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Colin sold the ring that Katherine had left for Jill, and he repaid Jill with the proceeds. Jill read Katherine's final letter and wondered what Katherine had bequeathed to her. Victor sent Kevin to the Middle East with ransom money in exchange for Scott. Nick and Chelsea made love.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of February 27, 2017 on Y&R
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Michael suspects Gloria and Jack are up to something Michael suspects Gloria and Jack are up to something

Monday, February 27, 2017

In Jack's office at Jabot, Michael covertly watched through a cracked-open door as Gloria massaged Jack's shoulders. Gloria had just begun to massage Jack's arm when Michael knocked and entered. Gloria quickly stood upright and said, "Back so soon?" Jack smoothed his hair, sheepishly addressed Michael, and said, "I thought we covered everything." Michael retrieved an amended business contract from his briefcase and handed it to Jack. Gloria took the folder and offered to escort Michael out. Michael declined and said, "Am I supposed to pretend I didn't see what I just saw?"

Jack rubbed his shoulder and explained that he'd suffered an injury while water skiing that had never quite healed. Jack thanked Gloria for using her "finger magic" to lessen his pain. Michael asked Gloria if "finger magic" was part of her secretarial duties. Gloria quipped that she'd wanted to ensure that Jack's arm was mobile enough to sign her paychecks. Michael seemed offended by his mother's glib remark.

After Gloria left, Michael demanded that Jack explain why he'd hired Gloria, knowing that she and Jack hated each other. Jack claimed that he and Gloria had both changed over the years. Michael expressed concern that Jack had set up Gloria to seek revenge. Jack explained that Gloria had helped him acquire part of Fenmore's for Jabot, so he owed her. Michael seemed satisfied with Jack's explanation and left Jack's office.

Gloria later returned to Jack's office. Jack congratulated her for adeptly handling the situation with Michael. Gloria asked Jack if they might consider their relationship to be "frenemies with benefits." Gloria added that though she didn't expect to date Jack, perhaps they should feel free to let others know that they'd put their "mutual vendetta to bed." Jack promised to reward Gloria's loyalty as long as she did what she was told and refrained from threatening or blackmailing him. Jack enticed Gloria by assuring her a "rapid rise" from her secretarial position. Gloria suggestively cooed that she was fond of "rapid rises." Gloria playfully nuzzled Jack, growled like a wild cat, and said, "See you later tonight, Jack-uar."

At Lauren and Michael's home, Paul showed up to advise Lauren how to help Scott. Paul explained that Lauren's cellphone carrier had traced a call received on her phone to an unspecified area in the Middle East. Lauren, disheveled, was desperate to know who'd kidnapped her son. Lauren demanded that the state department assist in locating Scott. Paul explained that Scott had likely pursued what he had believed might be a worthwhile lead, so he'd been out of contact with authorities.

Lauren began sobbing and cried that Scott's captors had demanded ten million dollars for his life. Lauren insisted on paying the ransom. Paul warned that doing so would be a mistake because it would invite further efforts to extort without ensuring Scott's release. Lauren lashed out at Paul for not offering a resolution. Paul noted that he, too, feared for his own son's safety. Lauren cried that Dylan had chosen to turn his back on his family. Lauren later composed herself and asked Paul to honestly tell her the next step she should pursue. Paul recommended seeking assistance from the state department and an agency that had helped other kidnapped journalists.

In Ravi's office at Jabot, Phyllis stopped by and noticed that Ravi seemed nervous as he hammered away at his keyboard. Phyllis was eager to launch her app, but Ravi explained that the program couldn't handle high-volume traffic and would likely crash. Phyllis proposed postponing the launch. Phyllis explained that she was more concerned about her dear friend's crisis. Phyllis added that she'd been unable to help her friend cope.

Ravi told Phyllis about a visit to India when he had been a young boy. Ravi explained that his uncle had been inconsolable after his wife's death. Ravi recalled how his uncle had lost the desire to finish a garden wall he'd begun before losing his beloved wife. Phyllis listened as Ravi explained how he, his father, and neighboring villagers had finished the wall and later planted a flower garden. Ravi added that after his uncle's spirits had improved, he'd lovingly tended to the garden to honor his wife's memory. Phyllis was touched by Ravi's beautiful story.

Ravi insisted that he and Phyllis get the program up and running to honor Lauren. Phyllis agreed and said she'd been too close to a stressful situation to think clearly. Phyllis mentioned the difficulties Ravi had endured while working for two warring women, referring to herself and Ashley. Phyllis added that with her ex-husband Jack in the mix, the situation had become even more volatile. Ravi didn't disagree. Phyllis left to have a private conference with Jack.

Phyllis stopped by Jack's office just as Gloria was leaving. Phyllis noted that though Jack had refused to work with her, he'd hired Gloria to be his personal assistant. Jack replied, "Well, maybe I have resolved to be more forgiving in the New Year." Phyllis asked where she ranked on Jack's list of those he'd chosen to forgive. Jack said he hadn't recalled mistreating Phyllis after the merger with Fenmore's. Phyllis noted that her relationship with Jack had remained tense because they'd barely spoken to each other.

Phyllis complained to Jack that Ashley had talked trash about her behind her back to Ravi, upsetting him. Jack suggested that Phyllis return to Ravi's office and console him for enduring two misbehaving adult women bearing grudges. Jack added that unlike Phyllis, he didn't need a romantic interest to validate his life. Before Phyllis left, she told Jack that embracing forgivingness didn't seem to be working out well. Jack seemed frustrated after Phyllis abruptly left.

Phyllis was still angry when she returned to Ravi's office. Ravi eagerly shared news of the improvements he'd made to the app. When Ravi looked up from his computer screen, he noticed a scowl on Phyllis' face. Ravi seemed uneasy. Phyllis asked Ravi to tell her honestly if she seemed needy and afraid to be alone. Ravi sighed and replied, "I mean, isn't everyone?"

Jack entered the Genoa City Athletic Club. He stopped in the entryway and glanced at Gloria. Gloria was sitting at the bar, talking to a gentlemen. Gloria noticed Jack, set down her glass of wine, and apologized for leaving her friend to finish his drink alone. Gloria left so quickly, the man didn't have a chance to respond.

As Gloria headed toward the stairway, she bumped into Nikki, who was taken aback by the sudden collision. Gloria apologized while she continued walking toward the stairs. Nikki set down her purse on the bar and noticed movement behind her. Nikki glanced over her shoulder and saw Jack ascend the stairs after Gloria had walked up one flight. Nikki quietly pondered what she'd witnessed.

Michael returned home and asked Lauren what was wrong. Paul stood nearby as Lauren told Michael that kidnappers had threatened to kill Scott if she didn't pay ten million dollars in ransom. Paul said they didn't know the identities of the kidnappers. Lauren cried that the kidnappers hadn't allowed her to speak to Scott. Lauren said she planned to liquidate her assets and sell the remaining shares of Fenmore's to Jack in order to raise enough cash.

Paul explained to Michael that he'd warned Lauren to not pay the ransom and to consider other options. Lauren told Michael that they were on their own and had no other options. Paul privately told Michael that paying the ransom was unlikely to free Scott and would likely place other journalists in peril. Michael insisted that he and Lauren would follow through with whatever Lauren decided to do. Lauren seemed lost in despair as she contemplated her next step.

At Victoria's house, Nikki stopped by to visit with Reed. Nikki gave Reed some sheet music she said they might play as a duet in the future. Victoria overheard Nikki praise Reed's performance at Nick's club. Victoria approached her mother and son and angrily noted that Reed had attended an event at a bar on a school night. Reed recalled that his mother had encouraged him to follow his dreams and passions. Victoria replied that her directive hadn't given her son permission to visit a bar while he was grounded. Reed cried that his mother had grounded him from everything for two months, so practicing the music Nikki had provided would have to be postponed.

After Reed left the room, Nikki remarked that two weeks was too long for a teen to be grounded. Victoria explained that Reed had also betrayed her trust by stealing her credit card and using it to join an online porn site. Nikki laughed and noted that all teen boys were normally curious about sex. Nikki admitted that Reed shouldn't have used the credit card or viewed pornography. Nikki added that Victoria would've been greatly angered had Reed participated in pornography.

Victoria was taken aback by her mother's comment. Nikki added that she and Victor had saved Victoria from public embarrassment after Victoria had posed naked for a magazine. Victoria sighed, said that posing nude had been her worst mistake, and realized she'd been a hypocrite. Nikki encouraged Victoria and told her not to heatedly engage with Reed but to instead allow him to indulge in music as a diversion.

After Nikki left, Victoria summoned Reed. Reed seemed prepared for another angry encounter. Instead, Victoria encouraged Reed to take music lessons. Victoria gave Reed his guitar. Reed seemed flattered when his mother asked him to perform his song. Victoria beamed with pride as she listened to Reed strum his guitar and sing his catchy love song.

Colin rediscovers Katherine's music box

Colin rediscovers Katherine's music box

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

At the Athletic Club, Lauren objected to being there, but Michael insisted that she eat after waiting by the phone all night. She complained that she wasn't hungry, but he warned that she'd be of no use to anyone if she didn't keep up her strength. Lauren contemplated calling Fen to tell him about Scott's disappearance, but Michael saw no reason to upset Fen when they still had questions. Lauren wailed that she didn't know anything except that her son had been kidnapped and was being held for ten million dollars that she didn't have. Michael vowed to get the money somehow.

Lauren said she was willing to sacrifice Fenmore's to save her son's life, but Michael advised that it would take too much time to liquidate corporate assets. He thought they had to turn to their family, and Lauren recognized that Jill had the money but that she was still angry. Michael blurted out that everything had changed, and Lauren was stunned when he revealed that Jill had suffered a heart attack. He added that Jill was recuperating at home, and Lauren couldn't believe that no one had told her.

Michael was sure that Jill wouldn't let a corporate feud get in the way of her love and concern for her family, and Lauren was grateful that Jill was still alive. Michael suspected that Jill would insist on helping as soon as she found out that Scott was in danger, but Lauren hesitated to burden Jill when they didn't even know what kind of shape she was in. Michael suggested that they pay Jill a visit to assess the situation, and they could ask for help if it seemed like Jill was up to it. They departed.

At the Chancellor mansion, Billy marveled at the beautiful sight of Jill being home. She called his loving son routine heartwarming, but she scolded him for attempting to take over her life. She reminded him that he'd told her to stop meddling when she'd bugged him about getting back with Victoria, and the rules were no different for him. Billy recognized that Jill was upset that he'd changed the locks, but he argued that she'd thrown Colin out. Jill lectured that it hadn't been Billy's place to throw Colin's things away.

Billy ranted that the pain Colin had caused to Jill's health and finances had impacted everyone who cared about her. Billy pledged to protect her, but Jill retorted that she wasn't feeble or dead, and what Billy had done had been about boundaries. Billy conceded that he should have checked with her before he'd donated Colin's stuff, and Jill apologized for jumping all over him when he'd been trying to be a good son. He urged her to focus on her health, and they hugged and exchanged declarations of love. Billy cautioned that Colin would do everything possible to get back into Jill's life, and she assured him that she knew exactly what she had to do. Billy hoped Colin hit the road to Australia and never returned.

Later, Esther was happily surprised when Michael and Lauren stopped by, and Jill guessed that they'd heard the news. Lauren tenderly hugged Jill and said she was happy her sister was okay. Jill declared that she'd be fine as long as she ate her rabbit food and kept the pharmaceutical industry in business, but Michael pointed out that heart attacks were serious. Jill admitted that she'd been in denial at first, but she knew more about heart disease than she'd ever wanted to know, and she was determined never to end up in the hospital again.

Jill pledged to live a normal life if it killed her, but she noticed Michael and Lauren's tired faces and wondered if she should be worried about them. Michael reported that Scott had gone missing when he'd been on assignment in the Middle East, and they believed he'd been taken. Lauren cried that her son was being held for millions of dollars that they didn't have, and Scott's captors had threatened to kill him if they didn't pay the money. Lauren asked Jill if she could lend them the funds, and Jill was devastated that she couldn't.

Jill was humiliated to admit that she'd trusted a man who hadn't cared whether he left her broke, and she lamented that she couldn't help Lauren because of Colin's greed and her own stupidity. Jill swore that she would help if she could, and she became incensed as she blamed Colin. Michael urged Jill to take a breath, since stress was the last thing she needed. Lauren swore that nothing would stop her from getting her son home, and she and Jill embraced. Lauren received a text message as she and Michael headed out, and Lauren panicked that it was from "them."

Esther noted that Jill seemed wound up after Michael and Lauren's visit, and Jill bemoaned that Colin had cost her more than she'd ever thought possible, but she didn't want to talk about it. Esther implored her to sit down and eat, and Jill barked that it was the last thing she wanted to do. Esther clucked that they both knew what "Mrs. C" would say if she were there and that Jill wouldn't be able to ignore her. Later, Jill yelled out that what Esther had made wasn't horrible, and she was actually eating it. Jill looked up at Katherine's portrait and asked, "You happy now?"

At the Ashby home, Colin informed Lily that Cane had already left for the office, and he offered to get her some coffee. Lily asked Colin if he had plans for the day, and he inferred that she meant whether he'd sit on his duff or look for a place to live. She said she'd agreed to let him stay because he was Cane's father, but she was counting the minutes until Colin packed up and moved on with his life. Colin promised that he wouldn't camp there forever, but he didn't know where else to go until when and if his investment paid off. He added that he couldn't even afford to buy his own clothes back after Billy had given them to charity.

Colin recounted that he'd run into a homeless guy who'd been wearing Colin's cashmere coat, and he recognized that the only thing keeping him from living on a park bench was Lily and Cane's generosity. Lily handed him some cash so he could buy back what was left of his belongings from the thrift store, and he vowed to pay her back. Lily acknowledged that there had been moments when Colin had been the perfect husband, father, and grandfather, but then he'd turned around and hurt Jill. Colin deeply regretted that he'd created the stress that had caused Jill's heart attack, but he insisted that he truly loved her. Lily said she believed it, but it made the situation even more tragic.

Cane arrived at Brash & Sassy and assumed that Victoria had summoned him there early because she was upset that he'd taken over the GC Buzz interview. He acknowledged that it hadn't gone as planned, but he pointed out that sales had gone through the roof. He argued that she could hardly demote him when he'd demonstrated his value to the company, and Victoria complimented his marketing efforts. She wanted to prove that she appreciated his contributions by making him the point person for their Asian division.

Victoria offered to let Cane take the next meeting if the idea appealed to him. He thanked her for trusting him, but he was surprised that she wanted him to represent them overseas in a critical market. A woman entered. Victoria introduced Cane to Juliet Helton and announced that Cane would be Juliet's main management contact going forward. Victoria inquired about Juliet's flight in from Tokyo, and Juliet reported that it had been long, but she was excited to hear about the company's overseas rollout. Cane led Juliet into the conference room.

Billy arrived as Victoria was preparing to leave for an interview with a business magazine. She inquired about Jill, and she imagined that Jill felt like her life had changed in an instant. Billy revealed that he'd butted heads with his mother, but he'd realized that he'd been falling back into patterns, so he'd pulled back, and he and Jill had had a great talk. Victoria said she was proud of him, and she admitted that he'd been right about Reed.

Victoria mentioned that she'd asked Reed to play guitar for her, and her son was really talented, so she'd given him back his guitar and promised to find him a teacher. Billy spotted the meeting in the conference room, and Victoria informed him that Cane was meeting with their representative in Asia and that she'd assigned Cane to handle the division. Billy guessed that Victoria had thrown Cane a bone, but Victoria asserted that she believed Cane would do a good job.

Later, Lily stopped by the office after a wardrobe fitting, and she asked Billy for her shooting schedule for March. He informed her that Cane had the dates. Lily spotted her husband in the conference room and prepared to return later. Billy thought they should clear the air, since he felt like he and Lily had been on opposite sides between Victoria and Cane's battle over who would run the company and the mess with Jill and Colin. Lily asserted that she was not on Colin's side, since she hated what Colin had done to Jill, She didn't understand why Jill had let him back into her life after everything he'd pulled.

Lily added that she'd rather be alone than with someone she didn't trust, and it had taken everything in her to be civil to Colin for the twins' sake. She groused that the worst part was that she had no idea when he would leave, and she mentioned that she'd given Colin money to buy clothes because Billy had donated his stuff to charity. Billy offered to pay her back, but she declined. Billy thought Cane should appreciate what an awesome wife he had, and he hoped Cane would be easier to work with since he'd taken on more responsibility. Lily was pleased to hear that Cane would be overseeing the Asian branch.

Victoria, Cane, and Juliet returned to the office, and Juliet excused herself to take a call. Cane reported that the meeting couldn't have gone better, and Billy and Victoria stepped into the conference room. Cane gushed to Lily that it was the first time in months that he was using his skills, but he was surprised that Victoria had dropped the opportunity in his lap. Lily thought it was a vote of confidence, and they kissed. Meanwhile, Billy congratulated Victoria on handling Cane's fragile ego, but she maintained that Cane was up to the task. Billy suspected that she'd conveniently keep Cane busy with their clients in the Far East so that he wouldn't be able to challenge every decision she made.

At the thrift shop, a clerk asked if Colin was looking for something in particular, and he replied that he'd know when he found it. He examined a suit on a rack, and he flashed back to admiring himself in the mirror while wearing it. He and Jill had debated whether the suit made the man or the man made the suit, and he'd thanked her for giving it to him. He put the garment over his arm and looked through a box of trinkets. Colin pulled out a watch and remembered Jill giving it to him as an anniversary present. He'd proclaimed that he loved her and all of the wonderful magic moments she'd put into his life, and they'd kissed.

Colin discovered a music box on a shelf, and he recognized it as the one Katherine had given to Jill. Colin mused that he'd never thought he'd see it again, and he approached the counter and asked if the clerk had any idea how it had gotten there. The clerk replied that like everything there, no one had wanted it anymore. Colin asked her to price it along with the rest of his things.

Colin returned to Cane and Lily's house and flashed back to Katherine's words that she'd wanted Jill to have everything she valued, and it had been right in front of Jill if she knew where to look. He opened the music box and inspected the inside. He pulled away the material at the bottom, and he found a key to City Trust and Savings.

At the Newman ranch, Nikki asked Victor if he'd recruited corporate sponsors to raise money for the new women's shelter, but he was obviously distracted by a book he was reading. She wondered what had him that engrossed, and she discovered that he was reading Ruthless, a book written about him years earlier. Nikki called the book trash, but Victor felt that it had been time to revisit it. She recounted that his first reaction had been to buy all the copies and burn them, since the book was filled with terrible lies. Victor pointed out that not everything in it was a lie, and he wasn't afraid to face the truth about his past. He pondered writing the story of his life from his point of view.

Victor envisioned penning a true account of his life instead of what a vindictive woman had written. Nikki remembered when he'd threatened to sue Leanna for libel. She didn't object to him writing his memoirs, but she wondered why he felt the need to do it. He imagined leaving it for his kids and grandkids, but she suggested that he do personal videos for them instead. Victor preferred to see something on paper that would be indelible forever, and Nikki became worried that there was something he wasn't telling her. He swore that he was of sound mind and body, but he found nothing wrong with wanting to write his life story. She cautioned that he would have to include the bad along with the good, and he was prepared to do it.

Later, Michael and Lauren stopped by the ranch, and Nikki made small talk about the weather, but Michael pushed to see Victor immediately about an important matter. Nikki went to get Victor, and Lauren asked if Michael was sure that it was the right thing to do. Michael thought Victor was their best shot at getting Scott home, since Victor had money and contacts all over the world, but he also realized that Victor might turn them down flat because Michael had helped send him to prison. Michael hoped that Victor's love of fighting for a cause would outweigh any grudge he still held, since it might be their only chance. Victor entered and greeted them, and Lauren said they had no time to lose -- they needed his help.

Lauren showed Victor the text message with the ransom demand, and Nikki read aloud that the captors wanted payment within 24 hours. Lauren promised to pay back every dime in order to get her son home safely, but Victor questioned how she knew Scott was still alive and whether the kidnappers would keep their word. Michael indicated that the authorities believed the captors wanted cash more than they wanted Scott, and killing Scott would shine too bright a spotlight on their activities. Lauren and Michael explained that they had very little information, and Victor thought it made things very complicated. Lauren sobbed that Scott either lived or died depending on whether or not Victor helped her, and she needed to know if Victor would do it.

Victor hugged Lauren and pointed out that he hadn't said no, but he was concerned that if they gave in to the demands, the kidnappers might go after another journalist. Lauren could only think about what her own son was going through, and she thought Victor would move heaven and earth to save one of his children. Lauren pleaded with Victor to do the same thing for her son, and Victor agreed to help on the condition that they did exactly as he said. Michael agreed, and Lauren thanked Victor. Victor told her to thank him once she was reunited with her son, and he suggested that they get to work.

Kevin leaves to rescue Scott

Kevin leaves to rescue Scott

> Kevin leaves to rescue Scott

Kevin leaves to rescue Scott

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

by Nel

At Brash & Sassy, Victoria asked Cane about his first impression of Juliet. Cane noted that Juliet was smart, she knew the Asian market, and she had good ideas. Juliet also liked his ideas. Victoria knew her instincts were right that Cane and Juliet would make a great team. Cane asked if that had been instinct or ingenuity. He wanted to know if Victoria had given him the assignment as a clever way of getting him out of her hair. Victoria said if she'd wanted Cane out of her hair, she would have fired him, but instead, she'd given him an amazing opportunity by putting the future of the Asian market in Cane's capable hands.

Victoria felt Cane should have shown her a little gratitude. Victoria asked Cane if he was committed to Brash & Sassy. Cane admitted he was. Victoria suggested that Cane stop questioning her motives and do his job. If Cane didn't want the position, she'd find someone else.

Billy had been listening to the exchange between Victoria and Cane. Billy entered the office and said Juliet was fantastic. Not only was Juliet enthusiastic, smart, and focused, but she also had that smile. Billy said he was jealous that Cane would be working on the rollout with Juliet. Victoria told Billy that Cane wasn't as enthusiastic about the position as Billy was.

Billy suggested that Victoria give him the position instead. Billy had friends in Hong Kong that he could visit. Victoria recalled that Billy had worked in Hong Kong, and she suggested that Billy could hit up his contacts and charm them into carrying the men's line. Cane asked Billy to send his contacts' names to him, and he'd see to the rollout. Billy objected.

Cane asked Victoria if she wanted to send an irresponsible playboy like Billy to Asia -- and he sarcastically asked what could possibly go wrong. Billy assured Cane that he knew how to mix business with pleasure. Cane stated that there were Asian customs and traditions that were sacred. Cane had discussed them with Juliet. Cane asked what Billy had discussed with Juliet. Billy said they had discussed "where to find the best taco truck in Genoa City." Victoria apologized to Billy, but she would stick with her original plan, and Cane would remain in charge of the Asian market. Cane said Victoria had made the right choice.

Victoria knew that Juliet was up to speed on the men's line. Cane suggested he should meet with the representatives from the Asian market. Victoria told Cane that he would be leaving for Tokyo the following day. She thanked him for being a team player, and Cane left. Billy congratulated Victoria for recruiting Juliet because Juliet was a great addition to the team. At that moment, Victoria and Billy simultaneously received a text from Johnny's school about Johnny.

At the ranch, Lauren was frantic and worried about the phone reception at the ranch because she only had two bars. Lauren asked Michael to get her charger out of the car because she didn't want the charge on her phone below fifty percent. Nikki tried to calm Lauren. Nikki told Lauren that Victor was on the phone with his contacts, and he would find Scott.

Victor entered the room and advised that Scott's general area had been located, but it was impossible to conduct a search because the general location was in extremely difficult terrain. Panicked, Lauren asked when the search would begin. Since a search couldn't be started, Lauren didn't want to take a chance and said she wanted to pay the ransom. Victor assured her that as soon his contacts found Scott's specific area, they would commence their search.

Lauren said they had a twenty-four hour deadline, and the consequences would be dire if they didn't comply with the kidnapper's demands. Victor asked when Lauren had last spoken to Scott. Lauren said it had been a couple of days before, and she panicked at Victor's implication that Scott might be dead. Lauren cried that she would know if Scott was dead. Victor advised that he wouldn't give the kidnappers any money without verification that Scott was alive. Victor asked Lauren if the kidnappers had told her how the money would be handled. Lauren admitted she hadn't been given any instructions. Victor said that the next time the kidnapper called, Lauren was to demand that a photo of Scott be sent to her as proof he was still alive.

Lauren cried that they didn't know which group had kidnapped Scott, and she was terrified they'd kill him. Lauren told everyone that she'd known how dangerous Scott's job was and that Scott had never talked to her about it because he hadn't wanted her to worry. Lauren went on to say that Scott was very independent, and he could take care of himself. Lauren didn't know where Scott was or if he was in pain. Lauren said that the last time Scott had called, she had barely been able to hear him. She berated herself because she hadn't told Scott that she loved him.

Lauren's phone rang. Victor warned Lauren not to deviate from their plan. Lauren answered the call and told the kidnapper to send her a photo of Scott immediately. Lauren wailed that she shouldn't have listened to Victor because the kidnapper hadn't said anything, and the line had gone dead. She was in complete despair. She said she would get the money from Eric and would pay the ransom. At that moment, Lauren received a photo of Scott holding a newspaper showing the current date, and she showed it to Victor.

Lauren's phone rang again, and Victor answered it -- against Lauren's protests. Victor identified himself to the kidnapper and told the kidnapper that he'd be dealing with Victor from that point on, and things would be done Victor's way.

Victor said that one of his associates would give the kidnapper the money. Lauren insisted they needed to wire the money because it would be faster, and Scott would be freed that much sooner. Victor said that wiring the money wasn't a guarantee that Scott would be released. The kidnappers could use that to their advantage and ask for more money. Victor assured Lauren that money wasn't the issue, and Victor's associate was ready to go as soon as Victor gave him the money.

Lauren objected. She said that it would take too much time, and Scott would die. Victor assured Lauren that his associate would be in the Middle East before the kidnapper's deadline. Victor asked if Lauren was in on his plan or not.

After Victor and Michael left, Lauren apologized to Nikki for lashing out. Lauren knew Victor had placed himself into a dangerous situation. Lauren saw that Nikki wasn't happy about that. Nikki admitted she was concerned because it dragged up some painful memories for her and Victor. Nikki said she knew exactly how Lauren felt. Nikki told Lauren that, years before, Victoria had been kidnapped because of Billy's huge gambling debt, and the people he'd owed had wanted their money.

Victoria had been held hostage in Miami. Billy had asked Nikki for her help. Nikki hadn't been able to get that much money together in such a short period of time. Nikki had asked Victor for help, and Victor had taken control. Victor hadn't been able to forgive Billy. Nikki said she'd made peace with Billy, but it wasn't the kind of thing a mother forgot. Nikki had found a way to compartmentalize it. Nikki assured Lauren that the only reason she'd told Lauren about Victoria was to let Lauren know that Nikki truly understood what Lauren was going through.

Lauren wished she could let Scott know they were doing everything possible to help him. Nikki said she knew with every fiber of her being that Scott knew Lauren was doing everything possible to get him home. Nikki said her daughter had returned home, and Lauren's son would too.

Nikki told Lauren she'd noticed that Lauren had chewed off her nail polish on one nail and said she was going to fix that. Nikki was sure Lauren wanted to look her best when Scott returned home. Nikki took Lauren's shaking hand and assured her that Victor knew what he was doing. Lauren looked at Scott's photo on her phone and said she couldn't shake the feeling that something was going to go wrong with Victor's plan. Nikki assured her it wouldn't.

At the Chancellor mansion, Esther tried to entertain Jill, but Jill asked Esther to leave her alone because she wanted to take a nap. After Esther left the room, Jill called her office and thanked someone for the flowers. Jill admitted she'd had a minor inconvenient medical issue and was staying home to appease the doctors. Jill asked for an update on business. Jill didn't hear when Lily entered the room. Lily asked Jill what she was doing. Guilty, Jill ended her call and claimed that it had only been a tiny call. Jill promised no more business calls. Lily promised not to tattle to Esther if Jill promised to follow doctor's orders.

After giving Jill the get-well cards Mattie and Charlie had made her, Lily updated Jill on the situation at Brash & Sassy. Lily said that Victoria had given Cane the Asian market. Jill thought that had been an excellent move because Cane would be really good at it. She was happy that Victoria had finally seen his value. Lily showed Jill some photos of Mattie and Charlie and apologized for the photo of Colin.

Lily told Jill that Colin was living with them temporarily. Jill asked if Colin had hit Lily up for a loan yet. Lily said he hadn't, but she'd given him money to buy back his clothes from the shelter. Jill admitted she'd been furious with Billy for sending Colin's clothes to the shelter.

Lily asked if Jill still loved Colin and reminded Jill that if people truly loved each other, they would find their way back to each other. Jill said she was tired and asked Lily to leave. Lily asked if Jill had a message for Colin. Jill asked Lily to tell Colin she was fine and to get on with his life.

Later, Esther took the mail in, but she wouldn't give it to Jill until she had sorted it. Esther suddenly screamed, dropped the mail, and scared Jill half to death. Esther held an envelope and said Jill had received a letter from Mrs. C. They compared the writing on the envelope with notes Esther had kept from Katherine. Jill realized the envelope really was from Katherine. Jill asked how it was possible.

Jill noted there was no postmark or address on the envelope and wondered how it had gotten into the mailbox. Esther didn't know, but it creeped her out. Jill said that made both of them. Jill looked up at Katherine's portrait, asked what Katherine was up to, and called her an old fossil. Esther told Jill to open the envelope.

Colin was at the bank and opened the safe deposit box. There was an envelope addressed to Jill and a ring box. Colin was shocked when he opened the ring box and saw the emerald and diamond ring in it. He pocketed the items and left.

At Cane and Lily's, Colin contacted Jasper, a jewelry appraiser, and asked him to appraise the ring. When Jasper arrived, he scrutinized the ring and told Colin it was a rare treasure. Jasper said that Fourchette had made very few pieces, and he had never seen that design before. Colin wondered how Katherine had managed to get her hands on it. Jasper told Colin the ring was extremely valuable. At that moment, Cane entered, and Jasper discreetly pocketed the ring and left.

Colin told Cane that Jasper was his Realtor, and Colin had been thinking about buying a house or condo. Cane asked Colin who he'd stolen the money from. Colin was hurt, told Cane he was trying to turn his luck around, and walked away.

Lily returned home. Cane told her he was leaving for Tokyo in the morning and wanted Lily to go with him. Lily said it was very short notice and very tempting, but she had a photo shoot and some appearances scheduled over the next few days. Cane conceded that he'd have to go without her. A short time later, Lily walked out dressed in a sexy bra and panties and told Cane there was a problem with his passport. They proceeded to make love.

Billy and Victoria were at Crimson Lights with Johnny. Johnny was reprimanded because he'd pushed a little girl down and had made her cry. Victoria asked Johnny why he'd pushed Claire G down. Johnny claimed she'd tried to kiss him. Victoria said that that hadn't been a good reason to push Claire G. Billy said that because Johnny had told the truth, Johnny would get some hot chocolate. While Victoria got the hot chocolate, Billy coyly tried to school Johnny on the intricacies of what happened between boys and girls. Victoria returned and told Johnny he had to apologize to Claire G.

Victoria called Claire G's mother and asked her and Claire to meet them at Crimson Lights. When they arrived, Johnny apologized to Claire. Victoria apologized to Claire's mother. Claire's mother felt there was no need to apologize. Claire shouldn't have tried to kiss Johnny. Johnny and Claire showed Billy and Victoria the pictures they'd drawn. Billy stated that it would be nice if all their problems could be solved with cookies and crayons. Victoria agreed.

In Victor's office at Newman Enterprises, Michael and Victor were packing the money into duffel bags. Michael asked if Victor trusted his associate with the ransom money and wondered what would stop Victor's associate from keeping the money for himself. Victor said that he trusted his associate implicitly. Michael asked how Victor knew him. Victor said it was someone who worked at the police department. Michael assumed it was Paul. Michael understood why Victor had kept that information quiet. Lauren didn't need to know they were putting a friend in danger.

Victor said it wasn't Paul but someone who knew Scott personally. Michael told Victor to stop being so cryptic and asked how the person knew Scott. Kevin entered and said family. Michael refused to let Kevin go to the Middle East -- it was too dangerous. Kevin reminded Michael that he'd been in dangerous situations before. Michael said if Kevin was going, so was Michael. Michael wouldn't let Kevin do it on his own. Kevin said that Michael needed to stay for Lauren.

Victor said that a special operative would accompany Kevin. The operative had been briefed on the protocol. Kevin said that once the plane landed, the kidnapper would share the coordinates, and they would make the exchange. Michael asked why it had to be Kevin. Victor advised that Scott needed to see a familiar face so he'd know it wasn't a trick. Michael said Kevin hadn't seen Scott in years. Kevin advised that he and Scott had kept in touch, and he reminded Michael that Scott had been Kevin's roommate. Kevin said he wanted to do it for Lauren.

Michael gave Kevin a hug and told him to make sure he returned home. Kevin assured him he would. Kevin promised Victor that he wouldn't hand over the money until he knew that Scott was alive and well. Kevin grabbed the duffel bags and left. Michael told Victor he didn't know what to do -- be grateful to Victor or to be furious that Victor had involved Kevin. Victor said all Michael needed to do was to trust him.

Colin met Jasper at the Athletic Club to discuss the ring. Jasper said that it had been an exceptional find. Colin wanted to hear the truly exceptional appraised value. Jasper provided Colin with what he had estimated the ring's worth to be. When Colin read the estimate, it took his breath away.

Jill reads Katherine's letter

Jill reads Katherine's letter

Thursday, March 2, 2017

At the Newman ranch, Nikki remarked that Christian could brighten up the darkest day, and Nick asked if there was anything she wanted to talk about. Nikki replied that it had just been a long day, but she was looking forward to her date with her grandson. Nick explained that Amy had called in sick, and he had a date that he wouldn't break. Nikki inquired who it was with, and Nick deadpanned that he was going out with Mabel. Nikki looked surprised, and Nick figured that she knew his date was with Chelsea.

Nikki said she hadn't wanted to make assumptions, and Nick reported that Chelsea had agreed to go out with him in spite of him inviting her to a Newman family dinner. Faith eavesdropped as Nick declared that he was excited and relieved to be taking Chelsea someplace where the Newman family wouldn't be involved. Nikki noted that Chelsea and Nick were going out again soon after they'd attended the family dinner together, and Nick swore that they were taking it slowly, since they weren't even sure it was something they should be doing. Nikki insisted that they deserved happiness, and she implored him to do what was right for him and no one else.

Nick recalled that Abby had called him and Chelsea a couple in public, but they needed to take it one date at a time. He added that they might decide at any time to call things off, but he didn't want that to happen, and he hoped that Chelsea didn't, either. Nikki realized that the next step would be for Nick to tell Faith, who had already been asking questions. Nick hesitated to get Faith's hopes up, since she'd been pushing for him and Chelsea to get together, but he hoped he'd be able to give her a thumbs-up. Nick prepared to get going, and he asked Nikki to tell Faith that he loved her and that they'd talk the next day. Faith hid from sight as Nick headed out.

Moments later, Faith joined Nikki, and Nikki reported that Nick had just dropped Christian off. Faith said she'd heard her father's voice, and Nikki wondered why Faith hadn't said hello. Faith said Nick and Nikki had been talking, but Nikki insisted that Nick always had time for Faith. Faith asked if her grandpa was home. Nikki replied that it was just the three of them, and she suggested that she teach Faith how to play gin rummy. Faith asked if Nikki had any family pictures, and Nikki recalled that many of them had been lost in the fire, but other family members had made copies for them. Nikki went to find them.

Nikki showed Faith a photo of her last wedding to Victor. Faith asked how many weddings they'd had, but Nikki avoided the question by remarking that weddings were fun. Faith was entranced with a photo taken on her birthday of her with Nick and Sharon, and she commented that it included the whole family. Nikki volunteered to have the photos scanned so that Faith could have her own personal family scrapbook on her tablet. Nikki yawned and said it had been a very tiring day, and Faith recommended that Nikki take a nap.

At Chelsea's penthouse, Chloe enjoyed a glass of wine and propped her feet up on the coffee table like old times. Chelsea entered and asked how she looked, and she became nervous when Chloe hesitated to respond. Chloe insisted that Chelsea looked exquisite, but she thought Chelsea should wear sweats on her second date with Nick to show her real self. Chelsea clarified that it was their third date, and she insisted on looking nice. Chloe teased that a third date meant that Chelsea was close to being in an actual relationship.

Chelsea pondered which earrings to wear, and Chloe observed that Chelsea was being very girly and giddy despite swearing that she and Nick were just friends. Chelsea contended that they had been until they'd become more, and Chloe asked what had changed. Chelsea replied that she thought she was ready to move on after Adam's death, and she ribbed Chloe for getting weepy. Chloe wondered why Chelsea was obsessing over her accessories, and Chelsea explained that it was something she could control, whereas she couldn't control what was happening with Nick. Chloe understood that there were complications because of the kids and Nick's family, but Chelsea noted that everyone had been very nice to her at the family dinner. Chloe pointed out that no one was stopping Chelsea, who became flustered and hurried upstairs to change her outfit.

Nick arrived at the penthouse, and Chloe invited him in. She congratulated him on going on a third date, and she rambled that no one cared about dates one and two, but three was a magical number. Nick asked if she was trying to freak him out, but Chloe assured him that she'd been cheering for Nick and Chelsea to get together. Chloe applauded Nick for keeping Chelsea from going down a dark hole after Adam had died, but Nick thought Chelsea had pulled herself out, since she was one of the strongest people he'd ever met. Chloe gushed that she'd seen that Nick and Chelsea were good for one another for ages, but Nick stressed that he and Chelsea were keeping things low-key. Chloe mumbled to keep telling himself that, and she departed. Nick looked up and saw Chelsea on the stairs.

Nick and Chelsea arrived at the Athletic Club, and he said she looked amazing. He mentioned that he'd talked with Chloe, who'd shared an interesting theory about dates. Chelsea wondered if Chloe had advised him to wear sweatpants, but Nick revealed that the third date was apparently a milestone. He nervously added that he'd told Chloe that he and Chelsea were keeping things low-key, so there was no pressure. Chelsea confirmed that it was just a night out and nothing complicated. He handed her a drink, and they toasted.

Nick and Chelsea silently perused their menus, and they made small talk about the salmon. He thought he should just stop talking, and she was glad that she wasn't the only one who didn't know what to say. Nick pointed out that the third date obviously mattered, and they both knew something was going on between them, but he didn't want to screw anything up. Chelsea believed that they had to trust their instincts, and they clinked their wine glasses together. He answered a call from Faith, who cried that something wasn't right with her grandma, and she was scared. Nick said he was on his way, and Chelsea told him to go and to call her later.

Nick rushed to the ranch and called out for Faith. Nikki warned him not to wake the baby, and he asked if she was okay, since Faith had called him. Faith ran in and claimed that she'd tried to wake Nikki up, but her grandmother had kept sleeping, and she hadn't known what to do. Nikki explained that she'd just been tired, but nothing was wrong with her. Faith said she'd touched Nikki's shoulder, and Nikki guessed that she'd been more exhausted than she'd thought.

Faith apologized if she'd messed up Nick's plans, and Nikki suggested that he get back to his evening. Nick gently asked Faith if she knew how much he loved her, and she begged him not to be mad that she'd panicked. Nick hugged Faith and left. Nikki stated that she knew why Faith had gone overboard, but it couldn't happen again. Nikki surmised that Faith had known that Nick was going out with Chelsea, and she figured that Faith had decided to end Nick's evening by making up a story about Nikki not waking up. Faith admitted that she had gone into Nikki's room but hadn't tried to wake her.

Nikki lectured that Nick had been very worried, and Faith swore that she hadn't meant to scare him. Nikki recalled that Faith had once wanted Nick and Chelsea to like one another, but she sensed that things had changed when Dylan had left Sharon, and Faith wanted her parents to be together. Nikki understood that Faith wanted to make sure the people she loved were happy, but Faith thought she was a terrible person. Nikki assured Faith that she'd just made a mistake, but she warned Faith never to play games like that again.

Chelsea showed out the babysitter, took off her shoes, and unzipped her dress. The doorbell rang, and she was surprised to find Nick there. He reported that the emergency had been a false alarm, and he voiced concern that he wouldn't get a fourth date if date three didn't end well. He presented her with a bottle of wine, and she told him that she was almost certain there would be a date four.

At the Athletic Club, Colin admired the ring that Katherine had left for Jill, and he said he'd love it even more if it was worth the kind of money Jasper was talking about. Colin questioned how many people had the money to buy it, and Jasper indicated that he knew where to find them. Billy interrupted and made snide comments about Colin, and Jasper made a hasty exit. Billy offered to buy Colin a ticket out of town, but Colin asserted that Genoa City was where his son, grandkids, and wife were. Billy barked that Jill was done with Colin after he'd robbed her blind, so Colin was history, just like Jill's money. Colin swore that he'd pay her back and that he'd have his wife once she had her money.

Billy growled that Colin could pay back all of Jill's money with interest, but Colin and Jill would never get back together again. Colin understood why Billy was cynical, and Billy flatly stated that Colin had put Jill in the hospital. Colin said it had killed him, and Billy wished it actually had instead of almost killing Jill. Colin vowed to spend the rest of his life making Jill happy, and he was confident that the history and chemistry they shared wouldn't just go away.

Later, Jasper returned to the club, and Colin hoped he had found a solid buyer with deep pockets. Colin prepared to celebrate when he learned that Jasper had found a collector with deep pockets who was willing to pay the right price with no haggling. Colin wondered when the buyer would fork over the money, and Jasper handed him an envelope. Colin looked inside and crowed that he could kiss Jasper, but he envisioned that someone else would be kissing Colin soon enough.

At Crimson Lights, Billy greeted Chloe and Bella, and Chloe invited him to join them. Chloe noticed Billy staring as she got Bella settled in, and she wondered what he was thinking. Billy remarked that Chloe was really good with her daughter, and Chloe replied that she'd had practice with another great kid. Chloe added that they'd been lucky to have the time they'd had with Delia, and she vowed not to waste a second she had with Bella. Billy updated Chloe about Johnny's first kiss and Jill's recovery.

Chloe recalled that Delia had been excited to act like she was getting married to a cute kid from a boy band. Chloe remembered a CD that Delia had listened to over and over, and Billy fondly recounted almost throwing it out the car window. Chloe imagined that Billy would have hired the band for Delia's birthday if he could have, and he confided that when he heard one of the band's songs on the radio, he rolled down the window and sang at the top of his lungs to feel closer to Delia.

Billy announced that he'd been officially stood up, and Chloe said she and Bella had enjoyed being his backup coffee date. Chloe asked him to tell Jill that Chloe was thinking about her, and she imagined that Colin was a mess. Billy grumbled that Colin was the one who'd caused it, and he was glad his mom had finally given Colin the boot. Chloe noted that Colin had a weird power over Jill, but Billy vowed that there was nothing Colin could do to make Jill put up with him ever again.

At the Chancellor mansion, Esther marveled that the envelope with Jill's name in Katherine's handwriting was a miracle from the other side. Jill wondered how it had gotten into the mailbox without any address, but Esther said all that mattered was that Katherine had written it, and she urged Jill to open it. Jill contemplated what Katherine had wanted to tell her and whether Jill really wanted to hear it. Jill hoped it wasn't another wild goose chase from beyond the grave, and Esther offered to call Murphy to see if he'd dropped off the letter. Jill ordered Esther out of the room and gazed up at Katherine's portrait.

Jill opened the letter, and she discovered that Katherine had written it before heading off on her trip with Murphy. Katherine had anticipated that Jill would find the letter after Katherine had died and that Jill had found the path Katherine had laid. Katherine had apologized if the journey had annoyed Jill, but she'd expected it to lead Jill to what was rightfully hers. A puzzled Jill started to make herself a drink, but she cursed and set it down.

Jill continued to read the letter, and Katherine had contended that she hadn't been able to say the words in person about the most painful truth of her life. Katherine had written that the truth had always been there whether she'd spoken the words or not -- Phillip had loved Jill and only Jill. Jill flashed back to a vicious argument with Katherine about Katherine's unsuccessful attempts to use her money and power to try to destroy Phillip and Jill's love, ending in Katherine slapping her. Jill stared up at Katherine's portrait.

Katherine had continued that Phillip had wanted a life with Jill, and he'd intended to marry Jill, but it had been Katherine's fault that he hadn't because she'd been determined to hang on to her husband and deprive Jill of the man she'd loved. Katherine had regretted that she hadn't been able to deal with the fact that her husband had fallen in love with someone else, and she had thought that she shouldn't have been surprised that she'd driven him away with her drinking. In a flashback, Phillip had presented Katherine with a list of their holdings, and he'd offered to give her the house. She'd spat that she hadn't wanted it, and she hadn't cared if he'd walked out. Katherine had ranted that she'd been tired of begging and bleeding, and she'd signed his papers.

Katherine had stated that the fact that Phillip had loved Jill was something she hadn't been able to accept, but time and sobriety had made the memories less brutal, and eventually, she and Jill had become their own strange little family. Katherine had written that making peace with Jill had given her soul peace, and it had allowed her to find happiness with Murphy and face the end of her life head-on. Katherine hadn't wanted Jill to spend her last days alone, and she'd implored Jill to find peace and love and to hold onto something that Katherine never should have withheld from her, since Phillip had wanted Jill to have it. Katherine had begged Jill to forgive her for keeping it all those years and for keeping Phillip from her.

In a flashback, Katherine had driven a car as Phillip had pleaded with her to let him out, but they'd gotten into a tragic accident that had taken his life. In the letter, Katherine had recognized that Phillip had loved Jill deeply until his last breath, and she had urged Jill to stop questioning whether she was worthy of love and to be happy. Jill gazed up at the stairs and envisioned Katherine wishing her a final goodnight. The letter fell out of Jill's hand as she sobbed.

Esther entered and asked if Jill was all right, and she announced that they had a guest. Jill looked up and saw Murphy, who guessed that Jill had found what "the old girl" had left her. Jill referred to the letter, but Murphy mentioned the key and "the whole shebang." Jill informed him that the letter was all she had, and she had no idea what he was talking about.

Nick and Chelsea make love

Nick and Chelsea make love

Friday, March 3, 2017

At Chelsea's penthouse, Nick informed Chelsea that the emergency at the ranch had been a false alarm, and he suggested that they try to finish off date number three. She explained that she'd sent the sitter home because she hadn't expected Nick to return, and he proposed that they just stay there. Chelsea mentioned that she'd been about to head upstairs to change, and she asked him to help her with her zipper. The sexual tension between them mounted.

Chelsea prompted Nick to tell her about the false alarm, and he revealed that Faith had manufactured a family emergency because she'd known he and Chelsea had been on a date. Chelsea said she'd thought Faith liked her, and Nick confirmed that Faith did, but he hadn't gotten into it with his daughter that night. Chelsea thought he should have stayed at the ranch instead of checking on her, but Nick figured that he'd get things cleared up with Faith the next day. Chelsea questioned how he could clear things up when his daughter had a problem with them being together.

Nick noted that it hadn't been the first time Faith had meddled in his love life, since she'd done the same thing with Avery and Sage. Chelsea thought they were lying to themselves to think Faith would be okay with them being together, but Nick refused to let his daughter dictate his life. Chelsea realized that things had changed because Dylan had left. Nick confirmed that Faith didn't want her mom to be alone, but he thought Faith had to understand that he and Sharon would never be together again.

Chelsea felt like she and Nick were making a complicated situation worse, but he countered that she didn't complicate things for him -- she made things very clear. Nick declared that nothing made him happier than when he got to see Chelsea, and he didn't want to slow things down. He agreed to back off if she thought they were going too fast, but Chelsea pulled him into a kiss.

Chelsea and Nick cuddled on the couch, and she could hardly believe they were being like that, even though she'd thought about it. He asked if she'd been afraid, and she mused that she wasn't afraid anymore. They kissed, and Nick firmly stated that he knew what he wanted. Chelsea said she'd never thought anyone could make her feel that way again, and he caressed her face, but she wondered what was wrong. He gazed down at his wedding band, and they looked at one another. Chelsea removed her wedding ring and set it on the table, and Nick did the same with his. They embraced.

In Chelsea's bedroom, Nick and Chelsea kissed and slowly undressed. They fell back on the bed and began to make love.

At Jabot, Phyllis and Ravi literally bumped into one another, and she asked whether he was seeing what she was seeing. He wondered who should tell their bosses. Meanwhile, Jack informed Ashley that he was going out of town to meet with investors, and she assured him that she could handle everything there. He prepared to send his calendar and contacts to her, and she asserted that she'd meant it when she'd told him that she was planning to have a bigger role in the company.

Jack had a problem with Ashley trying to pull a coup, but she contended that she was looking out for their family's best interests by making sure he didn't make more misguided decisions. She griped that Jabot was bleeding money because Fenmore's was depleting their resources, and she started to lecture him about hiring Gloria. Phyllis and Ravi burst in and announced that Fenmore's new app had exceeded all expectations. Jack and Ashley perused the numbers, and Phyllis explained that the app had led directly to a boost in sales. Ravi rattled off technical terms about how the site had handled the extra traffic without a single crash, and it had translated into millions of dollars.

Ashley praised Ravi for his amazing accomplishment, but Ravi insisted on sharing the credit with Phyllis. Ashley admitted that she had to eat crow, since it had ended up being a smart move to invest in Fenmore's. Ravi pointed out that Phyllis had pulled an all-nighter to make sure the site had launched on time, and Ashley flatly replied that it had been Phyllis' job. Phyllis became irked that her efforts weren't being recognized, and Ashley snapped that Phyllis had stolen Ashley's idea and programmer to make it happen.

Phyllis defended that the app had been her idea, and it had nothing to do with Ashley. Ashley argued that Fenmore's app was just like the Jabot Go except with clothing instead of cosmetics, and she thought the virtual dressing room wouldn't have gotten off the ground without Ravi's help. Ashley invited Ravi and Jack to go out on the town with her to celebrate. Jack declined because he had to get ready for his trip, but he complimented Ravi on a great job. Ashley headed out with Ravi, and Phyllis grumbled that she was too tired to accept praise or go out partying.

Phyllis started to storm out, but Jack acknowledged that she'd done a great job, too. Phyllis blasted Ashley for having an "attitude from hell," but Jack was sure that Ashley was aware of Phyllis' contributions. He added that the groundbreaking concept had been why he'd pursued Fenmore's, and Phyllis sensed that his feelings had shifted to a point where he didn't mind her working there. She guessed that it was because there was someone new in his life. Jack barked that it was none of Phyllis' business who he spent time with, and Phyllis quipped that at least he was no longer trying to convince her that it was Gloria again.

Phyllis stressed that she didn't want Jack to think that she was hoping that they'd get back together, and Jack assured her that he didn't. She prepared to pop open a bottle of wine and check out Fenmore's gowns virtually. Jack smiled when he received a text message, and Phyllis teasingly asked whether he was still going to pretend that there wasn't a new woman in his life. Jack told Phyllis to stop making assumptions, and he remarked that their chilly rapport suited him better. Phyllis genuinely hoped that whoever had sent the message made him happy.

At Newman Enterprises, Lauren entered Victor's office, and Michael said he'd expected her to be resting at home. Lauren asked if Scott would be released when Victor's jet landed, but Victor cautioned that it could take quite a while. Michael explained that Kevin would be directed to a checkpoint, and Victor added that it might be the first of many. Victor encouraged Lauren to get some sleep, but Lauren refused to leave while her son's life was in danger. Victor suggested that she go to Top of the Tower to get something to eat, but she demanded to know why they were trying to get her to leave. She suspected that they didn't want her to be there for Kevin's call because they were afraid she'd hear something horrible.

Michael assured Lauren that they'd get Scott home, but she turned to Victor and asked him to be honest with her when her husband wouldn't. Victor said he couldn't promise that her son would return safely. Lauren recognized that Scott had put himself in danger when he'd taken the job as a journalist overseas, and she wished that he'd chosen another profession. Michael pointed out that she'd raised a courageous son who felt a responsibility to report the truth, but Lauren objected to her son risking his life to change the world. Abby burst in to talk to Victor about a crisis with the Gunderson deal, and she was stunned when Victor instructed her to handle it herself.

Abby insisted that her problem was urgent, since Gunderson was proposing a dozen changes to their deal. Michael suggested that he and Lauren get dinner upstairs, and Victor promised that he would call them with any news. After the Baldwins stepped out, Abby asked if they were okay, and Victor vaguely stated that they were in a difficult situation. Abby apologized for interrupting, but she reiterated that the deal was important.

Victor asked why Abby thought he had a reputation for driving a hard bargain, and she replied that he didn't cave. He told her to take advantage of his reputation, and he advised her to tell Gunderson to abide by Newman's terms, or there would be no deal. Abby wasn't sure that Gunderson would buy it, since she'd been rattled earlier, but she vowed to stay strong and close the deal. Victor said he adored her and that she was very good at what she did, but he thought she had things to learn about being tough.

Later, Lauren paced in Victor's office, and she fretted that it was taking too long. Michael assured her that they would hear something soon, and Victor answered a call from Kevin. Over video-chat, Kevin reported that he'd touched base with Victor's contact, and they were at the checkpoint and waiting for the next location. Kevin promised that he would call as soon as he had Scott. Meanwhile, in an undisclosed location, a bloodied man was escorted out of a cell.

At the Athletic Club, Colin shook hands with David Sherman and invited the lawyer to order anything he liked on Colin's tab. David barked that he had no stomach for exchanging niceties, and he assumed Colin had summoned him out of concern that Jill would file for divorce. David warned that it was inevitable, and he revealed that he'd advised her to press charges for grand larceny. Colin agreed that Jill had every right to do it, but he had something that might change her mind.

David admired Colin's attempt to run a con, but he cautioned that it wouldn't work. Colin swore that he wasn't playing any games, and he urged David to hear him out because Jill wouldn't. Colin presented David with a cashier's check for the exact amount of money he'd borrowed from Jill. A skeptical David asked where Colin had gotten the windfall, and Colin insisted that it was legal. Colin added that all that mattered was that Jill got back every penny he'd taken.

Across the dining room, Ashley remarked that she'd known Ravi was brilliant, but what he'd done for Fenmore's had been unbelievable. She toasted to him, and Abby watched them clink glasses. Abby wondered what she'd walked in on, and Ashley announced that Fenmore's new app was a huge hit. Ashley sensed that something was going on with Abby, and she insisted that Abby join them. Abby reported that her workday hadn't gone as well, since it wasn't easy working for her dad. Ashley proclaimed that the solution was for Abby to work for her mom.

Abby thought she needed to stick where she was, since Victor had placed a lot of trust in her, and she was the only one of his kids still working for him. Ashley asked if it was important to Abby to be Victor's heir apparent, and Abby pointed out that it had been important to Ashley with her dad. Ashley cautioned that Abby might have to wait a long time to get Victor's seal of approval, and Ravi contended that Ashley was a great boss who wasn't shy with praise. Colin approached and informed Ashley that Jill was about ready to make good on her offer, but Ashley replied that the deal was no longer on the table.

Ashley and Colin stepped aside. Abby told Ravi that he was a brilliant and talented guy, but she advised him against hoping that anything would happen between him and her mom. Ravi insisted that he had no such desires and that he and Ashley were just friends and coworkers. Abby imagined that he'd make a woman really happy one day, but she was certain that woman wouldn't be her mother.

Meanwhile, Colin implored Ashley to honor Jabot's commitment to Jill and sell their interest in Fenmore's, but Ashley explained that it wouldn't be a smart decision after the sudden influx of profits that day. Ashley thanked him for stealing Jill's money, because if he hadn't, Jill would be reaping the rewards instead of Jabot.

At the Chancellor mansion, Murphy revealed that Jill's letter was the last one Katherine had ever written. Jill demanded some privacy, but Esther asserted that she was just as curious as Jill was. Jill snapped that Esther could be part of the conversation when she received a letter from a ghost, and Esther skulked off. Murphy assumed that Jill had found the key hidden in the music box, but Jill replied that she had looked at "the damn thing" for months and hadn't found anything. Murphy explained that the box had contained a key to a safe deposit box where Katherine had put the letter.

Jill recalled that she'd been frustrated after trying to take the music box apart, so she'd left it in Chancellor Park. She inquired whether Murphy honestly hadn't left the letter in the mailbox, and he swore he hadn't. Jill theorized that Katherine had told someone else about the letter, but Murphy was certain that only he and Katherine had known about it. Jill noted that there had been no stamp or address, and she glared up at Katherine's portrait and asked, "How the hell did you pull this one off, Katherine?"

Jill questioned why Katherine had sent her on a meaningless treasure hunt instead of just giving her the letter. Murphy recalled that Katherine had been very mysterious about it, but she had insisted that Jill find it on her own. Jill called Katherine sadistic, but Murphy pointed out that Katherine had always said Jill was relentless and driven, and he imagined that Katherine had wanted to challenge Jill one last time. He remembered that Katherine had indicated that the content of the letter had been the entire basis of her relationship with Jill, and he was sorry he couldn't be of more help. Jill asked him about the last lines of the letter, which sounded like Katherine had bequeathed something to her that Phillip had wanted her to have.

Jill contemplated how she'd ever find out the truth if Murphy didn't know what it was, and she pledged to haunt Katherine in heaven if it was another stupid treasure hunt. Murphy thought Jill sounded exactly like Katherine, and he suspected that Katherine's ultimate goal had been for Jill to find the safe deposit box and its contents. Jill surmised that whoever had found the music box had also found the key and stolen her inheritance, and the person had left her the letter out of guilt. Murphy gazed forlornly up at Katherine's portrait, and Jill said she was sorry. Murphy mused that he missed Katherine, and he called her an incredible woman.

Murphy asked how Jill had felt after she'd read the letter, since he didn't know what Katherine had written other than that Phillip had been involved. Murphy recounted that Katherine had agonized over every syllable in the letter, and she'd seemed lighter once she'd finished it. Murphy referred to Katherine's bucket list of seeing and doing all the things she'd never been able to do, and the first thing on her list had been to make peace with Jill. Murphy said writing the letter hadn't been easy for Katherine, and Jill wished that Katherine had gone directly to her rather than putting herself through pain.

Murphy pointed out that the women would have fought, and Jill imagined that they would have screamed and thrown things, but she would have been grateful if Katherine had told her that Phillip had loved her. Jill recalled that when she'd found the necklace Katherine had left her, there had been a note telling her to wear it on a journey to find out what was really important. Jill thought Katherine's heartfelt confession was really important, but she might never have found it if someone hadn't given it to her. Murphy speculated that Katherine hadn't said the words in person to avoid having one last knockdown, drag-out fight, and it had been the only way for Katherine to have the last word. Jill murmured that her last words would have been plain and simple -- she would have said she loved Katherine and that she was sorry, too.

Esther insisted that Murphy stay, and Jill urged him to at least join them for dinner. Murphy bemoaned that there were too many memories in the house. Jill told him that he was welcome anytime and hugged him goodbye. He smiled up at Katherine's portrait and saluted before he headed out. Jill apologized to Esther for being brusque with her earlier, and she was glad Esther had called Murphy. Esther figured that some answers were better than none, but Jill remarked that the letter was still a mystery.

Later, David stopped by to see Jill, and he observed that she seemed to be recuperating well. He needed to know if her heart could withstand a shock. He showed her Colin's check and informed her that the money was hers, courtesy of her husband. David relayed that Colin had been adamant about paying everything back, but he was baffled about how Colin had gotten liquid funds that quickly. Jill snarled that she knew exactly how Colin had paid her back.

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