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Jill decided to sell Brash & Sassy to Billy, Victoria, and Cane and use the money to buy back Jack's stake in Fenmore's. Gloria and Jack got drunk together and had sex. Gloria anonymously accused Jack of sexual harassment on GC Buzz. Billy kissed Phyllis.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of January 30, 2017 on Y&R
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Sharon Tells Family that Dylan Left Her Sharon Tells Family that Dylan Left Her

Monday, January 30, 2017

In the lounge at the Genoa City Athletic Club, Lauren and Phyllis discussed Jack's reaction when he'd learned that Eric Forrester would also become an investor in Fenmore's. Gloria entered the lounge, and Lauren summoned her. Lauren apologized for having accused Gloria of attempting to undermine plans to save Fenmore's. Gloria reiterated her innocence of underhandedness. Gloria, gloating, offered to put in a good word for both Phyllis and Lauren to Jack and Ashley. Lauren announced that she had retained majority interest in Fenmore's. Gloria was stunned.

At Jabot, Jack complained to Ashley that he was anxious about closing his deal with Lauren. Jack said, "I want signed contracts before Lauren surprises me with any more leverage. Bringing Eric Forrester to this was just dirty work." Ashley pointed out that Jack had eliminated all of Lauren's prospective investors. Ashley asked Jack why he'd agreed to a deal that hadn't given him controlling interest in Fenmore's. Ashley suggested that Jack's decision might involve Phyllis. Jack agreed that it did.

Jack explained that Phyllis had developed an app that would help revitalize Fenmore's brand. Jack added that Phyllis had enlisted Ravi to help her with the app. Jack said he realized that there was great potential in pairing Ravi and Phyllis to join forces and spur exponential growth for Jabot and for Fenmore's. Ashley maintained that Jack's ultimate goal was rekindling his romance with Phyllis. Jack scoffed.

Ravi entered Jack and Ashley's office. Ravi touted the enhancements he'd designed for Jabot Go. Gloria phoned Jack and said she had urgent business to discuss. Jack agreed to meet with Gloria at the Top of the Tower. After Jack left, Ashley told Ravi that he might soon be working alongside Phyllis. Ashley suggested that she and Ravi order Chinese food and eat at the office. Ravi seemed anxious and admitted that he'd had plans to attend a music performance. Ashley insisted that Ravi put off their plans to work and attend the performance.

Jack met Gloria at the Top of the Tower. Gloria noted that Fenmore's was part of the Jabot family, so Jack owed her a job as part of their deal. Jack replied, "What exactly did we agree to?" Gloria said, "For helping you get your hands on Lauren's stores, you promised me a job somewhere doing something -- a decent salary, a little dignity, and all the respect that comes with it. It's all I asked for, Jack." Jack explained that owning only 49% of Fenmore's didn't give him the power to create or fill positions. Gloria was taken aback when Jack explained that Eric Forrester had made a counteroffer. Gloria cried that she'd been left out.

Jack offered to buy Gloria a drink because she'd earned it. Gloria ordered a top-shelf shot of liquor and gulped it. Laughing, Gloria noted that Lauren had used Eric to put Jack in his place. Gloria said she was proud of Lauren's shrewd business expertise. Gloria suggested that Jack buy her another shot. Jack said he would and agreed to join her. Gloria voiced concern about Jack's addiction recovery, but Jack explained that he'd only been addicted to pain pills. Gloria said she still cared for Jack even though he was "pathologically obnoxious."

Jack and Gloria downed numerous shots. After a time, both became giddy and drunk. Gloria tripped and fell into Jack's arms. Jack laughed, and Gloria cackled. After Jack paid the bar tab, he said his ride awaited him downstairs. Gloria searched for her purse. Jack noted that Gloria's purse was hanging on her shoulder. Jack scooped Gloria in his arms and escorted her out.

At the Underground, Noah and Nick readied the club for a popular music group to perform. Guests including Lauren, Phyllis, and Michael danced to the live music performance. Michael congratulated Lauren for arranging a deal that allowed her to maintain controlling interest in Fenmore's. The crowd cheered when Nick introduced the music act, and Nick credited Noah for selecting the popular performer. Lauren danced on the bar counter. Michael and Phyllis joined in, but they remained on the dance floor. Nick challenged Phyllis to a dance contest on top of the bar, but Noah nixed the idea. Noah left to check on his mother.

Phyllis praised Nick for raising Noah to be a great young man. Phyllis seemed lonely. Nick took Phyllis' phone and registered her on a dating app. Phyllis provided fictional responses to create her online profile. Phyllis was surprised when a prospective suitor quickly responded to her dating profile. Ravi arrived and greeted the music performer, Spectral-X. Ravi was surprised when he suddenly noticed that Ashley had joined him on the dance floor. Ashley said she was broadening her musical interests.

At Sharon's ranch house, Nikki stopped by to check on Sharon. Sobbing, Sharon noted that Dylan was out of her life, which was what Nikki had wanted. Sharon recalled that she'd worried about Dylan while he'd been working undercover. Sharon cried that during her stressful wait, she'd had no idea that she'd soon face an eternity without Dylan. Paul stopped by and told Sharon and Nikki that Dylan's plane had landed safely. Sharon said, "But you can't tell us where." Paul said he couldn't and reminded Sharon that secrecy was key to her family's protection.

Nikki thanked Paul for letting them know about Dylan. Sharon blamed herself for pushing Dylan away. Nikki said they'd all find the strength to get through their heartache. Sharon said she didn't know how to explain Dylan's absence to Faith. Sharon asked Paul for guidance. Paul explained that the simplest explanation would be the most reasonable one to outsiders.

Sharon realized she'd have to shoulder the blame even though Dylan had chosen to give her another chance. Paul said he wouldn't place the blame on Sharon without her consent, but he noted that the story would keep Dylan safe. Sharon agreed that Paul's plan to keep Dylan safe was best. Paul told Sharon and Nikki that they were doing the right thing.

After Paul and Nikki left, Sharon considered tossing a family photo into a wastebasket, but instead, she gazed at the image of her beloved spouse. Noah stopped by and noticed that Sharon was packing up Dylan's belongings. Sharon told Noah that she and Dylan had decided to end their marriage because Dylan couldn't deal with losing Christian. Noah recalled that Dylan had forgiven Sharon. Sharon claimed that Dylan could no longer trust her. Noah embraced his mother and said he was sorry for her loss. Sharon seemed devastated.

Jack wakes up in bed with Gloria

Jack wakes up in bed with Gloria

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

At the Baldwins' home, Michael greeted a scantily clad Lauren, who was carrying two mugs to the bedroom. She told him to go back to bed and pretend to be asleep, since she'd wanted him to wake up to the fragrance of coffee. He amorously stated that he forgot all about coffee when he saw her dressed like that, but she protested that she had meetings that day. Lauren pulled away from Michael's kiss and insisted that Jack was waiting for her to sign the papers, and she reiterated that she really needed the deal to go through.

Lauren got ready for her meeting, and Michael wrapped his arms around her and said he'd missed her while she'd been consumed with work. She apologized for pulling away because she'd been stressed out over the problems at Fenmore's, and Michael said he didn't intend on ever letting her go again. She promised not to pull away again, and he kissed her and expressed confidence that she could conquer anything. In between kisses, she told him that he had to get to his client meeting while she finished getting ready. He proclaimed that life was good, and he headed out.

A shirtless Jack grimaced as he woke up in a hotel bed, clearly hungover. He looked under the covers to see if he had on any clothes, and he became alarmed. "Oh, dear God," he muttered as Gloria stirred on the other side of the bed, and they stared at one another in horror. Jack got dressed, and Gloria complained about him zipping up too loudly. Jack groused that he didn't like the situation any better than she did, and he wondered how it had happened.

Gloria questioned how she and Jack had gotten a room, and he panicked that someone had seen them go up there together. Gloria chided Jack for being melodramatic, since people drinking wasn't newsworthy. She teased him for giving in after not having a drink for several years, and he confirmed that his tolerance for booze was down. She suddenly remembered something that had happened in the elevator, and he ordered her to stop. Gloria recalled bragging about doing a yoga pose, and Jack insisted that neither of them had been in their right mind.

Jack tried to convince himself that nothing had happened, and Gloria replied that she wasn't thrilled about it, either, but it had only been sex between two consenting, unattached adults. He grappled with how it had happened, and she reminded him that they'd been doing shots to celebrate the Fenmore's deal. Gloria demanded that they never say another word about it and that they forget it had ever happened. Jack stressed that nothing had happened, but Gloria referred to the bite marks on her shoulder. She wanted his word that he'd keep mum, and he pledged to keep it a secret to the grave.

Downstairs at the Athletic Club, Colin greeted Jill by reciting poetry, claiming that she'd inspired him. She pointed out that he'd been the one to run off to Australia, but he said he hadn't been able to stay away because he'd missed her. Jill informed him that she'd been busy with Brash & Sassy's product launch with Lily as the face of the men's line. Colin imagined that Cane was thrilled, but Jill revealed that Cane had mixed feelings because of the shift in power.

Jill compared marriage to a dance, and she thought every married couple needed to learn to compromise. Colin understood what it was like to be married to a gorgeous, successful woman who was capable of conquering the world and taking home the bacon, and Jill quipped that he loved her bacon. He received a text message and said he had to go, and Jill questioned just how much he'd missed his wife. He intended to show her when he got home, but there was something he had to take care of first.

Jack dazedly looked around as he descended the stairs to the foyer. Jill approached and said she'd been about to call him, since she had heard from a foundation donor. Jack mumbled to shoot him an email, but Jill invited him to have coffee while she had a bloody Mary. She noticed his disheveled appearance and asked if he hadn't slept, and he claimed that he'd been mulling over his contract with Lauren to finalize Jabot's stake in Fenmore's. Jill demanded to know what he was talking about.

Jill ranted that Lauren couldn't make the deal, since Jill owned half the company. Jack stated that they'd be having a different conversation if Eric Forrester hadn't been involved, but Lauren still had control of Fenmore's. Jill barked that Lauren was supposed to be sharing the company with her, and Jack assumed that Jill had been in the loop about Fenmore's significant financial issues. Jill was stunned that Lauren had been seeking investors, since Jill would have given Lauren the cash. Jack declared that the deal was done, but Jill huffed that she'd see about that.

Jack downed aspirin with his coffee, and he flashed back to drinking with Gloria at the bar and catching her when she'd fallen. Meanwhile, Michael entered the club and ran into a frazzled Gloria in the foyer, and he asked if she'd spent the night there. Jack passed by, and Michael mentioned that Lauren was very excited about their meeting. Michael noted that Jack seemed out of sorts, and he guessed that Jack had been burning the midnight oil. Gloria and Jack coolly acknowledged one another before he exited.

Michael joined Gloria at the bar and surmised that it had been a long night, and he implored her to tell him what she'd done. Gloria claimed that she and a female friend had reminisced, and she scolded him for assuming the worst. He replied that experience had taught him that it was the safest bet, and he wondered why she hadn't taken a cab home. Gloria stated that she'd wanted to give Chloe space while Kevin was away for work, and Michael asked if her friend had also stayed the night. Gloria slipped by saying that "he'd" had someplace to go, but she added that it was none of Michael's business. She expected Michael to apologize to her later, since he was wrong about the night before.

Jill arrived at Lauren's door, but Lauren said she was running out to a meeting. Jill revealed that she knew it was at Jabot, and she sternly stated that the meeting could wait. Jill admonished Lauren for not saying a word about looking for investors or the deal she'd made with Jabot. Lauren argued that she still controlled Fenmore's, but Jill barked that Lauren hadn't had any business making the decision without consulting her.

Lauren ignored her ringing phone, and Jack left her a testy message to let her know that she was late to sign the contracts. Lauren said she hadn't owed Jill a consultation, since Lauren still ran the company while Jill was busy with Brash & Sassy and her son. Lauren griped that Jill had been more than happy to let Lauren do the heavy lifting for months, so Jill didn't get a vote. Lauren told Jill to just say thank you and walk away, since she didn't need Jill's approval. "Oh, honey, the hell you don't," Jill snarled.

At GC Buzz, Devon completed a financial transaction over the phone, and Lily and Cane walked in and were surprised Devon wasn't at home. Devon reported that he'd been going stir-crazy, so he'd gone back to work. Devon inquired whether they had good news, and Lily said it depended on how one looked at it, but she and Cane thought so. Lily explained how filling in as a model at Brash & Sassy's photo shoot had led to the company offering her a contract, and she announced that she was the new brand ambassador. She added that it would be a commitment with a lot of traveling, and Devon exclaimed that he couldn't be more proud.

Lily pointed out that she couldn't do her new job while still managing the club, and Devon immediately accepted her resignation. Devon thought Lily had a special quality that would be a shame to waste, and he encouraged her to go after the new opportunity. Lily admitted that it was exciting but daunting, and she offered to contact some recruitment agencies to find a replacement for her at the club. Devon insisted on handling it himself with her schedule filling up, and Cane remarked that they had a lot to do before the Valentine's Day launch.

Lily privately told Cane that she'd almost been convinced that he was excited about her modeling again, and he maintained that he was just having a hard time dealing with his business partner offering her a contract without consulting him. Lily hesitated to do it if it got between them, but Cane called it an amazing opportunity, and he insisted that he was happy for her. He added that she was the best thing to ever happen to him, and they'd been through rough times, but he didn't want that to be one of them. Cane envisioned her career kicking into high gear on the anniversary of the day she'd promised to always be his.

Devon rejoined Cane and Lily and relayed that he'd just been on the phone with a recruiter, and he jokingly stated that he'd have no problem finding someone better than Lily to manage the club. Devon urged Lily to focus on the adventure ahead of her, and he thought he should follow her lead by getting his own life together. Devon recalled that he'd been bouncing between things when he'd had Katherine's money fall in his lap, and he pledged to figure things out. Cane and Lily headed out, and he received a text message. Cane's expression turned dark when he learned that his father was back.

At Brash & Sassy, Billy and Victoria discussed the marketing campaign for the men's body spray, and he thought the photo of Lily would motivate guys to buy it. Victoria pointed out that women did most of the shopping, but he figured that single guys might need help. Victoria questioned whether he meant guys needed help with trying to score, and Billy contended that she didn't need to ease into a conversation about Reed. They argued about finding Reed making out with a girl, and Victoria asserted that she'd reacted like any mom, but Reed had accused her of being stone cold.

Victoria tried to concentrate on work, and Billy called her out on pretending to ignore him. He agreed that Reed had been out of line to insult her just because he'd gotten busted, and she revealed that she was upset because Reed had defended Billy and had made her out to be the bad guy. Billy swore that the last thing he'd wanted had been to make things more difficult, and he'd only been trying to help because he knew what Reed was going through. Billy was sure that Reed was mad at her because she'd embarrassed him.

Victoria lectured that Reed never should have invited a girl over or made out with her. Billy maintained that it was what teenagers did, and Victoria countered that their mean moms stopped them. Billy inquired whether she'd lose it when it happened again, and she snapped that it was none of his business. Billy told her to stop focusing on him when she should be trying to fix things with her son, and she said Reed was welcome to apologize. Billy surmised that Reed wouldn't forgive Victoria anytime soon for embarrassing him in front of a girl he liked.

Victoria asserted that moms set boundaries and that kids had to deal with it, but Billy reasoned that she couldn't expect Reed to turn to her about things that mattered if she kept freaking out. Victoria imagined that Billy expected Reed to go to Billy, but Billy thought it would be nice if Reed counted on his mom for things that weren't sex-related. Billy argued that Reed was trying to fit in at a new school, but Reed had felt like a jerk in front of a girl he liked. Billy cautioned that Reed might want to run like he had from J.T., but Reed had nowhere else to go, and he encouraged Victoria to let her son know she was on his side. Lily interrupted, and Billy departed to let the women get to work.

Victoria informed Lily that they were going all out with publicity for the campaign, and Lily thought the twins would die if they saw her on bus stop posters. Lily couldn't believe how much she'd missed modeling, and she couldn't wait to get started. Victoria advised that Lily would be very busy with personal appearances on Valentine's Day, but Lily thought her role would be doing media and print before the date of the launch. Victoria explained that the brand ambassador had to be there for such a crucial date for the line, and she needed to know right away if it would be a problem for Lily.

Lily explained that she just hadn't known that she'd be needed in person on Valentine's Day, but it was fine. Victoria related to having to balance family and work, but she was adamant that Lily say if she had a problem with working on Valentine's Day. Lily admitted that she was a little scared that things might fall through the cracks in her personal life, and she'd given Cane a hard time about missing events with the kids before, but she really wanted the job. Lily enthused that just thinking about it made her happy, and she promised do whatever she needed to do.

Cane entered the Chancellor mansion and asked what Colin was doing there. Colin replied that he lived there unless Jill had booted him out, and he had to check to see if his stuff was still in the closet. Cane coldly remarked that he'd thought Colin's home was in Chicago, but Colin insisted that home was in Genoa City with his wife, son, and grandkids. Colin mentioned Lily's new role at Brash & Sassy, and he inquired how it had been working out for Cane and Lily. Cane insisted that he supported what Lily wanted to do. Colin chortled and said that line might work for suckers in the street, but it didn't work with "dear old dad."

Colin contended that he knew Cane better than Cane cared to admit, since Cane had inherited his large ego from someone. Cane conceded that he had concerns about Lily's new job, but he and Lily were working through it. Colin scoffed at the idea of Cane rolling over and going with the plan, but Cane argued that he and Lily both worked there, so they'd constantly see one another. Colin imagined that Cane would see her at photo shoots and on the red carpet, and Cane questioned why Colin was trying to get him worked up.

Cane recognized that his family had to adjust, but he refused to tell Lily what she could or couldn't do. Colin guessed that Lily would be making a lot of money, but Cane warned that the checks weren't rolling in yet, so there was no point in Colin hitting them up for money. Colin swore that he was talking father to son, and he knew the challenge of being married to a woman who earned more than he did. Colin cautioned that money was tricky and that love was trickier, and together the two created a complicated situation.

Reed entered Crimson Lights and greeted Zoey, who was sitting with some friends. Zoey joked that she was surprised that his mom hadn't locked him in the basement, and one of her friends commented that Reed's mom sounded like a total witch. Zoey showed Reed a meme of Victoria as a green witch that she'd created from a photo that Reed had posted online. Reed asked Zoey to delete the meme, since his mom wasn't that bad. Zoey asserted that she'd been defending him, since his mom had been unfair the night before, and she figured that no one would see it except kids at school.

Zoey told Reed to lighten up, but he objected because his face was in it. Zoey said she hadn't thought he'd mind, and Reed replied that she didn't know him. He walked away, and a friend of Zoey's asked what his problem was. Zoey presented Reed with a beverage to apologize, and she asked if they were okay. He inquired whether she wanted to hang out again sometime, and she sarcastically stated that his mom would love it. He contended that his mom couldn't tell him who to like, and he admitted that he liked Zoey.

Later, Billy approached Reed, who defended that he wasn't skipping school. Reed wondered if Victoria knew that Billy was there to see him. Billy said he wouldn't lie if she asked, but he'd wanted to see how Reed was doing. Reed complained that he'd been humiliated by his mom in front of a girl. Billy pointed out that Victoria had just reacted like a mother, but Reed thought that any other mother might have saved her kid's dignity.

Billy urged Reed to give Victoria time because she loved him, but Reed groused that it didn't seem like she did. Reed asked if Billy wanted to see what Victoria had started, and he showed Billy the meme. Reed swore that he'd never forgive his mom for what she'd done to him.

Feuding Begins Between Sisters and Co-Workers

Feuding Begins Between Sisters and Co-Workers

> Feuding Begins Between Sisters and Co-Workers

Feuding Begins Between Sisters and Co-Workers

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

by Nel

Jack, who was very hungover, left an angry message for Lauren to get back to him as soon as she picked up, and he slammed the phone down. Phyllis knocked. Jack growled for her to enter and to stop pounding. He asked if Phyllis had seen Lauren. Phyllis assured him Lauren would be there. Jack wanted to finalize the deal. Phyllis assured him the deal would go down the way it was supposed to. Jack said not if Jill had anything to do with it.

Jack informed Phyllis that Lauren had failed to consider that Jill owned half of Fenmore's, and Jill could blow up the whole deal with Lauren. Jack knew that after his encounter with Jill, she had run straight to Lauren. Phyllis didn't believe Jill would stop Lauren. Jack said that there were many ways for Jill to nix the deal. Phyllis asked if Jack thought Jill would take Lauren to court. Jack grumbled that that was how Jill had gotten half of Fenmore's in the first place.

Phyllis stated that Jill's ego was bruised because Lauren hadn't consulted her. Phyllis asked if Jill knew that Phyllis was working at Fenmore's. Jack said she did. Phyllis felt that she was the reason Jill wanted to deep-six the deal. Jill hated that Phyllis was a part of it, and she'd been looking for a way to get back at Phyllis ever since the Billy thing.

Jack asked if Phyllis had just said "that Billy thing." He assumed she was talking about her affair with Billy. Jack said she had raised the most difficult subject for the two of them to broach. Phyllis apologized. Phyllis got back to business and stated that Jill had multiple reasons to thwart the transaction, but they didn't know for sure that Jill would. Jack knew Jill was a real threat.

Jack felt he should tear up the contract himself because he didn't want to get in the middle of Jill and Lauren's feud. Phyllis said that determination was one of Jack's selling points. Jack had it, and so did Lauren. Lauren wouldn't allow anything to derail the agreement. Phyllis knew that Jack and Lauren would take the companies to new heights together unless Jack wanted to kill the deal.

Phyllis asked if Jack was looking for a way out because Phyllis was part of the package. Jack growled that not everything was about her. He acknowledged that Phyllis had value in the arrangement, and her platform complemented and enhanced Jabot Go. He wasn't about to let personal issues get in the way of profits. Phyllis left to track Lauren down.

In Lauren's living room, Lauren said Jill couldn't just walk in and expect Lauren to call off her deal with Jack. Jill insisted she could. Lauren told her that the deal was going to happen, and Jill had to get over it. Lauren pointed out that Jill had been immersed in Brash & Sassy for months. She asked when Jill had given Fenmore's a thought. Jill said it didn't give Lauren the right to go behind her back and make a deal.

Lauren advised that she was saving her company. Jill yelled, "Our company." Jill wanted to know why Lauren hadn't talked to her. Jill could have arranged financing. Lauren said there was no way Fenmore's would become a subsidiary of Chancellor Industries. Jill couldn't believe that Lauren had sold Jack forty-nine percent of the company. Jill asked Lauren if it had been her best option.

Jill was upset that her share of Fenmore's would be cut in half once the deal was made. Lauren advised that Jill could have twenty-five percent of a thriving company or fifty percent of nothing. Jill pulled out a contract, waved it at Lauren, and stated that that contract stated Jill was half owner of Fenmore's. Lauren told her she didn't need a reminder because Lauren had very vivid memories of being hauled into court, Jill demanding half of Lauren's company, Jill cloning Lauren's office furniture, Jill invading Lauren's space, and finding Jill and Colin having sex under her desk.

Jill yelled that it didn't give Lauren the right to make a unilateral decision about the future of Fenmore's. Jill said she wouldn't be ignored. Lauren advised that she'd made a smart decision and apologized if it hurt Jill. Jill said her feelings were intact, but her business sense was outraged.

Jill asked why Lauren was so against partnering with Chancellor, which was a much better alternative than selling out to Jack. Lauren said she hadn't sold out -- she'd kept control, and they held fifty-one percent of the company. Jill yelled that Lauren had no right to make the deal without involving her. Lauren reminded Jill that years earlier, Lauren had gone against her gut and given Jill half of Fenmore's, but Lauren wouldn't sell her soul for a second time and work for Jill. Jill said that half of the company was rightfully hers, and Lauren had conveniently forgotten the most important part --- the contract, which was morally and legally binding. Jill shoved the contract into Lauren's chest. Lauren put the contract back onto Jill's chest and said they were done. Jill disagreed because nothing had been decided.

Lauren said that being under the Chancellor umbrella was a compromise Lauren wasn't willing to make. Lauren told Jill to take her to court, and Lauren guaranteed it wouldn't be in the best interest of their company in the long run. Jill admitted that she had no intention of suing Lauren because Jill wasn't as litigious as Lauren thought. Lauren sniped that that was coming from a woman who'd happened to pull out a seven-year-old contract from her purse to throw in Lauren's face. Jill said the contract was to make a point that her opinion with Fenmore's mattered because she owned half of it. Jill said that if the roles had been reversed, Lauren would have been as persistent as Jill was being. Lauren said the roles had been reversed -- Jill had poached Cane behind Lauren's back, and she had rescheduled and canceled meetings out of spite.

Lauren told Jill she hadn't done it to hurt Jill -- she'd done it so their company wouldn't become extinct. Lauren felt she'd been justified, and she was making the deal with Jack no matter what Jill said or did. Through gritted teeth, Jill asked if Lauren had always been that pigheaded and Jill had never noticed. Jill was on her way out the door when Lauren said that it was obvious Jill didn't know her as well as Jill thought she did. Jill walked out without closing the door.

At GC Buzz, Devon was giving Roz instructions about some financing when Hilary arrived. Hilary asked Devon if Roz was going to personnel to drop off her termination papers and if Devon planned to sell GC Buzz. Devon said he wasn't going to sell it, and he'd freed up some money to implement some changes. He told Hilary that she still worked there and was still under contract. He expected her to honor it.

Hilary thought Devon couldn't stand being around her, but Devon clarified that they weren't reconciling. They would only be spending a couple of hours a week together. He acknowledged that Hilary was largely the reason for GC Buzz's success, but she would be getting a co-host -- Mariah. Mariah asked Hilary if she was okay with that. Hilary said she had no choice, since she was under contract.

Devon advised that Hilary would do the gossip portion. Mariah would do the feel-good portion and make sure that Hilary's gossip information was accurate. He also advised that they would go live later that evening with a special broadcast to introduce and welcome their new co-host. Devon walked away, and Hilary confirmed with Mariah that they would have to get along. Mariah agreed they would -- until Hilary stabbed her in the back and took over the show.

Hilary asked Mariah for the new script. She looked it over and made a few edits that Mariah approved. Hilary suggested that Mariah go to hair and makeup. Hilary proceeded to make further changes to the script and added a clip. She gave Roz the new script and advised her that Devon had called earlier and had approved it. Hilary asked Roz not to mention it to Mariah. It would be a surprise Mariah would never forget and would welcome Mariah as co-host.

The broadcast got underway. Devon arrived and asked Roz how things were going. Roz said things weren't perfect, but it was okay. She told Devon that she'd given Mariah and Hilary the revised script. Devon said he hadn't ordered a revised script. At that moment Hilary said it was time to welcome their new co-host, and she had a clip to show.

Hilary aired a clip of Mariah's trip and fall. Hilary said Mariah had been humiliated in her debut as solo host. Hilary admitted it had been her fault that Mariah had tripped and fallen. Hilary admitted she'd been jealous and spiteful, and she'd deliberately tripped Mariah because Mariah had taken over as solo host of the show. Hilary apologized to Mariah during the live broadcast and hoped that Mariah could forgive her. Devon was shocked but impressed.

Billy arrived at Brash & Sassy and showed Victoria the picture that was posted online of her and Reed. It was a photograph of Victoria with a green face, and the caption read: "Reed's house. I'd turn back if I were you." Victoria was upset and asked why Reed would do that. Billy told her that Zoey had done it. Victoria announced that Zoey was officially banned from her house and from hanging out with Reed. Reed didn't need friends like that in his life. Billy advised her not to go nuclear because Reed had behaved like a normal kid. Billy reminded Victoria that that was what kids did.

Victoria was concerned that the picture would go viral, and their distributors, buyers, and some of the employees would see the wicked witch of Orchard Grove and laugh. Victoria found it humiliating. Billy reminded her that it wasn't about her -- it was about her son and the price he'd paid because Victoria had been overreacting to Reed acting like a normal kid. Billy said that Reed had been mortified by Victoria's reaction when she'd seen Reed and Zoey together. Billy said that Reed would be known as the witch's son rather than the wicked guitar player that he was.

Victoria hadn't realized how hurt Reed was. Billy assured her the situation could be fixed. Victoria felt she could handle adolescent angst, but Billy disagreed. Victoria realized that a hug and milk and cookies wouldn't work. Victoria decided to go and have a talk with Reed but asked Billy for a favor before she left.

Jack exited his office and bumped into Billy. Jack informed Billy that Ashley was in a meeting. Billy clarified that he'd been with Stacy in finance to make sure their rent had been paid on time. Jack said he'd arrange for direct deposit to save Billy a trip. Billy mentioned he'd heard that Jack would be doing business with Fenmore's and reminded Jack that Phyllis worked for Fenmore's. Billy advised Jack not to jerk Phyllis around and appealed to Jack's better nature.

Billy said that once Jack got past his hurt, he would see the sacrifice Phyllis had made. Phyllis had left Jabot and a job she'd loved in order to start fresh, partially for herself, but mostly for Jack's sake. She knew that her presence would be a painful reminder for Jack. Phyllis cared enough to walk away, and because of circumstances beyond her control, she was back in Jack's orbit. Billy hoped that Jack would handle the situation in a professional manner. Jack asked if Billy wanted him to let Phyllis off the hook. Billy asked if that would kill Jack. Jack said he still had Billy to blame, and he got on the elevator.

Lauren met Phyllis at the Athletic Club. Lauren had thought Jack would be with Phyllis. Phyllis advised that Jack had had better days, and he was afraid that Jill would quash the deal. Lauren admitted that Jill had stormed in and made demands, but she assured Phyllis the deal was still on the table, and she would allay Jack's fears. Lauren said they were back on track and would move forward.

Phyllis said that Jill wasn't the only complication that Jack had been concerned about. Phyllis said that every time Jack would see her, it would bring up painful memories. Lauren reminded Phyllis that Jack had turned all her prospective investors away, so he would have to deal with his memories. Lauren said she was sick of Jill's ranting and Jack having second thoughts. She'd worked too hard and too long to lose her family legacy. She wouldn't let that happen.

Jack joined Lauren, and she advised him that she was prepared to go ahead with the deal. Jack asked about Phyllis. Lauren said she was on a phone call. Lauren said that if Phyllis was going to be an issue for Jack, they needed to address it right away, or Lauren would be the one having reservations about signing the deal. Phyllis arrived. Jack said there was no problem. He produced the contract, and Lauren signed it and handed it back to Jack.

At the Chancellor mansion, Jill complained to Colin that Lauren had never told her about the deal. She'd had to hear it from Jack. Fenmore's could have used Jill's expertise, but Lauren had chosen to go to Phyllis and Jack instead. Jill acknowledged that Phyllis' business acumen would be a huge asset, and Phyllis' virtual dressing room app was going to be a huge success. Jill felt Lauren should have approached Jill and let her help keep the company in the family. Colin advised that Jill needed to fight with everything she had. Jill agreed and said she had the profits from Chancellor and Brash & Sassy, which gave her plenty to fight with.

Jill told Colin she was going to go behind Lauren's back and make Jack an obscene offer for his share of Fenmore's -- no matter the cost. Jill was resigned to the fact that the deal would happen. Colin was worried it would take a lot of cash to sort the mess out, and he was concerned about how deep the rift might go. Jill said she'd sleep on it and make her decision the following day. She went upstairs. Colin breathed a sigh of relief.

Victoria met Reed at Crimson Lights. Reed wanted to duck out, saying he had a class, but Victoria said she knew he had a spare period. She suggested they go home to talk if he didn't want to be seen with her. She said she also knew about the witch thing and apologized for embarrassing him. Reed was shocked because he'd expected a lecture.

Victoria said it was easy to run little ones' lives and business because it was easy to dictate what the kids should do. She had tried to do the same with Reed, and it had been an epic failure. She said Reed was old enough to make his own choices, and she might not always agree with them, but she would try. She wanted things to be better between them. She wanted to get to know Reed better -- his likes and dislikes.

To show Reed she was serious, Victoria showed him she had Jeff White tickets for a concert that evening in Chicago. Reed couldn't believe his eyes and thanked Victoria. He asked if Billy could go with him. Victoria look a little disappointed, but she agreed. Reed smiled and said he was kidding, and he wanted to go with her. She asked if he was going to be embarrassed to be seen with his mother -- the witch. Reed said there was one condition -- she had to leave her broom at home.

Jill plots to gain control of Fenmore's

Jill plots to gain control of Fenmore's

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Neil ran into Devon in the Athletic Club foyer, and Devon mentioned that he was setting up interviews to find a replacement for Lily as the club's manager. Neil inquired whether it had been Devon's decision to put Hilary on GC Buzz to apologize, but Devon revealed that it had been the last thing he'd expected. Neil wondered if it had changed things for Devon, but Devon said he couldn't forget that he'd almost lost his life because of Hilary, and he thought he would be nuts to give her a second chance. Neil remarked that love made people nuts, and he thought Devon wouldn't be able to move on while his feelings were unresolved.

Neil encouraged Devon to be honest about what he wanted, and Devon admitted that he was embarrassed that he had no idea. Devon recognized that he should divorce Hilary as quickly as possible after everything she'd done, but he couldn't stop thinking about her. Neil advised Devon to give himself time to put the memories behind him, but Devon bemoaned that a lifetime wouldn't be long enough to stop him from missing and wanting her. Neil questioned whether Devon was considering taking her back, and Devon conceded that he should think that it would be the worst possible thing to do, but he couldn't make himself believe it.

At GC Buzz, Mariah asked if Hilary had seen the positive reactions to the prior night's show. Mariah gave Hilary credit for making a public apology, and she praised Hilary for knowing how to work "the TV thing." Hilary coolly inquired whether that was all Mariah had to say, and Mariah pointed out that she'd paid Hilary several compliments. Hilary noted that Mariah hadn't accepted her apology, and Mariah questioned why she should, since the apology had been designed for only one person -- Devon.

Hilary and Mariah discussed story ideas for the next show, and Hilary commented that anything could happen in that town before the sun went down. Mariah wondered what Devon had thought of Hilary's apology, but Hilary replied that he'd been gone by the time they'd finished taping. Hilary forlornly stated that she hadn't expected him to believe she'd changed, but she was glad she'd gotten a chance to clear her conscience. Mariah was skeptical, but Hilary asserted that no one knew better than she did that nothing good ever happened from lying.

Mariah stared at Hilary to see if her nose started growing, since Hilary's statement that she was done lying was the biggest whopper Mariah had ever heard. Hilary reasoned that someone could have an epiphany when their husband had almost died; she would do anything to hold onto the one person on the planet who truly loved her, but she couldn't because of her own selfishness and deceit. Hilary expected Mariah to use it against her. However, Mariah acknowledged that she'd been as bad as Hilary, and she believed the part about Hilary wanting to change. Hilary lamented that it was too bad it didn't matter what Mariah believed.

Devon arrived at the studio and told Mariah that she'd done a great job the day before. He thanked her for her hard work, and she pointed him to where Hilary was working. Hilary assumed by the way he'd taken off that he was angry at her for making an off-script apology without running it by him first. Devon replied that he was actually impressed.

At the Chancellor mansion, Jill grunted in disgust when she read about the merger between Jabot and Fenmore's in the paper. Cane didn't understand why she was upset, since Fenmore's had needed the money, and Lauren had maintained control. Jill groused that Lauren hadn't even consulted her about the deal, and Colin warned Jill not to get riled up. Jill griped that her sister had left her out of a multi-million-dollar transaction, and the whole world had known about it before Jill had. Colin reminded Jill that they'd discussed choosing their battles. He advised that it was best to walk away, but Jill refused.

Colin offered Jill some tea, but she said nothing would change her mood unless she got her share of Fenmore's back from Jack. Colin reminded Jill that she was busy handling Chancellor and Brash & Sassy, and Cane pointed out that Jill had liked being a silent partner in Fenmore's. Jill stated that she had until she'd found out after the fact that the chain had been in trouble, and Cane knowingly indicated that he'd also be upset if he'd found out decisions had been made without him. Cane headed out, and Colin wondered why Jill was agitated when the deal was already in place.

Jill imagined being a player if she made a generous offer, but Colin cautioned that being full of righteous anger and adrenalin wasn't a good way to do business. He encouraged her to look at the big picture and do what was best as a woman who was married to man who loved her. Colin wished the whole Fenmore's-Jabot thing would just go away, and Jill became suspicious about why he was against her getting involved. He said he was worried about her state of mind, but she demanded to know the real reason he didn't want her to pursue the deal. Colin claimed that his love for Jill was his motive, since the last few years had been a whirlwind with splitting time between Hong Kong and Chicago and acquiring Brash & Sassy.

Jill argued that Colin had known who she was when he'd married her, but he wondered how much more success they had to acquire and at what personal cost. Jill incredulously asked if he expected her to change, and Colin contended that she was at a time in her life when she could reap the benefits of the wonderful things she'd built and done. He suggested that they savor the finer things in life together and spend time doing things that they'd never done before. She countered that they could have all those things whether she was working or not, but he begged her not to make decisions out of spite, since life was too short. They kissed.

At Brash & Sassy, Victoria was grateful to have coffee after taking Reed to a concert the night before. Billy surmised that the late night had been worth it, and he prompted her to thank him for hooking her up with the tickets. Victoria handed Billy a bag with a concert T-shirt that Reed had picked out, and she reported that her son had been blown away by the tickets. Billy suspected that Reed hadn't been the only one to have fun, and she recalled that Reed had been cool with being seen with his mom once he'd confirmed that he hadn't known anyone there. Victoria added that the shirt was also to thank Billy for helping her to see Reed's point of view, since she and her son were in a better place.

Victoria groaned that she needed a vat of coffee to wake up, but Billy announced that he had an eye-opener. He showed her an online article about the Jabot-Fenmore's merger creating a dynasty. Victoria was shocked that a merger had been in the works, and Billy indicated that Phyllis had tipped him off about it. Billy was surprised that Lauren had picked Jack as an investor, and Victoria noted that Jabot didn't want or need anything from anyone. Billy figured that Jack had wanted to make sure that he was known as king of Genoa City, and Victoria found it weird that Jill hadn't said anything. Billy assumed that Jill hadn't known about the deal, and Victoria envisioned Jill's explosive reaction.

Billy anticipated that Jill would storm in to fight so that Jabot wouldn't beat Brash & Sassy. Victoria stated that she wanted a fight, too, and she requested that Billy help her launch the latest weapon in their arsenal. Moments later, Billy unbuttoned his shirt, and Victoria warned that something might be cold. He suggested that she warm it up first, but she instructed him to man up for a scientific experiment. She sprayed each side of his chest with a different fragrance, and he asked which one would be their signature scent.

Victoria had difficulty choosing her favorite, and Billy implored her to move closer. He reminded her that it was all about science, and she tentatively took a step forward and sniffed him. She moaned softly when she smelled one of the scents, and she called it distinctive and fresh. He started to button his shirt, but she said there was a third sample, and she applied it to his neck. She leaned in close to him and determined that it was more subtle, and he again urged her to get closer. Cane entered and asked if they could try to keep things professional.

Victoria explained that they needed to choose the rest of the fragrances for the men's body spray. Cane complained that Victoria and Billy had done it without him, and he reminded them that they were supposed to be running the business together. Victoria asked if Cane had done work on the selections himself, and he replied that he had. She contended that it was no different from what she and Billy had been doing, and she suggested that they hash out what their favorite was. An appalled Billy asked whether Cane had to smell him, too, and Victoria reminded them that it was all about science. Billy begrudgingly unbuttoned his shirt again.

At Jabot, Jack held a meeting with key employees of Jabot and Fenmore's, and he proclaimed that the merger was a tremendous moment for both companies. He ignored an incoming call from Gloria, and he added that how they'd gotten there no longer mattered, since the important thing was that they were all on the same side. Gloria left a voicemail message to demand that Jack call her back immediately.

Jack stressed that everyone had to contribute their maximum effort and passion to their common goal of unrivaled success. Lauren bragged that both companies employed the brightest and the best, and she expected it to be a mutually beneficial relationship. Jack assigned Ravi to work with Phyllis to get the virtual dressing room up and running as their top priority, and he hoped everyone else did everything possible to help Lauren during the transition. The meeting broke up, and Lauren credited Jack for instructing rather than ordering his employees to make sure the transition went smoothly.

Lauren told Ashley that she looked forward to working together, and Ashley returned the sentiment. Phyllis figured that she should get to work, since she wasn't being included in the mutual declarations of admiration. Jack stood by his earlier statement that they all had to be part of a united front, and he recognized that Phyllis played a critical role. Jack acknowledged that he and Phyllis had personal issues, but he swore that she'd be treated with professionalism.

Phyllis exited with Lauren, who pointed out that Jack had been making an effort, but Phyllis hesitated to trust that Jack had been sincere after he'd jerked them around. Phyllis suggested that Lauren reach out to Jill, and Lauren revealed that Jill was upset that Lauren hadn't turned to her when Fenmore's had been in trouble. Phyllis questioned why Lauren hadn't, and Lauren explained that she'd broken it, so she'd needed to fix it. Phyllis applauded Lauren for fixing it brilliantly, but she thought it would mean a lot to Jill if Lauren talked about it with her in person. Lauren hoped to make Jill understand, but if Jill didn't, there was nothing Jill could do about it anymore.

Meanwhile, Jack observed that Ashley had only provided one-word answers since the meeting, and she remarked that he'd been full of surprises. He expected her to grill him about his dynamic with Phyllis, but Ashley had greater concerns. Jack picked up a call from Gloria and snapped that he was in the middle of something, and she told him not to dare hang up on her. Jack ended the call, and Gloria angrily slammed her phone down.

Jack thought Ashley shouldn't have been surprised that Jabot would be sharing its resources with Fenmore's. Ashley argued that Ravi wasn't a resource, and it was counterproductive to take him off a Jabot project and hand him over to Phyllis to monopolize his time. Jack wondered if Ashley's complaint was personal in nature, but she contended that the deal had only happened because of the success of the app Ravi had created. She insisted that they put Jabot first, and Jack assured her that Jabot wouldn't suffer from Ravi's divided attention.

In Ravi's office, Phyllis and Lauren presented Ravi with coffee to prepare for a long day. Lauren gushed that Phyllis had raved about his creativity and skills, and Ravi nervously replied that Fenmore's sold nice stuff. Lauren explained that the platform that Ravi and Phyllis would be collaborating on was essential for Fenmore's continued success, and they'd be launching it within weeks. Ravi fretted that he had other deadlines to work on for Ashley, but Lauren reiterated that the project for Fenmore's was a priority, so Ashley would have to adjust. Ravi balked, but Phyllis had every confidence that they could deliver what Lauren wanted.

Later, Ashley walked in on Phyllis bouncing around in Ravi's chair. Phyllis called the chair amazing, and she thought sitting on it would even make Ashley pleasant. Ashley groused that she'd been forced to let Ravi work with Phyllis, but she refused to let Phyllis take advantage of him by wasting his time or energy. Phyllis insisted that she just needed him to help finish a project. As Ravi hovered outside the door, he overheard Ashley proclaim that he was her right-hand man, and her project would be his top priority.

Jack reprimanded Gloria for just walking into his office, but she suggested that he clear his schedule. He understood that she was disappointed that she couldn't have a job at Fenmore's, and she huffed that it had been the reason she'd been drowning her sorrows with shots. She reminded him that he'd given her his word, but he countered that she hadn't delivered on all her promises, either. Gloria argued that she'd cleared the way for him to make the deal, and Jack contended that he'd had every intention of finding a job for her, but Lauren did the hiring. He added that there was nothing he could do, but Gloria haughtily stated that she knew from personal experience that when he really wanted something, he was unstoppable.

Jack told Gloria to show herself out, but she retorted that the conversation wasn't finished by a long shot. He repeated that there was nothing he could do for her, and he suggested that she find a job elsewhere. She chuckled and asked if he thought he could toss her aside and dismiss her as if she didn't matter. "Trust me, Jack, I will not be ignored!" she bellowed.

Lauren stopped by the Chancellor mansion to talk to Jill, but Colin reported that his wife was at an appointment. He invited Lauren to stick around and chat, and she expected him to echo Jill's complaints. Colin stated that he was on Lauren's side, even though he thought she could have handled the situation with more sensitivity. He admitted that he wished Jill would forget about it and move on, since he selfishly thought about the million things he and Jill could do with that time. Lauren found his reaction very surprising, and Colin assured her that he was doing what he could to mollify Jill. Lauren questioned what he expected in return.

Colin understood Lauren's skepticism, but he swore that he wanted nothing from her. He maintained that he was doing it for the good of his marriage, and Lauren asked him to tell Jill that she'd stopped by because Lauren cared about her. Lauren could hardly believe it when she thanked him, and he hoped it blew over soon.

At the Athletic Club bar, Jill met with an attorney from Mitchell Sherman's office, and she said she needed someone she could trust. Jill explained that she and Lauren were business partners, but her sister had made a deal without consulting her. The lawyer asked what she wanted to do, and she didn't think litigation was the answer. She mentioned that her husband thought she should let it go, and the attorney inquired whether she was no longer in need of the firm's services. Jill responded that she needed the youngest, hungriest associate to work tirelessly on her behalf by using every legal resource possible to get Fenmore's stores back in her hands.

Jill reiterated that she had no desire to get caught up in a lawsuit for years, and she wanted results right away. The lawyer recommended mediation, but she intended to use her assets to make Jack an irresistible offer to make her the majority owner of Fenmore's. The attorney warned that the company might not be salvageable, and she conceded that it was risky. She suddenly smiled and said maybe there was another option.

Jill burst into Brash & Sassy's office and told Victoria, Billy, and Cane to stop whatever they were working on, since she had an offer to make to the three of them. She announced that she wanted to divest Brash & Sassy from Chancellor to free up cash, and the company was all theirs if they wanted to buy it.

Gloria accuses Jack of sexual harassment

Gloria accuses Jack of sexual harassment

Friday, February 3, 2017

At Brash & Sassy, Jill said she was selling the company because she'd accomplished all her goals, but Cane dryly pointed out that Victoria and Billy hadn't gotten back together yet. Jill explained that she'd acquired Brash & Sassy for the three of them to turn around, and they'd exceeded her expectations. She intended to sell the company at a fair rate, and each of them would get a third when their deposits cleared. Billy suspected that Jill already knew what she wanted to do with the money, and Jill announced that she planned to reclaim what had been stolen from her.

Jill vowed to buy back Jack's shares of Fenmore's, since Lauren had been legally obligated to consult Jill but had gone behind Jill's back. Billy questioned why Jill thought Jack was willing to part with them, and Cane suggested that Billy help his mom while Cane and Victoria ran Brash & Sassy. Jill declared that she'd sell to the threesome under one condition -- they had to keep the deal a secret until it closed. Everyone agreed.

After Jill and Victoria left, Billy implied that Cane didn't have the capital to make such a huge investment. Cane countered that he didn't have to be an Abbott or a Newman to be financially solvent, and Billy guessed that Cane would go to Devon for a loan. Cane asserted that he had the money, and he predicted that he'd buy Billy out within a year. Billy wished he still gambled, since he'd bet everything he had against that. Later, Cane instructed someone on the phone to sell all his holdings.

At the Chancellor mansion, Colin told someone over the phone that he'd get the money soon. He hurriedly hung up when Jill returned home, and Esther took her coat. Jill remarked that it was nice to have her back, and Esther glanced at Colin and said it was worth putting up with certain people to feel closer to Mrs. C. Colin fretted that Jill was tense, and Jill refused to relax until she got what was hers. She mentioned that her lawyers were working on a deal memo.

Colin rattled off reasons why dealing with Fenmore's would be a massive pain. Jill recognized that it would be a huge commitment, so she was selling Brash & Sassy to Victoria, Cane, and Billy to free up her time and provide the funds to buy back Jack's shares of Fenmore's. Colin imagined that she'd sell Brash & Sassy at an enormous profit, and she complained that losing her rightful share of Fenmore's had led to her grinding her teeth. Colin suggested that they go on a cruise to relax. Jill envisioned returning ready to fight Jack and Lauren, since no one screwed her over and got away with it.

Ravi listened from outside his office as Phyllis dared Ashley to tell Jack that she didn't want to share. Ashley asserted that she'd spent months building a working relationship with Ravi, and Phyllis quipped that it was about to become a threesome.

Jack asked why Gloria was still in his office, since their business was done. Gloria refused to leave until he held up his end of the bargain, but he argued that their deal had been to obtain a majority stake in Fenmore's, and he'd only gotten 49 percent. She huffed that their night together had made up for the additional two percent, since he hadn't wanted to leave her bed. Gloria barked that she had a right to talk about whatever she wanted, and Ashley entered and wondered what she'd interrupted.

Jack claimed that Gloria was there to share her concern that he might have too much influence in Lauren's company, but it was of no consequence because Gloria didn't work there. Gloria griped that Jack had tried to take advantage when Lauren had been vulnerable, but Jack pointedly stated that as a minority shareholder, he had nothing to do with strategy or personnel. Gloria spat that he'd made his position crystal clear, and she sauntered out. Ashley asked "what the hell" that had been about.

Ashley demanded to know if Gloria was part of the Fenmore's package, but Jack assured Ashley that Lauren would never let that happen. Ashley observed that Gloria had been acting like a scorned woman, and she wondered if Jack and Gloria's argument had been personal in nature. Ashley turned the topic to Phyllis wanting to get her claws into Ravi, and she ordered Jack to tell Phyllis to "get the hell away." Jack maintained that Phyllis needed Ravi more than Ashley did, and he encouraged Ashley to trust him. Ashley coolly replied that Ravi's time wasn't an infinite resource, and neither was her trust.

Ashley ran into Ravi outside Jack's office, and Ravi reported that he was there to tell Jack that Jabot Go was his priority. Ashley accepted that Ravi worked for both her and Phyllis, and she apologized if she'd made him feel like he'd had to choose sides. He mentioned that he'd overheard the women fighting over him, and he'd never seen anyone get that excited over project management issues. Ravi asked what the deal was, and Ashley suggested they go someplace else to discuss it.

Victoria ran into Phyllis in the corridor and guessed that Phyllis was working at Jabot again. Victoria turned away to take a call, and she told Reed that he wasn't allowed to go out on a school night. After Victoria hung up, Phyllis empathized with having a teenage boy who she barely knew move in, since she and Daniel had butted heads all the time. Victoria was incensed that Phyllis knew that much about her family, and Phyllis revealed that Billy had mentioned that he'd been helping out with Reed. Victoria testily ordered Phyllis to mind her own business.

Victoria returned to Brash & Sassy, where Billy greeted her as his co-owner. She groused that he thought he was the co-owner of her life, since Phyllis had just given her tips about Reed. Victoria admonished Billy for talking about her son or any aspect of her life, but he thought she should give him the benefit of the doubt. She ordered him to stop talking about her behind her back, and he snapped that he'd have a lot more fun if he lived down to her expectations of him. He stormed out.

Billy stepped onto the elevator and found Phyllis there. He pounded the buttons and couldn't wait to get out of there, since he felt like he got kicked in the teeth even when he tried to do something right. He added that it made him want to say "the hell with it all," and she remarked that it had always been her motto. Billy stopped the elevator and pulled Phyllis into a passionate kiss.

Victoria summoned Victor to Brash & Sassy and made him promise that what she was about to tell him would stay between them. Victoria confided that Jill was selling Brash & Sassy, and she, Billy, and Cane would each own one-third of the company. Victor questioned what was wrong with Victoria to be satisfied with a third when the rest would belong to a grifter and a gambler. Victoria chided Victor for turning something she was excited about into a critique of her business acumen. Victor contended that she'd built the company from the ground up, so she should buy "the whole damn thing."

At the Underground, Nick was stunned to hear from Noah that Dylan had bailed on Sharon after standing by her when everyone else had turned their backs. Nick couldn't believe that Dylan had left his whole family behind, and he didn't understand how his brother could have left without telling anyone. Noah voiced concern about Sharon falling apart again without Dylan as her rock.

Later, Ashley and Ravi arrived at the bar, and she regretted that she'd let her issues with Phyllis cloud her judgment. Ashley advised Ravi to build a firewall between his personal and professional lives, but he pointed out that many people found their mates at work. She confided that she'd dated colleagues before, and things had always ended up messy. He figured that divorced people sometimes got it right the second time, and she joked that her second and third times hadn't been the charm, either.

Noah dropped off some drinks, and Ashley introduced him to Ravi as her daughter's nephew. She remarked that having a checkered love life made for an interesting family tree, and Ravi found it depressing that if a woman as smart and beautiful as Ashley couldn't make it work, it left little hope for everyone else. He recalled using an "old-fashioned" dating site in college that had used an algorithm to match people based on their personalities and interests, and he asked her to describe her ideal partner.

Ashley recognized that she always seemed to go for obnoxious, confident alpha males who took charge, since many men were intimidated by successful women, and she needed someone who could give as good as he got. Ravi opined that those qualities weren't only found in macho, aggressive men, and Ashley acknowledged that those men hadn't turned out to be good partners. Ravi advised that there were plenty of men who were both strong and respectful, and a truly confident person didn't have to prove anything. She told him that if he met a guy like that to point him in her general direction.

At the cottage, Mariah was devastated to learn from Sharon that Dylan had left town. Sharon claimed that although Dylan had said things were all right, he had never gotten over the loss of Christian and hadn't been able to trust her. Mariah considered finding Dylan to give him a piece of her mind for abandoning Sharon, but Sharon blurted out that Mariah couldn't do that. Sharon covered by saying that she'd promised to give Dylan a clean break, and Mariah hugged Sharon. Sharon pledged not to wallow, since she had to be strong for Faith's sake. Sharon grappled with finding the right words to tell Faith that the girl was losing someone she loved because of Sharon's mistakes.

Sharon arrived at the Newman ranch and asked Victor and Nikki if they'd spoken with Faith yet, since she thought Faith should hear the news from her. Faith scampered in and announced that she was done with her homework, and Sharon told Faith that she had news about Dylan. Faith worriedly asked if he was hurt, but Victor assured her that Dylan wasn't. Faith inquired how long Dylan would be gone, and Sharon replied, "Forever." Sharon gently explained that he'd moved away because he'd decided that he didn't want to be married to her anymore. Faith demanded to know what Sharon had done.

Sharon contended that there had been lot of reasons Dylan had left, but Faith ranted that he'd left because Sharon had messed up so many times. Faith pointed out that Dylan could have just moved to another house in town, and she questioned whether he'd wanted to get away from her, too. Sharon insisted that Dylan had wanted to make sure Faith knew that he loved her, but Faith wanted to know why he hadn't told her himself. Victor assured Faith that it hadn't been her fault, and Faith blamed Sharon for ruining everything.

Sharon whimpered that she was sorry, and Faith wailed that her daddy had left and that Dylan had moved away forever. Faith yelled that everything was Sharon's fault, and she ran out. Sharon lamented that Faith hated her, and Nikki soothingly stated that Faith didn't understand what Sharon had just sacrificed for Dylan, but Nikki did. Sharon sadly said the worst part was that Faith had been right because it had been Sharon's fault, and she had to live with it. Sharon departed to give Faith some space, and Victor realized that they had to convince Faith to forgive Sharon. Nikki wanted to handle it on her own.

Nikki approached a sullen Faith and noted that the girl had said terrible things to her mother. Faith asserted that she'd just been telling the truth, since she wasn't a liar like Sharon was. Nikki acknowledged that Sharon had made mistakes, but sometimes people did wrong things for the right reasons. Nikki explained that sometimes it wasn't anyone's fault when a marriage ended, and she was as hurt and sad as Faith was. Nikki added that Sharon was, too, and what Faith had said had made Sharon feel a lot worse.

Nick stopped by the cottage, and Sharon expected him to gloat about how she'd chased another man out of her life, but he said he'd just wanted to see how she was doing. Sharon insisted that she'd been taking her meds, so he didn't have to worry about her having a nervous breakdown. Nick thought Dylan shouldn't have left her to pick up the pieces alone, but Sharon accepted responsibility for damaging her marriage beyond repair. She revealed that Faith blamed her for Dylan leaving, since the girl had watched her mother screw up one relationship after another.

Nick understood why Sharon had been upset when Dylan had taken the undercover case, and she called it her husband's first step away from her. Faith appeared at the door, and Sharon said she was sorry that Faith was upset. Faith said she was sorry, too, since she shouldn't have said such nasty things to Sharon. Faith added that she hadn't realized how sad Sharon was about Dylan leaving, and she didn't want to make her mother feel worse. Faith hugged Sharon.

At GC Buzz, Hilary was pleasantly surprised when Devon said he was impressed with her, and Devon figured that it had been difficult for someone as proud as she was to admit when she'd made a mistake. She contended that it had been the right thing to do, and he noted that he hadn't seen that side of her in a while. Hilary remarked that sometimes the right words could save a relationship, and she hoped that eventually she could make things right with Devon the way she had with Mariah. Devon queried whether she'd apologized to Mariah for his benefit, but Hilary insisted that she hadn't bared her soul to thousands of people for him.

Hilary asserted that she'd owned every mistake she'd made, and she'd had a fleeting moment of hope that Devon was willing to try again. Devon clarified that he'd complimented her work, not her, and she was just an employee to him. Hilary murmured that he was a lot more than that to her, and she would have fought to the end of her days to get him back. She added that she loved him too much to put him through that, so she was willing to accept that their marriage was over. He expected that she would punish him in the divorce settlement, and she became incensed that he was willing to think the worst of her all the time.

Later, Gloria entered GC Buzz and introduced herself to Mariah as Kevin's mother, and she requested that they speak privately. Mariah indicated that she didn't have time for whatever was going on with Kevin and Chloe, but Gloria explained that something had happened to her, and people needed to hear her story. Mariah perked up when she realized that it was a potential story for the show, and Gloria proclaimed that it was about sexual harassment and personal intimidation at one of the biggest corporations in Genoa City.

With the camera rolling, Mariah introduced a woman who had agreed to speak with GC Buzz if her identity was protected. Mariah welcomed "Clarissa" to the show, and Gloria declared that she was stepping forward for the sake of women in the workplace who were being victimized. Gloria claimed that it had been difficult for her to find work because people were hiring Millennials, and she was more mature. She explained that she'd consulted on a major deal with the promise of a permanent role if it was successful; the deal had gone through because of her contributions, but her boss had made it clear that he wanted sexual favors.

Gloria continued that she'd needed the job, and she was ashamed to say that she'd had sex with the man. Gloria claimed that he'd been insatiable, but then he'd told her that he had no further use for her services. Gloria added that what made it more disgusting was that the man had made his fortune from a business that made products for women, and he had no respect for his customers. Mariah asked her to reveal the identity of the man, but Gloria balked because he could ruin her or even shut down GC Buzz. Mariah insisted that the show wasn't afraid of the truth, and Gloria named Jack.

Mariah edited the segment to disguise Gloria's voice, and she raced over to tell Hilary that she had a juicy story. Mariah wanted advice on how to sell it, but Hilary instructed Mariah to do what she thought was best. Hilary handed Devon an envelope and dared him to tell her that she hadn't changed. Devon pulled out a legal document, and Hilary informed him that she'd had her lawyer draw up divorce papers so that he could be rid of his calculating wife forever. Meanwhile, Mariah told an employee to air the segment first on the show to get people talking.

Gloria poured herself a drink at the Athletic Club bar. Jack approached and taunted her for day drinking while she was unemployed. Gloria replied that she'd seen firsthand how alcohol could make a person lose control, so she wouldn't ask him to join her in a toast. He asked what she was celebrating, and she victoriously replied, "Your demise."

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B&B TWO SCOOPS: Darkness and light
Where is B&B's Flo Fulton? B&B exec Brad Bell has an answer
Kimberlin Brown's daughter, Alexes Pelzer, returning to B&B
Tamara Braun wraps up run on Days of our Lives
CONFIRMED: Marcus Coloma out as GH's Nikolas
SHAKEUP: The Young and the Restless executive producer out
Y&R alum Shemar Moore is going to be a dad for the first time
Eric Braeden recuperating following knee replacement surgery
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