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Cane was crushed when Jill sold Brash & Sassy to Victoria. Jill discovered that Colin had cleaned out her personal accounts, and she suffered a heart attack and underwent surgery. Faith was not pleased when she saw Nick and Chelsea kissing.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of February 13, 2017 on Y&R
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Cane's Deal Falls Through Cane's Deal Falls Through

Monday, February 13, 2017

In Victoria's office at Jabot's headquarters, Billy and Victoria discussed the success of their ad campaigns featuring Lily. Billy mentioned that Cane hoped to buy into the company, but Victoria said she intended to become the owner of Brash & Sassy again. Billy got out a bottle of Champagne and made a toast to Brash & Sassy's new owner. Victoria was hesitant and said she didn't want to jinx herself. Billy said that Jill would likely sell the company to Victoria.

At Jill's mansion, Cane complained to Jill that Victoria intended to buy Brash & Sassy outright and dash Cane and Billy's hopes of buying into the company, too. Jill, having just returned from a trip, was taken aback by the news. Jill, angry at Victoria for changing the terms of the deal, said, "This is right out of Victor's playbook." Cane said that he'd been scrambling to amass enough funds to outbid Victoria. Jill said Cane's plan to become sole owner was ambitious.

Jill told Cane that her plan to sell to all three would ensure that he'd be on an even playing field with Billy and Victoria. Cane explained that Billy was in favor of Victoria becoming the company's sole owner. Cane cried that he couldn't compete with the millionaires in Genoa City. Jill said she'd once been in the same position. Cane was elated when Jill agreed to sell the company to Cane if he could arrange the financing.

Jill told Cane that she would require the proceeds immediately. Jill explained that she'd have only once chance to convince Jack to sell her his stake in Fenmore's. Cane assured Jill that he could borrow from trusted friends if the terms were reasonable. Jill said, "You have until the end of the day." Cane embraced Jill and thanked her.

Jill stopped by Victoria's office. Jordan Wilde, a photographer, showed up to take photos for the website. Lily and Cane arrived just as Jordan readied his equipment. Jordan snapped individual photos of Billy, Victoria, and Cane. Jill declined to be included and said she was about to sell her interest in the company. Jordan posed Cane, Victoria, and Billy together behind a desk. Victoria took center stage. Cane didn't smile and instead focused his attention on Jill.

After Billy escorted Lily to a meeting and Cane took a phone call, Jill met with Victoria. Jill asked Victoria why she'd been making unilateral decisions regarding the company. Jill added, "I do still own it, Victoria." Victoria explained that she'd once owned the company, knew that Billy wouldn't be interested in becoming co-CEO, and doubted that Cane could raise the funds he needed. Jill said that Cane was trying to raise enough funds to purchase Brash & Sassy outright.

Victoria seemed taken aback when Jill expressed her support for Cane. Jill said she believed the company should be run by someone with integrity. Victoria reached into her handbag and pulled out a check. Victoria handed the check to Jill and said, "How about this kind of integrity?" Jill's eyes widened when she saw the dollar figure printed on the check.

Jill stepped out of Victoria's office and met with Cane. Cane asked for more time to secure funds. Jill said that Victoria had given her a cashier's check payable to Chancellor Industries. Jill showed Cane the face of the check and asked if he could top the dollar amount. Cane seemed defeated and expressed doubt that he could. Jill said she'd have to accept Victoria's offer, but she assured Cane that Victoria wouldn't fire him. Jill assured Cane that everything would work out.

After Jill left, Cane met with Victoria. Cane said he'd hoped to become an equal partner. Victoria said she had no plans to shut Cane out, but she insisted that he become a team player. Cane became irritated and insisted that Victoria not patronize him. Billy returned and told Cane to back off.

At the Genoa City Athletic Club, Michael and Lauren enjoyed a meal together. Lauren checked her phone and excitedly announced that customers had embraced Fenmore's decision to merge with Jabot. Michael mentioned Lauren's successful interview with Jack and Hilary. Lauren noted that Phyllis had given her pointers beforehand on how to handle Jack. Lauren complained to Michael about Gloria's meddling. Lauren recalled that Gloria had once damaged Jabot's reputation by sabotaging a product.

Lauren asked Michael why Jack had agreed to employ Gloria. Michael suggested that Gloria, after helping Jack acquire part of Fenmore's, might have twisted Jack's arm. Michael encouraged Lauren to instead focus on her controlling interest in Fenmore's. Lauren agreed to let Jack worry about Gloria. Michael nodded and smiled, but Lauren seemed uneasy.

Michael changed the subject and told Lauren that he looked forward to enjoying a special Valentine's Day with her. Lauren said Fen had sent her flowers. She added that Scott hadn't contacted her because he was busy covering the refugee crisis. Michael noted that Scott was a gifted writer. Lauren reached for Michael's hand and noted that they had much to be thankful for.

Outside Jack's office at Jabot, Jack saw a bouquet of flowers sitting on Gloria's desk. Gloria, working as Jack's receptionist, explained that someone had sent the flowers to Phyllis. After Jack entered his office, Phyllis stopped by to pick up her flowers. When Phyllis opened the card, Gloria said, "Who's Troy?" Phyllis replied, "None of your business." Phyllis abruptly walked away and left the flowers on Gloria's desk.

Michael stopped by to visit with Gloria. Michael was surprised that Gloria had accepted a position as a receptionist. Gloria explained that she intended work her way up the corporate ladder again. Michael said he was still skeptical of Gloria. Gloria assured Michael that she had big plans. Michael replied, "So tell me. How exactly does Jack figure into your big plans?" Gloria glared at Michael. Michael said he believed Gloria was blackmailing Jack. Gloria insisted nothing was going on and walked away.

In Ravi's office, Ravi nervously prepared a card to accompany a gift for Ashley for Valentine's Day. Ravi quickly hid the gift when Ashley stopped by. Ashley made a remark about the Valentine's Day decorations stuck to the walls of the cramped office. Ravi chuckled and said, "Such a fun holiday, right?" Ashley said it was her least favorite holiday of the year, though she hadn't completely given up on the concept of romance. Ashley added that she, her siblings, and even her daughter had encountered painful failed relationships.

Ashley asked Ravi if he had plans for the evening. Ravi said he'd scheduled a meeting to work on Phyllis' project. Ashley insisted that Ravi change his plans and enjoy a romantic evening with someone. After Ashley left, Ravi tossed the candy and the card into a wastebasket.

Phyllis met with Jack in his office. Phyllis said she would enlist Ravi's help with the virtual dressing room app. When Phyllis requested Jack's input on other matters, Jack said it would have to wait until evening. Jack remembered it was Valentine's Day, mentioned the flower delivery, and said Phyllis likely already had plans. Phyllis said the flowers meant nothing because a guy she'd met online had sent them. Jack mentioned Billy. Phyllis, insisting that her relationship with Billy had been a mistake, said, "Billy only loves one woman, and that's Victoria."

Lauren joined Jack and Phyllis. The trio discussed future meetings with advertising agencies. Phyllis mentioned working with Ravi on the virtual dressing room app. Lauren picked up her phone and noted that shoppers had expressed interest in the app. Jack said he'd stick around to meet with Ravi, but Phyllis explained that the work might be too technical to hold Jack's interest. Jack insisted that Lauren and Phyllis not authorize large expenditures without first consulting him.

Lauren and Phyllis left Jack's office. Phyllis noted that Jack still seemed to be miffed about the interview because Lauren had commanded control. Lauren asked Phyllis to meet with Ravi without her. Lauren said she was eager to celebrate with Michael. Phyllis agreed and walked away carrying the bouquet Troy had sent.

Michael approached Lauren in a hallway. Lauren had twice received overseas phone calls, but she'd been unable to clearly hear the caller. Michael asked about the calls. Lauren said she believed it was Scott. Lauren said she was touched that Scott had attempted to phone her on Valentine's Day. Lauren expressed frustration because she'd been unable to hear the caller. Michael assured Lauren that Scott would keep calling until he successfully made contact with Lauren.

Phyllis entered Ravi's office, but he'd stepped out. Phyllis phoned Troy, thanked him for the flowers, and told him she was already in a relationship. After Phyllis ended her call, she saw Ravi standing in the doorway. Ravi admitted he'd overheard Phyllis' call and said he hadn't known Phyllis had a boyfriend. Phyllis briefly explained her unfortunate experience with an online dating service and added that she'd made up the story about a boyfriend.

Ravi told Phyllis not to get discouraged. Phyllis suggested she and Ravi go out to eat before returning to work on the app. Ravi accepted the invitation. Ashley happened to spot Ravi and Phyllis leaving together.

Ashley met with Jack in his office. Ashley told Jack that she'd deliver the keynote speech at the annual buyers' luncheon. Jack noted that he usually delivered the speech and could handle it himself. Ashley said she'd decided to take control. Ashley explained that she'd been concerned about Jack's decisions to battle with Victor and gain controlling interest of Fenmore's by investing Jabot's resources, only to settle for 49 percent of Lauren's company. Ashley added that Jack had also made a poor decision to hire Gloria. Jack's face reddened with frustration.

Ashley reminded Jack that their father had left them equal shares of the company. Ashley explained that she, being fair and stable, should run the company. Ashley threatened to seek board approval to take control because Jack didn't seem to care about their father's legacy. Jack challenged Ashley to approach the board. Ashley told Jack that if he couldn't get his life together soon, she would definitely take control of Jabot. After Ashley walked out, Jack shoved a stack of papers off his desk.

Jill approached Jack's office at Jabot and was surprised to see Gloria seated at the receptionist's desk. Gloria said, "Jack hired me. Isn't he the sweetest?" Jill laughed and said, "There are a lot of words I would use to describe Jack Abbott. 'Sweet' is not of them." Gloria laughed and said she'd missed Jill's droll sense of humor. Jill entered Jack's office and expressed dismay about him hiring Gloria. Jill told Jack that she had an offer he wouldn't want to refuse.

Genoa City celebrates Valentine's Day Genoa City celebrates Valentine's Day

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

At Brash & Sassy, Billy berated Cane for demanding that Victoria give up the company because Cane thought he was owed something. Victoria insisted that she could handle the situation, but Billy thought Cane should be grateful to have a job and paycheck. Cane contended that he'd done more for the company than Billy had ever done, and Billy chided Cane for considering himself to be a hero just for doing his job. Victoria sternly repeated that she could handle it, but Billy demanded that Cane get on board or get out.

Cane spat that Billy had only gotten his job because Jill had wanted to reunite Billy and Victoria. Lily entered and declared that she'd sung Brash & Sassy's praises all day, but it was time for her to celebrate her anniversary with her husband. She worried that she'd interrupted, but Cane coldly insisted that she hadn't, since the company had taken up enough of their time. The Ashbys left, and Billy mumbled that Lily deserved better than Cane. Victoria admonished Billy for interfering when she'd been trying to deal with her staff, and she accused him of thinking that he could do whatever he wanted.

Billy groused that Victoria was already giving orders when the ink wasn't even dry on the contract yet, and he believed that she always expected the worst of him. He recalled that she'd been busting his chops ever since Jill had forced them to work together, and he didn't expect that to change. Billy prompted Victoria to sit at the head of the conference table, and she wondered if he expected to be her right-hand man. He sat at the other end of the table and called himself a cog, but she scoffed at the idea that he had no opinion whatsoever. Billy asked if Victoria remembered Valentine's Day the prior year, and she recounted that he'd proposed to her again. He added that she'd said yes.

Victoria asked Billy to turn off the lights when he left, but he proposed that they grab dinner together. She declined because it was Valentine's Day, but he swore that it would only be burgers and beer while they talked about business. He dared her to prove that she could separate business and pleasure by having dinner with a colleague, but she countered that he knew he was more than that. Billy guessed that she only saw him as the cheat who'd wrecked their marriage and selfishly slept with his brother's wife.

Victoria understood that Billy regretted the things he'd done, but it didn't help her to talk about it. Billy said she didn't have to say anything out loud, since he knew what she was thinking when she looked at him. Billy didn't expect her to forgive and forget, but he wished his mistakes weren't the first thing to pop into her mind when she thought about him. She assured him that she thought about their kids and how much they loved him, and that was all that really mattered. Victoria thought she and Billy could work together to build something special at the company, and he agreed. She wanted to put the day behind her, and he volunteered to drive her home.

Victoria testily asked what Billy didn't understand about her not wanting to date him, and she wondered if Cane had been right that Billy was trying to find an edge. Billy recalled a time when she'd loved him for showing her that life was more than conference rooms and spreadsheets, but he suspected that she was no longer able to have fun or show feelings. She retorted that her feelings had been hurt because of him, and she refused to make that mistake again. Victoria ordered him to stop trying to sweet-talk her, since she wouldn't melt just because he'd offered her a ride home. Billy coolly replied that he didn't expect her to melt because she was as stone cold as Reed had said she was, and he walked out.

Over dinner at the Athletic Club, Cane presented Lily with an intricately carved wooden box to show her that he considered himself to be the luckiest man in the world. She squealed that the wood was to commemorate their fifth wedding anniversary, and she found a pair of earrings inside. Cane asked if it was anticlimactic after her big day of being the face of Brash & Sassy, but Lily replied that being there with him made everything else feel like just filling time. She preferred not to talk about work, and she seductively suggested that she help get his mind off of it. Cane admitted that losing Brash & Sassy had been hard on him, but Lily noted that he still had a place there.

Cane grumbled that he'd been part of the purchase deal just two days earlier, and he questioned when it would be his turn. Lily acknowledged that it was a painful loss, but she assured him that he had her and the twins. He argued that Lily also had her career, and he wanted a chance to be a success, too. He knocked his glass off the table in frustration. Lily asked if Cane had gotten his anger out of his system, and he acknowledged that the night was supposed to be about her. Lily clarified that it was about them and the commitment they'd made on that date years earlier.

Cane gushed that Lily was more beautiful than she had been when they'd gotten married, but she referred to being an exhausted mom with twins. He pointed out that she also had a fancy job, and she suggested that they order. Cane insisted that he was very happy that she had the job, but he'd expected to be co-owner of the company before Victoria had thrown her money around. Lily ordered him to stop complaining, since thinking about their anniversary dinner had gotten her through a long and stressful day, but the evening had been far from romantic.

Cane said the dinner plans had been a mistake, and he figured that he and Lily should go home. Lily was irate that he wasn't willing to try harder, and Cane pointed out that she'd just been saying that she wanted to hear his thoughts and feelings. Lily griped that all he could talk about was how he'd lost out, and she questioned whether Brash & Sassy meant more than their anniversary. Cane remained silent, and Lily told him to go home to relieve the sitter. Cane begrudgingly left.

At Jabot, Jill announced that she had an offer for Jack, but he replied that he had everything he needed. She suspected that he didn't really want Fenmore's because he didn't have control, and she called his acquisition of a minority interest a failure. Jack crowed that he'd generated more press for Jabot and Fenmore's than either company had seen in years, but Jill maintained that owning 49 percent was worse than having nothing at all. She urged him to let it go, and she wrote out a check. Jack insisted that his stake wasn't for sale, so her money was no good there. Ashley entered and declared that it was.

Ashley wondered why Jack wouldn't consider Jill's offer, and Jack pointed out that Jill and Lauren still had majority ownership. Jill explained that she hadn't been offered the first right of refusal, and Ashley clucked that it had been sloppy of Jack not to consult the co-owner. Ashley frowned upon making Jabot a secondary priority, and Jill thought John would have agreed. Jack countered that John would have told Jill to make a serious offer, but Ashley glanced at the check and noted that it was more than what Jack had paid. Jack contended that Fenmore's had become worth more after Jabot's involvement, and Jill dared him to make a reasonable counteroffer. Jack wrote down a final number and told Jill to take it or leave it.

Jill called Jack's asking price extortion, but Jack huffed that the value of anything was what someone was willing to pay. Jill scoffed at the idea of giving up her retirement savings to buy him out, but Jack said it was of no concern to him, since he didn't want to sell. Jill stormed out, and Ashley blasted Jack for wasting the chance to get a fast, decent return on his investment. Ashley ranted that Fenmore's was an albatross around their necks and that Phyllis was determined to drain Jabot's resources. Jack scolded Ashley for not wanting to share her pet employee, but Ashley maintained that they should get rid of Fenmore's as soon as possible. Jack recognized that she didn't have faith in his abilities, but he was confident that Jill would return with the money.

Jack lamented that both he and Ashley were dateless on Valentine's Day, and she thought it was better than being with the wrong person. Ashley sensed that he missed Phyllis or at least having someone, but Jack replied that he didn't miss the pain of having his faith and trust utterly misplaced. He asserted that Jabot deserved all of his attention, but he encouraged Ashley to let Ravi out of his cage to go out and have some fun. Ashley reported that Ravi had been gone for a while -- and that he'd left with Phyllis.

Ashley thought Jack shouldn't find it surprising that Phyllis had gone out with an intelligent, good-looking guy, and she told him that he needed to get a life. Jack defended that he hadn't been a monk, but he thought Phyllis shouldn't stir up conflict by dating an employee, especially given the age difference between her and Ravi. Ashley couldn't remember the last time Jack had dated someone in his age bracket, and she had no problem with a woman dating a younger man. Ashley opined that Ravi would be a great catch for the right woman, but she agreed that woman wasn't Phyllis.

At the Athletic Club bar, Jill met with David Sherman and informed him that she was going to war, since Jack had had the nerve to counter her offer. David was stunned when Jill confirmed that Jack wanted more than her proceeds from selling Brash & Sassy. Jill recognized that David's associate had advised her not to touch her personal accounts, but she really wanted Fenmore's stock because she hated to be ignored. David reminded her that she had controlling interest, but she also wanted Jack out of the picture.

Jill barked that she'd been disrespected, and she was willing to do whatever it took to put an end to it. David warned of the financial risk, but Jill figured that the bigger risk she took, the bigger the rewards would be, and she asked him to coordinate with her financial advisor. He wondered if tapping into her retirement funds was necessary to make her point, but she anticipating putting the money back once Fenmore's was back on top. Jill pledged to close the deal at any cost.

Jill arrived at the Chancellor mansion, where Colin had arranged a candlelit setting for Valentine's Day. She marveled that she loved it and needed it, and he surmised that it had been a rough day in the world of big business. Esther offered them some cheese puffs, and Colin snapped that he'd given her the night off. Jill handed Esther a glass of Champagne, and Colin protested that the bubbly was for him and Jill. Jill insisted that it was Valentine's Day, and she referred to Esther's last name. Esther grabbed a cheese puff and headed out, and Colin called the maid a nuisance.

Colin rubbed Jill's feet, and he guessed that Jack hadn't accepted her offer. Jill was determined to wear Jack down, but she forbade any more talk of work. Jill recognized that she tended to obsess over business and money, but she thanked Colin for reminding her of what mattered most. Colin acknowledged that he'd always been looking for the next big thing until he'd married a woman he was crazy in love with. Esther offered them coffee, and Colin cursed and told her to go to bed.

Jill gave Esther the rest of the Champagne and said they'd lock up, and Esther stepped out. Colin complained that Esther was a lurker who listened to their secrets, and Esther eavesdropped from the stairs as Jill proclaimed that Esther was family. Jill prepared to get the lights while Colin went upstairs, and she kissed him and said she was glad he was all hers. Jill answered a call from David, and she hoped he had good news about her personal accounts.

David mentioned that he'd had a frank conversation with Jill's financial advisor, and he reported that Jill didn't even have enough money to buy a dress from Fenmore's. Jill thought that was impossible, and David inquired whether she'd looked at a recent statement. She explained that she'd been away on a cruise, and he informed her that her accounts had been depleted. She insisted that no one had been able to touch her money without her knowing. Colin called out from upstairs, and Jill's expression darkened.

At the Underground, Nick tended bar as he finished a phone call. Chelsea entered in a festive red dress, and Nick groaned that a shipment from a distributor would be delayed for a couple of days. He thanked her for meeting him there, and he promised that they'd take off as soon as he had things squared away. He mentioned that Noah had plans with Marisa, and Chelsea wondered what type of crowd Nick was expecting. He spotted Phyllis and Ravi as they arrived together, and he remarked that he hadn't expected that.

Ravi informed Phyllis that he'd been at the bar the prior week with Ashley, and he'd introduced Ashley to electronic music. Phyllis realized that it was important to him to make Ashley happy, and Ravi pointed out that Ashley was his boss. Phyllis proclaimed that they were off the clock, and she wanted to hear all about the world of online dating. Ravi commented that he could talk about algorithms, but he couldn't change who was out there, so it was all trial and error. Ravi wondered why the bartender was staring at them, and Phyllis told him that Nick was her ex-husband. Ravi incredulously asked how many exes she had, and she quipped that she didn't have as many as Ashley did, but there was still time.

Phyllis introduced Ravi to Nick and Chelsea, and Nick recalled that Ravi had been there on the night DJ Spectral X had performed. Nick noted that a lot of big decisions had been made that night, and Phyllis explained that Ravi was there to help her master the online dating world. Chelsea applauded Phyllis for getting back out there, and Phyllis assumed that Nick and Chelsea had a big night planned. Nick and Chelsea struggled to respond, and he said he'd let Phyllis and Ravi get back to their misery. Chelsea anticipated that Ravi would be a rich, popular man if he cracked the dating code, but Ravi replied that chemistry was a mystery.

Phyllis observed happy couples and remembered what it had felt like to be part of one. She mused that finding love had been dangerously easy, and Ravi inquired why she was trying to find it if she was scared. He thought it took bravery to find the right person, since some people wanted what they were afraid of, and they had to decide whether their desire or their fear was stronger. Phyllis realized that he'd thought about it a lot, and she imagined that he was lonely sometimes. Ravi remarked that he hadn't been lonely when he'd been there with Ashley.

Nick learned that his bartender had the flu and had to bail that evening. Chelsea chirped that it was no problem, since help was on the way. Nick lamented that Noah was on a date, but Chelsea put on an apron and announced that she'd tended bar in all sorts of dives. She playfully told Nick to back off and let her do her thing, and she expertly tossed a glass in the air as she began to whip up a drink.

Chelsea made a specialty drink for Ravi, who voiced his approval. Other patrons requested the concoction, and Nick asked if Chelsea wanted the job permanently. She thought one exhausting job a day was enough, and he informed her that relief was on the way. Chelsea turned away to keep filling orders in the meantime, and Nick joined her to help. Meanwhile, Phyllis pulled Ravi over to dance.

During a musical montage, Lily sat alone at the Athletic Club bar, staring at her new earrings as she sipped Champagne. Billy headed back to the office and peered in at an upset Victoria before he walked away. Jack sent a text message saying that he needed to see someone. Ashley turned on the lights in Ravi's office, and she spied a gift and a note wishing her a happy Valentine's Day in the trash. Billy entered the Underground and spotted Phyllis and Ravi dancing. Nick pulled Chelsea into his arms, and they swayed slowly to the music.

Jill has a serious medical crisis Jill has a serious medical crisis> Jill has a serious medical crisis Jill has a serious medical crisis

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

by Nel

At the Underground, while Nick and Chelsea were dancing behind the bar, a patron asked for a drink. While Chelsea prepared his drink, the patron asked if she'd be his Valentine, and he could see she was a woman of many talents. In a sultry voice, Chelsea said she had stamina -- she could go all night long, read the same bedtime story over and over without yawning once. She told him that she'd figured out thirty-nine different ways of getting a three-year-old to eat his vegetables, and she knew how to get puke out of seven different types of fabric. She asked if that was talented enough. The patron walked away disgusted. Nick said he'd thought he'd have to intervene, but he'd been impressed. Chelsea said she needed more glasses.

Billy arrived, and Phyllis told him he needed to keep moving because she wasn't interested. Billy thought she might have needed to be rescued from another hot date. He said he'd been trying to determine if the guy Phyllis had been dancing with had been another online date and if he'd been worthy of her. Phyllis said she'd had a drink with a colleague. Phyllis asked what Billy was doing. Billy said he'd been trying to be supportive and had been there to offer constructive advice. Phyllis said that on the most romantic day of the year, he was in Nick's bar. She knew he hadn't gone there looking for her. Billy countered that he hadn't gone there looking for Victoria either.

Phyllis asked if Billy had gone to the Underground to make Victoria jealous, because it would definitely get back to her. Billy claimed he'd stopped in for a drink. He told her not to worry because he wouldn't leap across the table and kiss her. Phyllis said that that wouldn't have been the first time they'd kissed each other to lash out at someone else.

Phyllis realized something had happened with Victoria. Billy said not in the way Phyllis thought. He claimed that he and Victoria had rehashed some issues from the past. Phyllis asked if it had been about how Billy had slept with her while she'd been married to Jack or how many times he'd cheated on Victoria. Billy said that she'd summed it up. Billy asked if he could drive her home. Phyllis asked why he kept doing that to himself.

Phyllis said that it had to have been exhausting to rehash everything, and Billy would normally get mad and decide to get back at everybody by drinking or gambling or jumping into bed with someone. Billy said she'd been describing herself. Phyllis admitted it but added that she'd been good at recognizing it. She said Billy had always felt that if everyone labeled him a screwup, he might as well live down to their expectations. Billy agreed. He again offered to drive Phyllis home. Phyllis said she was better than that, and it was time Billy realized it. She left.

Billy told Nick he wanted to talk with Nick about Victoria. He told Nick that Jill had decided to sell Brash & Sassy, and Victoria had bought it. Nick said he wouldn't weigh in on Billy's behalf if Victoria had fired him. Billy said he still had a job, but he wanted Nick to remind Victoria why she'd left Newman. He reminded Nick what it had done to Nick's life, having to follow Victor's rules and being affected by his mindset. Billy said that that was happening to Victoria, and Victor had pushed Victoria to take on the company solo. Nick saw nothing wrong with that. Billy said Victoria had done it in secret, and he and Cane had had no idea what had gone on until the deal had already been set. That was pure Victor.

Billy felt Victoria was vulnerable, and she wouldn't listen to him. Nick said that was probably the best thing Victoria could do. Nick advised Billy to be thankful that Victoria was so put together. She was an incredible mother and role model to their kids. Billy agreed. He said no one believed in Victoria more than he did. He said the problem wasn't running Brash & Sassy because she could do that in her sleep. It was the way she'd been doing it -- heavy-handed -- and the way she'd treated Reed.

Nick said that Reed wasn't Billy's child, so how Victoria raised Reed was none of Billy's concern. Chelsea joined them and advised Nick his bartender had arrived. Billy said he'd seen Chelsea doing her thing, and it had brought back memories of Miramar. Chelsea said Miramar hadn't been her finest hour. Nick and Chelsea left.

Ashley was in Ravi's office, looking at the box of chocolates and note addressed to her. The situation became awkward when Ravi arrived and caught her. Ashley said she didn't make a habit of digging through people's trash. Ravi said he probably would have done the same. Ashley said it had been none of her business. She apologized and left.

Ashley went to Jack's office. She stared at a photo of John. Ashley had a flash image of her and John discussing business. John had said that she had business in her blood, and he'd been impressed with the numbers from her Young Teen line. John had praised her and said she'd deserved all the credit. John had told her she'd done a great job, and she'd had amazing instincts for business.

Ravi arrived and said he wanted Ashley to have the chocolates. Ashley felt terrible because she'd dumped all over Valentine's Day and had said that it was a huge racket. Ravi agreed that it was a capitalistic made-up holiday. Ravi was about to leave, but Ashley invited him to stay and share the chocolates with her. Ashley asked Ravi how dinner with Phyllis had been and what they'd discussed. Ravi said they'd discussed dating. Ashley choked and asked if Phyllis wanted to date him. Ravi clarified that Phyllis had wanted to know more about the online dating apps.

Ravi looked at the photo of John and said it was nice having a family business to go to. He confessed that his family had been disappointed in him because he hadn't followed in their footsteps. Ravi said he saw the same kindness in Ashley as he saw in John's face. Ashley said John had been kind, and he'd been the rock of the family. John had entrusted the company to Ashley and Jack.

Ashley wondered what John would say if he were looking down. Ravi said John would say he was proud of her. Ashley admitted she and John had been close, and she missed him every day. Ashley had another flash image of a fun moment she'd spent with John, and she told Ravi that John had always called her "his beauty."

Ravi promised to work very hard for Ashley to honor her legacy. Ashley noted that Ravi had a good heart, and she apologized for dumping all over Valentine's Day. She hadn't wanted him to be skewed about love, and she began to cry. Ravi put his arms around her to comfort her. Ravi thanked her for sharing her memories about John. Before he left, he told Ashley she wasn't as cynical as she'd claimed to be. He wished her a Happy Valentine's Day, and he left.

At the Chancellor mansion, Jill was extremely upset. Esther said Jill looked like she was about to faint, and she wanted Jill to sit down. Jill retorted she couldn't afford to faint. After hearing another shout from Colin, Esther asked Jill what Colin had done. When Esther saw the look on Jill's face, she left the room.

Colin went downstairs and asked why Jill hadn't gone upstairs. Jill said she'd been waiting for him. Colin was gobsmacked when Jill slapped him really hard across his face. Colin asked why she'd done that. Jill said her personal bank accounts had been emptied, and she was broke. Jill told him that only her bank accounts had been emptied, not their shared ones. Jill said Colin had done that.

When Colin wanted to explain, Jill told him to shut up, and she asked how he'd done it. Colin said that he hadn't become the head of a crime syndicate without learning a few things. Jill was in distress. She called Colin a thief and asked where her money was.

Colin said he'd found a flailing company and shorted the stock, which was no problem. Jill said it wasn't a problem because he was going to put the money back into her account. Colin agreed he would as soon as he sold the stock. Jill's distress became more prevalent, and she favored her jaw. Jill said it would have worked, but the stock was going in the wrong direction. Jill asked if he'd thought she wouldn't realize her money had been missing. Colin said she'd never noticed in the past.

Jill realized Colin had taken her money before. Colin admitted he had, but it had been in small amounts, and he'd always paid it back with a decent profit. She accused him of gambling with her money and asked how he could steal from her. Colin said he'd borrowed the money. He thought what was his was hers and what was hers was his -- and he asked if that wasn't that the way it worked. Jill said it only worked if there was trust, and obviously there was none between them.

Jill was in extreme pain, and she was short of breath. Esther walked in and heard Colin say he could have made a really big deal. Jill asked about her deal. She said Jack had thought Jill would be back with a lot more money to buy Fenmore's, and she needed that money. Jill suddenly realized that that had been the reason Colin hadn't wanted her to make the offer to Jack.

Esther thought Jill's pain was her acid reflux acting up. Jill yelled at Colin that he'd lied and stolen from her. He'd made a fool of her. Jill pulled off his robe and shoved him out the front door. Colin stood naked in the cold, yelling at Jill to open the door. He picked up the welcome mat to cover himself. He yelled at Jill to give him his coat. Inside, Esther said it was about time Jill got rid of "that jerk."

Esther grew more concerned when Jill asked her to turn the heat down because Jill was extremely hot. Jill saw Colin at the window and yelled at him to get away. Jill ordered Esther to turn the outside sprinkler system on. Esther offered to call the police, but Jill wanted Colin to freeze and yelled at Colin that she hoped he'd get frostbitten. Esther became extremely concerned and called Billy. She told him that Jill was in a bad way.

At the Athletic Club, Jack received a text -- "got us a table." Jack grabbed a rose from the vase by the door and gave it to Victoria, advising her it was free. Victoria thanked him. She wanted to know why he'd called her. Jack said they had business to discuss.

Victoria commented on how delicious the Champagne was. Jack said it was appropriate for the occasion and that congratulations were in order for the coup she'd pulled at Brash & Sassy. Victoria asked how he'd heard about it. Jack explained that Jill had stopped by and had offered to buy the forty-nine percent of his shares in Fenmore's by using the proceeds of her sale of Brash & Sassy to Victoria. Jack admitted Jill's price wasn't what he'd been looking for. Victoria asked if Jill's offer was the reason for the meeting.

Jack asked Victoria to tell him why he'd turned Jill down. Victoria thought he'd been holding out for more money. It surprised her that Jill wanted Fenmore's. Jack said Jill's motivation was payback because Lauren had made the deal without consulting Jill. Victoria thought that was a very expensive lesson. Jack countered that retribution could be well worth the price. Jack toasted Victoria for getting back the company that she'd started -- and for sticking it to Billy in the process. Jack asked if she'd fired Billy yet.

Victoria looked uncomfortable. She said she'd never had a problem working with Billy. She said she'd be setting boundaries and had made it abundantly clear that she was in charge. Billy thought nothing had changed and that they were partners, not employee/employer. When she'd tried to set him straight, Billy had accused her of being like Victor and had told her that Reed had been right -- she was cold. Jack said Billy didn't "give a damn" about boundaries or what was or wasn't suitable. Victoria said that it was a new situation for them.

Jack noted that Billy would never change. Jack said that Billy manipulated people and took them to places they'd regret. Jack said Victoria didn't need that in her personal or business life. Jack also apologized if he'd implied that Victoria couldn't handle the situation. Jack said it had been a brilliant business move to launch Brash & Sassy's men's line on Valentine's Day, and making Lily her grand ambassador had been downright brilliant. Jack received a text: "Where are you?" Jack admitted he was envious of how smoothly Victoria had gotten what she'd wanted.

Victoria said she knew Jack had been sizing up the competition. Jack admitted he had been and stated that even with the purchase of Femore's, Jabot had always been first and foremost a cosmetics company. It meant they would go head to head. Victoria asked if Jack was nervous. Jack said he was watchful because Brash & Sassy had become a real force in the industry.

Jack received another text: "Where the hell are you? I'm not waiting all night." Jack replied, "Sit tight." Victoria noted that Jack, who had usually been straightforward, had been very generous and protective, and he had practically ordered her to kick Billy to the curb. He was also very flattering about her business accomplishment. Jack said his work there was done.

Victoria said the one thing Jack had failed to be clear about was what he'd been after. She wanted to know the point of the meeting. Jack said the evening had been all about Victoria. He had an idea of the challenges she'd face and knew what she'd be up against. He wanted to make sure she took a moment to enjoy her success.

Victoria asked if that was all. Jack said it was all he'd admit to. Victoria stated she needed to get home to her kids. She thanked and hugged him. Jack received another text. Phyllis arrived and saw Jack and Victoria together.

While Victoria got her coat, Jack ran upstairs, and Phyllis waylaid Victoria. Phyllis asked what that had been about between Victoria and Jack or if Phyllis needed to ask Billy.

At Chelsea's, Nick apologized for the way the evening had turned out. It hadn't been what he'd planned. Chelsea assured Nick that she'd had a great night. Nick admitted that he'd seen another side of Chelsea. Chelsea told Nick about her bartending days and how much she'd loved bartending. That felt like a lifetime ago, but it had been a great way to meet people. She admitted she wasn't proud of having conned the tourists.

Nick said that Chelsea had come a long way. She agreed and added that she'd become a dull, boring, working mom. Nick said she was never boring. Nick thanked her for getting him out of his bad mood and said he needed to leave. They hugged, and that led to a tender kiss. Chelsea said she'd had a lovely evening. Nick stated that it had been most unexpected. After Chelsea closed the door, Nick and Chelsea smiled.

Back at the Chancellor mansion Billy unlocked the door, and Colin ran upstairs. Jill yelled at Billy because he'd allowed "that loser" back into the house. Esther expressed her concern for Jill's health and believed it was more than acid reflux. Jill berated herself for thinking Colin wouldn't steal from her. She admitted she'd been tense in the last little while.

Jill complained that her jaw hurt, and she'd been physically ill. She cried that Colin had stolen her money and asked how he could have done that. Jill was in excruciating pain and doubled over. Billy told Jill she had to go to the hospital. Esther got Jill's coat, and they left.

Jill learns she has heart disease Jill learns she has heart disease

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Noah arrived at the Underground, and Nick voiced his enthusiasm over the numbers Noah had been pulling in. Nick asked if Victor had gotten in touch about that night, but Noah said he couldn't attend their family dinner because he had to get ready for open mic night. Nick had no objection, and he expressed appreciation for the time Noah had been putting in. Noah observed that Nick was in a good mood, and Nick revealed that he'd had a solid time with Chelsea the night before. Noah assumed that they'd hung out as friends, but he guessed from Nick's silence that there was more going on.

Nick explained that he and Chelsea had been stuck at the bar for most of the night after the only other bartender had called in sick, and he gushed that Chelsea had been amazing behind the bar. Noah recalled that Sage had also helped out with bartending, and Nick fondly recalled "silk panties," Sage's specialty drink. Nick said he'd learned that it was okay to create new memories to sit alongside the old ones, and Noah was glad that Nick and Chelsea had taken the plunge. Nick clarified that he and Chelsea were taking it slowly, and he didn't know when he'd see her again. Chelsea walked in and asked who was ready for a doughnut break.

Nick asked what had led to a visit from doughnut fairy, and Chelsea explained that doughnuts were the only way to ease the pain of designer's block. She said she'd had fun the prior evening, and she pretended to reconsider designing in favor of going back to bartending. Noah asked if she'd put him out of a job, and he playfully challenged her to a drink-mixing contest. Noah and Chelsea took their positions behind the bar, and Nick announced that their drinks would be judged on creativity and quality. Nick told them to get ready and mix, and Chelsea and Noah began preparing their drinks.

Later, Nick sipped the drinks, and Chelsea and Noah good-naturedly bantered about whose skills were superior. Nick declared that it was a tie, and Noah protested, but Chelsea thought Nick was just being diplomatic. Noah stepped away to get some work done, and Chelsea said the contest had been fun but unexpected, like the night before. She hoped she and Nick could do something again soon, and he invited her to a Newman family dinner that night. She told him that it hadn't exactly been what she'd had in mind.

Nick recognized that a family dinner wasn't the perfect date, and Chelsea pointed out that his family hadn't invited her. Nick was sure that his parents would love seeing her, and he offered to take off early to have some real fun. He insisted that she couldn't turn him down. Chelsea replied that she could, but she wouldn't.

Victoria was surprised when Lily arrived at Brash & Sassy, since she'd thought Lily had a shoot at Jordan's studio. Lily said she was looking for Cane, and Victoria had assumed that he would be in late after the couple's anniversary celebration the prior evening. Lily grumbled that it hadn't been much of a celebration because Cane felt like Victoria had steamrolled over him to get control of the company. Victoria guessed that Cane had taken his frustrations out on Lily during their special evening.

Lily insisted that she loved working there, and there was no issue between her and Victoria, but she wondered if Cane would have a place there. Victoria recognized that Cane was talented, but she refused to spend more time massaging his bruised ego, so it would only work if Cane committed to being on her team. Jordan entered and asked if Lily was ready.

After the photo shoot, Jordan noted that he'd taken some good shots of Lily that were definitely workable, but she sensed that there was a problem. He indicated that her usual playfulness hadn't been there, and he'd noticed that she hadn't seemed like herself during the shoot. He pressed to know what was going on, and she confided that she didn't know if she could keep doing the job. Lily explained that Cane was having hard time accepting that he had to report to Victoria, so there was a strong chance he would walk.

Lily wondered how she could stay and not feel disloyal, but Jordan pointed out that she'd signed a contract as brand ambassador, so Cane could hardly expect her to resign. She worried that her continuing to work there would make Cane uncomfortable, and Jordan asked if the job made her happy. Lily replied that it did, and he cautioned that great modeling jobs weren't available very often. Jordan encouraged her not to give up her dreams because of someone else's insecurities.

At the Newman ranch, Victor hoped Nikki didn't mind that he'd invited the rest of the family to their special dinner, and she was curious about why he'd arranged another family gathering when they'd just had one. Nikki wondered if Victor had an announcement to make, since she'd been waiting to see what would happen after he'd decided to step back from the company. She speculated that he was finally ready to announce his retirement, but he replied that if and when something that earth-shattering happened, she'd be first to know.

Victoria arrived at the ranch and announced that she was officially the sole owner of Brash & Sassy. Victor and Nikki recognized how much the company meant to Victoria, and Victoria wished everyone understood. Victoria complained that Cane had unloaded on her, and Nikki inquired about how Billy had taken the news. Victoria reported that Billy had been supportive at first, but he hadn't liked how she'd gone about buying the company, and he'd compared her to Victor by calling her cold and unfeeling. Victor figured that with Jill out of the way, Victoria could dump "Billy Boy" as well.

Victoria refused to cut Billy loose just because they'd argued. She asserted that when a woman in charge made a decision, she was thought of as a "bitch," whereas a man was considered strong. Nikki remarked that there was definitely a double standard, and Victor admitted that he'd seen it happen himself. Nikki recalled that he'd been guilty of the same bias when he'd valued his sons' contributions over Victoria's, but Victoria insisted that whatever had happened was behind them. Victor asked if they were calling him a chauvinist.

Victor contended that he and Victoria had had their differences, just like he'd had with his sons. Nikki thought Victor had held Victoria to a higher standard, and Victor said he'd encouraged Victoria to stand on her own two feet. Victoria conceded that Victor had also been hard on Adam and that he expected a lot of Abby, and Nikki called Victor an equal opportunity taskmaster. Victor told Victoria not to let anyone talk critically about what she'd done, since he was proud that she'd reclaimed her company.

After Victor left for a meeting, Nikki agreed that Victoria could be strong and powerful in business, but she advised her daughter not to let it consume her. Nikki recalled that Victor's need to succeed had driven him to shut out everything else, and he was finally realizing it. Victoria also noticed the change in him, and she hoped it lasted. Nikki implored Victoria to learn from her father's mistakes.

At the hospital, a disoriented Jill awakened and demanded to know why Billy and Esther were looking at her like she was in a box at a funeral. Billy explained that he was on escape duty to keep Jill from leaving, and Esther recalled that they'd dragged Jill there because she'd looked terrible. Jill huffed that they could see that she was perfectly all right, and Billy realized that she didn't remember anything. Jill surmised that she'd been given drugs for her acid reflux, and she prepared to get out of there. Billy informed her that they were waiting to talk to the doctor first, and Jill's phone rang with a call from Colin.

Esther complained that Colin had been calling all night, but Billy pointed out that at least Colin had stayed away. Jill threatened that Colin would also be in a hospital bed if she saw his face or heard his voice. Colin left Jill a message to say that he understood that she was upset, and he pleaded with her to call him to let him know she was okay. Cane arrived at the Chancellor mansion and asked why his father had urgently summoned him there. Colin divulged that Jill was in the hospital, and Cane was surprised that Colin wasn't there with her. Colin explained that he was the reason she was there.

Colin told Cane that he'd intended to pay back every penny, but Jill had found out before he'd been able to do so. Cane surmised that Jill was in the hospital because Colin had gambled away her life savings. Colin vowed to make it right by paying back the money so Jill could buy Jack's share of Fenmore's, and he requested Cane's help. Cane thought Colin was out of his mind if he expected Cane to lend him money, but Colin was determined to tell Jill that she was solvent the next time he saw her. Cane warned that it wouldn't erase what Colin had done. Colin prepared to go to the hospital to grovel for mercy.

Meanwhile, Billy lectured that the only thing that mattered was Jill's health, but Jill maintained that there was nothing wrong with it. Esther argued that Jill was in intensive care, and Jill assumed it had been a mix-up. A doctor entered and introduced herself as the cardiologist on call, but Jill insisted that the problem was her stomach and not her heart. Jill asked when she could go home, and the doctor replied that it wouldn't be that day, since an EKG had indicated that Jill had suffered a heart attack.

The doctor revealed that Jill had heart disease, and plaque had been building up in her arteries, so they'd had to place two stents near her heart to allow her heart muscle to get enough oxygen. The doctor was hopeful that Jill would regain full function, and she considered Jill lucky for getting to the hospital when she had, or the incident could have been fatal. Billy asked how they'd need to care for Jill when she got home, but Jill ranted that it was ridiculous, since she wasn't sick. Billy snapped that it was a wake-up call, and Jill told him not to treat her like a frail old woman. The doctor urged Jill to calm down and breathe.

Jill argued that she hadn't keeled over, and she tried to get up to go home, but Billy and Esther forced her back into bed. The doctor understood that Jill was having trouble accepting her condition, and she explained that women's symptoms were often different than men's. The doctor mentioned Jill's jaw pain and shortness of breath, and Jill said she'd thought it had been her acid reflux. The doctor warned that some symptoms could mimic one another, but things like panic attacks and stomach pains might be present with heart issues, and it was crucial to get to a doctor right away if they occurred.

The doctor cautioned that heart disease was the leading cause of death for women in the country, and Billy inquired whether Jill would be okay. The doctor anticipated that Jill would be able to get back to her usual activities in time and that Jill would live a fairly normal life if she made some lifestyle adjustments. The doctor advised Jill to avoid stress in order to stay well, and she queried about Jill's family history. Billy mentioned that Jill's father had died of a massive heart attack, and Esther added that Jill didn't know anything about her mother's side. Jill requested that Esther fetch her some coffee, and Esther stepped out to get some herbal tea.

The doctor instructed Jill to call 9-1-1 if she experienced any symptoms, since time would be critical. The doctor said she'd booked Jill for an echocardiogram to see how the stents were working, but Jill complained that she had too much to do to wait around for more tests. Billy insisted that Jill take care of herself, but Jill barked that neither Billy nor the doctor could force her to stay. Billy asked for a minute alone with his mother.

Billy acknowledged that Jill didn't want more tests, and she warned him not to breathe a word about her private medical information to anyone. He insisted that she follow through with the ultrasound to find out as much as possible, and he questioned when she'd last had a physical. She replied that it had been when she'd been admitted with acid reflux, but there hadn't been any need to follow up. Colin entered over Cane's objections, and Jill lashed out at Colin for having the nerve to be there. Colin pledged to do anything he could to make things right, and he begged her to let him stay.

Jill knew that Colin wanted her to say that she was moved by his deep regret and sincere desire to make amends, but she wanted a husband who respected her. Colin insisted that he did, but she spat that if he had, he wouldn't have lied to her or used her like a "personal ATM machine." Billy ushered Colin out, and Cane tenderly asked how Jill was doing. She claimed that she'd landed in the hospital because she'd run herself ragged. She downplayed her condition and promised to manage her stress better, and Cane apologized for his father being a "jackass." Jill conceded that she'd known what Colin was like when she'd married him, but she'd never thought he would do that to her.

In the corridor, Billy blasted Colin for showing up after Jill had made it clear that their marriage was over. Colin voiced concern about what was going on, and he swore that he loved Jill and would never do anything to hurt her. Billy blurted out that she'd had a heart attack because of Colin, and a stunned Colin asked what the doctor had said. Billy relayed that they were running more tests, but the most important thing was for Jill to stay calm. Billy suggested that Colin get out of there if he didn't want to make things worse, but Colin raced back to Jill's room. Cane closed the curtains in Colin's face.

Later, Lily and Cane met at Crimson Lights, and they awkwardly sat down at a table. She said she didn't like how they'd left things the night before, but she'd been more upset when he hadn't been there when she'd woken up that morning. He informed her that he'd received a text message from his dad, and he'd found out that Jill was in the hospital due to stress. Cane reported that Jill would be fine, but he couldn't say the same thing about Jill and Colin's marriage, since Colin had helped himself to Jill's money. Cane explained that it was why he hadn't been there that morning, and he was sorry for the way he'd acted the night before. Lily conceded that she could have been more sensitive.

Lily was willing to put the disastrous anniversary dinner in the past, but she thought there were some things that she and Cane still needed to work out. She broached the subject of her staying on at Brash & Sassy, and Cane bristled when she mentioned that she'd been talking to Jordan about it after her photo shoot that day. She relayed that Jordan had advised her to think about what made her happy, and she really loved her new job and wanted to keep it, but she needed to know if it would be a huge issue for Cane. Cane replied that he would never ask her to quit, and he wanted her to be happy. She smiled and said she'd been hoping he'd say that, and they hugged and kissed.

Jill thanked Billy for getting rid of Colin. Billy observed that Cane hadn't seemed all that worried when he'd left, and Jill said she'd spared Cane the details. Billy referred to the changes she was about to go through, and she ordered him to stop talking about it, but he stressed that she had to start taking it seriously. He recognized that she was scared and that she didn't want to think there was anything to worry about, but she'd almost died the night before. Jill denied it, but Billy flatly stated that her heart disease wasn't going away.

Billy reprimanded Jill for neglecting her health for too long and said it had to stop unless she wanted to end up back there again. Billy ordered Jill to stop fighting the doctors and the tests, or she wouldn't have a choice anymore. Jill begrudgingly agreed to the tests, but she grumbled that she didn't have to like it. Billy held her close.

Faith sees Nick and Chelsea kissing Faith sees Nick and Chelsea kissing

Friday, February 17, 2017

At home, Victoria noticed that Reed wasn't ready for dinner at the ranch. Reed grumbled that he'd thought he was exempt from going because he was irresponsible, but Victoria said his grandparents wanted to see him, and she told him to get ready. Reed barked that he was "already in hell" without having to spend time with the family.

At Crimson Lights, Cane and Lily discussed the overnight trips she needed to take for work. He received an alert on his phone, and he grumbled that the news about Victoria buying Brash & Sassy had gone viral, but Victoria had made sure his name hadn't been mentioned. Lily clucked that talk of the transaction had spoiled their anniversary, and she didn't want him to start it again. Cane refused to be cut out entirely, and he began to call a reporter to provide the rest of the scoop to the press.

Lily recognized that Cane was upset, but she warned that he was letting it consume him. She urged him to focus on them and the kids, and she asked if he'd talked to Jill. Cane made a call and was surprised to learn that Jill was still at the hospital for more tests. Lily suggested that they go there to see if they could do anything, and they headed out.

At the hospital, Colin asked the cardiologist how his wife was, but the doctor informed him that she wasn't authorized to discuss Jill's health with him. He sourly realized that he had to find out from Billy.

In Jill's room, Billy quoted that an estimated 44 million women were affected by cardiovascular disease. Jill quipped that she'd thought she was one in a million, and he was glad to see that her funny bone was intact after her heart attack. He reminded her that her condition was serious, and she countered that she'd agreed to an echocardiogram. She added that she was truly glad he was there, and he looked forward to getting her home so that she could rest. Jill wondered where Esther was with her tea, and Billy jokingly imagined that Esther was cultivating the leaves herself. The doctor entered, followed by an orderly with a wheelchair.

Victoria called Billy and complained that he was late to pick up the kids, and he informed her that Jill was in the ICU after suffering a heart attack. Victoria worriedly asked if Jill was okay, and Billy said they wouldn't know for sure until they ran more tests, so he had to stay there. Billy added that Jill didn't want anyone to know, and Victoria promised not to tell anyone. Billy hung up and looked over at a stricken Jill sitting in the wheelchair. Jill told him to go if he had to leave, but he swore that he wasn't going anywhere.

As the orderly wheeled Jill away, Colin raced over and tried to apologize. Billy pulled Colin away and ordered Colin not to go near Jill, since she was done with him. Colin refused to leave while the woman he loved was in the hospital, and he demanded that Billy tell him what was going on. Billy disclosed that the doctor had placed two stents in Jill's heart to keep her arteries open, and they'd just taken her for an ultrasound. Colin asked when they'd know something, but Billy sternly stated that it was all the information Colin would get. The men bickered as Cane and Lily arrived.

Cane was stunned when Billy informed him that Jill had suffered a heart attack because of Colin. Billy and Colin argued, but Lily protested that fighting wouldn't help anything. Lily said she would leave with Cane and Colin if Billy let her know the results of Jill's tests, and she'd relay the information. Billy agreed under the condition that Colin not go near the house, and he threatened to get a restraining order if necessary. Cane barked that Billy didn't have to be a jerk, and Colin added that it wasn't over. Cane led Colin out, and Billy reluctantly gave his word that he'd contact Lily with the results.

At the Athletic Club, Lily informed Colin that she'd booked a room for him, but he refused to stay there because he wanted to be around family. Cane invited Colin to stay with them, and Lily agreed. Colin griped that Billy had made a difficult time worse, and he didn't want Jill to think that he'd abandoned her. Colin chugged a drink, and Cane sensed that his father was cooking something up. Colin asked the two of them to plead his case to Billy and Jill, and he pledged to make things right by paying Jill back in time. Colin swore that he truly loved Jill, and he anticipated that life without her would be unbearable.

At the Underground, Noah set up sound equipment, and Abby entered and asked what was going on. He explained that it was open mic night, and she guessed it was why he planned to skip their family dinner. She asked where Nick was, and Noah reported that his dad was on his way to the ranch with Chelsea. Abby wondered if Nick and Chelsea were dating, and Noah relayed that Nick had tried to convince him that they weren't rushing anything.

Noah said he'd heard Abby had become a mover and shaker at Newman, and she bragged that she'd just closed a huge deal with Higgins. Abby proposed a deal to Noah -- she'd use her social media superpower to promote his open mic night if he accompanied her to the ranch for dinner. He agreed on the condition that she return to the bar with him and sing a song that night. She offered to buy two top-shelf drinks instead of singing, and they shook hands on it.

Nick entered the Newman ranch with Chelsea and called out for Victor and Nikki. He guessed that they were the first ones there, and Chelsea guessed from the lack of blankets on the floor that they weren't going to eat picnic-style. Nick imagined that they'd actually use silverware, and Chelsea reminded him that it wasn't her first Newman family dinner. He pointed out that it was the first one that he'd had to coerce her into attending, and she recalled his promise to slip out after dinner to start the fun. She asked what he had in mind, and he leaned in and kissed her.

Faith stopped short when she appeared in the doorway and spotted the buss. Faith remained unseen as Chelsea remarked that the kiss had been a nice start. Victor and Nikki entered, and Nick hoped they had room for one more. Chelsea thanked them for letting her crash the dinner, and Chelsea greeted Faith, who quietly said hello. Nick prompted Faith to give him a hug, and Victor offered everyone drinks. Faith plopped down on the couch and pouted.

Nikki looked through Nick's photos of Connor and Christian, and Nick mentioned that he and Chelsea tried to get the boys together as often as possible. Victor was glad that Nick was keeping his word to Adam, and Nick figured that since Connor didn't have a Newman sibling of his own, a cousin was the next best thing. Meanwhile, Chelsea attempted to have a conversation with Faith, who half-heartedly replied with one-word answers. Faith abruptly said she had to ask her grandma a question, and she approached Nikki and asked if she could invite her mom to dinner.

Nikki worried that there might not be enough food, but Faith argued that the cook always made a ton. Nikki hesitated to reconfigure the seating again, but Faith reasoned that Nikki had taught her how to set an extra place. Nikki supposed there was no reason they couldn't invite Sharon, and Faith sent a text message to Sharon to ask her to stop by the main house. Faith glowered at Nick and Chelsea laughing together, and she added "now" to her message.

Abby and Noah arrived at the ranch, and Victor was pleased that Noah had made it. Nikki asked Faith if her mom would be joining them, but Faith reported that Sharon was having dinner with Mariah. Faith noticed that Noah was there, and Nikki remarked that she hadn't thought he'd be able to make it, so Faith would still be able to use her table-setting skills. Faith inquired whether it was rude to show up uninvited, and Nikki replied that family was an exception to the rule. Faith asked about Chelsea, and Nikki pointed out that Chelsea was Nick's guest.

Faith mentioned that her dad and Chelsea had been spending a lot of time together, and he'd even bought a cookbook and an apron to cook with Chelsea. Nikki guessed that Nick was serious, and Faith assumed that she meant about Chelsea, but Nikki clarified that she'd been talking about Nick learning how to cook. Nikki observed Nick and Chelsea more carefully, and she wondered if Faith thought they were becoming more than friends. Faith replied that she didn't know, and Nikki asked how it would make her feel. Faith insisted that she'd be totally fine with it, but Nikki was skeptical.

Noah announced that he was expecting a full house at the Underground that night, and Nick and Chelsea revealed their plans to do something fun after dinner. Noah invited them to stop by, and Nick called Faith over to join them. Victoria arrived with Reed, and she apologized for being late because she'd had to call Hannah to watch the kids. Reed sullenly greeted his family at Victoria's urging, and Nikki ushered everyone into the dining room for appetizers.

Abby commented to Victoria that Reed had perfected the moody teen act, and Victoria inquired about work. Abby replied that it had been busy but good, and she asked whether she was speaking with the new owner of Brash & Sassy. Victoria haughtily stated that Abby could rest well, since Victoria wouldn't be going after Abby's job at Newman. "Or will I?" Victoria cattily added. Abby was taken aback, and Victoria claimed that she was just giving Abby a hard time after she'd been defensive at the office. Abby thought they'd moved past it, and Victoria agreed that they had.

Abby congratulated Victoria, and Victoria assured Abby that she didn't have to worry about Victoria taking her job, but she warned Abby to watch out for their dad. Abby insisted that Victor had been supportive, but Victoria cautioned that he had a way of building people up just to tear them down to show them who was in charge. Abby asserted that perhaps Victoria hadn't been the right fit for Newman, but Victor recognized that Abby was. Victoria wished her luck.

Faith talked with Nick about how Christian had made snow angels, and he wished she had seen it. Chelsea declared that she had a video, and Faith scowled as Chelsea grabbed her phone and fawned over babies in snowsuits.

Victor proclaimed that it made him and Nikki happy to have all of them in their home, and they didn't need a special occasion to do it, but there was one that night. Abby beamed as Victor crowed that his smart and beautiful daughter had proven to be quite the businesswoman, and he proposed a toast to celebrate her accomplishment. Abby's face fell when Victor asked Victoria to stand up, and he toasted to the new owner of Brash & Sassy. Abby gulped her drink as the rest of the family clapped.

Reed yawned as Victor insisted that it was praise well deserved, since Victoria had gone after what she'd wanted like a true Newman. Victor added that there was someone else who deserved acknowledgement and praise, and he called Abby an extraordinary businesswoman who had done unbelievable and unexpected things while making Newman a tidy profit. Abby kissed his cheek, but her expression soured again when Victor congratulated Victoria for successfully launching the men's line.

Noah expected Abby to be basking in the glow of praise from the great Victor Newman, but he observed that she looked disappointed. Noah recalled that Victor had forced him to compete against Kyle, and Victor had chosen Kyle over him to make a point. Noah assured Abby that he understood if she ever needed to talk about it. Abby approached Reed and asked if he'd heard it was open mic night that evening, and Noah mentioned that Victoria wasn't thrilled about the idea of Reed being out on a school night. Reed grumbled that his mom was all about enforcing the rules.

Victor rounded up everyone for dinner, and Nick stepped aside to check in with the sitter. Victor cornered Chelsea and inquired whether she and Nick were dating, and she stammered that she didn't think anything was official. She confirmed that they'd been spending a lot of time together, but they hadn't even gone on a real date. Victor thought it was telling that Nick had invited her to a family dinner, but Chelsea preferred not to talk about it.

Victor recognized that both Chelsea and Nick had suffered enormous losses, and he supported them moving on and being happy again. Chelsea bemoaned that it wasn't that simple, since she was keeping a huge secret from Nick, and it wasn't the best way to start a relationship. Victor was determined to respect Adam's decision to have Nick raise Christian as his own, but Chelsea countered that she hadn't known that she'd be spending a lot of time with Nick when she'd promised to keep quiet. Victor cautioned that it would cause Nick a lot of pain if she told him the truth.

Nikki noted to Victoria that Reed had been quiet, and Victoria explained that Reed was upset with her because she'd grounded him for betraying her trust. Victoria groused that Reed had been moping around instead of apologizing, and Nikki noticed that Victoria kept checking her phone. Victoria admitted that she was waiting for Billy to call, and she confided that he was a wreck because Jill was sick. Nikki urged Victoria to go to Billy, and she promised to get Reed home. Victoria hurried out, and Reed sat down at the piano and began to play.

Later, Chelsea remarked that dinner had been nice, and Nick stared at Faith across the room and asked if Chelsea thought the girl seemed off. Meanwhile, Victor sensed that something was wrong with Faith, and he mentioned the talk that she'd had with Nikki about Chelsea and Nick. Victor guessed that Faith wanted her parents to be together again, but he warned that it might never happen. He asked if Faith would be all right with her dad and Chelsea being more than friends if there was no way her parents could get back together, and Faith supposed that she would be.

Nikki realized that Reed knew how to play the piano, and she asked him to play something for her. He played a lovely ballad, and Nikki closed her eyes and enjoyed the music. She said she was very impressed, and she inquired whether his mother knew he could play that well. Reed replied that his mom didn't know anything about him, and Nikki placed a hand on his shoulder.

Nikki sat next to Reed on the piano bench, and the Newmans gathered around. Reed grinned as he and Nikki played together. Victor told Faith that he was glad that she'd confided her feelings to him. He continued that the heart could be very difficult and complicated sometimes, but they'd figure things out together. She told him that he was the best, and she rested her head on his shoulder.

Nick found Chelsea staring out the window, and he remarked that they hadn't expected a concert. She was clearly distracted, and he hoped she'd had fun that night, since it meant a lot to him that she was there. He caressed her face, but she pushed his hand away and said they should get going.

At the hospital, Billy worried that the ultrasound was taking too long. Medical personnel wheeled in an unconscious Jill on a stretcher, and the doctor reported that they'd sedated Jill when they'd found an anomaly on the echocardiogram. The doctor explained that they'd had to go back in to replace a blocked stent, and the procedure had gone well, but Jill would need to make changes to her lifestyle to have a full recovery. The doctor cautioned that unhealthy choices had led to the problems, so Jill needed to adhere to exercise and diet plans.

Esther offered to prepare heart-healthy meals, and the doctor said Jill would also need medications and cardiac rehab under supervision. Esther vowed that Jill would attend every session even if she had to drag Jill there. Esther called Jill a fighter who would be bossing them around before they knew it, and she stepped out to give Billy some time alone with his mother. Billy remembered when he'd sat at his dad's bedside, and Jill had encouraged him to tell John how he felt. Billy thought Jill would be surprised to hear that he was going to take her advice again, since there was something he had to tell her.

Billy acknowledged that he and Jill had had huge issues, since she could be pushy and obstinate, and he was a hothead. He thought that they'd said horrible things to one another and hurt one another as only people who loved one another could do. Billy stressed that he needed her, as did a lot of other people, and they knew that she wanted what was best for them. Victoria stood in the doorway and overheard as Billy tearfully stated that he didn't want to lose Jill. Billy willed Jill to get healthy and stay healthy, and he promised to be a better son if she did.

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