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Sharon decided to divorce Dylan in order to give him a better chance of getting visitation with Christian. Hilary doctored Dylan's GC Buzz interview to make it look like he'd spoken ill of Sharon. Billy informed Victoria that Travis had cheated on her, and she threw Travis out.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of November 28, 2016 on Y&R
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Dylan Sues for Visitation with Christian Dylan Sues for Visitation with Christian

Monday, November 28, 2016

At Chelsea's penthouse, Nick stopped by to drop off Christian. Chelsea had agreed to look after the youngster for Nick while he consulted an attorney. Chelsea asked about Dylan. Nick said he hadn't heard back from Dylan after the encounter at Thanksgiving. Chelsea, referring to Dylan's threat to sue for visitation rights, said, "I'm really hoping he'll reconsider. I mean, he doesn't strike me as the suing type." Nick said he wouldn't take any chances because he'd already lost Christian once. Chelsea agreed with Nick and insisted that sharing Christian with Dylan and Sharon was out of the question.

After Nick left, Chloe arrived downstairs. Chloe noticed Christian and mentioned that Sharon had said something at Thanksgiving about pursuing visitation rights. Chelsea replied, "Well, I hope you told her that it's a terrible idea." Chloe noted that Dylan and Sharon were Christian's uncle and aunt. Chloe changed the subject and reminded Chelsea that she had an appointment with Victoria. Chloe offered to watch Christian. Chelsea left.

At Sharon's ranch house, Sharon told Dylan that she couldn't stand the silence after both Christian and Faith had gone to live with Nick. Dylan told Sharon that he planned to sue for visitation with Christian. Sharon recalled that Dylan had previously disagreed with her suggestion to seek visitation rights. Dylan explained that he and Sharon shouldn't be completely cut off from the child they'd raised. Dylan said he'd told Nick the same. Sharon smiled and replied, "So we're in this together."

Michael arrived to consult with Sharon and Dylan. Michael warned that suing Nick for visitation with Christian would mean going up against Victor. The phone rang, so Sharon answered. It was Chloe. Chloe insisted that Sharon drive to Chelsea's penthouse immediately. Sharon hung up and told Dylan and Michael that she was needed at work.

After Sharon left, Michael told Dylan that his chances of winning his lawsuit would be significantly better without Sharon involved. Dylan explained that Christian, lovingly raised by Dylan and Sharon from birth, was his main concern. Michael said, "So you won't lose Sharon from the case?" Dylan said Sharon loved Christian as much as he did. Dylan said he hoped that someone Nick trusted might intervene on Dylan and Sharon's behalf.

Sharon arrived at Chelsea's penthouse and asked Chloe about the work deadline she'd mentioned over the phone. Sharon was overjoyed to see Christian sitting in a playpen. Chloe noted that either Chelsea or Nick could return at any time. Chloe urged Sharon to pick up Christian. Sharon picked up Christian and held him close. Sharon thanked Chloe. Chloe explained that she knew how it felt to be an outcast, treated as if there was something fundamentally wrong with her. Sharon said somehow she'd find a way to ensure it wouldn't be the last time she held Christian.

At Brash & Sassy, Billy and Victoria were seated together at a desk, working, when Jill arrived. Jill said, "What a sight for sore eyes -- the two of you working together." After Jill noticed an engagement ring on Victoria's finger, Victoria announced that she and Travis were engaged. Jill congratulated Victoria. Afterward, Jill noted that offering congratulations to a bride was considered very bad luck. Jill said she was a firm believer in long engagements. Victoria said she and Travis had considered marrying around Christmas. Jill leaned forward and said, "Christmas? That's about a month away." Victoria suddenly remembered she had a meeting with Chelsea and left.

Jill told Billy that the love of his life was about to marry the wrong man. Billy told Jill that she didn't know when to drop it. Jill replied, "Drop it? I'm just getting started." Jill mentioned Billy's kids. Billy said he never wanted to disappoint his kids again, so Victoria's marriage would be good for the kids because Travis wasn't likely to do something stupid and self-destructive again. Jill surmised that Billy knew something about Travis, and she demanded to know what Billy knew. Billy said he refused to stick his nose where it didn't belong.

At Chelsea's design studio, Victoria tried on wedding gowns. Victoria said she preferred simple designs. Chelsea said she thought Victoria might choose an impressive design to let everyone know she was "starting fresh." Victoria gazed in a mirror at the frock she'd donned. Chelsea directed Victoria's attention to other gowns in varying styles, but Victoria seemed surprised that none of the gowns caught her attention. Victoria seemed frustrated and recalled a conversation with Jill, who'd claimed that Victoria wasn't ready to marry Travis.

Victoria suddenly noticed that her engagement ring was missing. After a time, Chelsea found the ring. Victoria anxiously slipped the ring back on her finger and nervously fiddled with other dresses hanging on a rack. Chelsea noted that Victoria seemed overly anxious. Victoria admitted she was apprehensive because she yearned for her relationship to last. Victoria admitted she was uneasy because Travis had had an affair with his ex-lover just before he'd had proposed. Victoria said she and Travis always seemed to be striving to move past stumbling blocks in their relationship.

Sharon returned home. Dylan met Sharon in the living room and asked if everything was okay at work. Sharon lied that Chloe would be handling a minor crisis. Sharon asked what she'd missed during Dylan's consultation with Michael. Dylan replied, "Nothing. We're all on the same page." Dylan assured Sharon that they would fight to keep Christian in their lives. Sharon nodded, tears welling in her eyes. Dylan insisted that he and Sharon would win.

In Victor's office, Travis didn't seem rattled when Victor noted that Travis hadn't first approached him to ask for Victoria's hand in marriage. Travis explained that Victoria, a strong, independent woman, was capable of making her own choices. Victor replied, "Husbands come and go, you know, but I'm her dad. I'm here to stay." Travis said he expected Victor not to interfere. Victor reminded Travis that he'd shown an egregious lack of judgment, both professionally and personally. Travis replied, "I agree. I quit."

Victor laughed and said Travis was evidently making a statement of independence to show the world that he was his own man. Travis replied, "I am my own man. I'm the man your daughter loves and wants to marry." Travis said he was on his way to tell Victoria that he'd quit his job. Victor suggested that Travis planned to live off Victoria's wealth. Victor asked Travis if he'd signed a prenuptial agreement. Nick arrived before Travis could respond. Travis asked Nick to be his best man. Nick said he would do it for Victoria.

After Travis left, Nick told Victor to stay out of Victoria's life. Victor said he'd do whatever he could to protect his children. Victor advised Nick not to succumb to Dylan's threats. Leslie arrived to consult with Victor and Nick. Leslie noted that Sharon had initially been a victim and should probably pursue a lawsuit against Fairview Hospital. Victor insisted that Sharon not be allowed contact with his grandson. Nick said he was more concerned about Christian's well-being.

Leslie suggested offering visitation rights for Dylan but not for Sharon. Victor refused. Nick agreed that he wouldn't share his son with anyone. Victor instructed Leslie to keep the proceedings private. After Leslie left, Nick said he better understood why his dad had always fought for his family. Victor expressed approval of Nick's decision.

Chelsea returned to her penthouse before Sharon left. Chloe hid Sharon in a closet. Chelsea walked to the playpen to talk to Christian. Sharon sneaked out the door, but Chelsea heard the door close. Chelsea noted that someone had just walked out the door. Chloe admitted that she'd invited Sharon over to spend time with Christian and would do so again. Chelsea berated Chloe and explained that Sharon, Dylan, and Nick were about to fight a messy legal battle. Nick returned to pick up Christian. Nick asked Chelsea if Christian had done well. Chelsea glared at Chloe and said, "Couldn't have gone better."

At the Genoa City Athletic Club, Victor ran into Michael. Victor advised Michael not to defend lost causes. Michael noted that he'd won a lost-cause case with Devon after having issued a threat. Victor agreed and said he was thankful he and Michael had begun to trust each other again. Victor warned that defending Sharon and Dylan would be a lost cause. Victor insisted that he wouldn't allow Christian to be taken away from Nick.

Travis stopped by Brash & Sassy to see Victoria. Billy said Victoria was out, but he congratulated Travis on his engagement to Victoria. Jill did, as well, and she asked Travis if it would be his first marriage. Travis said it would be his first and last because Victoria wouldn't regret accepting his proposal. Jill recalled that it had taken Victoria awhile before she'd accepted.

Travis thanked Billy for his advice. Travis added that he should've notified Victoria as soon as his ex-lover had arrived in Genoa City. Jill noted that Travis' ex-lover had evidently meant a lot to him because he'd ruined his career to be with her. Travis said that no one other than Victoria meant more to him, and he'd proven it by quitting his job at Newman Enterprises. Billy and Jill seemed intrigued by Travis' decision.

Travis said he'd stopped by to offer his services to Brash & Sassy during Cane's absence. Jill advised Travis to set up an interview via her assistant. Travis said he'd prefer to share his news with Victoria himself. Billy reminded Travis that nothing was more important to Victoria than honesty. Travis insisted that he'd learned his lesson.

After Travis left, Jill said she realized that Travis had lied to Victoria. Billy said Victoria would figure out what Travis had done. Jill asked how Billy could be sure. Billy replied, "Because she's had a lot of practice with me." After Victoria returned to the office, Billy said that he and Jill were still considering design ideas. Jill said, "Maybe Travis will have some ideas!" Billy said he'd promised Travis he wouldn't say anything.

Billy told Victoria about Travis' decision to leave Newman Enterprises and apply for a position at Brash & Sassy. Victoria complained that she always discovered the truth about Travis from others. Victoria said she believed Billy knew something else about Travis. Billy insisted that Victoria question Travis herself. Billy added, "That's not my ring you're wearing."

Billy tells Victoria that Travis cheated

Billy tells Victoria that Travis cheated

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

At the cottage, Sharon asked if Dylan thought her outfit was right for court. He guessed that she wanted to project a maternal image, but he thought they just had to speak from the heart about how much they loved Christian. Sharon prayed that things worked out, since it had been hard leaving Christian at Chelsea's the other day. A shocked Dylan asked what she was talking about.

Sharon explained that Chloe had called her over to the penthouse with a fake emergency, but she swore that she'd had no idea that Christian had been there. She continued that Chloe had empathized because she knew what it was like to have a child taken away, but Dylan worried about what would happen if Nick found out. Dylan blurted out that it was why Michael had thought Dylan would be better off trying to pursue the case on his own. A stunned Sharon asked if Dylan planned to seek visitation rights without her.

Dylan relayed that Michael had advised him that the judge was more likely to grant visitation if Dylan petitioned the court solo, but he'd refused, since Sharon loved Christian as much as he did. Sharon thanked Dylan, and she swore that she never would have gone to the penthouse if she'd known Christian had been there. She imagined how confused the boy was about what had happened to his mommy and daddy, and she wondered if Dylan would have walked away if he'd been in the same situation. Dylan hoped that they'd be part of Christian's life again after that day.

At Chelsea's penthouse, Chloe hoped that Nick decided to compromise by letting Dylan and Sharon be part of Christian's life, and she remarked that a child could never have too much love. Chelsea coolly replied that it was a lovely sentiment, but Chloe had put her in a terrible position by forcing her to lie to Nick. Chelsea asserted that Nick had a right to know that Sharon had spent time with his son without his knowledge. Chloe defended that there had been no harm in letting Sharon spend a few minutes with a boy she loved, and she thought it had been smart to not say anything to Nick. Chelsea scolded Chloe for not trying to see Nick's side.

Chelsea felt that she'd broken Nick's trust, but Chloe argued that Sharon had had the child she'd raised for a year torn away. Chloe apologized if she'd put Chelsea in a bad position, but she maintained that there had been nothing unsafe about Sharon spending time with the boy for what might have been the last time. Chloe figured that even if the judge allowed Dylan and Sharon to spend time with Christian, Victor would refuse to let it happen. Chloe urged Chelsea to stop feeling guilty, since what Nick didn't know wouldn't hurt him.

Devon and Hilary descended the Athletic Club stairs. Over the phone, he arranged to have some equipment installed at GC Buzz the following week, but she was focused on what was happening that day. Hilary thought two brothers battling in court with a woman they'd both been married to would be a killer angle, but Devon lectured that it was a personal family matter with a child involved, and he thought the facts would be compelling without sensationalizing the story. Hilary agreed to let the facts speak for themselves and let the public be the judge.

Hilary claimed that she'd forgotten her notes upstairs, and she told Devon to go ahead to the courthouse. After Devon took off, Hilary engaged the voice recorder on her phone and approached Nikki in the foyer. Hilary asked for Nikki's reaction to her sons facing off in court over a baby they both loved, and she inquired whose side Nikki was on. Nikki huffed that it was a private matter, but Hilary claimed that she wanted to tell the whole story. Hilary couldn't imagine what Nikki was going through by watching her sons fight. Nikki spat that Sharon had victimized both men, and she walked away.

In the dining room, Victor was confident that the judge would rule in Nick's favor. Nick said he needed an official decision rather than a casual agreement, and Victor suggested drawing up a legal document to keep Sharon and Dylan away from Christian. Nick pointed out that the judge might grant the couple visitation, but Victor promised that it wouldn't happen. Nick demanded to know what Victor had done.

Nikki joined the men, and Victor considered Dylan to be lucky that Nick wasn't pressing charges for kidnapping. Nikki found the idea ridiculous, but Victor argued that Dylan had either lied along with Sharon or been willfully ignorant. Nikki refused to listen, and Victor accused her of taking Dylan's side over Nick's. Nikki encouraged Nick to consider that Dylan was pursuing visitation because he loved Christian, and losing a child had devastated Dylan. Nikki appealed to Nick as a father and as Dylan's brother to show Dylan some compassion, and she begged Nick not to make Dylan suffer even more because of Sharon's lies and manipulations.

Later, Nick flashed back to Dylan telling Christian that Dylan and Nick were trading places, and Dylan was sure that Nick would love and protect Christian as much as Dylan had. Nikki was surprised that Nick hadn't already left for the courthouse, and he told her that he couldn't stop thinking about Dylan. Nikki questioned whether Nick intended to take her advice to give Dylan visitation rights. Nick admitted that he was considering it, and he was sure that Dylan would do the same if the roles were reversed. Nikki said she was proud of Nick for seeing past Sharon's deceit and doing the right thing, but Nick pointed out that it wasn't official yet.

At the Ashby residence, Lily prepared to go to work, and she reminded Cane that it was best for him to rest. After Lily left, Cane called Jill at Brash & Sassy, and he swore that he was full of energy and ready to work from home. He wanted to join a marketing meeting via conference call, but Jill reported that the meeting had been canceled because Victoria had wanted to be in court to support Nick. Jill mentioned that she was conducting an interview with Travis that day, and Cane assumed that Jill intended to replace him. Jill explained that she was doing the interview out of consideration for Victoria, and she assured Cane that he was indispensable.

Jill added that Cane's job would be waiting for him once he got back on his feet, and she ordered him to focus on what his doctor had told him. He pressed to know when the marketing meeting would be rescheduled, but she told him not to worry, and she hung up. Cane struggled to put on a pair of pants, and Lily returned because she had forgotten something. He was determined to go to work, since he was convinced that Jill was giving away his job. He mentioned that Jill was interviewing his replacement at that moment, and he had to show her that he could do the job. Lily hesitantly offered to drive him.

Victoria and Travis arrived at Brash & Sassy, and she fussed over his suit, noting that cosmetics and fashion went hand in hand. Billy said he'd thought Travis had given up the corporate world, but Travis clarified that he'd quit Newman, not business. Billy commented to Jill that he hadn't been aware that Cane would be gone long enough to have someone else step in, but Jill thought they should be prepared for anything. Jill led Travis into her office, and Victoria wondered if Billy's previous defense of Travis had been an act.

Victoria told Billy that she'd believed that he cared about her when he'd insisted that she give Travis a second chance, but she sensed that Billy was hiding something. Billy thought she was just using her instincts, and he pointed out that she hadn't screamed yes when Travis had asked her to marry him. Billy urged her to take time to think before getting married, but Victoria insisted that she wanted to start a beautiful life with Travis. She chided Billy for pretending that he'd supported Travis, and she headed out to go to court.

Meanwhile, Travis opted not to talk about himself, since he preferred to discuss the impressive job Jill had done with the company. Jill declared that he was wasting his charm on her, since there was no way on earth she would hire him. She added that she had a strong instinct that he was a "kick-ass" executive, but she'd only held the meeting to tell him to his face that Billy and Victoria belonged together. Travis contended that Billy's chance with Victoria hadn't worked out, and Travis and Victoria were getting married. Jill warned Travis not to assume that all was well.

Cane and Lily entered the office, and Billy was surprised that Cane wasn't recovering at home. Cane accused Billy of trying to sabotage his career by hiring Travis, but Billy countered that he didn't want Victoria's fiancé working there. Cane walked in on Travis and Jill shaking hands, and he asserted that she didn't need a replacement. Travis revealed that it had been a courtesy interview, and there had been no job opening. Jill apologized for the misunderstanding, and Travis stepped out.

Travis mused to Billy that it would have been strange if they'd all worked together in the same office, but he thought they would have made it work. Travis mentioned that Jill had made it no secret that she wanted Billy and Victoria back together, and Billy called his mother a one-trick pony. Billy added that Victoria was still his family, and he warned Travis not to hurt her. Travis recognized that he was lucky to have her, but Billy quipped that the luckiest ones didn't realize it until their luck ran out. Travis understood that Billy wouldn't be giving him any more endorsements, but he thought it wouldn't matter, since Travis and Victoria were having a Christmastime wedding.

Jill was astonished that Cane thought she would replace him, and she reminded him that they were family. Cane grumbled that Travis would also be family soon, but Jill asserted that she was worried about Cane, not Travis. She asked what Cane had been thinking by hobbling in after surgery, and Cane complained that he felt useless. Lily scolded that he was delaying the healing process, and Cane agreed to work from home. Jill offered to forward emails, and Lily led Cane out.

Billy closed the door and demanded to know why Jill had interviewed Travis. Jill was certain that Billy had something on Travis that she didn't know about, and she pointed out that Billy had been dancing around her questions. Billy complained that he was tired of being interrogated, and he fibbed that he didn't know anything. Jill proclaimed that if Travis wasn't the man he claimed to be, Billy owed it to Victoria not to let her walk down the aisle without telling her.

Lily and Cane returned home, and she ordered him not to overdo it. She leaned in to kiss him, but she accidentally jostled his knee, and he winced in pain. She told him to rest and deal with work later, but he wanted the distraction. She offered him a pill for his pain, but he hesitated to take anything that would mess with his head. Lily left the prescription bottle where he could easily reach it, and she headed out. Cane stared at the bottle.

At the courthouse, Kevin remarked that Michael had his work cut out for him, since he thought it would be tough to get the judge to grant Sharon and Dylan rights to see Christian. Mariah was surprised to see Kevin there, and he said he'd figured she could use a friend. Mariah said her mom needed someone in her corner, and Kevin noted that Hilary seemed to be out to get Sharon. Mariah complained that Hilary was only out for ratings, but Devon was trying to keep a lid on it.

Mariah expected Hilary to be irate that no cameras were allowed in the courtroom, and Michael explained that it was in everyone's best interests to keep a low profile and remain calm. Michael stepped into the courtroom, and Mariah grumbled that calm and reasonable wouldn't attract viewers, but Hilary was a master of recording people without them knowing. Kevin volunteered to keep an eye on Hilary, and Mariah confided that she was scared about what would happen if Paul found out she'd kept Sharon's secret.

Later, Kevin informed Hilary that no cameras were allowed, and she figured that she'd have to be more creative. Hilary told Devon that she'd run into Nikki, and she thought Nikki's perspective as the mother of the brothers would be a fascinating take. Hilary tried to get a comment from Sharon and Dylan, but Kevin pulled Hilary away to check something out, and Sharon ducked inside the courtroom. Victor confronted Dylan about being in on the lie with Sharon from the beginning, and he barked that Dylan had a lot of nerve to take it to court. Nikki privately told Dylan that she believed she'd convinced Nick to grant visitation to Dylan but not Sharon.

Chelsea approached Nick, who confided that he was in a dilemma. He explained that his dad really wanted him to play hardball, but his mom had made a compelling case to give Dylan visitation without Sharon. He felt bad because Dylan had been a victim, too, but it was hard to decide what to do after all the lies. Chelsea became uncomfortable, and Nick asked if she was all right. She said she had to tell him something about Sharon.

Inside the courtroom, Kevin warned Sharon that Mariah could get in a lot of trouble, since Hilary was suspicious and wouldn't hesitate to throw Mariah under the bus. Sharon promised that Hilary wouldn't hear anything from her, and she prayed that the whole ordeal would be over after that day. Meanwhile, Dylan told Michael about Nikki's belief that Nick would give him visitation, but Nick was still bitter about Sharon. Michael said it wasn't going away anytime soon, and Sharon overheard and asked if there was something she should know. Michael saw that the judge was ready to start.

Michael instructed Dylan to tell the court what he was seeking, and Dylan acknowledged that he was deeply sorry for every moment that Nick had been kept away from Christian. Dylan said he knew it was painful, since he'd only been away from Christian for a few days, but he missed the boy so much that it hurt. Dylan asserted that he'd been a father to the child for the first year of his life, and he would have laid down his life for his son.

Michael confirmed that Dylan hadn't known that Christian hadn't been his son, and Dylan added that Sharon had also believed the boy had been their son when Dr. Anderson had put the baby in her arms, so that was why he was petitioning for both of them to spend time with Christian. Dylan stood and faced Nick, and he said he'd never condone what had happened, but Sharon had never acted out of malice. Dylan stated that he'd forgiven her, and he beseeched Nick to do the same in order to do what was best for the little boy.

Outside the courtroom during a recess, Sharon was touched that Dylan had stood up for her. Hilary tried to get a response from Sharon on video, but Dylan snapped to leave them alone. Mariah told Hilary to cut it out, and Hilary referred to Mariah's unwavering support as her mother had raised the boy as her own -- even after Mariah had found out the truth. Devon pulled Hilary away, noting that people didn't want to talk to her, and she griped about losing her exclusive.

Travis arrived and informed Victoria that Jill had wanted to maintain the current dynamic, and he didn't think Victor would be happy, since Victor had made a point about not wanting Travis sponging off Victoria. She was embarrassed that her dad had said that, and she applauded Travis for going back to the corporate world to prove himself to her. They embraced as Billy watched. Leslie reported that court was back in session, and she asked if Nick was ready to make his statement. They reentered the courtroom, and Victoria told Travis that she would be right there.

Victoria finished writing a text message, and Billy approached and said he couldn't keep quiet anymore. Victoria fretted that she was missing the testimony, but Billy swore that he'd meant every word he'd said about wanting her to be happy. He continued that he'd hoped Travis would be the one for her, but he couldn't sit back and watch her try to talk herself into marrying the guy. Billy hesitated to be the one to tell her the truth, and Victoria ordered him to spit it out. Billy revealed that Travis had cheated on her.

Meanwhile, Leslie prompted Nick to give his thoughts about visitation as Christian's sole parent, and Nick stated that he didn't understand why Sharon had kept his son from him. He referred to Dylan's request that Nick forgive things that Dylan himself didn't condone, and he asked if Dylan had known that Sharon had gone behind Nick's back to see his son without his knowledge or permission. Dylan admitted that he'd known.

Sharon whispered to Michael that she hadn't planned to visit Christian, and Michael hissed that he hadn't planned on how to deal with it because she hadn't told him about the encounter. Leslie requested a restraining order against both Sharon and Dylan.

The Battle begins

The Battle begins

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

by Nel

Outside the courtroom, Billy told Victoria that Travis had cheated on her. Victoria didn't believe him. Billy admitted he'd been in the park when Travis had proposed, and he knew Victoria had hesitated in giving Travis an answer. Billy had hoped that Travis would have told her. Billy said that he hadn't wanted to see the pain in her eyes or to witness her wrestling with her instincts about whether she should marry Travis. Billy didn't want to see her walk down the aisle with someone who'd been lying to her.

Inside the courtroom, Leslie asked for a restraining order against Sharon and Dylan. Michael objected, pointing out it was a hearing about visitation. Nick stood up and told the judge that Sharon had gone to see Christian behind his back and that Dylan knew about it. Dylan admitted he'd known. Nick said he couldn't trust Sharon and Dylan.

When the judge asked Sharon if the allegation was true, Sharon admitted that she had seen Christian. Sharon begged Nick not to blame Dylan because none of it had been Dylan's fault. Nikki stood and said it had been Sharon's fault. Mariah told Nikki to leave Sharon alone. Michael and Leslie also got into a shouting match. Judge Carlson was furious and cleared the courtroom of everyone except the parties involved and their attorneys.

Outside the courtroom, Travis joined Victoria and said that he'd thought she'd been right behind him. As Billy walked past them, he told Victoria to ask Travis. Travis said, "Ask him about what?" Victoria asked Travis why he'd proposed, and she mentioned Michelle's name. Victoria said that Travis should have told her and walked away.

Victor told Nikki he hoped Leslie wouldn't show any mercy toward Sharon and Dylan. Victor accused Dylan of knowing what Sharon had done, and it made Dylan culpable. Nikki reminded him they didn't know the whole story, and she was certain that Dylan had a reasonable explanation. Victor said Dylan had admitted that he and Sharon had been in on it from the beginning, but Nikki corrected him and said Sharon had lied to Dylan and had led Dylan to believe that Christian was his son. Victor claimed that Dylan wasn't an innocent bystander, and he told Nikki that Dylan had conspired with Sharon from the beginning.

Chloe confronted Chelsea. Chloe had thought Chelsea wouldn't say anything to Nick. Chelsea said Nick had needed to know. Chloe asked why Chelsea had had to tell him because all Chelsea had done was hurt Dylan and Sharon, and Christian might not have a mother figure in his life. Chelsea maintained that Chloe should have checked with her first, but Chloe hadn't checked first because she'd known what Chelsea's answer would have been.

Chloe couldn't see why it was such a big deal to allow Sharon to spend five minutes with Christian. Chloe felt Chelsea should have kept quiet. Chelsea said keeping quiet would have looked like Chelsea had supported Chloe's actions. Chloe felt Chelsea should have stayed out of it because things were no better as a result, and Chloe walked away.

Hilary told Devon that the judge had cleared the court, and they were waiting to hear what happened. Hilary was positive Mariah had known Sharon had been seeing the baby behind Nick's back, and she was angry that Mariah wouldn't give her the information she wanted. Devon felt Mariah hadn't been unreasonable because she didn't want to sell her mother out.

Hilary said she'd expected Mariah to help GC Buzz to succeed, and clearly Mariah wasn't doing that. She expected Mariah to give them a fresh take on Sharon and Dylan's situation and earn her salary. Devon reminded Hilary that Mariah had made Hilary look like a hero when Hilary hadn't had a story at Thanksgiving, and Mariah hadn't taken any credit for it. Hilary said that it was in Mariah's job description to make Hilary look good. Devon said that Mariah had been earning her salary.

Kevin took Mariah a coffee. Mariah was afraid that if Hilary saw her relaxing, Hilary would pounce on her and ask what Mariah had known about Sharon and Christian. Mariah assured Kevin she hadn't known anything about Sharon seeing Christian. She wished people wouldn't look at Sharon like she'd known Christian would be at Chelsea's when she'd gotten there. Kevin said Sharon had made Michael's job very difficult, and he felt that Sharon should have walked away the minute she had seen Christian.

Back in the courtroom, Leslie asked who was to say that Sharon wouldn't just drop by the next time Nick wasn't home. Leslie said that Nick shouldn't have to live in fear that his son would be taken away from him. Michael countered that Sharon hadn't had any idea that Christian would be at Chelsea's. The judge asked Sharon if it was true. Sharon admitted that Chloe had asked her to go to Chelsea's on a work-related issue. When she'd gotten there, she'd seen Christian. Nick was asked if he'd left the child with Chelsea. Nick said he had, and Chelsea had known not to allow Sharon near Christian.

Leslie argued that Sharon and Chloe had perpetrated the conspiracy. Leslie was warned to stick to the facts. Sharon was asked if she'd made previous arrangements with Chloe. Sharon denied it and said that Chloe had been trying to be kind. Chloe had thought Sharon had deserved to see and hold Christian. Nick said it hadn't been Chloe's call to make.

Dylan said Nick was right, but Sharon had walked in, and she'd seen the child she'd raised for the past year. Dylan asked what Sharon was supposed to do in that situation. She was the only mother Christian had ever known. Nick countered that Sharon had kept the truth from him. Dylan argued that he and Sharon had believed the boy was theirs.

Dylan said that Christian was probably confused and wondering why Sharon and Dylan had disappeared from his life. Nick said that wasn't his fault, and Dylan agreed. Dylan said Nick had the power to fix it, and he assured Nick that he and Sharon weren't a threat to Christian. They loved him and wanted what was best for him. Michael told the judge that was why Sharon and Dylan should be given visitation rights. He pointed out that all three parties had been victims, and by keeping the child away from Sharon and Dylan, it made the child another victim.

The judge informed everyone that he had enough information to render his decision. He asked everyone to stay put, and he'd return shortly. Within minutes, Judge Carlson returned and said he didn't see any of the parties being a threat to Christian, but since Nick was the biological father and to put Nick's mind at ease, he granted a temporary restraining order. The restraining order would remain in effect until the judge had made a decision about visitation. The proceedings were adjourned.

Dylan asked Michael if they still had a chance. Michael advised him not to antagonize Nick, and he left. Sharon apologized to Dylan for doing it to him again. She said everyone knew Dylan had had no idea that she had seen Christian without Nick's permission, and the judge wanted to take visitation away from Dylan. She regretted telling him she had seen Christian, but Dylan disagreed. He said there were to be no more lies or secrets. Sharon said it didn't matter whether she told the truth or not because Dylan always wound up getting hurt.

Nick and Leslie walked out of the courtroom and advised Victor and Nikki that Nick had a restraining order. Victor was pleased, but Nikki was devastated. Nick clarified that the restraining order was temporary until Judge Carlson had made a decision about visitation. Leslie said if Sharon or Dylan violated the restraining order, visitation would be off the table.

Hilary rounded the corner, grabbed her phone and accosted Leslie. Leslie said that after the day's ruling, her client would never have to share his son with anyone again.

Chloe returned to the courtroom and apologized to Sharon and Dylan. Sharon wanted to know why Chloe had told Chelsea about Sharon seeing Christian after Chloe had set it up. Chloe said it had slipped out, but she never believed that Chelsea would ever say anything to Nick. Sharon said Chloe had been wrong. Chloe asked if Sharon was blaming her. Chloe reminded Sharon that she was the reason Sharon had gotten to see Christian. Sharon pointed out that it might have been the last time she'd ever see Christian, and she accused Chloe of hurting her and Dylan.

Chelsea joined Nick and said it had to be a relief that Nick had gotten the restraining order. Nick agreed it had been a small victory. He asked why Chelsea had waited a whole day before telling him about Sharon's visit with Christian and then waited again until the last minute to tell him about it. Nick said Chelsea should have told him as soon as she'd found out. Chelsea apologized and said she hadn't wanted to upset him unnecessarily, but it was over. Nick said that wasn't good enough, and he didn't believe Chelsea was sorry. Chelsea became upset and said she'd tried to help him, and she was sorry he didn't see it that way. She walked away.

At GC Buzz, Hilary was annoyed that she didn't have a breaking news story from the hearing. Mariah arrived and asked what Hilary needed. Hilary told Mariah she needed an exclusive on Sharon's story. Mariah assured Hilary that she hadn't known anything about Sharon's visit with Christian. Hilary insisted that Mariah had known something because mothers and daughters talked. Mariah told Hilary that she and Sharon stayed out of each other's business. Hilary said that Sharon's secrets would eventually surface, and it was Mariah's opportunity to tell Sharon's side. She warned Mariah not to let it blow up in their faces like it had at the courthouse.

Sharon's former babysitter, Leah, arrived and told Hilary that she'd been at Sharon's when the whole baby thing had happened. Mariah told Hilary that Leah was a huge fan of the show. Leah began taking selfies everywhere in the studio. Mariah explained that Leah had only babysat for Sharon a couple of times, and she really knew nothing. Hilary opted to interview Leah herself.

Mariah approached Devon about Hilary's interview with Leah. She advised Devon that Leah would say anything to get on TV. Devon thought that Leah might have something pertinent to add to the story, and he wasn't going to stop Hilary from airing something because it could be unflattering to Sharon. Mariah became angry and said that Devon had to maintain his high ethical standards. She walked away.

Hilary asked Leah if she'd overheard any conversations between Sharon and Mariah. Leah said that Sharon had been totally obsessed with the baby after she'd been in the psych ward. Leah told Hilary she'd say anything Hilary wanted her to. Hilary was delighted and proceeded with her interview. When Hilary was done with the interview, she sat down at her computer. Devon said it seemed that Hilary had had a very long interview with someone who had barely worked at the McAvoy household. Hilary advised him that she didn't plan to air Leah's interview because she had just wanted to be on TV, and Leah had had nothing more than gossip and innuendoes.

At Brash & Sassy, Jill informed Billy she'd wanted to talk to her team about the mock-ups, but her team wasn't there. Jill noticed that Billy was upset and asked what had happened between him and Victoria. Billy admitted that he'd told Victoria about Travis, and he wanted Jill to have some compassion because Victoria was heartbroken. Billy said the one good thing about divorce was that he didn't have to keep seeing the hurt and disappointment in Victoria's eyes. Jill suddenly realized that Billy's secret was that Travis had cheated on Victoria. Billy admitted Travis had cheated with Michelle. Jill said that Michelle had caused Travis to lose his job -- and she'd be the cause of Travis losing a whole lot more.

Billy warned Jill to stop digging or using that information in any way. He also wanted Jill to stop with the happily ever after for him and Victoria, but Jill refused to do that. Jill promised not to upset Victoria. Billy said that Victoria had accused him of not wanting her to be happy, but that was all he'd ever wanted for her.

At Victoria's, Victoria wanted Travis to talk. Travis said he felt like he was engaged to Victoria, Victor, Billy, and Jill. All those people exerted some kind of control over Victoria, and they wanted to keep her right where she was. Travis said Billy was the reason they'd fought, and Billy had always tried to drive a wedge between them. Victoria asked where Travis had gone after their fight. Travis said he had gone to talk to Michelle. Victoria asked what they had talked about and if their conversation had taken place before or after he'd slept with her.

Travis said that he'd been angry and drunk and had made a stupid, impulsive decision. He said Victoria had done the same thing when she'd gone through a pregnancy not knowing who the father was because of one drunken night with Stitch. Victoria said it wasn't about him sleeping with Michelle -- it was about him lying to her and then proposing out of guilt. Victoria went upstairs and began throwing Travis' clothes down the stairs while he yelled that he loved her and thought she was sexy and beautiful, and he was crazy about her. Victoria threw down the rest of his clothes and his bag. She told him to pack and to be gone by the time she returned. She threw her ring at him and stormed out.

Sharon and Dylan returned home. Dylan said that Chloe had meant well, but they had to be smart and follow Michael's advice. They couldn't violate the restraining order. Dylan extracted a promise from Sharon to stay away from Christian. Sharon agreed.

At the ranch, Nikki and Victor continued their argument. Victor didn't understand how the judge could allow Dylan and Sharon to be close to Christian. Offended, Nikki said that Dylan might not be a Newman, but he was her son, and she expected Victor to respect him. Victor couldn't respect a man who stayed with Sharon after what Sharon had done to their family and to Nick. Victor accused her of favoring Dylan over Nick.

Nick arrived and overheard their conversation. He heard Nikki say that Dylan hadn't done anything wrong. Dylan had loved and raised Christian.

Nick stepped forward and said Christian was his son. He wondered why that fact didn't seem to matter to so many people, including Nikki. Upset, Nikki tried to explain, but Nick ignored her and went to get his son. Victor tried to console Nikki and said sometimes they had to make a choice. Nikki walked away.

Victoria went to Brash & Sassy and told Billy that Travis was moving out. Billy said he was sorry and tried to hug her, but she pushed him away. She sat down and cried.

Chelsea arrived at home and told Chloe that Nick might never trust Chelsea with Christian again. Chloe told Chelsea to stop because she'd had it with being Genoa City's punching bag because she'd tried to help. Chelsea asked if Chloe called that helping. Chloe said that Chelsea had no idea what Chloe had done for her. Chelsea wanted to know what Chloe had done for her. Chloe didn't answer.

Chelsea reminded Chloe that Chelsea had welcomed Chloe with open arms, given her back her job, and provided a place for Chloe to stay. She asked if that was how Chloe repaid her. Chloe said maybe it was time to rethink things. Chelsea agreed that it might be time to rethink their living arrangements.

Nikki suggests that Sharon leave Dylan

Nikki suggests that Sharon leave Dylan

Thursday, December 1, 2016

At the Athletic Club, Phyllis wished that Michael had been able to take Thanksgiving off, but she figured that keeping Sharon out of jail was a full-time job. Phyllis considered her own life fantastic compared to Sharon's, but Michael hoped she didn't feel same way about Dylan. Phyllis called Dylan a stand-up guy, and she inquired whether Dylan had any chance of visitation. Michael anticipated that the outcome could end up any number of ways. Phyllis blamed Sharon for messing up the brotherly bond that Dylan and Nick had formed.

Michael asked how Phyllis had spent her Thanksgiving, and she revealed that she and Jack had spent part of the day together. Phyllis recounted that Jack had seemed ticked at her at first, and Michael guessed that Jack had been upset that she had sent Billy to the Abbott cabin. Phyllis had expected Jack to hold it against her, but she thought they'd connected when they'd fed the homeless together. She was optimistic that she and Jack would take another step by Christmas, but she imagined that Michael thought she'd only crash back down to earth harder if she got her hopes up.

Phyllis thanked Michael for breakfast, and she prepared to go back to the office. He clarified that he didn't want her to lose hope, but he urged her to be realistic. Phyllis reported that the divorce settlement was having the desired effect, since working in close proximity had been breaking down Jack's defenses. Phyllis noted that Dylan and Sharon's marriage hadn't been destroyed even after they'd had to give up their baby, and she figured that she and Jack still had a shot at happiness, too.

At Jabot, Jack mentioned to Neil that he'd joined Phyllis to feed the homeless on Thanksgiving. Jack revealed that he'd run into a man named Henry, who had been one of the first people to enroll in the Abbott-Winters Foundation's detox unit, and he lamented that it had been devastating to see Henry down and out. Jack questioned what they could do to help Henry get back on track, and Neil asked why Jack cared. Jack explained that Henry had been through a lot, and he thought the man deserved a chance at a better life. Neil declared that the foundation needed Jack because Jack cared, and Jack never should have left.

Neil thought it wouldn't have bothered Jack to see Henry at Thanksgiving dinner if Jack didn't still believe in the foundation's mission. Jack wondered if Neil was implying that Jack had gotten a glimpse of himself, and Neil asked if Jack had. Jack coolly stated that it was time for Neil to go, but Neil refused to leave until Jack admitted that he was needed at the foundation. Jack reiterated that those days were over, but Neil announced that he was having a charity event on New Year's Eve, and he hoped Jack would return to the organization by then. Jack questioned whether Neil intended to talk him into taking Phyllis back, too, and Neil reminded Jack that "one step at a time" was the foundation's motto.

Phyllis ran into Neil as he exited Jack's office, and Neil revealed that Jack was reconsidering his resignation from the foundation. Jack clarified that he was thinking about it, and Neil departed. Phyllis opined that it would be good for the foundation if Jack got involved again, and she knew how much it had meant to him to help people on Thanksgiving. Jack declared that there was something that only she could do for him.

Jack dictated a list of action items to Phyllis, including putting together a focus group about Jabot's app. He worried that Brash & Sassy was a force to be reckoned with, and he told Phyllis to speak up if she wasn't interested in working longer hours and weekends. Phyllis responded that she was thrilled that he trusted her with more responsibility, and he remarked that delegating was the only way to free up his personal time. He conceded that Neil was right, and maybe the foundation was the answer.

Jack said he still had to figure things out, but he'd learned about the importance of giving back on Thanksgiving. He realized that he'd walked away from a lot of things he loved, including the foundation, and he'd become a person he didn't like. Jack thought it was time to start letting go of the things that were holding him back and to piece together the things that had been broken. Jack firmly stated that whatever he did with his time wouldn't change anything there, and he expected Phyllis to work to increase market share. She assured him that she was up for any challenge.

Lily sent the twins to catch the school bus, and she returned inside and found Cane hobbling around. She thought he should be using crutches, but he wanted to walk into the office on his own two feet. Cane insisted that he was okay, and Lily recognized that he'd been bored at home. He swore that it hadn't been that bad because he had a sexy nurse who liked to take care of him, and they amorously joked about her dressing up in a sexy nurse's costume. They started making out.

Lily pulled off Cane's jacket, but he grimaced in pain and pulled back. She figured that he had to put work before pleasure, and he promised to make it up to her. He explained that Jill had set up a meeting, and he wanted to be there to make sure everyone knew he was up to the challenge. Lily felt his forehead and worried that he was running a fever, but he swore that the only thing raising his temperature was her. She insisted on driving him downtown, and he requested that she warm up the car while he made sure he had everything. She stepped out, and he grabbed a bottle of painkillers before he limped to the door.

At Brash & Sassy, Billy noted that Victoria was there early. She reported that she was getting ready for their meeting with Louise Fontaine, a marketing whiz who could help them battle Jabot. Billy pointed out that they could have postponed the meeting, given what had happened at the hearing. Victoria inquired whether he meant finding out Sharon had secretly seen Nick's son or Billy dropping the bomb that Travis had cheated, and she huffed that it hadn't been the first time she'd been cheated on.

Billy was determined to clear the air, and he admitted that he should have turned to Victoria when Delia had died. He recognized that cheating on her with Kelly had been unforgivable, but Victoria had found a way to forgive him because she was the strongest person he knew. Billy implored Victoria to see that she'd get past the pain, but she snapped that her pain was her business. She added that it was a good thing that she'd broken things off with Travis before she'd gotten married, and she was starting to get used to her relationships not working out.

Billy maintained that he'd hated being the one to tell Victoria the truth, but she asserted that her work and her kids were enough to be grateful for. He thought she deserved more, and Cane and Lily interrupted. Billy hoped Cane was ready to hit the ground running, since the consultant would be there any second. Victoria stepped into the conference room, and Lily told Cane to call her when the meeting was over. After Lily left, Billy hoped Cane knew how lucky he was. Cane replied that he knew every second of every day, but Billy eyed him suspiciously.

Billy asked if Victoria was sure she was up for the meeting, and she insisted she was fine. Cane led Louise in and introduced her to Billy and Victoria, and Louise gushed that she was beyond excited to discuss her proposal in person. Louise's phone rang, and she stepped out to take a call about her wedding plans. Victoria grumbled that Louise had never heard of turning off her phone for a meeting, and Cane relayed that Jill had said Louise was the best in the business. Billy encouraged Victoria to take a walk, and she departed.

Louise presented her pitch of customers having their own consultant on call to put together their style with Brash & Sassy products, and Cane said he and Billy would talk to Jill and get back to Louise. After Louise left, Billy and Cane agreed that they didn't need Louise when they could create their own concierge experience online to sell to the masses. A woman walked in and asked for Cane, and she introduced herself as Jessica, his new physical therapist. She announced that his new exercise bike had just been delivered, and Cane guessed that Lily had arranged for it. Cane objected that he was in the middle of work and couldn't do it then, but Jessica relayed Lily's instructions to ignore his protests, and she led him off for a therapy session.

Lily greeted Neil in the Athletic Club foyer and offered to buy lunch that day. He suspected that there was a reason she was in a good mood, and she revealed that it was Cane's first day back at the office. Neil was surprised that Cane wasn't still in rehab, but Lily reported that although Cane's leg was killing him, he'd refused pain medication and gone back to the office in record time. She added that Cane had been worried that Jill would replace him, but Neil thought Cane was much too valuable. Lily agreed.

Lily returned to Brash & Sassy and was confused because Cane hadn't called her to pick him up. Billy applauded Lily for making Cane do physical therapy, and she figured that Cane would have kept putting it off otherwise. Billy observed that Cane still seemed to be in a lot of pain, and he inquired whether Lily was sure it was okay for Cane to return to work. Cane entered and was surprised to see Lily, who informed him that she was there to take him home. He protested that he had too much work to do, but she noted that he was visibly limping. He chalked it up to the therapy session, and she insisted that he rest. Lily promised that he could resume working if he felt up to it in the morning, and she led him out.

At Crimson Lights, Mariah informed Sharon about Leah's attempt to sell a story about babysitting Sharon's stolen kid, and Sharon groaned that the nightmare never ended. Mariah couldn't believe that Nick had requested a restraining order, and Sharon bemoaned that she wasn't allowed within 500 feet of the little boy she loved. Nick entered the coffeehouse, pushing Christian in a baby carriage. Mariah warned Sharon not to do anything or she'd only make things worse, but Sharon approached Nick and stated that they were bound to run into one another.

Nick informed Sharon that she had to go to avoid being in violation of the restraining order, but she pleaded that they had kids and a history together. Nick countered that a lot of it had been bad, but Sharon argued that much of it had been wonderful. Nick refused to let her be around his son when she hadn't told him the truth, but Mariah insisted that it had all been Chloe's idea. Sharon reasoned that it had only been a few precious moments with a child she loved, and Christian had missed her as much as she'd missed him. Nikki arrived and demanded that Sharon get away from her grandson.

Nikki started to call Paul, but Mariah said she and Sharon had just been leaving, and she pulled Sharon out. Nikki admonished Sharon for being unable to go 24 hours without violating the restraining order, but Nick argued that Sharon hadn't been stalking them. Nikki pushed him to call Leslie and have her tell the judge that there was no need to wait for a decision, since Dylan deserved to have visitation and Sharon didn't. Nick refused to contact Leslie, and Nikki questioned how he could have any sympathy for Sharon after she'd kept his child from him for almost a year. Nick barked that Nikki seemed to have saved all of her sympathy for Dylan.

Nikki swore that she wasn't choosing sides, but she confirmed that she sympathized with Dylan because he'd been Sharon's victim, just like Nick and Christian had been. Nikki griped that Dylan never should have been included on the restraining order, but Nick retorted that he couldn't trust Dylan any more than he could trust Sharon. Nikki asked what Nick would think if the couple was no longer together, but Nick thought there was no way Dylan would turn his back on Sharon. Nick vowed to keep them both away from his son.

Victoria sat in the café in the park, and Nick passed by and was surprised to see that she wasn't at work. Victoria divulged that she'd broken things off with Travis for good. She anticipated that Victor would gloat about her crappy taste in men over Christmas dinner, and she hated when he was right. She recalled that Victor had been the first person who'd realized Travis hadn't been who he'd appeared to be, but Nick told her to stop beating herself up.

Victoria thought she hadn't accepted Travis' proposal right away because she'd sensed that something had been wrong, and she wondered why she hadn't trusted her gut. Victoria recounted Victor's words that the worst mistake to make in business was to say yes when one really meant no, and she wondered if her father was ever wrong. Nick jokingly told her not to let Christian hear her say that, or the tot might grow up believing it.

Nick marveled that a year earlier, no one would have believed that he'd be there with Christian, but it was living proof that the future could turn out how he'd pictured it. He recalled that he'd lost his son and his wife, and he'd almost lost his reason to live, but it had all turned around for him. Nick believed that it could happen for Victoria, too. She wondered if he'd feel the same way if Sharon and Dylan were granted visitation, but Nick swore that would never happen.

Sharon and Mariah returned home, and Sharon complained that Nikki had gotten what she'd wished for, since Nick hated Sharon. Mariah thought Nick knew deep down that Sharon's only mistake had been loving her family too much, but Sharon wondered how long it would be before Nick barred her from seeing Faith. Mariah assured Sharon that Mariah wasn't going anywhere and that Dylan was crazy about Sharon. Sharon acknowledged that she'd be lost without Mariah, but she was starting to feel like a prisoner in her own home, since she couldn't go out without risking violating the restraining order. Sharon wished she'd walked away when she'd seen Christian at Chelsea's home, and she pledged to think with her head and not her heart for Dylan's sake.

Mariah prepared some herbal tea for Sharon, and she answered the door to Nikki. Nikki proclaimed that she was there because she and Sharon both loved the same person, and neither of them wanted him to hurt anymore. Sharon asked for a moment alone with Nikki, and Mariah left. Sharon stressed that she'd never meant to hurt Nick, but Nikki revealed that she had been talking about Dylan. Nikki said she wanted to believe that Sharon had been motivated to lie by something other than pure self-interest, and Sharon professed her love for her husband. Nikki ordered Sharon to prove it by setting Dylan free.

Sharon stammered that she'd always known Nikki had despised her, but she couldn't believe that Nikki was using Sharon's love for her husband against her. Nikki implored Sharon to think of someone else for a change and to put Dylan first. Nikki questioned whether Sharon loved Dylan enough to give him the one thing no one else could -- a chance to be part of Christian's life. Sharon said Dylan had been her rock when everyone else had turned against her, but Nikki countered that Sharon owed it to him to do the right thing if she loved him the way she said she did.

Sharon recognized that Nikki was really saying Dylan would risk losing Christian forever if Sharon didn't leave him because Sharon was the only thing that stood in the way of Nick and Dylan reaching a compromise. Nikki said she couldn't tell Sharon how to live her life, but she thought Sharon knew what to do if her love for Dylan was real. Nikki walked out, and Sharon slammed the door behind her.

Mariah tracked down Michael at the Athletic Club and informed him that she'd been at Crimson Lights with Sharon when Nick and Christian had walked in. Mariah assured him that everything was fine, but Nikki had threatened to call the cops, and Nikki was at Sharon's house at that moment. Michael checked his messages and was relieved to find nothing from Paul or the D.A.'s office, and he warned that Sharon had to honor the restraining order if she wanted a chance at visitation. Mariah didn't think Nick was the problem -- Nikki was, since she was fighting for both of her sons.

Christian has a health emergency

Christian has a health emergency

Friday, December 2, 2016

At the police station, Dylan griped to Paul and Kevin that he'd walked into court to try to get visitation, but he'd walked out unable to be within 500 feet of Christian. Dylan refused to let Christian feel like his parents had abandoned him, and he pledged to find another way. Paul cautioned that just because Dylan wanted to be with the boy didn't mean it would happen, and he questioned what Dylan would do if the judge didn't grant visitation rights. Dylan didn't want to get worked up over "what ifs," and he thought he still had a chance of winning until the judge made a final decision.

Paul asked if Michael agreed, and Dylan relayed that Michael had told him that his odds would be better if he petitioned alone, but he wouldn't do that to Sharon. Paul warned that the judge knew that Sharon had withheld Christian from his biological father for months, but Dylan countered that Sharon had been manipulated and drugged by a doctor she'd trusted. Dylan thought he hadn't protected Sharon, and he vowed not to let her down again.

Sharon met Michael at Crimson Lights, and he assumed that she'd summoned him because of her accidental violation of the restraining order. She replied that she had to take care of another legal matter as soon as possible -- she needed to divorce Dylan. Michael guessed that Sharon hadn't talked to Dylan about it yet, and she admitted that she hadn't, but she didn't have time for that. Michael wondered if the couple had argued, but Sharon explained that she needed to do it because Dylan had been wonderful, and she owed it to him. Sharon instructed Michael to file what he needed to file and say anything he needed to say about her, since the sooner she and Dylan were divorced, the better off Dylan would be.

Michael realized that Sharon thought she'd give Dylan a better chance at visitation by filing for divorce, and Sharon recalled that Michael had advised Dylan to petition alone. Michael countered that he hadn't advised Sharon and Dylan to get a divorce, and he thought the couple had a strong bond that shouldn't be tossed aside lightly. Sharon reasoned that she couldn't be a liability if she had no connection to Dylan, and the judge couldn't use her as a reason to deny visitation to Dylan. Sharon contended that Dylan had done nothing wrong, and she was adamant that she had to divorce Dylan, since she'd cost him too much already.

Sharon reiterated that she needed and wanted a divorce right away, but Michael said it wasn't a unilateral decision. Sharon was determined to push the divorce through with or without Dylan's support, but Michael imagined what it would be like for Dylan to lose his wife after he'd lost his son. Sharon asserted that there was a wall between Dylan and the boy he loved, so she refused to feel guilty, and she ordered Michael to start the paperwork. Michael cautioned that it might not be enough for the judge to grant Dylan visitation, but Sharon was sure it would be. Michael agreed to do it, but he thought it was a mistake that she'd regret much sooner than she thought.

Later, Paul joined Michael at the coffeehouse and voiced concern about the possibility of Sharon violating the restraining order, and Michael informed him about the unplanned incident at Crimson Lights earlier. Paul groaned that the last thing he wanted was to have to arrest his son's wife, but Michael didn't think that would be the case. Paul sensed that Michael knew something, and Michael referred to attorney-client privilege, but he provided a hypothetical scenario in which a client might want to divorce her husband to make him appear more sympathetic. Michael surmised that Sharon was likely giving Dylan the news right then, but Paul thought Dylan wasn't the kind of guy who would let her walk away.

At the tack house, Nick informed Faith that Christian was down for his nap, and he asked if she wanted to play games or have a "father-daughter mani-pedi." A sullen Faith scolded Nick for not telling her everything that had happened in court, since she'd seen on GC Buzz that her mom and Dylan couldn't be around Christian or they would be arrested. Faith wondered if Nick thought Sharon and Dylan would steal the baby. Nick explained that there had been rules in place about Sharon seeing Christian, and she'd broken them, so the judge had made it official that Sharon and Dylan couldn't be around the boy.

Nick assured Faith that he didn't believe Sharon and Dylan would take off with Christian, but things needed to be that way for the time being, and they were continuing to figure things out. Nick stressed that Christian needed to know who his dad was and to learn that the tack house was his home, and Faith said she understood. Nick recognized that it was complicated, but he knew something that was simple -- Christmas. He thought their place could use some Christmas spirit, and he had an idea that he was sure she and Christian would love.

Nick and Faith decorated cookies, and he piled mounds of frosting on his. He suggested that they show Christian their masterpieces and let the boy do one himself, but Faith recommended that they only show Christian her cookie, since Nick's was awful. Faith wished Chelsea was there because she was good at crafts, but Nick opted to keep it in the family. Faith chirped that Chelsea was family, since Chelsea was still her aunt even though Adam had died. Faith added that Chelsea had helped with Faith's Thanksgiving video and that Chelsea was Nick's best friend. Nick conceded that Faith was right.

At Chelsea's design studio, Chloe asked if Chelsea had reviewed the marketing plan she'd sent, and Chelsea said she'd get to it later that day. Chloe mentioned that she'd be out of the office to look at apartments that afternoon, so Chelsea would have her place back to herself soon. Chelsea acknowledged that she and Chloe had fought, but she hadn't intended to push Chloe and Bella out the door. Chloe pointed out that living together was never supposed to have been a lifelong commitment, and they were on opposite sides of the baby situation. Chloe didn't want to fight or have tension around the kids, and she figured it wasn't a big deal for her to move out unless they made it one.

Chelsea thought it might be time for her and Connor to be on their own, but Chloe worried about Chelsea being lonely. Chelsea expected to be lonely because Adam was gone, but she thought she had to accept it and learn how to move on. Chloe anticipated that it would be good for both her and Chelsea, and she hoped that Chelsea met someone. Chelsea warned Chloe against trying to push her together with Nick, and she insisted that she and Nick were just friends. Chelsea clarified that she wasn't sure whether they still were, since he was angry that she hadn't told him about Sharon seeing Christian there.

Chloe pushed Chelsea to call Nick so that he and Chelsea could go back to being friends, and Chelsea questioned why Chloe had put her in such a terrible position with Nick if Chloe wanted them together. Chloe noted that it was exactly why she should move out, since she didn't want to fight. Nick called Chelsea and invited her to stop by the ranch, since he and Faith could use her expertise on a special project. Chelsea promised to be over in a little bit, and Chloe assumed that he was over his anger. Chelsea hoped she could fix the damage that had been done.

After Chelsea left, Kevin arrived at the studio and observed that Chloe didn't look happy. Chloe revealed that she'd decided to move out, and he guessed that it was because of the situation with Sharon. Kevin pointed out that Chloe had put Chelsea in a tough position with Nick, but Chloe argued that Sharon had been in a tough position herself. Chloe snapped that she'd just been trying to help someone, and she compared it to how Kevin dropped everything whenever Mariah needed him. Chloe barked that he reserved his unconditional support for Mariah and not her, and she walked away.

Chloe returned and was surprised that Kevin hadn't left. He proclaimed that he was still right there with her because it was where he should be and wanted to be, and he thought it would be creepy if they agreed on everything. He acknowledged that she'd been trying to be a great friend, and he wanted to be certain that she understood that he wasn't going anywhere unless she asked him to. They embraced.

Chloe and Kevin cuddled on the couch, and he suggested that they order a pizza, but she said she had to look at apartments. He mentioned a place with extra bedrooms and a bathroom with enough counter space for all her hair products, and she teased him for having more products than she did. Kevin recalled that she'd declined his prior invitation to move in, but he thought he'd keep dropping subtle hints. Chloe told him to do it so she could respond, and he flatly asked if she and Bella wanted to move in with him. Chloe agreed to give it a shot, and they happily kissed.

Faith squealed in delight when Chelsea showed up at the tack house, and Nick apologized for being a jerk by flipping out on Chelsea because Sharon had spent time with Christian. Chelsea said she was sorry it had ever happened, and Nick told her that Faith had informed him that he was lame at making cookies. Faith held Christian on her lap and declared that Christian was better with cookies than her daddy was, and Nick conceded that it might be true. Chelsea stepped in to try to salvage Nick's cookie, and Nick mentioned that a sitter was on the way over to watch the kids while he ran some holiday errands. Chelsea inquired whether Faith had made a list, and Faith announced that she had four of them -- one for Santa, one for family, and two for Christian because he couldn't write yet.

Later, Nick thanked Leah for watching the kids, and he informed her that Christian had had a nap and lots of frosting. Nick invited Chelsea to tag along to get their Christmas stuff done together, and he nervously made sure Leah had his cell number. Chelsea empathized that it wasn't always easy to leave, and Nick told Christian to be a good boy.

At GC Buzz, Mariah wondered why Hilary had decided not to put the footage of Sharon's babysitter on the air, since it wasn't like Hilary had integrity or a heart. Mariah worried that Hilary was about to drop a bomb on Sharon's head. Hilary asserted that she didn't make up news, and she didn't want to put lies on the air, especially after the trouble the phony Newman financial records had caused. Hilary swore that she'd given a hard pass to the babysitter and everyone else who'd claimed to know Dylan and Sharon, and she reiterated that she cared about telling the story from all sides. Hilary added that real life was dramatic enough, and the truth deserved to be told.

Dylan entered the Athletic Club and remarked to Mariah that it was a little early to be drinking, and she informed him that she was only having orange juice, but she could use a shot of something. Mariah asked if he'd talked to Sharon, and Dylan replied that he'd thought his wife might be there. Mariah told him about the incident with Nick and Christian at Crimson Lights, and Dylan figured it was better to hear it from her than to see it on GC Buzz. Mariah recounted that Hilary hadn't jumped at the chance to use Leah on the show, and Dylan was surprised that Hilary had turned the opportunity down.

Mariah reluctantly suggested that Dylan fight fire with fire by going on GC Buzz to tell his side of the story. He scoffed at the idea of putting himself in the middle of gossip, but Mariah countered that he was already in the middle, and he could let it squash him or he could control it. Mariah thought Dylan was a sympathetic player who wanted what was best for everyone involved, and people would listen to him. Mariah assured him that Hilary wanted to tell the story right, and the fans were willing to listen. Mariah promised to be there to pull the plug if the interview went badly, and she tried to convince him that Sharon could use the public sympathy.

Mariah and Dylan arrived at GC Buzz, and Hilary swore that she'd tried her best to be fair. Dylan revealed that Mariah believed that Hilary wanted to tell the story the right way, so he was ready to let the public know what was going on with their family. Hilary assured him that he'd made the right decision, and Mariah warned Hilary against any bashing or baiting, since the interview could be mutually beneficial for both Dylan and Hilary. Hilary swore that they were on the same page for once, and she promised that Dylan could tell his story his way.

As the camera rolled, Hilary told her audience that she was speaking with Dylan to get his perspective as the man who'd found out that his son was actually his nephew. Hilary mentioned that he and Sharon had been hit with a restraining order when they'd filed for visitation. Dylan called it a temporary situation while the judge took time to consider the issues, and Hilary asked what issues were central to the case. Dylan asserted that he and Sharon knew that Christian wasn't their son, and they didn't want to get between Nick and the boy, but they'd raised and loved Christian. Dylan added that the baby loved them, and he thought they should have a small place in Christian's life.

Hilary inquired whether visitation would be confusing to the child, and Dylan imagined it would be better than feeling abandoned by the people who the baby had called out for in the middle of the night. Dylan accepted that Christian wouldn't remember calling him dad, but he contended that he and Sharon were the only parents the boy had known for a long time. Dylan's voice faltered as he envisioned Christian calling out for them and them not being there, and Hilary called it a painful and powerful image.

Hilary noted that Dylan seemed like a caring man, and she thought the viewers were wondering how he could stand by a woman who'd lied to him. Dylan confirmed that he'd forgiven Sharon, and Hilary questioned whether he'd given her special allowances because of her history with mental illness. Dylan clarified that Sharon had undergone treatment for her bipolar disorder, but she'd always been a loving parent to Christian. Hilary pointed out that Dylan could have filed for visitation on his own, but Dylan adamantly stated that he was standing by his wife because he loved her and had faith in her, and they were in it together.

Later, Hilary eavesdropped as Mariah told Devon over the phone that it had been a clean interview, and Mariah had kept an eye on Hilary like he had asked. After Mariah hung up, Hilary approached her, and Mariah apologetically claimed that she'd been talking to Kevin again. Hilary mentioned that she'd already taken the footage to the editor, and she thanked Mariah for convincing Dylan to give the interview. Mariah admitted that she'd been nervous, but she commended Hilary for doing a great job. Hilary requested that Mariah pick up food for her and the editor, and Mariah cheerfully agreed.

Later, Mariah returned to the studio as the editor reviewed the final copy of Hilary's interview with Dylan. The footage had been doctored to make it look like Dylan had chalked up Sharon's behavior to her bipolar disorder, and his words had been edited to make it sound like he'd chosen not to stand by Sharon. Mariah freaked out.

Dylan returned home, and Sharon said she'd been trying to reach him. He informed her that he'd turned off his phone during his interview at GC Buzz, and he explained that he thought everyone had to hear how much they loved Christian and that they were in it together. He believed that it would help with public opinion and maybe sway the judge, but Sharon blurted out that they needed to get a divorce. Dylan couldn't believe that Sharon wanted a divorce after they'd "made it through hell" more than once. She insisted that it made sense in order for him to have the best chance of having Christian in his life.

Faith played a card game with Leah, and she cheered when she won. Leah joked that Christian had to start trying, and Faith's eyes widened in panic when she looked over at her brother. "No, Christian!" Faith cried.

At the park café, Nick thanked Chelsea for being there for him again and saving his baked goods. She remarked that it had been nice to do something normal for once. They prepared to go shopping, but he received a frantic phone call from Leah, and he said he was on his way. Meanwhile, Faith phoned Sharon from the hospital and sobbed that she was really scared, since Christian was in trouble. Sharon promised that she and Dylan would be there right away, and they rushed out.

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