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Victor was released from prison and returned to the helm at Newman. Jill caught Billy and Phyllis in bed together. Jill informed Billy and Cane that they'd run Brash & Sassy together. Chloe insisted that Kevin wasn't Bella's father, but he demanded a paternity test.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of July 25, 2016 on Y&R
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Victor Walks Free Victor Walks Free

Monday, July 25, 2016

At Victor's court hearing, Phyllis barged in and demanded to speak to Judge Gates about the abuses Victor had inflicted on her. Jack attempted to quiet Phyllis, but she persisted. Victor's counsel protested, but Judge Gates allowed Phyllis to have her say. Phyllis cried that her life had been a living hell since the day Victor had kidnapped Jack and replaced him with Marco Annicelli. Phyllis pleaded with the judge to ensure that Victor served every minute of his sentence.

Phyllis became emotional and said she often relived her horrors, which made her question her sanity. Recalling her time with Marco masquerading as Jack, Phyllis explained that the stranger had lied to her and had sex with her whenever and however he'd wanted. Jack glared at Victor when Phyllis cried that Victor shouldn't be allowed to get away with what he'd done. Summer entered the courtroom and said, "Mom, what are you doing?" Phyllis replied, "I'm speaking out against your grandfather's appeal because it is my right."

Phyllis berated members of Victor's family for having changed their minds about Victor's punishment. Nikki spoke out and began arguing with Phyllis. Nikki reminded Phyllis that Victor had saved her life, and she demanded that Phyllis forgive Victor. Phyllis insisted that the pain she'd suffered because of Victor was far worse than Nikki's. The judge warned that he would reschedule the hearing if the two women didn't regain their composure.

Phyllis seemed oblivious to the judge's warning. Phyllis became emotional and said that her life, reputation, and marriage had been nearly destroyed. The judge declared that he wouldn't allow Nikki and Phyllis to wage battle in his courtroom. Nikki apologized and took her seat. Phyllis, addressing the judge, pleaded with Judge Gates not to show mercy to Victor because he'd never shown her mercy. Phyllis abruptly stepped out of the courtroom, and Jack followed her. Phyllis refused to talk to Jack and walked away. Jack returned to the courtroom.

Judge Gates asked Victor if he had something to say. Victor rose from his seat and said, "If fate has me go back to prison for the next ten years, then I must say I will take great solace from my family's testimony. I was very touched by it." Victor mentioned Phyllis and insisted that he'd taken no pleasure in her suffering. Victor explained that his time in prison had changed him, so he'd embrace an opportunity to prove it.

Jack spoke to Judge Gates. Jack said that just the same way he'd suffered, perhaps Victor deserved to be tied to a bed and starved. Jack added that despite his own feelings, he was aware that some in the courtroom loved Victor and needed him. Jack said he didn't believe that Victor had changed, but he admitted that if not for Victor, Phyllis might not be alive. Jack pleaded with the judge to make a final decision regarding Victor's appeal because continued court appearances had taken a heavy toll on Phyllis' well-being. Before Jack walked away, he addressed Victor and said he'd no longer allow Victor's actions to impact his life. Jack told Victor's family not to let Victor get away with his stunts in the future and to ensure that Victor steer clear of Phyllis.

Everyone in the courtroom waited in the hallway when Judge Gates left to deliberate. Judge Gates stepped out of his chamber and had a private discussion with Victor. Judge Gates mentioned his daughter, Dr. Meredith Gates, and he referred to her as the woman Victor had used. Victor denied having used Meredith. Judge Gates said that Phyllis' testimony had been compelling. The judge questioned Victor and asked if he'd stay away from Meredith just as she'd promised to stay away from him. Victor said he wouldn't disappoint the judge.

Judge Gates reconvened the hearing. The judge reduced Victor's sentence to time served plus two years of community service. Victor's family celebrated. The judge warned that Victor would be supervised. Bad behavior, the judge warned, could result in Victor's incarceration. After the judge exited, Victor announced that he'd resume his role as head of Newman Enterprises.

Jack stopped by the Genoa City Athletic Club to check on Phyllis. Jack said he wouldn't let Phyllis throw away her life just because she was fixated on revenge. Noting their crumbling marriage, Jack pleaded with Phyllis to conjure the strength to let go of her past. Phyllis began sobbing.

Jack grabbed Phyllis and passionately kissed her on the lips. Jack said he'd never stop loving Phyllis, and he demanded to know why she seemed so intent on destroying their relationship. Phyllis agreed that she'd been pushing Jack away. Jack received a message stating that Victor had won his appeal. Phyllis became livid. She demanded to be alone. Before he left, Jack advised Phyllis not to do anything she'd regret.

At the Chancellor mansion, Cane studied paint samples in preparation for Jill's plans to return the mansion to its former appearance. Billy entered the sitting room after enjoying a swim. Cane mentioned that he had great plans Brash & Sassy since Jill had named him as CEO. Billy noted that Jill obviously had ulterior motives, and he intended to figure out what they were. Jill stopped by, and Billy confronted her. Jill noted that Billy had left Brash & Sassy vulnerable. Billy said his mother shouldn't have taken something that had meant so much to him and given it to Cane. Jill announced that Billy and Cane would be running the company together.

After Cane left, Phyllis phoned. Billy pretended he was speaking to Bethany. After the call ended, Jill demanded to know the true identity of the caller. Billy changed the subject and asked why Jill had arranged for him to work alongside Cane. Jill replied, "Because Cane will be an excellent, excellent role model for you." Jill hinted that if Billy concentrated on particular areas of his personal life and also made the company a success, she'd reassign Cane and return control of Brash & Sassy to Billy.

Before Jill left, she picked up a paintbrush and spread a swatch of pale yellow on a wall in the entry hall. Jill paused and recalled a last encounter with Katherine in a flashback. Jill remembered having asked Katherine if she needed help climbing the stairs. Katherine had declined the offer of help. Katherine had said, "Goodnight," before using the handrail to ascend to the second floor. Jill seemed touched by the fond memory. Jill turned to Billy and, referring to the paint sample she'd spread on the wall, said, "This is the one. Forget-me-not Yellow."

After Jill left, Billy tried to phone Phyllis. He heard a phone ringing just outside his front door. He opened the door and found Phyllis standing forlornly on the porch. Phyllis tearfully told Billy that her marriage might be over. Billy tried to comfort Phyllis as she told him what had happened in court. Billy embraced Phyllis and consoled her.

Jill met with Jack at the Athletic Club. Jack asked about Brash & Sassy. Jill said she'd handed over leadership to Billy and Cane and had told Billy he should look up to Cane for guidance. Jill said it was crucial for Billy to get his act together. Jack said, "In business?" Jill replied, "In life!" Victoria and Nick entered. Jill expressed concern that Billy might never win back Victoria.

Nick and Victoria had drinks in the dining room. Nick assured Victoria that she'd done an amazing job at the company when she'd expressed concern about the disasters that had taken place. Victoria replied, "Yes, so amazing that we managed to lose an entire division and fall prey to ecoterrorism." Victoria seemed frustrated when she noted that their dad would be returning and reclaiming his helm at the company.

At the Walworth Penitentiary, Chelsea became distraught when Adam insisted that Connor not visit him in prison. Chelsea cried that Connor needed time with Adam. She added that both she and Adam could explain to Connor that his father was innocent. Adam said he feared Connor might someday resent him. Chelsea explained that if Adam wanted to be a good parent, he'd agree to meet with Connor and tell him the truth. Chelsea expressed concern that Adam's mental health would suffer without contact with his son.

Chelsea received a text message stating that Victor had won his appeal. She noted that Victor had been freed, though he was guilty, while Adam remained imprisoned, though he was innocent. Chelsea promised that she'd find a way to get Adam released. Chelsea sobbed pitifully when Adam abruptly left the visitation room. After Adam left, Chelsea stomped her foot and cursed under her breath.

At the ranch, Victor told Nikki that they'd conquered their biggest test. Nikki admitted she never wanted a life without Victor. Nikki seemed eager to make Victor happy. She said they'd have a fresh start and shouldn't waste a minute of it. Nikki embraced Victor.

After Nikki went to check on dinner, Victor poured himself a drink. Chloe appeared. Victor said, "You shouldn't be here." Chloe congratulated Victor for managing to walk free while Adam remained locked up. Victor said, "Where the hell are the two journal pages? I want them."

Jill catches Phyllis and Billy together Jill catches Phyllis and Billy together

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

At the Athletic Club, Victoria suggested that she and Nick get another drink, but he thought they'd celebrated enough. She thought she'd need liquid courage when Victor fired her the next day, since she was certain that their father was plotting a dozen ways to punish them. Nick said they'd deal with whatever happened, and morning would be there soon enough. She dreaded the sunrise, and she insisted on talking to Victor that night. Nick considered it to be a terrible idea.

Nick implored Victoria to give Victor time to get settled in, and he imagined that their dad would be more focused on Newman Enterprises than on them. Victoria speculated that Victor had been behind the oil spills, and he'd wanted to see how they'd handled things. Victoria imagined that Luca would tell Victor that she hadn't been around during the crises, but Nick was sure that Victor knew Luca was full of it. Victoria wondered whether they'd see the loving, protective father or the wrathful one, and she announced that she was going to see Victor with or without Nick. Nick swore that he would never let her do it alone.

At the club bar, Jack told Jill that Billy was a grown man who didn't need his mommy to play matchmaker, but Jill argued that Victoria had been the only one who had gotten Billy to grow up. Jack countered that Jill couldn't force Billy to reunite with Victoria or to work with Cane, but Jill intended to remind Billy that he hated to lose. Jill glanced across the room at Victoria and asked if the lonely, divorced woman looked content. Jill thought the couple was too stubborn to admit that they were better together, but Jack warned that Billy would spin out of control if he figured out what Jill was doing. Jill griped that things couldn't get any worse.

Jack suggested that Jill tell Billy that she wanted him to succeed instead of yanking his chain, and he advised her to let Billy live life the way he needed to. Jack asserted that he had faith in Billy, and he questioned whether Jill could say the same thing. Jill was surprised that Jack was that optimistic when his own life was in flux, and she thought another woman would snap him up if Phyllis didn't straighten out. Jack proclaimed that Phyllis was it for him.

At the Newman ranch, Victor ordered Chloe to hand over the missing pages of Sage's diary. She assumed that he wanted them to clear Adam's name, and she accused Victor of lying about wanting Adam to suffer. Victor cautioned her to keep her voice down, but Chloe vowed to make sure Adam served every day of his 30-year sentence. Victor ominously stated that she was playing a dangerous game, and he demanded the pages. She reminded him that she'd said she'd burn them, but he thought she'd been bluffing. She claimed that she had been, but it was no longer a bluff, since she had burned them.

Chloe explained that Delia had lived inside her heart, but the space had been replaced by a burning hate for Adam, so she'd burned the pages. Chloe swore that Adam would pay for everything, and Victor inquired about her other daughter. Victor threatened to take Bella away, but Chloe retorted that if he did, she'd tell everyone that he'd hired her to frame Adam, and Victor's freedom would go away for good. Nikki called out that dinner was ready, and Chloe remarked that she was starving. Victor forced Chloe out the door, and Nikki entered and asked who he'd been talking to.

Victor fibbed that he'd been telling his assistant to make sure to have some files ready in the morning, and he decided to skip dinner in favor of spending time with his wife. He recognized that things had been touch and go between him and Nikki for a while, but she thought they'd both known that they'd end up together. He wondered if they'd ever outgrow their fights, but he imagined that they fought because they felt passionately about one another. She asked what would happen at the office the next day, since she wanted to make sure he understood how hard the kids had worked. Victoria and Nick arrived, and Victoria declared that there were a few things Victor needed to know.

Nick apologized for interrupting, and he hoped his parents were celebrating. Nikki offered Nick and Victoria drinks, but Victor noted that something was on Victoria's mind. Victoria handed him a flash drive with all the files regarding the oil spills, and Victor resolved to sort out the mess. Nick asserted that Victoria hadn't let anyone damage Newman, and Victoria questioned who had wanted to see them fail.

Victor swore that he'd had nothing to do with the leaks, and he inquired whether Victoria and Nick had a suspect in mind. Victoria relayed that Luca was on the list, but he'd also been helpful with handling the fallout. Victor theorized that Luca had caused the problem in order to seem like a hero, and Nick divulged that Summer thought Luca had reformed. Nick stepped into the foyer to answer the door, and Victoria informed Victor that the files also included a proposal for further action. Victor said he'd deal with it in due time, but Victoria asserted that she had a right to know what his plan was. Jack entered and hoped Victor's plan also included the end of his feud with Phyllis.

Victor huffed that no one had invited Jack, and Nick suggested that Jack head out with him and Victoria. Jack agreed to leave after he spoke with Victor, and Nick and Victoria departed. Victor blasted Jack for showing up there after Phyllis had tried to ruin his appeal, but Nikki defended that Jack had made it clear that he wasn't interested in a war. Jack contended that Phyllis was deeply scarred, and she wasn't ready to move on, but he appealed to Victor to call a truce and walk away. Victor pointed out that a truce only worked if both parties agreed to it, and he thought Jack didn't know Phyllis if he believed she wasn't contemplating revenge.

Jack urged Victor to focus on his wife and family rather than handing out marital advice, and Nikki asserted that she wanted to be alone with her husband on his first night home. Jack answered a call, and Nikki noted that Victor had almost made it sound like he wasn't interested in revenge, but she suspected he was holding a grudge against his kids. Victor conceded that his children had done well by Newman, but he was back.

Nick and Victoria returned to the Athletic Club, and he observed that their dad had seemed calm. Victoria compared Victor to a cobra about to attack his prey, and she anticipated that there would be only one Newman standing when all was said and done.

At the state penitentiary, Michael recounted to Adam what had happened at Victor's appeal hearing, and Adam grumbled that Victor was free as a bird while Adam was stuck in there. Adam was determined to prove that he'd been set up, but Michael pointed out that Victor had done a good job of hiding the journal pages, since Kevin and Natalie had found nothing. Adam refused to rot in there when his family needed him. Michael urged Adam to take things one day at a time, since they had no other options at that moment.

Adam mentioned that Chelsea had wanted to visit him with Connor, and Michael guessed that things hadn't gone well when Adam hadn't allowed it. Michael recalled that he'd been in Adam's position, and he'd done what he'd needed to do to survive mentally and physically, so he understood Adam not wanting his son to see him in prison. Michael added that Chelsea only saw Connor's confusion, and she wanted to fix it. Adam replied that Michael could fix it by finding the journal pages to get Adam released.

Michael offered to appeal to Dylan to redouble his efforts to find the mystery woman and the journal pages, but he insisted that Adam stop punishing himself for being in there. Michael encouraged Adam to consider who the real enemy was, and Adam complained that the enemy was enjoying life at the ranch while Adam was locked up. Adam declared that he missed the days when Sharon had set the ranch on fire, and he wished he could do the same thing. Michael cautioned him against saying such things within earshot of the guard, and Adam swore to be on his best behavior if Michael helped get him out. Michael stressed that no one was giving up on Adam.

At the penthouse, Anita hugged Chelsea and asked if Adam knew that Victor was out of prison. Chelsea reported that Adam was shutting down, and he didn't want to see Connor. Chelsea wondered what she was supposed to tell her son, and Anita suggested that Chelsea make up a cover story about Adam being away on a business trip. Chelsea thought she had to tell Connor the truth -- his father was an amazing, innocent man who'd been framed. Anita lectured that Connor would know that Adam wasn't innocent as soon as the boy accessed the Internet, since Adam had done plenty to "land his butt in jail."

Chelsea ordered Anita not to speak that way about Adam, but Anita maintained that she'd just been telling the truth. Anita cautioned that 30 years was a long time to be alone, but Chelsea protested that she wouldn't be, since she'd find evidence to clear Adam's name. Chelsea expected that once Adam was home with her and Connor, Anita would fawn all over him and say she'd had faith the whole time, and she called Anita a hypocrite. Anita swore that she was on Chelsea's side because they were family, but Chelsea replied that Adam and Victor were also family, and sometimes family tore one other apart.

Anita said Chelsea couldn't avoid the inevitable, and Chelsea realized that her mother thought Adam would never return home. Chelsea spat that she didn't need the negativity, and they needed to stick together as a family. Chelsea asserted that Adam would be home, and she requested that Anita leave. Anita begged Chelsea not to shut her out, since Chelsea couldn't do it alone. Chelsea agreed, and she stated that she needed Adam back.

Adam became alarmed when Anita visited him, but she assured him that Chelsea and Connor were fine. Anita commented that being there stirred up memories of old boyfriends, and Adam said he wouldn't be there much longer. Anita reported that Chelsea was fired up about proving his innocence, and Adam replied that the thought of getting home was what kept him going. Anita imagined Chelsea waiting alone at home for 30 years, and she lamented that she couldn't watch her little girl wait for a day that wouldn't ever happen. Adam realized that Anita wanted him to let Chelsea go.

Later, Michael returned to the prison and informed Adam that he'd spoken with Dylan, but Adam's case had been officially closed, and the police officers had been told to focus on other cases. Adam pleaded that the missing pages were out there, but Michael imagined that Victor would continue hiding them if they hadn't been destroyed already. Michael maintained that there was no way he was giving up, but they had to face reality. Adam said that was why he needed one more thing.

Adam instructed Michael to spin a story about Adam landing in solitary confinement after punching a guard, so he couldn't have visitors. Michael understood that Adam didn't want Connor to visit but warned that it would keep Chelsea away, too. Adam announced that he didn't want her wasting her life while he was in there, and he needed Michael's help to set her free.

Meanwhile, Chelsea descended the stairs and forlornly picked up a photo of Adam and Connor. The doorbell rang, and she called out to scold Anita, but she found Chloe at the door. Chloe hugged Chelsea and gushed that it felt good to be reunited. Chelsea was clearly stunned, and Chloe claimed that she'd done a lot of work in therapy, so the doctors had determined that she'd been ready to go back into the world, and Chelsea had been her first stop. Chelsea questioned whether Chloe had really returned to town to see her, and Chloe insisted that she wasn't there to cause trouble about Adam.

Chloe said she wouldn't forget what Adam had done, but she'd learned that hate was toxic. Chelsea revealed that she'd recently been tempted to do something to Victor, and Chloe exclaimed that they still had things in common. Chelsea reasoned that hurting Victor wouldn't get Adam back, and Chloe feigned ignorance about Adam's whereabouts. Chelsea announced that Adam had been convicted of a murder he hadn't committed, and Chloe laughed uncontrollably.

Chelsea snapped that it wasn't funny that Victor had framed Adam, but Chloe replied that she knew what Adam was capable of. Chelsea pointed out that Victor had money to pay for whatever he wanted, including framing an innocent man. Chloe continued to laugh, but Chelsea told her to think about Connor, and Chloe was affected by the mention of the boy's name. Chloe asked how Connor was doing, and Chelsea reported that her son was wondering where his dad was. Chelsea questioned whether she was supposed to tell him that he couldn't see his father because vicious, selfish people had ensured that Connor would grow up without a dad. Chloe muttered that she shouldn't be there, and she rushed out.

At Billy's place, Billy prompted Phyllis to say that she wanted to be with him, and she suggested that he take her upstairs so she could prove it. They began to peel off their clothes as they made their way up the stairs. After Phyllis and Billy had sex in his bedroom, she asked if he still thought she was there to get back at Jack. Billy wondered if she intended to bolt for the door and say it was a mistake again, but she insisted that while being there was selfish and dishonest, it wasn't a mistake. Phyllis recognized that Jack was no longer the man she'd married, since the old Jack would have "smashed the Moustache into the dust" rather than let her confront Victor alone.

Billy remarked that it was still all about Jack, but Phyllis praised Billy for not treating her like she was damaged. Billy declared that she was perfect, and she replied that they wanted the same things, including each other. Billy was thrilled to see the look in Phyllis' eye that he'd been waiting for, since he could tell that she was no longer holding back. She anticipated that it would be hard to tell Jack what was really going on, but she couldn't keep lying and hiding, since she wanted a life and future with Billy. She assured Billy that she had no doubts, and she admitted that she'd made many mistakes in her life, but he wasn't one of them.

Jill entered the mansion and called out for Billy, and she spotted the clothes strewn on the floor. She guessed that he was upstairs with Bethany, but she picked up Phyllis' blouse and noted that the label was too upscale for Bethany. "Who is she this time, son?" Jill mused to herself as she headed upstairs.

Billy invited Phyllis to stay, and Jill hovered outside the door as the couple pledged their love. Billy said he didn't want Phyllis to leave, but at least he knew she'd be there for good when she got back. Phyllis swore that she'd be free by the next day, and nothing would keep her away. A shocked Jill numbly walked down the stairs, tossed Phyllis' shirt back onto the floor, and contemplated calling Jack.

Phyllis said she needed time alone to think about what to say to Jack, and she couldn't think when Billy kissed her. Billy reasoned that Jack knew things weren't right with their marriage, but Phyllis anticipated that Jack wouldn't let it go easily, and he would never accept that Phyllis and Billy had fallen in love. Billy wished he could tell everyone that he loved Phyllis, and he didn't want to hurt Jack unnecessarily, but Billy and Phyllis needed one another.

After Phyllis left, Billy poured a drink and gazed thoughtfully at the paint samples on the wall. He said Jill could go for whatever color she wanted, since he'd have everything he needed after the next day, and the rest was window dressing.

Phyllis found the door to her hotel suite ajar, and she called out hello. Jill turned around, holding a glass of wine, and invited Phyllis in for a chat.

Jill confronts Phyllis Jill confronts Phyllis

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

by Mike

At the Athletic Club, Phyllis was shocked to learn that Jill had caught her and Billy in bed together earlier that night. Jill wanted to know when the affair had started, so Phyllis explained that she had begun bonding with Billy earlier that year because he had understood her need for revenge against Victor better than anyone else, including Jack. Jill assumed that Phyllis was trying to punish Jack, but Phyllis insisted that wasn't the case.

"Then explain it to me, okay? You and Billy were spending all this time together, plotting away, and all of a sudden you just gave in to your baser instincts, risking losing Victoria and Jack? I [know] my son has a self-destructive streak a mile wide, Phyllis, but I expected more from you. What is wrong with you?" Jill asked incredulously. Phyllis started to explain that she and Billy had been attracted to each other, but Jill countered, "So the hell what? You know better than this! You know how much you hurt Jack all those years ago when you slept with Nick, and now you're doing the same thing with his brother?"

"Where do you get off being so self-righteous? You slept with Katherine's husband! You slept with Jack when you were with his father!" Phyllis pointed out. Jill acknowledged her mistakes and admitted that she knew, from first-hand experience, just how devastating such wounds could be. "And, God, I wanted better for my son -- better than some sordid little affair with his sister-in-law," Jill added with a mixture of sadness and disgust. Phyllis agreed that what she and Billy were doing was wrong, and she said that was precisely why she intended to walk away from Jack the following day.

Jill wondered if Phyllis had fallen out of love with Jack. Phyllis tearfully insisted that the situation wasn't that simple; in fact, she loved Jack and Billy, the latter of whom loved her, too. Jill wanted to know how Phyllis planned to break the news to Jack, so Phyllis explained that she intended to leave Jack then slowly begin allowing herself to be seen in public with Billy, letting people reach the natural conclusion that a deeper relationship was innocently developing between two unattached friends. Phyllis stressed that she and Billy wanted to make the situation as painless as possible for everyone involved.

Jill predicted that the situation would cause nothing but pain for everyone involved, regardless of how Phyllis and Billy chose to go public with their relationship. "A millennium could pass, and there will be no happy ending for you and Billy. The only thing that this relationship guarantees is the destruction of the Abbott family," Jill continued. Phyllis refused to believe that Billy's family could ever abandon him for good, but Jill insisted that denial wouldn't change the facts. "So, what are you saying here? Are you saying that the whole thing is just hopeless?" Phyllis wondered.

"There is one ray of hope. Let me lay it out for you; it's real simple. Stay away from my son. Go back to Jack. Be with your husband, and never tell anybody about this conversation today," Jill replied. Jill warned that she would tell everyone the truth about the affair if Phyllis refused to end things with Billy. Phyllis incredulously pointed out that Jill had just finished lecturing her about the pain that revelation would cause.

"Don't you turn this back on me. You are the one that started this whole thing in motion. But I can damn well stop it -- I can stop it with one phone call to Jack!" Jill angrily countered. Phyllis begged Jill not to do that. Sighing, Jill insisted that Billy wasn't right for Phyllis, and he never would be. "End this...or I will," Jill reiterated before showing herself out of Phyllis' room. Once she was alone, Phyllis broke down.

While lying in bed with Cane, Lily observed that he had stopped wearing his wedding rings at some point. Cane explained that he had been forced to remove them months earlier, when his hand had started swelling after he had broken his elbow, and he regretfully added that he had since lost them. Grinning, Lily revealed that she had recently found them on one of Mattie's dolls. Cane happily allowed Lily to place the rings back on his finger, symbolically marking a new beginning for the couple.

Later, Lauren arrived at the Athletic Club and admonished Cane for failing to give her a heads-up about his plan to leave Fenmore's to work at Brash & Sassy, complaining that she'd had to hear the news from a business reporter, of all people. Cane apologized, explaining that he had been forced to keep quiet until the completion of the Brash & Sassy buyout because Jill had made him sign a non-disclosure agreement. "Rationalize it all you want, [but] clearly you don't value our friendship and our working relationship the way I do," Lauren observed.

Cane insisted that wasn't true, adding that he simply felt like he and Lauren had achieved all they could together. "Ah, so my company's not enough of a challenge for you," Lauren concluded. Cane started to clarify that Brash & Sassy needed him more than Fenmore's did, but Lauren soon interrupted and let him off the hook, admitting that she actually thought it would be good for him to work at Brash & Sassy. Lauren assured Cane that their friendship would survive. "Frankly, you're not the one I should be angry at," Lauren added as Jill approached.

Lauren and Jill stepped aside to talk about the matter privately. Jill reasoned that Lauren was a genius who didn't need Cane's help to run a company, but Lauren insisted that Jill still should have talked to her before poaching Cane. Jill protested that she had talked to Lauren about her plan to use Brash & Sassy to get Billy and Victoria back together, prompting Lauren to counter that Jill had never mentioned that stealing Cane away from Fenmore's would be part of the plan. Lauren warned that Jill needed to stop treating people like pawns on a chessboard. "You have to play the game if it's good for the people you love," Jill argued before walking away.

At Jabot, Jack told Ashley about how Phyllis had reacted to Victor's release from prison. Jack could tell that he wasn't the only one who had things on his mind, so Ashley admitted that she was thinking about Neville, who had asked to see her later. "I think he wants to say goodbye," Ashley fretted. Jack thought that might be for the best, but Ashley stressed that she still cared about Neville, despite the mistakes he had made.

Jack suspected that Ashley's feelings for Neville might go beyond friendship, but she said she wasn't heartbroken about Neville's imminent departure from Genoa City because she had never completely fallen for him. "We just never really knew where we stood with each other," Ashley added, prompting Jack to admit that he could relate. Ashley was confident that Jack and Phyllis would eventually work through their problems.

Meanwhile, in the lab, Neville informed Devon and Hilary that he was planning to leave Genoa City because of everything that had happened recently. Devon was happy to hear that, and Neville said he understood why, but he also stressed that he had never meant to cause Hilary any harm. Hilary assured Neville that although she, too, was happy to hear that he was leaving town, she knew he hadn't tried to kill her, and she had been wrong to accuse him of such a thing.

Devon observed, once he was alone with Hilary, that she had been surprisingly easy on Neville. Hilary said she had realized that she needed to let go of past resentments and focus her energy on more positive things, like developing new medical breakthroughs with more reputable doctors. Jack arrived in time to join the discussion, and he admitted that he had been under the impression that Neville's departure would mark the end of the research team. Devon confirmed the suspicion, and when Hilary started to protest, he told her they could talk about new ventures later, adding that he just wanted Jack to know that they would no longer be hogging Jabot's lab.

Jack was glad to hear that Devon and Hilary were back together. Devon hoped that Hilary would still be welcome as a part of Jack and Neil's foundation, despite the recent misunderstandings about the nature of her relationship with Jack. Jack confirmed that he would be happy to continue working with Hilary, and she promised that she wouldn't cross any lines with him in the future.

When Hilary went to check Ashley's office to make sure that Neville hadn't inadvertently left anything behind, Jack observed that things seemed different between her and Devon. Devon admitted that, although he didn't think Hilary would ever change, he had realized that he should have seen who she really was sooner, and he should have fought harder to ensure that his voice was heard in their relationship. Jack wished Devon plenty of happiness with Hilary then abruptly excused himself, explaining that he needed to see someone right away.

Later, Devon assured Hilary that she would soon find another project to work on. Hilary hated the thought of giving up on something, but Devon advised her not to think of it like that. "You will come up with something else, or ten other something elses, and each one of them will be more brilliant than the last," Devon confidently predicted. Devon added that he loved Hilary and would therefore be at her side every step of the way, supporting her and helping her achieve her dreams. "Well, right now I only have one dream, Devon, and it's you. Just you," Hilary replied before giving him a kiss.

Chloe went to the Chancellor mansion and was surprised to find that Billy was living there. Billy was just as surprised to see that Chloe had been released from the psychiatric facility that had been treating her. Billy wondered if Chloe had heard about Adam's murder conviction. Chloe confirmed that she had, but she refused to do a happy dance, stressing that she had learned to channel her energy into more productive things. "That's why I'm okay to come back here. I'm finally ready to come back to Genoa City and face the past," Chloe added.

Chloe was sorry to hear that Billy and Victoria's relationship had ended, but he happily assured her that his future looked bright nevertheless. Chloe assumed that Billy had a new woman in his life, but he claimed that he was just referring to the brightness that his kids added to his life. Billy quickly started to apologize, fearing that he was being insensitive, but Chloe dismissed his concerns, and she also stressed that she understood why he had refused her request to have another baby with her. Chloe abruptly excused herself so she could get some things out of the attic, but before leaving, she confirmed Billy's suspicion that she was back for good.

Later, after Chloe left, Billy received a visit from Phyllis, who revealed that she had changed her mind about leaving Jack. Billy assumed that Jack had said something to Phyllis that had forced her hand, but she claimed that she had made the decision on her own. "I can't break his heart. He loves me very much," Phyllis explained. Billy protested that Phyllis loved him, but she insisted that she didn't, and she never would. "We're over. And I want to make my marriage work. I'm sorry," Phyllis tearfully added before rushing off.

Jill soon arrived and found Billy drowning his sorrows, prompting her to wonder what had happened. "Same thing that always happens: I had something good, and I lost it. Now I've got nothing," Billy replied. Pretending to assume that Billy was upset about the situation with Brash & Sassy, Jill stressed that the company was still within his grasp. Billy insisted that he didn't care about Brash & Sassy, and he also didn't care about proving himself to his mother. Jill understood but assured Billy that she cared about him and knew that he would eventually pick himself up, dust himself off, and realize what really mattered: his children and his family.

Meanwhile, Jack went to see Phyllis, and when he realized that she had been crying recently, he assured her that he wouldn't take up much of her time. Phyllis interrupted and revealed that she had reached a decision earlier. "I'm coming home," Phyllis added with a smile. Stunned, Jack wondered what had changed since his last conversation with Phyllis.

"I had to ask myself some difficult questions about our future, and the answer became clear," Phyllis vaguely explained. Phyllis apologized and blamed herself for all the problems she and Jack had faced recently, but he insisted that he had made his fair share of mistakes, too. Jack reasoned that the important thing was that he and Phyllis both wanted to make their marriage work. "Yes. We need to make it work," Phyllis numbly agreed.

Ashley met with Neville at Crimson Lights to say goodbye to him. Ashley was confident that Neville, whom she had found quite inspiring, would do great things in the future. Neville admitted that Ashley had inspired him, too, and he added that he had never had a more admirable and lovely partner or friend. Neville shook Ashley's hand before turning to leave, but she stopped him and gave him a kiss on the lips. "I'm really gonna miss you," Ashley admitted before saying goodbye to Neville.

Meanwhile, Esther received a surprise visit from Chloe, who excitedly dragged Esther off to a hotel room. As Bella's babysitter left the room, Chloe lifted the child into her arms. "Mom, meet Bella -- your granddaughter," Chloe said, stunning Esther.

Chloe swears Kevin isn't Bella's father Chloe swears Kevin isn't Bella's father

Thursday, July 28, 2016

At the police station, Paul told Ashley that the FDA was dropping their investigation because Simon had confessed to falsifying the drug trial results, and Ashley regretted that the project hadn't accomplished what they'd hoped. Paul expressed surprise that Simon had let her take the fall, and Ashley conceded that things didn't look good from the outside, but she considered Simon to be a special person who'd saved her life. She added that Simon was more than just a doctor -- he was her friend.

At the hospital, Abby confronted Stitch about what he had done with the baby shower gifts, and he informed her that he'd donated them. She admonished him for doing it without asking her, and he recognized that he should have told her, but he'd wanted to do it in person. Abby snapped that he shouldn't have done it at all, but Stitch recounted that she'd called the presents a sad reminder. She accused him of trying to act like their baby had never existed.

Stitch explained that he'd thought opening the gifts would be too painful, and Abby ranted that he dealt with painful things by throwing them out or ignoring them. She wondered if he considered her to be a painful reminder that he had to throw out, too, but he swore that he loved her. She suspected that he'd gotten rid of the gifts because he didn't want another baby with her, and he tried to brush her off because he had surgery, but she demanded to know where the gifts were. Stitch divulged that he'd donated them to the pediatric wing, and he walked off. Abby started to leave, but she spotted a sign pointing to pediatrics, and she headed that way.

Later, Abby returned home with the gifts, and she became increasingly agitated as she opened cute baby things and read loving words from her family and friends. She began throwing the clothes and toys in a rage, and Ashley called to her from the door and asked what all the stuff was. Abby tearfully replied that it was what might have been. Abby explained what had happened, and she thought Stitch had been wrong to give the gifts away. Ashley surmised that he'd felt having the unopened gifts around had been too painful, but Abby argued that he should have talked to her about it instead of getting rid of everything.

Abby thought it was obvious that Stitch was sending the message that he wouldn't have another child, but Ashley warned that Abby had been pushing too hard. Abby read a card from Ashley about the miracle of looking into one's child's eyes, and she wailed that she would never know that feeling. Ashley questioned whether it made Abby happy to have the baby things around, and she pointed out that both Abby and Stitch had lost a child. Ashley urged Abby to give it time, since Stitch and Abby hadn't lost one another, and the women hugged.

Ashley and Abby returned to the hospital with the baby gifts, and Ashley encouraged Abby to talk to her husband. Stitch recognized the presents, and Abby conceded that she'd said some things she hadn't meant earlier. He admitted that he'd been walking away a lot, and he led her to an empty exam room. She explained that she'd felt like he'd thrown away the memory of their daughter and any hope of having another baby, but she'd overreacted. Abby said she loved him, and she recognized that she'd been pushing too hard, but it scared her not to know what he was thinking. She begged him not to push her away.

Stitch lamented that he hadn't protected Abby and their child, but she swore that the miscarriage hadn't been his fault. He confessed that he'd seen her crying when she thought he'd been asleep, but he hadn't known how to comfort her, so he'd shut down and pushed her away. Stitch softly explained that he'd given the stuff away because it had been meant for their little girl, and holding onto it to give to another baby would make it seem like they'd forgotten about their daughter. Stitch assured Abby that when Max started to improve, there was nothing more that Stitch wanted than another baby, and they embraced. They headed out to take the baby things to pediatrics together.

At the cottage, Dylan thanked Mariah for picking up doughnuts for breakfast, and she offered him the leftovers for the road. He declared that he was happy she'd decided not to move out, but she joked that it was just the doughnuts talking. Kevin and Natalie arrived, and he remarked that he'd thought Mariah had moved back into his house. Mariah sarcastically replied that she'd love to hang out at their love shack, but she thought it was better to be where she was wanted. Dylan hoped Kevin had something they could use to help Adam.

Kevin presented Dylan with video footage that showed a woman who'd shown up at the bus station a few hours before Dylan had searched the locker, and he was certain it was the same woman who'd visited Victor. Dylan instructed Kevin and Natalie to keep searching for the mystery woman while he talked to Paul, and he raced out. Natalie pointedly stated that she and Kevin had had a great time on the road, including in the Jacuzzi at their hotel. Kevin led Natalie out as she offered to tell Mariah all about it later, and Mariah grumbled that she couldn't wait.

Sharon guessed that Mariah was upset about Kevin, but Mariah explained that Natalie was the jealous one because Mariah and Kevin had a connection that money couldn't break. Sharon noted that Natalie's efforts to keep Mariah and Kevin apart were working, and Mariah bemoaned that she missed her friend a lot. Mariah added that Kevin could do better than Natalie.

At the police station, Dylan showed the bus station footage to Paul, and he was excited that it linked the mystery woman to the missing journal pages. Paul argued that it didn't show her with the envelope or the pages, and Dylan resolved to find the woman to get answers. Paul noted that Dylan had already spent weeks on the investigation, and nothing about the woman had turned up. Dylan referred to Paul's doubts about Adam's guilt, but Paul firmly stated that the case was closed. Dylan questioned whether Paul was okay with an innocent man spending 30 years in prison, and Paul replied that there was a chain of command that Dylan had to respect.

Paul applauded Dylan's dedication, but he thought Dylan's desire to save the day was clouding his judgment, and there was no room for emotion. Dylan argued that revenge had been Victor's passion, and Dylan was attacking the case with the same passion. Paul lectured that Dylan was letting emotions interfere with his job, and Dylan couldn't tell facts from speculation. Dylan insisted that it was their job to see the investigation through, but Paul yelled that he was the one who gave orders, not Dylan.

Dylan questioned how justice was being served when he knew Paul was convinced Victor was capable of framing Adam, but Paul didn't believe that Victor had set up his son to spend 30 years in prison. Dylan understood the bond between a father and son, and he theorized that Victor's partner had double-crossed him. Paul said it didn't change anything, since Adam had taken the plea, and the case was closed. Dylan chided Paul for being worried about paperwork and backlogs, and Paul threatened to write him up for insubordination.

At the state penitentiary, Adam assumed that Michael had relayed Adam's message to Chelsea, and Michael realized that Adam hadn't changed his mind. Michael stated that he was Adam's friend as well as his attorney, so he hadn't told Chelsea about Adam's illogical and stupid request. Adam maintained that Chelsea needed to move on with her life, but Michael thought it was ridiculous for Adam to push her away, since Adam and Chelsea needed one another. The men argued, and Michael was embarrassed that he'd given Adam the idea to shut his wife out when he needed her the most.

Michael recounted that he'd broken Lauren's heart when he'd told himself that letting her go had been for her own good, but he was thankful that she'd loved him enough to forgive him, since she'd been the one who'd gotten him through. Michael told Adam to get through it with Chelsea, or Adam wouldn't get through it at all. Adam doubted that he could do anything for his wife while he was locked up, but Michael said Adam could love her and let her love him.

Adam reiterated that both Chelsea and Connor deserved more, but Michael contended that Connor would see that his parents loved one another, and it was too early to give up. Adam argued that the investigation was closed, but Michael volunteered to work on it if Adam forgot the nonsense about refusing to see Chelsea. Michael added that he'd checked the visitor log, and he knew that Anita had been there, so he thought Anita had put the idea in Adam's head. Adam demanded that Michael give Chelsea the message, but Michael told Adam to tell her himself, and he departed.

At Crimson Lights, Chelsea literally ran into Chloe, who scrambled to pick up her tote bag. Chelsea said she'd been about to ask Esther where Chloe was staying, and Chloe abruptly replied that she had to go. Chelsea compared it to the way Chloe had rushed out of the penthouse the night before, and Chloe claimed that she'd hated to see Chelsea upset. Chelsea pointed out that Chloe hadn't gotten to see Connor, and Chloe imagined that he was getting big. Chelsea gushed that his eyes were perfect, thanks to Chloe and Delia, and she would be forever grateful, so she hoped there would be no more running away.

Chelsea spotted a sippy cup inside Chloe's bag, and she jokingly asked if it was how Chloe took her coffee to go. Chloe revealed that the cup belonged to her daughter, Bella, and a stunned Chelsea wondered why Chloe hadn't told anyone that she'd become a mom again. Chloe reasoned that someone might have yanked Bella away from her, and she had refused to let that happen. Chelsea guessed that the girl had been in foster care, but Chloe claimed that her psychiatric facility had been a very progressive place with a nursery, and spending time with her daughter had been good therapy. Chloe recognized that she hadn't been there for Delia, but she vowed to get it right that time.

Chelsea noted that there were a lot of painful memories for Chloe in Genoa City, and she questioned why Chloe had returned there if she wanted to start over. Chloe acknowledged that she'd been shattered by Delia's death, but she'd put the pieces back together. Chloe asserted that Genoa City was her home, and her mother and friends were there. Chelsea mentioned Kevin, and she assumed that Chloe was there because he was Bella's father. The women turned around and faced Kevin and Natalie.

Kevin hugged Chloe and said he would have picked her up at the airport if she'd called, but she curtly said she had to get back to settling in. Kevin peppered her with questions, but she suggested that he check in with his "friend" about taking time to hear the answers. Kevin quickly introduced Chloe and Natalie, and he said he'd catch up with Natalie later. Kevin led Chloe aside, and Natalie asked Chelsea who Chloe was. Chelsea explained that Chloe was Kevin's ex-wife, and Natalie incredulously realized that Chloe was "the crazy one."

Natalie walked out, and Michael entered and asked what he'd missed. He spied Chloe with Kevin, and he wondered if she was passing through or staying permanently. Chelsea said she never knew with Chloe, and Michael claimed that Adam needed to see Chelsea right away. She asked if something was wrong, but he thought she needed to hear the answer from Adam. She departed.

Kevin wondered why Chloe had waited to see him, since they hadn't even said goodbye the last time she'd been in town. Chloe credited Kevin with having been her rock, but she said he wasn't her husband anymore, and she didn't need to give him the details of her life. Kevin argued that a piece of paper hadn't changed things, and they'd suddenly gone from making love to filing divorce papers. Chloe said she had to go, but Kevin demanded to know why she was avoiding him.

Chloe reasoned that she knew every escape route in town if she'd wanted to avoid Kevin, and he asked how she was doing. She swore that she was better and anger-free, but Kevin sensed that there was something she wasn't telling him, and he suggested that they go somewhere more private. She complained that he was pushing too hard, but he argued that he was trying to understand. Michael intervened as Chloe ran off, and he asked what had happened, but Kevin had no idea.

Kevin observed that Chloe had seemed evasive and had avoided eye contact, and he insisted that he knew when Chloe was keeping something from him. Michael guessed that she'd just been a little nervous to reconnect with family and friends after being released from a mental facility. Kevin greeted Esther and mentioned Chloe's return, and he fibbed that Chloe had said she'd wanted him to stop by, but he didn't know where she was staying. Esther readily replied with a motel name and room number, and Kevin ran off.

Michael sought out Paul to request that he not stop investigating Adam's case, but Paul stressed that the case was closed. Michael argued that if they found the mystery woman, they'd have proof that Adam had been framed, but Paul countered that they didn't have the resources to keep a case open after someone had taken a plea. Michael contended that Adam was an innocent man, but Paul ordered him not to go to Dylan, and he maintained that the case was closed.

Chelsea arrived at the prison and asked Adam what had happened, but he simply stated that the place was terrible. She pledged to get him out, and she showed him a photo of Connor on her phone. She suspected that something was going on, and she swore that they would deal with whatever it was. She reached for his hand, but he pulled away and said he couldn't do it. Chelsea begged Adam to tell her what was going on, and he announced that he'd called her there to tell her that it wasn't a good idea for her to visit him anymore.

Adam refused to let Chelsea throw away her life, but she protested that it was the only life she wanted. She swore that he was the only man she'd ever want, and it didn't matter if he was there for a week or for 30 years. Chelsea ordered him not to push her away because it wouldn't happen, and Adam admitted that he'd hoped she'd say that, since he couldn't be in there without her. She vowed to stay in it together and fight to get him out of there. Chelsea urged him to kiss her before the guard saw them, and Adam obliged.

Dylan stopped by the prison and informed Adam and Chelsea about the bus station footage. Chelsea commented that it had been their best clue in a while, and Dylan promised to find more evidence to figure out who the woman was and why she was trying to hurt Adam.

Meanwhile, Sharon contemplated which photo of Sully to send to Dylan, and she explained that Dylan insisted on getting a photo every day because he didn't want to miss a second. Mariah suggested sending a photo of Sully with his foot in his mouth, and she responded to someone pounding on the door. Natalie burst in and proclaimed that she was there to get a history lesson, but Mariah dryly noted that Natalie considered her to be the dumb one. Natalie recognized that Mariah was an expert on Kevin, and she needed answers about who Chloe was. Mariah said Kevin's ex-wife was in a mental facility, but Natalie revealed that Chloe was back.

Mariah recounted that Chloe had checked into a hospital in California after she'd suffered a breakdown, and Kevin had been crushed when Chloe had divorced him. Natalie inquired whether Kevin still loved Chloe, and Mariah remarked that it had happened years earlier, but Sharon piped up that Chloe had been the love of Kevin's life. Mariah pointed out that Chloe hardly had amazing memories there, and she wondered why Chloe was back in town.

In a motel room, Chloe handed Bella one of Delia's favorite stuffed animals, and she attempted to ignore a knock at the door, but the knocking continued. Chloe cracked open the door and found Kevin there, and she told him to stop pushing. He said he needed answers, and he questioned why she wouldn't open the door. He heard a noise inside, and she claimed it was the television, but he implored her to be honest with him.

Chloe let Kevin in, and he saw Bella, who Chloe introduced as her daughter. Kevin suspiciously asked how old the girl was, and he recalled the last time he and Chloe had been together. Chloe was adamant that he wasn't Bella's father, and Kevin asked if he could say hello to the tot. Kevin introduced himself to Bella and said he'd known her sister, and he remarked that Bella looked a lot like Delia. Chloe smiled as the two played together.

Kevin demands a DNA test Kevin demands a DNA test

Friday, July 29, 2016

At Newman, Victoria and Nick found Victor in the CEO's office, and Victor remarked that they had a lot to do. Nick handed Victor a drawing from Faith, and Victor smiled and told Nick to give her a hug from him. Victor added that he had something for Victoria and Nick, too, and he handed them security cards that provided access to the hangar at the airport, since he was making the jet available to both of them to take their kids wherever they wanted.

Nick incredulously asked if Victor expected them to take a vacation, and Victoria inquired about an upcoming meeting with the department heads. Victor stated that she'd done a good job, but she no longer had to talk to them. Victoria argued that they were up to their necks in the oil disaster, but Victor divulged that he'd made a deal with the unions that morning, and the employees were back at work. Victor again urged his children to go on vacation, but a skeptical Victoria reminded him that she'd worked hard to help him get released. Victor questioned whether she wished he'd stayed in prison.

Victoria said she wouldn't have defended Victor if she'd thought he should still be in prison, and she'd thought he'd wanted his family back together. Victor swore that their jobs would be there when they got back, and he was looking forward to working with them. Victoria surmised that Victor would be in charge, and she observed that he'd removed her personal things from the office. Victor informed her that he'd moved them to her old office, and he encouraged Victoria and Nick to spend some time with their children. Summer entered and hugged Victor hello, and Nick was surprised to see her, since he'd thought she was done with Newman. Victor revealed that he'd asked her to be there.

Victor requested time alone with Summer, and Victoria and Nick stepped out. Victor wanted to discuss Summer's choice to leave the company, and she swore that she loved Victor, but she didn't need to be part of the family business. Victor pointed out that he might need her, but she stood by her decision to step back and focus on her relationship with Luca. Victor understood that she hadn't been in a position to do well at the company under the prior circumstances, but he swore that things would change because he was back.

Victor said he didn't trust Luca for many reasons, but he trusted Summer, and he'd been impressed with what she'd done during his absence. He believed that with tutoring, she could become a successful businesswoman who wouldn't let him down, but she worried about disappointing him. Victor assured her that she couldn't, since she'd been loyal to him, unlike other family members. Victor insisted that he wanted her to work by his side, but she had to make up her own mind, and he didn't want to pressure her.

In the corridor, Victoria groused that it had felt like she and Nick had walked into a setup, and she guessed that Victor wanted to make their vacation permanent. She noted that Nick had barely said anything, and he voiced his concern that their father hadn't forgiven them.

Once alone, Summer looked around the office and sat in the CEO chair. She flashed back to Nick telling her that Luca was using her to get into the company, but Summer had insisted that both she and Luca were willing to walk away from it all.

At the Athletic Club, Lily fussed over Cane's tie, and he asked if it was perfect yet. She commented that he was perfect, but his tie wasn't, and she fawned over her handsome CEO husband. He clarified that he was co-CEO, and he expected Billy to fight him every step of the way. Cane didn't understand why Jill had put the men together, since conflict wasn't good for business, but Lily was sure that Cane would rise above it. They kissed.

Billy snoozed on the couch, surrounded by empty liquor bottles, and Jill sighed deeply when she found him. She flashed back to finding Billy and Phyllis in bed together, and she ordered Billy to wake up, but he didn't move. Jill barked at him to pull himself together, and he bolted awake when she threw a glass of water in his face. She declared that there was work to be done.

Billy snapped that he didn't "give a damn" about the company, but Jill suspected that he cared about Cane showing him up. Jill reminded Billy that she'd hand the company back to him if he raised profitability, and she added that every dime he had was tied up in Brash & Sassy. Jill answered a call from Cane, and he reported that he had great news, since he'd found the perfect place for their new laboratory and offices. Jill grumbled that at least one of them was doing their job, but she flipped out when she heard where the office space was.

Billy taunted that Jill's golden boy had messed up royally, and he wondered if Cane also intended to outdo Billy's long string of screw-ups. Jill explained that she had an issue with a decision Cane had made, and it was the reason why she wanted Cane and Billy to work together. Billy was intrigued by what Cane had done, but Jill offered no further details and told Billy to get ready for work.

Jack and Phyllis arrived at Jabot, and he amorously remarked that he'd barely been able to keep his hands off of her in the elevator. She noted that they'd been up half the night, but he said he couldn't get enough of her, since it was good to have her home. He gushed that the night before had been amazing, and he was glad that they were back on track. She agreed, and they hugged, but she looked unsure.

Jack acknowledged that his and Phyllis' problems hadn't disappeared, but he assured her that she wasn't alone. He apologized for not backing her up the way he should have when she'd gone to the courtroom to get justice, and she thanked him for saying that. Jack recalled a time when he'd been completely consumed with making Victor pay, and she compared the feeling to sinking in quicksand. She recognized that Jack had been strong enough to keep her from being sucked back in, and she vowed to "fight like hell" to keep those impulses from taking over.

Cane arrived to pick up some access cards, and Phyllis asked why he needed them. Jack mentioned that the lab and office space had become available after Simon's research project had ended, and Cane announced that he'd accepted Jack's offer for Brash & Sassy to become the new tenants, so Cane and Billy would be working downstairs. Phyllis grumbled that it was the first she'd heard about moving the competition in, and Cane took off with the security cards. Jack suspected that Phyllis' reaction had to do with Billy, since they knew the effect Billy had on her reckless instincts.

Phyllis asserted that she'd been thinking about Jack, since Billy had gone after Jabot's biggest buyer when he'd first acquired Brash & Sassy. Jack pointed out that Billy's ploy hadn't worked, and he was sure that Billy wouldn't commit corporate espionage because they were family first. Jack looked at it as an opportunity to repair the damage done to their family, and Phyllis replied that there was nothing she'd like more.

Jack left for a meeting, and Phyllis called Billy, who had just emerged from the shower in a towel. Phyllis stressed to Billy that she didn't want to see him, and he pointed out that she'd called him. She huffed that he knew what she'd meant, since he was moving his business into the lab downstairs from where she worked. A stunned Billy swore that he'd had nothing to do with it, and Phyllis hissed that it would ruin everything. Billy flatly replied that everything had already been ruined, and she hung up.

Phyllis arrived at the Athletic Club to drop off some Jabot samples for Lauren, and she noticed Lily's chipper attitude. Lily gushed that it was Cane's first day at his new job, and she wanted to surprise him with a visit, but she didn't know where the new offices were. Phyllis relayed that they were in the Jabot building, and she abruptly left to deliver the samples.

At the lab, Jill asked what Cane had been thinking when he'd leased the space. He explained that he'd called Jack when the drug trial had ended, but Jill was adamant that he get out of the lease. Jill complained that it was a bad idea to have a rival company spying overhead, and Jack overheard and defended that Jabot wasn't that kind of outfit. Cane thought there was no reason for either company to spy on the other, but Jill thought Cane shouldn't have made a unilateral decision, since Billy should have had input. Billy entered, and Jack asked if Billy had a problem with having offices in the same building.

Billy pointed out that he didn't know enough about the deal Cane had made, and Cane turned over a copy of the lease. Jill was sure that Billy would agree that it would be a disaster, but Billy questioned why she was fighting it, since Cane had made a great deal. Jill warned that Billy wouldn't want Jack looking over his shoulder, but Jack proclaimed that he respected that Billy was living his own life. Jack added that working through his differences with Phyllis had given him hope that he and Billy could reconnect, and Billy thought the arrangement could work, but he told Jack not to expect any talks around the corporate campfire.

Billy excused himself to take a call, and Victoria asked if they could change the visitation schedule, since she was taking some time off. Billy asked where she was going, and she replied that she wasn't sure yet. He guessed that someone else was sitting at her desk, and he wasn't surprised that it hadn't taken long for Victor to push her aside.

Phyllis returned to Jabot, and Jack reported that Cane, Billy, and Jill were officially their tenants. Phyllis was surprised that everyone had agreed, and Jack relayed Jill's extreme opposition to the deal. Phyllis flashed back to Jill ordering her to go back to Jack. Jack mentioned that Billy had eventually agreed to the lease, but Billy had made it clear that it was just business, so they shouldn't expect any visits from him. Phyllis mumbled that it worked for her.

Meanwhile, Billy and Cane amicably divided up which departments they'd each be responsible for, and Jill admired them for working nicely together, but she objected to their joint executive decision to stay there. Cane asked why she was harping on it, and she claimed that she wanted to be sure her investment paid off. Jill left to go back to Chancellor, and Cane suggested that he and Billy work on filling the empty desks in the office. Billy said he needed a minute to grab some coffee, and he headed to the elevator. The elevator doors opened, and he wordlessly joined Phyllis inside.

Billy and Phyllis silently rode in the elevator until he stopped it. She said she didn't know what game he was playing by working in the same building, and he reiterated that it hadn't been his idea. She demanded that he walk away from the place, and he pointed out that Jill wasn't fond of the idea, either. Phyllis and Billy's argument escalated into a passionate kiss.

Lily entered Brash & Sassy's new office and gazed at a poster of a model. Cane declared that the model didn't hold a candle to Lily, and she said it was the right answer. He suggested that they celebrate his new business venture with a romantic dinner followed by a drive to gaze up at the stars like lovesick teenagers. She gushed that she was proud of him, and they kissed and fell onto the couch in a passionate embrace.

Jill and Victoria met at the Athletic Club, and Victoria alluded to an emergency Jill had mentioned on the phone. Jill said she'd installed Cane and Billy at the top of Brash & Sassy, and they were very capable, but they weren't Victoria. Jill acknowledged that Victoria's loyalties were with Newman, but she imagined that Victoria's talents would go wasted with Victor taking over again. Jill invited Victoria to lead the company she'd helped to create.

At the club bar, Nick informed Jack that Victor had picked up where he'd left off, and Jack worried that Victor might go after Phyllis. Nick wondered how Jack and Phyllis had gotten past what Victor had done to them, and Jack lamented that his marriage was still suffering, but things were getting back to normal. Jack refused to waste another minute obsessing about Victor, and he inquired whether Victor had mentioned anything about retaliating. Nick was sure that Victor's focus was on other things.

Nick relayed his suspicions that Victor's vacation suggestion had been code for giving him and Victoria the boot, and Jack figured that Victor was making room for someone else. Jack fretted that if Victor still hadn't forgiven his family, there was no reason for Victor to keep his word about letting what Phyllis had done stay in the past. Jack vowed that no one would harm Phyllis ever again.

Kevin knocked on Chloe's motel room door, and he handed her a bag of food from Crimson Lights. She informed him that her mom had beaten him to it, and he announced that he was there to see her and Bella. Chloe informed him that Esther had taken Bella out for a walk, and Kevin inquired how long they'd be gone. Chloe snapped that they'd said everything they had to say, and she ordered him to leave her alone. Kevin stated that he had a right to know his daughter.

Chloe insisted that Kevin wasn't Bella's father and that a random guy in California had sired the girl. Kevin pointed out that Chloe hadn't provided any details about the father, but she retorted that it was none of Kevin's business. Kevin wondered how she could say that after all they'd been through, and he recounted that they'd made love on the morning she'd left, so it was his business that she had returned with a child. She reasoned that they were divorced, and she excused herself to get her daughter as she showed Kevin to the door.

At the police station, Kevin gazed at a photo of Chloe and Delia, and Mariah entered and mentioned that Natalie had told her that Chloe was back. Kevin reported that Chloe had returned with a daughter, and he was still trying to wrap his brain around it. Kevin called Bella the cutest thing and said she looked just like Delia, and Mariah questioned whether he could be the girl's father. Kevin replied that Chloe had told him that he wasn't, but Mariah realized that he didn't believe it.

Kevin recalled that he'd looked into the little girl's eyes, and memories of Delia and Chloe had flooded back. He remembered how good they'd been together, and he realized how much he still loved Chloe. He assumed Mariah didn't want to hear about it, but she insisted that she cared about him and wanted to make sure he was okay. He called her a good friend, and he confided that he and Chloe had spent one last morning together, so it was possible that he'd fathered Bella. Mariah questioned why Chloe wouldn't want Kevin to know if the kid was his, and he had no clue. Mariah grabbed his hand and led him out to find the truth.

Kevin and Mariah found Chloe and Bella at Crimson Lights, and Chloe asked if he was stalking her. Chloe started to head out, but Kevin insisted on talking to her. Chloe told him to make it quick, and Kevin explained that he wanted to take her at her word, but he couldn't because of how she was acting. Chloe questioned why she'd lie, but Mariah contended that there was a simple way to get to the truth.

Chloe teased that she'd known Kevin and Mariah would end up together, but Mariah insisted that they were just friends, and she thought Kevin deserved the truth after the way he'd stood by Chloe. Kevin requested a DNA test, and Chloe swore that she'd never keep Bella from him if he were her father, since he'd be a great dad, but he wasn't her father. Kevin demanded that she prove it, and Chloe consented to a paternity test. Later, at the police station, Kevin hoped Chloe didn't drag her feet about submitting the DNA samples, and Mariah assured him that he would know soon enough.

Chloe returned to her motel room and cried out when she saw it had been ransacked. Victor made his presence known and ominously stated that it was easy to betray a man when he was behind bars, but Chloe no longer had that advantage. Victor asked where the journal pages were, and Chloe maintained that she'd burned them. Victor thought she was too smart to do that, since they were all she had to negotiate with, and he warned that the pages had better materialize soon. Chloe countered that if he kept pushing, she'd reveal what she'd done to frame Adam on Victor's behalf, and Victor would go back to prison. Victor told her not to count on it.

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