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Patty became agitated when Paul mentioned Sully. Dylan requested that Nick stay with Sharon. Brash & Sassy successfully launched its new fragrance, Bare. Phyllis confronted Jack about his plan for revenge against Victor, and she wanted to be part of it.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of October 10, 2016 on Y&R
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Billy Takes Control of His Life Billy Takes Control of His Life

Monday, October 10, 2016

At the Genoa City Athletic Club, Neil joined Lily and her children for dinner. After Lily mentioned that Cane often worked late at Brash & Sassy, Neil asked Lily what she thought of Cane being away from her and the children. Lily replied, "You have no idea what's going on there. They need Cane now more than ever." After dinner, Neil again asked about Cane's absence. Lily said Cane was catching up with work after his interview with Hilary. Lily noted that she wasn't worried about Hilary turning the interview into trashy journalism because Cane could handle it. Neil offered to take care of Mattie and Charlie, and he urged Lily to meet Cane at the office.

In the lab at Jabot's headquarters, Cane met with Devon, Hilary, and a crew from GC Buzz. Victoria arrived and said, "Billy and Travis are in jail!" Hilary motioned to her photographer to covertly record Victoria. Devon, concerned, asked Victoria to explain. Victoria replied, "I don't know. A bar fight." Hilary asked Victoria if she believed she might be the reason that Billy and Travis had fought. Victoria said she assumed Billy had instigated the fight. Cane added, "Billy's always upset about something. You saw the way he turned this interview into a free-for-all. It's kind of obvious he was gunning for a fight when he left here."

Hilary, aware that the camera was recording her interactions with Victoria, noted that Victoria and her children were living in the same home with Travis. Victoria, exasperated, said Billy and Travis could get themselves out of jail because she'd rather be home with her children. Hilary kept the conversation going by noting that Victoria might be responsible. Cane spoke up again and said, "She doesn't have to feel responsible for her husband's poor choices, and if Billy doesn't get his focus straight, this business is going to suffer."

Hilary seemed annoyed with Cane and replied, "I really don't think that the company is important right now." Victoria agreed with Cane and said she couldn't continue running interference for Billy. Hilary refused to back down and suggested that Victoria at least consider helping Travis because he'd done nothing wrong. Victoria reluctantly agreed.

After Victoria left and Cane went inside the office to answer a phone call, Devon asked Hilary what she planned to do. Hilary replied, "I am turning this story into a gold mine." After Cane stepped out of the office, Devon ushered Hilary into the office for a conference. Hilary defended her plans. Hilary said she should be at the jail with a photographer capturing the moment Victoria arrived to confront Billy after he'd acted hostile during the interview. Devon replied, "It's trashy journalism, though."

Hilary explained to Devon that personal stories were more interesting. Devon asked if Hilary had pressured Victoria to visit the jail just so she could get a better story. Devon reminded Hilary that their goal was never to profit from other people's misery. Devon advised Hilary to "kill the story" because Victoria's children and others could also be hurt. Hilary argued that she could handle the story. Devon threatened to shut down the show. Hilary agreed to abide by Devon's wishes.

Devon saw Cane standing in the lab and told Hilary they still had an untapped source. Hilary opened the office door and approached Cane. Hilary invited Cane to participate in a one-on-one interview. Hilary asked Cane what made Brash & Sassy special. Cane replied, "I think this company benefits from three strong leaders that have had a lot of experience running their own businesses." Cane added that though he and his partners sometimes had differences, he and his teammates respected each other and had always put business before personal issues. Cane gave credit to Jill for placing him, Victoria, and Billy together to create magic.

After the interview, Cane returned to his office alone to catch up. He was busy typing on his laptop when Lily arrived. Lily let down her hair and began kissing Cane's neck. Cane pulled Lily into his lap and told her about an argument Billy had begun that had also included Cane and Victoria. Cane added that Billy had later gotten into a fight at a bar. Cane praised his own efforts to smooth things over during a follow-up interview with Hilary.

Lily continued kissing Cane and said they should celebrate his victory. Cane said he had too much work to finish, but he couldn't resist Lily. Lily closed the blinds so the couple could enjoy privacy. After the couple made love, Lily left.

At Cane and Lily's house, Neil prepared snacks and helped Mattie and Charlie with their homework. Mattie asked Neil if his mom had served him yogurt-covered raisins while helping him with homework. Neil said his mom had taught him that spending time with family was precious and should never be taken for granted. The children seemed curious about Neil's family. Neil changed the subject and sent the children to bed.

Lily entered her home after her children had fallen asleep. Neil said that Mattie and Charlie had asked about their grandmother. Lily explained that the children had expressed interest in Neil's mother after learning of her death. Neil thanked Lily for encouraging him to see his mother and make peace with her before she died. Neil said he intended to spend more time with his family, including Moses. After Neil left, the children awoke and enjoyed a brief video chat with Cane. After the chat ended, the children returned to bed. Lily seemed lonely.

At the jail, Paul approached Travis and Billy and asked why they'd gotten into a fight. Billy and Travis admitted they'd exchanged blows after engaging in a drinking game. Paul noted that the pair and a third bar patron had damaged property. Jill arrived, but Billy wasn't happy to see his mother. "When you act like a child, Billy, mommy has to fix things," Jill responded when Billy expressed his displeasure with seeing her. Jill and Paul stepped into his office to talk.

Travis became agitated when he realized Victoria might show up to bail him out. Billy recalled that Victoria had seemed upset before he'd abruptly left the interview. Billy recalled that Travis had said that Victoria and Travis weren't talking. Billy asked, "So what the hell did you do to her?" Travis glared at Billy.

In Paul's office, Jill demanded that a potential scandal be nipped in the bud. Paul suggested Jill leave because she shouldn't be involved with Billy's problems. Jill said she would die trying, and she threatened to phone the mayor. Paul reminded Jill about Billy's recent near-fatal car accident. Jill replied, "That's all I can think about. Why do you think this is so damn important?"

Travis waited as far away as possible from Billy in the cramped jail cell. Billy asked Travis if he'd made Victoria angry by insulting her or Victor. Travis admitted that he'd slept with a married woman when he'd lived in New York. Travis added that Jill knew he'd been fired for sleeping with his boss's wife. Referring to Victoria, Billy said, "It was the breach of trust that got her pissed off, right?"

Travis didn't see Victoria enter the police station. Travis said he wished he'd told Victoria the truth from the beginning. Travis added that he'd never meant to hurt Victoria. Billy suggested that Travis' plan had been to become involved with Victoria as a way to get a foothold into Victor's company. Billy directed his attention to Victoria and said, "Isn't that right, Victoria?"

Victoria told Billy that Travis was good and trustworthy and had a sense of what was right and what was wrong. Victoria told Billy that his actions usually led to trouble. Paul and Jill returned. Paul explained that as long as Billy and Travis paid their fines and made reparations to the bar owner, the bar owner wouldn't file charges. Victoria said, "I have no problem paying for Travis. As for Billy, he's all yours." Billy reacted to Victoria's words by scowling. Jill seemed disappointed.

At GC Buzz, Hilary viewed the edited interview, titled "Brash & Sassy or Bruised & Nasty?" The video showed Billy and Victoria exchanging harsh words before Victoria announced that Billy and Travis had gotten themselves into jail and could get themselves out. Roz, a producer, was surprised when Hilary insisted the story have a positive spin and not include any of the footage filmed secretly. Roz protested, but Hilary ordered her to delete the obnoxious title. Hilary received a notification on her phone about a video someone had sent of the bar fight. Roz watched a snippet and tried to convince Hilary to air the video.

At Jill's mansion, Jill told Billy that he'd set low expectations for himself, even though he had much potential. Billy asked Jill to stop directing his career and end her efforts to rekindle his failed marriage. Jill said any couple would be lucky to have enjoyed the happiness Billy and Victoria had had. Billy insisted there was nothing left for him and Victoria. Jill disagreed and said, "You still desperately want her." Jill added that Billy was jealous of Travis. Billy said, "I'm officially done." Billy walked toward the door and said he planned to move out so his life would belong to him.

At Victoria's house, Travis asked Victoria if their relationship was all right. Victoria admitted that what Billy had said had caused her concern. Travis said he wanted to prove he wasn't just another guy who'd broken her trust. Travis asked what he'd need to do. Victoria said she couldn't afford to make a mistake after she'd allowed Travis to move in and live with her and her children. Victoria asked Travis if he'd been playing her just to get back into the business world. Travis insisted that he loved Victoria and had never had a grand plan. Travis offered to move out. Victoria told Travis she trusted him, and she invited him to stay.

At the Genoa City Athletic Club, Hilary hurried to tell Devon about the video of the bar fight, but Devon received a text notification before she could finish her announcement. Devon wasn't pleased. Hilary explained that she hadn't posted the video, though she could have, because she no longer wanted to be the vicious, heartless person she'd been in the past. Devon apologized because he'd assumed the worst of Hilary. Hilary replied, "Why do you always do that to me?" Devon acknowledged that their competitor had posted the video. Hilary noted that at least their magazine had maintained integrity even though it wouldn't gain a rise in popularity.

Genoa City remembers Delia Genoa City remembers Delia

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Victor entered the Athletic Club as Billy descended the stairs, and Victor surmised that Jill had kicked Billy out of Katherine's house. Victor guessed that the video had been the last straw, but he realized that Billy didn't know what he was talking about. Victor pulled out his phone to show Billy the video, but Billy huffed that he'd been there, so he didn't need to see it again. Victor asked if Billy's lack of self-control was a joke to Billy, and he excoriated Billy for throwing away everything John had given him. Billy reminded Victor of what day it was -- the day Victor's son had taken Billy's daughter from him.

Victor barked that Billy had done only one thing right in his life -- saving Delia when she'd had leukemia. Victor added that Billy had otherwise done nothing Victor could respect, and Billy retorted that he didn't "give a damn" about having Victor's respect. Victor lectured that Billy was the father of his grandchildren, and he wanted the kids to respect the only father they had. Billy countered that Victor had been Adam's only father, and he questioned how that had worked out. Victor contended that Adam had taken responsibility for Delia's accident, and everyone had hoped that Billy's life would change after Billy had publicly forgiven Adam. Billy stated that Delia was still gone, and forgiveness wasn't enough on a day like that one. Billy walked out.

At home, Victoria became incensed as she watched the online video of Billy and Travis' bar fight. She griped that the video had gone viral, and Travis apologized. She directed her fury at Billy, and she ranted that it was the last kind of press that Brash & Sassy needed. She rambled that she and Cane cared about the company, but it was an afterthought for Billy, and she refused to let Billy take the company down.

Victoria groaned that it had been exhausting to clean up Billy's messes, and Travis volunteered to help out more with the kids and around the house. Victoria declared her love, and she added that she needed, wanted, and trusted Travis. Travis proclaimed that she had him, and they kissed. She realized that she suddenly wasn't worked up about Billy anymore, and Travis offered to kiss her all day to keep her calm. He received a text message from Victor, who wanted to see him right away. Victoria guessed that she hadn't been the only one to get worked up over the video.

Travis arrived to see Victor at Newman Enterprises, and he assumed that Victor had summoned him because of the video of the bar fight. Victor said it was Travis' job to make a reputation for himself but not by throwing punches in a bar, and he questioned how Victoria had reacted. Travis revealed that they'd talked it out, and she'd understood. Victor declared that he was Travis' boss, and he snapped that getting into a bar brawl had been as dumb as having an affair with the boss's wife and trying to cover it up. Travis realized that Victor had known about the affair when he'd hired Travis, and he wondered if Victor's support of Travis and Victoria's relationship had been genuine.

Victor admonished Travis for being stupid and reckless by having the affair, but he hoped Travis had learned his lesson. Travis replied that he'd learned a lot of them, but Victor criticized him for defending Billy during a brawl, since Billy was an idiot who'd done damage to a lot of people. Victor added that he'd expected more from his new hire, and he dismissed Travis, who stepped out. A pained look crossed Victor's face as he looked at a photo of Adam. Over the phone, he asked someone to clear his schedule, since there was something important he needed to do.

In Chancellor Park, Chelsea told Connor to thank Uncle Nick for hanging out with them, and Nick declared that he intended to keep his promise to give Connor kite-flying lessons. Nick was surprised that Chelsea had joined them instead of being with Chloe, and Chelsea mentioned that she'd checked in with Chloe that morning to let her know Chelsea was there for her, but she planned to follow Chloe's lead. Chelsea confided that she was relieved that Chloe hadn't needed her help that day, since Chelsea thought she would have just made things worse. Chelsea showed Delia's tree to Connor, and she explained that it was special to all of them. Chelsea reflected back on the gift Chloe and Billy had given to Connor, and she recognized that she could never repay them for allowing her son to see.

Nick was sure that Chloe was happy that a part of Delia had lived on, but Chelsea said it didn't make the guilt go away, since her child was there and Chloe's wasn't. Chelsea didn't feel right talking to Nick about it, but he told her not to walk on eggshells around him, since she could talk to him about anything. She asked if that included Adam, and she contemplated what would have happened if Adam had died without getting Billy and Chloe's forgiveness. Nick reminded her that Adam had gotten their forgiveness, and he advised her not to go down the road of wondering "what if."

At the penthouse, Chloe played with Bella and cooed that the girl was smart, just like her big sister. Chloe mused that the day would be a hard one for her, but she considered Bella to be a lifesaver. The doorbell rang, and Chloe found Kevin in the hallway. She indicated that she'd been playing with Bella, and he suggested that the three of them do something together. Chloe balked, and Kevin recognized what day it was. He explained that he'd stopped by to see if there was anything she needed, and he told her it was okay to be honest about her not wanting to be around him on that day.

Kevin acknowledged that he was the reason Chloe hadn't been with Delia before the girl had died, since he'd pushed for a movie date. Chloe assured him that she didn't feel that way anymore, and she credited him with keeping her from breaking into a million pieces. Kevin countered that Chloe had broken, but she insisted that things were very different because she had Bella, and she had to do things right from then on. Chloe swore that she wasn't trying to push him away, but she just wanted to spend the day with her daughter. Kevin peered in at Bella and said she was pretty amazing, and Chloe bragged that she made amazing daughters. Kevin remarked that he was happy for Chloe, and he departed. Chloe gazed at a family photo of Chelsea, Adam, and Connor.

At Crimson Lights, Esther looked at photos of Delia on her phone, and Jill politely wished her a good morning. Esther hoped Jill didn't plan to insult her that day, and Jill called her a dope for thinking that was Jill's intention. Jill quickly apologized for insulting Esther on reflex, and she announced that she was there to see Esther as one grandmother to another. The women agreed that everything had changed forever when they'd lost Delia.

Esther relayed that Chloe had wanted the day to herself with Bella, and she asked if Jill had heard from Billy. Jill replied that she'd left him a message, but she didn't expect to hear back. Jill lamented that Billy was lost again, and she hadn't been able to find a way to stop his downward spiral. Jill considered it a dreadful way for someone to go through life, but Esther encouraged her not to give up hope, since Chloe had been lost but had emerged from the darkness. Jill figured that Chloe was stronger than Billy, since Delia's death was still hanging over him, and she was afraid her boy would never find peace.

Victoria arrived at the coffeehouse, and Jill embraced her and asked if she'd been in touch with Billy. Victoria didn't think it was a good idea to contact him, and Jill wondered if Victoria had forgotten what the day was. Victoria swore that she'd never forget the day they'd lost Delia, but she thought she and Billy needed distance. Jill was adamant that the last thing Billy needed was distance from Victoria, and she worried about what would happen if Billy felt alone.

Kevin arrived to see Esther, and he told her that he understood that Chloe wanted time alone with Bella. Esther sympathized that it hurt to be on the outside, but she thought they had to let Chloe do things her own way. Kevin asked how Esther was doing, and she planned to go on a walk to feed the ducks once her shift was over. She recalled that she and Delia had loved feeding the birds together, and Delia had been convinced that the ducks would talk to her if no one else was around. Kevin inquired whether Esther was sure she was okay with being alone, but Esther assured him that she wouldn't be, since Delia would always be with her.

Later, Kevin thanked Mariah for meeting him at the coffeehouse, and she asked why she was there. He reasoned that it wasn't abnormal for people to meet for coffee, but she again pushed to find out why he'd asked her there. Kevin was sure that she'd heard the police had found the plumber's missing phone, and Mariah dryly commended him for doing a good job. Kevin wondered why Mariah was being weird around him, and she pointed out that he hadn't needed to see her in person to tell her that, so she sensed there was more he wanted to say. He hated that things were awkward between them, and he wanted the chance to make them right.

Kevin didn't want his situation with Chloe to get between him and Mariah, since they were friends no matter what. Mariah appreciated him saying that, but she didn't think it was worth the buildup of the conversation. He noted that friends supported one another, and he mentioned the guy who had stood Mariah up at the bar. She didn't want to talk about it, but he offered to introduce her to someone at the police station. Mariah was touched that Kevin was vested in finding her a love connection, but she urged him to focus on his own love life by seeking out Chloe. He reluctantly revealed that the day was an anniversary, and she realized the importance of the day and apologized for being a jerk.

Kevin thought that there was still something between him and Chloe, but they had a lot of work to do. Mariah thought talking about it had made things seem a bit less weird, and he prepared to spend some time at Delia's tree. Mariah jokingly asked if he intended to wait for the Great Pumpkin, and he thanked her for listening. She casually noted that she liked trees and the outdoors, but he protested that she didn't. She asserted that she'd gone camping once, and he asked if it was her cute way of saying she'd go with him. They left together.

Chloe led Bella by the hand to Delia's memorial, and she admired all the pretty things people had left for Delia. Chloe set down a bouquet of flowers next to Delia's photo, and she said she missed Delia. Billy approached and figured that he should have expected to see Chloe there, and he was sure Delia had planned it that way. Chloe fondly recalled that Delia had always gotten her way, and Billy greeted Bella. Chloe introduced Billy to Bella as Delia's daddy, and Billy remarked that Bella's big sister had been the greatest. He observed that Bella looked a lot like Delia had at that age, and Chloe agreed, but she stressed that Bella was her own person. Chloe marveled at how lucky she'd been to get two miracles in one lifetime.

Billy inquired whether Chloe was on her own with parenting Bella, and she confirmed that the father wasn't around, but she and Bella were doing great. Billy said he was happy for Chloe, since he'd known that she'd wanted another daughter, and he recalled when she'd asked for his help. She admitted that it hadn't been one of her finest moments when she'd begged him to clone Delia, since it would have been impossible. Chloe contemplated how many kids could actually brush their teeth and tap-dance at the same time, and Billy called Delia one of a kind.

Chloe commented that Bella was her own unique self, too, and Billy found Bella's resemblance to Delia amazing. Chloe noted that they were sisters, but she reiterated that Bella was her own person, and she was really excited for what the future had in store. Billy said he was proud of Chloe for making it out of the dark cave, but he wasn't sure he'd be able to catch up. Billy reflected back on the day of Adam's sentencing, when he hadn't anticipated telling the world that he'd forgiven Adam. Billy thought that he'd had to say it and mean it in order to get back to normal, but he hadn't felt normal since the moment he'd stopped for ice cream.

Billy thought the fact that he was there and Delia wasn't would never be right or fair, but it was the way the world worked. Chloe understood that part of him had broken when Delia had died, and she assumed that he thought he couldn't fix it. Billy asked how Chloe had done it, and she attributed her healing process to time, therapy, and Bella. Chloe pointed out that she'd had the choice to shrivel up and die or open up her heart and learn to love again, and she'd had to be healthy and happy again for Bella's sake and for Delia's. She added that they couldn't honor Delia if they destroyed themselves.

Nick, Chelsea, and Connor returned home to the penthouse, and they greeted Chloe and Bella. Nick hesitated to intrude, and Chelsea explained that Nick had helped Connor fly a kite. Chloe swore that Nick wasn't intruding at all, and she said she and Bella had been having a really great day. Nick set down Connor next to Bella, and he empathized that anniversaries could be rough. Chloe thanked him, and Nick departed. Chelsea offered to take Connor upstairs if Chloe needed time alone, but Chloe insisted that she was glad Chelsea was there. Chloe mentioned that she had run into Billy at Delia's memorial, and he was really struggling.

Chloe remarked that Bella had never gotten to meet her big sister, but Connor was like a big brother to the girl. Chelsea added that the kids had one another, just like Chelsea and Chloe had each other. Chelsea said she was glad Chloe was back, and she was grateful that Chloe had given Adam peace before he'd died by telling him that she'd forgiven him. Chloe replied that she was glad she had, since she had finally been able to breathe again.

Victor placed flowers at Delia's memorial and said they were from both him and Adam. He imagined that Adam was in heaven with Delia and that Adam would ask her to forgive him. Victor murmured that he would also like that, and he thought that maybe she already had. Victor told Delia to give Adam a hug from him if she had forgiven him, and he hoped they both rested in peace.

At Brash & Sassy, Billy recalled Chloe's words about learning to love again, and he flashed back to arguing with her about her insane idea to make another child with her. Victoria softly called Billy's name and said she'd hoped he'd be there. He expected that she wanted to talk about the fight or the video that had gone viral, and he warned that he was contagious. Victoria stated that she missed Delia, too, and she mentioned that she'd driven by Delia's tree on the way over. She continued that the tree looked like it was growing strong, and Billy lamented that everyone had been able to rebuild -- except for him.

Billy recalled details from the night of Delia's accident, and he realized that night had become his life, since he replayed it over and over and couldn't get rid of the memory of holding her and begging her to wait until the ambulance got there. He remembered his dream about Delia before he'd woken up from his coma, and he'd tried to be better and move on, but he'd ruined things every time. He recognized that everyone had an opinion about how he could fix himself, but he thought it was the way his life was always going to be. Victoria wrapped her arms around Billy as Travis peered in.

Hidden Agendas Hidden Agendas

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

by Nel

Nick and Faith were at Crimson Lights, and Faith told Nick that Sharon had been getting some strange calls that had spooked Sharon.

At the police station Paul told Dylan that Dylan had to go to Eau Claire to testify at the armed robbery case. Dylan told Paul that he couldn't leave Sharon because even though he'd found the phone, he felt that Sharon was still in danger. He said the phone had belonged to a plumber who had lost it on one of his jobs, and a weirdo might have found or stolen it. Dylan said the plumber's story had checked out. Dylan mentioned that he'd found the phone in a trash can at Chancellor Park. It appeared someone had turned it on because they'd wanted the phone to be found. Dylan felt the person calling Sharon was still out there.

Paul advised that he'd been at the park with Sharon and Sully, and Sharon had never mentioned it to him. Dylan said Sharon hadn't mentioned it because it wasn't an official investigation. Paul pointed out that it was a possible crime, which would make it official. Paul said Dylan had to go to Eau Clair. Dylan didn't see why because he hadn't been the arresting officer in that case. Paul reminded him that the trial was about the chain of evidence. It would also give the prosecutor the best chance to convict. It was also about Dylan doing his job. Paul promised there would be extra security at the ranch.

At home, Mariah told Sharon that Patty had asked Sharon to do the impossible and expected Sharon to deliver. Sharon wouldn't be able to walk Patty out the door. Patty would then tell everyone about Sully. Mariah begged Sharon to explain how she'd been Dr. Anderson's victim and had been manipulated by her. That was the only way Sharon could save her marriage. Sharon said her marriage would be over, and Dylan would walk away in a heartbeat. Mariah felt that wouldn't happen.

Sharon accused Mariah of being na´ve about men. Sharon said she knew what would happen if the truth was discovered. Mariah corrected her and said when the truth was discovered. Sharon was determined it wouldn't happen, and she would stop it. Mariah urged Sharon to take hold of the situation. Sharon decided that all she'd have to do would be to string Patty along. Sharon suggested she'd use Paul to get Patty transferred to a facility somewhere far away from anyone who would believe Patty's story. Mariah said there would be nothing to stop Patty from telling everyone that Sharon was raising Nick's son.

Sharon said that she'd go back to Stonevale and convince Patty to put on an act that she was completely out of control, a danger to herself and others. Paul would see Patty wasn't getting the help she needed, and he'd be able to convince a judge to move Patty. Patty would think that that would be when Sharon would make her move, but Sharon wouldn't lift a finger. Sharon promised Mariah that she'd make the plan work. Mariah offered to go see Patty and tell her about Sharon's plan. She'd advise Patty that she would have to act a special brand of crazy to make it work. Best of all, Sharon's hands would be clean.

Nick and Faith walked in. As soon as Faith left the room, Nick asked why Sharon hadn't told him about the calls she'd been getting and why he'd had to hear about it from Faith. Faith had told him that things had become so bad that Sharon was afraid to answer the phone. Sharon said she hadn't wanted to worry Nick.

Dylan arrived and told Sharon, Nick, and Mariah that he had to go to Eau Claire. He'd been subpoenaed to testify on an armed robbery case. Dylan asked Nick to stay with Sharon while he was away, which really annoyed Sharon. Mariah left to see Patty. Sharon told Dylan they'd be fine because Dylan had found the phone, so it was over. Dylan said that person could get another phone, so it wasn't over. Nick assured Dylan he'd stay and make sure Sharon and the kids were safe.

Sharon tried to convince Dylan there was plenty of security on the ranch, and she didn't need Nick to stay with her. Dylan refused to let her and the kids stay alone. After Dylan left, Sharon tried to convince Nick that he didn't need to stay, but Nick refused to leave, which left Sharon frustrated.

Before Dylan left, he told Sharon that Paul would stop by and check on her, right after his visit with Patty.

At GC Buzz, Devon congratulated Hilary for a good interview with Cane. Hilary said she'd delivered the fluff, but there wasn't anything real about that piece. George called them over and told them GC Buzz had had a proven track record with proven numbers over the years. He said the video of Billy in the bar getting the stuffing knocked out of him had gone viral off the National Inquisitor's website, and the guy who had shot the footage had offered it to GC Buzz first. Hilary advised George that they'd chosen not to run with it.

George explained that a loyal viewer was willing to hand over a video of the same Billy Abbott who'd been publicly outed for cheating with his brother's wife, then he said, "What's that I smell? Could it be ratings?" Devon explained that they'd chosen to go with Hilary's thoughtful and incisive interview with the executive team from Brash & Sassy just ahead of the premier of their commercial. Hilary added that they were not going to dig through people's dirty laundry, and that video was a part of Billy's personal life. George wished them good luck and told them it was his last day. He'd gotten a job on the other side of the camera.

Hilary told Devon she thought George might have been right because the video of Billy's bar brawl had received over 300,000 views and over 36,000 shares. Devon assured her that people would forget it because another story would take its place the next day. Devon reminded Hilary that they wanted to make GC Buzz different and better.

After the interview aired, Devon told Hilary that he was very happy with Hilary's first major interview. Hilary checked the online comments and was shocked. She told Devon everyone hated the interview, and they hated her. She read comments that included, "What the hell happened to GC Buzz? Total snoozefest. Boring. Never watching it again. Just lost me as a viewer. ...liked the old host -- he was funny. Hilary's billionaire husband bought the show for her -- not like she got the job on talent. She made Billy sound halfway intelligent when they knew how he really spent his time -- in bed with his sister-in-law or getting his face rearranged in a bar. Talk about spin -- That Hilary Hamilton is such a lying ..."

Devon grabbed the laptop away from Hilary and said it was just people having a kneejerk reaction to change. Hilary said George had been right. People had expectations, and she'd failed to meet those expectations.

Devon assured Hilary that they would rise above it and would not abandon their vision. Hilary said they hadn't told the real story, and they should have told the truth about what had happened at Brash & Sassy, even if it was painful. Devon told her to not let people's comments upset her because they were just trolls. Devon said they would stick to what they knew would be the right way to run the show, and things would work out.

At home, Cane told Lily he felt like he was always cleaning up Billy's mess. He was concerned about the ramifications on the company after Billy's bar brawl went viral. Lily praised Cane for his loyalty to Brash & Sassy and for staying in spite of Victoria's absences and Billy's antics. Later, they watched Hilary's interview with Cane and thought it had been really well done. Cane was amazed that Hilary had done such a great interview.

At Brash & Sassy, Jill told Billy she'd watched the commercial, but it needed a few more tweaks before it was launched. Billy advised her to talk to Cane and Victoria because he was quitting. Billy admitted he was a liability to the company and an embarrassment to Jill. Jill refused to accept his resignation and told him to clean up his act and get to work. Bill agreed to clean up his act, but it should be in Hong Kong or somewhere that he wouldn't turn Brash & Sassy into a toxic waste dump. Jill reminded him that she was calling the shots, and he was staying.

When the interview aired, it showed Cane had kept the interview professional and credited Jill with putting a great team together. Jill was delighted with the interview. Billy told Jill that Cane should run Brash & Sassy because he was good at it. Billy said Jill didn't need him there, and Jill had put a lot of money into the company. He had almost tanked the first major rollout of their ad campaign. Jill said that Billy had a brilliant, creative mind and a unique perspective, and if he didn't live up to the terms of his contract at Brash & Sassy, she'd sue him.

When Cane arrived, Billy left. Cane advised Jill that Billy was a liability, and they needed to cut their losses. Jill said that Billy had offered to resign, but she'd refused his resignation. Cane said the reason Jill wouldn't let Billy go was because she wanted to get Billy and Victoria back together. Cane said Jill couldn't do it at the expense of the rest of the team and the company. Billy compromised their work, and he would destroy her company. Jill warned Cane that it was her company and her decision, and he would do well to remember that. She walked out.

When Billy returned to Brash & Sassy, he told Cane that Cane had saved the interview and made them look great. Cane also admitted that Billy had done a lot of hard work and brought many fresh ideas to the table. Cane was amazed that Billy admitted that he'd been a liability to the company and told Cane that he would take a back seat while Cane and Victoria took the lead.

In her room at Stonevale, Patty was painting when Paul arrived and told Patty that he'd been permitted to see her in her room. Patty wouldn't look at Paul nor would she show any reaction to his presence. She continued to paint. Paul was heartbroken that Patty hadn't responded to him. He looked at her painting, and he was amazed at how well she painted. When Paul said he had to leave, Patty turned and whispered, "Paulie."

In the meantime, Mariah arrived at Stonevale and was being scanned at the reception area. Mariah announced she was there to see Patty Williams.

Jill arrived at Crimson Lights. Lily commented how great Cane's interview had been. Jill thought it had been terrific. Lily mentioned that Cane had saved the interview and that he'd shot it after Billy had walked out. Lily also pointed out that Cane had done the heavy lifting, and he'd been cleaning up Billy's messes. Lily accused Jill of not appreciating Cane's efforts.

Jill told Lily that Jill was very aware that things wouldn't have run as smoothly as they had without Cane. Lily pointed out that Cane felt no one appreciated his efforts and the job he'd been doing, especially Jill. Jill assured Lily that she saw Cane as the dream employee. Lily advised Jill to tell that to Cane.

Mariah reveals Sharon's plan to Patty Mariah reveals Sharon's plan to Patty

Thursday, October 13, 2016

At the cottage, Sharon waved goodbye to Dylan, and she hurriedly sent a text message to Mariah to warn her that Paul was visiting Patty. Sharon protested when Nick started cleaning up around the house, but he figured that he should make himself useful while she was stuck with him playing bodyguard. She complained that it was chilly, and he volunteered to make a fire. Nick stepped out, and Sharon left an urgent voicemail for Mariah to get out of Stonevale, since everyone would find out about Sully if Paul saw her there. Sharon worriedly looked out the window, and Nick returned and asked if everything was okay. She forced a smile and swore that everything was fine.

At Stonevale, Paul was thrilled when Patty recognized him, and he complimented her artwork. She offered him one of her paintings as a present, and he proudly said he knew where he would hang it. He added that he'd love to talk to Patty, and she smiled as she gazed at her painting of a woman and a cat facing the sun. She revealed that it was her favorite, and she pointed to the human figure and said it was her. She rambled about chiaroscuro, and Paul gently pushed her to talk about how she was doing.

Patty dazedly stared at the painting, and Paul asked if she remembered why she was there. She turned away and grabbed her paintbrush, and he sensed that there was something she wanted to tell him. She began to paint furiously, and he assured her that it was just the two of them there, so she could tell him anything, no matter how bad it was. He begged her to talk to him so he could help her, but she ignored him and kept painting.

Paul said Steve and Todd had sent Patty their love, as had Christine and Dylan. Paul bragged about how big his grandson had gotten, and Patty became agitated. Paul suggested that Sully accompany him to visit Patty, and he pulled out his phone to show her how much the boy had grown. Patty growled to leave her alone, since she was making magic and changing her life, but Paul was interrupting and making her upset. She yelled at him to go away, and she curled up in a ball on the bed. A doctor entered and asked what had happened, and Paul recounted that Patty had been lucid, but he thought it might have been a mistake for him to visit.

Mariah arrived at the facility and balked at passing through the metal detectors. A guard informed her that it was a secure facility, and Mariah nervously prepared to be searched. After Mariah passed the security inspection, she signed in and waited to be buzzed into the visiting area, but she spied Sharon's text message as she gathered her things. She turned away just before Paul walked past her, and she sighed with relief once he was out of sight.

Mariah waited in the visiting area, and Patty sat down on the opposite side of the glass. Patty refused to pick up the phone at first, but Mariah demanded that she do it, and Patty complied. Mariah warned that she could just leave, and Patty would never hear what Sharon wanted her to know. Patty asked why Sharon wasn't there, and Mariah explained that Dylan had Sharon on lockdown because he thought Patty's calls had been from a stalker. Patty cooed that Mariah was being mama's little helper, even though Mariah was sour rather than sweet.

Mariah referred to Patty's scheme to blackmail Sharon into getting Patty out, and she announced that there had been a change of plans. Patty hissed that she'd given Sharon the phone and agreed to keep her mouth shut, but if Sharon didn't get her out, Patty would sing a song about Sharon being a lying liar. Mariah countered that Sharon had been a victim, too, and she warned that it would kill Dylan to find out that Sully wasn't his. Patty contended that it would make Dylan stronger to learn the truth, but Mariah argued that Dylan was the only father Sully had ever known, and she asked if Patty wanted to rip the baby away from her nephew. Mariah asserted that Patty stood to destroy many lives, and Patty ominously stated that Sharon had a lot to lose, so Sharon should be motivated to get her out.

Mariah mentioned that Sharon had a plan, and Patty excitedly asked to hear it. Mariah explained that being in maximum security was a problem, so they needed to get Patty transferred to a facility where it would be easier to get her out. Patty became disgruntled when Mariah couldn't provide details about how Patty would escape, but Mariah told her that they had to take it one step at a time. Mariah urged Patty to "tap into [her] inner crazy" to entice Paul to request better treatment. Patty balked at acting like a "cuckoo bird," but Mariah encouraged her to help Mariah and Sharon help her.

Meanwhile, Nick started to build a fire in the fireplace, and Sharon received a text message from Mariah, who reported that she'd dodged Paul. Sharon suddenly asked why Nick was building a fire in the middle of the afternoon, and he reminded her that she'd been cold. She asked him to help her with sending out thank-you notes from Faith's birthday party instead, and they sat down at the table to do it together. She thanked him for helping and for being her bodyguard, and he promised to always be there if she ever needed help, since they were family.

Nick added that Sharon was stuck with him unless she kept trying to push him together with Chelsea, since he and Chelsea would never be more than friends. He added that he had enough family and love, and a guilty Sharon looked over at her family photos. Nick assured Sharon that Dylan would figure out who the stalker was, and Sharon half-heartedly hoped so. Nick applauded her for going to Fairview to get better, and he observed that she'd ended up with a beautiful family and house, living the dream she deserved. He wondered why she seemed upset, and she whimpered that he was right -- her life with Dylan and the kids was a dream.

Nick grabbed tissues and joked that he'd lost his touch, and Sharon chalked her tearful state up to the stalker and to Dylan being out of town. She agreed with Nick's statement about her life being like a dream, and she realized how fragile life was. Mariah returned home, and Sharon thanked God that Mariah was back. A puzzled Nick pointed out that Mariah had just been running errands, but Sully cried over the monitor, and Nick went to tend to him. Mariah divulged that she'd told Patty about the plan to get her transferred to a lower-security facility, but an orderly had taken Patty away before she'd given an answer, so Mariah had no idea if Patty would play along.

Sharon worried about what would happen if Patty hadn't understood the logic of the plan, but Nick returned and reported that a crying Sully had started giggling when Nick had picked him up. Sharon blurted out that she had to tell Nick something, but Mariah intervened and said Sharon had been feeling down about the stalker situation, but Sharon had told her what Nick had said about Sharon having a beautiful life. Mariah claimed that Sharon was grateful that Nick had reminded her about her amazing family.

Patty threw a tantrum in her room by destroying her paintings and screaming for someone to take them away. A doctor tried to calm Patty down as she begged to make it stop.

In the Jabot elevator, Ashley told Jack that everyone was talking about Brash & Sassy's party to celebrate their new campaign. She wondered if he had heard anything she'd said, since their competitors were going after Jabot's market share. She questioned how they'd fight it, but Jack preferred to wait to talk about it in his office.

Phyllis cautiously entered Jack's office and found it empty. She crept behind his desk and opened his laptop, but Summer burst in and asked what Phyllis was doing there. Phyllis claimed that she'd been dropping off some research, and she invited Summer back to her "closet." Jack and Ashley entered, and he grumbled that Summer had been there a lot recently. Phyllis told him not to use that tone with her daughter, but Jack reminded them that it was a work environment that they had to keep secure, and he was surprised Summer wasn't busy at Newman.

Summer mentioned that she was on her way to a meeting with Abby, and she and Phyllis stepped out. Ashley griped about still having to deal with the negative press from Phyllis and Billy's affair, and she thought Brash & Sassy's newest launch wasn't a hit they could afford to take. Jack was preoccupied with something on his computer, and Ashley pressed to know what it was, but he insisted it was nothing.

In Phyllis' office, Summer complained about Jack putting Phyllis in a closet, but Phyllis understood that Jack was punishing her, and she remained determined to ride it out. Summer wondered why Jack had seemed angry at Summer, and Phyllis figured that Summer had been standing close to her, so the fire he usually directed toward Phyllis had spilled onto Summer. Summer said she loved them both, and she presented Phyllis with an elephant paperweight as an office-warming gift. Summer explained that elephants were supposed to provide good luck, and Phyllis thanked her for being an amazing daughter. After Summer left, Phyllis opened her computer and remotely logged onto Jack's laptop. She watched in real time as Jack typed a memo to the sales department.

Ashley tried to discuss business with Jack, but he was distracted by the memo he was writing. Ashley snapped that he wouldn't have a sales department unless they responded to the Brash & Sassy rollout, but he pointed out that it hadn't been the first time they'd had competition. Ashley argued that it was the first time they'd leased office space to their competitors, and she suggested that they kick Brash & Sassy out. Jack refused, but he agreed that they couldn't afford to ignore the threat.

Jack recognized that Jabot was in crisis, and he thought they had to develop a strategy to solidify their position in the market. Phyllis entered in response to an instant message Jack had sent, and Jack proclaimed that Brash & Sassy was going big, so they had to develop a strategic marketing plan. He placed both Ashley and Phyllis in charge of it, and Ashley protested. Jack named Phyllis' office the war room, and he ordered them to get to work.

In Phyllis' office, Ashley suggested that she and Phyllis focus on the problem and not how much they disliked one another, and she proposed that they offer additional incentives to retailers to give them prime shelf space. Phyllis urged Ashley to get her head out of the brick-and-mortar 20th century, and they argued about Ashley's credentials. Phyllis noted that she'd done marketing, so she had a clue about how to "kick some Brash & Sassy ass." Ashley sniped that Phyllis had literally slept with the enemy.

Phyllis insisted that they had to get customers excited again, and Ashley recommended hiring a brand ambassador. Phyllis offered to optimize the website and launch a targeted campaign, and Ashley remarked that they were doing okay for two women who couldn't stand one another. Phyllis surmised that they could have something for Jack by the following week, unless he was still distracted. Phyllis inquired how long he had been acting that way, and Ashley huffed that it was none of Phyllis' business. Ashley noticed the paperweight, and Phyllis disclosed that it was a gift from Summer for luck. Ashley commented that Phyllis would need it, and she walked out.

Jack engaged in an online chat with another person who asked if Jack had liked what had been delivered so far. Jack replied that they needed to go deeper, and the person offered to email Jack the items they'd discussed. Jack wrote back that they couldn't risk being hacked, and he instructed the person to drop off hard copies at "the same place" as soon as possible.

Ashley returned to Jack's office and begged Jack to rethink his decision, since it would be impossible for her to work with Phyllis. Jack ordered Ashley to find a way to make it work, and he left for a lunch meeting. Ashley sat down at his desk and dialed Phyllis. Ashley told Phyllis to meet her in Jack's office, but Phyllis replied that she was on her way out and hung up.

Phyllis followed Jack to the park, where he set down his briefcase next to an identical one near a table where an unidentified man was sitting. As Phyllis looked on, Jack sat down at an adjacent table. After a moment, the man picked up Jack's briefcase and departed. Jack glanced at his watch before he picked up the identical case and left. Meanwhile, Ashley opened Jack's computer and saw that two users were logged into the machine.

Abby and Summer met at Top of the Tower, but Abby's mind clearly wasn't on their financial reports. Summer offered to talk about Stitch, but Abby bemoaned that she'd already talked about her problems too much with everyone, including Victor. Abby relayed Victor's advice to try to fix what was wrong and to do what was best for her if she couldn't, but she lamented that she didn't know what was best. Summer wondered if Abby hoped to hear that it was okay if she wasn't in love with Stitch anymore, but Abby insisted that she loved her husband and wanted to work on her marriage.

Abby thought she and Stitch had to focus on creating new memories to save their marriage, and Summer spotted Stitch enter the restaurant and noted that they had a chance to make a new one. Stitch observed that the women seemed busy, but he presented Abby with a signed letter from Victor, excusing her for the rest of day to spend time with her husband. After Summer departed, Abby expressed surprise that Stitch didn't want to catch up on sleep after a late night of surgery. Stitch declared that his wife and marriage were more important than rest.

Stitch thought it had been a great first step to reflect back on the moment when he and Abby had known that they wanted to be together, and he said it had made him think about the day she'd accepted his proposal. Stitch pushed Abby to name one of her favorite moments, but she thought it felt like a test. Stitch recognized that he was pushing too hard, but he really wanted their marriage to work so they could get back on track and have the family they'd always dreamed of. Abby stated that she wanted that, too, but they couldn't force it.

Stitch suggested that he and Abby relax and enjoy the day together by taking a trip to the pumpkin patch, but she begged off because she had to turn in some numbers by the end of the day. He wondered if she was just running away, and she admitted that she was scared. Stitch insisted to Abby that he just wanted them to be honest with one another, and she acknowledged that relationships were built on honesty, but she thought the truth could also hurt. Stitch contended that he'd rather be hurt than lose her, and he begged her to talk to him.

Abby referred to the exact moment when Stitch had known that they should be together, and he realized that it hadn't been the same moment for her. Stitch reasoned that nothing said two people had to feel the same way at the same time, but Abby reluctantly revealed that she'd never had a moment like that. His expression fell, and he questioned whether she was unsure if she'd ever really loved him. Abby insisted that she loved Stitch, and she figured that she'd just watched too many romantic comedies where people had had thunderbolt moments, but life wasn't like the movies.

Stitch surmised that he'd let Abby down, and he asked if she wanted out. She swore that she wanted him and a future together, but he asked, "Even with no thunderbolt?" She regretted saying that, but he thought the truth would give them clarity, even if it hurt. Abby asked if they could work on it, but Stitch was summoned to the hospital. She understood that he had to go, but she repeated her question about continuing to work on their marriage. He half-heartedly muttered yes, and he headed to the exit. She watched him, hoping aloud that he would turn back and wave, but he left without looking back.

Phyllis wants in on Jack's revenge plan Phyllis wants in on Jack's revenge plan

Friday, October 14, 2016

At Brash & Sassy, Cane was confident that everything would go off without a hitch at the launch party that night. Billy questioned Cane's advertising buys, which he considered to be a gamble. Cane declared that he only bet on sure things, and they needed to be ready when sales went through the roof. Jill joined them and griped that they literally wouldn't have a roof, since there was an overwhelming chance of rain, and their big rollout on the Athletic Club's roof deck would likely be a washout. Jill asked Billy what he was going to do about it, and he quipped that stopping the rain was beyond his skill set. He added that Victoria was working on a solution.

Jill balked at spending more money on the campaign, but Billy sided with Cane about rolling the dice. Jill worried that they all might end up in the gutter, but Cane reminded her that she'd put the team together to take Brash & Sassy to new heights, and they couldn't do that by playing it safe. He added that he believed in the product, and he was sure she'd see its success that night. Jill loved Cane's faith and Billy's support, but she grumbled that it wouldn't happen unless they found a new venue.

At the Athletic Club, Neil, Devon, and Hilary arrived for Cane's big night, but Lily groaned that it was going to be a total bust because of the expected rainstorm. Lily lamented that all the other spaces at the club were booked, and she felt horrible for failing Cane. Devon pointed out that everyone had thought the Brash & Sassy interview would be a bust, but it hadn't been, thanks to Hilary. Hilary mumbled that it hadn't been for Brash & Sassy, but she wasn't sure about GC Buzz. Neil spotted Jack across the dining room, and he assured Lily that she'd find a way to fix things.

Neil approached Jack and asked how he was doing, and Jack slammed his briefcase shut and proclaimed that he'd never been better. Neil asked if they could talk about some issues with the foundation at their lunch date the next day, but Jack maintained that he was no longer involved with the charity, and he was busy saving his company's reputation by undoing the damage Billy and Phyllis had done. Neil mentioned that Jack was still working with her, but Jack clarified that she was working for him. Hilary joined them and asked how Jack was doing, and he replied that he'd heard about her success at GC Buzz. She hoped to do a piece on Jack and Jabot, but he doubted that would happen.

Hilary promised not to air any dirty laundry, and she envisioned the show being about how Jack had moved on with his life. Jack commended her discretion in the Brash & Sassy interview, and he told her to give him a call to set something up. After Jack departed, a skeptical Neil warned Hilary not to mess with Jack. She huffed that she wouldn't drag her friend's name through the mud, and she pledged to take the high road, even if it wasn't the one to ratings. Lily regretfully announced that she had to tell Cane that he had to reschedule the party.

At Newman Enterprises, Victor met with Abby, Summer, and Travis to advise them that the competition was putting on some pressure, so they should take extra care to ensure that their corporate plans didn't fall into the wrong hands. Abby questioned who they should be on the lookout for, and Victor replied that he wasn't ready to point fingers, but he urged them to do everything possible to prevent a security breach. Victoria arrived to ask a favor of Victor. He told her to say the word, and it was hers. Victoria wondered if he'd feel the same way if the favor was for Billy, too.

Victor instructed Summer and Abby to get started on a new project, but he asked if Victoria minded if Travis stayed. Victoria asserted that she and Travis had no secrets, and Abby and Summer stepped out. Abby thought that Victor's concerns about security had arisen suddenly, but Summer figured he was just being cautious. Abby suspected that Victor was aware of someone who was trying to target him, and she wondered who it was.

Victoria asked to reserve Top of the Tower that night for the rollout of Brash & Sassy's new marketing campaign, and Victor said the restaurant was hers. She pointed out that it would also benefit Jill, Billy, and Cane, and Victor suggested that Travis lead the applause. Travis walked Victoria to the elevator, and he asked if it was okay for him to be at the party, since Billy would also be there. Victoria was sure that Travis wouldn't start anything that night, and Travis offered to turn the other cheek if Billy did. They kissed goodbye and professed their love, and Travis started to return to work. Victor appeared and ominously asked if Travis had thought they were finished.

Victor told Travis about Jack being a potential threat, and Travis wondered why Victor hadn't let Summer and Abby know that Jack was a suspect. Victor explained that Jack was Abby's uncle, and he didn't want to add to her discomfort of being torn between the two families. Victor continued that Summer was close to Jack and even closer to Phyllis, and he wanted Summer to talk to her mother freely. Travis realized that Victor was hoping that Phyllis would let something slip, and Summer would pass it on.

Travis balked at the idea of Victor using his granddaughter to get information, but Victor questioned whether Travis was more or less comfortable with it than having an affair with the boss's wife. Victor demanded that Travis keep Abby and Summer in the dark, and Travis prepared to meet Victoria. Victor warned him to be careful at the party, since Billy wouldn't mind starting another altercation, and Victoria might side with her ex. Travis departed.

Later, Summer returned to Victor's office, and he sensed that something was on her mind. She inquired whether he knew who the threat to the company was. Victor claimed that he had nothing concrete, and Summer flatly asked if he thought Jack was behind it. Victor feigned shock that she suspected Jack, and Summer confided that she'd seen some Newman research on Jack's computer screen, but Phyllis had backed up Jack's story about it having to do with old tax issues. Summer assured Victor that revenge wasn't Jack's style, and Victor thanked her for putting his worries to rest.

Over the phone, Cane insisted to Lily that he couldn't postpone the rollout, but Victoria called Billy and informed him that she had booked Top of the Tower. Billy passed the news along to Cane and Jill, and Cane told Lily. Jill noted that Victor had just bailed them out, so they would owe him one, but Billy recognized that they had no other option.

Later, Jill called out to ask if Billy was done primping or if he was going to let Cane and Victoria take all the credit, and Billy emerged from the office in a classy suit. Jill marveled that he looked handsome, but his tie was crooked. Victoria entered with a garment bag, and Billy was surprised that she wasn't dressed yet. Victoria said to give her five minutes, and Jill prompted Victoria to admire how wonderful Billy looked. Victoria remarked that his tie was crooked as she stepped into the office to change clothes.

Jill revealed that she'd arranged for two cars -- one for her, and another for Billy and Victoria. Jill swore that she wasn't playing Cupid, but she thought the press would go crazy to see Billy and Victoria step out of the limousine together, and they could use the good publicity. Billy groused that Jill wasn't fooling anyone, and she departed. Victoria suddenly cried out in pain, and Billy burst into the office, where he found her sprawled out on the floor with her dress unzipped. She ordered him to get out.

Victoria struggled with zipping up her dress, and she insisted that she was fine, but she'd fallen in her heels. Billy recommended that she put on her shoes last, and she sourly thanked him for the sage advice. He said he'd see her at the launch party and started to leave, but she yelled after him. Billy requested the honor of helping her zip up her dress, and she begrudgingly turned her back to him. Billy said she looked beautiful, and he mentioned the car that Jill had arranged for them, but Victoria insisted on taking a cab.

At Top of the Tower, Cane gave directions to the staff, and Lily kissed him for luck. She was impressed with how good the place looked on such short notice, and he chalked it up to pure panic. Neil, Hilary, and Devon arrived, and Cane asked them to cheer when he played the commercial. He swore that Brash & Sassy wouldn't have been able to do it if GC Buzz hadn't presented the company in a positive light. Devon reiterated that it had been the right move to leave out the footage of Billy and Victoria arguing, and Hilary grumbled that the competition had thought so. The group grabbed drinks and toasted to Cane's big launch.

Abby said the restaurant looked incredible, and she reported that Victor had asked her to make sure the hosts had everything they needed. Jill assumed that Victor wanted Abby to keep a Newman eye on things, and Abby went to order drink refills. Cane advised Jill not to bite the hand that had fed them, but Jill imagined that Victor was sharpening his fangs as they spoke.

Lily snidely remarked to Hilary that she'd seen the social media response to GC Buzz's interview, and it had been great for Brash & Sassy but not that great for Hilary. Hilary replied that GC Buzz was going through a transition period, but Lily clarified that the viewers hadn't been wowed by Hilary's performance. Hilary asserted that she'd been being real, and she wasn't concerned with how people had perceived her. Lily spat that Hilary was only concerned about her social status, but Hilary countered that being happily married had changed her priorities. Lily wondered how long that would last.

Travis arrived and asked if Abby had seen Victoria. Abby didn't think her sister was there yet, and Jill pointedly observed that Billy also wasn't there. Jill said she'd left Billy and Victoria alone at Brash & Sassy, and she wondered what was keeping them. Travis rolled his eyes. Cane fretted that he couldn't keep everyone waiting, and Lily insisted that Cane didn't need Billy and Victoria, since it was his night.

Cane stepped to the microphone and greeted the crowd, and he promised that they would witness something extraordinary. Billy and Victoria arrived, and they joined Cane on the stage. Billy declared that the launch wouldn't have happened without Cane, and Cane presented the new Brash & Sassy. He played the commercial, which featured a model provocatively showing skin and introducing the company's new fragrance, "Bare."

The guests applauded, and Jill announced that she was proud to present the next great sensation in fragrances. She removed a silk cloth to reveal bottles of the new product, and she stated that she couldn't be prouder of her team, but it was just the beginning for the trio. Lily called Cane a rock star, and Neil congratulated him. Hilary gushed that the whole campaign was incredible, and Cane thanked them. Hilary and Devon stepped aside, and he asked if she was glad she'd taken the high road in the interview. She remarked that Brash & Sassy smelled like roses, but she spotted Billy and Travis together, and she anticipated that another brawl was about to break out.

Travis complimented Billy's work, and he commented that it looked like Billy knew what he doing, after all. Victoria praised the men for acting like adults, and Cane pulled Victoria aside to introduce her to someone. Abby told Billy that she was impressed that he hadn't screwed it up, and he replied that she had a way with words. She assumed her role of concierge and inquired whether she could get them anything, and Travis gazed lovingly at Victoria and mused that he had everything he'd ever needed. Lily toasted to Jill's new success, but Jill opted to toast to true love as she eyed Billy.

Cane cut in as Lily and Neil danced together, and Devon called himself the luckiest man in room as he swayed to the music with Hilary. Devon amorously added that the night was about to get even better, but he had to wait to tell her why at home. Jill asked Abby to report to Victor that the evening had been a monumental success, and she guessed that Abby was bored without her husband there. Abby mentioned that Stitch had early rounds in the morning, and Jill urged Abby to join him, since a night like that made a person realize what really mattered in life, even if it took time and patience to get there. Billy stepped onto the elevator.

Victor sat in the dark in his office, and he answered his phone. He commended someone for a job well done, and he told the person to keep up the good work.

Phyllis entered her office at Jabot and remotely logged into Jack's computer. A message appeared that said, "Busted!" Phyllis burst into Jack's office and insisted that it wasn't what it looked like, but she was surprised when Ashley swiveled around in Jack's chair. Ashley inquired whether hacking into Jack's computer had been part of the divorce settlement, but Phyllis explained that Jack had never changed his password.

Ashley accused Phyllis of taking advantage, but Phyllis asserted that she'd proven that she could be resourceful. Ashley lectured that Phyllis' pattern of deceit had cost Phyllis her marriage, and she noted that Phyllis had given Jack an excellent reason to throw her out. Phyllis said it would only happen if Ashley told him, but Ashley thought Jack had every right to know about the breach of trust, and she expected him to find out about it from Phyllis.

Later, Jack carried his briefcase back to his office, where he found Ashley and Phyllis waiting for him. He asked what was going on, and Ashley said she'd let Phyllis explain. Ashley stepped out, and Jack barked that he didn't have time for games. Phyllis stated that there was an issue with his computer, since someone had accessed information without his permission. He angrily wondered how one of Newman's minions had gotten past security, but Phyllis replied that they hadn't -- she had.

Phyllis confessed that she'd accessed Jack's computer to monitor his work, but he accused her of spying on him. He questioned whether her endgame was to sell company secrets to the highest bidder, but she swore that she'd just been trying to help. Jack grumbled that he should have been more careful, knowing he had an employee he couldn't trust. Phyllis understood if he wanted to give her the boot, but she insisted that they talk first, since she feared that he was going down the same road he'd warned her not to go down. She surmised that he was going after Victor.

Phyllis thought that Jack's silence confirmed her suspicions, and he was preparing to make a move on Newman by collecting data on its vulnerable sectors. Jack claimed that he'd been looking for ways to grow Jabot, but she was sure he was seeking revenge. He retorted that revenge was her obsession, but she clucked that he had to work on his espionage skills, since it had been way too easy to follow him to the park the day before. She revealed that she'd watched him exchange briefcases with another man, and she reached for his briefcase, but he snatched it away.

Phyllis guessed that Jack had paid for top-secret information about Victor's business, and she reminded him that she'd had practice at lying and sneaking around. Jack remembered who had put her on that path, and he vowed to make Victor pay for the pain he'd caused. Meanwhile, Summer arrived at Jabot and asked Ashley if she'd seen Phyllis, since she needed to discuss a talk she'd had with Victor. Ashley reported that Phyllis was in the office with Jack, so it wasn't a good time, and she led Summer away to get coffee.

Phyllis referred to the assurances Jack had given Nikki, and Jack admitted that he'd told Nikki what she'd wanted to hear. Jack assumed that Phyllis had shared her suspicions with Ashley, but Phyllis swore that she'd told Ashley nothing. Jack guessed that Phyllis planned to go straight to Victor, but she said she wouldn't. Jack figured that Phyllis' only other option was to talk him out of it. Phyllis acknowledged that she should, given everything that had happened because of her need for revenge on Victor, but she was all for whatever Jack was doing where Victor was concerned.

Phyllis recounted that she hadn't been able to let go of her anger, and she understood that the only way for Jack to stop his rage from eating him alive was to make Victor pay. Jack barked that he and Phyllis were nothing alike, but she informed him that she'd lied when she'd sworn that she'd put vengeance behind her for good. Phyllis declared that she wouldn't talk Jack out of any of it, but she would join him, and they would take Victor down together.

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Multi-soap vet Michael Tylo dead at 73


Multi-soap vet Michael Tylo dead at 73
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