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Phyllis and Billy made plans to spend the weekend together. Adam agreed to help Ian break out of prison. Victor flashed back to instructing a woman to have someone forge Sage's diary and alter Constance's forensic results. Nick agreed to exhume Constance's body again.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of June 13, 2016 on Y&R
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Ashley Takes Charge over Hilary Ashley Takes Charge over Hilary

Monday, June 13, 2016

At Billy's mansion, Phyllis was stunned when Billy insisted they reveal the truth about their love affair to Jack. Phyllis cried that Jack would divorce her. Billy said Jack would never let her go. Billy warned that someone, perhaps Bethany, might inadvertently talk about the affair to Jack, so he should be forewarned. Phyllis said her affair with Billy was one of the worst moves she'd made in her lifetime. Billy noted that strong chemistry had drawn him and Phyllis together. Phyllis asked why Billy had suddenly decided she should confess all. Billy said he could no longer stand to hurt Jack and watch Phyllis suffer.

Billy explained that telling Jack was the only way to end the affair. Billy added that he and Phyllis would no longer be able to pretend they weren't hurting anyone else. Billy suggested that Phyllis stress that they'd made love only once and had never meant for it to happen. Phyllis recalled that she'd once lost Jack in the past due to infidelity. Billy assured Phyllis that Jack would forgive her because he couldn't stand to lose her. Billy said he knew Jack wouldn't forgive him.

Billy offered to be with Phyllis when she broke the news, but she declined the offer. After Phyllis left, Billy sipped whiskey and recalled his various romantic encounters with Phyllis in flashbacks.

At the Genoa City Athletic Club, Jack cradled Hilary in his arms after she passed out. Cane looked on while Lily summoned an ambulance. After Hilary awoke and insisted she didn't need medical assistance, Lily claimed that Hilary had faked her fainting spell. Hilary refused to visit the hospital. Lily said Hilary had refused medical treatment because a doctor would confirm that nothing was wrong.

Lily smirked when Hilary claimed that her blood sugar had plummeted because she hadn't eaten. Jack helped Hilary upstairs. Lily, furious, told Cane that Hilary had easily fooled Jack. Cane explained that Jack, believing Hilary to be an asset to the foundation, wasn't aware that Hilary was blackmailing members of their family. Lily said that if Jack didn't open his eyes soon, "his faith in Hilary will come back to bite him."

Jack settled Hilary in her suite and ordered food. Jack, citing Lily's accusations that Hilary had formed an improper romantic attachment, mentioned an incident a couple of years before when Hilary had kissed him at a benefit. Jack asked Hilary if her feelings for him extended beyond their professional relationship. Hilary was embarrassed and said she loved Devon as much as Jack loved Phyllis, so there was absolutely no truth to Lily's accusations. Hilary claimed that Lily had hoped to make her look bad to others.

Jack said that for him and Hilary to work together effectively, they had to trust each other. Hilary admitted that she was relapsing and could either slip back into a coma or perhaps die. Jack feared for Ashley, but Hilary assured him that Ashley was fine, though two other patients had also experienced setbacks. Hilary asked Jack not to tell Devon. Jack agreed to stay silent, but he urged Hilary to share the information with her husband.

When Phyllis arrived at the Athletic Club, she ran into Bethany. Phyllis was surprised to see Bethany holding a room key. Bethany said she'd treated herself to a few luxuries, using some of the money Phyllis had paid her to pretend she was Billy's girlfriend. Bethany was taken aback when Phyllis said that Bethany's fun was about to end. Phyllis explained that she would soon tell Jack about her affair with Billy.

Phyllis nervously fidgeted with her phone while she waited near the rooftop pool for Jack to arrive. In a daydream, Phyllis imagined Jack's anger building as she related her one-time affair with his brother. She imagined Jack becoming distraught and racing off to murder Billy. Jack approached Phyllis from behind and touched her shoulder. Phyllis, startled, reacted with a nervous jerk. Jack asked Phyllis what she wanted to discuss.

Bethany stopped by Billy's mansion. Bethany said Phyllis had told her she planned to confess everything to Jack. Billy replied, "After tonight, everything will change." Bethany pointed out that Billy would be free to date her. She promised Billy that they would have fun together. Billy pulled Bethany close and said that every time he kissed her and pulled up her dress, he'd be wishing he was with Phyllis. Billy later apologized to Bethany for his behavior and explained that he truly loved Phyllis.

On the patio at Crimson Lights, Dylan questioned Ashley and Dr. Neville about the lab technician hired to conduct the blood tests during the drug trial. Dr. Neville explained that he didn't know the man well. Dr. Neville was surprised to hear that the lab technician had died. Dr. Neville explained that the deceased lab technician had directly reported the test results to the Food and Drug Administration. Ashley added that using an outside lab helped ensure that no improprieties impeded the testing phase.

Dylan told Ashley and Dr. Neville that someone had paid the lab technician a huge sum of money. Dylan suggested that Dr. Neville had paid the technician to alter the reports before sending them for FDA verification. Dylan noted that he'd already learned from Hilary that Dr. Neville had direct contact with the medical staff and had handled the payroll report sent to Hilary. Ashley interrupted and admitted that she'd met with the lab technician, had paid him to falsify the test results sent the FDA, and had altered the payroll report. Dr. Neville attempted to shush Ashley, and he insisted on having an attorney present, but Ashley refused.

Dylan said he didn't believe Ashley would falsify reports and endanger the lives of their test patients. Ashley explained that she'd been buying time so Dr. Neville could make adjustments to the drug that would save people's lives. Dylan told Ashley that she could face criminal charges for committing fraud. Ashley instructed Dylan to place the blame solely on her because Dr. Neville's work would have to remain above reproach to ensure the drug would be released. Reluctantly, Dylan agreed.

After Dylan left, Ashley said she had to protect Dr. Neville and the project. Dr. Neville pleaded with Ashley to not become involved. Ashley explained that she'd use the Abbott name to get lenient punishment. Ashley added that she had expert lawyers on her side, too. Ashley instructed Dr. Neville to return to his work and ensure that the drug trial succeeded because lives were at stake. Ashley told Dr. Neville that she'd miss working with him.

Ashley stopped by the Athletic Club in search of Hilary. Lily recalled how Hilary had pretended to faint so Jack would shower her with attention. Lily said she'd warned Jack that Hilary had pretended to be romantically interested in him just in case her relationship with Devon faltered. Ashley noted that Hilary was capable of anything. Ashley went upstairs after Lily told her that Jack was in Hilary's suite.

Ashley entered Hilary's suite just as Jack was leaving. After they were alone, Hilary asked Ashley what Dr. Neville had said to the police. Ashley said, "Neville's off the hook. He didn't tell them that you were behind the payoff, if that's what you're wondering." Hilary sighed in relief. Ashley noted that she'd had a talk with Dylan and was far from being done with Hilary. Hilary asked if Dylan knew she'd paid off the lab technician. Ashley said she hadn't told Dylan, though she'd wanted to, especially after learning from Neville that Hilary had been blackmailing him.

Hilary seemed relieved when Ashley said that Dr. Neville had promised not to divulge the identity of Hilary's kidnapper. Hilary asked Ashley why she'd assumed sole responsibility for paying off the lab tech to commit fraud. Ashley replied, "Because now you owe me." Ashley made two demands. She ordered Hilary to step away and let Dr. Neville be in charge of the drug trial and to keep her distance from Jack.

At Sharon's ranch house, Sharon was startled awake from a nap by a vision of Sage. Sharon trembled when Sage demanded to know why she hadn't told Nick that Sully was actually Christian. Sharon cried that she couldn't break Dylan's heart and lose their son. Sage, angry, replied, "He's my son and Nick's!" Sage instructed Sharon to tell Nick the truth because he was mourning the son he'd never lost. Sage said that Sharon was cruel and selfish.

After Sharon awoke from her nightmare, Mariah entered the room and noticed that Sharon was upset. Sharon explained that she'd had a nightmare. Sage, Sharon recalled, had demanded to know why she hadn't carried out Sage's dying wish. Sharon expressed concern that her lies had prevented Sage from being able to rest in peace. Mariah asked Sharon if she'd failed to take her medication. Sharon insisted she'd adhered to her prescribed regimen.

Mariah recalled that Sharon had already stated why she should keep quiet about Sully's identity. Sharon cried that the truth would make Nick happy. Mariah insisted that Nick would be angry. She added that Dylan would fall apart if Sharon told the truth. Mariah warned Sharon to consider the consequences because telling the truth could negatively impact everyone and send her spiraling out of control.

Sharon said she was torn about what to do. Mariah suggested Sharon seek the counsel of a psychiatrist. Sharon noted that involvement with a psychiatrist had brought about the problems she faced. Mariah noted that not all doctors were crazy stalkers.

Dylan arrived and overheard Sharon say, "I can't talk to anyone else about this." When Dylan asked what Sharon meant by her statement, Mariah and Sharon claimed that they'd been discussing Sage's absence at Chelsea's fashion company. Sage's death, Sharon noted had left her covering two positions. Mariah said she'd offered to step in because it seemed too soon to replace Sage. Dylan encouraged Mariah to step in and offer assistance to Sharon. After Dylan went upstairs to kiss Sully, Sharon seemed distraught.

Adam suspects Ian plans to escape

Adam suspects Ian plans to escape

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

At the penthouse, Michael informed Adam and Chelsea that Alan James hadn't been in cahoots with Victor, since the payoff had been traced to Dr. Neville's research project. Adam wondered if the forensic experts had determined whether Sage's journal had been forged, but Michael reported that they'd hit a wall. Chelsea realized that Ian's testimony was all they had left, and she thought there had to be another strategy to help Adam's case, but Michael noted that their options were limited. Chelsea theorized that the person who'd messed with the autopsy results was still out there, but Michael countered that they had no leads.

Adam suggested that he testify in his own defense, but Michael worried that Christine would force Adam to recount his history of bad behavior. Chelsea groaned that they were doomed if a lying sociopath was their best shot, but Adam contended that Ian was their only hope. Chelsea suspected that Ian was conning them, but Adam argued that there was only so much Ian could bargain for, since they didn't have the power to overturn Ian's sentence. Chelsea mentioned that she'd been a con artist during her entire childhood, and she knew things ended with one man standing. She couldn't envision Ian's endgame, but she thought it didn't mean he didn't have one.

Michael remarked that Ian's goals might not conflict with theirs, and Adam didn't care what Ian wanted as long as Ian testified. Chelsea protested that they were gambling with Adam's life, and she wished they could be certain about what Ian would say. Adam proposed that he try to get Ian talking to see if Ian divulged anything that they could use against him, but Chelsea advised against showing Ian their hand. Adam was determined to get Ian to reveal his hidden agenda, and he left for the prison.

Michael advised Chelsea to trust her husband, but she responded that Adam wasn't the one she didn't trust. Michael was sure Adam knew how to handle Ian, but Chelsea pointed out that Ian had known what they were looking for, and he'd suddenly gotten it in record time, putting him in the position to make demands to get everything he wanted. She contemplated the possibility that Ian had failed to get a confession from Victor and had lied to them about it. Chelsea fretted that Ian had nothing to lose, but Adam did, and they might walk into the courtroom with a defense that didn't exist.

Chelsea realized that Michael intended to put Ian on the stand even though his testimony might be a lie, and Michael reasoned that it was better not to ask if Ian's story was false. Chelsea worried that a jury would question Ian's claims, but Michael pointed out that it was the jury's duty to be skeptical. Michael added that Ian's testimony might also give the jury cause to doubt the D.A.'s story, and Adam might be acquitted, since doubt was what decided a case.

Victor passed the time in solitary confinement by shadowboxing. Meanwhile, as Ian listened from outside the infirmary, Meredith asked a guard to escort her to deliver medication to a prisoner in solitary, but the guard refused to go against policy. She called the warden to make an exception, but he denied her request, and she told the guard to personally deliver the pills to Victor. She added that the regimen for taking the medication was complex, so she needed to write out detailed instructions, and it was important that Victor got them.

Meredith penned a note to Victor to inform him that she'd heard disturbing things about Adam's murder charges, since Ian had claimed that Victor had set Adam up. She insisted that she needed to talk to Victor that night, and she instructed him to say he was sick. She sealed the note in an envelope, enclosed it in a bag with the medication, and handed it to the guard, who promised to get it to Victor right away.

Later, the guard slipped the package through the slot in Victor's door, but Victor found a letter from Ian inside. Ian had written that he hoped that Victor was having a good time in there, since Ian was bored without him, and he had inquired about Victor's family. Victor crumpled up the letter. Meanwhile, the guard informed Meredith that he'd delivered the medication to Victor. She sat and waited as she gazed at Victor's picture in his file.

Adam visited Ian and asked what had happened to his face. Ian explained that Victor had ambushed him, and he joked that his face had kept hitting Victor's fist. Ian said he was glad Adam was there, since Ian had been giving thought to his accommodations during Adam's trial. Adam told Ian to put his cards on the table, since he knew Ian had something up his sleeve. Ian insisted that all he had was Victor's confession, and Adam had a hard time believing it, but Ian noted that the jurors were the only ones who needed to believe him.

Adam wondered how the jury would react when Ian threw him under the bus, and Ian asked if Adam was accusing him of something. Adam suspected that Ian wanted to get revenge because he'd left Ian in the fire, and he anticipated that Ian might testify that he knew nothing about a confession. Adam guessed that Ian had planned an escape, and he envisioned that Ian would be a no-show at the trial. Ian crowed that the beauty of his position was that he didn't have to confirm or deny anything, since Adam had no case without Ian's testimony. Ian added that the risk was all Adam's, and Adam had no choice but to take it. Adam didn't understand why Ian hadn't asked for help with his escape.

At Hank's Bar, Travis answered a call from a vendor and said he needed one more week to get the money. He was shocked to learn that his account had been paid in full, and he promised that it was the last time he'd be behind on his payments. He flashed back to grumbling to Victoria about his problems getting a loan, and she'd offered to help with his financial difficulties. Travis left a message for Victoria, demanding that they discuss why she'd paid his debt, and he told her to call him back.

At Newman, Victoria reviewed a file, and she became alarmed when Hannah called. Victoria was relieved that nothing was wrong with the kids, and she said she'd take care of something and be home soon. She closed the file and walked out.

At Billy's place, Bethany was surprised by Billy's declaration of love for Phyllis, and she asked why he wasn't fighting for Phyllis. Billy explained that both he and Phyllis loved Jack, and the plan was for her to confess everything to her husband. Billy reasoned that Phyllis was doing the right thing by trying to fix her broken marriage, but Bethany thought Billy was scared of screwing up his life, so he let other people make his decisions for him. He protested, but she pointed out that he'd gone along with someone else's idea to have her play his girlfriend, and Phyllis was the one telling Jack about their affair.

Bethany questioned whether Victoria had ended her marriage to Billy or whether it had been the other way around, and she guessed it had been Victoria's doing. Billy announced that he was making a decision, and he ordered Bethany to get out. She clucked that it was a shame, since they could have been good for one another, but he flatly stated that they'd never know. He opened the door and faced Victoria, who asked if it was a bad time. Bethany said she had just been leaving, and she imagined that Victoria thought Billy and Bethany's relationship hadn't lasted long, but it couldn't have when he was in love with someone else.

After Bethany departed, Billy apologized for her flair for the dramatic, and Victoria mentioned that Hannah had called her about Johnny's bear, since the boy wouldn't go to sleep without it. Billy retrieved the toy, and Victoria offered to go after Bethany to make her realize that there was nothing between Billy and Victoria. Billy assured her it wasn't necessary, and he asked Victoria to say goodnight to the kids for him. Victoria insisted on asking one question, and she inquired why people didn't just tell the truth.

Billy noted that a lot of people lied, and he guessed that Victoria wasn't talking about a random person, but another man or possibly him. He wondered if her question was why men always screwed things up, and he said men were definitely at fault. He compared it to every sad country song about a cowboy who'd lost the love of a good woman, so he'd drunk and gambled his life away. Billy pointed out that he'd done exactly that, and Victoria hesitated to continue the line of conversation.

Billy continued that maybe the cowboy had wanted something he couldn't have, and the all-consuming desire had made him oblivious to realizing that he'd hurt the people around him until everything had crumbed down around him. Victoria said she hadn't dropped by for him to bare his soul, and he followed her to the door and regretted that he'd run her off. He thought she looked torn up, but she insisted that she was fine. He bet that he hadn't given her the answer she'd been looking for, but she said she had someone else she could ask, and she departed.

Victoria showed up at Hank's, and Travis sourly gave her credit for dealing with what she'd done in person. She had no idea what he meant, and he referred to the message he'd left, but she said she hadn't checked her phone. She asked what his problem was, and he barked that she had used her deep pockets to try to fix things by bailing him out, but he didn't want her money. Victoria swore that she had no clue what he was talking about, and Travis revealed that his debt had magically disappeared. She was shocked that he thought she'd paid it, since he clearly had money from his days on Wall Street.

Victoria blasted Travis for not sharing that part of his past while making her feel terrible about who she was. She ranted that she'd been embarrassed and remorseful, and she'd returned with her heart in her hands to fix things, but he'd still made her work for it even though he'd lied about who he really was. Victoria wondered if Travis had been laughing inside when he'd said he'd never hurt her or let her down, but he swore that she meant a lot to him. He conceded that he'd kept part of himself hidden, and she noted that he'd condemned her for doing the same thing.

Travis recalled that his time on Wall Street had been like a dream at first, and he'd been totally caught up in the power and the fast pace. He continued that he'd become someone he hadn't recognized or liked, so he'd left and never looked back, and he'd been stunned to find out that the world he'd cut ties with was the world Victoria lived in. He admitted that he'd been an "ass" with self-esteem issues, and he explained that when he'd met "Tori," a receptionist who'd complained about working for a big, bad company, he'd thought she'd run if he'd told her the truth. Travis asked Victoria to forgive him.

Travis pleaded with Victoria to tell him he hadn't lost her, and she wondered if they'd ever really had or known one another. He scoffed at the idea that he was only his job or his bank account, and she asserted that she was more than her name. He thought they knew one another better than that, since he knew how she liked her drinks and what songs never to take out of the jukebox. He continued that he was aware of how her face lit up when she talked about her kids, and something about her had struck him when she'd walked through the door. He sincerely asked her to go steady with him, and she accepted, but she gave fair warning that her family would have a lot of questions and opinions. They agreed that they didn't care, and they kissed.

At the Dive Bar, Jack was curious about why Phyllis had summoned him there, and he noticed that she seemed upset. He inquired whether there was a problem with work or Summer, and Phyllis replied that it was about Billy. Jack wondered if Billy had done something to Phyllis, and Phyllis stammered that it wasn't about what Billy was doing to her but what he was doing to himself. She voiced concern about Billy's involvement with Bethany, and Jack assured her that he wasn't worried, since a beautiful, sexy goddess had told him not to. Phyllis said she was sorry for giving Jack whiplash by going back and forth, and Jack expressed gratitude for her caring about his brother, since they both wanted Billy to find a woman who really loved him. Phyllis mumbled that it might be too much to ask.

Phyllis said she was the worst person she knew, and she pledged to move on with her life and let Billy manage his own. She suggested that Billy not be the topic of conversation, and Jack agreed. She suddenly said she needed to meet a friend who was thinking about making a donation to the foundation, and Jack offered to go with her to give his sales pitch. Phyllis claimed that a softer approach would work better with her friend, and he wished her luck and kissed her goodbye.

Bethany and Jack approached the bar at the same time, and she guessed he knew. "I should have seen it coming," he replied, and she looked puzzled. Jack apologetically stated that it hadn't been the first heart Billy had broken, and Bethany was surprised that Jack seemed concerned about her at that moment. She realized that he didn't know about Phyllis and Billy's affair, and she covered by saying that she was shaken after her breakup with Billy.

Jack assumed that Bethany had really cared about Billy, but she acknowledged that Billy was into someone else, even if he wasn't willing to do anything about it. Jack commented that at least she'd found out the truth before it was too late, and she called Jack a good guy who deserved good things. Jack proclaimed that he was the luckiest man he knew, and he cited his family, his job, and his wife who'd loved him enough to marry him. Bethany noted that he had everything he needed, and she hurried out.

Phyllis stopped by to see Billy, but she remained silent when he peppered her with questions about how Jack had taken the news. Billy thought he shouldn't have let her go alone, but she admitted that she hadn't told Jack the truth. Phyllis insisted that she hadn't been able to tell Jack, and Billy hadn't seen Jack's face or eyes. She wailed that it would break Jack's heart and ruin any relationship the brothers had, but Billy prepared to head out and tell Jack himself.

Phyllis objected, but Billy said he couldn't stay away from her. She told him that she'd returned because she didn't want him to stay away, and they kissed passionately and began to disrobe. After having sex on the couch, Billy told Phyllis they should get dressed. The doorbell rang, and Jack yelled out that he and Billy needed to talk.

Adam and Chelsea receive bad news

Adam and Chelsea receive bad news

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

by Mike

Jack stood outside the Chancellor mansion and called out to Billy, certain that he was home because his car was in the driveway and his motorcycle was out of commission. Billy opened the front door while buttoning his shirt, prompting Jack to wonder if he was interrupting something.

Billy vaguely confirmed that he was busy, but Jack entered without waiting for an invitation, promising not to stay long. Billy braced himself as Jack stepped into the living room, but Phyllis was no longer there. She listened from the dining room as Jack reported that he had heard about Billy's breakup with Bethany. Nodding, Billy explained that Bethany wasn't the right woman for him. "Meaning what? She's not Victoria?" Jack guessed.

Groaning, Billy told Jack to accept the fact that things with Victoria were over for good. Billy added that he wasn't interested in using Bethany to fill the void because that would just be a temporary fix. "I want someone who gets me, Jack, [someone] who wants me for who I am [and isn't] trying to change me [or] fix me. Somebody who loves me and accepts me with my flaws, not in spite of them," Billy explained.

"You want what I have with Phyllis," Jack concluded, and Billy confirmed that he wanted exactly that, even though he might not deserve it. Speaking as someone who was often Billy's harshest critic, Jack stressed that Billy did deserve to have that kind of relationship with someone, and he added that, despite their differences, he would always have Billy's back -- and so would Phyllis. Billy uncomfortably thanked Jack, who confidently predicted that Billy would one day find the right woman. "She's probably closer than you think," Jack added before showing himself out.

Once the coast was clear, Phyllis emerged from the dining room and began searching for a shoe she hadn't had time to locate earlier, fighting back tears while insisting that she needed to leave right away, before Jack started to wonder where she was. Billy protested that Phyllis couldn't just run away. "We tried that, and it didn't work," Billy pointed out, but Phyllis countered that they needed to try harder because she couldn't keep sneaking around behind Jack's back. "He deserves better than this, damn it!" Phyllis added as she slipped her shoes on.

"So do we," Billy argued, insisting that something was developing between him and Phyllis that went far beyond chemistry or lust. Billy wished he could be alone with Phyllis somewhere, away from prying eyes, and when she admitted that she would like that, too, he suggested that they could find ways to sneak away together from time to time, if she was willing to do that. Billy conceded, however, that he was asking a lot, especially since it was hard enough for him to lie to Jack. "I can't make the choice; it's up to you. We either end this tonight, or we keep going -- the only way that we can," Billy concluded.

Later, Phyllis joined Jack at Top of the Tower. After telling Phyllis about his earlier conversation with Billy, Jack surprised her with an impromptu weekend getaway in Barbados -- his way of letting her know he would never take what they had for granted. Taken aback, Phyllis insisted that she couldn't go, and when Jack wondered why, she claimed that she had already planned a trip to Montreal to talk to some clients about PassKey.

Phyllis offered to cancel the trip, but Jack told her not to, admitting that it sounded important. When Jack stepped aside to cancel all the arrangements he had made earlier, Phyllis contacted Billy and informed him that she would be going out of town for the weekend -- alone, unless he wanted to join her.

At the prison, Dr. Gates received a visit from the warden, who dismissed her concerns about Victor, insisting that he was fine. "In fact, the guards haven't heard a peep out of him all night," the warden claimed. Changing the subject, the warden hinted that he had heard rumors about the nature of Gates's relationship with Victor. Gates feigned ignorance, but the warden forged ahead, warning that Victor wasn't to be trusted.

Later, the warden went to the solitary confinement wing and told Victor to stop shouting, pointing out that other prisoners were trying to sleep. Insisting that he didn't care, Victor repeated what he had been trying to communicate earlier: "Ian Ward is aligning himself with the worst elements of my family [and] will do everything he can to get the hell out of this hellhole while I rot in here."

The warden wondered if Victor had proof that Ian was up to something. Victor glanced at the crumpled note he had received from Ian, but he chose not to show it to the warden, who hinted that he knew something was going on between Victor and Gates. Victor feigned ignorance, but the warden warned that he wouldn't let anyone take advantage of Gates, whom he considered to be a valuable asset to the prison.

Meanwhile, in one of the visitation rooms, Adam promised to help Ian disappear in exchange for convincing testimony against Victor. Ian expressed skepticism, guessing that Adam would double-cross him in the end, but Adam argued that he was Ian's best shot at freedom, and Ian was his best shot at proving his innocence, so they would just have to trust each other.

At Adam and Chelsea's penthouse, Michael tried to assure Chelsea that he could still succeed in getting Adam acquitted, but she remained concerned about letting Adam's fate rest in Ian's hands. When Adam returned from the prison, he said he was confident that he could count on Ian's testimony. Satisfied, Michael rushed off, but Chelsea was still worried, guessing that Adam was hiding something. "You're acting like you have the upper hand," Chelsea observed. Adam said that was because he did; after all, if he got even the slightest hint that Ian was thinking of betraying him, he could call off their deal and tell Michael not to put Ian on the stand.

At the Athletic Club, Gates approached Paul and Christine and told them that Adam had indeed murdered Constance -- and Victor had proof of Adam's guilt. Paul and Christine both warned that Victor was a master at fooling people, but Gates countered that she was trying to prevent someone from making fools of them.

Gates explained that Ian had bragged about his plan to take the stand in Adam's defense and claim that Victor had confessed to framing Adam. Paul informed Gates that Ian wasn't on the list of potential witnesses, but she predicted that would change soon enough. Gates stressed that Ian was a liar who would do anything to further his own cause and ensure that Victor would never be able to leave prison; in fact, he had already goaded Victor into a fight that had landed Victor in solitary confinement, which was why she had decided to take it upon herself to speak on Victor's behalf.

Christine wondered if Gates would be willing to repeat everything she had just said under oath. Refusing to turn her back on Victor the way everyone else had, Gates confirmed that she would be willing to testify on his behalf, and she left after handing her business card to Christine. "Wow. So either Victor has her completely brainwashed, or...she's telling the truth," Paul mused, and Christine agreed.

As Paul and Christine started to leave, Michael approached them and warned that he had a star witness who was willing to testify that Victor had framed Adam for murder. "Ah. Your star witness wouldn't happen to be Ian Ward, would it?" Christine guessed. Groaning, Michael wondered how Christine had figured that out. "Word travels. Listen to this: I have my own prison insider -- a much more credible witness," Christine revealed.

Later, after receiving a heads-up from Michael, Adam and Chelsea tracked Gates down at Crimson Lights and wondered if she was really planning to testify for the prosecution. Gates confirmed that she had a right and a responsibility to inform the court that Ian's testimony couldn't be trusted. Chelsea complained that Gates was siding with a man who had concocted a plot to frame his own son for murder, but Gates insisted that Victor loved Adam and was actually covering for him. Chelsea scoffed and warned that Gates was being played, but Gates suggested that Chelsea was the one who was being played.

After Gates left, Adam insisted that he wasn't playing Chelsea, but she expressed doubts, again pointing out that it seemed like he was hiding something. Adam unapologetically admitted that he had every intention of playing dirty if necessary in order to beat Victor, leading Chelsea to conclude that her suspicions were correct. Chelsea urged Adam to fill her in, but he refused, stressing that he was keeping her in the dark to protect her.

While lying in bed in his solitary confinement cell, Victor thought about a meeting he'd had with a woman weeks earlier, during which he had explained that he wished to punish everyone who had testified against him. "Most of all, that applies to a person that you hold in as much contempt as I: my son Adam," he had added.

"I'm sure you've heard that I'm a patron of the arts, but, you know, there's one artist who I really, really respect and appreciate. He is able to reproduce other people's writings perfectly. Now, some call this forgery; I call it genius. I will give you the information you need to contact this Michelangelo. I want him to revise the pages of a woman's diary, and I will pay him handsomely for that," Victor had continued.

"Once the authorities suspect foul play, they're going to have to exhume the old lady's body, and I want it to look as if she has been poisoned, so I have the contact information written down, along with the number of a bank account -- an overseas bank account -- from which you can withdraw funds as you need. I hope that you will help me bring my son Adam to justice. I know that you're the right person to do the job," Victor had concluded, slipping a piece of paper to the woman.

Nick learns about Sharon's nightmares

Nick learns about Sharon's nightmares

Thursday, June 16, 2016

At Newman Enterprises, Nick asked Luca if Victoria was late again, and Luca imagined that Nick was worried about how she was spending her time. Luca guessed that Victoria had lost interest in Travis once she'd seen Luca's research, since the bartender hadn't been as honest and simple as she'd thought. Summer entered, and Luca kissed her and said it had felt like she'd been gone forever. She was glad to see the men getting along, but she noted that they were keeping secrets, and she asked what was going on. Nick claimed that he was honoring Summer's request to give Luca a second chance, and Luca added that both he and Nick wanted her to be happy.

Summer pressed to know Nick and Luca's secret, and Nick fibbed that they'd been discussing the details of a business deal. Summer asked if Victoria knew about it, and she surmised that her aunt was running late again. Nick thanked Luca for the research, and he departed. Luca gushed about how much he'd missed Summer, but she remained determined to find out what the men were hiding. Luca said he believed Nick was testing Luca's loyalty by seeing if Luca kept something minor confidential, and he didn't want to blow his shot of winning Nick over. Summer agreed to drop it -- "for now."

At Travis' apartment, Victoria and Travis basked in the afterglow of their lovemaking, and she groaned that it was daytime. He suggested that they pretend it wasn't, but she reminded him that they'd agreed to face the real world. She contemplated where they should make their mark, and he left it up to her. She grinned and said she knew exactly where they could make a splash.

Victoria took Travis to the Dive Bar, and he remarked that he'd forgotten what it was like to overpay for a beer. Victoria teased that there was no jukebox or sticky floor, but there was a pool, and he gazed at her and said the view was excellent. Luca and Summer walked in and were surprised when they spotted Victoria and Travis, and Summer wondered whether Travis was the reason why Victoria was always late for work. Summer approached the couple, and she asked about Victoria's friend. Luca implied that it was a business meeting, but Victoria proudly declared that it was personal, and she introduced Travis as her new man.

Luca said he needed to give Victoria an update, and Summer insisted that they handle their business while she got to know Travis. Summer led Travis to a table, and Luca incredulously reminded Victoria that Travis had tried to take down their company. Victoria demanded to know "who the hell" Luca thought he was, and she didn't know why he thought he had a vote in her personal life. She asserted that she'd talked to Travis about his past, but Luca stressed that it wasn't a coincidence that she'd met a big-time commodities trader at the same time the Newman rig had sprung a leak. Luca suspected Travis was up to something.

Meanwhile, Summer apologized to Travis for being pushy, and she explained that Victoria hadn't dated since her divorce, so everyone would want to meet Travis. Summer mentioned that Victoria's breakup with Billy had been rough, and the Newmans were very protective of Victoria. Summer pressed to find out how Travis and Victoria had met. Later, Victoria asked if Summer and Travis had had a nice chat, and Summer lectured that Victoria could never be too careful when dating a new guy she didn't know well. Victoria called Summer cute for quoting Victoria's own words back to her, and Luca suggested that he and Summer take some time to celebrate Summer's homecoming.

Victoria told Luca and Summer to enjoy themselves, and after the couple stepped away, Victoria joked that Travis only had a couple dozen more family members left to meet. Travis stated that he'd already met Nick, and he contemplated whether Nick or Summer hated him more. Victoria assured him that Summer had only given him a hard time because Victoria had given her a hard time about Luca. Victoria took a call and said she had to get back to work, and she insisted that Travis join her.

While lounging poolside, Summer asked Luca what he thought of Travis, and Luca noted that Victoria seemed to like him. Summer thought Travis had seemed standoffish and defensive, and Luca guessed that Victoria would soon lose interest. Summer clucked that a rebound wasn't the answer, and Luca jokingly questioned whether she was more worried about Victoria's boyfriend or her own. Summer said she'd missed Luca a lot, and being away had made her realize what an important part of her life he was.

Summer found it amazing that Nick had realized that she and Luca had a real commitment, and she hoped it would rub off on her mom. Luca flatly stated that it wouldn't, and he revealed that Phyllis had arranged Summer's trip to get her away from him. Summer said Daniel had told her about the lengths to which Phyllis had gone to keep him apart from former girlfriends, and she griped that Phyllis had no right to get between her and Luca. Luca noted that it hadn't worked, and he cautioned that confronting Phyllis could backfire. Luca said to give him time to win Phyllis over, since he had many talents, and he offered to show Summer some of them. They retreated to their place, where they made love.

Victoria showed Travis around her office, and he suggested swapping out Victor's portrait for one of dogs playing poker. She remarked that it was the safest way for Travis to meet her father, and Travis surmised that Victor wouldn't approve of him. Victoria clarified that Victor didn't approve of anyone, and she admitted that while things were difficult with her father, she'd learned a lot from him. Travis testily asked if she meant passing the buck, and he held up a press release that blamed the oil leak on faulty parts installed by a third-party contractor. Victoria defended that it was a confidential first draft, and Travis retorted that it was also a lie.

Victoria asked what Travis knew about the spill, and he claimed he didn't know much, but he thought the company should own the problem. She contended that they didn't know what had caused the leak, but the division created jobs and kept oil prices down, and sabotage was a possibility. Travis grumbled that it was a defensive maneuver, and he abruptly said he had to get going. Victoria promised to call him after her meetings, and he pecked her on the cheek and headed out. She looked perplexed.

At the cottage, Sully gurgled happily as Sharon prepared to feed him breakfast, and Mariah burst in and cried that there had been an awful accident. Mariah instructed Sharon to call 9-1-1 right away, but Sharon discovered that her landline had no dial tone. Sharon searched for her cell phone, and Mariah fretted that there had been a woman and a baby in the other car. Sharon couldn't find her cell phone, and she looked up and faced a bloodied Sage, who snarled that Sharon was supposed to help her and her baby. A dreaming Sharon called out Sage's name in her sleep and said she was sorry, and Dylan awakened.

Sharon dreamed that Sage said Sharon had sworn to set things straight, but Sharon was living a lie. Sharon pleaded that she loved Sully as her own, but Sage barked that the boy's name was Christian. Sharon cried that Dylan had given the baby his whole heart, but Sage snapped that Sharon only cared about herself. Sage recalled that Sharon knew the pain of wanting to be with her baby, and she blasted Sharon for torturing Nick by allowing him to grieve for a son who was still alive. Sage envisioned that Christian would grow up and have his father's smile and her eyes, and everyone would hate Sharon when they learned the truth. Sage threatened to haunt Sharon's nights until Sharon made it right, and Sharon bolted awake. Dylan wondered if she knew what she'd said in her sleep.

Sharon nervously asked what she'd said, and Dylan informed her that she'd been talking to Sage and saying she was sorry. Sharon referred to being unable to do anything to help Sage after the accident, and Dylan assured her that there was nothing to feel guilty about. Dylan continued that Sage was at peace, since she'd known that Sharon had done her best and that she would look out for Nick. Dylan wondered if there was something else going on, and Sharon claimed that she was unnerved about Adam's murder case, since Nick was upset that Sage's name had been dragged into it. Dylan noted that Sharon had been worked up ever since Sage's journal had been found, and he vowed to get to the truth.

Later, Sharon told Mariah about her dream, and she worried that Dylan had heard her talking in her sleep. Mariah urged Sharon to deal with her guilt by seeing a psychiatrist, but Sharon thought a shrink would go straight to the police if she admitted to lying about her baby, and she'd lose both Dylan and Sully. Mariah insisted that Sharon needed someone to help her get through it, but Sharon said she didn't need a stranger to tell her that guilt was causing her nightmares and that she had to expose her secret to make them go away.

Nick arrived to drop off some clothes for Faith's doll that had been delivered to his place, and Mariah commented that the doll had more clothes than she did. Sharon tersely thanked him for stopping by, and Mariah asked Nick how things were going. He replied that life was moving pretty quickly, and he suggested that they make a rule to never allow Faith to date. Sharon doubted it would stick, and Mariah guessed that Nick was upset about Summer dating Luca. Nick mused that it was too bad they couldn't keep their kids little forever, and he gazed down at Sully. Sharon flashed back to Sage holding the baby and wondering how she had looked into his eyes and not known he was hers.

Nick asked if Sharon had known during her pregnancy that Sully would be a soccer player, and Mariah took the baby upstairs for his nap. Nick asked if Sharon was okay, since she looked tired. She attributed it to late nights with a teething Sully, but he wondered if that had been the only thing keeping her up. Sharon flashed back to a dying Sage asking her to promise to tell Nick that his baby was alive, and she nearly fell over. Nick assured her that she could trust him with anything.

Nick reminded Sharon that they'd been through pretty much everything together, and Mariah returned downstairs and claimed that Sully wanted his mom. Sharon thanked Nick for asking, but she swore that he didn't have to worry about her. Sharon went upstairs, and Nick quizzed Mariah about Sharon. Mariah backed up Sharon's story that Sully kept everyone awake at night, and Nick pushed her to tell him if she found out that anything else was wrong. Mariah ushered Nick out, and Sharon returned and thanked Mariah for interrupting. Mariah sternly stated that Sharon needed to make a decision either to tell Nick the truth or to blow up her family.

Sharon asserted that she'd already made the decision to keep her family together, but Mariah pointed out that it had seemed like Sharon had been about to tell Nick everything. Sharon worried that Nick would get suspicious if he saw himself in Sully, but Mariah countered that he'd be suspicious because Sharon got crazy-eyed around him. Mariah thought Nick would be the first person to see if something was off with Sharon, but Sharon recalled that Mariah had said it was wrong to keep Nick away from Sully. Mariah advised Sharon to pull it together, or the truth would surface on its own.

At Crimson Lights, Paul told Dylan that he'd had his team look at anyone else who might have had contact with Constance's samples or the toxicology report, and Dylan reported that he was working the forgery angle. Dylan said he'd found three forgers in the police's system who had the skill set to pull it off, and he asked if Paul had heard of any of them. Paul recognized one of the names, and he explained that Frank Ellis was a skilled forger who'd worked with Jack and Adam to frame Victor. Dylan revealed that Frank had been released from prison a few years back, and he wanted to reach out to Frank. Paul offered to find out the forger's whereabouts, but Dylan decided to try another angle.

At the penthouse, Chelsea asked if Adam was going to talk to her or shut her down again, and he replied that he wanted to be able to talk about everything. Chelsea pushed to know what he'd discussed with Ian, but Adam maintained that she was better off not knowing some things. She implied that he didn't trust her enough, and he blurted out that he didn't want her to end up in prison.

Adam received a text message from Michael, describing his plan to remind the jury that Meredith had suddenly changed her story after developing an attachment to a patient. Chelsea warned that Adam was digging himself into a hole with Ian, and she begged him to trust her the way he'd asked her to trust him. He divulged that Ian had agreed to testify as long as Adam helped him escape from prison. Chelsea asked if Adam was out of his mind, since helping Ian escape would be like asking to be thrown in jail. Adam reasoned that he was already facing a prison sentence, and Ian's testimony was the only way he could stay with her and Connor. She protested that letting Ian go free meant no one would be safe, and it would be on Adam's head if Ian went after anyone.

Adam expected that Ian wouldn't hang around Genoa City, but Chelsea thought Ian was cocky enough to stay in town, and she worried that he was dangerous. Adam pointed out that Ian would end up back in prison if he stuck around, but Chelsea contended that they couldn't predict what Ian would do next. Adam was sure that no one would get hurt, and Chelsea demanded that he explain how he intended to break Ian out. Adam swore that he wouldn't be anywhere near Ian, and Chelsea complained that he sounded exactly like Victor when he acted like it was no big deal.

Adam argued that Chelsea had always said he was nothing like his father, and it was his job to take care of her and Connor, so he had to do whatever he had to do to stay there. Dylan stopped by to follow up on a lead to prove Adam had been framed, and he asked if the name Frank Ellis meant anything to Adam. Adam confirmed that Frank had been the forger he'd used to set up Victor, and Dylan thought it would be poetic justice if Victor had hired the same guy to return the favor. Adam revealed that he'd thought the same thing, so he'd tracked Frank down -- to a coffin. Dylan regretted that everything else had also been a dead end, and he encouraged Adam to consider a plea.

Chelsea couldn't face the idea of Adam spending years in prison, but Dylan countered that it would be a gamble to go to trial. Adam refused to confess to a murder he hadn't committed, since Connor would already hear stories about his father, and Adam didn't want to add poisoning an old woman to the list. Adam acknowledged that going to trial would be a risk, and he wondered if Chelsea preferred that he cop a plea. She swore that she wasn't giving up, and fighting and winning was the only option. Dylan warned that the jury might not respect Ian's testimony, but Chelsea said Ian had to make them believe his story, since her husband was staying right there where he belonged.

After Dylan left, Adam asked if Chelsea supported the plan of helping Ian escape, and she recognized that Ian was pure evil, but she couldn't lose Adam for 20 years or even one day. Adam insisted that she wouldn't lose him, and they embraced.

Nick found Dylan at the coffeehouse, and he mentioned that he'd just been at the cottage. Nick expressed concern that Sharon had looked tired, and Dylan admitted that she was stressed, but he assured Nick that she was taking her medication. Nick said she hadn't seemed like herself, but she had refused tell him what was wrong. Dylan explained that Sharon was just trying to protect Nick, since she had been having nightmares about Sage.

Nick decides to exhume Constance's body again

Nick decides to exhume Constance's body again

Friday, June 17, 2016

At the cottage, Sharon recognized that Nick would be able to tell that something was wrong with her, and Mariah urged her to stop letting her fear call the shots. Sharon contemplated how to deal with not being able to tell Nick the truth, and she worried that he would figure things out, but Mariah maintained that the only thing that would give it away was Sharon's guilt. Mariah insisted that Sharon get out of the house, and she led Sharon to the front door. They found Kevin there, and he guessed it wasn't a good time.

Mariah declared that it was beautiful outside, so she'd suggested that Sharon get some fresh air, but Kevin was skeptical. Sharon reluctantly departed, and Mariah coldly asked what Kevin was doing there. He replied that he'd missed Mariah, and she surmised that he'd been busy living the high life. He admitted that he hadn't been a good friend lately, but he was still her friend. He observed that both Mariah and Sharon had seemed on edge, but Mariah insisted that everything was fine. Kevin refused to leave until she told him what was really going on.

Mariah snapped that nothing was going on, and she wouldn't share it with Kevin even if there was. She claimed that she didn't miss him, and she questioned whether Natalie dealt with his "man slob habits" by buying a new house. Kevin noted that Mariah couldn't take the heat, so she'd changed the subject, but it wouldn't work. He repeated that he wouldn't leave until she told him what was up, since she hadn't been the same since she'd moved in with Sharon.

Mariah huffed that Kevin was reading too much into it, since she had just needed a place to stay, but Kevin didn't buy it. Mariah claimed that she hadn't gotten time with Sharon while growing up, but she finally understood what family meant, so she wanted to be part of it. Kevin recounted that Mariah had said that things there were horrible, and she couldn't "unknow" what she knew. Mariah repeated that nothing was going on, and she told him to go back to Natalie and his millions. Kevin assured her that she could trust him with anything.

Mariah questioned why Kevin was standing close to her, and she threatened to lay a kiss on him again. He acknowledged that he'd struggled to figure out their relationship, and he understood that she didn't trust him anymore, but he was there because she could trust him. He reiterated that he was her friend, and he knew that she lashed out when she was in pain, but she had a big heart underneath. He guessed that she was trying to protect someone, and it was tearing her apart. Mariah cut him off and agreed to tell him everything.

At Crimson Lights, Dylan explained to Nick that working Adam's case and talking about Sage's journal had stirred up memories for Sharon, and Nick revealed that Sharon had claimed she hadn't been sleeping because Sully was teething. Dylan confirmed that it hadn't had anything to do with Sully, and Nick didn't understand why Sharon hadn't just told him the truth. Dylan imagined that Sharon felt guilty about life moving on when Nick was still dealing with a huge loss, and he revealed that Chelsea and Sharon had needed to fill Sage's job, so Sharon had asked Mariah to take the position. Nick guessed that had been why Sharon had seemed uncomfortable around him.

Nick couldn't believe that Sharon thought he begrudged her happiness, and he thought he shouldn't be around her if he made her uncomfortable. Dylan insisted that Sharon cared about Nick, and she knew what it was like to have a child taken away from her. Sharon walked in, and Nick asked if she didn't know that she could be honest with him about anything. Sharon swore that she knew she could talk to Nick, and Nick relayed that Dylan had told him about her nightmares.

Sharon was aghast that Dylan had shared something that upsetting, and Dylan reasoned that Nick had been worried about her. Nick said he could tell when Sharon was fine and when she wasn't, and he'd also experienced sleepless nights. He admitted that when she'd barely been able to look him in the eye at her house, he'd been concerned that she was backsliding on her medication. Sharon realized that Nick had thought she was having a bipolar episode, and Nick apologized for assuming the worst.

Sharon told Nick not to be sorry, but he thought he should have trusted her ability to manage her condition, since she'd been doing a great job. He added that he approved of her offering Mariah a job with Chelsea, and Sharon was stunned that Dylan had also disclosed that. Nick swore that Sharon had nothing to feel guilty about, and he implored her to enjoy what she had and to hang onto her family with both hands, since he knew better than anyone that it could be gone in an instant. Sharon lamented that it was unfair, but Nick was adamant that she wasn't doing anything wrong by living her life and being happy.

Later, Esther gave Nick a complimentary cup of coffee, and she confided that it had been hard to move on after Katherine and Delia had died. She continued that it had made her wonder how the world went on, but it had, and she told Nick that one day, he'd feel the sun on his face and realize that his own life was precious, so he'd need to go on, too. Nick thanked her, and she walked away. He left a message for Dylan to grant his permission to exhume Constance's body again, since he needed to move on by getting the truth for Sage.

At the Athletic Club, Jack called to a distracted Phyllis, and he wondered if he knew any of the new investors she would be meeting in Montreal. She claimed that she'd found them by networking, and Jack declared that he was proud of her. She downplayed it as business as usual, but he gushed that she was a star, and he wondered how he'd gotten lucky enough to have such a smart, beautiful wife. He praised her for going the extra mile by making it personal and showing that the Abbott name stood for loyalty. A guilty Phyllis prepared to leave, and he made her promise to call when she got there. He said he missed her already, but she coolly stated that it was only Canada, and she would see him in a few days.

Devon entered the club and greeted Lily and Cane, and she assumed he'd cut his trip short because of Hilary's fainting spell, but she realized Hilary hadn't told him about it. Cane explained that Hilary had collapsed at the club the other night, but she'd blamed it on low blood sugar. Devon demanded to know why he hadn't heard about it until then, and Lily groused that Hilary had faked the spell to get Jack's attention. Devon scoffed at the idea, but Lily maintained that Hilary had been lining up her next conquest by passing out in Jack's arms when nothing had been wrong with her.

Devon conceded that his wife had flaws, but they loved one another, and he loved the whole package. Lily ranted that Hilary was making him out to be a fool, and she couldn't stand to watch it. Devon asserted that he and Hilary had moved past the distrust, and he encouraged Lily to blame Neil for everything that had happened. Lily called Hilary a money-grubbing tramp, and she thought Hilary knew exactly what she was doing, but Jack and Devon were too good to see it.

After Devon left, Lily told herself that she shouldn't let Hilary get to her, and she was over it. Cane doubted that was the end of it, and Lily wondered what else she was supposed to do. He quipped that she'd take down Godzilla to protect her family, and Lily figured that telling Devon about Hilary's behavior hadn't done any good, so they had to show him. She vowed to find a way to get Devon to see Hilary for who she really was.

On the rooftop, Hilary asked Simon if he'd perfected the drug, since she couldn't believe she was relapsing. Hilary snapped that the longer he took, the greater the chance she'd end up back in a coma. She glared at Ashley and snarled that maybe some people wanted that to happen, and Ashley told Hilary to blame herself for pushing the drug trial through despite patients showing negative side effects. Hilary demanded that Simon fix the drug, since he owed her for being his guinea pig, but Simon countered that she wouldn't be there if it hadn't been for him. Hilary argued that she'd protected him and convinced her husband to finance the research, and Ashley snapped that it had all been for the greater glory of Hilary.

Hilary blasted Simon for bragging about his brilliance, and she ordered him to live up to the hype by perfecting the drug before her condition got worse. Ashley couldn't believe that Hilary was threatening the man who held Hilary's life in his hands, and Hilary spat that they probably wanted her to die. Simon pointed out that Ashley had taken the fall after Hilary had paid off the lab tech, and he told Hilary to show some gratitude, since he'd had enough of her self-destructive narcissism. Simon asserted that he wanted Hilary to live, and he was doing everything he could to make that happen. Ashley stressed that Hilary was to stay away from the lab and Jack as part of their deal.

After Hilary sauntered off, Ashley told Simon that she'd made an agreement with Hilary because he had to be free in order to get the drug trial pushed through to save lives. Simon regretted that Ashley had felt the need to go against her nature to protect him, and he promised he'd do everything he could to live up to her faith in him.

Hilary returned to her suite and was surprised to find that Devon had returned home early. He said he hadn't been able to stay away from her, and she replied that she'd missed him, too. He mentioned that he'd heard about her collapse, and he wondered why she hadn't called him. She claimed that she'd been embarrassed, and she wanted to pretend that it had never happened. Devon sensed that there was something she wasn't telling him, but a knock at the door interrupted them, and Devon faced Jack.

Jack hesitated to put a crimp in Devon's homecoming, but he'd stopped by to check in on foundation business. Devon said he and Hilary had just been talking about how she'd been overdoing it, and he asked what Jack thought about her collapse. Jack applauded Hilary for throwing her heart and soul into everything she did, but he told her to remember to eat. Hilary cooed that she only needed her husband, since she didn't sleep well when Devon was away, and she would be fine since he was home. Devon insisted that Jack stay and talk business with Hilary.

Devon listened closely as Jack and Hilary discussed ways to partner with the community to build momentum for the foundation. Jack thought Hilary could handle it all without breaking a sweat, but her hand trembled as she started to make a to-do list, and Jack placed his hand over hers as Devon covertly looked on. Hilary said she'd make the list later, and she looked forward to the challenge. Jack departed, and Devon asked what the meeting had really been about.

Hilary said it had just been foundation business, but Devon revealed that he'd heard other things about her and Jack. She griped that Lily had a big imagination, but Devon thought it had felt like more than business after seeing her and Jack together. Hilary imagined that Jack felt uncomfortable around her because Lily had told him that Hilary had designs on him, and she complained that Lily also had Devon doubting Hilary. Hilary whined that she regretted her mistakes and had tried to make things right, but she was tired of trying to prove herself, especially to the man she loved. Hilary begged Devon not to let Lily get to them.

Hilary said she could take the insults and insinuations, but it broke her heart that the one person who truly knew and understood her doubted her. She questioned whether Devon didn't know how much she loved and needed him, and they kissed and started to make love.

Jack joined Ashley on the rooftop, and she wanted to talk about Hilary setting her sights on him. Jack said he'd heard enough about the poor woman, and Ashley groaned that it was too late. Jack declared that Hilary was his friend and a valued asset, but Ashley was sure that Hilary wanted to be more. Jack argued that he and Hilary were both happily married, and Ashley told him to consider himself warned. Ashley announced that she was thinking about stepping back from the drug project to return to Jabot.

Jack wondered if Ashley's proposed job switch had to do with her paying off the lab tech, and he thought it had been out of character. He asked why she'd done it when she believed in the research, and she reasoned that more lives would be saved if the product got on the market sooner. Jack didn't think that cutting corners was worth putting lives at risk, and he assumed Simon had influenced her. Ashley jumped to Simon's defense, and Jack guessed that there was something else going on that he didn't know about.

At home, Billy apologized to Johnny over the phone for not being able to hang out that weekend, but he promised to take the boy to the dinosaur park the following week. Billy instructed Hannah to tell Victoria that their plans had changed, and he hung up. He pulled out a bottle of wine and flashed back to telling Phyllis that he'd give anything to wake up and hold her in his arms, away from prying eyes. Phyllis called Billy, and he hoped she hadn't changed her mind. She thought maybe she should, since she'd just lied to Jack, and she questioned "what the hell" she and Billy were doing.

Billy heard someone at the door, but Phyllis requested that he consider whether it was worth risking everything before he answered it. He opened the door and found her on his doorstep. Billy presented Phyllis with a picnic that he'd set up in the living room, and he recalled that as he'd walked down the grocery store aisles, he'd realized that he didn't know whether she preferred foie gras or chips and dip. He mused that he wanted to know more about her, but she said she wasn't hungry because she'd had lunch with Jack.

After an uncomfortable pause, Phyllis asked about Brash & Sassy, and Billy admitted that it wasn't what he'd expected. He explained that he'd done his homework, but he'd overlooked the fact that Victoria had built the relationships, and everyone loved her. "What's not to love?" he added, and Phyllis looked away. Billy said he knew the industry, but being in the driver's seat was different, and it wasn't like he could take women's products out for a test run to see if they lasted all day. Phyllis jokingly imagined that the photo shoots with gorgeous women were very difficult, and she asked what Billy had expected when he'd bought a cosmetics company.

Billy admitted that he hadn't been able to resist scooping Brash & Sassy up when it had gone on the market, since it had been a way to get back at Victoria after she'd had Jack fire him from Jabot. Phyllis lectured that Jack and Victoria hadn't done it out of hate but because they loved him. Billy said heading the company had given him appreciation for what women went through to feel good about themselves, but there was nothing more beautiful than a woman who woke up in the morning with no makeup. Phyllis remarked that he'd never seen her when she woke up, and he looked forward to it.

Billy and Phyllis kissed, and he called her beautiful, but she pulled away and said she couldn't do it because it felt awkward. He encouraged her to relax and keep the rest of the world outside the door, but she considered ending things before there was no going back. Phyllis worried that Jack might knock on the door again, but Billy was determined to be with her. She pointed out that they'd needed to have their picnic inside because people couldn't see them together, and it felt cheap and dirty. She contemplated telling Jack that her trip had been canceled, and she thought she had been stupid to convince herself that she and Billy could be in one another's arms.

Billy pulled Phyllis close, but she insisted that she needed to be with her husband. Billy conceded that there were a million reasons for her to walk out the door, but he didn't want her to. He proclaimed that he wanted her to stay there so they could work through the awkward silences, and he wanted to know everything about her. He imagined what it would be like to wake up next to her and have his eyes see hers. They melted into a passionate kiss.

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