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Natalie cut Mariah out of the PassKey deal. Dylan insisted that Nikki stay with him and Sharon. Sharon dreamed of Patty insisting that Sharon wasn't pregnant. Summer had sex with Luca. Max planted fishing wire on the Athletic Club stairs, causing Abby to fall and lose the baby.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of April 18, 2016 on Y&R
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Victor's Harsh Words Stun Victoria Victor's Harsh Words Stun Victoria

Monday, April 18, 2016

At the prison, Victoria requested a visit with her father. The warden, Mitch Pulman, explained that Victor had already refused a visit from Nikki. Victoria insisted that her father wouldn't refuse to discuss business with her, and she handed Mitch a note to deliver to Victor. Mitch entered an exam room, where Dr. Meredith Gates had dressed Victor's stab wound. After Mitch told Victor that Victoria was waiting to visit her father, Victor refused to meet with her.

Mitch gave Victor the note from Victoria, but Victor tore it to pieces without reading it. After Mitch stepped out, Meredith placed the pieces of the torn note on a table and scolded Victor for tearing apart the note. Victor said it was none of the doctor's business. Meredith said that Nikki and Victoria had gone to a lot of trouble to visit.

Meredith asked Victor what he was afraid of. Victor noted that he wasn't afraid, and he noted that he hadn't requested special accommodations despite the possibility that he might be stabbed again. Meredith said Victor had told her that the most dangerous place was being at home with his family. Victor let down his guard when Meredith recited the lines of a familiar poem.

Victoria was disappointed when Mitch returned and said that Victor wouldn't meet with her. Victor spotted Victoria in the hallway after she stepped out of the room. In a visitor room, Victoria proudly told her father that she'd avoided a legal battle over PassKey. She added that Jabot would evenly share the profits with Newman Enterprises. Victor wasn't impressed and said he wouldn't have settled with the Abbotts or given them half of anything. Victoria replied, "Well, with that attitude, we would've lost it all."

Victor pursed his lips as Victoria listed the benefits of settling the matter out of court and stressed that Summer would no longer have to lie under oath. Victoria added that Billy was out at Jabot, a part of the deal that wasn't negotiable, she explained. Victoria pleaded with her dad to admit that she'd handled the matter perfectly. Victor said he'd be proud had Victoria put the company first. Victor cried, "You made this deal so this useless punk, Billy Boy Abbott, would come back into your arms."

Victor admitted that Victoria excelled at business, but he added that for her, Billy was a fatal flaw. Raising his voice, Victor said, "He's the reason you settled for fifty cents on the dollar! He's the reason you took your foot off the neck of Jabot! You could've gotten the money. You could've killed them!" Victor rapped his knuckles on the table to make his point.

Victor briefly winced in pain before yelling that Victoria had allowed her heart to rule her head. Victoria quietly replied, "What good is it being on top if you have no one to share it with? That's your fatal flaw, Dad, and I'm so glad that it skipped a generation." Victoria told her father that even though he'd shut off his relationship with his family, she'd welcome him back to a better company after his release. As Victoria walked out, Victor yelled that he was in prison because of his family.

After Victoria left, Mitch asked Victor about his visit with Victoria. Mitch said he was concerned about his inmates. Victor dismissed Mitch's claims about caring for his inmates and mentioned the stabbing. Victor yelled that he never again wished to have visitors.

After Victor became irritated, Meredith intervened and sent Mitch away. Meredith noted that Victoria's visited had reopened Victor's emotional wound. Meredith opened the door and sent the eavesdropping guard away. Meredith said she knew that Victoria had gotten to Victor. Victor refused to talk and attempted to summon the guard.

At the Genoa City Athletic Club, Natalie, having undergone a makeover that included ditching her eyeglasses, squinted to read the menu. Kevin suggested ordering a pricey wine and caviar. Mariah refused to splurge prematurely on a celebration. Mariah said, "There's no guarantee that we're going to see a dime from PassKey profits, a fact that you two seem to want to ignore." Kevin reminded Mariah that they'd all stuck to their stories during their depositions, so Victoria, having nothing to substantiate her case, would drop the lawsuit.

Summer approached Kevin, Mariah, and Natalie and announced that she'd told Victoria the truth. Summer explained that at least her friends wouldn't have to lie on the witness stand or face a prison sentence. Kevin, Mariah, and Natalie insisted that Summer retract her story. Mariah told Summer that she only cared about herself.

Luca approached and said, "Someone needs to remind your friends that you were brave enough to do the right thing even when it meant going against your own mother." After Luca proclaimed that Summer had decided not to breach her moral code for easy money, Mariah noted that both Summer and Luca already had plenty of money. Kevin angrily explained that he and his colleagues had invested a great deal of time and energy on the project only to have the Newmans swoop in and take everything. Kevin, Mariah, and Natalie left.

At Billy's mansion, Jack arrived and saw Phyllis descend the stairs, wearing Billy's shirt and little else. Billy, shirtless, emerged from another room. Billy explained that he and Phyllis had taken a ride on his dirt bike through a muddy swamp. Jack informed Billy that he'd been fired from Jabot.

Phyllis noted that though they'd all twisted the truth, and Billy had fought for the sake of the whole family. Jack said that, given the circumstances, Billy had to be fired. Billy, confused, explained that Leslie had no evidence on which to base her case. Jack admitted that he'd made a conditional deal with Victoria so she'd back away from her lawsuit. Billy, completing Jack's statement said, "If you drop me."

Jack told Billy that Jabot would evenly split profits with Newman Enterprises, their silent partner. Jack noted that it was a better deal than they could've hoped for had the case gone to trial. Phyllis pleaded with Jack to direct his retribution at her because she'd lied and had convinced Summer to lie, too. Jack explained that Victoria had proof that they'd all committed perjury. Phyllis, realizing who'd sold them out to Victoria, replied, "Summer."

Jack told Phyllis and Billy that Victoria had enough evidence to annihilate them, so he'd had to meet her demands. Billy claimed that Jack had always embraced an opportunity to prove he was the righteous one. Jack asked Phyllis to leave with him, but Billy said she could stay. After Phyllis left the room, Billy noted that Victoria had turned him down when he'd made her the same offer. Billy accused Jack of throwing him under the bus just to secure the profits from PassKey. Billy warned that Jack couldn't drive him away from the company their father had built. Billy ordered Jack to leave. Phyllis accompanied her husband.

Billy, sipping whiskey, phoned Victoria and left her a message. Billy berated Victoria for having softened him up with invitations to spend time with their kids all the while planning to oust him from his job. Billy said Victoria had merely softened him up for the kill, and he congratulated her for being her father's daughter. After Billy ended the call, he poured himself another drink.

Kevin, Mariah, and Natalie arrived. They were shocked to learn about the deal Jack had made. After Billy explained that Jack had fired him, Natalie said, "If he's willing to get rid of you, what does that mean for us?" Billy said that though he was uncertain about the fates of his friends, he doubted they'd realize their anticipated windfalls. Kevin, Mariah, and Natalie each cried that their respective dreams had been crushed. Billy insisted that he'd figure out a way to get what they all deserved.

After Kevin, Mariah, and Natalie left the Genoa City Athletic Club, Summer began to have misgivings. She told Luca that Kevin, Mariah, and Natalie had been right about her privileged life. Summer said that standing on her principles had cost her nothing. Luca and Summer noticed when Jack and Phyllis, both looking sullen, arrived.

Summer apologized to her mother. Phyllis embraced her daughter. Summer was relieved when she learned that Victoria had dropped the lawsuit. Luca said they should celebrate. Phyllis immediately declined his offer. Summer and Luca walked away together.

Jack praised Phyllis for not seeking retribution from Summer. Phyllis expressed her disappointment at Jack for selling out Billy. Jack explained that he'd given Billy a chance to reclaim the woman he loved. Phyllis disagreed with Jack and said Billy would never embrace Victoria after she ended his dream. Jack said it seemed as though Phyllis didn't want Billy and Victoria to be happy.

Phyllis told Jack that if Victoria continued to treat Billy like he was a child in need of a lesson, it would drive him farther away. Jack said, "We are talking about Billy, right?" Phyllis said she wished Jack would refrain from condemning Billy whenever he disagreed with his brother's choices. Phyllis asked Jack why it had been wrong for her to fight for what she'd worked for. Jack cried, "I'm fighting to save my marriage." Phyllis seemed shocked by Jack's statement.

Natalie approached Jack and Phyllis. She asked Jack if his deal with Victoria had included cutting her, Kevin, and Mariah out along with Billy. After Natalie discussed the business terms with Jack, she returned to share the news with Kevin and Mariah. Natalie explained that Jack and Victoria would be giving her a significant amount of the profits because PassKey wouldn't exist without her. Natalie told Kevin she'd split her earnings down the middle with Kevin. Mariah, noting that Natalie and Kevin would share equally, asked how much she might get.

Billy stopped by Victoria's office at Newman Enterprises. Billy sarcastically noted that Victoria had acted so sweetly when she'd claimed that nothing would ever get between them and their children. Billy added, "I let my guard down for one minute, and you sucker-punch me." Billy pointed at Victor's portrait hanging behind him and noted that Victor was probably smiling at Victoria.

Victoria replied, "You're wrong. My father's not happy about this. He figured out the real reason why I wanted you fired." Billy replied, "What's that?" Victoria said, "You don't know? I did this for you."

Victoria told Billy that she blamed Phyllis for intervening in Billy's plan to change his ways. Billy said he'd made every decision on his own for his own reasons. With tears in her eyes, Victoria told Billy that he and Phyllis brought out the worst in each other. Billy suggested that Victoria was trying to save him like Nikki had tried to save Victor. Billy asked Victoria if she thought they might get back together. Victoria said she did. Billy replied, "You just made damn sure that that's never going to happen."

In an upstairs suite, Luca selected items from a menu for a celebratory meal. Summer asked Luca if it bothered him to know he'd been cut out of PassKey. Luca replied, "No. At this moment, I can't think of anything I'm missing out on. Seeing you happy is reward enough.

Summer kissed Luca, nixed plans to order room service, and lured Luca to bed. After the couple made love, Summer told Luca that she admired him for making his own way instead of relying on his father's money. Luca said that being with Summer had convinced him that anything was possible.

Seeing things from another perspective Seeing things from another perspective

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Paul visited Patty in prison, and she gleefully threw herself into his arms. He mentioned that Steve and Todd sent their love, and she relayed that she'd told her doctor that her brothers had protected her when she'd been a little girl and that they still did. Paul assured Patty that they always would, and she asked him to get her out of there. Paul told Patty that he couldn't take her with him, but she suggested that he have her sent back to Fairview. She indicated that the best part about Fairview was that "Dr. Sandy" was no longer around to force Patty to take medication she didn't need, since the doctor had died.

Paul gently pushed for details about Dr. Anderson's death, and Patty confirmed that she'd been present when the doctor had died because she'd been protecting the baby. Paul pressed to know why Patty had been protecting a baby from Dr. Anderson, and Patty was certain that he would have done the same thing. Paul asked whose baby it had been, and Patty said Paul knew the mother. Patty began to babble about the medicine there looking like candy, and she recalled a crystal candy dish that they'd had in their living room when they'd been young. Paul promised that he would have candy for Patty the next time, and she squealed in delight and ran off.

Sharon was surprised when Sage stopped by the cottage, since they were meeting at the Athletic Club for work later. Sage dropped off some drawings that Faith had wanted Sully to have right away, and Dylan noted that Sage hadn't needed to go out of her way. Sage worried that she'd woken Sully up, but Sharon said the baby had been awake for hours, and Sage asked if she could hold him. Dylan headed out as Sage fawned over Sully, and Sage commented that it was sweet of them not to mind that she'd barged in. Sharon reasoned that it was good for Sully to get love from a lot of people, and she was sure Christian would have dazzled people with his smile, too.

Sharon immediately wondered if she'd been wrong to mention Christian, and Sage said she missed both Christian and David. Sharon empathized that it had been painful when Shawn had decided to keep her baby, and she offered to do anything she could to help. Sage said she just needed the sounds and smells of baby Sully, and Sharon mentioned that the sitter would be there soon. Sage was disappointed that Sharon didn't plan to take the baby to work, and Sharon explained that it would be easier to concentrate without him there. Sage handed Sully back to Sharon and headed out, but she peeked back in through the window.

In Luca's hotel room, Summer woke up naked and alone in bed, and she saw a text message from Kyle on her phone, saying that he was thinking of her. A fully dressed Luca appeared, and he explained that he'd had an early meeting, but he'd ordered breakfast in bed. Summer nervously offered to leave, but he urged her to stay and share the food with him. He added that he didn't regret the night before, and he wondered if she did. Summer replied that she didn't, and he remarked that he thought they were exactly what the other person needed at that moment.

Summer bumped into Natalie in the Athletic Club foyer, and she spotted Natalie's shopping bags and remarked that Natalie had bought out the whole store. Natalie stated that she was aiding the economy with her PassKey profits, even though Summer had tried to keep her from making a dime. The women argued, but Luca interrupted when he raced down the stairs and handed Summer a piece of jewelry she'd left behind. Luca retreated upstairs, and Natalie realized that Summer was doing the walk of shame. Summer retorted that she had nothing to be ashamed of, but Natalie pointed out that Summer had a boyfriend. Summer spat that Natalie had no clue about human relations, and she questioned whether Natalie had ever had a boyfriend or even a friend.

Dylan stopped by Luca's hotel room, and he explained that the police had been monitoring Victor's activities since the attempt on his life, so he was aware that Luca had visited Victor in prison that morning. Luca insisted that he'd had nothing to do with the attack, but Dylan questioned why Victor had seen Luca when Victor had turned away his own family. Luca pointed out that Victor felt betrayed by his so-called loved ones, and he claimed that he and Victor had discussed Summer. Dylan inquired whether something was going on between Luca and Summer, and Luca slyly stated that a gentleman never provided details. Luca said he'd given Victor his word that he'd look out for Summer, but Dylan looked skeptical.

At Adam and Chelsea's penthouse, Adam told someone over the phone that he didn't understand, but he thanked the person for the call. Chelsea rambled about the news headlines that Newman had dropped the PassKey suit and that Billy had been fired, and Adam replied that he and Billy had one more thing in common, since Adam had just been fired, too. Adam struggled to find a reason why he'd been let go, and he revealed that his boss had sounded like he hadn't wanted to make the call. Chelsea questioned whose choice it had been, and Adam theorized that it had been someone who hadn't wanted him to take the job. She realized that he suspected Victor.

At Newman, Nick was stunned by the news of Billy's firing, since PassKey had been Billy's deal. Victoria grumbled that the project had been Billy's obsession, but he didn't have to worry about it anymore. Nick realized that she'd gotten Billy fired, and she explained that PassKey had taken Billy away from her, so she'd taken it away from him. She stood by her decision to drop the lawsuit, even if Victor had condemned her for it. She asserted that Victor had no faith in her, but she was capable of running her company and her life, and everyone had to live with the choices she made for both.

Victoria recounted that Victor had twisted the knife as much as possible when he'd told her that she wasn't tough enough to be CEO, but she hadn't backed down. Nick thought that was proof that she was tough, but Victoria lamented that Victor had said he hadn't cared when she'd told him that they loved him. Nick noted that Victor held onto his power by withholding his approval and affection, but he was sure their father would forgive them. Nick asserted that he was proud of Victoria for securing the deal and saving the company the bad press and a lot of money by not going to court, and he assured Victoria that she was perfect for the CEO chair and always had been.

Adam slowly clapped as he entered Victoria's office, and he sarcastically commended Victoria for managing to get both him and Billy fired. Adam was sure that Victor had been behind his firing but had gotten someone to do his bidding for him. Victoria asserted that Newman was the last place she wanted to see Adam, so even if Victor had called her, she would have opted to keep her world as "Adam-free" as it had been. Adam believed Victoria, but he maintained that Victor had been behind his termination. Dylan overheard as he walked in, and he concluded that Luca had been involved.

Dylan correctly assumed that Adam had been fired that morning, and he reported that Luca had visited Victor in prison earlier that day. Victoria guessed that it was part of Victor's plan to ensure that Adam took over the company, but Adam refused to let Victor hijack his life. After Adam left, Victoria grumbled that Victor had reached out to Luca instead of his own family, and she suspected that Victor had already been making a play to maneuver her out of the office when she'd visited him the night before. Dylan said Luca had claimed that he and Victor had discussed Summer, but Dylan didn't believe it, and he revealed that Luca had implied that he and Summer were more than friends. Nick vowed to put a stop to anything that was going on.

At the Athletic Club, Chelsea apologized for being late, and Sharon and Sage shared their ideas about the line's new website and how to market it. Chelsea distractedly agreed with everything, and Sage asked if something was wrong. Chelsea divulged that Adam had just been fired for no reason, but she clarified that the reason had been a person who'd had nothing to do with Adam's work. Sage and Sharon said Victor's name in unison, and Chelsea griped that he was still controlling the universe from prison.

Sharon understood that Victor's reach was a threat to normalcy for anyone who was married to a Newman, especially if grandchildren were involved. Sage added that she'd witnessed Victor's obsession when she'd been pregnant, and she confided that she'd had dreams about Victor taking her baby, but Victor had no longer been interested in her after she'd lost Christian. Sharon joked that one way to deal with it was to have a bipolar episode and marry Victor, and the women laughed. Sharon thought that having a sense of humor was the only way to survive, but Chelsea worried that Victor's shadow would always be over her family. Sharon assured Chelsea and Sage that their marriages could survive anything, including Victor.

Chelsea decided to finish sketching at home, and she left. Sage asked if Sharon was ready to pack it in, and Sharon spotted Nurse Stevens at the bar. Sharon claimed that she'd forgotten about a doctor's appointment, and she inquired whether Sage could relieve the babysitter and watch Sully. Sage happily agreed and headed out, and Sharon flashed back to her most recent encounter with Nurse Stevens at the hospital, when they'd discussed the unanswered questions about Dr. Anderson's death. Later, Sage sang to Sully at the cottage, but her voice trailed off when she remembered Patty singing the same song at Fairview. Dylan startled Sage when he walked in, and he asked if everything was okay.

At Crimson Lights, Kevin approached Mariah, who demanded to know if he'd convinced Natalie to give her part of the PassKey profits. He revealed that Natalie hadn't returned his calls or text messages, and Mariah grumbled that it was unusual, since Natalie usually couldn't stay away from him. Mariah ranted that she'd known Natalie had been shady from the beginning, so she shouldn't have been surprised that Natalie had had no problem cutting Mariah out of the idea. Kevin argued that PassKey had been Natalie's idea, but Mariah countered that Natalie hadn't done everything by herself.

Kevin pointed out that Natalie had cut him in on the deal, and Mariah contended that she'd also helped by putting herself on the line to make it happen. Kevin encouraged Mariah to look at it from Natalie's perspective, since Jack had left it up to Natalie to decide what to do with the money. Mariah expected that Kevin would have been furious if Natalie had cut him out, but Kevin thought Natalie would never do that. Mariah complained that Kevin didn't care that Natalie had left her high and dry, and she ordered him to tell Natalie that Mariah deserved her cut of the profits. "Or what, Mariah?" Kevin queried.

Kevin wondered if Mariah would move out or stop talking to him if Natalie refused to budge, and he asserted that he had no control over Natalie. Mariah groaned that she hated the situation, and she cared more about them than the cash. Kevin inquired whether she meant she cared about them as friends, roommates, or partners, and Mariah accused Natalie of cutting her out because Natalie wanted Kevin to herself. "There you are," Natalie cooed to Kevin as she entered the coffeehouse. Natalie apologized for not returning Kevin's calls, and Mariah imagined that Natalie had been out buying little black dresses.

Natalie suggested that she and Kevin speak privately on the patio, and she curtly asked Mariah to watch her bags for her. Summer approached Mariah and said Natalie had already gone off on her, so she didn't want another fight. Mariah conceded that there was someone she liked even less than Summer, since Natalie had decided to split the PassKey profits with Kevin and leave Mariah with nothing. Mariah added that Kevin was trying to convince Natalie to cut Mariah in, and she doubted it would work, but it was important to her that he was willing to try.

Kevin considered it life-changing that Natalie wanted to share the profits with him, and Natalie crowed that they were set for life, but they could make the next big thing if they wanted to. He said there was just one thing he wanted to discuss, but she cut him off and firmly stated that she'd made her decision. Natalie explained that she'd worked hard on the project, but Mariah had never been a real partner or a friend to her, yet Mariah had had her hand out for money from the beginning. Kevin recognized that the women hadn't bonded, but he contended that Mariah had helped the cause by talking him down and having their backs. He begged Natalie to reconsider.

Natalie maintained that her answer was no, since she'd waited her entire life for something like PassKey to happen, and it hadn't been a happy accident. She explained that she'd made something special, and she knew that Kevin felt the same way, but Mariah didn't want to make anything. Natalie expected that Mariah just wanted to insult people and cash a check, but she was glad the world didn't work that way.

Nick called to summon Summer to the office, and Summer urged Mariah to think about what she'd said about seeing things from another perspective. After Summer left, Kevin and Natalie emerged from the patio, and Kevin noted that no blood had splattered. Mariah said she'd had an oddly reasonable conversation with Summer, but she was more interested in Kevin and Natalie's talk. Natalie reiterated that nothing had changed, and Mariah calmly requested a word with Kevin. Natalie departed, and Mariah revealed that Summer had questioned why Kevin hadn't cut Mariah in on his share of the profits. Mariah thought it was a good question, and she asked him why he hadn't cut her in.

Summer greeted Nick and Victoria at Newman, and she thanked Victoria for taking Jack's offer. Nick said he'd called her there to talk about Luca, and he inquired how close Summer and Luca were. Summer became defensive, and Nick warned that Luca wasn't a good guy. Summer protested that Nick had no vote about who she dated, and Victoria wondered about Kyle. Summer replied that Kyle was in New York, and she was living her own life.

Nick cautioned that Luca used everyone and anyone to get what he wanted, and Summer accused Nick of behaving the same way Victor had when Victor had refused to accept Billy in Victoria's life. Summer asserted that she was an adult who made her own decisions, and she stalked out. Victoria encouraged Nick to give Summer time on her own to figure out that Luca was a jerk, but Nick worried that Summer would be hurt before then, and he wanted to save her the heartache. Victoria remarked that Victor was still moving them around like chess pieces, but Nick replied that the game wasn't over yet.

Luca stopped by the penthouse and told Chelsea that her husband had asked him there. Adam slammed Luca against the wall and angrily asked if Luca thought he could mess with Adam's life and get away with it. Luca ordered Adam to take his hands off or end up in a cell next to his father, and Chelsea pulled Adam away. Adam accused Luca of getting him fired at Victor's request, and Luca replied that there was only one way to find out if it was true. Adam guessed that it was time to talk to Victor.

Victor confides in Maggie Victor confides in Maggie

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

by Mike

Adam went to the prison to see Victor, who denied responsibility for getting Adam fired. Adam was skeptical because he couldn't think of any other possible reason for Victor's earlier meeting with Luca, but when Victor explained that he had simply warned Luca to stay away from Summer, Adam admitted that he actually found that believable. "Not everything is about you," Victor pointed out.

Changing the subject, Victor began complaining about the deal that Victoria had made with Jack, prompting Adam to guess that Victor was about to try once again to convince him to run Newman Enterprises. Victor clarified that he actually had someone better in mind: his more capable and more loyal son, Nick. "He has strength of character -- something you know nothing about," Victor added.

"What the hell am I even doing here?" Adam muttered to himself. Victor suggested that Adam kept crawling back to him, despite repeated threats to sever all ties, because they had unresolved father-son issues to address. Victor pointed out that he had used his influence and power to spring Adam out of prison. "[And yet] the reason I'm in here -- the reason my empire's falling apart -- is because you unleashed Paragon on my company! You are guilty, and you feel guilty! Wallow in it! But stop harassing me!" Victor shouted before summoning a guard to escort him back to his cell.

Adam tried to stop Victor but was unsuccessful. Frustrated, Adam started to leave, but the prison doctor stopped him and asked to talk to him about Victor. "I feel like we know each other," Adam mused. The doctor evasively tried to forge ahead with her questions about Victor, but Adam interrupted, recalling that they had met at some sort of judicial benefit she had attended with her father. "I don't remember much about it except the fact [that] he thought you hung the moon," Adam added. "Well, not anymore," the doctor replied.

The doctor introduced herself and observed that it seemed like Adam's meeting with Victor hadn't gone well. "Seems like you and I have that in common -- distressed paternal relationships," Adam mused. The doctor suspected that Victor's difficulties with Adam could be solved more easily than her father's difficulties with her. The doctor continued that, despite Victor's claims to the contrary, it was her belief that he cared deeply for his family and missed them all terribly. Adam skeptically countered that it was his belief that Victor was the most ruthless person he had ever met -- especially where family was concerned.

The doctor maintained that she was a good judge of character and truly believed that, deep down, Victor was just searching for forgiveness. Adam admitted that he had once felt the same way about Victor. "That's not him, though, you know? He doesn't care about that. He's a master manipulator; he's always manipulating. That's what he does. He doesn't do anything unless it's for a reason... My God. Including just now," Adam suddenly realized. Confused, the doctor wondered what Adam was talking about.

"He was working me, you know? He was baiting me. All this stuff about Nicholas being the good son -- he was... I'll be damned," Adam muttered before abruptly excusing himself. The doctor tried to stop Adam, but he insisted that he couldn't help her figure out how to deal with Victor. "But I will tell you this: watch your back," Adam warned before leaving. Meanwhile, alone in his cell, Victor recalled the things he had said during Adam's funeral a few years earlier, when Adam had been presumed dead after the car accident with Billy.

At the Athletic Club, Sharon watched as Nurse Stephens gave the bartender a kiss then headed outside. Sharon curiously approached the bartender, who introduced himself as Wes and wondered if he could help her. "I believe you can," Sharon replied, taking a seat at the bar.

As Wes poured a drink for Sharon, she casually asked if he had been talking to Angela Stephens earlier. Nodding, Wes wondered how Sharon knew his girlfriend. Sharon evasively replied that she and Angela had simply been running into each other a lot lately. Sharon tried to find out when Wes and Angela had started dating, but Wes shot her down, assuming that she was trying to hit on him. Laughing, Sharon assured Wes that she would never try to steal a friend's boyfriend. "I'm just looking for conversation," Sharon explained.

"Well, honestly, we've been off more than on lately," Wes admitted. Wes revealed that, just a few months earlier, Angela had suddenly broken up with him for no apparent reason. "You don't know what that woman's capable of," Wes added. Sharon assured Wes that her exes had probably done worse things. "Did she dump you at Christmas?" Sharon guessed.

"Not that bad. It was Halloween," Wes replied. Wes maintained that there had been no apparent reason for the breakup -- or the reconciliation that had happened just as randomly a couple weeks later. "Every time I brought it up, she refused to talk about it," Wes continued. Wes admitted that he was crazy about Angela and had therefore decided to just drop the matter and consider it an unsolved mystery.

Meanwhile, in her room upstairs, Nikki took a call from Ashley, who wanted to know if Nikki would be able to attend Abby's baby shower. Nikki claimed that she would have to miss the event due to a previous engagement. Ashley wondered if there was any chance that Nikki could at least make a brief appearance before or after her other commitments. "I'm afraid it's just impossible today. Give her my love," Nikki replied before ending the call.

At Sharon and Dylan's house, Dylan observed that Sage seemed distracted. Sage reluctantly admitted that something was bothering her -- and it was about Sully. Sage explained that Sully had seemed unusually anxious and fussy around her earlier, despite the fact that they had previously gotten along pretty well together. Dylan assured Sage that it was nothing personal; Sully was just teething at that time and was very temperamental as a result.

Sage informed Dylan that she was watching Sully because Sharon had suddenly remembered an appointment earlier. Dylan wasn't aware of anything Sharon had scheduled that day except her earlier meeting with Chelsea and Sage, but he only got to dwell on the matter for a moment before receiving an upsetting phone call from someone at the police station. After ending the call, Dylan contacted Nikki and wondered why she hadn't told him about her recent accident. Nikki insisted that she hadn't been in an accident. "Everything is fine. I'm so sorry -- I've got to run. Give the baby a kiss!" Nikki added before hanging up.

Dylan rushed off after asking Sage to watch Sully for a while longer. Sharon soon returned and apologized for leaving Sage stuck with Sully for such a long time, admitting that she had expected Dylan to beat her home. Sage clarified that Dylan had returned home earlier but had then had to leave suddenly. "He asked me where you were, and it got a little awkward. I didn't really like covering for you, Sharon," Sage added.

Sharon started to make up an excuse about a cancellation that had opened a spot for her at her dentist's office, but when she realized that Sage wasn't buying it, she admitted that she was keeping something from Dylan. Sharon assured Sage, however, that she wasn't having an affair; she simply didn't want Dylan to worry.

Sharon proceeded to tell Sage about the disturbing dreams she had been having lately. Sharon was surprised to learn that Sage had also been having disturbing dreams about Fairview lately. Sharon explained that, while Dylan thought it would be best for her to forget about the dreams and move on, she couldn't because they all seemed related to the day of Sully's birth.

Sharon continued that she had impulsively decided to snoop on Nurse Stephens earlier because she had been getting weird vibes from the woman. Sharon told Sage about her earlier conversation with Wes and admitted that although she didn't have any proof yet, she couldn't shake the feeling that Stephens' sudden breakup with Wes was somehow related to whatever her dreams were trying to tell her about her time at Fairview.

Sharon expected Sage to be on Dylan's side, but Sage encouraged Sharon to continue investigating the matter. Sharon assumed that meant she could count on Sage to babysit Sully anytime she uncovered a lead she wanted to pursue, but Sage was willing to offer more than that. "I'm gonna help you find out all the information we need to put our minds at ease," Sage promised.

Dylan went to the Athletic Club to see Nikki, who reluctantly let him into her room after he refused to go away. Nikki tried to claim that the cuts and bruises on her face were the result of a recent fall, but Dylan could tell that she was lying, so she hesitantly admitted that she had started drinking again because things had been pretty rough since Victor had been sent to prison. "I just feel so damn guilty," Nikki explained.

Dylan assumed that Nikki hadn't left her room lately because she had been drinking nonstop, but she assured him that she had simply been trying to hide her injuries from the world because they were a clear indicator that she had failed again. "Should I believe you?" Dylan gently asked. Nikki was horrified that she had broken Dylan's trust, but he insisted that wasn't the case. "Just be honest with me right now," Dylan advised.

Nikki admitted that she had been going to meetings and hadn't had anything to drink that day but couldn't say the same about the previous day. "I'm just so ashamed. And I feel so incredibly alone, Dylan. I'm so alone," Nikki tearfully added. Refusing to let Nikki feel that way any longer, Dylan invited her to move in with him and Sharon.

Nikki appreciated the gesture but insisted that putting her under the same roof with Sharon would be a very bad idea. Dylan pointed out that Sharon had been more welcoming since Sully's birth, but Nikki argued that there was a big difference between letting a mother-in-law visit her grandchild from time to time and letting her move into the guest room. Maintaining that the Athletic Club clearly wasn't the best place for Nikki to stay, Dylan added that he and Sully would love to spend more time with her. Smiling, Nikki hesitantly accepted the offer. "But don't get your hopes up. Sharon and I are nitro and glycerin," Nikki warned.

At Crimson Lights, Ashley, Neville, Esther, and Max were preparing for Abby's baby shower. Max fretted that he had forgotten to remind Ashley to buy tape when they had gone shopping earlier, but she assured him that Dylan probably had some in the coffeehouse somewhere. Max volunteered to help Esther search for the tape, leaving Neville to help Ashley carry the other supplies out to her car. Max suggested that Esther could check the office, and once the coast was clear, he went behind the counter and pulled out a box that contained tape -- as well as a spool of clear fishing wire. "Found it!" Max called out to Esther after pocketing the fishing wire.

Later, at the Athletic Club, Neville contacted Stitch, who was in bed with Abby in one of the rooms upstairs. Pretending that the call was from someone at the hospital, Stitch reluctantly promised that he would be there shortly. Stitch assured an understanding Abby that he would be right back then headed downstairs to help put the finishing touches on the baby shower.

After a brief talk with Neville, Stitch pulled Max aside and praised him for suggesting the baby shower, declaring that he was proud of Max for showing incredible maturity and compassion. "It's fun. And Abby totally deserves it," Max replied. Later, when the baby shower was ready to begin, Ashley contacted Abby and apologetically explained that she needed to drop Max off because an unexpected issue had just arisen. Abby assured Ashley that she understood and would be downstairs shortly.

Ashley, Neville, Stitch, and Lily rushed off to prepare the other guests for Abby's arrival, assuming that Max was right behind them. When the group returned to the foyer a short time later, they found Max waiting for them there. Ashley and Max took their places at the bottom of the staircase, and Stitch, Neville, and Lily headed off to wait with the other guests in the ballroom.

Abby soon appeared, and as she began to descend the staircase, she tripped on the fishing wire that Max had strung across one of the stairs, sending her falling to the bottom of the staircase with a scream. Ashley rushed to her aid, and as Stitch, Neville, and Lily joined her, Max looked on, smirking.

Will Stitch and Abby's baby survive? Will Stitch and Abby's baby survive?

Thursday, April 21, 2016

At Newman Enterprises, Victoria suggested to Nick that they use the profits from PassKey to fund a "startup incubator" to launch entrepreneurs who had dreams. Nick imagined that it would be like "babysitting a bunch of Natalies," and Victoria admitted that her gut told her it was a great idea, but her head said it would be a mistake. Nick urged her to get their dad out of her head and trust her own instincts, and he envisioned making the company all they'd dreamed it would be. Victoria suddenly remembered Abby's baby shower, and Nick offered to call the division heads to sell them on Victoria's idea.

At the Athletic Club, Ashley and Stitch begged an unconscious Abby to wake up. Simon led Max away and called for an ambulance, and Abby slowly awakened and whimpered that something was wrong. Stitch assured her that an ambulance would be there any minute, and Lily left to tell the guests about the accident. Max asked Cane about Abby, and Cane assured he boy that she would be all right. Abby begged Stitch not to let anything happen to the baby, and he promised he wouldn't. Victoria arrived as Ashley offered Abby words of comfort.

At the penthouse, Chelsea asked Adam what had happened with Victor, and Adam griped that his father had played more mind games. Adam revealed that Victor's grand plan was to hand the corporation over to Nick, and he ridiculed Nick's abilities as a businessman. Adam guessed that Victor had been trying to use reverse psychology, but he refused to fall for something that transparent. Adam declared that it was fine if Victor wanted to watch Nick run Newman into the ground, but he'd rather be unemployed than get sucked back into that world again. Chelsea exclaimed that she had the perfect job for him.

Chelsea asserted that she needed Adam's talents right there, and he amorously asked if she meant upstairs. She explained that Chelsea 2.0 needed a CEO, since she couldn't manage the company's rapid expansion and still focus on her designs. Adam worried that she might get sick of him if they spent that much time together, but she envisioned brainstorming over coffee breaks, and she purred that he wouldn't have such perks at any other job. She recognized that she was asking him to work on a smaller scale, but she believed the company could be something amazing that was all theirs. Adam proclaimed that he was in, and she cheered and threw her arms around him.

At Sharon and Dylan's home, Sage researched Angela Stephens online, but she found nothing out of the ordinary. Sage suggested that Sharon hire a private detective to look into the nurse's personal life, and Sharon remembered that Dylan kept a laptop at Crimson Lights that he used for police work. Sharon pulled out her keys and insisted that Sage check it out, and she mentioned that she'd once seen Dylan type in his password. Sharon was surprised when Dylan returned home unexpectedly with a bruised Nikki, and he announced that Nikki was going to stay with them for a while.

Sage asked if Nikki was all right, and Dylan replied that his mother was fine. Sharon wondered if something was wrong at the main house, but Dylan flatly insisted that Nikki stay, and he carried her suitcases in from the porch. Sharon and Sage silently stared at Dylan and Nikki as they headed off to prepare the guest room, and Sharon incredulously asked if that had just happened. Sage took it as her cue to get started on their project. Sharon wished Sage luck and showed her out.

Dylan returned downstairs and thanked Sharon, and she pointed out that she hadn't had a choice. She questioned why he hadn't asked her first, and he swore that Nikki really needed help. Sharon guessed that Nikki was drinking again, and she argued that they had a baby to think about. Dylan explained that Nikki blamed herself for the mess with Victor, and he reasoned that both he and Sharon knew what it was like to struggle. Sharon doubted that Nikki would accept help from her, but Dylan asserted that Nikki needed her family, and he knew there was enough love in the house to go around. Sharon reluctantly agreed to help.

Later, Nikki descended the stairs and called out for Dylan, but she found Sharon alone in the living room. Sharon mentioned that Dylan had needed to take care of something, and she made small talk about Dylan's job and her own work on Chelsea's line. Nikki disapprovingly noted that working took away Sharon's time with Sully, and Sharon offered Nikki a drink. Nikki gasped in surprise, and Sharon clarified that she could make some tea, but Nikki declined. Sharon rambled on about Faith making the honor roll and being a great big sister, but Nikki looked down at her phone and didn't respond. Sharon continued to try to make conversation, but Nikki snapped to cut the act before she became ill.

Sharon asserted that she and Dylan were married with a baby, so they were a family, whether Nikki liked it or not. Nikki admitted that she didn't like it any more than when Sharon had been married to Nick, but Sharon pointed out that she and Nick had overcome the pain and become friends. Sharon proposed that she and Nikki settle for being civil to one another, but Nikki condemned Sharon for trapping Dylan by getting knocked up. Sharon questioned why Nikki was there if she hated Sharon that much, and Nikki said it had been her son's idea. Nikki blasted Sharon for slapping on a smile and agreeing to it, since Nikki would be back in her suite if Sharon hadn't.

Sharon stressed that Dylan loved Nikki and wanted to help her, and she thought it would be good for Nikki to spend time with her new grandbaby. Nikki refused to pretend to be friends with Sharon just because they were forced to spend time together, and Sharon stated for the record that she loved Dylan. Nikki countered that Sharon had loved Nick but had hurt him, and Sharon admonished Nikki for insulting her when she was trying to make things work.

Nikki huffed that nothing would ever change the fact that Sharon was a gold digger, and Sharon retorted that the piles of Newman money had never changed Nikki, who was still the woman Victor had dragged out of the gutter. Sharon maintained that she and Nikki were family, and she suggested that they try to get along. Nikki half-heartedly agreed, but she picked up the fireplace lighter and referred to Sharon's proclivity toward burning things down. The women continued to verbally spar.

Dylan stopped by Newman to see Nick about Nikki, and he relayed that her guilt over Victor's trial and stabbing was eating away at her, so she'd started drinking again. Dylan informed Nick about the car accident, and he said he'd only found out about the incident because the driver had filed a police report. Dylan added that Victor had refused to see Nikki when she'd gone to visit him on their anniversary, and Nick blasted his father for trying to break her. Dylan reported that Nikki was staying with him and Sharon, and he departed when Nick received a phone call. Nick learned about Abby's fall from Victoria.

Dylan returned home and found Nikki and Sharon sitting on opposite ends of the room. He asked what had happened, and Sharon acknowledged that family was important to him, so she'd tried to make it work. Nikki grumbled that Sharon's phoniness had made Nikki's stomach turn, and the women argued. Dylan encouraged them to figure out a way to get along, since he loved them both, and he told them to keep the past in the past for Sully's sake. Nikki claimed she had a migraine, and she went upstairs to lie down. Dylan received a call about Abby's fall, and he said he had to get to the hospital.

At Crimson Lights, Sage looked nervous as she walked in, and she startled Esther at the counter. Esther explained that she'd been jumpy ever since the fire alarm had gone off the other day, and Sage complimented Esther's hair and compared it to Nicki Minaj's style. Esther didn't know who the rapper was, and Sage suggested that she look it up. Esther huddled over her phone to perform a search, and she barely noticed when Sage said she had to pick up something for Sharon in the office.

On the patio, Sage typed in the password on Dylan's laptop and searched the police database for Angela Stephens, and she found a file. Sage flashed back to the nurse telling her that there had been complications, and Christian hadn't made it. Adam and Chelsea interrupted, and Sage quickly closed the laptop. Adam asked if Sage was all right, and Sage claimed that she'd been working on a project for Chelsea's line, but she didn't want to show her progress until it was complete.

Chelsea understood, since she felt the same way about her designs, and Adam instructed Sage to send her work to him, too. Chelsea revealed that Adam had agreed to be the new CEO, and she gushed that he'd take the company to a whole new level. Adam led Chelsea away to check out new office space, and Sage crept back into the coffeehouse to return to the laptop while an oblivious Esther danced to music on her phone.

Later, Chelsea and Adam returned to the penthouse, and she marveled that it had been great to be back in the workspace that she'd once shared with Chloe. Chelsea added that Adam was "CEOing" already and looking good while doing it, and they kissed. She wondered if he was having second thoughts about taking the job, and he replied that he felt like she'd only offered it to him because she was afraid he'd go back to Newman if he had nothing else.

At the hospital, Abby cried that she was scared, and Stitch assured her that they'd get through it together. He explained that Dr. Gilbert would do an ultrasound to make sure everything was okay with the baby, and she contemplated what would happen if it wasn't. Stitch encouraged her to stay positive and to think about something she loved, like jelly beans. Abby replied that she loved him even more, and medical personnel wheeled in the ultrasound machine.

In the corridor, Ashley recalled that when Abby had hurt herself when she'd been little, it had only taken a kiss from her mommy to make it all better, and she wished it would work then. Simon praised Dr. Gilbert's exemplary record, and he told Ashley that Abby was in capable hands. Ashley asked how long it would take, and Simon replied that each case was different. Ashley and Victoria realized that they could only wait and pray.

Ashley noted that Abby already loved the baby, and she couldn't fathom something bad happening. Victoria said babies were resilient, and she added that any baby with Stitch and Abby's DNA would be a fighter. Ashley remarked that Abby had fought hard to get where she was, and she thought that Stitch believing in Abby had made Abby believe in herself. Victoria willed herself to believe that the baby would be fine, and Ashley softly stated that the little soul had already given them a lot of hope. Nick arrived, and Victoria informed him that they were still waiting for an update.

Simon assured Ashley that Abby would be just fine, since Abby had Ashley's strength. Ashley noted that he hadn't indicated that the baby would be fine, and she surmised that he thought the baby wouldn't make it. Simon recognized that the fall had created significant trauma, and Ashley applauded him for always telling it like it was no matter how hard it was to hear. She found his honesty oddly comforting, and he replied that it didn't mean he wasn't holding out hope for a miracle.

Victoria recalled that Abby had found out about her pregnancy when Victoria had just gotten engaged to Billy, and Abby had been excited to plan their showers together. Victoria guessed that Nick was thinking about Christian, and he questioned if there was ever a time she didn't think about the children they'd lost. Victoria didn't think she'd given Abby enough credit for walking out of Newman and standing up for herself, and she realized that Abby had grown into a strong woman. Victoria thought losing the baby would be unfair, and Nick asserted that Abby had Newman strength, so she would be okay. Victoria mumbled that she was beginning to think there was a Newman curse.

Abby mentioned that the pain had stopped, and she hopefully asked if it was a good sign. Dr. Gilbert said the ultrasound would tell them more, and Abby begged Stitch to tell her it would be okay. Stitch talked about the complexities of the human hand and how his work in science had allowed him to see how the universe was connected. He said he'd been bumping along in an empty place in life where only she had fit, like hands folding into one another. He continued that it had been an answer to a prayer when she'd entered his life, and their love had made a child, so it was pretty powerful stuff.

Stitch and Abby sobbed when they learned that the baby hadn't made it, and Dr. Gilbert said Abby needed to get into surgery right away. Stitch exited the room and tearfully informed everyone that he and Abby had lost the baby. Stitch wailed that he'd promised Abby that it would be all right, and he broke down in Ashley's arms.

Later, Ashley sensed that Simon had more information, and she reminded him that he'd always been honest with her. Simon gently informed her that the baby had been a girl, and he comforted a crying Ashley with a hug.

Sage arrived at the hospital and called Sharon with the news that Nurse Stephens had been Dr. Anderson's patient during the nurse's stay in a mental facility. Sharon wondered what Nurse Stephens had done to end up institutionalized, and Sage pushed Sharon to find out more about the nurse's relationship with Dr. Anderson from Nurse Stephens' boyfriend. Sage added that there was more, since she'd realized that Nurse Stephens had been the one who'd told her and Nick that Christian was gone.

Sage found Nick, who asked if she'd heard about Abby. She said she hadn't, but she deduced from his expression that something had happened to the baby. Nick confirmed that the baby was gone, and they hugged.

Abby rested in bed, and her eyes slowly opened. She called to Stitch, and he softly told her that he was right there. She whimpered that she was sorry, and she insisted that it was her fault that their baby was gone. He assured her that it had been no one's fault, and they sat in silence as they grieved.

At the club, Max crept up the stairs, unnoticed. Lily lamented to Cane that Max had been excited to do something for Abby to show he cared, but it had all gone wrong. Cane guessed that Max blamed himself. Meanwhile, Max removed the fishing line from the stairs and stuffed it into his pocket. Lily found Max and asked what he was doing, and Max covered by saying he was checking the carpet to see if it had been the reason she'd tripped.

Lily wondered if Abby's heel had gotten caught, and Max recalled that his dad had blamed Abby's shoes when she'd tripped earlier. Max said he hoped Abby and the baby were all right, and Cane said he had to check the video cameras. Max nervously inquired about the cameras, and Lily went to check the footage. Cane took Max to one of the hotel rooms.

Lily called Cane and reported that she'd rolled the footage back to Abby's fall, and it appeared that Abby had simply tripped. Cane asked if it hadn't been the carpet or the shoes, and Lily commented that it was weird but true. Cane offered to stay with Max, and he hung up. Max inquired whether the carpet or the shoes had been to blame, but Cane ignored the question and suggested that they put on a movie. Cane eyed Max as the boy stared at the screen.

At the bar, Lily thanked someone for calling, and Cane informed her that Max had fallen asleep. Lily sadly relayed that Abby had lost the baby, and Cane knew that Lily was thinking about the baby they'd lost. Lily remembered that she'd blamed herself even though it had been no one's fault, and she anticipated that Abby would do the same thing. Cane insisted that it had been an accident, and they embraced. Meanwhile, Max crumpled up the fishing line inside a piece of paper and buried it in the garbage can.

Max learns Abby lost the baby Max learns Abby lost the baby

Friday, April 22, 2016

In a hotel room, Max pictured Abby falling down the stairs, and he got out of bed and retrieved the fishing line from the garbage can. He tucked the fishing line into his pocket, picked up a handmade card, and headed out.

Downstairs at the Athletic Club, Cane and Lily discussed Abby's accident and the security footage, which had shown no sign of negligence. Sharon entered and asked if there had been any word about Abby, and Cane revealed that Abby was fine. Sharon inquired about the baby, and she assumed from the Ashbys' silence that Abby had lost her child. Cane recognized that it was hard for all of them to deal with, and he offered Sharon a drink. Sharon stared at the bartender.

Wes, the bartender, recognized Sharon, and she bemoaned that she'd just found out that the woman who had fallen earlier had lost her baby. Wes sympathized that it was awful, and he questioned how someone got over something like that. Sharon commented that his girlfriend was an expert, since Nurse Stephens saw both joy and heartbreak as a pediatric nurse. Sharon imagined the intense workdays that medical professionals experienced, and she asked if Wes's girlfriend took her work home with her or left it at the hospital.

Wes admitted that there were some things Angela preferred not to talk about, and Sharon noted that sometimes it was better to talk to a friend or even a shrink. Wes confided that his girlfriend had seen a psychiatrist after she'd been accused of helping older patients to die, and Sharon remembered reading about the "angel of death." Wes mentioned that Angela had seen a shrink at Fairview who had really helped her, and Angela had once said there was nothing she wouldn't do for that woman.

In the foyer, Cane stopped Max from leaving, but Max was adamant that he needed to see his dad. Max asked about Abby and the baby, and Lily offered to take Max to the hospital.

Billy answered his door, expecting that Phyllis had returned for another ride on his motorcycle. He found Jack on his doorstep, and he coldly inquired whether Jack was there to confiscate his keycard to Jabot. Jack replied that he was there because their family needed both of them "now more than ever." Billy barked that Jack didn't get to kick him to the curb then play the family card, and he guessed that Jack expected him to smile for the cameras to promote PassKey, even though Billy was no longer on the payroll.

Jack told Billy that Ashley had informed him that Abby had fallen down a flight of stairs at her baby shower, and they were at the hospital. Billy asked about the baby, and Jack sadly shook his head. Billy recalled that Abby had been really excited about being a mom, and he felt terrible for Stitch after what had happened with Katie. Jack hoped he and Billy could set aside their differences for one night, and the men left together.

At the hospital, Abby cried to Stitch that it had been her job to provide a safe place for their baby to grow, and she blamed herself for wearing heels. Stitch insisted that her fall had been an accident and that no one was to blame, and he pulled a despondent Abby into his arms. Stitch held Abby's hand and recalled that he'd been relieved when he'd returned from Afghanistan, in part because he'd thought he'd never have to see that amount of pain or suffering again, but he'd been wrong. Abby thanked him for not saying that everything happened for a reason, and he replied that there was no possible reason for any of it.

Stitch asked Abby how he could make things better, but she didn't know. He swore that they'd be parents one day, and he noted that she and Max had ended up in a good place. Abby suddenly recoiled, and Stitch asked what was wrong. She said she'd experienced a sudden chill, and he covered her in a blanket, grateful that there was something he could do for her. She requested that he hold her, and he readily obliged.

In the waiting area, Ashley asked Victoria, Nick, and Sage if they'd heard anything, and Victoria reported that Stitch was still in Abby's room. Ashley confided that she'd fought the urge to go back to the lab and bury herself in work, and she felt like a horrible mom for wanting to run away when her daughter needed her. Victoria pointed out that Ashley was still there, and Nick and Sage headed out. Ashley tearfully ranted about the war between the Abbotts and the Newmans when the baby had been part of both families. Victoria regretted that it had taken a tragedy for them to band together, and the women hugged.

Dylan raced into the hospital, and Ashley told him that Stitch was heartbroken but trying to be strong for Abby. Dylan understood how badly Stitch had wanted the baby, and he felt sorry for the couple. Ashley inquired whether Nikki knew about the accident, and Dylan claimed that his mother was sick at home with Sharon. Victoria questioned what he meant, and Dylan revealed that Nikki was staying with them for a little while. Victoria thought Stitch would be glad to see Dylan, and Dylan wondered why some people got lucky and some didn't.

Stitch informed everyone that Abby was exhausted, but he thought she could use some mother-daughter time. Ashley asked how he was doing, and she hugged him before going to see Abby. Stitch thanked Victoria for being there, and she left to grab some coffee. Dylan and Stitch embraced, and Dylan expressed his condolences and wondered how he could help. Stitch recalled the many times that he'd had to calmly deliver bad news to his patients' families, and he questioned how he was supposed to accept it and move on.

Dylan advised Stitch that the grief for what he'd lost would become part of him, but things would get better eventually. Dylan asserted that Stitch had Abby, and the couple could manage anything together. Max burst in and inquired about Abby and the baby, and Stitch pulled him aside to talk. Cane asked Dylan if there would be an investigation, but Dylan thought there was no reason for the police to be involved, since the club hadn't been at fault. Dylan added that it was hard to accept that bad things just happened sometimes.

Stitch informed Max that Abby had lost the baby, and he recognized that Max had been excited to become a big brother. Max asked how Abby was doing, and Stitch explained that she blamed herself for falling down the stairs, but it had been an accident. Stitch added that they needed to be supportive and give Abby all the love they had, and Max cringed. Stitch anticipated that they would all be hurting for a while, but he promised it would get better in time. Max looked away, and Stitch implored the boy to talk to him.

Stitch guessed that Max was feeling guilty, and Max nervously asked how his father had known. Stitch recalled the times when Max had wished Abby wasn't part of their lives, and he imagined that Max thought one of those wishes had been powerful enough to cause Abby to trip, but he swore that was impossible. Stitch reiterated that it had been an accident, and he knew that Max hadn't wanted bad things to happen, since Max was a kind, loving kid who had done nothing wrong. Lily and Cane approached and offered to let Max stay with them that night, and Stitch thanked them. Stitch got up to check on Abby, and Max handed over the homemade card and requested that Stitch give it to her.

Victoria called Hannah and thanked her for staying late, and she asked the babysitter to give the kids a kiss for her. Billy overheard and said to give them one from their daddy, too. Victoria informed Jack and Billy that Ashley was with Abby, and she mentioned that Stitch was devastated but wouldn't let anyone help him. Jack recalled that Stitch and Abby had been full of joy and promise when they'd gotten married, and Billy remarked that there had been a lot of broken promises and crushed dreams since New Year's Eve. Victoria said there was still hope even when the worst happened, but Billy guessed that Abby and Stitch didn't believe that any more than he did.

Ashley wrapped her arms around Abby and acknowledged that things seemed hopeless, but she thought Abby and Stitch could try to have another baby when they were ready. Abby whimpered that she didn't want another baby because she'd wanted that one, and she wondered if it had been a sign that she wasn't meant to be a mother. Ashley asked if Abby had loved her baby, and Abby replied that she'd loved her child more than she'd ever thought possible. Ashley was sure that Abby was ready to be a mommy, and she suggested that Abby just ask Max. "Or not," Abby grumbled, but Ashley thought winning Max over had proven that Abby was ready for motherhood, and she encouraged Abby to trust her instincts.

Ashley exited Abby's room, and she told Stitch that it had been difficult to see Abby like that. Stitch suggested that Ashley go home, but she refused to leave Stitch and Abby. Ashley sobbed that Abby was broken, and Stitch vowed to put his wife back together. He hugged Ashley, and she protested that she should be the one comforting him. Stitch returned to Abby's side.

Abby awakened with a start and told Stitch that her dream had felt real. She recounted that in her dream, she'd been happily pushing a baby swing in the park, but she'd realized the swing had been empty. Stitch swore that one day, it wouldn't be a dream, and the swing wouldn't be empty. Stitch revealed that the doctor had told him that he could take her home in the morning, and he presented her with the card Max had made for her. Max had drawn a blue flower on the front, and inside he had written, "Forget me not, Max."

Stitch observed Abby's stricken reaction, and she noted that the card was very sweet, but she'd never be able to forget their daughter. Stitch assumed that Ashley had told Abby that the baby had been a girl, but Abby said she'd already known. Abby explained that she'd wanted the baby to be a girl because she'd wanted to see the way their girl looked at him -- the way only a daughter could look at her father. They embraced, and Max peeked in and glowered at them.

Jack, Victoria, and Billy approached Ashley, and Ashley wished it had been the baby's birth that had united the three of them. Ashley revealed that Abby wasn't doing well, and Billy assured Ashley that she didn't have to be the strongest one in the room, since she had backup. Ashley credited Victoria with being the strong one, and she realized that they had to call Traci, but she couldn't handle it right then. Jack held Ashley while she cried. Billy reached out to Victoria, but she turned away to throw out her coffee cup.

Later, Ashley remarked that she hadn't thought she'd had more tears left to cry, and she wondered where Billy had gone, but Jack didn't know. Ashley said it had been good to see Jack, Billy, and Victoria together, and she hoped it meant things had improved, but Jack stated that Billy was still fired. Jack asserted that their little brother had needed a wakeup call, since Billy's life had been spinning out of control for a while, and Billy's personal life had started bleeding into Jack's. Jack mused that life was short and that real opportunities for happiness didn't happen often, and he hoped Billy realized it before it was too late.

Ashley hoped Jack took his own advice by holding onto the happiness he'd found with Phyllis, and she urged him to talk about what was going on with him. Jack insisted on talking about Ashley instead, and Ashley dreaded what Abby was going to face over the next few months. Jack suggested that they get through the night first, and she asked if he was "twelve-stepping" her, but she admitted it was working. She envisioned a day when they would gather there again, and Stitch would walk out with a big smile on his face and announce whether Abby had given birth to a boy or a girl. Jack teased Ashley about becoming a grandmother, and the siblings hugged.

Victoria stopped by to see Billy at his home, and she explained that she'd gotten halfway home, but she'd turned around to make sure he was okay. She was sure that Abby's loss had stirred up memories of Delia, and she hadn't been able to stand the thought of him going home to an empty house. Billy thanked Victoria for thinking about him, but he reminded her that he wasn't her problem anymore. Victoria swore that she didn't think of him as a problem, and she suspected that he was hurting. She stammered that she should just go, but he stopped her and asked her not to leave.

Billy said he hadn't need a reminder about Delia, since he'd felt like his new home had been missing something, and he recalled that Delia had loved the estate. He imagined Delia living there with him, and Victoria envisioned the girl painting the mansion pink. Victoria softly stated that Delia didn't just live on in photographs, but Delia lived on in the tree they'd planted for her in the park, and Delia lived on in Billy. Victoria asserted that Delia would live as long as Billy lived, and Billy tried to believe it. He offered Victoria a drink, but she declined. She wished him a good night and departed, and Billy gazed lovingly at a photo of him and Delia.

At Crimson Lights, Nick observed that Sage was quiet, and he admitted that he hadn't been able to stop thinking about Christian the whole time they'd been at the hospital. He added that nothing had been the same since the nurse had told them that Christian was gone, and Sage recognized that life since then hadn't been great. Nick acknowledged that the year had been one calamity after another, but Sage recalled that a wise man had once told her that when everything seemed like it was going wrong, things could turn around in a moment. Sage answered a call from Sharon, who revealed that she'd learned something huge about Nurse Stephens. Sage invited Sharon to join them at the coffeehouse.

Sharon arrived and asked to borrow Sage for a minute to discuss work matters. Dylan approached Sharon and was surprised that she wasn't at home with Nikki and the baby, and Sharon explained that a sitter was with Sully and that Nikki had been asleep. Dylan apologized, and he said he'd just gotten back from seeing Stitch. Nick offered to buy Dylan coffee while the women talked shop, and the men approached the counter. Nick asked whether Nikki and Sharon were getting along, and Dylan compared it to living with the Hatfields and the McCoys.

Sharon whispered to Sage that she hated to keep things from Dylan, but she feared that he wouldn't be supportive of their investigation into Nurse Stephens' background. Sage replied that she'd held off on telling Nick anything until she and Sharon had something solid, and Sharon divulged that Wes had confirmed that the nurse had owed Dr. Anderson her reputation, sanity, and career. Sage wondered how Nurse Stephens had repaid the doctor.

Sharon relayed Nurse Stephens' history as the "angel of death," and she revealed that Wes had said the nurse had claimed she'd been wrongfully accused. Sage suspected that there was more to it, but Sharon was more interested in the Dr. Anderson angle. Nick and Dylan interrupted, and Dylan suggested that he and Sharon get home to Sully. Nick thanked Sharon for looking out for Nikki, and Sage and Sharon agreed to talk in the morning.

Nick was impressed that Sage seemed calm and serene despite all the memories that Abby and Stitch's loss had dredged up, and Sage credited Nick for giving her hope. She added that she couldn't explain it, but she felt hope in her heart, and she didn't want to let it go.

Sharon tossed and turned as she slept on the sofa, and she dreamed that Patty clasped a hand over her mouth and warned her to be quiet, since Dr. Anderson would kill Patty if the doctor found her there. Patty insisted that there was no baby and that Sharon wasn't pregnant. Sharon awakened, and she saw Dylan holding Sully and telling the baby that they were blessed to have him in their lives.

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