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Gloria blackmailed Jack into giving her a job as his secretary. Victoria discovered that Reed had used her credit card to access a porn site. Chelsea accepted Nick's invitation to a first date. Cane was irritated when Jordan flirted with Lily.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of February 6, 2017 on Y&R
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Jack Discovers Gloria is a Formidable Foe Jack Discovers Gloria is a Formidable Foe

Monday, February 6, 2017

At the Genoa City Athletic Club, Gloria and Jack sat together at the bar. Gloria was drinking Champagne and offered Jack a glass to help calm his nerves. After Jack turned down the offer, Gloria replied, "Yeah, because we know alcohol turns you into a back-alley Siamese tom who can't get enough of my catnip." In a hushed voice, Jack reminded Gloria that they'd both agreed not to mention their night together again. Angry, Gloria blasted Jack for failing to give her a job in exchange for her help in closing the Fenmore deal. Jack noted that arranging a job for Gloria was beyond his control.

Gloria, wielding a television remote control in her hand, convinced Jack to view GC Buzz with her. Hilary and Mariah opened the show. Mariah announced that her segment would cover a first-person account of sexual harassment in the workplace. Jack's eyes narrowed as he focused on a blurred image of Gloria, her voice altered and her name changed to Clarissa. Jack watched in horror as Gloria described her ordeal in graphic detail to the audience.

After Gloria mentioned her boss's demand for sexual favors, Jack became infuriated. Other patrons nearby gathered and listened as "Clarissa" described being cruelly dismissed by her boss after she'd had sex with him. Gloria awaited the moment Jack would hear her utter his name to millions of television viewers. Jack's faced reddened, but the program was suddenly interrupted. Jack sighed in relief when a screen appeared stating that the show had experienced technical difficulties. Gloria became frustrated. Jack berated Gloria and sarcastically said she should've just blackmailed him because she might've gotten the money she'd hoped for if she had.

Jack later apologized to Gloria. Jack explained that he'd been sarcastic when he'd mentioned blackmail. Jack promised to give Gloria fair compensation for her assistance with his business deal. Gloria demanded that Jack clarify the terms of their agreement immediately. Jack hedged and said he couldn't immediately solidify the agreement to meet her demands. Gloria left abruptly when Jack admitted he wasn't sure how he'd be able compensate her.

In a stalled elevator at Jabot, Billy and Phyllis began kissing passionately. Phyllis pulled away from Billy and angrily accused him of using her to get back at Victoria. Phyllis opened the elevator doors and hurried away from Billy. She later took refuge at Crimson Lights. Billy caught up with her, apologized, and admitted that he'd kissed her to get back at Victoria.

Phyllis remained miffed at Billy even after he'd confessed. Billy, citing his anger at Victoria, said, "She's my number-one trigger, and you're my favorite vice." Phyllis rolled her eyes. Billy made a feeble attempt to clarify his statement. Phyllis told Billy that he seemed to believe he could rekindle a relationship with whichever of his ex-lovers first expressed interest in taking him back. Phyllis asked Billy to leave because she had an important meeting.

After Billy walked away, Phyllis seemed nervous as a man, matched to Phyllis via an online dating site, approached. The stranger immediately related a strange tale about his ex-wife cruelly taunting his mother. The man, named Troy, explained that his mother's face had been disfigured by a crocodile. Phyllis seemed horrified and winced when Troy talked at length about his tumultuous relationship with his ex-wife. Billy, seated within earshot, approached and introduced himself as Phyllis' boyfriend. Billy explained that he and Phyllis had recently had a falling-out. Phyllis told Troy that she'd decided to reconcile with her boyfriend. Troy left.

Billy and Phyllis shared a light moment and agreed to remain friends. Phyllis told Billy that Nick had dared her to join an online dating site. Reed phoned Billy and enlisted his help with Victoria. Billy refused to get involved and abruptly ended the call. Soon after the interruption, Billy and Phyllis cordially ended their evening. Phyllis vowed that she'd find a new man with whom she had no previous history. After Phyllis walked away, Billy seemed lost in thought.

Victoria returned home and found Johnny and Katie being entertained by their older brother, Reed. Reed had fashioned a tent by stretching sheets over the tops of dining room chairs. Reed illuminated the inside of the tent with a flashlight, and Johnny and Katie laughed as their big brother spun lively tales about friendly trolls that lived beneath their house. Victoria was charmed by Reed's interaction with his siblings.

While Reed was upstairs, tucking his siblings in bed, Victoria discovered an unknown charge on her credit card. After phoning the company, she learned that the charge had paid for a membership to an online site featuring pornography. When Reed returned to the living room, Victoria confronted him about using her credit card to access forbidden content. Reed apologized and attempted to set matters right. Victoria accused Reed of repeatedly manipulating her. Victoria grounded Reed from using all electronic devices for a month. Victoria went upstairs to bathe and gather her thoughts.

Later, Victoria returned to the living room. Victoria seemed ready to calmly communicate with her teen son. Reed, however, had become sullen. Reed explained that he'd been hurt when he'd realized that Victoria had turned Billy against him. Reed accused Victoria of being just as cold and mean as her father. After Reed stormed out of the room, Victoria sat forlornly.

At GC Buzz, Hilary encouraged Devon to sign their divorce agreement. Hilary insisted that her attorney hadn't included any hidden surprises. Devon asked about a settlement. Hilary became defensive and said she wanted nothing from Devon. Hilary joined Mariah before the airing of their televised show.

While Mariah's interview with Gloria aired, Hilary realized that Gloria was about to accuse Jack of sexual harassment in the workplace. Hilary pulled the plug on the interview and substituted other content. Hilary accused Mariah of attempting to ambush her on live television. Mariah defended herself to Hilary and to Devon. Hilary denounced Gloria and explained that Jack had had an antagonistic relationship with Gloria for a number years. Mariah stood by Gloria's claims and suggested that Hilary might be hoping to court Jack in the future. Devon refused to back Hilary over Mariah. Mariah became frustrated and left.

Hilary told Devon she'd find proof to exonerate Jack of Gloria's false accusation. Hilary left. Alone later, Devon sighed as he held his pen and the divorce papers. Mariah returned, and Devon set the unsigned legal documents aside. Mariah offered to resign from her job, but Devon told Mariah that he was on her side. Devon explained that Hilary had gone in search of proof to clear Jack. Devon said he believed Hilary wouldn't attempt to cover up the story if she learned that Gloria's accusation was true. Mariah didn't seem to agree.

Hilary caught up with Jack at the Athletic Club. Hilary said she'd abruptly ended the show when she'd realized that Mariah had recorded a "hatchet piece." Hilary said she was certain that Jack would never violate an employee's trust or dignity. Jack reluctantly explained that he and Gloria had found themselves in a "heated situation." Hilary asked Jack how he planned to respond to the accusation. Jack said the only way to handle Gloria was to "give up and give in."

As Devon pulled on his coat before leaving the studio, he phoned his accountant and instructed him to prepare a check for $250 million made out to Hilary Curtis Hamilton. After the call ended, Devon collected the legal papers, nodded at Mariah, and left. Gloria showed up just afterward and met with Mariah. Mariah apologized for the preempted show. Gloria told Mariah that Jack would pay for his sins one way or another.

Jack finds a job for Gloria

Jack finds a job for Gloria

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

At the Underground, Nick wondered if Victoria was there to get day-drunk because she had a teenager in the house. Victoria groaned that her humor was exhausted as well as her patience, and she noted that Nick had managed to leave Christian with the nanny. She understood that Nick wanted to be with his son, but she thought things would be different in 14 years. Nick reminded her that he'd been there and done that with his older children, and Victoria remarked that she'd take diaper-changing over teen angst any day.

Victoria questioned whether Reed had thought she wouldn't see the bill on her credit card for an adult website, and Nick imagined that Reed had only been thinking about his primal urges. Victoria cringed, and Nick joked that he needed to tell Reed that he could get porn for free. Nick assured Victoria that she was doing great, and he mentioned an online post that Reed had made about going to a concert with her. Victoria felt that for every step forward, she and Reed took 9,000 steps back, and she wondered why her personal life was such a mess when her business life was just getting good.

Nick assumed that Victoria was referring to Brash & Sassy's men's line, and Victoria hinted that there was more, but she couldn't tell him about it yet. She mentioned that Lily was having a fitting at Chelsea's studio later, and he thought it was a random thing to tell him. Victoria pointed out that Nick and Chelsea were friends, but Nick accused her of implying that there was more going on when there wasn't. Nick suggested that they go back to talking about Reed, but Victoria pushed to know why Nick didn't want to talk about Chelsea.

Nick stressed that it wasn't a big deal to talk about Chelsea because they were just friends, and he requested that Victoria tell him about the launch of the men's line so he could live vicariously through her. Victoria recounted that he'd left the corporate world because he'd hated it, and she suggested that there could be more in his life than Christian and the bar. Nick insisted that he didn't need more, and Victoria invited him go to the studio with her. She told him not to justify spending time with Chelsea only because their kids were cousins, since there was more than a family vibe going on. Victoria added that Adam was gone, and it wouldn't be such a bad thing if Nick and Chelsea found happiness.

Nick reiterated that nothing was happening with Chelsea. Victoria thought Sage wouldn't have wanted him to stop living his life, and she argued that everyone had seen the chemistry between Nick and Chelsea. Victoria reminded Nick that Adam had wanted him to look after Connor, but Nick countered that the request hadn't involved dating Adam's wife. Victoria scoffed at the idea that there was no romantic chemistry between them, and Nick flashed back to kissing Chelsea on New Year's Eve. Nick asked why his love life was so important to Victoria, and she wondered why it wasn't important to him. Nick replied that it wasn't about what he felt or thought but doing what was right.

At GC Buzz, Hilary hoped the interview with "Clarissa" hadn't ruined Jack's life, and Jack grumbled that he had to find a job for Gloria soon, or his ex-stepmother would spew lies to every media outlet in the country. Hilary admonished Gloria for lying about being harassed, since it had betrayed everyone who actually had been while ruining the reputation of a good man. Hilary guessed that Gloria wanted a ridiculous job that she wasn't qualified for, but Jack thought Gloria would settle for a respectable job with a paycheck, although excitement and glamour would go a long way. Jack implied that he wanted another favor, but Hilary sternly stated that there was "no way in hell" Gloria would work there.

Jack insisted that Gloria would be perfect for the entertainment industry, and he recalled that Gloria had been a judge on a reality show. Hilary thought she'd get nothing other than a headache from hiring Gloria, but she acknowledged that she owed Jack. Jack swore that Hilary didn't owe him anything, but he was grasping at straws. Hilary pointed out that she was stunned that she still had a job at all, and Jack realized that he couldn't have her press Devon to hire Gloria just because Jack had screwed up. Jack said he had to find a way to meet Gloria's demands, or "God help me."

Later, an employee handed Hilary an envelope that someone had dropped off for her. Hilary opened it and was astounded when she found a check for $250 million inside. Hilary tried to call Devon, who ignored her call. She headed out with the check.

At the Athletic Club, an attractive blonde woman primped before she approached Lily and announced that she was there to meet with Devon. Devon joined them and greeted Suzanne, and he invited Lily to join them, since Suzanne was there to interview for Lily's old job. They retreated to a table, and Lily noted that there were some great places on Suzanne's résumé, but she lectured that the club was full-service. Devon pointed out that Suzanne had done her research and knew she had big shoes to fill, and Lily stated that the job involved juggling a lot of urgent situations. Suzanne was aghast at the examples Lily cited, and Devon pulled Lily aside and asked if she had a problem with his candidate.

Lily cautioned that Devon couldn't hire Suzanne just because of the way she looked, and Devon scoffed at the thought of a model making such a comment. Devon suspected that Lily was afraid to cut the cord. Neil joined Lily and Devon, and Devon informed him that Lily had spun tales because she was having a hard time letting go. Lily defended that she'd been helping to find a replacement, since Devon had no idea what she did all day. Neil corrected her statement to indicate the past tense, and he guessed that Lily was hoping Devon would hire someone less qualified so she could swoop in and play hero.

Lily hesitated to leave the club in case Brash & Sassy didn't pan out, but Devon exclaimed that she'd been born for her new job. Neil pointed out that modeling was in Lily's genes, and he insisted that she could do anything, but she had to want it. Devon referred to the many battles she'd fought, and he encouraged her to enjoy life. Devon good-naturedly threatened to lock Lily out if she didn't walk away, and they hugged. Jack interrupted, and Neil informed him that they were figuring out how to replace Lily at the club. The statement piqued Jack's interest.

Neil updated Jack about foundation matters, but Jack was clearly distracted by Devon's interview with Suzanne. Jack claimed that Jabot was on his mind, and Neil congratulated him on the Fenmore's deal. Neil inquired whether working with Phyllis again was a plus or minus, and Jack replied that it wasn't an issue, since he had new headaches to contend with.

Devon wrapped up the interview with Suzanne, and he remarked to Neil and Jack that she hadn't been the right person for the job, but she'd been the best of all the applicants. Jack was sure the right person would show up, and he abruptly raced out to go to a meeting. Devon rattled off the shortcomings of the applicants, and Neil advised him to go with his gut and hire someone who he trusted to do the right thing in every situation. Hilary stormed in and threw the check at Devon.

Hilary asked if it was a joke, since she'd told Devon that she didn't want his money, and she blasted him for sending the check to her at work. Hilary refused to let him throw money in her face so he could tell himself that she was a gold digger who he could treat like garbage. Devon recalled that he'd witnessed her go for everything she could get her hands on, and Hilary accused him of pretending that she only cared about his bank account to convince himself that he hadn't loved her. Devon ordered her to take the check to make life easier for both of them, and she grabbed it and tore it up. Hilary declared that she wasn't for sale and never had been, and she threw the pieces at him before she stalked out.

Over coffee at Crimson Lights, Chloe indicated that she'd thought Gloria had been boycotting her and Bella with Kevin out of town, but Gloria denied it. Chloe mentioned a great app that was like a dating service, but Gloria insisted that she'd sworn off men indefinitely. Chloe clarified that the app matched the right people to the right jobs, and she thought the world needed more of a vibrant, creative woman like Gloria. Chloe added that Gloria could use the paycheck, and she displayed another app on her phone that did all the household budgeting. Chloe showed Gloria her share of the bills.

Gloria was shocked by the grocery bill, and Chloe pointed out that Gloria always enjoyed the best. Chloe recognized that Jeffrey had blown Gloria's insurance money, but she imagined that Gloria had put away something for necessities. Gloria asserted that she wasn't destitute, but she'd assumed that she'd been a guest and not a roommate. Chloe urged Gloria to get back to her job search, and Gloria declared that a colleague had made it his mission to find her the right position, so Chloe could keep her apps. Chloe handed Gloria a hard copy of the household expenses and requested reimbursement. Chloe headed out to go to work, and the server set down the check next to Gloria, who panicked.

Gloria received a text message from Jack, who asked where she was. She replied that she was at Crimson Lights but on her way back to GC Buzz, and she muttered to herself that she'd tell the world what a "misogynistic, manipulative monster" he was. Jack sent another message saying he had very good news. The server reported that Gloria's credit card had been declined, but Gloria chirped that it was okay, and she ordered another latte.

At Chelsea's design studio, Chelsea assured Sharon that her job was safe if she wanted to take some personal time. Sharon explained that working helped, since being at home reminded her that Dylan wasn't there. Chelsea had thought the couple would be able to get past things, but Sharon claimed that her lies about Christian had been too much for Dylan to get past. Chelsea recalled seeing Dylan's loyalty and forgiveness, but Sharon indicated that she and Dylan had had other problems that no one else had been able to see. Sharon lamented that she'd never see him again, and she cried out in pain when she pricked her finger with a pin.

Chelsea fetched a bandage for Sharon and apologized if she'd pushed about the situation with Dylan. Chelsea explained that she'd selfishly hoped that he'd fully healed, since the lies she'd told about Connor had helped to push him to the edge. Chelsea said it helped her to talk about and remember Adam, but he wasn't ever returning. Chelsea theorized that maybe Dylan just needed time to heal and would be back, but Sharon firmly replied that if he got over it, he wouldn't be with her. Sharon continued that Dylan might as well be dead because he would never be back.

Sharon said she was sorry for what she'd said, since Dylan was alive and healthy, and it wasn't the same as what Chelsea had gone through. Chelsea apologized for trying to be supportive but saying the wrong things. Sharon replied that she appreciated it, but she reiterated that Dylan wouldn't be back. Chelsea reasoned that Nikki and Paul were there. Sharon asserted that Dylan was doing what he needed to do emotionally, and she had to respect it. Sharon realized that she wasn't ready to be at work, and Chelsea promised that Sharon wasn't alone. Chloe stepped off the elevator as Sharon boarded it. Chelsea told Chloe that Sharon needed time to grieve her marriage, but she figured that if Chelsea had been able to see the light after losing Adam, anything was possible.

Later, Chelsea and Chloe presented several looks to Lily and Victoria, and Chelsea marveled that the next hot model would be showcasing her designs. Chelsea added that Lily was the type of woman she designed for, noting that Lily was a working mom. Victoria pointedly stated that working moms like Chelsea couldn't forget about their personal lives, including date nights. Chelsea thought it sounded more like something Cane and Lily would do, and she excused herself to get some scarves while Lily went to try on some outfits. Victoria remarked to Chloe that she admired Chelsea in ways she'd never thought she would, and she hoped everything worked out.

At the Newman ranch, Nick called out goodbye to Faith, but he found Sharon at the door when he headed out. Nick relayed that Faith felt guilty for going off on Sharon about Dylan. He offered to stick around, but Sharon preferred to talk to their daughter alone. Nick asked how Sharon was holding up, and she snapped that she would be better if people stopped asking her that. She immediately recognized that she'd overreacted. He recalled that he'd reassured people that he was fine after Sage had died, but he'd lied, just like Sharon was doing. He promised that things got better, and he departed. Faith ran in and hugged Sharon, and she begged to go home with Sharon right away.

Faith wailed that Sharon was all alone with Dylan gone, and Sharon asked if Faith wanted to move back in because she was worried. Faith nodded. Sharon said she loved Faith for being sweet and thoughtful, but she couldn't let Faith go home with her because it wouldn't be good for Faith while Sharon was broken and sad. Faith said she could help, but Sharon gently explained that it wasn't Faith's job. Sharon encouraged Faith to do her homework and to have fun, but it was Sharon's job to fix herself. Sharon pledged that she would work hard to be stronger, and when the time was right, she wanted Faith to return home to be with her -- not to fix her. They hugged.

Nick arrived at Crimson Lights and was surprised to see that Chelsea was there instead of at her fitting. He revealed that Victoria had tried to drag him to the studio to watch, and Chelsea thought it wasn't a bad idea because it would be good to get a boy's perspective. Nick thought he would just be in the way, and he clarified that he wasn't a boy -- he was a man. Chelsea chuckled.

Chelsea and Nick exchanged stories about trying to support Sharon, and she thought Sharon didn't realize that things could get better. Chelsea stated that she knew what it was like to know that someone would never be back, but Dylan might return in a month. Chelsea imagined that Sharon refused to have hope because she was scared of getting her heart broken all over again, and Nick thought Sharon couldn't risk it. Chelsea said the situation was different for her and Nick, since they'd had closure and had been forced to keep moving on. Chelsea said she'd see him around, and she left.

Across the coffeehouse, Gloria told Jack to give the server a nice tip, and he incredulously asked if Gloria couldn't afford coffee. He announced that the manager job at the Athletic Club would be ideal for her, and he marveled that every important person in town stayed or went there. Jack suggested that Gloria might even meet her next husband there. She huffed that he was making it sound like she was nothing to him but a sex object, and that was what had gotten him into the mess in the first place. Jack contended that it was the perfect chance to see and be seen, but Gloria rolled her eyes at the thought of meeting the pointless demands of the guests. She ordered him to try again.

Jack pointed out that the press went to Lily for quotes for every event, but Gloria thought panic wasn't a good look on Jack's face. She demanded that he give her what she wanted -- a seat at the table in corporate America. She asserted that she'd kept up her end of the bargain by chasing away prospective investors to pave the way for him, and she threatened to tell the entire world what had happened in their hotel room if he didn't hold up his end of the deal. Jack hissed that if anything had happened, it had been consensual, and he accused her of extorting him. She told him to suck it up and give her what she wanted, and he warned her to be careful what she wished for.

Later, Jack stared out the window at Jabot, and he overheard Gloria answer his phone line from the desk outside his office. Gloria politely took a message, and Jack closed his door and grimaced.

Clash of the Titans at Brash & Sassy

Clash of the Titans at Brash & Sassy

> Clash of the Titans at Brash & Sassy

Clash of the Titans at Brash & Sassy

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

by Nel

Jack arrived at Jabot. He was relieved that Gloria wasn't at her desk. To his annoyance, Gloria was waiting for him in his office and had a cup of coffee for him. Jack admitted it wasn't the job Gloria had wanted, and he was surprised she'd shown up. She asked if Jack needed her to do anything. Jack wanted her at her desk and to stay out of trouble. On her way out, Gloria announced that she was a permanent fixture at Jabot, and Jack needed to get used to it.

Ravi was about to walk into Jack's office, but Gloria barred his way and asked if he had an appointment. She asked him to sit down and wait while she went to get a cup of tea for him. Ashley arrived. Ravi told her the receptionist had asked him to wait. Ashley asked, "What receptionist?" as Gloria returned with Ravi's tea. Ashley's jaw dropped.

Ashley stormed into Jack's office and asked if he was high. She said Jack wouldn't have hired Gloria to scrub their floors let alone be Jack's receptionist. Jack said Gloria was broke, and he'd given her a job. Ashley said she'd known something had been going on when she'd walked in on them the previous day. Ashley wanted to know what Gloria had over Jack. Jack said he held his friends close and his enemies closer. He said Gloria was smart and savvy and had good instincts.

Ashley said Gloria had been brilliant when she'd tainted the face cream and even more brilliant when she'd conned their father into leaving her half of his estate. Jack was right -- when it came to Gloria's conniving and scheming, Gloria had the best instincts. Jack refused to fire Gloria. Ashley was furious, stormed out of Jack's office, and asked Ravi to go with her.

Lauren met Phyllis at Crimson Lights to discuss the upcoming interview at GC Buzz. They didn't want Jack to dominate the interview. He tended to pontificate, making it difficult to interrupt him. Lauren wanted to keep Jack from dominating the interview. Phyllis pointed out that Jack always put his hand in his hair when he became upset or angry, and he always smoothed his tie before interrupting a conversation. Lauren praised Phyllis' genius.

Lauren and Phyllis arrived at Jabot and ignored Gloria's attempt to stop them; they walked into Jack's office. In Jack's office, Lauren couldn't stop laughing. She stated that Jack had been forced to hire Gloria even after his scheme to undermine Lauren had failed. Jack ignored the comment and proceeded to discuss the upcoming interview. He wanted to make sure they discussed the opportunities of vertical integration such as -- "because of this merger, the makers of your favorite accessories and cosmetics will be able to bypass the middle man, offering exclusive products at Fenmore stores."

Phyllis asked why Jack had hired Gloria. She asked why he couldn't have given her a cushy job in one of his satellite offices in Siberia. Jack felt they needed to keep Gloria close-by to keep tabs on her. Phyllis stated she knew Ashley had had a fit when she'd found out about the hire. Jack said Phyllis was talking about the past, and he wanted to forge into the future. They gathered their coats. Jack and Lauren left for GC Buzz, and Phyllis went to a meeting.

At the Athletic Club, Lily wanted to hear about Hilary's melodrama from the night before. Lily knew that Hilary had rejected a very large check that Devon had given her. Lily thought Hilary wanted half of Devon's fortune and wouldn't stop until she got every penny should she could. Devon knew Hilary was playing games and assured Lily he was ahead of Hilary's game.

Devon walked around the club and had a flashback to Hilary throwing out all her credit cards and returning the jewelry Devon had bought her as proof that she didn't want his money. She'd said loving her had nearly killed him and that she didn't want him to be collateral damage. He also had a flashback to the previous evening when Hilary had ripped up his $250 million dollar check and told him she wasn't for sale and never had been.

At Brash & Sassy, Billy and Cane discussed what they should do after they'd purchased the company. Victoria arrived in a great mood. Cane suggested they retain an outside lawyer. Victoria asked him to hold up on that and announced that she wanted to buy Brash & Sassy on her own. Cane stated that Jill had offered the company to all of them; Victoria couldn't just cut them out. Victoria clarified that it was a proposal, not an edict. Victoria also informed them that she hadn't discussed it with Jill yet, but it was something Victoria wanted very much. Cane said she couldn't always get what she wanted because life didn't work that way.

Victoria reminded Cane that Brash & Sassy had been hers from the time it had been created at Jabot. She had taken it with her when she'd gone to Newman and had turned it into an entire division. She felt it would only be fair if she'd be given the first opportunity to purchase the company. Cane stated he had worked very hard to make the company a success while Victoria and Billy had been off doing whatever it was they did with their personal lives. If anyone deserved to own the company, it was Cane. Victoria assured Cane that nothing was going to change, but Cane disagreed -- he'd have to work for Victoria instead of with her. He wasn't prepared to accept that.

Victoria asked if Billy had a problem with her being sole owner of the company. Billy said he didn't. Cane said that Billy wouldn't have a problem because Billy would do anything to get back into Victoria's bed. Billy reminded Cane that the company had been Victoria's until Victor had sold it out from under her. Billy had bought it to keep it warm for her, but Jill had stolen it from him to use as a tool to meddle in their lives. He felt the company should be Victoria's.

Billy stated it would be better following one person's decision instead of doing everything by committee, ending up with two against one, everyone getting pissed off, and nothing got done. Cane felt that no matter what he said, it counted for nothing, because Victoria always took Billy's side. Victoria asked Cane to recall how many times she'd sided with him and overruled Billy.

Cane felt he was being manipulated again. He accused Billy and Victoria of operating unprofessionally. Cane was adamant that the opportunity to purchase the company wouldn't be taken from him. Lily arrived. Cane explained that Victoria wanted to unilaterally change the purchase agreement in her own favor. Victoria said that she wasn't trying to take the company away from him; he had incredible value, and his input was greatly valued. She claimed his role wouldn't change,

Cane said his role would change because he wouldn't be part of the company or the decision-making. Also, he'd get less money, and he'd spend the day arguing with Billy. Victoria said the company needed one vision going forward -- not three. Cane refused to accept it, said it would not happen, and left. Victoria told Lily they would reschedule her meeting. She asked Lily to talk to Cane and convince him that it would happen.

After Lily left, Victoria told Billy the bank was getting the cash ready, and as soon as she and Jill could make the deal, she'd own the company. Billy admitted that Victoria had thrown him for a loop when she'd wanted to scoop up the company for herself. Victoria told him that Victor had encouraged her to go for it. Billy said she'd do a fantastic job, and he teased that he wanted to be executive vice-president of pep talk. He advised Victoria that he had some ideas for the men's line if Victoria was interested.

Victoria asked Billy if Cane had been right -- that Billy had been hoping to get back into her bed. Billy asked if she'd be surprised if he said he would. Billy admitted he'd screwed up, and it had been his fault their marriage had ended. He said he'd be lying if he hadn't thought about what they'd had. They'd had good times and some really bad times, but the good times had been really great.

At Crimson Lights Cane asked Lily what had happened back there and warned Lily not to tell him that she agreed with Victoria. Lily knew how important it was for Cane to be back in the business world, but the constant fighting with Billy, on top of the burden he'd had to carry, had stressed him out. Cane stated the way to remove the stress would be for Billy and Victoria to pull their weight. Lily said that burden would lie solely with Victoria. Cane asked where that left him. Billy and Victoria had constantly told him what to do. Jill had made the offer to all three of them, and he wouldn't walk away from that opportunity.

Cane told Lily he had been waiting for a call back from his broker, and if he could free up enough funds, he would make his pitch directly to Jill. Lily asked if Cane could work for Victoria. Cane stated that he didn't have the loyalty to Victoria that he did for Jill, and he didn't have any history with Victoria. He knew Victoria would keep him on, but he didn't know in what capacity. He feared his ideas would get lost in the shuffle. Lily assured him that Victoria knew he was indispensable. Cane felt that Victoria wanted to keep Billy by her side so Billy could tell her she looked good, but the moment Cane walked out the door, they'd forget about him.

Cane's broker returned Cane's call. Cane told him the funds had to happen right away, and he couldn't wait because he had to jump on the deal immediately. The broker advised that even after cashing in his assets, Cane would have a deficit and would have to take out a loan. Cane refused take out a loan because it would be too much debt and too risky. Cane refused to give up. He had to find another way. He said if Victoria thought she could roll on him, she was in for a rude awakening because he wouldn't let her do that to him.

At GC Buzz, Hilary had been reading a script and walked right into Michael. Michael wanted to discuss her divorce. Hilary said she'd already told Devon she wanted nothing from him. Michael reminded her that they didn't have a pre-nup, and if Hilary thought she'd get more money because of that, it didn't work that way. He explained that Devon's wealth had been mostly inherited. That money would not be part of the settlement -- only the gains made on the assets since the wedding would be considered part of the marital settlement. The marriage hadn't been long enough to get used to the lifestyle -- she was an educated woman and had marketable skills, thereby independent means. Devon had never been her sole means of support, and she had worked throughout the marriage.

Hilary yelled for Michael to stop. She reiterated that she didn't want Devon's money. Michael said that Devon offering such a sizable settlement was very generous. Michael suggested that Hilary take the $250 million dollars and be done. It would give Devon a chance for closure. Hilary had become angry and said she'd take her marketable, independent means and get back to work. She walked away.

Later, Michael gave Hilary a document to sign and advised her to sign it, regardless of whether she took the money or not. He explained that it relinquished her rights to Devon's properties and fortune in perpetuity. It meant she couldn't take him to court in the future. Hilary asked if Devon had agreed to it. Michael confirmed that Devon had. Hilary asked why Devon needed her signature --- and questioned if her word wasn't good enough. Michael advised that it was not when there was so much at stake.

Devon arrived at GC Buzz. Hilary told him the document was insulting. Devon wanted to know what was insulting about him trying to protect himself from a lawsuit. He wanted to make sure Hilary didn't go after him in the future, looking for a payday. Hilary repeated that she didn't want anything from him. Devon said that if Hilary was being honest about her claim, then she wouldn't have a problem signing the document and making it official.

Hilary accused Devon of trying to humiliate her. Devon advised that he'd never been a vindictive person and didn't know why she'd think that. Hilary couldn't believe that everything they'd been through and everything they'd meant to each other had "come to this." She asked if Devon thought she'd wait until he was vulnerable and then pull a sneak attack. Devon said it wouldn't be the first time she'd broken his heart, and he walked away.

Jack and Lauren arrived at GC Buzz for their on-air interview. Once Hilary introduced them, she mentioned that Fenmore's and Jabot made an unbeatable combination and asked how the merger had happened. Jack touched his tie and Lauren stepped in. She said that she wanted Fenmore's to be the fashion and beauty destination. Lauren monopolized the interview, shutting Jack out.

In the meantime, Michael told Devon that Hilary had refused to sign the document. Devon had known she wouldn't, and it confirmed that Hilary was up to something -- he just wished he knew what it was.

In Ravi's office, Ashley was beyond furious and berated Gloria to Ravi. She told him how Gloria had hurt her family and had almost destroyed Jabot. She said Gloria was a gold digger. Ashley told Ravi about Gloria's background and all the lies Gloria had told. She told Ravi about the tainted cream and said the list was endless. Ashley said that Gloria was a viper and advised Ravi to steer clear of Gloria.

Later, Ravi and Ashley reviewed the new features he'd added to Jabot Go. Ashley was thrilled with them. Phyllis arrived and informed Ashley that she'd made an appointment to see Ravi. Ravi left when Phyllis asked to speak to Ashley alone. Phyllis knew that Ashley resented sharing Ravi, especially since Phyllis had tried to hire him away from Ashley. Phyllis confirmed that she'd followed protocol and wasn't taking anything for granted.

Phyllis said she and Ashley were after the same goal --- trying to make the merger a success. Phyllis wanted them to put their differences aside and work together. That was what Jack would want. Ashley said Phyllis had no idea what Jack wanted. Phyllis said she knew Jack better than anyone. Phyllis advised Ashley that she'd been trying to be part of the team, but Ashley's attitude wasn't helping.

Ashley told Phyllis to stop pretending she cared about Jack after the way she'd betrayed him with Billy. Ashley said Jack had been making choices that were not in his or the company's best interest, and that led right back to Phyllis. Phyllis told Ashley to stop. She didn't need to be reminded of why she'd left Jabot and gone to work for Lauren. Phyllis had found a new project to immerse herself in because she'd had no desire to "live in hell" anymore. She hadn't been able to stand seeing the contempt in Jack's eyes every time he looked at her, so she had chosen to move on.

Phyllis continued that Jack had then bought 49 percent of Fenmore's, and she'd returned to Jabot again. It had been the last thing she'd wanted. Ashley said Phyllis claimed concern for Jack, but it always wound up being about Phyllis. Phyllis assured Ashley that she had no intention of luring Jack back into a romantic relationship. She'd taken a new path, and it didn't include Jack. Phyllis left.

Ashley returned to Jack's office and found Gloria sitting at his desk with her feet up, watching Jack and Lauren's interview. Ashley slammed the laptop shut. Gloria stated that Lauren had been stealing Jack's thunder. Ashley said she didn't know what Gloria held over Jack's head, but Jack's choices made her aware that there had to be some changes made at Jabot.

Ashley stated she was taking a more active role in the running of the company. No one seemed to "give a damn" about her father's legacy or the future of Jabot. Ashley pushed Gloria's feet off Jack's desk. Through clenched teeth, Ashley said she didn't like or trust Gloria, and she didn't want Gloria near her family's company. Ashley advised Gloria not to get too comfortable, and she left.

Sharon reignites her feud with Nikki

Sharon reignites her feud with Nikki

Thursday, February 9, 2017

At Brash & Sassy, Billy and Victoria reminisced about some of their happiest times together. He leaned in to kiss her, but she pulled away and asked what he was doing. He suggested that they make another great memory, and she questioned whether he expected her to just jump back into his arms. He reminded her that they'd been discussing good things, and she called it a temporary lapse in judgment. Billy thought it wouldn't be a bad idea to make it permanent, but Reed interrupted and announced that he was ready for lockdown.

Victoria ordered Reed to drop the attitude, and he requested his computer back so he could do his homework. Victoria instructed him to use a computer in the office to download his assignments, but she warned him not to surf or use social media. Reed grumbled that it was like living in a cave, but Billy commented that a break from social media could be a good thing. Reed complained that Victoria had taken away everything from him, and she shuttled him into the conference room. Billy amorously asked if he and Victoria could pick up where they'd left off, and she snapped that she was dealing with one immature boy and didn't need another one. Meanwhile, Reed eyed the phone in the conference room.

Billy attempted to guess why Victoria had punished Reed, and she eventually revealed that Reed had stolen her credit card. Billy suggested that perhaps it had been a misunderstanding if Reed had been allowed to use J.T.'s card in the past, but Victoria huffed that she didn't think Reed had needed a membership to a porn site. Meanwhile, Reed glanced through the conference room window, and he covertly made a call to J.T. and said he needed his dad's help.

Billy wondered if there was a way he could heat up Victoria's cold shoulder, and she chided him for being a "man-child" who couldn't see an issue with Reed stealing her credit card and lying about it. Victoria worried that Reed would think it was okay to objectify women, and she pointed out that porn could be addictive. Billy figured that Reed wouldn't be interested in a website once he had a girlfriend, and Victoria groaned that her son would be having sex, especially after Billy's pep talk on the subject. Billy thought she wasn't being realistic to expect Reed not to be curious about sex, and Victoria pledged to protect her kids from making the same mistakes she and Billy had made. Victoria answered a call from J.T., and she bellowed, "He did what?!"

Billy entered the conference room and warned that Reed had really screwed things up by trying to pit his parents against one another. Reed claimed that he'd only called J.T. to check in, but Billy accused Reed of acting like a baby because he'd been grounded. Reed griped that Victoria had overreacted, and he'd thought his dad could calm her down. Billy explained that Victoria wanted Reed to respect women, and a lot of things online sent the opposite message. Reed looked through the window at an exasperated Victoria, and he anticipated that her reaction would be bad. Billy advised him to expect an eruption equivalent to Mount St. Helens.

Victoria reprimanded Reed for telling J.T. that he was being held hostage and that she'd taken away everything that mattered in life, but Reed had failed to mention why. Victoria said she'd filled J.T. in, and she would be sending him updates so he'd know what Reed was up to. She told Reed that his father would call him the next day to discuss stealing her credit card and accessing the porn site, and she ordered Reed to go home and do his homework. Reed began to protest, but she threatened to ground him for another month if he opened his mouth. Reed headed out.

Billy recommended that Victoria take the rest of the day off, but she couldn't fathom going another ten rounds with Reed. Billy suggested that she get a massage, and she testily asked if he thought she would be a better parent if she was more like him. Billy assured her that she'd done a wonderful job with Reed, since her son would have thought she was a pushover if she'd backed off. Billy called Victoria a strong, caring mother, and he was confident that one day Reed would realize it.

At the Newman ranch, Victor taught Faith chess defense, but he sensed that something was wrong. She asked if she could go up to her room and read, and she left as Nikki stepped in. Nikki empathized with Faith over missing Dylan, and Victor remarked that nothing got to him more than a little girl with tears in her eyes. Victor thought Faith would adjust in time, and he swore that they wouldn't let her forget Dylan. Nikki thanked him, and she contemplated telling Faith the truth when the girl was older. Nikki thought they could help Faith get through it by encouraging her not to blame Sharon.

Nikki bemoaned that Faith had lost too many parental figures, and Faith reentered and surmised that her grandparents had been talking about her mom. Faith mentioned that she'd told her mom that she wanted to move back home, but Sharon hadn't wanted her to. Nikki suspected that Faith had misunderstood, but Faith repeated Sharon's words that Faith couldn't move back in just because she felt sorry for her mom. Faith said she really loved living at the ranch, but she also missed her mom and dad. Faith's expression suddenly brightened, and she declared that Victor's statement about family standing by family had given her the best idea ever.

Later, Victor entered his office at Newman and was surprised to find Abby at his desk. She apologized and started to clean up her things, but he hugged her and told her to sit back down. He observed that the chair was big, but it suited her. Victor glanced through Abby's presentation and called it impressive, and Abby was pleased because he didn't give compliments unless they'd been earned. He advised her not to mention her research on the Jabot-Fenmore's deal during the presentation to avoid putting focus on the competition, and she thanked him for being her mentor.

Victor praised Abby for being a good student, and he thought the deal was an example of how much she'd learned. She felt that he was being complimentary in a way that he hadn't been in the past and that he seemed more eager to teach her. He proclaimed that he'd found the perfect student, and he admitted that he'd been wrong. Victor explained that he'd been reevaluating things and taking stock of his life and family, and Abby guessed that Adam's death had triggered it.

Victor said he'd wanted to instill a sense of ambition and drive in his children, and he was proud of all of them, but things were different for them than they had been for him. Victor recounted that he'd had nothing, so he'd had to fight hard and often dirty, but his children didn't need to be as ruthless as he had been. He acknowledged that he'd made a lot of mistakes, but he was willing to learn from them. Abby credited Victor with being an amazing father, since most fathers would never have forgiven their kids after everything she and her siblings had done. She noted that he'd never closed off his heart, and he repeated that he put family above everything else.

Victor prepared to head out to allow Abby to get ready for her presentation, and she crowed that she wouldn't need luck because she had the values and skills that he and her mom had taught her. Abby imagined being an awesome mom one day because she'd had the best role models, and she pledged to teach her kids to fight for what mattered most -- family. They hugged, and Victor marveled that he'd never thought his youngest daughter would be the one to follow in his footsteps, but it made him very happy.

At the tack house, Nick showed Chelsea his favorite photos of their boys on a tablet computer. He noticed that one photo clearly showed that both kids had dimples in the exact same place, and he wondered if it was a family trait. Chelsea became uneasy, and she asked if Nick had chips to go with their beer. He went to get some snacks, and she claimed that she'd deleted the photo by accident. Nick showed her folders that he'd started for each of the boys, and she stared at a photo of Adam with Connor. Nick insisted that he wanted to do everything he could to honor Adam's request to be a father figure to Connor, including taking embarrassing photos to show Connor's buddies when he got older.

Chelsea struggled to hide her discomfort as Nick talked about their sons becoming good friends, and he asked if she was okay. Chelsea attributed her demeanor to talking about Adam, and Nick reasoned that talking about moving on with their lives was easier than doing it. Chelsea mentioned a set of emoji pillows that she'd bought for Connor to help him communicate how he felt, and she recalled that her son had approached her with the sad-faced pillow and called her "sad Mommy." Chelsea thought her son needed to start giving her the happy-faced pillow more often, and Nick said he felt the same way. He thought it was something they could try to do together.

Chelsea gazed at more photos, and she grinned when she looked up and saw Nick wearing an apron and chef's hat. He announced that it was what taking a step forward looked like, and she held up the tablet to take a photo of him. Nick bragged about being able to make a mean bowl of cereal or grill a steak if someone else prepared it, and he figured that he wouldn't think about things getting him down if he was measuring or chopping. He suggested that she grab her own apron and join him as his sous-chef, and he showed her various silly recipes in a cookbook. Faith suddenly burst in and insisted that she needed to talk to her dad about something important.

Chelsea went upstairs to check on the boys, and Faith told Nick that she was really worried about her mom. Faith relayed that she'd wanted to move back in with her mom because Sharon had been sad with Dylan gone, but Sharon had thought Faith wanted to do it for the wrong reasons. Nick thought Faith should be having fun with her friends and not concerned about fixing her mom's problems, and Faith indicated that Sharon had said the same thing. Faith declared that she was there so that Nick could fix everything by making her mom happy again.

Faith imagined that it would make both her parents feel better if they spent time together, and she pushed Nick to have dinner with Sharon that night. Nick mentioned that Christian and Connor were on a play date, but Faith was sure that Chelsea wouldn't mind rescheduling. Faith contended that Chelsea had Connor, whereas Sharon had no one. Faith envisioned Sharon eating a microwave dinner by herself if Nick didn't go over to the cottage, and Chelsea overheard and claimed that she had to work on her designs anyway. Faith excitedly ran upstairs to get Connor's stuff.

Nick waved goodbye to Chelsea and Connor, and Faith suggested that Nick make Sharon a tater tot casserole for dinner. Nick pointed out that Faith had been pretty rude to Chelsea, and Faith promised to send Chelsea a text message to apologize. Nick insisted that Faith do it in person later, and Faith wondered whether he intended to text or call Sharon to make plans for the evening. Nick said he wasn't going to do either, since people had their own ways of dealing with emotions, and they had to respect that Sharon wanted to be alone.

Paul stopped by the cottage, and Sharon apologized for the mess. She explained that she'd been packing up Dylan's things, since she thought it would be comforting for Dylan to have his belongings even though he couldn't have contact with his family. Paul contended that the things belonged to a man who no longer existed, but Sharon insisted that Dylan would always exist in her heart and memories. Paul maintained that Dylan couldn't have anything that linked him to Genoa City or anyone there, and Sharon questioned whether Paul was saying that the life she and Dylan had shared together had never even happened.

Paul handed over the deed to Crimson Lights, since Dylan had signed it over to Sharon because he'd known how much it meant to her. Paul encouraged Sharon to give it some time before she made a decision about what to do with it, and Sharon searched through the documents and expected to find divorce papers. Paul insisted that there was no rush, but she reasoned that a divorce was the next logical step to convince the world that she'd wrecked her marriage. Sharon dryly suggested that they give GC Buzz a tip about how the "crazy babynapper" had driven her husband away. Paul countered that she didn't have to explain why her marriage had ended, and it would be better to provide as few details as possible.

Sharon inquired whether Paul was worried that she'd crack and risk her husband's life and safety, but he assured her that she didn't have to shoulder the burden alone. He promised to be there for her if she ever needed anything, and she replied that he could start by getting rid of Dylan's things. She showed him the tool belt that Dylan had used when he'd first fixed her kitchen and the plans Dylan had sketched to build a tree house for Faith. Paul offered to put everything in storage, but Sharon ranted that she didn't care if he gave it away to let someone else live the life that Dylan couldn't. Sharon grabbed her coat and ran out, and Paul forlornly picked up Dylan's journal and sketches of a baby crib. Paul discovered a photo of him and Dylan together in uniform, and he struggled against tears.

Sharon carried a box of Dylan's things into Crimson Lights, and she stared at a coffee mug with his name on it. Nikki asked if Sharon was okay, and Sharon spat that her husband had left her. Nikki said she'd just been concerned, but Sharon was skeptical, since she'd expected Nikki to lead a parade because Sharon was no longer her daughter-in-law. Nikki insisted that she'd been trying to be polite, but Sharon didn't think she could do the same after "years of hell" with Nikki. Nikki stepped aside to order coffee, but Sharon revealed that she owned Crimson Lights, and she held up a sign stating that she had the right to refuse service to anyone. Sharon threatened to throw Nikki out.

Sharon barked that she wanted to be left alone, and Nikki inquired whether that had been why Sharon had told Faith that the girl couldn't move back home. Sharon explained that it had taken all her strength to tell Faith no, but she couldn't be present for her daughter. Nikki said she'd assured Faith that Sharon had done the right thing, since it hadn't been fair for Faith to take her anger out on Sharon. Sharon thought she should follow Faith's example and apologize to Paul for blowing up at him earlier. Sharon mentioned that she'd asked Paul to remove Dylan's belongings, since she didn't want to be reminded that the life she and Dylan had shared was over.

Nikki lectured that Faith would be devastated if she discovered that all traces of Dylan were gone. Sharon ranted that Nikki still thought Sharon wasn't good enough for Nikki's sons or to be a mom to her own daughter. Nikki remarked that she wasn't sure if Sharon's erratic behavior was just an act or if Sharon was truly teetering on the edge. Nikki haughtily suggested that Sharon make sure the fire insurance on the building was paid, and Sharon blasted Nikki for going from courteous to catty in record time.

Nikki retorted that she'd just been taking Sharon's manic lead, and she'd been willing to be civil, but Sharon hadn't made it easy. Sharon picked up a pitcher of milk and dumped it over Nikki's head. Sharon proclaimed that she'd given Nikki reason to go back to hating her like Nikki always had.

Nick asks Chelsea on a first date

Nick asks Chelsea on a first date

Friday, February 10, 2017

Nick entered Chelsea's design studio, and he was stunned to see Chelsea wearing a white wedding dress. He jokingly vowed to respect and honor her and to thwart his daughter's attempts to ruin his social life. Chelsea deadpanned that she wore the gown when cleaning sometimes, and Nick remarked that no one would notice if she spilled bleach on it. She explained that it was a design for her bridal collection, and she'd tried it on to make sure the fabric flowed.

Chelsea stepped behind a dressing screen to change, and Nick apologized for Faith volunteering him to be Sharon's dinner date. Nick figured that Faith had thought that both he and Sharon were single, so there was no reason why they couldn't be together. Chelsea wondered if she should start sketching a wedding dress for Sharon. Nick swore that he and Sharon would never get back together again after all the times they'd hurt one another, but Chelsea quipped that reconciling with exes was a Newman family tradition.

Nick noted that Chelsea had been behind the screen for a long time, and she appeared in the gown and complained that the zipper had stuck. He offered to lend a hand, and they good-naturedly bickered about how to unzip it. When he exposed her bare back, he stammered that it had worked, and she stepped behind the screen again. Nick rambled about how Faith absorbed everything, and Chelsea was sure that Sharon was frustrated by Faith's assumptions, too, since getting back together with Dylan's brother would be a little strange. Nick inquired whether Chelsea was still talking about Sharon or about the two of them.

Chelsea finished changing her clothes, and she figured that Sharon would eventually date again, just like Chelsea might one day, too. Nick wondered whether that one day might be with him, even though he was Adam's brother. Chelsea explained that spending time with him made her feel like she had a piece of Adam with her, and it was important to create a bond between Connor and Christian. Nick blurted out that he would love to take her out to dinner, and she asked how she could turn down the opportunity to eat with tablecloths and dessert forks. He suggested that they go out that night, but she thought it wasn't a good idea, since it was Valentine's Day.

Nick groaned that he should have had a clue after seeing the heart-shaped boxes of chocolate at the store, and Chelsea planned to buy some at a discount the next day. Chelsea balked at the thought of sitting in a restaurant with tacky decorations, and the last thing she needed was to watch some guy propose to his girlfriend. Nick recognized that it was a lot of pressure, and he thought they could shoot for Presidents' Day instead. There was an awkward silence until Chelsea's phone rang, and she said she had to take the call. Nick offered to make plans another time, and he rushed out.

Sharon cleaned up the mess at Crimson Lights, and Lily entered and asked why Sharon hadn't been at her fitting. Sharon replied that she'd been too busy pouring milk on Nikki, and Lily empathized about having to deal with in-laws. Sharon protested when Lily crouched down to help wipe up the floor, but Lily explained that it was second nature after managing a restaurant for years. Sharon reported that she was suddenly the sole owner of the coffeehouse after being dumped by two of its prior owners, and Lily was stunned to realize that Dylan had left Sharon.

Sharon claimed that she'd driven Dylan away, but Lily thought it was on Dylan if he hadn't wanted to fight for their marriage. Sharon forlornly stated that she had only photos and an espresso machine to remember Dylan by, and Lily inquired whether Sharon intended to take over the business. Sharon thought the coffeehouse held the emotional baggage of two exes, but Lily thought Sharon was strong enough to handle it. Sharon wailed that her life felt out of control, like she was a tennis ball, and everyone else had the racquets. Sharon declared that it was the new world order, and she pledged to make it work.

Later, Sharon sat in her car, sobbing. She pulled out photos of Dylan and Sully from her wallet and placed them on the dashboard. She dabbed away tears from her eyes, and she flashed back to Nick, Chelsea, and Victoria separately blasting her for keeping Nick's son from him. Sharon tucked the photos back into her purse and started the car.

At Newman Enterprises, Victoria wanted to pick Victor's brain about buying back Brash & Sassy. She asserted that she should own the company she'd founded, but he clarified that it was the company she'd lost because of him. Victor admitted that selling Brash & Sassy out from under her had been wrong, and Victoria conceded that it hadn't happened in a vacuum, since she'd turned on him. He wanted to let bygones be bygones by helping her buy the company back, and she voiced concern that Jill's maternal instincts would interfere with the negotiations.

Victor advised Victoria to review the contract carefully to ensure there were no hidden clauses that allowed anyone to buy back shares or let Billy and Cane stay on the payroll. Victoria insisted that she wanted them to stay on, since she wanted loyal executives who spoke their minds. Victor countered that she didn't need anyone, and he thought she didn't even need his advice. She hoped he wasn't cutting her off, and he hugged her and insisted that would never happen.

Abby burst in and proclaimed that she'd had an amazing meeting. Victoria revealed that she'd been getting advice about buying back Brash & Sassy, and Abby congratulated her. Victor proudly remarked that he had two brilliant daughters, and he suggested that Abby take advantage of Victoria's expertise in dealing with startups. Abby was insulted when Victoria talked down to her by stating obvious things to look for in an acquisition. Victor told them to never forget the brass ring, and he referred to the Brash & Sassy acquisition as a case in point, since Jill had only wanted to sell one-third of the company, but Victoria had gone for the whole thing.

Abby questioned whether she should cut her losses and resign, since Victoria obviously wanted to regain her seat as heir apparent. Abby haughtily stated that she'd stood by Victor when Nick and Victoria had turned their backs, but she'd apparently just been keeping the seat warm. Victoria called Abby paranoid and inaccurate, and Victor added that reacquiring Brash & Sassy would happen outside the confines of Newman. Abby apologized for letting her insecurities get to her. Victor insisted that Abby wasn't in competition with anyone, and Victoria anticipated that even though he was going through a mellow phase, he would always be the one running the company.

Victor wished he'd been a fly on the wall when Abby had negotiated the deal with Higgins, and Victoria griped that he'd never let her deal with Higgins alone. Abby was visibly pleased, and she crowed that she'd worked out even more favorable terms than they'd hoped for. Abby left to discuss the changes in the deal memo with the legal team, and Victoria observed that Victor honestly seemed interested in grooming Abby to take over. Victor countered that it was because Abby was genuinely interested in the job, and Victoria mumbled that he'd finally found a child capable of carrying on his legacy. Victor reminded Victoria that she was there for advice, and he told her not to compromise or let Billy and Cane interfere with her decisions.

Nick poured himself a drink at the Underground, and Victoria entered and remarked that it was five o'clock somewhere. He said he was trying out a special drink menu for the holiday crowd, and she replied that she could use a stiff drink. Nick guessed that she'd just met with their dad, and Victoria reported that Victor was grooming Abby to take over the company. Nick was surprised, but he was happy for Abby if that was what she wanted. Victoria recognized that Abby was putting in the hours and working hard, but Nick sensed that Victoria wasn't thrilled. Victoria doubted that Victor was really taking a step back.

Victoria mentioned that she'd given Abby some tips about Newman, and Nick hoped it had been better advice than what Victoria had given him earlier. He confided that he'd gone to see Chelsea to see if she was ready to get out of the "friend zone," and Victoria guessed that Chelsea had said no. Victoria was shocked because women never said no to him, and she wondered what had happened. He relayed that he'd asked Chelsea to go to dinner that night, and Victoria thought it was no surprise that Chelsea had gone running for the hills if he'd thought Valentine's Day was a good night for a first date.

Nick admitted that he'd totally forgotten that it was Valentine's Day, and Victoria informed him that women never forgot about it. Nick thought Chelsea had bailed because Faith had made a big deal about Sharon needing Nick. Victoria hoped Nick wasn't considering reuniting with Sharon, but Nick contended that it hadn't been Sharon's fault that Chelsea had shot him down. Victoria commented that Adam hadn't been gone that long, and Nick insisted that he and Chelsea were just friends, but he wasn't even sure if they were that much anymore. Victoria told him to turn around, and he saw Chelsea in the doorway. Victoria took it as her cue to leave.

Nick presented Chelsea with a cocktail he'd named "foot in the mouth" -- the perfect drink to have when one had made the wrong move by asking a friend out on Valentine's Day. Chelsea said she'd overreacted, and Nick apologized for forgetting what day it was. He thought there had to be a happy medium between being miserable and going on a first date. She explained that she'd been wearing the wedding dress that morning to see if she could have it on without crying.

Chelsea mentioned that the prior week had been her anniversary with Adam, and she'd been an emotional wreck for a few days. Nick recommended a strong cocktail to forget his inappropriate invitation, but she indicated that she hadn't fallen apart, and she knew she would be okay. Chelsea continued that Nick had made her realize that she had to live life and take risks, and she suggested that he make a dinner reservation if he was still free that night.

Sharon arrived at the Newman ranch to see Faith, but Victor reported that Faith had gone with Nikki to the hairdresser to undo the damage Sharon had done to Nikki's hair. Sharon prepared to find Faith at the salon, but Victor suspected that she was in no shape to go anywhere. She was surprised when he asked if there was any way he could help her. Victor asserted that he respected Sharon for taking the blame for Dylan's departure in order to keep him safe, and Sharon surmised that Victor was delighted that she'd become an even bigger pariah. He commented that they were all capable of change.

Victor mentioned that Sharon had turned down Faith's request to move back home, and Sharon explained that she wanted Faith there more than anything, but she'd had to put her daughter's happiness first. Victor guessed that Sharon had planned to leave Genoa City with Dylan, and Sharon expected Victor to judge her for being a terrible person. She insisted that she hadn't planned to leave her kids forever, but she thought it might have been better if she'd gone with her husband. She believed that Victor had people who could figure out where Dylan had gone, and she contended that if Victor wanted to help her, he could take her to Dylan.

Sharon insisted that it was what she wanted, but Victor refused to do it. He warned that if she left, Faith would spend the rest of her life wondering why her mother had abandoned her, and he knew from experience that it would create a void that no one would ever fill. Sharon contemplated finding a way for Faith to join her, but Victor questioned whether Sharon wanted Faith to spend her life in hiding. Victor opined that Sharon should stay right there where she belonged -- with her family.

At Brash & Sassy, Cane pushed to get going on their digital media campaign for the men's line before a competitor launched similar products. Billy wanted Victoria to sign off before they moved forward, and Cane teased Billy for being Victoria's lapdog when she didn't even own the company yet. Cane made arrangements over the phone to meet someone in an hour, and Billy left an urgent message for Victoria to get back to him. Cane pointed out that they'd tried to keep her in the loop, and he announced that he'd hired a hotshot photographer. Cane asked whether Billy would help him or wait for Victoria to sign a permission slip. Billy offered to let Cane take all the credit if the plan went well and all the blame if it didn't.

Later, Cane thanked photographer Jordan Wilde for being there, and Jordan said he was psyched to be working with Cane. Cane introduced Billy, and Jordan recognized Billy's name from Jabot. Jordan examined the workspace and thought it would be an interesting challenge to make the shots look like something other than an office furniture catalog. Lily arrived and enthusiastically greeted Jordan, who she had worked with during her past modeling days. Lily and Jordan hugged, and he said she looked gorgeous.

Jordan thought Lily had gotten out of the business, and she replied that she'd stepped out of retirement because of a special request. Cane added that it had been from her husband, but Billy pointed out that it hadn't been Cane's idea for Lily to model again. Jordan fondly recalled that he'd been on one of his first paying gigs when he'd shot photos of Lily for Jabot, and he couldn't believe that she had gotten married. She informed him that she also had kids, and he remarked that she didn't look like a soccer mom. Jordan revealed that he still had photos from her Jabot shoot in his portfolio, and he pulled up a photo of Lily on his phone. Billy thought it captured Lily's essence, and an uncomfortable Cane plastered on a fake smile.

As Jordan snapped photos of Lily, they laughed as they discussed a diva they'd had to deal with at the last shoot they'd done together. Jordan called the diva a "world-class bitch," and Lily explained to Billy and Cane that the diva had been a poodle. Cane recounted that he'd also been working at Jabot when the shoot had taken place, but he didn't remember Lily talking about it. Lily figured that she'd been too exhausted afterward, but Jordan mentioned that they'd gone to a dive bar after the shoot.

Cane suggested that they cut the trip down memory lane short because he and Lily had to celebrate their anniversary. Jordan called it ironic to get married on Valentine's Day, and Cane wanted to get some photos outside with the company logo. Jordan preferred to photograph Lily in the lab as a sexy temptress mixing a concoction, and Cane begrudgingly agreed. Jordan coached Lily to "sex it up," and Billy teased Cane for seeming like a third wheel.

Jordan photographed Lily with various props in the lab, and he posed her lying on a table to show off her legs. Cane objected, and Billy asked if he was afraid of other men looking at his wife. Billy dryly proposed that the next shoot be an Amish theme with Lily covered up and churning butter. Jordan egged Lily on and gushed that she made him want to memorize the periodic table. Victoria walked in and asked "what the hell" was going on. Jordan praised Lily's work and hoped they got to work together again, and she replied that it had been a lot of fun.

Jordan stepped out, and Victoria scolded that going behind her back wasn't a good way for Billy and Cane to get in with their new boss. Victoria huffed that they should have consulted her, but Cane countered that they had no time to massage her bruised ego, and he had real work to do. Billy added that he'd tried to call Victoria, but she'd gone off the grid. Victoria lectured that they should have presented the idea to her, and Billy defended that he'd thought he had autonomy to do his job. She clarified that he did as long as he respected that she was the boss, and he checked to see if she had a moustache, since she sounded just like her father.

Lily called out to ask Cane to find her shirt, but Jordan returned and handed it to her. Lily invited Jordan to stick around and catch up while she changed her clothes, and she pointed out that he'd seen her in less than that. She asked about Jordan's personal life, and he replied that he wasn't settling down anytime soon. Cane jealously looked through the window as Jordan helped Lily out of her dress.

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