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Hilary left Devon. Devon learned about Hilary's relapse. Natalie and Kevin discovered footage of Victor with the mystery woman. Phyllis avoided having sex with Jack. Sharon lashed out at a vision of Sage and knocked Mariah out. Ian shot Victor and took Nikki hostage.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of June 27, 2016 on Y&R
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Evidence Mounts Against Adam Evidence Mounts Against Adam

Monday, June 27, 2016

At Adam and Chelsea's penthouse, Michael stood near Adam and Chelsea. Dylan questioned Adam. Dylan, referring to a glass vial inside an evidence bag, said, "Adam, you want to explain to me how this vial was found in a storage unit you forgot you rented -- the very unit we opened with the key we found inside of your house?" Michael advised Adam not to respond. Adam, however, replied, "Victor Newman not only wants me convicted, but he's obviously planted enough evidence that I'll end up rotting and dying in a prison cell."

After a police officer in uniform left with the vial, Michael told Dylan that it was premature to think that whatever was in the vial might add to the evidence against Adam. Adam cried that Victor had made sure that whatever was in the vial was the same chemical supposedly detected in Constance's remains. Michael wasn't pleased that Adam had issued a statement. Dylan suggested that Adam meet with Michael privately to discuss a plea deal. Chelsea declared that Adam was innocent.

Dylan noted that Christine had collected sufficient evidence against Adam. Dylan added that it would be difficult to prove that Victor had orchestrated the setup from prison. Michael recalled that Victor had managed to locate a man that looked exactly like Jack and had unleashed the Jack look-alike on innocent citizens in Genoa City. Dylan dealt another blow when he suggested that Adam's bail would likely be revoked. Chelsea panicked.

After the nanny arrived with Connor, Chelsea pleaded with Dylan not to take Adam into custody. Dylan watched the family with their son and agreed not to take Adam away. After Dylan left, Michael warned that the vial in evidence would make their fight more difficult. Adam thanked Michael for being a good friend and a good lawyer. Michael left. Adam held Chelsea in his arms. Adam told Connor that he'd always be truthful.

At the prison, Nick visited Victor. Victor complained that Nikki, Nick, and Nick's siblings had put him in prison. Nick explained that what Nikki had wanted was for Victor to stop destroying everyone's lives. Victor accused his family of playing God by conniving to put him behind bars. Nick asked Victor why he was ripping apart his family if he truly wanted to protect them. Victor said he'd always put his family first. Nick told his father that he couldn't just ignore the consequences of his crimes.

Victor said that Nick should try to be half the father Victor had been. Nick said the only thing Victor cared about was seeking revenge. Victor claimed that his family had blown up their own lives and were suffering without him to rescue them. Victor added that he needed no one because he'd built his life and his business alone and would set himself free. Nick left after his father asked him to get out of his sight.

At Crimson Lights, Kevin questioned Natalie about the recent incidents of sabotage that had resulted in an oil spillage from equipment owned by Newman Enterprises. Natalie insisted that she had become a legitimate software developer, was no longer interested in illegal hacking, and hated the idea of being involved with Victor Newman. Kevin replied, "But here's the thing, Natalie. Why does all the cyber evidence lead directly to you?" Natalie explained that she would've successfully and stealthily routed the IP addresses in order to preserve her anonymity had she been involved.

Natalie insisted to Kevin that she would never work for Victor. Natalie suggested that someone, perhaps Mariah, with Victor's help, had set her up. Kevin declared that the scenario was impossible. Natalie recalled that Mariah had worked with Victor in the past to torment Sharon. Kevin defended Mariah and said he believed Natalie hadn't been involved. Kevin left.

At Sharon's ranch house, Sharon told Mariah that Chelsea had agreed to hire Mariah to work at the fashion company. Mariah was surprised and said she thought Sharon's idea to hire her had only been mentioned as a cover story for Dylan. Sharon assured Mariah that she would be an asset to Chelsea's company. Sharon's attention was diverted when Sage's ghost appeared. Mariah called out to Sharon, but all Sharon could focus her attention on was Sage's ghost.

Sage's ghost moved close to Sharon and said, "My baby, my job. You won't stop until you take everything that's mine." After Sage's ghost vanished, Mariah seemed concerned. She told Sharon that she'd spoken to a therapist. Sharon said, "No. That's not happening. If I tell the therapist the truth, they'll call the police."

Mariah explained that she would visit a therapist in Sharon's place. Sharon asked if Mariah planned to claim that she'd been given a baby by a deranged psychiatrist. Mariah, noting that Sharon had refused to face the truth, insisted that it was the only way to get Sharon the help she needed. Sharon said that as much as she dreaded hurting Dylan, she realized Nick would eventually discover the truth, so she wanted to be the one to disclose it to him. Sharon declared that she loved Sully.

Sage's ghost reappeared and angrily told Sharon that the baby's name was Christian. After Mariah left, Sage's ghost berated Sharon for stealing Nick's child and watching Nick suffer. Sharon said that after her medicine left her system, Sage's ghost wouldn't reappear. Sage's ghost replied, "You think going off your pills is going to make me go away? I'm going to haunt you every day until Christian is in his father's arms." Sharon yelled, and Faith went downstairs and asked why her mother had yelled. Sharon claimed she'd called out loudly to Mariah.

When Nick drove up, Sharon sent Faith upstairs to get ready for a movie night out with her dad. Nick told Sharon about his encounter with Victor. Nick said Victor was seeking revenge and had vowed to make his family suffer. Sharon insisted that Nick was a great father despite his circumstances. Sage's ghost reappeared and asked Sharon why she wouldn't let Nick raise Christian. Sage insisted that Sharon tell Nick the truth right away. Nick noticed that Sharon seemed distracted. Sharon claimed she'd heard Sully and went upstairs after Faith joined her dad.

While Sharon was out of the room, Faith told Nick that Sharon and Mariah had been fighting. Faith added that she'd heard her mother shouting about "meds." Nick opted to stay at the ranch house. Nick, along with Sharon and Faith, were enjoying a movie and popcorn when Dylan arrived. After Faith left the room, Dylan told Nick that the second toxicological test on Constance's remains had turned up a poison that investigators had linked to a vial discovered in a storage unit rented in Adam's name. Dylan noted that it would be detrimental for Connor to have his father taken away.

On the patio at the coffeehouse, Mariah met with a psychiatrist named Dr. Miller. Mariah explained that she was struggling with guilt because she'd done something wrong. Mariah said she couldn't undo what she'd done and had been experiencing frightening nightmares that haunted her. Dr. Miller suggested extended sessions. Mariah said she desperately needed sleep and asked how she might make her nightmares go away. In the dining area of the coffee shop, Natalie observed Mariah and Dr. Miller.

After Dr. Miller left, Natalie approached Mariah and demanded to know who the woman was. Mariah joked that the woman was a hacker that had included her in a lucrative software project. Natalie replied, "I knew it! You do know hackers!" Mariah explained that she'd been joking. Natalie admitted that she had difficulty discerning whether or not someone was being serious. Natalie insisted that she'd had nothing to do with the Newman oil spills. Mariah said she didn't know what Natalie was talking about, but she didn't have time to watch Kevin's new love interest implode. Mariah left.

Kevin met with Victor at the prison. Kevin said he'd gone there on Victoria's behalf and noted that someone had been sabotaging Newman's oil division. Kevin suggested that Luca Santori, Travis Crawford, or even Natalie might be in cahoots with Victor. Kevin admitted that he'd been involved with Natalie and wanted to know if she'd been involved. Victor refused to answer, but he told Kevin to return whenever he felt like fishing for information. Before Kevin left, he noticed a security camera in the visitation room.

Kevin returned to Crimson Lights. He told Natalie that he believed she hadn't helped Victor. Kevin mentioned the security camera. Natalie said they could hack into the security footage to see who'd met with Victor. Natalie took over at the keyboard and said she wanted to know who'd made her appear to be the guilty party. Kevin said, "Let's find out who this saboteur is." After gaining access to the video inside the prison visitation room, Kevin was surprised to learn that Victor had met with a mysterious woman.

Mariah returned to Sharon's house and said she needed to speak to Nick. Sharon panicked and made overt facial expressions. Faith bounced into the room and announced that there were no ice cream or ice pops in the freezer. Dylan said he had forgotten to stop at the market. Dylan and Faith left to get the treats. Mariah told Nick that she believed Natalie had aided Victor's plan to sabotage the oil tanker.

Michael stopped by to visit Victor. Michael asked what it would take to save Adam. Victor recalled that Michael had almost lost his license forever over his attempt to sabotage the trial. Victor added that Michael was pathetic to ask for help. Michael explained that the evidence against Adam was extensive, even though Adam hadn't killed Constance Bingham. Victor said that the prison was full of wrongly convicted men, so Adam would get used to prison life like the others had. Michael pleaded with Victor not to send Adam to prison. Victor said he intended to appear in court and let Adam know what he thought about him.

Billy opposes Phyllis' getaway with Jack

Billy opposes Phyllis' getaway with Jack

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

At the Dive Bar, Billy snapped some photos of him and Johnny together. Jack arrived and headed over to join them, but Hilary stopped Jack and thanked him for talking her out of leaving town. Jack hoped she'd reconciled with Devon, but she reported that she hadn't. Jack assured her that she had a friend in him, and he excused himself to join his family, but she insisted on doing something special for his birthday the next day. He was surprised she'd remembered, and she said she never forgot important dates.

Hilary imagined that Phyllis had already planned something amazing, but Jack replied that his wife had a full plate at Jabot, so he had no birthday plans at all. He headed over to Johnny and Billy, and Hilary made a call to arrange catering plans for an intimate surprise party. Lily grabbed Hilary's phone and snarled that Hilary was beyond shameless, and there was no way Jack would fall for Hilary's transparent mind games. Hilary insisted that Jack was her friend, and Lily imagined that Hilary intended to pop out of a birthday cake. Hilary purred that she was delicious covered in icing, and Lily looked forward to throwing a party when Devon kicked Hilary to the curb. Hilary announced that she'd left Devon, and she taunted that Lily had no clever comeback.

Lily chided Hilary for planning Jack's birthday party when Devon was heartbroken. Hilary suggested that Lily concentrate on doing her job after all the recent mishaps at the club, and Lily huffed that they were fully booked, so Hilary needed to check out of her room. Lily questioned why Hilary would stay when Hilary was done with their family and they were done with her. Hilary called Lily a "pathetic, vicious bitch," but Lily asserted that she was also the manager, and she ordered Hilary to pack her bags.

Phyllis entered the Athletic Club and spotted Ashley working on her computer. Phyllis noted that Ashley had hit the ground running, and Ashley said she knew Billy had asked Phyllis to talk to Jack about Ashley returning to Jabot. Phyllis welcomed Ashley back, and Ashley observed that profits had dropped in some divisions because they'd been neglected in favor of PassKey. Phyllis coolly stated that she hadn't been aware things were such a disaster, and Ashley swore she hadn't meant it that way. Ashley thanked Phyllis for meeting her when the next day was a big one, and Phyllis looked confused. Ashley guessed that Phyllis had forgotten Jack's birthday.

Phyllis claimed that she hadn't forgotten, but she and Jack intended to keep things low-key because of her crazy workload. Ashley volunteered to cover for her so the couple could spend the day together, and she advised Phyllis not to take what she had with Jack for granted. Ashley added that she was glad to see one brother in love, since Billy was going off the rails. Ashley mentioned that she'd stopped by Billy's place and discovered a romantic picnic that he'd laid out for a poor woman who was probably convinced she was more than just a rebound. Ashley insisted on being part of Jack's birthday celebration, and she suggested that Phyllis take Jack to the Abbott cabin.

In the foyer, Jack told Johnny that Phyllis didn't have time to see the tot, and Billy said he had to get his son home. Jack asked for an extra hug from Johnny to pass along to Phyllis. Jack joined Phyllis and Ashley in the dining room as Phyllis was saying that the trip would be impossible, and Jack wondered what she meant. Ashley explained that she wanted Phyllis to take the day off to celebrate Jack's birthday, and she urged the couple to get away and relax. Jack recalled that they'd missed out on Barbados, and Phyllis agreed to whisk Jack away to the cabin. Billy watched as they kissed.

Ashley headed out, and Jack told Phyllis that he wanted to be back in time for Adam's trial. Phyllis said it was all right if Jack didn't want to go, but he preferred to have time alone with her as long as Ashley hadn't twisted her arm. Phyllis insisted that she wanted to go. Meanwhile, Ashley asked if Johnny had had a fun day with his dad, and Billy observed that she seemed upbeat. Ashley exclaimed that she'd arranged a fantastic romantic getaway for Jack's birthday, and Billy and Phyllis stared at one another.

Later, Phyllis approached Billy in the foyer, and he pulled her out of Johnny's earshot. Billy said he'd heard about her big plans, and he was adamant that she get out of the trip. Phyllis felt that she didn't have a choice, and she thought he was making an unfair request. Billy pushed her to put Jack off, but Phyllis said she couldn't keep making up fake reasons not to be with her husband. Billy groaned that the thought of Jack and Phyllis being together made him sick, and there would be expectations if Jack and Phyllis went away together. Phyllis thought Billy was asking too much, and she headed upstairs.

Ashley arrived on the deck as Hilary stormed off. Lily told Ashley that it had felt good to kick Hilary out after everything Hilary had done to the Winters family, and she'd seen the way Hilary had looked at Jack while planning his surprise birthday party. Ashley cheerfully informed Lily that Phyllis and Jack intended to celebrate at the cabin, and Lily was glad Jack would be far away, since nothing got in Hilary's way when she wanted something.

Later, Phyllis found Ashley on the rooftop, and she said she was looking forward to her getaway with Jack. Ashley apologized if she'd upset Phyllis earlier by talking about the drop in profits, since she knew Phyllis wanted what was best for the company. Phyllis promised to take Ashley's suggestions under consideration, but she wanted to go over what needed to be done the following day. Ashley mentioned that she'd told Billy about Jack and Phyllis' plans, and Billy had been just as thrilled as Ashley was.

At the cottage, Nick wondered why Mariah suspected Natalie of being involved in the oil rig sabotage. Mariah asserted that Natalie had worked for Victor before, and he'd needed a world-class hacker to pull it off remotely. Nick guessed that Mariah had no solid proof that Natalie had been working with Victor, and Mariah conceded that it was more of a gut feeling. Sharon pointed out that Natalie wasn't exactly Mariah's favorite person, but Mariah argued that Natalie had played both sides before, and Kevin's belief that Natalie had hacked into Newman was good enough for her. Nick thought it was worth checking out, and he vowed to get to the bottom of it.

After Nick departed, Dylan called and informed Sharon that he and Faith had run into some of the girl's friends at the store, so they would be late getting home. Mariah took the opportunity to talk to Sharon about Dr. Miller's advice about how to get rid of nightmares, since Sharon had to learn to cope with the guilt if she was going to sit on her secret forever. Sharon admitted that she felt overwhelmed and exhausted, and she saw Sage every time she closed her eyes. Mariah pushed Sharon to try some of the doctor's techniques.

Mariah revealed that Dr. Miller's first suggestion had been hypnosis, but Sharon refused to take the chance of revealing Sully's parentage while she was hypnotized. Mariah relayed the recommendations of meditation and deep breathing, and she offered to meditate with Sharon. Mariah noticed that Sharon was anxiously looking around the room, and she asked if Sharon was listening to anything she was saying. Sharon snapped that it wasn't helping, and she barked to leave her alone.

Mariah said she'd thought Sharon wanted her help, and she wondered what was wrong. Sharon apologized and said she appreciated Mariah's help, and she promised she would try the doctor's suggestions. Mariah hesitantly pointed out that Sharon had been stressed and fidgety, so she had to ask if Sharon really was taking her medication. Sharon insisted that she wasn't having a bipolar episode, and she loved her family too much to hurt them by going off her meds.

At Newman, Luca told Summer that her family was smart to consider all the suspects, and she was surprised that he was no longer mad. He admitted that he'd overreacted, and he wished the list didn't include him, but he was fine as long as she believed in him. He suggested that they go through computer logs and security footage to prove his innocence, since Travis was the only logical suspect. Victoria overheard as she entered and declared that Travis was innocent, and she asked where Kevin was, since she'd hired him to find out who had tried to take down the oil division.

At Crimson Lights, Natalie begged Kevin to tell her that he knew she hadn't been the woman who'd visited Victor, but he observed that the woman in the surveillance video had hair just like Natalie's. Natalie insisted that hers was much classier, and she questioned whether her word wasn't good enough. Kevin swore that he was trying to protect her, and he urged her to compare her calendar to the timestamp on the video. She defended that she had a right to privacy, and he realized that she couldn't account for her whereabouts at the time.

Natalie defended that no one could account for every minute of every day, and she reasoned that a guilty person wouldn't have helped Kevin hack into the prison's security system. Kevin recalled that she'd lied to everyone before, and he'd believed her. She swore that things were different because they were dating, and there was no way she'd mess up their relationship over a lie. He received a text message from Victoria, and he instructed Natalie to keep going through the footage to see if the mystery woman had paid multiple visits to Victor and to make sure Natalie had alibis for the dates and times. Kevin left to stall Victoria.

Meanwhile, Luca scoffed at the idea that Victoria had just decided that Travis hadn't been the culprit, and he reminded her that Travis had had access to her laptop on the night of the latest spill. Victoria argued that Travis had never admitted to anything, but Luca countered that an innocent man wouldn't have punched him in the face. Victoria said Luca had left out a very big part of what had gone down, since Travis had informed her that Luca had been trash-talking her.

Luca claimed that he'd mentioned Victoria because it had been his goal to find out if Travis had been using her to cause the oil spills, and Travis had become tense when Luca had questioned Travis' feelings for her. Luca added that Travis had ended the conversation with his fist, but Summer inquired whether Travis had hit him because Luca had accused Travis of illegal activities or because Luca had said horrible things about Victoria. Luca maintained that Travis' actions had reeked of guilt. Kevin entered and reported that he'd found some anomalies, but he couldn't point a finger in any particular direction. Nick walked in and proclaimed that Kevin knew who had done it, and Kevin was covering for her.

Nick prompted Kevin to tell everyone about Natalie, but Kevin said he didn't think she'd been involved. Kevin revealed that he'd hacked into the prison's security footage and seen a woman who'd met with Victor, but he hadn't been able to see the woman's face. Luca noted that Natalie was a master hacker and liar who'd worked with Victor before, but Victoria doubted Victor had reached out to Natalie after she'd double-crossed him. Nick thought Victor had used whatever means necessary, and Victoria acknowledged that Natalie had no scruples.

Natalie entered and assumed that they'd all decided the woman in the video had been her, but she had proof otherwise. Natalie explained that she'd documented every time the mystery woman had visited Victor, and Natalie had alibis for each time. Natalie declared that she had no connection to the most recent spill and only a tiny link to the first one, but she'd only been hired to do some digging and not to unleash any havoc. Victoria realized that Billy had hired Natalie.

Later, Nick reviewed Natalie's records and thought everything seemed legitimate, and he apologized for suspecting Natalie. Nick asked Summer to let him know if Victoria checked in, and he departed. Luca thought Kevin and Natalie were onto something with the mystery woman, and he said he and Summer would take it from there. Luca stepped out to get coffee, and Natalie remarked that she was a genius, but she still couldn't figure out why spoiled Summer was with a liar like Luca.

Kevin offered to make up for his suspicions by taking Natalie out for Champagne and caviar, and she called the idea boring, but he argued that he'd taken her side and stalled until they'd found proof that she was innocent. She chirped that she'd enjoy letting him make it up to her, and they headed out. Luca returned to the office, and he groused to Summer that he couldn't believe Victoria had trusted Natalie and Kevin after what they'd pulled with PassKey. He joined Summer at the computer and vowed to nail whoever had been trying to undermine Victoria's authority. Summer flashed back to Nick imploring her to trust her instincts and to tell him if anything seemed off.

Nick stopped by the cottage to give Faith a kiss goodnight, but Sharon told him that the girl was still out with friends. Nick wanted to wait, and Mariah asked what had happened with Natalie. Nick reported that it had been a dead end, and Sully cried over the baby monitor. Sharon went upstairs, and Nick inquired whether everything was okay between Mariah and Sharon, since Faith had heard the women fighting over something related to meds. Mariah assured him that Sharon was definitely still taking her medication.

Billy found Victoria waiting for him at his home, and he asked if Hannah had told her about his plans for dinner and a sleepover with Johnny. Victoria said it had been thoughtful, and he wondered why she was there. She said she wanted to talk to him once she got Johnny tucked in, and she led their son upstairs. Victoria returned after getting Johnny to sleep, and Billy wondered why she seemed upset. Victoria confronted him about trying to take down Newman.

Billy swore that he'd learned his lesson after Paragon and PassKey, but Victoria spat that he'd used Natalie. He admitted that he'd hired Natalie to find out the truth, and Victoria recounted that he'd been the one to tell her about the oil spill. Billy snapped that she would have known about it if she'd been at the office instead of in her boyfriend's bed, and he insisted that he'd just been trying to protect her. Victoria balked at taking Billy's word that he had her best interests at heart, and he urged her to look at the people she'd surrounded herself with, like Luca and Travis.

Billy pointed out that Newman hadn't been front and center in Victoria's life ever since she'd been spending time with her new boyfriend, and it seemed to be more than a coincidence that two oil spills had suddenly occurred since the guy had been around. Victoria swore that Travis hadn't had anything to do with it, and Billy was appalled that she'd accuse the father of her kids of sabotaging her company while giving a pass to the new guy in her life. Victoria conceded that she shouldn't have accused Billy, but he coldly told her to let herself out the way she'd let herself in.

Jack met Hilary at Crimson Lights, and he thought she'd sounded upset in the message she'd left. She said she needed to find a place to stay, and she thought he might have a recommendation. He asked why she'd left the club, and she revealed that Lily had kicked her out, since the women had fought about him. Hilary explained that when she'd found out that Jack had no plans for his birthday, she'd thought it would be fun to surprise him, and Lily had overreacted when she'd overheard Hilary making some arrangements.

Jack said he was sorry to hear it, but Hilary was more concerned that he was ignoring his birthday. She called him a kind and generous man who deserved to be celebrated, and she placed her hand on his. He informed her that it had turned out that he actually had plans, since he and Phyllis were going out of town for a getaway. Hilary plastered a smile on her face and proclaimed that it was wonderful.

Hilary returned to the club, and Lily threatened to have security toss her out. Hilary haughtily informed Lily that marital law considered the club to be community property, so Lily technically worked for her. Hilary announced that she planned to secure ownership of the club as part of the divorce settlement, and she'd toss Lily out as soon as she had the deed.

Victoria makes a confession to Travis

Victoria makes a confession to Travis

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

by Mike

At Crimson Lights, Michael caught Kevin watching the prison's surveillance footage of Victor's meetings with the mystery woman. Intrigued, Michael stared intently at Kevin's laptop monitor while stressing that he didn't want to know how Kevin had managed to obtain the footage. Kevin explained that Victoria had hired him to figure out if Victor, with the help of an outside source, had caused Newman Enterprises' recent oil crises, but Michael was more interested in the possibility that the same outside source could have helped Victor frame Adam.

At the prison, Ian received a visit from Chelsea, who was there on Adam's behalf because Adam had been placed under house arrest. Chelsea outlined an escape plan for Ian in great detail to ensure that he would keep his promise to testify during Adam's trial, which was scheduled to begin the following day. Ian was skeptical at first, guessing that the escape plan was a con, but Chelsea eventually managed to convince him that she was telling the truth. Ian stressed, however, that if he was going to help Adam and Chelsea, they were going to have to get him a better suit to wear in court so Victor wouldn't upstage him in the fashion department.

When Chelsea returned home later that day, she assured Adam that Ian had bought their phony escape plan. Adam was pleased to hear that but excitedly revealed that Ian's testimony might not be needed, after all. "There's a woman that's been visiting Victor -- a lot, actually. We don't know who she is, but Michael and I, we think she might be the key," Adam explained. Chelsea was eager to start looking for the woman right away, but Adam assured her that Dylan was already on the case.

At Newman Enterprises, Nick tried to convince Victoria that Billy had caused the oil crises, but she remained certain that someone else was responsible, arguing that Billy would never do anything to deliberately hurt her. Nick reminded Victoria that Billy had hurt her many times in the past, but she maintained that it had never been Billy's goal to do so. "Oh. So what was his goal when he stole Brash & Sassy from you?" Nick wondered.

Victoria relayed Billy's claim that he had simply been trying to help prevent the company from falling into the wrong hands, prompting Nick to complain that she needed to start being more skeptical of Billy's claims. "Why can't you get over him?" Nick wondered. Insisting that she was over Billy, Victoria explained that she was just looking at the situation pragmatically. "I know Billy," Victoria stressed.

"Exactly. Which is why you jumped on him immediately [as a suspect]," Nick countered. Victoria reminded Nick that she had considered several other candidates first and had only zeroed in on Billy as the saboteur once information had surfaced about his meeting with Natalie. "[That] raised some red flags, okay? But then, once we talked --" Victoria started to add.

"You mean after he pleaded his case [and] probably played on all of your history together," Nick guessed, knowing that Billy could be quite persuasive at times. Maintaining that Billy was innocent, Victoria stressed that she and Nick needed to stop arguing about the matter and instead focus on finding the real culprit. Nick reluctantly conceded the point and agreed to trust Victoria's instincts.

Later, after Victoria left, Nick received a visit from Kevin, who shared Michael's theory that Victor's mystery visitor was the person who had framed Adam for Constance's murder. "I'm sure [Adam's] gonna take [that theory] and run with it -- paint himself out to be the sad Newman outcast -- [but] the crazy thing is that Dad doesn't want to punish Adam; it's the rest of us he has his sights on. Dad loves Adam. Think about how many times he tried to bring [Adam] into the company. He sees himself in [Adam]. There is no way Dad is trying to frame Adam for murder," Nick insisted.

"That's where you're wrong," Michael said as he joined Nick and Kevin. Michael tried to convince Nick to team up with Adam to expose Victor's machinations, but Nick was reluctant to do so. "Look, you're facing a common enemy -- a formidable one, at that. If you really want to stop Victor, it makes sense for you to band together," Kevin reasoned when Michael asked him to help sell the plan to Nick, who silently considered the idea but still seemed less than enthusiastic about it.

Billy went to Travis' bar in an effort to find out more about the new man in Victoria's life. Billy complained that things had been fine between him and Victoria until Travis had entered the picture, but Travis pointed out that he hadn't even met Victoria until after her relationship with Billy had ended. "Things not going well with your new girlfriend or something? Is that what's pissing you off this morning?" Travis guessed.

Billy angrily slammed Travis up against the bar, but Travis refused to fight him. "I'm gonna give you the bottom line: a woman walked into my bar. We talked; we danced. And what happens between us is just that: between us," Travis stressed. Billy warned that he would always protect Victoria because she was the mother of his children. "If you think that you can take advantage of her, you'd better think again," Billy added.

Travis insisted that he wasn't responsible for Newman Enterprises' oil crises. Victoria arrived and lingered in the doorway of the bar as Travis added that Billy's anger had nothing to do with what was happening at Newman Enterprises, anyway. "Victoria's on the verge of having something real again, and you can't handle it," Travis guessed.

Billy maintained that Travis was conning Victoria, believing that it couldn't be a coincidence that Travis had stepped into Victoria's life just as things had started to go south for Newman Enterprises. Travis clarified that Victoria had stepped into his life. "And why don't you listen to yourself? You can move on, but she can't?" Travis added, prompting Billy to clarify that Victoria was allowed to move on -- just not with Travis.

Having heard enough, Victoria intervened and demanded to know what Billy was doing at the bar. "You're not gonna bring a random, unknown guy into our kids' lives, and I'm not gonna just stand back and watch it happen," Billy insisted. Victoria shot down Billy's argument, guessing that he knew very little about Bethany other than her bra size, and she added that the mere suggestion that she would ever put their kids' lives in danger was outrageous and insulting. Victoria told Billy to leave, and he reluctantly complied.

"That was fun," Travis joked after Billy left. Chuckling, Victoria apologized for Billy's behavior and stressed that she didn't share his belief that Travis was using her. "[But] I know why he got in your face the way that he did: because he can't stand that I'm falling in love again," Victoria admitted.

At the Abbott cabin, Jack surprised Phyllis with a gift of lingerie, calling it a birthday present for him and her. "I cannot wait to see it on you. More importantly, I can't wait to take it off of you," Jack told Phyllis as he kissed her neck. Phyllis tried to stall, suggesting that she and Jack could take a walk first, but he wasn't interested in doing that, so she claimed that she was hungry. Without missing a beat, Jack went to the kitchen to get some strawberries he had ordered earlier, prompting Phyllis to recall how she had recently shared the same snack with Billy.

Later, Phyllis stumbled a bit while dancing with Jack, having downed quite a bit of Champagne during the earlier meal, which she had barely eaten. Jack led Phyllis over to the couch as she drunkenly told him that he was a great person. "Compared to whom? Victor?" Jack jokingly guessed. "No. Compared to me," Phyllis clarified, prompting Jack to wonder what that was supposed to mean. "It's your birthday today, and we were supposed to celebrate, and I can't even stand up," Phyllis mumbled as she stretched out on the couch. Jack started to assure Phyllis that he understood, but he soon realized that she had fallen asleep.

After Jack draped a blanket over Phyllis' body and left her alone in the living room, she opened her eyes and breathed a sigh of relief.

Devon learns about Hilary's relapse

Devon learns about Hilary's relapse

Thursday, June 30, 2016

At the Abbott cabin, Jack prepared a smoothie in a blender, and Phyllis staggered in and yelled to stop. She flopped on the couch and groaned that it felt good not to stand, and he asked how much she remembered. Phyllis recalled sitting on the couch and wishing Jack a happy birthday, and he informed her that she'd passed out after consuming most of a bottle of Champagne. She recounted that she'd woken up in the middle of night and stumbled to bed, and he said it had been nice to have her next to him. He presented her with the smoothie as a hangover cure, and he suggested that they get back to town. She replied that she couldn't go with him.

Jack reminded Phyllis that they'd agreed to stay only one night, since Adam's trial was about to start. Phyllis thought that Jack should be there to support Adam, but she didn't want to be anywhere near Victor, since watching him trying to nail Adam to the wall might set her off. She added that she didn't think she could ever forgive Victor for what he'd done to her and to Jack, and it was best for everyone if she kept as much space as possible between her and Victor. Jack understood why she didn't want to be in court, but he questioned why she wanted to stay at the cabin without him.

Jack packed his things, and he griped that they'd gone up there to celebrate his birthday, but he was going home alone. Phyllis reasoned that she wanted to unplug from everyone and everything, and the thought of driving back with a hangover made her nauseous. He inquired when she planned to return home, and she replied that she wasn't sure. He half-heartedly told her to stay as long as she liked and to call him when she was ready to go home, and he thanked her for a great birthday. She acknowledged that the celebration hadn't gone as expected, and he assured her that spending time together had been all that mattered. He kissed her and left.

At Crimson Lights, Ashley observed that Billy looked "like hell," and she imagined that he hadn't spent the night working. Billy announced that he'd procured funds for an expansion of Brash & Sassy, so he'd celebrated. Ashley questioned whether it had been wise to take out loans to expand, and he told her to get her coffee to go if she intended to lecture him. She sat down and declared that she was worried, since he had been drinking too much and had been in a motorcycle accident. She surmised that he wasn't happy, and he asked if she'd go away if he smiled really big. She told him that he had to curb his self-destructive behavior, and she wondered why he always punished himself.

Billy swore that he wasn't on a downward spiral, and he knew he had kids to raise and a company to run. He maintained that he'd just unwound the night before, and he was sure that Ashley had bigger things on her mind, like Jabot. She happily reported that it was nice to be back at the company, but she didn't think Phyllis was thrilled. Ashley mentioned that Phyllis had been hesitant to leave her in charge while Phyllis and Jack celebrated his birthday, and she hoped that Jack was enjoying every second. Billy hid his discomfort as Simon interrupted to ask for a moment with Ashley. Billy departed, and Simon informed Ashley that he'd figured out why Hilary and the other patients had relapsed.

Simon explained that he'd worked out a new formula, but he couldn't test the new protocol on the patients in the trial. Ashley griped that Hilary had put him in that situation, and Simon said he had no idea when the FDA would allow them to restart the trial, so the only person to test the medication on was Hilary. Ashley anticipated that Hilary would be grateful, but Simon wasn't sure that Hilary would agree to be his guinea pig all over again. Ashley instructed Simon to make the arrangements at the hospital while she convinced Hilary that the risk was worth taking.

At the Dive Bar, Hilary's hand shook as she tried to work on her tablet. Neil approached and was surprised that she hadn't headed out of town, and she coldly informed him that she'd invested too much time in the town to walk away. She added that some foundation issues needed to be resolved while Jack was unavailable, and Neil asked why she'd wanted to meet there. Hilary refused to run from Lily, and she haughtily stated that if Neil couldn't work with her, he could leave the meeting as well as the foundation.

Neil said he hated having to deal with Hilary, but he'd never walk away from the foundation that bore his name. Hilary asserted that Jack believed in her, so she wasn't going anywhere, and she ordered Neil to check his personal feelings at the door, just like she wasn't letting her impending divorce impede her work. Neil asked how Devon was taking it, and Hilary replied that she hadn't told him about the divorce, but she was sure Lily had taken care of it. Neil was aghast that she'd let Devon find out about it through his sister, and Hilary pointed out that things were working out exactly the way Neil had wanted.

Hilary dared Neil to admit that he'd never gotten over her affair with Devon, and she didn't believe that his feelings of anger had just evaporated. Neil reiterated that he'd been thankful when she'd woken up, and all he'd wanted had been for Hilary and Devon to live a long and happy life. She assumed that he just felt guilty for what he'd done, but he stressed that he'd also realized that the couple was meant to be together. Neil continued that he didn't want to stand in the way of his son's happiness, since he knew Devon loved Hilary with his entire heart and soul, and Neil had thought she'd loved Devon the same way.

Hilary remarked that people changed, but Neil contended that she'd changed when she'd broken Devon's heart. Hilary flatly stated that she was sorry it hadn't worked out, but she never should have thought she and Devon could live happily ever after, since no relationship could survive the complications of a twisted family triangle. After going over business, Hilary dismissed Neil, and after he departed, her hand shook as she opened her purse. Ashley approached and asked if Hilary was all right, and Hilary testily told her to take her phony concern elsewhere.

Ashley swore that she wasn't there to argue, and she relayed the good news that Simon had found a possible cure, but it hadn't been tested. Ashley insisted that Hilary get to the hospital right away, but Hilary refused to be Simon's guinea pig again. The women argued, and Ashley ultimately convinced Hilary that Simon's treatment was her only chance of recovery. Hilary said she needed a few minutes, and Ashley departed. Hilary made a call, and Phyllis retrieved Jack's ringing phone from the closet at the cabin. Phyllis saw the incoming call from Hilary, and she ignored it. Hilary left a message for Jack, letting him know that she was going to the hospital.

In the Athletic Club dining room, Lily asked if Devon had spoken to Hilary, and Devon relayed that Hilary had sent him a text message to tell him she was staying in town and getting her own suite, but she'd ignored his calls. Lily revealed that Hilary was planning to file for divorce, and Devon recognized that it hurt that things were moving that fast, but he wasn't surprised. Lily warned that Hilary intended to take Devon for all he was worth, and Cane added that Hilary wanted to own the club. Devon regretted that Hilary was trying to hurt them, too, and Lily said they had to do whatever it took to stop Hilary.

A stunned Devon mumbled that he'd barely had a chance to deal with his wife leaving him, and Cane insisted that Devon had to get in front of it. Devon confirmed that Hilary hadn't signed a prenuptial agreement, and Cane hated the thought of Hilary getting her hands on Katherine's money when Hilary didn't deserve anything. Devon vowed to fight in court with everything he had, and Lily pointed out that he had another way to stop the "conniving witch" from getting the settlement she wanted -- he had to change Hilary's mind about the divorce.

Devon was shocked that Lily was suggesting that he stay in the marriage, but Lily called it a desperate measure to avoid Hilary going after his inheritance. Cane sympathized that Devon would be condemning himself to "a lifetime of emotional hell," and Lily assured Devon that it would only be until they found a way to declaw Hilary. Devon wasn't sure if he could cover up how upset he was that Hilary wanted to be with Jack, and Lily mentioned that Jack had just blown Hilary off, so Hilary would be more vulnerable to Devon. Devon thought he could play up becoming the power couple Hilary had always wanted to be, and Cane and Lily cautioned Devon to keep his guard up.

On the rooftop, Hilary packed up her things, and Devon asked if she had a minute. She replied that she had somewhere to be, and they had nothing else to say. She advised him to talk to her lawyer, and she walked off.

Jack ran into Billy in the club foyer, and Billy wished his brother a happy belated birthday. Billy expressed surprise to see Jack back that soon, and Jack explained that he'd wanted to attend Adam's trial. Billy inquired about Phyllis, and Jack mentioned that she'd decided to stay at the cabin. Jack invited Billy to join him at the courthouse, but Billy didn't want to see Victor. Jack remarked that Billy and Phyllis had a lot in common, and Billy abruptly took off.

Meanwhile, Lily informed Neil about Devon's plan to block Hilary from getting half of his net worth, but Neil wasn't optimistic about Devon's chances. Across the room, Hilary approached Jack and told him that she'd left him a message, and he realized he'd left his phone at the cabin. Hilary informed him that she was checking herself into the hospital because Simon had found a cure, and he expected Devon to meet her there, but she was adamant that she didn't want Devon to know. Jack offered to go with her, and they hurried out. Devon returned downstairs and grumbled that Hilary had barely spoken three words to him, and Lily reported that Hilary had just left with Jack. Devon followed them.

Neil saw no upside to what would happen when Devon caught up with Hilary, since Devon would either end up in a shell of a marriage or lose half of Katherine's fortune. Cane thought Katherine would roll over in her grave if Hilary got half her money, and Lily worried that Hilary wouldn't stop there, since Hilary lived for money and power. Cane guessed that Hilary might go after Chancellor, and he swore that he and Jill would never let that happen. Neil urged them to wait and see what happened between Devon and Hilary.

At the hospital, Hilary told Simon that her fatigue and tremors had gotten worse, and he hoped to get her healthy soon. Devon burst in and asked why she was there, and Jack suggested that the couple discuss the matter privately. Simon instructed Hilary not to get agitated, and he and Jack stepped out. Hilary accused Devon of following her, and she reiterated that their marriage was over. Devon demanded to know why Simon was treating her when she'd said she'd been fine, and she revealed that the miracle cure had only been temporary. She added that Simon had found a possible solution, but there was a chance she could die.

Devon wished Hilary hadn't lied, since whatever she was going through was much bigger than the rest of their problems, but she spat that she didn't need his pity. He guessed that she'd told Jack about her illness, and she claimed that she hadn't wanted her relapse to be the reason she and Devon stayed together. Hilary maintained that it was over, but Devon countered that it didn't have to be, and he couldn't just forget everything they'd shared. He continued that he'd made promises he intended to keep, and he knew she had, too.

Devon spotted Hilary's hand tremble, and she told him not to stare. He assured her that she didn't have to go through it alone, but she said he should go. He recalled thinking that he'd lost her forever once before, and he knew the joy of knowing he'd gotten her back. Hilary's hand visibly shook, and she cursed and barked that she didn't need Devon. He vowed to be there for her, and he swore that she'd live through it, but she pointed out that he didn't know that. He refused to believe otherwise, and he pleaded that they could have another chance if she allowed it.

In the corridor, Jack complained that it hadn't been the way for Devon to find out about Hilary's condition, and Simon agreed, but he thought Hilary had shown no regard for her husband's feelings. Simon excused himself to save her life, and he thanked Ashley for ensuring that Hilary had checked herself in. Jack was surprised that Ashley was still involved, and she explained that she'd been keeping her distance from the clinical trial, but she'd wanted to check on Hilary. Jack said he was also there to support Hilary, but Ashley huffed that it was the last place he should be.

Ashley lectured that Jack should be with his wife, and Jack said Phyllis had stayed at the cabin. Jack wondered why Ashley was there after her repeated warnings for him to avoid Hilary, and Ashley surmised that Hilary had used her health scare to draw him in. He argued that Hilary was dealing with an agonizing situation, and he'd been nothing more than a friend. Ashley asked if Jack had forgotten that Hilary had been behind the payoff scheme that Ashley had taken the blame for, and she advised Jack to take a step back and let Hilary lean on her husband. Jack reported that Devon was with Hilary, and he hoped the couple worked through things.

Meanwhile, Devon kissed Hilary's hand, but she jerked it away and groused that she was already dealing with too much. He said they didn't have to talk, but she yelled at him to leave her alone. Simon entered and ordered Devon to leave, and Devon hesitantly stepped out. Ashley mentioned the shouting, and Devon griped that Jack should have told him that Hilary was sick. Simon started Hilary's I.V. drip, and she asked how confident he was in the new cocktail. He vaguely replied that he was as confident as he could be at that point, and she whimpered that it had to work, since her life was at stake.

Phyllis heard a knock at the cabin door, and she called out for Jack, but she found Billy there. Billy explained that Jack had told him that she was there alone, and he hadn't been able to stop thinking about what she and his brother had done the night before. Billy hoped things hadn't gone as planned, and she snapped that it was none of his business. Billy promised that there would be no yelling or blame, and he begged her just to tell him what had happened. She divulged that she'd gotten drunk and ruined her husband's birthday, although Jack had stayed sober.

Billy noted that Phyllis didn't get sloppy without reason, and she asked him to respect her decision to stay up there alone. Billy realized that she'd intentionally avoided having sex with Jack. Phyllis claimed that she hadn't calculated the events, but Billy thought the point of the trip had been to make sex happen. Phyllis curtly stated that she was done talking about it, and she wished him a safe drive back. He leaned in close to her and said he needed to know, and she admitted that she hadn't been able to have sex with Jack because it would have felt like she had been cheating on Billy.

Phyllis lamented that she felt confused and crazy, and Billy admitted that he'd been jealous. He revealed that he'd been upset about her being there, so he'd gone drinking and had almost been in a fight. He added that he couldn't get her out of his head, and he knew she couldn't get him out of hers. They kissed and began to strip, and they fell onto the couch in a passionate embrace.

Ian and Victor testify at Adam's trial

Ian and Victor testify at Adam's trial

Friday, July 1, 2016

At the cottage, Dylan told Sharon that Sully was sleeping, and she surmised that Dylan was headed to the courthouse. Dylan stated that he needed to see that justice was done, whether Adam was guilty or innocent, but he told Sharon not to worry, since it would all be over soon. "If only," she mused to herself after Dylan exited.

At the penthouse, Adam perused an online article about his murder trial, and he grumbled to Chelsea that the press considered it a waste of taxpayers' money to go to trial because his guilt was obvious. She encouraged him to stay optimistic, and Michael and Kevin arrived. Michael reported that Kevin had been up all night, trying to identify the woman in the prison surveillance footage, and Adam guessed that they still had no idea who she had been. Kevin explained that the woman had ducked every camera, and all they had was a phony name and the back of her head. Michael suggested that they request a postponement, but Adam preferred to get the trial over with.

Michael insisted that they needed more time to gather evidence, but Adam argued that delaying the trial would just give Victor more time to manufacture more evidence against him. Chelsea opined that they needed more than Ian's testimony, but Adam considered it to be his best shot. Adam asked for a moment with his wife before they left for the courthouse, and Michael and Kevin stepped out. Chelsea refused to say their goodbyes, and Adam swore that he'd be exonerated because he hadn't done anything. He refused to accept any other outcome, and they kissed. Michael popped back in and indicated that it was time to go, and a guard would escort Adam to the courthouse. Adam reassured Chelsea that everything would be okay.

At Newman Enterprises, Nick asked if Victoria was ready to go, but she complained that she was buried in work. He assumed that she wanted him to tell her that she didn't have to go, and she admitted that she didn't want to watch Victor try to sabotage Adam the same way he'd tried to destroy Newman. Nick insisted that they present a united front to show Victor that if he messed with one Newman, he messed with all of them. Nick conceded that he wasn't convinced Adam was innocent, but he thought it was possible that Victor had been framing Adam.

At the prison, Meredith helped Victor with his tie and offered to be in the courtroom, but he insisted that there was no need for her to go. She argued that he'd be surrounded by people who were out to get him, but he replied that it wouldn't happen if he got to them first. She said she'd thought he'd been trying to protect Adam, but she wondered if his family had been right all along, and he was really out to take down everyone who'd ever loved him. Victor said he'd thought Meredith trusted him, and she replied that she wanted to.

Victor wondered if his enemies had turned Meredith against him, and she declared that she made up her own mind about people, but she couldn't reconcile why he hadn't wanted her to testify and why he didn't want her in court. Victor reasoned that he didn't want to put her through his ugly family business, but she thought there was something he wasn't saying. He recounted that she'd gone to the authorities with things he'd told her in confidence, and she defended that she'd been trying to help him. He assured her that he'd make sure justice was done in court, and a suit-clad Ian overheard and added that he wanted the same thing. Ian added that he'd see Victor in court, and a guard led Ian away.

Christine and Paul found Nikki in the courtroom, and Paul wondered if Nikki was sure she wanted to be there. Nikki swore that the proceedings wouldn't send her to a vodka bottle, but Paul questioned why she'd put herself through it when her divorce was about to be finalized. Nikki said she wanted to hear Victor's testimony to find out if Victor would lie to destroy his son. Christine argued that she had a strong case even without Victor's word, and Dylan joined them and acknowledged that all the evidence pointed to Adam.

Nikki contended that the evidence could have been planted or fabricated, but Christine countered that there was no proof that it had been, and Ian's statement was the best thing the defense had. Nikki warned that Victor was very cunning and had unlimited resources, and he'd never forgiven his family for testifying against him. Nikki thought Adam had sealed his own fate when he'd interfered with Victor's early release plans, and Christine berated Nikki for enabling Victor for longer than Adam had been alive.

Outside the courtroom, Jack told Summer that he was there to support Adam, and she asked if Phyllis also intended to be there, but he informed her that her mom had stayed at the cabin. Jack expressed surprise that Summer was there, and she said she hoped to see her grandfather. Jack realized that she was still rooting for Victor, and Summer replied that someone had to. Jack inquired whether Summer thought Adam was capable of cold-blooded murder, and he implied that Victor would set up his own son to get revenge at all costs. Victoria and Nick arrived, and Summer questioned whether they were there to take Adam's side against Victor, but Nick decided to leave it up to the jury.

Victoria pulled Summer into the courtroom, and Adam arrived with a guard. Adam was grateful to see Jack, who said it was clear to him that Adam had been set up and that Victor had been responsible. Jack wished him luck, and the men shook hands. The guard escorted Adam into the courtroom, and Victor called to Jack and asked where Phyllis was, since she'd never miss a chance to watch the Newmans tear one another apart. Jack growled that, unlike Victor, Phyllis no longer lived for revenge, and he hoped that Victor would lose in court the way he had the last time.

Chelsea approached Victor with Connor in her arms, and she sweetly cooed to her son to look at the heartless man who was out to teach them all a lesson. Chelsea questioned whether Victor was there to tear her family apart, and Victor replied that he didn't want his grandson to see him in handcuffs. A guard led Victor away, and Chelsea told Connor that his daddy would be proud of him. Michael wondered if she thought seeing Connor might affect Victor's testimony, and Chelsea figured it had been worth trying. Kevin offered to drop Connor off with the babysitter, and Chelsea and Michael entered the courtroom together.

At the cottage, Mariah accused Sharon of lying not just to Dylan and to Nick but to her, too. Mariah held up a full bottle of pills and confronted Sharon about claiming she was still taking her medication. Sharon snatched the bottle away, and she asserted that it was a new refill. Sharon defended that she'd only lost her temper earlier because she hadn't liked Mariah playing amateur psychiatrist, but Mariah recalled that it hadn't been the first time Sharon had shouted at her. Mariah revealed that Faith had told Nick that she'd heard them arguing about Sharon's medication, but Mariah knew she hadn't been there when it had happened, and she questioned who Sharon had been yelling at.

Sharon pointed out that Faith had a bad habit of eavesdropping and misunderstanding, but Mariah maintained that Faith had heard Sharon arguing with someone about her meds. Mariah ranted that it was bad enough that Sharon had been having nightmares, but it was also affecting Sharon in the daytime. Mariah thought it was only a matter of time before other people figured it out, and Sharon admitted that she'd lied about staying on her medication. Sharon explained that the nightmares had been getting worse, so she'd gone off her meds to see if the bad dreams would stop, and they had. Sharon had a vision of Sage, who snarled that Sharon was a liar.

Mariah lectured that going off the medication was one of the worst things Sharon could do, and she cautioned that Sharon could end up back at Fairview. Sage hissed that it was where Sharon belonged, but Sharon swore that she was never going back. Mariah was adamant that Sharon needed to take the pills for her own sake as well as her family's, and she warned that Dylan would consider the children if he thought Sharon had gone off her meds. Sage taunted that Sharon was the last person who should be raising her son. Looking past Mariah, Sharon cried that she was the only mother Sully had, and Mariah realized that Sharon was seeing Sage. Mariah wondered if Sharon knew how far she'd gone, and she insisted that Sharon had to do something right away.

Sharon insisted that Sage was dead, and she ridiculed Mariah for thinking that Sharon was seeing Sage in the daylight. Mariah compared it to how Sharon had seen Cassie, but Sharon argued that Victor had hired Mariah to make her believe it. Mariah suspected that Sharon was seeing Sage because Sharon was drowning in guilt, and Sage remarked that she'd always liked Mariah. Sharon rambled that Dylan didn't need to protect her kids from her because she loved them, but Sage raged that Sharon didn't know what love was, and Sharon would do anything to keep from being without a man.

Sharon screamed at Sage to shut up, and she suddenly grabbed a knickknack and decked Mariah, who fell unconscious to the floor. A panicked Sharon called Mariah's name, and Sage asked how many more people Sharon would hurt. Sharon begged Mariah to wake up, and Kevin burst in and saw Sharon hovering over Mariah's motionless body.

In her opening statement, Christine said the defense would try to tell the jury that Adam was the victim because he'd been framed, but the truth was that the only victim had been Constance Bingham. Meredith sneaked into the room as Christine added that Constance's only crime had been to love Adam as if he had been the grandson he'd led her to believe he'd been, but he'd taken her life to keep her from unmasking him as a fraud. Later, Michael opened by telling the jury that the D.A. wanted them to believe it had been a premeditated murder, but the trail of evidence had been obvious enough for a fifth grader to follow it. Michael conceded that someone diabolical had been involved, but it had been Adam's father, and he would prove it.

The trial got underway, and Dylan testified that forensics had verified the authenticity of Sage's journal and that Sage had named Adam as Constance's killer. Christine forced Dylan to say that he had no reason to doubt the findings of the autopsy results, and she had him recount how the police had found a vial of poison in Adam's storage locker. Dylan confirmed that the poison in the vial had matched the poison in Constance's remains. Michael stressed that the evidence was circumstantial, and he asked if Dylan believed that Adam had killed Constance or that a murder had even taken place.

Michael questioned whether Dylan had been content with the circumstantial evidence or whether he'd continued to investigate after Adam's arrest. Dylan replied that he'd been doing his job, and Michael recounted that Dylan had taken measures to determine whether the journal had been forged and that he'd pressed to have Constance's body exhumed a second time. Michael inquired whether Dylan had done those things out of due diligence or because it had seemed like some pieces were missing, and Dylan said both. Michael inquired whether Dylan honestly believed that Adam was guilty of murder, and Dylan asserted that it had been his job to gather evidence, but it was the jury's job to weigh it and decide.

Christine presented Nick with Sage's journal and asked if he recognized it, and he recalled that he'd sometimes seen Sage writing in it. He added that it had been among Sage's things after she'd died, and he admitted that he'd read it. Christine asked how he'd reacted when he'd read the entry about Adam poisoning Constance, and Nick said he'd been angry. Christine wondered if he'd felt disbelief, and Nick replied that he hadn't. Christine inquired whether Nick knew that Adam was capable of murder, but Michael objected, and she withdrew the question.

Michael asked what had gone through Nick's mind when he'd found out Sage had kept the secret from him, and Nick explained that it had been easier for him to consider Adam being a murderer than to think about someone using his wife's death for a sick, twisted reason. Michael suggested that Nick's own father had done just that, and it had been why Nick had agreed to exhume Constance's body a second time. Nick said he'd owed it to his wife to get to the truth, and he testified that he believed Victor would do anything to destroy his family's lives, including framing Adam from prison. Christine demanded that Nick's remark be stricken from the record, but Nick snapped that she knew he was telling the truth. The prosecution rested, and Michael called Ian to the stand. Ian proclaimed that the jury deserved to know the truth.

Michael asked if Ian considered Adam a friend, and Ian replied that their business association hadn't ended well, since Adam had left him to die in a fire. Michael established that Ian had no reason to be there on Adam's behalf, and Ian claimed that he just wanted to see justice done. Ian testified that he lived in the same cellblock as Victor, and Victor had stated that he'd reserved a cell there for Adam. Michael inquired whether Victor had let it slip that he was framing his son, and Ian claimed that Victor had bragged about it. Michael wondered why Victor had confided in Ian, and Ian explained that as much as Victor hated him, Victor hated his family even more. Ian thought that Victor hadn't been able to bear the thought of his family getting the last laugh, but revenge wasn't any good if no one else knew about it.

Ian continued that Victor had crowed that it had been easy to frame Adam, and he quoted Victor saying he was going to nail Adam's hide to the courthouse door. Michael asked if Ian knew beyond the shadow of a doubt that Victor had framed Adam, and Ian swore to it with God as his witness. Summer rushed out of the courtroom, and Chelsea smiled hopefully at Adam. Christine called Victor as a rebuttal witness, and Ian wished Victor luck in the next life as guards escorted the men past one another. Christine told Victor that a man's life depended on his answer to a question, and she asked whether he loved Adam. "With all my heart," Victor replied.

Victor said many people could attest to Ian being a pathological liar, and Christine inquired whether Victor had bragged about setting up his son. Victor contended that he knew nothing about the alleged murder, and Christine pointed out that Meredith had indicated that Victor had evidence that could prove Adam's guilt. Michael reported that Meredith had recanted her statement, but Christine argued that Meredith wasn't on the stand. Victor claimed that Meredith had been mistaken, since he'd never said such a thing. Christine questioned why the doctor had lied, and Victor explained that Meredith had developed feelings for him and had wanted to help.

Christine asked whether Victor loved his son enough to lie for him, and Victor replied that he would if he could, but there was a lot of evidence against Adam. Michael inquired whether Victor had been involved in any way with setting up Adam, but Victor maintained that he knew nothing about the alleged murder, and he theorized that Ian had framed Adam, since Adam wasn't a murderer. Victor stepped down, and Meredith glared at him as a guard led him out.

In the corridor, a guard prepared to take Ian back to prison, and Ian realized that there was no plan in place to help him escape. Ian attacked the guard, and Nikki appeared as Ian got control of the guard's gun. Victor and his guard exited the courtroom, and Victor's guard drew his weapon on an armed Ian, who used Nikki as a shield.

Victor pushed his own guard to keep him from firing, and a shot rang out. Nikki yelled Victor's name as Ian forced her to leave with him. People ran out of the courtroom and found Victor on the ground. Dylan called for an ambulance and announced that Victor had been shot.

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