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Paul suspended Dylan from the police force. Phyllis secretly agreed to work with Victor to prevent Summer and Luca's wedding. Chloe retrieved the missing pages from Sage's journal. Victoria returned to Brash & Sassy. Lily was disturbed when Neil wanted nothing to do with his parents.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of August 8, 2016 on Y&R
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Summer Accepts Luca's Marriage Proposal Summer Accepts Luca's Marriage Proposal

Monday, August 8, 2016

At Chelsea's penthouse, Chelsea thanked Chloe for visiting Adam in prison. Chloe claimed that she'd forgiven Adam and hoped that her gesture might help them heal. After Chelsea left, Victor paid a visit to Chloe. Victor demanded to know what Chloe had said to Adam when she'd stopped by the prison. Chloe said she'd told Adam she'd forgiven him. Victor noted that Chloe wasn't fooling him because he knew she wanted to see Adam suffer.

Victor asked Chloe for the pages missing from Sage's journal. Chloe replied, "I burned them, and they are ashes." Victor didn't believe Chloe. Victor noted that Chloe was too smart to destroy the pages. Victor strongly advised Chloe to consider her future with her child, and he demanded that she return the journal pages.

At the Walworth Penitentiary, Chelsea met with Adam. Chelsea asked about Chloe's visit. Adam said he was convinced that Chloe had helped Victor frame him for murder. Adam explained that Chloe would never forgive him for Delia's death, so she'd devised another way for him to be imprisoned. Adam told Chelsea he was counting on her to prove his innocence. Chelsea said she'd rifled through Chloe's belongings and had only found a pile of self-help books. Adam explained that Chloe wanted to fool others into believing that she'd changed.

Adam said that Chloe's first mistake had been returning to Genoa City. Chelsea said she believed that Chloe had been truthful about reconciling her troubled past. Adam replied, "We're talking about a woman who tried to murder me on more than one occasion." Adam recalled that Chloe had seemed to gloat while she'd falsely offered him forgiveness. Chelsea explained that having Bella had changed Chloe.

Chelsea, noting that she and Adam were certain of Victor's involvement, said they should find the real accomplice and locate the missing journal pages. Adam angrily insisted that Chloe was the real accomplice. Chelsea recalled that Dylan had vowed to help her find the mystery woman. Noting the depths of Adam's despair, Chelsea asked him to visit with Connor on the child's birthday. Adam adamantly refused and summoned the guard. After Chelsea left, Adam dreamed that he'd been freed after the discovery of new evidence.

At Crimson Lights, Kevin told Mariah that he'd ended his relationship with Natalie. He asked Mariah to help him reconnect with Chloe. Mariah said that Chloe wanted nothing to do with him. Kevin explained that Chloe associated him with sad memories, though she might be open to rekindling the relationship they'd shared before Delia's death. Mariah told Kevin that his plan wouldn't work because he couldn't force Chloe to reciprocate his feelings. Mariah reluctantly gave in and said she'd help Kevin.

At Chelsea's design studio, Chloe was already at work when Mariah arrived. Chloe seemed frustrated as she draped and pinned a ruffle to the bodice of a wedding gown. Mariah began blathering about Kevin. Chloe seemed uninterested as she fussed with the ruffle.

Mariah continued dropping hints about Chloe's past relationship with Kevin. Chloe said she was surprised that Mariah and Kevin hadn't become a couple. Mariah explained that Kevin's face lit up whenever he talked about Chloe. Mariah insisted that Chloe and Bella needed Kevin. Chloe said, "I can't. I won't. It's too painful." Mariah left.

Chelsea arrived at work in a depressed mood. She told Chloe that Adam was angry and had completely shut down his ability to cope. Chloe asked what had made Adam so upset. Chelsea said she'd hoped Adam would agree to a visit with Connor, which she believed might rekindle his hope of being freed. Chloe said she'd thought her visit and offer of forgiveness might have given Adam some peace.

Chelsea admitted that Adam was a long way from feeling at peace. Chelsea vowed not to give up on Adam. Chelsea noted that the discovery of new evidence would give Adam hope. Chelsea cried that she wasn't sure how much longer she could handle Adam's hopelessness. Chloe embraced Chelsea and assured her that everything would work out like it was supposed to.

After Mariah had spoken to Chloe, she met with Kevin again at the coffeehouse. Kevin was eager to know if Mariah had mentioned his name to Chloe at work. Mariah initially claimed that she and Chloe had been too busy with work to talk. Kevin again asked if anything had been said about him. Mariah replied, "I didn't want to bring up your name out of nowhere. It would seem obvious, and we don't want to seem obvious, right?" Kevin agreed. Mariah noted that just because Kevin and Chloe's relationship had been close in the past wasn't assurance that it could work well again. Kevin seemed just as determined to win Chloe back.

At Newman Enterprises, Luca stopped by Victor's office. Luca told Victor he'd hoped they could bury the hatchet and put their differences behind them. Victor laughed and replied, "Why would I do that?" Luca announced that Summer had agreed to become his wife. Luca promised to make Summer happy. Victor asked Luca if he'd sought Nick's approval. Luca replied, "I couldn't wait. I followed my heart and fell to my knees." Luca recalled that Nick had told him to be the man Summer needed. Victor scowled.

Victor brushed Luca off by becoming occupied with the display screen on his phone. Victor asked Luca if he was fishing for a job at Newman Enterprises. Luca mumbled that he was merely excited to become a member of the close-knit Newman family. Victor noted that he no longer hired family members and had encouraged his kin to pursue their own passions. Victor warned that Luca would answer to him if he hurt Summer in any way.

At Jabot, a livid Jill burst into Phyllis' office. Jill demanded that Phyllis keep her distance from Billy by stepping down from the board of directors at Jack's foundation. Phyllis said she'd gone to great lengths to avoid Billy, so resigning from the board would cause Jack to wonder what was going on. Phyllis asked if Jill believed she could force Billy to reconcile with Victoria. Jill replied, "I think that some people are just destined to be together." Summer arrived. Jill noticed the engagement ring and took Summer's hand to admire the sparkly gemstone. Phyllis approached, and Summer blurted out, "Luca and I are engaged."

After Jill left, Summer was taken aback when Phyllis offered an embrace and said she wanted her daughter to be happy. Phyllis asked if the recent pregnancy scare had prompted the sudden decision to marry. Summer explained that Luca made her feel confident and happy. Summer noted that Luca was committed to their relationship. Phyllis recalled that Summer had shared her misgiving about Luca with Nick. Summer admitted that Luca had divulged information to the media about the oil spills. Summer insisted that Luca cared more about her than he did about Newman Enterprises. Phyllis made Summer promise to take her time and not rush the wedding.

In the lab at Jabot, a hungover Victoria awoke after having fallen asleep with her head resting in Billy's lap. Victoria rubbed her face with the palms of her hands and recalled Jill's description of the premium small-batch rum she'd enjoyed to excess. Billy noted that temptation could often be overwhelming. Victoria laughed when Billy showed her a video he'd made of her snoring while she'd been sleeping. Pretending he might post the video to social media if she didn't accept, Billy pleaded with Victoria to change her mind about working for Brash & Sassy. Victoria reminded Billy that they had a lot of issues. Billy insisted that Victoria's vision and his drive would be a magical combination.

Jill entered the lab office and asked if Victoria had thought about joining the company. Victoria accepted the job offer. Jill was elated. After Victoria left, Billy tempered his mother's celebratory mood and insisted that he and Victoria would maintain a business relationship and nothing more. Billy told his mother to end her matchmaking stunts because he and Victoria had been through too much. Jill insisted that real love could conquer all obstacles.

Victoria visited Victor in his office and tendered her resignation. Victor asked if Victoria had accepted Jill's offer. Victoria reminded Victor that he'd made it clear she was no longer wanted at Newman Enterprises. She added that during her father's absence, she'd worked harder than anyone else. Victor assured Victoria that she was a capable executive. Victoria cried, "But I'm not Adam." Victor replied, "Jill is lucky to have you." Victoria left.

After learning about Summer's engagement, Phyllis phoned Nick and told him about Summer's plans to marry Luca. Phyllis said, "Look, you've got to fix this. This wedding can't happen. Find something on Luca, okay?" Victor overheard Phyllis. After the call ended, Victor entered through the open office door. Phyllis said, "What do you want?" Victor replied, "Same thing you want. I want Luca Santori gone."

Phyllis and Victor join forces Phyllis and Victor join forces

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

On the Athletic Club rooftop, Lily and Cane discussed Charlie and Matty's summer project to create a family tree. Lily groaned at the thought of dealing with the questions about their family's history, and Cane informed her that he'd already written the names of their family members on paper apples for the twins to glue on a poster of a tree. Cane left for work, and Lily praised her children's progress. Matty marveled at the number of apples they needed, and she wondered why there were that many. Jill joined them and remarked that they had an extraordinary family tree with many branches.

Jill gushed that the twins were doing a fabulous job, and she suggested that they put more decorations by the apples bearing Jill and Colin's names but draw a worm on Genevieve's. Lily pulled Jill aside, and Jill explained that she was trying to keep the kids focused on the project rather than on asking questions about their strange family tree. Neil arrived to help his grandkids, and Jill moved Billy's apple next to Victoria's before she took off.

Neil explained to the twins that they didn't see their Uncle Malcolm very often because he was a hotshot photographer who traveled all over the world, and Charlie and Matty inquired about Neil's parents. Neil said not everyone stayed close with their parents when they grew up, and he'd lost touch with his. Lily thought that Neil could still provide his parents' names, but Neil simply urged the kids to finish the project. Later, Lily thanked Neil for helping out, and she figured he hadn't expected to answer questions about his parents. Neil pointed out that the twins were already over it, but Lily said she wasn't.

Lily wondered what Neil had really meant when he'd mentioned that he'd lost touch with his parents, but he said he'd told her everything she needed to know. She accused him of avoiding things instead of explaining them, and he disclosed that his dad had raised him after his mom had faded out of his life, but he'd gone to college and drifted apart from his father. Lily asked if Neil knew where his parents were, and he replied that he didn't even know if they were alive. He added that they'd stopped being his family years earlier, and Lily and the grandkids were all the family he needed.

Lily considered the possibility of tracking down Neil's parents, but Neil thought there was no need, since they'd been estranged for a lifetime. Lily wanted to know more family history to have a better understanding of who they were, but Neil flatly stated that he understood exactly who he was. Lily suggested that the twins get to know their great-grandparents before it was too late, but Neil replied that it already was. Lily noted that she and Neil had managed to work through seemingly insurmountable problems because family was important to them, and she found it hard to believe that he'd closed the door on his parents.

Neil maintained that he had no desire to find out what had happened to his parents, but Lily argued that family meant everything to him. He contended that he'd reached a point where certain people hadn't been meant to be in his life, and he hoped she understood that he'd made peace with it. The twins called out to Lily for her help, and she ran over to them.

At Jabot, Victor asked if Phyllis had told Summer about how she felt about Summer's relationship with Luca, and he guessed from Phyllis' silence that she hadn't. He contended that he and Phyllis both wanted the same thing -- to get Luca out of Summer's life. Phyllis inquired whether he had a plan, and Victor hoped it would be their plan. Phyllis balked at working together, and Jack walked in. Phyllis revealed that Victor wanted to team up with her, but she wasn't interested in doing things his way. Victor thought they could get beyond their petty differences and work together, and Phyllis became incensed.

Jack suggested that Victor leave, and Victor advised Jack to make sure Phyllis kept her temper in check to avoid alienating her daughter. Victor departed, and Phyllis informed Jack that Summer and Luca were engaged. Phyllis sarcastically added that Victor was as thrilled as she was, but she wasn't interested in joining forces with him. Jack guessed that she had a plan of her own, and she snarled that she'd rather die than see Summer marry Luca, so the wedding wasn't going to happen.

Jack warned Phyllis to stop before she launched a campaign against her daughter's fiancÚ, but she informed him that she'd already contacted Nick to tell him to speed up his investigation of Luca's involvement in the oil spills. Jack cautioned that Summer would be furious when she found out, but Phyllis anticipated that all would be forgiven when proof surfaced that Luca was a bad guy. Jack argued that there might not be any, but Phyllis testily asked if he expected her to do nothing. She groused that no one had done anything when Summer had become involved with Austin, but she wouldn't have let her daughter make such a big mistake. She refused to watch and wait for Summer to end it with Luca.

Jack suspected that Phyllis would destroy her relationship with her daughter by undermining Summer's wedding plans, and Phyllis questioned whether he wanted her to help Summer get married. Jack replied that it was exactly what he expected Phyllis to do, since Summer was a grown woman who could make her own choices. Jack advised Phyllis to be by Summer's side if she fell, but Summer had to make her own mistakes. Phyllis mused that making mistakes was how people realized what was important, and she agreed to guide Summer through her wedding. Jack said he was proud of Phyllis, and he left for a meeting. Phyllis looked troubled.

At home, Luca told Summer that they could both get what they wanted sooner if they didn't wait to get married, and he imagined wedding rings and honeymoons. He suggested that they go to city hall to make it happen, and she said she loved that he couldn't wait to start their life together. He declared that he wanted them to belong to one another, and she replied that they already did. Luca questioned what was stopping them, and Summer asserted that she didn't want to tell their future children that they'd rushed off to get hitched by a judge. She envisioned wearing a gown and being surrounded by her family, but he wondered if her family would show up.

Summer was sure that her family wouldn't leave her in an empty church, but Luca noted that her mom didn't approve. Summer thought Phyllis had been good about it, and she expected that her dad would be cool, but she anticipated that her grandpa would be a tough sell. Luca divulged that he'd already shared the news with Victor, and while Victor hadn't jumped for joy, he'd said he hoped they'd both be happy. Summer was pleasantly surprised, and Luca figured that with Victor and Phyllis on board, they could start making arrangements. Summer said she had to take care of something first, and she stepped out.

At Brash & Sassy, Billy tried to get a peek at Victoria's marketing ideas, but she told him to close his eyes while she described her pitch to him. She asked him to imagine a woman standing by a window with her back to them, wearing a stunning, backless gown as a breeze blew through her hair. Billy pictured Phyllis as Victoria said there was a beautiful perfume bottle in the woman's hand, and the woman slowly applied the fragrance to her neck and between her breasts. Victoria continued that a man's voice said he hadn't been able to stay away, and Billy envisioned himself with Phyllis. Victoria thought the woman was sexy and confident, just like every woman wanted to be, and the woman pulled the man into a passionate kiss. Billy fantasized about kissing Phyllis, and Victoria called Billy's name and asked if he was still with her.

Billy thought Victoria's idea was alluring and effective, and he admitted that he'd gotten caught up in it. She mentioned that she was still brainstorming a slogan, but she thought it would be about a woman who always got what she wanted, and she didn't want to limit the campaign to the Pacific Northwest. Billy contemplated launching a national campaign, and Cane entered and demanded to know why Billy was discussing their marketing campaign with Victoria. Billy announced that Victoria was part of the team.

Cane welcomed Victoria to the company, and he assumed that Jill had been behind it. Billy assumed that Cane was unhappy with the decision, and Cane insisted that he liked Victoria, but he thought the team didn't need another executive. Billy called Victoria a fantastic asset, and he noted that Brash & Sassy had been her baby. Cane wondered what Jill had promised Victoria, and Victoria replied that she'd felt morally obligated to pitch in when she'd seen the awful marketing idea. Cane glanced over Victoria's storyboards and griped that they seemed to be outdated, but Victoria huffed that a woman feeling powerful never went out of style, and Billy agreed. Cane thought they were ganging up on him to push him aside, and Jill walked in.

Cane chided Jill for manipulating them, and Billy asserted that he was glad Victoria was there, but he admonished Jill for shuffling them around like game pieces. Jill conceded that she could have handled things better, but she thought her plan was working brilliantly, since the three of them thrived on competition. Jill crowed that she was thrilled they were all fired up because the company needed their enthusiasm and passion, and she envisioned paying tribute to Katherine by making Chancellor more successful than ever before.

Jill intended to make it clear that Chancellor was king in Genoa City, and she'd chosen Billy, Cane, and Victoria as her dream team to accomplish her vision. Jill asked if they were ready to take on Jabot and Newman, since there could be no more divided loyalties, and she wanted every ounce of their creativity and drive. Victoria headed to the door, and Jill incredulously asked if she was quitting. Victoria revealed that she was off to take her last foot out of the Newman camp, and Jill walked her out.

Billy told Cane that he honestly thought Victoria's idea was a better campaign than Cane's, and Cane pointed out that Jill hiring Victoria was just a smokescreen to put Billy and Victoria back together. Billy noted that both he and Victoria were aware of Jill's plan, but he'd already told Jill that they weren't ever getting back together. Cane was skeptical that Billy could see Victoria without thinking about what they'd shared together, but Billy firmly stated that he'd moved on. Cane inquired who Billy had moved on with.

Billy recommended that Cane put his creative energy into something positive instead of focusing on Billy's personal life, but Cane wondered if Bethany had meant anything to Billy. Billy questioned why Cane cared, because they weren't buddies. Cane explained that he understood Jill's motivation, since he and Lily had gone through a rough patch, but their kids had gotten them back together. Cane commented that passion and lust were a distraction, but family was what mattered most in the world.

Summer arrived at Newman to see Victor, and she said she knew he'd heard about her engagement. Summer wondered if he was honestly okay with her marrying Luca, and Victor confirmed that he disapproved of Luca, but it had nothing to do with her or with Luca. Victor clarified that he didn't consider anyone good enough to marry any of his children or grandchildren. Summer declared that she loved Luca, and she believed they'd have an amazing future together. Victor recognized that Summer had always supported Victor, and he pledged to always support her. She hugged him and thanked him.

Victoria entered Victor's office, and Summer hoped her aunt would be happy for her, since she was getting married. Victoria extended her congratulations and hugged Summer, who said it meant a lot to have her family behind her. Summer departed, and Victoria told Victor to tell her what was really going on. Victor asserted that he was standing by his granddaughter, since she was a grown woman who was free to make her own choices, just like Victoria was. He asked why Victoria was there, and she informed him that she was there to gather her things to make her move to Brash & Sassy official. Victor coolly replied that she knew where her things were.

Later, Victor stood with his back to the door, and he didn't turn around when Victoria returned with a box of her belongings. He asked if she had everything, and she replied that she did. She added that they were still family even if she wasn't working there, and he agreed. She said she didn't believe that he was fine with Summer's engagement, but he stressed that he'd made his position clear. Victor was sure that Victoria had other things to worry about, like her new job, and she left to get back to work. He closed his eyes, clearly affected by her departure.

Jill joined Jack at the Athletic Club bar and proclaimed that she was there to celebrate Victoria's defection from Newman to work alongside Billy at Brash & Sassy. Jack hoped it worked out, but Jill warned that they'd crush Jabot and Newman if it did. Jack mentioned Summer's engagement, and he reported that the news had almost sent Phyllis down a destructive path, but he'd been surprised that she had actually listened to him, whereas normally they'd argue for weeks. Jill said she knew his wife wanted to make their marriage work, and Jack asked how she knew.

Jill said it was obvious Phyllis wanted to make the marriage work because Phyllis and Jack acted like newlyweds together, but Jack felt like Phyllis had been trying too hard and being too cautious, which was unlike her. Jill guessed that perhaps Phyllis had learned to compromise for the good of their future together, and she thought Jack should consider himself lucky.

Phyllis arrived at Summer's apartment and claimed to be glad to have the chance to talk to Luca alone. Luca thanked her for taking the engagement news well, and Phyllis replied that she supported her daughter. She wondered if the proposal had been a response to Summer's pregnancy scare, and Luca said it had made him realize that he was ready to take the next step with Summer. Luca asked Phyllis to explain why she wanted them to wait, and Phyllis recalled that Summer had fallen into her first marriage very fast with someone she hadn't known. Phyllis added that after Austin had died, Summer's heart had been broken all over again because she'd found out her husband hadn't been the man she'd thought he'd been.

Luca swore that history wouldn't repeat itself, and he promised to be the husband Summer deserved. Phyllis questioned his need to rush things, and Luca said it had been Nick's idea. Luca recounted that Nick had talked to him about stepping up and committing to Summer when they'd thought she might be pregnant, and he planned to do that as Summer's husband and eventually the father of her child. Phyllis lectured that marriage wasn't easy, and Luca expected that he and Summer would face challenges, but he was sure they could withstand anything together. Summer returned home and demanded to know what Phyllis was saying to Luca.

Luca told Summer that he and Phyllis had been talking about what Nick had told him about a man doing right by a woman, and Phyllis observed that Luca seemed like a man in love. Summer inquired whether Phyllis was feeling better about them getting married, and Phyllis claimed that she felt much better. Summer hugged her and reported that Victor was board, as well, and it had given her clarity about what she wanted for her wedding. Summer declared that she wanted the dress and the frills, but she wanted to do it as soon as they could pull everything together.

Luca and Summer embraced, and Summer asked if she could still count on her mother's help to plan the wedding. Phyllis offered to do anything the couple needed, but Summer said they hadn't discussed details yet. Phyllis told Summer to call her once they had, and she departed. In the hallway, she called Victor and growled that the wedding was on the "fast track to hell," and she vowed to do whatever she could to end it, even if it meant working with him. Victor said he'd expected to hear from her but not that soon, and she insisted that they had to move right away -- together.

Victor sets a trap for Luca Victor sets a trap for Luca

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

by Mike

As Chloe was exiting Chelsea and Adam's penthouse, she ran into Dylan, who was surprised to see her. Chloe assured Dylan that she hadn't broken into the penthouse; in fact, she was actually living there -- with her daughter, Bella. Dylan seemed suspicious of Chloe's supposed recovery, but she reasoned that if he could recover from posttraumatic stress, she could recover from the pain of losing Delia.

Mariah went to the police station to see Kevin, who apologetically acknowledged that it had been wrong of him to ask her to help him get back together with Chloe. "The only person who can convince Chloe that we belong together is me," Kevin reasoned, prompting Mariah to declare him an idiot who couldn't take a hint. Mariah didn't want to elaborate because she didn't want to hurt Kevin's feelings, but he insisted that he needed specifics, so she reluctantly explained that Chloe was no longer interested in him because he was a painful reminder of a time in her life that could never be the same again.

"Well, it wasn't all bad times. There were cupcakes, and birthdays, and old..." Kevin started to protest before letting his voice trail off. When Mariah prompted Kevin to continue, he sadly explained that he and Chloe had enjoyed watching old movies together and had actually been doing just that at the time of the accident that had claimed Delia's life. "That's exactly what I'm talking about. You remember it one way, and Chloe remembers it another. It's just that her way is miserable," Mariah gently stressed.

Kevin protested that he had always been able to make things better for Chloe, but Mariah maintained that Chloe no longer saw him as that person. "She wants you to move on. She was practically matchmaking you into another relationship," Mariah added. Confused, Kevin wondered who Chloe could possibly have in mind as a potential love interest for him. "You are such an idiot! Do you want me to hit on that person for you, as well?" Mariah replied with a sigh of exasperation. Before Kevin could respond, Mariah stormed off, explaining that she needed to get to work.

Later, Kevin was disturbed to learn that Dylan was investigating Chloe to see if she could be the mystery woman who had helped Victor frame Adam. Kevin defended Chloe, but Dylan argued that Kevin couldn't look at the case objectively because he was clearly still in love with her. "Chloe wanted to punish Adam before, and now she's back -- with motive and opportunity. Come on, Kevin, think like a cop!" Dylan advised before walking away. Kevin soon decided to take another look at the surveillance footage of Victor's visits with the mystery woman, searching for behavior that reminded him of Chloe.

At Newman Enterprises, Victor and Phyllis arranged a videoconference with Nick to discuss their plan to stop Summer from marrying Luca. Nick regretfully reported that he had not yet been able to find any evidence that connected Luca to the oil crises. Nick remained convinced, however, that Luca was responsible, although he admitted that he had suspected one other person for a while -- Victoria's most recent boyfriend, Travis Crawford. Victor was intrigued to learn that Luca had been more than happy to encourage Nick's suspicion of Travis.

After the videoconference ended, Victor contacted Luca and invited him over for a drink to congratulate him on getting engaged to Summer. After Luca accepted the invitation, Victor met with his private investigator to discuss Travis, leaving the door to his office ajar so Luca would overhear the conversation while passing through the halls. When Luca knocked on the door, Victor dismissed the private investigator then asked Luca for a moment of privacy to return a business call. Luca stepped back into the hallway and closed the office door but lingered next to it to eavesdrop, and Victor chuckled as he watched from a surveillance monitor.

Victor soon called Luca back into the office and started to casually discuss the wedding with him. Luca eventually seized an opportunity to change the subject, admitting that he had inadvertently overheard Victor saying something about Travis Crawford earlier. Luca continued that it had always been his belief that Travis had been responsible for the oil crises. Victor listened with feigned interest as Luca listed reasons for his suspicions then offered to help prove that Travis was guilty. Luca was thrilled when Victor accepted the offer.

At Chelsea's design studio, Chelsea, Sharon, Mariah, Chloe, and Phyllis helped Summer try on wedding dresses. Phyllis pretended to be on board with the sudden development, claiming that she was looking forward to being there for all the things she had missed out on during Summer's previous engagement to Austin. As Summer donned various wedding dresses, she and the other women shared laughs about their complicated history and the weddings they had each previously participated in. Summer eventually settled on a design Chelsea had hastily sketched out but hadn't had time to make yet.

Later, when Chloe and Mariah were the only two women left at the studio, Chloe tried once again to convince Mariah to pursue a relationship with Kevin. Mariah maintained that she and Kevin were just friends and would never be anything more than that. When a bouquet of flowers arrived, along with a note -- "I'm an idiot. Let's start over" -- Mariah claimed that Kevin had sent them to her. "Well, I guess Kevin didn't get the memo about you guys being [just friends]. He's a good guy. Just let him be your good guy," Chloe advised Mariah. After Chloe left, Mariah tore up the note, which, on the other side, read, "To: Chloe."

When Sharon returned home, Dylan wondered why she had never bothered to tell him that Chloe was back in town. Sharon admitted that Chloe's return hadn't seemed worth mentioning, prompting Dylan to wonder why he was the only one who found the timing suspicious. Sharon reminded Dylan that she, like Chloe, had a mental illness. "If you can see her as permanently broken, then how must you see me?" Sharon wondered.

Dylan assured Sharon that he didn't think of her as broken. Seemingly unconvinced, Sharon abruptly excused herself so she could go check on Sully, ignoring Dylan's attempt to continue the conversation. Meanwhile, Chelsea arrived and asked a surprised Dylan to help her prove that Chloe was innocent so Adam would stop wasting time on the wrong suspect.

Summer returned home and assured Luca that he was going to love the wedding dress she had chosen. When Summer asked Luca to tell her what he had spent the day doing, he claimed that he had shopped for a new tuxedo but couldn't show it to her yet because the tailor still needed to make a few adjustments to it. Later, while Summer was taking a shower, Luca called someone and ordered a worldwide search for Travis.

At Newman Enterprises, Victor filled Phyllis in on what had happened with Luca earlier. Phyllis complained that helping Summer try on wedding dresses had made things feel too real, and there wasn't much time left to stop the wedding. "I guarantee you, Summer will not marry that bastard," Victor assured Phyllis.

Dylan spots Victor and Chloe together Dylan spots Victor and Chloe together

Thursday, August 11, 2016

At the penthouse, Chelsea presented Connor with a birthday cake, and she helped him blow out the candles. Chloe marveled at Connor's big, beautiful eyes, and the doorbell rang. Chelsea said she wasn't expecting anyone, and she went to cut the cake while Chloe answered the door. Chloe greeted Nikki and Victor, and Nikki asked what Chloe was doing there. Chloe offered to tell them all about it, and she invited them in. Victor glowered at Chloe as he entered.

Chloe explained that she'd visited her mom after she'd been released, and she'd decided to stick around. Chloe added that Chelsea had offered her and her daughter somewhere to stay until they found their own place, and Nikki was shocked that Chloe had borne another child. Chloe picked up Bella from the playpen and introduced her, and Nikki and Victor cooed to the tot. Nikki pointedly asked whether Bella looked like her father or Chloe, and Chloe replied that Bella looked a lot like Delia. Nikki agreed, and Chelsea returned with Connor and coolly welcomed Victor and Nikki to the party.

Chloe ushered the kids upstairs, and a seething Chelsea couldn't believe that Victor had dared to enter her home, but Victor asserted that he had every right to see his grandson. Nikki scoffed at the idea that Chelsea had opened her home to the woman who had tried to kill Chelsea's husband, yet Nikki and Victor weren't welcome. Victor lectured that Connor needed all the love and support he could get with his father in prison, and Chelsea spat that Victor had put Adam there. Nikki compared Chelsea's situation to what Nikki had gone through when Victor had been incarcerated. As Chloe eavesdropped, Chelsea barked that the difference was that Victor had belonged there, but Adam didn't, and she hoped Victor went back to prison for framing an innocent man.

Nikki asserted that Victor hadn't had any part in Adam's conviction, and Adam had no one to blame but himself. Chelsea ranted that she didn't know if it was worse that Nikki believed Victor's lies or that Victor pretended to care about his son. Victor declared that he was Adam's only hope, and Chelsea ordered them to get out of her house. Chloe popped back in and said the Newmans shouldn't be there, and Nikki argued that Victor had spent years defending Adam, whereas Chloe had run Adam down. Chelsea asserted that Chloe had worked hard to get past her rage and grief, but Victor had walked out of prison the same terrible person he'd been when he'd walked in.

Victor predicted that Chelsea would learn the hard way who her real friends were, and he and Nikki exited. An emotional Chelsea cried that she didn't know what she would have done without Chloe, who looked guilty as Chelsea hugged her. Chelsea wailed that it was unfair that Victor was walking around free while Adam was stuck in a "hellhole," and she thought that Adam needed to see Connor to give him something to fight for. Chloe claimed that Connor had kept asking for his daddy when they'd gone upstairs. Chelsea thought that father and son had been apart for too long, and she called out that she had a big surprise for Connor.

In the visiting room at the state penitentiary, Adam penned a letter to Connor to apologize for not being at the boy's birthday party, and he promised to do everything he could to make sure he was home to celebrate together the following year. Dylan entered, and Adam said he could use some good news. Dylan mentioned that he'd found Chloe at the penthouse, and Adam questioned whether Chloe had told Dylan about forgiving Adam and wanting a fresh start with Bella in Genoa City. Adam asserted that Chloe wanted nothing more than to see him locked up, and Dylan agreed that there was no way she had forgiven Adam. Adam requested Dylan's help to prove that Chloe had worked with Victor to frame Adam.

Adam told Dylan that he'd written a note to Connor for the boy's birthday, and he requested that Dylan pass it on to Chelsea. Adam recognized that he and Dylan weren't close, but he appreciated what Dylan was doing. Dylan said not to thank him yet, since he'd checked out Chloe's story about being at the mental health facility, and she'd still been there when the female accomplice had met with Victor. Adam pointed out that the facility's records could have been doctored, but Dylan thought they'd have a problem proving it. Dylan pledged not to give up, and he agreed to deliver Adam's note. Adam tucked the letter inside his shirt, opting not to get anyone's hopes up.

At the police station, Kevin stared intently at his computer screen as he reviewed prison surveillance footage of Victor's visits with the mystery woman. Meanwhile, Michael pressured Paul to keep investigating Adam's case, but Paul argued that Adam had pleaded guilty. Michael pointed out that Paul's own son believed Adam was innocent, but Paul referred to budget constraints, and he suggested that Michael hire a private investigator. Paul refused to devote resources he didn't have to a closed case, but Michael contended that Paul had the perfect resource to find evidence to clear Adam -- Kevin.

Kevin said to leave him out of it, and Paul snapped that Dylan hadn't had any business discussing the case with Michael. Michael revealed that Dylan had already talked to Kevin about proving Adam's innocence, and Kevin grumbled that Dylan had been throwing darts against the wall to try to hit Kevin's ex-wife. Michael asserted that Chloe had had motive, but Kevin was certain that she hadn't been involved. Paul barked that they were wasting time, and he refused to talk about it further. Michael angrily questioned whether rules and regulations were more important than finding out what had really happened, and he worried that Adam wouldn't survive prison without the hope of knowing that someone was searching for the truth.

Later, Dylan pressed Kevin to admit that the woman on the tape could be Chloe, but Kevin warned him to back off, or they'd both get in trouble. Dylan wondered how easy it would be to hack into the psychiatric facility's server, but Kevin maintained that Chloe would never help Victor. Paul overheard and reprimanded Dylan for continuing to look into a closed case. Dylan defended that he was looking for justice, but Paul thought he could no longer trust Dylan. Dylan argued that he was doing it on his own time, but Paul was livid that Dylan had defied his order, and he suspended Dylan.

In Paul's office, Dylan chided Paul for not putting people before rules, and he believed it was their obligation to pursue the investigation. Dylan questioned whether Paul was backing off for Nikki's sake, and he wondered why Paul couldn't see that Victor had set Adam up. Paul asserted that he played by the rules rather than twisting them to serve his needs, and he stated that Dylan didn't deserve to wear a badge until he learned to work within the system. Paul demanded that Dylan hand over his badge and his firearm, and Dylan complied.

Dylan stepped out of the office, and Kevin said he'd tried to warn Dylan. Dylan lamented that he had no way to prove that Victor had set Adam up, and Kevin told Dylan to get over the idea that Chloe had played henchman to Victor's evil genius. Dylan grumbled that he was sick of arguing, and he stepped out for some fresh air.

Michael visited a distracted Adam at the prison, and he vowed not to stop fighting until Adam's conviction was overturned. Adam relayed that Dylan hadn't been able to find any proof that linked Chloe to Victor, and he bellowed that he'd be stuck there for the rest of his life. A guard moved to intervene, but Michael explained that Adam was upset because it was his son's birthday, and Adam wondered how Michael had known that. Michael replied that it was his business to know about his clients, and he knew from personal experience how easy it was to lose hope behind those walls. Michael implored Adam to remember that he wasn't alone, since there were fierce people out there fighting for Adam, and they wouldn't give up.

Adam said he hadn't been able to sleep in prison, and every morning he'd gone over a list in his head of what he was grateful for. He wanted Michael to know that he was on the list, along with Dylan, Chelsea, and Connor. Adam appreciated that they believed in him, but he knew the place was designed to suck all hope and humanity out of him. Michael encouraged Adam to keep trying to meet people halfway, and Adam would win as long as he kept letting people in.

Adam confided that he felt like he was hanging on by a thin thread that was about to snap, and he'd do something stupid once it did, so he'd never get out of there. Adam pleaded with Michael to believe that Chloe was the key, and he urged Michael to find proof that she and Victor had set Adam up. Adam suggested that Michael enlist Kevin to help, but Michael warned that Kevin was still in love with Chloe. Adam begged Michael to get Kevin to see who Chloe really was -- for Adam's sake as well as Kevin's.

Later, Adam told the guard that he didn't want any more visitors, but Chelsea appeared in the doorway and asked if he could make time for one more. Adam said she hadn't needed to visit, but he didn't want to fight with her anymore. He added that she should be with Connor on his birthday, and she replied that she was. She stated that she'd wanted to give Connor the only present he'd wanted that day, and a nanny led the boy in. Connor and Adam smiled at one another.

Chelsea led Connor over to Adam, who scooped the boy into his arms and asked how he was doing. Adam kissed Connor's forehead and wished him a happy birthday, and they hugged as Chelsea tearfully looked on.

Mariah took home the flowers that Kevin had sent to Chloe, and Sharon assumed that Dylan had sent them. Sharon read the card and discovered that they were from Kevin, and she gushed that she was happy for Mariah, since Kevin clearly had feelings for her. Mariah clarified that the flowers had been intended for Chloe, and Sharon asked what Mariah was doing with them. Mariah admitted that she'd stolen the flowers to keep Kevin from getting his heart broken if he didn't ease up, since Chloe had told him she wasn't interested.

Mariah explained that Chloe wanted to start a new life without Kevin, and Mariah was trying to save him from having his heart get mangled again. Sharon questioned whether Mariah was really thinking about Kevin or herself, and she wondered whether Kevin and Chloe were really over. Mariah relayed that Kevin thought he and Chloe had a chance, but Chloe had pushed Mariah to go for Kevin herself. Sharon asked if it was what Mariah wanted, and Mariah replied that she just wanted him to be happy. Sharon guessed that Mariah was afraid she'd be left out if Kevin and Chloe found their way back together, and Mariah said she sometimes felt like she belonged on the outside. Sharon hugged her.

Mariah recalled that she and Kevin had agreed to be friends, but he'd turned to her when he'd needed to talk to her about his relationships with Natalie and Chloe. Mariah felt like he wanted her to be his love guru rather than a friend, and Sharon asked if Mariah felt like Kevin was using her. Mariah conceded that it felt good that someone she cared about needed her, and Sharon assumed that Mariah wished it was less one-sided. Mariah thought she should stop hoping for something that wasn't meant to be, and her phone rang with a call from Kevin. Sharon left to check on Sully, and Kevin was relieved when Mariah picked up, since he needed her.

Kevin worried that he hadn't heard anything from Chloe after he'd sent the flowers, and Mariah suggested that perhaps they hadn't been delivered. Kevin replied that the florist had confirmed that they had been, and Mariah speculated that Chloe hadn't known how to respond. Kevin resolved not to give up when he knew in his heart that they were supposed to be together, and he asked if Mariah was still there when she remained silent. Mariah advised that he let Chloe seek him out, since he'd just mess it up if he forced things. After they hung up, Sharon recommended that Mariah take her own good advice.

Sharon reasoned that men liked doing the pursuing, and Mariah thought she should listen, since Sharon had had several loves in her life. Mariah thought she tended to fall in lust and make men run away screaming, and she groaned that her new approach had been to take a man she had no chemistry with and try to turn it into a love story. Mariah recognized that Sharon and Dylan had an amazing relationship, and Sharon wanted that for Mariah, too. Mariah contemplated giving the flowers to Chloe, but Sharon mused that the blooms looked nice where they were, and what Chloe didn't know wouldn't hurt her.

Michael arrived at the police station and asked if Dylan was around, and Kevin reported that Paul had suspended Dylan. Kevin hoped Dylan stopped obsessing about Chloe, but Michael pointed out that Kevin was the one with a blind spot. Michael reiterated that Adam and Dylan were convinced that Chloe had worked with Victor, and they needed Kevin's help to prove it. Kevin groused that he didn't care what they thought, and Michael appealed to Kevin's history of being locked up and feeling helpless and abandoned. Kevin ordered Michael to stop trying to play with his emotions, since he believed Chloe.

Michael asked why Kevin was sure Chloe had changed, and Kevin replied that he'd seen how much Chloe loved Bella. Kevin believed that Bella had filled a void in Chloe's heart, and Chloe wouldn't risk losing her child by conspiring with Victor. Kevin added that he knew in his gut that Chloe had what she wanted with her child and a new beginning, and Michael realized that Kevin had never stopped loving her. Kevin glumly stated that it made no difference because she didn't love him, and Mariah thought he'd been pushing too hard, but he wouldn't give up. Michael firmly stated that he and Dylan weren't giving up, either, and he walked out.

At the Athletic Club, Nikki sympathized that the visit with Connor hadn't been what Victor had envisioned, but she thought Chelsea would eventually realize that Victor was on her side. Victor huffed that Chelsea wouldn't be a problem if Chloe had done what he'd asked and left town, but Chloe had insinuated herself into Connor's home and turned Chelsea against Victor. Nikki wondered what Victor had meant when he'd said he was Adam's only hope, but Victor received a text message that said Katherine was expecting them, and he abruptly departed.

Nikki ran into a preoccupied Paul in the foyer, and she guessed that it was tough for him and Dylan to leave work at the office. Paul informed her that he'd needed to suspend Dylan, and she imagined that it had to do with Dylan trying to prove that Adam had been framed. Paul confirmed that she was right, and Nikki clucked that she'd tried to reason with Dylan. She acknowledged that Victor wasn't perfect, but she was sure that he wouldn't keep Adam from his wife and child.

In the park, Chloe thanked Esther over the phone for watching Bella, and she commented that she felt safe with Katherine looking down on her. Chloe hung up as Victor approached, and she warned him not to agitate Katherine's spirit by doing something he'd regret. Victor replied that he only regretted dealing with Chloe, since no one would have been suspicious if she'd left town. Victor wagged his finger in Chloe's face as he demanded the journal pages that proved Adam's innocence. On a park bench, Dylan spotted them from a distance.

Chloe retrieves the missing journal pages Chloe retrieves the missing journal pages

Friday, August 12, 2016

In the park, Victor ominously stated that Chloe might lose her little girl for good, and Chloe questioned whether he expected her to cave in to his demands. Victor noticed Dylan staring at them, and Dylan asked if everything was okay. Victor conceded that he and Chloe had been arguing, and he prompted Chloe to tell Dylan what their disagreement had been about. Chloe stated that it was none of Dylan's business, but Victor revealed that there had been a scene at Chelsea's home earlier when he and Nikki had stopped by to wish his grandson a happy birthday. Chloe asserted that she'd just been defending her friend, who hadn't needed Victor making a difficult day worse, and she excused herself to check on Chelsea.

Dylan figured it made sense that there had been tension because Chelsea believed Victor had framed her husband for murder. Victor claimed that Chelsea had latched on to baseless accusations out of desperation to have Adam home, but Dylan pointed out that it was no secret that Victor had wanted his kids to pay for testifying against him. Victor swore that he'd forgiven his children, just like Chloe had forgiven Adam for the loss of her child. Victor proclaimed that forgiveness had lifted a huge burden off his shoulders, and he hoped that Chelsea found the same peace he had.

Nikki stopped by the cottage to see Dylan, but Sharon told her that Dylan was at work, and Nikki haughtily stated that Sharon needed to keep better track of her husband. Nikki informed Sharon that Paul had suspended Dylan from the police force for continuing to investigate a closed case, and Sharon assumed it had been Adam's case. Nikki accused Sharon of pushing Dylan to do it, but Sharon retorted that Dylan wanted justice for a crime Victor had committed. Nikki defended that Victor had done nothing wrong, and she asked if Sharon had been taking her medication. An incensed Sharon snapped that Nikki was the one who needed psychiatric help if she thought Victor hadn't framed his son.

Sharon said Nikki had had the momentary common sense to want to divorce Victor, but Nikki had let him suck her back in. Nikki huffed that Sharon was a human vacuum who sucked in every man she met, and she thought Sharon would see that Victor had changed if she opened her eyes. Sharon agreed that Victor had changed from bad to worse, and Dylan walked in on the women bickering. Sharon claimed that they'd been talking about his suspension, and Dylan said Paul had made the right decision, since Dylan had only turned up dead ends. Nikki was relieved to hear that Dylan intended to stop pursuing it, and she departed.

Sharon suspected that Dylan had just played his mother and that he really had no intention of dropping the case. Dylan announced that he thought he'd found a way to clear Adam, but he hadn't wanted to risk anything getting back to Victor by telling Nikki about it. Dylan revealed that he'd seen Victor and Chloe in the park in a heated argument, and they'd claimed it had been tension over Connor's birthday, but something had seemed off. Dylan hoped to get Chloe to crack in order to prove Victor had been behind everything. Sharon warned that if Victor had put his own son in prison, there was no telling how far Victor would go to stop Dylan.

In the prison visiting room, Adam recognized that it was Connor's birthday, but he felt like he'd been the one to have his wish fulfilled. Chelsea said all three of them had had the same wish, and she reported that Connor had loved the presents from his parents the most. Adam revealed that he had another one, and he pulled out the letter that he'd written to tell Connor how much he loved and missed his son. Adam promised that he'd be home for Connor's fourth birthday the following year, and they would celebrate as a family. Adam and Chelsea grasped hands.

Chelsea imagined that all of their problems would be behind them by the following year, and Adam guessed that their biggest issue would be deciding what kind of cake to have. There was a loud sound of prison doors slamming shut, and Adam suggested that Chelsea take Connor home. Adam said it had made his entire year to see Connor, and he professed his love for his son. Adam wished Connor a happy birthday, kissed the boy, and handed him back to Chelsea. Chelsea led Connor out to the nanny and returned to say goodbye to Adam. Adam testily told her to do him a favor and not ever put his son in that position again.

Chelsea thought they'd been having the perfect visit, but Adam insisted that it never should have happened. Adam admitted that he'd been happy to see Connor, and it had been exactly what he'd needed, but he had to think about what Connor needed. Adam opposed Connor being exposed to a prison, but Chelsea argued that it was no worse than Connor not seeing his father every morning. Adam reiterated that he didn't want Connor there, and he stressed that she needed to take their son home.

Later, as Adam slept in his prison cell, he dreamed about a grown Connor arriving to take him home after serving 20 years of his sentence. Adam asked where Chelsea was, and Connor said she wasn't doing well, but he wouldn't elaborate. Connor and Adam entered the penthouse, and Adam discovered a gravely ill Chelsea in a bed in the living room. Adam kissed her, and she murmured that he was really there. Connor asked where the nurse was, and Chelsea divulged that she'd sent the nurse away because she'd wanted it to be just the three of them. Adam wondered why Chelsea wasn't in the hospital, and Connor coldly stated that his mom had wanted to die at home.

Adam dreamed that Chelsea said she'd been waiting for him, and he was all she'd ever wanted. Chelsea took her last breath, and Adam sobbed and begged her to wake up. Connor screamed that she couldn't hear Adam because Adam had killed her, and he bemoaned that their lives had gone nowhere in the years they'd wasted by worrying about Adam. Connor recounted that his mom had spent every day trying to clear Adam's name, and Adam had seen what Chelsea had been doing to herself, so Adam was the reason she was dead. Adam protested that Victor had orchestrated everything, but Connor snarled that he never wanted to see Adam again, and he walked out.

Adam dreamed of talking to Victor's portrait in the abandoned Newman office after Victor had died, and he noted that he was in the same position with his son that Victor had been with Adam, but the major difference had been that Victor had chosen to abandon Adam. Adam wished he'd gotten out of prison in time to attend Victor's funeral and laugh as they lowered Victor into the ground, and he hoped Victor had died alone and broken. Adam recalled all of Victor's talk about being there for his family, but Victor had been the worst thing to happen to every single one of them. Adam prayed that Victor was rotting in hell.

Chloe returned to the penthouse and found a shaken Chelsea, who cried that the visit with Adam had been terrible. Chelsea explained that Adam and Connor had been thrilled to see one another, but later, Adam had been furious that she'd taken Connor to see him against Adam's wishes. Chelsea thought Adam and Connor had clearly both needed to see one another, and she wondered what it would do to their son if Adam didn't stop fighting her. Chelsea noticed that Chloe was distracted, and Chloe said she thought she'd made a huge mistake.

Chloe explained that she shouldn't have returned to Genoa City, and she thought she should pack up and go. Chelsea assured Chloe that she'd been a big help since she'd been back, and she'd missed having Chloe's shoulder to lean on. Chelsea questioned where Chloe would go, and Chloe had no clue, but she thought it wasn't the right place for her and Bella to be. Chelsea urged Chloe not to make any big decisions, and Chloe said they'd talk about it later, but she had to pick up Bella. Chloe left.

Chelsea bounced Connor on her knee and told him things would get easier, since they had one another, and his daddy had them. Chelsea vowed to keep visiting Adam because they needed to remind him how much they loved him, and they'd be right there waiting, no matter how long it took. She relit a candle on Connor's birthday cake and said they needed as many wishes as they could get, and they blew the candle out together.

Nikki entered Victor's office, and she said it never got old seeing him behind his desk where he belonged. Victor wasn't sure Dylan would agree, since he'd gotten the impression that Dylan thought the worst of him. Nikki revealed that Paul had suspended Dylan from the force because Dylan had kept pushing to clear Adam after the case had been closed, but Dylan had since realized that he'd gone too far, and he was ready to put the whole thing to rest. Nikki suggested that Victor leave work early to spend the rest of the day together, but he said he had pressing business. He agreed to a romantic dinner at Top of the Tower, and she kissed him goodbye and headed out.

Moments later, the door slammed, and Chloe asked if Victor had missed her. He condemned her for taking stupid risks, but she assured him that she'd been careful, just like she assumed he had been with Dylan. Victor was sure that Dylan wouldn't give up the investigation, so the walls were closing in, but he wasn't about to go back to prison. Chloe chirped that she'd been looking forward to it, and Victor warned that there was a strong chance she'd have to kiss her sweet baby goodbye if Dylan kept digging. Chloe thought there had to be some way to stop Dylan, and Victor replied that there had been, but she had stupidly burned the journal pages.

Chloe confessed that she hadn't burned the original pages, and Victor said he hadn't thought so. Chloe explained that she'd needed insurance in case he turned on her, and he ordered her to hand them over to make the investigation go away. She wondered if he'd implicate her, and he declared his intent for the pages to end up in someone else's possession. Victor demanded that she give the pages to him, but Chloe balked because Adam would go free, and the whole point had been to ensure Adam paid for what he'd done to Delia. Victor questioned whether she'd rather watch Adam suffer in prison or watch her daughter grow up.

Chloe admitted that she wanted Adam to rot in a cell, but being with her child was more important. She pressed for details about who Victor intended to set up to take the fall, but he said it was none of her business. Chloe worried that he might double-cross her, but Victor countered that they'd end up taking the fall together. Chloe retrieved the pages from behind Victor's portrait, and he recognized that he hadn't given her enough credit. She imagined that it would be a win-win to see him and Adam wearing matching prison denim, and she contemplated whether to give Victor the pages that would set his murdering son free.

At Jabot, Phyllis spoke with Summer over the phone about wedding plans, and after she hung up, Jack said he was proud of Phyllis for pretending to be on board. Phyllis admitted that she wasn't excited about Luca marrying her daughter, but she refused to let it consume her. She pledged to let Summer live her life, and Jack jokingly asked who Phyllis was and what she'd done with his wife. She conceded that she'd been lost for a little bit, but she was back, and they hugged.

Jack proclaimed that his heart was full between Phyllis and Billy, and he mentioned that Billy was stepping up at Brash & Sassy, thanks to Victoria's positive influence. Jack realized that Phyllis hadn't known that Victoria was working with Billy and Cane, and Phyllis remarked that it was wonderful. Jack invited Phyllis to join him and Billy for lunch, but she claimed she had too much to do, and he departed alone.

At Brash & Sassy, Victoria admired the childlike quality in Billy's layout of colors for the lip line, and he gave credit to his marketing consultant -- Johnny. Billy suggested that they add Johnny to the staff, and he joked that Johnny could take over Cane's office. Victoria praised Billy for being able to make her laugh more than anyone else could. Billy requested that he and Victoria swap weekends with the kids, and she offered to be flexible whenever he wanted to switch times. Jack entered and congratulated Victoria for rejoining Brash & Sassy, and he surmised that Victor still needed to be master of the universe. Jack mentioned that Victor was launching an assault on Summer's wedding plans, and Victoria remarked that she wouldn't put anything past her father.

Later, Victoria stopped by Jabot, and she mentioned to Phyllis that she'd heard Summer and Luca were getting married. Phyllis commented that her baby was all grown up, and she inquired how things were going downstairs after Victoria's interesting career move. Phyllis couldn't imagine exes working together without wanting to kill one another, but Victoria reported that it was working out so far. Victoria expressed relief that there was no more post-divorce tension or fighting about anything between her and Billy, and Phyllis asked if they were considering getting back together.

Victoria said she would have to see a lot more personal growth on Billy's part to consider a reunion, and she wondered why Phyllis had mentioned it. Phyllis reasoned that she'd always be concerned about her brother-in-law, and she thought Billy and Victoria actually had potential for something great if they started with a clean slate. Victoria asked if Phyllis thought Billy was hiding something, and Phyllis remarked that she never knew with Billy.

Over lunch at the Athletic Club, Jack remarked that it sounded like things were on track at Brash & Sassy, and Billy credited Victoria for getting him to show up at work early. Jack recalled feeling the same way with Phyllis as his muse, and Billy asked how things were with them. Jack replied that they were okay on the surface, but he'd sensed some undercurrents ever since he'd stopped Phyllis from getting involved in Victor's latest plot to undermine Summer's wedding plans. Billy blurted out that Jack was sucking the life out of Phyllis by not letting her be herself.

Billy apologized for how his statement had sounded, but Jack encouraged him to speak his mind. Billy called Phyllis unpredictable and passionate, and he thought she needed to feel free and not like she was being managed. Jack asked if Billy thought that was what Jack was doing, and Billy warned that if Jack clipped Phyllis' wings, she might never fly again, and she should be soaring. Jack acknowledged that Phyllis was a free spirit that couldn't be tamed, and he guessed that Billy was defending her because they were cut from the same cloth. Jack added that Billy had given him a lot to think about.

Jack returned to Jabot, and he asked Phyllis if she felt like he was holding her back, since it was the last thing he'd ever intended to do. She wondered why he thought that, and he admitted that he'd spoken with Billy, who thought Jack was keeping Phyllis from being herself by pulling the reins too tight. Phyllis swore that she loved where she was, and Jack guessed that he was being overly sensitive because he'd been desperate for calm waters after the storm. She promised smooth sailing from then on, and she mentioned that Billy and Victoria were in a good place, too, so everyone was happy.

Phyllis strolled through the park, and she found Billy sitting on a bench. He swore that he hadn't been stalking her, and she referred to the advice he'd given Jack about her. Billy said he'd been telling the truth, since cramming her into a box was stifling her fire and unpredictability -- all the things he'd fallen in love with. Phyllis wondered what had made him fall in love with Victoria, and she mentioned that he and Victoria had been getting closer. Billy recounted that Phyllis had told him to move on with his life, and she stressed that she'd meant it, since she wanted him to be happy. Billy inquired about Phyllis' happiness, but she abruptly said she had to go, and she walked away.

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