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Devon acquired GC Buzz. Phyllis threatened to take half of Jack's stake in Jabot unless she got her job back. Travis accepted Victor's job offer. Nick and Chelsea learned about Sharon's plan to push them together. Sharon received a disturbing call from Patty.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of September 26, 2016 on Y&R
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Billy Tries to Make Amends Billy Tries to Make Amends

Monday, September 26, 2016

In an exam room at Genoa City Memorial Hospital, Ben finished his assessment of Phyllis' injuries from her tumble down the staircase at the Abbott mansion. Billy was present when Ben said Phyllis was fine except for having suffered a mild concussion. After Ben left, Billy told Phyllis that he'd discovered her lying still at the bottom of the stairs. Phyllis replied, "You were at the house. What were you doing there?" Billy explained that he'd wanted to talk to Jack.

Phyllis asked about Jack and sadly noted she was aware he wasn't waiting to visit her. Billy apologized for his reaction to Phyllis' interview after she'd referred to him as a mistake. Billy added, "But when I saw you lying at the bottom of the stairs, so still, I knew that I was going to fight for you." Billy challenged Phyllis to search her heart, admit she also loved him, and realize that they could still be together. Phyllis said she still wanted to save her marriage because she loved Jack.

Summer arrived and became angry when she saw Billy. Summer told Billy he shouldn't be in her mother's room. Billy agreed and left. Summer offered to phone Jack, but Phyllis declined the offer. Summer noted that though Jack had seemed angry, she was certain he still loved Phyllis. Summer encouraged her mother to keep her hopes up. Paul stopped by, and Summer stepped out.

Paul questioned Phyllis about her injuries. Phyllis assured Paul that she'd fallen, and she insisted that Jack hadn't been responsible for the accident. Paul produced a small notebook and read back Phyllis' concerning comments, voiced before she'd fully regained consciousness. Paul noted that Phyllis had seemed agitated when she'd said, "Jack, no, please!" Paul said he was aware that Jack and Phyllis' conflicts had escalated.

Phyllis became frustrated with Paul. Phyllis said, "I gave you the facts. I'm not making this up, Paul." Paul gave Phyllis a reference for a counselor, but Phyllis angrily explained that Jack shouldn't be placed under police scrutiny because he'd done nothing wrong. She asked Paul to leave. Summer later returned and told her mother that Jack wouldn't be visiting the hospital to check on Phyllis.

At the Genoa City Athletic Club, a reporter with a video recorder aimed at Jack's face asked about swirling rumors that Jack had beaten Phyllis. Taken aback, Jack said he'd only wanted Phyllis to leave his home. Jack added that he'd never intended for Phyllis to get hurt. The reporter encouraged Jack to tell his side of the story because the public wouldn't think well of him after learning that Phyllis had been hospitalized for treatment of her injuries. Jack explained that after Phyllis had grabbed his arm, he'd merely pulled his arm away.

Devon and Hilary entered as the reporter continued to harass Jack. Devon threatened the reporter, and Jack left. The reporter claimed that he'd turned off his video camera when he set it down on top of the bar with the lens pointed toward Devon and Hilary. The reporter stated that he had a First Amendment right to tell the public the story he'd uncovered. Devon took out his wallet, pulled out a thick wad of cash, folded the money, and slipped it the reporter. Devon said, "Jack is my friend, and it would mean a great deal to me if you killed this piece." After the reporter asked if Devon had offered a bribe, Devon explained that he'd offered an incentive for the reporter to find a new story.

After Jack returned home, he paused near the foot of the staircase. In a flashback, Jack remembered seeing Phyllis tumble down the flight of stairs after he'd jerked his arm away from her grasp. John Abbott's ghost appeared. John said, "It's just a shame what has happened to your marriage and to our family." Jack blamed Billy and noted that he was no longer considered to be family. John insisted that Jack and Billy would have to forgive each other.

Jack explained to John that he'd helped Billy in numerous ways and had made excuse after excuse for his brother's failures in the past. Jack added that "this time," he'd had it with Billy and would never forgive him. John reminded Jack that he'd forgiven Jack after Jack had lost Jabot to Victor. John added, "You slept with my wife, and I forgave you. If I can move beyond what I suffered at your hands, you can find forgiveness for Billy." John demanded that Jack follow his father's example, pull the family back together, and be the man his father knew he could be.

Billy stopped by and told Jack that Phyllis had awakened. Jack asked if Billy was there in person to deliver the news because he wanted to engage in another fight. Billy replied, "I want to make amends, Jack, and you need to, as well." Billy apologized for the affair and for having accused Jack of harming Phyllis. Billy also asked Jack to forgive Phyllis. Jack replied, "So, you're here to plead for her?" Billy admitted that he'd hoped Phyllis might choose him, but, Billy added, Phyllis had only wanted Jack by her side after she'd awakened. Billy advised Jack to give himself a chance to be happy. After Billy left, John's ghost vanished.

In the lab at the Jabot building, Victoria confronted Jill. Victoria berated Jill for having offered Travis a position at Chancellor Industries just so she could transfer him to Hong Kong. Jill didn't deny the charge and said that the invigorating city would be a perfect fit for Travis. Victoria compared Jill's manipulations to Victor's. Victoria noted that her former mother-in-law was attempting to control her life by ensuring that no other man was around to compete with Billy.

Jill seemed unfazed when Victoria insisted that she controlled her own life. Victoria said that she and Billy wouldn't ever get back together. Victoria pointed out that manipulating Travis was one thing, but blackmailing Phyllis to stay away from Billy was quite another. Jill choked on her coffee when Victoria announced that Travis would be moving in with her. Victoria added that Jill should let go of her delusions and embrace reality.

At Victoria's house, Travis answered the door when Victor arrived. Johnny walked downstairs in his pajamas. Victor picked up and hugged his grandson before the two took a seat on the sofa to glance at the pictures in Johnny's book about frogs. Addressing Travis, Victor noted that he'd do whatever was necessary to protect his family. Travis explained that he would be moving in with Victoria.

Travis added that Jill, who'd offered him a job, wouldn't be happy about the new living arrangements because she was hoping to reunite Billy and Victoria. Victor laughed and asked if Travis had declined the job offer. Travis replied, "Of course." Travis noted that he and Victoria had hoped to build a future together, although she and Billy would always share a common bond because of their children.

Victoria entered and seemed uneasy about seeing her father engaged in a conversation with Travis. Travis took Johnny upstairs to bed. Victoria told Victor that she'd told Jill to stay out of her relationship, and she asked her father to do the same. Victor criticized Billy's latest disaster and said he didn't mind his daughter being with Travis. Victoria said, "Billy will never be in my life the way that he was, Dad."

After Victor left, Billy stopped by. Travis joined Victoria and Billy. Billy apologized for his earlier disruptive behavior. Victoria announced that Travis would be moving in with her. Billy gave his approval and said Travis had to treat Victoria and the children well. Billy said he wanted to focus on his future and enjoy a brief visit with his children. While Billy was upstairs with Johnny, Victoria told Travis that she was concerned that Billy's promises and resolutions weren't sincere.

Jill joined Devon and Hilary at the Athletic Club's bar. Devon told Jill that a reporter from GC Buzz had hounded Jack and threatened to publish a story claiming that he'd abused Phyllis. Jill said she was thankful Phyllis was all right. Jill added that she had no sympathy for Phyllis for having slept with Jack's brother. Devon said he'd convinced the reporter to drop the story. Hilary recalled how the tabloid had hounded her and Devon in the past. Jill noted that Hilary had once used the tabloid to her advantage to trash Neil's family. Hilary lunged at Jill, but Devon intervened. Jill said, "All I'm saying is that karma is a bitch!"

After Devon gently coaxed Hilary to leave, Victor joined Jill at the bar. Jill mentioned the sad state of Jack and Phyllis' marriage. Victor said, "I guess your boy outdid himself this time, didn't he?" Jill said she didn't think the debacle was over yet. Victor noted that Jill had only wanted Phyllis out of the way so Billy could resume his relationship with Victoria. Victor added that being back with Billy was the last thing Victoria needed. Jill said that Billy and Victoria loved each other. Victor expressed hope that Victoria might have a future with Travis.

When the story about Jack was aired on GC Buzz, Devon and Hilary watched while sitting in their suite. Devon realized that the reporter had recorded Devon handing over cash to bury the story. Jack watched from his house and became infuriated as the reporter twisted the story. The reporter said he'd witnessed Jack's temper up close. Jack shook his head when the reporter claimed that Jack was capable of going over the edge. Jack became enraged and threw his electronic tablet against the fireplace in a fit of anger.

Travis turns down Victor's offer Travis turns down Victor's offer

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

In Chancellor Park, Lauren and Jill decompressed after a yoga class. Jill suggested that they get together over cocktails the next time, and she declared that she wanted Fenmore's to have an exclusive on distributing Brash & Sassy's new perfume. Lauren seemed unenthused, and Jill guessed that Lauren was speechless. Lauren explained that she loved Jill, but Fenmore's thrived because they only did business with strong, grounded companies, not glorified dating services that existed in order to get the top executives to remarry.

Jill rattled off the legitimate business activities Brash & Sassy had conducted, and she blasted Lauren for calling the company a dating service. Jill admitted that she wanted to get Billy and Victoria back together, but she insisted that Brash & Sassy was a real company. Lauren chided Jill for putting three people in charge instead of one, but Jill defended that she stood to make a ton of money. Lauren worried that Fenmore's would be on the hook with a company that Jill had set up to micromanage her son's life, but Billy didn't need his mother's help. Jill sarcastically thanked Lauren for her condescending advice, and she sauntered off.

At home, Victoria and Travis flirted in the bathroom as she got ready for work. She answered a call from Victor, and Travis tried to distract her by striking goofy poses. She struggled not to laugh, but an expression of surprise crossed her face. She handed the phone to Travis and announced that Victor wanted to talk to him. Travis made some plans with Victor, and he whistled nonchalantly after he hung up.

Victoria questioned whether Travis would tell her what her father had said, and Travis revealed that Victor wanted him to stop by for a quick chat. Travis figured that Victor just wanted to size him up, and he promised to pass himself off as desirable boyfriend material. She offered to go with him, but he said Victor had made it clear that he wanted to meet with Travis alone. Travis prepared to shower, and he asked if Victoria minded helping him with his back. She giggled and jokingly complained that he'd ruin her makeup as they headed to the shower.

At Brash & Sassy, Lily admired Cane's edit of the company's commercial, and she wished she'd been at the shoot to ensure that the model hadn't gotten any ideas about him. Cane swore that the model had known when she'd looked in his eyes that he was in love with his wife, and he and Lily kissed. Lily encouraged Cane to keep pushing with the campaign until he got what he wanted, and Billy entered and asked what was going on. Cane replied that he'd been getting a woman's perspective on the commercial, but Billy scolded that it was Victoria's job.

Cane and Billy bickered, and Lily departed to get back to work. Cane called Billy out on being a jerk, but Billy thought Cane shouldn't have asked for Lily's opinion before Victoria had seen the commercial. Billy added that he'd woken up that morning with the intention of not being a jerk, and he was trying to move on. Cane retorted that Billy was failing, and he wondered why Billy was there at all. Billy asserted that he'd bought the company, but Cane pointed out that Jill had taken it out from underneath Billy. Billy referenced Cane's lack of qualifications and implied that Cane shouldn't even have a seat at the table.

Later, Victoria walked in on Billy and Cane arguing, and Cane mentioned that he'd just shown his cut of the commercial to Billy. Billy groused that it was what a bartender would make, and he insisted that it be redone. Cane suggested that Victoria watch it, and Billy thanked Victoria for letting him hang out with the kids the night before. Cane played the commercial and indicated that he'd changed the setting, and Billy complained that it no longer matched the backdrop. Billy considered Cane's version to be a joke, but Victoria said she loved it. Billy pulled her into the office and demanded to know what she was doing.

Billy thought there was no way Victoria liked Cane's "crappy commercial," but Victoria asserted that she could think for herself. Victoria accused Billy of just wanting to give Cane a hard time, but Billy maintained that the edits were terrible. Victoria reasoned that adults could have differing opinions, and it was Billy's problem if he couldn't handle it. They argued, and Billy griped that it would be easier if she didn't know him that well. She stressed that Cane wasn't the enemy, and they were stronger if they all worked together. Billy conceded that Cane wasn't the fly in the ointment -- Jill was.

Outside the office, Cane showed Jill the commercial, but she was clearly distracted by Billy and Victoria's conversation. Cane pretended to overhear Billy and Victoria pledge their love, and he handed Jill a glass and told her to press it against the door to eavesdrop. Cane joked that the couple might take Jill on their honeymoon when they got remarried, and he commented that Billy and Victoria weren't lovebirds, just pigeons. Cane told Jill to spy on the pigeons while he got back to work, since he was the only one there who got anything done.

Victoria objected when Billy headed to the door, and he said he thought he'd heard his mom. Victoria imagined that Jill would have barged in to insist that they belonged together, and she clucked that Jill had no concept of reality. Billy thought his mother was messing with a good thing, since Brash & Sassy was lucky to have Victoria, and making them miserable would be bad for business. Victoria thought she and Billy had to show Jill that they could work together without all the drama, or Jill would think she was gaining ground. Billy agreed, and he suggested that they drink on it.

Later, the model from the commercial shoot arrived at Brash & Sassy, looking for Cane. Jill stepped into the office to give them privacy, and Cane asked the model to sign a release. She asked if he and his boss were happy with the commercial, and he reported that he and Victoria were thrilled. The model asked to see the cut, and Cane showed it to her.

Michael met Lauren in the park and mentioned that he was on his way to the hospital. She asked him to send her love to Phyllis, since she didn't want Phyllis to think that she was the world's worst friend. Michael wondered what was wrong, and Lauren fretted that Jill thought she was the world's worst sister. Lauren recounted her conversation with Jill, and she hesitated to make a financial commitment under the circumstances. Michael thought Lauren was underestimating Jill, since even though Jill was obsessed with her son's love life, she was also obsessed with making a profit.

Michael believed that Jill could and would fight to make Brash & Sassy a huge success, and Lauren contemplated saying yes to keep the peace. Lauren called Jill, who brusquely stated that she was very busy running her son's life. Lauren recognized that Jill was upset with her, and she apologized for turning down Jill's proposal the way she had. Lauren asked if the exclusive offer still stood, but Jill wasn't sure they should move forward, since Lauren was always busy visiting her sons or being romantic with Michael. Lauren conceded that she shouldn't have implied that Jill didn't care about Brash & Sassy, and Jill acknowledged that there was a slim chance Lauren had been right.

Meanwhile, Cane asked what the model thought of the commercial, and she seductively touched his arm and purred that he'd made her look good. He gave her all the credit, and she leaned in close and offered to buy him a drink to thank him. He said he was flattered, but he was married, and she respected that he was a professional. The model departed, and Jill smiled at Cane from the office doorway.

Cane teased Jill for spying on him, and she praised that she'd taught him well. She recognized that she should tell him that more often, and he assured her that the place mattered to him. Jill said she cared, too, even if it didn't always show. She was impressed that he had all of his father's good qualities and none of the bad, and she apologized if she'd underestimated Cane. He was suspicious of her compliments, but she insisted that it was important for him to know that she valued him, and she considered herself lucky to have him in her company and her life.

At Newman Enterprises, Victor made an inquiry about Travis over the phone, and he told the person to keep him updated. Victor flashed back to Victoria telling him not to interfere in her relationship, and he'd replied that he thought Travis really liked and appreciated her.

Travis arrived at Victor's office, and Victor asked what Victoria had thought about Travis being there. Travis replied that both he and Victoria were curious about why Victor had summoned him, and Victor inquired what Travis thought about Newman Enterprises. Travis rattled off some general information, but Victor suspected that Travis knew more than just the basics. Travis said he'd just repeated the white noise he'd heard, but it wasn't his life anymore. Victor wondered what Travis really thought about the company.

Travis swore that he didn't have an opinion about Newman, but Victor didn't believe him, since he knew that Travis had been known for his analyses of complex business problems. Victor speculated that Travis had hit a ceiling after others had reaped the fruits of his hard labor when they hadn't deserved it. Travis declared that Newman hadn't been stable since Victor had taken the company public to pay off his settlement to his kids, and he condemned the company using capital to restore weak divisions instead of funding new research and development. Travis cautioned that competitors could see that Newman was vulnerable, and Victor thanked him for having the guts to look him in the eye and tell the truth.

Over lunch at the Athletic Club, Victor informed Travis that Brash & Sassy had always been Victoria's baby, and he was glad she was still involved. Travis flatly asked if Victor intended to make him a job offer before or after coffee, since he knew Victor hadn't needed him to explain what was wrong with Newman. Travis surmised that Victor wanted to keep an eye on him and to allow Victoria to feel like Travis had her father's approval. Victor confirmed it was true, but he respected the fact that Travis didn't mind telling him the truth. Victor wrote down an offer and inquired whether Travis thought it would keep Victoria happy. Billy and Victoria walked in, and Billy suspected that Victor was up to something.

Victoria insisted that Victor liked Travis, and Billy deadpanned that he was simmering with envy. Victoria imagined that Billy was jealous because she'd found someone who fit into her life. Billy guessed that she thought Billy wasn't adult enough to do so, and he stormed out. Victoria approached as Victor told Travis that he didn't need an immediate answer, and she spotted the paper Victor had written on. Travis informed her that Victor had made him an offer to join the company, and Victor urged Travis to take time to think about it. Travis replied that he had, and he passed. Travis thanked Victor for lunch, and he headed out with Victoria, leaving a stunned Victor sitting alone.

Across the club's dining room, Michael reviewed Devon's complaint against GC Buzz, but he noted that Devon had offered the reporter money to try to stop Jack's statement from going public. Michael advised that it wasn't Devon's fight, but Devon argued that he'd bought the club in part to keep the vultures out. Michael suspected that the rag would soon find new fodder and forget about Devon, but Hilary pointed out that they'd been tabloid favorites for too long, so Devon wanted to sue. Michael pointed out that GC Buzz had caught Devon trying to bribe them, and the publication had just been doing their job by reporting it.

Devon swore that he'd just been motivating the reporter to do the right thing and protecting his friend from having a story aired on social media. Michael explained that in order to sue for libel, they'd have to prove that GC Buzz had lied on purpose, but they hadn't. Devon contended that the video had been filmed without his knowledge, but Michael warned that Devon wanted to pick a fight with people who would be happy to shout to the world that a billionaire was silencing freedom of speech. Hilary grumbled that the trolls had won no matter what, and she wondered what good money and power were if they couldn't fight back.

Hilary thought Devon was taking the moral high ground, and she acknowledged that she had sunk to GC Buzz's level at one point, but she was appalled that the tabloid was getting advertising money to humiliate people. Michael argued that the market for it wasn't going away, but Hilary thought the tabloids should focus on people who wanted to be on the gossip pages and not people who were just trying to live their lives. Devon realized that they couldn't change what GC Buzz decided to do, and Michael lectured that a lawsuit wasn't the answer. Devon refused to hide, and he departed to look into something.

Devon entered an office where employees had gathered around a foosball table. Devon called out that he was looking for Howard Green, who messed up his foosball move and headed to the refrigerator for a beer. Devon said he understood Howard owned the production company that published GC Buzz, and Howard recognized Devon and thanked him for the extra footage. Devon protested, but Howard argued that he was just making a living, since they couldn't all inherit a billion dollars. Devon appealed to Howard to leave Jack alone, but Howard contended that Abbott drama got eyes on their website, and ratings meant everything in media.

Devon objected when Howard tried to dismiss him, but Howard snapped that he had a lot on his plate. Devon sourly stated that it took energy to trash people's lives, and Howard huffed that no one was forcing Devon to watch. Devon explained that he'd stopped by to make a rational appeal, but he realized that Howard was only motivated by one thing. Howard said he worked hard to make a living, and he summoned an employee to resume his game at the foosball table.

Meanwhile, Hilary left a message for Devon to ask where he'd gone, and Lily asked if Devon had taken off because of the bribery video. Hilary reported that Devon had woken up angrier than he had been the day before, and Lily guessed that Hilary had put him up to offering the reporter cash. Hilary scoffed at the thought that Devon didn't have a single thought in his head, and she groused that her truce with Lily had lasted all of ten minutes. Hilary said Devon had stood up for Jack, and she loved Devon even more for doing it.

Lily guessed that Jack was Hilary's priority, but Hilary contended that she had a smart, sexy, loving husband, and the thought of cheating was only in Lily's head. Lily snarled that Hilary had made a habit of cheating on her husbands, and Hilary snidely wondered if Lily had spoken with Joe Clark lately. Lily received a text message from Devon, and she found it strange that he was contacting her and not his devoted wife. Lily revealed that Devon wanted to meet both of them in Lily's office.

Later, Devon entered Lily's office, and Hilary and Lily asked what was going on. Devon revealed that he'd met with the guy who owned the company that produced GC Buzz, and the reporter who Devon had tried to bribe appeared at the door. Hilary protested, but Devon said he'd asked the guy there to do a follow-up interview. Hilary privately warned Devon that the reporter would try to get footage to make Devon look worse, but Devon promised it wouldn't happen. Lily and Hilary worriedly agreed that it was a bad idea.

The reporter set up his camera, and he inquired whether Devon had invited him there to chat or to make another charitable donation. Devon proclaimed that he wanted to set the record straight, and the reporter asked if it was about the alleged abuse of Jack's wife. Devon countered that it was about the publication's sick lies, and he vowed that it would stop being ugly and trashy. The reporter contended that it was what he got paid for, but Devon announced that it wasn't the case anymore, since he'd met with Howard Green earlier.

The reporter bragged that Howard would never fire him, and Devon admitted that the reporter was right, but Devon had bought the company that day. Devon picked up the camera and turned it on the reporter, and he announced that he was firing the sleazy journalist. "You can get the hell out now," Devon victoriously added.

Hilary became the new host of GC Buzz Hilary became the new host of GC Buzz

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

by Nel

Michael visited Phyllis in the hospital and was happy that Phyllis was bright enough to check her messages. Phyllis said she hadn't been checking messages -- she'd been looking at memories. She showed Michael the photo of herself and Jack. Phyllis advised Michael she was well enough to be released. Phyllis asked why Michael was there. Michael said he had received paperwork from Jack's lawyer that offered her a substantial settlement. Phyllis said she didn't want Jack's money; she wanted her husband back. Phyllis asked if Michael was advising her to let her marriage go. Michael said that Jack's lawyer had advised that Jack was moving forward on the legal action. Michael asked her to read the offer, so he could counter it.

Phyllis didn't want to talk about legal strategy. She wanted to go home but realized she had nowhere to go. Summer arrived and said Phyllis could stay with her. Phyllis said the last thing Summer needed was her mother as a roommate. Summer said she would decide that. Michael suggested that Phyllis listen to Summer, and he'd take care of the legal issues. Summer felt that Phyllis moving in with her would allow things to settle down, and Phyllis and Jack would realize how much they loved each other. Phyllis didn't think it would be that simple. Summer asked Michael if there was a way to slow down the divorce. Michael said he'd see what he could do, and he left.

Summer suggested she and Phyllis get out of the hospital, get a few things from Jack's, and settle in at Summer's. Phyllis said she could get a room at the Athletic Club because Summer didn't need her mother imposing on her life. Summer assured Phyllis she wasn't. After all the drama Summer had gone through with Luca, Summer wanted to focus on her business classes and expected Phyllis to help her with her business assignments. It would be like having a live-in tutor with real business savvy. Phyllis said she had made a real mess of her life. She'd lost the best man she'd ever known. Summer told Phyllis that she hadn't lost Jack yet.

At Jabot, Jack asked Ashley what every woman wanted. He and Ashley were discussing marketing, and Jack felt the plan he'd been looking at was wrong on many levels. Their customers were unique individuals, and to suggest they should buy as part of the herd was the ultimate insult. They had to talk to marketing. Ashley asked him to put marketing aside. Ashley said that GC Buzz had practically accused Jack of throwing his wife down the stairs. They needed to do some major damage control. Jack said he'd do that by ignoring it. Ashley said that was the worst thing he could do for himself and the company.

Jack reminded Ashley that GC Buzz had done a hatchet job on him and Phyllis, and he wasn't going to dignify it by refuting it. His statement had been taken out of context and twisted, and they'd insinuated that he'd put his wife in the hospital. Ashley said Jack needed a reality check because, in the marketplace, perception was reality. She said that if their customers thought their CEO was capable of harming his wife, Jabot would lose business to Brash & Sassy. She asked if he wanted Jill and Billy to profit from that after all Jack had been through.

Ashley suggested that Jack find a reputable news outlet and face the issue head-on. He and Phyllis needed to tell everyone it had been an accident and the police had dropped their investigation. He needed to explain that the whole situation had been woefully misrepresented. Jack felt that would create a new story and would keep the whole story alive. Jack said he wouldn't do it, and he was done talking about it. Ashley said it wouldn't be over because Jack wished it to be.

Ashley reminded Jack that he didn't have a pre-nuptial agreement, and his divorce could drag on for months. Ashley thought Phyllis would ask for the moon. Jack doubted that would happen, and his lawyer had made a very generous offer. Michael arrived and reported that Phyllis had passed on Jack's offer. Michael advised that Phyllis didn't want a divorce on any terms. Ashley felt Phyllis wanted more time and money. Michael said Phyllis wasn't negotiating for more cash. Michael said that Phyllis loved Jack, and Michael believed that Jack loved Phyllis too.

Ashley asked if Michael was there as Phyllis' lawyer or friend. Michael admitted that sometimes the lines were blurred, but he was Phyllis' lawyer. Jack told Michael to get Phyllis to accept his offer and advised that future communication should be through Jack's lawyer. After Jack left, Ashley told Michael to advise Phyllis it was a fight she wouldn't win. Michael told Ashley that Phyllis didn't want it to become adversarial. Michael suggested a short separation ending in reconciliation. Ashley said Phyllis hadn't compromised the marriage; she'd taken a sledgehammer to it, and there had been nothing left. Ashley suggested that Michael convince Phyllis to take the settlement and not inflict any more heartache or pain on Jack or herself.

Ashley asked if Michael wanted Phyllis' divorce to be played out endlessly in the tabloids. It was up to her and Michael to make it as painless as possible. She told Michael to name his price. Michael envied Ashley because she could devise a formula to reverse the aging process or make someone smell like a little bit of heaven, but he was a lawyer. On a good day, he got to keep people from tearing each other apart. On an excellent day, he could get parties to settle before setting foot in front of a judge, but most days, it was about words -- words that stung, words that did damage and words that no amount of money could take back.

Ashley pointed out that Jack hadn't been hurt by words; he'd been hurt by deeds done in secret, behind his back by his wife and his brother. No act of contrition would ever erase that from Jack's memory. Ashley asked Michael to tell Phyllis to stop hurting the man she had claimed to love and to let Jack go so he could start the healing process.

In the park, Devon asked if Hilary could smell how clean the air was since GC Buzz was gone. Hilary said that she'd been impressed when Devon had fired "that jerk" in Lily's office. Hilary felt it was a lot to absorb, closing down the website and the television show. She said it affected a lot of lives. Devon assured her he would find jobs for all the employees -- except that reporter. Hilary suggested that Devon wouldn't have to find anyone a job if GC Buzz stayed on the air. Devon said he'd bought it specifically to shut it down.

Hilary pointed out that another show just like GC Buzz -- or something even worse -- would pop up in its place. She suggested they take the idea and do it better. Hilary asked Devon who knew gossip better than they did. Hilary wanted Devon to imagine a GC Buzz full of tidbits, but it would never be mean, underhanded, or nasty. They both knew what it had been like to have their personal lives served up on a platter for public amusement. It was an opportunity to turn the tables -- no shots below the belt or kicking people when they were down. Hilary felt people were tired of negativity, and this was their chance to reset the bar.

Devon asked if it was gossip with a conscience. Devon said that was what he loved about Hilary, her passion and excitement about something. Devon said they would need to find the right personality to host it. The host would have to get a following that would tune in every day. Hilary offered to contact talent agencies so the show wouldn't have to go off the air. Devon said it wasn't necessary because he knew the perfect person for the job -- Hilary. Hilary said she didn't have any experience.

Hilary refused and said Devon needed to find someone else. Devon didn't understand her nervousness because he'd seen her in front of a camera many times. Hilary stated they had been press conferences talking about business and science. Devon said that Hilary loved being in the spotlight, no matter what the topic was and asked if there was a difference between entertainment and a press conference. Hilary said there was. The person had to be likeable, or no one would watch. They had to be credible and intelligent. She admitted she lacked the bubbly personality a television gossip show needed, and it wasn't her style.

Devon argued that Hilary had been trying to change the style. Hilary asked about the news part of the program because she was not a journalist. She felt she could do a media event or a ribbon cutting but not an incisive interview. Devon disagreed and felt Hilary had skills that couldn't be taught. She had the ability to see through people and see their real motives. Hilary said that Devon was saying that Hilary knew how to exploit people's weaknesses, which had nothing to do with the show. Devon disagreed and said it had everything to do with the show because she would be tactful but truthful.

Devon felt Hilary would know exactly what to say when faced with a tragedy, and people would fall in love with and trust her. Hilary agreed to do it and to shadow a pro, and perhaps she'd do some small things. Devon thought she would be fine as anchor. He said she knew what she needed to know, and this was gossip with a conscience. He said he had the perfect story for her to start with, and it would make her a star.

At the police station, Kevin received a text message from Chloe that read, "Last night was great. Next time, you, me and Bella." Mariah rushed in and said she needed Kevin's help because Faith was missing. Mariah said they'd been at the park and made plans for her birthday party. Mariah had bought ice cream, and when she'd returned, Faith had been gone. Kevin said it wasn't like Faith to wander off. Mariah thought Faith might have been kidnapped. Kevin assured her that Faith had not been kidnapped at the park. Mariah reminded him that a lot of terrible things had happened at that park. Kevin asked if Mariah had seen anyone strange lurking.

Mariah admitted the park had been almost empty, but that didn't mean that nobody had been lurking or watching. Kevin assured Mariah that Dillon had coached Faith about strangers and being careful in public. Mariah wanted Kevin to put out an APB or Amber Alert. Kevin assured her they didn't need to do that because they were going to the park to find Faith. At that moment, Mariah received a call from Chelsea.

At Chelsea 2.0, Chloe admitted that she'd been caught texting a personal message on company time. Chloe said she'd sent Kevin a thank you text for the night before. Chelsea was happy that Chloe had had a good time on her non-date and hoped Chloe wasn't moving too quickly. Chloe admitted she wasn't. Chloe admitted she hadn't been able to sleep because she'd been thinking about the last time she and Kevin had had a real date. They'd been trying to get back together, but they hadn't because it had been the night Chloe had lost Delia. Chloe said it was weird; she'd been ready to move on with her future, but once again, she'd been reminded of the past.

Chelsea assured Chloe it wasn't weird. Every time Chelsea looked into Connor's face, she felt joy because she saw Adam's face but was also reminded of what she'd lost. Faith rushed in, out of breath, and said she needed Chelsea's help. Faith was in a panic because her birthday party was the next day, and she had nothing to wear that was amazing. Faith said she loved Chelsea's designs. Chelsea asked Faith if Sharon or Nick knew where Faith was. Faith admitted she'd been with Mariah at the park, and when Mariah had gone to buy ice cream, Faith had suddenly realized she needed a new dress, so she'd run all the way to Chelsea's.

Faith knew Chelsea didn't make kids' stuff but hoped Chelsea had something small lying around that might fit her. Faith said she had her tooth fairy money saved so she could pay Chelsea. Chelsea said they could help her, but first things first. Chelsea called Mariah to report that Faith was at the studio and was fine. Chelsea and Chloe fitted a dress on Faith.

Faith insisted that Chelsea and Chloe attend her birthday party and take Connor and Bella. Faith said that ever since Sage had died, Sharon had been worried about Nick. Sharon thought Nick needed to spend time with Connor because of some promise he'd made. Chelsea told Faith that Nick had promised Adam to take care of Connor and to look after Chelsea. Faith insisted that Chelsea say yes and that Sharon wouldn't take no for an answer.

Kevin and Mariah arrived and asked Chloe if Faith was okay. Chloe assured them that Faith was miles beyond okay. Chelsea stepped out and introduced her newest model and creation. Faith emerged wearing her new Chelsea creation that Faith had wanted for her birthday party. Mariah told Faith she was happy that was what Faith had been doing while Mariah had searched frantically for her. Mariah said she'd had the whole police force looking for Faith then admitted she'd only had Kevin. She pointed out that Faith couldn't run off without telling Mariah where she planned to go.

Faith apologized and asked if Mariah loved her new dress. Mariah said Faith looked amazing and asked how Faith was going to pay for the dress. Faith said she'd saved almost twenty dollars from the tooth fairy. Chloe and Chelsea felt they could make it work. Chelsea took Faith in to change. Kevin asked Chloe if he could help her with anything. Chloe mentioned there was a nightly Halloween ghost walk in two weeks, and she'd been thinking about getting a ticket or two. Kevin felt two weeks was a long wait. Chloe suggested they could go to Faith's birthday party together. Mariah was not pleased to see them together.

In the meantime, Chelsea promised Faith she'd have Faith's dress delivered before her birthday party. Faith said she had five dollars in her purse and asked if she could pay them the rest later. Chelsea told her not to worry about payment because it was Chelsea's gift to Faith. Faith was thrilled and hugged Chelsea and Chloe. Mariah said they had to leave and asked if Kevin was joining them. Mariah was disappointed when Kevin chose to stay behind, but she covered by saying she needed to talk to Faith about running off without telling anyone. Chelsea left to work on Faith's dress.

Chloe asked if Kevin had wanted to go with Mariah. Kevin said he hadn't. Kevin asked Chloe what had been bothering her. Chloe said she'd been having second thoughts, and maybe it wasn't meant to be between them. Kevin said they'd had an amazing night over cheeseburgers, and she had just invited him for the ghost walk and Faith's birthday party. Chloe reminded him that Mariah was Faith's sister and would be watching their every move and feeling crappy about it. Chloe felt she hadn't considered Mariah's feelings.

Mariah was still into Kevin, and Chloe thought they should stop before someone got hurt. Kevin assured Chloe that no one would get hurt. Kevin said Mariah knew that he and Chloe had a history, some of it sad, but a lot of it had been pretty great. Mariah was a friend and wanted Kevin to be happy. Chloe said she didn't want Kevin to be put into a position of having to choose between her and whatever "this" was and his best friend. Kevin assured her that wouldn't happen and didn't know what "this" was, either, but he wanted to find out. Chelsea told Kevin to shut up and kiss Chloe. Kevin said Chelsea was the boss and kissed Chloe.

In the park, Mariah told Faith that the next time they went out, she would ask Dylan for an extra pair of handcuffs so Faith could be cuffed to the park bench when Mariah went to buy ice cream. Faith apologized, but Mariah understood that Faith had been excited about her party. Faith said she wasn't apologizing just for running away, but for pushing Kevin and Chloe together by inviting them to her party. Faith could tell it had made Mariah jealous.

Phyllis and Summer arrived at the Abbott mansion. At the base of the stairs, Phyllis told Summer that was where Phyllis had tried to hold on to Jack when he'd pulled away. Phyllis suggested she should have taken Michael's advice, accepted the settlement, and moved on. Summer offered to get a few things for Phyllis and return later to pack up the rest of Phyllis' things. Phyllis said she didn't want to pack and move out of her home, and she didn't want her marriage to be over. Summer comforted Phyllis while they sat on the stairs. Phyllis said she didn't know what she'd do if it weren't for Summer. Summer said Phyllis had to put one foot in front of the other, and she'd find a way to get through it.

Phyllis knew she'd been responsible for everything. Summer said Billy carried his own share of the blame. As much as Summer loved Jack, he was no saint. Jack would wake up one morning and forgive Phyllis. Jack arrived, and Phyllis explained that she was there to get some of her things. Jack said she should have called first. Phyllis explained she'd been released earlier than expected and only had a mild concussion with no lasting effects. Jack said he was happy she was better and had no reason to drag her feet with the divorce.

Summer wanted to pack some things for Phyllis, but Jack wanted her to stay before someone suggested that Phyllis wasn't safe around him. Jack said Michael had stopped by and mentioned Phyllis had turned down his offer. Jack assumed that was standard operating procedure for getting a higher settlement. Phyllis said she had made it clear she was not interested in the money. Jack said they were at an impasse because he wasn't interested in making their marriage work. Summer begged Jack to call it off. Jack said he knew Summer meant well, but the marriage was beyond repair.

Phyllis wanted to get her things, but Jack said Mrs. Martinez had already packed them. Phyllis could have saved herself a trip had she called first. Phyllis said she'd hoped Jack had told Mrs. Martinez to send her things to Summer's place, unless Jack said she couldn't live there, since he owned the condo. Jack advised that what Phyllis did and where she went was no longer his concern. Summer suggested they leave, but Jack asked Phyllis to give back his house key. Phyllis returned his key. She and Summer left.

Ashley arrived and asked if Jack was okay. Jack admitted he'd be fine as soon as he got the last shred of Phyllis out of his house. Ashley told Jack she'd been able to talk Michael into getting Phyllis to accept a settlement, but it would not be cheap. She'd advised Michael to give them a dollar amount, and they would pay it in exchange for Jack's freedom. Jack said he didn't care what it cost, as long as it got Phyllis out of his life for good.

At GC Buzz studio, Hilary prepared for her first appearance. She was extremely nervous, and Devon told to relax and be herself. Hilary wanted to rehearse. She started reading the script, but it was only smut. She asked who wrote that crap. Devon told her to say things in her own words. Devon told Hilary to handle things her way. He told her to look into the camera and tell the story only she could tell because she knew Jack personally and knew all the players. He told her to tell the real story from her heart. Hilary looked into the camera, introduced herself, and said she was going to talk about Jack's real story. When Hilary wrapped up her story, Devon was delighted and claimed a star had been born.

Phyllis and Summer arrived at Summer's. Summer suggested that Phyllis lie down on the couch while Summer made up a bed. Phyllis said she wasn't tired, just lost. Phyllis couldn't blame Jack for not wanting a reminder of their marriage. Phyllis said she no longer had a marriage, home, or job -- just boxes filled with regret. Summer said she'd help Phyllis put her life together again. Summer knew it wasn't the life Phyllis had planned, and Summer admitted she wasn't living the life she'd planned.

Michael arrived and told Phyllis he'd spoken to Jack. Phyllis said she'd spoken to Jack, also, and all he'd wanted was her signature on the divorce papers. Michael knew it wasn't what she wanted to hear, but he advised her to walk away with something. He said Ashley had been eager to get Phyllis out of the family, and Phyllis could name her own price. Phyllis advised Michael to make a counter offer. She didn't want any money as long as she stayed at Jabot.

Family and friends celebrate Faith's birthday Family and friends celebrate Faith's birthday

Thursday, September 29, 2016

At the Athletic Club, Lily was irate when she learned that Hilary was the new host of GC Buzz, and Hilary announced that she was also writing and co-producing the show. Lily incredulously asked if Devon was okay with that, given that Hilary had used the company to destroy their family. Lily suspected that Hilary was more devious than ever, and she questioned who Hilary's next victim would be. Devon said Lily was out of line, since it had been his idea to buy the media company and make Hilary the face of it. He contended that he wanted to change way GC Buzz operated, but Lily thought it was terrifying that Hilary had such a huge weapon at her disposal. Devon encouraged Lily to tune in for their first show that day.

At Brash & Sassy, Victoria vetoed every advertising mockup she looked at, and Cane guessed that she wasn't interested because she had somewhere to be. Travis entered with Johnny and Katie, who were dressed festively for Faith's birthday party. Victoria praised Travis' efforts to get the kids ready as Billy looked on. Victoria said she'd be back at work after the party, and Billy kissed the kids goodbye. Victoria left with Travis and the children, and Billy resumed working. Cane couldn't believe that Billy was seriously okay with the situation.

Billy thought Victoria had missed the mark when she'd tossed the mockups aside, and Cane guessed that she'd been focused on her hot date with Travis and the kids. Cane stressed that Travis was the guy who made Billy's kids breakfast every morning, and he recalled that he'd almost lost his own mind when Joe had taken Charlie to a football game. Billy reasoned that Cane and Lily had still been married at the time, but Billy and Victoria were divorced. Cane countered that marital status didn't matter when another man was playing daddy to one's kids, but Lily interrupted and proclaimed that Cane wouldn't believe what Hilary was up to.

Lily revealed that Devon had purchased GC Buzz, and Hilary was the new "spokesdemon." She thought the idea reeked of Hilary, and she suspected that Hilary's plan was to have them lower their guards while she used the platform to settle her grudges. Lily thought Billy should be worried in light of recent events, and she told the men to brace themselves as she turned on the television. Meanwhile, Hilary paced in her and Devon's hotel room, but Devon assured her that she had nothing to be nervous about. They began watching the television segment.

On the show, Hilary declared that she'd seen Jack and Phyllis portrayed as stereotypes, but she knew that they weren't bullies or victims. Hilary empathized that Jack and Phyllis were going through a painful, public humiliation that would humble even the best of them, and she thought the couple needed their privacy. Hilary acknowledged that GC Buzz could have dug through the Abbotts' garbage or followed their every move, but she questioned whether the viewers would want to be treated that way. Hilary recounted what her life had been like when she'd become a tabloid sensation, and she vowed to give the Abbotts what they wanted -- time to figure out what was best for them.

Cane noted that Hilary hadn't gone for the jugular, but Lily still found Hilary's actions suspicious. Billy opined that Hilary had done a good job, and the show had been better than the one he'd tried to do at Restless Style. "More power to her," Billy stated, but Lily groused that the last thing Hilary needed was more power.

Devon and Hilary watched as she wrapped up the show by announcing that they'd tell stories, but they wouldn't invent them. She intended to poke fun at those who deserved it and to dig up dirt on fascinating people, and she hoped the audience joined her on the journey. Devon shut off the television and turned to the bar to pour a drink, and he gushed that she had been passionate and convincing and that she'd looked incredible. Hilary started to disrobe when he had his back turned to her, and he turned around and was barely able to finish his sentence about censors and standards. She removed her bra and asked what the censors said about that, and he remarked that he'd never made love to a television star before. She purred that there was a first time for everything, and they kissed passionately.

At the penthouse, Chelsea put the finishing touches on Faith's dress, and Chloe suggested that Chelsea start a line for kids. Chelsea agreed to consider it when things got close to normal again, and Chloe offered to drop the dress off for her. Chelsea said she'd promised to be there, and she wanted to return the favor after everything Nick had done for her and Connor. Chloe remarked that Chelsea saw it that way, but she'd gotten the feeling that Sharon was pushing Chelsea and Nick together. Chelsea insisted that she and Nick were nothing more than friends.

Nick arrived at the cottage, and Sharon informed him that Faith was upstairs, picking out hair accessories. Nick jokingly offered his expertise, and Sharon thought it had to be something spectacular to go with Faith's new dress. Sharon remarked that Faith was lucky to have Chelsea in her life, and she hoped Chelsea would be there to celebrate. Nick said that was the plan, and Sharon thought the party was just what everyone needed.

Faith presented two tiaras to Nick, and he confidently picked one, but Sharon recommended the other. Nick let Chelsea in and declared that she was the deciding vote. Chelsea chose the same tiara that Nick had, and she handed Faith her dress. Faith squealed with excitement, and Sharon took Faith upstairs to try it on. Nick praised Chelsea for giving Faith an original design, and Chelsea recalled that she'd never really had birthday celebrations when she'd been younger. She remembered her mom sneaking her into another girl's pizza party and pretending it was Chelsea's.

Nick volunteered to pull out all the stops for Connor's birthday, including dressing up as a dinosaur. Chelsea laughed and said she'd love to see that. Sharon dramatically announced Faith's entrance, and Faith descended the stairs in her new dress. Faith twirled around, and Nick called her the prettiest thing he'd ever seen. Faith thanked Chelsea for the best dress ever, and she hugged Chelsea.

Nikki stopped by Newman Enterprises and hoped Victor was ready for Faith's party. Victor claimed that he'd forgotten, and he asked if they could have a private party with just the three of them instead. Nikki scolded that he'd known about it for weeks, and Victor conceded that he had to put family first. Victor imagined they'd been to hundreds or thousands of birthday parties, and Nikki admitted that he'd been to his fair share. Victor asked if Victoria was going to be there with her new boyfriend, and Nikki warned him not to give Victoria grief. Victor asserted that he liked the guy, and he thought Travis was good for Victoria. Nikki wondered what Victor was up to.

Nikki explained that she was thrilled that Victor had accepted Travis, but she was suspicious about how quickly Victor had changed his mind. Victor recognized that he and Travis had gotten off to a rocky start, but he thought Travis seemed shrewd and had a backbone -- all the qualities that Billy was missing. Victor mentioned that Travis had turned his job offer down flat, but he thought Travis might change his mind by the time they got to the party. Nikki warned Victor not to turn Faith's day into a recruitment opportunity, and Victor assured her that she had nothing to worry about.

At Crimson Lights, Mariah decorated the coffeehouse for Faith's party, and she asked Dylan if they needed more balloons. Dylan remarked that they'd float away if they had any more, and Mariah hoped Faith appreciated the thousand paper cuts Mariah had suffered from tying ribbons. Mariah inquired whether Dylan had taken the day off from work, and he mentioned that he planned to go in after the party. Mariah questioned whether he looked for certain signs when he investigated people, and Dylan prompted her to just ask what she wanted to find out.

Mariah confided that she was worried about Kevin because something seemed off with Chloe. Dylan encouraged Mariah to trust her instincts, and Mariah explained that she didn't have any proof, but things didn't add up with her. She revealed that Chloe had told contradicting stories about Bella's father, and Chloe had gone from pushing Mariah and Kevin together to dating him herself. Mariah compared it to flipping a switch, and Dylan asked when she'd noticed the change. Mariah realized that it had been after Adam had died, and she sensed that Chloe was hiding something. Kevin entered with Chloe and asked if everyone was ready to party.

The party got underway, and Victoria and Travis greeted Nick, who made the rounds to welcome the guests. Nick thanked Kevin and Chloe for being there, and Chloe asked how the dress looked on the birthday girl. Nick invited her to check out Faith on the patio, and Chloe spotted Victor heading to the patio and followed him. Chloe approached Victor and Faith, and Victor urged Faith to join her friends. Chloe observed that Dylan had backed off the investigation, and Victor curtly informed her that he no longer needed updates from her, so she could disappear. Dylan joined them and hoped no one ended up under arrest at the party.

Dylan clarified that he wasn't supposed to be within a hundred yards of Victor, but Victor suggested that they let bygones be bygones on Faith's special day. Across the coffeehouse, a stunned Sharon spotted the men shaking hands, and she asked if someone had put hallucinogens in the punch. Nikki hoped it was a step in the right direction, and she mentioned that she'd heard Sully was walking. Nikki remarked that it was the earliest of all the grandchildren, since Sully wouldn't turn one until the end of November. Sharon plastered on a nervous smile and agreed that it was incredible.

Victor greeted Travis, and Nikki imagined that Victor couldn't wait to sing "Happy Birthday" to Faith. Victor joked that he was known for his singing at parties but only after tequila, and Travis was surprised to see that side of Victor. Nikki commented that sharks weren't always on attack, and Victor noted that Jack would be going after him with both guns blazing. Travis guessed that Victor needed fresh blood to fend off the attack, and Victor inquired whether Travis was still mulling over the job offer. Nikki reprimanded Victor for talking business, but Victor replied that Travis was old enough to make up his own mind.

Nick approached Victoria and asked what was up with Victor and Travis, and Victoria reported that it was possible Victor liked her boyfriend. Nick warned her to be careful, since Victor always had an agenda. Victoria grumbled that Nick sounded like Billy.

The partygoers happily posed for pictures with goofy props. Sharon and Nick toasted to their daughter, and Nick jokingly complimented Faith's insane nail polish skills, adding that people should see his toes. Sharon gushed that she loved Faith more than words could say, and she wished the girl a happy birthday. Nick declared that the party was over, but Faith protested that they still had to have cake. Nick, Sharon, and Dylan pretended that they'd forgotten to get one, but Victor and Nikki entered with a candle-topped cake. The crowd broke out into song, and Faith silently made a wish and blew out the candles as the guests applauded.

Kevin said he had to add children's birthday parties to his list of dating venues, and Chloe replied that it had been exactly what she'd needed. Dylan noted that Chelsea looked happy, and he credited Chloe for standing by Chelsea after the night Adam had died. Chloe thought Nick was the one who deserved the kudos, since he'd been amazing through all of it.

Across the room, Nick declared that the best part of any party was the cake, and Chelsea thanked him for inviting her and Connor. She apologized for overreacting by pushing Nick away, but he understood how difficult things were after the loss of a loved one, and he promised that they would get easier. She inquired whether his toes were really painted, and he grinned and responded, "Hot pink."

Chloe asked to speak with Mariah, who said she was busy. Chloe insisted on clearing the air, and Mariah replied that she hadn't been aware that it needed clearing. Chloe pointed out that it was obvious that Mariah still had feelings for Kevin, and they had to figure things out if they were to continue working together. Mariah admitted that she couldn't stand watching her best friend get used.

Mariah pointed out that Chloe had insisted that she and Kevin were ancient history a few weeks earlier, but Chloe and Kevin had suddenly become "lovey-dovey." Chloe referred to her complicated history with Kevin, and she apologized if Mariah felt sideswiped, but she argued that Mariah had sworn that she didn't have feelings for Kevin. Mariah snapped that she didn't have to deal with it, and Chloe reiterated that they needed to get past it in order to work together. Mariah retorted that she quit.

Sharon called out that it was time for presents, and Victor presented Faith with a framed stock certificate for shares in their family company. Faith said it was cool, and Nikki added that it wasn't Faith's only present, since "she" was on her way to the ranch. Faith excitedly realized that it was a pony, and Nikki mentioned that Victor had picked the horse out just for Faith. Faith hugged Victor as Nick and Dylan rolled their eyes.

After the party, Mariah cleaned up behind the counter, and Kevin approached and wondered why she'd quit her job. She replied that the fashion world didn't suit her, but he suspected that it was a "jealousy thing." Mariah insisted that it wasn't, but she didn't like people who lied to her friends. Kevin swore that Chloe wasn't lying, but Mariah told him to open his eyes. Kevin was sure that he didn't need protection from Chloe, and he thought he and Chloe were in a good place. Mariah told him not to say that she hadn't warned him.

Kevin asked Chloe if Bella had conked out, and Chloe groaned that she needed an arm replacement after rocking the stroller. Kevin began to rub her shoulders, and she thought they should talk about "Hurricane Mariah" spinning out of control. Chloe wondered if there had been more going on between Kevin and Mariah than he'd been letting on, but he insisted that his and Mariah's shot at dating had crashed and burned. Chloe reminded Kevin of their promise to be honest with one another, and he confided that Mariah thought Chloe was hiding something about Bella's dad.

Chelsea returned to the penthouse with Nick, Faith, and Connor, and Nick carried Connor upstairs. Chelsea said she'd ask if Faith had had fun, but it was written all over the girl's face. Faith declared that the party had been perfect, and she'd even gotten her birthday wish -- her dad was happy again. Chelsea was touched that it had been what Faith had wished for, and Faith added that she thought her mommy was right -- Nick was happy because of Chelsea. Nick appeared on the stairs.

Nick said Connor had mumbled something about more cake before he'd fallen asleep, and he asked if Faith was ready to go. Faith thanked Chelsea for the dress and said the party wouldn't have been the same without her there. Nick hugged Chelsea, and he and Faith departed. Chelsea paused and looked thoughtful on her way up the stairs.

At the cottage, Dylan reported that Sully was down for the count, and he prepared to go to the police station. Sharon thanked Dylan for lending them the coffeehouse and putting up with Victor, and Dylan said he'd gotten a new perspective on things. The phone rang, and Dylan answered, but no one was on the line. He noted that it had been happening a lot lately.

Victoria and Travis joined Victor and Nikki at the Athletic Club, and Nikki said it had been fun to see Faith happy. Travis remarked that Victor had a beautiful family, especially Victoria. Victoria stepped away to take a work call, and Nikki excused herself to go to the ladies' room so that Victor could conduct the business he'd been itching to do. Once the men were alone, Victor figured that there had to be a division under Newman's umbrella that piqued Travis' interest, but Travis maintained that he wasn't interested in working with executives at a public company. Victor argued that Travis wouldn't get a better offer, and if Travis wanted to work for the best, the best was Newman.

Billy entered the club and spotted Victor and Travis together as Victoria finished her call. Billy cautioned that Travis was getting in deeper with Victor, but Victoria only saw two adults getting along -- something Billy had never been able to manage.

Nikki returned to the table, and Victor asked if she was ready to go home, since his business was done. Nikki guessed that she should welcome Travis to Newman Enterprises.

Sharon gets a disturbing call from... Sharon gets a disturbing call from...

Friday, September 30, 2016

Nick dropped off Faith at the cottage, and Faith carried in a present that someone had left on the porch. She wanted to open the gift right away, but Sharon suggested that Faith change out of her dress first. Faith ran upstairs, and Nick confronted Sharon about what she'd done and how she'd used their daughter to do it. Nick reported that Faith had told him that Sharon had been trying to push him and Chelsea together, and Sharon chalked it up to their child's vivid imagination. Nick told Sharon to stop planting seeds and stay out of his personal life.

Sharon defended that she wanted both Nick and Chelsea to be happy, and she knew he wanted to keep his promise to Adam. Nick snapped that he could deal with his private life on his own, and he was annoyed that Sharon had dragged Faith into it. He worried about what Faith had said to Chelsea, but Sharon was sure it had been totally innocent. Sharon bet that Chelsea was grateful to Nick for showing up when she'd needed someone, and she thought Nick had needed it, too. Nick retorted that he didn't need Sharon running interference, and he questioned how Sharon would feel if he poked around in her personal life. Nick stormed out as Faith returned downstairs, and she asked if she'd gotten Sharon in trouble.

Sharon and Faith carried gifts downstairs, and Sharon assured Faith that she hadn't done anything wrong. Faith said her daddy had sounded mad, but she'd thought he liked Chelsea. Sharon explained that he did, but he also missed Sage sometimes. Faith thought Sage would want Nick to be happy, and she imagined Sage was looking down and thanking Sharon for what she was doing. Sharon answered a call, but no one was there.

Faith played with a new baby doll, and Sharon asked who it was from. Faith looked for a card but couldn't find one, and Sharon said they'd figure it out. Later, Sharon answered another call, and there was once again silence on the other end. She demanded to know why the caller was harassing her, and Patty identified herself. A stunned Sharon asked what Patty wanted, and Patty inquired whether Faith had received her gift of the baby doll. Patty hoped Faith enjoyed it, but she added that it was nothing like having a real baby. "Is it, Sharon?" Patty ominously asked.

At the penthouse, Chelsea flashed back to Nick hugging her goodbye when he'd dropped her off after Faith's birthday party. Chloe arrived home, and Chelsea asked how her second non-date with Kevin had gone. Chloe replied that it had just been a cup of coffee, and Chelsea noted that it sounded friendly and normal. Chloe thought Chelsea's reaction was odd, but Chelsea told Chloe not to turn her comment into something it wasn't. Chloe pointed out that saying something was nothing definitely meant it was something, and she thought Chelsea was being particularly sensitive. Chelsea admitted that it was about Nick.

Chelsea recounted that Nick had given her a friendly, supportive hug, and Chloe wondered why Chelsea was stressed out about it. Chelsea recalled that Faith had pushed her to go to the party in a sweet way, but Faith had also indicated that Sharon and Nick had wanted Chelsea to be there. Chelsea was concerned that she'd given Nick the wrong impression, but Chloe pointed out that Nick had initiated the hug. Chloe asked how Chelsea had felt when he'd hugged her, and Chelsea replied that it had been friendly and cordial.

Chloe guessed that the hug had made Chelsea feel like she'd been cheating on Adam, and Chelsea blurted out that the idea of being with someone else was gross. Chloe advised Chelsea not to overthink it, since Nick was a great guy who would never cross the line. Chelsea agreed, but she thought she needed to talk to Nick about boundaries. Chelsea questioned how she was supposed to start a conversation about how she didn't think about him that way without making it sound like she really did. Chloe thought the idea of being just friends was great, but it never worked.

Chelsea recalled that she and Adam had only been friends at first, but they'd eventually fallen in love and gotten married. Chloe noted that she and Kevin had fallen in love and gotten divorced, and Chelsea referred to what Kevin had with Mariah. Chloe said she thought Mariah still carried a torch for him, and Chelsea realized that had been why Mariah had quit her job, but Chloe turned the topic back to Chelsea and Nick. Chelsea said she enjoyed her friendship with Nick, but she lamented that it was doomed. Nick arrived and asked if it was a bad time, but Chloe remarked that his timing couldn't have been better.

Chelsea protested when Chloe went upstairs to check on the kids, and she and Nick both nervously started talking at the same time. Chelsea said she had to get something straight with him, and he replied that he needed to do the same thing. Nick insisted on going first, and he apologized for overstepping his bounds. He revealed that he'd heard that Sharon had said something to Faith about getting him and Chelsea together, and he knew that Faith had told Chelsea about it.

Nick imagined how Chelsea had felt when he'd hugged her earlier, and he was surprised when Chelsea started laughing. She informed him that she'd intended to have the same conversation with him, and she thanked him for already doing the hard work. They agreed that they were on the same page, and he departed. Chelsea breathed a sigh of relief.

At the Athletic Club, Billy asked Victoria if she honestly didn't see how Victor and Nikki were smiling at Travis. Victoria scoffed at the thought that being smiled at was a bad thing, and she stated that Travis acted like an adult and made the effort that Billy never had. Billy countered that he'd actually stood up to Victor, and Travis joined them and announced that Victoria had missed the big moment when he'd accepted Victor's job offer. Billy wasn't surprised.

Billy snickered and wished Travis luck, since Victor was about to make Travis' life miserable. Billy went to the bar and ordered a scotch, and Travis followed him and said he was looking forward to working with someone accomplished and knowledgeable. Billy continued to chortle as he stepped away to let Travis and Victoria talk about it. Travis asked if Victoria was going to congratulate him, but she replied that she needed him to explain, since he'd told both her and her father that he wasn't interested in working with Victor. She wondered what had changed.

Travis had assumed that Victoria would be happy about it, but she couldn't figure out why he was happy, since he'd told her all about why he'd walked away from the corporate world. Victoria cautioned that her father moved people around like pawns, but Travis asserted that he made his own judgments about people, and he'd seen that Victor cared about his family. Victoria suspected that the job offer meant that Victor wanted something, but Travis replied that Victor's motives weren't an issue. Victoria realized that Travis was truly excited about it, and he reasoned that the "chill life" could get boring. Victoria worried that Victor was testing him, and she said she had to get to work. Travis insisted on taking her there after making a stop along the way.

Travis took Victoria to Hank's Bar, which was closed, and he mentioned that he'd picked up the key from the buddy who'd bought the bar. He recounted where he'd stood the first time she'd walked in, and she called the moment they'd met life-changing, but she insisted that she had to get to work. He encouraged her to remember how she'd walked over to the jukebox, and she recalled that she hadn't been able to play her song because he'd been too lazy to change the labels. Victoria swore that she wasn't angry that Travis was going to work for her father, but he playfully called her a liar and put a coin in the jukebox.

As Victoria and Travis slow-danced to the music, and she said she knew he could take care of himself, but she didn't want her father to break them up. Victoria added that she didn't want Travis or their relationship to change. Travis insisted that Newman was just a job, but Victoria was what was important to him. He prepared to drive her to work, and he promised that he'd be home when she got there, since he wasn't going anywhere. They left together.

Michael greeted Jack and Ashley at Jabot, and Jack grumbled that all communication should go through his attorney, but Michael didn't think they had to be that adversarial. Jack flatly asked what Phyllis' terms were, and Michael said her offer required a yes or no answer. Ashley immediately replied no, but Jack conceded that it was okay if it hastened Phyllis' exit from his life. Michael revealed that Phyllis was generously willing to grant Jack a divorce free and clear, with each of them leaving with what they'd had prior to their union. Jack thought it sounded too good to be true, and Michael added that there was one condition.

Michael divulged that all Phyllis wanted was to keep her job at Jabot, and he considered it to be a generous compromise. Ashley protested that there was no way Phyllis could continue to work there, and Jack contended that after months of placating his wife, he owed himself some peace. Michael advised Jack to think about the financial repercussions, but Jack said Phyllis could have anything she wanted. Michael reiterated that she wanted her job back, and Jack angrily tossed things off the desk. Michael warned that saying no would just prolong the pain, but Jack spat that he didn't even want to see Phyllis, much less work with her every day. Jack refused to give Phyllis an office, and he dismissively said they were done. Michael left, and Jack told Ashley that he had to get out of there for a little while to "handle it."

Later, Ashley griped to Billy that the backstabbing woman he'd slept with wouldn't quit, and she insisted that he do something. Ashley figured that Phyllis wanted to convince Jack that he couldn't live without her, and Billy surmised that Ashley wouldn't allow it to happen. Ashley pushed Billy to talk Phyllis into taking money and walking away, and he replied that he'd love to talk to Phyllis, but she wouldn't listen to him. Billy said Phyllis wanted nothing to do with him, but Ashley thought the least he could do was try.

Billy pointed out that Phyllis had risked her marriage to be with him, and he had been the one waiting for her in the hospital after her fall, but she'd asked for Jack. Ashley refused to let Phyllis hurt Jack again, and she thought that Billy's connection with Phyllis had to count for something. Billy reiterated that it had always been about Jack with Phyllis, and Billy's feelings were irrelevant to her. Ashley insisted that Billy knew Phyllis, so there had to be something he could say to shut down Phyllis' attempt to salvage her marriage. Billy maintained that Phyllis was determined to get back together with Jack, and Ashley conceded that nothing ever changed Phyllis' mind.

Later, Travis walked Victoria to Brash & Sassy, and Billy expressed surprise that she was actually there. She kissed Travis goodbye and chided Billy for the crack about her showing up for work. He grumbled that he thought she'd be out celebrating "the cowboy's" new job, and she snapped that their personal lives were none of one another's business. Billy asked what she'd say if he told her that he and Phyllis were getting back together, and Victoria became incensed. Billy pointed out that Victoria was back in his business at the mention of Phyllis' name.

Victoria couldn't believe that Billy was comparing his affair with Phyllis to her real relationship with Travis, and she admonished Billy for being the reason Phyllis and Jack would never get back together. Billy reasoned that he and Victoria would also never reunite, and he questioned what the difference was. Victoria hissed that Phyllis loved Jack, whereas Victoria felt nothing for Billy.

Phyllis sifted through boxes of her belongings at Summer's apartment, and Summer remarked that Jack sending over Phyllis' things made it feel final. Phyllis declared that Jack might have given up on their marriage, but she hadn't, and she was moving on to "plan B." After Phyllis revealed her plan, Summer warned that it was a bad idea, since it would rub Phyllis' affair in his face. Phyllis intended to remind Jack of the reasons why they shouldn't give up, but Summer urged her to give him time and let it happen naturally. Phyllis refused to leave it to chance, and Summer worried that Phyllis would make things worse.

Summer suggested that Phyllis devise another plan, and the doorbell rang. Phyllis guessed it was Michael, but Summer invited Jack in and excused herself to study. Jack informed Phyllis that Michael had presented her offer, but he thought keeping her job couldn't possibly be what she really wanted. Phyllis stressed that she wanted their life and marriage back, but Jack huffed that she was clearly struggling to understand the damage she'd done, and he coldly stated that he didn't love her anymore. She countered that if that was the case, he shouldn't have any problem with her returning to work.

Jack contended that Phyllis could make him happy by giving him a quick and easy divorce, but there would be nothing easy about seeing her at work every day. Phyllis argued that she'd just be another employee, and she noted that he was civil to a lot of people he didn't like. Jack refused to relive her betrayal on a daily basis, but she vowed to face her mistake every day because she believed in them. Jack ordered her to tell Michael that she was withdrawing her offer and to name a number, since Jack wouldn't work with her. Phyllis threatened to take half of his share of the company if he didn't give her back her job, so she'd be back at Jabot one way or the other. She excused herself to find something nice to wear on her first day back at work.

Jack questioned why Phyllis would surround herself with bad blood and animosity, and he thought he shouldn't have to deal with her constant presence. He asked if she was doing it to be vindictive, but she swore that she was trying to help him see what they'd been together and the future they could still have. She continued that they'd made great things happen together, but he barked that she was wasting his time. Phyllis asserted that she was saving what was left of her life, but Jack walked out, slamming the door behind him.

Phyllis told Summer that her talk with Jack had been productive, but Summer pointed out that she'd heard yelling, and Jack was gone. Phyllis said she'd explain later, since she had to get ready to make a good impression at work. After Phyllis left, Nick checked in on Summer and asked if she'd seen Sharon lately. Summer replied that Sharon had seemed happy when Summer had seen her, and she imagined that Sharon's life was pretty perfect. Nick wondered why Sharon couldn't keep herself from meddling in his.

Jack returned to the office and told Ashley that his settlement with Phyllis had cost him a job. Ashley was shocked that he'd given in, and Jack explained that with no prenuptial agreement, his only other option was not only working with Phyllis but also sharing the business with her. Ashley blasted Phyllis for taking advantage of Jack's trust, and Jack reported that Phyllis thought the closer proximity would heal their marriage. Jack announced his intent to give Phyllis a "dose of hell" if she chose to work there, but Ashley was skeptical.

There was a knock at the door, and Phyllis entered in a sexy dress and declared that she was ready to work. Ashley silently walked out, and Phyllis thanked Jack for listening to reason. He replied that she hadn't given him much of a choice, and he instructed her to follow him. He led her to a cramped, windowless room and indicated that it was her new office. He dumped a pile of paperwork on the desk and told her to have it reconciled by morning.

Ashley rode down in the elevator, and Travis wordlessly boarded on a lower floor. The elevator suddenly stopped, and the lights went out. Ashley frantically pressed the buttons, but Travis noted that it wouldn't help. She groaned that the day couldn't get any worse.

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