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A lab technician committed suicide after the police questioned him about falsifying Constance's autopsy, but the cash trail led back to Hilary. Simon feared Hilary would relapse, and she later collapsed. Ian agreed to testify on Adam's behalf. Luca exposed Travis' past as a Wall Street trader.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of June 6, 2016 on Y&R
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Monday, June 6, 2016

At the hospital, Billy was recovering from an accident on his motorcycle. Ashley questioned Billy's reckless behavior and asked him why he persisted in endangering his life when he had so much to live for. Billy said he was tired of lectures and just wanted to be driven home, where he could rest. Bethany suddenly entered and announced that she would drive Billy home. Ashley was taken aback when Bethany greeted Billy with a kiss.

After Ashley left, Billy asked Bethany why she was there. Bethany replied, "Well, I had to see a doctor. Apparently, I walked away from a very serious motorcycle accident." Bethany told Billy that his girlfriend, Phyllis, had explained everything. Phyllis, Bethany added, had promised that Billy would pay her $10,000 to provide him with a cover story. Billy seemed bewildered by Bethany's explanation.

At the Genoa City Athletic Club, Jack told Phyllis that Ashley was at the hospital to pick up Billy and talk about his problems. Jack noted that Billy's life seemed to be a series of wild rides that ended up hurting him and others, including his loved ones. Phyllis said that Billy's motorcycle accident might serve as a wake-up call. Jack, exasperated, said that Billy was no longer just a wayward adolescent. Jack said it was time Billy recognized that he was a grown man with children and responsibilities.

Jack noted that Billy's latest mishap seemed different than those in the past. Jack told Phyllis that Billy felt no remorse about throwing away his life with the love of his life and his children. Jack added, "It makes no sense. For what?" Phyllis, initially unable to respond, stared blankly at Jack. Jack just shook his head in disgust.

Phyllis suggested that the new woman in Billy's life might be good for him. Jack was unconvinced and said Billy needed a bright, talented, supportive woman with whom he could share a deep connection. Jack clasped Phyllis' hand and said, "I want him to have what we have." Phyllis set down her fork and seemed to lose her appetite when Jack said Billy was missing an opportunity to be with the woman he was meant to be with. Billy phoned Phyllis.

Phyllis stepped away from Jack to talk. Billy told Phyllis that Bethany had driven him home. He asked why Phyllis had promised to give Bethany $10,000. Phyllis said she and Billy needed a believable cover story. Phyllis explained that Jack would quickly figure out what had been going on if he learned she'd been the passenger on Billy's motorcycle when he'd wrecked. Phyllis told Billy that she wouldn't allow a mistake that would never be repeated to implode her life. Billy reluctantly agreed when Phyllis instructed him to play along like Bethany was his girlfriend. Billy insisted that Bethany was not the woman he wanted.

After Phyllis rejoined Jack, he whispered private plans that made her blush. Billy entered with Bethany. Billy introduced Bethany to Jack and Phyllis. Phyllis asked about Bethany's injuries. Bethany said she was unscathed, though Billy hadn't been as lucky. Jack thanked Bethany for summoning medical attention.

Phyllis couldn't take her eyes off of Billy and Bethany after they seated themselves nearby. Bethany stroked Billy's face, as the two sat close together. Jack noticed that Phyllis was distracted. Jack said, "This is really getting to you, isn't it?" Jack said he understood it was difficult for Phyllis to watch Billy fawn over Bethany because he was in love with someone else.

At Chancellor Park, Abby consoled and supported Ben when he explained that Max's recent behavior problems resulted from a brain mass. Ben said he feared risky surgery might further alter Max's cognitive abilities and his behavior. Abby advised Ben to consider how Max might approach the risks involved to achieve the life he deserved to live. Ben said he believed Max would choose to be himself again. Abby agreed. After Abby offered to accompany Ben to the facility to talk to Max, Ben declined, citing Abby's already full schedule.

At the hospital's lab, Dr. Neville read over the blood tests conducted on his drug trial patients. Noting abnormalities, Dr. Neville asked the nurse if she'd carefully handled the samples. The nurse said she had. Dr. Neville sighed and said, "There's a major problem." Dr. Neville seemed stunned as he continued to study the lab results.

Dr. Neville ran into Ashley in the hallway. He showed her a press release from Hilary, announcing that the drug would be released in the fall. Ashley recalled that one patient had encountered adverse side effects. Dr. Neville explained that he'd found a second patient suffering from severe side effects. Ashley shared Dr. Neville's concerns about releasing the drug so soon.

In the dining room at the Athletic Club, Neil approached Hilary and offered to handle affairs at the foundation so she could concentrate on handling release of the revamped medication Dr. Neville had developed. Hilary accused Neil of attempting to push her out of her position on the foundation's board. Hilary explained that she was quite capable of carrying her research project to the finish line, so Neil shouldn't underestimate her abilities to multitask.

Devon joined Neil and Hilary. Neil announced that Dr. Neville's drug would be released in the fall. Devon, confused, noted that the medication was still being tested. Neil apologized and said he'd thought Devon, as the drug's financial backer, would've been aware of the release date before the general public had learned the news. Neil said he felt that Hilary and her team might not be able to safely release the drug by the promised date. Hilary said her goal was to save lives the same way the drug had saved hers.

After Hilary left, Devon assured his dad that Hilary wouldn't take risks with patients' lives. Neil said that Hilary was not the same woman Devon had fallen in love with. Devon disagreed. Neil noted that Hilary had been blackmailing them all. Neil advised Devon to break away from Hilary because he deserved better. Devon said, "I'm staying with Hilary because she's my wife, and I love her." Devon confronted Neil about his alcohol problems. Neil said he'd been taking life one day at a time and being honest with himself. Neil looked his son in the eye and warned, "Denial is a powerful thing."

In the lab at Jabot, Ashley discussed the drug with Dr. Neville. Ashley learned that the drug's effectiveness appeared to dissipate over time. Ashley was concerned about her health. Dr. Neville assured Ashley that she was fine. After Abby arrived, Dr. Neville gathered his research files and hastily left.

After Dr. Neville left, Abby cried that Ben had shut her out when she'd offered to support him during a difficult setback with Max's health. Abby told her mom about the delicate surgery Max needed that had the potential to cause debilitating damage. Abby said it seemed as if Ben had been torn between her and his son while trying his best to make both of them happy. Abby explained that Ben had shut her out even though she'd offered to accompany him to share the news with Max. Ashley noted that Ben hadn't wanted to pressure Abby because it was Max's fault that she'd lost her baby. Ashley encouraged Abby to be by her husband's side. Abby left.

At the hospital, Ben talked to Max. Ben explained that doctors had detected a tumor in Max's brain. The tumor, Ben explained, had caused Max's uncontrollable reactions to anger. Max asked if the tumor could be removed. Ben explained that the surgery could be risky and cause additional problems. Max said he didn't want to do bad stuff, so he wanted the tumor out.

Dr. Neville stopped by the Athletic Club to talk to Hilary privately in her suite. Dr. Neville asked Hilary if she'd experienced headaches or blurry vision. Hilary said she hadn't. Dr. Neville arranged colored sweetener packets in a particular order, mixed them up, and instructed Hilary to place them back into their original positions. Hilary did so correctly. Dr. Neville remained apprehensive as Hilary continued to insist that she was fine.

Dr. Neville explained to Hilary that his drug appeared to be a temporary patch rather than a permanent cure. Hilary refused to believe Dr. Neville and instructed him to keep quiet about the drug's apparent drawbacks. Hilary poured herself a cup of coffee. When she lifted the cup to her lips, Dr. Neville noticed a tremor. Hilary threatened Dr. Neville and demanded he fix the drug before the fall release date. Dr. Neville left.

After Dr. Neville returned to the lab, he told Ashley that Hilary had refused to listen to him and had accused him of using the crisis with the drug to manipulate her. Ashley said that Hilary would do anything to protect her image. Dr. Neville said he'd noticed a tremor in one of Hilary's hands that might indicate signs of a relapse. Dr. Neville told Ashley that her condition was different from Hilary's on a molecular level, so Ashley shouldn't be concerned. Dr. Neville said that if he couldn't improve his medication, Hilary could soon relapse into a coma.

Devon joined Hilary in her suite. She thanked Devon for supporting her when Neil had verbally attacked her. Hilary assured Devon that she wouldn't let him down. Devon asked if Dr. Neville had expressed concerns about the press release. Hilary said that Dr. Neville had assured her that the drug would be released on time.

Abby joined Ben and Max at the hospital. Max learned that Abby already knew about the brain tumor and the behavioral abnormalities it had caused. Abby said she hoped to accompany Max and Ben to the facility if Max agreed. Max nodded and embraced Abby. Max rested his head on Abby's shoulder. Abby said, "We're going to get through this. The three of us. I promise." Abby tenderly kissed Max. Ben smiled.

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Victoria stopped by Adam and Chelsea's penthouse, and she was pleased to see that the couple had decided to stay and fight Victor, who needed to be stopped. Adam noticed that Victoria seemed worked up, and she voiced her suspicion that Victor had been behind the Newman oil spill. Adam knew Victoria was upset if she was willing to discuss the situation with him, and he thought that if anyone had been capable of causing the spill, it had been Victor.

Chelsea worried about what else Victor might do, and Adam remarked that Victor had connections all over the world, so it was possible that Victor was working with someone who'd had access to the rig. Victoria recognized that there was another possibility, and she might be to blame for not keeping a closer eye on the company. Adam pointed out that Victor wanted them to doubt themselves and one another, and he urged Victoria not to give their father the satisfaction.

After Victoria left, Adam pleaded with someone over the phone to meet him to hear his side of the story. He thanked the person, and he informed Chelsea that Meredith had agreed to meet him at the Athletic Club. He explained that the conversation with Victoria had gotten him thinking about Victor having people on the inside, and he thought Victor might have spilled something to the doctor. Adam added that he'd learned that Meredith had taken a sudden leave of absence, and he needed to find out what she knew.

At the Athletic Club, Paul observed that Christine was on her fifth cup of coffee, and she said it was her only shot at staying awake. She was determined to keep the case against Adam airtight, and she inquired whether Paul had any new information. Paul mentioned that he was covertly investigating the possibility that Victor had used inside sources to alter the autopsy results, and he wanted to find out whether there was any validity to Adam's claim that Victor had set him up. Christine testily asked whose side Paul was on.

Paul insisted that he wasn't taking sides, but it was his job to follow all the leads. Christine griped that "Team Adam" had gotten to him with their conspiracy theory, but Paul defended that his gut told him to pursue it. Christine doubted that Victor had framed Adam from prison, but Paul reminded her of the history of outrageous plots that Victor and Adam had launched against one another, and Christine couldn't deny that Victor might have tried to do it. She instructed Paul to let her know what he found out, since she couldn't let Victor make a fool of her in court again.

At the state penitentiary, Ian noted that Victor looked lonely, and he taunted that Meredith had left the prison and Victor behind. Victor threatened Ian, but Ian claimed that he had something Victor would want to see. Victor begrudgingly granted him two minutes, and Ian displayed the front page of a national tabloid that featured a headline about Adam being a murderer. Ian noted that the press was really ripping into Adam for killing an old woman, and he imagined that Adam was sweating because of the overwhelming evidence against him. Ian thought he saw a glint of satisfaction in Victor's eye because everything was going according to plan, and he encouraged Victor to crow about how he'd done it.

Victor declared that his son was a killer, and he ordered Ian to stop fishing for new information. Ian swore that he admired what Victor had done, and he contended that their minds worked in similar ways. Victor told him to stop theorizing, and he flatly stated that Adam had gotten himself into the mess, so Adam could have a "hell of a time" getting out of it.

Later, Victor was surprised when Victoria visited him, and she said she'd been busy assessing the damage from the oil spill. He wondered if she was there to ask for his advice, but she replied that she was dealing with it fine. She dared him to look her in the eye and tell her if he'd been behind the disaster. Victor ranted that his children held him responsible whenever something went wrong, and he was getting tired of it. She refused to retract her question, but he asked how he could have masterminded an oil leak from there.

Victoria argued that Victor had rigged a board vote and put her favorite division up for sale, and he testily questioned why she was there if she'd already known the answer to her query. She imagined that he'd had his minions set the plan for the oil leak in motion, and he recounted that she'd been happy to get out from under the control Victor had exercised over his family. He inquired whether things had gotten easier, and he called for a guard. Victor huffed that if anything went wrong in the future, they should blame themselves and not him, since they'd reaped what they'd sown.

Nick greeted Summer at Newman Enterprises, and he offered to lend a hand to deal with the oil spill. She was surprised that he'd decided to return to work, and he explained that he could use something to focus on. Summer declared that they had the crisis under control, but Luca walked in and commented that they should be grateful for Nick's assistance. Nick asked "what the hell" Luca was doing there, and Summer explained that Luca had been managing the damage control after the spill. Nick huffed that Luca didn't work there, but Summer revealed that Luca and Victoria had coordinated the talking points with the press, and Luca had been doing everything he could to prove his value to the company.

Nick grumbled that Luca had been trying to ingratiate himself with the Newman family since Luca and Summer had started dating, and Summer announced that they were living together. Summer divulged that it had happened a few days earlier, but she'd wanted to tell Nick about it in person. Nick guessed it had been Luca's idea, but Summer stated that she'd had to convince Luca that it was what she wanted, since she loved Luca. Nick became irate, but Luca added that he loved Summer, too. Nick ordered Luca out so he could talk to Summer alone, and Luca obliged.

Nick objected that the couple was moving too fast, but Summer asserted that it didn't feel that way to her. Summer swore that what she had with Luca went much deeper than her past relationships, since he respected her and believed in her more than anyone else ever had, and he saw her for who she really was and who she could be. Nick realized that she'd fallen hard, and she proclaimed that Luca loved her as much as she loved him. Nick cautioned that people had one another's backs in a relationship, but Luca was only in it for himself. Nick reflected back on what Luca had done to Marisa and Noah, and he pointed out that Luca had constantly switched loyalties in business. Nick called Luca completely duplicitous, and Luca ducked back in and acknowledged that Nick was right.

Luca admitted that he'd been an opportunist who had put his own needs first, but he was trying to look beyond himself and be part of something bigger and more meaningful, since Summer had shown him that it was possible. Luca imagined being part of a real family one day and working at a company where he'd be respected for his ideas and abilities. Luca thought Victoria had seen that he had something worthwhile to contribute, but Nick refused to believe it. Victoria entered and confirmed that she'd discovered a new appreciation for Luca and his talents.

Nick protested that Luca was an outsider, but Victoria revealed that she'd hired Luca as a consultant behind the scenes. Summer thanked her for speaking up for Luca, but Nick questioned whether Victoria was really okay with Luca wandering the Newman halls and living with Summer. Victoria said she hadn't heard about their living arrangements, but they were grown adults, and their personal lives were none of her business. Luca understood why Nick had reservations, but he swore that nothing was more important to him than Summer's happiness, and he promised to always make her feel safe and loved. Summer asked Nick to give Luca another chance.

Nick said he didn't want to fight with Summer, since he'd lost too much already, and she assured him that he wouldn't lose her. He said he loved her and would always worry about her, and all he could do was try to get on board with her decision. Summer thanked him, and she and Luca left to return to work. Victoria informed Nick that she'd gone to see Victor, since she was convinced their father had orchestrated the oil spill with someone who was working on the inside. Nick surmised it was Luca, but Victoria maintained that Luca had been helpful. Nick doubted that she suddenly considered Luca trustworthy, and he assumed that Luca had something on her.

At the cottage, Sharon surprised Dylan with a picnic basket, and she suggested that they go to the park with Sully for some family time. Dylan loved the idea, but he said he had to get to work. Sharon pushed him to take a personal day, and she purred that they could have their own fun, too. He sensed that her ulterior motive was to get him to step back from the murder investigation and stay out of the Newmans' affairs, and she confirmed it was true. She complained that it felt like all they ever did was talk about the Newmans' problems, and she hated that it was intruding on their lives.

Sharon didn't want to take for granted all the things they had to be thankful for, and Dylan swore that he never would. Sharon begged Dylan to forget about work and go with her, and she promised to make it worth his while. They kissed and started to get amorous on the couch, but a knock at the door interrupted them, and she went upstairs to get Sully. Dylan found Paul at the door, and Paul hoped they could work together to investigate everyone in the police department and the medical examiner's lab who might have altered Constance's autopsy report. Paul reasoned that he didn't want anyone getting word of the investigation, so he couldn't use the computers at the police station, and he wanted to run things from there.

Sharon overheard and vehemently opposed the idea, but Dylan countered that the case was important, and they had to find out the truth. Dylan requested her support, and she reluctantly relented. Dylan received a text message, and he relayed that Adam was meeting Meredith and wanted Dylan there. Paul prepared to set up shop while Dylan dealt with it, and he told Dylan not to mention their plans to Adam to avoid any interference. Dylan planned to try to meet up with Sharon at the park later, and he headed out.

Paul apologized for causing tension, and an agitated Sharon wished that Nick had never opened up the "damn diary." Sharon asserted that she wanted to find out the truth if Adam was innocent, but she didn't like getting stuck between Victor and his battle with his children. Paul recognized that Sharon had finally gotten out of the Newman drama only to find herself suddenly back in it again. She acknowledged that Dylan loved being a cop and working with Paul, but she admitted that she'd be thrilled if Dylan decided to quit the force to protect his family. Paul recalled that he'd watched his mom worry about his dad for years, and he thought being a father had given Dylan a profound purpose in life. They heard Sully cry over the baby monitor, and Paul urged her to cherish every moment with her son.

Adam, Chelsea, and Dylan spotted Meredith sitting at the Athletic Club bar. Chelsea crossed the room to Christine's table, and Christine attempted to dismiss her, but Chelsea implored her to seek justice rather than go for the win because Adam was innocent. Christine noted that everyone was innocent until proven guilty, but all the proof was in the prosecution's hands. Chelsea contended that the evidence could change or go away, and she wasn't the only one who would take the stand in Adam's defense. Christine contemplated what Victor would say when he was called to testify, and she excused herself to head to court.

Adam told Meredith that he appreciated her hearing him out, and he considered her to be a fair and open-minded person who liked to help others. Meredith asked who Dylan was, and Dylan explained that he'd arrested Adam, but he'd started to question the accuracy of the charges. Meredith insisted that she had nothing useful to offer, but Adam imagined that she and Victor had talked about Victor's children. Adam found it hard to believe that Victor had never mentioned to her that Adam had been charged with murder. Meredith said she didn't like Adam's tone, but he insisted on knowing whether Victor had said anything that had indicated he'd set Adam up.

Meredith replied that Victor knew that Adam had been capable of committing the crime, but despite Adam's inability to forgive, Victor still cared about Adam. Adam retorted that she didn't know Victor well if she thought he was above setting Adam up, and he reminded her of what had landed Victor in prison. Adam questioned why she'd taken a leave of absence, and she contended that it hadn't been because of Victor. She added that she felt sorry for Victor because he had an ungrateful family and a son who had committed heinous acts. Adam noted that his mother had been beyond reproach, so he'd inherited any defects in his character from Victor. Meredith barked that she was done, and she walked off.

Later, Adam remarked to Dylan and Chelsea that the meeting had been a nightmare, and Dylan scolded that Adam could have handled it better instead of scaring Meredith off. Adam thought she'd already made up her mind, and she'd never tell them if she knew something. After Dylan took off, Adam guessed that Victor had identified Meredith as his mark, and Chelsea found it convenient that Meredith's father was the head of the judicial review board. Adam was glad that Judge Gates had seen through Victor's plan, but Chelsea lamented that it didn't help their predicament. Adam received a text message, and he commented that the meeting had been a disaster, but the message might not be. He grabbed her hand, and they hurried out.

Paul's eyes grew wide when he read something on his computer, and he wondered what it was all about. Meanwhile, Dylan met Sharon and Sully in the park, and he recognized that she wouldn't stop worrying while he was working on the case. She warned that no one who went up against Victor walked away unscathed, and he said they had to stick together to stay strong.

Dylan's phone rang, and Sharon took Sully to feed the ducks. Paul told Dylan that he might have found proof that Victor had paid someone off to alter the autopsy findings, and Dylan said he'd be right there. Chelsea passed by and inquired whether he had a new lead, but he replied that he couldn't talk about it, and he rushed off. She made a call and said she needed to see someone right away.

Victor found Meredith in the prison infirmary, and they smiled at one another. He said he hadn't known if he'd see her again, and she apologized for leaving without an explanation. Meredith explained that she'd been overwhelmed after she and Victor had been intimate, since it had been completely unprofessional and inappropriate. She'd thought it would be best if she stayed away, but she'd had to talk to him after what had happened that day.

Meredith revealed that Adam had tried to convince her to turn on Victor, and Adam had professed his innocence and insisted that Victor was framing him, but she didn't believe Victor would lie to her about something that serious. Meredith thought that Adam's angry behavior was a strange way to show he wasn't guilty, and Victor asked if she'd returned to tell him that. She tenderly kissed him.

In the prison visiting room, Adam wondered how Ian had sent a text message from prison, and Ian bragged that he made friends easily. Ian asked how Adam's day was going, and Adam grumbled that it left something to be desired. Ian proclaimed that it was about to get a whole lot better.

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

by Mike

At the prison, Ian claimed that he had managed to coax Victor into confessing to framing Adam for murder. Pleased to hear that, Adam started to leave so he could make arrangements for Ian's deposition, but Ian warned that he would only cooperate if Adam provided him with the appropriate compensation. Adam pointed out that he had already gotten Ian released from solitary confinement. Adam also reasoned that testifying against Victor would be Ian's best chance to finally get back at his nemesis for past offenses, but Ian argued that, while vengeance was indeed a nice perk, he deserved more than that in exchange for his services.

At Adam and Chelsea's penthouse, Chelsea excitedly informed Michael that she had just overheard part of a phone conversation in which Dylan had learned that the lab technician who had worked on Constance's autopsy report had recently purchased a fancy new boat. Michael wanted to discuss the matter with Adam before looking into it further, but Chelsea reluctantly revealed that Adam was busy at that time. Michael wasn't thrilled to learn that Adam had decided to enlist Ian's help to get a confession out of Victor. Although he conceded that the plan had merit, he warned that it was also risky, since Ian didn't just hate Victor; he hated Adam, too.

Later, Adam returned home and bragged that his plan had worked perfectly. Michael skeptically pointed out that Ian wasn't exactly the world's most credible witness, but Adam insisted that he believed that Ian was telling the truth for once. "What's it gonna cost us?" Michael asked, knowing there had to be a catch. Adam casually explained that Ian simply wanted to be moved to a minimum-security facility. Michael conceded that he might be able to arrange that. "I just hope this is legitimate and not some perverse amusement of Ian's," Michael added.

After Michael left, Adam and Chelsea retreated to their bedroom to celebrate. Later, while Adam was lying in bed with Chelsea, he promised her that Victor would soon be out of their lives for good. Chelsea expressed skepticism, knowing that it wasn't in Adam's nature to turn the other cheek, but he explained that his plan to punish Victor for framing him was simply to live a long, happy life with her and Connor -- a life Victor would never get to be a part of again.

At Crimson Lights, Paul and Dylan questioned the lab technician, Alan, about Constance's autopsy, pretending that the conversation was for Dylan's benefit because he was still fairly inexperienced. Alan provided a detailed explanation of the process he had used to detect poison in Constance's bone and tissue samples, but when he was asked if there was any chance that the samples could have been tampered with before testing, he stressed that he was only responsible for running the test and therefore had no idea what might have happened to the samples before he had picked them up or after he had returned them.

Dylan wished he could understand science better, prompting Paul to explain to Alan that Dylan was jealous because he couldn't afford a fancy new boat on a detective's salary. Alan was shocked that Paul and Dylan knew about his recent purchase. Paul revealed that he and Dylan were also aware that Alan had recently rented a suite at the Athletic Club. Alan claimed that he had been saving up for the boat for years and had splurged on the suite as a surprise for his girlfriend. "I didn't do anything wrong; I just did my job," Alan insisted before abruptly excusing himself.

As Alan left the coffeehouse, he ran into Michael, who approached Paul and Dylan and started fishing for details about their conversation with the lab technician. When Paul declined to comment, Michael headed to the prison to see Ian, who was pleased to hear that his demands had been met but refused to provide a deposition, insisting on giving his testimony in open court instead. Michael tried to object, but Ian pointed out that he was holding all the cards because Michael needed his help to prove Adam's innocence. Michael wasn't willing to promise anything, but he grudgingly agreed to talk to Adam about taking the case to court.

After Dylan returned home, he received a phone call from Paul, who was at the Athletic Club. Paul reported that Alan was dead. "Looks like a suicide," Paul explained with a sigh.

At Newman Enterprises, Nick tried to find out why Victoria had been quick to defend Luca earlier. After spending a few minutes eavesdropping outside Victoria's office, Luca entered and apologized for interrupting. Nick told Luca to leave, but Victoria asked him to stay. "Maybe you can help us resolve something for my brother's peace of mind: are you dangling some terrible secret over my head?" Victoria wondered.

"If I had some juicy bit of dirt on Victoria, do you really think I'd settle for an outside consultant position as a payoff?" Luca reasoned. Nick was still suspicious, but he reluctantly agreed to drop the matter. After Nick left, Luca assured Victoria that her secret was safe with him and that he had no intention of trying to use it to blackmail her. Victoria warned that if Luca had tried to do so, she would have dealt with him appropriately.

Later, while Luca was toweling off after spending some time in Top of the Tower's pool, Nick approached him and demanded to know what was really going on with Victoria. Luca was evasive at first, but when Nick warned that it would be in Luca's best interest to cooperate -- especially if he wanted a real shot with Summer or a real position at Newman Enterprises -- he retrieved his tablet computer from his gym bag and showed Nick the photographs of Victoria kissing Travis. "She's been seeing him pretty regularly," Luca explained.

Luca stressed that he had only been spying on Victoria out of concern for the company, and he had no plans to use the photographs against her; in fact, she didn't even know they existed. Luca warned, however, that Travis might be a problem. Later, after Nick left, Luca contacted his private investigator, who informed him that Travis had once worked on Wall Street. "Well, well, well. Looks like Victoria's new man has a few secrets of his own," Luca mused as he stared at a photograph the private investigator had sent him, which showed Travis standing in an office, wearing an expensive suit.

Victoria went to see Travis at his bar, hoping to patch things up with him. Travis was still upset with Victoria for lying to him, but she assured him that she had never lied about her feelings for him, and she guessed that he still had feelings for her, too. "Look, I'm not gonna apologize for being Victoria Newman, but I'd much rather just be Tori, back here for a drink and a dance," Victoria added as she grasped Travis' hand.

"I can only help with the drink part of your request, and that's just because I can't afford to turn away a paying customer," Travis replied, pulling his hand away. Victoria conceded that she should have been honest with Travis from the very beginning. Victoria explained that she had simply been happier living a lie because it had provided her with an escape from her messed-up life, in which her kids were the sole bright spot. Travis sarcastically agreed that being rich had to be rough. "Look, you can just keep judging me, or you can give me another chance; you can get to know me, you know? The real me," Victoria reasoned.

Travis wondered if Victoria truly believed that they could just go back to the way things had been before. Victoria clarified that she didn't want to go back to being Tori, but she assured Travis that aside from the name, she was still the same woman she had been back then. "The same woman who needs an escape. That's really all I am, right?" Travis countered.

Victoria admitted that Travis had been nothing more than an escape in the beginning. "But you know what, for the first time in a long time, I feel really safe. I feel like I can trust you. I know you're not gonna lie to me or hurt me," she added. Travis wondered how Victoria could be sure of that, since she didn't even know him very well. Victoria reasoned that Travis was kind and sensitive, and she could tell he was a good person.

Victoria conceded that Travis had every right to walk away from her, but she maintained that she believed there was still something between them. "Maybe it's just more trouble than it's worth," Travis suggested, but he soon headed over to the jukebox and started a song. As Travis and Victoria danced, someone entered the bar. Without turning away from Victoria, Travis informed the visitor that the bar was closed.

"So, this is where you've been hiding," Nick said to Victoria.

Thursday, June 9, 2016

In a hotel suite, Paul informed Dylan that the girlfriend of Alan James had found the lab technician dead from an overdose. Dylan suspected that Alan had taken a bunch of pills because he'd thought the police had been onto him, and Paul lamented that Alan had taken whatever he'd known about the autopsy results with him. Dylan pointed out that Alan might have told someone why he'd had that much cash, and he wanted to question the girlfriend.

Later, Paul offered his condolences to Alan's girlfriend, Denise. She revealed that she'd met Alan when she'd been in a nurses' training program at the hospital, but they'd never had anything to talk about until recently. Dylan guessed things had changed when Alan had bought a boat, and he explained that Alan had been proud of the boat and of being able to buy her nice presents, like the bracelet she was wearing. She panicked that Alan had bought it with drug money, and she offered to give the trinket back. Paul assured her that it hadn't been stolen, and Dylan asked where Alan had gotten his money.

Denise stated that Alan had said having rich friends had been better than winning the lottery. Dylan showed Denise a photo of Victor, and she recognized him from the media, but she scoffed at the thought that she'd ever met Victor in person. Dylan asked if Alan had mentioned visiting Victor in prison, and Denise said she would have known about it if he had, since Alan had loved to brag. She became upset, and she asked if she could go.

At the penthouse, Chelsea excitedly asked if Michael had gotten Ian's deposition to prove Victor was framing Adam, and Michael relayed that Ian wanted to save his big reveal for the stand. Chelsea complained that they were trying to avoid a trial, and Adam grumbled that he didn't have much of a defense otherwise. Michael was confident that Ian knew how to work an audience, but he worried about not knowing what Ian would say. Chelsea thought Ian's testimony would only be insurance, since Adam would be a free man once they proved that Victor had paid off the lab tech to mess with the tissue samples.

Chelsea pulled out a bottle of Champagne, but Michael thought they should wait to celebrate until Ian actually took the stand. Michael hoped Ian made it worth their while, since Michael had called in a lot of favors to get Ian transferred to a minimum-security facility. Adam was determined to give Ian whatever he wanted if he cleared Adam's name, and Chelsea wondered if they could also make a deal with the lab tech. Michael pointed out that avoiding prison time was enough incentive for the tech to tell the truth, and he thought the police had enough leverage to make him talk.

Michael received a call from Paul, and he asked if the lab tech was willing to identify Victor. Michael hung up and reported that the tech would be unable to testify, and Adam guessed that the tech was dead. Michael revealed that the tech had taken his own life, and Adam thought it further proved a connection to Victor. Michael thought that the timing of the tech's suicide indicated guilt, and Chelsea wondered if it would be enough to create reasonable doubt. Michael prepared to talk to Paul, since perhaps Christine would drop the charges if she thought she couldn't win.

After Michael departed, Chelsea wanted to go back upstairs and pick up where she and Adam had left off, since they could trust Michael to get the charges dropped. Adam worried that Michael wasn't infallible, and all they had was speculation that Victor was the guilty party. Chelsea was sure that the police would trace the funds back to Victor, and she begged Adam to go back to bed. He mused that everyone compared him to Victor, who was always thinking one step ahead, and when Adam thought one or two steps ahead, he couldn't imagine that Victor had left any loose ends.

Chelsea swore that Adam wasn't Victor, and Victor was in a jail cell because he'd committed crimes, but Adam didn't belong there because he was innocent. Adam recognized that he'd done plenty to land in prison, but Chelsea was adamant that he'd earned his freedom fairly, and they'd find proof that he was being framed. She sat down on his lap and expressed confidence that Michael would make Christine and Paul see it, too. Chelsea added that she and Adam had one another, and they would make sure he stayed free. They kissed.

Meanwhile, Paul wondered if Dylan believed the witness hadn't died voluntarily of an overdose, and Dylan replied that someone could have set the scene to look like a suicide. Paul mentioned that he'd checked the surveillance tapes, and no one had gone in or out of Alan's room until Denise had arrived and called 9-1-1. Dylan answered a call from the source who was tracing Alan's money, and he was shocked by the findings.

Michael joined Paul and Dylan, and he contended that Alan's suicide had been a nonverbal confession that he'd tainted the autopsy evidence at Victor's request. Michael urged them to accept that Victor had been behind it and to drop the charges, but Paul said there was still Sage's diary. Michael announced that Ian was willing to testify that Victor had admitted it was a forgery, and he pushed them to trace the deposits in Alan's account. Dylan revealed that he knew the benefactor, and someone entirely different had sent the funds.

In the prison infirmary, Meredith and Victor got dressed, and he mumbled that he hated the place. She said he didn't deserve to be there, and Adam was the one who deserved to be in a cell. Victor noted that he and Meredith never would have met if he hadn't been sent there, and she asked if meeting her had made it all worthwhile. He gently caressed her face, but they drew apart when there was a sharp knock at the door. Ian burst in and cheerfully hoped he wasn't interrupting.

Meredith coolly inquired about what medical problem Ian had, and Ian claimed that he suffered from stabbing pains in his stomach. Meredith instructed a guard to take Victor back to his cell, and she asked about the level of Ian's pain. Ian declared that there was almost none, but he was there as a good Samaritan to give her the gift of knowledge about Victor. She called for the guard, and Ian warned that she was making a big mistake.

In the prison cafeteria, Ian speculated that Meredith's hands-on approach was the reason why Victor made frequent visits to the infirmary, and Victor barked at Ian to get lost. Ian taunted that it was a pity Meredith wouldn't be able to set Victor free, but he promised to drop Victor a card from Tahiti every year for the next ten years. Victor advised Ian to have Meredith treat him for delusions, since there was no way Ian would get out of that "hellhole." Ian declared that he didn't need to stand before the parole board or seduce a doctor, since the Newman family would grant his reprieve. Ian announced that he just had to do his civic duty by testifying at Adam's trial as the star defense witness.

Ian anticipated that Adam would be set free after Ian told everyone that Victor had bragged about forging the diary and falsifying the autopsy, and Victor would have another decade tacked onto his sentence. Ian added that Victor should cheer up because he still had the infirmary, and Victor attacked him. The prison warden broke up the fight, and he ordered Ian to go to the infirmary. As the guard led Ian away, Ian crowed that he'd enjoy testifying, and the warden chided Victor for letting Ian get under his skin. Victor defended that there was a conspiracy against him, and he could prove it.

Victor reported that Ian was ready to give false testimony, and it was happening behind the warden's back. Victor implored the warden not to give Ian that much power, but the warden called for the guard. Victor insisted that Adam and Michael were conspiring with Ian, and he asked for a few minutes with any of them to get the truth. The warden huffed that Victor wouldn't be getting any visitors in solitary, and he warned Victor not to break his hand by punching walls, since he'd also lost his infirmary privileges.

In the infirmary, Meredith tended to Ian's swollen lip, and Ian asked if she could take the truth about Victor. Ian guessed that Victor had painted himself as a misunderstood tycoon who wanted someone to look past his façade to a gentle heart that beat underneath, and Meredith thought she was the only one who understood it. Ian called Victor a cold-blooded monster who'd framed his own son for murder, and he claimed Victor had pummeled him because Ian could prove it. Ian contended that Victor was a bad man, and he thought Meredith knew it.

At Hank's Bar, Victoria incredulously asked if Nick had followed her. Nick scolded that he was there because she shouldn't be, and she retorted that she was a grown woman who was entitled to dance without him glaring at her. He insisted that they talk somewhere else, and Travis demanded to know who Nick was. Nick replied that he was Victoria's brother, and he inquired "who the hell" Travis was.

Victoria testily asked if Nick was filling in for their dad, and he lectured that she was in a bar with strangers. She asserted that Travis wasn't a stranger, and the place was her refuge from the world. Travis ordered Nick to leave the bar, and Nick inquired whether Victoria was ready to leave. She agreed to talk to Nick elsewhere, but Travis protested that they hadn't finished their dance. Victoria promised that they'd finish it after she spoke with her brother, and she followed Nick out.

At the Athletic Club, Nick told Victoria that he didn't know what he'd do if something happened to her, but she insisted that Travis made her feel safe, since she didn't have to wonder what he was keeping from her. Nick thought spending a lot of time with the guy had made her vulnerable, and she wondered if he was recommending that she end it before something went wrong. Nick pointed out that Victoria didn't know if Travis had an agenda, and she replied that Travis hadn't even known her real name until the dedication. She added that the only man in her life with an agenda was their father.

Victoria mentioned that she'd gone to the prison to ask if Victor had been responsible for the oil leak, but Victor had indignantly denied it. Nick thought Victor had a deep fury that kept him going, and Victor was capable of getting people to do things for him, including bartenders. Victoria was confident that Travis wasn't on Victor's payroll, but Nick warned that she didn't really know Travis. Nick lectured that Victoria hadn't been thinking about Newman because her mind had been on Travis, and it was possible that Victor was using her heart as a weapon against her. Victoria asked if Nick had tracked her down to tell her that Travis was Victor's new minion, but Nick revealed that he hadn't needed to track her down, since Luca had known exactly where to find her.

At the Dive Bar, Luca glanced through information about Travis Crawford's Wall Street days on his computer. Luca answered a call from Summer, and he learned that she was in Savannah to help Daniel organize an art show. Luca wondered about Summer's work, but he supported whatever she needed to do. He noticed Phyllis staring at him as he hung up, and he guessed that Phyllis had manipulated Summer into taking the trip.

Phyllis said Luca didn't understand the concept of family, but Summer knew that family was more important than any guy. Luca argued that he wasn't just any guy, and that was why Summer had invited him to move in. Phyllis suggested that he move out while Summer was away, but Luca firmly stated that neither Nick nor Phyllis could scare him off. Phyllis noted that Nick played by the rules, but she never did. Luca argued that Summer wasn't a child, but Phyllis countered that Summer was her child, and she vowed to protect her daughter from opportunists.

Luca taunted that Summer had a job, a home, and someone to spend her nights with, and she didn't need Phyllis' judgment and interference. Luca suggested that Phyllis deal with her own life rather than try to control her daughter's, and he recalled that Summer thought Phyllis had neglected her own marriage because she'd been obsessed with getting revenge. Luca told Phyllis to stop wasting her time trying to chase him off and to spend time with her husband instead, and he got up to leave. Phyllis ordered him to hear her out.

Phyllis said she had a proposition, but Luca informed her that Victoria had already tried to bribe him. Phyllis explained that she wasn't offering cash, but she wanted to appeal to his intellect. She encouraged him to think about what she was capable of, since she'd taken Victor on and made him pay. She imagined what she could do to a "delicate flower" like Luca, and she suggested that he leave town while he still could.

Phyllis plopped down next to Nick at the Athletic Club bar, and he guessed that she wanted to discuss their daughter's new roommate. Phyllis griped about Summer's terrible taste in men, and Nick hoped Summer grew out of it. Phyllis joked that she herself had after her last husband, and she refused to let Luca take advantage of Summer. Phyllis groused that Luca was full of himself, and she wanted him gone before Summer returned to town. Phyllis asked whether Nick disapproved of her arranging Summer's trip, and he wished that he'd thought of something that underhanded and dishonest.

Phyllis raised her glass to parenthood, but she quickly realized that her toast might have made Nick think about Christian. Nick assured her that it was okay to talk about kids and parenting, but she sympathized that he'd been robbed of watching his son grow up. Nick confided that whenever he saw Sully, he wondered what Christian would have been doing at that age. Phyllis asked if it was hard being around another baby boy, and Nick replied that things were awful all the time, but being around Sully had been a good thing. Phyllis noted that Nick played the teddy bear role a lot, but he was one of the strongest guys she knew. He questioned how he could use his superhuman strength to kick Luca out of town, and she proposed the one thing Luca wouldn't foresee -- letting him win.

Phyllis said everyone knew a boyfriend only became sexier if the girl's parents hated him, and Nick referred to Austin. Phyllis recognized that every time they called Luca a disgusting sleaze, Summer just defended her man with even more enthusiasm. Phyllis was sure that Luca wanted credibility and power, and she suggested that they embrace him by inviting him to family events and allowing him to see that he'd constantly have to deal with Summer's parents. She thought Luca would soon see that he would have no money or power without them, and it would send him running. Nick hoped the plan worked.

At Newman, Victoria stared at Victor's portrait and thought Victor was having the most fun he'd had in years. She wondered when he'd become that cruel, since all she'd ever wanted was his love and respect, and she'd thought he'd wanted hers, too. Luca entered, and she commended his efforts with the press to deal with the oil rig issue. He rambled on about how he'd just wanted to redeem himself, but she cut him off and questioned when and why he'd decided to have her followed. She asked if Nick had been right about him all along.

Luca claimed that Nick's interpretation of the facts was wrong, and he explained that he'd wanted to know why the sharpest CEO in the game had been making rookie mistakes. Luca asserted that he'd protected Victoria and Newman with every move, but she blasted him for violating her privacy. She thought no one would care if he showed the pictures to the world, but Luca displayed an online article about Travis, and he called the bartender a walking lie. Meanwhile, Travis gazed at an article about Victoria making a large donation to the foundation.

Luca confirmed that Travis owned a dive bar and had grown up poor, but Travis had also been a one percenter on Wall Street as a commodities trader with a specialty in oil. Luca found it suspicious that Victoria had met her new friend around the same time as the oil leak had occurred. He handed over the article and dared her to tell him that "jukebox boy" hadn't tried to ruin her and Newman Enterprises.

Friday, June 10, 2016

At the cottage, Paul remarked that the name at the end of the money trail had raised more questions, but Dylan thought the only question was why Hilary had paid off the lab technician. Paul explained that in addition to working for the medical examiner, Alan James had also been involved in the trial for Ashley and Simon's project, and Hilary had been the CEO. Dylan recalled that the organization had just made an announcement about their treatment being on the market in a few months, but Paul noted that it usually took years to get FDA approval. Dylan pointed out that there were ways to speed up the process, and he theorized that Hilary had paid Alan to alter the results of the trial.

At Crimson Lights, Ashley expressed disbelief to Simon that Hilary expected to get FDA approval within the next few months when the drug was further away than ever from being ready. Ashley suggested that they put out a new press release about the latest problems with the drug without consulting Hilary, but Simon was more concerned about the two patients who'd experienced severe side effects, and he was sure Hilary would be the third. Simon called Hilary, who demanded to know if he had fixed the problems with the drug, but he said he was calling about her health. She snapped that they had nothing to talk about, but her hand shook as she hung up.

Simon couldn't believe that Hilary couldn't see that it was a matter of life and death, and Ashley clucked that Hilary thought she was infallible. Ashley worried that the face of the drug could end up in the hospital, and Simon countered that it wasn't about public perception but the responsibility he had to his patients. Ashley swore that the drug would save lives, and she inquired whether he'd any luck with a new formula. Simon mentioned that he was waiting on some test results, but his theory was that the drug affected patients who had been comatose differently than those who hadn't. Simon felt that he had to act or Hilary would suffer the same fate, and Ashley told him to get to work while she talked to Hilary.

At the Athletic Club bar, Lily and Cane discussed their guest's suicide, and Hilary approached and noted that it had been the second tragic event there recently, citing Abby's fall down the stairs. Cane urged Hilary to show some respect for the man who'd died, but Hilary groaned that it was a PR nightmare. Lily asserted that it was her job to deal with the fallout, so it was none of Hilary's business, but Hilary countered that it was. Cane demanded to know why Hilary cared.

Hilary claimed that she cared because her husband owned the place, but Lily huffed that Devon trusted Lily to manage it. Hilary pointed out that he'd invested his money and reputation in the club, so the last thing they needed was a scandal associated with his name. Cane snarled that Hilary had proven that all she cared about was protecting herself, but Hilary contended that they were family, and the incident could land them all in the tabloids. Lily started to call Devon, but Hilary declared that she was calling the shots while he was out of town. Lily told Hilary not to tell her how to do her job, but Hilary contended that Lily had to accept whatever Hilary said or face the consequences.

Paul and Dylan approached, and Lily guessed that they had questions about the suicide. Lily invited them to talk privately, but Paul announced that they were there to talk to Hilary. Hilary sat down at a table with the men, and Lily speculated that Hilary had murdered the lab technician because the guy hadn't given her the proper respect. Cane said it wasn't funny, and Lily felt guilty for hoping that Hilary landed behind bars. Cane pointed out that the dead man had been in the medical field, so perhaps Hilary had known him. Lily envisioned that Hilary's days of social climbing and power plays would be over if she went to prison, but Cane warned that Hilary would enjoy taking them down with her.

Paul mentioned that the deceased had worked for Hilary, and she explained that Alan had been part of an outsourced lab team, but she hadn't had any personal contact with the consultants. Paul revealed that the police had traced large deposits in Alan's bank account back to her, and Dylan suggested that she'd paid to expedite FDA approval. Hilary claimed that she'd simply distributed bonuses based on the payroll reports she'd been given, and she hadn't done anything wrong. Hilary defended that she'd been a patient herself, and she was alive because of Simon, but her voice trailed off. Paul asked what was wrong, and Hilary said Simon had dealt with all of the research procedures with the medical staff and had told her how much to pay each employee.

Ashley arrived and glowered as Hilary recommended that the police speak with Simon about the possible payoffs. Paul asked Ashley where Simon was, and she replied that the doctor was checking on some test results at the hospital. Paul and Dylan took off, and Lily was disappointed that Hilary didn't appear to be in trouble. Hilary informed Ashley that a hotel guest had committed suicide, and Ashley asked why Hilary had been talking about a payoff. Hilary explained that the police had accused her of paying off one of the lab techs on the drug trial to alter the test results, and Ashley realized that it had been why Hilary had been confident that the drug would be approved that quickly.

Hilary argued that people needed the drug, so she'd done what she'd had to do. Ashley spat that Hilary was an "ungrateful bitch" for implicating Simon after he'd saved Hilary's life, and she warned that two patients had already relapsed and that Hilary might be the third. Hilary thought Simon had just been trying to scare her, but Ashley stressed that the tremor in Hilary's hand was the first sign of a relapse, and there was no guarantee Hilary would recover again unless Simon found a solution. Ashley added that Hilary would be a dead woman if Simon went to jail, and she stormed off. In the foyer, Ashley called Simon and told him to leave the lab right away.

Dylan and Paul returned to the cottage after unsuccessfully trying to find Simon at the hospital, and Dylan wondered if Ashley had sent them on a wild goose chase. Dylan mentioned that Simon had also turned off his phone, and Paul pointed out that Simon's sudden disappearance supported Hilary's story. Dylan asked if Paul thought Simon had paid off the lab tech to push the approval through, and Paul recalled that Simon had a history of panicking and taking off when he felt the walls closing in. Paul placed a call and issued an APB on Simon. Later, Paul learned that Simon's car had been spotted, and Dylan offered to track Simon down.

Ashley met Simon at Crimson Lights, and she assured him they'd get past Hilary's accusations, but Simon bemoaned that Hilary was too powerful. Ashley pointed out that the truth was on their side, and she wanted to go to the police to tell them Hilary had paid the tech off. Simon grumbled that it wasn't that simple, but Ashley proclaimed that Devon's power and money couldn't protect Hilary anymore. Ashley vowed to push the launch forward until the drug was ready, and they'd realize Simon's dream -- but they had to start by going to the police. Simon protested that they couldn't turn Hilary in.

Simon confided that his history with Hilary was complicated, and it wasn't what Ashley had been led to believe. Simon admitted that he'd lied to the authorities, since both he and Hilary knew the identity of her kidnappers, and Hilary was blackmailing him to keep him in line. Ashley became livid because she'd thought she and Simon had shared everything, and she'd thought she'd had to protect the project from Hilary, but the real threat had been him and his lies. She ranted that he'd never told her that the entire thing could have imploded all along, and she ordered him to spill everything. He thought she was better off not knowing, but she refused to let their work be "shot to hell," and she demanded that he start talking before the cops tracked him down.

Simon explained that he'd been focused on saving Hilary's life, and he'd done everything he could to make it happen. Ashley accused him of protecting Hilary's kidnapper, and Simon said the person had never meant to harm Hilary. Ashley pointed out that the blackmail would go away if Simon told the truth to the cops, but Simon refused because other people were involved. He apologized for disappointing Ashley, and she wondered how they'd get out of the mess if he wouldn't admit the truth. Dylan arrived and said he had a few questions for Simon.

At the Dive Bar, Jack thanked Phyllis for meeting him, since he was there to take care of foundation business, but he'd wanted to spend some time with his wife. She replied that she'd needed a break after dealing with Luca, but she and Nick had formulated a plan to get rid of Luca by killing the "peacock" with kindness. Phyllis opted to think happy thoughts and focus on her husband, and she swore that nothing could touch them. They kissed, but they were distracted by peals of laughter from the pool.

Billy and Bethany dried off poolside, and he noted that it was a big laugh for a mediocre joke. She reminded him that she was being paid to act like his girlfriend, but he warned her not to overdo it. She reasoned that they were having more fun than moping around his "shack," and she pulled him into a kiss. She whispered that they had an audience, and she insisted on saying hello to Jack and Phyllis. Billy and Phyllis exchanged forced smiles.

Phyllis remarked that it looked like Billy and Bethany were having fun, and Bethany quipped that it beat falling off a motorcycle. Bethany suggested that the four of them enjoy the night together to get to know one another, and Jack observed that Bethany looked no worse for the wear after the accident. Bethany pointedly stated that it was like it had never happened, and she proposed that they have a round of drinks to make things less awkward. Billy pointed out that Jack didn't drink, and Bethany couldn't imagine not being able to enjoy mojitos and Champagne. Jack offered to buy Bethany a drink for calling 9-1-1 to help Billy, and she kissed Billy and left to change clothes.

Jack called Bethany a spirited gal, and he proposed that he and Billy try to put their differences aside for one evening. Billy silently stared at Phyllis, and Jack went to get them a table. Over drinks, Bethany asked if it had been love at first sight for Phyllis and Jack, and Jack replied that there had been no way to avoid falling hard for his wife. Bethany questioned whether they'd been together ever since, and Jack admitted that they'd had their struggles, but they'd ended up stronger and more in love. Bethany gushed that it was romantic, and she said Phyllis was a lucky woman to have a man who loved her that much.

Jack said he was the lucky one, and Bethany surmised that Billy was uncomfortable talking about love and marriage. Bethany declared that she was fine with being the "rebound chick," since she knew Billy was only dating her to get over the love of his life. Bethany asked for the woman's name again, and Billy named Victoria. Billy thanked Jack for the drinks and ushered Bethany out, and Jack asked if Phyllis thought there had been something off about Bethany. Phyllis recognized that Bethany was unfiltered, but Bethany knew what she wanted and what she didn't want.

Phyllis thought Bethany had figured out that a relationship with Billy wouldn't last, but Jack sensed that Bethany had been trying hard to act nonchalant. Phyllis scoffed at the thought that Bethany was bright enough to use reverse psychology with Billy, but Jack pointed out that Billy loved a challenge, and there was nothing more exciting for Billy than something he couldn't have. Jack said he needed to discuss some business with Hilary, but he'd make it up to Phyllis later. He headed out. Phyllis stared at a laughing couple, and she flashed back to Billy telling her that she couldn't make him think they didn't belong together, since what they had was real if she'd allow it to be.

Downstairs, Jack approached Hilary to go over some points for a meeting the next day, and he praised her for handling Jill beautifully at the dedication. Hilary said she'd done everything from her heart, so she didn't need a thank you, but it was nice to hear. Meanwhile, Lily was disgusted that Hilary was practically drooling on Jack, and she thought someone should open his eyes. Cane cautioned that nothing good would happen by doing so, but Lily interrupted Jack and Hilary and asked how Jack couldn't see what Hilary was.

Hilary suggested that Jack join her in her suite to finish their discussion, but Lily contended that all of Hilary's efforts had been to get on Jack's good side to hedge her bets in case Devon threw her out. The women argued, but Cane intervened and said their family issues didn't need to be made public. Lily spat that it was Hilary's fault that Neil was drinking again, and Hilary became woozy as she defended that she hadn't made Neil an alcoholic. Lily maintained that Hilary was responsible, and Jack caught Hilary when she collapsed in his arms. Lily barked that no one was buying Hilary's act, but Jack insisted that it wasn't an act, and he begged them to call an ambulance.

Billy and Bethany went back to his place, and she exclaimed how much fun it had been to see how different Billy was from his dashing, old-school brother. Billy scolded that she could have blown their plan out of the water, and it wasn't a game. She assured him that she knew what she was supposed to do, but she acknowledged that she might have gone too far. Bethany thought Jack hadn't suspected a thing, and Phyllis hadn't even twitched, but Billy had nearly revealed everything. Bethany cautioned that the game would be over if Jack looked any closer, and she told Billy that he just needed to worry about giving himself away.

Billy complained that the plan was ridiculous, but Bethany thought it was brilliant how Phyllis had covered their tracks by throwing Bethany into his arms because Phyllis wanted him so badly. Phyllis stormed in and angrily asked what Bethany had been doing earlier, since she could have ruined everything. Phyllis handed Bethany a wad of cash to shut up and go away, and Bethany purred that Billy knew where to find her when he needed her. Bethany told them to have fun, and she walked out. Phyllis said she and Billy had a problem, and Billy replied that Phyllis was making it worse.

Billy said it had been a mistake to involve Bethany, but Phyllis countered that she'd had no choice in order to keep Jack from finding out that Phyllis had been on the back of Billy's motorcycle. Billy expected Bethany to threaten to go to Jack, but Phyllis thought Bethany just wanted cash, not trouble. Billy asked what Phyllis was really doing there, and she claimed that she'd wanted to talk sense into Bethany, but Billy thought it had nothing to do with Bethany. Phyllis told him not to go looking for something that wasn't there, but Billy said he'd seen Phyllis' face when Bethany had kissed him. Phyllis insisted that she wasn't jealous, but Billy ordered her to stop pretending, since it was obvious they couldn't stay away from one another.

Billy reached out to Phyllis, but she stepped away and protested that it couldn't happen. He contended that it was already happening, since they loved one another. He said she could deny it and turn away, but it wouldn't change what they both knew. She maintained that she couldn't leave Jack, but Billy questioned whether she wanted to live her life trying to hide from the truth, since he didn't want to live that way.

Phyllis argued that they had other people to think about, but Billy replied that it was just her and him. Billy thought they both knew what they could be together, and he didn't care if it was selfish. Phyllis stammered that she didn't know how to do it, and he wondered if she expected to avoid one another and continue with the ridiculous stories. Billy thought that Jack would eventually figure it out, and she asked what they were supposed to do in such an impossible situation. Billy firmly stated that they had to tell Jack.

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