried to protest, but Victor refused to listen. Nick reluctantly followed Adam out of the room, but once they were alone in the hallway, Nick demanded to know what was really going on between Adam and Victor. Meanwhile, Victor pulled back his robe and inspected the fresh bloodstain on his hospital gown, which he had kept hidden from Nick and Adam.

Nick returns to Newman Enterprises Nick returns to Newman Enterprises

Thursday, April 7, 2016

At the hospital, Nick suspected that Victor had asked Adam to run the company until Victor got out of prison, but Adam swore that Nick had it all wrong. Meanwhile, a doctor informed Victor that he was lucky, since the knife had barely missed Victor's heart, but Victor grumbled that he didn't consider getting stabbed to be lucky. The doctor warned that he was about to make Victor's bad day worse, and Victor correctly guessed that he was being sent back to prison.

A guard wheeled Victor out of the hospital room, and Nick questioned how they could send Victor back after he'd suffered such a serious injury. Victor flatly stated that there was a prison infirmary to take care of things, and he ordered the guard to take him away. Nick declared that he knew why Victor had called Adam there, and he assumed that Victor had roped Adam into running the company until Victor got out of prison. Nick refused to let them shove Victoria aside.

Victor asked if Nick was ready to commit to the company again, and Nick questioned whether Victor had forgotten that Adam had also testified against him. Nick vowed to protect Victoria, and he stalked off. Victor thanked Adam for keeping their earlier conversation between them, and he commented that he'd known he'd called the right guy. The guard handcuffed Victor and took him away.

Dylan greeted Victoria at the Athletic Club, and he informed her that Victor was due to be released at any time. She incredulously asked if Victor was being released from prison, and she was shocked when Dylan told her that Victor was in the hospital after he'd been stabbed in his cell. Victoria panicked that she would have been responsible if her father had died, and she fretted that it was too dangerous for Victor to go back. She insisted that Victor be moved to another facility, but Dylan said there wasn't much he could do. Victoria demanded to know whether Dylan couldn't or wouldn't help.

Dylan explained that he had no authority over what happened to Victor, but Victoria accused Dylan of not taking action because it was about her father and not someone else. Dylan pointed out that everyone had worked hard to get Victor convicted, but he quickly recognized that Victoria had just needed to vent. She conceded that she shouldn't have attacked Dylan, and he understood that she was having a hard time facing that Victor had to pay for his crimes. He urged her to consider what it was like for Nikki, and he swore that he would intervene if he could do anything to alleviate his mother's worry, but he stressed that it wasn't up to him.

Victoria requested that Dylan and Paul make a recommendation to transfer Victor to another prison, but Dylan explained that the judge had sentenced Victor to the state penitentiary to avoid the appearance of letting him off easy. Dylan added that Victor wasn't playing ball with the warden's investigator and that Victor had insisted on handling the situation himself. Victoria lamented that Victor's pride meant more to him than his life, but Dylan noted that the target on Victor's back would get bigger if Victor cooperated with the warden. Victoria refused to stand by and do nothing when she was part of the reason her father was imprisoned, and she begged Dylan to do something.

At Adam and Chelsea's penthouse, Sharon observed that it seemed to be helping Sage to be around Sully, and she sympathized that Shawn had backed out of the adoption. Sage silently stared at the baby in her arms, and Chelsea nervously suggested that Sage take a break and give Sully back to his mom. Chelsea and Sharon exchanged a worried look when Sage didn't respond, and Sharon said she didn't mind if Sage held him. Sage murmured that she'd known Shawn could change her mind, but Shawn had always told Sage and Nick that they'd be wonderful parents and that adoption had been the best thing.

Sharon thought it sounded like Shawn hadn't been prepared for how she'd feel after giving birth, and Sully began to get fussy. Sharon took the baby from Sage and mentioned that the boy had had a long day with the doctor, and Chelsea was surprised when Adam arrived home unexpectedly. Sharon departed with Sully, and Sage gazed forlornly after them as they left. Adam remarked that things were about to change for Sage with a new baby on the way, but Chelsea cut him off. Sage explained that Shawn had given birth and had taken off with the baby, and Adam comforted Sage with a hug as Chelsea uncomfortably looked on.

Adam assured Sage that she was resilient, and Sage thanked him and Chelsea for everything. After Sage headed out, Chelsea admitted that it had been disconcerting to watch Adam comfort Sage when Sage was unaware that Adam had fathered Christian. Chelsea wondered why Adam was home when he'd had a meeting in Chicago, and he revealed that Victor had urgently summoned him to the hospital. Chelsea questioned why Adam had jeopardized everything he'd worked for, and she refused to play games again. She demanded to know what Victor had promised and what Adam had agreed to do, and he divulged that Victor wanted Adam to avenge his death if Victor was murdered in prison.

Chelsea considered it "typical Victor" to milk the attack for all it was worth, but Adam argued that Victor truly believed that he might die in prison. Chelsea couldn't believe Adam had bought into it, and she assumed that Victor had concocted a crazy plan to put Adam in power until Victor got back. Chelsea ranted that she was sick of hitting her head against the wall to get through to Adam when he'd do whatever he wanted anyway. She told him to run to Newman if that was what he wanted to do, but she had a son to raise and a company to run. Adam walked out.

Chelsea complained to herself that Adam was risking his soul, and Anita entered the penthouse and asked what had happened. Chelsea griped that it was always the same thing, and Victor had used his stabbing to play on Adam's loyalties. Chelsea revealed that Adam had missed an important meeting to run to Victor's side, and she was sure that Adam had been sucked back into the drama. Chelsea added that she'd told Adam to do what he wanted to do, and Anita questioned why Chelsea had done that.

Chelsea said she'd fought hard to get through to Adam and to help him become the kind of man he'd wanted to be, but she hated that she'd turned into a harpy, and she'd realized that he wouldn't change. Anita advised her to remember that Adam was her husband and not a mark, and she said Chelsea had fallen in love with Adam, knowing who he was. Chelsea groused that he still had the Newman last name, and Anita saw no problem with him wanting to claim his birthright. Anita suggested that Chelsea encourage Adam to go after the throne with Victor out of the way.

Anita complimented Adam's flair for business, but Chelsea groused that she didn't want him to be like Victor. Chelsea added that she and Adam shared a dream that didn't include ruling Victor's empire, but Adam lost sight of that sometimes. Chelsea thought Adam had to make a choice, and she'd been clear that she wanted their family to be independent of Newman. Anita thought it was a nice dream, but she cautioned that if Chelsea pushed Adam away and couldn't accept who he was, Chelsea's dreams would go up in smoke, and she'd end up alone.

At the cottage, Sharon informed Dylan that Sully had ended up being a distraction at work when Sage had been upset because the adoption had been canceled. Sharon explained that Shawn had disappeared with the baby after giving birth, and Sage had decided to throw herself into work, but she'd been struggling. Sharon continued that she'd let Sage hold Sully to calm her down, and she'd invited Sage to stop over anytime she wanted. Dylan was sure it had meant a lot to Sage, but he wondered if Sharon was having second thoughts. Sharon said she'd always wanted Sage to be part of Sully's life, and Dr. Anderson had planted the only doubts Sharon had ever had.

Sharon wondered how Nick was holding up, but she recognized that she was again worrying about Nick when it wasn't her place to do so. Dylan kissed her and said he thought her kindness toward Sage was terrific, and he was sure that Nick would be okay, since Nick and Sage had one another. Dylan added that Nick was family, and Sharon noted that the adopted baby would have been a brother to Faith, so it was a loss for all of them. Dylan gushed that he'd never felt more blessed to have Sharon and Sully than he did right then. Later, Dylan cradled Sully in his arms and called the baby a precious gift, and Sharon listened as Dylan promised to always be there for his son, since he'd never loved anyone that much.

At Newman Enterprises, Nick and Victoria discussed Victor's return to prison. Nick relayed that he'd seen Adam at the hospital with Victor, and he suspected that they were up to something, so he thought Victoria should watch her back. Nick imagined that Adam would make a play for the company at Victor's request, and Victoria groaned that it was the last thing she needed. Nick asserted that she wouldn't be facing it alone, and he offered his help. She grinned and gratefully hugged him, and he insisted that she needed an ally if his instincts were right. He added that he needed something else to focus on, since the adoption wasn't going to happen.

Nick said Sage's worst nightmare had happened when Shawn had changed her mind, but Sage was handling it well, and she'd accepted a job with Chelsea. Victoria guessed that Nick was looking to throw himself into work to take his mind off things, and he agreed that he wanted to stay busy, but his main motivation had been seeing Victor and Adam together. Nick contended that Victoria had worked hard to get to the top, and it had ticked him off that Victor had recruited Adam to knock her out. Victoria warned that things could get ugly if Victor and Adam had a plan in the works, but Nick declared that no one could beat him and Victoria if they worked together. She shook his hand and welcomed him back to Newman.

Later, Adam showed up to see Victoria, and she surmised he was there to demand unconditional surrender. He replied that he wanted to talk to his sister about the family business and the future, and she said he was starting to sound like Victor. Adam asserted that they owed everything to Victor, and he anticipated that Victor might not make it out of prison. Victoria concluded that Adam was there to seize the opportunity, but Adam swore that he wasn't her enemy. She mentioned that she knew Victor had called Adam to the hospital, and Adam surmised that Nick had run straight there to relay his suspicions, but he asserted that Nick was wrong about them plotting her downfall.

Adam revealed that he and Victor had been discussing Victor's life expectancy, and Victor expected one of two outcomes -- Victor's attacker would finish the job by killing Victor, or Victor would go after the person and spend the rest of his life in prison for murder. Adam implored Victoria to stabilize the company, since it was what the family had entrusted her to do. He added that she couldn't do anything for Victor, but she could save the company, and she had to be as ruthless and unforgiving as Victor to do it. Adam urged Victoria not to let the company that Victor had spent a lifetime building fall apart, and Victoria dryly guessed that Adam wanted to join the crusade.

Adam asserted that he didn't want to be involved at all, and he thought Victoria was capable of running the company on her own. Adam clarified that he was there because he'd wanted her to know what she was in for, and if Victor didn't make it, she needed to be ready to make Newman's next move. She skeptically questioned whether Adam was only there for her benefit, and he reiterated that she needed to lead the company, since he didn't "give a damn." She wondered why he was there if he didn't care, and she asked where his loyalties lay -- with the company, their dad, or himself.

Sage arrived at Crimson Lights, and she flashed back to Nick telling her that they had a lot to be grateful for. Nick entered and called to her, and they hugged. Sage said she'd been thinking about him all day, and he replied that he'd also been thinking about her. He praised her strength for handling the situation gracefully, and he applauded her for putting one foot in front of the other and going to work. Sage revealed that she didn't feel strong or graceful, and she was afraid she'd blown it.

Sage explained that she'd been doing fine at work until Sharon had shown up with Sully, and everything had flooded back about Christian and David. Sage mentioned that Sharon had offered to let her spend time with Sully whenever she wanted, since it might comfort her to be around the baby. Nick hugged Sage, who said she was grateful to Sharon because the little boy was all the therapy she needed.

Nick reported that his father had been well enough to go back to prison and to conspire with Adam from his hospital bed. Sage disclosed that she'd seen Adam that day, and Nick said he was sure Victor and Adam were up to something, so he'd told Victoria that he would step back in. He explained that he expected a power struggle at Newman, and he wanted to make sure Victoria stayed at the top. Nick recalled that Adam had repeatedly sworn that Chelsea and their family were more important than the company, but Adam was risking it all for Victor's approval, and he thought Adam didn't realize what he had.

At the prison, Ian observed that Victor didn't look well, and he was surprised that Victor hadn't found a way to stay in the hospital longer. Victor growled that unlike Ian, he didn't run from a threat. Victor said Ian had succeeded if he'd wanted to scare Victor, but Ian hadn't killed him. Ian replied that killing Victor wasn't his goal, and Victor threatened to have someone go after Ian if Ian managed to kill him. Ian swore that he hadn't arranged for the attack on Victor, and he gave his word that he didn't want Victor dead. Victor retorted that he didn't believe a word Ian said.

Ian reasoned that he'd have no reason to lie if he'd put Victor in the hospital, but Victor maintained that he didn't believe Ian. Ian stated that he'd only pretended to have power, and he pointed out that it would serve him well if the other inmates believed that he'd been responsible for Victor getting knifed, but Victor needed to know what he was up against. Ian reiterated that he hadn't been behind the attack, and Victor said he'd expected the person who'd stabbed him to flaunt it, but no one had. Ian thought they'd find out the culprit's identity soon enough.

Victor huffed that he didn't believe Ian's load of bull, since he'd put Ian back there, and he believed that Ian wanted revenge. Ian maintained that he wanted Victor alive, since he needed Victor to be the "ruthless bastard" he knew Victor could be. Ian asserted that they'd both end up dead if they didn't work together, and Victor stifled a laugh.

Newman turns down Jack's offer Newman turns down Jack's offer

Friday, April 8, 2016

At Billy's home, Kevin, Mariah, and Natalie fretted that they all had to give depositions about PassKey. Kevin asked how Billy planned to get them out of it, and Billy advised them to lie. Kevin balked at lying in a sworn deposition, and Mariah and Natalie agreed that it wasn't a practical solution. Billy suggested that they focus on the fact that no one had planned to dupe Victor, but Natalie pointed out that they had. Billy said they just had to keep their stories straight to keep Victoria from proving that they'd perpetuated fraud, and Natalie suddenly declared that she was in.

Natalie added that they just had to debug their own brains and install new truth into the hard drive, and she asserted that they'd made the right decision to ensure that Billy had gotten back what had been rightfully his. Mariah figured that she could handle lying in a deposition after she'd lied about being a ghost, and she begged Kevin to do it because she needed the money. Kevin pointed out that it would mean lying to his brother, and Billy pointed out that they'd all go down if one of them cracked.

At Crimson Lights, Summer was on the phone with Luca, freaking out about having to give a deposition. Nick walked in, and Summer hung up and asked if her father had known about the subpoena. Nick informed her that he was back at Newman, so he was the reason it had happened. Summer griped that Nick had subpoenaed her as if she were the enemy, and Nick explained that he'd wanted to talk with her before it had been delivered, since she was crucial to the case. Summer ranted that her grandfather had almost been killed in prison, but all Nick cared about was the company.

Nick swore that he was concerned about Victor, but he and Victoria had to protect Victor's company. Nick urged Summer to tell the truth, but Summer accused Nick of wanting her to incriminate her own mother. Nick said he was sorry that Phyllis had put Summer in that position, but Summer had information that was important to the company and the family. Summer whined that they were putting her in the middle once again, and Nick argued that Phyllis could make it all go away if she handed PassKey back to Newman. Nick lectured that looking the other way when someone had done something wrong just gave them permission to do it again, and he kissed Summer's cheek and left.

At the Athletic Club bar, Phyllis tossed her subpoena in front of Michael and wondered if it was the reason why he hadn't returned her calls, and Michael flatly stated that he was unable to practice law and was in the process of being disbarred. Phyllis swore that she would go to the bar association to beg them to understand, but Michael snapped that it was too late. Jack offered to help in any way they could, and Michael suggested that they show up on time for the deposition. Phyllis acknowledged that Michael was upset that they'd lost their gamble to take Victor down, and Michael coldly pointed out that she hadn't been the one who'd lost her job and reputation. Phyllis asked what she could do to get Michael to forgive her, since she needed his help more than ever, and Michael bitterly questioned what else he could lose for her.

Phyllis asked if Michael had hated her since their day in court, and Michael demanded to know why she'd never told him about the millions she'd stood to make on PassKey. Michael mentioned that the tabloids were picking over all of his past crimes for his son to read about online, and he proclaimed that he'd done enough for Phyllis. Michael walked off, and Jack noted that the repercussions of Phyllis' bad decisions were just starting. Phyllis refused to hand over the project's success to Victoria, and she was sure Billy wouldn't let it happen. Jack asserted that Billy wasn't calling the shots anymore, and he vowed to straighten out the matter himself. Jack stalked out.

Later, Billy approached Phyllis, and Phyllis informed him that Jack had been furious about the subpoenas. Billy reported that his co-conspirators planned on sticking to the script, but Phyllis pointed out that he was forgetting about two key witnesses -- his brother and her daughter. Billy had confidence that Phyllis could get Summer under control, but Phyllis said it wouldn't work with Jack. Billy groused that Jack had to stay out of his way, and Phyllis revealed that Jack had likely gone to Newman after he'd stormed out. Billy suspected that Jack was about to hand PassKey back, and he refused to let Jack take it away from them.

Across the dining room, Lily and Cane voiced their disapproval to Devon about Hilary exploiting Ashley's medical condition to get a job title. Devon conceded that Hilary had crossed the line, but he was sure his wife was making amends at that very moment. Devon defended that Hilary had gone "through hell," and she had been willing to do whatever it had taken to get her life back, but Lily reminded him that Hilary was capable of serious damage. Devon asserted that neither he nor Hilary would do anything to blow their second chance at a life together, and he hoped Lily and Cane could get past it. After Devon departed, Lily remarked to Cane that Hilary had changed in one way, since Hilary no longer tried to hide that she was a vicious, conniving backstabber.

Lily and Cane congratulated Phyllis on PassKey, and they mentioned that they'd be using the product at the club. Phyllis credited Billy with having the right vision, and she stepped aside to take a call. Lily suspected that Cane wished that Chancellor had made a play for PassKey, and he regretted that it had slipped away because Jill had been traveling. Cane admitted that he had a good job, but he wasn't passionate about it, and Lily encouraged him to find a new challenge to be passionate about. He murmured that he was passionate about her, and they embraced.

At the lab, Abby snarled that at least Hilary had had the decency not to show up, and Ashley agreed that it was a relief not to see Hilary, but she wondered where Simon was. Stitch marveled that Simon had treated two different conditions and had eradicated both issues, and Ashley remarked that Simon would never hesitate to tell people how brilliant he was. Abby worried that Ashley wasn't up to being there, but Ashley exclaimed that she had a future, and she couldn't feel any better than she did. Hilary sauntered in and ordered them to get back to work, and Abby warned her to run fast before Abby took Hilary down herself.

Hilary stated that there was no need for threats, since they'd produced something impressive and profitable, and she thought they should focus on that. Hilary proposed moving forward with the FDA testing, and she inquired whether Stitch had analyzed Simon's information. Stitch announced that Ashley had proven that Simon's work was solid, and Hilary referred to herself as living proof. Hilary wanted to plan a splashy announcement, and she expected Ashley to follow her into her office, but Abby slammed the door in Hilary's face.

Stitch urged Abby to calm down for the baby's sake, but Abby replied that the baby didn't want to see anyone torture Ashley. Ashley assured Abby that Hilary couldn't possibly torture her, and she wanted the world to know that Simon had saved her. Ashley was surprised that Simon wasn't there to work on his presentation, and Stitch said Simon didn't want to be there because he was in love with his patient. Ashley reasoned that she and Simon had become friends, and Abby questioned whether Ashley found him repulsive, but Ashley said Simon was brilliant and that he made her laugh.

Stitch revealed that Simon had seemed interested in Ashley's personal life, so he'd asked Simon if he was in love with Ashley, and Simon had said something about love being the most powerful force in the universe that couldn't be broken down to a molecular level. Abby figured it had to be true because Simon had evaded the question, but Ashley wondered why Simon wasn't there if he was madly in love with her. Stitch surmised that Simon was afraid that she didn't feel the same way. Ashley said she'd been fighting for her life, and Simon had fought for her when she hadn't been strong enough to fight for herself, but she doubted it was love.

Abby commented that she'd seen the way Simon had been protective of Ashley, but she thought he wasn't great with emotions, so he wouldn't lay things out on the line. Abby teasingly asked where Ashley's boyfriend was, but Stitch suggested that they focus on dealing with "the cobra in a business skirt" instead. Hilary opened her office door and ordered Ashley inside, and Ashley complied. Abby huffed that her mother hadn't survived to be bossed around by a witch, and Stitch asked what Abby was going to do about it. Abby said she had an idea.

Stitch and Abby researched flowers online, and Abby imagined planning her mom's wedding. Stitch suggested that she let Ashley and Simon get together on their own, but Abby contemplated what to write in a note to make Ashley believe it was from Simon. Stitch questioned what would happen when Ashley and Simon received flowers and notes from one another, and Abby envisioned them going to thank one another and ending up in a romantic kiss.

Meanwhile, in the office, Hilary preferred to keep Simon out of the public eye, but Ashley argued that he deserved credit. Hilary griped that he'd bore people with talk about physics, but Ashley anticipated that the press would be interested in what he had to say. Hilary crowed that they'd be interested the minute Hilary walked into the room, and Devon arrived. Hilary declared that the man funding the project should have the final say. Devon thought they needed to show the science and not just the business side of the research project, and he believed it would undermine their credibility if they kept Simon in the shadows. Hilary asked to speak to her husband alone.

Ashley exited the office and found a bouquet of flowers bearing a card with her name. Stitch and Abby peeked in as Ashley read the card, which said that she was the only cure Simon needed.

Hilary testily asked if Devon was trying to save her from herself like he had with the foundation, and he replied that he'd just been giving his opinion. He urged her to stop alienating people, since they didn't know her like he did, and she questioned whether he knew exactly who she was. Hilary recognized that they loved one another, but she wasn't a child who he needed to teach a lesson. She complained that he'd once been on her side, and he assured her that he still was, but she'd been different since the accident. Hilary refused to apologize for who she was, and she intended to get all that she'd ever wanted. She warned him not to think that he could sabotage her progress.

Jack called out for Victoria at Newman, but he was surprised to find Nick in the CEO's chair. Nick explained that he was back, and he and Victoria were going to run the company together. Jack recalled that Nick had fought hard to free himself from Newman, but Nick remarked that sometimes family called, and he'd needed to step up. Jack hoped they could straighten out the PassKey mess between them, and he suggested that they make a deal to keep their families from fighting over PassKey.

Jack recounted that he and Victoria had talked about the feud between their families, and they'd agreed that it didn't make sense anymore, since they were all connected. Jack contended that the lawsuit had made it worse, but Nick countered that they couldn't just drop it. Jack said they could if Jabot cut Newman in on the profits, but Nick questioned whether Newman would get any credit. Jack argued that Jabot had finalized the project, and he pointed out that Newman could share in the profits without any effort or expense. Billy burst in and told Nick to forget whatever Jack had offered because it wasn't going to happen.

Jack ordered Billy to go away and let him handle it from there, and Nick said Jack's idea had merit. Billy asserted that Passkey was his, but Jack noted that Natalie's contract was with Jabot. Billy argued that Jabot needed every dime after they'd forked over millions to Newman, but Jack retorted that they'd had to pay out the sum because of Billy's involvement with Paragon. Jack urged Nick to take the proposal to Victoria, and Billy inquired why Victoria wasn't there. Nick replied that she was in a meeting, but if she saw Billy, she would walk the other way.

At Crimson Lights, Kevin, Mariah, and Natalie went over their history with PassKey, and they decided to pretend that Natalie's delivery of an old version of the software to Victor had never happened. Kevin grumbled about lying, and Mariah guessed that he was worried about Michael seeing into his soul. Summer passed by, and Kevin referred to her as the girl who could call them all liars. Summer said she hadn't volunteered to give a deposition, but she had to tell the truth about Natalie working behind Victor's back, and she whined that she'd have to implicate her own mother in her statement. Mariah thought that was more reason to massage the facts, and Michael overheard and warned them against lying in a sworn deposition.

Michael compared giving a sworn deposition to being on the witness stand, and he cautioned that they could be charged with perjury if they lied. Michael added that Kevin and Mariah both had records, so a judge might go for the maximum sentence, and he imagined that few people would be willing to invest in Natalie once she was out of jail. Michael asked to speak to Kevin alone, and the young ladies stepped out to the patio. Michael advised Kevin that the Abbotts and Newmans were out for blood, and they didn't care if Kevin's got spilled in the process.

Michael warned that Kevin would be on his own in the deposition, and he stressed that Kevin needed to protect himself, not Jabot or the Abbotts. Kevin compared it to how Michael had tried to protect Phyllis, and Michael pointedly noted where it had gotten him. Michael stated that it wasn't Kevin's fight, and he implored Kevin not to let it be his loss.

Meanwhile, Mariah encouraged Summer to think about how traumatic Summer's deposition could be to Phyllis, and Summer grumbled that she was the one caught in between her parents. Natalie pointed out that at least Summer had parents, but Natalie had no one, and she'd have nothing left if PassKey was taken away. Mariah added that she had no money of her own, and she wasn't Cassie or a Newman. Natalie was certain that Summer's parents would forgive Summer, but Natalie and Mariah would have nothing if they lost PassKey.

Jack and Billy returned to the Athletic Club, and they created a scene when they argued about PassKey. Cane intervened, and Phyllis suggested that the brothers sit down and converse rationally. Lily admired Cane's instinct to keep the peace, but she suspected that he wished he was helping to decide the fate of the business world. Lily called Cane a special man with bold ideas, and she didn't want him to feel like he was moving backwards. Cane imagined that on his deathbed, he'd talk about how much he loved her and their family and not about how he wished he'd worked more.

Billy contended that PassKey had generated consumer confidence and an influx of capital, and he blasted Jack for wanting to give it away. Billy accepted responsibility for Jabot having to pay Newman 500 million dollars, but Phyllis pointed out that Jack had written the check because she hadn't been ready to tell the world what Marco had done to her. Phyllis told Billy that Jack had done amazing things for both of them, and they'd be fools not to trust him. She wondered if Jack had a deal in play, and Jack spotted Nick enter the club and thought they were about to find out.

Nick said he and Phyllis had to have a conversation about Summer, but he wanted to deal with PassKey first. He announced that Victoria had declined Jack's offer, since she believed that Newman was entitled to PassKey in its entirety, and the lawsuit would move forward. Phyllis testily asked whether Nick wanted to talk about Summer or get more marching orders from his sister, and Nick took off. Jack admonished Billy for spoiling their chance at a peaceful resolution, and Billy questioned whether Jack had ever considered that they might win the lawsuit. Jack stormed out to do damage control, and Billy called out that he'd see Jack in court.

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Multi-soap vet Michael Tylo dead at 73


Multi-soap vet Michael Tylo dead at 73
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