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Faith announced that she wanted to stay at the ranch. Phyllis accepted a job at Fenmore's. Lily clued Devon in about Hilary's manipulations. Gloria surprised the Baldwins for the holidays. Nick stunned Sharon and Dylan with a visit from Christian on Christmas Eve.
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Gloria surprised the Baldwins for the holidays
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Faith Reacts to Her Parents' Bickering Faith Reacts to Her Parents' Bickering

Monday, December 19, 2016

In Jack's office at Jabot, Jill complained to Jack about illegally breaking Brash & Sassy's lease. Jack remained calm and said, "My seemingly unwarranted attack on your company blindsided you, and it wasn't fair." Jill was taken aback and asked if Jack had changed his mind and would honor her company's lease. Jack said he wouldn't. Jill searched her address book for an attorney, but Jack insisted that Jill would lose a lawsuit. Jill warned that she'd bury Jack in court.

In an elevator at Jabot, Victor and Ashley discussed Jack's decision to oust Brash & Sassy. Victor said that, unlike Jack, he knew how to separate his personal life from business. Ashley laughed mockingly at Victor's remark. Ashley replied, "And just so you know, this decision my brother made was strictly business. It wasn't personal." Victor praised Ashley for supporting Jack, but Victor insisted that Jack was wrong.

In the lab occupied by Brash & Sassy, Billy swept up glass shards Victoria had created when she'd vented her frustration and raked beakers and test tubes off of work tables. Victoria returned and berated herself for taking out her frustrations on the lab equipment. Billy urged Victoria to admit that what she'd done had felt good. Victoria admitted that it had felt great. Billy replied, "Yes!" Billy beamed at Victoria and seemed pleased that she'd suspended her professional side to indulge her playful nature.

Billy encouraged Victoria to smash more glass to ease personal frustrations. Victoria yelled out various names as she smashed beakers and bottles. Jill and Victor entered. Jill said, "What the hell is going on here?" Billy winked at Victoria. Victor suggested that Victoria move Brash & Sassy to Newman Towers. Billy and Jill turned down Victor's offer.

Victor claimed that Jack only wanted to evict Brash & Sassy because of Billy, so Billy should quit. Jill told Victor that she didn't need his advice. After Victor left, a frustrated Jill told Billy and Victoria that playtime was over. Jill demanded that Billy and Victoria work with Cane to determine how to beat Jabot at their own game. After Jill left, Victoria said she'd humiliated herself by venting her frustrations and destroying the lab. Victoria said in the future she would work diligently to keep the company she created on track.

At Sharon's ranch house, Dylan announced that he'd be working nights on a new case, so Sharon would be alone. Dylan suggested that Sharon talk to Nick about allowing Faith to spend more time with her. Sharon said perhaps she should request to have Faith over for Christmas Day. Dylan urged Sharon to ask for Faith to spend her entire Christmas break with her mom.

Sharon checked her calendar and noted that she and Nick had scheduled to share time with Faith equally over the break. Dylan insisted that Faith would rather be with her mother. Sharon agreed to talk it over with Nick. Before he left for the police station, Dylan said he might not be able to attend Faith's play.

At the police station, Nikki told Paul that Dylan seemed to be avoiding her. Nikki cried that Dylan hadn't returned her calls and text messages. Paul said that Dylan was dealing with the loss of Christian after the child had been handed over to Nick. Nikki insisted she hadn't taken the side of either of her sons. Nikki expressed her desire to comfort Dylan. Paul replied, "Like you were there for Nick?" Nikki said she'd tried to do right by both of her sons, but no matter what, one would end up hurt.

After Nikki left, Dylan emerged from a back office. Dylan told Paul that he'd waited for Nikki to leave. Dylan said, "Nikki made a choice, and her choice was Nick." In a flashback, Dylan remembered telling Sharon that Nikki was a Newman, but he wasn't. Paul called Dylan into his office for a private conversation. Dylan said he planned to focus on his own family because Nikki was focused on hers. Paul told Dylan that Nikki was his family. Paul ordered Dylan to forget his case and attend Faith's play.

At the Underground, Phyllis helped Nick clean up after Summer's birthday party. Phyllis gave Nick a piece of leftover cake for Faith. Nick laughed and recalled that Christian had destroyed most of the cake. Nick added that chocolate cake just happened to be his and his young son's favorite. Nick said he was eager to get to know everything about Christian. Nick was taken aback when Phyllis praised Sharon and Dylan for having taken excellent care of Christian. Phyllis added that she was glad Christian was where he belonged. Playfully, Phyllis plucked a glob of cake icing out of Nick's hair.

In Jack's office, Ashley showed Jack a copy of Brash & Sassy's rental contract and explained that he couldn't legally evict their tenants. Jack vowed to find a loophole and insisted that he knew what he was doing. Ashley, noting Jabot's success and the approaching Christmas holidays, asked Jack if his battle was worth it. Jack replied, "You created JabotGo. Look what it's done to Jabot's bottom line. Think what you could create if you had your lab back."

Jack explained to Ashley that their competitor shouldn't reside in the same office space while trying to undercut Jabot. Ashley insisted that Jack wanted to evict the company because he didn't trust Billy. Phyllis entered and said, "Am I interrupting?" Phyllis delivered her marketing report. Ashley mentioned Phyllis' new hair color. Ashley noted that she wouldn't miss hearing Jack refer to Phyllis as "Red." Jack focused his attention on his phone. Phyllis excused herself and left. Ashley told Jack that Phyllis was determined to stay close to him. Jack claimed that he'd moved on. Ashley told Jack that he was allowing bitterness to eat him up.

On the stage where Faith's play was about to take place, Sharon ran into Nick. Sharon said she had something to ask Nick. Nick angrily noted that Sharon and Dylan should stop asking to spend time with Christian. Sharon replied, "This isn't about Christian." Faith, dressed as an angel and wearing a twinkle-light halo, approached her mother and father and said, "I need you!" Sharon and Nick helped Faith with her costume. Faith squealed with delight when she spotted Victor. Faith and Nick went to greet Victor.

Nikki arrived and asked Sharon about Dylan. Sharon angrily noted that Nikki only cared about Nick, the son that mattered. Nikki insisted that she'd done everything possible to keep Christian in Dylan's life. Sharon said, "As long as I wasn't involved." Nikki and Sharon exchanged barbs, and Nikki wondered aloud why her sons had been involved with Sharon.

Dylan arrived in time to see Faith's play. Faith was delighted when Dylan gave her a bouquet of flowers and praised her performance. Sharon joined Faith and Dylan. Sharon also praised her daughter's performance. After Faith stepped away, Nick joined Sharon and Dylan. Sharon suggested that it would be helpful to Nick if Faith spent most nights during her break at Sharon's house. An angry Nick replied, "Absolutely not!"

Nick, Dylan, and Sharon began arguing about where Faith should spend the holidays. Nick said Sharon would have to abide by the custody agreement. Faith overheard her parents and Dylan arguing. Faith, with Nikki and Victor standing behind her, cried that Sharon and Nick's fighting always ruined everything. Faith threw her bouquet on the floor and yelled, "I want a divorce!"

Faith runs away

Faith runs away

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

At the Athletic Club, Michael wrapped up with a phone call and apologized to Jill for being late. Jill announced that she needed a "ruthless, unrelenting bastard of an attorney," and she asked if he could help her. He ordered a drink.

Michael reviewed Brash & Sassy's lease and found it to be pretty straightforward. He doubted that Jack could force the company out unless he could prove they were in breach, but he thought Jack wouldn't be pushing the issue if he didn't have something he could hang his hat on. Jill griped that the sudden eviction was just a vendetta against Billy, but Michael sensed that she was leaving something out. Jill informed him that Jack had been making noise about wanting the competition out of the building, but she thought it was just code for his brother sleeping with his wife. Jill swore that it was a petty act of vindictiveness, but Michael questioned whether it was a fight she really wanted to have.

Michael queried how well Jill's team would perform if she insisted on staying in enemy territory, and Jill asked whether he was trying to talk her out of suing. Michael pointed out that Jack had made the gesture of paying for movers to relocate the company, and Jabot didn't have the only available office space in Genoa City. Jill argued that it was the only location with a research lab, and she wasn't willing to give it up just because Jack was behaving "like a horse's ass." Jill pulled out documentation that proved Brash & Sassy had complied with the terms of the lease, including Jack's provision that Billy be accompanied by security at all times.

Jill contended that Jack had created a hostile work environment, so she had the right to sue him for harassment. She suggested that she and Michael have another drink and talk about more pleasant things, but Michael declined because he and Lauren had dinner plans with Paul and Christine. Jill insisted on a quick drink, and she ordered another round and inquired about the Baldwins' anniversary. Michael relayed that it had been amazing for the most part, but Lauren always had a crisis brewing at work during the holiday season, so she'd been fielding calls all night. Jill pushed for details, but Michael told her to ask Lauren.

In Paul's office at the police station, Christine was determined to nail a criminal who she hadn't been able to convict for years, but she needed an airtight case. Paul noted that it would take a lot of hours and dedication for someone to go deep undercover to infiltrate the organization, and Christine added that the person also had to be willing to put his life in danger. She questioned whether Paul was sure that Dylan was right for the case, and Paul replied that Dylan was the best man he had. Christine looked perplexed, and Paul asked if she had a problem with it. She worried that he didn't.

Paul reiterated that Dylan was the right cop to put on the case, but Christine was unsure if Dylan was in the right frame of mind after going through serious emotional upheaval. She questioned whether Paul would treat another officer the same way, and Paul reasoned that all cops had to deal with personal crises, but they still did their jobs. Christine was concerned that Dylan had never done such dangerous work before, and she recalled that Paul had told her that he'd been scared the first time he'd gone undercover. Paul recounted that he hadn't been a cop at the time, but he'd been determined to clear his dad's name after the mob had framed Carl.

Paul said he'd put the fear out of his mind, and he was sure that Dylan would, too. Christine lectured that Carl never would have approved of Paul going undercover and that Dylan didn't have the experience, but Paul countered that Dylan was a veteran who had proven to be cool under fire. Christine inquired whether Paul could live with throwing his son into harm's way, but Lauren interrupted and was surprised that Michael wasn't there. Lauren offered to push back their dinner reservation, and Christine excused herself to make a call.

Paul asked Lauren about how things were going at Fenmore's, and Lauren replied that they weren't as dire as the look on his face. She confirmed that business was tough, but she was accustomed to people scrutinizing her. She recalled that Paul's mother had never approved of her, and Paul chuckled and fondly recalled that Mary had made a sauerkraut dish every time they'd all had dinner together because Lauren had detested it. Paul stressed that he knew what a fighter Lauren was, and he also knew when she was hiding something. He implored her to tell him what was really going on.

Paul promised that he wouldn't tell anyone, and Lauren confided that it had been a challenging year, but she didn't want to bore him. She figured that a good Christmas would turn it all around, and he inquired whether she'd discussed her problems with Michael. Lauren refused to worry Michael over nothing, but Paul reminded her that it was what husbands were for. She applauded Paul for filling in nicely as her ex-husband, and Christine peered in on them through the window. Christine opened the door and observed that the conversation looked serious, but Lauren claimed it was nothing important. Lauren answered a call and apologized for having to leave to meet with a regional manager.

After Lauren left, Christine suspected that Lauren had been trying too hard to pretend everything was okay. Christine insisted that she wasn't being nosy but was just concerned about a friend, and Paul revealed that things appeared to be rocky at Fenmore's. Paul wished that Lauren would talk to Michael about it, since she obviously needed some support. Christine was shocked that Michael didn't know, and Michael entered and wondered where Lauren was.

Jill watched Lauren meet with a man at the Athletic Club. The man left, and Lauren was startled when Jill greeted her. Jill remarked that the man had looked familiar, and Lauren replied that he was the regional manager for the Midwest. Jill noted that Lauren looked unhappy, and she asked if there was something she could help with. Lauren tried to brush her off by referring to her plans with Michael, but Jill rambled about how she'd just met with Michael because of the eviction. Jill pushed to know whether Lauren was having business problems, but Lauren insisted that there was nothing to worry about.

Jill huffed that she had a right to know because she had partial ownership of Fenmore's, but Lauren defended that she made the day-to-day decisions. Lauren admonished Jill for interrogating her when Jill couldn't pick a regional manager out of a lineup, and she complained that Jill had no idea what Lauren was up against. Jill inquired about recent sales and inventory levels, and she ridiculed the company's online presence. Lauren asserted that she had been in the business her whole life and knew what she was doing, and Jill swore that she was just trying to help. Lauren spat that she didn't need help or advice from anyone, and she stormed off.

Over the phone, Lauren learned that many of her stores had fallen significantly short of her sales projections. She panicked that they were overloaded with inventory and would have to mark things down to move things out by the next quarter.

Michael, Paul, and Christine arrived at the club, and Michael commended Lauren's dedication to her work. Michael marveled at how Lauren's employees had always made a point of saying how much they loved working for her, and Lauren joined them. Michael hugged her and asked if she was okay, and she insisted that she was fine. Jill eyed them from across the room.

Sharon knocked on Faith's bedroom door, but Faith yelled to go away. Sharon apologized for spoiling Faith's big night by fighting with Nick, and she asked Faith to forgive her. Sharon begged Faith to open the door and talk about it, but a crying Faith didn't respond. Sharon went downstairs and told Dylan that Faith wouldn't talk to her, and she regretted asking Nick to give up time with Faith. Dylan asserted that it hadn't been Sharon's fault, since she'd been calm and reasonable, and Nick had been the one who'd escalated things. Dylan complained that Nick hadn't been thinking about what was best for Faith -- spending more time with her mom.

Sharon figured that they should leave the schedule the way it was, but Dylan suggested that Faith spend more than just the holidays with them. Sharon wondered if he thought she should try to get full custody, and Dylan argued that Faith needed her mom to be a bigger presence in her life. Dylan believed that Faith's outburst had indicated what the fighting had been doing to her, but Nick was the only one keeping the conflict alive. Dylan thought Faith had referred to divorcing her parents because she saw broken homes all around her instead of people working things out by making hard choices and compromises, and someone had to make Nick realize it.

At the Newman ranch, Nick ranted that Sharon had ruined Faith's special night by selfishly asking to change their visitation schedule right before Christmas. Nikki groused that Sharon would still be pretending that Christian was hers if she hadn't been forced to tell the truth, and Nick was determined to make sure that Sharon didn't pull anything with Faith. Nick wanted to get lawyers all over it, and he assumed Victor was way ahead of him. Victor admitted that it was normally the route he would take, but he advised against it.

Victor argued that their family had spent enough time in courtrooms, but Nick wanted to keep Sharon from manipulating the situation. Victor warned that it would be a mistake to involve lawyers, and he urged Nick to consider what it would be like for Faith to be in the middle in court. Nick asserted that Faith needed to know that she had one stable parent, and he worried about the poison Sharon and Dylan were putting in Faith's head about him. Nikki swore that Dylan would never do that, and Nick voiced surprise that Victor hadn't stepped in to protect his family. Victor recognized that he'd used a heavy hand in the past, but he thought it would be counterproductive in that case, and he suggested they go about in a different way.

Victor advised Nick not to fall into the trap of letting Sharon push his buttons, and Nikki agreed that their primary concern should be Faith. Nick griped that he'd lost a year with his son, and he didn't want to give up any time with his daughter. Nick added that Faith's comment about divorcing him had made him feel like he wasn't a good father, but Victor assured him that Faith loved him and knew Nick was the one she could count on. Victor contended that Nick was in the driver's seat and that going after Sharon would only make her look like a victim.

Nick couldn't fathom why Sharon had ever thought that he'd give up spending the holidays with Faith, and he didn't put it past her to undermine him with Faith by making it sound like Nick didn't have time for the girl. Nikki empathized that being a parent was sometimes a juggling act, but she thought Nick did it extremely well. Victor suggested that Nick let Faith spend time with Sharon, since Faith knew where her family was, and she wouldn't want to miss the fun of Christmas with the Newmans. Nick grabbed his coat and declared that he was going to get his daughter. Meanwhile, Faith angrily dumped a bin of toys on the floor, packed some things into her backpack, and crawled out the window.

Dylan prepared a plate of food for Faith, and he suggested that he take it up to her, since maybe she'd talk to a neutral party. Sharon flashed back to Faith presenting Dylan with a Christmas stocking with the letter "D," and Faith had noted that it stood for "Daddy" as well as for Dylan, since he was like a dad to her. There was pounding at the door, and Sharon let Nick in. He announced that he was there to take Faith home, and Sharon asked if Faith had called him. As Sharon and Nick argued, Dylan knocked on Faith's door and called out that he had food for her. He grabbed a key to open the door, and he returned downstairs and reported that Faith wasn't there.

Nick, Sharon, and Dylan rushed to the ranch and informed Victor and Nikki that Faith had sneaked out through the window. Nikki reported that she hadn't seen Faith all evening, and Victor called security to have them search the grounds. Nick accusingly asked Sharon what had happened, and Sharon swore that she hadn't been to blame. Dylan ordered Nick to stay calm, but Nick snapped that his little girl was gone and that Dylan wasn't her father. Sharon recounted that Faith had locked herself in her room because she'd been upset after seeing them fighting, and she and Nick bickered. Nikki interrupted and insisted that they had to find Faith, and she offered to wait there in case Faith showed up. Everyone else raced out to search for Faith.

Later, Nick returned to the ranch and called security, but there had been no sign of Faith. Dylan reentered, and the men quarreled about how the series of events had transpired. Dylan urged Nick to see how all the fighting was hurting Faith, and he acknowledged that he wasn't her dad, but he thought that gave him perspective. Dylan insisted that Faith needed her mother, and he implored Nick to do what was best for his daughter rather than punish Sharon. Nick growled that Sharon and Dylan never should have left Faith alone, and Nikki hurried in and demanded that the men stop it.

Victor called out for Faith at the stables. He discovered her hiding in some hay, and she silently put a finger to her lips. Victor asked if Faith was okay, and she whimpered that she was cold. She wondered if he was mad at her for running away, and he assured her that he wasn't but that everyone was worried about her. Faith indicated that she wasn't ready to go back yet, and Victor told her that she didn't have to. Victor pulled Faith into his arms as she cried, and he promised that she was safe.

Nikki said she loved both of her sons, but she refused to let them attack one another. Sharon arrived as Nikki received a call from Victor, and Nikki breathed a deep sigh of relief and reported that Faith was fine. Nick and Sharon insisted on being with their daughter, and Nikki informed them that Victor was with Faith. Nikki offered to make some tea, and Sharon volunteered to help, but Nikki coolly replied that she could manage. "What are we doing?" Nick questioned.

Gloria makes a festive return to Genoa City

Gloria makes a festive return to Genoa City

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

by Nel

Nikki cried as she put a gift under the tree. She told Victor she'd ordered a train, and it had arrived already gift wrapped and tagged for Sully. Victor said that Sully was still there. Nikki agreed but said he had a new name, new family, and new faces. Victor said that Christian was with his real father. Nikki felt there had been too much change for the baby, and lately, Faith's life had been nothing but change. Faith didn't know where she'd be from one moment to the next. That was not the way Faith should spend Christmas. Victor said Faith was getting ready for a pony ride with him.

Nikki thought Victor had been sweet to spend the night in the stables with Faith, drinking hot chocolate. Victor admitted it had broken his heart when he'd found Faith in tears, hiding behind two bales of hay in the stable. He said they had talked all night. Nikki wished Faith was there under different circumstances but knew that someone wouldn't be happy at the end of the day. Victor promised that Faith would have a wonderful, carefree Christmas. He wouldn't allow anyone to ruin it for Faith.

Nikki asked Victor to define "anyone." If he'd been referring to Sharon, she agreed, but she reminded him that none of it had been Dylan's fault. Victor knew how hard it would be for Faith to choose between the parents she loved. He acknowledged that Nick bore some responsibility for the situation. Nick and Sharon had to find a resolution because the memories never faded from what happened in one's childhood. When Faith arrived, Victor and Nikki asked if she wanted to go for a pony ride or go home. Faith asked which home she would go to.

At the Underground, Nick told Noah that Faith had stayed with Victor and Nikki. Nikki felt that Faith needed time to decompress. Nick stated he'd pick Faith up before dinner and take her to his place. Noah asked if Sharon knew that Nick was going to take Faith back to his house. Nick pointed out that Faith had run from Sharon's house, so it made sense that Faith needed to go home with him. Noah said Faith had run away from the fighting, and she hadn't run to Nick. Nick said it was his job to take care of Faith, and he wanted to make it easier on her.

Noah knew what Faith had been going through because he'd lived it and was still living it. He'd grown up between two parents who had constantly been at each other's throats, and he had been caught in the middle. He recalled being shuttled between his parents' houses. Noah said that that was no way for a kid to have grown up. He said the fighting had been endless between Nick and Sharon, and he'd followed Eden to France just to get away from all the drama. Nick agreed it hadn't been fair to Noah, and he didn't want the same for Faith. Noah said that what had happened backstage at Faith's play couldn't happen again. Faith was old enough to read Nick and Sharon, and Faith knew when they were angry at each other.

Noah admitted that that had been a big chunk of his life, but he'd made it to the other side only because he had known how much his parents loved him. They needed to do the same for Faith. Nick asked Noah what they should do. Noah knew that the Newmans' "go-to place" was the courtroom. Nick said no one wanted that again. Noah said Nick and Sharon needed to get on the same page before things became worse.

At home, Sharon and Dylan were in Faith's room. Sharon said that Faith had always been between her and Nick's home, and Sharon always felt an ache when Faith wasn't with her. Sharon knew Faith had needed a place to hide from everything and that things hadn't changed overnight. Dylan said that since they knew how rough things had been for Faith, they needed to make her feel like she'd never need to run again. Dylan didn't think Faith would stay away forever. Sharon said they'd lost their son, and she was afraid that Faith would leave them too. Dylan assured her that Faith would be home to open her gifts then they'd eat too much and fall asleep watching a movie that Faith knew by heart.

Sharon regretted asking Nick to have Faith over winter break and knew that Nick was very angry. Dylan reminded Sharon that Faith had run off before, and on one occasion, he'd found her in the woods. He felt Faith sometimes needed to be alone. Sharon asked if Dylan was suggesting that the decision should be up to Faith.

Sharon knew the Newmans -- how they worked and thought. They always found a way of getting what they wanted. Nick had insisted he wasn't like Victor, but with Faith, Nick had all the money and power behind him. Dylan assured Sharon that he stood behind her and wouldn't let the Newmans win. Sharon admitted they had to be prepared for the worst, and Faith might not want to spend Christmas with them.

Sharon couldn't imagine what it had been like for Faith to try to wrap her head around the fact that Sharon had hidden Christian from Nick and the way Sharon had hurt Nick in the process. Dylan didn't think it was about Christian, but Sharon said it was all about Christian. She and Nick had been in a good place, but they weren't anymore because she'd lied about Christian. It always returned to that. Victor and Nikki would do everything in their power to shut Sharon out of Faith's life. The courtroom was the Newmans' second home, and Sharon feared a judge would tell her she'd never see Faith again.

Dylan suggested that Sharon take control of the situation and made sure she was in Faith's life. Nick and Sharon had to do what it took to make that happen. Dylan got a call from the station. Sharon decided to go see Nick. Nick was at the door when she opened it. Nick told her he'd had a reality check from Noah, and they had to stop fighting so they could make Faith feel safe again. He'd felt it had been a mistake to allow Faith stay with Sharon the night before. Nick said it was always about Christian. Sharon said that all Nick wanted to do was punish her -- she could take it, but Faith shouldn't be part of it.

At Crimson Lights, Chloe told Esther they should leave and get to Michael's. Esther said she had to finish baking her treats and was grateful that Dylan had allowed her to use his oven because hers was broken. Esther gave Chloe and Kevin a note she'd received from Jill begging Esther to return to the Chancellor mansion to live and to work. Colin would remain in Chicago, so Esther accepted. Esther was thrilled and reminded Chloe and Kevin that it was her home. She said she wanted Bella to get to know Mrs. C. She assured Chloe that she knew Mrs. C had passed, but Mrs. C was in every room of the mansion. Esther said it was for herself, Chloe, and Mrs. C. Chloe said that Esther was pretty great for a grandmother and added that she was a very lucky girl to have Esther as her mom. She told Esther she loved her.

At Michael's, Lauren received news that her sales were up and solid, while Michael took delivery of a huge Christmas present. Gloria popped out of the box and scared them. She yelled, "Deck the halls, everybody! Gloria is back." Michael helped Gloria out of the box. Michael and Lauren weren't happy to see her. Gloria stated she couldn't leave her sons alone for Christmas. Gloria said that Michael and Kevin were her life, and there was nowhere else she'd rather be. Michael said that had to have been pleasant news for Jeffrey. Gloria left to freshen up.

Michael and Lauren were stunned. Lauren asked Michael how he'd gotten on Santa's naughty list. They were nervous but thought they would get through it. When the doorbell rang again, they were afraid it might be Jeffrey arriving in a box, but it was Kevin, Bella, and Chloe. Gloria returned and spotted Bella. She assumed Bella was Kevin's and said Bella looked like him. They updated Gloria. Kevin assured Gloria they were one big happy family. Gloria stated it was nice of the facility to let Chloe out and asked if it had been on a three-day pass. Chloe assured Gloria that she was sane and offered to show Gloria her discharge papers.

Gloria said that Chloe had made a beeline right to Kevin after she'd broken his heart. Gloria couldn't believe that the courts had forgiven Chloe for trying to run Adam down with her car. Kevin confirmed all had been forgiven, and Chloe had been back for six months. Gloria jumped in and stated that Chloe had been back when Adam had been blown to smithereens. Chloe pointed out that Gloria had taken skin off an innocent woman's face with tainted face cream. Kevin warned Gloria not to ruin his Christmas. Gloria advised him she would get Chloe and that child out of Kevin's life permanently. Kevin told Gloria that she didn't get to tell him who could be in his life or his home, nor did she get to chase Chloe and Bella away.

Gloria said Chloe was taking advantage of Kevin. He told Gloria that he worked at the police station, and Chloe worked at Chelsea 2.0. Gloria felt that Chloe had everyone bewitched and asked if it was something Ashley had brewed up. Kevin assured Gloria that he and Chloe were fine. He asked Gloria to stop torturing Chloe and walked away.

Gloria made a beeline for Chloe and asked her whose child Chloe had been trying to foist on Kevin. Chloe said all Gloria needed to know was that Bella was Chloe's child. Gloria accused Chloe of hooking up with an inmate who might go after Kevin, wearing a hockey mask and carrying a machete. Chloe asked if Gloria wanted to exchange daddy résumés. She reminded Gloria about Terrible Tom and River the con.

Gloria felt Chloe had been stirring up Kevin's protective instincts just to crush him again. Chloe reminded her that she'd sent Kevin the divorce papers when she'd been in the psychiatric facility and hadn't been in a position to be married to anyone. She regretted blindsiding Kevin. Gloria warned that she'd be watching Chloe.

When Esther arrived, she asked if Gloria thought it was wonderful seeing Kevin and Chloe together again. Gloria remarked that it was every mother's dream to see her son with a lunatic. Esther asked if there was a problem. Gloria asked if Esther had an hour or two so she could explain. Chloe took Esther out of the room. Gloria chastised Michael for not being his brother's keeper and accused Michael of laying Kevin out like a piece of meat for "that she-wolf." Gloria swore she'd find out who Bella's daddy was and save Kevin from Chloe and that child.

In the stables, Victor told Faith that her parents were looking forward to seeing her. He asked if she wanted to see them. Faith said they'd only start fighting again. Victor assured her that her parents loved her, but they were human, and sometimes they made mistakes. Her parents only wanted to do what was right for her.

Faith wanted to know why her parents got to make all the decisions. Faith mentioned that her friend Kaylee had gotten to speak to a judge when her parents had divorced. Victor assured Faith that no one wanted to go to court, but Faith said a judge would listen to what she wanted. She wanted to know why she didn't get to choose where she wanted to live.

Nick, Sharon, and Dylan arrived at the main house and stated that they had reached an agreement about Faith. Victor advised that Faith had been feeling a lot of tension because of the continuous fighting. Victor asked if they had ever asked Faith what she wanted. Nick wanted to know what Victor had said to Faith. Victor said he had just listened while Faith had talked, and she'd mentioned her friend Kaylee, who had been allowed to choose which parent she wanted to live with. Victor was accused of taking sides, but Nikki assured everyone that Victor only wanted to make sure Faith was safe. Noah arrived.

Dylan asked if Faith had chosen to be with Nick all the time and if Victor had pushed that idea to Faith. He also said he knew whose side Nikki was on. Nikki said she was on Faith's side but felt horrible for Dylan and Nick. Nikki said that Faith needed everyone's support. Sharon stated that they wanted to shut her and Dylan out. Nick suggested that if Faith wanted to be with Sharon, then Faith had been brainwashed because Faith knew what Sharon had done to him and Christian.

Victor told the family the schedule they'd devised was meaningless. They needed to stop arguing. Nick asked if Victor was suggesting that Faith should decide where she wanted to live. Victor said yes. Faith needed predictability, consistency, and security. She should live with the parent who could provide that. Sharon didn't buy that Victor didn't know where Faith would find that. Victor said he didn't care if Sharon bought it or not, but he assured her that he hadn't spoken to Faith about it.

Noah said that Faith just wanted them to listen to her, and she wanted a vote in her own life. He warned them not to just listen to what Faith had to say and then, if they didn't like what they heard, overrule her and keep on fighting. If they wanted Faith's trust, they needed to prove they deserved it. Faith entered and said she'd heard them outside. She knew they all thought she couldn't decide, but she had made her decision and was sure they wouldn't allow her to do it.

Nick apologized for what had happened at her performance. He assured her that they had worked things out, and it would never happen again. Faith said it would -- it always did. Sharon gave Faith the schedule they'd agreed on and said Faith would always know who she'd be with on what day, so there wouldn't be any more arguments. Faith said it was still back and forth between Sharon and Nick like it had always been, and she didn't like the schedule because there was no difference. They always wound up fighting anyway. Victor said that he'd told her parents they should let her make up her own mind about where she wanted to stay, and he reminded her they all loved her.

Faith told everyone she wanted to live with Victor and Nikki. Nick and Sharon were shocked. Nick asked if she'd made the decision herself. Faith assured him she hadn't spoken to anyone about her decision until that moment. Nick asked if she knew what living there meant. Faith said she knew there wouldn't be any fighting.

Sharon said she knew it was fun living with grandparents, but rules were important, too, like bedtime, screen time, homework, and eating fruits and veggies. Faith assured Sharon she had to do all that there, and sometimes they were even stricter. Sharon would have agreed to Faith staying with Nick, but she didn't agree to Faith staying with anyone else. Faith assured them it was temporary. Sharon balked, but Dylan said it was just for the time being, and Faith needed to know she had some control.

Faith agreed with Dylan then asked Victor and Nikki if she could stay there. Victor and Nikki said they were happy that Faith felt safe with them, and she was welcome to stay as long as she needed. Nick agreed and said he was going to get her things. Sharon said she'd do the same and told Faith she just wanted Faith to be happy.

Lily exposes Hilary's manipulations to Devon

Lily exposes Hilary's manipulations to Devon

Thursday, December 22, 2016

Jill entered Crimson Lights with a handful of shopping bags, and Billy guessed that she'd waited until the last second to buy holiday gifts. She declared that she'd been ready to trample and trounce anyone who had gotten in her way, but the presents were wrapped and ready to take to Johnny and Katie. Billy said it would have to wait until the next day, since Christmas Eve was Victoria's day with the children. Jill considered it ridiculous that Billy and Victoria weren't celebrating Christmas together for the kids, but he insisted that they were divorced, so they were doing things separately. Jill objected to him being alone.

Jill wished she hadn't made plans to go over to Devon's new place, but Billy assured her that he was capable of spending the night on his own. Jill invited Billy to join her, but he replied that it wasn't where he wanted to be. Jill implied that he had somewhere to go other than Victoria's, but Billy wasn't interested in trying to work things out with Jack. Jill encouraged Billy to spend the evening with Traci, and Billy mentioned that his sisters had reached out to him. Jill pushed Billy to go over to the Abbott home, but he opted not to act like Jack by making his sisters choose sides.

At the Athletic Club, Jack thanked Barry for making a substantial donation, and Barry hoped that between the check and helping Hilary, he'd repaid his debt to Jack. Jack countered that he thought he'd done Barry a favor by introducing him to Hilary, and Barry recognized that her career could really take off. Lily approached and told Jack that she was excited about the benefit, and he thanked her for all she'd done. She stepped away, and Barry inquired whether Jack had plans for the holidays. Jack was briefly distracted when Phyllis sat down at the bar, and he firmly stated that he intended to be at home with his family that year.

Jack stopped by the bar to say hello to Phyllis, and she was surprised to see him there on Christmas Eve. He explained that he was about to head home, and he assumed she'd be spending the holiday with Summer. Phyllis revealed that Summer was in Belize with friends as a birthday present, and she confirmed that she was alone. Phyllis added that she was going over to Michael and Lauren's, so she had plans, even though they were different from the prior year. Jack found it hard to believe that they'd been at the cabin the year before. Phyllis noted that they'd moved on, so looking back didn't make any sense.

Jack wished Phyllis a nice holiday and surmised that he'd see her the following week. She voiced surprise that he wasn't going to try to oust her right before Christmas, and he thought she looked disappointed. She admitted that she'd been hoping he'd put her out of her misery, since they both knew she'd never make good on her threat to sue him if he fired her. Jack inquired about the new project that she'd seemed excited about, and Phyllis conceded that she was more excited about it than about working for Jabot.

Jack realized that Phyllis wanted to be fired, and he asked if she'd found another position. Phyllis said she hadn't, but it was time she did, and she thought Jack and Ashley would be thrilled once she was gone. Jack was stunned that she was really ready to walk away, and Phyllis asserted that it was best for both of them. She looked up and saw mistletoe hanging over them. She wished him a merry Christmas and walked out.

Across the dining room, Lily introduced herself to Barry and mentioned that she'd seen him meeting with her sister-in-law there. She asked if he was Hilary's new agent, and Barry confirmed that he was an agent, but he'd been doing it for quite some time. He recognized Lily from her modeling days, and she sat down with him. Lily mentioned that Hilary was very enthusiastic about her career, and Barry surmised that Hilary had talked to her about it. Lily sweetly replied that she and Hilary had had a lot to say to one another, and she wondered if Barry had plans to make Hilary a big star.

Barry commented that he could line up any number of gigs for Hilary, but it was tricky when her husband was also her boss. Lily mentioned that Hilary had talked about distancing herself from Devon, and Barry wished Hilary felt that way. Barry revealed that Hilary had only used him to make Devon see her value, and she had no plans to make a move anytime soon. Lily pretended that she'd already known that Hilary had only allowed Devon to think she'd had other offers. Barry called it the art of negotiation, but he thought Hilary seemed to love Devon very much.

Devon ogled Hilary when she appeared on the stairs of their new penthouse, wearing a clingy red dress. She cooed that she wanted to make sure everything was perfect for their first Christmas Eve in their new place, and he questioned whether she didn't feel comfortable calling it their home. Devon hoped their move had been the start of an amazing life together, and Hilary agreed, but she reminded him that she was determined to build a career for herself. Devon inquired whether she was considering taking one of the offers she'd received, and he said all he wanted for Christmas was for her to return to GC Buzz. With a smile, she told him that he'd have to talk to her agent.

Devon argued that he wanted to talk to his wife and not an agent, but Hilary griped that Devon didn't see her as a professional with her own goals. Devon insisted that he wanted her back because she was a fantastic host, and he loved working with her. Hilary clarified that he liked it when she agreed with him, and Devon reiterated that he wanted to put out something they could both be proud of. She wanted a show that people would watch, and he thought they could find middle ground. She stressed that he had to trust her to make her own decisions, and she needed a title to prove that she was in control of her stories. She demanded a salary that other production companies had been willing to offer for her value and merit.

Devon offered to make the show completely Hilary's if she returned, complete with money, a title, and control over all the stories. He reminded her of his standards, and he banned her from creative editing or slander, since they wouldn't have a show if lawyers lined up to sue them. She gave him her word, and they kissed. The doorbell rang, and she proclaimed that they had to get the party started. Neil entered and observed that the couple seemed to be in the holiday spirit. Hilary cuddled up next to Devon and purred that they'd never been better.

Later, Jill fawned over Devon's new home, and she thanked Devon and Hilary for including her, though she doubted it had been Hilary's idea. Neil imagined that Devon was enjoying having a place that he could call his own, and Hilary bragged that they had plans for the apartment and the whole building, since Devon had bought the entire thing. Neil noted that Devon was putting down serious roots. Cane walked in with the twins, who planned to stay up all night to see Santa. Lily arrived and wished everyone a merry Christmas, but her expression darkened when she looked at Hilary.

Cane asked Lily why she was staring at Hilary, and Lily wondered what had changed, since Hilary hadn't been speaking to Devon. Cane concluded that the couple had made up, but Lily observed that they were acting like newlyweds, and she thought Devon had to draw the line somewhere. Cane advised Lily not to make a scene, but Lily swore that she'd never forget or forgive what Hilary had done to their family. The twins ran over and asked to go to the concert in the park, and they asked if they could open the presents that Hilary and Devon had for them. Lily insisted on waiting until the next day, but Jill announced that she had Christmas Eve gifts for the kids, and she invited the twins to open them.

Neil checked with Hilary to see if she was still willing to host the benefit, and she swore that she would never let the foundation down. She wondered why he'd thought she wouldn't be there, and he mentioned that he'd heard about her new agent. Hilary insisted that the benefit was important to her, and Neil was glad to hear it. Devon called for everyone's attention, and he thanked them for being there. He announced that he had exciting news -- Hilary was returning to GC Buzz as the host and executive producer. Cane and Neil congratulated Hilary as Lily glowered.

Lily cornered Devon and asked what had happened to him standing his ground. He replied that he'd changed his mind, but he didn't appreciate her confronting him at his party. Lily assumed that Devon had given in because he'd been worried that Hilary would go elsewhere, and she divulged that the other job offers had been a ploy. Lily explained that Barry had told her everything, and Hilary had used the agent to manipulate Devon to get everything she wanted. Devon asked what Barry had told her, and Lily relayed that the agent thought Hilary had serious potential but that she wasn't interested in jobs -- just making Devon grovel.

At the Baldwin home, Gloria was on the phone with Fen, telling him about how she'd popped out of a box for Christmas. Lauren noted to Michael that the situation had been contained because Gloria and Chloe had been on opposite sides of the room. Gloria prepared to freshen up after her long journey from France, and Michael offered to have a car service drop her off at her hotel. Gloria announced that she was going to stay with him and Lauren for as long as they'd have her.

Lauren prompted Michael to tell Gloria that she could stay in Fen's room, and Gloria sourly asked what they could do about Chloe. Gloria figured that Michael and Lauren were as worried as she was about Chloe taking advantage of Kevin, but Lauren asserted that she was supportive of the relationship. Michael added that Kevin was happy and that Kevin and Chloe were good for one another. Michael lectured that Kevin got to decide how to live his life, and Gloria dared Michael to tell her that when his own son moved in with a crazy person and a fatherless child.

Lauren told Chloe to hang in there where Gloria was concerned, and Chloe preferred to get Gloria's stink-eye rather than have Gloria move in with her. Lauren jokingly offered to trade places with Chloe. Meanwhile, Kevin remarked that it was a bummer that Scotty and Fen weren't there, and he asked whether Fen was still planning on being a lawyer. Michael praised Fen for turning his life around, and Kevin wondered how they'd all ended up on the side of law and order.

As Michael held Bella on his lap, he declared that he was happy that Kevin was in a serious relationship and caring for a child. Gloria stared at them, and Michael apologized that Gloria had been giving Chloe a hard time. Michael urged Kevin to give Gloria time to warm up to the situation. Phyllis arrived, and Michael complimented her new look. He mentioned that he'd gotten a surprise visitor that year, and Gloria wondered which man Phyllis had needed to wash out of her hair -- Billy or Jack. Lauren pulled Phyllis into the kitchen.

Lauren anxiously asked how long it would take for Phyllis to develop Fenmore's online strategy, and Phyllis estimated that it would take a month or two. Lauren asked if there was any way to expedite it, and Phyllis suggested that it would speed things up if she worked for Lauren full-time. Phyllis explained that she wanted to get out of Jabot before Jack tossed her out, but Lauren thought Phyllis had intended to fight for Jack. Phyllis stated that she'd fought and lost, and she was done being a masochist. Phyllis added that she'd already told Jack that she hoped to be on her way soon, so if Lauren wanted her, Phyllis was all hers. Lauren grinned and declared that they had a deal, and they hugged.

Chloe told Bella that Santa would be there soon, and Kevin looked forward to a really special Christmas. Chloe envisioned having a traditional Christmas morning together, and she wanted Kevin to take a million photos so they could cherish every moment. Kevin crossed over to a pouting Gloria, and he said there didn't have to be a wall separating them. Gloria huffed that if he had a problem, he could go back over to talk to his favorite unwed mother.

Kevin urged Gloria to accept that he was committed to Chloe and Bella, and he loved the little girl like she was his own. He suggested that Gloria be like a young, beautiful grandma to Bella, but Gloria groused that they didn't even know who the father was. Chloe overheard and snapped that Gloria had made her position clear, but Bella already had a grandmother who was happy to spend Christmas with them. Chloe told Kevin not to waste his breath asking Gloria for something she obviously didn't want to give.

Chloe apologized to Kevin for making everyone uncomfortable, but she refused to let Gloria look down on her and her daughter. Michael led Bella over to Gloria, and the little girl handed Gloria a candy cane. A charmed Gloria thanked Bella, and Kevin figured it was a start. Michael told Bella that she'd done a great job of showing them the true meaning of Christmas, and he encouraged everyone to grab a glass. The group clinked together their drinks and exchanged hugs.

At the Abbott mansion, Traci and Ashley put the finishing touches on the Christmas tree, and Traci suggested that they put on some carols to make it feel like Christmas, since it would be strange with just them and Jack there. Ashley mentioned that it was Abby's turn to spend the holiday with the Newmans, and she couldn't blame Billy for keeping his distance. They discussed Jack's sudden decision to force Brash & Sassy out of the Jabot building, and Traci insisted that they should all be together at that time of year. Ashley bemoaned that she missed their dad, and the women recalled that John had always said that just because things were bad didn't mean they wouldn't get better in time. Traci added that they were Abbotts, and they never gave up on their own.

Mrs. Martinez was delighted when she caught Ashley and Traci dancing, but she seemed disappointed when they confirmed that there would only be three people for dinner. The doorbell rang, and Ashley excitedly let Billy in. He explained that he'd just wanted to drop off presents before Jack found out he was there, but he couldn't help but indulge when he saw a plate of cookies and homemade fudge. Billy gushed that it felt like Christmas in there, and Mrs. Martinez hugged him. Billy presented the housekeeper with a gift, and she left the room in happy tears.

Billy exchanged gifts with Ashley and Traci, and he mentioned that he'd gotten something for Jack, but he preferred to hold onto it. Billy got up to leave, but Traci and Ashley begged him to stay and spend time with his sisters on Christmas Eve. Traci fondly remembered Billy as a little boy at Christmastime, and he recalled running down the stairs with their dad snapping photos behind him. Billy looked around and marveled at all the fantastic holiday memories they'd had there, and he thanked his sisters for another one. Jack arrived home, and he and Billy locked eyes.

Jack testily asked if Billy hadn't gotten the message that he wasn't welcome, and Billy defended that he was there to give presents to his sisters. Jack coldly pointed out that they'd had time together, and he implied that Billy should leave. Traci appealed to the men to have a ceasefire long enough to get through one meal, and Ashley begged Jack to remember what the holiday was for. Billy thanked Traci and Ashley, but he accepted that it wouldn't happen. After Billy departed, Ashley demanded to know what Jack had to say for himself. Jack said something smelled amazing, and he went into the kitchen.

Over dinner, Jack acknowledged that he and his sisters didn't always see eye to eye, but he loved them very much, and they had no idea how much it meant to him that they were spending the holiday with him. Traci wanted to pray before they ate, and they joined hands. Traci expressed thanks for the many ways they were blessed that Christmas Eve, and she recognized those who were no longer with them but were still in their hearts and memories. Traci added that they'd be thinking about those who couldn't join them, since they would always be family whether they were together or apart. Meanwhile, Billy sat alone at the Athletic Club bar.

Nick makes a surprising holiday gesture

Nick makes a surprising holiday gesture

Friday, December 23, 2016

Chelsea and Nick strolled through the park with Connor and Christian, and Nick asked if she was still planning on going over to his parents' home. She said she was looking forward to it for Connor's sake, since she wanted him to be around family. Nick recalled that his best memories as a kid had been Newman family Christmases, and Chelsea imagined that they had been much better than the holidays she'd spent with her mom, hiding from cops in hotel rooms. Nick was glad Connor and his cousin would be able to carry on the Newman Christmas tradition, but he worried that the holidays would be a mess for Faith.

At Crimson Lights, a frazzled Victoria called to Johnny and Katie to stay with her, but they rambunctiously chased one another around. Victoria appealed to them to get home before Santa got there to leave their presents, and she asked where Johnny's coat was. The boy giggled. Victoria sighed in exasperation.

At the Chancellor mansion, Jill walked in as Billy threw food at the television. Billy was surprised that she wasn't with Lily and Cane in the park, and Jill wondered when Billy had started hating Christmas. He grumbled that hating it took too much energy, and she told him to stop wallowing. She added that he belonged with his family and kids, and he admitted that he was hoping for a Christmas miracle.

Billy mentioned that he'd noticed a change in Victoria lately, since she'd been pulling away. Jill thought he'd imagined it, but Billy argued that Victoria hadn't been subtle about it. Jill urged him to do something, but he scoffed at the thought of him being a miracle worker. Jill encouraged him to make a grand romantic gesture to remind Victoria of the man she'd fallen in love with, and she questioned why the couple wouldn't open their eyes and see they belonged together.

Billy explained that his relationship with Victoria was complicated and fragile, but he was grateful for where they stood. He continued that it meant the world to him to raise their kids together, but Victoria had made it clear that she didn't have room for him in her life in any other way, and he was okay with that. Billy insisted that he didn't want anything to mess it up, and the only miracle he wanted that Christmas was for Jill to stop interfering in his and Victoria's relationship. Jill gave her word that she would.

At the Newman ranch, Faith excitedly showed Victor an online tracker of where Santa was heading all over the world. She reported that Santa had just landed in Sydney, where it was already Christmas Day. Victor told her to let him know once Santa was close, and she ran off. Meanwhile, Nikki was on the phone with Paul, appealing to him to convince Dylan to join them that evening. She dejectedly hung up, and she wished that she could spend Christmas Eve with both of her sons. Victor comforted her.

At the cottage, Sharon sadly removed Faith's stocking from the mantel and placed it in a storage box over Sully's. Dylan asked what she was doing, and Sharon wailed that Faith wouldn't be there for Christmas. Dylan pointed out that Mariah and Noah would be there, but Sharon recounted that the only reason she'd done anything for Christmas had been because Faith had been excited about it. Dylan recognized that the holidays weren't the same without little kids in the house.

Paul stopped by the cottage, and Sharon offered him some eggnog. She asked about Christine, and Paul explained that his wife was trying to finish an important brief before the holidays. Dylan was glad Paul had stopped by before going to the main house, and Paul pointed out that Nikki had invited all of them. Dylan bitterly stated that it was a Newman family thing at Victor's house, and he was sure Nick didn't want them to show up. Paul lectured that it was the time of year when people made an effort to get along and put their differences aside, but Dylan stressed that it wasn't happening.

After Paul left, Dylan suggested that he and Sharon go for a walk, but she didn't want to go. Mariah burst in with shopping bags and rambled about putting off her shopping until the stores were locking up. Mariah stopped in her tracks when she saw that all the decorations had been taken down, and she asked where Christmas had gone. Sharon glumly revealed that Faith wouldn't be there, and Mariah nervously babbled about feeling bad for the holiday salespeople.

Mariah brightly proposed that they make hot chocolate and open some presents, and Dylan and Sharon half-heartedly agreed. Mariah gifted Sharon with her favorite face cream, and she set Faith's present aside to give to her in person at the main house. Mariah handed a brown paper bag to Dylan, and she reasoned that a guy didn't need a fancy box and bow. Dylan found a headlamp inside, and Mariah explained that he could use it on his next camping trip to see the bears before they attacked him at night. He chuckled, and Sharon volunteered to make cocoa before Mariah opened her gifts. Another gift fell out of Mariah's bag.

Mariah explained that it was a present for Christian, and she had never meant for Sharon and Dylan to see it. Sharon recognized that Mariah loved the boy, and she thought it was sweet that Mariah still wanted to be part of his life. Dylan agreed, and he suggested that Mariah head over to Victor's before the kids crashed from a sugar high. Sharon tearfully hugged Mariah, and the women said they loved one another. Mariah promised that they'd do something special the following day, and she departed.

Dylan prepared to make hot chocolate and watch a Christmas movie, but Sharon sensed that he was upset that Mariah had gotten Christian a gift. Dylan thought he had no right to an opinion about it, and he just wanted to get through the holidays. Sharon pointed out that even though they hadn't been talking about Christian, he was still there with them, and they'd lost their son. Dylan refused to talk about it, but Sharon blurted out that she had a confession to make.

Sharon acknowledged that she and Dylan had said they'd get rid of their photos of Sully so they wouldn't be living in the past, but she confided that she'd held onto one, and she showed it to Dylan. Dylan said he had a confession, too, and he pulled out a photo of the boy from his wallet. They hugged.

Abby and Noah joined the Newman festivities, and Faith chirped that Santa was in Tanzania. Abby told Victor and Nikki that Noah had filled her in about Faith choosing to live there, and Nikki explained that it was likely a temporary arrangement to get the girl away from the tension between her parents. Victor added that the door was also always open for Noah to return to the business if he ever got tired of pouring drinks. Noah asserted that he was happy where he was.

Noah offered to show off his drink-serving skills, and Abby accompanied him to help. Noah groused that his grandfather thought he was just going through a phase, but he hoped Victor woke up and realized it was who Noah was. Abby inquired whether Noah intended to be a career bartender. Noah imagined that it wouldn't last forever, but he was adamant about not going back to Newman.

Chelsea and Nick arrived with the kids, and he handed Christian to Victor. Nick inquired about Faith, and Victor reported that she was upstairs, happily tracking Santa's trip around the world. Nikki mused that it was a magical time when they could put aside their troubles and spend time with the people they loved. Nick snapped that if they were expecting Dylan, they should have warned Nick.

Faith shared fun facts that she'd learned about other countries' holiday customs, and she thought her mom would consider them funny if Sharon were there. Victoria entered with Johnny and Katie. Abby observed that Victoria looked like she could use some Christmas cheer, but Victoria preferred a double martini. Victor gathered his grandchildren around him to listen to him read a Christmas story.

Victoria grimaced as she sipped a strong drink, and Nikki warmly greeted her with a hug. Victoria couldn't remember if she'd even said "Merry Christmas" after the day she'd had, being outnumbered by her kids. Nick joined them and empathized that he knew the feeling, and Victoria lamented that she could manage a company but couldn't get her kids out the door. Nick understood what it was like to be overwhelmed, and Nikki assured them that they both did a wonderful job of balancing everything. Nick noted that at least Victoria could count on Billy.

Victor held Christian on his lap as he read a story about Jesus being born. Nikki let Paul in, and she asked if Dylan was on his way. Paul swore that he'd done his best, but the situation was too raw for both Dylan and Sharon. Nikki thanked Paul for trying and invited him in. Victor handed Christian back to Nick, and Nick said he'd really liked the story, especially the part about peace and good will toward men. Victor thought Nick could recite the story in his sleep, and Nick insisted that he loved hearing Victor read it and that it wouldn't be Christmas without it.

Nick took Christian to find Connor, and Victor kissed Nikki's cheek and recognized how much she'd wanted Dylan to be there. Nikki figured that it was probably just as well, since it would have caused tension. Victor swore that it wouldn't have been from him, since he understood that it had been important to her to have her boy there. She thanked Victor for saying that, and he murmured that he knew what it meant to miss someone. They embraced, and he noted that there were reminders of Adam all over the place as he looked at an emotional Chelsea.

Nick helped Connor pick out a drink, and he suggested that the boy mix various juices together with fizzy soda. Chelsea said the juice would have to wait, since they'd had a wonderful time, but it had been a long day for Connor. Nick stepped away to gather all of Connor's presents. Victor approached Chelsea and knowingly said, "I miss him, too."

Mariah arrived at the ranch and gave Faith a gift to hold her over until Santa got there. Victor declared that it was time for everyone to open their presents, and the guests gathered around the tree, but Faith noticed that something was missing. She pointed out that there was no star at the top of the tree, and Victor gazed at Nick, who flashed back to Victor lifting him up to place the star on top. Victor pulled out the star and announced that it was Nick's turn, and Nick said he needed help. Nick picked up Faith and held her as she topped the tree with the star, and everyone clapped.

Nikki remarked that it was wonderful to pass down a family tradition, and Nick recounted that his dad lifting him up was one of his earliest and best childhood memories. Nikki thought Nick was lucky to have them, and Nick recognized how blessed they were that Christmas, since it could have been a lot different. Nikki handed him a gift from her and Victor, and he found an ornament bearing Christian's name. He showed it to the baby and thanked Nikki with a hug.

At Devon and Hilary's penthouse, Devon told Lily that it was ridiculous for her to make accusations, but she reiterated that she'd talked to Hilary's agent, and there had been no job offers. Lily maintained that Hilary had just used Barry so Devon would beg her to return to GC Buzz, and it had worked. Devon stared at Hilary playing with the twins, and Lily urged him to talk to his wife.

Lily got the twins ready to leave, and she prompted them to thank Hilary and Devon for their presents. Cane and Lily left with Neil and the kids, and Hilary gushed that it had been a lot of fun to have family there. She added that she hadn't been convinced about their new place, but it had been amazing for entertaining, and she envisioned hosting tons of parties for the elite of Genoa City. Devon ordered her to stop it.

Hilary cheerfully informed Devon that she'd had the caterers put the leftovers in the fridge for him to snack on later, but he told her to knock it off. She asked why he was in such a bad mood, and he confronted her about the other job offers never existing. She became flustered and asked who had told him that, but he demanded to know whether she had an explanation or apology. Hilary griped that someone had it in for her, but Devon angrily questioned why she hadn't talked to him like an adult instead of lying to him when he'd trusted her. Hilary retorted that he'd never trusted her.

Hilary vented that Devon held the purse strings, and he made all the big decisions, usually without consulting her. She groused that she was supposed to keep quiet and go with the flow while he managed her, and she believed that he didn't think she should have a say about anything. Devon reminded her that he'd apologized for buying the penthouse without her input, but he'd wanted it to be a surprise, and she'd loved it once she'd gotten past her anger. Hilary stressed that he'd bought a home to appease her and to get her to behave the way he wanted, and she felt like she was walking on eggshells all the time, trying not to upset him.

Hilary argued that she was supposed to be Devon's wife and equal, but she didn't feel that way. Devon questioned how he was supposed to support and trust her when she'd manipulated him to get what she wanted. Hilary suspected that Devon didn't trust her because their relationship had started when she'd cheated on Neil with Devon, and she surmised that Devon assumed she'd do the same thing to him. Hilary admitted that she didn't think she deserved Devon's trust after all the rotten things she'd done, but she loved him and would fight so that it didn't erode them from the inside. Devon believed her, but he insisted that lying wasn't the answer. They hugged.

Jill and Billy walked through the park, and she marveled that everyone in costume made the scene look like it was straight out of a Dickens novel. Billy thanked her for getting him out there, and she was shocked by his expression of gratitude. Jill spotted Lily and Cane with their kids, and she wanted to wish them a merry Christmas, but Billy opted to hang back. Cane joined Billy and asked if he was all right, and Billy told him to skip the act because his family wasn't watching. Billy doubted that Cane wanted to let bygones be bygones.

Cane recognized that he and Billy had tangled at work, but he understood that it was difficult to not be with one's children at Christmas. Cane said Billy didn't have to pretend otherwise, and he wished Billy a merry Christmas. Neil looked over at Billy and Cane talking, and he told Lily that it did his heart good to see people enjoying the spirit of the season. Johnny and Katie suddenly ran over to Billy, and Victoria appeared behind them. Billy happily remarked that he hadn't known they would be there. Lily watched Devon and Hilary arrive together.

A caroler sang "O Christmas Tree" in the park as spectators gathered around. During a musical montage, Nick cuddled with Christian and looked at Faith sitting between Nikki and Victor on the couch. Faith barely noticed when Nick kissed her goodbye and left. Billy happily interacted with his kids as Jill smiled at them. Dylan opened the door and was stunned to find Nick and Christian there. Sharon cried tears of joy as Nick handed the baby to Dylan.

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Darin Brooks and Kelly Kruger have a big reason to celebrate
Darin Brooks and Kelly Kruger have a big reason to celebrate
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