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After brain surgery, Max suffered from memory loss and other problems, and Stitch shut Abby out. Hilary kissed Jack. Ian held Nikki and Phyllis hostage, but Victor escaped from the hospital and rescued the women. Nikki and Victor reunited.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of July 4, 2016 on Y&R
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Phyllis and Nikki Become Hostages Phyllis and Nikki Become Hostages

Monday, July 4, 2016

At the courthouse, Victor, escorted by an armed state policeman, emerged from the courtroom after announcing that his son Adam was not a murderer. Michael, Christine, Paul, Dylan, Dr. Gates, and members of Victor's family, stunned, remained seated inside the courtroom. Yelling, followed by gunshots, drew attention. Just outside the courtroom door, Ian, armed with a handgun and holding Nikki as a hostage, confronted Victor. The police officer drew his weapon, but Victor feared for Nikki's life, so he grabbed the guard's arm. Ian fired his weapon and struck Victor and the guard.

Ian whisked Nikki away and escaped before those still inside the courtroom could respond. Nick and Victoria huddled over their father. Nick unsuccessfully attempted to stop the flow of blood from his father's wound. Victor told Dylan, Paul, and Jack that Ian Ward had shot him and taken Nikki. Paul issued orders to block all exits so Ian couldn't escape. Back inside the courtroom, Chelsea, Adam, Dr. Gates, and Christine learned of the shooting from Michael.

Dr. Gates rushed to Victor's side to help. Dr. Gates instructed Nick to apply firm compression on a vein to stop blood loss. Adam broke free from Michael. Adam knelt close and yelled at Victor, begging him not to die. Michael pulled Adam away from Victor. Adam and Chelsea returned home.

Victoria insisted she be allowed to ride in the ambulance with her father. Paul explained that a guard would be escorting the injured prisoner. Victoria and Nick glared at Dr. Gates when she attempted to calm their fears about Victor's fate. After Paul received an update by phone, he told Michael, Victoria, Nick, and Dylan that Ian had escaped the courthouse with Nikki. Nick, Victoria, and Jack headed to the hospital after Paul convinced Nick to steer clear of Ian and allow the police to handle the search.

Back inside the courtroom, Christine sarcastically told Michael she was sorry he hadn't gotten a mistrial. Michael replied, "Judge Walker is holding out on his decision. Things could still go my way." Michael said he doubted that the jury could render an impartial verdict because of the shooting. Christine insisted that Michael would've lost his case no matter what. Michael replied, "I will get to the truth of this." Paul approached and told Christine and Michael that Ian Ward had escaped with Nikki. Michael turned to Christine and said, "But whatever Ian has done, no matter how outrageous, that doesn't make my client any less innocent."

At the Abbott cabin, Billy and Phyllis snuggled close after making love on the sofa. Phyllis worried that Jack might return unexpectedly. She said, "I came up here to celebrate my husband's birthday, and I end up naked with you. It's wrong, wrong!" Phyllis admitted that she'd lied to Jack and had gotten drunk to avoid having sex with him. Billy told Phyllis that they could be together if she uttered three simple words. Phyllis gazed into Billy's eyes and said, "I love you."

Phyllis berated herself for continuing to cheat on and lie to her loving, doting husband. Billy said, "Then we tell the truth. I want to be with you. I want a life with you." Billy's words seemed to jar Phyllis. Phyllis explained that doing so would affect a lot of people. She asked Billy to leave so she could be alone to think.

At Sharon's ranch house, Kevin arrived and found an unconscious and injured Mariah on the floor. Sharon cried, "Oh, Mariah -- I didn't mean to hurt you! You know that? It was her! I had to get rid of her!" Kevin replied, "Who's her? Who are you talking about?" Mariah awoke after Kevin stepped away to summon an ambulance. Mariah said, "What happened?" Kevin put down his phone to help Mariah move to a chair. Sharon put the metal bookend she'd used to strike Mariah back in its place on a table.

After Sharon left the room to get aspirin and ice, Kevin questioned Mariah and learned that Sharon had stopped taking her medication. Mariah explained that Sharon had repeatedly refused to seek medical advice. Kevin and Mariah made a plan to get Sharon the treatment she needed. When Sharon returned with the aspirin, Mariah insisted on being accompanied to the hospital. Mariah attempted to alleviate Sharon's concern and said she'd claim her injury had been the result of an accident. Sharon reluctantly agreed to travel to the hospital.

At the hospital, Victoria fretted and cried that the doctor should let her visit Victor. Nick explained that they'd only be in the doctor's way. Victoria admitted that after she'd seen their father injured and helpless on the floor, oil spills and revenge plots no longer mattered. Victoria cried when she recalled how Victor had looked at her and Nick as if they'd been strangers. Nick explained that Victor had been in shock. Nick added, "Mom's the true victim in this." Dr. Gates arrived, but she quickly ducked out of sight when she spotted Nick and Victoria. Nick stepped away to take a phone call.

Dr. Meredith Gates slipped into Victor's room. When Victor awoke and saw her, he asked if he'd been transported back to prison. Meredith replied, "Not yet." Meredith asked Victor why he'd humiliated her in court. Victor didn't immediately respond and seemed too weak to answer. Meredith explained that though Victor had lost a lot of blood, the bullet would wasn't life-threatening.

Meredith again posed her question and asked why Victor had called her a liar. Victor replied, "Meredith, I'm sorry. I didn't mean what I said in court. I care for you." Victor added that he'd done what had been necessary to protect his family and had said what he'd said to keep Adam out of prison. Nick and Victoria returned to their father's room and weren't pleased to see Meredith. Victor noted that Meredith had saved his life. Meredith told Nick and Victoria that the bullet hole had missed vital organs and left little tissue damage.

After Meredith left, Victor learned that Ian had taken Nikki. Victor said Adam was to blame because he'd arranged for Ian Ward to be in court. Paul and Christine entered Victor's room. Paul said he'd assigned every officer he could spare to search for Ian and Nikki. Victor said, "You allowed Ian Ward to escape with my wife out of the courthouse. How much more incompetent can it get?" Paul asked to speak to Victor privately. Nick and Victoria stepped out.

Christine told Victor that she and Paul had joined forces to help locate Nikki. Paul asked Victor if he'd helped Ian escape. Victor angrily insisted he hadn't. Paul asked Victor why he'd interfered when the state police officer had attempted to subdue Ian. Victor explained that the officer had been about to fire his weapon while Ian had been using Nikki as a human shield. Victor added, "That's why I pushed him away!"

After Paul and Christine left, Nick and Victoria returned to their father's room. Victoria said she and Nick loved Victor and wanted to offer support. Victoria cried that Nikki was somewhere unknown with a maniac. Victor, through tears, said, "Do you know how denigrating it is to be put in this position because of your testimony against me? How can I ever forgive you?" Victor insisted that he'd been willing to take a bullet for Nikki and would've done the same thing for Victoria and Nick. Victoria looked distraught. Victor insisted that everything he'd done had been for his family. Meredith secretly overheard Victor's discussion with his children.

In another area of the hospital, Dr. Lamb, a renowned psychiatrist, was waiting when Sharon, Mariah, and Kevin arrived. Sharon said, "I'm not the patient. My daughter is." Dr. Lamb told Sharon that she could've suffered serious consequences from going off her medication. Sharon was upset when she realized that Kevin and Mariah had tricked her. Dr. Lamb explained that if Sharon didn't cooperate, he would sedate her.

After Dr. Lamb administered medication to Sharon, he left. Sharon felt humiliated because Mariah had involved Kevin. Kevin said he'd figured out that something was wrong after Sharon had attacked Mariah with a bookend. Sharon expressed her distrust of doctors. Sharon turned her head away and asked to be alone. Mariah and Kevin stepped out.

Dylan spotted Mariah and Kevin outside Sharon's room. Dylan entered and asked Sharon what was going on. Mariah lied and said that the courthouse shooting had provoked a panic attack. Dylan assured Sharon that he hadn't been involved and was all right. Sharon tightly embraced her husband and cried, "Dylan, I can't lose you or Sully." Kevin glanced at Mariah, and the two stepped back out of the room. Kevin was angry at Mariah for lying to Dylan. Mariah explained that an ill Sharon had believed she'd been striking Sage with the bookend when the incident had taken place.

At Adam and Chelsea's penthouse, an agitated and frustrated Adam yelled that he had no way to find out about Victor's condition because he was prohibited from leaving home. Chelsea said she was thankful her family was safe at home. Adam apologized for his outburst and comforted Chelsea. Adam, unable to remain calm, animatedly recalled Victor's shocking announcement made in the courtroom. Adam cried, "He says he wants me ruined. He wants me to spend the rest of my days in prison. He takes the stand, and under oath, he says that I'm not a murderer."

Adam suggested to Chelsea that Victor might not have been the one who'd set him up. Chelsea replied, "Who else would go to these extremes? Who else is capable of doing something like this?" Chelsea noted that Victor wouldn't give his enemy, Ian Ward, the satisfaction of dying at his hand. Adam replied, "If he does, though, or if something happens to Nikki, that's on me."

Dylan stopped by and questioned Adam and Chelsea about Ian's escape. Dylan noted that his mother's life was on the line, so he wanted the truth. Adam admitted that he'd told Ian he'd help him escape, though no plans had been made to carry out an escape. Dylan became livid. Chelsea backed up Adam's story and insisted that they'd never intended for anything to happen. Dylan, angry, blamed Adam and said that both Nikki and Victor could have been killed because of Adam's actions.

After Dylan left, Michael stopped by. Michael explained that Adam would remain under house arrest until Judge Walker issued a decision about granting a mistrial. Michael assured his client that he'd push for Adam's freedom. Noting Chelsea's depressed demeanor and Adam's despondency, Michael asked them what had happened. Chelsea mentioned the secret deal she and Adam had made with Ian. Michael demanded details. Chelsea said she'd lied to Ian about an escape plan, so he'd agree to testify for Adam. Michael replied, "A lie? And yet, Ian managed to escape anyway. This stunt could cost you your last shot at freedom."

At the Genoa City Athletic Club's bar, Jack was sitting at the bar when Billy entered. Jack explained what had happened at the courthouse. Noting that Victoria was a wreck, Jack said she could use Billy's support. Billy said it wasn't his place to comfort Victoria. Jack didn't argue. Billy asked about Phyllis. Jack said that Phyllis had stayed at the cabin, where he'd also left his phone. Billy panicked when Jack asked to borrow his phone to call Phyllis.

After Phyllis didn't answer Jack's call, Billy asked if everything was okay with Jack and Phyllis' relationship. Jack replied, "Why would you ask that?" Billy mentioned the horrific ordeal Victor had brought upon Phyllis. Jack admitted that his marital relationship had remained strained because Phyllis couldn't let down her guard and fully let in him. Billy said, "Well, maybe getting drunk last night is a sign of a deeper issue."

Jack replied, "How did you know she got drunk last night?" Billy lied that Phyllis had contacted him to get his famous hangover cure. Jack noted that he and Phyllis had grown closer every day, even though she continued to recover from what Victor and Marco had done. Jack added that nothing would ever separate him and Phyllis.

Back at the Abbott cabin, Phyllis picked up her ringing cellphone and saw that it was Billy. Before Phyllis could answer, Ian, still holding his handgun, burst through the door and shoved Nikki inside. Ian, elated to see Phyllis, said, "Oh, sweet serendipity! My fellow stargazer!" Phyllis glared at Ian in disbelief when he said that he'd stepped from a prison cell to a red-hot love triangle. Nikki told Phyllis that Ian had escaped after shooting Victor. Ian suddenly became even more unstable and ordered Nikki to stand next to Phyllis. Nikki was terrified.

Ian provided rope and made Phyllis tie Nikki to a chair. Ian waved the gun and yelled that Phyllis had better not pull any tricks. Phyllis claimed that Jack had gone to the grocery store and would soon return. Ian scoffed and said he'd seen Jack at the courthouse. Nikki warned that the police were searching and would locate them. Paul, Ian noted, would shoot to kill to save Nikki, which made her a liability. Phyllis looked ill when Ian said he should consider getting rid of Nikki so he could be alone with Phyllis.

After Nikki was secured to a chair, Ian tied Phyllis to another chair. Nikki cried, "If Victor dies, I hope you rot in hell!" After Ian left the room in search of a laptop, Phyllis whispered to Nikki. Phyllis said she'd dropped her cellphone, which was under a table on the floor next to Nikki's feet. Nikki stretched out her leg and attempted to maneuver the phone closer. The phone's screen displayed a waiting message sent from Billy. Desperate, Phyllis frantically whispered commands while directing Nikki to move the cellphone with her foot. Ian suddenly returned, inquired about the commotion, and threatened to eliminate one hostage.

Phyllis claimed that she'd been describing her past connection with Ian but that Nikki hadn't believe her. Ian replied, "There was a time when Nikki took my word as gospel, too." Ian asked Nikki if she remembered a mantra he'd once taught about never again being alone. Nikki admitted that the words had saved her life. Phyllis began taunting Nikki. Phyllis said, "Did you record every bit of Ian's wisdom in your secret sex-cult diary, Nikki?" Nikki recoiled and angrily replied, "Shut up!"

Ian seemed to enjoy watching the two women argue about which hostage should be eliminated. Phyllis eagerly offered to shoot Nikki herself if Ian would hand over the gun. Ian approached Phyllis. He laughed, gazed at Nikki, and said, "Well, this is going to be more fun than I thought!" Nikki glared at Phyllis in disbelief.

Victor confronts Ian at the cabin Victor confronts Ian at the cabin

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Meredith listened at Victor's hospital room door as an emotional Victor cried to Victoria and Nick that everything he'd done had been for his family. Victor added that despite his family abandoning him, he had testified to save his son and would do everything in his power to save Nikki from Ian. Victoria told Victor to stop making it sound like a contest about who loved who more, and she insisted that they were there because they cared. Victor barked that he had to go back to a cage because of them, and Victoria implored him to admit he'd been working from prison to wreak havoc. "What if I did?" Victor spat.

Victoria asserted that Victor's family members had taken turns to reach out to him, but all he'd done had been shut them down. Nick repeated Victor's words that he didn't care if he ended up alone. Victor bellowed that he'd given them everything for their whole lives, and he'd worked his "ass off" so they could have a good life, but they'd blamed him for everything that had gone wrong. Victor's monitors started beeping, and Meredith entered and ordered Victoria and Nick out.

Meredith examined Victor and said everything looked stable, but he needed to keep his heart rate down. She advised him not to have any more visitors, and he thanked her for her kindness, especially after how upset she'd been with him. She admitted that she'd overheard his conversation with Victoria and Nick, and she thought she understood Victor a little better. Meredith recognized that not everything Victor had told her had been true, but she'd seen that he loved his children enormously and would never give up on them, no matter how many times they betrayed him.

In the hospital corridor, Kevin asked Mariah how long Sharon had been hallucinating. Mariah revealed that Sharon had been having nightmares about Sage, so Sharon had stopped taking her medication, and the visions of Sage had started happening during the day. Mariah confided that Sharon had envisioned Sage harassing her and making her feel guilty, and Sharon had been aiming for Sage when she'd decked Mariah. Kevin thought Dylan needed to know, but Mariah was adamant that Kevin keep mum. Kevin suspected that Mariah wasn't telling him the whole story, but Mariah thought Sharon was too fragile to handle Kevin forcing her to tell Dylan everything.

In her hospital room, Sharon explained to Dylan that she'd been terrified when she'd heard that someone had opened fire at the courthouse, but she was fine. Dylan wondered why she'd assumed he'd been shot, and she claimed that she'd thought it had been like the incident with Harding all over again. Dylan swore that the situation had been nothing like that, and Sharon said she'd been holding Sully when she'd gotten the news, so she'd immediately thought about her child growing up without a father. Paul entered, and Sharon invited him to stay.

Dylan explained to Paul that Sharon's mind had gone to the worst possible place when she'd heard about the shooting, and Sharon was thankful that Mariah had been there. Sharon pressed the men to tend to the major investigation that was underway, and Paul reported that Victor was expected to make a full recovery. Paul added that a homeless man had seen Ian get away in a car, and he wanted to see if the man could help them track down Nikki. Dylan and Paul left, and Mariah and Kevin entered Sharon's room. Sharon grumbled that she was ready to go home, and she was sure they had someplace they'd rather be. Kevin refused to let Sharon brush him off, and Mariah told Sharon that he knew about Sage.

Sharon reprimanded Mariah for telling Kevin about her visions, and Mariah insisted that she'd had no choice. Kevin asked if Sharon was seeing Sage at that moment, but Sharon snapped at him to lay off and not to tell Dylan. Kevin divulged that Mariah had told him about Sharon and Dylan's marital problems, but he thought Dylan had a right to know if Sharon was in distress. Kevin lectured that marriage was about being honest and helping one another, but Sharon wailed that Kevin didn't understand. Kevin pushed her to make him understand by telling him why she'd been having dreams and visions of Sage.

Mariah reminded Kevin that Sage had died in Sharon's arms, and Sharon had been traumatized because she hadn't been able to save Sage. Sharon said she'd been desperate to stop the nightmares to get a decent night's sleep, and she hadn't been herself between the hallucinations and lack of rest. Kevin said it hadn't been the right way to handle things, and Sharon wondered if he'd let it go if she admitted that he was right. Kevin said she couldn't ask him to lie to Dylan about something that serious, and Sharon asked what he wanted to keep his mouth shut. Kevin demanded that she promise to go back on her meds, or he'd tell Dylan everything that had happened that day.

Sharon, Mariah, and Kevin returned to the cottage, and Mariah agreed that it was best for Sharon to get back on her meds, but she didn't approve of Kevin's pressure tactics. Kevin insisted that the decision couldn't wait, and he contemplated what might have happened if Sharon had had a gun. Mariah reasoned that they wouldn't have a gun lying around with kids in the house, and Kevin pointed out that she was being rational, but Sharon's idea to go off her meds had been irrational. Sharon picked up a stuffed animal and said Kevin was right, and she vowed to keep herself together for her family's safety. Sharon promised to stay on her medication, and she went upstairs to lie down.

Kevin asked if Mariah thought Sharon was being honest, and Mariah opined that Sharon would take her meds because she knew there would consequences if she didn't. Kevin stressed that he'd have no choice but to tell Dylan if Sharon didn't keep taking her pills, and Mariah lamented that Dylan might keep Sharon from seeing Faith and Sully or send her away to get help. Kevin contemplated whether that would be such a bad thing, but Mariah swore that Sharon would do anything to keep her family together.

At Crimson Lights, Paul and Dylan met with the homeless witness, who said he'd seen a blonde woman and a gray-haired man get into a car. Dylan became frustrated when the man couldn't identify Ian or Nikki in photos, and the man had no idea which direction the car had headed. Paul gently asked the man if there was anything else he could remember, but the man said he'd told them everything he knew, and he asked if he could have his coffee. Paul sent the man up to the counter to order, and Dylan grumbled that they were chasing down worthless leads while his mother's life was at stake.

Dylan griped that they had yet to find a reliable witness, and he questioned how it was possible that they didn't know where Ian had taken Nikki. Paul urged Dylan to take it easy, since the entire force was working on it. Dylan said he was trying to stay calm and focused, but it was hard when his mother was out there with a psychopath. Paul assured Dylan that they had beaten Ian before and would beat him again, but they had to be patient and wait for Ian to make a mistake. Paul answered a call and told Dylan that they'd gotten a hit on some gas station surveillance footage.

At the Athletic Club bar, Billy said Jack reminded him of himself by thinking his marriage was invincible, and Jack insisted that he and Phyllis had earned their happiness. Billy recalled that he'd believed that he and Victoria could weather any storm, and he'd been convinced that they'd been meant to be together even after they'd divorced, but they'd been broken apart until there had been nothing left to put back together. Jack testily asked if Billy's idea of being supportive was telling him that his relationship was doomed, and Billy encouraged Jack to benefit from Billy's experience. Billy recounted that Victoria hadn't been able to forgive him for wanting to best Victor, and Jack had struggled with Phyllis for the same reason.

Jack swore that he and Phyllis had found a way to reconnect and trust one another again, and he didn't know what he'd do if he ever lost her. Jack pointed out that Billy's story with Victoria could change, but Billy firmly stated that he and Victoria were done, so Jack could stop playing matchmaker. Jack suggested that Billy change the dynamic of his relationship with Victoria so they could find a way to be friends. Jack spotted Victoria and Nick hugging in the foyer, and he commented that Victoria looked like she could use a friend.

Nick told Billy and Jack that Victor hadn't suffered any major damage, and Victoria added that their father was just stubborn and furious. Jack noted that Victor had reason to be upset after watching his wife dragged away at gunpoint, and Victoria fretted about something happening to her mother. Billy took a stricken Victoria into his arms, and she pledged to stay positive for her mom.

Victoria stepped to the bar to get some water, and Billy followed her. She wondered why he was being nice, and he replied that it was the least he could do when her father had been shot and her mother had been kidnapped. She mentioned their argument the night before, and he conceded that he'd been a jerk. He admitted that he'd been hurt that she'd accused him of sabotage, and she recognized that she owed him an apology. Billy noted that they both still cared what the other person thought, even though it was over between them. Billy said their kids made them a family, and they had to have one another's backs. He promised to be there for her whenever she needed a friend, and she thanked him.

Nick imagined that Nikki was terrified, but Jack insisted that she was smart and resourceful, and he assured Nick that Paul and Dylan would do everything to get her home safely. Jack applauded Nick for rushing to his father's side after the shooting, and Nick remarked that it had felt like time had stood still. Nick added that he'd kept thinking that couldn't be it, since he and Victor needed time to make things right between them. Jack surmised that things hadn't gone well at the hospital, and Nick said he wanted to believe their family could be whole again, but he didn't know if it was possible.

Jack imagined that Victor expected his children to beg and grovel for forgiveness as if Victor had been the victim, and Nick groaned that he was tired of the constant battle. Jack reflected back on what it had been like to lose the only father he'd had, and he urged Nick not to give up. Nick decided to head back to the hospital, and he and Victoria departed. Jack expressed surprise that Phyllis hadn't contacted him, and he prepared to go up to the cabin. Billy blurted out that it wasn't a good idea.

Billy claimed that Phyllis needed some time alone to decompress, but Jack was determined to let her know what was going on. Billy maintained that it wasn't a good idea to bother her, and Jack observed that Billy seemed protective of her. Billy reasoned that Phyllis would do the same thing for him, and Jack noted that Phyllis and Billy's bond had grown over the past several months.

At the Abbott cabin, Nikki was aghast that Phyllis had volunteered to shoot Nikki to save herself. Ian refused to let anyone else touch the gun besides him, and Phyllis hissed that Nikki would do the same thing to her in a heartbeat. Ian ordered the women to be quiet, since he had work to do. Phyllis warned that the police were searching for Nikki and Ian, and Jack would wonder where Phyllis was. Ian checked the news online and crowed that the police had no leads about their whereabouts, and Jack apparently had other fish to fry. Nikki asked what Ian was planning on doing, and Ian questioned why he'd taken a hostage when he could have dropped her off at the side of the road. Phyllis guessed that Ian wanted to demand a ransom.

Ian promised that he would leave the women safe and untouched once he received the ransom, but Phyllis wondered why he thought he would get a dime. Ian and Phyllis bantered as Nikki tried to reach Phyllis' cell phone with her foot, but Ian saw the phone and snatched it away. Phyllis suggested that he call Paul, but Ian countered that he'd be a fool to contact the authorities. Ian intended to call the one person who was certain to negotiate with him, and Nikki realized that he meant Victor. Ian imagined that Victor had somewhat recovered and would want to arrange a reunion with the love of his life.

The phone in Victor's room rang, and Meredith held the receiver up to Victor's ear. Nikki informed Victor that she was with Ian and was fine, but Victor needed to wire five million dollars into Ian's account in exchange for her release. Victor gestured for Meredith to get him a pen and paper, and Nikki began to read the routing number for an account in the Cayman Islands. Phyllis began shouting, and Ian turned away to argue with her. Nikki whispered over the phone that Ian had both her and Phyllis at the Abbott cabin, and she continued reading the account number. Ian grabbed the phone and said Victor had two hours to make the transfer, or it would be the last time he'd he heard Nikki's voice.

Ian was confident that Victor would wire the funds, but Phyllis pondered how Victor could do it while being guarded at the hospital. Ian anticipated that Victor would get one of his kids or Meredith to do it, and he eagerly watched his bank account on the computer screen. He cheered that it would be a glorious moment when the millions appeared, and he headed to the kitchen to make coffee. Nikki told Phyllis that she doubted Victor would pay the ransom, but she'd told him where they were, so she hoped the police were on the way. Phyllis worried that Victor would take matters into his own hands, and they'd get caught in the crossfire.

Victor told Meredith that he had little doubt Ian would follow through with his threat to kill Nikki, and Meredith wanted to call the police, but Victor said it was the worst thing they could do. Victor anticipated that Ian wanted to get even with him more than anything, and Ian might kill Nikki to spite Victor if cops showed up at the cabin. Victor insisted that Meredith had to trust him, and she sighed and agreed not to contact the police. She assumed that he wanted her to wire the funds, but he replied that there was something else he wanted her to do for him. Meredith pushed Victor out of his room in a wheelchair, and she informed the guard that Victor needed an MRI. The guard accompanied them.

Later, Victoria and Nick returned to the hospital, and Meredith reported that Victor was doing better, but they were running some tests to make sure he didn't need surgery. She continued to try to stall them from seeing Victor, but the guard became suspicious and burst into the exam room. The guard radioed in a report that a prisoner had gone missing. Moments later, Billy received a text message and learned that Victor had escaped from the hospital.

Phyllis awkwardly attempted to inch her chair closer to Nikki, and Ian erupted in a fit of laughter at her futile efforts. Ian sang to himself about heading to the land of milk and honey with his money, and Victor quietly crept into the cabin. Ian spotted Victor's reflection in the mirror and jumped to his feet. Ian held his gun on Nikki and proclaimed, "Here we go again!" "Only this time, you will die, Ian Ward," Victor ominously stated.

Victor tries to save the day Victor tries to save the day

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

by Mike

At the hospital, Paul questioned Dr. Gates, who eventually admitted that Victor had gone after Ian. Dylan lost his patience and lashed out at Gates when she refused to provide more information, but Paul reined him in then got Gates to reveal Ian's whereabouts after promising her that care would be taken to ensure everyone's safety during the rescue attempt.

Meanwhile, Summer arrived with Luca, having just learned about everything that had happened. As Nick and Victoria were assuring Summer that Victor's gunshot wound hadn't been serious, Paul and Dylan rushed past them, hastily revealing that Ian was holding Nikki hostage at the Abbott cabin. "That's where my mom is!" Summer fretted. Paul assured Summer that he would do everything he could to protect all her loved ones.

Unable to reach Jack on his cell phone, Summer rushed off to the Athletic Club in search of him, with Luca in tow. Meanwhile, Nick and Victoria went to confront Gates, who explained that she had agreed to help Victor escape because she had seen just how worried he had been about Nikki, whom he obviously still loved dearly. "And you love him, don't you? Despite everything, you haven't stopped," Nick realized. Gates confirmed the suspicion, admitting that although it might be pathetic of her to still feel that way about Victor after everything he had said about her in court, she couldn't just turn off her feelings.

At the Athletic Club, Billy guessed that Victor was on the run, but Jack was confident that Victor had really just escaped to rescue Nikki. "I'd do the same thing for Phyllis," Jack noted. "And I'd stop you," Billy countered. Jack was confused at first but eventually concluded that Billy was just showing brotherly protectiveness. "I am touched, but you really don't have to worry about me. Certainly not where Phyllis is concerned," Jack stressed.

Billy squirmed uncomfortably as Jack added that he was sorry things had been tense between them lately. "I know I don't say this enough, but having you in my life means the world to me," Jack admitted. As Billy struggled to think of a response, Summer arrived with Luca and revealed that Ian had taken Nikki to the Abbott cabin. Luca watched with interest as Billy reacted to the news with as much concern as Jack.

At the Abbott cabin, Victor took a seat in front of Ian's laptop and started to enter the necessary information to transfer five million dollars into Ian's bank account, but he refused to complete the transaction until after Ian released a hostage. Ian freed Phyllis, but she insisted that she wasn't going to leave without Nikki. Ian was reluctant to say goodbye to Nikki at first, but he eventually untied her, realizing that she would only slow him down if he tried to flee the country with her. "I can't just leave you," Nikki told Victor, but he tossed Phyllis his car keys, and she dragged Nikki out of the cabin with her.

Once they were alone, Ian urged Victor to complete the transaction, but Victor refused, complaining that his injured shoulder was bothering him. Victor stepped away from the laptop as he added that he had already done enough favors for Ian, anyway. "You can't take it that I've beaten you, huh? You just can't take it," Ian guessed as he completed the transaction himself.

An alert popped up on the screen, indicating that the wrong password had been entered. "I have a special arrangement with the bank: if someone enters the wrong password or tries to hack my accounts, the authorities are alerted. They already know where this computer is located. They're probably on their way up here," Victor explained.

Furious, Ian admitted that he wasn't surprised; in fact, he had assumed that Victor might double-cross him. "You think you've got the upper hand, huh? But you forget, Victor: I'm the man with the gun," Ian pointed out, aiming the weapon at Victor. Unfazed, Victor reasoned that if Ian shot him, that would just add more time to Ian's prison sentence.

Realizing that Victor was right, Ian placed the gun in Victor's hand then backed away. "Well, what's the endgame gonna be now, Victor, huh? Now that you're the man with the gun? You gonna march me out of here and turn me in, or do you want me to answer for that bullet that you took? An eye for an eye, a shoulder for a shoulder?" Ian suggested with a chuckle.

Victor insisted that nothing could ever balance the scales, given all the damage Ian had caused. As a helicopter neared the property, Ian began taunting Victor with suggestive comments about Nikki, trying to convince him the pull the trigger. Meanwhile, Victor spotted Nikki outside, watching through a window.

Ian disappointedly observed that Victor's hesitation to shoot him seemed to suggest a loss of nerve. "I haven't lost it. You're of greater value to me alive than dead. You are my ticket out of prison," Victor explained. Before Ian could respond, Paul burst into the cabin with backup and ordered Victor to drop the gun.

At the Athletic Club, Billy insisted on accompanying Jack to the Abbott cabin to see if Phyllis was okay, despite Jack's protests that it would make more sense for Billy to stay behind and keep him updated, just in case Phyllis was already on her way back to Genoa City. Phyllis' unexpected arrival settled the argument, and Billy watched jealously as she ran straight into Jack's waiting arms.

After Phyllis revealed what had happened at the cabin, Luca pulled Summer aside and told her he was glad that her mother was all right. Summer fretted that Victor and Nikki could still be in danger. Luca feared that Summer was upset with him because he had tried to convince her earlier that night to stay in bed with him and forget about checking her cell phone until the following morning, ultimately delaying her receipt of the news about her family's crisis. Luca stressed that he would never intentionally try to keep Summer away from her family, but as he spoke, she secretly recalled Nick's advice about watching for red flags when around Luca.

After hugging Nikki and seeing for himself that she was okay, Dylan escorted Ian out of the Abbott cabin in handcuffs. "You sacrificed so much to get here, and I really didn't think... I'm so glad that you came. Thank you," Nikki said to Victor. Without responding, Victor invited Paul to go ahead and cuff him, but Paul decided that wouldn't be necessary. Nikki watched sadly as Victor left the cabin with Paul.

Devon decides to fight Hilary Devon decides to fight Hilary

Thursday, July 7, 2016

At Newman Enterprises, Nick marveled to Summer and Luca that Victor had gone from escaped convict to hero in a matter of hours, and Luca mentioned that Ian was back in lockup. Nick reported that Victoria was with Nikki, and Luca mumbled that Victoria wasn't with Travis for a change. Summer wondered if Victor's escape would add more time to his sentence, but Nick pointed out that Adam had gotten out of his sentence entirely after a similar situation, so Victor's case for appeal had never been stronger. Nick added that it couldn't have worked out better if Victor had planned it.

Summer believed that Victor had saved Nikki because he loved her and not as part of a plan to get out of jail, and she asserted that Victor had been an even bigger hero than Adam had been in the Newman fire. Luca called her the most loyal person he'd ever met, but Nick warned that once Victor got out of prison, everything would change, since Victor had admitted to trying to teach everyone in the family a lesson. Nick anticipated that things would get messy fast, since Victor never forgave or forgot.

Nick said Victoria needed backup while he was gone, and Luca inquired whether Nick was backing away from the company. Nick revealed that he intended to check things out at the refinery to find out who'd tried to tank the business, since there had been at least one traitor on the inside. Luca cautioned that the press would pounce if Newman indicated that they considered it to be an ongoing threat, but Nick wanted the world to know that they wouldn't stand for another round of sabotage. Luca offered to go in Nick's place.

Luca reasoned that he'd been beside Victoria since the first leak, and no one at the facility would bat an eye if a random suit asked questions. Nick thought someone from the Newman family had to let employees know their jobs were safe, and he thought Luca would be most useful staying in Genoa City and supporting Victoria. Luca volunteered to start pitching in by taking a meeting, and Nick ordered Luca not to mention Nick's trip to anyone. After Luca headed out, Summer inquired whether Nick really had to go to the refinery or if he'd just wanted to see if Luca jumped in to handle it. Nick reminded Summer that everyone with access to Newman's computers was a suspect, and he thought it was understandable if she had questions about Luca.

Summer pointed out that Nick suspected Victor of the sabotage, but Nick thought there was a strong likelihood that someone on the inside was following Victor's orders and expecting a big payoff if Victor returned. Nick promised that he wouldn't judge, and Summer voiced her concern that Luca had gotten in the way of her finding out about Phyllis and Nikki's kidnapping. She said she wanted to believe her gut, but things like that had made her wonder. Nick implored her to keep her eyes open and trust her instincts, and he reminded her that she was Supergirl. Meanwhile, Luca lounged at the pool, and he called someone to warn that Nick was on his way.

At Crimson Lights, Esther rambled to Billy about Victor's heroic efforts to rescue Nikki and Phyllis. Esther imagined that Jack had been worried sick to find out the woman he loved had been trapped in another man's hands, and there had been nothing Jack had been able to do about it. Billy dryly noted that Victor had played hero twice in one day, since Victor had also testified that Adam wasn't a killer. Esther imagined that Adam would get away with it again, since the Newmans always won. Billy expected that Adam would probably walk and that Victor would maneuver his way out of prison, and Esther hoped that Victor hadn't saved Phyllis' life just to make it more miserable.

Phyllis awakened in bed and found Jack staring at her. He offered her coffee, and she said she'd need it because she hadn't slept much. Jack noted that she'd tossed and turned all night, and he'd wanted to watch over her, since he hadn't been there the day before. He assumed that what had happened at the cabin had stayed with her all night, and she flashed back to having sex with Billy. Jack assured her that she was safe, and nothing like that would ever happen again.

Phyllis said she had to be at work, but Jack insisted that she didn't have to prove that she was tough, since she was as unbreakable as their marriage, just like he'd told Billy. Jack recounted that Billy had been convinced that all marriages led to divorce, including Phyllis and Jack's, but he thought Billy couldn't begin to comprehend what they'd endured only to end up stronger. Jack said Billy was jealous of what they had, and he imagined that Billy could have the same thing for himself if he started rebuilding his relationship with Victoria. Phyllis flatly stated that she didn't want to talk about Billy, and she declared that Ian didn't get to take anything away from her, including a day of work. Jack agreed to let her go under the condition that she didn't think about the cabin.

In her hotel room, Hilary left a voicemail message for Jack, expressing her relief that Phyllis was home. Hilary added that she'd had her first treatment, and all that was left was to pray. She requested that he call her when he could, and she hung up. She rushed to answer a knock at the door, but her face fell when she saw Devon, who entered with an enormous bouquet of flowers. Hilary coldly stated that she hadn't invited him in, and Devon reiterated that he wanted to be there to give her everything she needed during her recovery. She testily questioned what had made him think she needed him.

Devon observed that Hilary was getting back to her old self, and he surmised that the protocol was working. Hilary said she had good days and other days, and Devon pledged to be there for all of them. She told him to save it, since his help had strings, and he was trying to change her. Devon insisted that he'd always loved her for who she was, and she guessed that he was just attempting to stay on her good side to avoid losing his billions. He swore that he was there because of their marriage and not money, and he reminded her of their wedding vows.

Hilary pointed out that the words hadn't meant much to him when she'd been married to his father, but Devon countered that he and Hilary had gotten together because they hadn't been able to be apart, and that hadn't changed for him. Devon contended that no one should have to go through a health crisis alone, but she vowed to get through it the way she had gone through everything else in life -- on her own. She yelled at him to get out, and she threw the flowers at him as he walked out the door.

Devon returned downstairs with the bouquet, and Lily asked what had happened. He told her to save the flowers for the funeral, and she couldn't hide her glee at the thought that Hilary had died. Devon announced that his marriage was dead, but Lily insisted that he couldn't give up if he wanted to keep what was his. She pleaded that the club was her home, and the staff felt like family, so she couldn't lose them because of Hilary.

Devon questioned whether Lily expected him to fight for a loveless marriage just to make her feel better, and Jack entered and asked if the flowers were for Hilary. Lily said they were for the front desk, and Jack asked Devon if there had been any improvement in his marriage. Devon opted to let Hilary fill Jack in, and Lily tucked a flower into Devon's lapel for luck before he headed out. Hilary descended the stairs and cooed that she'd see Jack at the bar, and Lily stopped herself from warning Jack about Hilary again.

Jack joined Hilary and said she looked wonderful, and she attributed it to makeup and willpower. She mentioned that she'd had to tell Devon to leave her alone, since she didn't want his pity. Jack insisted that Devon loved her, but Hilary was adamant that her marriage was over. Jack encouraged her to double down and love harder whenever she and Devon hit a rough patch, and they'd make it through just like Jack and Phyllis had. Hilary saw Lily glowering at them, and she suggested that Jack take her upstairs to avoid people judging her.

Jack escorted Hilary to the rooftop, and she wondered if he was afraid to be alone in her room with her. Jack pointed out that being alone together wouldn't make it easier to avoid Lily's judgment, and he suggested that Hilary catch him up on business. Hilary seemed distracted, and Jack asked if she was okay. She stammered that she didn't know, and he offered to call Simon. Hilary clarified that a doctor couldn't help her, and Jack asked what she was feeling. She responded by planting a passionate kiss on him.

Jack pulled away, and he apologized if he'd sent the wrong signals. Hilary claimed that she'd been experiencing mood swings and a lack of self-control since receiving treatment, and Jack assured her that no one had seen anything. She swore that she didn't want to jeopardize their friendship, and Jack urged her to discuss the side effects with Simon, since the cure shouldn't trash her marriage. Hilary reiterated that her marriage was over, but she recognized that Jack and Phyllis had something sacred. Hilary promised that it would never happen again, and she called Jack a good man and good friend. Jack departed, and Hilary smirked.

At Jabot, Ashley welcomed Abby back with a hug, and Abby mentioned that she was waiting for permission to see Victor. Abby thought Ashley looked great, and she was glad to see her mother back at Jabot, but she hoped Hilary hadn't forced Ashley to return there. Ashley replied that Hilary hadn't, and she inquired whether Max was on his way home. Abby replied that it wasn't going to happen.

Ashley was confused, since she'd thought that the surgery had gone well, and Abby explained that Max had started having seizures that had left the boy with memory loss and impaired motor skills. Ashley inquired whether there were options for treatment, and Abby replied that the doctors hadn't promised anything. Abby lamented that Max didn't deserve that kind of life, and watching Max go through it made her feel like she'd lost two children.

Phyllis arrived, and Abby was glad to see she was fine. Abby prepared to leave, and Ashley asked Phyllis to cover for her. After Abby and Ashley departed, Phyllis began sorting through files, but she turned when the door opened, and she faced Billy. Phyllis informed him that Jack wasn't there, but Billy said she knew he wasn't there to see his brother. Billy told her that he'd wanted to race back to the cabin when he'd heard about Ian, and he wished he hadn't ever left, but she maintained that she'd needed to be alone to think.

Phyllis asked why Billy had told Jack that he thought their marriage was doomed, and she suspected that Billy had been trying to imply to Jack that Phyllis was getting ready to end the marriage. Billy incredulously asked if she was staying with Jack, and Phyllis explained that she'd thought she had already made her decision to tell Jack the truth before "hell" had broken loose. Billy questioned whether she was going to celebrate being alive by running back to Jack, and she said she wasn't sure what she thought or felt. She recalled that she and Jack had made it back from a misery Billy couldn't understand, and she and Jack had something real and special.

Billy argued that Phyllis had risked her marriage to sneak into his house to be with him, and he insisted that he and Phyllis had something real. Phyllis tearfully proclaimed that she loved both men, but Billy asserted that Jack would never be enough for her if she thought about being with someone else. Phyllis pleaded that she needed time to make sure she was making the right decision, and Jack entered and said he'd been able to hear their voices down the hall.

Billy claimed that he was there to see Ashley, and he hadn't expected Phyllis to be at the office after her ordeal. Phyllis declared that there was work to be done, and Jack wondered why Billy had needed to see Ashley. Billy swore that he wasn't there to steal trade secrets, and Jack promised to tell Ashley he'd stopped by. Billy pointedly told Phyllis to take her time and not to rush into anything until she was ready, and she replied that she never did. Billy left, and Jack observed that both Billy and Phyllis had seemed off. Jack asked what had really happened between them.

Phyllis said she thought Billy had crossed the line when he'd assumed Phyllis and Jack's marriage was doomed, so she'd told Billy to keep his mouth shut, and that had been why Jack had heard raised voices. Jack asked her not to be too hard on Billy, since Billy wasn't the only one who wanted what Phyllis and Jack had. Jack added that jealousy wasn't a bad thing if it gave Billy something to shoot for, and not everyone was as lucky as they were. They embraced, but Phyllis looked torn.

At Crimson Lights, Esther approached Ashley and Abby and expressed sympathy about Max. After Esther headed back to the counter, Abby said she didn't know what to say to people. Ashley guessed that Stitch was still with Max, and Abby divulged that they'd moved him to a long-term care facility. Abby cried that Stitch couldn't fix his son, and she'd only made things worse because Stitch blamed her for what had happened to Max. Ashley thought Stitch was scared, and it didn't make sense for him to blame Abby for Max's brain tumor.

Abby contended that she'd been a victim who'd lost her baby, but she considered it a blessing that Max no longer had that memory. Ashley pointed out that Stitch still remembered, and she imagined that he felt guilty that he hadn't listened to Abby's concerns about Max much earlier. Abby recounted that Max had wanted to have the surgery so that she no longer had to be afraid of him, and she sensed that Stitch held her responsible for Max's condition. Ashley insisted that Stitch wasn't cruel or irrational, and he'd known that the surgery had had potential risks and benefits. Ashley assured Abby that both her marriage and Max could heal and recover.

Ashley said Abby and Stitch had survived the worst life had thrown at them, and it didn't have to break them. Abby griped that Stitch wouldn't let her in, and Ashley recommended that Abby make sure he knew that she wasn't giving up or backing down. Abby nervously answered a call from Stitch, and she thanked him for letting her know something, but he hung up before she could finish saying that she loved him. Abby reported that the department of corrections had called with the news that she could visit Victor, but Ashley thought that Stitch had wanted to hear Abby's voice.

Across the coffeehouse, Esther asked what she could get for Devon, and he requested a different life. She thought it would be a shame if he wasn't Katherine's grandson, and he remarked that he could use someone like Katherine, who had known how to handle everything. Esther conceded that she wasn't "Mrs. C," but she was happy to listen. Devon confided that he would be too ashamed to talk to Katherine if she were there, since he'd done nothing with the fortune she'd left him other than to drive people crazy with greed. Esther thought Katherine would tell him that money showed the worst in some people but the best in others, and it was up to him to decide how to use the money and who to surround himself with. Devon presented Esther with the flower from his lapel and headed out.

At the Athletic Club bar, Lily scolded Hilary for mixing her meds with bubbly, since it would be a shame for the floor if Hilary passed out and hit her head. Hilary announced her intent to live a long, healthy life, and she looked forward to getting everything that she deserved. Hilary offered to buy Lily a drink, since it might be the last one before security was under strict instruction to keep Lily out. Lily retorted that the place belonged to Devon, just like Jack belonged to Phyllis, and she encouraged Hilary to drink up.

Devon returned to the club and declared that there would be no funeral yet, and Lily wondered who had put a fire under him. He replied that Katherine had, since he'd considered what Katherine would have done, and the answer was to "fight like hell" and not let Hilary destroy their family. Lily and Devon hugged.

Billy joined Hilary at the bar and ordered what she was having. She guessed he was celebrating because Jack had his wife back, and Billy glumly toasted to happy endings.

Nikki calls off the divorce Nikki calls off the divorce

Friday, July 8, 2016

Abby arrived at the hospital, and she thanked Paul for letting her see Victor. Paul hoped she had no plans to help "the prisoner" escape, and Abby argued that Victor hadn't escaped but had gone to rescue his wife, so Phyllis and Nikki owed him their lives. Abby entered Victor's room, and he opened his eyes and lovingly greeted her. She hugged him.

Abby asked if Victor was in pain, and he said it hurt sometimes, but he was fine. A relieved Abby marveled that he really was okay, and she recalled that she hadn't been able to breathe when she'd heard what had happened. He stated that it was over, but she worried that Ian would be waiting to pounce once Victor returned to Walworth. Victor proclaimed that he wouldn't be going back to "that hellhole," and he vowed to reclaim his life, starting then.

Abby said she'd keep her fingers crossed that Victor won on appeal, since she missed him and hated seeing him like that. Victor chuckled and remarked that he hated living it even more. Abby sympathized that it was torture to be cut off from the world, and Victor said he had a lot to get back to, but he doubted the rest of the family shared Abby's enthusiasm for his release. Abby spotted Nikki in the corridor, and she thought that she wouldn't be the only one who would celebrate.

Nikki tracked down Paul in the hallway, and she declared that she was ready to give her statement about how Victor had risked his life to save hers. Paul questioned whether she was primarily concerned with telling it to the appeals committee, and she said she hoped Victor's sentence would be lessened or overturned. Paul reminded her that Victor was in prison in large part due to her, since she'd believed he should be held responsible for his actions. Nikki asserted that Victor had been punished enough.

Nikki contended that Victor had done something heroic, and he hadn't taken the opportunity to get revenge on Ian, since Victor had been focused on saving her. Paul wondered if she'd forgotten about the terrible things Victor had done, and Nikki replied that Victor wasn't a vengeful monster but a proud man who was complicated and overprotective. She asserted that Victor had been willing to put his life on the line for his family's sake, and she thought the appeals court should know that, since Victor had suffered enough. Paul questioned whether she was really ready to forgive and forget after everything Victor had put her through.

Paul suspected that Nikki's emotions were on edge after she'd been through a trauma, and she agreed, but she maintained that her husband had risked his own life for her. Paul countered that Victor had also done unconscionable things to her children and the community, and Victor deserved to be punished. Nikki reiterated that Victor had been, but Paul asked whether Victor had shown any remorse for his actions, since Paul had only seen the opposite. Paul reminded Nikki that it had been why she'd filed for divorce, and her goal had been to be free of Victor.

Abby exited Victor's room and informed a shocked Nikki that Victor wanted to see her. Paul begrudgingly allowed the visit, and a guard opened the door for Nikki, who softly asked how Victor was feeling. He replied that he was fine physically, and she thanked him for saving her life. She added that many things had gone through her head during the ordeal, like who they were and how they'd gotten there. She couldn't believe that she had wanted to walk away from Victor, and she admitted that she didn't want the divorce.

Nikki said she should have been terrified when Victor had walked into the cabin without a weapon, but she hadn't been, since she'd known he would stop Ian, and he had. She continued that Victor had "surprised the hell" out of her by not killing Ian, and watching him exercise that kind of restraint for the sake of his family had made her see that he was still the wonderful man she'd fallen in love with. Nikki said she didn't want to walk away from him, but she understood if he wanted to proceed with the divorce. Victor confirmed that he didn't want a divorce, either, and his eyes welled with tears as he said she had been and always would be the woman for him. They embraced, and he murmured that he didn't know what he would have done if he'd lost her. She replied that he'd never have to find out, and they kissed.

At the penthouse, Adam worried about what would happen with Ian back in custody, and Chelsea assured him that no one would listen to Ian. Adam recounted Victor's testimony that Adam wasn't a murderer, and he wondered why Victor had gone to the trouble of framing him only to aid him on the stand. Chelsea thought they needed to identify the mystery woman who'd worked with Victor to set Adam up, and Adam said he needed to see Victor to find out why Victor hadn't buried him on the stand. Chelsea reminded Adam that he was under house arrest, so visiting Victor was impossible, but Adam replied that maybe it wasn't.

At Crimson Lights, Esther greeted Stitch and told him that he'd just missed his wife. Stitch approached Dylan at a table, and Dylan asked how things were going with Max. Stitch replied that if he could go back in time, he'd do things much differently. Dylan was dismayed to hear that Max's condition had deteriorated, and Stitch bemoaned that he'd relegated his son to a limited life. Dylan said Stitch had made the best decision he could have made for Max, and he noted that Max was getting great help from people who could help him recover.

Dylan inquired about Abby, and Stitch said he couldn't expect her to understand. Dylan warned that shutting her out just made things worse, and Stitch argued that it was difficult to talk about. Dylan implored Stitch to try, and he answered a call from Adam, who asked to see him right away. Stitch thanked Dylan for listening, and Dylan again urged him to talk to his wife.

Dylan arrived at the penthouse, and Adam asked whether it was possible to see his father. Dylan mentioned that Victor's visitors had been limited, and Adam explained that he wanted to find out why Victor had changed his story, but he had to see Victor in person to see if he was telling the truth. Adam recognized that he was in no position to ask for a favor, but he had to prove his theory that Victor had set him up. Dylan questioned whether confronting Victor was the only way, and Adam stated that it was, short of finding Victor's accomplice. Dylan offered to see what he could do, and he departed.

A manic Sharon vacuumed and dusted the cottage, and Mariah entered with some paperwork from Chelsea. Sharon continued cleaning, and Mariah explained that she was trying to keep things normal, but Sharon barely listened. Mariah asked how Sharon was feeling, and Sharon exclaimed that she was great. Sharon stopped Mariah from setting the documents on a table, and she put them in a drawer instead. Mariah observed that Sharon had been busy, and Sharon babbled about how she'd put the bookend back in its original place. Sharon added that she was really sorry she'd hit Mariah, who inquired whether Sharon was really back on her medication.

Sharon swore that she had been taking her meds, and she felt amazing. As she zealously cleaned the photo frames, she rambled that she had stopped seeing Sage, so she was in control. Mariah noted that Sharon was acting a bit frantic and talking at warp speed, and Sharon explained that she wanted to get the place in shape before Dylan got home for lunch. Sharon figured that they deserved to have a nice afternoon after the episode at the hospital, and Mariah reminded Sharon that it had happened because she'd gone off her meds and clocked Mariah in the head.

Sharon thanked Mariah for covering and lying for her, and she happily declared that Nick was out of town, so there was no threat of him finding out her secret. There was a knock at the door, and Sharon panicked that she wasn't ready, but Mariah reasoned that Dylan wouldn't knock at his own house. Mariah let Kevin in, and he was startled when Sharon ran over and hugged him. Mariah explained that Sharon was setting the mood for a date, and Sharon asked Kevin to help her move the sofa so she could clean under it, but she suddenly remembered that she had to tend to a quiche. Sharon raced into the kitchen, and Kevin thought there was no way Sharon was medicated.

Mariah conceded that it looked like bipolar behavior, but she believed that Sharon was back on her meds. Kevin suspected that something else was going on, and he lectured that Mariah owed it to her mom to find out the truth. Mariah ordered him to drop it, but Kevin thought there had to be a reason why Sharon had been seeing dead people. Mariah insisted that Sharon had corrected the mistake of going off her medication, and Sharon overheard and thanked Mariah. Sharon swore that she had resumed taking her pills, and she apologized that Kevin had walked in and seen an injured Mariah.

Sharon explained that she experienced extreme highs and lows with her condition, and she'd once thought that the meds had been robbing her of her feelings, but she'd learned otherwise. Sharon recognized the damage her disorder had done to her and her relationships, and she promised to stay on track. Mariah repeated that she believed Sharon, and she hugged her mom. Kevin added that he believed Sharon, too, but he joked that he couldn't believe Mariah was voluntarily hugging people. Kevin took a call from Chelsea, who pleaded that he was the only person who might be able to stop Victor from getting away with sending Adam to prison for something he hadn't done.

After Kevin left, Mariah said the house looked beautiful, and Sharon thanked Mariah for backing her up and keeping her secret. Mariah understood what Sharon was fighting for, since a perfect family wasn't easy to find. Sharon considered Mariah to be part of that perfect picture, and they hugged. Dylan entered, and Sharon cheered that he was home. Sharon presented him with lunch, and Mariah promised that they wouldn't know she and Sully were there.

Mariah headed upstairs, and Dylan marveled at everything Sharon had done. Sharon said she'd wanted to celebrate Ian being caught, but Dylan didn't want to talk about work. He asked about her day and how she was doing, and she replied that she'd been feeling better. She added that she was grateful to have time with him, and they kissed. Nikki arrived at the door and asked for Dylan's help.

Dylan was stunned to learn that Nikki had called off the divorce, and she proclaimed that the man she'd known and loved was back. Dylan realized that she hoped Victor's heroism would affect his appeal, but he reminded her that Victor had fled police custody. Nikki anticipated that Dylan would have done the same thing to save Sharon, and she thought Victor's actions might help overturn his sentence. Dylan conceded that it might reduce Victor's prison time, but it wouldn't erase the original charges, and he noted that Victor had been found guilty of fraud and kidnapping in part because she'd testified against him.

Nikki asked if there was something they could do to help Victor, and Dylan suggested that the whole family testify in front of the appeals committee to take back what they'd said. Dylan clarified that they couldn't change the facts, but they could alter the emotional tone of the testimony and admit that they'd been trying to teach Victor a lesson. Nikki was willing to do it, but Sharon thought it was a big request for everyone else. Dylan stressed the importance of presenting a united front for the judge, and Nikki thought Victor needed to see it, too.

Kevin stopped by the penthouse, where Chelsea told him that they had to determine the identity of the woman who'd visited Victor. Kevin regretted that there had been no shots of the woman's face, but Chelsea referred to Kevin's incredible hacking successes in the past. She wondered why he wouldn't help her, and she guessed that he wanted to see Adam go to prison to pay for what had happened to Delia. Kevin admitted that he'd spent a long time hating Adam, but Delia would have wanted him to find forgiveness, so he'd found a way to move on. Kevin pointed out that Victoria had hired him to investigate the sabotage of the oil rigs, and he swore that he was trying to find the mystery woman's identity for both Victoria and Chelsea.

Kevin opened his laptop to try one last trick, and he discovered another camera that had captured a glimpse of the woman's face. He and Chelsea watched the tape, but he griped that it wasn't enough. Chelsea hoped they could make a positive identification another way, but Kevin reported that they had no real name or fingerprints, and the prison guard hadn't been any help. Chelsea stared intently at the screen and asked, "Who are you?"

Abby spotted Stitch at the hospital, and he kissed her and surmised that she was there to see Victor. She said she hadn't known Stitch had picked up a shift, and he claimed that it had happened at the last minute. She inquired about his visit with Max, and Stitch curtly reported that not much had changed. She pushed to find out how Max was doing, and he testily asked how she thought his son was. Abby acknowledged that it was hard for Stitch to watch Max struggle, but they were a family, and it was hard for her, too.

Stitch insisted that it wasn't the same, since Abby couldn't understand. Abby countered that she couldn't because he wouldn't talk to her, and her mind took her to dark places when she imagined what was going on with him. She confided that she thought he blamed her for what had happened to Max, since Max had decided to have surgery as penance for her losing the baby. Stitch wailed that his son's body and mind were betraying him, and the only thing left of his kid was his soul. He assured her that he wasn't trying to shut her out, and he didn't blame her, but he didn't know what to say.

Abby said what was happening with Max was awful and sad, but Stitch didn't have to carry the burden alone. She urged him to tell her how he was feeling, even if he blamed her, and he replied that he didn't want to drag her down. She suggested that they take some days off together to adjust to the change, and he kissed her hand and said he truly loved what she was trying to do, but working helped keep him going. He got paged and kissed her goodbye, and she looked discouraged as he walked away.

Adam popped in to see Victor, and Victor announced that he'd live, but he guessed that probably wasn't the news Adam wanted to hear. Adam swore that he wanted Victor to live at least long enough to clear Adam's name, and Victor pointed out that he'd told the jury that Adam hadn't killed Constance. Adam asked why Victor had backed off when he'd had every chance to bury Adam, and Victor claimed that he hadn't been able to let Adam go to prison for something he hadn't done. Adam argued that Victor had gone to great lengths to set him up, and he demanded to know "what the hell" Victor wanted.

Victor said there was a way out of the charges, and Adam said his way out was for Victor to tell the police that he'd set Adam up. Victor imagined that Adam would be exonerated after the real pages of Sage's diary showed up, but that would only happen if Adam worked for Victor at Newman and followed Victor's rules. Adam asked if that was an admission, and Victor said he knew how to fix things. Adam snapped that it was at a price, since Victor was manipulating him into being a good Newman solider, but the problem was that Victor couldn't run the company from prison. Victor recalled that Adam had made the mistake of underestimating him before, and he warned Adam never to make that mistake again.

Victor anticipated that his sentence would be overturned, and he'd be released from prison. Adam noted that Victor seemed confident, and Victor declared his intent to retake the reins at Newman with Adam by his side. Adam grumbled that he'd be under Victor's thumb, and he asked why he'd ever agree to something like that. Victor declared that Adam had the choice of either spending his life in prison or working by Victor's side.

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