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Cane told Lily that Neil had kidnapped Hilary. Max admitted to Ashley that he'd caused Abby's fall. Stitch was crushed when a doctor determined that Max needed inpatient psychiatric treatment. Victoria and Travis shared a dance and a kiss. Phyllis had sex with Billy.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of May 9, 2016 on Y&R
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Max Confesses to Ashley Max Confesses to Ashley

Monday, May 9, 2016

At the Genoa City Athletic Club, Lily told Devon that Dylan had found evidence indicating that Max had set the fire in the server room. Devon replied, "So literally everything Abby's been saying is true because Max made her fall and then set the fire to cover it up." Lily and Devon expressed concern about Abby's relationship with Ben surviving the turmoil. Hilary approached and arrogantly announced that Jack had loved her idea for getting publicity for both the foundation and the medical research at the same time. Hilary added, "I think it really helped that Neil and I were on the same page." Devon winced. In a brief flashback, Devon remembered having learned from Neil that Hilary had blackmailed him just like she'd blackmailed Ashley.

Devon and Lily listened as Hilary explained that she, Jack, and Neil worked well together. Hilary claimed that Ashley and Dr. Neville weren't effective outside their domain at the lab. Lily pointed out that Ashley was well known as an experienced businesswoman. Lily also reminded Hilary that she'd manipulated Ashley through blackmail. Hilary stroked Devon's arm and said, "Devon understands. He knows exactly where my heart is, right?" Devon replied, "I'm understanding more and more every day."

After Hilary stepped away to take a call, Devon admitted to Lily that Hilary, a backstabber, wasn't the same woman he'd married. Recalling that Hilary had first arrived in town to ruin Neil's life, Lily insisted that Hilary was constantly changing. Devon admitted that Hilary was set on achieving a goal he didn't at all understand. Lily encouraged Devon to face the problem. Lily left when Hilary returned.

At the Athletic Club's bar, Cane confronted Neil about having kidnapped and held Hilary captive. Whispering, Neil pleaded with Cane to keep silent and wait until he could tell him the whole story about what had happened to Hilary. Cane and Neil walked to Chancellor Park, where Cane was eager to hear Neil's explanation about why'd he kidnapped Devon's wife while letting everyone believe she was dead. Neil admitted he'd been consumed with jealousy at Devon and Hilary's wedding and had wanted revenge. Neil explained that he'd intended to break up the newlyweds, so he'd followed them to their honeymoon destination. Cane berated Neil after he said he'd shown Hilary the video of Devon's bachelor party and the prostitute who'd shown up.

Neil defended his actions and insisted that he'd heroically rescued Hilary from the water after she'd accidentally fallen off a cliff. Because he'd feared no one would believe him, Neil explained that he'd flown Hilary to Genoa City, hidden her away in his boathouse, and waited for her to awaken. Cane guessed that Neil had hired Dr. Neville to treat Hilary. Neil admitted that though rage had gotten the better of him, his plan had been for Hilary to get well, so she and Devon could be together. Cane asked if Neil believed he was off the hook because Hilary and Devon had reunited.

Cane reminded Neil that he'd lied to his son, his daughter, and everyone else, including the police. Growing angrier, Cane recalled that he'd had to travel to Virgin Gorda to rescue an imprisoned Devon. Cane shoved Neil and accused him of almost wrecking Cane's marriage to Lily after the police had accused him of demanding a ransom. Neil, admitting that his actions had been evil, said Hilary had thrown it in his face every chance she could. Neil pleaded with Cane to keep quiet because Devon didn't want the sordid details to be made public. Cane was astonished.

Neil explained that Hilary had begged Devon not to tell the police the truth. Cane said he realized that Hilary had kept everything secret so she could wield power over Neil and Devon. Cane said he wouldn't share the information with anyone but Lily. Neil said that the truth would only hurt Lily, and he asked Cane to imagine how he'd feel if his own daughter no longer wanted anything to do with him. Neil cried, "I love Lily the same way that you love Mattie."

Cane explained to Neil that he and Lily no longer kept secrets. Cane said his goal was to protect Lily by telling her the truth. Neil became distraught. Pleading his case, Neil pointed out that he, Hilary, and Devon had dealt with their problems the best they could. Neil pleaded with Cane not to drag his beautiful wife through such a horrible situation.

After Neil left, Cane summoned Lily to Chancellor Park. Neil attempted to phone Lily, but Cane insisted she ignore the call. Cane said he regretted having to hurt Lily. Lily became anxious and pleaded with Cane to tell her what was going on. Cane told Lily that Neil had kidnapped Hilary. Cane added that Devon had known all about it for some time. Lily was crushed. She cried, "My dad? How could he do this?"

When Hilary rejoined Devon in the dining room at the Athletic Club, she announced that she'd received word of a sizable donation and planned to handle the press coverage of the announcement herself. Devon questioned Hilary at length about shutting out Neil. Hilary said she and Neil each handled their own responsibilities and had no hostile feelings. Devon reminded Hilary that Neil had attempted to oust her from the foundation's board of directors. Devon said, "I know that you blackmailed Neil and that you've been lying to my face about it."

Hilary demanded to know how long Devon had known. Devon said he'd remained silent and had hoped to detect regret for her actions but hadn't at all. Hilary replied, "Neil owes me. For him to stand between me and what I want and what I need to survive, that is not okay." Hilary further defended her actions by claiming that Neil should be grateful to have his freedom.

Neil approached Hilary and Devon. Cane, Neil explained, had overheard when Hilary had boasted that she had a sword over his back. Neil added that Cane knew that he'd kept Hilary hidden while she was in a coma. Devon asked if Cane planned to tell Lily. Neil said he didn't know, but if Cane did, it would blow up their world and take them with it.

Inside the lab at Jabot, Ashley wasn't wholly supportive when Abby claimed that Max had deliberately hurt her baby and started a fire to cover his tracks. Ashley said, "You're making it sound like a fact without taking Ben's feelings into consideration. That's just going to create more distance between the two of you. That's what I'm afraid of."

Abby admitted that it would destroy Ben when he learned that Max's actions had led to their baby's death. Abby said she feared her marriage might crumble because Ben would support his son. Ashley encouraged Abby to stand by Ben and support him. Dr. Neville interrupted and said he needed to discuss a development with Ashley.

After Abby left, Max entered the lab and enthusiastically greeted Ashley. Max told Ashley that Dylan wanted to put him in jail. Ashley clasped Max's hands and urged him to tell her the truth. Max admitted that he'd made Abby trip on the stairs. Max claimed it had been prank intended to make the guests laugh. He denied wanting to hurt Abby. Max said that people believed he'd been jealous of the baby. Ashley remained calm and assured Max that everything would be all right. Ashley embraced Max, thanked him, and sent him into her office to play computer games.

Ashley remained calm, but she told Dr. Neville that her blood had run cold when Max had admitted what he'd done. Ashley noted that Max was mature enough to know that a pregnant woman would likely lose her baby after a fall down a flight of stairs. Ashley shuddered when she recalled how Max had calculatedly planned the incident beforehand. Dr. Neville asked why Max had shown up to confess. Ashley explained that Max had later set a fire in the server room to destroy evidence that would implicate him. Ashley added that Max was using her and expected her to defend him to Ben and Abby and claim that Abby's fall had been a prank.

At the Athletic Club, Dylan returned, having failed to locate Max. Ben, beside himself with worry, said he'd received no word about his son's whereabouts. Abby arrived and overheard Ben when he cried to Dylan that his son could be anywhere. Abby asked if Max was missing. Ben blamed Dylan for scaring Max and making him run away.

Dylan explained that Max had used the master key to enter the server room just before the fire. Dylan added that Max had overheard him when he'd told Ben about the evidence. Abby offered to help locate Max. Ben angrily replied, "Don't pretend like you suddenly care about my son."

After Dylan left to look for Max, Ben reminded Abby that she was the one who'd involved the police. Abby explained that she'd merely contacted Dylan to view the security video on the day she'd fallen. Abby noted that she needed to know for certain what had happened that had led to the loss of their baby. Ben said Abby's intent was to incriminate Max and prove he was a demon child. Abby insisted she was concerned about Max because he'd obviously been angry and in pain since his arrival in Genoa City. Ben defiantly defended Max.

Abby told Ben that Max blamed her for the loss of his mother. Abby added that her phone call to Max's mother before the wedding had led to the woman's death and had cost Max everything. Abby noted that she'd tried to be a good stepmom but could never replace Jenna. Ben bristled when Abby said that their daughter was gone, just like Max wanted. Ben cried, "You talk about him like he's evil because that's what you think he is."

Abby calmly explained that Max had had no outlet to deal with his anger other than picking fights at school, arguing with his dad, and setting events in motion to cause her fall and later cover it up. Abby insisted that Max was getting worse. Ben continued to defend Max and said his son needed time to adjust. Abby told Ben that if he loved Max and would seek help for the boy, and she offered to support them both. Ben refused to listen to Abby and left to search for Max. Dylan approached Abby and asked if she knew anyone Max might have run to for help. Abby replied, "Actually, there is one person."

As Ben was leaving the Athletic Club, Ashley phoned to let him know that Max was in her office at Jabot. Ashley said she hadn't phoned anyone else to let them know. Ben instructed Ashley to let Max know he loved him and was on his way. Ashley delivered Ben's message to Max. Ashley gently encouraged the boy to tell his father about what had happened.

When Ben arrived, Ashley met with him privately outside her office. Ben asked if Max was alone. Ashley replied, "He's in the office with Neville, and he's safe. He's not going anywhere, and that's all that matters." Ashley calmly told Ben that Abby's fears about Max's involvement were true. Ashley pleaded with Ben to listen to his son as a doctor would a sick patient because it was the only way to fix what was wrong. Max rushed to his father when Ben entered the office.

Abby and Dylan arrived. Ashley told them that Ben and Max were in her office. Ashley told Abby that Max had admitted that he'd purposely hurt her and the baby. Abby appeared stunned and devastated. Ashley requested that Dylan act as Ben's friend and give Max time to make a confession to his father.

In Ashley's office, Max admitted to his father that he'd made Abby fall as a prank. Max said he'd lied because he feared that his father wouldn't love him anymore. Abby stepped just inside the door to listen. Ben turned to Max and said, "I'll never stop loving you. I'll always look out for you."

Max pleaded with his father to leave before police arrived. Abby interrupted and said, "You're not going anywhere." Max climbed into his father's lap and buried his head on his Ben's shoulder. Abby glared at Ben.

Dylan forces Max to face the consequences

Dylan forces Max to face the consequences

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Jack and Phyllis met in the park, and she ranted that they could kiss their prime space at Dillman's department store goodbye, since Fiona was giving it all to Billy. Jack thought Phyllis was overreacting, but she announced that Billy was sleeping with Fiona. Jack thought it was typical for Billy to get cozy with a buyer to gain a competitive advantage, but he was surprised that Fiona had gone along with it. Phyllis groused that Fiona had paraded around Billy's house like she owned the place, and there was no mistaking what Phyllis had seen.

Jack wondered why Phyllis had gone to see Billy after she'd sworn off supporting him, and she claimed that she hadn't been able to stand that Billy had rubbed his meeting with Fiona in Jack's face. She thought it was one thing to want revenge on Victor, but it was another for Billy to go after people he cared about. She complained that Billy was turning into a Victor clone, and she admitted that she'd been upset and disgusted enough to slap Billy across the face. Jack was stunned.

Phyllis explained that she'd damaged her relationship with Jack by defending his brother, so she'd gone to see Billy to ask him to stop treating Jack like the enemy, but it hadn't gone over well. She contended that Billy had needed the smack, but it hadn't hurt him one bit. Jack questioned whether it was worth all the anxiety over one buyer for one store, and Phyllis replied that it was worth it to her, since she'd realized how far gone Billy was. She thought she'd been stupid for giving Billy the benefit of the doubt for such a long time, and she hugged Jack. Jack reminded her that Billy was an addict, and there was nothing they could do to stop Billy from hitting rock bottom again.

Billy and Fiona shared some wine at his home, and they flirtatiously discussed their mutual enjoyment of going double the speed limit on his motorcycle. He claimed that he'd taken her for a "nice and slow" kind of girl, and she purred that she was full of surprises. They began kissing, but a knock at the door interrupted them. Victoria burst in with apologies for being early, but she stopped short when she spotted Fiona. Victoria huffed that she wasn't subjecting her children to the situation, and she declared that she was leaving. Billy threatened to call the cops if she did.

Billy argued that the court had awarded him visitation, and Victoria couldn't ignore it just because he had company. Victoria refused to leave until his "friend" was gone, and they bickered. Victoria insinuated that Billy was sleeping with Fiona in exchange for shelf space, and Billy retorted that there was nothing in the custody agreement that said he had to be celibate. Victoria suggested that he stop putting up the pretense of being a good father if he was going to live his life that way, and Fiona offered to take the kids to the playroom. Fiona added that she was used to Billy's conversations with women, since Phyllis had slapped him earlier.

Victoria ordered Fiona to stay away from her kids and to leave the house, and Fiona pointedly told Victoria to say hello to Victor for her. Fiona wished Billy luck and headed out, and Victoria babbled about the snacks she'd packed for the kids. Billy asked if Victoria wanted to talk about it, but she barked that they'd discussed what they'd needed to talk about, and she'd felt nothing to find another woman there, since she was grateful to be rid of him. She said she'd pick the children up the next day, and she kissed the tots goodbye and left.

Billy told Johnny a story about a lonely king who lived in a big castle on a mountaintop, and the king had a son who looked a lot like Johnny. Billy said the little price had lived with his mom at the bottom of the mountain until dragons had flown through the air, and everyone had run away except the prince, who'd run to the mountaintop to protect his dad. Billy called the prince brave and strong to fight the dragon and chase it away, and he said the prince had stayed with his dad to always protect him. Johnny asked about the prince's mom, and Billy replied that she continued to live at the bottom of the mountain, but the king was never lonely because the boy was with him.

Victoria went to Hank's Bar, and she asked the bartender if Travis was off that night. Travis appeared and instructed the bartender to leave "Tori" a fistful of quarters to play a particular song on the jukebox. Travis inquired whether she'd had another fun day at the office, and he encouraged her not to sit around waiting for someone to realize what she had to offer. He advised her not to settle for someone else's idea of what her life should be, and he implored her to go after what she wanted.

Victoria sipped wine and said she just wanted to be free of everything, and Travis noted that it sounded like she was ready to head out of town. She thought the idea sounded nice, but she had too many things keeping her there. Travis guessed that she couldn't leave her friends at the bar behind, and she inquired whether he was implying that the dingy bar was her whole world. He clarified that he only knew what she'd told him, but he knew that she wasn't happy and that she needed a change.

Victoria inquired whether Travis could pack up and leave, but he said it was against bartender code to make the conversation about himself. She guessed that it would be easy for him to find another job pouring drinks wherever he went, and he pointed out that she could shuffle papers in an office anywhere. Victoria imagined that it was easier for him because he had no loyalty to the bar, and he asked if she had loyalty to rich jerks. He admitted that he'd bought the bar the prior summer, and she apologized for calling it dingy. He joked that it had been what he'd been going for, and he guessed that neither of them was leaving town. She smiled and replied that they were stuck there.

Travis suggested that he and Victoria entertain themselves if they had to stick around, and he led her to the dance floor. He cautioned her not to make any fancy moves, or they'd bump into the pool table, and he pulled out a quarter to play her favorite song. She requested a different tune because she needed a change, and he selected a track on the jukebox. Luca's investigator filmed a video on his phone of the couple slow-dancing together. Victoria and Travis kissed, and he invited her back to his place down the street. A flustered Victoria stammered that she should go, and she hurried out.

Phyllis and Jack went to the Athletic Club to eat, but she grumbled that she'd lost her appetite when Fiona approached. Jack suggested that they talk business later, but Fiona questioned whether he was curious about her business with Billy. Jack asserted that it was none of his concern, since Jabot had a contract that gave them shelf space and promotional time. Fiona implied that contracts were made to be broken, and Jack coldly told her to talk to his lawyers. Phyllis cautioned against making a public scene, but Fiona declared that the Abbott family was full of drama, and it was bad for business for her to be involved.

Phyllis suggested that Fiona let Jack and Billy duke it out, but Fiona decided not to carry products from either company's line, and she stalked off. Jack growled that Billy's reckless behavior was affecting them all again, and he stormed off to handle it. Phyllis sat down next to Fiona at the bar and demanded answers. Fiona replied that she hadn't taken Billy to bed, but she would have if they hadn't been interrupted. Fiona expected Phyllis to thank her for not telling Jack that Phyllis had slapped Billy, and Phyllis divulged that she'd already told him.

Fiona bet that Phyllis hadn't told Jack why she'd slapped his handsome, charming brother -- because Phyllis had been jealous. Fiona surmised that Phyllis had pretended to do everything for Jabot and Jack, but she thought Phyllis couldn't stand the thought of Billy taking another woman to bed because it was where Phyllis wanted to be. Fiona imagined that Phyllis really wanted to clock her, but she warned Phyllis not to make a habit of it, or people might start to catch on.

Billy responded to his incessantly ringing doorbell, and he told Jack to take it down a notch, since the kids were there. Jack sternly said they needed to talk, and Billy noted that he'd already been called a bad father and a liar. Jack announced that Phyllis had told him what had happened between her and Billy, and he recounted that Phyllis had stopped by to reason with Billy and had found Fiona and Billy in more than a business meeting. Jack added that Phyllis had slapped Billy because she'd been sick of his plan to stick it to Jabot, and Billy replied that Jack was wasting his time if he was there to get Billy to back off.

Jack pointed out that Billy's strongest ally wanted nothing to do with him, and that should tell Billy that he'd blown it with everyone. Jack revealed that Dillman's would no longer carry either one of their products, but Billy huffed that Jack didn't know what he was talking about, since Billy and Fiona had an understanding. Jack contended that Fiona didn't "give a damn" about their family drama, and she didn't want to be in the middle of a war, so it was no wonder she'd dumped them. Billy said it was just business, but Jack ranted that Billy was hurting the people he claimed to care about, and he warned that they were near the breaking point.

Billy told Jack to take care of his own life, and Jack insisted that Billy was part of his life, but he wasn't sure for how much longer. Billy blasted Jack for interrupting his time with his kids to give him a scolding, and Jack admonished Billy for not caring how many people he hurt. Billy refused to play the family screw-up any longer, despite Jack's efforts to paint him into the role, and he refused to apologize for living his life. Billy vowed to take what was his -- be it a company, his children, or a woman.

In the lab office, Abby lectured that running away wasn't the answer, but Max spat that she was glad to see him go because she'd never wanted him around anyway. Abby insisted that she'd wanted to be a family, and Max maintained that he'd just been pulling a prank, but he hadn't intended for anyone to get hurt. Abby flatly stated that she had been hurt, but her voice trailed off when she mentioned the baby. Abby asserted that she and Stitch couldn't ignore what had happened anymore, and Max turned to Stitch.

Abby stressed that what Max had done had been wrong, and he needed help. Max snapped that he didn't want help, and he accused Abby of trying to get rid of him and twisting things around. Abby replied that it had been what Max had been trying to do to her all along, but he'd panicked and set the fire to destroy the proof that he'd planned to make her fall. Abby sternly said they knew Max had been in the security room, and they knew what he'd done. Max appealed to Stitch not to let the police get him, and Stitch told Abby that he needed to handle things himself.

In the lab, Ashley and Simon told Dylan about Max's confession that he'd caused Abby's fall. Dylan suspected that Max had known what would happen, but even if rigging the stairs had been a prank, the fire had been deliberate. Dylan weighed the evidence against Max, and he was certain that the boy had meant to destroy the security footage. Ashley regretted that she'd ever doubted her daughter, and she recognized that Max had gone to great lengths to hurt Abby.

Simon asked Dylan about the next steps with Max, and Dylan replied that he needed to call child services, since a crime had been committed. Abby exited the office and urged Dylan to hurry, since Max was trying to convince Stitch to run away, and she thought her husband was considering it. Ashley thought they should have seen the warning signs, and Abby pointed out that the signs had been there from the beginning. Dylan reasoned that no one had wanted to think the worst about a kid, and Abby imagined that Stitch's hopes and dreams for Max were colliding with a horrible reality. Abby wanted to help Stitch and Max through it, but she was afraid Stitch wouldn't let her.

Simon approached Dylan privately in the corridor, and he said he had become fond of Max and could picture the boy becoming a doctor or scientist one day. Simon explained that Max wouldn't amount to anything unless he got treatment, so Max needed someone to be strong and do the right thing, even if it caused Max's father a great deal of pain. Simon confided that he'd been disturbed by Max's ability to disassociate his actions from their consequences, and he suspected that it had been more than just bad behavior. Simon continued that Max reminded him of another child he'd known in Ohio, and he knew that Max needed Dylan.

Meanwhile, Stitch told Max that Abby was right, and running away would only make things worse. Stitch pledged to stay in Genoa City and get Max the help he needed, but Max whined that he had just been messing around and didn't need help. Stitch believed that Max was sorry, but he thought that part of Max was glad, too, since the boy had wanted Abby to fall down the stairs and lose the baby. Stitch repeated that he loved Max and would always love him no matter what, but he needed to know the truth.

Stitch recognized that Max had been in a lot of pain after his mom had died, and he imagined the idea of Stitch having a baby with Abby had made it worse. Max griped that Stitch had tried to erase Jenna like she'd never existed, and Stitch guessed that had been why Max had set Abby up to fall. Max wailed that there would have been no room for him with Abby and the baby, so he'd wanted to make them go away. Max continued that Stitch had loved the baby, so Stitch wouldn't have loved Max anymore, and Max would have been alone. Max cried that he'd wanted Stitch back, and Stitch hugged him.

Stitch promised that he wasn't going anywhere, but he thought Max needed to talk to someone about the anger he had bottled up inside. Stitch explained that he didn't want Max to have to feel that way all the time, and he swore that things would get better and that Max wouldn't be alone, since Stitch would be with him through all of it. Dylan entered and reported that the child services representative was there, and Max announced that his dad was going with him. Dylan firmly replied that Stitch couldn't, and Max protested that Stitch had promised. Stitch pleaded for Dylan to bend the rules, but Dylan remained silent.

Stitch said he'd thought he'd be able to stay with his son, but Dylan gently informed him that it wasn't possible. Stitch protested that he'd told Max they'd be together, but Dylan maintained that Max needed to be interviewed alone. Max begged his daddy not to let him be taken away, and Abby realized that she'd never heard Max call Stitch "Daddy" before. Dylan assured Max that they just wanted to talk to him, but Max clung to Stitch and yelled that Stitch had promised. Dylan forcibly dragged a struggling Max away.

Dylan returned to the lab and informed Stitch that Max was on his way to the facility with child services. Stitch demanded to know why Dylan hadn't made an exception, and Dylan replied that it hadn't been up to him. Dylan asked if there was anything he could do, but Stitch jerked away and barked that Dylan had done enough. Stitch broke down in tears, and Abby reached out to him, but he ordered her to leave him alone and stalked off. Ashley hugged Abby and advised her to give it time. Abby sobbed that Stitch would never be able to erase the image of his son being ripped out of his arms from his mind, and it was all her fault.

Fiona gives Jack a warning

Fiona gives Jack a warning

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

by Mike

At the prison, Victor received a visit from Adam, who declared that he had figured out what Victor was up to. Explaining that he had gotten suspicious after Dr. Gates had crashed Sage's memorial service on Victor's behalf, Adam revealed that he had done some digging and had learned that her father was the head of the judicial review board. "[She's] one degree away from your get-out-of-jail-free card," Adam summarized.

"My goodness. Almost as if it was fated," Victor innocently mused, adding that Adam was being paranoid. Unconvinced, Adam guessed that Victor had asked Gates to deliver a message to his family in an effort to gain her sympathy, knowing how they would react. Adam vowed to warn his siblings to keep their guard up around Gates.

Victor suggested that it might be better for Adam to keep his theory to himself and use it to his advantage, since his frequent visits to the prison seemed to indicate that he wasn't quite as done with Newman Enterprises as he wanted everyone to believe. Adam tried to insist that his visits were simply about speaking on behalf of his siblings, but Victor seemed skeptical. Changing the subject, Victor wondered why Adam had never bothered to mention how his search for a new job was going. "Why the hell would I? You seem to know everything, anyway," Adam grumbled.

"Running a fashion line -- isn't that a little step down?" Victor mused. Adam defensively warned Victor not to disparage Chelsea's business, pointing out that she was making a hefty contribution to Newman Enterprises' bottom line. Nodding, Victor guessed that those ties to Newman Enterprises were the true appeal of the job for Adam, putting him in the perfect position to keep an eye on things. "Your brother, Nicholas, is grieving the loss of his wife, and your sister, Victoria, is failing, so the position I left open [is] ripe for the taking, right? When are you gonna make your move?" Victor wondered.

Adam insisted that he had no plans to stab his siblings in the back "this time" and was actually quite offended that Victor would even suggest such a thing, especially so soon after a death in the family, but Victor wasn't convinced. "You've been trying very hard to convince yourself and others that you don't care about the position at Newman Enterprises that I left open, but you do. Give in to that. Take over the chair that I left behind. You fit in it; you look good in it. Now, get the hell out, and don't try to outsmart me ever again," Victor advised before summoning a guard to usher Adam out of the visitation room.

After Adam left, Gates entered the visitation room and guessed that the father-son meeting hadn't gone very well. "Yeah, but at least he came by to visit," Victor replied, adding that he probably had Gates to thank for that and would like to return the favor. Victor advised Gates to reach out to her father, musing that he wished he still had the luxury of being able to reach out to his family at any time instead of having to wait for them to choose to visit him. Gates started to protest that it wasn't that simple, but Victor argued that someone needed to step up and make the first move in order to break the cycle of recriminations.

"I'll make you a deal: you try to reconcile with your own father, and I'll try to do the same with my family," Victor suggested. Gates wasn't sure she could do that, but Victor urged her to think about the fact that, unlike him, she only needed to kick down one wall in order to start the process of reconciliation. Gates sighed and left the room without saying anything else, but once she was alone in the hallway, she retrieved her cell phone and proceeded to place a phone call to her father. Victor stood against the visitation room door, listening with great interest.

While passing through Chancellor Park, Mariah and Kevin discussed Sage's sudden death. Kevin was somewhat surprised to learn that Mariah had reached out to Nick to offer her condolences. "I can be compassionate!" Mariah defensively insisted, adding that her attempt at kindness hadn't done any good because Nick hadn't returned her call yet. Mariah conceded, however, that she understood why Nick was being antisocial.

Natalie soon interrupted, snapping a picture of Kevin and Mariah with her new camera. Natalie explained that she had purchased the device so she could take pictures during the expensive, exotic African safari she had just scheduled. Kevin enviously admitted that he had always wanted to go on one of those, prompting Mariah to abruptly excuse herself so he could continue his conversation with Natalie. "I hope your new camera works so great that you get a photo of a lion -- from the inside," Mariah told Natalie before walking away.

Sharon was surprised when Nick dropped Faith off earlier than expected. After Faith went upstairs to see Sully, Nick admitted that he was struggling at that time and needed Sharon to watch Faith for a while because being around her was proving difficult. "I can't be happy around her. I'm trying, but it's taking too much out of me," Nick explained.

Sharon argued that it would be a bad idea for Nick to isolate himself. "Why don't you spend some more time here, with Sully?" Sharon suggested. Taken aback, Nick wondered how spending time with Sully would help him get past losing his wife and son. Sharon stammered that Sully simply had an uncanny way of making people feel happy. "And children are a blessing; they have this sweet way of reminding you everything is right in the world," Sharon added, prompting Nick to counter that nothing was right in his world at that time.

"I have to tell you something," Sharon hesitantly began, but before she could continue, Mariah arrived and started complaining about what had happened earlier with Kevin. Mariah stopped herself when she realized that Sharon had company, and she proceeded to give Nick a hug and offer her condolences. Nick apologized for failing to return Mariah's call, and she assured him that she understood.

Sharon tried to get Mariah to help her convince Nick that he needed to start spending more time with Sully, but Mariah sided with Nick after hearing that he felt like he wasn't fit to be around kids at that time. Sharon tried to protest, but Nick interrupted and abruptly excused himself. After Nick left, Mariah questioned Sharon's strange behavior. "Mine? You hugged him. When did you start hugging people?" Sharon countered.

Mariah refused to let Sharon deflect, maintaining that pressuring Nick to spend time with Sully had been a strange move. Mariah advised that Sharon needed to let Nick grieve in his own way, but Sharon insisted that she had seen Nick shut down before, and things hadn't ended well then, so she was simply trying to prevent history from repeating itself. Quickly changing the subject, Sharon wondered why Mariah had seemed fired up earlier.

Mariah started complaining about how Kevin had turned into Natalie's lapdog, prompting Sharon to assure her that jealousy was a natural human emotion. Mariah insisted that she wasn't jealous; she was simply hurt. "Is that a human emotion?" Mariah wondered. Sharon advised that Mariah needed to share her feelings with Kevin. "How? I don't know how I feel!" Mariah stressed, but Sharon guessed that wasn't true.

Before Mariah could respond, Faith joined her and Sharon in the living room. Mariah wondered how Faith was doing. Faith admitted that she had been trying to cheer Nick up but could tell that her methods weren't working. After reasoning that it was normal for Nick to be upset at that time, Mariah distracted Faith with a request for a drawing. Faith rushed off to start the art project, and once the coast was clear, Mariah tried again to figure out what was going on with Sharon. As Sully's cries began transmitting through the baby monitor, Sharon claimed that Sage's sudden loss had been difficult to process, and she simply didn't want to lose anyone else.

At Newman Enterprises, Victoria entered her office and found Billy sitting in her desk chair with his feet propped up on her desk. Unamused, Victoria ordered Billy to leave. Billy observed that Victoria was running a bit late that day, which was odd because the kids had spent the night with him, so she should have gotten plenty of rest. Billy wondered if something had kept Victoria up late, but she insisted that her personal life was none of his business anymore. Billy agreed, countering that Victoria needed to remember that the next time she felt the urge to throw a jealous fit at his house.

Victoria insisted that she hadn't been jealous; she had simply been concerned about the kids. Changing the subject, Victoria demanded to know the reason for Billy's visit. Billy claimed that he just wanted to give Victoria an update on the kids she was concerned about, but he soon admitted that he also wanted to report that Victoria's jealous fit had caused Fiona to decide to stop doing business with Brash & Sassy. Chuckling, Victoria sarcastically assured Billy that she was crushed to hear that he was having trouble with the company he had stolen from her. Victoria added that Billy could always sell it back to her, but he refused to give up without a fight.

As Victoria and Billy continued arguing, Nick entered the room and tiredly ordered them to stop. "You should be grateful you're alive. Stop trying to make everyone think you don't belong together, because nobody's buying it. You don't even believe it, so drop the act [and] stop wasting your time on things that don't matter," Nick advised. Victoria and Billy maintained that their marriage was over for good and that they no longer shared anything other than children. Nick didn't feel like fighting, so he agreed to drop the subject but hoped that Victoria and Billy would be able to get past their anger and rediscover their love for each other before it was too late.

"Yeah, that's not gonna happen," Billy promised before showing himself out. After Billy left, Victoria tried to insist that it was too soon for Nick to return to work, but he warned her to back off. "You and everyone else need to stop telling me how to deal with this. I need to be here, doing something, because if I'm not here, then all I think about is crawling into that grave next to Sage," Nick added.

Victoria apologized, explaining that she was simply worried that Nick wasn't handling his grief in the best way. "There is no best way," Nick countered. Victoria suggested that it wasn't a good idea for Nick to use work as a distraction from reality, but he argued that she was doing the same thing. Before Victoria could respond, Adam arrived to let her and Nick know about what Victor was up to. "I hope you're not getting too comfortable in that chair, because when he comes back, he's gonna come back guns a-blazing," Adam warned Victoria.

At the Athletic Club, Jack and Phyllis were horrified to learn that someone had stolen Jack's identity -- something that was supposed to be impossible under the protection of PassKey. Jack feared that if the vulnerability were made public, Jabot might not be able to survive the blow, especially after everything else that had happened recently.

After Phyllis rushed off to find Natalie, Jack arranged a meeting with Fiona, hoping to undo the damage Billy had caused. Jack warned that Jabot's loyal customers would find other places to shop if Fiona followed through with her plan to stop selling its products, but she insisted that she wasn't going to change her mind about cutting ties with Jabot because money wasn't her only concern; she was also worried about Jabot imploding while its products were on her store shelves.

Confused, Jack wondered why Fiona suspected that Jabot was about to implode. Fiona told Jack about Phyllis slapping Billy, and Jack laughed off the incident, explaining that Phyllis had already told him about it -- and, knowing Billy, he had probably deserved it. Fiona added that she had also witnessed some recent drama between Billy and Victoria, but Jack stressed that although Billy was a magnet for trouble at times, that didn't mean trouble was imminent at Jabot. Jack assured Fiona that Billy had been irrevocably removed from the company.

"I guarantee you: if you do business [with] Jabot, you will not have to deal with Billy," Jack promised. Satisfied, Fiona agreed to cancel her plans to sever ties with Jabot. Fiona warned, however, that it would be wise of Jack to take the slap Phyllis had given Billy more seriously because, speaking as a woman, she could assure Jack that it had meant something.

At Chancellor Park, Natalie invited Kevin to accompany her to Africa. "When are we leaving?" Kevin asked. Meanwhile, Phyllis approached and revealed that PassKey wasn't as secure as Natalie had promised it would be. Natalie and Kevin refused to believe that PassKey had any vulnerabilities, but Phyllis insisted that she was certain it did because Jack's identity had just been stolen. "Well, maybe he has a doppelgänger," Natalie joked.

Unamused, Phyllis told Natalie to fix the problem right away. Natalie refused, asserting that her business with Jabot was done, and she no longer wished to be tied to a keyboard. Phyllis warned that Natalie would stop receiving payments from Jabot if she didn't continue to update the software when needed, but Natalie dismissively replied that she already had plenty of money to fall back on. Phyllis countered that Jabot could sue Natalie to get back all that money, but Natalie maintained that Phyllis would have to look elsewhere for help.

After walking away from Phyllis, Kevin and Natalie went to another part of the park, where Kevin warned that Natalie might want to reconsider her stance because Jabot really could make things hard on her. Natalie insisted that she could afford to hire lawyers to defeat Jabot, adding that she liked her new lifestyle and didn't want to go back to being the old Natalie. Kevin assured Natalie that she would be beautiful either way, prompting her to kiss him. Meanwhile, Mariah approached and spotted them. Mariah interrupted and slapped her house key down on Kevin and Natalie's table, revealing that she was moving out.

Elsewhere, Phyllis arranged a meeting with Billy and told him about the PassKey vulnerability. Phyllis asked Billy to talk some sense into Natalie, but he insisted that PassKey was no longer his problem. Grasping Billy's hand, Phyllis urged Billy to reconsider, stressing that the problem could destroy Jabot. Meanwhile, Jack approached and watched Phyllis and Billy curiously.

Stairway to heaven

Stairway to heaven

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Jack confronted Billy and Phyllis in the park, and he demanded to know what was going on. She abruptly dropped Billy's hand and replied that it was nothing, but Jack grumbled that it didn't look like "nothing" to him. Phyllis explained that she'd been asking Billy to talk to Natalie to prevent Jabot from going down in flames, but Jack imagined that Billy would like to see Jabot get burned. Billy coolly stated that Jack didn't want his help, and Phyllis appealed to Billy to serve his father's legacy. Billy said there was one person who could get him to say yes.

Jack asked what Billy wanted, and Billy suggested that Jack ask his wife. Phyllis spat that she'd been stupid to count on Billy for help, and Billy stated that Jack wouldn't admit when he needed help, but perhaps one day Jack would. Billy prepared to meet with Fiona to convince her to carry both product lines, but Jack announced that he'd already talked her into carrying Jabot exclusively. Billy gave Jabot credit for winning the first round, but he stared at Phyllis and declared his intent to throw Fiona on the back of his motorcycle just for fun. Billy stalked off, and Jack expected Phyllis to chase after Billy to try to change his mind, since it was what she did "every damn time."

Phyllis huffed that she was through running after Billy, since he had hurt Jack and Victoria and had taken Fiona to bed. Phyllis called Fiona a lying, conniving operator, but Jack thought Fiona was just a businesswoman who'd wanted the best possible deal, and he wondered why Phyllis was being defensive. Phyllis asserted that she didn't agree with Fiona's ethics, and Jack questioned whether Phyllis was jealous. They argued, and Jack barked that he didn't know "who the hell" Phyllis was anymore.

Elsewhere in the park, Mariah insisted that Kevin take her house keys, but he argued that they were roommates and friends. She snapped that he could buy new ones with all of his money, and he questioned where she would go. She retorted that she'd go someplace where people knew what mattered and what didn't, and she stormed off. Natalie declared that the free ride was over for Mariah, but Kevin wondered if PassKey's success had changed him and Natalie in a bad way. Natalie proposed a reality check at Top of the Tower over Champagne and caviar, but Kevin opted for Chinese takeout and movies, and Natalie assumed that he wanted to share them with Mariah.

Kevin argued that Mariah had been an awesome friend, and Natalie purred that she could be awesome, too. Natalie planted a kiss on Kevin, and she suggested that they go back to his place, but he preferred to work on PassKey. She objected, but he asked what had happened to the hacker superhero who'd wanted to save the world. He pushed to know if she missed her computer, and she confided that she was afraid she'd get sucked back into being a geeky loser. Kevin pointed out that Natalie hadn't changed underneath her makeover, and she was the hottest hacker on the planet and could still make a difference.

At the cottage, Sharon walked in on Dylan telling Sully about his work schedule, and Dylan contemplated whether the boy would also wear a badge one day. Dylan cooed that whatever Sully wanted to be, Dylan would always be proud to call Sully his son. Dylan saw Sharon's expression and asked what was wrong. Sharon commented that people tended to take moments like that for granted, but they added up to a lifetime of memories.

Dylan wondered if things would have been different if Stitch had been able to share moments like that with Max, and he lamented that there was a possibility that Max would go away for a long time to get the help he needed. Dylan remarked that he couldn't imagine the "hell" of having his son taken away. Mariah walked in and asked if it was a bad time, but Dylan replied that it was perfect, and he left for work. Mariah called Dylan a man who'd been born to be a dad, and she praised Sharon for continuing to try for a kid after her miscarriage. Sharon testily inquired why Mariah kept throwing that in her face.

Mariah admitted that she'd been wrong for giving Sharon a hard time about lying to Dylan, since everything had turned out great. Mariah sympathized that things had been very different for Nick and Sage, and Sharon changed the topic by asking whether Mariah had told Kevin how she felt. Mariah plunked her keys down on the table and asked if she could move back into her old room. Mariah claimed that Kevin had been too nice to kick her out, so she'd done it for him. Sharon worried that Mariah hadn't thought it through, but Mariah firmly stated that she belonged with her family.

Mariah promised to help by babysitting and doing the dishes, but Sharon argued that Mariah loved her independence, and Mariah wouldn't have it around there. Mariah realized that Sharon was trying to talk her out of moving back in, and Sharon swore that she was glad to have Mariah there, but she warned that it wouldn't be great for Mariah's social life. Mariah asserted that her life consisted of working and helping Sharon around the house, and she stressed that she was exactly where she wanted to be. Mariah thanked Sharon for letting her move back in, and she said she was happy that Sharon trusted Mariah with her secrets. They hugged.

Later, Kevin dropped by to see Mariah, and he tried to give her back her house keys, but she refused to take them. Kevin insisted that Natalie had nothing to do with his friendship with Mariah, and he recalled his and Mariah's mutual fondness for cold sesame noodles and Plato Sphere. Mariah flatly stated that she was over it, and she suggested that he get back to his classic car before a bird got to it. Kevin acknowledged that he'd acted like a jerk, and he begged her to return home. She stressed that she washome, and she had a tea party with Faith to get to. Kevin said her room would be waiting, and he threw the keys on table and walked out.

Abby tracked down Stitch in his hotel room when she hadn't heard from him, and she asked if he was okay. He replied that he wasn't okay after all the horrible things that had happened, and he tried to brush her off to return to the hospital. Abby surmised that he blamed her, and she argued that she'd never wanted them to take Max away, but the boy needed help. She begged Stitch to tell her that he understood and that he would forgive her. Stitch swore that there was nothing to forgive, since Abby had been right, but he didn't know how to get through to Max.

Abby encouraged Stitch to just love his son, but Stitch thought love wasn't enough, and he considered himself to be a total failure as a father. Abby insisted that he was only doing what he had to do to make his son healthy, but Stitch felt like he'd betrayed Max, and he recalled that he'd just stood there when Max had begged not to be taken away. Abby assured Stitch that he'd done the right thing, and she was sure that Stitch would be there for Max, just like she'd be there for Stitch. She suggested that they do it together, but he thought it would make things harder for Max. She assumed that her involvement would make things harder for Stitch.

At the lab, Hilary fretted to Simon that Lily had a weapon against her, and she contemplated what would happen if Lily went to the police. Simon thought they stood to lose the opportunity to save lives, and Hilary vowed that there was "no way in hell" she'd lose everything she'd worked for. Ashley walked in, and Hilary pretended that they'd been discussing Max's troubles. Hilary claimed that her heart went out to all of them.

Ashley guessed that Hilary's true concern was about herself and her career, and Simon inquired about Abby, who strode in and declared that she was fine. Ashley pulled Abby into the office, and Simon marveled that Hilary hadn't batted an eye when she'd feigned concern about Max. Hilary suggested that Simon show her some gratitude, since she wasn't his problem, and Lily was the one they should be concerned about. Simon doubted that Lily would send her father to prison.

Abby griped that Hilary should have issued a press release days earlier, but Ashley insisted on hearing how Abby was doing. Abby confirmed that she'd never felt that helpless or alone, and Ashley hugged her. Abby divulged that she'd gone to see Stitch at the hotel, and he hadn't been angry, but he hadn't allowed her to comfort him. Abby wished he trusted her to help him get past it, and she wondered how to get through to him. Ashley encouraged Abby just to be there for him.

At the Athletic Club, Lily dictated notes into an audio recorder about all the things wrong at the facility. Neil overheard and assured her that the place looked great, but she coldly replied that appearances could be deceiving, and she started to walk away. He stopped her and asked how she was doing, and she snapped, "My father is a liar and a kidnapper. How do you think I am?"

Neil said he felt terrible about what he'd done, but Lily hissed that he hadn't even been drinking when he'd decided to kidnap Hilary. Neil defended that he'd found Hilary in the water, but Lily pointed out that it had been after he'd chased Hilary down to break up her marriage to Devon. Neil asserted that Hilary would have died without him, but Lily ranted that their family had spent months looking for Hilary, wondering if she was alive, yet Neil had said nothing, even when Devon had been a suspect in Hilary's murder. Lily questioned what kind of father did that to his own family.

Neil explained that Hilary and Devon had been there for him when he'd lost his sight, and he'd fallen more in love with Hilary because of her love and kindness. Neil continued that finding the couple in bed together right after he'd regained his sight had been like having his heart ripped out of his chest, but Lily thought Neil's actions had gone beyond those of a scorned husband. Lily admonished Neil for nearly blowing up her marriage with his lies, since he'd said nothing when she'd suspected her own husband. Neil conceded that what he'd done had been unconscionable, but he wanted to do damage control to ensure no one else got hurt. He revealed that Hilary had blackmailed her way into the foundation, and there was no stopping her. Lily pointed out that Neil could turn himself in.

Neil said he'd thought about going to the police, and Lily huffed that he was a coward on top of everything else. Neil explained that it would be a relief to confess, but Devon would be charged as an accessory, Simon would be banned from practicing medicine, and Ashley's plan to save lives would go up in smoke. Lily groused that Hilary had won, and Neil begged Lily to stay quiet. Lily realized that Devon would be Neil's victim all over again if the truth got out, and she agreed to keep the secret, but she'd never look at Neil the same way again.

In the foyer, Natalie ran into Jack and insisted that they talk about PassKey. Jack assumed that she'd spoken to Billy, but Natalie replied that she'd thought Billy wanted nothing to do with PassKey, Jack, or Phyllis. "If only that were true," Jack murmured. Natalie assured Jack that she could fix PassKey, and she headed upstairs. Hilary approached Jack and mentioned her upcoming interview, but she noticed he was distracted. Jack confided that he was having complications at home, and Hilary encouraged him to talk to her about it.

Hilary recalled the many times she'd cried on Jack's shoulder, and she offered to return the favor by being a friend. She added that she was a good listener, and Lily sauntered over and said Hilary was a lot of things. Lily called Hilary a "lying, cheating, backstabbing skank," and she threw a glass of water in Hilary's face.

At the hospital, Paul greeted Max and reminded him that they'd met when Max had first arrived from Australia. Paul urged Max to talk to Dr. Rosen about his feelings about Abby, the baby, and what had happened after Abby's fall. Max complained that he'd already said he was sorry, and he wondered why he couldn't go home. Paul said he knew what it was like to have a scary secret, but he advised that it was much worse to keep it hidden, and the best thing to do was to be honest.

Later, Dylan arrived at the hospital, and he told Paul that he was there to support Stitch. Paul imagined that Stitch knew that Dylan had just been doing his job, and Dylan asked why Paul hadn't warned him that fatherhood could be that complicated. Stitch entered, and Paul informed him that Max was with Dr. Rosen. Stitch said he owed Dylan an apology for going off on him, and he blamed himself for not getting Max into therapy sooner. Paul assured Stitch that Max was getting the help he needed, but he thought Max would still require the love and patience that only a father could give. Stitch hoped he got a second chance with his kid.

Paul informed Stitch that he'd once had a son other than Dylan, and he'd lived to regret that he'd hardly spent any time with Ricky when he'd been younger. Paul thought that he might have made a difference if he'd been a greater presence in Ricky's life, but Ricky's adult life had been mired in tragedies that had led to his death. Paul noted that Stitch still had time, and Stitch could make a difference with Max. Max appeared and ran into Stitch's arms.

Dr. Rosen wanted to discuss Max's evaluation with Stitch, but Max balked when a social worker wanted to take him to get a snack. After Stitch convinced Max to go, the doctor said the police needed to hear his report, too. Dr. Rosen explained that after initial resistance, Max had admitted that he'd wanted to hurt Abby and the baby, but the boy had shown no genuine remorse other than about getting caught. Stitch wondered how he could help his son, and the doctor recommended intensive therapy. Stitch agreed to make sure Max got all the help he needed, but the doctor added that he couldn't allow Max to go home, since it wouldn't be safe for anyone.

Later, Stitch told Max that he was proud of Max for being honest, and Max asked if they could go. Stitch explained that it was just the beginning, since Max needed to keep seeing the doctor. Stitch compared the doctor to a coach who was training Max for life, and Max asked again if they could leave. Stitch revealed that Max had to stay there for a while, and Max whined that he'd done what Stitch had wanted by telling the truth. Stitch said Max needed help, but Max called him a liar and yelled that he hated Stitch. Max tried to run away, but Paul stopped him. Max pleaded with Stitch to help him.

Stitch found Abby in his hotel room, but he said he needed to be alone. She reminded him that she was his wife, and he bemoaned that he'd just had to tell his eight-year-old son that he had to stay in the psych ward. Stitch wailed that he didn't know how they'd gotten there, and he told her to go. Abby pledged her love to him, but Stitch said he couldn't talk about it, and he sat down in tears. Abby knelt by his side and said they didn't have to talk, and they could just be together. She pulled him into her arms.

Billy poured a drink at home and flashed back to kissing Phyllis, and he found Phyllis at his door. He said she was barking up the wrong tree if she was there about Natalie, but Phyllis informed him that she was there about her marriage, since Jack knew there was something between them. Phyllis insisted that she and Billy had to stay away from one another, and whatever had been going on between them was over. Billy questioned why she kept showing up there if she truly believed that. Phyllis swore that it would be the last time she'd be there, since there was no reason for their paths to ever cross again.

Billy questioned whether he was the only one who couldn't get their kiss out of his head, and Phyllis vowed that it would never happen again. Billy recounted that she'd run from him "like a bat out of hell," but she'd repeatedly returned, and she'd slapped him because she'd found him with Fiona. Billy dared Phyllis to run back to Jack, but he thought she would be back because she wanted to be with him, and she knew it. He grabbed her and kissed her, and they sank onto the stairs in a passionate embrace.

Phyllis and Billy have sex

Phyllis and Billy have sex

Friday, May 13, 2016

In Chancellor Park, Adam watched as Meredith reconciled with her father, Judge Russell Gates. Meredith tearfully stated that she'd missed her dad, and Russell thanked her for reaching out, recognizing that it hadn't been easy. She credited a friend for giving her the encouragement to do so, and she said the friend had reminded her that family was too important to turn her back on. Russell considered it sound advice, and he suggested that they meet again to talk soon. They hugged goodbye, and after she departed, Adam greeted the judge and requested a moment of his time.

Adam introduced himself and reminded Russell that they'd once met at a stuffy benefit, but Russell suspected that Adam wanted more than a friendly hello. Russell sternly stated that he only heard appeals in court, but Adam insisted that the last thing he wanted was to see his father released. Adam wished that Russell's daughter felt the same way, and Russell said Meredith hadn't mentioned Victor. Adam explained that Victor and Meredith had forged a friendship and that Victor had sent her to a Newman family funeral in his absence.

Adam voiced his suspicion that Victor had played on Meredith's sympathy in the hope of getting in good with the judge, but Russell thought Adam was overestimating Victor's powers of persuasion. Adam called Victor a master manipulator who had inspired Meredith's change of heart about her father, and he questioned the timing of their father-daughter reunion. Russell snapped that his relationship with Meredith was none of Adam's business, and he resented the implication that he could be that easily swayed. Adam explained that he'd wanted Russell to know what he was dealing with, since Victor had an endgame, and he was using Russell's daughter as a pawn.

Chelsea surprised Victor with a visit in prison, and he inquired about Connor, but she informed him that it wasn't a social call. She announced that she was there to tell him that his plan to get out wouldn't work, since she and Adam intended to do everything in their power to ensure that Victor served the full ten years. Victor said he was fully aware that his loved ones wanted nothing more than to keep him behind bars, and Chelsea remarked that his incarceration had done the impossible, since the Newmans were actually on the same page about where he belonged.

Chelsea mentioned that Victoria was doing an amazing job running Newman Enterprises, including allowing Chelsea to run her company with autonomy. Victor questioned what they'd do when it all fell apart, but Chelsea replied that they didn't need his protection. Victor cautioned that they'd have no one to protect them when it all crumbled, since it had been his job to protect all of them. "Not anymore," Chelsea asserted, and he ominously stated that she would soon realize how valuable his protection was.

Chelsea knew that Victor's reach was long, and she compared his tactics to watching a magician at work. She recounted that Adam's new job had disappeared in a cloud of smoke, and the company Victoria had built from the ground up had vanished. Victor admitted that he'd punished his children because they had been the reason he had lost his company, family, and freedom. Chelsea retorted that he'd lost everything because of the choices he'd made, and she demanded that he take responsibility. Victor conceded that some of what she'd said made sense, since people had to pay for the decisions they'd made, and he was paying for his because he'd believed in the people he'd thought were loyal to him. He added that he'd learned a valuable lesson, and so would they.

Later, Meredith checked Victor's wound, and she said his recovery was moving in the right direction, just like her relationship with her father was. She revealed that she and her dad had talked and forgiven one another, and Victor was glad to hear it. Meredith said she hadn't realized how much she'd missed having her father in her life until she'd sat down with him, and she anticipated starting over. She owed it all to Victor, since he'd encouraged her to reach out and see things from her father's perspective. Victor hoped that he'd be in a position to reconcile with his own family one day, and Meredith grabbed his hand and told him not to give up, since she believed that day would happen sooner than he thought.

Russell visited Victor and said he understood Victor had been the reason why Meredith had reached out to him. Victor explained that Meredith had intimated that she'd wanted to talk to Russell, so Victor had urged her to do so. Russell warned that Victor didn't stand to gain anything by befriending the judge's daughter, but Victor claimed that he and Meredith had simply commiserated about their families, and he had implored her to talk to her father for her own sake. Russell was sure that Meredith had spoken her own truth, just like Victor's son had, and Victor asked which son.

Russell said Adam had filled him in on Victor's plan to ingratiate himself with Meredith to get on the judge's good side, but his daughter wasn't a get-out-of-jail-free card. Victor called Adam a pathological liar who would do anything to make sure Victor suffered, and he mentioned that Adam's con artist wife had been there taunting him while Adam had been telling his lies to Russell. Russell wasn't sure whether Victor was telling the truth or playing him, but neither one would help Victor get released from prison.

Chelsea returned home, and Adam asked where she'd been. She reluctantly revealed that she'd gone to see Victor to make sure he knew they weren't threatened by him. Chelsea relayed that she'd told Victor that he wasn't going to win that time, and his plan to sneak out would backfire. Chelsea explained that she and Adam were in a good place, and she couldn't stand the idea of Victor tearing it down. Adam assured her that it wouldn't happen unless they let Victor do it, but Chelsea worried that Victor was always one step ahead of them. "Not this time," Adam confidently declared, and he quipped that Victor was too busy holding the cards to notice that Adam had an ace up his sleeve.

Adam recapped his meeting with Russell to Chelsea, and she wondered if Adam's name had set off an alarm with the judge. Adam thought Russell had seemed reasonable and thoughtful, but the judge had thought Adam was overestimating Victor. Adam hoped that Russell had been repulsed that Victor had injected himself into the judge's personal affairs, and Chelsea noted that Victor had done it with his own family. Adam thought the judge wouldn't fall for it, and Victor could kiss his reduced sentence goodbye.

Adam crowed that he and Chelsea had won that round, and Chelsea proposed that they celebrate the victory with Champagne and steaks. He cautioned that they couldn't get cocky, since Victor would just find someone else to manipulate. Chelsea thought they had to be ready when Victor did, and Adam expected that Victor would be gunning for them.

At Billy's mansion, Billy and Phyllis tore off one another's clothing as they kissed passionately on the stairs. A half-dressed Phyllis crossed the room, and Billy followed her and softly called her name. She told him not to talk, and they continued kissing and disrobing as they tumbled onto the couch.

After Billy and Phyllis had sex, she started to pull away, but he softly pleaded with her not to go yet, since he wanted to feel her heartbeat beside his. He admitted that he'd fantasized about her, wondering what it would be like to be together, and he'd pictured her skin, eyes, and lips when they hadn't been together. Phyllis protested that she couldn't do it, and she didn't know why she was there. She hurried over to the stairs to get dressed.

Billy stared out the window, and Phyllis asked if he'd seen her purse. He reached out to her, but she said there was nothing to talk about. He urged her to talk about how she was feeling, and she admitted that she was ashamed and embarrassed. She continued that she was furious at herself for sleeping with another man after everything she and Jack had been through, and she couldn't believe she'd done that to her husband again. Phyllis thought it had been even worse because she'd cheated with his brother, but she observed that it didn't seem to bother Billy, and she wondered if Billy had slept with her to get payback.

Billy replied that he didn't regret what had happened, only that it hadn't happened sooner. Billy asserted that they couldn't deny that they'd both wanted it, but Phyllis didn't know how to deal with crossing the line from fantasy into reality, and she wished she'd stopped to think. Billy pointed out that she had, but it hadn't changed anything. Phyllis called their romp a terrible, selfish mistake, and she told herself that it had never happened. She vowed not to return there again, and she insisted that they had to say goodbye. Billy refused to say anything more than goodnight, and Phyllis departed.

Later, Billy discovered Phyllis' earring on the stairs. He chugged a drink, but he couldn't stop thinking about making love to Phyllis. He threw his glass across the room, and it shattered in the fireplace.

In the Athletic Club foyer, Hilary reeled after Lily had thrown a drink in her face, and she demanded to know what Lily's problem was. Lily spat that it was Hilary, and Hilary asked whether she was supposed to know what had set Lily off. "If you don't, you're an idiot, you scheming, soulless bitch!" Lily raged. Jack intervened, and Lily ordered Hilary to leave, but Hilary refused. Hilary wanted to retrieve a foundation report from upstairs, and Jack offered to escort her to her room to get it.

Cane approached and guessed that Lily hadn't been able to stop herself from confronting Hilary, and he warned her against spilling their secret without giving him a heads-up. Lily remained determined not to ruin Devon's life, and Cane reminded her that she had to keep quiet. Lily admitted that she'd love for Hilary's world to crash down around her, and she griped that Neil should have told her the truth when everything had happened and not months afterward. Devon overheard as he walked in, and he surmised that Cane had told her everything. Cane reiterated that he wouldn't lie to his wife, and Lily pointed out that Devon had lied to her. Devon clarified that he'd made the decision to keep quiet, and Lily asked how he felt about his choice.

Lily was surprised that Devon had protected Neil despite how Neil had hurt him, and she questioned why Devon had let their father get away with it. Devon explained that he'd told himself that getting Hilary back had been the only thing that mattered, and he and Hilary had done what they'd thought was best, but Lily thought Hilary had seen an opportunity. Devon revealed that Neil had been ready to turn himself in, but Devon hadn't been able to live with the thought of sending his father to prison. Devon added that he'd slept with Neil's wife when Neil had been blind, and it had pushed Neil past the breaking point, so Devon had made the decision he could live with.

After Devon took off, Cane understood that Devon still felt guilty, and Lily complained that Devon was stuck between an undeserving father and an undeserving wife. Lily knew that Devon was upset with the way Hilary was climbing the corporate ladder by blackmailing their dad, and Cane expected that Hilary wouldn't stop there. Lily anticipated that Hilary would use the information to control all of them, and she thought Hilary didn't love Devon the way he loved her. Lily suspected that Hilary was using Devon, and Hilary would move on to the next victim after she got what she wanted.

In Hilary and Devon's hotel suite, Hilary imagined that Jack had questions about what he'd just witnessed, and he remarked that he'd never seen Lily like that. Hilary grumbled that Lily went on the attack if anything upset Neil or Devon, and Lily still hated her for getting in between the men. Hilary added that Lily wasn't the only one, since Neil's feelings of betrayal were still there. Jack had faith that they would find a way to put the past in the past, but she wondered if the fallout from an affair ever went away completely.

Hilary apologized for going on about her own troubles when she was supposed to be lending Jack an ear, but he assured her it was fine. He reminded her that he was also her friend, and he had nowhere else he had to be. He sat down on the couch, and she said she knew it sounded cliché, but she'd never meant to hurt Neil, who had been a kind and loving husband. Jack wondered if being happy and content hadn't been enough, and Hilary recalled when she'd started spending time with Devon. Jack guessed there had been fireworks, and Hilary marveled that she hadn't thought such a strong pull to another person had been possible.

Jack asked if Hilary and Devon had tried to avoid one another, and Hilary recounted that their history of getting close and pulling apart had been like a dance, but they'd always found their way back together. She thought that it had felt like fate sometimes, but other times they'd invented excuses to be alone. Jack thought it sounded like they hadn't been able to resist, and Hilary mused that their connection had been too strong. Jack recognized that it had tormented Hilary to hurt Neil, but it hadn't stopped her and Devon from being together. Hilary thought she and Devon were meant to be together, and she admitted that she'd struggled with that for a long time, but a near-death experience had put life in perspective.

Hilary refused to look back and only wanted to look forward, since the view was pretty good. Jack asked if Devon was on board with her new attitude, and she replied that they were working on it. Devon entered, and Jack thanked Hilary for the illuminating talk and headed out. Hilary groused that Lily had been acting like a fool downstairs, and she hadn't been able to say anything in front of Jack while Lily had called her every name in book and tossed a drink in her face. Devon held Hilary and assured her that Lily would keep their secret, and Hilary remarked that the alternative would do no good.

Hilary argued that she was the one who had reason to turn Neil in, but she couldn't. Devon imagined that she just wanted to keep threatening to do so, but Hilary swore that she would always protect Devon and Neil. Devon questioned whether she was really just out to save herself, but she swore that she wasn't lying about wanting to protect everyone. She contended that she wouldn't jeopardize the opportunity to save lives with the research project and the foundation, and she noted that Devon would be in just as much legal trouble as Neil if the truth emerged. She pledged her love and said no one meant more to her than Devon did, and she wouldn't risk their future.

Phyllis returned to the Athletic Club and flashed back to making love with Billy. Jack descended the stairs, and she was surprised to see him. He guessed that she wouldn't have returned if she'd known he was there, and he referred to their prior argument. He said he'd been doing a lot of thinking, and what he had to say couldn't wait.

Jack said he'd been dealing with things the wrong way, since he'd been keeping everything inside and not talking about what he was thinking and feeling. Phyllis coolly recalled that he'd made it clear that he didn't know who she was, but he explained that he'd only said it because he did know, and it scared him. She sarcastically replied that it kept getting better, but he wanted them to be honest with themselves and with one another. "Do you have feelings for my brother?" he inquired.

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