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Victor revealed that he'd used Curtis to set up Jack, Phyllis, and GC Buzz. Phyllis retrieved the incriminating documents by pulling the fire alarm. Patty phoned Nick and divulged that Christian was alive, and Nick confronted Sharon. Sharon confessed to Dylan that Sully wasn't his son.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of October 31, 2016 on Y&R
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Patty Has Shocking News for Nick Patty Has Shocking News for Nick

Monday, October 31, 2016

At Victoria's house, Billy arrived to accompany Johnny and Katie on a Halloween outing. After Billy and the children stepped out, Travis asked if he could tag along with Victoria, Billy, and the children. Victoria, referring to Travis' Champagne lunch with Abby, asked if Travis had hoped Abby might incriminate herself. Travis and Victoria were arguing about Travis' misstep when Billy and the kids returned to the room. Billy made a quip about being accustomed to arguments taking place in the living room of the home he'd once shared with Victoria.

In Victor's office, Summer and Abby discussed the ongoing mystery surrounding the breach of company information. Summer was eager to phone Victor and inform him that Curtis Fielding had been leaking company secrets. Abby said, "Summer, are you really that eager to sell out your own mother?" Abby expressed concern about Victor's reaction because she didn't want her father to end up back in prison. Victor entered the office and announced that he'd never actually left town. Victor asked Summer to step out.

After Summer left, Abby told Victor that she'd witnessed Curtis Fielding and Phyllis exchanging briefcases at the Genoa City Athletic Club. Abby pleaded with Victor not to do anything that would get him in trouble. Abby was taken aback when Victor said he'd been aware that Fielding, a board member, had been leaking information to Jack Abbott. Victor added, "First, I allowed Curtis Fielding to think he was getting away with his betrayal. It was a test for Travis. A test he failed."

Victor explained to Abby that he'd specifically told Travis not to target Summer, Abby, or Noah. Victor praised Abby for catching Curtis Fielding in the act of delivering stolen documents to Phyllis. Abby basked in her grandfather's accolades. Abby learned that Victor had used Curtis Fielding to set up Phyllis, Jack, and GC Buzz. Abby and Victor noted that GC Buzz would run the second story without vetting the source, which would undermine the media outlet's credibility and negate the damage from the initial release about Newman Enterprises.

In Jack's office, Phyllis entered carrying a briefcase. Jack, following behind, told Phyllis he believed that Victor had hired Travis to track her. Phyllis expressed doubts that Victor would hire someone outside the family he didn't trust. Jack recalled how deflated Travis had looked after he'd opened an envelope filled with blank pages. Phyllis set down the briefcase she'd received from Curtis Fielding. Phyllis noted that Fielding hadn't performed the secretive exchange with finesse, so she felt it might be the last time Fielding would pass on sensitive information.

Jack lifted the lid of the briefcase, pulled out a file, and read the enclosed document. Jack seemed pleased and said, "This is exactly what we need to start digging Victor's grave." Jack handed the document to Phyllis and explained that Victor had been investing huge sums of company funds in gold. Phyllis, citing information from another document, added that Victor had also purchased real estate. Jack scanned another page and said he'd identified twenty instances of tax evasion.

Jack grabbed the file stolen from Newman Enterprises and said he'd have the information published immediately. Phyllis, concerned, said they might have to work through the night to scour the stolen documents. Jack offered to get coffee and sandwiches. Phyllis smiled when Jack remembered that she preferred a double latte made with skim milk. Jack averted Phyllis' gaze and rushed out the door.

An angry Summer entered Phyllis' cramped office. Phyllis stuffed a document stolen from Newman Enterprises into a drawer. Summer warned Phyllis that Victor would seek revenge for leaking the stolen information to the press. Phyllis explained that all Jack could think about was hurting Victor. Phyllis said she was concerned because Jack's desire to exact revenge would ultimately lead to more pain. Summer replied, "So you're placating Jack. You're just going along with this until Grandpa drives Jabot out of business or has both of you arrested."

Phyllis said she was biding time so she could prove to Jack that seeking revenge wasn't what he truly wanted. Summer replied, "You mean by lying to him again." Phyllis said she was trying to protect the man she loved, and she asked Summer to keep her plan a secret. Summer reluctantly agreed.

At Crimson Lights, Jack ran into Billy, Victoria, Travis, Johnny, and Katie. Jack told Johnny and Katie that Esther, dressed in her French maid's uniform, had extra candy stashed behind the counter. Esther, Johnny, and Katie stepped away to get treats. Billy questioned Jack about his late-night business dealings. Jack replied that it was none of Billy's business. Jack addressed Travis and said, "Travis, little surprised to run into you again so soon. Did you find whatever it was you were looking for in the trash?" Travis left abruptly after he received a phone call. Victoria went to check on her kids.

Esther delivered Jack's food and drinks. Billy recognized Phyllis' preferred coffee drink when Esther read over the order. Billy indicated that he was aware that Phyllis and Jack were working closely together. Jack didn't offer details. Billy seemed lost in thought after Jack left with the food and coffee.

Travis entered Victor's office. Victor said that Travis had ignored specific instructions by having lunch with Abby. Travis explained that he'd taken the initiative because he didn't think that Jack Abbott was the one receiving internal documents. Victor replied, "Phyllis is." Victor explained that Curtis Fielding was the one who'd been passing the documents to Phyllis.

Travis replied, "So you were just testing me?" Victor noted that Natalie had told him about Travis "digging for dirt" on the Newman family. Victor explained that Abby had solved the mystery, so Travis would no longer be involved. Victor said he only dealt with people he could fully trust.

After Jack returned to the office, Phyllis told him they should delay releasing the new information. Jack, sounding eager to move ahead, said, "Victor is reeling right now." Phyllis said she didn't want to underestimate Victor because he'd be ready for the next hit. Jack held up a file folder and said they already had the documents. Phyllis suggested putting the documents in the safe and waiting to use them when it was optimal. Phyllis explained that she and Jack were playing a chess match with Victor and shouldn't play their queen too soon.

At Sharon's ranch house, Sharon admired Sully, dressed in a Halloween costume. Dylan returned and said he hadn't located Nick. Sharon explained that Chelsea had figured out where Nick was. Faith entered the room, dressed like Lady Liberty. Faith asked about her dad. Sharon explained that Nick needed time alone. Faith said she hoped her dad would be happy again soon. Sharon stared into space and softly said, "He will get past this."

Dylan sent Sharon and the children out to trick-or-treat. Dylan explained that he had something else needing his attention. After Sharon and the children left, Dylan recalled his and Sharon's visit with Patty. During the visit, Patty had remembered when Dr. Anderson had been treating her and Sharon. Patty had specifically noted that Sharon had received a healthy baby boy, which Patty referred to as a gift from the stork. Dylan also recalled Sharon's reply to Patty. Sharon had said, "Sully was a gift. A gift that his father and I cherish very much." Patty noted that all parents cherished their "little flesh and blood."

At the psychiatric facility, Patty attempted to sneak into Dr. Hadley's office. A male nurse caught her. Patty claimed she needed to consult with the doctor because she wouldn't be a patient at the facility much longer. Dylan arrived to visit with Patty alone. Dylan asked Patty what she and Sharon had talked about while they'd been alone together. Dylan asked Patty why she'd specifically requested a visit with Sharon. Patty replied, "Fairview wasn't fair. Not much of a view, either."

Patty changed the subject and said she missed her cat. Dylan said he was aware that Patty believed she might be leaving the facility. Dylan asked Patty why she thought it was possible for her to leave and how Sharon might be part of the plan. Patty wasn't cooperative. Dylan told Patty to forget about Fairview and what had happened while she and Sharon had been there.

Dylan firmly insisted that Patty not contact Sharon again. Patty said, "Secrets and lies. That's really what your wifey and I were talking about." Dylan pleaded with Patty to elaborate. Patty said she didn't want to hurt Dylan. The male nurse arrived to administer medication. When the nurse escorted Dylan to the door, Patty spit out the pill and stuffed it into her waistband.

After enjoying Halloween festivities, Sharon, Dylan, Faith, and Sully returned home. Faith noted that Sully hadn't been frightened by kids dressed in costumes. Dylan said Sully had enjoyed his first Halloween, which marked the beginning of numerous first-time celebrations. Faith said, "His birthday's coming up." Dylan replied, "I know. I've got huge plans." Sharon seemed uneasy.

In his office at the Underground, Nick took out his anger by trashing the room. The floor was littered with broken cups and papers. In a flashback, Nick remembered Sage telling him how much joy and love she'd felt for her child even before he'd been born. After Nick remembered Sage's concern over a particular nightmare involving someone taking her baby, Nick hurled a glass container against a wall and knocked over a lamp. Chelsea entered the office and told Nick she was aware that one year had passed since he'd lost Christian. Nick cried that Cassie, Christian, and Sage, the loved ones he was supposed to protect, were dead.

Chelsea offered to listen while Nick shared his feelings. Nick said he didn't want to talk. Chelsea handed Nick a framed photo of him and Faith. Chelsea told Nick he could continue to break things, though his efforts wouldn't lessen his emotional pain. Nick told Chelsea she should be home with her son. Chelsea said she'd been worried about Nick. Nick said he felt very lonely mourning Christian without Sage. Nick cried that he missed his son and wife "so much."

Nick told Chelsea he knew he should be enjoying Faith's Halloween festivities. Nick explained that he didn't want to be a dark cloud over everyone's happiness. Nick cried that he might never be able to find peace again. Nick told Chelsea how much he'd enjoyed spending time with Sully while he'd stayed at Sharon's. Nick said after the situation had grown awkward, Sharon had asked him to leave. Nick requested that Chelsea not discuss what he'd just told her.

Being with Sully, Nick admitted, had brought up feelings he'd been suppressing for months. Nick cried that the pain he was feeling was just as raw as the day he'd lost Christian. Chelsea comforted Nick with an embrace. Nick thanked Chelsea for being supportive. As they were heading out the door, Nick received a call from Patty. Patty said, "Nick, there's something you need to know. Christian is alive. Sharon has him."

Sharon tells Nick that Sully is Christian Sharon tells Nick that Sully is Christian

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Victor found a sobbing Abby in his office, and he offered her a tissue. She lamely tried to chalk up her tears to allergies, but he didn't believe her. He thought she should be thrilled about the wonderful work she'd done that day, but he surmised that she wasn't upset about work. He recognized that she'd been having difficulties in her marriage, and he inquired whether Stitch had hurt her. Abby said it wasn't Stitch, but it was her, and she bemoaned that she should be out trick-or-treating with her baby.

Victor handed Abby a drink, and she couldn't help but wonder what might have been, not only with the baby but also with Stitch. Victor thought that was natural, but she pointed out that she had been the one who'd ended things. Victor reasoned that her hopes and dreams for her marriage hadn't just disappeared, and she pondered whether to call Stitch and give it one last try. Victor called Stitch a good man, but he cautioned that it would be a mistake if she only did it because she felt guilty.

Victor urged Abby to be honest with herself about what would happen if she and Stitch continued working on their relationship, and she imagined that it would be painful for both of them. She realized that it was time to walk away, and Victor empathized that it was tough to say goodbye to a marriage. He added that it was also hard to watch his daughter cry when there was very little he could do, but he told her that she was strong. Victor invited her to turn to him whenever she had a problem she couldn't solve, and they hugged. He assured her that she would be all right.

Over the phone, Patty informed Nick that Christian was alive and that Sharon had the tot, since Sully was really Christian. A stunned Nick replied that it wasn't possible, but Patty swore that his ex was raising his son. She encouraged him to talk to Sharon, and she hung up. Chelsea was shocked when Nick relayed what Patty had said, and she blasted Patty for messing with his head. Chelsea called Patty delusional, and she suggested that Nick forget the call had ever happened. Nick knew that he should forget it, but he couldn't.

Chelsea thought Nick was emotional and vulnerable on a very rough night, so he wasn't thinking clearly. She pointed out that he'd just been smashing everything and telling her how fresh the grief was, and she advised him not to let Patty get under his skin. Chelsea added that Patty loved to mess with people's lives, but Nick reported that Patty had told him that Sharon could confirm everything Patty had said. Chelsea incredulously asked if he really thought Sharon would keep him from his son, and Nick noted that it wouldn't have been the first time, since Sharon had faked Summer's paternity test.

Nick recalled that Sharon had been acting "off," and he wondered if Patty had told her the same outrageous lie. Nick thought that would explain why Sharon had been terrified that Patty would show up at the ranch, and the weirdness he'd sensed might have been because Sharon had been shielding him from Patty to spare him pain. Nick wanted to talk to Sharon right away to get to the bottom of it.

At Stonevale, Patty's doctor asked how Patty had gotten into his office, and Patty twirled around in his chair and chirped that she wanted another session. He was surprised because she hadn't welcomed treatment there, but she announced that she was finally ready to talk, and it was time to get better. Patty said she'd finally opened her eyes, and it felt good to see things clearly. The doctor observed that Patty hadn't been that calm since she'd arrived there, and he questioned whether she'd realized that they were there to help her. Patty clarified that her attitude had changed because there were no more secrets.

The doctor prompted Patty to take him back to her secrets, and Patty declared that she'd righted a wrong from Fairview. The doctor assumed that she was referring to what had happened with Dr. Anderson, and Patty stated that Dr. Anderson had wanted to hurt her, so she'd had to stop her former psychiatrist. The doctor asked if Patty had killed Dr. Anderson in self-defense, and Patty confirmed that she had. Patty divulged that she'd known something very bad, and Dr. Anderson had been afraid that she would tell someone. Patty added that it was the worst possible secret, but everyone finally knew it. The doctor pressed her to tell him about it, but Patty insisted on talking to Paul instead.

At the penthouse, Chelsea stared at a photo of Adam. She flashed back to Adam telling her that Christian was his son, but he'd bribed the technician to alter the paternity test to indicate that the boy was Nick's. Chelsea hurried out.

A harried Chelsea entered Victor's office, and Victor worried that something was wrong with Connor. She informed him that she was there about Nick, and she blurted out that there might be a chance that Christian was alive. Chelsea informed Victor about Patty's call to Nick, but Victor grumbled that a mentally ill woman was hardly a reliable source. Chelsea mentioned that Patty had also stated that Sully was really Christian, and Patty had implied that Sharon had been keeping it a secret. Chelsea pointed out that both she and Victor knew that Christian wasn't Nick's son, and she asked what they would do if Christian was alive.

Victor opined that Nick should raise Christian as his own. Chelsea thought it had been one thing to keep Christian's paternity a secret when they had thought the child had died, but things would be different if he was alive. Victor contemplated what Adam would have said, and Chelsea stated that Adam had wanted Nick to raise his son, but she questioned whether that would be fair to Nick or to Dylan. Victor considered what Nick had gone through when he'd thought he'd lost his wife and son, and he thought they couldn't deprive him of the opportunity to be a dad again if Christian was alive.

Once alone, Victor spoke to a framed photo of Adam, and he mused that something extraordinary had happened -- Adam's son was alive, and Adam would live on in his children. Victor recognized that he and Adam had had their difficulties, but it meant a lot to him that Adam's children were still there.

At the cottage, Sharon and Dylan put the kids to bed, and he reported that he'd checked under Faith's pillow to make sure she hadn't hidden any candy. They kissed, and Dylan wanted to show Sharon his photos of the kids. Sharon teased him for using up all of his storage, and he declared that there could never be enough memories to look back on. Sharon laughed at Sully's expression in one picture, and Dylan called it priceless. Stitch phoned Dylan, who realized that his friend wanted to talk, and he said he was on his way.

Dylan told Sharon that Stitch had sounded down on the phone, and it was unlike Stitch to ask for help. Dylan hated running out on her, but she said she loved him for helping a friend, and she flirtatiously promised that they'd make up for lost time when he got back. Sharon thanked Dylan for a great night, and he thanked her for a great life, since they really had it all. They professed their love and kissed goodbye, and he departed.

At Crimson Lights, Dylan opted not to have caffeine on top of all the candy he'd poached from Faith, and Stitch teased him for swiping candy from a kid. Stitch confided that all he'd been thinking about had been what his life should look like -- trick-or-treating with Max while Abby pushed their baby in a stroller -- but he was there alone. Dylan insisted that Stitch wasn't alone, and he queried whether Stitch and Abby could have handed out candy together. Stitch revealed that Abby had told him that they were done, so he'd moved out a couple of days earlier. Dylan expressed his sympathy, and Stitch wished he could say it had been a surprise, but it had been easier to turn a blind eye than to face the truth.

Dylan asked if Stitch and Abby had started talking to lawyers, and Stitch replied that he'd avoided it because it would make the situation too real, but he thought they were headed that way. Dylan asked what he could do, and Stitch said Dylan was doing it by talking to him. Stitch urged Dylan to appreciate his loving wife, his awesome stepchildren, and his healthy baby, since Stitch would give anything to be in Dylan's shoes. Dylan recalled that he'd believed that happiness hadn't been in the cards for him until he'd met Sharon, but everything had changed after they'd gotten together. Dylan added that things could change for Stitch, too -- probably when he least expected it.

Later, Abby spotted Stitch at the coffeehouse, and she turned away, but he called to her and asked her not to go. She asked how he was doing, and he admitted that he wasn't doing that great. She replied that she wasn't, either, and he gestured for her to sit. He mentioned that he'd seen Dylan that day, and he hadn't been able to help but compare Dylan's situation to his own. Abby informed Stitch that she'd considered calling him to say that they could put things back together, but he recognized that it would never happen, and she said it wouldn't be right to pretend otherwise. She thought it was time they filed for divorce.

Stitch said it would be "hard as hell" to let go of Abby for good, but he couldn't make her happy. Abby recognized that she couldn't make him happy, either, and he deserved better. He suggested that they make splitting as simple as possible by getting an arbitrator, and she tearfully agreed. He became choked up and cried that he didn't know how to say goodbye to her, and she told him not to. She said goodnight and left.

Nick approached the cottage, and he hesitantly knocked on the door. Sharon invited him in, and she mentioned that she'd been worried about him earlier, but she was happy that Chelsea had tracked him down. He apologized for not being there for Faith on Halloween, but he'd been overwhelmed with thoughts of what should have been. Sharon informed him that Faith had dressed up as the Statue of Liberty, but their daughter was already asleep. Nick announced that he was there to see Sharon, since he'd received a weird call from Patty that night. Sharon froze.

Sharon frantically folded clothes as she fretted that Patty's call had been the last thing Nick had needed that day. Sharon rambled about Patty having twisted hallucinations, and she mentioned that Patty had just been moved to another facility because her behavior had been escalating. Sharon recommended that Nick block out whatever Patty had said, but he wondered why Sharon was getting worked up over the call. She replied that Patty was a hot-button issue with her, and he thanked Sharon for trying to protect him, but he swore that she didn't have to do it anymore.

Nick revealed that he knew what Patty had accused Sharon of, since Patty had told him about her outrageous theory that Sully was really Christian and that Sharon had been raising him as her own son the whole time. Sharon gasped, and Nick said the story made no sense. Sharon stammered that it had to be upsetting for him, and he observed that she seemed very upset, too. Sharon stumbled to a chair and grappled with what to say. Nick demanded that she tell him that it had just been the ramblings of a lunatic, but Sharon tearfully shook her head and said she couldn't. Sharon admitted that Patty had been telling him the truth -- Christian was alive, and Sully was Nick's baby.

Nick angrily asked if Sharon was saying that his little boy was upstairs and that she'd been pretending that Christian was her son the whole time. Sharon begged Nick to listen, since she hadn't planned any of it, and Dr. Anderson had convinced her that she had been pregnant when she hadn't been. Sharon conceded that it was hard to believe, but the doctor had shown her sonograms and had made her think that she was having a baby. A skeptical Nick pointed out that Sharon had been in an institution with other doctors and patients, but Sharon reminded him that Dr. Anderson had intentionally kept her in isolation and away from her family.

Sharon recounted that not long after Christian had supposedly died, Dr. Anderson had put a beautiful baby boy in Sharon's arms and told Sharon that the baby was hers, and Sharon had believed it. Sharon explained that Dr. Anderson had done it to punish Nick because she'd believed that he'd destroyed her life, and the doctor had wanted to take something precious away from him. Sharon insisted that they had all been victims, but Nick sternly asked when she'd found out that Sully was Christian. Sharon recalled having flashes of memory after Dr. Anderson had been killed, and she'd sensed that something had been wrong. Sharon continued that she'd gone to talk to Patty, but it had been hard to know what had been real, so she'd run a DNA test that had proven that Sage had been the baby's mother.

Nick was livid that Sharon had run the test, and Sharon divulged that Sage had put the pieces together and had confronted her. Sharon added that Sage would have told Nick, but Sage had lost control of her car on her way to see him. Nick realized that Sharon had been first on the accident scene because she'd been following Sage, and Sharon cried that she'd wanted to ask Sage for time. Nick bellowed that Sharon had wanted to continue living a lie, and Sharon swore that she was sorry, but he ordered her to stop saying that, since she would have told him if she'd been broken up about it.

Sharon admitted that she'd been wrong, and Nick admonished her for keeping a child from him for the second time. He ranted that his world had blown up while Sharon had been living with his son and Dylan, and she revealed that Dylan still didn't know. Nick dryly congratulated Sharon on fooling everyone, and Sharon wailed that Dylan truly loved the baby. Nick retorted that he loved the boy, too, and Christian was his son. Nick stormed upstairs, barking that he didn't want his children in that house.

In Sully's room, Sharon insisted that she and Dylan had thought Sully was theirs, and Dylan was happy to be a father, so she hadn't been able to rip another child away from him. Nick felt terrible for Dylan and acknowledged that his brother was innocent, but he was adamant that Dylan had to accept the truth. Sharon pleaded with Nick to let Dylan hear it from her and to give Dylan time to say goodbye to his son. Nick stressed that the boy was his, and Sharon begged for one more night to tell Dylan everything. She suggested that Nick return the next day to deal with all of it. Dylan returned home and called out for Sharon.

Dylan was surprised when Nick descended the stairs, and he remarked that they'd been worried about Nick on such a tough day for him. Dylan asked if Nick was all right, and Nick coolly told Sharon that he'd be back first thing in the morning. Nick walked out, and Dylan figured that Nick was upset about Christian, but he found Nick's behavior to be strange.

Sharon asked Dylan to sit down with her, since she had something to tell him, but he asked why it mattered whether he sat or stood. Dylan told her just to say it, and Sharon repeatedly cried that she was "so sorry" as tears streamed down her face. Dylan said she was starting to scare him, and he asked what it was. "Sully isn't your son," she confessed.

Nick and Dylan's Worlds Collide Nick and Dylan's Worlds Collide

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

by Nel

Dylan was furious because Sharon had never said a word. When Mariah arrived, Sharon told her that Dylan knew. Dylan accused Mariah of lying to his face just like Sharon had. Mariah told Dylan that every choice Sharon had made had been for him. Sharon knew how much he loved Sully.

Mariah said that Sharon had needed someone to lean on. Dylan asked why Sharon hadn't leaned on him. Dylan said Sharon got what she'd wanted, and "the hell with everyone else." Mariah tried to defuse the situation, but Sharon said Mariah couldn't protect her. Before Mariah left, she told Dylan that Sharon loved him more than he knew.

Sharon told Dylan not to blame Mariah because she had nothing to do with it. Dylan said he didn't blame Mariah. Sharon had let Mariah lie to him. Sharon admitted she had. Sharon said she'd done it for Dylan. Seeing him with Sully was pure joy, and she hadn't wanted to be the one to break his heart. Dylan was the only father Sully had ever known.

Sharon admitted she'd kept Sully away from Nick, but she had never deprived Sully of love. Dylan said she had deprived Nick. Sharon hadn't planned for Nick to suffer -- Dr. Anderson had done that.

Sharon knew she had let it go too long, but she'd thought Nick would heal because he had Noah, Summer, and Faith. Sully had been her priority. He had two parents who could give him all the love in the world. She said that Dylan was the father Sully cried out for or giggled with. She hadn't been able to take that away from Sully. She said she'd hated to watch Nick suffer, but she couldn't stand to watch Dylan suffer either.

Sharon insisted Dr. Anderson had done it to all of them. Sharon said she'd tried to do what she could to protect Sully's little heart. Dylan said that Sully had been growing up in a life built on lies. Dylan went upstairs and picked Sully up. Dylan told Sully they were a team, and it was his job to protect him. Sharon stood in the doorway and heard Dylan tell Sully that he'd been able to see their future from the first moment he'd seen him. He'd wanted to teach Sully everything Dylan's dad, Terry, had taught him.

Sharon's phone rang. She declined the call. Sharon said they were the only parents Sully had ever known. They needed to fight for him. Theirs was his home. Dylan told Sharon to leave. Dylan sat down and cried.

Paul arrived at Rivercrest and asked the doctor about Patty's progress. The doctor said Patty's grip on reality was tenuous at best. Paul said that Patty had never spoken about the night Patty had killed Dr. Anderson. The doctor advised that there was still an element of delusion because Patty claimed the murder had been self-defense. According to Patty, Dr. Anderson would have gone to any lengths to prevent some secret from being exposed, and he believed Patty was still lost in her own delusions.

Patty was asleep when she saw Dr. Anderson, who asked Patty if she was proud of herself. Patty told her to go away because she was dead. Sandy asked if Patty felt any guilt or remorse. Patty said she was glad. She told Sandy to leave before she called the big guys with the goo-goo juice.

In Patty's dream, Sandy taunted Patty and asked if Patty would tell them she saw dead people. Patty said Sandy was just mad because soon they would all know what Sandy had done. Sandy said that was a shame because Patty would never be free of her. Sandy turned, and Patty could see the blood where she'd stabbed Sandy. Patty hid her head and told Sandy to go away.

Paul scared Patty when he touched her. Patty asked him to make "her" go away. She begged him not to let them punish her for doing the right thing. Paul calmed her. Patty said that Dr. Anderson might be gone, but she wasn't forgotten. She described Dr. Anderson as she'd seen her a few moments before.

Paul asked if Patty remembered how Dr. Anderson had died. Patty said it had been self-defense and explained that Dr. Anderson had had a syringe and had planned to stab Patty with a "forget your name, forget your secret" kind of drug. She had wanted to shut Patty down and make the secret go away. Paul wanted to know what secret, but Patty just kept repeating she wanted the secret to go away. Paul kept pushing Patty, but all Patty would say was that Dylan would need his daddy "real soon."

Mariah was at Crimson Lights when Paul arrived. She said that if Paul was there about Patty, Mariah had learned her lesson. She knew she shouldn't have gone to see Patty. Paul said he had just seen Patty at Rivercrest. Patty had told him about a secret that Dr. Anderson had wanted Patty to keep. Patty had made him think it was about his family. Mariah said that Patty was unstable, and it could have meant anything. Patty had been very convincing that Dylan was going to need him. He didn't know what Patty meant, but he knew Mariah did.

Paul knew that Mariah had gone to see Patty, knowing that Patty had been fixated on Sharon. Paul said that recently, Patty had painted Sharon pregnant at Fairview. That event had been over a year and a half before. Patty had begun talking about the night Dr. Anderson had been killed and had called it self-defense. Patty had said that Dr. Anderson had been trying to keep her from revealing a secret.

Mariah said she didn't have the answers. Paul said he'd go and talk to Sharon. Mariah yelled that he couldn't. Paul asked if something was going on at Dylan and Sharon's and if that was the reason she didn't want Paul to go there. Mariah wouldn't admit anything.

Paul said he was tired of going around in circles. Mariah said she knew but wished she didn't, and no one wanted to know what was happening. Kevin arrived and asked what was going on. Paul said Kevin's friend needed to cooperate. He was asking simple questions and wanted direct answers.

Mariah said there were no direct answers. She said Paul should ask Patty. Kevin wondered why Paul was asking questions if it wasn't about an investigation. Paul said it was about his family, and he wanted to know what was going on. Mariah said that Paul didn't want to know.

Mariah said it was between Dylan and Sharon, and Paul couldn't barge in. It was going to be hard on them, and she asked Paul to leave them alone. Patty was right, and Dylan would need him. Mariah said Sharon and Dylan were going to need everyone, but not at that moment. Mariah said they didn't deserve "this," and she asked Paul to leave them alone. Paul agreed to give Sharon and Dylan some time and hoped he wouldn't regret it later.

After Paul left, Kevin asked Mariah to tell him what had happened. Mariah said that from then on, everything would be divided -- before and after that night. Mariah said that everyone would know, but that night, she only wanted Kevin to be her friend. Kevin asked if it was trouble for Sharon and Dylan or if it was trouble for her. She said she was in too deep and in a lot of trouble.

Chloe returned home and told Chelsea that Kevin had asked her to move in with him, but she felt it was too soon. Chloe babbled about the kids and Kevin while Chelsea stood looking pensive. Chloe realized something was wrong. Chelsea told Chloe that Sully was really Christian. Sharon had kept the truth from Nick and Dylan. Chloe thought it was incredible that Nick's baby was alive because he didn't have to grieve anymore. Chelsea said that Dylan was losing another son. Chelsea didn't think Dylan would give up the baby without a fight.

Nick barged into Sharon's and asked if Dylan knew. Sharon wanted him to keep his voice down. She didn't want Faith to find out that way. Nick said everyone was going to know, and Faith would know that her brother Christian had never died -- and her brother Sully had never existed. Nick said Sharon could have gone to him six months before, and they could have figured everything out.

Nick said he'd stayed with Sharon to protect her from whatever had been outside her door and whatever had terrified her -- the truth. Sharon told Nick that Dylan was upstairs with the baby. Nick tried to go upstairs, but Sharon stopped him. She wanted Nick to let Dylan say goodbye to Sully. She said Nick had won. Nick was floored. Nick said there were no winners.

Sharon asked Nick to give his brother a few more minutes. Sharon begged Nick to leave the baby until morning. She said Nick would have years with Sully. Nick said she'd had a year's worth of nights, and she wouldn't get one second more. He was taking his son home. He headed for the stairs. Dylan walked down the stairs and said that Nick wasn't taking Sully anywhere. Nick said the boy's name was Christian, and he was taking his son home.

Nick threatens to take Christian Nick threatens to take Christian

Thursday, November 3, 2016

At the Underground, Billy approached a glum Natalie at the bar and observed that she didn't look like she was celebrating. Natalie griped that she'd only consumed wine before, but since she'd returned to Genoa City, she'd drink anything. She quipped that she was buzzed thanks to GC Buzz, and he realized that the rumors that she was working with Victor were true. Billy noted that Natalie looked miserable, and Natalie remarked that he knew what people said about misery. He plopped down next to her and ordered a drink.

Billy pointed out that Natalie didn't have to continue working for Victor, since receptionists didn't make that much money. Natalie implied that she was earning enough money to keep up with her expensive tastes; she felt like she'd sold her soul, but she added that at least she wasn't alone. Natalie wondered if Victoria knew that her boyfriend felt like he'd been hit by a truck, since Travis hadn't known what he'd been getting into at Newman, but he'd gotten an education. Natalie started to head out, but Billy offered to buy another round.

Billy and Natalie chugged shots, and he remarked that he'd thought Travis was Victor's newest pet. Natalie slurred that Travis had been until he'd blown it, and she divulged that Victor had ordered Travis to find the person who'd handed over the confidential documents to GC Buzz. She continued that Travis had decided to go after Victor's family members, despite Victor's instructions not to bother any of them, but Travis hadn't had any idea that it had been a test. Billy guessed that Travis had failed, but he didn't understand why Victor had played Travis if Victor wanted to find out who the mole was. Natalie speculated that Victor had already known the mole's identity, and she tossed back another drink. Billy determined that they'd both had enough, and he escorted her out to get a cab.

Over the phone at Jabot, Jack instructed someone to get something done that night. Phyllis entered and asked what was going on. Jack assured her that he wasn't going to release the latest Newman documents immediately, but he didn't intend to sit on them forever. He revealed that he'd hired a forensic accountant to go through everything in the briefcase, and he would proceed with his plan once he received confirmation that the information about Victor's dealings was legitimate. Jack declared that he wanted to leak the documents that night, so by morning, Victor wouldn't know what had hit him.

Phyllis understood that Jack was eager to make it happen, but she warned him not to rush blindly into something that big. She noted that he was usually more cautious, but he grumbled that being too cautious caused opportunities to slip away. Phyllis argued that the information didn't have an expiration date, so it would still be good a month from then, but Jack refused to sit on something that volatile for that long. Phyllis recognized that it would be damaging for Victor to go public, but she urged Jack to make sure he wouldn't be damaging himself. Jack testily reminded her that he'd let her in because she'd been ready to go for the jugular and not to have her look out for him, but she asked why it couldn't be both. He replied that she knew why.

Jack huffed that he didn't need or want Phyllis' help, and he told her to go home. She apologized if she'd crossed the line, but she thought she should be part of the next step. He received a text message from the forensic accountant, who wanted to see him. Phyllis volunteered to go with Jack, but he insisted on handling it himself, and he intended to go straight to GC Buzz to drop off the documents anonymously once he had confirmation of their authenticity. Jack headed out, and Phyllis flashed back to telling Jack that she understood his rage, so she wanted to join him and take Victor down together.

Billy peered in on Phyllis in Jack's office, and he flashed back to warning Jack that Victor would retaliate, but he didn't want to see Jack drag Phyllis down with him. Billy was thankful that he'd caught Phyllis, and he inquired where Jack was. Phyllis reminded Billy that he wasn't supposed to be on Jabot's floors, and she realized that he'd been drinking. She reiterated that she was trying to make things right with Jack and that what she'd had with Billy was over. Billy revealed that he was there because of the land mine she and Jack were about to step on, since Victor was setting them up.

Billy told Phyllis about his conversation with a drunken Natalie, but Phyllis pointed out that he was assuming that he was right about her and Jack trying to take Victor down. Billy swore that he wasn't playing games, and he warned that the scheme was about to blow up in their faces. Phyllis was suspicious of Billy's motivation for being there, since Jack had disowned him, and she'd shut Billy down hard when he'd tried to pull her back in after she'd signed the divorce papers. She wondered why he'd rushed in there with a bombshell, claiming that he wanted to help.

Billy asked if Phyllis found it hard to believe that he didn't want to see her get hurt after everything they'd been through, but she was skeptical that he would lift a finger for Jack after everything Jack had said to him. Billy acknowledged that Jack hated him, but it didn't mean he hated Jack, and they were still family. Billy swore that he didn't want to see Jack get hurt, either, and he was there because he'd felt he'd needed to tell her. She pointed out that something like that could push her and Jack together again, but Billy stated that he'd said his piece, and it was time for her to stop whatever was about to happen. Phyllis said there was somewhere she needed to be, and she hurried out.

In an alley outside GC Buzz, Jack ducked out of sight when a security guard beamed a flashlight around. Moments later, Phyllis ran into the alley and hissed at Jack not to do it, since Victor was setting him up. Jack asked how she knew, and she insisted that he couldn't give the documents to GC Buzz. Jack said she was five seconds too late, since the papers were already behind the locked door.

At the penthouse, Chelsea anxiously fluffed the couch cushions, and Chloe assumed that she was worried about Nick. Chelsea groaned that she had a knot in her stomach over the whole mess with Sharon finding out that Sully wasn't hers and secretly continuing to raise him as her own. Chelsea thought Sharon should have told the truth, but Chloe thought that neither she nor Chelsea should judge Sharon. Chelsea acknowledged that she hadn't always made the best choices, but she didn't know how Sharon had been able to look at herself in the mirror. Chloe pondered whether Nick or Dylan had been screwed over more, and Chelsea bemoaned that it was unbearable for everyone, especially if they couldn't find a kind way to end things.

Chelsea hoped Nick didn't lose it in front of Faith, since no one had considered what the truth about Sully would do to the girl. Chloe called the situation an epic train wreck, and Chelsea lamented that Dylan had no idea that his life was about to be obliterated. Chelsea relayed that Nick had promised to give Sharon and Dylan one more night, but Chloe doubted that Nick would keep his promise, and she couldn't blame him after he'd been grieving the death of his son for a year. Chelsea pointed out that Nick had lost Sage, too, and he'd never had the chance to say goodbye. Chelsea figured that Nick was feeling overwhelmed by desperation and anger that he didn't know how to handle, and she feared that he wouldn't think about how his actions would affect anyone else. "Especially Christian," Chloe added.

Chloe figured that Nick had had time to calm down on his way to the ranch, and he'd realize that it wouldn't be good if he showed up and demanded things. Chelsea mentioned that Nick's mind had gone to the worst possible scenario when Sharon hadn't answered his calls, and Chloe suggested that Chelsea go be with Nick. Chelsea thought that things were volatile enough without adding an outsider to the mix, but Chloe argued that Chelsea was Sharon's boss and Dylan's ex, and she thought Chelsea would be doing Nick a favor. Chloe added that Chelsea might be the only person Nick might listen to because she didn't have a personal stake in all of it. Chelsea headed out.

Later, Billy and Chloe ran into one another at Crimson Lights as it approached closing time. He marveled that Halloween had been Delia's favorite holiday, but Chloe thought Delia had only said that because her daddy had told her so, and she believed their daughter's favorite occasion had been Christmas. Billy noted that Chloe was there alone. She mentioned that Bella and Connor were at a sleepover with Esther and that Chelsea was putting out a fire, but he shouldn't ask for details. She asked where his kids were, and he reported that they were with Victoria, dreaming of Halloween candy.

Billy commented that even if he had a best friend, the friend would probably be busy, and that was why he was there alone. Chloe sensed that something more was going on, and Billy thought the same thing about her. She confided that she'd started seeing Kevin again, and he'd asked her to move in with him. Billy guessed that it had freaked her out, and she replied that it had been flattering but scary. Billy advised her to be careful not to let something great slip through her fingers, since she might not realize until it was too late that it was gone.

Chloe mentioned that she'd heard the stories, and she figured that Billy was talking about Phyllis. Billy feigned ignorance, but Chloe thanked him for the advice and promised to consider it. She bemoaned that seizing the day wasn't as easy as it looked, and he wondered if she was worried about Bella's father showing up to ruin things someday. Chloe admitted that maybe it was about Bella's father.

At the cottage, Dylan told Nick that it was late, and it would take a while to figure things out. Nick snapped that there was nothing to figure out, since Sharon had kept a son that wasn't hers, and Christian had no business being there. Dylan argued that it was the only home Sully had known, but Nick corrected that the boy's name was Christian. Dylan urged Nick to think of the child, but Nick maintained that it was his son, and Dylan and Sharon couldn't stop him from seeing Christian. Sharon swore that they weren't keeping Nick from the boy, but she wanted to stop him from doing something rash.

Nick growled that it had been a year, and he imagined that Sharon had known things would end that way. Nick ordered Sharon and Dylan to get out of his way so he could see his son, but Dylan stopped him and calmly stated that Nick wasn't going anywhere. Sharon suggested that they talk rationally about what was best for an innocent little boy, but Nick started to call his lawyer. Dylan asserted that it wouldn't do any good, but Nick questioned what Dylan would do if he found out that his ex-wife had stolen his son while watching Dylan grieve and suffer. Dylan conceded that he'd be furious, but he wouldn't grab a sleeping baby out of his crib and take him away.

Sharon continued to repeat that she was sorry, and she begged Nick to realize that she'd been as much in the dark as he'd been when it had all started. Sharon contended that Sully had been in their house for months while she and Dylan had believed he was their baby, and they'd devoted their lives to him. Dylan added that they loved the kid, and the boy loved them. Nick hissed that Dylan was talking as if Dylan had a claim on the child, but a crime had been committed when the child had been kidnapped, and Sharon had been an accomplice. Nick demanded that Dylan arrest Sharon.

Dylan scoffed at the idea of arresting Sharon, but Nick spat that Dylan would also become an accessory if he blocked Nick from seeing his son. Dylan ordered Nick to stop acting like Dylan didn't have a connection to the baby, since Dylan was the only father Sully had ever known. Nick repeated that the boy's name was Christian, and Sharon begged Nick to stop. Faith ran downstairs and asked if the baby monitor was on, since Sully had been crying, and he needed someone.

Nick asked if Faith's little brother was okay, and Faith replied that Sully just needed to be held. She innocently suggested that Nick go upstairs, since she knew that he'd been upset earlier, and she inquired whether he'd been thinking about Christian. Nick confirmed that he'd been thinking a lot about his son that night, and Faith thought seeing Sully would help Nick feel better. Nick agreed that maybe it would, and Sharon and Dylan remained silent as Faith led Nick upstairs.

In Sully's bedroom, Faith thought the sound of Nick's voice had calmed the baby down, and she prepared to return to bed. She guessed that Nick was going back downstairs, but he opted to hang out there for a bit longer. Faith hoped he felt better the next day, and Nick thanked her. She cooed goodnight to Sully, and she headed out. Nick held the boy close and whispered, "Christian, it's me. It's your daddy -- your real daddy." Nick promised that he would always be there for his son.

Sharon nervously remarked that Nick had been upstairs for a long time, but Dylan didn't hear anything, so he surmised that Sully was asleep. Sharon hoped Nick saw reason and let the baby spend the night there, but Dylan angrily questioned how she expected Nick to feel at time like that. There was a knock at the door, and Dylan let Chelsea in. Sharon informed her that Nick was upstairs, and Chelsea asked if everyone was all right. Dylan replied that no one there was all right that night, and Nick returned downstairs with the baby and announced that they were leaving.

Nick demanded to have the baby's things, but Dylan refused. Nick maintained that his son was leaving with him, but Dylan questioned what would happen when Faith discovered that Sully was gone. Dylan wondered how he was supposed to explain the mess to the girl when he could barely comprehend it himself, and Nick spat that the baby never should have been there, but Sharon had chosen to lie to everyone. Chelsea noted that Nick wasn't set up for a baby at his place, but he pledged to make it work, since Christian was all he had with Sage gone. Nick added that he was there to do what was right, and he was determined to take his son with him.

Chelsea pulled Nick aside and coached him to take a deep breath. She asked him how she could help him, and he realized that it didn't feel right. He thought perhaps it was best to leave the baby there in his own bed, and Chelsea agreed that it was the right thing to do. Nick faced Sharon and Dylan and declared that he had to do what was best for Christian. Nick handed the tot to Dylan and said he'd be back in the morning. After a long look at Christian, Nick headed out, and Chelsea followed him.

Nick escorted Chelsea back to the penthouse, and she asked if he would be okay. He replied that he would be eventually, but he couldn't believe any of it was happening. Nick regretted that he'd made it more about himself than about Christian, but he was grateful that Chelsea had tried to help. She assured him that he'd done the right thing by letting Christian sleep in his own bed that night, and she invited him in. Nick preferred to be alone to think, and she watched him step onto the elevator.

Meanwhile, Dylan gave the baby a bottle, and he headed upstairs to put the tot in his crib. Sharon pleaded to talk, but Dylan retorted that there was nothing to talk about, since she'd done enough for a lifetime. She offered to turn out the lights and meet him upstairs, but he barked that he'd sleep in the nursery with Sully.

Upstairs, Dylan softly told the baby that his daddy loved him, and he promised to be there all night and when the boy woke up. Downstairs, Sharon curled up on the couch and cried as she listened to Dylan's tender words over the baby monitor.

Phyllis' efforts lead to revealing results Phyllis' efforts lead to revealing results

Friday, November 4, 2016

At the Athletic Club, Cane finished breakfast with Lily and the twins. Charlie wished that every day was a teacher conference day, but Cane noted that if the children didn't go to school, they'd never be as smart as their mom. Charlie asked if they could play basketball that day, and Cane swore that he'd love to, but he had to go to work. Lily explained that Cane had an important job, and Charlie questioned whether it was more important than they were.

Cane pulled the twins close and assured them that their family was the most important thing in his life. Matty complained that they never saw him, and Lily promised that it wouldn't last forever. Cane offered to play basketball with them that weekend, and Lily volunteered to demonstrate Neil's best moves for the kids that day, so they could beat their dad the next time. Cane said he loved them and told them to have fun, and he headed out.

At Newman, Travis startled a hungover Natalie by pounding on her desk, and he surmised that she'd partied on a school night. He wondered if Victor had given her a bonus for ratting Travis out, and he considered telling Victor that she was too hungover to do her job. Natalie lamented that she hadn't meant to get drunk, but Billy had kept ordering shots. Travis sharpened pencils to irritate Natalie with the noise, and he said he'd stop when she told him what she'd been doing with Billy.

Travis threatened to tell Victor that Natalie and Billy were drinking buddies, but Natalie swore that she'd simply run into Billy, and one shot had led to another. Travis surmised that Billy had liquored her up in order to get information, and he ordered her to tell him exactly what she'd said, or he'd tell Victor that she'd leaked company secrets. Natalie reluctantly divulged that she'd confirmed that there was a mole and that Travis had failed Victor's test by investigating the Newman family against Victor's orders. Travis sent a text message to Victoria and said they needed to talk.

At Brash & Sassy, Victoria informed Billy that she'd sent an email about Jabot's print ads, and she asked what they should do in response. He looked at his computer screen and declared that something was perfect, and he displayed a Halloween picture of Johnny and Katie. Victoria handed Billy a bag of treats that Johnny had wanted to pass along to his dad, and Billy said he appreciated her including him the night before. Billy wondered if Travis had had a good time, since he'd seemed distracted. Victoria said Travis had been putting in a lot of hours at work, but Billy proclaimed that Travis had been investigating her family behind their backs.

Victoria revealed that Travis had already told her that he'd been investigating her family, and she refused to discuss it with Billy. Billy taunted that Victor had set Travis up to go down in flames, and he mentioned that he'd run into Natalie at a bar. He imagined that it had sucked for Travis when Victor had kicked his butt, and Victoria turned the topic to Jabot's new ad campaign. Billy stated that he had some fresh, provocative ideas of his own, and he wondered if Travis wished he were back on the high seas. Victoria testily asked why Billy cared.

Victoria reminded Billy that they'd agreed that their private lives were off-limits, but Billy argued that she shared a house with their kids and someone he didn't trust, so the things Travis did were his business. Victoria thought Billy was using their children as an excuse to dig around in her personal life. She read Travis' text message and said she had to leave, and Billy assumed it was about Travis. She passed by Cane on her way out, and she asked him to get Billy to concentrate on work.

After Victoria left, Cane apologetically explained that he was late because he'd had breakfast with his kids. Billy acknowledged that Cane was usually the first one there, and he had no problem with Cane spending time with his children. The men showed off Halloween photos of their families, and Cane remarked that they were both lucky men. Billy wished he didn't have to share his children with another man.

Billy talked about how he missed doing everyday things with his kids, but Cane swore that there was nothing that would change the fact that Johnny and Katie loved Billy. Billy recalled that he'd promised himself after returning from boarding school that he'd be nothing like his mother, but he hated that there were things that he was missing out on, like Johnny learning the alphabet song. Cane confided that he'd missed the twins' first Halloween play, and he recognized that even a happily married man couldn't be there all the time. Billy thought they just had to make the most of the time they had with their kids, and Cane agreed.

On an outdoor basketball court, Lily gave the twins pointers, and the kids clapped when she made a shot. Charlie missed on his first try, and Lily assured him that it was okay. Cane suddenly appeared, and the twins excitedly ran into his arms. Cane asked Charlie to show what his mommy had taught him, and they cheered when the boy made a basket. Lily sat out while Cane played ball with the twins, but he suddenly fell. Cane insisted that he was fine, but he was clearly in pain as he resumed the game.

Travis thanked Victoria for meeting him in the park, and he reported that Billy had gotten Natalie drunk to pump her for information. Travis figured that Billy had gone straight to Victoria with what he'd learned, and Victoria assured Travis that she'd talked to Billy about boundaries. Travis spat that Billy needed to stay "the hell out" of his life. Victoria thought it was in Billy's nature to go overboard, but Travis griped that Billy didn't respect him or his relationship with Victoria.

Travis added that he'd proven himself to everyone, and Victoria wondered if he had a problem with Victor for testing him or with Billy for finding out about it. Travis refused to apologize for doing what had needed to be done, since it would have been negligent to ignore the possibility that someone in Victor's family still held a grudge. Travis asserted that he had been in the trenches, and he knew he'd made the right call. Victoria queried whether he had made the right call when he'd slept with his boss's wife, and he testily inquired whether Victoria was okay with Billy sleeping with his brother's spouse.

Travis groused that he was being treated like the bad guy for trying to navigate Victor's endless power trip, and he thought Victoria was encouraging Billy's tendency to be overprotective. Victoria argued that Billy had a right to be concerned as long as Travis was spending time with the kids, but Travis retorted that Billy was trying to make trouble, and she was letting Billy do it. Travis suggested that Victoria stop defending her ex and cut her losses, but she refused to cut the father of her children out of their lives.

Travis returned to Newman and demanded to see Victor, but Natalie reported that he wasn't in. Travis advised her that discretion was the key to success, and she had to learn to keep her mouth shut if she wanted to keep her job. She asked if he'd prefer that she didn't tell him who had called, and he was stunned when she handed him a message from Michelle.

Phyllis met Jack at the park café, and he griped that she was late. She countered that he was early, and she ordered coffee and figured that they should have anticipated that Victor would discover that they'd leaked the Newman documents. Jack noted that she still hadn't told him how she'd found out that Victor was onto them. Phyllis fretted that they'd have a disaster on their hands if the documents went viral, but Jack disclosed that he'd had a chat with Neil, and he'd managed to learn that Hilary usually didn't get to the office until mid-morning. He was confident that they had plenty of time to intercept the envelope, and he and Phyllis simultaneously stated that they each had a plan.

Jack revealed that he intended to drop by GC Buzz and grab the envelope before Hilary got there. Phyllis anticipated that Hilary would melt in his arms if she happened to be at the studio, but Jack huffed that jealousy wasn't appropriate. Jack vowed to do whatever it took to retrieve the documents, and Phyllis questioned how far he was willing to go. He considered it to be an ironic question from "an expert in going too far," but she worried that a lot could go wrong with his plan, and she pushed him to listen to hers.

Jack snapped that there was no time, but Phyllis warned that someone might still be following him. Jack contended that he was just visiting a friend at their workplace, and he wasn't Phyllis' concern any longer. Phyllis cautioned that they didn't know how intricate Victor's setup was, but Jack insisted that their first step had to be getting back the documents. Jack assumed that Summer had tipped Phyllis off, but Phyllis insisted that it hadn't been her daughter. Phyllis maintained that the identity of her source didn't matter, and Jack realized that it had been Billy.

Jack spat that he didn't want Billy's help, since his days of trusting his brother were over. Phyllis informed Jack that Billy's source had been Natalie, and she contended that Billy was concerned because Jack stood to go to prison if the documents went public. Jack was sure Billy would be happy to comfort Phyllis, and he suggested that Billy was trying to sabotage him. Phyllis argued that Billy would have sat on the information instead of telling her if he had wanted to get back at Jack, and she noted that while Jack had disowned Billy, Billy hadn't disowned him. Jack left for GC Buzz on his own.

Mariah turned on the lights at GC Buzz and picked up the mail. Hilary arrived and demanded coffee, and Mariah suggested that she multitask by pitching some ideas while she prepared the brew. Hilary snapped that it was Mariah's job to do what Hilary told her to do, and she gave detailed instructions for preparing her coffee. Hilary complained that Mariah hadn't opened the mail yet, and she scolded Mariah for using the wrong cup. Mariah pointed out that Hilary was in early, and Hilary replied that the early bird got the first scoop. Mariah made a face behind Hilary's back and stared at the pile of mail on the desk.

Mariah begged the coffeemaker to work, and Hilary yelled across the studio for her coffee as Kevin walked in with two cups of coffee from Crimson Lights. Kevin explained that it was his subtle way of making sure Mariah was at work and not in jail, since he knew something big was going on. Hilary bellowed for Mariah again, and Kevin begged Mariah to let him help. Kevin reported that Dylan had called in sick and that Paul was nowhere to be found, but Mariah shushed Kevin, since the last thing she needed was her family's problems to go viral. Kevin insisted on standing by her, and Mariah blurted out that Nick had flipped the switch, so everything had hit the fan. Kevin was surprised that Nick was involved.

Hilary rejected the coffee Mariah had made, and Mariah was surprised that Kevin hadn't left. Mariah told him to stop saying nice things, or she'd lose it. She ordered him to go. He assured her that he was just a phone call away, and Hilary barked that it was an office, not a place for Mariah to entertain her posse. Kevin wished Mariah luck, and she thanked him. Mariah dumped one of the cups of Crimson Lights coffee into Hilary's mug and presented it to her boss.

Jack entered and looked around, and he spotted the envelope he'd dropped off the night before. He started to reach for it, but Hilary asked if she could help him. He forced a nervous grin and marveled that he'd known Hilary had been destined to be more than his assistant. Hilary admitted that her new job was gratifying, and she invited him to watch a run-through of the show. He said the coffee smelled great, and she summoned Mariah to make Jack a cup.

Hilary wondered if Jack had stopped by to expose himself as the anonymous tipster, and she offered to put him on camera. Jack claimed that the glory belonged to someone else, and Hilary was puzzled about why he was there. Jack noted that she'd missed some foundation meetings, but she pointed out that he'd left the charity. Jack claimed that he'd felt a responsibility to check in because Neil was a friend, and Hilary explained that keeping GC Buzz going was a lot of work. Hilary snippily asked Mariah if she intended to deliver the mail that day, and she reached for Jack's envelope. The fire alarm suddenly sounded, and Hilary prompted Jack to leave before he was able to grab the envelope.

Later, Hilary ridiculed the copy that one of the writers had given her, and she asked Mariah to take a look at it. Mariah read aloud a story about Deacon Sharpe's path of destruction, and Hilary admitted that Mariah's reading hadn't been too bad. Mariah suggested skipping the fancy words and just calling a snake a snake, and she offered to review the rest of the copy. Hilary instructed her to order lunch instead. As Mariah ordered sushi over the phone, she overheard Hilary take credit for Mariah's idea. Mariah intentionally ordered spicy food that she knew Hilary would hate.

Billy greeted Kevin at the Athletic Club bar, and he mentioned that Chloe had told him that Kevin had asked her to move in. Kevin declared that he loved her, so he was game for whatever she wanted. Billy inquired whether Kevin knew what Chloe wanted, and Kevin hoped Billy could tell him. Billy relayed that Chloe had been worried that Bella's father might show up and make things awkward, and Kevin revealed that Chloe hadn't shared those concerns with him. The men compared notes about Bella's father, and they realized that neither of them had a clue about the guy.

Billy said his kids were a priority, and he gushed that his children were the best things to ever happen to him. Kevin found it amazing how much Bella looked like Delia, and Billy asked if Chloe had told him anything about Bella's father. Kevin said the father had a complicated life, but Chloe hadn't been forthcoming with details. Billy suggested that Kevin use his hacking skills to find out more, but Kevin didn't want to do anything to risk sabotaging his relationship with Chloe. Kevin figured that if he left it alone, he'd be the only father figure Bella knew, and there was nothing he wanted more than to be her dad. Billy and Kevin toasted to fatherhood.

At Brash & Sassy, Billy left a voicemail for Phyllis, voicing concern about what Victor might do. Victoria returned, and Billy asked if everything was okay. She coldly told him that it was none of his concern, and she inquired where the print ads stood. He provided some ideas about a new campaign and suggested that they discuss the variables, but she walked out.

At Jabot, Phyllis cheerfully entered Jack's office with coffee, but he said he'd had enough for one day. She inquired whether he'd retrieved the documents as planned, and he replied that he hadn't. She wondered what had gone wrong, and he recounted that the fire alarm had gone off. He added that Hilary had already been suspicious, so he hadn't been able to go back. Phyllis clucked that it was a shame, and Jack cursed and expected her to tell him that she'd told him so.

Jack hoped the sprinklers had doused the papers beyond recognition, but Phyllis pointed out that there was another possibility. He imagined that GC Buzz would go public with the documents, but she implied that someone close to him had pulled the fire alarm. She pulled out the envelope, and he gleefully realized that she'd done it. He looked thrilled for a moment, but his expression suddenly grew sour.

Jack reviewed the papers and was relieved that they were all there, and Phyllis recalled that she'd had to sweet-talk her way past the security guard, but she'd accomplished the mission. Jack ranted that he hadn't wanted her involved, and she'd proven that she couldn't be trusted. Phyllis refused to apologize, and she wanted to get rid of the documents, but Jack thought they could still use them. As they argued, Jack bumped into Phyllis, who screamed when hot coffee accidentally spilled on her. Jack jumped in to help, and Phyllis looked stunned when he tore off her blouse.



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