The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of April 25, 2016 on Y&R

Abby accused Max of causing her miscarriage. Kyle and Summer broke up. Kevin and Natalie kissed. Victor plotted to sell Brash & Sassy without Victoria's knowledge, and Billy purchased the division. Sage confronted Sharon about Christian's true identity. Sage died in a car crash.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of April 25, 2016 on Y&R
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Nikki Begs Victor for Forgivenes Nikki Begs Victor for Forgivenes

Monday, April 25, 2016

At the prison, Nick met with Victor. Victor asked about Newman Enterprises' financial report. Nick insisted that Victor should be more concerned about Nikki because she'd recently been involved in a serious accident. Nick berated Victor for having rejected Nikki when she'd tried to meet with him. Victor ignored Nick's comments and asked about Victoria's business acquisition. Nick said, "So that's it? Just forget about what Mom's going through?" Victor replied, "I already have."

Victor told Nick that he was more concerned about survival after having suffered a stab wound quite close to his heart. Victor angrily blamed Nikki for having put him in prison. Nick replied, "You put yourself here the second you hired some drug lord to be Jack Abbott. You did that, not Mom!" Nick said Nikki yearned to stand by Victor's side. Victor again blamed Nikki for having testified against him in court after he'd provided the best life possible for her. Nick said, "Stop pretending like you don't care." Victor angrily replied, "I don't!"

Nick mentioned Abby and her miscarriage and said he knew Victor had at least been concerned about her. Victor scoffed that unless Nick agreed to discuss business, their conversation was over. Nick pleaded with Victor to talk to Nikki because she felt lost without being connected to him. Nick said Victor should consider reconnecting with Nikki for the sake of their grandchildren. Victor glared at Nick when he warned that his father would regret rejecting his family for the rest of his life. Victor said he wouldn't forget that his family had all testified against him.

On the patio at the coffeehouse, Sharon met with Paul. Paul said he'd heard about Dylan and Sharon's houseguest. Sharon confirmed that Nikki was staying with them and realized how important it was for Dylan to help his mother. Sharon asked about Patty. Paul said Patty had been transferred to a facility with increased security. Paul happily reported that Patty had responded to new medication. Sharon seemed grateful to hear that Patty had become more lucid.

At Sharon and Dylan's ranch house, Dylan admitted to Nikki that he'd told Nick about her recent accident. Dylan added that he'd also mentioned to Nick that Victor had refused to see Nikki. Nikki said she'd grown tired of relying on vodka. Dylan asked Nikki how she'd feel if Victor changed his mind. Nikki said she wanted Victor's forgiveness, though wanting and receiving were two different things. Nikki said she yearned for Victor to know how much she loved him and how much she regretted having caused him so much pain.

Dylan, holding Sully, answered a knock at the door. It was Paul, and he greeted Nikki with a warm embrace. Paul mentioned his meeting with Sharon. Nikki said Sharon was probably anxious to get away from her mother-in-law. Paul noted that Sharon had expressed her concern for Nikki and was thankful she and Dylan could be supportive. Paul said it was better for Nikki not to be around Victor because he loved to have control over her. Nikki became distraught. Paul urged Nikki to free herself and not allow Victor to manipulate her. Dylan intervened and told Paul to give Nikki time to think. Nikki, upset, ran upstairs.

Paul surmised that Nikki had begun drinking again. Dylan said she had, so he'd been looking after Nikki and didn't want her to be alone. Paul said, "Sometimes you've got to face the truth, no matter how much it hurts." After Paul left, Nikki told Dylan that she understood why Paul hated how Victor had treated her.

Nikki admitted that Victor's actions hadn't changed how she felt about him. Nikki noted that both Dylan and Paul were very much alike. Dylan, referring to his role as a father, said he never wanted to disappoint Sully. Nick phoned his mother and told her he'd visited with Victor. Nikki was stunned when Nick announced that Victor had agreed to talk to her.

At the prison, Nikki waited to meet with Victor. After Victor entered the visitation room, Nikki smiled and said, "It's so good to see you." Victor gruffly replied, "Nicholas insisted." Nikki wiped away a tear and said she was very grateful for both Nick and Victor. Nikki admitted that she shouldn't have testified against Victor. Nikki told Victor that she regretted not helping him find his way back.

Nikki begged for Victor's forgiveness and vowed to do whatever was necessary to prove that she was remorseful. Victor said, "If you indeed do regret betraying me, then giving your proxy to Curtis Fielding on the board of directors will show that you are sincere." Nikki was stunned that Victor wanted to secure a business deal after she'd just poured out her soul and begged for his forgiveness. Nikki cried, "Victor, is that all that matters to you -- Newman Enterprises?" Victor yelled, "That is my company. That is my life! That is what matters to me! It's the only thing that will be here when I get out of here in ten years."

Nikki soberly reminded Victor that his family would be waiting. Nikki, sobbing, cried that she'd do anything to take it all back. She explained that Victor's family members were miserable without him. Victor didn't respond. Nikki paused and said, "But that's what you want to hear, isn't it? You were right about everything, but hearing that is not enough for you, is it?" Victor summoned the guard and left.

At Newman Enterprises, Dylan met with Nick and expressed his concern about Nikki's meeting with Victor. Nick explained that Nikki needed to talk to Victor so she could move forward. Dylan noted that Nikki had remained sober, but she could relapse after her visit with Victor. Nick said, "I'm cautiously optimistic. Dylan, this is their dance, and it's just another turn around the ballroom for them." Dylan said that perhaps Nick yearned for his parents to reconnect because everyone hoped their family would remain together forever.

Nick seemed sympathetic when Dylan noted that he might not have known about his birth parents, but a great man had raised him. Dylan said he couldn't understand how Victor could treat his children so badly. Nick said he'd vowed never to treat his own kids like Victor had treated him. Nick praised Dylan for being a good father to Sully. Dylan replied, "That kid is my life, you know? Sully is going to grow up knowing that his dad has his back."

At Newman Enterprises, Natalie arrived to meet with Victoria, but Michael explained that he'd taken Victoria's place. Michael admitted that Newman Enterprises had hoped to secure a contract with her as stipulated in Jabot's agreement. Natalie nonchalantly refused and said she'd never work for Newman Enterprises because the company had stabbed her in the back after stealing her project. Michael asked about program updates and reminded Natalie that she had a gift she shouldn't waste. Natalie pointed out that Newman Enterprises was profiting from her special talents. Natalie added, "Tell Victoria to relax. The hard work is already done."

At Crimson Lights, Mariah questioned Kevin when he arrived wearing a smart suit and sporting designer sunglasses. Mariah asked Kevin why he'd been avoiding her and hadn't offered to share his profits from PassKey with her. Kevin said he couldn't share the money because he'd invested it. Mariah was leery of Kevin's sudden decision to buy a luxury car. Kevin noted that he could afford to maintain his home, which Mariah shared rent-free. Mariah replied, "I'm your freeloading, charity-case friend? We were partners, Kevin. You came to me when this deal happened. You said that we were in it together. What happened to you?"

Kevin and Mariah began arguing. Michael arrived and intervened. Kevin said, "Mariah would like me to purchase her continued friendship with my share of the PassKey profits." Michael voiced his complaints about Natalie and said she'd acted like an unruly kid. Kevin defended Natalie, proclaimed her to be genius, and said he was anxious to see the next project she developed. Mariah walked away from Kevin in disgust and stood closer to Michael.

Michael complained to Kevin and Mariah that Natalie didn't share his concerns about PassKey's maintenance and upgrades. Kevin suggested that Natalie had no reason to be concerned. Mariah noted that Natalie hadn't considered that a competitor might release a better product or render her software unusable. Michael thanked Mariah for articulating his thoughts. After Kevin abruptly left, Mariah said, "Lunch with Natalie."

Michael and Mariah sat at a table together to talk. Mariah shared her concerns about Kevin and Natalie's burgeoning relationship. Mariah explained that Kevin and Natalie had more in common. Mariah cried, "I'm not blind. I see the way they look at each other, and I'm afraid." Michael seemed sympathetic to Mariah's plight. Mariah said that she and Kevin had once been a team, but it appeared that he'd moved on to Natalie. With tears streaming down her cheeks, Mariah admitted that she felt sad.

At the Genoa City Athletic Club, Kevin met Natalie for lunch. Natalie admired Kevin's swanky clothes and said, "You look hot!" Natalie recalled her meeting with Michael and remarked that he seemed to be governed by a Type A personality. Kevin noted that Michael had a head for business, whereas, Kevin added, he had a head for money, though he'd suffered a number of fruitless pursuits. Natalie asked Kevin if he'd shared his money with Mariah. Kevin said he hadn't.

Natalie told Kevin that they should celebrate, and she summoned a waiter to deliver Champagne and caviar. Natalie gagged after she took a bit of caviar. Kevin asked Natalie if she'd found the caviar to be disgusting. Natalie laughed and joked that she'd just eaten money and liked it. Kevin laughed and teased Natalie about being a nut. As Kevin dabbed at the corners of Natalie's mouth with a napkin, he added that she was fantastic. Natalie grinned at Kevin.

At Genoa City Memorial Hospital, Sage paused in a hallway. She recalled Sharon's concerns about the day Sully had been born while Sharon had been a patient at the Fairview Psychiatric Facility. Sage met with Nurse Stephens. Sage asked the nurse about Dr. Anderson. The nurse said she hadn't known Dr. Anderson very well. Sage replied, "Is that true, though? She treated you [as your psychiatrist], and then you worked with her at Fairview. That right?" Nurse Stephens was speechless.

Sage, whispering, said she was aware that Nurse Stephens had lost her previous job because she'd been accused of euthanizing patients. Sage added that Dr. Anderson had pulled some strings to secure a job at Memorial for Nurse Stephens. Nurse Stephens looked stunned and attempted to mumble a response. Sage said, "How did you pay her back? How did you care for your patients at Fairview? Did you show them your mercy, Angela?"

Nurse Stephens denied Sage's accusations and apologized for Sage's loss and not having an opportunity to see Christian one last time to say goodbye. Before Nurse Stephens rushed away, she cried, "I never meant any harm."

Sharon visited with Patty at a psychiatric facility and mentioned that they'd once been patients together at Fairview. Patty, cradling a plush cat toy, scoffed that the view had been anything but fair at Fairview. Patty asked about Paul. Sharon said Paul had told her that Patty was feeling better. Sharon described her recurring dreams and said she'd had difficulty distinguishing between dreams and reality. Patty asked, "Do you dream about the baby?"

Patty recalled that Sandy, their psychiatrist, had kept Sharon heavily medicated. Sharon said she recalled Patty having commented that she hadn't looked pregnant. Patty replied, "I said it, and I meant it. There was no bun in the oven. You weren't pregnant."

Sharon explained that she'd given birth to a baby named Sullivan, Paul's grandson. Patty's initial response seemed deranged when she mentioned conniving "cowbirds, robins, and magic birdseed." Sharon apologized for having dredged up painful memories tied to Dr. Anderson. Patty grabbed Sharon's arm and explained that cowbirds laid their eggs in other birds' nests.

When Sharon returned home, she quietly watched Dylan tenderly interacting with Sully. In a flashback, Sharon recalled having told Mariah about her plan to get pregnant again after her miscarriage so Dylan would never know about the miscarriage. Sharon also recalled the day at Fairview when Patty had excitedly announced that a blood test had confirmed Sharon's pregnancy. Later, however, Patty, sounding disappointed, had told Sharon that she didn't look pregnant. Dylan greeted Sharon and said she seemed preoccupied. Dylan handed Sully to Sharon and left.

Sage stopped by Sharon's and asked if Dylan was home. Sharon said he wasn't. Sage said she'd confronted Nurse Stephens about claiming she hadn't known Dr. Anderson very well. Sage noted that Nurse Stephens had seemed freaked out. Sage said after she'd demanded to know how the nurse had repaid Dr. Anderson for saving her career, and Nurse Stephens had claimed that she'd merely served her patients well. Sage said she was certain that Nurse Stephen was lying.

Sully cried out. Sage picked up the baby and soothed him. Sage told Sharon that Nurse Stephens had apologized for what had happened to Christian. Sage said, "I know she's up to something, Sharon. She's hiding it. I can feel it."

Sharon seemed stunned as she listened to Sage's reaction to Nurse Stephens' comments. Sage reported that she'd noticed a mysterious look in Nurse Stephens' eyes. It was odd, Sage noted, that Nurse Stephens hadn't mentioned anything about David, just Christian. Sage insisted that the nurse was hiding something. Sharon sobbed quietly as she listened to Sage. Sage glanced at Sharon and said, "Sharon, why are you crying?"

Summer and Kyle break up

Summer and Kyle break up

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Ian approached Victor's prison cell in the state penitentiary, and he wondered whether Victor was trying to pop his stitches in order to see Dr. Gates as part of an exit strategy. Victor asked what Ian knew about the doctor, but Ian insisted that Victor share any information he had first. Victor revealed that Meredith appeared to be very ambitious and that she seemed to have easy access. Ian cautioned that there was nothing easy about her unless one had the right touch, and Victor questioned whether Ian intended to use her to escape.

Ian divulged that he hadn't been able to sway the doctor, but he thought Meredith had taken a special interest in Victor. Ian contended that his insights into the human psyche might be helpful to turn her into putty in Victor's hands, and he and Victor could help one another to achieve freedom. Ian asked if they had a deal, and Victor crossed over to the bars to shake hands. Ian punched Victor in the gut and yelled to the guard for help.

In the infirmary, Meredith tended to Victor's wound, and Victor claimed that he'd tripped and fallen. She scolded him for being a hard case, and she lectured that he loved his family as much as they loved him. She chided him for being the strong, silent type rather than letting anyone get close, and Victor suspected that she was really talking about someone in her own life. She turned the topic to his wound, but he said it was their chance to talk about her.

Meredith claimed that there wasn't much to tell, and she described herself as an overachieving science nerd who believed in courage and accepting the truth. Victor inquired whether she considered herself courageous to work there or if she was hiding from something, and she remarked that he reminded her of her father. Victor asked if her dad was a businessman or a family man, and she responded that her father was a "complete son of a bitch," just like Victor was.

Victor asked for Meredith's father's name, and she replied that his friends called him Russ. She recalled that her father always thought he was right and had to have the last word, and Victor said Russ sounded like a fine fellow. He imagined that her father was proud of her, and he inquired whether she took after her dad, but she flatly replied that she didn't. She advised Victor to try to stop falling, and Victor questioned whether she'd volunteered to work there or if she was trying to get her daddy's attention. She called for a guard to take Victor back to his cell.

Later, Ian asked Victor if the doctor had shown a glimpse of the depths of her soul, and Victor roughly grabbed Ian through the prison bars and warned Ian never to hit him again. Ian reasoned that he'd had to make it real to get Victor into the infirmary, and he inquired whether Victor had wasted the opportunity. Victor reported that Meredith had talked about her daddy, and Ian guessed that Victor was familiar with the many issues between fathers and daughters. Victor mentioned that Meredith seemed to love her father, but she harbored a lot of pain and anger with regard to their relationship. Ian thought she could be the key to their freedom.

Victor mentioned that Meredith's father's name was Russ, and Ian recognized Russell Gates as a very powerful man who was known to the inmates as "the gateway," since he was head of the review board that decided who got out and who stayed. Ian crowed that thanks to Victor, they knew that Meredith's daddy was her Achilles heel, and she would be their ticket out of there if they played it right. Victor said he'd known Ian was a "son of a bitch," but he also recognized that Ian was a smart one.

At the cottage, Sage asked why Sharon was crying, and Sharon claimed that talking about Nurse Stephens had made her think about how much Sage had suffered. Sage said it sometimes hit her hard, too, but she felt lucky to have Sully in her life. Sage bounced Sully on her knee and said she was grateful to Sharon for sharing the baby with Sage and Nick, and she couldn't imagine what Abby was going through. Sage declared that Sully would know how lucky he was to have such an amazing mom and dad, and Sharon begged Sage to stop. Sage asked again what was going on.

Sharon complained that it had been a long day, and Sage handed Sully over to Sharon, marveling that he made everything better. Sharon chalked her emotional state up to Abby's accident and the talk about Dr. Anderson and Nurse Stephens, and she suggested that there wasn't really anything going on with the nurse. Sage surmised that Sharon felt guilty for going behind Dylan's back, and Sharon wondered if they should drop the investigation. Sage mentioned their nightmares, but Sharon hoped they'd go away if they focused on positive things. Sharon stated that Sully needed a nap, and she wanted to rest for a while. Sage kissed Sully goodbye and departed, and Sharon held Sully close and whispered that she knew the baby was hers.

Sharon told herself that she couldn't tell Dylan about her suspicions yet, since it would be cruel to get Nick and Sage's hopes up if Sharon was wrong. Sharon tried to convince herself that things were better off the way they were, but she contemplated the possibility that Sully was Christian. She put a hairbrush and a drinking glass into a plastic bag and told herself that she had to be sure first, and she dialed her phone and requested a DNA test.

At Newman, Victoria expressed her gratitude to Nick for being there, and she acknowledged that it had been selfish of her to ask him to return to Newman after the adoption had fallen through. Nick called Sage a rock star, and he said his wife's strength and grace gave him real hope about what the future held. Luca entered and swore that he hadn't done Victor's bidding to get Adam fired, but Nick announced that he'd summoned Luca to talk to him as a father. Victoria stepped out, and Luca assured Nick that Summer's happiness meant everything to him. Nick requested a favor, and Luca replied that he'd do anything. "Stay the hell away from her," Nick growled.

At Crimson Lights, Mariah groused that Summer's advice had sucked, and Summer guessed that Mariah had spoken with Kevin about giving Mariah a cut of the PassKey profits. Mariah confided that she didn't care about the cut, but she was hurt that Natalie had suddenly replaced her in Kevin's life. Mariah ranted that she'd thought she'd found the best friend she'd ever had, but since Natalie had gotten a makeover and helped Kevin to strike it rich, it was like the years Kevin and Mariah had spent together meant nothing. Mariah groaned that money changed everything and everyone, including Kevin.

Summer pointed out that Natalie had never had a boyfriend, and she theorized that Natalie got a rush from the attention Kevin was paying her. Summer rambled that people were going to do what they wanted no matter what anyone else thought, and Mariah realized that Summer had hooked up with Luca. Mariah lectured that Summer had once again become the stupidest person she knew, but Summer refused to apologize. Mariah asked about Kyle, but Summer noted that Kyle had built a life elsewhere. Mariah questioned whether Summer and Kyle had broken up, and Summer replied that they were taking a break. Summer received a text message and said she had to go, but she urged Mariah to tell Kevin how she felt.

At Newman, Luca asserted that Summer was an adult who was capable of making her own decisions, but Nick refused to let Luca use her. Luca insisted that he cared about Summer, but Nick accused Luca of playing games and looking for something to exploit by hooking up with Victor's granddaughter. Summer overheard as she entered, and she reiterated that she expected Nick to respect her decision, since he didn't know Luca like she did. Victoria returned, and Summer thanked her for the text message about the ambush. Victoria clarified that she'd sent the message because someone was looking for Summer, and Kyle walked in.

Summer stammered that she hadn't known Kyle was in town, and he explained that he'd wanted to be there for Abby. Victoria added that she'd run into him at Abby's house, and Summer griped that they'd practically staged an intervention. Kyle said he and Summer had a lot to talk about, and Luca introduced himself and extended his hand to Kyle. Kyle ignored the gesture and recalled that Luca had crashed the Halloween party with Marisa to hurt Noah. Summer led Kyle out, and Victoria asked Luca to stick around.

Victoria said Summer was young and trusting, so Summer couldn't see who Luca really was. Luca argued that Summer had been the only one who'd taken the time to see who he really was, but Victoria demanded that he end it by letting Summer down easy. Luca swore that he had real feelings for Summer, and he thought she felt the same way about him. Victoria assumed that he was using Summer to get into Newman, and she asked how much it would take for him to walk away from Summer. Luca huffed that Victor would be proud, since it was "classic Newman" to think that money could buy anyone. He told Victoria to keep the money because he was all about the love, and he stalked out.

At the Athletic Club, Summer struggled to make small talk about New York, and Kyle recognized that he hadn't been good at keeping up his end of their relationship. He admitted that he should have made time for her because he loved her, and he wanted to make things right. She said it wasn't about what he had done or hadn't done, but it was the timing. Summer continued that she cared about Kyle, but things had changed. He inquired whether she loved Luca, and she replied that she didn't, but she wanted to find out where things would lead. Kyle sighed deeply and realized that they had to say goodbye.

Summer explained that she'd thought her life had been over after Austin had died, and she'd felt like a fool when she'd found out he'd been lying and cheating on her. She credited Kyle with teaching her to believe in herself and other people again, and she loved him for that and always would. She recalled that Kyle had always protected her, even when she'd been an irritating kid crushing on him. Kyle remarked that part of him felt like he needed to save her then, since he'd heard about Luca from his dad and Billy.

Kyle pointed out that Luca had used Marisa and had made her life "hell," and he threatened Luca if he tried anything like that with Summer. Summer assured Kyle that she had enough people protecting her, and he said it was because they loved her. She awkwardly said she didn't want him to miss his flight, and he noted that the girl with the crush had grown into quite a woman. He gently kissed her lips and held her face in his hands, said goodbye, and walked out.

Later, Luca handed a tearful Summer his handkerchief and asked if she was okay. She revealed that Kyle was on a one-way trip back to New York, and Luca said he was sorry. Summer knew that Luca really wasn't sorry, and they kissed.

At the Athletic Club, Natalie and Kevin giggled over the expensive caviar they were sharing, and she declared that she loved it, even though she'd nearly gagged on it. She commented that it was what being rich tasted like, but Kevin said there were only so many little black dresses and fish eggs they could buy until it started to get old. "Really?" she skeptically inquired, and he said no. They clinked their Champagne glasses together and toasted to getting everything they wanted and more. They stared at one another for a moment, and Natalie planted a kiss on him.

Natalie drunkenly gushed that she could celebrate with Kevin forever, and he suggested that they go for coffee. Natalie declared that she wanted more of everything, especially kisses, and she wanted to get another bottle of Champagne. Kevin warned that she'd be sorry when she had a monster hangover when she woke up, and she cooed that it depended on who she woke up with. Kevin's phone rang, and Natalie answered it, but Mariah remained silent on the other end of the line. Natalie hung up, and Kevin pulled her to her feet to leave.

Kevin and Natalie arrived at the coffeehouse, and she whined that she didn't want coffee. She preferred more Champagne and dancing, but she spotted Mariah and thought she looked sad. Natalie suggested that they ask Mariah to join them, but she suddenly rushed to the bathroom. Mariah commented that Kevin's date was a lightweight, but Kevin said they were just two friends celebrating. Mariah spat that he'd chosen a pretty, shiny new friend to go with his pretty, shiny new life. Mariah testily added that if money turned people into the kind of person he'd become, she was glad he'd cut her out.

Later, Sage congratulated Kevin on PassKey's success and admired his suit, and she asked if he was too busy to do some freelance computer work. Kevin crowed that financial freedom meant he could do whatever he wanted, and Natalie staggered back in. Mariah pointed out that his date needed a ride, and Kevin offered to speak to Sage later. After Kevin and Natalie exited, Mariah asked about Sage's project, and Sage mentioned that she needed help to investigate someone. Mariah suggested that she ask Dylan, but Sage revealed that Sharon didn't want Dylan to know.

Sage recounted that the same nurse who had told her and Nick that Christian had died had also been with Sharon when she'd given birth at Fairview. Mariah figured it was a simple coincidence, but Sage continued that she'd found out that the nurse had been indebted to Dr. Anderson for saving her career and reputation. Sage recalled the lullaby that Patty had sung after she'd murdered Dr. Anderson, and she thought Patty had wanted to tell her a secret, but Patty's mind hadn't let her. Sage added that Sharon had been helping to put it together, but Sharon suddenly hadn't wanted to be part of it.

Sharon and Sully arrived at Crimson Lights, and she informed Sage and Mariah that the baby hadn't been able to sleep because of teething pain. Sage claimed that she and Mariah had been discussing Kevin, and Mariah said she'd make sure he received the message. Sage crossed over to peer into the baby carriage, and she called Sully a perfect angel. Sage departed, and Mariah demanded to know what was going on with Sharon, Nurse Stephens, and Mariah's baby brother.

Mariah relayed that Sage wanted Kevin to investigate Nurse Stephens, and she pushed Sharon to explain why they'd been investigating the nurse and why Sharon had suddenly changed her mind. Sharon asserted that it had been a dead end, but Mariah wondered if Sharon had realized it had been wrong to go behind Dylan's back again, and she hoped Sharon had learned her lesson from when she'd kept the truth from him before she'd gone to Fairview. Sage returned to the coffeehouse, and she overheard as Mariah said it had been a miracle that Sharon had gotten pregnant again and had avoided telling Dylan about her miscarriage.

Kevin escorted Natalie back to her hotel suite and recommended that she sleep it off, but Natalie insisted on more celebrating, and she reached for a bottle of bubbly. Kevin said they were past that part of the festivities, and she amorously inquired what part they were on. He suggested taking aspirin and water and getting into bed, and she slurred that she'd thought he'd never ask. Kevin stressed that it was to sleep, but Natalie babbled that there were things that she'd never done, and she wanted to do them with him. He helped her to take off her shoes, and she squealed that it tickled. She knocked him onto the floor and kissed his neck, and he said she was making it very hard.

Kevin warned Natalie that Champagne would affect her differently than the wine she usually drank, and he protested that it wouldn't be right for them to do anything. A lingerie-clad Natalie emerged from the bathroom and purred that there was nothing they couldn't do if they put their minds together, but she stubbed her toe on the couch as she sauntered over to him. Kevin fetched some ice to help with the swelling, but when he turned around, he discovered that Natalie had passed out. He positioned her comfortably on the couch and covered her with a blanket. He picked up her glasses from the floor and said she'd need them when she woke up, and he set them next to her on the table before he headed out.

Sage learns the shocking truth about Sully

Sage learns the shocking truth about Sully

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

by Mike

At Jabot, Ashley was in her office, talking to Jack and Neville about Abby, who had been released from the hospital the previous day. Pointing out that she knew from firsthand experience that losing a child could mess with a person's mind, Ashley admitted that she was very concerned about Abby. "Don't be. I'm here -- and ready to work," Abby announced as she entered the room.

Ashley and Jack insisted that Abby needed to take it easy for a few days, but she countered that her doctor had told her there was no medical reason to delay her return to work. Abby hastily tried to change the subject, and Neville and Jack made up an excuse to leave so Ashley could talk to her privately. "Nobody expects you to pretend like nothing happened," Ashley gently assured Abby once they were alone.

"I would rather be here than at home, with baby gifts everywhere [and] my stepson constantly apologizing," Abby replied. Ashley insisted that Max didn't need to feel guilty about having planned the baby shower because the accident that had occurred during it had been just that -- an accident -- but Abby suggested that might not be true, musing that it was almost as if something had caused her to trip. "Something like Max," Abby concluded.

Abby thought it was odd that Max had abruptly gone from detesting her to wanting to plan a baby shower for her. "And every time I'm around him, I just...I get this weird feeling," Abby added. Abby insisted that something wasn't right, but Ashley argued that it was only natural for things to feel off, given what Abby had just been through. Ashley suggested that Abby might be overanalyzing Max's behavior in an effort to make sense of what had happened, and Abby hesitantly conceded that Ashley could be right. "I'm so sorry, honey. Sometimes in life, awful things just happen," Ashley said as she hugged Abby, who still seemed uncertain.

Hilary ran into Neil in the hallway and quickly surmised that he was about to meet with Jack to decide whether to keep her on the board of their foundation. Hilary reminded Neil that she would expose his secret if he didn't agree to help her convince Jack to give her another chance. "I would rather break all the glass in [the] lab and eat every single shard," Neil spat.

Hilary argued that she could be an asset to the foundation. "I bring energy, experience, and money to the table. It's a win-win," Hilary reasoned. "Nobody wins by associating with a blackmailing, backstabbing narcissist like yourself," Neil countered. As Hilary started to respond, Devon arrived and admitted that he was surprised to see her and Neil talking to each other, given how their last encounter had gone. Devon hoped that meant they could all move past what had happened. "I was just telling Neil the same thing. No good comes from dredging up the past," Hilary pointedly agreed.

When Neil, Devon, and Hilary joined Jack and Neville in the lab, Jack tried to dismiss Hilary from the board, but Neil protested that it might be best to give her another chance. Confused, Jack wondered why Neil was suddenly defending Hilary. Neil clarified that he wasn't defending Hilary; he was simply pointing out that she had shown remorse for her actions. Neil added that he was willing to give Hilary another chance for the sake of peace in his family, and he also believed that she could be an asset to the foundation.

Neil abruptly excused himself so he could attend a scheduled meeting, leaving Jack to decide Hilary's fate. Hilary apologized for her actions, claiming that she had simply been trying to act in the best interest of a research project that was quite personal to her. Neville expressed skepticism but admitted that Hilary had proven to be a valuable asset to the project.

Knowing that Ashley was also willing to move past what had happened, Jack agreed to give Hilary a second chance, acknowledging that it would be hypocritical of him to refuse to do so, given the mission statement of his and Neil's foundation. Jack warned, however, that it was Hilary's last chance. Hilary thanked Jack and insisted on treating him and Ashley to dinner later as a way of moving forward.

When Neville told Ashley about Jack's decision later that day, she dismissively insisted that she was too concerned about Abby to worry about Hilary's "wheeling and dealing." Ashley fretted that she felt powerless because she didn't know how to help Abby cope with what had happened. Neville was confident that Ashley had said and done just the right things and would continue to do so in the future.

"You kind of make me sound fabulous," Ashley mused. Neville stressed that every life Ashley touched was better as a result. Later, Ashley and Neville were disappointed to learn that one of the patients who had been receiving Neville's treatment had suddenly and inexplicably suffered a huge setback.

At Crimson Lights, Max complained to Stitch that Abby seemed to be blaming him for her miscarriage. Stitch suggested that Max could just be imagining things, but Max insisted that Abby had been acting differently around him since the accident. Stitch explained that the pain he and Abby were dealing with could be expressed through anger at times and wasn't meant to be personal. "Sure feels like it is," Max grumbled.

Later, Abby joined Stitch and Max, the latter of whom challenged her to admit that she was upset with him because of what had happened. "You planned the shower, Max, [and that] was a nice thing to do. It's not your fault that I fell down the stairs. Now, can we just drop it?" Abby snapped, prompting Max to run off.

Sighing, Abby guessed that she had just caused Stitch to get upset with her. Stitch admitted that, if nothing else, he was surprised to see that Max's suspicions about Abby's resentment toward him were actually valid. "You want to know what I resent? How he keeps talking about how he feels guilty [about] what he did wrong [and] how he's worried that I'm mad at him. He's making this terrible situation about him," Abby pointed out.

Stitch reasoned that kids just processed things that way. Stitch added that, while the situation was hard for him and Abby to deal with, they needed to be careful about making sure they didn't let their pain drag Max down. "Yeah, we should just forget about what we're going through. We wouldn't want Max to feel bad, right?" Abby sarcastically agreed.

Stitch tried to clarify that he hadn't meant that, but Abby interrupted and excused herself, explaining that she needed some air. Max soon returned and guessed that Abby had left because she hated him, but Stitch assured him that wasn't true. Meanwhile, Abby went to the Athletic Club and climbed the staircase, curiously inspecting the area where she had tripped.

Dylan returned home and quickly noticed that Sharon seemed a bit jumpy. Dylan assumed that Sharon was on edge because of Nikki, and Sharon played along, suggesting that it might be time for Nikki to return to her own home. "Gladly," Nikki said as she joined Sharon and Dylan in the living room.

As Dylan tried to play peacemaker, Sharon received a phone call from someone. Sharon abruptly excused herself after a brief conversation with the caller, claiming that she needed to take care of something for Chelsea. After Sharon left, Dylan apologized to Nikki for what she had overheard earlier. Nikki assured Dylan that she had been planning to move back to her place even before she had heard Sharon badgering him about getting her to leave. Dylan wasn't sure that Nikki was ready to take that step, but she pointed out that she wasn't exactly moving very far away. "If I need you, I'll call you," Nikki promised.

Dylan argued that Nikki hadn't called him the last time she had needed help, but she assured him that she had learned her lesson. Nikki added that she wasn't trying to get away from prying eyes so she could go back to drinking; she was simply trying to accept her new reality. Nikki told Dylan about her earlier visit with Victor and admitted that she needed to face the possibility that he might never forgive her. "[And] as painful as that possibility is, I can't allow it to let me ruin my life. I have to find the strength to stay sober on my own," Nikki reasoned.

Dylan reminded Nikki that she wasn't alone. Nodding, Nikki assured Dylan that she appreciated the support she had been receiving from him as well as her other children and grandchildren, which was giving her the strength to stay sober. "I hope you believe me. I hope you believe I can do this," Nikki added. Dylan said he believed that Nikki could do anything she wanted to do.

Later, Nikki ran into Neil at the Athletic Club and admitted that she had recently fallen off the wagon again. Neil was sorry that he hadn't been there to support Nikki in her time of need, but she assured him that Jack had helped her get back on the road to recovery. Nikki said she was grateful for Neil and Jack's support and was also proud of them for starting a foundation that sought to help people start over. Nikki mused that everyone deserved that opportunity. "Not everyone," Neil muttered as he glared at Hilary, who had just arrived with Devon and Jack.

After Neil said goodbye to Nikki, Jack approached and observed that she looked good. Nikki assured Jack that she was sober and planned to stay that way. Nikki soon excused herself so she could attend an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting, and after she left, Hilary rejoined Jack and assured him that she was going to prove that keeping her on the board of his and Neil's foundation had been the right decision. Meanwhile, Devon pulled Neil aside to thank him for urging Jack to give Hilary another chance. "Son, your wife gave me no choice. She blackmailed me, just like she blackmailed Ashley," Neil revealed.

At the hospital, Nurse Stephens overheard Sharon thanking a doctor for quickly getting back to her with the results of the DNA test she had ordered. Later, Sage approached Stephens and demanded answers, revealing that she had just learned that Sharon had suffered a miscarriage right before being admitted to Fairview the previous year. "[But] now she has a healthy baby boy. How is that possible?" Sage wondered.

Stephens tried to dodge Sage's questions, but Sage refused to drop the subject, insisting that she wasn't going to stop looking for answers until she found them. "Your baby -- he's alive," Stephens hesitantly admitted. Sage grabbed Stephens and demanded details, so Stephens explained that she had given Sage's baby to Sharon at Dr. Anderson's request.

"Sully? Sully's my baby?" Sage muttered in disbelief. Sage wondered if Sharon had known the truth all along. Stephens clarified that Anderson had kept Sharon heavily drugged to prevent her from realizing that she wasn't actually pregnant. Stephens continued that Anderson had then waited for the right opportunity to place Sully in Sharon's arms and convince her that she had just given birth to him.

"Why in the hell would you do that?" Sage wondered. Stephens explained that Anderson had been obsessed with Nick and had wanted to take something precious from him. "And you just went along with her? You didn't care about how many lives you were ruining?" Sage asked incredulously. Stephens tearfully confirmed that she had done what she had been told to do because she had owed everything to Anderson.

"I'm so sorry," Stephens told Sage, who angrily knocked a stack of medical charts out of Stephens' arms and spat, "No, you're not sorry! You have no soul! Go to hell!" Sage started to leave, intending to look for her son, but Stephens stopped her. "There's something else: Sharon had a DNA test done. She got the results today," Stephens revealed.

While passing through Chancellor Park, Nick ran into Sharon and quickly surmised that she was upset about something. Sharon claimed that she had just been thinking about Nick and Sage's recent losses. Nodding, Nick admitted that Abby's miscarriage had dredged up the memories of losing Christian and Cassie. "But I'm a Newman, you know? And Newmans always pull through," Nick added. Nick urged Sharon to try not to let herself get torn up about his losses, since she had many things to be grateful for at that time.

When Sharon returned home, Dylan informed her that Nikki had moved out. Relieved, Sharon suggested that it might be nice to take a family vacation, explaining that she could really use some breathing room. Dylan was willing to entertain the idea but was surprised to learn that Sharon wanted to leave immediately. Dylan wasn't sure the timing was right, but Sharon reasoned that Nikki had plenty of other people who could support her for a few days if necessary.

Conceding the point, Dylan went to see Nick, who agreed to let Faith spend the weekend with Sharon and Dylan. Nick was surprised that Sharon hadn't mentioned anything about the trip during his earlier encounter with her, but he decided that their talk might have led to the sudden change of plans. Grinning, Dylan admitted that he was excited about going on his first family trip as a father.

While Sharon was packing, she left Sully alone in the living room for a moment so she could go upstairs and get some diapers. Meanwhile, Sage entered the house and retrieved Sully from his crib, tearfully promising that they would never be separated again. Sharon soon returned and wondered what had prompted Sage's visit. "I know," Sage revealed, glaring at Sharon.

Sage confronts Sharon about Christian

Sage confronts Sharon about Christian

Thursday, April 28, 2016

At Newman, Dylan informed Nick about the last-minute trip he and Sharon were taking, and he wondered how scared he should be to spend hours in a car with a teething infant. Nick assured him that Faith would be there to entertain Sully, and Dylan called the girl the best big sister in the world. A frazzled Victoria entered and griped that someone was trying to steal her baby. Victoria revealed that Brash & Sassy was gone, and she had no idea who had put it up for sale.

Dylan headed out, and Nick questioned how someone had sold an entire division without Victoria's knowledge. He contemplated whether Paragon was back, but Victoria suspected that it had been the handiwork of someone within the company. She wondered if Adam had maneuvered the sale, but Nick doubted Adam had been able to get the board's approval. Victoria decided to contact board members until she uncovered the truth.

Meredith discovered Victor making an unauthorized phone call in her office, and he cryptically stated that sometimes one needed to make oneself heard. Victor claimed that he'd had to make a call regarding his daughter, and Meredith asked if his daughter was all right. He explained that Victoria had betrayed him, so she had to face the consequences. Meredith asked how he'd feel if someone got seriously hurt in the process, and Victor replied, "So be it."

Victor admitted that he'd known what his actions would cost his daughter, and Meredith inspected his wound. He sensed that something he'd said had struck a nerve, and he pressed to know her take on it. Meredith confided that her brother had had a serious drug problem and had fallen in with a rough crowd who'd decided to score big, but things had gone terribly wrong. She swore that her brother had been innocent, and her father could have gotten him out of jail, but her dad had kept her brother behind bars to teach him a lesson. She became emotional as she revealed that her brother had been killed, and Victor expressed his condolences.

Victor said he saw Meredith's side of the story, but she realized that he also saw her father's side. She cried that her brother had been good to the core with a smile that had lit up every room he'd walked into. Victor asked if her brother had possessed a smile like hers, and she recognized that Victor was trying to charm her. She informed him that she would still have to write him up for the phone violation, and he thanked her for telling him her story and for checking up on him.

Billy interrupted Jack and Phyllis' dinner at the Athletic Club, and he proclaimed that Jack owed him after firing him from Jabot, so he was there to collect a severance package. Jack agreed to work out the details with human resources, but Billy thought he deserved something bigger, like ten million dollars. Jack incredulously asked what Billy intended to do with the money, and Billy guessed that Jack assumed he'd blow it at the track or in a poker game. Jack mumbled that it wouldn't be the first time, but Phyllis encouraged Jack to hear Billy out.

Phyllis inquired whether Billy had stumbled upon another game-changing idea like PassKey, and Billy vaguely replied that the opportunity had potential. Billy explained that he didn't want to disclose details after everything they'd been through with PassKey, and he threatened to sell his stake in Jabot if Jack didn't give him the funds. Billy requested a decision by the next morning, and he departed. Jack guessed that Phyllis thought he should give Billy the money, and she left the choice up to Jack, but she noted that Billy had lost his job through no fault of his own. Phyllis asked how Jack would feel if Billy walked away from the company entirely, and Jack thought it would be a divide they'd never bridge again. Phyllis advised that maybe that was his answer.

Phyllis arrived at Billy's home, and Billy surmised that Jack had said no. She clucked that he'd been quick to underestimate his brother, since Jack had wired the money into his account. Billy offered her a drink to celebrate. Phyllis declined, but she wanted to know why he urgently needed the cash. Later, Phyllis rejoined Jack, who asked if she had any idea what Billy was spending the money on. Phyllis warned that Jack wouldn't like it.

At Crimson Lights, Stitch instructed Max to talk about anything but the baby. Abby returned from a walk, and Stitch commented about the nice spring weather. Max brightly suggested that they do something outside that weekend, and he enthusiastically supported Stitch's idea of having a picnic. Abby sourly replied that she didn't want a picnic, and Stitch encouraged her to think of things they could look forward to. Abby snapped that Stitch and Max were trying to move on like nothing had happened, but she couldn't do it.

Max apologized for upsetting Abby, and Stitch handed Max his phone to play some games. Stitch begged Abby not to blame Max, since Stitch had asked him to talk about positive things, and the boy had just been trying to help. She insisted that she wasn't mad, and she didn't want everyone to keep obsessing over her accident, but she thought nothing would ever be the same again. Abby wished that she was at home with circles under her eyes from sleepless nights after taking care of their baby, and Stitch assured her that she wasn't alone in feeling that way. They hugged, and Abby cried that she missed her daughter even though they'd never even met her.

Dylan arrived and asked how Stitch and Abby were doing, and Abby stepped aside to take a phone call. Victoria inquired whether Abby had known that Brash & Sassy had been put up for sale, and Abby hadn't had a clue, but she reluctantly divulged that she'd sold her voting rights to Victor out of guilt over sending him to prison. Victoria admonished Abby for doing so, and Abby retorted that Victoria didn't "give a damn" about the "hell" Abby had been going through. Victoria quickly apologized for being a terrible sister, and Abby wished her luck and hung up.

Abby remarked to Max that it was nice on the patio, and he grunted in agreement. Abby apologized for her behavior earlier, and she empathized that it was difficult to deal with stepparents. Max inquired whether she had stepparents, and she replied that she hadn't been able to stand them at one time. She said she didn't blame Max for feeling that way or for acting out, and she shared that she'd done things to get back at her stepparents. Abby implied that Max had pulled stunts of his own to get her out of his dad's life, and she wondered if that had been why he'd put something on the stairs.

Abby assured Max that it was okay to tell her, since she knew he'd put something there to make her fall. She lectured that lying only made things worse, but Max yelled that he wasn't lying. Max ran over and clung to Stitch, and he wailed that Abby hated him. Max added that Abby didn't just blame him because the party had been his idea, but she thought he'd made her fall on purpose. Stitch assumed that Max had misinterpreted something, since there was no way Abby blamed him for her fall, but Abby remained silent.

Max begged Stitch to leave, since Abby thought Max had killed his baby sister, and he didn't want to be with her. Stitch offered to take Max home, but Max refused to go to Abby's house. Stitch told Abby that they'd talk about it later, and he led Max out. Abby fought back tears, and Dylan empathized that grieving the loss of a baby could push anyone over the edge.

Abby appreciated Dylan's attempt to make her feel better, but she stood by what she'd said. Dylan doubted that an eight-year-old had engineered her fall, and she pointed out that he was thinking like a friend. Abby said she needed Dylan to think like a cop and find out if she was right.

Stitch entered the Athletic Club with Max, and he consented to staying there one night to give Abby and Max a chance to cool down before they all talked together. Stitch went to book a room, and Max smirked victoriously.

Victoria finished a phone call with Nikki, and she informed Nick that Victor had guilt-tripped Nikki into handing over her proxy. Victoria added that Victor had blackmailed another board member into calling the vote without her and Nick present, and she wondered why Victor had chosen to sell off Brass & Sassy out of all of their divisions. Nick pointed out that it had hurt Victoria, but he said the sale wasn't a done deal yet, and he was determined to put a stop to it. He exited, and Victoria glared at Victor's portrait and made a call. She recognized that she couldn't call the sale off, but she stated that she didn't need board approval to change the asking price, and she doubled it.

At the prison, Nick condemned Victor for knifing his daughter in the back, and he ordered Victor to call off the sale, but Victor refused. Nick argued that they were Victor's family, but Victor scoffed at the idea that they were suddenly family after they'd turned their backs on him by testifying against him. Nick contended that Abby had just lost a baby and that Nikki was drinking again, and he accused Victor of using their grief against them. Nick wondered how Victor lived with himself, and Victor blurted out that he was trying to make sure Newman ended up in Nick's hands.

Nick swore that he'd never betray Victoria by stealing the company away from her, and he didn't even want it. Victor said Nick was helping his sister save the company because she was making mistakes, like making a deal with Jabot. Victor anticipated that she'd make more mistakes that would call for her resignation, but Nick protested that Victor couldn't force him to step in. Victor expected that Nick would never leave his sister's side and therefore wouldn't leave Newman.

Victoria was stunned when she learned that someone had agreed to pay the full amount for Brash & Sassy, and she hung up the phone as Billy walked in. She asked if there was any reason for his ridiculous grin, and he bragged that he'd just bought a company and was feeling "brash and sassy" about it.

At the cottage, Sharon was surprised when she walked in on Sage holding Sully, and Sage coldly stated that she knew. Sharon feigned ignorance, but Sage ordered Sharon to look at her holding a beautiful baby boy and tell her what was wrong with the picture. Sage called Sharon a coldhearted, backstabbing liar, and she hissed that the baby was her son, not Sharon's. Sharon insisted that she didn't know anything about the crazy things Sage was saying, and Sage surmised that Sharon had thought she could get away with it because no one would believe something that sick and twisted. Sage demanded to see the DNA test results, and she spat that Sharon was a "cold, selfish, vicious monster" for keeping the information from her.

Sage hunted around for the DNA test paperwork, and Sharon asked her to hand over the baby, but Sage demanded that Sharon stop lying. Sage thought that she'd known on some level that he was hers from the first time she'd held him, and she recounted that she'd had to run out of the christening because of her strong feelings. Sage continued that she'd told herself that something had broken inside of her, and that had been why she'd bonded with someone else's child, so she'd fought it. She wished she'd listened to the nagging feeling in her heart that the boy was really Christian, and Sharon pleaded with Sage to talk about it. Sage headed for the door to get her own DNA test, but Sharon stopped her and confessed that the baby was Sage's. Sharon begged Sage to give her the baby, since he was upset and needed his mother. Sage growled that she was his mother.

Sage set Christian down in the playpen, and she jerked back from Sharon's touch and barked that she couldn't stand to look at Sharon. Sharon insisted that she'd done nothing wrong. Sage angrily inquired whether it had been a joke when Sharon had told her that losing a child was a wound that never healed. Sage questioned why Sharon had put her through that torture, and Sharon acknowledged that Dr. Anderson had done a despicable thing to get back at Nick. Sage accused Sharon of helping the doctor, but Sharon swore that she'd had no idea, and that was why she'd run the DNA test.

Sage was skeptical that Sharon had suspected nothing, and she pointed out that Sharon had wanted to drop their investigation. Sharon explained that the truth had first hit her when Sage had seen her in tears earlier, but she hadn't wanted to set things in motion unless she knew for sure. Sage thought that Sharon's maternal instincts had told her that Sully wasn't her son, but Sharon had chosen to say nothing. Sharon tearfully noted that Sage wasn't the only person whose life had completely changed, but the difference was that Sage had received a miracle, whereas Sharon and Dylan's child was gone.

Sharon reiterated that Dr. Anderson had lied to both her and Sage, and Sharon had loved and raised the baby, thinking he was her own. Sage felt no sympathy that Sharon had played mommy while Sage had been mourning her son, and Sharon stressed that Dr. Anderson had robbed all of them. Sage blamed Sharon for turning a blind eye to reality, but Sharon argued that she'd been drugged and isolated from her family. Sharon explained that Dr. Anderson had always had an explanation, but Sage spat that a mother should have known.

Sharon conceded that there had been hazy moments when reality had crept through, but Dr. Anderson had been there with an explanation and a needle whenever Sharon had gotten close. Sharon questioned why she'd ever guess that the baby Dr. Anderson had placed in her arms had been Christian when everyone had thought he'd been gone, and Sage coolly replied that she'd almost have sympathy if she didn't know that Sharon wasn't as innocent as she claimed to be. Sage revealed that she'd overheard Sharon and Mariah talking about Sharon's miscarriage, and she contended that none of it would have happened if Sharon had just told Dylan that she'd lost the baby.

Sharon revealed that she'd lied about the miscarriage because Dylan had been desperate to have a baby, and he'd already had fatherhood ripped away from him too many times. Sage said the lie had only made things worse, but Sharon ordered her to stop acting like Sharon's actions had been calculated, since Sharon had just found out that the baby wasn't hers. Sharon proposed that they sit down and think it through as wives and mothers before they ripped Dylan's heart out, and Sage compared it to how her heart had been ripped out when she'd thought her son had died. Sage declared that she was going to take her child home to his real father, but Sharon picked up the baby and refused to hand him over.

A stunned Sage asked if Sharon thought she could keep Sage's son, and Sharon suggested that they slow down and talk rationally before Dylan returned home and found Sully gone. Sage was adamant about taking her baby with her, and she figured that Sharon intended to keep the secret buried. Sharon cried that she didn't want to break her husband's heart, and Sage blasted her for talking about Dylan's pain when Sage had been without her child for five months. Sage headed to the door to find Nick and tell him that his son was alive, and she told Christian that his mommy would be back. Sage raced out over Sharon's protests.

Sharon sped down the road as Christian cried in the back seat, and she said she normally wouldn't drive that fast, but she had to stop Sage. Sharon fretted that Dylan couldn't be crushed that way, and she flashed her lights when she spotted Sage's car ahead of them. Sage left a voicemail message for Nick, saying that she needed to see him about Christian. Sage dropped her phone on the floor of the car, and she reached for it. Sharon gasped in horror as Sage's car veered off the road and crashed.

Sage dies, Sharon lies

Sage dies, Sharon lies

Friday, April 29, 2016

On the roadside, Sharon exited her car and ran over to Sage's vehicle. Sharon found Sage on the ground next to the wreckage, and she called 9-1-1 and reported the car crash, but she wasn't sure if Sage was still breathing. She urgently requested an ambulance, and she tried to awaken Sage. Sharon tensed when she felt blood on her band, and Sage coughed. Sharon informed her that an ambulance was on the way, and she urged Sage not to talk. Sage weakly stated that she wanted to see her baby.

Sharon carried Christian over to Sage, who asked Sharon to promise to tell Nick that the boy was his son. Sharon advised Sage to save her energy, and Sage requested that Sharon help her to hold Christian. Sharon placed the baby on Sage's chest, and Sage murmured that he was beautiful. Sage envisioned the boy growing up to be strong like his dad, and she said she loved him and would always be with him. Sage's voice trailed off, and she died with the baby in her arms.

At the cottage, Dylan asked Faith if she'd had fun on her play date, and she chirped that it hadn't been as much fun as they would have on their vacation. She wondered why Sharon and Sully weren't there, and Dylan guessed that Sharon had gone shopping to pick up things for their trip. Faith researched the activities that were available at the resort where they would be staying, and she squealed that the resort rented bikes with baby carriers, so they could take Sully wherever they went. Dylan called her an awesome big sister, and she replied that he was a cool stepdad. He sent her upstairs to finish packing, and he tried to call Sharon, but he got her voicemail.

Paul called Dylan and informed him that Sharon had reported an accident on the highway, and Dylan panicked because she had Sully with her. Dylan inquired about the severity of the accident, but Paul didn't have any details, and he suggested that they meet at the scene. Faith became scared when she overheard Dylan mention the accident, and Dylan explained that Sharon had called for help from an accident scene. Dylan prepared to have someone stay with Faith while he went to see if he could help, and he promised the girl that everything would be fine.

Sharon closed Sage's eyes and picked up Christian when she heard the ambulance siren. The EMTs rushed over, and Dylan asked what had happened. He was stunned when he saw that Sage had been in the crashed car, and Paul reported that she was dead. Dylan said they needed to tell Nick, and a stricken Sharon watched as the crew covered Sage with a blanket. Dylan worriedly observed his despondent wife.

Dylan took the baby from Sharon, and Paul said he needed to ask Sharon a few things, but she whimpered that she wanted to go home. Paul gently pressed to find out if she'd seen what had happened, but Sharon claimed that she'd pulled over when she'd seen the wrecked car. Paul inquired whether she'd seen anything that might have forced Sage off the road, but Sharon lied that she hadn't witnessed anything. Paul noted that the pavement was dry and that there was no wind or ice, and he was puzzled by what had made Sage lose control of the car. Sharon became agitated, and she maintained that she didn't know. Dylan assumed that she was in shock, and he suggested that they finish the questioning later.

Dylan and Sharon returned home with Christian, and a relieved Faith ran into Sharon's arms. Faith mentioned the accident, and Sharon explained that 9-1-1 had responded right away. Dylan instructed the babysitter to take Faith upstairs to get ready for bed, and Sharon contemplated how to tell her daughter about Sage's death. Dylan was certain that Sharon would find a way, and Sharon recalled looking into Sage's eyes and watching her take her last breath. Sharon wailed that she could still see and hear Sage, and she gazed down at the baby.

Sharon tearfully told Dylan that she had to explain, and Dylan sympathized that the experience had been traumatic. He urged her to try not to think about Sage's last moments, and he said he was grateful that Sharon and the baby were okay. Dylan imagined what Nick was going through, and he said he didn't know what he would do if he lost Sharon or Sully. Sharon stayed mum as Dylan cradled the baby in his arms.

At the lab, Hilary read over a report, and she wondered what big emergency had caused Simon and Ashley to summon her there late at night. Simon said one of their patients had nearly died in the trial, and Ashley pointed out that Hilary had rushed into the testing phase before they had been ready, so there had been consequences. Ashley asserted that the information wasn't something to shrug off, and she demanded that they announce that they were suspending testing. Simon added that they'd have to go through the data to figure out what had gone wrong before they resumed human experimentation.

Ashley wondered if Hilary had even told Devon about the meeting, and Hilary replied that Devon didn't need or want to be involved in the decision-making. Simon contended that a man had almost died, and Hilary wrote it off as a bad reaction, but Simon reiterated that it had nearly been fatal. Hilary reasoned that trials had risks, and that was why they'd enlisted patients who were out of options. Hilary and Simon argued, and Ashley cautioned that pretending nothing had happened was asking for trouble. Simon stated that they were back to square one, and Ashley warned that as the face of the project, Hilary's reputation would be tarnished beyond repair if she didn't pull the plug immediately.

Ashley told Hilary to kiss her credibility goodbye if she didn't get in front of the issue, and she considered the lengths Hilary had gone to become the face of the project. Simon pointed out that the reputations of both Hilary and the drug trial were linked, and Ashley warned Hilary not to turn the snag into a fatal error. Hilary agreed to suspend the drug trial immediately, and Simon offered to be there when she addressed the press. Hilary said his presence wasn't necessary, since the obligation was hers as the spokesperson, and she walked out.

Simon praised Ashley for handling Hilary brilliantly by zeroing in on her weak spot. Ashley referred to Hilary's social-climbing ego, and she remarked that Hilary had heard nothing they'd said until they'd made it all about Hilary. Simon worried that it had been a mistake to let Hilary make the announcement solo. Later, Ashley and Simon watched the press conference online, and Hilary repeated Simon's words that her reputation and that of the clinical trial were linked, so she'd called the press conference to admit that they'd clearly rushed to try to get their product to market.

Hilary claimed that two of her associates had been forced to call her in for an emergency meeting to break the news that they were aborting the study, and they'd have to start over at a future date. Hilary saw the wisdom in cutting their losses to learn from their unfortunate mistake, and Ashley slammed her laptop shut and ranted that Hilary had made it look like Ashley and Simon had rushed the testing. Simon vowed not to let Hilary get away with the lie, but Ashley thought they'd look guilty if they refuted Hilary's statement.

At the Athletic Club, Phyllis informed Jack that Billy had pounced on Brash & Sassy. Jack peppered her with questions about Billy's intentions, but she said all she knew was what he'd invested in. Jack condemned Billy for stealing something else from the Newmans, and he groused that he never would have released the funds if he'd known. Jack suspected that Phyllis had known about Billy's plan all along. Phyllis insisted that she'd had no idea what Billy had planned, and the deal had already been underway when she'd spoken to him.

Jack questioned whether he was supposed to accept that on faith after everything Phyllis and Billy had done behind his back. Jack recalled that Billy had guilt-tripped him into handing over the money, while Phyllis had encouraged Jack to back the investment without question. Jack bemoaned that Billy had spent millions to stick it to Victoria when her only crime had been caring about Billy, but Phyllis honestly thought Billy was ready for a new start and that he'd had no ulterior motive. Jack barked that it had all been about revenge, but Phyllis noted that Jack had left Billy with nothing when Jack had fired him. Phyllis imagined that if Billy wanted revenge on anyone, it would be on Jack.

Jack asserted that he'd wanted to help Billy get back to what was important -- his family and the love of his life -- and he knew that it was what Victoria wanted, too. Jack wondered why Victoria had wanted to sell the company she'd created, and he suspected that it had been Victor's doing. Jack imagined that the fact that Billy had scooped it up had been the cherry on top for Victor, since Billy had become Jabot's competition. Phyllis asked what they could do, and Jack snapped that it was too late to be asking after she'd goaded Billy for months. Phyllis angrily told Jack to save it, and she started to head for the door. Jack asked if she was going to congratulate Billy, and she wordlessly stormed out.

Hilary entered the Athletic Club and asked why Jack was sitting alone at the bar, and he grumbled that he wasn't exactly surrounded by support. She said she knew the feeling, since nothing she said or did was right in other people's eyes, and all anyone saw were the tiny mistakes that had been magnified out of proportion. Jack quipped that she didn't have a monopoly on big mistakes, and she ranted that the people who had no loyalty or honor got all the attention. She recognized that it wasn't easy to be head of a family, but she'd watched Jack do everything he could to keep the Abbotts together. She wanted him to know that he had a friend who understood and admired him.

At Newman, Billy crowed that he was the new owner of Newman's most famous brand, and Victoria revealed that someone had gone behind her back to get board approval for the sale. Billy said he didn't care about the office politics, and all that mattered was that he had the bill of sale. Victoria argued that the division had been her baby, and she questioned how Billy could steal something she'd poured her heart and soul into. Billy compared it to her getting him fired so that he wouldn't be part of PassKey. Nick entered and declared that Billy and Victor had been on the same side, since Victor had arranged to put Brass & Sassy up for sale to get under Victoria's skin, and she had played right into his hands.

Nick added that the fact that Billy had taken the bait was just a bonus for Victor, since it would drive a bigger wedge between Billy and Victoria. Victoria pointed out that Billy didn't have to go through with the sale, but Billy reasoned that she'd forced him out of his last project, so he needed a new one. She inquired whether Billy had done it to get back at her, but Billy insisted that it had been a great deal. She argued that she'd doubled the asking price, and she accused Billy of rubbing the purchase in her face. Billy announced that he planned to kick his new company into high gear, and he was in the process of meeting with new management. Nick ordered him to get out, and Billy told Victoria that it was just business as he headed for the door.

Nick advised Victoria not to let Victor get to her, even though Victor had found a way to hurt her without hurting the company -- especially since she'd doubled the asking price. Victoria groaned that she'd been trying to prevent anyone from buying the division, and she grappled with the thought that her father had sold it to punish her. Nick wasn't surprised by Victor's vindictive behavior, and he was sure they'd see it again. Victoria lamented that sending Victor to prison hadn't sent the message they'd hoped it would, and Nick predicted that it had just been the first shot, since Victor considered Victoria to be weak after she'd agreed to the PassKey deal. Nick warned that Victor was stacking the deck against her, and Victor knew Nick wouldn't leave her hanging. Victoria realized that Victor wanted her out and Nick in.

Victoria questioned why Victor wanted Nick in charge when Nick didn't even want to be there, and Nick said Victor needed chaos to be happy. Victoria thought their father had gone off the deep end, and Nick assured her that the only reason he'd returned to the company had been to protect her. Nick believed that Victor wanted Victoria to be anxious, but he urged her to brush it off and not let people with petty motives get to her. He added that they had to stick together, but she snapped that he wasn't the one with a target on his back. She barked that she didn't know who to trust, and she stalked off. Nick answered a call from Paul.

Victoria went to a bar and ordered white wine. She put a coin into the jukebox, and she pounded on the machine when it played the wrong song. The bartender jokingly asked what the jukebox had done to her, and she explained that it hadn't been the song she'd wanted. He divulged that he'd been too lazy to change the label, but he knew the track number, and he selected the song for her. Victoria cried at the bar as the song played, and the bartender asked why she was upset, but she hurried out.

Phyllis stopped by to see Billy at his home, and she relayed the theory that Victor had pulled strings to arrange for Brash & Sassy to be up for sale. Billy invited her to join him for a celebratory drink, but Phyllis reiterated that Victor had set him up. Billy argued that Victor couldn't have known that Billy had had the cash to pay the asking price, and he revealed that Nick had already figured it all out. Phyllis wondered if Billy intended to keep the cosmetics company, knowing Victor's motivation had been to tear Victoria's heart out, and Billy asked why Phyllis sounded surprised.

Phyllis pointed out that there were other companies if Billy wanted to start over, but Billy insisted that she knew why he'd acquired Brash & Sassy, and she'd encouraged him by reminding him that life wasn't always fair. He added that if they wanted something, they had to grab it themselves, since no one was waiting around to make it right for them. He suggested that they forget what everyone else said and grab what they wanted, starting right then.

Nick arrived at the hospital, and Paul said he wasn't sure what had happened, but he'd gotten to the accident scene at the same time as the paramedics. Paul continued that there was no good way to say it, but Sage hadn't made it, and he was sorry. Nick broke down in tears and asked where she was, and Paul pointed to a room. Nick stepped inside and pulled back the sheet, and he sobbed when he saw Sage's face. He told her how much he loved her and that he never should have let her go, and he was sorry. He took her hand and wished he'd protected her by being a better husband, and he hoped she'd found peace because she was with Christian.

Nick walked out of the room, and Paul offered him a ride home. Nick said he didn't understand how it had happened, since he and Sage had just talked over coffee that afternoon. Paul asked if there was anything he could do, and Nick inquired whether Paul had been there at the end to know if she'd suffered or said anything. Paul replied that he'd arrived after Sage had passed, but she'd looked peaceful. Paul suggested that Nick talk to Sharon, who had been at the accident scene when Paul had gotten there.

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