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Kevin and Chloe kissed. Jack vowed revenge against Jill and Victor. Jack demanded that Phyllis leave Jabot and give him a divorce. Billy witnessed Phyllis fall down the stairs during an argument with Jack. Paul and Dylan contemplated whether Phyllis' spill had resulted from a domestic dispute.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of September 19, 2016 on Y&R
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Jack Asks for a Divorce Jack Asks for a Divorce

Monday, September 19, 2016

At the Chancellor mansion, Jill viewed a replay of the interview and winced when Jack called Billy a "screw-up" that had slept with Phyllis. Jack arrived and demanded to know why Jill had never told him about Billy and Phyllis' affair. Jill told Jack that she hadn't wanted to hurt him. Jack replied, "So you blackmail Phyllis? How is that helping me? I want to know why you did it." Jill said, "I was looking out for my son."

Jill explained to Jack that she'd taken measures to force Billy and Phyllis to stay apart. Jill insisted that she'd attempted to avert a situation that would leave Jack with a broken heart. Jack yelled that Jill would pay for her betrayal. Jill refused to apologize for wanting her son to reunite with the mother of his children. Jack cried that Jill's actions had frightened Phyllis and forced her closer to Billy. Jack berated Jill for hiding the affair even though she'd been aware that Phyllis and Billy had spent time together, causing them to arrive late to Adam's memorial service. Before Jack stormed out, he warned Jill that he'd meant every word of his threat.

At the Genoa City Athletic Club, Nick ran into Summer. Nick asked Summer why she hadn't responded to his messages. Summer brushed off her dad's concern and said she'd been busy. After Nick asked Summer if she'd heard the latest news about Phyllis, Summer explained that she was aware of what had happened. Nick expressed concern about Phyllis, but Summer said she was more worried about Jack.

Phyllis, wearing a floppy hat and dark sunglasses, ducked through the revolving door at the Athletic Club. Journalists and press photographers trailed Phyllis. One reporter demanded to know why Phyllis had slept with her husband's brother. Nick approached and stood beside Phyllis. Nick glared at the reporters and photographers. Phyllis seemed trapped. Nick defended Phyllis while the group of journalists hounded her with questions.

Summer, sitting alone at the bar, turned her head in an effort to hide her face. Nick corralled the reporters and photographers, telling them that they were sensationalizing his friends' pain and suffering. Nick became increasingly agitated while he argued with reporters. Cane escorted Nick to an out-of-the-way area of the dining room. Lily and Devon intervened and threatened to summon police if the reporters and photographers refused leave.

Phyllis approached Summer and asked why her daughter hadn't returned her messages. Summer replied, "I don't want to talk to you!" Summer asked her mom how she could have treated Jack in such a way after he'd supported her. Summer recalled her mother's tough lectures about Luca and noted that at the time, Phyllis had been cheating on Jack. Summer cried, "You're a world-class hypocrite, Mom."

When Summer pressured her mother to explain herself, Phyllis cried, "It just happened. I was struggling with the whole Marco thing." Phyllis explained that she'd sought counseling in hopes of saving her marriage. Summer replied, "I didn't think that you were this person anymore, but here you are, all these years later, still doing the same thing to Jack. You don't deserve him."

Nick overheard Summer's harsh comments. After Summer walked away, Nick attempted to console Phyllis, but she said, "No, Nick. She's right." Phyllis felt remorse when Nick mentioned that a tabloid reporter had taunted him about his and Phyllis' past affair. Phyllis said, "I'm an adulteress. Nobody's crying for me." Phyllis and Nick talked about Cassie's death having drawn them together.

Phyllis cried that she'd become untethered from reason after her ordeal with Marco. Nick acknowledged with compassion, "Billy was there." Phyllis explained that Billy had helped her realize that she wasn't crazy. Though Phyllis couldn't explain why, she noted that time with Billy had even stimulated her desire to reconcile with Jack. Nick urged Phyllis not to give up on her marriage. Nick added that if Phyllis truly loved Jack, facing him would be worth it.

At Victoria's house, Billy stopped by, explaining that it was his scheduled day to be with their children. Victoria was taken aback, but Billy became argumentative. Travis appeared and said, "It's not a fight you want to have." Billy became condescending toward Travis, referring to him as a bartender. Victoria told Travis she could handle Billy alone, so Travis went upstairs.

Victoria said she couldn't believe that Billy had shown up because he wasn't in a good frame of mind to be with their children. Billy admitted that he'd slept with his brother's wife, though he claimed that his actions didn't mean that Victoria could keep him away from his children. Billy accused Victoria of using their kids to punish him. Victoria insisted she was protecting their children from their father's selfish actions and lack of judgment. Billy reminded Victoria of her own moral failings and claimed that their children were likely being confused by the "revolving door of men" spending time with their mother.

Travis returned and asked Billy to walk out the door, cool off, and deal with his problems. After Billy left, a miffed Victoria informed Travis that she could take care of herself. Victoria realized that she'd overreacted. Travis noted that Billy had condescendingly referred to him as a bartender, though Billy himself had once tended bar. Victoria nodded and admitted that she was worried about Billy.

In an office at the Athletic Club, Neil told Devon, Cane, and Lily that interviewer Lois had hoped to "kill the story" about Jack. Cane noted that Lois' boss wasn't about to drop the story because of its sensationalism. Devon said, "Well, we need to do something because the foundation can't afford to have this bad press." Lily added that the whole world believed that Jack had lost his mind. Neil compared Jack's anger with the emotions he'd experienced after he'd discovered Hilary and Devon's affair. Neil said, "It's a hard hit to find out that the woman you love, the woman you share your vows with, is cheating on you with a family member." Devon added, "I was completely irrational."

Devon asked Neil if confronting him and Hilary had helped him deal with the situation. Neil replied, "I wish it had. I was so out of my mind with anger and jealousy." Neil remarked that his family was still suffering the consequences of what he'd done, so he hoped to prevent Jack from suffering the same fate. Neil expressed concern that, like him, Jack would end up hurting everyone he cared about.

Jack met privately with Neil and offered to step down from the foundation. Neil explained that Jack's offer to do so indicated that he was in a better state of mind. Neil asked Jack if fear, anger, and jealousy made him yearn for revenge. Neil advised Jack to ask himself if revenge would be worth it. Neil sadly recalled how his uncontrolled rage had hurt Christine when he'd jerked the steering wheel of the car Nikki had been driving. Jack insisted that he'd remained sober. Neil urged Jack to remember how much he loved Phyllis and Billy despite the awful things they'd done to him. After Jack walked out, Neil seemed uneasy.

Lily and Devon were discussing the media frenzy resulting from Jack's outburst with the reporter. Neil approached and said he was somewhat encouraged after his meeting with Jack. Lily demanded to know if Jack had taken responsibility for the damage he'd done to the foundation. Neil replied, "He knows, Lily. He even offered to step down." Neil said he hadn't accepted the offer, but he hoped what he'd said had helped prevent Jack from doing something that was irreparable.

In the lab at Jabot, Travis escorted Victoria to work. Jill saw the couple kiss and silently expressed disapproval. Travis left when Cane arrived. Cane said, "So, Billy's really made a mess this time, huh? You seem to be doing okay with it." Billy arrived and Jill immediately explained to him, Cane, and Victoria that all elements for the commercial they were about to create had to be perfect. Cane wasn't pleased that Billy was allowed to be part of the creative team. Victoria said she wasn't sure she could work alongside Billy, but Jill explained that Victoria had no say in the matter.

At Chancellor Park, Summer sat forlornly on a bench. In a flashback, Summer recalled her mother claiming that she'd moved out of Jack's house because her marriage had been strained. Summer had mentioned Victor. Phyllis had admitted that what Victor had done was too much for her to forget. Phyllis had said at the time that even though Jack had been understanding and supportive, their relationship had faltered because they'd wanted different things.

Nick arrived and took a seat beside Summer. Nick admitted that grown children should understand that their parents made mistakes. Summer said she had a lot running through her mind. Nick said Phyllis needed Summer. Nick added that Summer, being an adult, should understand. Summer insisted that Jack deserved her support.

Summer berated Nick for having carried on an affair with Phyllis. Nick explained that he and Phyllis had been stuck in a confusing situation at the time. Nick added that no one ever awakened with a desire to purposely hurt others. Nick insisted that he could never regret his affair with Phyllis because they'd conceived Summer. Nick embraced his daughter.

When Jack returned home, Phyllis was waiting. She said, "I was hoping we could talk. You didn't storm out, so that's a good sign." Phyllis told Jack she loved him and didn't care what people were saying. Phyllis assured Jack that her affair had nothing to do with sex or Jack's inability to satisfy her needs. She said, "I need you to understand why."

Phyllis explained that she knew Jack hadn't wanted her to have a face-off with Victor because she wasn't ready to forgive. Jack said he'd been thankful that Phyllis had been able to lean on Billy because it had seemed to help her. Jack added that he'd never anticipated that his wife would sleep with his brother. Phyllis pleaded with Jack to work out their problems. Jack demanded that Phyllis leave his company and give him a divorce.

Jack escalates the war with Victor

Jack escalates the war with Victor

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

At Brash & Sassy, Jill interrupted Billy and Victoria's bickering and ordered them to get to work. Jill instructed Cane and Billy to go over the commercial scripts while she had a private word with Victoria, and the men stepped out. Victoria refused to cut Billy any slack, and Jill said she couldn't agree more about her miserable excuse for a son. Victoria huffed that she was over waiting for Billy to grow up, and she told Jill not to expect her to feel sorry for him. Victoria wanted him to stew in the mess he'd made, but Jill thought that would be a huge mistake that Victoria couldn't afford to make.

Jill said both she and Victoria had seen Billy at his very worst, and they knew how quickly he spiraled out of control. Jill thought the only way for Billy to go was down, and she insisted that they needed to keep him from going over the edge. Victoria swore that she was done until Billy grew up, but Jill asked what Victoria would tell Katie and Johnny when their daddy hit bottom -- or worse.

Cane offered to lend Billy a sympathetic ear, but Billy suspected that Cane loved that Billy was going down in flames, since it would give Cane a chance to take over Brash & Sassy with Victoria. Cane swore that he didn't want to win the company just because Billy was acting like an idiot, and he urged Billy to talk. Billy confided that he was worried about Jack and Phyllis, and he wanted them to get back together. Cane believed that there was a real chance that would happen, since he and Lily had let blame and secrets get in the way of how much they'd loved one another, but they'd gotten through it. Cane thought Jack and Phyllis had a connection that was just as strong.

Billy prepared to go home and let Cane and Victoria handle the commercial shoot, and Cane warned that Jill wouldn't like it. Billy replied that he didn't "give a damn," and Victoria emerged from the office and begrudgingly recognized that Billy was reasonably good at his job, so he should stick around, unless he wanted to bail like he had on everything else. Billy refused to play games, but he agreed to stay because the company and the campaign were important to him. Billy headed to the commercial shoot, and Jill applauded Victoria's efforts. Victoria grumbled that she'd agreed to get Billy to stay, but she wouldn't like it.

At the commercial shoot, Victoria and Billy clashed over their ideas and traded insults. Cane complained that they weren't in high school, and Jill ordered them to behave like professionals, since time was money. After the shoot, Billy remarked that maybe they had gotten lucky and filmed a decent commercial. Victoria questioned whether they were suddenly on speaking terms, and he conceded that the company was a priority, but he warned that she'd have a fight on her hands if she tried to take his kids away.

At the Newman ranch, Nikki was surprised when she saw that Victor was almost smiling, and he declared that it was a good day. She thought she could make it even better, and she informed him that she believed she'd convinced Dylan to stop investigating. Victor said he'd already taken care of it, and Nikki gasped when she saw a headline on Victor's computer about Phyllis and Billy's affair. She imagined that Jack was devastated, and Victor sarcastically stated that his heart was bleeding. Nikki realized that it was why Victor was in such a good mood.

Nikki pointed out that Victor had played a part in the destruction of Jack and Phyllis' marriage, since Phyllis had never gotten over what had happened with Marco. Victor countered that Phyllis wasn't known for her fidelity, and he referred to her dalliance with Nick. Victor contended that he couldn't be blamed for Phyllis' affairs with Nick or Billy. Nikki and Victor watched Jack's television interview, and Victor was proud of himself for keeping Billy away from Victoria as much as he possibly could have.

In the park, Nick greeted a briefcase-toting Sharon and guessed that she'd worked things out with Chelsea. Sharon mentioned that Faith wanted to do something special for Connor the next time Nick saw the boy, but Nick informed her that Chelsea had told him to "stay the hell out" of her life. Sharon mentioned that she and Dylan had seen Chelsea crying at the studio, but Victor had just been there. Nick divulged that Victor was one of the reasons why Adam had asked Nick to protect Connor, and he had no intention of walking out of Connor's life, so he had to make Chelsea understand that he was there to help.

Chloe and Chelsea entered Crimson Lights and spotted Dylan, and Chloe suggested that they go someplace else to avoid his questions about Adam's escape. Chelsea refused to run, and Dylan wished them a good morning. Chelsea warned him not to ask any more questions, and Dylan informed her that he was officially off the case, since Victor had filed a restraining order, and Dylan had orders to follow it. Chelsea questioned when orders had ever stopped Dylan before.

Dylan explained that he stood to go to jail for contempt if he pushed the investigation, and he wasn't willing to risk being taken away from his son. Chelsea inquired whether the investigation was really over, and Dylan replied that the truth was right in front of them. He queried whether Victor's last-minute attempt to help Adam had erased all of Victor's other crimes, and Chelsea understood that it was personal for Dylan, but it was for her, too. She firmly stated that her husband was dead, and she had a son to raise, so the restraining order might be a good thing for all of them.

Later, Nikki called it a surprise to find Dylan at the coffeehouse, and he grumbled that the day was full of them. He announced that she'd gotten her wish, and Sharon joined them. Nikki was stunned to hear about the restraining order, and Dylan imagined that both Sharon and Nikki were happy. Sharon requested a moment alone with Dylan, and before she stepped away, Nikki told Dylan that it was for the best.

Dylan pointed out that Sharon had wanted him off the case, but Sharon replied that she hadn't wanted him to be upset. She admitted that she was glad the investigation was over, but it was obvious he wasn't, and she didn't want it to get between them. Dylan figured that husbands and wives disagreed about lots of things, but lies were what killed a relationship, and they didn't have to worry about that. Dylan kissed Sharon, but she looked guilty.

At the design studio, Chelsea fretted about meeting her deadlines, and she griped that everyone else was too busy telling her what was best for her. She quickly apologized, and Chloe guessed that Chelsea was stressed out after running into Dylan. Chelsea hoped he stopped investigating, and Chloe suggested that they focus on that day and every day thereafter for their own sake as well as their children's. Chloe pledged to be there for whatever Chelsea needed, and the women hugged.

Later, Nick entered the studio and asked Chloe if Chelsea was around, but Chloe said it wasn't a good time. Nick insisted on clearing the air, and Chelsea said it was all right. Chloe stepped out, and Nick reminded Chelsea of the promise he'd made to Adam to be in Connor's life. He teased that his reputation would suffer if she forced him to break his promise, and he hoped she'd cut him some slack. She testily asked if he thought she was in the mood to joke about it.

Chelsea conceded that Nick meant well, but she needed to work through things her way, not his. Nick swore that it hadn't been his intention to upset her, but he was at a loss about how to help. She suggested giving her space, and he reiterated that he was available if she wanted to throw things, yell, or cry, since he'd done all of those things when he'd lost Christian and Sage. Nick added that he had too much experience losing people he'd loved, so he was her guy if she needed someone. He thanked her for hearing him out, and he headed to the door, but she told him to wait. Chelsea apologized for not being fair, and she said she appreciated Nick's offer. He suggested that they leave it at that, and he left.

Kevin summoned Michael to the Dive Bar to be his sounding board about his latest conversation with Chloe. Michel suggested that Kevin consult Lauren for relationship advice, but Kevin announced that he thought Chloe was hiding something huge. Kevin revealed that he'd been talking to Chloe about Bella's dad, and he was bothered because the guy didn't know that he had a daughter. Kevin relayed that Chloe had originally claimed that Bella had resulted from a one-night stand, but she'd just told him that she hadn't told the father because the dad's life was complicated, so it seemed like she knew the guy.

Michael advised Kevin to back off or risk alienating Chloe completely, and he reasoned that if the father wanted to be part of Chloe and Bella's lives, it might leave Kevin on the outside looking in. Kevin insisted that the guy deserved to know he was a father, but Michael pointed out that the dad might end up being like Kevin's father. Michael encouraged Kevin to think hard about the repercussions, since having Bella's father in their lives could be bad for all of them, including Kevin.

Chloe met Kevin in the park in response to his text message, and he inquired about Bella's rash. Chloe reported that it was fine, and she asked if that was why he'd wanted to meet. He stammered that it was about them, and he remarked that he didn't want anything to get in the way of their friendship. Chloe suggested that they end the conversation there, but he blurted out an apology for inquiring about Bella's dad. He said Bella was amazing and perfect, and Chloe was the only parent Bella needed, so he wouldn't ask any more questions. Chloe thanked him, and she commented that she never even thought about the father anymore. Kevin figured there was no reason she should.

At the Abbott mansion, Phyllis agreed to leave Jabot, but she thought she and Jack could fix their relationship, and she begged him not to give up on them. Jack questioned why not, since she "sure as hell" had. Phyllis pleaded that she loved Jack, and she'd ended things with Billy because she'd chosen Jack and their marriage. Jack snapped that the affair hadn't been a momentary lapse in judgment, since it had lasted for months. Phyllis recounted that Jack had wanted to save their marriage by being honest, even though the truth would hurt.

Jack bellowed that his marriage to Phyllis had died the moment she'd crawled into bed with Billy, but she reiterated that it had been over for weeks. Jack questioned what Phyllis and Billy had been doing when Jack had been at Adam's memorial a few days earlier, and Phyllis failed to respond. He told her to save her breath, since he had his answer. Phyllis defended that she'd been furious about Victor, but Jack thought she'd been furious at Jack for offering his condolences at Adam's memorial. Phyllis wailed that she'd felt like no one had understood her, and Jack grumbled, "Except for Billy."

Jack recounted that he'd been happy that Phyllis had had his brother by her side on that horrible day, but he coldly added that she'd also had Billy between the sheets. Jack demanded to know where she and Billy had had sex at the time of the memorial, and she admitted that they'd been at the cabin, but she'd walked out more committed to Jack than she had ever been. Phyllis yelled that Jack hadn't wanted to see her rage and anger, but he barked that she'd turned to Billy because Jack's love hadn't been enough. She acknowledged that she'd been obsessed with having Victor feel the same pain she'd felt.

Phyllis explained that she'd thought being vindicated would help her find a way back to being whole, but she'd still felt empty. Jack swore that he'd heard about and felt her pain, and he'd wanted to help her, but she hadn't wanted his help. He growled that she'd wanted revenge on Victor and on Jack because Jack hadn't hated Victor enough, so she'd found a way to make Jack pay. Jack chided her for going on about the pain Victor had inflicted on other people when Victor had nothing on her, and he walked away.

Phyllis chased Jack to the door and begged him not to leave, and he asked if it was a competition over who'd suffered the most. He recalled that he'd fought to get back because she'd been his reason to survive, and he had done everything to make things right between them again. He continued that he'd been patient and understanding when she'd needed time and space, but the more he'd loved her, the more she'd resented him. Jack believed that Phyllis had wanted to punish him, but it hadn't just been an affair like she'd had before -- she'd slept with his brother, knowing how much family meant to Jack. Jack snarled that she'd known exactly what she'd been doing, and she'd get exactly what she wanted. Jack stormed out, and Phyllis broke down in tears.

Later, Michael arrived to see Phyllis, and he realized from her tear-streaked face that things were worse than he'd thought. He hugged her and told her it would be okay, but she sobbed that she'd ruined everything. He acknowledged that she'd made a hot mess, but he knew that she and Jack had a love that didn't just go away. Phyllis revealed that Jack wanted a divorce, and Michael urged her to talk Jack out of it. Phyllis contemplated whether she should just give Jack what he wanted.

Michael wondered what had happened to the girl who fought for what she wanted, and Phyllis bemoaned that there was no bouncing back from what she'd done. Michael referred to Jack's public meltdown, and he thought Jack only saw one way out because the wounds were fresh. Phyllis whimpered that Jack had done nothing but love her, and Michael encouraged her to fix her mistake. He reminded her that he'd been on both sides, and his marriage to Lauren had healed after she'd slept with Carmine, but it had taken time.

Michael pressed Phyllis to remind Jack of what had made them great together and to promise Jack from the bottom of her soul that her future was with him. Phyllis anticipated that Jack would consider every word out of her mouth to be a lie, but Michael urged her to keep trying until Jack listened. Michael thought Jack was wrapped up in seeing what had gone wrong, but Phyllis had to remind him of what was right.

Phyllis lamented that she didn't know what to do, and Michael couldn't blame Jack for being angry, but he thought Jack was also a fair man who loved her. Michael advised her to give Jack time, but Phyllis worried that some things were too big to forgive. Michael asked what she wanted, and she replied that she wanted her marriage and husband back. Michael implored her to fight with her big heart by letting Jack know that she wouldn't take no for an answer. Phyllis wasn't sure how she'd do it, but she vowed to win Jack back.

Jack arrived at the ranch, and Nikki offered to be there if he wanted to talk, but she suspected that he wasn't there to talk to her. Jack wanted to speak privately with Victor, and Victor assured Nikki that it was okay. Victor invited Jack to join him for a drink, but Jack said he was still on course, and he dared Victor to be man enough to admit that he'd started all of it. Victor denied having anything to do with Phyllis' behavior.

Victor assumed that Jack was referring to Marco, but he contended that he'd been defending his family and company from the Paragon virus, and he wondered what that had to do with Phyllis' transgression. Jack retorted that Phyllis' life had been out of control ever since Victor had put a stranger in her bed, but Victor countered that what had happened with Marco hadn't had anything to do with Phyllis and Billy sleeping together. Victor chided Billy for taking advantage of a damaged woman, and he guessed that Phyllis hadn't wanted only sex but someone who hated Victor as much as she did. Jack growled that if Victor was right, then no one fit that description better than Jack did at that moment.

Victor said Jack's hatred was misdirected, and he suggested that Jack target Billy instead. Jack regretted that he'd reached out to Victor with an olive branch even after the "hell" Victor had created for him, and he thought it had been a joke to expect to find peace. Jack realized that Phyllis had known better than he had that there was no repairing the damage Victor had done, and making peace had been a waste of time. Victor noted that it sounded like a declaration of war. Jack spat that the war had never ended -- it had just escalated.

Ashley lashes out at Phyllis

Ashley lashes out at Phyllis

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

by Nel

At Jabot, Jack ordered Phyllis' belongings to be boxed and removed from the premises as soon as possible. Jack walked into his office and saw "Phyllis loves Jack" written on his wall. Ashley entered and saw Jack scrubbing his wall. She explained that Billy had written it in self-loathing, pity, and shame.

Jack said Billy had made a career of being wrong, and Phyllis had no business there, not in name, company, home, or family -- and he couldn't be convinced otherwise. Ashley said maintenance would clean his wall. Ashley asked what was next. Jack said he was moving on and had big plans for himself and the company. Playing nice was not part of his plan, and people were going to realize they couldn't walk over him anymore.

Ashley became nervous, but Jack assured her that the people who needed to be nervous were not in the room. Ashley asked if he was talking about Phyllis and Billy. Jack replied that Victor and Jill were also on his list, and anyone who'd had a role in the insult. They would all pay a heavy price. Ashley said revenge was useless -- it caused more pain and misery and was what had sent Phyllis down the sewer. He said Ashley gave Phyllis too much credit because Phyllis hadn't gone to bed with Billy because she'd been fighting a noble cause. It was who Phyllis and Billy were. They were a match made in hell, which was where they both belonged.

Ashley wanted Jack to look after himself and take a break from everything. She wanted him to concentrate on the foundation and be proud of the lives he'd changed. She advised him to focus on good things. When Ashley left, Jack received an alert and watched as Phyllis made her statement for GC Buzz. When Ashley returned, Jack said she'd been right about what he needed to do next.

At Brash & Sassy, Billy and Victoria argued about the campaign. Victoria advocated familiar methods to create a comfort level. Billy wanted to do something fun, new, different, and maybe even exciting. Victoria said new and exciting wasn't always better, and Billy wasn't the demographic they were trying to reach. Cane advised that since they couldn't make the decision, he was going to make it for them. Victoria and Billy disagreed. Cane suggested that they snipe at each other on their own time. Victoria received an alert, and they all watched Phyllis' statement on GC Buzz.

Travis was jogging and stopped in the park. Jill deliberately bumped into him and apologized. Jill admired his stamina and was sure Victoria appreciated it. Jill had a proposition for him. Jill said she'd researched him, stating he'd been on Wall Street but had given it up to buy a not very nice bar. Travis said that being able to live with himself meant more to him than a fat bank account. Jill said that sometimes happiness could go hand in hand with a fat bank account. It was his experience it didn't work that way.

Jill said her company needed someone ethical and energetic, and she saw those qualities in him. He'd oversee several divisions for Chancellor Industries -- a huge job with great responsibilities and a spectacular compensation package. Travis assumed there'd be a lot of travel. He guessed he'd be based in Hong Kong, as far away from Victoria as possible. Jill confirmed they had offices in Hong Kong and in Chicago. She mentioned that she and Colin had a place in Chicago and shuttled back and forth, which kept the spark alive. Travis asked if Jill wanted him to go away so Victoria could miss him. Jill said no, but there were certain perks.

Travis asked if Jill was trying to help his relationship with Victoria or beat it with a blunt object and throw it down a well. Jill said she recognized the spark and drive in him. She knew he liked a challenge and what she'd offered was a huge challenge and one worthy of him. She said she'd been trying to inspire him, but if he preferred, he could just go on living off Victoria's money. Travis refused her offer and said he had instincts. Jill said her instincts were right, so if he changed his mind, she wouldn't hold it against him. Jill said she might see him around the park again. Travis said he'd probably be jogging there again, and hopefully by then she'd take the price tag off her shoes.

Andy accosted Phyllis as she tried to enter Jabot via a side entrance. She said she had no comment, but Andy wanted her side of the story. Phyllis said she realized there were rumors circulating about her personal life. She wanted to set the record straight and said she'd betrayed her vows and took full responsibility for her actions. She admitted she'd made a horrible mistake, one she lived with every second of the day. She wasn't looking for absolution or pity, but the media had latched on and picked over the bones of the worst year of her life.

Phyllis asked that Jack be left out of it and asked that they not question or harass him. All he'd done was love her. She was committed to her husband and the healing of their marriage. She said she wouldn't give any more statements. She thanked them and entered the building.

At the Genoa City Athletic Club, Lily asked how Neil hadn't been attacked by reporters. Neil said he'd been fielding a lot of phone calls, advising reporters that they didn't comment on the personal lives of their board members. Lily said if they didn't give the press what they wanted, the press would have no choice but to back off. That was what Neil was hoping for. Neil worried because the foundation was new and wasn't established enough to take a hit. He felt that as long as no one else talked to the press, they would be okay.

Lily took her tablet to Neil and showed him GC Buzz, explaining that Phyllis was about to make a statement. After Phyllis' statement, Lily said Phyllis had done the right thing by taking the heat off Jack and the foundation. Devon hoped that having their personal lives in the tabloids wouldn't harm the foundation. Neil, Devon, and Lily received an alert for an emergency board meeting.

After Phyllis' press conference, Victoria asked if Billy had heard Phyllis call him a mistake. Billy said that hadn't been a press conference -- that had been an ambush. Cane said he couldn't do it anymore. As Cane left, Billy accused him of displaying a lot of superiority for a guy who'd lied about being his brother. Cane confirmed Billy was correct and left.

Billy told Victoria that neither he nor his relationship with Phyllis had been a mistake. Victoria reminded him that Phyllis hadn't been concerned about Billy's feelings -- she'd been scrambling to save her marriage. Billy denied it, saying it had been guilt. Victoria reminded him that Phyllis hadn't been loyal to Jack or Nick. Billy insisted it hadn't been a casual affair or fling. They'd loved each other and planned a lifetime together until Jill had found out. Jill had blackmailed Phyllis and forced her to walk away because Jill had been sure that he and Victoria belonged together.

Billy accused Victoria of trying to keep the kids away from him. Victoria said she'd done it because of the press not because of him. Billy knew she'd done it because of him. He said that Jill probably thought they were one step closer to a forever love. Travis arrived and asked if it was a bad time. Billy said no and left.

Victoria told Travis that Jill had known about Billy's affair with Phyllis and had blackmailed Phyllis into breaking things off with Billy. Travis realized Jill had done it so Billy would be free to go back to Victoria. Travis asked why Victoria was so aggravated. He asked if it was about Jill or some other part of the affair.

Victoria asked if Travis thought she'd been lying to him. Travis thought maybe she'd been lying to herself. Victoria admitted she'd been upset about the drama, but she hadn't been a saint and wasn't judging Billy. She admitted that she'd worried about her family and her kids. Victoria said Billy had jumped into bed with women just because he could. Billy thought it had been some gothic tragedy, and Victoria believed it would suck he life out of him. Billy should've let Phyllis crawl her way back to Jack. Victoria said that Phyllis wanted Jack, not Billy, because it hadn't been love. Travis asked if it would be horrible if Billy and Phyllis got together. Victoria said it wouldn't happen, and it wouldn't work.

Travis asked if deep down Victoria thought that Billy still loved her and if that was what she wanted. Travis had seen her connection to Billy. She allowed Billy to let himself into her house and allowed him to get under her skin. Travis shared that Jill had offered him a job that morning just to get him out of town. Victoria was shocked and assured him that Jill had no vote in her personal life. Travis insisted Victoria was the only person he cared about. Travis said that he and Victoria were one thing, but Victoria and Billy were another, and it didn't matter how understanding he'd been; he knew she was still tied to Billy and was afraid to admit it.

In the Jabot office, Summer exited the elevator and saw her mother. Summer asked how Phyllis had gotten past the press. Phyllis said she'd entered via the loading dock, and reporters had been waiting for Jack. Phyllis had tried to throw them off. They had wanted details about her personal life, but she'd given them the truth instead. Phyllis admitted that she'd hurt a lot of people, including Summer. She'd drawn the fire away from Jack and toward herself, and that was her penance. Phyllis wanted Jack back. Whatever Jack had to say, she deserved -- and that went for Summer as well.

Summer said she wouldn't go off on Phyllis again. Phyllis said Jack had fired her and she'd gone there to pack her things. Phyllis said her only concern had been Jack's feelings. Their marriage was the only important thing. Phyllis wanted to talk to Jack because the longer he sat on his anger, the higher the wall he'd build. Summer accused Phyllis of getting into Jack's face and getting what she'd wanted and needed, instead of respecting his wishes. Summer said she'd speak to Jack on Phyllis' behalf. Summer said Jack might never forgive Phyllis, and Phyllis needed to be prepared for that.

Jack called an emergency meeting of the foundation board. Ashley was happy that Jack was concentrating on meaningful things. Summer arrived, and Jack hugged her. Summer said she wanted to check on him. Jack appreciated it, but he didn't want to get between Summer and her mother. Summer said Phyllis got between them, not Jack. Phyllis had hurt Jack, herself, and the entire family. Jack asked if Summer was there to plead Phyllis' case.

Summer denied it and said she'd wanted to check on Jack. Summer had seen Phyllis, who knew what she'd done was horrible, but Phyllis really loved Jack. Summer knew all Jack could feel was the hurt. She acknowledged all the times Jack had been there for Phyllis and her. Jack said he'd always be there for Summer. He'd been there the day she'd been born, and it remained one of the greatest moments of his life. Jack said the divorce wouldn't change that. Summer became upset and asked, "The divorce?"

Outside Lily's office, Ashley told Neil and Devon that Jack was with Summer. Ashley said Jack had been very decisive about the meeting. Phyllis arrived. Ashley stopped Phyllis and asked why she was there, suggesting that Phyllis wouldn't be there for long. Phyllis said it was Jack's meeting and his call. Ashley told Phyllis to spare herself the humiliation and that Phyllis had no self-respect. Phyllis said Ashley couldn't make her feel any worse. Ashley didn't care how Phyllis felt. Ashley had known three years before that it had been a mistake for Jack to let Phyllis back into his life because Phyllis had always been poison to him. What Ashley hadn't known was that Phyllis would share that poison with the rest of her family.

Ashley called Phyllis disgusting for inflicting herself on Billy and said the only thing that mattered to Phyllis was Phyllis. Ashley said that everybody had feelings, but they didn't indulge or wallow in them. They didn't destroy people's lives and marriages. Ashley accused Phyllis of being shallow, selfish, and weak. Billy arrived and told Ashley to stop. Ashley told Billy he needed to stop defending Phyllis. Ashley said it seemed as if Billy and Phyllis were in a contest to see who could sink the lowest. Ashley left.

Phyllis thanked Billy. Billy accused her of thanking the mistake. Phyllis admitted it had been a mistake, wrong, selfish and cruel. Billy said they'd always known it had been wrong, but it had not been a mistake. Billy asked Phyllis if she'd been trying to twist the knife in his back.

Jack arrived and told Phyllis to provide all the gory details to her husband and her lover, who couldn't wait to hear what she had to say. Phyllis said it was very hard for her. Jack asked Phyllis if he should've made it easier. He asked Billy if he thought Jack should make things easier. Jack thought he'd already done that when he'd cut Phyllis loose. Jack said that Phyllis and Billy were free to be together. Jack suggested they get a room and not care about him -- not that they ever had.

Billy left Jack and Phyllis alone. Phyllis asked Jack if they could go somewhere and talk and if the meeting could wait. Jack refused. Phyllis asked if Jack had seen her statement on GC Buzz. Jack said Phyllis had taken their marriage to a website that traded in smut, innuendo, and gossip and asked if he'd forgotten to say thank you. Phyllis said the press had been waiting for Jack, and she'd defended him. Jack wanted to know what he'd done that needed defending. Phyllis said her choice had been to either talk to the reporters or to leave Jack another twenty messages because Jack didn't answer his phone. Jack said talking about it was what lawyers were for, and she had no business being there.

Jack fired Phyllis from the foundation and Jabot. The foundation existed to build people's lives, and all Phyllis had done was destroy them. Phyllis said they'd conquered worse before and could do it again. Jack said it was the worst, and they weren't conquering anything together. Jack said they were done. Phyllis walked away.

Jack thanked everyone for being at the meeting on short notice and glared at Billy. Jack advised that Phyllis had been fired from the board. Jack assured Neil that he hadn't gone off the rails and apologized. Jack said the foundation meant a great deal to a lot of people. He admitted he'd blindsided them with his explosion, which hadn't been fair to them. Ashley and Devon said they understood because they'd all had private issues become public, and they'd handle it. Jack appreciated their loyalty, but it went beyond press issues.

Jack had had a lot of time to think, and his perspective had changed. They had started the foundation to help people, but life had a way of opening eyes. Jack called the foundation a fraud and looked at Billy with disdain. Neil said that the foundation wasn't a fraud, and they all knew Jack had been upset. Jack said it had mattered to all of them, and relapse was part of recovery. They tried to help people, tried to change them and save them, but in the end, people reverted to "type."

<> Jack said, "Isn't that right Billy?" Billy agreed and said he'd been the one who always wound up in the gutter, and Jack had always been the one who got out, the anointed one, and the only one capable of reform. It had to be nice to be Jack. Jack called his life a bowl of cherries.

Jack called himself the poster child for failure. His mistake had been trying to get clean -- not from pills, but how he'd cleaned up his act from cheating, scheming, and good old-fashioned revenge, which he'd been somewhat famous for. He'd convinced himself he could change. He would have stepped away from the darkness -- all the ugliness and hate -- and he had turned the other cheek. He said the piety and self-righteousness had gotten him a lying, cheating wife and a back-stabbing brother. The good news was that old Jack was back: a lot more fun and a lot less hypocrisy.

<> Jack refused to pretend that redemption was real because he'd been up close and personal to that lying and cheating. He asked to have his name removed from the letterhead -- no more memos or meetings and no more believing that people healed. Jack said he was done with the foundation and everything it stood for. He quit.

<> Phyllis was about to leave Jabot with her personal items in a box when she heard a noise and looked into Jack's office. She saw maintenance sanding off Jack's wall where Billy had written, "Phyllis loves Jack," and she left.

At the Athletic Club, Cane told Jill that putting Billy and Victoria together had turned into a battleground. Cane said Victoria and Billy had been talking to each other, but they had only fought. Cane was not allowed to have an opinion or make a decision on anything. Jill didn't care how Billy and Victoria talked to each other, but she wanted to know how they looked at each other. Cane couldn't tell whether they loved or hated each other, but there had been a lot of pent-up lust, and all they'd needed was a room.

Jill asked if Phyllis had been sniffing around Billy. Cane showed her Phyllis' interview and said there would be casualties. Jill couldn't get over Phyllis' public implosion. Phyllis arrived. Jill called Phyllis the scarlet woman and wanted to talk to her, against Cane's protests. Phyllis said Jill no longer had control over her. Jill said Phyllis gave her too much credit because no one could control the dynamo that was Phyllis Abbott.

Jill said Phyllis had made a bold move when she'd talked with GC Buzz. Phyllis said it was amazing that lives were falling apart, yet Jill was shoving Billy and Victoria together. Phyllis suggested that Jill should leave Billy alone because he'd been through enough. Jill thought Phyllis was adorable protecting Billy. Phyllis advised that she'd been trying to do the right thing and would fight to get back to Jack.

Phyllis takes a tumble

Phyllis takes a tumble

Thursday, September 22, 2016

The foundation board was shocked when Jack resigned and announced that the organization would be known as the Winters Foundation from then on. Neil insisted that Jack stay on as his partner, but Jack firmly stated that he'd lost faith in the cause, and he no longer believed in the foundation's mission to give people second chances because of Billy. Jack called Billy an incurable addict and a lost cause, and he refused to waste his time on anyone like Billy. Bill spat that Jack was the biggest hypocrite he knew, since Jack had slept with Jill while she'd been married to their father, and he told Jack to take his martyr act and shove it.

Jack growled that there was no chance of him and Billy ever having a relationship again, and Billy blasted Jack for denying his own role in blowing up his marriage. Billy contended that Jack had pushed Phyllis away because Jack had been more interested in making peace with Victor, and Billy's friendship with Phyllis had turned into more because he'd listened to her when Jack hadn't. Billy taunted that Phyllis loved Billy, and Jack lunged at him as Hilary walked in. Jack declared that the meeting was over.

Billy encouraged Jack to think about what he'd said before Jack ripped into Billy or Phyllis again, and Ashley led Billy out. Jack apologized to the rest of the board for turning his final meeting into a cage match, and he told Neil that he'd have his lawyers draw up the paperwork. Neil followed Jack out, and Hilary fretted that Jack was making a huge mistake.

Neil reminded Jack that they'd had a conversation about not letting anger blind them, and he worried that Jack was heading to a dark place. Neil urged Jack to hold onto solid ground, like his family and the foundation, but Jack stood by his decision to walk away. Neil thought Jack would eventually see that the foundation's work was worthwhile when he calmed down, but Jack repeated that he wanted no part of it, and he stormed off over Neil's protests. Hilary offered to see what she could do.

Devon told Lily that he hoped Jack got past it in time, just like Devon and Hilary had. Lily disapproved of Hilary interjecting, and she couldn't believe that Neil had let Hilary go after Jack. Devon pointed out that Jack needed a friend, but Lily argued that Hilary had thrown herself at Jack before. Devon reasoned that he and Hilary had been in a bad place back then, but they had gotten through it and were happy, and he was certain that Hilary was as into their marriage as he was. Lily was skeptical.

Devon thought Lily had put her differences with Hilary aside after Hilary had helped Neil reconnect with his mom, but Lily huffed that one act of kindness hadn't changed all of Hilary's scheming against their family. Lily thought that Hilary only cared about status symbols, and the fastest way for Hilary to climb the social ladder was to go after Jack. Lily noted that Hilary had broken her marriage vows before, and Devon questioned whether he could also expect Lily to cheat on Cane if she believed people would always be cheaters.

Lily defended that she was nothing like Hilary, since she'd made an error in judgment, but she'd never intended to hurt anyone. Lily reminded Devon that Hilary had threatened their entire family, but Devon said it was in the past, and he had seen that people could change. He believed that Hilary had gained a new perspective when she hadn't known if she'd make it out of the hospital alive, and he had no doubts that his wife loved him. He continued that he and Hilary had been "through hell and back" and ended up stronger, and not everyone got that kind of happy ending. Lily hoped he was right for his sake.

Hilary found Jack at Jabot and said she'd wanted to make sure he was okay. He insisted that he was fine, and he looked forward to focusing on Jabot, since he had spread himself too thin with the foundation. Jack tried to brush her off, but Hilary thought he could use a friend, and she offered to be there for him like he had been for her. Hilary understood that Jack was hurting, and she recognized that she'd hurt Neil just as badly. She warned that it had led to disastrous things, and she hoped Jack had learned from their mistakes.

Jack noted that Hilary and Devon hadn't stayed away from one another, and Hilary explained that Devon was the love of her life and that her marriage to Neil had been over before he'd found out about their affair. Hilary mentioned that she'd seen in Phyllis' interview how much Phyllis loved Jack and how lousy Phyllis felt. Hilary truly believed that Phyllis felt remorse, and Jack was amazed to hear Hilary defending her. Hilary reasoned that she didn't have to like Phyllis to understand her position, and she thought Phyllis had been torn in two but had chosen her husband.

Hilary recognized that Jack had every right to feel bitter, but she knew Phyllis was punishing herself more than Jack thought. Jack argued that Phyllis should be, since she'd cheated and lied for months, but he knew that she'd headed in that direction after what Victor had done to her. Jack added that Billy had no excuse for betraying him in the worst possible way, so his brother could "rot in hell" for all he cared, and he walked out.

Billy and Ashley arrived at the Chancellor mansion, and he grumbled that Jack had alienated Phyllis by telling her to just get over what Victor had done. Ashley insisted that Jack had never been that callous, but he hadn't shared Phyllis' need for revenge. Billy complained that Ashley was always on Jack's side, but Ashley ranted that Billy had blown up Jack's life, and she thought Billy should keep his distance from Jack and concentrate on his "own damn life." Ashley warned Billy to "stay the hell out" of their brother's way and to keep away from Phyllis.

Billy suggested that Ashley take her own advice and focus on her own life instead of wrecking the lives of the people around her, but Ashley barked to stop putting it on her and to take responsibility for what he'd done. Ashley groused that Billy had put her in the middle, and it killed her to watch her family fall apart because he'd been too selfish and immature to care about the ramifications of his actions. Ashley expected that he would hit rock bottom, and she told him not to dare call her for help to get back up.

After Ashley left, Billy chugged a drink, and Neil arrived. Billy assumed that Neil wanted him to resign from the board, but Neil hoped Billy would stay on. Billy guessed that Neil was throwing a lifeline to a drowning man, but he warned Neil to be careful, since Billy would drag Neil down with him. Neil empathized with the constant struggle Billy faced to keep himself centered when he wanted to run in the other direction, and he saw the beginning of a downward spiral for Billy. Neil imagined that one drink would lead to two or three, and Billy would ultimately call a bookie and end up at a poker table to block everything out.

Neil reminded Billy that he'd managed to pick himself up after Delia had died, but Billy replied that he'd only blown his life apart again. Billy wondered if Jack had been right, and there was no helping someone like Billy, since he clearly hadn't learned his lesson. Neil told Billy that it was never too late to start working the steps again, and he expressed confidence that Billy could break the cycle of destructive patterns. Neil encouraged Billy to do it for himself and for his kids and not to let his mistakes define him. Neil implored Billy to admit he was powerless and to make amends with the people he'd hurt.

Hilary returned to the Athletic Club and kissed Devon, and she cooed that she felt lucky to have him. Lily told Hilary to keep it that way, and Hilary said she would. Neil arrived and reported that he thought he'd made some headway with Billy. Hilary wished she could say the same thing about Jack, and Devon praised Hilary for trying. Hilary relayed that she'd never seen Jack that angry, and she worried about what he'd do next.

Nikki approached as Phyllis moped over a martini at the Athletic Club bar. Phyllis expected that Nikki was there to condemn her, but Nikki voiced her concern about how the fallout of the situation would affect both of their families. Nikki mentioned that Jack had been at the ranch to declare war on Victor, and she worried that Phyllis would go after Victor, too. Phyllis imagined Nikki felt that way because Phyllis had nothing left to live for but revenge.

Nikki admitted that she was scared of what Phyllis might do if she felt like she had nothing left to lose, but Phyllis asserted that she still had her daughter, and she told Nikki to let her finish her drink in peace. Nikki moved a seat closer, and Phyllis bet that Nikki was going to try to convince her to take the high road. Phyllis said Nikki could save her breath, since Phyllis knew that her desire for retaliation had cost her everything. Phyllis blamed herself for planting the landmines and stepping on every single one of them, and she revealed that Jack had kicked her out of Jabot and wanted a divorce. Nikki referred to Phyllis' statement to the press about fighting for Jack, but Phyllis thought there was no point, since the harder she fought, the harder he fought back.

Nikki hoped Phyllis didn't give up on Jack, and Phyllis wondered why Nikki cared. Nikki said she believed Phyllis and Jack loved one another, and she knew what it was like to desperately love her husband but not know if her marriage could work again. Nikki said it hadn't been easy for her and Victor to forgive one another, and she'd had to steer him back to happier memories to shorten the distance between them. Phyllis bemoaned that her situation was hopeless after everything she'd done, and Nikki chided her for surrendering by crying into a martini. Nikki added that Phyllis "sure as hell" wasn't acting like the Phyllis she knew.

At Brash & Sassy, Victoria assured Travis that her ties to Billy ended at co-parenting. She conceded that she was sad about the way Billy was living life, but she swore that she wasn't jealous of Billy's relationship with Phyllis. Travis recognized that the situation was a mess, and he thought he should give Victoria space to figure things out. She questioned whether he was saying they should stop seeing one another.

Travis said he still wanted to be with Victoria, but he didn't want to make things more complicated while she worked through things with Billy. He added that he'd been living out of a suitcase because he'd had no plan when he'd returned to town, and he needed to get a job and a place of his own. Travis insisted that not much would change, since he was still crazy about Victoria, and they would still be together. He promised to have his things packed before she got home from work, and she reluctantly agreed, but she was obviously torn.

Later, Nikki arrived to find out how Victoria had been handling the news about Billy, and she imagined Victoria was upset. Victoria confided that she was upset -- about Travis, who had decided to take a step back and get his own place. Nikki asked if it bothered Victoria that Billy and Phyllis had been together, and Victoria confided that in the back of her mind, she'd thought Billy would still be there for her if she ever wanted to try again. She felt like that door had finally closed, and she hated herself for letting old feelings get to her and keep her from being more deeply invested with Travis.

Nikki inquired whether Victoria thought she and Travis could have something real, and Victoria wasn't sure, but she felt like she and Travis were on the same wavelength. Victoria listed Travis' various positive attributes, and she considered him to be the calm in the eye of the storm in the madness of her life. Nikki thought Victoria ought to be talking to someone else.

Victoria returned home as Travis was about to leave, but she grabbed his bag and said he couldn't go. He reminded her that they'd agreed he'd move out, and she explained that she hadn't formulated an opinion when they'd discussed it, but she'd realized that she didn't need space or time to figure things out with Billy. She said she hadn't been fair to Travis because she'd been holding back from letting things get too deep with him due to her past with Billy, but she didn't want to do that anymore. Victoria proclaimed that Travis was her present and hopefully her future, too.

Victoria swore that it wasn't an impulsive reaction, and when Travis had said he should walk away for a while, it had hit her that it wasn't what she wanted. She called him an incredible man, and she thought she would be stupid not to give what they had a chance. She insisted that he put his bag away and make a home with her and her kids, and he playfully asked if it was an order. Victoria asked if he was all right with that, and Travis pulled her into a kiss.

Nikki stopped by Jabot to talk to Ashley about Jack and Billy. Nikki explained that Billy would always be part of Victoria's life because he was father to Nikki's grandkids, and Ashley suspected that the children were the only ones who could inspire Billy to get his life together. Ashley revealed that she and Billy were at odds, and Nikki anticipated that it would take a long time to work through it. Ashley was concerned about how Jack would get through it, and Nikki imagined that Jack would get past it and find happiness again.

Nikki reported that she'd told Phyllis not to give up hope, and Ashley blurted out that it had been the worst thing Nikki could have done. Nikki thought Jack and Phyllis had to communicate and learn to forgive in order to reconcile, but Ashley retorted that Phyllis had torn Jack's heart out too many times, and Phyllis didn't deserve him. Ashley hoped Jack said goodbye and never looked back.

Phyllis called out for Jack at the Abbott mansion, and she looked at the couch and flashed back to Jack proposing to her. She recalled another time when he'd said he felt more alive with her than he ever had with anyone, and they'd headed upstairs together. She forlornly plopped down on the stairs. Jack arrived home and faced Phyllis, and he coldly asked what she was doing there. She said they hadn't finished their conversation, but he contended that they'd said everything they'd needed to say.

Jack divulged that he'd resigned from the foundation, so Phyllis could go to Neil if she wanted her board seat back. Phyllis protested that Jack shouldn't have left the foundation, but he griped that the foundation's work only provided a temporary crutch for people until they fell down again and blamed everyone else for it. Phyllis announced that she was there to own up to what she'd done, and she took responsibility for setting herself up to destroy their marriage and life together, but she couldn't accept that it was the end for them. Phyllis refused to stop saying she loved Jack because she'd never stopped and never would, and she begged from the depths of her soul for his forgiveness.

Jack surmised that Phyllis was choking on guilt, and she wanted him to make her feel better by saying the words she wanted to hear. He flatly stated that he forgave her, and he told her to get on with her life, since he couldn't get on with his with her in it. He added that whatever they'd had was gone, but she questioned whether all the memories were gone. Jack spat that they'd been replaced with images in his mind of her with Billy, and those images had destroyed everything they'd had together. Phyllis contended that when she looked around the house, she saw what they'd created with one another, and Jack suggested that she avoid the memories by getting out and never setting foot in the mansion again.

Jack threatened to throw Phyllis out, and he imagined that Billy had lots of room, so she could stay with him. Jack volunteered to pack her bags, and he headed up the stairs. Phyllis followed him as she pleaded with him to talk it out, and she grabbed his arm. He jerked away, and she tumbled down the stairs as Billy walked in. Billy demanded to know what Jack had done to her, and Jack worriedly called Phyllis' name.

Billy blames Jack for Phyllis' fall

Billy blames Jack for Phyllis' fall

Friday, September 23, 2016

At the Abbott mansion, Billy tended to an unconscious Phyllis after she'd tumbled down the stairs, and he demanded to know what Jack had done to her. Jack swore that her fall had been an accident, and he approached Phyllis, but Billy snapped to "get the hell away" from her. Jack questioned whether Billy honestly thought Jack would hurt Phyllis, and Billy instructed Jack to keep talking to her. Billy called 9-1-1 as Jack frantically asked if Phyllis could hear him.

At the police station, Dylan tracked down Kevin in the interrogation room, and Kevin explained that the Wi-Fi was best there. Paul entered and assumed that Dylan was interrogating Kevin, and he asked what Kevin had done. Kevin feigned being offended, and he jokingly asserted that he hadn't committed a crime in weeks. Paul and Dylan simultaneously got calls, and Paul reported that a woman was unconscious after hitting her head. Kevin inquired why the police were involved, and Paul mentioned that the fall had occurred at the Abbott estate. Dylan and Paul left to find out what was going on.

The EMTs loaded Phyllis onto a stretcher, and Jack asked why she wasn't responding. Jack insisted on riding with her in the ambulance, but Billy protested that Jack had no right to go with her after what he'd done. Dylan arrived and instructed Jack to ride with Phyllis, but Billy complained that Dylan had no idea what had happened. Dylan prompted Billy to tell him.

Billy begged Dylan to let him go to the hospital, but Dylan thought it would help visually for them to be at the scene of the accident while Billy explained things. Billy recounted that he'd seen Phyllis and Jack arguing through the glass door, and they'd started up the stairs, but Phyllis had rolled back down. Billy guessed that she'd hit her head, since she'd been motionless when he'd walked in. Billy confirmed that he hadn't actually seen how Phyllis had fallen, so they only had Jack's version that it had been an accident. Dylan sensed that Billy didn't believe Jack.

In the park, Mariah observed that Faith had eaten her body weight in ice cream, and she suggested having a sleepover that night. Faith remarked that they had them all the time, but Mariah revealed that Chelsea had invited Faith over to spend the night, since Nick was busy at the Underground. Faith excitedly looked forward to hanging out with Connor, Bella, and Chelsea, and Mariah mentioned Chloe. Faith divulged that she'd heard that Chloe had other plans -- a big date with Kevin.

Later, Mariah and Faith ran into Kevin, and Faith asked if he was meeting Chloe there for their date. Mariah sent Faith to get a doughnut, and she wondered whether Kevin enjoyed rejection. Kevin insisted that it was just a casual dinner, and Mariah inquired whether he was wearing his casual dinner jacket and tie. He claimed that they were his work clothes, and he defended that Chloe had accepted his dinner invitation, so he hadn't been rejected. Mariah thought it would be a different story after dinner, since Chloe had made it clear that she was moving on without him, unless something had changed.

Kevin announced that he'd stopped fishing for information about Bella's dad, and he'd been honest with Chloe about wanting to be part of her daughter's life. Mariah contemplated what would happen if Bella's father wanted to be part of it, too, and Kevin revealed that the father didn't know Bella existed, since Chloe hadn't wanted to complicate his life. Mariah became suspicious because Chloe had originally claimed that she'd gotten pregnant during a one-night stand, but Kevin hurried off to go to dinner.

At the penthouse, Chelsea presented some dresses for Chloe to try on before Kevin got there, but Chloe thought they were too much. Chelsea lectured that it was a date and not a business meeting, but Chloe clarified that it would just be two friends sharing a meal. Chelsea was surprised when she noticed that Chloe had been reading GC Buzz, and Chloe groaned that she felt bad for Billy, who got blamed for everything in his family. Chelsea pointed out that Billy wasn't destined for sainthood, but Chloe countered that even a screw-up like Billy got something right every once in a while.

Chloe considered canceling her plans to avoid leaving Chelsea alone, but Chelsea insisted that she would be fine. Chelsea asked if Chloe was nervous, but Chloe replied that she was annoyed because Billy always drew the short straw even after everything he'd been through, but she thought he was a survivor and an excellent father. Chloe remembered the way Delia had looked at him, and Chelsea recognized that Chloe and Billy would always share a bond because of Delia, but there had been no excuse for him having an affair with his brother's wife. Chloe thought there was plenty of blame to go around.

Later, Chelsea answered the door and let Kevin in. She reminded him that Chloe had been through a lot, yet Chloe had mustered the strength to be there for her. Kevin guessed that Chelsea was implying that he'd have to answer to her if he messed things up, and he swore that he'd never do anything to hurt Chloe or Bella. Chloe descended the stairs and apologized for making Kevin wait, but he admiringly said it had been worth it, since she looked spectacular. Chloe suggested that they stay in to hang around with Bella, but Chelsea urged them to go. After Kevin and Chloe departed, Chelsea stared forlornly at a family photo of her with Adam and Connor.

Mariah dropped Faith off at the penthouse, and Chelsea said Connor and Bella would be excited to see Faith. Mariah noted that Faith was forgetting something, and Faith hugged Mariah before she headed upstairs. Chelsea realized that she'd never seen Mariah hug anyone before, and Mariah quipped that she tried not to make a habit of it, but special rules applied to kids. Mariah started to leave, but Chelsea said Mariah didn't have to rush off if she didn't have plans. Mariah thought it would be sad if she lied and said she did, and Chelsea invited her to stay so they could get to know one another better.

Chelsea mentioned that Connor had been spending more time with Sully and Faith, since it had been Nick's idea for the kids to hang out together. Mariah nervously asked if they'd run it by Sharon, and Chelsea assumed that Sharon wanted as many play dates for Sully as possible. Chelsea added that Nick had a special bond with Sully, and Mariah hid her discomfort.

Chelsea and Mariah sat on the couch, eating ice cream out of the cartons. Mariah asked if that was what Chelsea and Chloe did at night, and Chelsea replied that they'd usually have ice cream, wine, or both. Chelsea acknowledged that she and Chloe had been attached at the hip, so it was almost weird being without her. Mariah wondered if Chloe and Kevin were having fun, and Chelsea asked if it bothered her that they'd gone on a date. Mariah insisted that she and Kevin were just friends, but she cared about him, and she thought he felt same way about her.

Mariah added that she didn't want Kevin to get hurt again, and Chelsea pointed out that Chloe had been honest about where she stood. Mariah recognized that things had changed a lot for everyone since Chloe had returned to town, and she noted that she wouldn't be sitting there if Adam weren't gone. Mariah quickly apologized, and Chelsea said she saw Mariah's point, but she didn't think Chloe had changed. Mariah observed that Chloe suddenly needed Kevin, whereas Chloe had practically been pushing him away before. Chelsea reasoned that people reevaluated what was important when the world got turned upside down.

At the Athletic Club, Kevin and Chloe sat at a table with covered place settings, and he hoped she didn't mind that he'd ordered for both of them. Chloe quipped that it made sense because it was 1952, and Kevin said she had to trust that he knew what she liked. She imagined a burger with cheese and pickles, and she quickly added that she was joking, but she wasn't accustomed to the royal treatment. Kevin declared that she deserved the royal treatment, and he toasted to new beginnings.

Kevin and Chloe sipped Champagne, and he said he was excited for the special meal the chef had prepared for them, and the staff had been working on it all day. Chloe felt strange because Kevin had gone to such great lengths, and he offered to send it back, but she asked what it was. She guessed that it was something fancy or weird, and she squealed that the anticipation was killing her. He whipped off the cover and revealed a cheeseburger, and she asked how he'd known. He replied that he knew her, and she smiled.

Chloe thanked Kevin for the "cheese nirvana," and he asked if she regretted saying yes to dinner. She was glad that she hadn't said no to their non-date, and he regretted that they hadn't done it sooner. Chloe thought it had been the right move to wait, since the night would have ended badly if they'd done it earlier. Kevin flirtatiously noted that it didn't have to end at all, but Chloe wanted to give Bella a goodnight kiss, and Kevin called Bella a lucky girl. Chloe laughed at his lines, and she commented that Kevin clearly liked a little bit of cheese. They prepared to head home, and he steadied her when she stood up. She figured the bubbles had gone to her head, but he suspected that it wasn't just the bubbles, and they kissed.

In the hospital elevator, Jack told an unconscious Phyllis that Summer was on her way, so Phyllis had to hang in there. Stitch guided the EMTs to an examination room, and he told Jack to wait. A police officer said she had questions for Jack, but Stitch scolded that it wasn't the time, and he promised to keep Jack updated. Jack begged Stitch to take care of Phyllis.

Over wine at the Athletic Club, Ashley told Abby to ship her off to Timbuktu the next time she tried to help someone. Ashley lamented that their family had become a reality show, and she mentioned that Nikki thought Jack and Phyllis should reconcile. Abby thought the couple had a chance if they still loved one another, but Ashley thought both of her brothers needed to run from Phyllis and never look back. Abby assured Ashley that she had nothing to feel guilty about.

Abby swore that Jack had needed to know about Phyllis' infidelity, but what he'd done with the information had been his choice. Ashley wondered if Billy had been right, since her life had been pretty empty and void of passion. Abby grumbled that passion was overrated, since the spark eventually faded, and Ashley asked if Abby was talking about her and Stitch. Ashley offered to do something to help, but she caught herself and said Abby had to ship her off to Timbuktu. Abby said Ashley wasn't going anywhere, since they all needed her.

Ashley decided that she was ready to go home, and Abby was sure that in the morning, Ashley would realize that she'd done Jack a favor by getting everything out in the open. Abby saw an incoming call from Stitch, and he informed her that Phyllis was unconscious in the emergency room after being in an accident. Stitch added that Jack could use support from his family.

Summer rushed into the hospital and asked Jack where her mom was. Jack reported that Phyllis was with Stitch, and Summer wondered what had happened. Jack admitted that he and Phyllis had been fighting when she'd fallen, but he insisted that it had been an accident, since he'd never be able to hurt her. Summer wailed that Phyllis might be in a coma all over again. Jack contended that even if Phyllis was in a coma, she'd beaten it before, and things wouldn't be any different that time.

Jack imagined that Phyllis would wake up any minute and insist on being let out of the hospital, and Summer realized that he still loved Phyllis in spite of everything. "If only love were enough," Jack sadly mused. Ashley and Abby arrived, and Jack informed them that he and Phyllis had been arguing when she'd slipped and hit her head, but Billy had shown up and called an ambulance. Ashley wondered what Billy had been doing there.

Stitch examined Phyllis and ordered a head CT. Phyllis moaned Jack's name, and Stitch informed her that she was in the hospital. He asked if she could hear him, but she recoiled when he tried to touch her.

Billy paced in the hospital corridor, and he wanted to find out if Phyllis was okay, but Dylan reiterated that he needed to know if it had been an accident or a domestic dispute. Billy repeated that he'd only seen Jack and Phyllis arguing and then Phyllis at the bottom of the stairs. Stitch approached and reported that Phyllis had woken up briefly, but he'd had to sedate her because she'd been agitated. Paul asked if she'd said anything about the accident, and Stitch replied that it had been enough to make him wonder if it had been an accident at all.

Later, Stitch explained to the Abbotts that Phyllis' vitals were strong and steady, but they had to be cautious because it was a head injury. Summer inquired whether Phyllis would wake up, and Stitch replied that they had to wait and trust that Phyllis would pull herself out of it. Summer stepped out to get some air, and Paul stopped Jack from joining her.

In private, Paul asked Jack to describe how he'd been feeling after he'd resigned from the foundation. Jack recalled that he'd been exhausted, and he'd wanted to be alone. Dylan inquired whether Jack had poured himself a drink, and Jack admitted that he'd been tempted, but he hadn't. Jack recounted that he'd found Phyllis waiting for him at home, and she'd begged him to forgive her, but their marriage had been over. Jack said he'd been ticked off when she hadn't respected his request that she leave, but Paul noted that Jack had sounded more than frustrated in his television interview, and he imagined that Phyllis' statement to the press hadn't made it easier.

Jack asked where Paul and Dylan were going with their line of questioning, and Dylan wondered what had happened when Phyllis had refused to leave. Jack said he'd been on his way upstairs to pack a bag for her, but he'd never tried to physically hurt her. Paul questioned whether Jack had been angry enough to cause bodily harm, and Jack conceded that he had but not against Phyllis -- only against the man who'd ruined all their lives and gotten away with it. "Victor Newman," Dylan stated.

After Jack left, Paul thought Billy was convinced Jack had been at fault, even if Billy hadn't said it out loud. Paul said he didn't think Jack would act like that, but he had to consider what Stitch had said about Phyllis' reaction when she'd briefly regained consciousness. Dylan reasoned that she'd just hit her head, so it could have meant anything, and Paul figured that Dylan had been ready to drop the whole thing when Jack had pointed the finger at Victor. Dylan maintained that everything led back to Victor, but Paul stressed that their job was to find out how and why Phyllis had fallen, and they wouldn't be able to do that until she woke up.

Summer fell asleep in the waiting area, and Abby asked Stitch if there was any news. Stitch said the test results could take a while, but Phyllis might wake up in the meantime. He urged Abby to go home and get some sleep, but Abby thought Summer needed support. Abby added that they all did, but Stitch rushed off to get back to work.

Billy looked in at Phyllis through the window, and Ashley approached. Billy said Ashley had been right when she'd said things would get worse, and she wished she'd been wrong. He assured her that it hadn't been her fault, and she said it had just been a horrible accident. Billy barked that Jack had caused it, and he vowed to make sure Jack suffered for it. Ashley insisted that Jack already had.

Billy asked Stitch if he could go in to let Phyllis know she wasn't alone, and Stitch told him to keep it brief. Billy entered the room, and Ashley worried that it was a horrible idea. Stitch said medicine couldn't cure everything, and it might be exactly what Phyllis needed.

Billy asked how Phyllis was doing, and he assured her that he was there for her. He promised that he wasn't going anywhere until she woke up, even it was only to tell him to "get the hell out" of there. He took her hand and asked her to wake up. Jack paused outside Phyllis' hospital room door. He looked in and saw Billy standing at Phyllis' bedside, and he walked away.

Billy murmured that even Sleeping Beauty had to wake up eventually and get back to being a princess. He asked if Phyllis was waiting for a prince to lay one on her and break the spell, and he gently kissed her forehead. Phyllis stirred and opened her eyes, and Billy welcomed her back.

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