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Hilary told Jack that Neil had kidnapped her. Hilary left Devon. Luca and Travis accused one another of sabotaging Newman. Luca goaded Travis into punching him. Kevin accused Natalie of working with Victor. Victor's accomplice planted more evidence against Adam.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of June 20, 2016 on Y&R
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Jack learns Neil kidnapped Hilary Jack learns Neil kidnapped Hilary

Monday, June 20, 2016

At the cottage, Mariah agreed to tell Kevin everything as Sharon and Dylan appeared in the doorway. "Stop!" Sharon yelled, and Dylan demanded to know what was going on. Mariah reported that Sully was fast asleep, and they heard the baby cry over the monitor. Sharon guessed that the baby had heard his daddy's voice, and Mariah swore that everything was good. Dylan went upstairs, and Kevin suggested that he and Mariah continue their conversation over a cup of coffee, but Sharon claimed that Mariah had family plans that night. Kevin departed alone, and Sharon confronted Mariah about nearly telling Kevin everything.

Mariah explained that she was scared that keeping secrets was messing with Sharon, even though she knew Sharon was taking her medication. Sharon grumbled about the lack of good her meds were doing, but Mariah cautioned that going off of them would make things 100 times worse. Sharon asserted that Dylan was Sully's father in every sense that mattered, and she wondered if she shouldn't have trusted Mariah. Mariah worried that Sharon was spiraling out of control, so Mariah had just been trying to decompress with someone she trusted. Sharon firmly stated that Mariah couldn't trust anyone, and the secret had to stay between them.

Dylan returned after getting Sully back to sleep, and he asked where Kevin was. Sharon claimed that Kevin had left to get some coffee, and Dylan suggested that Mariah catch up with her friend, but Sharon said Mariah was spending the night in. Dylan reasoned that Mariah wasn't their nanny and that she'd be working full-time soon, so she deserved a night off. Mariah agreed, and she stepped out, ignoring Sharon's panicked stare. Dylan asked Sharon "what the hell" they'd walked into earlier.

Dylan wondered why Sharon had yelled to stop, and Sharon fibbed that she'd flashed back to making a fool of herself over a guy when she'd seen Mariah and Kevin together. Sharon rambled that Mariah wasn't sure where things stood with Kevin, and Dylan said he was glad Mariah had turned to her mom for advice, since it was good for Sharon to focus on something besides her nightmares. Sharon imagined that she'd have nightmares about her daughter falling in love and being rejected, but Dylan assured her that everything would be all right once Mariah and Kevin talked things out. They hugged, but Sharon remained nervous.

Sharon and Dylan kissed on the couch, and he amorously wondered how they'd pass the time with Sully asleep and the other kids out of the house. He thought they'd have date nights more often if she stopped worrying about Mariah, but Sharon commented that she'd worry no matter how old her children got. Dylan said he thought the same thing about Sully, and he proclaimed that he hadn't been born into money, but he wanted the best for his son. Dylan and Sharon kissed and held one another close.

Later, Sharon called out to ask who was there, and she saw someone carrying Sully away. Sharon demanded to know who was taking away her baby. Sage turned around and growled that it was her baby, and she was taking him back to his father. Sharon cried out and bolted upright in bed, where Dylan slept next to her. Sharon reached for her medication in her nightstand, but she put the pills back without taking any of them.

At Crimson Lights, Kevin told someone over the phone that he wasn't in the mood to go out that night, and he quickly hung up when Mariah entered the coffeehouse. Mariah guessed that Natalie had been on the line, and she said he hadn't needed to end the call for her sake. Kevin relayed that Natalie wanted to go to an all-night dance party to celebrate the summer solstice, but he didn't want to go when his best friend was hurting. He urged Mariah to open up, but she opted to get takeout and watch an old movie. Kevin pressed her to tell him why she'd shut down when she'd been about to tell him about the dark cloud hanging over her, and he mentioned that he'd seen the terrified look on Sharon's face before she'd hustled him out of there. He surmised that Mariah's problem had to do with Sharon.

Mariah admitted that she had been worried about her mom, and Kevin begged her to let him help. Mariah blurted out that Sharon hadn't been the same since the baby, but she quickly covered by saying that Sharon had confided that her relationship with Dylan had been lacking passion after Sully's birth, and Mariah had been serving as Sharon's sounding board. Mariah claimed that it had been a relief to say it out loud, but she wanted it to stay a secret. Kevin jokingly asked whether Sharon had really thought Mariah could give her relationship advice.

Kevin teased that Mariah was an expert on what not to do in a relationship, and she inquired whether he was an expert on how things were supposed to work. He pointed out that he'd been married, but she countered that he wasn't married anymore. He conceded that they were equally inept to offer advice, and she encouraged Kevin to attend the party. Kevin agreed to go because Mariah had told him to, and he assured her that he was a text message away if she needed to unload more secrets. After Kevin left, Mariah made a call and requested to leave a message for Dr. Miller.

At the Dive Bar, Jack noted that it wasn't like Ashley to pay someone off, and he wondered what hold Simon had on her. She insisted that Simon was a dedicated scientist whose only focus was on saving lives, and she asked if Jack didn't want her back at Jabot. He questioned whether he could trust her when she wouldn't tell him the truth, and she admitted that the payoff had been Hilary's doing. Jack asked why Ashley hadn't just told the police that Simon was innocent, and Ashley revealed that Hilary had been blackmailing Simon because Hilary knew her kidnapper's identity.

Ashley explained that Simon was protecting someone, and she groused that the doctor had saved Hilary's life, but Hilary was holding it over his head. Ashley was adamant that Simon had to retain his medical license to save lives with his new drug. She understood that Jack wanted to see the best in Hilary, but she argued that Hilary had blackmailed Ashley into stepping aside while Ashley had been fighting for her life. Ashley warned Jack to be careful, since Hilary would use anyone to get what she wanted, and she walked off.

At Billy's home, Billy and Phyllis kissed passionately and began to undress. Her cell phone rang, and he told her to ignore it. Billy's phone also started ringing, and an unnerved Phyllis questioned whether it was just a coincidence. Billy climbed off of Phyllis, and they both checked messages on their phones that turned out to be work-related. Phyllis pulled away from Billy's kiss, and she pondered whether they'd just received wake-up calls telling them that their private paradise wasn't meant to be.

Billy took both his and Phyllis' cell phones, placed them inside a box, and sealed it with duct tape. He declared that they weren't allowed to touch it until the spell was broken, and the princess got to go home. They tumbled back onto the couch, but the landline rang. Billy jerked out the phone cord and said no one called that number unless they were trying to sell him something. Phyllis seductively asked if she could interest him in a new product that he couldn't live without, and they resumed kissing.

Billy asked if Phyllis was glad she'd stayed, and she acknowledged that being together was pretty wonderful, even if they both knew it wouldn't last. He suggested that they go with what they had in that moment, and he referred to it as two strangers seeking refuge in Neverland. Phyllis surmised that he liked the story because Peter Pan had never gotten old, but she noted that Wendy had forgotten about Peter when she had grown up. Billy quipped that the story needed a rewrite in which Wendy and Peter stayed in Neverland and lived happily ever after. They kissed, but the handle of the front door rattled, and Ashley called out that she knew Billy was home.

Phyllis grabbed her things and hid, and Billy answered the door. Ashley grumbled that she had been tired of getting his voicemail, and she was there about Jack. Ashley spotted the picnic with two glasses of wine, and she wanted to stay to check out Billy's date, but Billy said he had no plans. Ashley announced that she was stepping back from the drug project, but Jack had been hesitant about letting her return to Jabot. Billy expected that Jack would eventually change his mind, and he proposed that he and Ashley talk about it the next day, but she was surprised Billy wasn't more supportive.

Billy was sure Jack wouldn't take his advice, and Ashley complained that Jack only listened to Hilary. Ashley wanted to ask Phyllis to help her talk to Jack, and Phyllis scowled when Billy called it a good idea. Ashley discovered that the phone cord had been disconnected, and Billy claimed that he'd wanted some quiet time. Ashley thought he'd clearly been expecting a date, but she told him not to tell her any more stories, since she wouldn't believe him. She thanked him in advance for helping with Phyllis, and he walked her to the door.

Phyllis emerged and spat that Billy was out of his mind if he wanted her to work with his sister. Phyllis scolded Billy for saying that she and Ashley would make a good team, but he maintained that both women had amazing brains, so it would be a win-win situation. Phyllis thought it was too dangerous for her to work closely with Ashley, and she told Billy to call Ashley and say he'd reconsidered, unless he wanted to tell the rest of world about their relationship. Billy said there was a part of him that would love to tell the rest of world how he felt, but he understood that he and Phyllis had to keep things private.

Phyllis wished that Billy hadn't supported the idea of her working with Ashley, but he wondered where the risk-taker in Phyllis had gone. She confided that she was scared of being found out for the lying alley cat she really was, and he remarked that what such cats lacked in pedigree they made up for in survival skills. Billy promised that nobody would find out about them, and Phyllis acknowledged that what they were doing was wrong, but she'd gone too far to lose Billy. Billy swore that it wasn't how their love story ended, and they kissed.

After making love in their hotel suite, Hilary asked if Devon still doubted her love for him, and he marveled that it had been quite a welcome home. She hoped that she'd proven that Lily's accusation that Hilary had a thing for Jack was untrue, and Devon reasoned that Lily had just been trying to look out for him. Hilary flirtatiously inquired whether he needed more persuading, but her hand began to shake, and he asked what was wrong. Hilary claimed that the air conditioning was cold, and Devon offered to turn it down. She cooed that she'd really missed him when he'd been away, but he noted that she was the one who seemed far away when he was there.

Hilary promised that they'd have all the time in the world once the drug hit the market, but Devon pointed out that she'd be even busier once they got FDA approval. He worried that she had been working too hard, and he refused to lose her again. She ordered him to stop being overprotective, since she'd fully recovered, but he insisted that she cut back her hours. She argued that she had to pick up the slack after Ashley had admitted to bribing the lab technician, and Jack needed her at the foundation. Devon suggested that he talk to Jack, but Hilary barked that Devon wasn't talking to anyone.

Hilary apologized for snapping at Devon, and she suggested that he talk to his dad if he was concerned about her workload, since she didn't want to disappoint Jack. Devon worried that she'd have another episode if she kept pushing herself, but she protested that it was her life's work. She recognized that some people might settle for living the high life as a billionaire's wife, but that wasn't what she wanted. Devon questioned the point of having money and success if they couldn't share it with one another, and he stormed out. Moments later, there was a knock at the door, and Hilary started to utter an apology as she answered it, but she found Jack there.

Hilary said she felt better after taking Jack's advice to take care of herself, and he mumbled that it was her strong suit. He informed her that he'd just talked to Ashley about the fraud charges she was facing, and Hilary remarked that it was a lot of pressure to get a life-saving drug to market, but cutting corners never paid. Jack confronted Hilary about letting Ashley take the fall for paying to have the test results changed, and he revealed that he knew Hilary had been blackmailing Simon for months. He wondered if there was anything else Hilary was lying about, and he doubted that she was really even sick.

Hilary swore that she'd been too close to death once before to ever lie about suffering a relapse, and Jack grumbled that she'd lied about everything else. She insisted that she wasn't a bad person, but he lectured that good people didn't resort to blackmail. Hilary defended that she hadn't meant to hurt anyone, and she'd just been trying to protect a member of her family, but she'd given her word not to say anything. She wailed that she wished none of it had ever happened, and he realized that she was talking about her kidnapping. He guessed that she knew who'd abducted her, and she admitted she did. He demanded that she tell him who it had been.

Neil met Simon at the Athletic Club and asked why he'd had to drop everything to meet the doctor. Simon divulged that their secret circle had grown, since he'd told Ashley that Hilary had been blackmailing him. Neil sternly reminded Simon that they'd agreed to keep what had happened in the boathouse a secret, since they could both go to jail if the truth surfaced. Simon divulged that Hilary had told the police that he'd bribed a lab tech, so he'd needed to explain to Ashley why he couldn't set the record straight. Neil blasted Simon for breaking his word, and he was sure that Ashley would get curious.

Simon contended that Ashley knew what was at stake, and she'd confessed to the police to allow him to hold onto his medical license and finish his research. Neil suspected that Ashley would fight back if she saw Hilary taking advantage, and they'd all end up in prison. Devon approached and asked why Simon wasn't at the lab, since Devon had put a lot of money into the research, and Hilary was working herself into the ground. Neil thought Hilary was thrilled to have the responsibility, but Devon reported that the stress had been affecting her health to the point of exhaustion.

Simon suggested that Devon get Hilary to step back from the drug trial and leave it to him to oversee, but Neil asked who would handle the press. Devon contended that more press meant more sales, but Simon replied that they didn't want the kind of press that said their patients were dying, so they were better off not saying anything until the drug was perfected. Simon excused himself, and Neil asked if Devon was really that concerned about Hilary. Devon confided that he was afraid of losing her.

Neil offered to take on more responsibility to lighten Hilary's load, but Devon anticipated that she would accuse Neil of working an agenda to get her pushed out. Devon encouraged Neil to concentrate on his recovery, and Neil assured Devon that he was getting his life back on track. Jack stormed over and called Neil the "son of a bitch" who had kidnapped Hilary.

Ashley found Simon at the Dive Bar, gazing up at the moon. She rattled off scientific data about it being the longest day of the year, and he remarked that it was hot when she spoke astronomy. He reported that Hilary's symptoms were getting worse, and it was only a matter of time before Devon figured out that his wife had relapsed. Simon thought they'd eventually be forced to tell the truth, and Hilary appeared and announced that Ashley already had.

Hilary snarled that Ashley hadn't been able to keep a secret for more than a few hours, since Ashley had gone to Jack to throw Hilary under the bus in order to preserve her own reputation. Ashley asserted that Jack had had a right to know the truth before Hilary had put her spin on it, but Hilary hissed that Ashley had made sure that Simon would be put behind bars. Hilary questioned whether exposing her had been worth it.

Jack considers turning Neil in

Jack considers turning Neil in

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

At Billy's place, Billy promised Phyllis that their love story wouldn't end with losing one another, and he professed his love to her. Billy said he didn't expect Phyllis to say it back, and he was just happy to have her there to himself. He gushed that he loved how sexy and smart she was and how she made him feel, since he was feeling pretty good. She replied that she couldn't get enough of him, and they kissed. Later, Billy said he had no other food for their weekend, and Phyllis fantasized about brownies from Crimson Lights. Billy volunteered to pick up groceries and brownies, and he departed.

At Crimson Lights, Summer asked if Faith loved having extra time with Sully at her mom's place, and Faith thought Sully was great for a baby, but she wished she had more time with her daddy. Luca explained that Victoria needed help at work, and Summer suggested that Faith stop by the office to surprise her father after dance class. Luca thought Nick would love it, and Summer hugged Faith goodbye and sent her to meet her ride. Luca anticipated that Nick would need to see Faith's smiling face after dealing with Victoria, and Summer wondered why her aunt's attitude had completely changed since they'd seen her at the pool. Travis walked in, and Luca said he had a theory about what had happened.

Summer told Travis that she owed him an apology for not being friendlier when they'd met, and she offered to point him in the right direction if he was picking up dessert for Victoria. Travis flatly stated that he wasn't heading back to Newman, and Summer guessed that something had happened. Travis explained that he and Victoria didn't agree on certain things, since she preferred to conduct business by controlling things with lies and spin, just like her dad. Luca remarked that Travis knew that was how the game was played, but Travis countered that it didn't make it okay.

Billy entered the coffeehouse, and Summer introduced him to Travis. Billy said it was nice to meet him, but Travis took off without saying a word. Luca divulged that Travis was the new man in Victoria's life, but Summer suspected that Victoria's relationship with Travis was fizzling out, and she thought it was obvious Victoria had only turned to Travis because she was still in love with Billy. Summer encouraged Billy to try to work things out, but Billy replied that his priority was dessert, and he excused himself to head to the counter. Summer wondered if she'd pushed too hard, but Luca thought she'd spoken from the heart, and he agreed that he didn't see Victoria and Travis lasting.

At Newman, Victoria lamented that she'd bungled the whole crisis, and she wished she'd paid more attention to the oil division. Nick assured her that her approach had worked, but she noted that she'd claimed they'd been sabotaged without having any proof. Nick argued that she'd protected the company's reputation, but she wasn't sure she wanted to do business that way. Nick noted that it hadn't bugged her before she'd signed off on the press release, and he suspected that her new boyfriend was making her second-guess herself.

Victoria clarified that she'd been reconsidering some things, and she didn't think she could call Travis her boyfriend after that day. Nick imagined it had been jarring to find out that Travis hadn't told her about his past as a hotshot trader, and Victoria revealed that Travis had explained that he hadn't liked the person he'd become, so he'd left that life behind to start over. Victoria accepted Travis for who he was, but she thought he was struggling with who she was and how she ran things, and she didn't see things working out for them. Nick opined that Travis might be good for her if he made her think about more ethical ways of doing things.

Victoria recalled that she'd seen Travis tense up when they'd walked into her office, and she felt like he had been looking at her with different eyes and hadn't liked what he'd seen. Nick thought Travis was making her take a look in the mirror, and he noted that she'd never been good at finding balance in her life. Nick urged her to do something about it by running the company the way she wanted and not the way Victor had. Nick advised her not to let the baggage of being a Newman get in the way of being with the guy she wanted, but she wasn't sure if Travis still wanted her.

Later, Faith burst in to see Nick, and he clapped as she performed pirouettes. She informed him that she'd signed him up for a "dancing dad" day at her ballet school, since she'd really missed him. Nick said he'd missed Faith, too, and he acknowledged that he'd been spending a lot of time at work. Faith wondered if the office was his hiding place to get away from home, since he was still sad about Sage. Nick admitted that it had been hard, but he wanted Faith to know that he'd never hide from her. Faith assured him that he wasn't alone, and they hugged.

Victoria entered Hank's Bar, and Travis said it was a surprise to see her. She hoped it wasn't an unwelcome one, and she explained that she didn't like the way they'd left things earlier. She said she'd been thinking a lot about what he'd said about how she'd handled the oil spill, and she recognized that she should have been more transparent. She promised to hold herself to a higher standard from that moment on, but she couldn't change the fact that she was a Newman, and that was a hard thing for some people to live with. Travis asked if it had been the reason things hadn't worked out with her ex, and he mentioned that he'd seen Billy at the coffeehouse.

Victoria revealed that the biggest problem in her marriage had been Billy's inability to tell the truth, and Travis thought it explained her reaction when she'd thought Travis had been lying to her. She conceded that she'd also hidden things about herself from Travis, but she wanted to move forward if that was an option. Victoria recognized that they didn't always agree, but she liked how Travis challenged her. She added that she didn't know where it would lead, but she really wanted to find out. They kissed passionately.

At the Dive Bar, Hilary imagined that Ashley had loved ripping Hilary to shreds while tattling to Jack, but Ashley asserted that Jack had had every right to find out about Hilary's blackmail. Hilary declared that the entire trial was over because of Ashley, since Simon would be charged as an accessory when Jack went to the police. Ashley said Jack had been more furious with Hilary than he had been with Simon, and Hilary conceded that Jack had spoken a few harsh words to her before he'd heard the whole story. Hilary announced that Neil had kidnapped her and held her captive.

Hilary recounted that Neil had hired Simon once he'd realized he'd been in over his head, and everyone had agreed to keep quiet about the kidnapping. Hilary expected that Jack would drag Neil to a place of shame, and Ashley had set it all in motion. Simon pointed out that Hilary would also be implicated, but Hilary contended that she'd been the victim, and everyone else had conspired to cover it up. Hilary taunted that Devon had known the whole story for a long time, and Lily and Cane had chosen not to step forward. Ashley was shocked that the whole family had been involved, and Hilary snapped that Ashley hadn't had all the facts when she'd shot her mouth off to Jack, so all of Ashley's friends would pay the price.

Simon questioned what would happen to his patients, and he pointed out that Hilary needed him to retool the protocol as much as anyone else did. Hilary hissed that Ashley had told Jack that Hilary was a terrible person who he should stay away from, and she imagined that Ashley had known how his reaction would endanger the trial. Ashley conceded that Jack had taken the news badly, but she didn't believe he'd turn Neil over to the police. Simon was skeptical that Jack would be able to look the other way, and Ashley prepared to talk to her brother. Hilary thought Ashley would be wasting her breath, since she doubted anything would change Jack's mind, and she sauntered off.

Inside the Athletic Club, Jack accused Neil of kidnapping Hilary, and Devon wondered whether Hilary had said that. Jack relayed that he'd dragged the ugly story out of her, and he demanded to know if Neil had held Hilary at the boathouse. Devon advised Neil not to respond, but Neil admitted it was true. Jack asked how Neil had let everyone worry that Hilary might be dead, and he was stunned that Devon was defending his father. Neil said it was his responsibility to explain everything, and he pulled Jack aside.

Lily approached Devon and asked what was going on, and Devon announced that they might all be going to jail, since Jack knew about the kidnapping. Lily surmised that Hilary had gotten what she'd wanted out of them, so she'd used the information to gain sympathy. Lily understood that Devon wanted to believe Hilary, but she maintained that Hilary was only out for herself, and Hilary would roll over anyone who got in her way. Devon vowed to find out why Hilary had done what she had.

Neil admitted that his actions had been reprehensible, but something in him had snapped when he'd found out that his wife had cheated with his son while Neil had been blind. Neil confessed that he'd wanted to break their hearts the same way they'd broken his, but he'd never meant to hurt Hilary physically, and her fall had been an accident. Neil continued that he'd panicked after she'd lost her footing, and he'd been terrified that everyone would think he'd meant to kill her. Jack blasted Neil for taking the coward's way out instead of accepting responsibility, but Neil defended that he'd taken every precaution to keep Hilary safe, and he'd lost his desire for vengeance.

Jack questioned whether Neil had really thought Hilary would keep it all a secret, especially when she was still suffering. Neil said he'd been prepared to face his punishment after Devon had found out the truth, and he hadn't stopped Devon from turning him in, but Devon had changed his mind when Hilary had begged him not to do it. Neil continued that he'd been grateful to both of them, but Hilary's attitude had changed, and she'd decided to capitalize on their secret by threatening to expose Neil unless he convinced Jack to let her keep her seat on the foundation's board.

Jack realized that had been the reason behind Neil's sudden change of heart, and Neil recounted that Hilary had pulled out the blackmail card whenever she'd been in danger of not getting what she wanted. Jack couldn't condone what Hilary had done, but he noted that it didn't change the fact that Neil had kidnapped her. Neil wondered what Jack was going to do, and Jack admitted that he wasn't sure he could live with the lie.

Later, Simon and Ashley told Neil and Lily that Hilary had taken pleasure in recounting the details of her telling Jack about the kidnapping, and Neil could only imagine what Ashley thought of him. Simon was more worried about what Jack thought, and Neil relayed that Jack had felt like he couldn't hold back the truth. Simon suggested that they start building a defense, and Neil remarked that he'd been living on borrowed time for months, but the day of reckoning had finally arrived.

Neil said he had many regrets, and dragging Lily and Cane into the mess was at the top of the list. Lily acknowledged that she still hadn't forgiven Neil, but she didn't want Neil or Simon to go to prison, and she definitely didn't want Hilary to win. Lily offered to hire the best lawyers possible if Hilary went after them, and Neil hoped everyone else walked away legally, but he planned to turn himself in. Neil pledged to do whatever he could to protect his family and end the nightmare once and for all.

Devon found Hilary in their suite, and he sternly reminded her that they'd agreed not to tell anyone who'd kidnapped her. He blasted her for spilling everything to Jack, and she argued that she hadn't had a choice, since Ashley had told Jack that Hilary had been holding something over Simon. Hilary asserted that she'd had to tell Jack the whole story to show that she'd been wronged, too, but Devon chided Hilary for selling out his father because she'd been afraid of what Jack thought of her. Devon questioned whether she cared about her husband's opinion, and he added that he was starting to think that she wasn't someone he could defend anymore.

Hilary recognized that Devon was upset, but he ordered her not to tell him how he was feeling. He ranted that he'd stood up for her and rationalized her endless ambition as a reaction to being in a coma, but he realized that she'd enjoyed lording her power over people. She insisted that Neil was the guilty one, but Devon countered that she'd put everyone at risk. Hilary reasoned that the truth would have eventually surfaced, but Devon pointed out that she didn't care that she'd ended up hurting him, and he stormed out.

Ashley and Jack met at the Dive Bar, and she informed him that she'd had no idea that Neil had been behind the kidnapping. Jack guessed that she wouldn't have told him everything if she'd known the whole story, and Ashley begged him not to put his friend behind bars. She pointed out that the foundation stood for second chances, and Neil deserved compassion. Jack asserted that it had been a calculated plan to destroy a marriage that had ended up in a string of felonies, and he questioned how he could look the other way. Ashley appealed to him to consider everyone who would be impacted by the fallout.

Ashley told Jack that Simon, Devon, Cane, Lily, and Hilary would also face charges, but Jack stated that Hilary had been the victim. Ashley wondered if Jack really thought it was right to see the entire Winters clan punished for protecting their family, and she contemplated what would happen if Christine decided to make an example of them. Ashley pleaded that Simon's patients were counting on him, and many of them might die while waiting for a cure. Ashley thought that people's lives had to be worth something to Jack.

Later, Devon returned downstairs and told Lily, Neil, and Ashley that he wondered if he'd known his wife at all, and he recognized that all the deceit and manipulation Lily had accused Hilary of was true. A relieved Lily hugged him, and Neil announced that he wanted Ashley and Devon to know that he'd decided to turn himself in. Ashley advised Neil not to do it that night, since Jack was conflicted about what he wanted to do, and she was sure her brother would see things differently in the light of day.

Meanwhile, Phyllis retrieved her cell phone from the taped box and saw that Jack had tried to call her. She dialed his number, and he asked how Montreal was. Without answering his question, she asked how he was doing, since she'd seen that he'd called. He groaned that it had been a long day, and he'd wanted to hear her voice. She thought he sounded upset, and she offered to return home, but he insisted that she finish her work. They exchanged declarations of love and hung up, and she was surprised when Billy walked in from the kitchen.

Billy suggested that they skip dinner in favor of bubbly and chocolate, but Phyllis insisted that she needed to go. Phyllis confessed that she'd opened the box to use her phone, and Billy guessed that she'd called Jack. She mentioned that Jack had been trying to get in touch with her, and he needed her, but she didn't have to leave that night. Phyllis suggested that she and Billy make the most out of every moment they had together, and they held one another close.

Jack stopped by Devon and Hilary's suite and informed Hilary that he'd decided not to turn Neil in, since the drug trial was more important than one person, and Hilary needed Simon's treatment and her husband at her side to get her through it. Hilary glumly stated that Devon wouldn't care even if he knew what she was facing, and she revealed that they'd had a terrible fight. She didn't think Devon would ever forgive her for betraying his father, so her husband wouldn't be there for her.

Jack vowed that he would be there, so Hilary wouldn't have to get through it alone. Hilary ranted that she'd been alone her whole life, and it had been the way she'd dealt with everything, so she didn't need anyone. She screamed at Jack to get out, and she pushed him out the door. Jack called to her from the corridor and pleaded with her not to shut him out. Hilary slyly grinned on the other side of the door.

Newman Enterprises suffers another crisis

Newman Enterprises suffers another crisis

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

by Mike

At the prison, Victor went to see Dr. Gates after being released from solitary confinement and was surprised to learn that she had tried to get a message to him during his stay there. Victor guessed that Ian had intercepted the message and had replaced it with one of his own. Outraged, Gates told Victor about her recent encounter with Ian and also revealed that she had offered to testify on Victor's behalf during Adam's trial.

At Adam and Chelsea's penthouse, Adam told Chelsea about the indoor campout he'd had with Connor the previous night. Chelsea was worried that Adam might not be able to create many more memories like that with Connor, depending on the results of his impending trial, but Adam urged her to remain optimistic.

Nick went to Sharon and Dylan's house to see Faith, unaware that she had left early that day to spend time with a friend. Nick seized the opportunity to talk to Sharon about her recent nightmares, stressing that he didn't want her to feel like she needed to hide them from him. Sharon insisted that Nick didn't need to worry about her, adding that her nightmares seemed to have subsided, anyway.

Nick excused himself after receiving an emergency phone call from Summer, but before leaving, he made it clear that he would never stop worrying about Sharon. Later, Sharon met with Chelsea at Crimson Lights to discuss business, and while they were on the subject, she asked Chelsea about the possibility of enlisting Mariah's help. Chelsea liked the idea, especially since she was going to be preoccupied with the trial for a while.

As Chelsea fretted about the possibility of Adam being taken away from Connor again, Sharon imagined that Sage was standing in a corner of the coffeehouse, staring at her accusingly. Chelsea noticed that something was wrong, but Sharon claimed that her mind had simply wandered for a moment. Later, after Chelsea left, Sharon had another vision of Sage but managed to convince herself that she was really just seeing a fellow customer.

At Newman Enterprises, Summer and Luca informed Nick that there had been an oil spill at one of the refineries, and Victoria was again missing in action. Nick guessed that Victoria was with Travis. Luca was surprised to hear that Nick had encouraged Victoria to patch things up with Travis. Nick reasoned that being with someone was better than being alone, but Luca argued that Travis wasn't good for Victoria because he was making her shirk her responsibilities to the company.

At Top of the Tower, Billy was annoyed to see Victoria being publicly affectionate with Travis. Billy interrupted and asked for a moment alone with Victoria. After Travis went to the bar to get Victoria a drink, Billy sarcastically suggested that she could let the kids tag along the next time she decided to have a little getaway with her new boyfriend. Victoria warned that Billy had no right to imply that she was being a bad parent, especially since he was the one who had bailed on the kids at the last minute over the weekend.

Meanwhile, Travis received a phone call from Luca, who explained that he needed to talk to Victoria but had been unable to reach her all morning. Travis interrupted Victoria's argument with Billy and handed her his cell phone. After a quick conversation with Luca, during which she realized that her cell phone's battery had died, Victoria apologized to Travis for having to cut their date short then rushed off to take care of the new oil crisis.

Billy seized the opportunity to lecture Travis, pointing out that it was harder for Victoria to bail on her responsibilities because her job was much more important than Travis' job. Travis wanted to try to find a way to get along with Billy, but Billy made it clear that he wasn't interested. After leaving Top of the Tower, Billy headed to the Athletic Club, where Phyllis was dining with Jack, who informed Billy that she had just returned from Montreal. Adding that Phyllis hadn't given him many details about her business trip, Jack hoped that she had found time for some pleasure during it.

Before Phyllis could respond, Billy excused himself, claiming that he had some Brash & Sassy business to deal with. After Billy left, Jack suggested that he and Phyllis could spend the day catching up on business, too -- at home, in bed. Phyllis declined, claiming that she was needed at the office, and when Jack pointed out that he knew the CEO personally and could probably convince the guy to rearrange her schedule, she warned him that nepotism wasn't pretty. "Okay, I can wait for tonight, if I must wait," Jack conceded.

After Nick, Summer, and Luca filled Victoria in on the latest oil crisis, she realized that they suspected that Victor was behind it. Victoria had doubts, pointing out that there were only a couple of computers, including her own laptop, that had access to the software Victor would have had to use to shut down the security systems at the refinery.

Luca implied that Travis could have accessed Victoria's laptop while she had been asleep the previous night, but she refused to believe that Travis had been involved. Victoria offered to talk to Travis about the matter to shut down the suspicions right away, but Luca suggested that it would be best for him to question Travis instead. "[That way], if he's innocent, it won't be you he's angry at," Luca reasoned, and Nick and Summer agreed.

After an encounter with Gates at Top of the Tower, Adam went to the prison to see Victor, eager to know why he had convinced Gates not to contradict Ian's testimony during the impending trial. Victor explained that he planned to testify at the trial instead. Adam guessed that his father was determined to do whatever it took to ensure that Adam would be convicted, but Victor argued that if Adam ended up in prison, he would have only himself to blame. "How could I frame you from in here?" Victor added.

"The same way you do everything else, Dad: you get somebody else to do your dirty work for you. And this time, you [found] someone who doesn't give a damn about me -- or my family, for that matter," Adam replied. Victor objected to the implication that he didn't care about his family. While on the subject, Victor asked about Connor, and Adam happily seized the opportunity to taunt Victor with a recording of the campout that he had captured on his cell phone.

"Know what you're looking at there? A son that loves his father. When's the last time you experienced something like that? Probably can't remember, right? Because you've managed to take every single person that ever cared about you -- including me, Dad -- and you've pushed us away," Adam mused as the video played. Victor calmly ordered Adam to leave, and Adam agreed to do so but vowed, before exiting the visitation room, that he would eventually figure out who Victor had hired to frame him. "Good luck to you," Victor muttered in response.

When Adam returned home, he went straight to the bar to pour himself a drink. As Chelsea tried to find out where Adam had gone earlier, he gulped down the alcohol and angrily tossed the empty glass across the room. "I hope that son of a bitch dies in prison!" Adam spat.

Meanwhile, Victor went to see Gates again. After confirming her suspicion that he had received a visit from Adam, Victor asked to use Gates's office phone. Gates left the infirmary after cautioning that she could only give Victor five minutes because the warden was watching her like a hawk. Once he was alone, Victor contacted someone and said, "You have done very well, my dear. Just one more request."

Hilary walks out on Devon

Hilary walks out on Devon

Thursday, June 23, 2016

At Hank's Bar, Luca confronted Travis about sabotaging the oil tank, and he said it was pathetic that Travis had used his relationship with Victoria to do it. Luca accused Travis of waiting until Victoria had fallen asleep to use her computer to override the security measures to make the tank vulnerable, and Travis snapped that Luca's tie was cutting off oxygen to his brain. Travis prepared to go to Victoria, but Luca claimed that she'd sent Luca there to give Travis money to disappear in order to avoid charges. Travis asserted that Victoria knew he would never take her money, and Luca huffed that Victoria had realized that her distraction had become a liability, so she never wanted to see Travis again.

At Newman Enterprises, Nick questioned whether there was any chance there was a link between Travis and the oil spill. Victoria acknowledged that Travis had lied about being a commodities broker, and there was a possibility he had been involved. In the corridor, Nikki answered a call, and she took a moment to compose herself before she entered Victoria's office. Victoria assumed Nikki had heard about the latest oil crisis, and Nikki mentioned that it was all over the news. Nick remarked that the pattern indicated it had been sabotage, and Nikki declared that they all knew who had been behind it.

Nikki was certain that Victor had found a way to create the crises, and Nick informed her that it was one of the possibilities they were considering. Victoria noted that Victor had had motive but no means, but Nikki grumbled that means were never an issue with Victor. Summer overheard as she entered, and she scoffed at the idea that Victor had had anything to do with it. Nikki clucked that blind loyalty wasn't a good thing, and she pointed out that Victor had repeatedly said he'd wanted to punish his family. Summer guessed that Nikki needed to believe the worst to justify divorcing Victor while he was in prison.

Nikki recognized that Summer loved Victor, but Summer said she loved Nikki, too, and she was sorry for her comment. Summer reported that she'd handled things at the oil leak site, and cleanup was underway. Victoria noted that Victor would have needed to get past multiple safeguards to cause the spills, but Nikki maintained that he would do anything to get back at them. Nikki proclaimed that there was only one way to find out whether Victor had done it, and she sauntered out. Summer wondered why Victoria hadn't mentioned the possibility that Travis had been behind the sabotage.

Victoria conceded that Travis had had access to her laptop, but Nick argued that Travis had seemed to be all about ethics. Summer suggested that Travis had a vendetta against oil companies, but Nick sensed that wasn't the case. Victoria reasoned that Travis had to be good if Victor had trusted him to do the dirty work, and both men might have been responsible. Victoria recounted that she'd heard Travis on the phone with creditors about money troubles, and he'd refused her help, but his debt had suddenly vanished. Summer remarked that it was awful to find out that someone had been lying and pretending to be something they weren't.

A bloodied Luca returned to the office, and he announced that Travis had been the one behind the sabotage. Luca said he'd gone to the bar to ask if Travis had any information about the tampering, and Travis had immediately become defensive and denied it. Luca continued that he'd inquired whether Travis had had access to Victoria's computer, and Travis had thrown a punch without warning. Victoria couldn't believe that Travis had become violent, but Summer reasoned that there was a lot Victoria didn't know about him. Luca stated that Travis obviously had something to hide, and Travis had told him that it had only been a taste of what Luca would get if he voiced his suspicions.

Luca expressed regret for how things had played out, since Victoria had cared about Travis, and Summer declared that Victoria was better off without Travis. Summer led Luca out to take him home, and Victoria numbly said she couldn't remember the last time she'd felt that stupid. Victoria couldn't believe that she'd allowed a stranger to do damage to their family, and Nick felt guilty that he'd told her to give Travis a chance. Nick was appalled that Travis had pretended to care about her, and she groaned that she didn't want to rehash what had happened. Travis appeared in the doorway and insisted that none of it was true.

Nick ordered Travis out, but Travis refused to leave until he set the record straight. Travis revealed that Luca had accused him of causing the oil spill by accessing Victoria's computer, and he flashed back to Luca taunting that Victoria had looked for any warm body after her lying, gambling husband. Travis confessed that he'd punched Luca after Luca had bet that such a prim and proper woman was a wildcat in bed.

Victoria couldn't believe that Travis had pretended to be a nice guy while he'd been manipulating her, and Travis countered that he'd been wrong about her if she believed that. She told him not to turn things around on her, and he wondered if she thought he had been able to fake all the looks and kisses they'd shared. Travis begged her to differentiate between what Luca had put in her head and what she knew was real, but Victoria looked uncertain.

At home, Luca winced as Summer tended to his cut lip, and he said he felt sorry for Victoria, but at least they knew Travis had been responsible for the leaks. Summer questioned whether they did, since Travis had never really admitted to it, and Luca reasoned that Travis might as well have said the words. Summer found it strange that Travis had been smart enough to con Victoria and Nick, but he'd easily given himself away to Luca. Luca asked if she thought he was lying.

Luca defended that he'd covered for Victoria when she'd been off with a guy while the company had been in crisis, and he'd gotten a fist in the face in exchange for his efforts to protect the Newman family. Luca continued that he'd never asked for anything but to prove himself to all of them, and Summer apologized. She swore that she wasn't taking Travis' side, but she was surprised by how it had all gone down. Summer bemoaned that she felt bad for Victoria, since she knew what it was like not knowing who to trust. Luca caressed Summer's face and insisted that she could trust him.

Devon discovered Hilary in their hotel suite, packing. He asked if she was going somewhere, and she replied that she was moving out, since she was done with all of it. Devon incredulously inquired whether she intended to bail on their marriage, and he refused to let her go until he got some answers. Hilary thought Devon and his family would be relieved, and the whole town would throw a parade once they were rid of her. Devon said she was being ridiculous, but she argued that there was obviously no love left if Devon had bought into the idea that she was an ambitious, gold-digging whore.

Devon didn't believe that everything he and Hilary had shared was just gone, and he asserted that they'd made vows to love one another and be together for the rest of their lives. Hilary flatly stated that promises were made to be broken, and Devon demanded to know "who the hell" she was and why she was saying those things. Hilary said she was who she had always been, but he'd refused to see it, and they'd grown apart when he finally had. Devon thought she was pushing him away, and he wanted to know why. She turned away to hide her shaking hand, and he suspected that there was more going on than she was saying.

Hilary claimed that she was tired of trying to be the woman Devon wanted her to be, but Devon argued that he'd never tried to force her to be anyone else, since he loved her for the beautiful, strong woman she was. Devon pointed out that he'd done nothing but defend her to everyone, even when she'd hurt people. Hilary recounted that they'd fallen in love when she'd been married to his blind father, and they'd never get over that kind of guilt. She thought it was better if they ended things sooner rather than later, and she reminded him that he'd said he'd let her go if she was honest with him. She coolly stated that she'd done her part, and she told him to do his. Stung, Devon walked out.

In the Athletic Club dining room, Meredith approached Paul and informed him that she had a meeting with Christine, and he explained that Christine had been summoned to the courthouse. Meredith stated that she was no longer able to testify for the prosecution in Adam's case, and Paul asked what had changed her mind. Meredith hesitated to say anything until she spoke with Christine, and Paul surmised that Victor had gotten to Meredith. Meredith contended that her only reason for not testifying was that it wasn't her story to tell.

Neil entered the club and spotted Paul across the room. Jack stopped Neil, anticipating that Neil was about to confess. Neil reasoned that if the secret was going to be made public, he wanted the police to hear it from him, but Jack swore that he wouldn't be the one to turn Neil in. Jack noted that Neil hadn't pushed Hilary off the cliff and that he had fought hard to get her help, so Neil deserved a chance to start over. Jack added that he'd weighed the outcomes, and he'd seen who would suffer the most if the truth surfaced.

Neil recognized that Jack was a very ethical man, and he wasn't sure Jack was willing to accept the fact that Neil had committed serious crimes. Jack said Neil had already paid a hefty price in guilt alone, and Neil had done everything he could to fix things. Jack continued that Ashley might not be alive if Neil hadn't made the decision to have Simon treat Hilary, and thousands of other people might also be saved if Simon got through the drug trial.

Devon approached and announced that Hilary was leaving town, and he lamented that talking to her had been like talking to a stranger. Devon reported that she was packing and getting ready to take off, and Jack urged Devon to go back upstairs and try to talk her out of it. Jack blasted Devon for acting like he didn't "give a damn" about what Hilary was going through, and he blurted out that Devon clearly didn't have a clue about what was going on. Hilary approached and stopped Jack from saying anything more.

Hilary said she appreciated what Jack was trying to do, but it was too late. Jack pointedly stated that as long as she was breathing, there was still hope, but she reiterated that her marriage was over because she was tired of trying to justify her actions. Hilary hurried off, and Jack followed her. Neil questioned whether Devon was just going to let Jack go after her, and Devon griped that Hilary didn't want Devon to do so. Devon felt like an idiot for putting himself on the line by defending her against indefensible things, and Neil said Devon had done it because he loved her. Devon accepted that his marriage was over.

Jack chased Hilary to Crimson Lights, and she wished he hadn't followed her. He insisted that she couldn't leave, but she wailed that her marriage was over, and everyone hated her. Jack said it wasn't true, and he wondered where she'd go. She replied that all that mattered was that she'd live in peace for however long she had left, and she wouldn't make another mistake by staying in town with people who hated her. Jack proclaimed that he cared, and he swore that he'd stand beside her if she stayed in Genoa City.

Ian whistled as he wheeled a cart through the prison cafeteria, and he remarked that he was glad to see Victor back among the masses. Ian hoped that solitary confinement had taught Victor to keep his hands to himself, and Victor replied that the time away had been well worth it. Ian imagined that Victor would be "back in the abyss" once Ian testified, and Victor smirked and ominously grabbed the cart. Ian wondered where the guards were, and Victor snarled that there would be no one to manipulate or listen to Ian's screams once Ian was in solitary.

Ian advised Victor to control his temper if he wanted to enjoy his freedom, but Victor threw supplies off the cart and warned that Ian was making a grave mistake by interfering in his life. Victor guessed that Ian wanted to hurt him, and Ian envisioned what would happen when he took the stand. Victor declared his own intent to take the stand to set the record straight.

Victor was surprised to receive a visit from Nikki, who announced that she was there to appeal to whatever was left of the man she'd fallen in love with. She warned that he risked walking out of prison with nothing, and she wasn't referring to Newman Enterprises, since it could blow up for all she cared. He condemned her for talking that way about the company that had given her everything, but she requested that Victor continue with his revenge plot in a more environmentally responsible way. He surmised that she was referring to the oil spill, and he swore that he'd had nothing to do with it. He assumed that she was there because she had no idea who was trying to take down Newman.

Victor ranted that Nikki had left the company wide open for attack when she'd testified against him, and he wondered if she expected him to be sad that things were falling apart as he'd predicted. She replied that it wasn't too late to stop it, since their kids were devastated, and Victor would break them if he didn't stop. She didn't understand why he wished pain and suffering on them, and Victor retorted that he was there because they'd wished it on him. Nikki insisted that they hadn't testified against him out of malice, but they'd no longer been able to lie after all the lines he'd crossed.

Nikki credited Victor with forming an incredible bond with his children, and he'd always given them strength and support when they'd needed it. She implored Victor to still be a good father to them even if he and Nikki weren't together, and he demanded to know why she was there. She revealed that their divorce would be final in two weeks, and she told Victor not to act like it didn't matter to him after all the years they'd been together. He barked that she'd destroyed their life together, and she explained that she'd filed for divorce because he was unwilling to forgive his family. He bellowed that she was free of him, and she yelled that she would be free as a bird. Victor called for the guard, and Nikki added that her conscience was clear, but he'd never be able to say the same thing.

In the infirmary, Ian caught Meredith writing something down, and he hoped it wasn't another love note to her favorite inmate. He suspected that she anticipated having a life with Victor outside the prison walls, but she was only a means to an end. Meredith sarcastically guessed than Ian was there because he was worried about her, and he insisted that he had a heart. He told her to ask Nikki, and he mentioned that Nikki was visiting Victor at that moment. Ian taunted that Victor would always love Nikki, since she was the kind of incredible woman who a man couldn't get out of his system no matter how hard he tried.

Nikki sat down at the Athletic Club bar, and Paul asked to join her. She relayed that she'd heard from her attorney that her divorce would be final in two weeks, so she'd dashed off to see Victor. Paul worried that she was tempted to drink, and she swore that she wouldn't imbibe, but she was glad Paul was there. He asked if she'd had second thoughts after seeing Victor, but she said the visit had reminded her of why she'd filed in the first place.

Nikki recognized that she'd been Mrs. Victor Newman for a huge part of her life, but Paul said it was just a name, and soon she wouldn't have to carry the burden. He declared that she'd be free to be and do anything she wanted, and he was happy for her. Nikki thought about everything Victor had done to her and their family, and she thought it should make cutting ties easy. Paul sympathized that it still hurt, and they hugged.

Victor entered the infirmary, and Meredith cautioned him against overusing medical excuses to see her, since the warden had already issued her a warning. Victor said he didn't "give a damn," since he'd needed to see her. She inquired about his visit with his wife, and he explained that Nikki had been there to make baseless accusations and to inform him that their divorce would be final in two weeks. Victor added that he would soon be free of his marriage, and he'd enjoy his time with Meredith.

Kevin confronts Victor's accomplice

Kevin confronts Victor's accomplice

Friday, June 24, 2016

At Newman Enterprises, Travis insisted that he hadn't been behind the oil leaks, but Victoria didn't know what to believe. Nick pointed out that it hadn't been the first time a guy had looked her in the eye and sworn he was telling the truth, and Travis guessed that had been exactly what Luca had done, but Luca would say or do anything to get what he wanted. Victoria said there were too many unanswered questions, and Travis implored her to consider who'd had the most to gain. Travis asserted that Luca had provoked him to shift the blame and look like a hero, but Luca was the biggest snake of all.

Travis questioned what motive he'd had, and Nick said money, but Victoria pointed out that Travis wouldn't have confronted her about paying off his debts if he'd taken money to sabotage Newman. Nick noted that the culprit had minimized the environmental damage while maximizing the damage to Newman, and Travis scoffed at the idea that he was a bartender by night and an eco-terrorist by day. Travis stated that he was happy with his bar, his life, and his integrity, but Luca was out for something he didn't have -- being part of the company and the family. Travis recalled that Luca had told him that Victoria never wanted to see Travis again, and Luca had offered him money on Victoria's behalf to go away. Victoria said it wasn't true.

Nick said they'd continue investigating, and Travis guaranteed that the trail wouldn't lead back to him. Travis headed to the door, but he stopped and remarked that if Victoria wanted to hold herself to a higher standard, it would never happen if she kept doing business with guys like Luca. After Travis departed, Victoria said she really wanted to believe him, and Nick did, too. Nick thought Travis had made a valid case against Luca, and Victoria recalled that Luca had once been eager to be Victor's soldier. Nick pledged to get to the bottom of it.

At home, Luca asked Summer if she trusted him, and she replied that she was confused. Luca thought either she trusted him or she didn't, and he would pack his bags if it was the latter. He said they had nothing without complete honesty between them, and Summer apologized and said she had no reason to doubt him. She reasoned that he'd only tried to find the truth for Newman, and she fawned over his injured face. She kissed him, and they fell back onto the bed.

After having sex with Luca, Summer was ravenous, but they had almost nothing in the fridge. Luca suggested that they go out, but she protested that he needed to rest. He declared that he was ready to take on the world after the TLC she'd given him, and he proposed that they go for burgers and a swim. She started to get up to go to the club, but he stopped her and thanked her for trusting him. They kissed.

At the Dive Bar, Summer and Luca dried off after a swim, and he told her to order food while he did more laps. Nick spotted the couple kissing, and he approached Summer after Luca headed back to the pool. Nick said he wanted to update her about the situation at work, and Summer expressed sympathy for Victoria and asked if they were going to press charges against Travis. Nick informed her that Travis had denied everything Luca had said, and the men had different stories about what had happened at the bar. Summer realized that Nick thought Luca had lied, and she griped that Nick had turned against Luca just because some jerk had made false accusations.

Nick said he wasn't accusing Luca of anything, and he thought Luca would understand if he was innocent. Summer swore that Luca loved her and would never do anything to hurt her or Newman, and she asked what it would take for Nick to see that Luca had changed. Nick insisted that it wasn't personal, and he encouraged her to make her own judgment and trust her instincts. Nick requested that she talk to him if anything set off alarms, and she assumed he wanted her to spy on Luca. Nick clarified that he wanted her to be aware, and she agreed to keep an eye out, but she expected not to have anything to report. Nick headed out, and Luca saw Nick leaving and asked Summer what was wrong.

Over dinner, Luca crowed that Travis was going down, and he wished Summer had seen Travis' face when Luca had busted him. Summer remained quiet, and Luca asked why she wasn't eating. She replied that her family was being targeted, and someone's plan to hurt them was working. Luca assured her that it would be over once Travis was in handcuffs, but she wondered whether Travis had been working alone. Luca supposed that Travis might have been working with Victor, but Summer maintained that her grandfather would never do something like that.

Summer theorized that Travis had a partner or that Travis hadn't done it at all, but Luca called Travis a coward, and he asked why she suddenly had suspicions. She claimed that she just had questions, and he asked what she'd talked about with her dad. Summer confided that Nick and Victoria were launching an investigation to follow all leads, but Luca huffed that he'd already given them the answer. Luca inquired whether he was a suspect, too, and Summer looked away. Luca groused that he'd proven himself time and time again, but that was how the Newmans thanked him.

Luca resented that Victoria and Nick were investigating him, but Summer reasoned that they were checking everyone in the company, including Victor. Luca barked that they shouldn't question his loyalty, but Summer urged him not to be upset just because her family wanted real proof. Luca said he'd hoped they'd grown to trust him, but he felt like it was a personal attack after everything he'd done to help. He lamented that neither he nor his word were good enough, and he was tired of her family seeing him as the bad guy. He hoped that at least Summer believed in him, and she assured him that she did. He said all that mattered was that the woman he loved saw him as the honest, loyal man he was, and they embraced, but she looked unsure.

At Crimson Lights, Kevin left a message for Natalie when she was late for their date, and Michael approached and guessed that Natalie had put an end to Kevin's "soul-crushing losing streak." Kevin confirmed that he and Natalie had made things official, but he and Mariah were still friends and always would be. Michael thought it was a little early in the relationship for Natalie to stand Kevin up, and Kevin assumed that she was just busy with PassKey, but she would be there. Kevin asked whether Michael had gotten Adam exonerated yet, and Michael replied that not even he could do that.

Dylan arrived at the penthouse and informed Adam and Chelsea that Nick had granted permission to exhume Constance's body again. Chelsea exclaimed that it changed everything, but Dylan revealed that the tests had shown Constance's body had been riddled with poison. Adam realized that Dylan believed that Adam had murdered the poor old woman, and Dylan said he was trying to keep an open mind, but things didn't look good for Adam. There was a rap at the door, and Dylan invited a police officer in to search the premises. Chelsea complained that they were treating Adam like a criminal, and she called Michael and told him that the police were there with a search warrant. After Michael took off, Kevin answered a call.

Dylan said Adam's lawyer didn't need to be present, since the judge had already signed off on the warrant. Adam told the police to search the place for vials of poison, and he began to pull his and Chelsea's belongings out of the cabinets. Adam ranted that perhaps his son was an accomplice, and he tore apart a stuffed animal. Adam yelled that the whole thing was stupid, and he dared them to search the penthouse from top to bottom, but they wouldn't find "a damn thing" because he hadn't done anything.

Dylan said they might find something that would work in Adam's favor, and Michael arrived and confronted Dylan about harassing his clients. Dylan insisted that he was doing everything by the book, and Michael questioned whether the police really thought Adam had kept incriminating evidence in his home for over a year. Dylan reported that they were also searching Constance's estate and Adam's storage unit, but Adam said he didn't have one. Dylan stated that according to the facility's records, Adam did.

Chelsea looked at the rental documents and noted that the lease was in Gabriel's name, so she imagined the real Gabriel Bingham had rented it. Dylan pointed out that the unit hadn't been rented until after Constance had passed away, and Adam suddenly recalled that there had been a storage unit, since Sage hadn't been able to bear throwing away Constance's things. Michael thought it was a logical explanation, and Adam swore that he'd never set foot in the place. Dylan held up an evidence bag and asked why Adam had the key.

Michael instructed Adam not to answer, and Chelsea asserted that Sage might have left the key there when she'd stayed with them. Adam insisted that he didn't remember anything about a key and that he'd never been to the unit. Dylan instructed a cop to search the storage facility, and Michael protested that they needed a warrant, but Adam told them to go ahead and search it. Michael pulled Adam aside and demanded to know whether the police would find anything in the unit that would compromise the case, and Adam swore that he'd never been there, so the unit had to be clean.

Victoria thanked Kevin for meeting her at Newman, and he admitted that he'd been surprised to get her call after the PassKey fallout. She told him about the situation with the oil spill, and she wanted to find out who had been responsible for trying to sink the company's reputation. Victoria disclosed that she'd contacted Natalie first, but Natalie had never responded, and Victoria needed it handled right away. Kevin mentioned that Natalie had been off the grid lately.

Victoria explained that someone had infiltrated their network to shut down the security system twice that month, and Kevin inquired whether she had any suspects. Victoria replied that she had several, including Victor, but Kevin doubted Victor had done it from prison unless he'd had outside help. Victoria divulged that her father had already pulled off stunts from prison, and the suspects she had in mind could have been working independently or in collusion. She added that she didn't want to influence Kevin's search by naming names, and she provided him with a code that gave him access to the whole network. Kevin swore that the perpetrator wouldn't get away with it.

Later, Kevin's eyes widened when he saw something on the computer, and he muttered that it couldn't be. He checked his notes and became increasingly agitated. He slammed the computer shut and raced out.

Travis took inventory at Hank's Bar, and Victoria entered and ordered a bartender who poured generous tequila and knew his way around the dance floor. He guessed that she still wasn't sure she could trust him, and she wished they could go back to just being a bartender and a receptionist. Travis agreed that things had been nicer when he hadn't been on her suspect list, and he questioned whether his word wasn't good enough. Victoria apologized, and she explained that she'd been lied to many times before and that she had a bad track record of letting her heart override her head.

Victoria added that she was responsible for a multinational corporation, and there was no room for her heart when the company's best interests were her first priority. Travis chided her for making room for Luca, and he cautioned that Luca would sell out his own mother or date the CEO's niece for a promotion. Victoria recognized that Luca was no saint, but she wondered why Travis had hit him. Travis replied that he'd done it because Luca had disrespected her.

Victoria suggested that Travis put ice on his knuckles, but he said her not believing him was what really stung. She teased that he couldn't charm his way out, but he urged her to use logic, and he argued that there was no way he could have planned that she'd enter his bar and keep returning. He added that he hadn't even known that she was a CEO until he'd seen her at the press conference, and she told herself that she couldn't be wrong again. Travis insisted that she wasn't, and they kissed.

In the prison infirmary, Meredith worried that Victor had a lot of people against him, but he asserted that he had her and the truth. They leaned in to kiss, but they pulled apart when the door opened, and Warden Pulman walked in. The warden observed that Victor looked exceptionally healthy, and he wondered what he'd interrupted at that hour. Meredith fibbed that Victor had been feeling the beginning of an infection, and Victor referred to the stab wound that one of the warden's guards had inflicted.

Pulman announced that Victor had a visitor, and Meredith handed Victor some antibiotics. Victor left, and the warden warned Meredith to keep her distance, but she opined that Victor didn't belong there. Pulman lectured that the prison was full of innocent men claiming to have been wronged, and Victor was no different. The warden ordered her to maintain a professional distance, or he would have her transferred.

Victor met with his female co-conspirator, and he informed her that Constance's body had been exhumed again, so they could proceed with putting the final nail into Adam's coffin. Victor hoped his son would finally understand what it meant to betray Victor and to break many people's hearts, and he slid written instructions across the table. He stressed that Adam's future or lack thereof depended on her flawless execution of something that needed to be done immediately. Victor warned her to be careful, since she would be dealing with something extremely lethal, and the woman headed out.

Later, Victor requested that Meredith take another look at his wound, but she coldly told him to make an appointment in the morning if he was still in discomfort. After Meredith hurried off, Warden Pulman asked for a moment with Victor, and he mentioned Victor and Ian's plans to testify at Adam's murder trial. Pulman said neither prisoner would leave the premises if it were up to him, since he knew what both men were capable of, and they would have heavily armed escorts.

Pulman advised Victor against whatever he was planning, since he'd instructed his guards to shoot to kill. The warden clarified that he'd told his guards to use any means necessary to prevent an escape, and Victor replied that only guilty men ran. Pulman remarked that Victor had had his day in court, and the guilty verdict wasn't going to change. Victor replied that often things did change.

Nick visited Victor, who guessed that Nikki had gone running to Nick after Victor hadn't confessed to sabotaging the company and the family. Victor demanded to know what Nick wanted, and Nick asked if Victor would help him. Nick explained that while someone was sabotaging Newman, he wasn't there about the company but wanted to talk about the family. Nick guessed that Victor was working with either Luca or Travis, so either Summer or Victoria stood to get her heart broken.

Victor reiterated that he didn't want Luca near the company or Summer, and he didn't even know who Travis was. Nick understood that Victor might want to destroy the company, but he believed that Victor cared about Summer and Victoria. Victor reflected back on all the times Nick had told him to stay away from Nick's family, yet Nick was there to ask for help. Nick wondered whether Victor was going to help him or not, and Victor advised Nick to do what Nick had always accused him of by following in Victor's footsteps.

At the storage facility, someone opened the lock on the storage unit and raised the door. The person rifled through boxes and tucked something inside one of them before exiting.

Michael asked if anyone could back up Adam's claims about the unit, and Adam bemoaned that Sage could have. Adam wondered how his father could have possibly planned it, and Chelsea thought there had been no way Victor had known about the storage unit. A cop returned and handed Dylan an evidence bag. Dylan held up a medical vial and supposed that Adam had no idea how it had gotten into the storage unit.

Kevin returned to Crimson Lights and asked what Natalie had done. She guiltily looked down at her doughnut and said she'd needed a sugar boost, but he said that wasn't what he was talking about. He inquired whether PassKey had been the only thing keeping her busy, and she apologized for being late for their date. She joked that perhaps she should create an app for getting to dates on time, but Kevin suggested that she start with the truth. He demanded to know how long she'd been working with Victor.

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Darin Brooks and Kelly Kruger have a big reason to celebrate
Darin Brooks and Kelly Kruger have a big reason to celebrate
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