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Chloe was revealed to be Victor's accomplice, and she stole the evidence that would clear Adam's name. Travis broke things off with Victoria. Phyllis moved out of the Abbott mansion, but she didn't tell Jack about her affair with Billy. Hilary suffered a severe medical setback.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of July 11, 2016 on Y&R
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The Newmans Rally behind Victor The Newmans Rally behind Victor

Monday, July 11, 2016

From his room at the hospital, Victor offered Adam his freedom if he'd agree to run Newman Enterprises until Victor was released. Adam asked if the manufactured evidence against him would disappear. Victor explained that the scales of justice cold be tipped either way. Victor, heaping praise on his son for having the same ambition and drive as his father, offered to let Adam help run the company along with him. Victor explained that Victoria, though capable, was too emotionally involved with Billy Abbott.

Adam became angry and noted that he had his own dreams, his own goals, and his own family. Adam added, "You can take your deal, Dad, and you can go straight to hell." Victor replied, "You'll be back."

After Adam left, Dr. Meredith Gates stopped by to visit Victor. Meredith said she might be in legal trouble for having helped Victor escape. Victor expressed his gratitude and said Ian Ward might've harmed Nikki had he not been able to intercede. Meredith said she realized how much Victor loved Nikki, and she had made peace with Victor and Nikki's relationship. Meredith added that she realized Victor loved his family even more than he loved himself. Meredith offered to help Victor with his appeal by speaking on his behalf to her father.

At Adam and Chelsea's penthouse, Kevin showed Chelsea the surveillance footage of the mystery woman who'd met with Victor in prison. None of the cameras Kevin had hacked into had captured a glimpse of the mystery woman's physical features, so Chelsea suggested compiling a list of women who yearned to take Adam down. Kevin noted that Victor had a long list of people he could persuade, either through leverage or the promise of money. Adam returned home and said that Victor had admitted he'd framed him for Constance's murder by having pages of Sage's journal forged. Adam noted that the real pages were hidden away. Kevin packed away his laptop and said he'd check safety deposit boxes and storage units.

After Kevin left, Adam told Chelsea that Victor had promised to make the charges go away if Adam agreed to work with his father at Newman Enterprises. Chelsea seemed relieved. Adam said he'd turned down the offer. Chelsea explained that sharing an office with Victor was better than being in prison. Adam warned that Victor would retake control of their lives. Chelsea remained supportive of Victor's plan to clear Adam's name.

At Newman Enterprises, Nikki stopped by to visit Victoria. Nikki announced that she and Victor had called off their divorce. Smiling, Nikki said the decision was the right one for the couple. Victoria embraced her mom and expressed her gratitude that her father had saved Nikki and Phyllis. Victoria suggested that Victor's heroic act might help shorten his prison sentence. Nikki explained that she was hoping an appeal might help Victor. Nikki added that all family members would have to unite and stand up for Victor.

Victoria told Nikki that taking back what they'd said at the trial would be perjury. Nikki said they would appear before a review board and admit that their testimony had been guided by anger. Victoria agreed that ten years behind bars was an eternity. Victoria pointed out that someone like Phyllis, who hated Victor, could provide compelling testimony if she would agree to testify. Nikki noted that Victor had saved Phyllis' life, so she might put aside her anger. Nikki asked Victoria to speak with Phyllis.

In Jack's office at Jabot, Jack, hoping to make love to Phyllis, provided privacy by closing his office door. Jack began kissing Phyllis. Phyllis gently rebuffed her husband's advances. Jack admitted that he felt guilty for having left Phyllis alone at the cabin when Ian had shown up. Phyllis said she wanted to forget everything that had happened at the cabin. Jack partially undressed Phyllis and began kissing her neck.

Phyllis quickly grabbed the top of her dress when Victoria barged in. Victoria quickly explained that the Newman family had decided to rally around Victor during his appeal. Jack said he respected the family's decision. Phyllis was shocked when Victoria asked her to join the family in support of Victor. Phyllis said, "Hell, no!"

After Victoria left, Phyllis berated Jack. She noted that he'd taken Victor's side without skipping a beat. Phyllis explained that Victor shouldn't expect mercy from a woman he'd abused by placing a psychopath into her bed. Jack, hurt that Phyllis had picked a fight with him, noted that he'd been grateful because they'd recently grown closer. Phyllis, angry, abruptly left.

At Billy's mansion, Billy wasn't welcoming when Jill made a surprise visit. Jill left her luggage in the sitting room. Angry about being rebuffed, Jill reminded her son that she could rescind her deal and take over the home. Jill warned that she could also relegate Billy to the guest suite. Billy didn't change his demeanor and seemed distracted. Jill suggested that Billy had been distracted by a romantic "entanglement" because he'd been neglecting Brash & Sassy.

At the Genoa City Athletic Club, Lauren and Michael enjoyed a late dinner. Michael expressed concern that unless Judge Walker declared a mistrial, Adam could be tried for murder. The case's star witness, Ian Ward, had been discredited, Michael worriedly added. Lauren changed the subject and expressed joy that Michael was still alive after the shooting at the courthouse. Nikki stopped by and took Michael aside.

During Michael's absence, Jill and Billy sat with Lauren. Jill suggested that Billy could gain pointers from Lauren about marketing for Brash & Sassy. Billy explained that he'd acquired Victoria's company to prevent Victor from selling it to someone outside the family. Billy added that Victoria wouldn't work with him. Jill insisted that Victoria was crazy about Billy. Lauren mentioned that Victoria had found a new man.

Nikki told Michael that she and Victor no longer wanted a divorce. Michael produced the papers from his pocket, explaining that he'd had to retrieve them from the judge's desk. Nikki was relieved and overjoyed. Michael questioned Nikki and said he hoped she wasn't acting impulsively. Nikki explained that filing for divorce had been a mistake. Nikki insisted that she and Victor had lovingly forgiven each other.

Victoria entered the Athletic Club. Billy left Jill and Lauren to join Victoria at the bar. Victoria explained that she'd stopped by Jabot to talk to Phyllis. While there, Victoria added, she'd interrupted Phyllis' romantic evening with Jack. Billy seemed dismayed by news of the encounter. Victoria said she'd stopped by to request that Phyllis speak on Victor's behalf at an appeal hearing. Victoria noted that Phyllis hadn't been at all receptive, even though Victor had saved her life.

Jill joined Billy and Victoria. Miffed by his mother's intrusion, Billy abruptly left. Jill mentioned that Brash & Sassy had declined. Victoria noted that her father had sold the company out from under her. Jill asked if Victoria had turned her back on her father. Victor said she hadn't. Jill mentioned that Billy, the father of Victoria's children, needed her. Victoria explained that her father needed her more. Jill, alluding to the Titanic, warned that Victor would sink Victoria and her whole family.

Kevin stopped by the Athletic Club and joined Lauren and Michael. Kevin, noting that he had collected information on Adam's behalf, said, "I ran a search to see if Victor had any safety deposit boxes or security units rented out under his name, and so far I haven't found anything." After Kevin mentioned the missing journal pages, he realized that Michael wasn't aware of the new development. Kevin explained that during a visit with Victor, Adam had learned that pages were missing from Sage's journal that could clear Adam of murder. Lauren warned that Victor might've been bluffing. Michael left with Kevin to help search for the missing journal pages.

Phyllis showed up at Billy's mansion. Phyllis cried that Victor would be appealing his sentence, so Victoria had requested she appear before the review board to defend Victor. Phyllis added that Jack had sided with Victoria. Phyllis took a generous swig of Billy's scotch and said she didn't know what to do. Ignoring Phyllis' question, Billy said it was time for Phyllis to decide between him and Jack. Phyllis explained that she'd stopped by seeking advice, not an ultimatum. Billy pointed out that he would never ask Phyllis to forgive her worst enemy. Billy added that it was their mutual revenge against Victor that had drawn them together.

Billy scooped Phyllis into his arms and began passionately kissing her on the lips. Phyllis pulled away when she spotted Jill's luggage. Phyllis insisted that Jill would broadcast news of their affair to the whole town if she happened to walk in on them. Phyllis cried, "Were you expecting or hoping for her to walk in, so you can take the decision away from me?" Phyllis abruptly left.

Jill returned to the mansion. She asked Billy why he was pushing Victoria away. Billy explained that both he and Victoria wanted to move on. Jill insisted that Victoria was Billy's last best hope for happiness. Billy became angrier. Jill said that the sooner Billy accepted it, the better off he'd be.

Phyllis retuned to Jack's office and apologized. Jack said he'd never expected Phyllis to ignore the pain Victor had caused her. Jack explained that Victoria's decision was good for the Newman family. Jack agreed that supporting Victor was quite wrong for Phyllis. Jack was moved to tears and insisted that he completely supported Phyllis. He took Phyllis into his arms and begged her for forgiveness. Phyllis seemed torn, and a tear rolled down her cheek.

Michael stopped by Adam's penthouse to confront Adam and Chelsea about the missing journal pages. Chelsea explained that Victor's plan had been to frame Adam, so he'd agree to work for his father. Adam asked if Michael thought Victor might be bluffing. Michael noted that Victor had deceived people every time he'd opened his mouth. Chelsea recalled that Victor had defended Adam once in court and could likely prove his innocence. Adam said, "Unless we beat him to it." Chelsea explained that locating the documents might free Adam from the charges and from his father. Michael announced that there was no time left to search for the documents because the mistrial hadn't been granted, so Adam would face murder charges when the trial reconvened.

Nikki stopped by to visit Victor. Victor noted that Meredith had offered to speak to her father about the appeal. Nikki showed Victor their divorce papers Michael had retrieved. Nikki suggested that Victor might offer Michael forgiveness. Victor said he'd never forget how Michael had betrayed him. Nikki ripped the documents in half and threw them away. The couple celebrated with a kiss.

Hilary collapses after Jack confronts her

Hilary collapses after Jack confronts her

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

At Jabot, Jack presented Phyllis with a latte and a scone in an effort to spend time with her, since she'd been out the door before he'd woken up. She mentioned that she was covering for Ashley, who had taken time off to help Abby, and Jack praised Phyllis for everything she'd done for him and his family. He pledged his love, and they embraced. She flashed back to talking to Billy about having a future together.

Jack said he had an important foundation meeting, but he intended to clear the rest of his schedule that day. Phyllis insisted that there was no reason for him to do so, but he urged her to leave early, since work would always be there. Phyllis clucked that he didn't sound like the Jack Abbott she knew, but he insisted on taking his wife to a romantic dinner. He added that there would always be conflicts, but they had to make spending time together a priority. She relented, and he amorously suggested that she wear the present he'd given her for his birthday. Jack headed out, and Phyllis looked pained.

Inside the Athletic Club, Devon approached Hilary and asked if Simon's treatment was working, and she snapped that she was still breathing. Devon apologized if he'd upset her, and he reiterated that he was ready to be by her side. She maintained that she would get through it on her own, and she informed him that she was feeling strong enough to fight for everything that was hers, so he should think twice before screwing her over in the divorce. Devon questioned when he'd become the enemy to Hilary.

Devon recognized that Hilary had been "through hell," and he understood that she'd fought against everyone because she'd been alone and afraid. He softly stated that when he looked into her eyes, he saw the little girl who'd wanted to be a dancer, since the world had been a perfect place whenever she'd danced. Hilary couldn't hide that she was touched that he'd remembered that, but she said the world wasn't perfect, and the girl had grown up. Devon acknowledged that she'd grown into a beautiful woman who'd chided him for buying an expensive car that had broken down, and she cracked a smile at the thought of the "stupid car."

Devon fondly recalled that he and Hilary might not have gotten together if it hadn't been for that car, and they'd once talked to one another about anything. He begged her to let him help her, but she testily assumed that his family had told him that it would be cheaper just to keep her. She coldly advised him to talk to her lawyer, and she sauntered off. Neil entered and guessed that the reconciliation wasn't going well, and Devon questioned how Hilary had made him feel like the love of her life one moment and like nothing the next. Neil knowingly nodded.

Neil surmised that Devon was still in love with Hilary, and Devon acknowledged that it wasn't part of the plan. Neil contended that Devon and Hilary had magic, and their connection had survived a lot. Devon doubted his relationship with Hilary could survive everything she'd done, but he admitted that he felt the connection in his soul, and he knew she did, too. Devon thought he needed to face reality before he made a stupid decision, but Neil suspected that it was hard for Devon to play Hilary because their love was real. Devon questioned whether Neil was suggesting he truly reconcile with Hilary.

Neil said all he wanted was for Devon to be happy, and he'd never seen Devon happier than he'd been with Hilary. Devon wondered whether the drugs had caused Hilary's shift in behavior, and he didn't see how he could walk away if it had been out of her control, but he recognized that he might be in denial. Neil advised Devon not to worry about Lily or protecting the money, and he urged Devon to try to save the relationship. Devon confessed that he loved Hilary more than anything, and he would do anything to get her back.

At the Dive Bar, Luca was on the phone, speaking to someone about the Newman workers planning a protest over safety concerns. Summer overheard and asked if he'd been talking to her dad. Luca claimed that it had been a reporter friend who was on site in Newfoundland, and the journalist had been drinking beers with the workers to get their perspective. Luca added that his friend had been keeping him informed so Luca could get a jump on things, and Summer wondered why Luca hadn't said anything about the connection before. Luca replied that he hadn't wanted to push it, since Nick didn't trust him.

Luca suspected that Nick had planted a few seeds of doubt with Summer, but she insisted that wasn't true. Luca recognized that Nick was being protective because she'd been burned before, and he vowed to prove that she could trust him. They kissed, and he declared that his priority was to stop the workers' protest before it happened. Summer anticipated that Nick could head it off, but Luca suggested that they let Victoria decide how to handle it.

Across the rooftop, Simon used baseball analogies to describe to Ashley that his drug protocol was working, and he displayed Hilary's latest blood work, which showed considerable progress. He credited Ashley for throwing herself in front of the train to allow him time to find the breakthrough, and she joked that she'd provided the sacrifice fly. He announced that he was going straight to the FDA, and he expected to have no problem getting the drug trial restarted. Ashley gushed that he'd save many lives, and he thought that a working drug might help mitigate the charges pending against her. Ashley hoped the cure also gave Hilary less reason to go after Jack.

Hilary and Jack met on the rooftop to discuss foundation business, but she appeared to be ill, and she requested that they reschedule. She insisted that she would be fine, and she headed out. Jack joined Simon and Ashley, and Ashley noted that it hadn't been like Hilary to leave Jack's orbit. Jack reported that Hilary hadn't been feeling well, and he guessed that the protocol wasn't working. Simon announced that Hilary's labs had been remarkable, so she should be feeling much better. Ashley suspected that Hilary was playing on Jack's white knight instincts and waiting for him to knock on her door, and Jack asked to borrow the test results.

Hilary heard a knock at her hotel room door, and she yelled out that she hadn't ordered anything. Jack strolled in, and she sat up in bed and realized that she'd forgotten to close the door. He stressed that they were friends who could be honest with one another, and he inquired how she was really doing physically. She confided that she felt worse than she had before the treatment, which appeared not to be working. Jack pulled out her lab results, which showed a miraculous recovery with the new drug, and he barked that her sick routine wouldn't fly.

Jack confronted Hilary about pretending to be sick and leaving the door ajar, and she realized he thought she was faking. He said he'd tried to see her side, and he'd made allowances for her behavior, but the test results indicated that she was getting better. Jack added that Devon loved her and was there to support her, and he wondered why she'd walked away from that. Hilary wailed that too much had happened, and whatever she and Devon had had was gone. Jack reiterated that he and Hilary had nothing more than friendship, and anything beyond that had to stop. He walked out.

Later, Hilary staggered into the dining room, and she mumbled that Jack hadn't believed her, but she needed to go the hospital because something was wrong. She collapsed in Devon's arms.

Simon peered into Hilary's hospital room, and Devon and Neil explained what had happened. Ashley mentioned that Jack had just confronted Hilary about the improvement in her test results, and Devon wondered if it had all been an act. A doctor emerged from the room and announced that Hilary was suffering a serious decline.

At Newman, Victoria argued with someone over the phone about how the sabotage had been out of the company's control, and she slammed down the phone in frustration. Travis walked in, and Victoria apologized for not returning his calls. He said he'd seen the news, and he inquired about her mom. She reported that Nikki was fine, and she informed him that their family was working together to have Victor's sentence turned over on appeal. Travis warned that Victor would finish what he'd started and annihilate Victoria for good, but she insisted that wouldn't happen.

Victoria knew that Victor was hurt and angry, but she thought he understood that his family loved him, and his love for them was stronger than ever. A skeptical Travis asked if she really believed that after everything Victor had said and done, and he questioned whether Victor's recent actions had erased everything he'd done to hurt his family. Victoria huffed that someone from the outside couldn't understand. Travis argued that he saw things objectively, but Victoria countered that he couldn't possibly know what was in someone else's heart.

Victoria said she had to tend to the oil spill crisis, and Travis reminded her that Victor had set it in motion. Travis recognized that she was a smart woman, but he thought she was blind about her dad, and she couldn't see that Victor was using the crisis to kick her out of the CEO chair. She retorted that they couldn't all drop out to run a bar, and Travis warned that nothing mattered more to men like Victor than the next deal. Travis insisted that Victoria was too good to handle things the way Victor would, but she dismissed Travis, and he walked out.

Over the phone, Victoria refused to let the company suffer, and she instructed Nick to give the workers a week off and tell them that they'd open negotiations for a new contract. Luca and Summer overheard the end of the conversation, and Luca lectured that Newman wasn't in any position to offer a bigger contract. Victoria asserted that she was doing what the company needed, and she reminded Luca that he had no voice in running things. Luca noted that the course of action was more Victor's style than her own, and Victoria maintained that she was doing what was right for the company. Luca pointed out that the leaks had been Victor's doing, but Victoria growled that she was handling it her way, and she ordered them to get back to work.

After Victoria left, Luca remarked that making promises with no intention of keeping them hadn't been the best judgment call, and Summer asked what he would have done. Luca replied that he was less concerned about the short-term impact on profits than the big picture of buying goodwill, and he would have gone to the press to address worker safety concerns. Summer admitted that she'd had tiny doubts about Luca's motives, but she thought the way he saw things was amazing. Luca insisted that his motive was helping her and her family, and she was thankful that he was there.

Later, Summer read an online article that provided a statement from a Newman oil worker, who'd said the company had only given them empty promises and lies, but Newman only cared about profits, not safety. Summer wondered why Luca's reporter friend hadn't given them a chance to get in front of it, and Luca guessed that they'd lost the opportunity when Victoria had tried to buy time. Luca added that things were playing out the way he'd been afraid they would.

Victoria entered Hank's Bar, and Travis grumbled that he'd thought she'd been busy containing the oil spill fallout. She replied that she'd taken steps to minimize the damage to Newman, and he noted that she sounded like Victor. She guessed that she was her father's daughter, after all, but Travis assured her that she wasn't, or she wouldn't be there. He kissed her and said he knew her, and they began to make out on the pool table.

A half-dressed Victoria groaned that she didn't want to go back, but she couldn't just hide out there. Travis called it a different kind of life where she wasn't forced to give up her soul on an everyday basis, and she said he made it sound easy. He pointed out that he'd turned his back on that life and never regretted it, and she thought it was a beautiful dream. He suggested that they go away together.

At home, Billy reflected back on Phyllis saying that her decision was clear when she looked into his eyes. Cane showed up to warn Billy that he wouldn't like what Jill was determined to do, and a contractor arrived to repaint the place. Billy ranted to Cane that the home wasn't a shrine to Katherine, and he suspected that it was Jill's way of pushing him to live the way she wanted him to live. Cane reminded Billy of the clause in the agreement where Jill could take the house back. Billy prepared to leave, and he told Cane and the contractor to both be gone by the time he got back.

Billy found Phyllis at Jabot and said they hadn't finished their conversation the day before. He assured her that his mom had left town, and Phyllis questioned whether Jill had tried to save him from himself again. Billy asserted that there was only one person who could help him do that, and he suggested that they finish their talk at his place. He anticipated her saying those three little words, and he'd spend the few hours after that telling them back to her in as many ways as possible. She ordered him to stop it.

Phyllis griped that Billy wasn't supposed to be there, and she couldn't drop everything to sneak around just because the timing worked for him. He pointed out that they wouldn't have to hide if they were honest, and she reminded him that he'd agreed to let her take the time she needed. Billy warned that putting off the conversation with Jack wouldn't make it easier for any of them, and he groaned that it was killing him to wait. Billy thought from the way she'd kissed him the day before that she'd already made the choice to tell Jack that day, and she replied that she hadn't been thinking about the real world when she'd kissed Billy. Billy thought what they had was real, and he thought it was time the rest of the world knew it, too.

Billy pointed out that Phyllis usually went after what she wanted, and he asked if she preferred to be the good wife or to really live. She said she had to figure out how to break the news. Billy was sure that Jack and the Abbott family would be devastated no matter when she did it, but he didn't care because he loved her. Phyllis lamented that every time she'd tried to say the words, Jack had looked at her with love and trust, but Billy told her to quit the charade and be honest for everyone's sake. She balked, and he coolly stated that maybe it was more real for him than it was for her. He offered to let her off easy, and he proclaimed that he was out.

Billy returned home and was perturbed to find that Cane and the contractor hadn't left. Cane reiterated that it was Jill's house, and Billy griped that Jill had to control him down to the paint on the walls. Cane told the contractor to take the rest of the day off, and Billy complained that Jill was driving him crazy. Cane thought perhaps she was still grieving Katherine, but she was also worried about Billy. Cane swore that he was on Billy's side, but Jill thought she'd seen signs that Billy was reverting back to his old self, and she was concerned that Billy would hurt himself and everyone around him. Billy grumbled that there was no need to worry about that.

Phyllis stared at her wedding ring, and she flashed back to intimate moments with Billy. Jack called to Phyllis, who was surprised to see him back that soon. He informed her that his meeting had been canceled, and it had been a reminder to keep his own priorities straight, since wedding vows were just words to some people. He declared that he was done with work, and he didn't want to wait until dinner to spend time with her, so he proposed that they have lunch and make an afternoon of it. He reached out to caress her face, but she pushed his hand away and said she couldn't.

Phyllis hesitated to commit to having dinner with Jack, and he questioned whether she was that busy. She replied that it wasn't about work, and he asked what was going on. She said there was something she needed to tell him.

Phyllis tells Jack she needs a break.

Phyllis tells Jack she needs a break.

> Phyllis tells Jack she needs a break.

Phyllis tells Jack she needs a break.

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

by Mike

At Travis' bar, Travis tried to convince Victoria to sail away with him for a few months, reasoning that she needed a break from reality. Victoria pointed out that she had children to think about, but Travis suggested that she could simply let them tag along for a priceless education. Victoria wanted time to process the proposal, so Travis urged her to take all the time she needed, confident that she would eventually agree to the idea.

After learning that the prison's security system had recently been hacked, Dylan went to confront Adam and Chelsea, guessing that they had enlisted Kevin's help to access footage of Victor's meetings with unidentified visitors. Adam and Chelsea feigned ignorance, but Dylan wasn't convinced, and he warned that he was done helping them because they had made him complicit in their federal crime.

Realizing that he was out of better options, Adam reluctantly went to the hospital to see Victor, with a police escort in tow. Nikki feared that Adam was planning to sabotage Victor's appeal, but Adam pointed out that he actually had bigger things to worry about at that time. Conceding the point, Nikki apologized for being insensitive. After assuring Nikki that he understood, Adam entered Victor's room and announced, "You win."

Pleased to hear that Adam had made the right decision, Victor promised that the missing diary pages would conveniently appear right before Adam's trial resumed. "I hope," Victor cryptically added. Adam wanted to know what that meant, but Victor refused to give him more information. Adam sarcastically thanked Victor for the painful, sobering reminder of just how awful it was to be at his mercy.

"You have no idea what the word 'unconditional' means, do you?" Adam guessed. Victor dismissively insisted that the word meant nothing because everything had to be earned, including his son's acceptance. "I pray to God I'll never have to say that to my son," Adam replied before exiting the room, running into Victoria on his way out. Victoria hoped that Adam's visit meant that he was willing to help with Victor's appeal. "Yeah. Why the hell not, right? I mean, that's what family's for -- coming through for you when you need them. Or maybe I didn't have a choice," Adam said before walking away.

Victoria assured Victor that he could count on her support, as well. "The question is, can I count on you?" Victoria asked. Victor confirmed that he planned to resume his role as CEO of Newman Enterprises but promised Victoria that she would remain an important part of the company. Victor added that he would one day hand control of the company back to her, but she needed more experience first. Forcing a smile, Victoria thanked Victor and abruptly excused herself. "I'm glad that, you know, we could get everything on the table to avoid any misunderstandings," Victoria said before leaving.

After leaving the hospital, Victoria ran into Billy and the kids at Crimson Lights. Billy explained that he was treating the kids to cookies because they had done a great job of helping him paint the Chancellor mansion. Billy mused that he loved spending time with the kids and hoped they wouldn't one day look back and wonder where he had been during their childhood.

When Victoria returned to Travis' bar, he was in the process of planning the purchase of a boat he had found online, aptly named Blue-Eyed Beauty. Travis explained that he had also found someone who was interested in buying the bar. Victoria admitted that Victor planned to push her aside once he returned to Newman Enterprises. Victoria added that she believed that taking her kids on a trip around the world really would be a priceless education for them. Assuming that Victoria was about to agree to the idea, Travis began to celebrate, but she clarified that she couldn't go because she couldn't take the kids away from Billy for that long.

Nodding sadly, Travis gave Victoria a tender kiss. "That was goodbye. I love you, Tori-turned-Victoria -- part of me always will -- but I can't stay while this place eats you alive," Travis said. Victoria assured Travis that she was strong and knew how to fight such things, but he reasoned that some battles simply couldn't be won. "That's why I was so desperate to get you to come away with me," Travis explained. Travis allowed for the possibility that he might return to Genoa City at some point in the future. "Until then, save a dance for me," Travis added before walking away.

At Jabot, Jack urged Phyllis to tell him what was bothering her, observing that she was obviously stressed out about something. "I feel like I'm buried alive. I've been feeling that way for weeks -- months," Phyllis admitted. Jack blamed himself, acknowledging that he hadn't been as supportive and understanding as Phyllis had needed him to be. "You deserve better," Jack concluded.

"No. You deserve better," Phyllis insisted. Phyllis tearfully continued that although the day she had married Jack had been one of the happiest days of her life, a lot had happened since then, and she felt like she had lost herself somewhere along the way. "[It's] like I'm being pulled in a thousand different directions, and I don't know which way is home," Phyllis explained.

Jack offered to show Phyllis, but she believed that she needed to find her own way home. "Are you saying you need a break from us?" Jack asked. Phyllis confirmed that she needed some time alone to pull herself together. Jack wanted to know how long that would take, but he withdrew the question before Phyllis could respond, realizing that asking her to commit to a timetable would just make things even harder for her.

Jack offered to move out of the Abbott mansion, but Phyllis insisted that she didn't want him to be uprooted because of her mistakes. Jack protested that Phyllis hadn't made any mistakes and didn't owe him any apologies. "Sometimes things just happen," Jack reasoned with a shrug of defeat.

At the Athletic Club, Dylan met with Nikki, who wanted to get his take on her decision to reconcile with Victor. Knowing that Nikki truly loved Victor, Dylan stressed that he simply wanted her to be happy. Dylan added that he had always expected Victor to "reclaim his throne" eventually. "Well, you could have warned me, you know. Could have saved me a lot of heartache," Nikki joked.

Dylan rushed off after receiving a phone call, running into Chelsea on his way out. Dylan revealed that he had just gotten a tip about Adam's case, but he wasn't able to give Chelsea any additional information. Chelsea rushed home and told Adam about her encounter with Dylan, assuming that Victor had held up his end of the bargain Adam had made with him.

Jack escorted Phyllis to the Athletic Club, but she declined to let him help her settle into the room she had rented. As Phyllis headed upstairs with a bag of necessities, Nikki approached Jack and wondered if everything was all right. "No, everything is definitely not all right," Jack admitted with a sigh. Nikki was sorry to hear that Jack and Phyllis were having problems. Jack warned that although he cared about Nikki and wanted her to be happy, he would never forgive Victor, whom he held at least partially responsible for those problems.

Alone in her room, Phyllis considered calling someone but instead hurled her cell phone across the room in frustration then broke down. Meanwhile, Victoria went to the Chancellor mansion to help Billy and the kids paint.

At the hospital, a woman entered Victor's room, wearing hospital scrubs. "What the hell are you doing here?" Victor demanded to know.

Victor's female accomplice is revealed

Victor's female accomplice is revealed

Thursday, July 14, 2016

At the penthouse, Chelsea declared that it was time to celebrate, since she was sure that the evidence Dylan had just found would clear Adam's name. She whipped out a bottle of Champagne, and Adam grumbled that perhaps it would numb the pain of Victor's boot on the back of his neck. Adam lamented that he'd had to sell his soul, but Chelsea said it was just a job, and she pointed out that Adam had wanted to work at Newman not long before. Adam thought he'd been a self-destructive idiot back then, but Chelsea assured him that he was a wonderful father and husband, and Victor couldn't take that away. Chelsea popped open the Champagne as Michael arrived, and she announced that they were celebrating the new evidence, since Adam was as good as free.

Adam divulged that he'd made a deal with Victor to prove Adam's innocence, and Dylan had received an anonymous phone call about some new evidence shortly thereafter. Adam explained that there were missing pages from Sage's journal that had been replaced with forged ones, and Michael prepared to work with Dylan to expedite the analysis. Michael departed, and Chelsea reiterated that accepting Victor's deal had been Adam's only choice. Adam said all that mattered was his family, but he hated that he owed his time with them to Victor. She thought it was worth it to keep Adam out of prison, and Adam bemoaned that it had only cost him a piece of his humanity. She swore that Victor couldn't change the amazing person Adam was.

Over Champagne, Chelsea thought about all the things she and Adam could do after he was cleared, and he wondered what they'd do with all that time. She envisioned doing dishes and laundry, and she imagined that she'd sometimes look at him a certain way. She started to unbutton her blouse, and he said it was a good look. She removed her shirt, and he declared that it was definitely a celebration. They kissed passionately and tumbled onto the couch.

Dylan discovered that the envelope in the locker was empty. Sharon called from the cottage to entice him to join her for a picnic lunch, but he said he had an important meeting with Kevin. Alarmed, Sharon asked what was going on, and Dylan informed her that he had to find out if someone was lying to him. She pressed for details, but he abruptly said they'd talk later. She frantically called Dylan's name, but he'd already hung up, and Mariah asked what was wrong. Sharon panicked that Kevin was going to tell Dylan about Sage, and she thought her husband would never forgive her.

Mariah assured Sharon that Kevin wouldn't say anything, but Sharon revealed that Dylan had just told her that he had to talk to Kevin about someone lying to him. Mariah reasoned that it could be about anyone, but Sharon was convinced that Kevin was going to tell Dylan that she had gone off her meds and had been seeing Sage, and the truth about Christian would surface. Mariah pointed out that Kevin didn't know about Sully, but Sharon fretted that Dylan wouldn't let up until he got the truth.

Mariah insisted that Sharon was overreacting, and it was just Sharon's brain chemistry adjusting to being back on the meds. Mariah questioned whether Sharon was really back on the pills, since it was obvious that Sharon wasn't acting like herself. Sharon pressed Mariah to talk to Kevin to make sure he hadn't ruined everything. After Mariah left, Sharon cooed to Sully that she loved him and would never leave him, since it was her job as his mommy to always protect him. She told herself that even if people found out the truth, she'd make Dylan understand, and they'd all go away together.

At Crimson Lights, Natalie thought Kevin was obsessed with work, and she urged him to take a break. He pointed out that the mystery woman had implicated Natalie in the oil spills, and he refused to let it slide. Natalie found it romantic that he was being overprotective, and she asked if he had found a clear image of the woman. Kevin thought the woman knew all the security cameras in town, since none of the shots showed her facial features. Natalie thought it was impossible, but Kevin remarked that the woman was working for Victor, so anything was possible.

Natalie doubted that Victor was capable of altering surveillance footage, but Kevin referred to the extremes to which Victor had gone in the past. Kevin was determined to find the mystery woman's digital trail, and Natalie offered to help him. Dylan approached and asked Kevin to trace an anonymous tip the police had received about Adam's case, since it had turned out to be a false lead. Dylan wanted to find out why someone had led him to think that they knew something about the case.

Kevin asked if the tipster had been a woman, and Dylan replied that the caller had used a voice disguiser, so there had been no way to tell. Dylan wondered what Kevin knew about any of it, and he suspected that Kevin had been the one who'd hacked into the prison security footage. Dylan ordered Kevin to get on the trace, and Michael arrived and pulled Dylan to the patio to quiz him about the latest evidence. Dylan questioned why Michael seemed to expect good news, and Michael reasoned that Adam was innocent, so any new evidence should be in Adam's favor. Dylan reported that the evidence had been nothing but an empty envelope, and he pledged to find out who had wasted his time.

Michael left a message for Adam to inform him that the lead had turned out to be nothing, but he promised not to let Victor get away with it, and he raced out. Kevin asked why Dylan was bothering to trace an anonymous call that had resulted in a dead end, and Dylan replied that he thought Adam, Chelsea, and Michael knew something. Kevin revealed that the call had been made from a burner phone, and the chances of finding out anything further were slim. Dylan instructed Kevin to keep working on it while Dylan took a break to see his wife and kid. Kevin commented that it would be good for both Dylan and Sharon.

Kevin attempted to find out where the burner phone had been purchased, and he noted that there was nothing to tie the anonymous call to Victor. Mariah rushed in, but she stopped short when she saw Natalie, who surmised that Mariah hadn't expected to find her with Kevin after Mariah had tried to squeeze her out. Mariah snapped that she'd had enough paranoia for one day, and she informed Kevin that Dylan was looking for him. Natalie mentioned that Dylan had already been there, and Kevin said Dylan's only choice had been to see Sharon. Mariah pulled Kevin aside and angrily questioned whether his loyalty had flown out the window the second he'd become buddies with Natalie again.

Mariah babbled about how hard it had been to keep Sharon calm and to convince her that Kevin wouldn't screw her over. Mariah continued that she'd told Sharon that there had been no way Kevin would tell Dylan that Sharon had been off her meds, but she assumed that Kevin had sold Sharon out and that Dylan was on his way to confront Sharon. Mariah ranted that their friendship meant nothing to Kevin, and she regretted trusting him. Kevin calmly stated that he hadn't ratted Sharon out, and Dylan had simply gone home to have a picnic with his wife. Meanwhile, Natalie was intrigued by something she saw on the surveillance footage.

Mariah called herself a jerk for assuming the worst about a human being she actually liked, and Kevin dryly said he was impressed that she'd called him human. She realized that she'd made it about herself, and she apologized. Kevin acknowledged that they'd both grown up without knowing who to trust, so they weren't good at it, and he thanked her for defending him to Sharon. Mariah swore that she would always defend him when she wasn't screaming at him. Natalie interrupted and announced that she'd found something.

Mariah observed that the mystery woman looked like Natalie from behind, but Natalie referred to the way the woman's hair moved. Natalie suspected that the woman had been wearing a wig, and Mariah wondered who was under it.

Dylan arrived home, and Sharon peppered him with questions about why he'd needed to see Kevin. Dylan said the meeting hadn't solved anything, and he didn't know who to believe or to trust. Dylan continued that he usually trusted his instincts, but he thought that maybe he was too close. Sharon rambled that Dylan couldn't trust Kevin, and she begged Dylan to forget about what Kevin had said. Dylan wondered when she'd started feeling that way about Kevin.

Sharon claimed that Kevin had hurt Mariah when he'd started seeing Natalie, and she didn't trust someone who'd abandoned her daughter. Dylan thought Kevin was a good guy with good instincts, and Sharon recalled that Dylan had been talking about someone he couldn't trust. Dylan said he didn't want to bore her with work, but she pressed for specifics. He recounted that he'd been able to anticipate things before they'd happened when he'd been in combat, and he was sure that there was more to the story than he was getting. He figured that maybe it was in his blood, and he guessed that Sully would have a built-in lie detector, just like his old man.

Sharon, Dylan, and Faith had a picnic on the living room floor, and Sharon said it hadn't been what she'd planned, but Dylan thought it was perfect to be that close to the fridge. Faith asked if she could take a pony for her share day at camp, and Dylan jokingly asked if she intended to fit the horse in her backpack. Faith chirped that she could take Sage instead, and Sharon hid her panic as Dylan gently reminded Faith that Sage was gone. Faith proclaimed that both she and Sharon saw Sage every day, and she scampered off. Dylan wondered what Faith had meant, and Faith returned with a photo of Sage and explained that Sage would always be with them. Sharon breathed a sigh of relief.

In his hospital room, Victor asked what the woman in scrubs was doing there, and a familiar voice demanded to know why he'd proclaimed that Adam wasn't a murderer in court. Victor insisted that Adam hadn't killed Constance, but the woman replied that Adam was a murderer who deserved to rot, since he was the reason her little girl was dead. Chloe was exposed as Victor's accomplice.

Chloe said she and Victor had entered into a verbal contract that hadn't included him defending Adam in court, and she questioned why he'd framed Adam only to tell the court that Adam was a decent man. Victor reminded her that there had been more to their agreement, and he'd held up his end of the bargain by giving her the tools she'd needed. Chloe snapped that he'd yanked it all away in court, and she didn't like that he was trying to play her. Victor said she'd agreed to go far away and start a new life, but she retorted that their agreement had become null and void when he'd acted like a nice daddy on the stand, and she vowed to stay in Genoa City to make sure Adam paid.

Victor warned that Chloe couldn't stay in town, since someone would see her and realize that she was no longer in the psychiatric facility. Chloe retorted that she never should have been there in the first place, and she'd thought Victor understood the need to make others pay. Victor said it was why they'd agreed to work together, but he insisted that she leave town. Chloe was adamant that she had to see Adam pay, but Victor pointed out that framing someone for murder was a crime, and he contemplated what would happen to her relationship with her beautiful new daughter if Chloe was charged and convicted.

Victor imagined that it was important to Chloe to be with her daughter, and he reminded her that he'd taken good care of the girl when Chloe had been hospitalized. Victor pointed out that Chloe had her daughter back like she'd wanted, and he encouraged Chloe to go somewhere far away to raise her child. Chloe recognized that her new daughter had given her a joy that she'd never thought she'd have again, but Bella would never know her big sister because of Adam. Chloe thought Victor had wanted Adam to pay for betraying him, and she'd bent over backwards to make it happen. Victor reasoned that his testimony hadn't cleared Adam and that the evidence was overwhelmingly against Adam, and he urged her not to jeopardize things by staying there.

Michael burst in, and Chloe turned her back to him before he saw her face. Michael asked the "nurse" to excuse them, and he asked Victor where the real pages of Sage's journal were. As Chloe listened intently, Michael relayed that Adam had told him about the deal Adam and Victor had made, and he assumed that Victor had reneged already. Victor claimed he had no idea what Michael was talking about, but Michael barked that he'd seen Victor's stunts before, and he demanded to know why Victor had sent Dylan on a wild goose chase.

Michael admonished Victor for building up Adam's hopes just to smash them down again, and he walked out. Victor asked Chloe what she'd done with the pages of Sage's diary, but Chloe feigned innocence. Victor thought she'd hidden them after she'd heard him defend Adam, and he cautioned that she was playing a dangerous game. Chloe asserted that Delia would never have a chance to live a complete life, but she'd settle for Adam getting convicted for killing Constance after he'd gotten away with killing Delia. Chloe crowed that Adam would go to jail because she had the pages, and Victor ominously stated that he'd given Chloe back her daughter, but he could just as easily take Bella away.

Chloe contended that she didn't have to choose between her children, and she asked Victor how the handcuffs felt. She taunted that she'd be out there with the pages and a book of matches while he was stuck in there, and she threatened to torch them before he could call a nurse. She added that there was no proof they'd been in cahoots with one another, and it would be a win-win per their original agreement. Chloe thanked Victor because things had worked out right, and he repeated that she was playing a very dangerous game. She walked out.

Chelsea and Adam basked in the afterglow of their lovemaking, and he mused that she was perfect. He swore that his goal was to protect her and Connor, and she praised that he'd done a pretty good job. Adam's phone lit up with messages, and Chelsea wondered if Michael had gotten the charges dropped already. Adam listened to Michael's voicemail, and his expression darkened. Chelsea asked how long it would be until he was cleared, but Adam replied that it looked like never, since Victor had screwed him over again.

Chelsea thought Victor wouldn't play games like that, but Adam questioned why he should think anything different. Adam said he'd believed the endgame had been working at Newman, but it had really been for Victor to dangle hope then pull the rug out, and it was his own fault for believing Victor. Chelsea hoped to find other evidence, but Adam accepted that he'd lost, and Victor had won.

Michael returned to the penthouse and relayed that Dylan had found an empty envelope, and Victor had shown no reaction when Michael had confronted him. Chelsea theorized that Victor was just being cautious to ensure that the evidence didn't lead back to him, but Michael advised that it was time for Adam to make a deal with the district attorney. Chelsea protested, but Adam agreed to take a plea bargain.

Jack apologizes for doubting Hilary

Jack apologizes for doubting Hilary

Friday, July 15, 2016

Lily arrived at a candlelit hotel room in response to a report of a problem, but her voice trailed off when she spotted Cane in an unbuttoned shirt. He seductively said he required her assistance, and she asked if he had a problem. He replied that he had a huge one that needed a lot of her personal attention, and he pulled her into a passionate kiss.

Lily inquired whether Cane had been feeling neglected, and he replied that he was feeling lucky. She agreed that they were lucky, especially when she thought about what Devon was going through, but Cane silenced her with a kiss. Cane noted that they were the only ones in the room, and she purred that he was looking very sexy. He replied that she was, too, and they started to undress one another. He said he wanted to make love to her. "Always," she responded. They fell onto the bed, kissing.

After Cane and Lily made love, he pleaded with her to stay with him, but she reasoned that she had guests to tend to. He said he'd see her at home, but she suggested that he go with her so they could steal kisses at every opportunity, and they could return to the suite when she was done with work. They kissed, and Cane started to undress her again, but she playfully scolded that he had to wait until later.

Neil met Jack at the Athletic Club, and he said he'd gotten there as fast as he could. Neil inquired whether everything was okay with Phyllis, and Jack wondered why he'd ask that, but he realized that Neil was referring to Ian taking her hostage. Jack reported that the incident had stirred up emotions about Victor, so Phyllis had taken a room upstairs because she'd needed time alone. Jack said it hadn't been why he'd called Neil there, and he announced that he thought it was time to let Hilary go from the foundation.

Neil was shocked that Jack wanted to fire Hilary, and Jack explained that she'd crossed the line by kissing him. Jack recognized that he might have encouraged her affection by being too understanding, but it bothered him that she'd pretended her illness had gotten worse to get sympathy. Jack recalled that they'd set up the foundation to help people who were really sick, and they needed to stay focused on that. Neil reluctantly defended Hilary, since he'd been at the hospital, and he knew that Hilary hadn't been faking.

Jack asserted that he'd seen Hilary's test results, and Simon had indicated that she had been doing much better. Neil mentioned that he'd been with Devon when Hilary had collapsed, and he'd heard the prognosis that she might not recover. Jack felt terrible that he'd doubted her, but Neil thought it was understandable with her history of blackmail and lies. Neil added that he'd love nothing more than to remove Hilary from the foundation, but he thought it was the wrong move at that point. Lily and Cane overheard.

Jack agreed to take firing Hilary off the table for the time being, and he and Neil shook hands. Jack departed, and Lily confronted Neil about convincing Jack to keep Hilary on at the foundation. Lily ranted that Hilary deserved to be taken down a notch for trying to take Devon for all he was worth, but Neil argued that Hilary was sick. Lily groaned that Hilary put men under a spell, but Neil maintained that Hilary was really in trouble. Cane asked if the treatment wasn't working, and Neil confirmed that it wasn't and that he didn't think Simon knew how to fix it.

Neil planned to stop by the hospital, and he asked if Lily wanted to meet him there. She huffed that she had no interest in going, but he appealed to her to go for her brother's sake. Cane imagined that it might cause a scene, and Hilary didn't need the stress. Neil informed Lily that Devon hadn't left since Hilary had been admitted, and Lily assumed that it was part of the plan to keep Hilary from getting Devon's money, but Neil commented that the crisis had stirred up a lot of things. Lily rolled her eyes at the thought of Devon falling for Hilary again, and she refused to support him standing by a woman who would just use him and throw him away.

Later, Lily told Cane that she couldn't stand to hear about how Devon had gone running to Hilary's side, and she hoped that Hilary recovered but that Devon stayed far away. Cane didn't think that was possible, since he'd been in Devon's shoes, and he recalled that he and Lily had been estranged when she'd been diagnosed with ovarian cancer. Lily was thankful that Cane had fought for her, and he said he'd known he would have had nothing if he'd lost her. Cane imagined that Devon felt the same way about the woman he loved.

Ashley ran into Stitch at the hospital, and he tried to hurry off, but she insisted on finding out how he was doing. He replied that the new facility would be good for Max, and she mentioned that Abby had informed her that Stitch had been really upset and distant. Stitch claimed that he was just processing things, but Ashley told him not to put on an act with her. Stitch protested that it wasn't the time to get into it, but she pushed him to tell her what was really going on with him.

Ashley revealed that she was aware Abby thought Stitch blamed her for what had happened to Max, but Stitch swore it wasn't true. Ashley relayed that she'd told Abby to have faith in their marriage and to work it out together, and she hoped she hadn't been wrong. Stitch admitted that he blamed himself for signing off on the surgery, and Ashley pointed out that the therapists had just started working with Max. Stitch confided that he was terrified nothing would work, and Ashley wondered why he hadn't talked to Abby about his fears. Stitch reasoned that he was supposed to take care of his wife, but Ashley advised that he and Abby needed to take care of one another, and she urged him to tell Abby that they'd get through it together.

Hilary awakened in her hospital room, and she was surprised that Devon was still there. He questioned where else he'd be, and Simon entered and asked how she was doing. Devon barked that she was alive, no thanks to the drugs Simon had given her, and he demanded to know what Simon planned to do about it. Simon maintained that the blood work had shown that Hilary had been responding well to the treatment, but Devon argued that she wouldn't be there if she had been. Simon suggested that he alter her medication, but Hilary yelled that he was playing with her life, and she ordered him to get out.

Ashley entered and suggested that Simon let Hilary rest, and she and Simon stepped out. In the corridor, Simon rambled that he didn't know what had happened, but Ashley had to convince Hilary to let him work his magic again. Ashley refused to do anything until he answered some questions, and she demanded that he tell the truth before things spun even more out of control. Simon insisted that a delayed reaction was the only possible explanation, but Ashley hissed that it wasn't the only one. Simon realized that she thought he'd adjusted the test results to show everyone, including the FDA, that there had been improvement when there hadn't been.

Simon was shocked that Ashley was accusing him of such a thing after everything they'd been through, and he swore that he would never falsify test results to indicate improvement if there hadn't been any. Ashley said she wanted to believe him, and he claimed that he wanted to save Hilary more than anything. Ashley asked if he'd been aware of any debilitating side effects, and she wondered if he'd rushed to get FDA approval instead of waiting to see if there were glitches in his protocol. Simon admitted that he might have been too optimistic, but he had believed the treatment had been a success. Ashley scolded him for being careless not only with his patients, but also because he'd let her put her reputation on the line for him.

Later, Jack found Ashley at the hospital, and he told her that he'd accused Hilary of lying based on the lab results. Ashley conceded that she'd been wrong, and Jack said there was enough guilt to go around, but the important thing was to make things right.

Devon urged Hilary to try to relax, and he offered to have her favorite Chinese takeout flown in from New York City in time for a midnight snack. She was surprised that he remembered when they'd had Chinese food in New York, and he softly replied that he remembered everything about the trip. Touched, Hilary thanked him, but she said he didn't have to be stuck there with her. He proclaimed that she was still the woman he'd vowed to love for the rest of his life, and she needed him. She protested that she didn't need him, but he refused to let her go through it alone.

Hilary was stunned that Devon still wanted to stay after everything she'd put him through, and he replied that he expected nothing in return except for her doing her best to get better. She recognized that she might never make it out of the hospital, and she whimpered that she was scared. Jack and Ashley entered, and he apologized for not believing Hilary. Hilary said Jack had been another victim of Simon's lies, and she suspected that Simon might have deliberately tried to kill her.

Ashley found the allegation ridiculous, but Hilary thought Simon's revenge for blackmailing him had been giving her drugs without warning her about the side effects. Ashley asserted that Simon was dedicated to saving lives, and he wanted to save Hilary again. Devon retorted that Simon had gambled with Hilary's life, so he was having a new doctor take over. Ashley opined that Simon was Hilary's best bet, but Devon didn't want Simon anywhere near Hilary, and he advised Ashley to cut ties with Simon before he dragged her down with him.

In the corridor, Jack assured Devon that Hilary was young and strong, so she would get through it. Devon appreciated Jack checking on her, but he asserted that he could take care of Hilary, and he suggested that Jack focus on taking care of his own wife. Later, Jack hovered outside Phyllis' hotel suite, but he stopped himself from knocking on the door. He pulled out his phone and typed in a text message to wish her a good night, but he hesitated to send it, and he left.

Devon pressed an ice pack against Hilary's cheek, and she murmured that it was exactly what she needed. He asked how she'd liked the new doctor, and she replied that the doctor had talked a good game. Devon assumed she was tired, and he said he'd stop bugging her. He got up to leave, but she grabbed his hand and said she was glad he was there. He promised that they'd get through it together.

Simon ordered a drink at the Athletic Club bar, and Ashley joined him. He wondered why she'd bothered to find him when he'd gotten the distinct feeling she was done with him, and he thought she'd been justified to say what she had. He admitted that his arrogance and desperation for a cure had clouded his judgment, but he'd never meant to be reckless with Hilary's life. He wished that he'd been able to finish treating Hilary, but he assumed that she and Devon were seeking other specialists. Ashley confirmed it was true, and she relayed Hilary's accusation that Simon had tried to kill her, but she informed him that she'd reminded everyone that he'd never do that.

Simon recognized that he'd betrayed Hilary's trust and jeopardized everything they'd worked for, but he considered the worst thing to be that Ashley had lost faith in him. "Not entirely," she replied. She recognized that he couldn't walk away from his patients, and no other physician on the planet knew Hilary's case like he did, so he had to keep treating Hilary. Simon grumbled that Hilary wanted nothing to do with him, but Ashley insisted that he had to change Hilary's mind, since he was the only one who could save her.

At the Dive Bar, Sharon marveled that the sky had cleared for a post-picnic drink, and Dylan wondered why she'd insisted on getting out of the house. She explained that she loved their family time, but she also loved time alone with him, and they hardly ever went out. Dylan spotted Abby at a table, and he and Sharon headed over to say hello. Sharon expressed sympathy about Max, and Abby reported that the boy had a long way to go, but she and Stitch were staying positive. Dylan imagined that things had been pretty intense, and Abby guessed that he'd talked to Stitch.

Dylan assured Abby that Stitch wasn't trying to shut her out, but Stitch was having a hard time accepting what had happened. Abby complained that Stitch wouldn't talk to her, even when she'd begged him to open up, and it felt like the distance between them grew bigger every day. Dylan encouraged her to make Stitch talk about Max, but Abby was hesitant to be pushy. Dylan declared that he and Sharon made a point to put everything out in the open, and it wasn't always easy, but they couldn't have a strong marriage if they weren't honest with one another. Sharon guiltily looked away.

Stitch arrived on the rooftop in response to a text message from Abby, who kissed him hello. She suggested they have dinner, and he invited Dylan and Sharon to join them. Sharon hesitated, but Abby exclaimed that a double date sounded great. The men headed to the bar to get drinks, and Dylan remarked that the evening was off to good start. Dylan stressed that Abby wanted to be there for Stitch, and he suggested that Stitch have a talk with his wife after a drink or two.

Stitch wondered if Dylan had tag-teamed with Ashley to give him the same advice, and Dylan reasoned that if the people who cared about Stitch were telling him the same thing, Stitch should listen. Stitch grumbled that it wasn't that easy, but Dylan warned that keeping things inside was just delaying the inevitable, and he was speaking from experience. Stitch resolved to tell Abby about his fears after dinner and a few drinks.

Meanwhile, Abby was unsure about Dylan's recommendation to try to force a conversation with Stitch, since she'd tried to do it before, and Stitch had told her that work was the only thing that helped. Abby was glad that at least Stitch had shown up that night, but she worried that the gap between them would widen if she pressured him. Sharon thought perhaps Abby shouldn't push, but Abby pointed out that there were no secrets in Sharon's marriage. Sharon mused that there were some things that were better off left unmentioned. Abby and Stitch exchanged nervous smiles.

The foursome of Abby, Stitch, Dylan, and Sharon laughed over dinner, and Stitch said they should get together more often. Dylan pointed out that they were all still newlyweds, and Abby and Stitch fondly recalled their wedding as one of the best moments of their lives. Sharon started to tell a story about a funny thing Sully had done, but Abby and Stitch grew silent, and Sharon apologized for not being more sensitive. Stitch said they understood, and Abby added that they wanted to hear that the kids were doing well. Dylan and Sharon headed out, and Dylan whispered to Stitch to talk to Abby.

Once alone, Abby and Stitch sat in uncomfortable silence. They made small talk about the weather, but she suddenly blurted out that there was something she needed to say to him. Stitch thought he knew what Abby was going to say, but she simply told him how much she'd enjoyed the evening. She took his hand and said she'd missed spending time together, and he replied that he had, too. They kissed.

Dylan and Sharon returned home, and she fretted about putting her foot in her mouth when things had been going well. Dylan figured that Stitch and Abby were over it, and he implored Sharon to think about the good she'd done that night. Dylan hoped Stitch and Abby talked, and Sharon called Dylan a good man for watching out for other people. She added that she didn't deserve him, but he credited her for making it easy for him to be a good cop, since he was able to go home to her.

Sharon put on some music and asked Dylan to dance, and they swayed as they held one another close. They kissed, and she stared at a framed photo of Sage for a moment. Sharon and Dylan began to make love on the couch.

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