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Dylan handed Christian over to Nick. Hilary aired the story about Sharon secretly raising Nick's son on GC Buzz. Travis rebuffed Michelle, but he ended up at her hotel room after a tiff with Victoria. During an argument, Jack pulled Phyllis into a passionate kiss.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of November 7, 2016 on Y&R
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Nick Takes Christian Home Nick Takes Christian Home

Monday, November 7, 2016

At Chancellor Park, Dylan, seated on a park bench, talked to the one-year-old boy he'd believed was his son, Sully. Dylan said he'd enjoyed being Sully's dad, though life situations were subject to change. Paul stopped by. Paul tickled the little boy's chin and said, "How's my precious little grandson today?" Dylan, aware that he and Paul weren't biologically related to the baby, seemed saddened by Paul's greeting.

Paul said he'd visited Patty. Paul noted that Patty had claimed that she'd killed Dr. Anderson in self-defense because the doctor had feared Patty would reveal a secret. Dylan noted that Patty's illness made it difficult to interpret the truth. Paul dropped the subject and said he wished he'd known Dylan when Dylan had been Sully's age. Dylan kissed the back of Sully's head and said that a man could became a father no matter the circumstances involved.

At the Underground, Chelsea entered and called out to Nick. Sharon arrived in search of Nick, too. Chelsea said she'd been worried about Nick. Sharon attempted to phone Nick at the tack house, but he didn't answer. Chelsea asked Sharon how she planned to proceed after she located Nick. Sharon said she hoped Chelsea might be able to convince Nick to delay his plan to take custody of Sully.

Chelsea explained that the way Sharon had handled the situation had never been in Sully's best interest. Sharon cried that she and Dylan had bonded with Sully. Chelsea reminded Sharon that Sully was Nick's son, and if Sharon had reunited the boy with Nick, it would have lessened his grief. Sharon admitted that she'd have to live with regret the rest of her life the same way Chelsea would have to live with having lied to Dylan about Connor being his son. Sharon added that they all had ways of justifying their mistakes, but the welfare of an innocent child was the most important consideration.

At the tack house, Nick arrived with armloads of diapers, clothes, toys, and a picture frame to replace the one he'd broken. Nick had bought the new frame to display a treasured photo of Nick and Sage. Nick held the photo and said, "He's coming home, Sage. Our son is coming home. This whole time I thought Christian was with you. I'm so grateful knowing that you knew the truth before you left this earth." Still talking aloud to the photo of Sage, Nick noted that the lie about Christian being alive had gone on much too long but would soon be set right.

Nick showed up after Dylan and Sully returned to Sharon's home. Nick apologized for his intrusion and said he wished there was another way to handle the transition. Dylan asked Nick to wait until Sharon returned home. Nick said that putting off the inevitable wouldn't make it easier. Sharon returned and explained that her home had been Sully's, too. Nick reminded Sharon that the baby's name was Christian.

Sharon rattled off a list of insignificant reasons the child should remain with her. Nick said he already knew the brand of diapers Christian wore, his favorite foods, and the preferred music the baby enjoyed before falling asleep. Sharon became belligerent and expressed concern that the boy would be traumatized. Nick said, "Whose fault is that? Is it mine? None of this would've happened if you'd just come forward when you found out the truth months ago."

Dylan agreed with Nick, but he suggested they share custody. Sharon explained that shared custody had worked well with Faith. Nick became agitated and noted that Faith was their daughter. Nick cried that Sharon was proposing that he pretend that Christian was his nephew. Nick said it was time for a clean break, to honor Sage's memory.

In Victor's office at Newman Enterprises, Abby and Victor discussed the fake information Victor had leaked to Jack and Phyllis, knowing that they'd planned to discredit Victor. Victor said he'd defended himself after Jack and Phyllis had been the first to draw blood. Abby expressed concern that a follow-up leak claiming that Victor had committed tax evasion might backfire. Victor explained that he had a plan to protect himself.

Newman Enterprises' board member Curtis Fielding arrived. Abby excused herself and left. Curtis nervously said he planned to resign from the board of directors. Victor told Curtis to ensure that the Abbotts wouldn't succeed with their plans. Curtis agreed to help Victor.

Chelsea stopped by Victor's office. Victor said, "So, I guess what you said is true -- that Sharon has been raising my grandson." Chelsea explained that the situation had become complicated. Victor said Nick should raise Christian as his son. Victor received a text message letting him know that Nick had stopped by Sharon's house. Victor admitted that he'd hired private detectives to watch Sharon because he didn't trust her. Victor warned that he wouldn't allow Sharon to run away with his grandson.

Victor said he'd summon the police if he could to intervene. Chelsea warned that police involvement would also mean the possibility of a DNA test, which would reveal that Adam was Christian's father. Chelsea said that not revealing the truth was equal to what Sharon had done by not revealing that Christian was alive. Chelsea noted that Christian was Connor's half-brother. Victor said that if Nick raised Christian, everyone would assume that Christian and Conner were cousins. Victor added that it had been Adam's wish that Nick raise Christian as a son. Another loss, Victor cried, might devastate Nick.

Chelsea showed up at Sharon's house. Nick said, "Please tell me you're not here to try and talk me out of taking Christian." Chelsea said she wanted to help any way she could. Sharon panicked when she realized Christian would be gone when Faith returned home. Nick requested that the news be kept private until all parties could speak to other family members. Sharon cried that Nick's house hadn't been prepared for a baby. Nick said he'd been up all night, making his home ready for his son.

Nick threatened to file kidnapping charges and summon the police if Dylan tried to stop him. Chelsea intervened when Nick suggested a DNA test. Dylan told Sharon to back down. Dylan picked up Christian and handed the child over to Nick. Sharon sobbed. Nick thanked Dylan for taking care of Christian. After Nick, Chelsea, and Christian left, Dylan seemed aloof from Sharon. Sharon clutched the baby's blanket and cried.

In Jack's office at Jabot, Ashley entered unexpectedly and was shocked to find Jack and Phyllis together. Phyllis was wearing only a lacy bra and a skirt. Jack offered Phyllis his suit jacket. Phyllis explained that she'd spilled hot coffee on her blouse. Phyllis left to get another blouse from her office. Ashley told Jack that Phyllis had purposely spilled the coffee. Jack asked Ashley what she wanted. Ashley said, "I found a way to keep Brash & Sassy from blowing us out of the water."

Phyllis later returned wearing a clean blouse. Ashley berated Jack for shirking his responsibilities, so he, along with Phyllis, could seek revenge against Victor. Ashley said she'd been busy implementing plans to put Jabot back on top, where the company belonged. Phyllis was impressed with Ashley's project. Ashley expressed her displeasure with Phyllis' unsolicited comments. Ashley said she'd scheduled a press conference, and she left. Jack told Phyllis that even though they'd worked together, he hadn't forgiven her and didn't want her back.

At GC Buzz, Devon arrived and watched as Hilary ended a broadcast by talking about a man she described as a snake that Nikki had once dated. Devon greeted Hilary. Hilary complained that her dull story wouldn't draw the ratings she desired. Hilary added, "There has got to be something juicy going on in this town." Mariah overheard Hilary's comment.

Lily stopped by the tabloid office to drop off Mattie and Charlie. Cane had injured his knee playing basketball with his twins. Lily decided that Cane should consult a doctor. Devon had to leave, so Hilary assigned Mariah to watch over Mattie and Charlie. Hilary seemed intrigued when Mariah said she had a juicy story for Hilary.

At the hospital, Abby stopped by to visit Ben and drop off a jacket that belonged to him. The couple's encounter was awkward. Abby left abruptly when Lily, supporting a limping Cane, approached Ben. Abby hid out of sight, and Ben glanced in the direction Abby had headed when she'd walked away. After Ben escorted Cane and Lily to a treatment room, Abby emerged from a corner. Abby seemed upset.

Cane learned that he'd torn his ACL and would require surgery. Cane agreed to undergo surgery within a few days. After Ben stepped out, Cane insisted on handling work matters via his laptop. After Lily left, Cane watched Ashley's press conference. Ashley introduced the launch of an app that would allow users to visualize cosmetic applications virtually. When Ben returned after confirming Cane's surgery date, Cane said he'd have to reschedule. Cane was anxious to leave the hospital.

Abby returned to Victor's office. Victor said, "The mole knew he was trapped, and as a result, he's going to plug all the leaks. Now let's see what GC Buzz does with the whole thing." Hilary aired a live broadcast with former Newman Enterprises' board member Curtis Fielding. Curtis admitted that he'd sold company documents behind Victor Newman's back. Curtis added that all the documents he'd leaked had been faked.

Hilary investigates Mariah's secret Hilary investigates Mariah's secret

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

A devastated Dylan tearfully stared at Sully's empty crib. He angrily dumped the baby things on the dresser into a box, and Sharon entered and begged him not to do it, since it was Sully's room. Dylan hissed that the baby wouldn't be back, since Sully had never existed. Sharon insisted that they'd loved the boy, and Sully had loved them. She asked Dylan not to get rid of the child's things, but he ordered her to go downstairs if she wouldn't help. Faith called out for her mom.

Downstairs, Faith asked if Sully was okay. Dylan gently explained that things were really complicated, but Faith needed to know that Sully wasn't who they'd thought he was. Dylan revealed that Sully wasn't his and Sharon's son but Nick and Sage's child. Faith asserted that Christian had died at the hospital, and her daddy had been very sad. Sharon told Faith that Dr. Anderson had done a mean thing by letting Nick believe that his son had died. Sharon continued that the doctor had tricked her into thinking the baby was hers and Dylan's, and Faith asked why the doctor had done it. Dylan glared at Sharon and stated that sometimes it was hard to understand why people did things.

Faith cried that she loved her brother, and Sharon pointed out that the baby was still Faith's brother because he was her daddy's son. Sharon assured Faith that her brother was just a short walk away, and Faith panicked that Sully was gone. Faith wailed that they couldn't just give Sully away, and Dylan told her that they'd always love the tot, but Nick and Christian needed to be together. Faith was surprised by the mention of Christian's name, and Sharon divulged that tests had determined that the baby was the son Nick and Sage had thought they'd lost.

Faith protested that the baby thought his name was Sully, but Dylan was sure that Christian wouldn't remember that as he got older. Faith wondered if the boy would remember any of his time there, and Dylan assured her that Christian would remember what a great sister she was. Faith insisted that they couldn't just change Sully's name and let him go away, and she asked if Dylan and Sharon had just found out that morning that the baby wasn't Sully. Dylan said he and Nick had found out about Sully's true identity the night before, when Faith had been asleep.

Faith inquired whether Sharon had also found out the night before, and Sharon revealed that she hadn't known when she'd taken Sully home from the hospital, but she'd known the truth for a few months. Sharon wailed that they'd been together a long time as a real family, and it hadn't felt right to split them up, so she hadn't said anything. Faith contended that her dad had been really sad, and Sharon could have fixed it. Sharon admitted that she'd made a mistake because she'd been afraid to say goodbye to Sully, and she was ashamed that she hadn't been brave enough to tell the truth. Faith asked if Sharon was sick again.

Sharon swore that she wasn't sick, but she'd just made a mistake. She added that it had been the wrong decision, but she'd known what she'd been doing, and her heart had broken when she'd realized that Sully wasn't hers. Sharon insisted that she'd tried to do the best thing for everyone, but it had been wrong. Faith asked if her daddy was mad at Sharon, and Dylan said sometimes being mad was more about being sad.

Faith inquired whether Dylan missed Sully, and Dylan replied that he did, since Sully had been his little buddy. Faith whimpered that she hadn't gotten to say goodbye, and Sharon reiterated that Faith never had to say goodbye because the boy was still her brother. Faith was upset that she hadn't been there when Christian had left, and she demanded to see him immediately. Faith ran out, and Dylan headed to the door. Sharon told him to let Faith go, but he sternly replied that he wasn't following Faith, and he walked out.

Nick and Chelsea entered the tack house with Christian, and Nick told his son that they were home. Nick recalled that he and Sage had envisioned that moment, and he hadn't thought it would happen like that, but all that mattered was that Christian was home. Nick anticipated telling the boy stories about his mom, and he wished Sage was there with them.

Chelsea offered to leave so Nick and Christian could have father-son bonding time, and she asked if Nick wanted her to make sure he had everything he needed. Nick thought he was good, since it seemed like Faith had just been a baby the week before. He swore that Chelsea didn't have to leave, since he'd probably start crying if she did, and it was too soon for his son to see him cry. Chelsea remarked that there was nothing wrong with a few tears, and it was a miracle that Nick was holding his son in his arms. Nick wondered where to start. Chelsea assured him that he didn't have to do everything at once, since he had a lifetime with his son.

Nick mused that he'd missed a million moments that he'd never get back, and he recounted that Sharon had made him feel like she'd been doing him a favor whenever he'd spent time with Sully. Nick vowed to make their own firsts, and he imagined playing sports with his son. He marveled that the boy would call him "Dad," and they'd be two Newman men against the world. Chelsea became uncomfortable, and Nick asked if she was okay, but she claimed that she was just listening. Nick recognized that Adam would never have those moments with Connor, and both Chelsea and Connor had deserved more.

Nick thought it had to be hard for Chelsea to see him get something that Adam hadn't, but Chelsea said Nick deserved to have his son with him. Nick imagined that it had killed Sage to know they'd grieved for nothing, and he thought it wasn't fair that Adam and Sage wouldn't see their sons grow up. Chelsea encouraged Nick to tell Christian stories about Sage and to remind the boy of how much Sage had loved him, just like she intended to tell Connor about Adam. Nick and Chelsea agreed to support one another as single parents. Faith burst in and ran into Nick's arms, and she divulged that her mommy had told her about Sully.

After Chelsea left, Nick showed Faith that Christian was happily napping. Faith observed that the baby looked the same as always, and she mentioned that Sharon and Dylan were really sad. Nick asked how Faith was doing, and she admitted that it was confusing. Nick anticipated that it would take time for everyone to adjust, but the little boy was still her brother, and she could continue to do all the things big sisters did.

Faith recognized that her mom had told a big lie, but Nick pointed out that someone else had lied to Sharon first, and Sharon had been in a bad situation. Faith wondered if Nick hated Sharon, and Nick pulled the girl close and said he could never hate her mother because Sharon had given him Faith and Noah. Nick added that Faith's mom was the reason he'd become a dad, and that meant more to him than Faith would ever know. They hugged.

Faith wanted to say goodbye to the baby, but he was still asleep. Nick invited her to stay until Christian woke up, and Faith offered to help her dad take care of the baby. Nick said he needed Faith to help them through it, and Faith guessed that Sully would be scared when he woke up. Nick figured that it was up to them to make Christian feel loved and safe, and he urged her to start using the baby's new name. He acknowledged that she was accustomed to calling her brother Sully, but Christian had been the special name Nick and Sage had chosen for their son, and that was what it would always be. Faith smiled at the baby and called him Christian.

Dylan let out his aggression by hitting baseballs at a batting cage. Sharon tracked him down, and she pleaded that neither of them knew how to say goodbye to Sully, but she wanted to find a way to do it together. She repeated that she was sorry, and he coldly wondered what a judge would do with her apology for the lie she'd told over and over again. Sharon was hopeful that Nick wouldn't press charges, but Dylan pointed out that Christian was Victor's grandson, so Victor was bound to go to the D.A.

Sharon contended that it was no one else's business, but Dylan scoffed at the idea that no one would notice that Nick suddenly had a kid and they didn't. Dylan snapped that people had grieved a baby, and they'd want answers. He accused Sharon of not wanting people to find out that she'd lied, but she argued that Dylan had deserved to raise a child. Dylan testily questioned whether Nick hadn't, and he told her that she didn't get to play God. Dylan recalled that Sharon had said she wasn't sick, but he thought maybe she needed professional help.

Sharon complained that Dylan wasn't being fair, since she'd been locked away, drugged, and manipulated by someone she'd trusted, and she'd believed that Sully had been hers when Dr. Anderson had put the baby in her arms. She cried that Sully had been her heart and soul, and she'd been a victim, too. Dylan barked that she'd stopped being a victim the day she'd found out the baby wasn't theirs, and she'd made the choice that was good for her by keeping him in the dark. He spat that she'd known what had been right and what had been wrong, and she'd chosen to lie. He condemned her for wanting him to forgive her, and he stalked off.

At Crimson Lights, Kevin left a message for Mariah, and he refused to stop trying to reach her until she called him back. Chloe overheard and asked if everything was okay, and Kevin referred to the mess Mariah was in with Sharon, Dylan, and Nick. He relayed that Mariah was worried about how things would shake out, and Chloe assumed that he knew about the baby debacle. She was surprised by how quickly the secret had gotten out, but Kevin informed her that he didn't know what it was.

Chloe filled Kevin in about Sully really being Christian, and Kevin revealed that he'd only known that Mariah had been freaked out about a crisis with Sharon and Dylan. Chloe explained that Chelsea had told her about the situation in confidence, and Kevin was miffed that everyone had known but him. He wondered why Chloe hadn't told him, and she defended that she hadn't wanted to break Chelsea's trust. Chloe added that it was really bad for everyone involved, but she hoped that there was a happy ending of sorts.

Chloe explained that Nick had been handed a miracle, but Sharon had lied to him and everyone else the whole time. Kevin realized that Sharon had confided in Mariah, and Mariah had protected her mom by keeping the secret, but he didn't know why. Chloe reasoned that it was sometimes hard to tell the truth, and Mariah loved her mother. Kevin worried that Mariah could go to jail, but Chloe doubted that Nick would press charges against the mother of his children. Kevin pointed out that Sully had been the police chief's grandson, and Chloe corrected that the baby's name was Christian. Kevin raced out to find Mariah.

Chelsea returned to the penthouse, and Chloe apologized for blabbing everything to Kevin because she'd thought he'd already known. Chelsea figured that Mariah would have told him eventually, and she assured Chloe that it was okay. Chloe swore that she would never break Chelsea's trust on purpose, and Chelsea said she knew she could trust Chloe with all her heart. They hugged, and Chloe looked guiltily at a photo of Adam.

Chelsea reported that Nick was planning a life with his son, and Chloe remarked that everyone would eventually know that the boy was Christian. Chelsea imagined that people wouldn't know that Sharon had lied, and it would be a relief to everyone if that part of the story stayed buried for a while.

At GC Buzz, Hilary asked Mariah to compile a bio on Curtis Fielding to show they'd done their homework, even though no one cared about him. Devon arrived, and Hilary excitedly asked if he'd gotten her message about the Newman source. Hilary informed Devon that the interview was in editing, and they'd have it ready for that night's show. Devon mentioned that the board member had claimed that he'd falsified Newman's financials, and Hilary couldn't wait to see the impact on their ratings. Devon replied that there wouldn't be any, since airing the interview would mean kissing the whole operation goodbye.

Hilary argued that Curtis had given them a bombshell, and they could build an entire episode around his confession and have the audience begging for more. She insisted that the story was theirs and no one else's, and it was the kind of legitimate news that Devon had wanted. Devon noted that Curtis' statement cleared Victor and incriminated them, since they hadn't vetted the source of the documents, and it could be used as ammunition against them in court. Hilary countered that it could clear them by proving that they'd been used, too, but Devon refused to put Katherine's legacy on the line. He ordered Hilary to shred her notes, since the footage wouldn't see the light of day.

Hilary groaned that they had two segments to fill, and she asked Mariah to see what they had for filler. Kevin arrived and confronted Mariah, and she tried to brush him off, but he insisted that it was important. Hilary curtly told him to say what he needed to say and leave, and Mariah pulled him aside and scolded him for barging into her workplace. Kevin demanded to know how long she'd lied and covered for Sharon. Hilary watched Kevin and Mariah's heated conversation on a television monitor.

Mariah realized that Kevin knew about the baby, and she asked who else knew. He surmised that knowing about Sully had been eating her up, and she clarified that she'd known nothing about it when Sully had gone home from Fairview. Mariah swore that she'd wanted to tell Kevin and everyone else when she'd found out, but Sharon hadn't been ready, and her mother had gotten in too deep as time had gone on. Mariah continued that she'd been the only person who Sharon had been able to trust, but Mariah hadn't had anyone to lean on, and she was stressed out over what she'd done. Kevin swore that he wasn't judging her, but he needed details to help her figure out how to deal with any legal ramifications.

As Hilary continued to watch Kevin and Mariah on the monitor, Devon approached and asked what she was doing. She suspected that there was a big story under their noses, but she didn't know what Kevin and Mariah were saying. Hilary theorized that Kevin was telling Mariah about a case, and she needed something, since Devon had killed the Newman story. Hilary remembered that Devon could read lips, and she asked him to tell her what Kevin and Mariah were saying. Devon hesitated to invade their privacy, but Hilary reiterated that they had nothing for the show, and a story was staring them in the face. Devon reluctantly scrutinized the monitor and made out something Mariah said about a baby.

Hilary encouraged Devon to keep trying, since his fear of Victor had cost her a story, and she pleaded with him to pay her back. Meanwhile, Mariah explained to Kevin that Dr. Anderson had been obsessed and crazy. Devon realized that Mariah had mentioned Dr. Anderson, and Hilary squealed that it could be about medical malpractice. Devon received a text message and left for a meeting with his lawyers. Mariah told Kevin that she had to work, and he suggested that she tell Hilary that she had food poisoning so she could leave to talk to Michael about her options. Mariah refused to do anything before checking in with Sharon, but Kevin warned that the whole story would eventually be out.

Later, Hilary took a call and appeared to get a lead on a story. Hilary gestured for Mariah to hand her a notepad, and she jotted down Dr. Anderson's name. Hilary indicated that the caller had hung up, but she hoped they called back, since it had sounded like a good story about a baby and Dr. Anderson. Mariah looked stricken, and Hilary asked if she knew the doctor. Mariah stammered no, and she claimed that she had to get medicine for food poisoning. Mariah raced out, and a smirking Hilary performed a search for a Dr. Anderson on her computer.

Hearts are Broken and Scandals Surface Hearts are Broken and Scandals Surface

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

by Nel

Nikki arrived at the tack house and was surprised to see that Nick was babysitting Sully. Nick enlightened Nikki, explaining that the child wasn't Sully -- he was Christian. Nick filled Nikki in on what had transpired. Nikki was upset about the time that Nick had lost with his child. Nick said he wanted to focus on the positive and build a relationship with his son. He didn't want to focus on negativity.

Nikki felt that both Nick and Dylan had been robbed. She couldn't believe that Sharon had lied to everyone for months. Nick asked Nikki not to judge Sharon or take any action against her. Nikki refused, and she left.

At the police station, Paul gave Sully's stuffed toy to Dylan. Dylan told Paul that Sully wasn't his son -- he was Christian, Sage and Nick's son. Dylan filled Paul in on the details. Paul sympathized and listened as Dylan criticized himself. Dylan couldn't wrap his head around what had happened, and he was furious with Sharon. Dylan explained that Sharon had been living in denial every day while he'd fallen deeper in love with that little boy. Dylan said Sully had been his, and then he wasn't. Dylan said when he'd handed the baby over to Nick, a part of him had died.

Paul urged Dylan not to give up on Nick and to give Nick some time and space. Nick and Christian needed an adjustment period. Dylan didn't want to give Nick time -- he just wanted his son back. Dylan thought Nick would probably keep him and Christian separated. Paul felt that was understandable. Dylan wasn't sure he could live with that. Paul and Dylan were certain Nick wouldn't press charges, since he had his son back. Dylan admitted that he did need time to sort things out regarding Sharon, and time was running out. Paul warned that Sharon might be arrested for kidnapping.

Paul didn't think that Nick would be a problem, but Victor might be. Dylan asked if Christine would go after Sharon. Paul said that once the information was out there, Christine might wind up under a lot of pressure, and it would have to be Christine's choice. When Dylan became more upset, Paul promised he'd do what he could but reminded Dylan that he couldn't control the entire situation. Dylan appreciated everything Paul could do. Before Dylan left, Paul said he loved him.

Kevin entered Paul's office and asked him about a past case involving a jewelry theft and the guy who'd known about it but hadn't participated or reported it. Paul said the guy who'd known about the theft had been charged as an accessory after the fact. Kevin pointed out that the D.A. hadn't thrown the book at him because the guy hadn't committed the crime. Paul advised that obstruction of justice was still classified as a crime. Paul left.

At Newman Enterprises Victor reprimanded Curtis Fielding for not following through with Victor's instructions to give GC Buzz an interview. Curtis confirmed that he'd had the interview at GC Buzz, admitting that he was the one who had leaked the information about Newman Enterprises and that the documents had been falsified. Victor wanted to know why GC Buzz hadn't run the story. Curtis didn't know why but assured Victor the interview had taken place. Victor left, determined to find out why it hadn't aired.

Mariah returned home and warned Sharon that Hilary had received a tip from someone about Dr. Anderson and a baby. Mariah knew that Hilary wouldn't stop digging until she got to the bottom of the story. Sharon realized that once the story hit GC Buzz, everyone would know, and Hilary would turn it into a media circus. People would stand in judgment, and they would be inundated by photographers.

Sharon told Mariah that Dylan had suggested shared custody as a solution, but Nick had refused to entertain the idea and had threatened to call the police if they didn't give Christian to him. Sharon said that Dylan would never look at her the same way again. She called it a nightmare.

Sharon mentioned that Faith and Dylan had asked if she was sick again. Sharon asked if Mariah had any lingering thoughts. Mariah assured Sharon that she knew Sharon was stable and had been taking her medications. Sharon was grateful that someone believed her. Sharon wished everyone understood that she had done what she had out of love and had tried to keep her perfect family together. Mariah pointed out that it hadn't been perfect because Sharon had lied constantly to everyone to keep up the front. The guilt had been eating at Sharon. Mariah felt that deep down, Sharon had been relieved because she no longer had to keep up the act anymore.

Mariah said they were all heartbroken that Sully was gone, but Mariah was relieved because she didn't have to keep up the pretense any longer. Sharon apologized for the pressure she'd put on Mariah. She said she'd been grateful and proud that Mariah had stood by her. Mariah was concerned how the fallout would affect both of them. Sharon assured Mariah that she'd protect Mariah and would always stand by her. Mariah gave Sharon a kiss and left for work.

Nikki barged into Sharon's home and asked if, just once, Sharon was capable of telling the truth. Nikki accused Sharon of denying Nick his son, a boy who would've been a great comfort to Nick when Sage had died. Nikki accused Sharon of deceiving the man who'd been nothing but kind and devoted to Sharon. Nikki was done allowing Sharon to break both her sons' hearts. Sharon didn't "give a damn" what Nikki thought of her because she had stopped caring years before. Sharon said she loved Dylan, cared deeply for Nick, and had never intended to hurt either of them. Nikki accused Sharon of digging her claws into every good man that Sharon met then, when things went sideways, Sharon always claimed she'd never intended to hurt them.

Nikki accused Sharon of being obsessed with the men in Nikki's family and said Sharon would do anything to keep them. Nikki said that Sharon couldn't bear to be alone, and that was the reason she hadn't told Dylan the baby wasn't his. Sharon's marriage was based on some vision Dylan had of having a wonderful family, but she asked what was left without a child. Sharon couldn't believe Nikki's audacity and accusations when Nikki couldn't live without a man. Sharon pointed out that Nikki and Victor didn't have history; they had decades of mind games. Nikki laughed and accused Sharon of being the champion of mind games.

Nikki remembered when Sharon had tortured Nick over Summer's paternity, yet Sharon had also done "this." Dylan was devastated and had lost the best thing in his life -- and Nikki pointed out that it wasn't Sharon. She accused Sharon of being a "manipulative, selfish bitch." Sharon wanted to know why and asked if it was because she'd wanted to keep her baby. Nikki corrected her and said Sharon had meant to say Sage's baby. Sharon accused Nikki of leaving her baby at a church and never looking back. Nikki asked how Sharon dared to say that to her, picked up a glass bowl, and threw it at Sharon. In retaliation, Sharon picked up a vase and threw it at Nikki.

Sharon demanded that Nikki leave and pushed Nikki. Nikki pushed back. Dylan walked in and separated them. Dylan realized that Nikki knew. Dylan said emotions were running high, and he couldn't deal with the situation right then. He asked Nikki to leave. Nikki told him she was there for him, and he was welcome to stay at the main house if he couldn't tolerate Sharon anymore. Nikki glared at Sharon and left.

Dylan told Sharon he'd been to see Paul to tell him that Sully wasn't theirs. Paul had said that charges could be filed against Sharon if the information got past the family. Sharon informed Dylan that someone had already given GC Buzz a tip about Dr. Anderson and a baby, and she relayed the information that Mariah had provided. Sharon knew the story would break sooner or later. Dylan said he could only see one way out. Sharon asked if he thought she should run. She said she wouldn't abandon Faith, Mariah, Noah, or Sully in case there was a small chance they could be around Sully again.

Dylan didn't want her to run because the media would jump all over that, and when law enforcement got involved, it would be hell for everyone concerned. Dylan wanted Sharon to check into a facility and get professional help. Sharon said Dylan might think she needed to be locked in a facility like Patty, but he was wrong. Dylan said he was trying to help her. If she got help, she wouldn't be charged. Sharon adamantly refused and said she'd never go back to Fairview because the last time she'd been there, the situation they were in had been the end result. She would never go into any facility again.

After discovering some information about Dr. Anderson, Hilary went to Rivercrest and asked to see Patty. The attendant mistook Hilary for Patty's lawyer. Hilary didn't correct him. Patty also mistook Hilary for the lawyer Paul had sent over to help Patty get out of Rivercrest. Hilary said she was there to get Patty's story out there. Hilary asked Patty about Dr. Anderson, and Patty told her how evil Dr. Anderson had been and how Patty had had to stop her.

Hilary pushed for more information. Patty confirmed that there were many secrets and lies, and one of the secrets had been a baby. Hilary's interest was piqued, and she pressed Patty for details. Patty said that Dr. Anderson had taken Nick and Sage's baby and had given it to Sharon and Dylan to raise. Patty confirmed that Sharon had had no idea at first, but later Sharon had known and kept the secret. Patty had kept quiet because Sharon had promised to get Patty out of Rivercrest, but Sharon had lied, and Nick had learned about the baby. Hilary thanked Patty and said that the information Patty had provided was very interesting.

Victor arrived at GC Buzz and asked Devon why Curtis Fielding's interview hadn't aired. He advised Devon that if Curtis Fielding's interview retracting the original report didn't air, he'd sue Devon for everything Devon had. Before striking a deal, Devon wanted Victor to confirm that Victor would drop the lawsuit if Fielding's retraction were aired. Victor agreed, and they shook hands. Devon desperately tried to reach Hilary but kept getting her voicemail. Devon assured Victor that as soon as Hilary returned, they would air Curtis Fielding's interview. Victor warned Devon that that minor detail could become a major problem if Devon didn't deliver what he'd promised.

Mariah arrived, and Devon said he needed her to go on camera, and they were going to go live. Mariah panicked and protested. She wanted Devon to get someone else, but Devon asked her to look over the notes and assured her that everything would be fine. Devon told Mariah that she'd really be helping him out. Again, Mariah protested and said she worked behind the camera, not in front of it. Devon said there was no one else to do it, so it had to be her.

Back in his office at Newman Enterprises, Victor was watching Curtis Fielding's interview when Nikki arrived. Nikki shared her shocking news about Christian with Victor. Victor couldn't be happier for Nick. Nikki said her heart had broken for Dylan. Victor reminded her that once the information became public, there might be charges. Nikki assured Victor the charges would be against Sharon only, since Dylan had had no idea about the situation. He'd been deceived by Sharon.

Nikki said Dylan's life was in shambles, but Nick was handling it very well. She felt that Nick was in shock. Nikki had voiced her opinion about what Sharon had done and had said she wanted Sharon to pay, but Nick had insisted that he didn't want Nikki to judge Sharon or go to her. He wanted to focus on Christian and move forward on a positive note. Nikki said Sharon had to pay for what she'd done, but Victor advised her that they should stay out of it.

Victor suggested that they should forgive Sharon for the havoc she had caused the family, but Sharon was already paying a price. She'd lost her child, compromised her marriage, and become estranged from Nick. Nikki said that that wouldn't have been enough for Victor in the past. Victor said things had changed. Nick had taken the high road, and they should do the same, because if they didn't, it would affect their children and grandchildren. He said Nikki still had a beautiful grandchild, and he had another grandson. Victor didn't want to do anything to fan the flames.

Paul arrived at the tack house to see Nick and hoped to see Christian. Nick said he'd put Christian down for a nap. Paul was happy that Christian still had his routine. Paul wanted to say a few things to Nick on Dylan's behalf and some things of his own. He wanted Nick to know he really appreciated how graciously Nick had handled the situation by giving Dylan a chance to say goodbye to Sully. Paul said Dylan was suffering. Paul didn't need to tell Nick how much Dylan had loved that child. Paul asked what could be better for a child than to surround him with as many people as possible that loved him.

Nick said he didn't appreciate Paul going into his home and suggesting that Nick share custody with Dylan. Paul assured him that that wasn't what he'd meant and apologized for any misunderstanding. Paul said that Dylan was still related to Christian, and no matter what Sharon had done, Paul asked Nick not to cut Christian out of Dylan's life. They were still brothers, and Nick needed to hold onto that.

At GC Buzz, Mariah had been readied for her television spot when Kevin called her. Mariah said she'd call him back because she was busy. Before she disconnected the call, Kevin said it was important. Mariah advised Devon he needed to get someone else to handle it, but Devon assured her she'd be perfect. Hilary arrived and demanded to know what was going on. Devon explained that unless they ran Fielding's interview, Victor was going to sue them for everything they had. Hilary yelled at Mariah to get out of the way and give her the microphone.

Hilary aired Curtis Fielding's interview and signed off. Hilary was extremely angry and reminded Mariah to remember who did what at GC Buzz. Mariah suggested that Hilary should talk to Devon, since it had been his idea. Hilary assured her she would and told Mariah it was time Mariah left. Devon stepped in and told Hilary that she didn't get to be upset about being replaced when he'd been calling her nonstop. He wanted to know where she'd been.

Mariah heard Hilary tell Devon about the story he hadn't want her to pursue about Dr. Anderson; she'd pursued it, and he'd be very proud of her. She'd gotten an incredible interview and the story of a lifetime.

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A woman from Travis' past arrives A woman from Travis' past arrives

Thursday, November 10, 2016

At GC Buzz, Mariah discovered that Hilary had gone live with a segment of the show. Hilary doubted that a woman wouldn't be able to tell that she hadn't been pregnant or hadn't given birth, and she questioned how a woman could raise a child as her own instead of telling the baby's mourning father the truth. Hilary contemplated what kind of person or mother did that, and she expected Sharon to say that she'd been a victim of a cruel hoax. Hilary encouraged her audience to talk to her, and she asked whether Sharon belonged behind bars or back in her old room at Fairview.

Hilary ended the segment, and she squealed that it had been amazing, but Mariah snarled that Hilary was full of it. Hilary swore that she'd just reported facts, but Mariah questioned whether Patty had mentioned that Sharon had been drugged and manipulated by her own doctor. Mariah ranted that Hilary had skipped the part about Sharon being torn between her love for her family and her obligation to the baby's father, but she clammed up when she realized that Hilary was listening intently.

Hilary noted that Mariah had a great deal of insight, and she asked how long Mariah had known the truth. Mariah bellowed that her family was imploding, but Hilary was so obsessed with ratings that she was willing to broadcast the ravings of a delusional woman. Devon confronted Hilary about airing the story before they'd found a verifiable source, but Hilary eyed Mariah and proclaimed that she'd found the best one she could think of.

At Newman, Abby watched Hilary's broadcast, and she relayed that her mind had been blown when Nick had called to tell her that Christian was alive, but he hadn't gone into any details. Victor advised Abby not to pay attention to what a gossipmonger spewed to get ratings. Abby asked how long Victor had known the baby was Nick's, and Victor claimed that he'd found out the night before. Victor contended that their family was blessed with a new child, and he urged Abby to concentrate on that. Abby wondered how to stop the story from going viral, and Victor glanced at Adam's photo and proclaimed that if it did, he would no longer take the high road.

At GC Buzz, Hilary implored Mariah to go on-camera because it was a heartfelt story that only a family member could tell, but Mariah retorted that she'd be putting a knife in her mom's back. Hilary contended that it would be Mariah's chance to tell her side, unless Mariah wanted to change coffee filters for the rest of her life. Devon pulled Hilary aside and asked why she was prying into the Newmans' business again. Hilary explained that Victor had forced his board member to confess, but the baby story was real.

Devon wasn't surprised when Victor called and threatened to file another lawsuit. Victor told Devon that Sharon was fair game, but he demanded that Nick and Christian be left out of it. After Devon hung up, Hilary was livid that Devon had caved to Victor again, but Devon thought they should be happy that they didn't have another lawsuit on their hands. Hilary reasoned that she'd just let Patty tell her story, but Devon chided her for once again airing material before checking the facts.

Hilary complained that she would have been scooped if she'd waited for corroboration, and she pointed out that Victor hadn't asked them to retract the story. Hilary imagined that Victor wanted to see Sharon punished, and it was a story reporters dreamed of. She continued that the best part was that it was all true, and GC Buzz would tell it first -- unless Devon wanted her to kill the story. He suddenly kissed her and told her to consider it a down payment on her raise.

Hilary apologized to Mariah, and she said she respected Mariah for standing up for her mom, since she understood the need to protect their mothers. Mariah asked what the catch was. Hilary announced that she'd been given a green light to go ahead with the story, and if she didn't do it, someone else would. Hilary suggested that Mariah protect her mom by going on-camera and telling her side of the story, and Mariah incredulously asked if Hilary expected her to believe such a steaming pile of insincerity. Hilary conceded that she'd expected Mariah to quit, and Mariah prepared to go to human resources to do so. Devon joined them and asked Mariah to reconsider -- for money.

Mariah snapped that she wasn't interested in burying Sharon and Dylan for ratings. Devon explained that they couldn't ignore the story, but Mariah could still help her mom. Devon pulled Mariah aside and recognized that Hilary was a handful, but he was proud that his wife didn't back down from people like Victor. Devon said he could use someone like Mariah to keep Hilary on the straight and narrow, but Mariah replied that she'd rather push Hilary into a ditch. Devon contended that helping with Hilary meant helping Sharon, and he asked if he could count on Mariah to do that. Meanwhile, Hilary smiled broadly as she read online compliments about herself.

Lily was irritated to find Cane at Brash & Sassy, and she scolded that he shouldn't be there. She added that they had to leave right away to make it to his surgery, but he asserted that he wasn't going, since Jabot's new app was more important than his torn ligament. Lily questioned whether it was more important than playing basketball with his kids or taking moonlit walks with his wife, and she stressed that she loved him and needed him, but the crutches got in the way.

At Crimson Lights, Billy watched the end of Hilary's broadcast. Travis entered and mentioned that he'd been listening to it during his run. Travis imagined that the news had been the reason why Victoria had left earlier to see Nick, and Billy was surprised that Victoria hadn't told Travis about Christian, since he'd thought they shared everything. Travis snapped that he understood that it was hard for Billy to still be in love with Victoria, but she was happy and in love with Travis.

Travis ordered Billy to stop causing trouble, but Billy thought Travis had been doing a good job of causing trouble himself. Billy figured that Travis thought he was the center of Victoria's universe, but Travis was "just a moon orbiting the Death Star known as her family," and she'd always feel the gravitational pull toward her clan, even if she and Travis got married. Travis testily wondered why Billy was talking about marriage, and he insisted that he and Victoria were in a good place. Travis walked away.

Travis arrived at Newman and asked Abby if Victor was in, but she said it wasn't a good time. He mentioned that he'd seen GC Buzz, and he guessed that Victor wasn't happy that his family was a tabloid headline. Travis admonished the Newmans for milking fame for all it was worth then crying foul when someone violated their privacy. Abby snapped at him to keep his opinion to himself. Travis remarked that one family's miracle was another's nightmare. Victor appeared and huffed that his grandson's future was none of Travis' business, since Travis wasn't a Newman.

At the tack house, Victoria held Christian on her lap, and she marveled at how lucky Christian was to have Nick as a father, but Nick felt that he was the lucky one. Victoria felt sorry for Dylan, whose only crime had been to love a child who he'd thought was his. Nick mentioned that Dylan had wanted him to consider the idea of shared custody, but he couldn't imagine sharing Christian with the people who'd kept the boy from him. Victoria clarified that it had been one person, and she wondered how Sharon had possibly thought that it had been a good idea. Nick opted to focus on making Christian feel loved and safe, and he hoped to keep the story quiet until he was ready to go public. Nick wished Sage were there, but Victoria assured Nick that he wasn't alone.

Victoria welcomed Christian to the family, and she remarked that the package had a lot of perks, but she warned him that being a Newman meant being one forever. Nick pointed out that he and Victoria had managed to keep one foot in the family and another in a more sane part of the world, and he inquired how things were with Travis. She ultimately confided that things weren't great, and he guessed that Victor had been making Travis jump through hoops to prove himself worthy of dating her. Victoria groaned that she wanted a guy who didn't feel threatened, but she constantly felt like she was defending Travis and Victor to one another. She received a text message and said she had to tend to something at work, and she departed.

Noah and Summer arrived at the tack house with balloons and a teddy bear. Summer cooed that Christian had become even cuter since she'd found out that he was her little brother, and Noah reported that everyone knew, thanks to GC Buzz. Nick wondered how the tabloid had found out, and Summer accusingly stated that Mariah worked there. Noah insisted that Mariah was loyal to Sharon, but Summer doubted that Sharon had kept the secret for months without help. Summer and Noah argued about Sharon, and she was grateful that Christian was too young to understand. The baby woke up and started to cry, and Nick told Summer and Noah to knock it off.

Victor stopped by, and he gushed that Christian was where he belonged. Noah swore that his mom would do anything to change what had happened, but Victor huffed that Sharon had had the opportunity to put the baby back into Nick's arms and had failed to do so. Victor thought the only thing Sharon regretted was getting caught, and he was glad that Sharon's lies were behind them. Noah angrily recalled all the lies Victor had told in the name of family, and he figured that Noah would understand when he was a father one day. Victor lectured that Sharon would have to deal with the consequences with everything out in the open. Summer and Noah stepped out.

Victor swore that he would limit the damage of GC Buzz's story as much as possible, and Nick asked what it had cost. Victor said it had cost him nothing, but Nick assumed that someone would pay for it, and he urged Victor not to forget that Sharon was Noah and Faith's mother. Nick picked up Christian and asked if Victor wanted to hold his grandson. Victor smiled as Nick passed the baby to him. Victor imagined going skiing in the Alps and taking bike rides in Tuscany with Christian, and he promised that they'd go to Paris one day. Nick wondered why Victor had chosen there, and Victor replied that it felt right.

Victoria and Billy arrived at Brash & Sassy, and Lily informed them that she'd summoned them there to talk sense into Cane, who was supposed to have surgery but was determined to match or top Jabot's latest efforts. Victoria reminded everyone that she'd run the company on her own before, and Billy urged Cane to go home and let his wife pamper him. Cane worried that Jabot was playing for keeps, and Victoria suggested that he strategize about the big picture during his recovery. Billy pointed out that it was a bonus that Cane wouldn't have to see him, and Cane reluctantly agreed to go. Lily led Cane out, and Billy remarked that Victoria was her father's daughter, just like he'd told Travis.

Victoria asked if Billy had been talking to Travis about her, and Billy revealed that he'd asked Travis if he was the marrying kind. Billy acknowledged that he shouldn't have talked about Victoria behind her back, and Victoria informed him that she and Travis hadn't discussed marriage. Billy divulged that he'd seen GC Buzz's latest segment, and he asked how Nick was doing. Victoria mentioned that she'd just seen Nick and Christian, and Billy imagined how it would feel to get a miracle after losing a child.

Victoria hoped GC Buzz didn't turn the story into popcorn for gossip junkies, and Billy expressed surprise that Victor hadn't taken down Devon and Hilary after the way he'd set Travis up. Victoria demanded to know exactly what Billy and Travis had discussed, and Billy revealed that he'd told Travis that Victoria and her family stuck together, which was great for the Newmans but not for an outsider. Billy added that Travis seemed to be in no rush to become part of the Newman tribe, and he asked if Victoria was okay with that. She claimed that she was, but she hurried out.

At the hospital, Lily showed Cane some drawings that the kids had made for him. She promised never to say a bad word about his colleagues again, since they'd convinced him to get the surgery. She figured the sooner he had the procedure, the sooner he could get back to work, but he told her it would be the sooner they could take a moonlit walk. They kissed, and the doctor peeked in and teased that they needed to save something for the recovery room. Cane called Lily his inspiration as medical personnel wheeled him away for surgery.

At the Athletic Club, Ashley told Jack over the phone that Jabot was making waves in the press with its new app, and she crowed that he owed it all to her. She gasped in shock when she recognized a woman who walked in, and she asked what the woman was doing there. The woman declared that she was there to see her long-lost friend, and they hugged. Ashley toasted to good friends, and she asked what had been going on with her old chum.

The woman confided that she and Henry had been living apart for some time, and their lawyers were finalizing their divorce. The woman looked forward to rebooting her life like Ashley had, and she praised Ashley for what she'd accomplished at Jabot. Ashley suspected that there was another reason her friend was in town -- Travis was there. The woman insisted that he was the furthest thing from her mind, and Ashley reported that Travis and Victoria were in love and living together. The woman swore that she was only there to clear her mind and see her good friend, and they clinked their glasses together.

After Ashley's friend left, Abby joined Ashley and chugged what was left of her mother's mimosa. Ashley wondered if Abby was upset about Stitch, and Abby realized that Ashley hadn't heard that Nick's baby was alive. Abby babbled about Sharon and Dylan raising Christian as their son and about Victoria and Travis being about to crash and burn. Travis walked in.

Travis joined Victoria at a table and asked why she'd taken off without mentioning Nick's baby. Victoria wrote it off as a family thing, and he wondered if she was saying it was none of his business. He thought she sounded like her father, and he questioned whether he had to prove himself to her, too. Victoria retorted that Travis had tried to investigate her family instead of being part of it, and the latter seemed to be the last thing he wanted. Victoria griped that she'd thought Travis wanted to be part of her life and family, but he was worse than Billy, since at least Billy didn't blame his mistakes on other people.

Travis recalled that Victoria had been trying to distance herself from Victor's world when they'd met, and she'd been looking for an average guy. She grumbled that her average guy had lied about leaving Wall Street for sleeping with his boss's wife, but Travis insisted that he'd always wanted her, no matter whether she'd called herself Victoria Newman or Tori. She argued that it wasn't her fault that she was a Newman, and he countered that it wasn't his fault that he wasn't. He asserted that even though he'd screwed up, he knew who he was and what he wanted, and he refused to live in another man's shadow, be it Victor's or Billy's. Travis stalked off, and Billy entered the club.

Across the room, Ashley felt terrible for Dylan, and she imagined that Faith was confused, but Abby noted that Christian was still the girl's brother. Abby disclosed that Travis had blown it by investigating the Newman family behind Victor's back, and she judged from the look on Victoria's face that she wasn't happy with Travis, either. Ashley remarked that if the couple's relationship was on the rocks, the timing couldn't be worse.

Billy approached Victoria and jokingly asked what the odds were of meeting there, and Victoria replied that he was the gambler. He pulled out a coin and suggested that they flip it to see who'd pay for lunch, but she wanted to go separate ways if it was tails. He tossed the coin and showed her that it was heads. She groused that it was just her luck. He said luck had had nothing to do with it, and he showed her that the coin was two-headed. She giggled.

Travis strolled past the café in the park. He spotted Ashley's friend, who asked where he was going in such a hurry.

Jack plants a kiss on Phyllis Jack plants a kiss on Phyllis

Friday, November 11, 2016

At the park café, Travis greeted Michelle and asked what she was doing there. She claimed that she was visiting Ashley, who had told her that he lived there. Michelle gazed at Travis and mused that it was good to see him. Travis asked why she was pretending that she didn't know he lived there, since she'd sent him flowers on his first day at Newman. Michelle said she'd been hurt that he hadn't thanked her, but he thought he'd sent the message that he'd moved on. He added that she'd gotten what she'd wanted in New York, so there was nothing left to say.

Michelle told Travis not to write off what they'd shared as a casual fling, since they'd loved one another, and she dared him to try to deny it. Travis asked why Michelle was dragging love into it, since their affair had blown up in their faces, and she'd gone back to her husband. Michelle swore that she'd felt obligated because her husband had saved her life, and she'd owed him. Travis was convinced that she'd gone back for the money, but she insisted that it wasn't true. He spat that she'd never give up her lifestyle for him, and he believed that he'd lost everything she'd been interested in when he'd lost his job.

Michelle apologized for hurting Travis, but she swore that she had wanted to be with him. Travis demanded to know the real reason she was there, and she revealed that she was leaving Henry, who had met someone else. Michelle claimed that it had been a relief, and the divorce papers were all but signed. Travis inquired whether she was in Genoa City because of him, and she admitted that she wanted him back. Travis assumed that things had changed because she'd discovered that he had a job at Newman with a big salary, and she griped that he made it sound like it was all she cared about.

Travis informed Michelle that he had no interest in getting back together, since he'd put New York behind him. He added that he had a new life and an amazing woman who he was in love with, and he was never going to give that up. He told her about Victoria, and Michelle hoped Victoria knew what a lucky woman she was. Michelle placed her hand on Travis' and said it had been wonderful to see him, and she wished him all the best. She added that she'd be in town for a few more days at the Athletic Club if he wanted to have a drink before she left.

At the Underground, a man ordered a scotch and inquired whether his friend Nick was in that day. Noah stated that his dad wasn't there, and the man asked how Nick was holding up. Noah replied that the situation was complicated, and the guy asked what it was like knowing that Noah's mom had stolen his father's son. Noah realized that the man was really a reporter, and he excoriated the journalist. Noah ordered the reporter to "get the hell out" and to stay away from his family.

Travis arrived at the bar and ordered tequila, and Noah noted that it was his grandfather's drink. Travis changed his order to bourbon, and Noah empathized because he'd tried to work with Victor before. Noah complained about the way Victor had talked about Sharon after all the things Victor had done, and Travis told Noah to hit him again and to pour one for himself. Noah opted to stay sharp to run the place for his dad, who had a lot going on. Travis said he'd heard, but Noah swore that there was a lot more to it than the press would have people believe.

Noah didn't envy Travis' position, since he knew what it was like when Victor interfered with relationships in the name of protecting his family. Noah recognized that Victor had a pathological need to control everyone around him, and he couldn't imagine what Travis was going through by living with Victoria. Travis recounted that he'd thought he and Victor had respected one another, but it had turned out that Victor had just been testing him, and he'd flunked every time. Travis continued that he'd expected Victoria to have his back, but she'd taken Victor's side, and it was like Victor had his entire family trapped in his orbit. Travis lamented that there was no escape, but Noah thought it was good that Victoria was with someone who could help her break free from Victor's influence.

At the Athletic Club, Billy offered Victoria dessert, and she thought that she should be furious with him for the two-headed coin trick. She wondered how he had her wanting to kill him one minute and cracking up the next, and Billy replied that some people had natural charm. Victoria guessed that was why she kept marrying him.

Billy guessed that the situation with Nick had upset Victoria, and he asked if anything else was on her mind, since she seemed to be in a bad mood. He jokingly threatened to do a Christopher Walken impression, but Victoria protested that it was terrible. He wondered who had put her in a bad mood, and she replied that it wasn't her father for once. Billy asserted that she deserved better, since she deserved to always be happy. She got a text message, and she warned that both of their days were about to get a lot worse.

At Brash & Sassy, Billy told Jill over the phone that Jabot Go was a raging success with hundreds of thousands of downloads within days. Billy put Victoria on the line to peel Jill off the ceiling, and Victoria assured Jill that she and Billy were working on a counterstrategy, so it was under control. She hung up and reported that Jill trusted them to keep the new app from annihilating them, but it would take some ingenuity. Victoria mentioned that she'd been playing with the app, and it was fun and easy to use, so they had their work cut out for them.

Billy checked out the app and agreed that it was hip and user-friendly, and he showed off a selfie of him in full makeup to Victoria. He thought they needed to do something like it for Brash & Sassy, and she offered to make some calls to her contacts in the tech world, but he suggested that they call Natalie. Victoria recalled that Natalie had burned her before, and she didn't want to poach her father's turf. She opted to see what was in the pipeline with her contacts who worked on apps, and she prepared to leave to plan Katie's birthday party. Victoria asked if Billy wanted to help, and he followed her out.

At Victoria's home, Victoria and Billy went over details for Katie's party. They bantered about cake and entertainment, and Travis walked in and demanded to know "what the hell" Billy was doing there again. Travis complained that Billy was always finding reasons to show up there, but Billy pointed out that his kids lived there. Travis accused Billy of using it as an excuse to interfere with Travis and Victoria, and Victoria reminded Travis that she'd told him they were planning Katie's party.

Travis realized that he'd forgotten, and Billy quipped that it was what happened with day drinking. Victoria scolded that her children were upstairs, and Travis snapped that she sounded like his mother. Travis raged that it was bad enough that he had to put up with her father because she was afraid to stand up to Victor, but he also had to deal with her ex. Travis and Billy exchanged barbs, and Victoria pulled Travis aside. Travis questioned whether she couldn't see what Billy was doing to them. Victoria called a car to take Travis somewhere to sober up.

After Travis left, Victoria thought it was no wonder that she'd sounded like Travis' mother, since he'd been acting immature. Billy offered to leave and resume planning the party another time, but she wanted him to stay. Meanwhile, Travis knocked on the door of a hotel room at the Athletic Club. A towel-clad Michelle opened the door and smiled.

At Jabot, Phyllis entered Jack's office and wanted to go over talking points for the Jabot Go app. Jack stared at her lips as she explained that people could easily see how the cosmetics would look by using selfies. Jack stammered that it was a good start, but he'd review her notes on his own. Phyllis walked out as Selena McKay informed Jack's assistant that she was there to see Jack.

The assistant led Selena in, and she proclaimed that she was there for a friendly one-on-one with no camera. Selena recalled that the last time Jack had been on-camera, he'd announced that his wife had been having an affair with his brother. Jack declared that he was moving on, and he offered her an exclusive on Jabot's new app. Selena mentioned that she'd seen Phyllis exiting the office, and she wondered why his ex still worked there.

In the hallway, Phyllis informed Ashley that Jack was giving an interview, and Ashley snapped that she knew, since the app had been her idea. Ashley added that it would be huge for Jabot's future, but that future wouldn't include Phyllis if Ashley had anything to say about it. Ashley barked that Phyllis could take her clothes off at the office all day long, but Jack hadn't been able to wait to divorce Phyllis, and Ashley couldn't wait to get Phyllis out of Jack's life. Ashley ordered Phyllis to earn the paycheck they were forced to give her by checking on the app downloads and seeing how the public was responding. Phyllis stalked off.

Jack explained that Phyllis' presence at Jabot was part of their divorce settlement, but Selena asked if it was uncomfortable to work together, given how the couple had split. Jack insisted on sticking to business, and Selena inquired whether the app had been Phyllis' project. Ashley walked in, and Jack announced that it had been Ashley's project, so his sister could tell her all about it. Ashley stated that the app gave their customers an opportunity to experiment with different products and shades, and Selena congratulated them on launching a game-changer. Selena inquired who had founded the app, and Ashley credited Jack with being the driving force behind the project.

Ashley bragged that Jack was making their family proud by reinventing the company and creating a legacy for future generations, and Selena thought the story would practically write itself. Selena thanked Ashley and Jack for the exclusive, and she departed. Jack asked why Ashley had given him the credit when it had been all her doing, and Ashley grumbled that the alternative had been to say he'd been too busy leaking Newman documents to meet with the app developer. She wanted the press to focus on Jabot's accomplishments and not his misguided attempt at retribution. Jack imagined that Ashley wanted something in return, and Ashley replied that she wanted him to fire Phyllis.

Ashley ranted that Jack and Phyllis didn't belong together, and it was time for him to give Phyllis the boot. Jack argued that Phyllis' employment was part of their settlement, but Ashley thought there had to be a way around it. Ashley was sure that Phyllis had insisted on the terms to be close to him in an attempt to reignite old feelings, and Phyllis would do anything to insinuate her way back into his life. Jack swore that nothing had changed; there was no hope for him and Phyllis, and there never would be. Ashley hoped he meant it -- for his sake.

Summer entered Phyllis' office, and Phyllis told her about Jabot's new app. Phyllis boasted that women couldn't download it fast enough, and Summer thought it sounded really cool. Phyllis asked how Summer was doing, and Summer admitted that it had been hard getting used to the fact that Christian was her brother. Summer apologized for interrupting Phyllis at work, but Phyllis suggested that they get out of there.

At the Athletic Club, Summer commented that Christian had been in her life the entire time, and Phyllis sympathized with Nick and Dylan. Summer groused that Noah had taken Sharon's side by finding ways to justify what his mother had done, but she didn't understand how Noah could defend Sharon after all the lies she'd told. Phyllis remarked that people did things for reasons that weren't always clear on the outside, and they made mistakes and hurt other people, but they wished they could go back and do things differently.

Summer asked how things were between Phyllis and Jack, and she promised that she hadn't said anything about them going after Victor. Summer continued that she didn't want the families to enter into another war, and she knew it was important for Jack and Phyllis to find a way to get back together. Phyllis recounted that there had been moments when she'd looked into Jack's eyes and seen that he felt their connection. Phyllis cited the little things, like how he remembered how she liked her coffee or that she'd always beaten him at chess.

Summer imagined that it had to be hard for Phyllis to be near Jack, yet be far away. Phyllis bemoaned that just when she'd thought they'd had a moment, he'd stopped himself and reminded her that he'd never forgive her. Phyllis refused to believe it, since she hoped he would remember what they'd had, but it would take patience. Summer questioned whether it was worth it when Phyllis could have any guy in the world, but Phyllis insisted that she loved Jack, and they belonged together.

Summer and Phyllis returned to Jabot, and Summer thanked Phyllis for helping to keep her from freaking out. Phyllis promised things would get easier, and she advised Summer to stay strong for her father during the transition. Summer declared that her mom had taught her all she needed to know, and she headed to the elevator. Phyllis entered Jack's office to present the download figures to Ashley, but only Jack was there.

Ashley greeted Summer in the hallway, and she imagined that it was difficult for her to watch her mother go through the aftermath of a divorce, but she pointed out that Phyllis' insistence on working there was also hard on Jack. Summer asserted that Phyllis had to love Jack to put up with everything.

Summer found Noah at the Underground, and she apologized for going off on him about Sharon earlier. Summer explained that it had been hard for her to hear him defending Sharon after she'd watched their dad suffer, but Noah contended that Sharon was in pain, too. Noah hated thinking about Sharon being at Fairview with a sadistic doctor who'd drugged her and kept her isolated from her family, and he couldn't stand listening to everyone dump on his mom. Noah conceded that Sharon should have told Nick the truth the moment she'd known it, and he struggled with what to say when he saw Sharon.

Noah acknowledged that his mom had hurt a lot of people, but he argued that she hadn't been the only one. Summer realized that he meant Phyllis, and she said Phyllis had to live with it, but Phyllis wasn't sure if she could make things right with Jack. Noah figured that all they could do was love their mothers no matter what, and Summer thought that was what Sharon needed to hear from him. Noah asked if Summer thought Jack would ever forgive her mom, and Summer opined that there was nothing that two people couldn't overcome if they were meant to be together.

Meanwhile, Jack complimented Phyllis' work, and she asked him to make sure Ashley got the numbers. Phyllis asked if he needed anything else, and he instructed her to clean out her office, since he was promoting her. He announced that she would be heading up a new division, and she was thrilled. He added that it would be in New York.

Phyllis snapped that it wasn't a promotion but an insult to ship her off without discussing it, and she guessed that it had been Ashley's idea. Jack said he hadn't run it by Ashley, but he was sure she'd be okay with it. Phyllis couldn't believe that he was allowing his sister to pull the strings, and she insisted that she and Jack worked well together, so it was between them and no one else.

Phyllis refused to relocate to New York, but Jack argued that he was offering her real work that would allow her to use all her skills, and she'd get a new perspective about a lot of things. Phyllis retorted that he was doing what Ashley wanted by getting rid of her, but Jack asserted that he was the CEO, and no one told him what to do or think. He confirmed that Ashley wanted Phyllis gone because Ashley didn't want to see him dealing with his ex-wife day after day. He added that it didn't matter what anyone else thought, since he was making the decision about what he wanted and needed. Jack suddenly pulled Phyllis into a kiss.



Karla Mosley welcomes her second child
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