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Hilary presented Lily with letters that Neil's mother had written. Travis exposed Luca's involvement in the oil disasters. Luca admitted to Summer that he'd sabotaged the oil rigs. Adam pleaded guilty to assault charges. Victor arranged to intercept Adam's prison transport.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of August 22, 2016 on Y&R
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Phyllis Accepts Summer's Decision Phyllis Accepts Summer's Decision

Monday, August 22, 2016

Inside Travis' boat, Victoria and Travis lounged in bed after making love. Travis begged Victoria to sail away with him and her children. Victoria said she couldn't uproot her kids and take them away from Billy. Travis asked if Victoria was too scared to step away from her boring life. Victoria said that if Travis wouldn't travel to Genoa City for her, he should do it for Summer. Travis said he couldn't, even though he knew how important it was to Victoria. Travis said he'd treasure the memory of the night he and Victoria had spent together. After Travis stepped up on the deck, Victoria found her photo that he'd tucked into his logbook. Travis later discovered that Victoria had left.

At the courthouse, Victor approached Michael and asked how he'd defend Adam at his upcoming arraignment. Michael replied, "That guard had no intention of hurting anyone. Adam was delirious. He thought he was attacking you." Victor asked for clarification. Michael explained that Adam had hallucinated after not eating or sleeping for days and believed the guard had been Victor. Before Michael left, he warned Victor to stay away from the arraignment. Victor met with Leslie about Adam's predicament. Victor said he didn't trust Michael's abilities. Leslie was reluctant to take over Adam's case. Victor insisted and cried that Adam's fate was hanging in the balance.

At the Walworth Penitentiary, Chelsea visited with Adam. Adam said, "I'm sorry. I screwed this whole thing up. I'll figure this out, okay? I'll fix it." Adam said he couldn't eat or sleep. Chelsea assured Adam that Michael was working on his defense. Chelsea tried to comfort Adam and told him to focus on his homecoming. Chelsea left after Adam said he wanted time alone.

After Michael arrived, he told Adam to plead guilty by reason of insanity because he hadn't been in his right mind during the attack. Michael reminded Adam that in addition to stress from being imprisoned, he'd been living a nightmare that had ended when he'd thought he'd confronted the man who'd thrust him into a living hell. Adam cried that he was guilty of putting a family man into the hospital. Michael replied, "You would never knowingly hurt an innocent person this way." Michael ordered Adam to plead not guilty by reason of insanity. Adam agreed to do as Michael instructed.

At Jill and Billy's mansion, Jack stopped by and gave Billy a pair of their late father's cufflinks. Billy recalled having seen John wear the cufflinks on special occasions. Billy noted that perhaps he might wear them to Summer and Luca's wedding. Jack said that Phyllis didn't support the wedding and risked alienating Summer by not allowing her to make her own decisions. Jack added that at least Phyllis wasn't lying to him anymore.

In an office at Jabot, Nick and Phyllis discussed Summer's plans to marry Luca. Nick said that had Summer become pregnant, they would've had to deal with Luca for their rest of their lives. Nick seemed certain that Victoria would return to Genoa City with Travis, so he could convince Summer not to marry Luca. Phyllis seemed hopeful, too. Nick left to support Adam at his arraignment.

After Nick left, Phyllis left Victoria a desperate message. Billy showed up and said that Phyllis looked stressed. Billy sided with Jack and said Phyllis should let Summer decide for herself and make her own mistakes. Phyllis explained that Victoria had traveled to Mexico to find Travis. Billy condemned Phyllis' decision to send Victoria back to her ex-lover. Phyllis noted that Billy seemed jealous. Billy said he didn't want to see the mother of his children get hurt. Victoria phoned and explained that Travis had refused to return to Genoa City. Phyllis collected her belongings and abruptly left without saying a word to Billy.

At the Genoa City Athletic Club, Luca finalized details of the wedding ceremony, but Summer was concerned about her family's refusal to accept Luca. Summer said her family might change their minds if she and Luca could prove that Travis was responsible for the oil spills. Luca told Summer that the detectives he'd hired couldn't locate Travis. Jack stopped by, and Luca stepped away to take a call. Jack told Summer not to judge her mother too harshly. Phyllis arrived and said she hoped she could be included on the guest list. Phyllis said she'd accepted the idea that Summer should be allowed to make her own decisions. Summer warmly embraced her mother and said Phyllis' words meant "so much" to her. Luca seemed uneasy.

At Chelsea and Adam's penthouse, Kevin stopped by to see Chloe. Kevin mentioned Adam's attack on the guard. Chloe explained that Adam had attacked the guard because he'd believed the man had been Victor. Kevin replied, "In Adam's mind, he was going after the man who'd framed him." Chelsea returned and overheard Chloe when she told Kevin she planned to be present at Adam's arraignment. Chelsea disagreed and said it was the last place Chloe should be.

Victor was still conferring with Leslie outside the courtroom when Michael returned. Michael overheard Victor plead with Leslie to help his son. Michael said that Victor's plan to undermine the arraignment wouldn't work. Michael angrily noted that he, not Leslie, was Adam's attorney. Leslie said she wouldn't jump into a family dispute, and she stepped aside.

Michael threatened to have Victor arrested for fraud, obstruction, or harassment. Victor fought back and yelled that he hadn't forgotten what Michael had done to him. Nick entered and intervened. Chelsea, Chloe, and Kevin arrived just before a guard escorted Adam into the courtroom. After Adam was seated in the courtroom, Michael learned that the guard had slipped into a coma. The judge entered the courtroom and prompted the defendant to stand and answer to his charges. Adam had flashbacks of attacking the guard. Adam said, "I plead guilty, Your Honor."

Adam makes a request of Nick

Adam makes a request of Nick

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

The courtroom spectators were shocked when Adam entered a guilty plea. Chelsea protested, and Michael requested a recess to confer with his client. Adam firmly stated that he didn't need one, since he was guilty. The judge asked if Adam was positive, and Chelsea appealed to Adam to stop blaming himself and to fight for her and their son. Michael urged Adam to listen to his wife, and the judge warned that it was Adam's last chance if he wanted to change his plea.

Nikki entered the courtroom as Adam declared that he'd been responsible for putting a man in a coma, and he refused to change his plea. Chelsea objected that he wasn't thinking straight, but the judge said it wasn't Chelsea's place to say. Chelsea argued that Adam had been cut off from his family for something he hadn't done, and he hadn't slept or eaten. The judge threatened to remove Chelsea from the courtroom, and Chelsea returned to her seat. The judge scheduled Adam's sentencing for the next morning, and Adam glared at Victor.

Michael advised Adam to think about what he stood to lose, and he swore that Adam had people fighting for him, but Adam had to fight for himself or they were out of options. Nikki wondered why Adam was doing it, and Victor wished he knew. A guard led Adam out, and Kevin followed Chloe out of the courtroom. Kevin muttered that he didn't understand why Adam hadn't taken the chance to walk, but Chloe said she understood completely. Chloe believed that Adam hadn't fought for his freedom because he didn't believe he deserved it, but she quickly added that it was because of what he'd done to the guard. Kevin contended that Adam hadn't known what he'd been doing.

Nick testily asked if Victor was happy, but Victor insisted that it had been the last thing he'd wanted. Nick ranted that an innocent man was in prison, a little boy was without his dad, and a guard was fighting for his life because of Victor. Victor huffed that he was tired of Nick's righteous attitude, and Nikki defended that it hadn't been Victor's fault. Nick pointed out that they'd all seen how "hell-bent" Victor had been on making them pay for testifying against him, and he reminded Nikki that Victor had used her to get control of the Newman board in order to sell Brash & Sassy out from under Victoria. Nikki argued that it was one thing to sell a division and another to set someone up to go to prison, but Nick reiterated that it was all on Victor. Nikki maintained that Nick was wrong.

Michael assured Chelsea that it wasn't over, but they needed to reason with Adam to convince him to change his plea. Chelsea recounted that everything had gone dark when Adam had said he was guilty, and she'd never seen him give up like that. Michael conceded that it would be a challenge, but they could overcome it. Michael planned to request to have the sentencing delayed in order to have more time to work on Adam, and Victor growled that he never should have allowed Michael to represent Adam. Chelsea chided Victor for blaming Michael when it was Victor's fault that Adam had been in prison, but Michael suggested they focus on helping Adam.

Victor recommended that Chelsea help Adam by hiring another lawyer, but Chelsea snapped at Victor not to pretend he cared. She found it ironic that the son who was the most like Victor had spent his entire adult life trying to get his father's approval, but it had never been enough, and Victor had finally turned on him. Chelsea wailed that she didn't even recognize her own husband anymore, since Adam was completely defeated. Victor reminded her that they'd worked together before to get Connor home after Chloe had kidnapped him, and he told her to stop blaming him. Victor questioned whether Chelsea knew how much it hurt him, and he vowed to do everything in his power to help his son.

Abby approached Stitch at the hospital, and he was surprised that she wasn't at the arraignment. He hugged her and asked how she was doing, but she was more concerned about the prison guard. Dylan arrived, hoping to speak to the guard to get a clearer picture of what had happened. Stitch reported that the guard had slipped into a coma the night before, and his condition was deteriorating.

Abby lamented that Adam shouldn't have even been in prison, and Dylan said the proof that Adam had been framed would have overturned the conviction. Stitch thought Michael had a solid case, since Adam had been hallucinating, and the truth about the original case would go a long way in Adam's defense. Abby received a text message, and she learned that Adam had pleaded guilty. She imagined what Chelsea was going through, and Dylan bemoaned that they'd thought the nightmare had been over.

Stitch swore that he was doing everything he could to help the guard, but Dylan worried that Adam would face murder charges if the guard didn't make it. Stitch offered to keep Dylan updated, and he left to get back to work. Dylan asked how Abby was holding up, and she replied that she'd been all over the map where Adam was concerned, so she felt terrible that she'd doubted his innocence. She was glad Dylan had found the diary, but Dylan regretted that it hadn't been in time, since Adam would be home with his wife and kid if Dylan had found it earlier.

Dylan imagined that it had been torture for Adam to take a plea bargain for a crime he hadn't committed, and he thought the guard was in a coma because of what Victor had done to Adam. Abby mentioned that she knew Dylan had been trying to prove that Victor had set Adam up, and Dylan clarified that he was trying to find the truth. Dylan departed, and Stitch returned. Abby relayed that Dylan thought Victor had set Adam up, and she wondered what Stitch believed. Stitch noted that Dylan had the best instincts of anyone he knew, so he was inclined to listen to Dylan. Abby assumed that Stitch thought her dad had framed Adam, and Stitch acknowledged that it hadn't been what she'd wanted to hear. She thanked him for being honest, and she left.

At Newman, Victor called Leslie to ask if there was anything she could do, since Adam needed all the help he could get. After he hung up, Nikki observed that Victor was really worried, and he sighed deeply and confirmed that he was very worried because Adam had pleaded guilty. Nikki wished that Nick had heard what Victor had said to Chelsea, and Victor recognized that it was difficult for everyone. Nikki thought if Nick opened his eyes, he'd see that Victor would never treat Adam that way, and Victor replied that he was beginning not to care what Nick thought. Victor pledged to do everything he could to reverse the damage done in the courtroom.

Abby stopped by Victor's office, and she asked Victor and Nikki how Adam was doing. Nikki replied that no one really knew, and Abby reported that Stitch was treating the guard, but the guard's condition was just getting worse. Abby questioned why Adam hadn't fought to clear his name, and Victor said Adam had given up, so the sentencing would happen the next day. Victor resolved to stop Adam's downward spiral, and Abby prepared to return to the hospital. Victor thanked her for dropping in, since they needed to stick together as a family at times like that. Nikki walked Abby out, and Abby asked if Nikki believed Victor's claim that he hadn't framed Adam.

Nikki stated that she'd seen her husband's suffering, and she believed Victor hated what was happening to Adam and would do anything to get his son out. Nikki repeated Victor's words about the Newmans sticking together, and she and Abby hugged goodbye. Nikki returned to Victor's office, and she relayed Abby's question about whether Nikki thought Victor had framed Adam. Nikki continued that she'd defended Victor just like she had with Nick, but she pointed out that they were alone, and she implored Victor to tell her whether he'd done it. Victor replied that they'd all made mistakes, and Nikki realized that he'd framed his own son for murder.

Nikki stressed that she wasn't asking Victor to admit anything, and she was sure that he'd always had his son's best interests at heart. She figured that Victor would take care of the unexpected circumstances, and Victor embraced her and promised he'd fix it one way or the other.

At the police station, Dylan told Kevin that finding Bethany was their top priority. Kevin argued that it would accomplish nothing, since Adam had pleaded guilty to another crime. Dylan hoped that all roads would lead back to Victor, since nailing Victor was the only chance to get Adam through it. Kevin said he was in the unfamiliar position of being the voice of reason, and he cautioned that Nikki would be destroyed if Dylan went after Victor.

In his cell at Walworth, Adam yelled out at the guards to tell him when his visitors arrived. Later, Nick visited Adam, and he apologized for ever doubting that their father would take things that far. Nick condemned Victor for framing Adam for murder and using Nick's dead wife to do it, but Adam said he wasn't looking for pity. Nick contended that Adam hadn't deserved to go to prison, but Adam pointed out that he'd choked a guard until he'd blacked out. Nick prayed that he guard made it, but he argued that the guard hadn't been the only victim.

Nick anticipated that Michael would fight the charges by exposing Victor, but Adam thought it was too late, since a man was in the hospital because of him. Nick asserted that it had been Victor's fault for pushing Adam to the brink, but Adam thought he should be held accountable. Nick asked what he could do to help, and Adam requested that Nick be a father to Adam's son. Nick contended that Connor had a dad and that Adam could still be a father to the boy while he was fighting to get out. Adam doubted that he could give Connor what he needed, but Nick was sure that Adam would find a way to make it work.

Adam asserted that Connor deserved better than weekly visits in prison with a guard hovering over them, and his son needed someone stable in his life to answer questions and help solve problems. Nick argued that men didn't need to be around all the time to be good dads, and it was the quality and not the quantity of time spent together. Adam was convinced that Connor needed Nick in his life while Adam was in prison, and Nick wondered why Adam was asking him and not Jack, since Adam had chosen Jack to be Connor's godfather and legal guardian. Adam called Jack amazing, but he pointed out that Jack wasn't a Newman, and the only person who could handle Victor was Nick.

Adam explained that Nick had managed to remain part of the crazy Newman family and still maintain his independence, and he admitted that he'd always admired that about Nick. Adam requested that Nick teach Connor to be a Newman the way Nick was, and he begged Nick not to let Connor make the same mistakes Adam had made by being sucked into the family. Adam added that it was the same thing they both would have wanted for Christian, and Nick wondered why Adam had mentioned Christian.

Adam claimed that he was talking as one father to another about the common ground he and Nick shared -- their love for their kids. Adam said he'd seen that Nick would have done anything to have his little boy back, and it was the same concern Adam had for Connor. Nick protested that Adam could do what was best for Connor without cutting himself out, but Adam insisted that he had to, since his mom had taught him what good parenting was. Adam recalled that Hope had been stern when she'd needed to be, but she'd been kind and loving, and Nick had reminded Adam of her when Adam had seen Nick with his kids. Adam complimented how well Noah and Summer had turned out, and he thought they'd all end up working for Faith one day.

Adam pleaded with Nick to show Connor that kind of love and to make the boy feel safe, and he became choked up as he envisioned Nick teaching Connor how to throw a baseball and helping Connor prepare for job interviews. Nick pointed out that those things were a long way off, but Adam pushed Nick to be there for Connor if Adam couldn't be, especially when Connor became a young man and needed advice about talking to girls. Nick joked that he should keep his mouth shut, considering his track record. Adam commented that it was a long, winding road, and he asked Nick to be there for Adam's son. "It would be an honor, brother," Nick replied, and he promised to look out for Connor as if he were Nick's own. Adam grasped Nick's hand and thanked him.

Later, Michael informed Adam that he'd filed a motion to postpone the sentencing for a few days to allow Adam to get some rest and food. Adam announced that he didn't need more time, and he fired Michael.

At the penthouse, Chelsea rambled that there had to be an out, since Adam hadn't intentionally hurt the guard, and Chloe urged her to breathe. Chloe reported that the guard was still in a coma and in critical condition, and Chelsea reasoned that whoever had set Adam up had been just as responsible as Adam for what had happened to the guard. Chelsea wondered why Adam was putting it all on himself, and Chloe suspected that he wanted to be punished. Chelsea surmised that Chloe meant for Delia's death.

Chelsea fretted that Connor knew something wasn't right because she was upset, and she was grateful that Chloe was there. Chelsea thought that Delia's death had been part of the reason Adam had pleaded guilty, especially since he'd avoided taking responsibility. Chloe noted that Adam had had his day in court, but Chelsea guessed that Adam had felt he'd needed to be punished more. Chloe said she'd hoped Adam had been able to forgive himself when she'd told him that she'd forgiven him, and Chelsea swore that she had to do something, since no one tore her family apart and got away with it.

Nick stopped by to see Chelsea, and he informed her that he'd just been at the prison. She assumed that he'd seen Adam, and Nick explained that he'd wanted to apologize for ever thinking that Adam had killed Constance. Chelsea thanked Nick, and Chloe inquired about how Adam had seemed. Nick reported that Adam had been resigned to accept the punishment that he felt he deserved, and Nick had tried telling Adam that he didn't deserve it, but Adam hadn't listened. Chelsea tearfully questioned how Adam could do that to them, and Chloe led her upstairs to avoid having Connor see his mother upset, leaving Nick alone with the boy.

Nick watched Connor play on the floor, and he flashed back to Adam asking him to teach Connor to be a Newman. Nick sat down on the floor with Connor and said he'd always be there for the boy, and he promised that everything would be okay.

Hilary has eye-opening news for Lily

Hilary has eye-opening news for Lily

Wednesday, August 24, 2016


In celebration of The Young and the Restless' upcoming 11,000th episode, Jess Walton (Jill Abbott), Kate Linder (Esther Valentine), and Jason Thompson (Billy Abbott) shared some of their most cherished memories of their time in Genoa City.

Jess Walton, who joined Y&R in 1987, said that most of her favorite memories involved the late Jeanne Cooper (Katherine Chancellor) -- Katherine breaking a vase over Jill's head, Jill and Katherine spraying each other with garden hoses, Katherine shoving cake in Jill's face, and Jill trying to choke Katherine.

Kate Linder recalled Esther asking Katherine for a hug and also recalled when Katherine and Rex had played maid and butler to Esther and her date.

Y&R newcomer Jason Thompson's favorite moment was meeting his castmates for the first time. He noted, "To the fans of The Young and the Restless, we would not be doing what we do if it wasn't for you."

Added Walton, "For thirty years now, I have been thanking God I get to do this. Thank you for celebrating 11,000 episodes with us."

Hilary approached Jack at the Athletic Club bar and told him to be prepared to be amazed, in a great way, for the foundation. She said she'd been cultivating a potential donor who had very deep pockets, and her cultivation had paid off. Jack was leery, but Hilary produced a check for one million dollars and assured him she'd played it straight. Jack said the smartest move he and Neil had made had been to keep Hilary on the board.

In the dining room, Neil asked Devon why Hilary and Jack were so happy. Devon said that one million dollars bought a lot of jewelry and advised that Hilary had found a new major donor. Mattie, Charlie, and Lily joined them, and the twins said they'd gotten two gold stars for their family tree project and thanked Neil for his help. Devon told Neil he'd get a gold star for filling in the details about his parents. Lily wanted Neil to reach out to the twins and tell them about his parents. Neil said he'd made peace with not having his parents in his life. Hilary joined them.

Victoria arrived in Phyllis' office. She said her phone alerts had blown up since she'd landed. She saw that Adam had pleaded guilty to another crime. Phyllis told Victoria that after she heard what had been happening in Genoa City, Victoria would wish she'd stayed in Mexico.

Billy and Cane walked into Brash & Sassy, and Cane thought it was crazy how they'd turned perfume into a whole new product line. Billy said he needed to get Jill to sign off on it. Cane assured him she would. Cane said he needed Victoria to sign off on it but didn't know where she was. Billy said Victoria was in Mexico on business. They heard a noise from the inner office and found Jill sitting on Colin's lap. Jill and Colin were laughing hysterically.

In the dining room, Hilary said she was surprised Neil was so open about his feelings because she thought his parent issue was complicated. Neil confirmed that was what he'd tried to convey to the twins. Mattie said not everyone stayed close to their parents when they became a grown-up. Devon took the twins to the pool. Jack joined Hilary, Lily, and Neil and asked if they'd heard the good news. Neil advised that Devon had told him. Neil told Lily that Hilary had secured a major donation for the foundation. Lily said Hilary was always good at getting money from people. Jack asked Neil to help him figure out how to allocate the funds.

Lily said Hilary knew something about Neil's parents. Hilary denied knowing any more than Lily knew. Lily felt Hilary owed her some honesty after everything Hilary had done to her family. Hilary told Lily that Neil and his parents hadn't just drifted apart; Neil had pushed them away. If Lily wanted the truth, then she needed to follow Hilary.

Jack was happy that he and Neil had voted to keep Hilary on the board. Neil said Lily had accused him of casting his vote out of guilt, and she might have been right. Neil hoped Hilary had learned from her mistakes, for Devon's sake. Neil also hoped that Jack's vote didn't cost him personally. Neil knew Phyllis didn't care for Hilary and told Jack that a million-dollar donation was a lot of money, but a good marriage was priceless.

Victoria told Phyllis that Adam's reaction had probably been triggered by something the guard had said or done. Phyllis said that Adam had thought the guard was Victor. Victoria couldn't imagine how that had made Victor feel. Phyllis said the guard was in a coma. Michael had tried everything to get Adam out of jail, but Adam had insisted on pleading guilty. Victoria said Adam had always been about self-preservation, no matter who it hurt. Phyllis told her that Adam had fired Michael, and it appeared Adam didn't want any representation at his sentencing.

Victoria apologized that she didn't have better news for Phyllis about Travis. Phyllis knew it wasn't Victoria's fault. Phyllis had to resign herself to the fact that Summer was going to marry a rat, and she was not going to fight it unless Victoria thought there was a chance. Victoria assured her that Travis was happy on his boat and wanted nothing to do with the cutthroat world he'd left behind. Phyllis asked if that meant leaving Victoria behind. Victoria assured her that Travis' life was out there, and hers was in Genoa City with her family and work.

Back at Brash & Sassy, Cane wished they hadn't seen what they'd walked in on and asked Jill and Colin not to do it on the conference table because they had to work there. Jill asked when they'd become such prudes. She wanted to show Colin how happy she was that he was back in town. Colin said he was trying to show Jill he'd missed her, and he asked if that was a crime. Billy asked if Colin had committed any recently. Jill said Colin was a committed family man, and that was a quality Billy should aspire to. Billy said he loved his children and had spent a lot of time with them since Victoria had left. Jill said Victoria wouldn't have been away had Billy given her a reason to stay.

Colin asked if that was what working at Brash & Sassy was like. Jill said she couldn't help it if she knew what was better for their sons. Billy said Jill knew best, and she didn't need him, just like he didn't need her. He quit. Cane said he wanted to win by hard work, but if Billy wanted to quit, he could. Cane said that everyone was going to see that Billy walked away when something became difficult. Billy agreed to stay, but he asked for Colin's help in getting Jill to stop micromanaging his love life. Colin said the micromanagement had really worked because Billy, Cane, and Victoria were a team and worked well together.

Colin was ready to go home. Billy told them to poke and prod wherever they liked but to stay out of his bedroom, and he'd be anywhere but at home. He left. Colin was pleased that Cane was a partner in the exciting adventure. Cane said he was no partner, because Jill had just made him, Victoria, and Billy compete. Cane said he'd invested all his time to make sure it was one of the best cosmetic companies in the world, and all Jill had done was make sure they fought and competed with each other. Jill said she was dedicating herself to three things: Cane's success, all of them making lots of money, and Billy's happiness -- by any means necessary.

Phyllis told Victoria to go home to her kids because they grew up way too fast. Victoria hoped things would work out for Summer. Victoria reminisced about when she had been a blushing bride and had believed in "'til death do us part" and that it would last forever. She left. Phyllis looked at the bride book and envisioned herself with Billy, who asked if she was ready for her first dance. While dancing, Billy asked how it felt being Mrs. Billy Abbott. Phyllis said some people just didn't understand, yet there they were, married and happy. Jack asked if he could cut in. The vision ended.

At the bar Jack told Neil that his marriage had seen some tough times, but he was hopeful that his marriage would move forward. Jack told Neil that Phyllis was beginning to accept the idea of Summer's marriage to Luca. Neil hoped that Phyllis would change her mindset about Hilary. Jack assured him that Phyllis would eventually see Hilary as an asset rather than a threat.

Neil was happy Jack and Phyllis were together, especially after the news about Adam. Jack said the news had hit him hard. Adam had tried to build a life. It broke Jack's heart. Neil said Jack had someone to love by his side. Jack said that Neil could have the same if he'd stop being such a loner. Neil said he wasn't alone; he had his family, and he'd almost lost them. They actually trusted each other again, and trust was the glue that bound them together.

In Hilary's suite Hilary gave Lily a letter Neil had received from his mother. Lily asked why Hilary had stolen the letter. Hilary said Neil had thrown it in the trash, but she had rescued it. Lily read the letter from Neil's mother begging him to forgive her. Hilary gave Lily the other envelopes. Some were addressed to Lily, Devon, Moses, and the twins. Hilary said that Lily's grandmother had kept tabs on all of them, but Neil had thrown everything out, unread. Lily asked why Hilary had kept them. Hilary said she had hoped Neil would have a change of heart one day.

Lily accused Hilary of wanting to use the letters to her advantage. Hilary reminded Lily that there had been a time when she'd cared deeply for Neil. She said the letters belonged to Lily's family, and Lily should keep them. Hilary didn't care what Lily did with them, but if Lily wanted to know more about Neil's parents, she'd discover more from those letters than from the perfect family tree.

Victoria arrived at home and asked why Billy was there. He said he'd put the kids down, and because Jill had taken over the house with Colin, he'd thought he'd stay there for the night. As he was about to leave, Victoria asked him to stay.

In Hilary's suite, Neil asked if Hilary wanted to see him because there was a problem with the donation. Hilary assured him the donation was on the level, even if Neil wasn't. Hilary said she'd given Lily the letter from his mother that he'd thrown in the trash when they'd been married. Neil told Hilary she'd had no right to do that. Hilary said that in Lily's eyes, Hilary was a lying, two-faced bitch, and Devon, as much as he loved her, questioned her motives, but Neil was the one keeping secrets and telling lies. Hilary asked him why. Everyone had forgiven Neil for the things he'd done to her and Devon; she wanted to know why he couldn't forgive his own mother.

Cane met the twins and Devon at the pool. Lily arrived. Devon took the twins for ice cream. Lily told Cane she'd thought she could trust Neil again, but he'd been lying to all of them.

At the mansion, Colin poured Champagne, and Jill asked how he liked the renovations. He saw it as the same old thing. Jill said it had been hard work putting it back together, but she felt Katherine would be pleased. Colin thought that "Kattykins" would give Jill the thumbs-up, but she might be less approving of Jill's scheming. Jill said she wanted to encourage Cane and find happiness for Billy. Colin said that malarkey might work with the boys, but it didn't cut it with him -- and there was much more to the story.

Victoria and Billy had a glass of wine. Billy thought she could use it because of Mexico. He admitted that Phyllis had told him where Victoria had gone. Victoria told him her trip had been a failure. Billy had thought she'd sail away with Travis and never return. She said Travis had wanted her to. She admitted she'd been tempted to sail off to parts unknown, but it was just a romantic daydream. Billy said he would've watched the kids until she sailed back home. Victoria used work as one of her excuses, but Billy said that he and Cane could have kept Brash & Sassy humming until her return.

Billy asked for the real reason that Victoria hadn't stayed with Travis. Billy felt it wasn't the fear of what she'd left behind but the fear of the new horizon, new relationship, new feelings, and new dangers. Victoria said that sounded like someone who knew. Victoria asked if Billy had someone special like Travis was to her. Billy said it didn't matter because it never lasted. He advised her to look at them. Victoria admitted she'd thought about that on the plane ride home and said he couldn't check his feelings like he checked his bags.

Jack was surprised to see Phyllis at the bar and noticed she was upset. He asked if she'd told Victor she wouldn't fight Summer's wedding anymore. Phyllis said Victor had other things to worry about, specifically Adam's situation. Phyllis told Jack that Victoria had returned without Travis, and Phyllis said she was going to jump aboard the wedding train and support Summer. She was going to dread the moment when they asked, "Who gives this woman in marriage?" and Nick would have to say, "Her mother and I do." Jack tried to cheer her up by showing her the million-dollar check that Hilary had secured for the foundation. Phyllis told him to play it safe and deposit it before it bounced.

At the pool, Devon and the twins joined Lily and Cane. Cane left with the twins. Devon asked Lily if there was something wrong and if it was about the family tree. Lily said more like something that had been left out on purpose. She gave the envelopes to Devon, who was surprised to see his name on some of them.

Neil told Hilary that she had no right to question him or his motives. She'd lost that privilege when they'd divorced. Hilary said he didn't owe her an explanation, but he needed to talk to someone. The truth about his mother was eating him up. She could tell because she'd been there -- and she asked if he had forgotten she'd had mommy issues of her own. Neil needed to talk to someone, and she advised that it would be better if it was her rather than Devon or Lily because he hated her and didn't care what she thought about him. She assured him she was not recording him to use as blackmail.

Neil only knew what his father had told him. His mother had been unhappy and unfaithful. She had been in the house, and then she'd been gone. He didn't know if his mother had walked out or if his father had thrown her out, but he remembered that the silence that had filled the house had been deafening. It had broken his father's heart. His mother had sent him letters every year, but he'd never read them.

After Neil's dad had pulled himself together, he'd fallen in love with a beautiful woman, Malcolm's mother, and she had given his father a chance at love. Neil had sent back his mother's letters before, but he'd taken to just throwing them in the trash, even the cards she'd sent to Lily and the kids. Hilary said Neil couldn't forgive his mother like he couldn't forgive Hilary for turning to Devon. Neil recognized that Hilary had been unhappy and unfaithful. Hilary said she had been hurt, and she was just like Neil's mother.

Colin said Jill had been acting suspicious. She had gone to Genoa City for a temporary visit and had undone everything Billy had done to the house. Jill told Colin that Billy had turned the place into a man cave. Colin said she'd bought Brash & Sassy. Jill smiled and said it had been a bargain. Colin said Jill had uprooted herself from the lifestyle they'd had in Chicago and returned to Genoa City with no explanation. Jill said Genoa City was her home. Colin corrected her and said Chicago was her home. He asked what had changed.

Victoria apologized to Billy for violating their agreement and asked him personal questions then she went on and on about her feelings for Travis. Billy asked Victoria if she'd slept with Travis. Victoria admitted she had, and it had been really good, but she wished she hadn't because she'd hoped to get Travis back to town. Billy said that was fair because Travis had hoped to do the same thing: keep her on the boat. Victoria admitted Billy was right. Victoria left to get a pillow and blanket so Billy could sleep on the couch.

Jack told Phyllis he wanted to show her how much she meant to him and asked her to dance. While dancing, she had a vision of dancing with Billy. Jack asked her if something was wrong.

Poolside, Lily kept looking at the envelopes when Cane joined her. She told him they were letters from Neil's mother, and Hilary had had them. Lily said if Hilary hadn't saved the letters, they would never have known that there was more to the story. Lily told Cane that Neil's mother had asked him to forgive her, but Lily didn't know why. Lily asked what his mother could have done that was so horrible that Neil had needed to lie about it. Cane saw a return address and suggested that Lily get in touch with Neil's mother and get the whole story.

Neil told Hilary to stick to foundation business and worry about her own life, focus on making Devon happy, and stop digging into the past. Hilary said he'd never be free of the past until he forgave Hilary. She asked him to forgive her for cheating on him the way his mother had cheated on his father. Neil told her to drop it. Devon arrived and said Hilary was just trying to help the family. Neil said Devon didn't know what was going on. Devon said Lily had shown him the cards and letters and asked if Neil would tell him what they meant. Neil said some things were better left in the past because they'd only cause more pain.

Jill told Colin that nothing had changed, and she wanted to be with him. She needed to be in Genoa City at that moment and asked him to trust her. Colin said it had nothing to do with trust. He knew she was holding something back. Colin said that something had changed from her initial visit. He believed Jill had found something big and was exploiting it for her own purposes. Jill said exploitation was Colin's department. Colin wanted in on what Jill had found, otherwise he'd find out in his own way.

Phyllis told Jack nothing was wrong, but she was self-conscious in front of all the customers and waiters watching. Jack told her there was no reason for her to be embarrassed because people were looking at Jack with a beautiful woman in his arms. Phyllis said despite her worries about Summer, she wished she could be a bride again so they could start over and undo all the wrong turns, missteps, and missed opportunities. Jack said she was still his bride and kissed her.

Victoria returned with a pillow and blanket for Billy and saw Billy walking away from her home.

Victor interferes with Adam's prison transport

Victor interferes with Adam's prison transport

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Nick arrived at Adam and Chelsea's penthouse to take Chelsea and Connor to Adam's sentencing, and Chloe reported that they were still getting ready. Nick offered to give Chloe a ride, too, but she opted to stay home with Bella, since it would be too much to see Adam at the courthouse. Chloe was glad that Nick would be there by Chelsea's side, and Nick mentioned that he'd promised Adam that he'd do everything he could to look out for Connor. Chelsea overheard as she descended the stairs with Connor, and she wailed that Adam was already giving up and leaving them behind.

Nick swore that Adam was just doing everything he could to protect his son, but Chelsea questioned why Adam had asked Nick to do it. Nick explained that Adam wanted Connor to learn to deal with Victor from someone who'd been in the trenches, and Nick could give Connor everything he needed. Chelsea asserted that Connor needed his dad in his life, and she surmised that Adam was assuming the worst about his sentence and pushing them away. Chelsea noted that Adam had pleaded guilty, fired Michael, and requested that Nick raise his son, so she felt like she'd already lost her husband.

At Walworth, guards handcuffed Adam and fastened chains to his feet before they led him out.

At the courthouse, Nikki worried that people would direct their anger at Victor, and she suggested that it wasn't a good idea for him to be there, but he reminded her of his promise to make things right. She pressed to know what his plan was, but Victor simply stated that Adam needed support from his family. Jack arrived, and Nikki thanked him for being there. Jack contended that Adam needed support from people who wouldn't turn their backs on him, and Victor huffed that Jack's words were empty. Jack refused to make the situation about Victor rather than about Adam, and he bemoaned that it never should have gone that far. Victor agreed.

Later, Jack asked how Chelsea was holding up, and she recoiled when Victor tried to say hello to Connor. Nikki was stunned that Chelsea intended to take Connor into the courtroom, but Nick defended that it might be the last time Adam saw his son. Jack escorted Chelsea and Connor into the courtroom, and Victor stated that he was glad that Nick was looking out for his nephew. Nick coldly replied that Adam had asked him to protect Connor, and Victor assumed that it was from him. Nick stepped inside the courtroom, and guards led Adam in. Adam and Victor stared at one another.

During the hearing, Chelsea gave a statement that Adam was a loving, devoted father who had done everything for the sake of his son, but Adam had been forced to accept spending years behind bars for something he hadn't done. Chelsea pointed out that evidence had surfaced that Adam had been framed, and he never should have been in prison. She implored the judge to imagine being Adam, an innocent man with someone out there who had wanted him to suffer and who had consigned him to years behind bars, away from his family. Chelsea contended that no one had listened when Adam had screamed about his innocence, and she encouraged the judge to envision how alone and hopeless he'd felt.

Chelsea continued that Adam hadn't been eating or sleeping, and he'd done something terrible when he hadn't been in his right mind. Chelsea begged the judge to show Adam the mercy that no one else had by letting him go home, and the judge thanked Chelsea for her statement. The judge prompted Adam to stand up, since he had no counsel to advise him to do so, and she explained that she was obliged to take the extenuating circumstances into consideration, but he had pleaded guilty to a violent attack. The judge sentenced him to ten years in federal prison, and Adam turned around and looked at a tearful Chelsea, who held Connor on her lap.

In the corridor, Chelsea pleaded for a moment to say goodbye, and she handed Connor to Nick. She professed her love to Adam and told him not to give up, and she hugged him. Victor, Nikki, Nick, and Connor looked on as the guards led Adam away, and Chelsea slumped onto a bench. The guards escorted Adam outside to a van, put him inside, and closed the door. Later, Adam questioned why the van had stopped, since they weren't at the prison yet. He demanded to know "what the hell" was going on, but the guards chloroformed him and put a hood over his head.

At the police station, Dylan inquired whether Kevin had found out anything about Bethany. Kevin reported that her name hadn't been on any flight manifests, but he'd cross-referenced car services whose passengers had paid in cash, and he handed Dylan a name. Later, Dylan informed Kevin that the driver had identified Bethany, and he instructed Kevin to gather information on the flight plans from private planes and charters on the date in question. Dylan added that he was on his way to a party, where he'd be on the clock, waiting for Victor to show up after Adam's sentencing.

Chloe played with Bella and contemplated what to do to pass the time. Chloe considered watching the news, but she stopped herself from turning on the television and sent a text message for someone to meet them. Later, in the park, Kevin asked Chloe if she'd gotten any word from the courthouse, but she hadn't yet, and he remarked that she had an amazing kid to distract her from the bad stuff. Chloe confided that she'd been worried about having another child because Delia had been perfect, but the brief moment of self-doubt had been erased when Bella had entered the world.

Kevin sympathized that it was a rough day for Chloe, but he thought she was doing great, since she had forgiven Adam and had been there for Chelsea. Chloe wondered if she really was doing okay, since she would be glad if Adam didn't return home. Chloe recalled that she'd gone to the prison and looked Adam in the eye, but she couldn't accept the thought of him being back in the world. She preferred to leave town rather than face Adam again, but Kevin protested that she'd just gotten back. Chloe conceded that it was her home, and she wanted Bella to know the people Chloe couldn't live without. Chloe confirmed that Kevin was one of those people, and she thought it would hurt too much to leave again.

At the penthouse, Chelsea put Connor down for a nap, and she forlornly told Nick that she'd had to tell her son that everything would be okay. Nick assured her that it was true, since the prison was only a couple of hours away, and she and Connor could make it an adventure to visit Adam on weekends. Chelsea expected that Adam would turn them away, and Nick vowed to do everything he could for them. Chelsea recognized that Adam had made Nick promise to watch over Connor, but Nick insisted that he wanted to do it, since Connor was a Newman, and it was Nick's job to make Connor understand how their family worked and what Victor was capable of.

Sharon arrived at Jabot with some garment bags, since Phyllis still hadn't picked out a dress as mother of the bride. Phyllis grumbled that she had things to wear in her closet, but Sharon thought Summer would want Phyllis to wear something special. Sharon recognized that it wasn't easy for Phyllis, and Phyllis suggested that they keep things real by not pretending to be friends. Phyllis examined one of the dresses and glumly envisioned herself wearing it when her daughter said her vows to Luca. Noah entered and proclaimed that Summer wasn't going to marry "that jerk."

Noah had expected to find everyone freaking out, and he was stunned to find Phyllis picking out dresses when Summer was about to marry an opportunist. Noah questioned why Phyllis wasn't doing anything to stop the wedding, and Phyllis replied that she and other family members had done everything they could to show Summer who Luca really was, but nothing had worked. Noah chided Phyllis for giving up, but Phyllis explained that the more she'd fought, the more Summer had shut her out, and Phyllis had to be there when Summer needed a shoulder after she dumped Luca. Noah argued that they needed to stop the wedding from happening in the first place, but Sharon warned him to back off. "Like hell I will," he barked, and he stormed out. Phyllis wondered if Noah could be any more like his father.

Summer and Luca entered Top of the Tower, and he assured her that there would be no awkward silences at their party. She asked if he was unaware of how her family functioned after all the time he'd spent at Newman, and she anticipated that there would definitely be intentional silences. Luca was sure that Summer's family would be there, since they all loved her and wanted her to be happy. He added that the party was for her family, but it was also for them, since they loved one another and had worked to make it to that point. Summer couldn't believe that they were getting married the next day, and a familiar voice replied, "Neither can I." Summer squealed in delight that Daniel had shown up, and she ran into his arms.

Summer introduced Daniel to Luca, and Daniel said he'd been worried that he wouldn't make it back in time when they'd moved up the wedding date. Summer joked that Daniel obviously hadn't had time to shave, but she was glad he was back. Daniel wanted to find out everything about Luca, including a list of references, but Summer declared that all Daniel needed to know was that she was in love. Luca understood that Daniel wanted assurance that Luca was good enough for Summer, and he imagined that Daniel had heard horror stories from Phyllis. Daniel acknowledged that his mom was sometimes wrong about people, but he had an open mind, and he wanted to get to know the man his sister loved.

Daniel teased Summer about her attachment to Mr. Ears, and Luca said she still sewed the stuffed animal back together every couple of weeks. Noah approached and testily questioned whether that was how Daniel looked after their sister, but Summer asserted that Noah didn't have a say in how she lived her life. She pointed out that her mom and grandpa had accepted her decision, but Noah doubted that Nick had offered to walk Summer down the aisle and hand her over to a jerk. Daniel intervened when Luca and Noah argued, and he imagined Noah's view was colored because Luca had been married to Noah's fiancée. Noah spat that Luca was preying on Summer, but Daniel countered that Summer was entitled to make her own choice, and he encouraged Noah to walk away if he couldn't support her.

Phyllis hugged Daniel and marveled that he was home, but he clarified that Savannah had become his home. Phyllis gently scolded that his facial hair looked like it belonged in a Civil War reenactment, and she implored him to think about the wedding photos. She planned to monopolize all his time, and he remarked that she had changed a lot, yet not at all. Meanwhile, Sharon hoped that Noah would put his feelings aside to be a good older brother. Sharon spotted Dylan and suggested that Noah go over to say hello, but Noah told her to go without him, and he chugged a glass of Champagne.

Summer was happy to see Victoria there, and Phyllis announced that she'd picked out a dress for the wedding. Phyllis questioned how surprised Summer had been when "Cheech and Chong" had walked in, and Summer was thrilled to have her brothers there. Summer asked if Phyllis had talked to Nick, and Phyllis was sure that Nick would never stand up his "Supergirl."

As they prepared to enter the party, Nikki told Victor that she believed in him and would always stand by him. They stepped inside, and Victoria approached and asked if it was over. Victor relayed that Adam was about to begin a ten-year sentence, and Victoria expressed sympathy for Chelsea and Adam. Victoria stopped herself from elaborating about how awful it was, and she noted that the day was about Summer. Summer thanked Nikki and Victor for being there, and Luca shook Victor's hand for making the party possible. Victor replied that he always looked out for his own.

Daniel remarked that Phyllis' plan to send Summer to visit him to get her away from Luca hadn't worked, but Phyllis changed the topic to Lucy. Daniel invited Phyllis and Jack to visit, and he mentioned that Summer had said the couple had been having issues. Phyllis acknowledged that she and Jack had hit some rough spots, but they were good. Jack called to Daniel, and the men shared a bear hug. Jack asked if Phyllis had convinced Daniel to move back yet, and Phyllis inquired about the sentencing. Jack relayed that the look on Chelsea's face had been heartbreaking, and none of it should have happened. Jack wondered how Victor looked at himself in the mirror, but Victor obviously didn't "give a damn."

Dylan approached Victor, who offered the detective a drink. Dylan clarified that he was there as a member of the family to give his mother's husband fair warning that the police would find evidence that proved Victor had set Adam up. Victor reminded Dylan that they were at a party, and it wasn't the place for Dylan to beat his chest. Victor walked away, and Sharon asked Dylan if everything was okay. He assured her that things were fine, but he had to get back to work. She warned him not to make things personal, since there was no telling what would happen if Victor felt cornered, but Dylan swore that he wouldn't be on the losing end. Meanwhile, Nikki asked Victor if he was all right, and he replied that he soon would be.

Summer hugged Nick when he arrived, and Luca extended his hand, but Nick ignored it. Jack interrupted with apologies for being late, and he offered the couple his best wishes. Nick stepped aside, and Victoria followed him. Nick sarcastically remarked that the party was fun, and Victoria pointed out that at least Jack had gotten there before Summer had realized that Nick had snubbed Luca. Nick griped that Luca didn't deserve Summer, but Victoria pointed out that they both knew they couldn't choose who they fell in love with.

Victoria apologized for failing to convince Travis to return, but Nick didn't blame Travis for not wanting to be part of the mess. Nick said he was sorry Victoria had wasted a trip, but she replied that it hadn't been a waste, since she hadn't realized how much she'd missed Travis. She admitted that it had been harder to say goodbye than she'd thought, but Genoa City was her home. Meanwhile, Sharon and Nikki observed that Summer seemed happy, and Sharon wondered where Victor had gone. Nikki was sure he was somewhere around there.

Luca asked for everyone's attention, and Noah glowered at him. Luca proclaimed that it meant the world to him and Summer that everyone was there, and he would become part of their family the next day. Luca added that he didn't take it lightly, and he understood that Summer's family had some concerns about his goals. He vowed to be the husband Summer deserved, and he promised to make her smile and to support and love her during their long, happy life together. As the guests half-heartedly applauded, Travis suddenly walked in, and Luca demanded to know what he was doing there. Travis replied that he thought Luca had a pretty good idea why he was there.

Dylan returned to the station as Kevin wrapped up a call, and he complained that Victor had brushed him off, so they needed to tie Victor to Bethany. Kevin reported that there had been a problem with Adam's transport.

Chloe returned to the penthouse after she'd heard the news about the sentencing, and Chelsea ranted that she couldn't comprehend what ten years meant, since she could only think about things like preschool and laundry. Chloe promised to be there every second of every day to help, and she suggested going for a swim, since they needed something to look forward to day by day.

The doorbell rang, and Chelsea was shocked when two police officers entered, followed by Kevin and Dylan. Chloe protested that they couldn't just barge in, but Kevin revealed that Adam had never shown up at the prison, and they believed he'd escaped. Chelsea demanded to know where her husband was, and Dylan replied that they were there to find out.

In an unknown location, a bound and hooded Adam called out to ask if anyone was there. A man's hand removed the hood, and Adam faced Victor.

Victor attempts to make things right

Victor attempts to make things right

Friday, August 26, 2016

Police officers arrived at Adam and Chelsea's penthouse, and Dylan and Kevin informed Chelsea and Chloe that Adam had escaped. Dylan said the transport van hadn't set off any alarm or made any contact, but it had just dropped off the face of the earth. Chelsea questioned how it had been possible for a handcuffed man to escape against armed guards, and Dylan surmised that Adam had had help from the outside. Dylan asked about the last things Adam had said to Chelsea, since she'd been the last person to have physical contact with her husband. Chelsea scoffed at the thought that she'd made the van disappear into thin air, but Dylan theorized that she'd pulled one last con to save the man she loved.

Chelsea conceded that she'd pulled a horrible con on Dylan when she'd lied about him being Connor's father, but she insisted that she was just a wife who was afraid for her husband's life. Dylan received a text message, and he relayed that the guards who were supposed to have transported Adam had been drugged and found about a mile away from the courthouse with no sign of the van. Connor cried over the baby monitor, and Chelsea begged Dylan to make sure Adam was safe. Chelsea and Chloe went upstairs, and Dylan noted that Adam had obviously had help, so they had to find his partner. Kevin remarked that it had been an elaborate, carefully executed plan, and he and Dylan said Victor's name simultaneously.

In a remote cabin, Victor removed the hood from Adam's head and told Adam to relax, since Victor was there to help. Adam snarled that Victor had done enough, and he preferred to go back to prison, since a lifetime in solitary would be better than anything Victor had in store for him. Victor assured Adam that he was safe, but Adam retorted that nothing about it felt safe. Victor pulled out a key and removed Adam's handcuffs, and Adam asked if it was some kind of trap or trick.

Adam guessed that Victor was trying to make it look like Adam had tried to escape in order to tack on more time to his sentence, but Victor stated that he wanted to right a wrong. Adam inquired whether Victor was admitting that he'd doctored Sage's journal and used Constance's body as a means to punish Adam. Victor explained that the way he'd grown up, if someone punched him, he'd learned to punch back twice as hard. Victor conceded that he'd gone too far by tearing apart Adam's family and life, and he didn't feel good about it.

Adam was taken aback by Victor's admission, and he imagined that Victor wanted him to see "the light at the end of the hellhole" to grind him down even deeper. Victor said he couldn't undo the damage he'd done, but he could try to set things right. Adam questioned what was to stop him from going to the police and turning both of them in, and Victor reasoned that it wouldn't undo Adam's sentence or change the prison guard's condition. Victor offered to give Adam what he'd claimed he'd always wanted -- to be free of his father.

Victor implored Adam to go anywhere to start a new life, free of the Newman name, and Adam would never see Victor again. Adam refused to leave his wife and son, and Victor anticipated that Chelsea and Connor would go with Adam. Adam thought Victor was lying because there was no way Victor would agree to never seeing his grandson again. Victor explained that he'd grown up in a home without parents, and he wanted Adam to be a father to his son, so Victor was willing to make the sacrifice for Adam and Connor.

Victor reiterated that Connor deserved to grow up with his parents loving and protecting him, but Adam had to say goodbye to everything and everyone he knew, since there would be no turning back. Victor instructed Adam to answer a burner phone when it rang and to make the most important pitch of his life. Adam took the phone, and Victor got up to leave. "Dad," Adam called out, but he didn't know what else to say. Victor recognized that they'd hurt one another a lot, but he'd hurt Adam more. Victor stated that it was for family, and he placed his hand on Adam's shoulder. Adam grasped Victor's hand briefly before Victor exited.

At Summer and Luca's engagement party at Top of the Tower, Travis' sudden appearance interrupted Luca's speech. Travis announced that he wasn't there to toast to the happy couple but to set the record straight, since he hadn't been the one to sabotage the Newman oil facilities -- it had been the humble groom. Luca declared that it wasn't the time to throw around baseless accusations, and Summer asserted that Luca had been the only one who'd been set up. Travis called Luca a "bottom-feeding, backstabbing cockroach," and Victoria and Nick implored Summer to get the facts.

Travis revealed that Luca had contacted him a few days earlier to tell him never to return to Genoa City or fear facing charges. Summer accused Travis of trying to ruin her family's company, but Travis explained that Luca hadn't wanted Travis to expose Luca's involvement in the sabotage. Travis dared Luca to admit that Luca had been the brains behind the sabotage, and Travis was just the guy Luca had tried to pin it on, but Luca spat that Travis was a coward whose loyalty had been bought. Nick recognized that it was very difficult for Summer, but he urged her to hear Travis out before she took the biggest step of her life.

Summer huffed that she didn't need to consider anything but the fact that her family was willing to trash the man she loved, and she pointed out that Travis had lied about his life before he'd owned the bar. Summer ranted that the room was filled with liars, and Noah drunkenly offered to give her the truth, which was that Luca was a dirt bag. Summer turned to Jack to side with her, but he remained silent. Summer figured that Daniel was the only one who really understood, and Daniel replied that he was all for true love, but he also had doubts about Luca.

Summer haughtily told her family to enjoy the party, since she and Luca were leaving, and she led Luca out. Phyllis and Nick called after her as Dylan arrived, and Nick informed Dylan that Travis had proof that Luca had been behind the oil disasters. Dylan said it would have to wait, since his priority was investigating Adam's escape, and he believed Adam had had help. Dylan inquired where Victor was, but both Victor and Nikki were nowhere to be found. Dylan prepared to go to the ranch, and Nick insisted on going with him. Phyllis was determined to find another detective to investigate Luca, but Jack stopped her and said there was nothing more she could do.

Sharon cut Noah off from drinking, and she lectured that he had to support Summer. Mariah arrived and observed that the vibe felt more like a funeral than a celebration, and Noah quipped that they were mourning Summer's good sense. Sharon said she was taking him home, and she promised to fill Mariah in about the drama later. Mariah decided to stick around for the buffet, and Noah slurred that she was the smart one for never choosing the wrong man. Sharon led Noah out.

Jack thought Phyllis had accepted letting Summer find her own way, but Phyllis fretted that Luca might convince Summer to disappear. Jack cautioned that it would only make things worse if Phyllis confronted her, and Daniel agreed that it could blow up in Phyllis' face. Daniel urged Phyllis to reflect back on how things had worked out when she'd interfered with all the women he'd gotten involved with, and Phyllis defended that she'd had good reason in certain cases. Daniel argued that he'd had to figure it out for himself, and he was sure that Summer would also get there on her own. Phyllis thought Daniel would be the reason she got through the wedding, but Daniel had a feeling that she'd be last woman standing, no matter what happened.

Daniel turned to get some drinks, and he locked eyes with Mariah. Mariah noted that she hadn't had anyone look at her like they'd seen a ghost in a long time, and she asked if Daniel was new in town. Phyllis asked if they'd met, and Daniel explained that he'd just returned to town as brother of the bride. Mariah realized that he was Daniel Romalotti -- the reason her sister was dead.

Victoria thanked Travis for being there, and he regretted that he hadn't been able to get through to Summer. He sensed that something else was going on, and Victoria divulged that her parents had disappeared from the party just before the news had broken that her brother had escaped from his escort to federal prison. Victoria suggested that they get out of there, and they departed together.

Victoria took Travis to her place, and she expected it to be quiet, since her kids were with their dad. Travis remarked that he had her to himself, and she asked if it was wrong of her to want Katie to stay little forever. Victoria recounted that Luca had lied to and double-crossed just about everyone, and she didn't understand how Summer could still be committed to Luca after what she'd heard. Travis commented that love made people do crazy things.

Victoria guessed that Travis intended to head back to his boat, and he remarked that there was a lot of water to sail. He confirmed that he'd gotten the part for his generator, and she thanked him for trying to help Summer when he hadn't wanted to get caught in the mess. Travis confided that it hadn't been the only reason he'd returned, since he'd realized that he'd made a mistake by letting Victoria walk off his boat. He proclaimed that he wanted more than the fantasy. "I want you," he mused, and they kissed passionately.

Summer and Luca returned home, and he lamented that he'd wanted the night to be amazing for her, but he should have known that her family would try something. He contended that he'd really tried to be patient, but he was done taking her family's insults, and they didn't need her clan to be happy. Summer pointed out that every single one of her family members had been against their marriage, but Luca stressed that the most important thing was that they still loved one another. He suggested that they catch the next flight to an exotic location to get married, and they could live their own lives without the judgment and hate.

Summer countered that she and Luca could still get married there the next day, since they already had the minister lined up, but Luca preferred to be romantic and adventurous. Summer wondered why he wanted to rush off, and Luca argued that he'd never get a fair shot there, since Summer's grandmother was close with the police chief. Summer asserted that Luca would look guilty if they left, and she questioned whether he cared about what she thought. Summer requested that Luca be honest about whether he'd had anything to do with the oil disasters, and she promised that she wouldn't judge him.

Summer pointed out that her family and other people who had nothing to gain were blaming Luca, and he'd lied to her about contacting Travis. Summer wondered what else Luca wasn't telling her, and he confessed that he'd sabotaged the oil rigs to prove himself at Newman. He admitted that he'd gone too far, but his priorities had changed when he'd fallen in love with her, and all he wanted was a life with her. She thanked him for being honest, and he thanked her for understanding him and standing by him. She grimaced when he pulled her into a kiss.

Luca prepared to start a new life with Summer, and she agreed to go with him -- to the police station, since he had to do the right thing. Luca refused to turn himself in, and Summer picked up the phone and threatened to do it herself. Luca pleaded that he loved Summer and wanted a life with her, and they could still make that happen. Summer stated that he'd attacked her family's company, but he countered that they'd done nothing but attack him.

Luca apologized that things had gone that far, but he reasoned that there was nothing to do about it anymore, and he urged Summer not to make things more complicated. She wailed that he'd complicated things by lying to her and making her turn against her own family, and he asked for a chance just to leave. She refused to let Travis take the fall for something he hadn't done, and they struggled over the phone. Jack burst in and asked what was going on.

The doorbell rang at the ranch, and Dylan and Nick rushed in. Nick demanded to know where his father was, and Nikki replied that Victor was asleep upstairs, since he hadn't been feeling well. Dylan announced that Adam had escaped, and they thought Victor had been behind it. Nikki scolded Nick for accusing Victor of both putting Adam in prison and helping him escape, but Nick suspected that Victor's attempt to teach Adam a lesson had spun out of control, and it was Victor's way of fixing things. Dylan asked when Victor and Nikki had left the party, and Nikki replied that Victor had taken off when he hadn't been feeling well, but she'd stayed until the confrontation between Travis and Luca.

Dylan was skeptical that Victor was really upstairs, and Nick offered to look for himself. Victor entered and ordered Nick and Dylan to deal directly with him, and Nikki clucked that Victor shouldn't be up. Victor assured her that it wouldn't take long, and she stepped out to run an errand. Victor feigned ignorance about Adam's disappearance, and he demanded to know what the police were doing about it. Dylan wondered if Adam was there.

Victor barked that Dylan needed a search warrant. Nick thought it looked suspicious not to let the police search the ranch, and Dylan clarified that he didn't need a warrant when he was looking for an escaped convict. Victor demanded that Dylan leave his property immediately, but Dylan refused to go anywhere, and he placed Victor under house arrest until officers searched the premises.

At the penthouse, Kevin reported to Chelsea and Chloe that Dylan had gone to check on a lead. Chloe complained about the guard standing by the door, and Kevin instructed the guard to wait outside. Chloe inquired whether Dylan really believed that Chelsea had been behind Adam's escape, and Kevin revealed that their theory was that Victor had been involved. Chelsea agreed that it had Victor written all over it, and it scared her even more to contemplate what Victor was planning next.

Nikki suddenly burst in and rushed over to see Connor. Chelsea, Kevin, and Chloe looked befuddled as Nikki fawned over the boy, and Chelsea asked if Nikki was all right. Nikki claimed that she'd wanted to make sure Connor was okay after she'd heard that Adam had escaped, and Chelsea insisted that Connor was fine, but she wasn't sure about Nikki. Nikki apologized for barging in without calling, and she hugged Chelsea. Nikki whispered that the cell phone Connor had wasn't a toy, and she instructed Chelsea to call the number programmed into it when she was alone. Chelsea looked over at Connor, who was playing a game on a phone.

Chelsea thanked Nikki for stopping by, and she added that Nikki had no idea how much it meant to her. Chelsea abruptly decided to put Connor to bed, and she picked up her son and the phone and remarked that it had been a long day. Nikki wished them goodnight, and Chelsea said Connor was lucky to have a grandmother who loved him that much. Chelsea carried Connor upstairs, and Nikki said it had been a strange day. Chloe pointedly noted that a lot of strangeness had been going around.

Moments later, Adam's phone chimed with an incoming call, and he saw it was from an unknown caller. An image of Adam appeared on the screen of Chelsea's phone, and she breathlessly asked if he was okay. He assured her that he was, and she rambled that she'd been going out of her mind, not knowing if she'd ever see him again. Chelsea asked if it was real, and Adam promised that they would be together.

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