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Summer accepted Luca's marriage proposal. Chloe convinced Chelsea that she had truly forgiven Adam. A DNA test proved that Kevin wasn't Bella's father. Kevin ended his relationship with Natalie. Hilary agreed to settle the drug trial lawsuit in order to remain on the foundation board.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of August 1, 2016 on Y&R
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Victor Resumes Control of Newman Victor Resumes Control of Newman

Monday, August 1, 2016

At the Genoa City Athletic Club, Jill pleaded with Victoria to become head of Brash & Sassy. Jill recalled that Victoria had developed the brand, which had stayed relevant. Victoria declined the offer and explained that she already had a job. Jill reminded Victoria that Victor had stolen Brash & Sassy from her as punishment. Jill noted that though Cane and Billy had joined the company, they were merely functionaries. Victoria, Jill said, was a visionary that could elevate the company. Jill asked Victoria to consider whether she'd prefer to take a backseat at Newman Enterprises or take charge at Chancellor, guiding a product line.

At the Athletic Club's bar, Jack and Nick discussed Victor's plans for revenge. Nick wasn't convinced of Jack's claims that Victor had framed Adam for Constance's murder. Jack noted that though Adam was capable of wrongdoing, he wouldn't have murdered an old woman in cold blood. Nick explained that had Victor been involved, he would've swept in and rescued Adam before sentencing. Jack replied, "Not if he wanted to set things up at Newman first to show Adam who's got the power."

In Chloe's seedy motel room, Victor demanded that Chloe produce the missing journal pages that would help free Adam. Chloe, cradling Bella, her young daughter, said, "They're ashes, Victor." Victor doubted Chloe's claim and noted that her only bargaining chips were the missing journal pages. Chloe insisted she didn't have the pages. Victor cried, "Every day, every hour my son spends behind prison bars strains my tolerance. My patience has reached its limit. Be very careful."

Victor reminded Chloe that he was the one who'd arranged for her to be with her daughter. Chloe said, "Adam is in jail because of what he did to Dee Dee, and you deserved to be in jail for blackmailing him so he couldn't come forward. Let's not forget that he's in jail because of you." Victor noted that Adam's imprisonment wasn't part of the plan. Chloe said she was aware that Victor had only wanted Adam convicted to prove a point, oust his other children from the company, and install Adam by his father's side. Chloe berated Victor for claiming to be a family man. Before Victor left, he warned Chloe that she was aware of what he was capable of doing to those that crossed him.

At the Walworth Penitentiary, Chelsea told Adam that Chloe had returned to Genoa City. Chelsea suggested that Chloe had traveled home briefly to visit Esther. Adam noted that no one else besides Chloe longed for him to languish in prison. Adam said, "Chloe's the mystery woman that we've been looking for. She's the one that's working with Victor." Chelsea wasn't convinced and noted that Victor would never want Chloe to show up in Genoa City to implicate him.

Chelsea told Adam that Chloe had a daughter, conceived around the time Chloe and Kevin had been together. Chloe, Chelsea explained, had denied that the little girl, Bella, was Kevin's. Adam said Chloe would never forgive him for causing Delia's death. Sounding desperate, Adam instructed Chelsea to utilize her friendship with Chloe. Adam urged Chelsea to learn what Chloe knew about Victor's involvement. Chelsea agreed and promised to keep their plan a secret.

Chelsea entered Chloe's motel room. Chelsea spotted little Bella sitting quietly amid a room in disarray. Chloe explained that someone had broken in. Chloe admitted that her room wasn't in a safe neighborhood but added that she couldn't move in with her mother. Chelsea insisted that Chloe and Bella move in with her. Chelsea also extended a job offer. Chloe was reluctant, citing her attack on Adam. Chelsea explained that she needed a best friend during Adam's absence.

At Jabot, Billy pushed Phyllis to the limit when he grabbed her and passionately kissed her on the lips. Phyllis rebuffed Billy's advances with a slap to his face. Phyllis told Billy that their relationship was over because she didn't love him. Billy expressed disbelief in Phyllis' claims because she'd quite suddenly backed away from their relationship. Phyllis listed a myriad of reasons for ending the relationship. Billy scoffed, pressed a button on the elevator to open the doors, and noted that Phyllis could've just walked away.

Billy later ran into Jill at the Athletic Club. Jill immediately spotted the bleeding and swollen injury near her son's lip. Billy claimed that a worker carrying a mannequin had inadvertently smacked him with the dummy's leg. Jill became flustered and reminded Billy that he'd been given an opportunity to prove he was a competent CEO. Billy said, "You seem to think that I care what Victor or anybody else thinks of me." Exasperated, Jill implored Billy to start acting like an Abbott.

Phyllis, still shaken after her encounter with Billy, raced to her office and poured herself a drink. Phyllis gulped down a swig of scotch and sighed as she recalled slapping Billy. Jack entered, pointed to the drink in Phyllis' hand, and remarked that she looked as if she'd had a rough morning. Phyllis gazed at her amber drink and realized that it was unacceptably early to have imbibed. Phyllis claimed she'd been considering a print ad using a lipstick print on a glass. Jack informed Phyllis that Jill had invited them both to dinner. Phyllis didn't commit and said she had work to do. Encouraging Jack to leave, Phyllis promised to meet him at home later.

After Jack left, Jill stopped by to confront Phyllis. Jill recalled that she'd told Phyllis to stay away from Billy. Phyllis noted that she and Billy worked in the same building. Jill pleaded with Phyllis to reconcile with Jack so Billy could return to his family. Phyllis reminded Jill that she couldn't force Billy to love someone. Jill threatened Phyllis and said if she didn't stay away from Billy, Jack would learn about Phyllis' affair. Phyllis insisted she still loved Jack and hoped to rekindle their relationship. After Jill left, Phyllis seemed distraught and fought back tears.

At Newman Enterprises, Nikki was waiting when Victor entered his office. Victor seemed eager to take back control of his company. Nikki was surprised when Victor explained that he'd ordered Nick and Victoria to fly away on a vacation aboard the company jet. Nikki said she wondered how their son and daughter felt about having been shipped away. Victor insisted his plan was to give their children a respite.

At the Athletic Club's bar, Victoria joined Nick. Nick jokingly asked his sister if she'd been packing for her luxurious vacation. Nick added that their father's directive for them to take a vacation could be considered an order to take early retirement. Victoria replied, "Would Dad really try to push us out of the company?" Nick shoved his drink toward Victoria and suggested she was in denial. Victoria sipped the drink and replied, "I think you're right."

Victoria told Nick that Jill had offered her the reins at Brash & Sassy. Nick asked if Victoria had accepted. Victoria indicated that she hadn't. Victoria noted that she'd successfully handled disasters while in charge at Newman Enterprises. Seeming determined but uncertain, Victoria told Nick she planned to seek a counteroffer from their dad.

Victoria entered her father's office. Nikki greeted her daughter. Victor praised Victoria for the good job she and Nick had done during his absence. Nikki mentioned the generous vacation offer. Victoria walked past her mom and told Victor she wasn't in favor of leaving town during a complicated time for the company. After Nikki left, Victoria mentioned her job offer at Brash & Sassy. Victoria said, "Tell me why I should take it, Dad." Victoria seemed crushed when Victor gave her his blessing to accept Jill's offer.

Nick visited with Adam at the prison. Nick admitted that Victor had placed himself in charge of Newman Enterprises upon his return. Nick added that he'd assumed the grand plan was to kick Victoria to the curb to make room for Adam at Newman Enterprises. Adam insisted he wouldn't consider becoming Victor's right hand. Adam added that he'd likely be spending thirty years in prison.

Adam seemed anxious. Nick said, "You keep insisting Dad framed you." Adam noted that Nick didn't believe him. Nick asked if Victor might have devised a plan to free Adam. Adam said it was likely because Victor had admitted that evidence existed that could clear his name. Adam explained that pages from Sage's journal could clear him.

Jack stopped by Billy's house and offered him a seat on the foundation's board of directors. Billy scoffed and noted that Jill had likely influenced Jack's decision to extend the offer. Jack insisted it had been his own decision. Billy declined the offer. Jack noted that he and Billy had grown apart in recent weeks. Jack said he'd hoped to add Billy to the board because he'd also battled addiction. Jack noted that Phyllis would also become a board member. Billy accepted Jack's offer.

Chelsea opened the door to her penthouse and welcomed Chloe and Bella. Chelsea admitted that she'd been lonely with Adam away. Chloe expressed her appreciation to Chelsea. Chelsea said Connor would be happy to have Chloe and Bella around. Chloe said she'd hoped for a fresh start with her friends and family.

Kevin gets the paternity test results

Kevin gets the paternity test results

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

At the Athletic Club, Devon toasted to new beginnings, and Hilary envisioned their amazing future. They kissed, but Ashley interrupted to inform them that she'd received word from the FDA that she'd been cleared of wrongdoing. Hilary declared that it was great news, and Devon was grateful that the research project was behind them for good. Ashley fretted that their problems were just beginning, since the drug trial patients were suing them.

Hilary wanted to contact an attorney to put together a plan of attack, but Devon thought they should consider settling the matter quickly to let people move on with their lives. Hilary couldn't believe that he was fine with giving his money away just because people were threatening them, but Devon asserted that the claims were legitimate, and asking for compensation wasn't out of line after people's hopes had been crushed. Hilary refused to back down, but Ashley ordered Hilary to listen to her husband instead of her ego for once. Hilary compared writing checks to admitting guilt when they could win the lawsuit instead, but Ashley argued that compensating the victims wasn't losing.

Hilary snapped that it was easy for Ashley to say when it wasn't her money, but Ashley urged Devon to reach an agreement quickly, since the press would crucify them if word got out. Ashley stepped away, and Hilary called Ashley insufferable. Devon pointed out that Ashley had also been right, since they had to move fast, and settling was the wise thing to do. Hilary contended that they couldn't let people take advantage of them with trumped-up accusations, and Devon respected her opinion, but he requested that she also respect his. Hilary encouraged him to think it through before reacting.

Later, Hilary and Devon's phones rang simultaneously, and they discovered that the drug trial patients intended to sue for millions. She groaned that it was officially a scandal, and Devon intended to get in touch with a lawyer and a bank. Hilary maintained that they had to clear their names, and their only option was to fight the lawsuit.

At the pool on the club rooftop, Faith begged Sharon to stay longer, but Sharon said she had to get Sully home for his nap. Faith complained that summer was almost over, and they'd hardly done anything fun together, since Dylan had been busy. Sharon assured Faith that summer wasn't over yet, and she bet they could still do something special. Faith squealed with excitement.

Across the rooftop, Abby thanked Stitch for playing hooky, and he replied that there had been no way he'd pass up a chance to get some sun with his beautiful wife. She chirped that they were back to focusing on what they had instead of what they'd lost, but she followed his gaze to Sharon and her kids. Abby and Stitch both swore that they were okay, and they embraced.

Stitch and Abby cuddled poolside, and she imagined taking a mental picture of them in the sun for when it was 40 degrees below zero. She wondered if there was any chance Max would be home by then, and she noted that Stitch hadn't said much after his last visit with his son. Stitch reported that the doctors were pleased with Max's progress, but it was still a long road ahead. Abby declared that their family was back on track, and it was all about the future.

Ashley arrived on the rooftop and found Abby and Stitch happily canoodling. Stitch said he was due at the hospital, and he kissed Abby goodbye before he departed. Ashley observed that the couple was a long way from where they'd been, and Abby credited Ashley for giving her good advice. Abby relayed that Stitch had said he wanted to have another baby with her, and she gushed that she'd have the family she'd always dreamed of. Abby added that the darkness was behind them, and there was just love and light ahead. The women embraced.

Nick stopped by the cottage to talk to Dylan about Adam's allegation that Victor had evidence that proved Adam had been framed. Dylan confirmed that Chelsea had told him about the possibility of there being missing pages of Sage's journal, and Nick contended that it changed everything if parts of the journal had been forged. Nick relayed that Adam believed Victor had backed out of their deal to stick it to him, and he speculated that perhaps the mystery woman had the missing pages. Nick remarked that Adam always had a plan, and he doubted that Chelsea would go along with a plan to just wait and see.

Sharon returned home with Faith and Sully, and Nick asked if Faith had shown Sully some classic Newman swimming moves. Dylan suggested that Sully give his uncle a hug, but Sharon protested that the baby was damp from the pool. Nick took Sully in his arms, but Sharon lectured that it was past the boy's naptime, and she asked Nick to put Sully down. Nick obliged, and Sharon mentioned to Dylan that Faith wanted to do something together before school started. Sharon added that Chelsea had told Sharon to take some time off, and she envisioned taking a family vacation somewhere exotic.

Dylan explained that he couldn't get enough time off work to go very far away, and he suggested that they go camping. Sharon tried to cover her distaste for the idea, and Nick snickered and asked if Dylan was serious. Sharon asserted that she could camp, and a disbelieving Nick wished them luck and headed out. Sharon asked what Faith thought about camping, and the girl imagined it would be fun to tell scary stories and catch fireflies.

Sharon sent Faith upstairs to change out of her wet clothes, and she told Dylan that she understood that it was too much for him to take time off. Dylan insisted that he could use a few days away, and he confided that although Paul had closed the investigation on Adam's case, Dylan was still working on it. Sharon told him to be careful, and he asked if their camping trip was on.

At Crimson Lights, Kevin paced and wondered what was taking that long. Mariah pointed out that the lab might not even be open yet, but Kevin didn't want to miss out on another minute of Bella's life. Mariah advised him to lay off the sugar and caffeine, and he called her the best friend a guy could ask for, since she'd pushed for the DNA test. Mariah inquired about how Natalie was dealing with all of it, and she incredulously realized that Kevin hadn't told Natalie. Kevin defended that he'd been overloaded since Chloe had returned, and Mariah thought Natalie would understand. Kevin contemplated being a father, and Mariah assured him that he'd be an amazing dad.

Natalie approached Kevin, and she made a show of kissing him and saying she'd missed him the last couple of nights. She noticed that he looked exhausted, and she imagined that he hadn't been sleeping well without her. Kevin said he had a lot going on, and Natalie pushed him to take a break and go somewhere fun. Kevin's phone rang, and Natalie protested that he couldn't answer it on his day off. Kevin blurted out that it might be the lab with the paternity test results, and he stepped aside to take the call. Mariah remarked that Natalie had missed a lot.

Kevin was disappointed that the call was a wrong number, and Natalie asked when he'd had a kid. Kevin explained that he'd just found out about the possibility a few days earlier, and Natalie assumed that Chloe was in town to stick him with a child. Natalie was obviously relieved when Kevin reported that Chloe had claimed Bella wasn't his, and Mariah suggested that he call the lab to ask when the results would be in. He stepped aside, and Mariah urged Natalie to be supportive, but Natalie groused that there was nothing to like about Kevin being chained to his ex-wife by a kid. Mariah haughtily stated that the test results didn't matter, since Kevin would always be in love with Chloe.

After Mariah left, Kevin apologized for the way Natalie had found out about the DNA test, and she questioned why he hadn't talked to her about it, since he'd apparently had time to tell Mariah. Kevin offered to apologize again, and Natalie found it weird that Chloe would lie about her daughter's paternity. Kevin explained that Chloe had been shattered when Delia had died, and he guessed that Chloe had felt safer by keeping Bella from the rest of the world. Natalie questioned what would happen if Kevin turned out to be the father, and Kevin vowed to be the best dad he could be. Natalie asked if he wanted to get back together with Chloe and be a family.

Kevin mentioned that he and Chloe had been divorced for more than two years, but Natalie grumbled that Mariah had made it sound like he and Chloe had shared the greatest love story of all time. Kevin admitted that he'd loved Chloe a lot, but she'd wanted to cut ties when she'd gone into treatment. Natalie pointed out that a kid would be a heck of a tie, and she worried that Kevin and Chloe had unresolved issues. Kevin acknowledged that he would always care for Chloe because they'd been through a lot, but he'd accepted what had happened, and he pulled Natalie into a hug.

Kevin took Natalie up on her offer of doing something fun that day, and they got up to leave, but his phone rang. He found out that the test results were in, and she offered to go to the hospital with him, but he insisted that it was something he had to do on his own.

At the penthouse, Chelsea and Chloe admired Connor and Bella playing together on the floor. Chloe thanked Chelsea for letting her and Bella stay, and Chelsea insisted that she wanted them to feel like they had a home. Chloe thought it was the beginning of a beautiful friendship between Connor and Bella, and she imagined them being play buddies and prom dates. Chelsea envisioned designing Bella's wedding dress, but she figured they should get the tots through preschool first. Chloe marveled that she had a little girl to share her future with, and she was happy to have the chance to be a mom again.

Chloe called Bella a lifeline to everything that was pure and right, and the innocence and love she saw in Bella's eyes blew her away every time. The kids giggled as they played, and Chelsea observed that Bella sounded like Delia. Chloe recalled what Delia had been like at Bella's age, and Delia had never lost hope, even after she'd been diagnosed with leukemia. Chloe recounted that she'd been worried Delia would die in the hospital, but it hadn't been the leukemia that had killed her. Chelsea acknowledged that Adam had.

Chelsea lamented that it was her husband's fault that they'd never see Delia's smile again, and she imagined that Chloe wanted him to "rot in hell" for what he'd done. Chloe admitted that she'd wanted that for a long time, and her hate had given her new meaning to live. Chloe added that she'd dreamed of watching Adam suffer and showing him the same mercy he'd shown her daughter. Chelsea asked if Chloe still wanted to punish him. Chloe pointed out that he was behind bars, so she couldn't do anything to him.

Chloe recalled that she'd thought she'd been getting better when she'd first left town, but she'd returned and tried to kill Adam. Chloe conceded that she'd felt powerful with her hands on the wheel and her foot on the gas, but she was glad that Adam had lived, since she'd realized that all of the anger and hate had been controlling everything, and she hadn't considered how Adam's death would have hurt Chelsea and Connor. Chelsea gently pushed to know whether Chloe wanted to punish Adam, but Chloe replied that she just wanted to be the mom Bella deserved. Chloe claimed that she'd finally been able to see that Delia's death had been an accident, and she'd let go of the rage that had controlled her life.

A tearful Chelsea asked if Chloe had really forgiven Adam, and Chloe said she'd never forget what had happened, but they had all suffered enough. Chloe pledged to give Bella a life filled with joy and happiness, and that wouldn't happen if Chloe went down a road of hatred and payback. Chloe asserted that she lived for her daughter, and Chelsea said Chloe had no idea what it meant to her. The women hugged, and Mariah arrived to drop off some reports for Chelsea. Chelsea informed Chloe that Mariah worked for her, and she announced that she'd just hired Chloe, as well.

Mariah spotted Bella and remarked that Kevin had said the tot was cute, and Chloe noted that they grew up fast. Mariah snapped that it was why Kevin had pushed for a DNA test, but Chloe confidently maintained that he wasn't the father. Chelsea was surprised that Chloe hadn't mentioned the paternity test, and Chloe abruptly excused herself to put Bella down for a nap. Mariah said she hadn't meant to upset Chloe, but she knew that Kevin wanted to be Bella's father.

Chelsea revealed that she'd assumed the girl was Kevin's, and Mariah asked whether Chelsea believed Chloe. Chelsea saw no reason why Chloe would lie, and Mariah inquired whether Chloe had said anything about the real father. Chelsea replied that it was none of Mariah's business, and Mariah turned the topic to work. Chelsea implored Mariah to take a few paid vacation days while Chloe got up to speed, and Mariah left. Chloe returned and recognized that Mariah thought she'd been helping by pushing Kevin to get the DNA test, but she thought it would be better if Mariah helped him let it go.

Chelsea questioned whether there was any possibility that Kevin was the father. Chloe scolded Chelsea for thinking she'd lied about Bella's paternity, and she swore she was telling the truth. Chelsea insisted that she believed Chloe, and she pressed for details about Bella's father. Chloe claimed it had been a one-night thing, but Chelsea recalled that Kevin had been amazing with Delia and that he loved Chloe. Chloe firmly stated that she'd moved on, and she answered a call and learned that the paternity test results were in.

Later, Chelsea answered the door with Connor in her arms, and she greeted Nick, who claimed he'd wanted to check on them. She reported that they were as well as could be expected, and Nick sympathized that it was hard to wait and wonder. Nick complimented Connor's toy truck, and he suggested that he take the boy to the park sometime. They made small talk about Faith, and Nick revealed that Dylan was taking Sharon and Faith camping. Chelsea didn't know whether to consider the situation hilarious or dangerous, and Nick expected some good stories. Chelsea forlornly mused that it was all about making memories as a family.

Nick admired a family photo of Adam, Chelsea, and Connor together, but Chelsea sensed that he was there to do more than check on her and Connor. She questioned what his ulterior motive was, and he demanded to know "what the hell" she and Adam were up to.

Mariah returned home and asked what was going on when she found Sharon packing. Sharon announced that they were going on a trip, and Dylan added that they were going camping. Mariah told them to have a good time, and she declined Sharon's invitation to join them. Sharon noted that Chelsea had given them both time off, and Dylan insisted that it was a family trip, so Mariah had to be part of it. Sharon confided to Mariah that it wasn't her first choice, but she thought it would be a bonding experience, and she pleaded that it would be their first family trip together. Mariah conceded that the fresh air wouldn't kill her, and Dylan put an arm around each of the women and exclaimed, "Let's go camping!"

Later, Dylan found the perfect spot to set up the tents in the woods, but Mariah thought the area looked just like the last mile they'd hiked through. Dylan excitedly said it would feel like home once they got everything set up, but Sharon pointed out that there was no kitchen, and Mariah added that there was no shower. Dylan explained how to make a makeshift shower by hanging a water bottle from a tree, and Faith wanted to try it right away. Dylan suggested that they pitch the tents first, and Faith offered to help. Mariah sarcastically asked Sharon if they were having fun yet.

Kevin and Chloe met at the hospital, and he thanked her for agreeing to the test. She said he hadn't given her a choice, and she already knew the results, but it had been worth it to give him peace of mind. Stitch presented Kevin with the results, and he pointed out an empty room if they wanted some privacy. Chloe led Kevin inside, and Kevin opened the envelope and showed Chloe the results.

Summer makes a startling discovery

Summer makes a startling discovery

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

by Mike

While Dylan and Faith were fishing, Sharon and Mariah -- who were both having a miserable camping experience -- were back at the family's campsite, eating snacks Sharon had secretly packed for the trip. When Dylan and Faith returned and found the hastily hidden evidence, Sharon and Mariah tried to apologize, but Dylan assured them that he understood that camping wasn't really their thing. Dylan admitted that he shouldn't have pushed the women to do something they didn't want to do, and he explained that he had simply been trying to pass on the love of camping that he had gotten from his adoptive father.

Sharon and Mariah decided to give the experience a more sincere try, suggesting that it might be fun to start a campfire, make some s'mores, and tell ghost stories. Faith proposed that the first ghost story could be about a baby-switching ghost. Taken aback, Sharon warned that such a story might give Faith nightmares. "It might give me nightmares," Mariah added. Faith dismissed the concern, clarifying that she had already heard the story once before, during summer camp. "It's about Sheila Carter," Faith continued. Dylan wondered who that was. "A bad lady who stole babies," Faith explained as Sharon and Mariah exchanged nervous glances.

At the prison, Adam received a visit from Michael, who was pleased to hear that Adam had decided not to push Chelsea away. Michael quickly realized, however, that Adam was up to something. Adam admitted that he had a lead on Victor's mystery woman, but he refused to elaborate. Michael warned that Paul had already closed the investigation and had no plans to reopen it. "[Does Paul just care about] racking up conviction after conviction, or does he actually want to solve a damn case? I'm not gonna spend thirty years of my life in here because he can't be burdened with doing his job!" Adam countered.

After dodging Nick's questions about what she was plotting, Chelsea rushed Nick out of her penthouse, suggesting that if he really wanted to get to the bottom of what was going on, he simply needed to figure out where Victor was hiding Sage's real journal pages. Later, Chelsea visited the prison and warned Adam that Nick was on high alert.

Adam wasn't happy to hear that, fretting that he would rot in prison for the next thirty years if Chelsea didn't find a compelling reason for Paul to reopen the investigation, and that meant that Nick needed to stay out of her way so she could focus on her mission. Chelsea admitted that she didn't think Chloe would ever confess to framing Adam -- and, in fact, she wasn't even sure anymore that Chloe was indeed responsible. Maintaining that Chloe had to be the culprit, Adam asked Chelsea to convince Chloe to visit him so he could try to get her to slip up.

At the hospital, Kevin was disappointed to learn that he wasn't Bella's father. Chloe admitted that she didn't blame Kevin for refusing to take her word on the matter, and she offered him the opportunity to get a second test to verify the results, but he said that wouldn't be necessary. "[But] if you want a father figure for Bella, that could still be me," Kevin pointed out.

Chloe declined the offer, insisting that she couldn't move in with Kevin and "play house" with him because they weren't a couple anymore. Chloe added that she had already agreed to live with Chelsea, anyway. Kevin was shocked to hear that Chloe was planning to stay in Adam's home, of all places, but Chloe reasoned that the arrangement would be fine because Adam no longer lived there. "You need to find your girlfriend, and you need to knock her up, because I have a place to live, and we're not getting back together," Chloe stressed.

When Chloe returned to Chelsea and Adam's penthouse, she told Chelsea about what had happened at the hospital. Chelsea revealed that while Chloe had been there, she had been at the prison. Chelsea admitted that she had told Adam about the things Chloe had said about forgiving him. Chelsea added, however, that Adam still hated himself for what had happened to Delia. Chelsea thought it might help if Chloe visited the prison and assured Adam, in her own words, that she had forgiven him for the accident. "I think you're right. I think I should talk to Adam -- sit down with him, face to face," Chloe agreed.

Once the coast was clear, Chelsea snooped through Chloe's things and found several books about dealing with grief and moving beyond it. "She highlighted and took notes.'re really not out for revenge," Chelsea mused as she flipped through the pages.

Meanwhile, at the prison, Adam admitted that he hadn't expected Chloe to agree to visit him. Chloe hoped that Adam was okay with the fact that she was staying with Chelsea. "Whatever Chelsea wants," Adam replied. Chloe stressed that Chelsea was her best friend and an incredible person. "She is an incredible person...except for the fact that she married me, right?" Adam guessed. "Not everyone's perfect," Chloe agreed.

Chloe said she couldn't believe that Victor had framed Adam for murder. "That man is just beyond twisted," she mused. Adam suggested that Victor might have had some help, but Chloe wasn't sure about that, pointing out that Victor could easily pull off such a thing on his own. When Chloe started to add that she was sorry for what Adam was going through, Adam lost his patience and told her to drop the act.

Adam guessed that Chloe loved seeing him behind bars and was itching to take pictures of him in his prison uniform, but she insisted that she actually didn't give Adam much thought anymore. "I mean, do you want me to hate you, Adam? Do you want me to? Because I wasted so much energy doing that. I mean, it sucked my life dry; there was nothing left. But now I have Bella. You don't matter anymore," Chloe added.

Chloe suggested that Connor had probably changed Adam, just as Bella had changed her. "I mean, there's no way that you could still be that evil bastard that you used to be. I mean, how could you still be that person and look your son in the eye?" Chloe reasoned. Adam countered that he couldn't look his son in the eyes at all because he was stuck in prison. "Yeah. It's really hard not to be able to see your kid. It's the worst," Chloe agreed.

Adam refused to believe that Chloe had truly forgiven him for what had happened to Delia. Chloe tearfully conceded that she had once believed that the pain of her loss would go away if she made Adam suffer for causing it. "But the truth is that this pain -- it will never go away, whether you suffer or not. Bella needs me. And Delia -- I will always remember her, and I really hope that you will, too. I just can't focus on her death anymore. I have to think about her life...and the joy that that smile caused. And the way that her eyes would flutter before she went to sleep. It was...peaceful. That's what I think about now -- not you," Chloe continued.

"Well, that is healthy. And you are a much better person than I am, because if someone ever tried to keep me away from my son...I would never forgive them," Adam replied. Chloe advised that it would be best for Adam to let go of his anger because it wouldn't help him, anyway. Meanwhile, a guard interrupted to escort Adam back to his cell. Chloe hoped that the meeting had helped Adam. "It's been...enlightening, for sure," Adam confirmed. After Chloe left the visitation room, she wiped away her tears and smiled.

At Crimson Lights, Kevin told Michael about Chloe's daughter. Michael wondered if Kevin was the father, and Kevin sadly admitted that he wasn't. "I was perfectly fine not being a dad...until I thought I was one, and now that I'm not..." Kevin added before letting his voice trail off. Michael assured Kevin that he understood.

Kevin admitted that he missed Chloe a lot. "What about Natalie?" Michael asked. Kevin said he couldn't even think about dating at that time. "I mean, for a minute, I was almost part of a family again," Kevin added with a sigh. "Okay, well, good luck not thinking about Natalie, 'cause she just walked in," Michael replied. Michael advised Kevin to be straight with Natalie, who had already had to deal with competing against Mariah for Kevin's affections.

After Michael left, Kevin told Natalie about what had happened at the hospital then started to offer some generic platitudes that led her to reach the conclusion that he was about to break up with her. Kevin said he still wanted to be Natalie's friend but had realized that he couldn't offer her more than friendship at that time. Hurt, Natalie said she had survived without friends before and could do so again. "My heart was supposed to be unhackable. Then I met you. Congratulations, Kevin," Natalie added before rushing off, ignoring Kevin's attempts to stop her.

Nick went to Newman Enterprises to see Victor, who had just finished instructing an investigator to revisit the theory that Luca had been behind the oil crises. Nick revealed that he had visited Adam earlier. Victor guessed that Adam had shared his theory that Victor had framed him. Nick confirmed the suspicion and wondered if that was true.

Before Victor could respond, Summer arrived and revealed that she had decided to accept Victor's job offer. Victor was pleased to hear that, but Nick was confused about Summer's sudden change of heart. Summer explained that Luca had encouraged her to reclaim her spot at Newman Enterprises. "And when he's that passionate about something, I know I need to listen," she added.

Victor clarified that he only wanted Summer back at Newman Enterprises. Summer assured Victor that she understood and that Luca wasn't trying to worm his way back into the company. "You sure about that?" Nick wondered. Summer confirmed that she was, and she asked Nick to stop assuming the worst about Luca, who simply recognized that Newman Enterprises was where she belonged because she loved working there.

After Summer went to get started on a project for Victor, he blamed Nick for her susceptibility to Luca's charms. "You left my company vulnerable, [and] you left your daughter vulnerable," Victor added. Nick argued that telling Summer not to see Luca would just make her more interested in him, just as Victor's attempts to stop Victoria from seeing Billy had just pushed them closer together. "Is that what I've taught you -- just to throw up your hands and give up? Not protect your family? Is that it?" Victor asked. "The last time you protected the family, you got ten years. Stay out of it," Nick replied before walking away, ignoring Victor's angry response.

As Nick was passing through the halls, he overheard Summer talking to Luca in one of the offices, telling him that she might be pregnant.

Luca proposes to Summer

Luca proposes to Summer

Thursday, August 4, 2016

At Jabot, Phyllis examined the agenda for the Abbott-Winters Foundation board meeting, and she told Jack that she had to finish some work-related things before the meeting. Jack mentioned that a new board member was joining them, and Nick arrived to talk to Phyllis. Jack headed out, and Nick inquired whether Phyllis was ready to be a grandmother again, since he'd overheard Summer tell Luca that she was late.

Nick recalled that Summer had sounded anxious, but she'd said she didn't know for sure if she was pregnant. Phyllis couldn't believe that Nick had just walked away, but he thought it would have been a disaster to confront Summer and Luca. Phyllis growled that they should have killed Luca, and Nick pointed out that they still could. Nick recounted that he'd just advised Victor to back off Summer, and he wondered if that had been a big mistake. Phyllis and Nick resolved to figure out a way to keep Luca as far away from Summer as possible.

Phyllis called Luca a slimy worm who'd slithered into Summer's life, but Nick stopped her from going to talk to Summer. Phyllis recognized that she would have to control her temper or risk Summer going further into Luca's corner, and she pointed out that Nick was more hotheaded than she was where Summer was concerned. Nick and Phyllis agreed that she'd have a rational mother-daughter talk with Summer, and he said he was glad Phyllis was in it with him. Nick acknowledged that they'd both done a lot of things wrong in their lives, but Phyllis replied that they'd gotten their baby right.

At Brash & Sassy, Cane envisioned pushing into the Pacific Northwest market by using local sports stars, but he noticed that Billy wasn't listening. Billy grumbled that he'd heard every boring word, but he was more concerned about reviewing the agenda for the foundation board meeting that afternoon. Cane wondered when Billy had started caring about charity, and Billy asked if Cane had a problem with Billy joining the foundation's board. Cane voiced concern that Billy was spreading himself thin.

Cane pointed out that Billy had dropped the ball with Brash & Sassy when he'd had nothing else on his plate, and Billy promised it wouldn't happen again. Cane chuckled and wondered what had distracted Billy enough to neglect his own company. Jack interrupted to ask if Billy would be at the board meeting, and Billy pointedly replied that he didn't see anything or anyone getting in the way. Billy inquired whether Jack and Phyllis were going to the board meeting together, but Jack said she had to finish some work, so he'd see her there. Jack added that it meant a lot to him that Billy was joining the board, and Billy replied that it meant a lot to him, too.

Jack departed, and Cane offered to take care of things at Brash & Sassy on his own. Billy disapproved of Cane's marketing plan, since they'd have to pay not only for the athletes but also for the team logos. Cane asserted that he'd taken that into consideration, and he planned to move forward with or without Billy. Billy declared that it would be without, and Cane threatened to inform Jill that the company was no longer Billy's priority. Billy told Cane to ask her about the side deal she'd made to put Billy in control and leave Cane in the dark.

Billy filled Cane in on the details of Jill's plan to give Billy back the company. Cane divulged that Jill had also made a deal with him, and that was why he was working hard on the expansion. Cane suggested that they turn the tables on Jill by working together to make as much profit as possible. Billy retorted that he'd rather watch Cane crash and burn, and he anticipated getting Brash & Sassy back without lifting a finger. After Billy left, Cane called Jill and invited her to lunch the next day to give her a progress report, but he preferred to do it without Billy present.

At home, Summer tried not to freak out because she didn't know for sure if she was pregnant, but she noted that it was unlike her to be a week late. Luca pointed out that they'd used protection, but she replied that it wasn't 100 percent effective, and they could become a statistic. He reasoned that she'd been under a lot of stress with Victor and the trial, but she quipped that it had been like a vacation compared to the stress she'd been through in her life, and she'd never been late before. Summer figured that they would deal with it, unless she was on her own, and Luca assured her they were together. She observed that he looked like he wanted to run and never look back.

Luca swore that he wasn't going anywhere, and he remarked that few things in life were planned. Luca recounted that Summer had stuck by him, so it was his turn to stick by her. She glumly compared it to an IOU, but he replied that he was doing it because he loved her, and he believed in them more than she could possibly imagine. She said it was exactly what she'd needed to hear, and they hugged. Summer suggested that she take a pregnancy test, and Luca offered to go with her to pick one up. They left together.

After Summer and Luca returned home, he volunteered to get her a glass of water, but she noted that she'd consumed two bottles on the way there. She added that there was nothing left to do but take the test, and he apologized that things had played out the way they had. She reminded him that they were in it together, and he wished her luck, but he wondered whether she was hoping for a positive or negative result. She replied that she wasn't sure, and she headed upstairs.

As Luca waited, he flashed back to numerous times when Summer had defended and supported him, and he recalled her comment that he would make someone really happy someday. He recounted that she'd chosen him over Newman, and she'd said he was the thing she wanted most. Luca looked up when he heard Summer's footsteps, and she stood before him, holding the pregnancy test.

Later, Nick spotted Luca alone at Crimson Lights. Nick grabbed him and asked what he was doing there, and Luca mentioned that Summer had wanted an iced latte. Nick revealed that he'd heard them talking at the office, and he'd wanted to hit something or someone, but he had to think about what was best for Summer. Luca agreed, and Nick snarled that Luca's one option was to step up and do right by Nick's daughter -- or else. Luca said Nick was worked up over nothing, since Luca would never abandon Summer.

Luca mentioned that he thought about his own daughter every day, but Nick lectured that putting in the work to raise a child was different. Luca argued that he'd been kept from Ava, but he was prepared to be a parent. Nick confided that he'd learned some lessons along the way, and he'd promised himself that he wouldn't make the same mistakes with Christian that he had with his other children, but he'd never had the chance. Nick expected Luca to be present in his child's life if Summer was pregnant, and Luca swore he'd take Nick's advice to heart.

Phyllis stopped by to see Summer, and Summer mentioned that Luca had stepped out. Phyllis divulged that she knew about Summer's situation, since Nick had overheard that she might be pregnant. Summer was stunned that her father hadn't said anything, and Phyllis guessed that he'd needed to absorb things before he discussed it with Summer. Summer countered that he'd discussed it with Phyllis, and she firmly stated that it was her decision, not theirs.

Phyllis insisted that she supported Summer, and she and Nick had only talked to make sure they were on the same page. Summer found it disturbing that her parents had been strategizing about her, but Phyllis swore that she was only there to make sure Summer was okay. Summer couldn't get in a word edgewise as Phyllis babbled on about how getting pregnant with a man like Luca was complicated. Summer yelled for Phyllis to stop, and she announced that she wasn't pregnant.

Summer reported that three tests had turned out negative, and Phyllis called it good news. Summer sarcastically thanked her parents for their trust, and Phyllis swore that she trusted Summer, but Summer complained that Phyllis didn't when Luca was involved. Summer added that she'd worked hard to respect Phyllis' choices, and she requested the same courtesy. Summer referred to when she'd kept her mouth shut after Phyllis had left Jack, and she asked for the same type of faith. Summer added that no one told Phyllis how to live her life, so she didn't want people telling her how to live hers.

At the coffeehouse, Nick flashed back to Summer crediting him for making her realize what Luca was all about, and Nick had told her that he loved who she was and didn't ever want her to change. Phyllis joined him and relayed that Summer wasn't pregnant, but Summer hadn't been thrilled that her parents had discussed her personal life. Nick expressed relief that they'd dodged a bullet, since Luca had been close to being in their lives permanently, and he vowed not to let it happen again. Nick was sure that Luca had been behind the oil disasters, and he intended to dig deeper. "This time, Luca's going down," Nick pledged. Later, Nick arranged for a round-trip flight to Newfoundland.

Luca returned home, and Summer said he wouldn't believe what had happened with her mom. She was shocked to see that Luca had picked up candy and flowers, and he explained that he'd had an epiphany that had led him on a slight detour from Crimson Lights. He dropped to one knee, and she asked what he was doing. He jokingly asked if it wasn't obvious that he was proposing, but she protested that the test had been negative, so he didn't have to do that.

Luca swore that he wanted to do it, since he'd realized that he couldn't live without Summer, and he'd started thinking about their lives if they raised a child together. He pictured amazing, beautiful, fun things, like teaching their child to sketch. Summer smiled and thought she'd be better at demonstrating how to hide under a kitchen table, and she incredulously asked if Luca really wanted to get married and start a family. He sincerely replied that it was completely and utterly what he wanted, and he pulled out a ring and asked her to marry him in Spanish.

Luca wondered if he needed to translate, but Summer replied that she understood, and her answer was yes. He excitedly slid the ring on her finger, and they grinned and kissed. She gushed that the ring was beautiful, and she couldn't believe they were doing it. He asked if her heart was racing as fast as his was, and they pledged their love. She expected her parents to flip out in a bad way, but she didn't care, and she just wanted to enjoy the moment. She inquired whether he had any idea how happy he'd just made her, and he thought he could probably guess. They kissed and began to make love on the couch.

Hilary and Devon descended the stairs into the Athletic Club foyer, and the press peppered them with questions. Devon offered no comment, but a reporter mentioned the lawsuit, and she questioned why the couple hadn't offered a settlement to make things right. Hilary asserted that if the reporters had done their homework, they'd know Devon and Hilary were completely blameless. The reporter contended that the Hamiltons had promised a cure, and Hilary explained that they'd worked hard to get the drug to market to help people, but it hadn't worked out.

The journalist griped that it sounded like PR rhetoric, and Hilary haughtily stated that sometimes trials worked, and sometimes they didn't. The reporter addressed the evidence of tampering, and Hilary admitted it was true, but she maintained that she and Devon hadn't been responsible. As Ashley looked on, Hilary announced that Simon had tampered with the study to cover up his lack of results. Ashley interrupted and declared that it was hardly the whole story. Ashley proclaimed that the situation was too complex to place the blame entirely on him, especially since he'd saved Ashley and Hilary's lives.

The reporter implied that the blame then shifted back to Devon and Hilary, but Devon ordered the press to leave. Hilary blasted Ashley, who defended that she'd told the truth, and Ashley reminded them that Hilary had bribed the lab technician and had rushed the drug to market. Ashley asked if Devon felt like he was tied to a 20-ton weight by being married to Hilary, but Devon asserted that he was tied to the woman he loved. Ashley sauntered off, and Hilary thanked Devon for sticking up for her. Devon said he had to call a lawyer to make sure Hilary hadn't made things worse with her spontaneous press conference.

Later, Devon told Hilary that the attorney had assured him that the press conference wouldn't hurt them, but the lawyer had advised Devon to get a handle on his wife. Hilary groused that she was being treated like a toddler throwing a tantrum, and Devon reiterated that he had her back, but he wished she didn't make it that hard. She questioned what he meant, but he took off for the board meeting, and she followed him.

In Lily's office, Neil thanked Lily for letting the foundation use the club for their board meeting, and Lily was glad that it gave them time to talk. Lily hoped Neil could spend more time with the twins, since Cane had his new job, and Neil readily agreed. Lily received an alert on her phone from GC Buzz, and she groaned that the lawsuit was making Devon look terrible. She thought it wasn't like him to avoid a settlement, but she was sure Hilary wouldn't part with a dollar of his money. Lily wished Devon had divorced Hilary when he'd had a chance, but Neil thought Lily wasn't being entirely fair, since Hilary had a right to defend herself.

Lily huffed that Hilary was defending her bank account, and she expected Hilary to do anything to stay on the ladder she'd worked hard to climb. Lily was afraid that Devon's "gold-digging bitch" of a wife would drag him down with her, but Neil thought if Lily was going to start pointing fingers, she had to start with Neil. Neil explained that Hilary might never had needed a cure if he'd taken her to the hospital right away or stayed away from the island, but Lily thought he shouldn't keep beating himself up. Lily hissed that Hilary never took responsibility for anything, and it was why Hilary was fighting the lawsuit. Neil lamented that everyone was paying for his mistakes.

Before the board meeting, Jack explained to a reporter over the phone that he'd had no connection to the research project except renting them lab space. After he hung up, he announced that the foundation had been dragged into the lawsuit because board members had been involved in the drug company, and it was tainting the work the foundation was doing. Jack worried that donations would dry up, and Lily suggested that they distance themselves from the research project. Ashley overheard as she arrived, and she mentioned that she'd been cleared in the investigation and that she hadn't been named in the lawsuit.

Lily wanted to issue a press release to announce that they were giving Hilary her walking papers, but Neil argued that Devon was still important to the foundation. Ashley advised that Hilary was the face of opposition to the lawsuit, and they could get rid of the problem by getting rid of Hilary. Billy arrived, followed by Hilary and Devon. Neil wanted to call the meeting to order, but Billy suggested that they wait for Phyllis. Hilary snapped that it wasn't their fault Phyllis was late, and they had a quorum to proceed. Ashley announced that the agenda had been changed.

Neil invited everyone to take a seat, and Lily told Billy to sit back and enjoy the fireworks. Devon assured Hilary that he wouldn't let Ashley attack her. Phyllis burst in, rambling that she'd had a family crisis, but everything was okay. Phyllis asked what she'd missed, and she spotted Billy. "What the hell are you doing here?" Phyllis blurted out.

Lily moves to oust Hilary

Lily moves to oust Hilary

Friday, August 5, 2016

By a campfire in the woods, Dylan marveled that it had been the easiest Sully had ever fallen asleep, and he remarked that it reminded him of the trips he'd taken with his dad. Dylan thought Sully loved them, too, and he was confident that the boy took after him. Sharon unconvincingly stated that being in nature had been wonderful, and Faith exclaimed that they got to do it all again the next day. Mariah observed that Sharon was practically scratching her arm off, and the rest of the family grimaced when they looked at Sharon's rash. Dylan thought it was more than just a minor case of poison ivy, and he wanted to get Sharon to a doctor.

Dylan suggested that they get packed up, but Faith whined that she'd wanted to watch the sunrise. Mariah proposed that Dylan take Sharon back to town to get medication while Mariah finished the campout with Faith. Mariah figured that she would endure it, and Faith would enjoy it, so they should stay and get it done. Mariah referred to Faith's mad outdoor skills, and she urged Sharon and Dylan to pick them up in the morning. Faith begged Sharon and Dylan to let her stay, and they ultimately caved in. Faith cheered that it would be a slumber party.

Mariah and Faith nestled into the tent, and Faith thanked her for staying when Mariah hadn't wanted to. Mariah conceded that she didn't enjoy worrying about bears in the woods, and Faith offered to protect her. Mariah said she liked hanging out with Faith, and Faith pointed out the North Star in the sky, explaining that it helped to know where they were. Faith inquired whether Mariah had done anything like camping when she'd been little.

Mariah explained that she'd seen other kids going to the park or on trips with their families, but she'd never had that. Faith chirped that Mariah finally did, and Mariah recognized that she had a whole family, especially an awesome little sister. Faith asked if Mariah liked having a family, and Mariah replied that it was better to be in one than to be looking in from the outside. Faith said she was glad Mariah had found them, and Mariah squeezed Faith and declared that she was keeping them.

At the hospital, Abby dropped off takeout food for Stitch, and he kissed her and praised her for not subjecting him to vending machines or her cooking. They laughed, and she announced that she had booked a lake house for Labor Day weekend. Abby hoped Max could join them, but Stitch said they should probably hold off on including his son. She guessed that he thought she considered it a sacrifice to invite Max to join them, but she swore it wasn't, since Max was getting better.

Abby envisioned teaming up with Max against Stitch in a water-pistol fight, but Stitch protested that Max's therapy was intensive and complicated. Abby suggested that they call Max's therapist to ask if the trip was too ambitious, but Stitch cautioned that Max might not be able to miss even a couple of days. Abby understood that Stitch didn't want anything to jeopardize Max's progress, and Sharon and Dylan entered with Sully. Dylan explained that Sharon had lost a fight with poison ivy, and Abby took Sully in her arms and fawned over the baby. Sharon remarked to Stitch that Abby was a natural.

Stitch administered an injection to manage Sharon's powerful reaction to the poison ivy, and he gently scolded that Dylan should have warned her, but Sharon said Dylan had been busy with other things. Dylan teased that Faith was better with a tent than Stitch had ever been, and he told a story about how Stitch had needed to sleep outside during a mission because a breeze had caused his tent to fly into a ravine. Stitch imagined that Dylan would teach Sully how not to do that, and Dylan proudly stated that he wanted to pass down the traditions of the things he'd done with dad. Stitch envisioned doing the same things with Max, and Sharon was glad that Stitch would have the chance.

Stitch handed Sharon a prescription, and she commented that it sounded like Max was progressing. Stitch replied that things were good, and Dylan imagined taking their sons camping together. Stitch left to get back to work, and Dylan felt bad that Sharon's first camping trip had sent her to the hospital. He suggested they go home, but she insisted that she was feeling better, and she had another idea. Meanwhile, Stitch stood alone outside the room.

Sharon and Dylan returned to the campsite, and Sharon thanked him for going back. Dylan intended to make a camper out of Sharon yet, and she gushed that she loved him for making the trip happen. They reveled in having a beautiful family.

Phyllis was stunned to see Billy at the Abbott-Winters Foundation board meeting, and Jack reminded her that they were voting in a new board member. She pointed out that Jack hadn't mentioned Billy, and Billy inquired whether it was a problem. Phyllis asserted that it wasn't, since part of the mission was helping addicts rebuild their lives by breaking the cycle of reckless behavior and bad choices, and no one was more equipped to do that than Billy was.

Neil declared that they had something pressing to discuss, but Hilary insisted on going over the agenda first, since it was important to present the right image at their next fundraiser. Hilary thought she was the best person to preside over the event, but Lily barked that Hilary was the last person who should do it. Lily declared that the next order of business was to remove Hilary from the foundation board, and Hilary testily asked why the board wanted her out. Jack pointed out that nothing had been decided yet, and he explained that there was concern that the ongoing lawsuits in the drug trial were tainting the image of the foundation.

Devon wondered why the board wasn't voting him out instead, and Lily huffed that he wasn't a "media whore" like his wife. Ashley referred to Hilary's lies and blackmail, and Lily ranted that Hilary only cared about making a name for herself. Lily blamed Hilary for Devon losing millions and the lawsuits hanging over them, and she spat that people had suffered because of Hilary's actions. Ashley added that the foundation's reputation was at stake, and Hilary conceded that she was passionate and uncompromising, but she thought no one would question those qualities if she were a man.

Jack acknowledged what Hilary had been through, and Hilary asserted that she'd worked hard for the foundation because of her mother. Hilary begged Jack to be the voice of reason, but Phyllis admonished Hilary for playing on Jack's kindness when Hilary only cared about the Abbott name. Phyllis refused to let Hilary use Jack to salvage Hilary's tanking reputation, and she told Hilary not to give her the wounded act, since Hilary had blatantly thrown herself at Phyllis' husband for months because Hilary had been desperate to climb up another rung on the social ladder.

Hilary retorted that Phyllis knew nothing about her, and she chided Phyllis for not giving more thought to her own marriage. Hilary contended that Jack had needed to realize his vision, and he'd only confided in her because Phyllis had been AWOL. Lily accused Hilary of abandoning Devon, but Hilary defended that she'd been dying, and she'd wanted to spare him pain. Hilary snarled that Phyllis had checked out of her marriage because she'd been bored or careless, and Billy ordered Hilary to leave Phyllis alone.

Billy contended that he'd been listening to people slinging accusations and making personal attacks, and he thought they'd forgotten why they were there. He reminded everyone that the foundation had been set up to give people hope, but they weren't inspiring confidence with their behavior. Neil agreed that they needed to focus on the mission, and Jack called for a vote about whether or not to remove Hilary from the board. Ashley, Lily, and Phyllis voted yes, and Devon, Hilary, and Neil voted no. Ashley pointed out that Billy wasn't officially a board member yet, so Jack had to make the final decision.

Jack said his priority was what was best for the foundation, and he praised Hilary's expertise in PR and her commitment to her work, but he thought the ongoing lawsuits and her visibility with the press had tied his hands. Before Jack could announce his vote, Hilary blurted out that she and Devon had changed their minds about settling, since paying off the victims was the right thing to do. Jack considered it to be an excellent compromise, and he voted that Hilary retain her position on the board. Hilary rushed over to shake Jack's hand and thank him, and Phyllis walked out, followed by Billy. Billy thought Phyllis had staked an impressive claim to Jack, and she reiterated that it was still over between her and Billy.

Downstairs at the Athletic Club, Cane told Jill about his marketing idea, and she dismissively said she'd look into it. He revealed that he knew she'd offered Billy and Cane the same deal to become sole CEO, and she questioned whether Cane was afraid of some competition. Cane reported that Billy had already checked out, and Jill eagerly rushed over to greet Victoria. Jill suggested that they sit down and go over the details of Victoria joining the company, but Victoria curtly replied that it wouldn't take very long.

Jill led Victoria to a table to hear Jill out, but Victoria thought there was nothing Jill could say to convince her. Jill insisted that Brash & Sassy was Victoria's baby, but Victoria argued that she'd been working her butt off at Newman while Victor had been in prison. Jill wondered why Victoria preferred to be in a place where she wasn't valued instead of where her talents were appreciated. Victoria equated leaving Newman with giving up and letting Victor get what he wanted, and she refused to work with Billy. Jill summoned a waiter to order two of her "usual," and she remarked that there was a lot Victoria needed to know about the situation with Billy.

Jill toasted to the future, and she and Victoria sipped their drinks. Victoria realized it was rum, noting that she usually stayed away from that particular liquor. Jill assured her that the top shelf variety was very smooth, and Victoria tossed back some more of the drink and agreed it was good. Jill addressed the problem with Billy, and Victoria recalled that Cane was supposed to be the stable influence. Jill groaned that her plan had backfired, since Billy had been the one exerting influence over Cane. Victoria was sure she didn't want to be involved, but Jill thought Victoria would think otherwise when she found out what the men were doing to her company.

The waiter set down another round of drinks, and Jill fibbed that Billy was absolutely determined to use pro athletes with bimbos hanging on them as Brash & Sassy's marketing campaign. A tipsy Victoria asked how Billy could possibly think that would appeal to their customers, since it would turn women off. Jill agreed that it would be a disaster, but she claimed that Billy had told her she was interfering with him thinking outside the box, and Victoria griped that he didn't even know what box he was in. Victoria continued drinking, and she said she knew exactly what to tell him. Victoria got up to call a cab, and she commented that the rum was very smooth as she stumbled away.

At the Dive Bar, Abby flipped through photos of vacation homes, and she flashed back to Stitch inviting her to join him to discuss Max's future. She called the rehabilitation facility to inquire about checking Max out to take him to the lake as a surprise, but her face suddenly fell. She protested that she was Max's stepmom, and she was disturbed by the response she received. Ashley joined Abby, and she complained about the "board meeting from hell," but she stopped short when she saw Abby's troubled expression. Abby complained that Stitch didn't trust her.

Abby recounted that she'd called the clinic to find out if taking Max away for a short time would interfere with his progress, but the facility had treated her like a stranger. Abby wailed that Stitch had been acting like she was a part of his and Max's lives, but she was hurt that she wasn't on the list of Max's family members. Ashley encouraged her to calm down and talk to her husband, but Abby worried that she'd have to say she'd gone behind Stitch's back, since he hadn't been on board with taking Max to the lake. Abby considered it a big deal that the facility didn't think she was part of the family, and Ashley urged her to give Stitch the benefit of the doubt.

Across the rooftop, Cane thought the board meeting had sounded more like a cage fight, and Lily wished Hilary had been ousted. Devon and Hilary approached, and Hilary thanked Neil for siding with her and believing in her, but Lily hissed that Neil had only done it out of guilt. Lily told Neil not to keep blaming himself, since he hadn't been responsible for the horrible things Hilary had done, and he didn't owe Hilary anything. Lily and Cane walked away, and Neil advised Hilary to make the most of the opportunity.

After Neil departed, Hilary claimed that she'd just wanted to help, since she empathized with the kids who got home from school, unsure of whether their moms were drunk, dead, or gone. Devon lectured that he'd told her to settle, but she'd refused, and they could have avoided the bad publicity and the fights. Devon warned that she had to get her priorities straight if things were going to work, and Hilary replied that her only priority was to love him. They embraced.

Abby tracked down Stitch at the hospital, and she confessed that she'd called the rehab facility to see if Max could leave for a few hours. Stitch insisted that Max couldn't, and she wished that he'd told her what was going on instead of making her feel like she wasn't part of the family. She informed him that the facility hadn't given her information, and he reasoned that the hospital could get sued for violating a patient's privacy. She asserted that she was Max's stepmom, but Stitch maintained that making the tough decisions about his son's care was his job.

Abby wondered what Stitch was keeping from her, and he referred to his promise that they'd have another baby when Max was better. Abby realized that Stitch wasn't ready, and she assured him that it was okay. Stitch said he'd seen her with Sully, and it had been obvious that she'd be a great mom, so he hadn't wanted to rob her of that hope. She said they would have a baby when the time was right, and they hugged.

At the Athletic Club bar, Jack insisted to Phyllis that Hilary's accusations about their marriage didn't reflect what he felt or what he'd said, and Phyllis pledged her love and swore that no one would ever get between them. They embraced as Jill looked on. Phyllis suggested that she and Jack forget about dinner and go home, and he went to cancel their reservation. Jill approached Phyllis and commented that the couple almost seemed happy, and Phyllis replied that they were. Jack returned and escorted Phyllis out, and Jill smiled victoriously.

Victoria hovered in the doorway at Brash & Sassy, and she slurred that she'd tracked Billy down. He asked if she remembered why, and she declared that she was there to inform him that he was selling beauty products and not beer, so it wouldn't work to hang a bimbo off a jock. She stared at one of Cane's advertising mockups, and Billy agreed that the idea sucked, but it hadn't been his. Victoria was surprised, and Billy asked if she was drunk.

Victoria admitted that she'd had a couple of cocktails with Jill, and she plopped down on the floor. Billy guessed that Jill had fed Victoria rum, knowing that Victoria couldn't handle it, and Victoria said the warm and fuzzy feeling had felt like a good idea. Victoria and Billy reflected back on their time in Jamaica, and she unintentionally pulled him down on the floor when they reenacted doing the limbo. He remembered thinking that she'd been the most beautiful thing he'd ever seen.

Victoria and Billy seemed to be about to kiss, but her head started spinning. He helped her to the couch and sat next to her, and she thanked him for being nice to her. He thanked her for her input, and he asserted that Jill was right -- Brash & Sassy needed Victoria. Billy proposed that Victoria help him push Cane out, and Victoria suspected that Jill would hate that, but Billy thought that would make it even better. Victoria fell asleep with her head in Billy's lap as he stroked her hair.

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