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Billy and Victoria shared a passionate kiss. Mariah planted a kiss on Devon, and they were surprised when they both enjoyed it. Devon agreed to give Hilary GC Buzz. Chloe accepted Kevin's proposal. Nick and Chelsea found a tracking device inside Connor's favorite toy.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of March 20, 2017 on Y&R
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Ashley has a surprising offer for Neil Ashley has a surprising offer for Neil

Monday, March 20, 2017

In Jack's office at Jabot, Ashley confronted Jack about using business tactics to achieve revenge against Billy. Jack claimed that his competition with Brash & Sassy went beyond their brother. Ashley replied, "You don't give a damn about our family or this company. All you care about is targeting Billy." Ashley cited Jack's bad decisions for her need to ascend to a leadership role. Jack reminded Ashley that his name was still plastered on the office door.

Ashley agreed to back off if Jack stepped away from his "pro hockey idea." Ashley replied, "This is exactly what you said about Fenmore's when you paid far more than the company was worth, and you didn't even end up with majority shares." Jack assured Ashley that he could acquire pro hockey at a "bargain rate," explaining, "I informed Leon, my connection with the Board of Governors, of Billy's gambling problem [and] the fact that he screwed his brother's wife." Ashley was livid that Jack had disclosed personal information to potential partners. Jack boasted that pro hockey had opted to partner with Jabot and step aside from associations with Brash & Sassy.

Ashley berated Jack for wasting even more of their company's capital and placing a hardship on company employees by ramping up revival of their men's line in his attempts to avenge his personal grievances. Jack scoffed and asked Ashley if she planned to appeal to Jabot's Board of Directors to unseat him after she'd insisted that family unity was important. Ashley said she was protecting their father's legacy from Jack's current and future attempts to carry out his vendetta. Ashley insisted she would wrest control away from him before Jack plunged Jabot into a crisis. Jack explained that he'd met with Traci and other board members and had solidified his position, so he wouldn't be forced to step down.

In Victoria's office at Brash & Sassy, Billy was livid about Jack having stolen a lucrative deal. Victoria said Jack shouldn't have become aware that the hockey deal was important to Billy and to Brash & Sassy. Victoria noted that because Brash & Sassy had more ready cash, she and Billy had the upper hand and should attempt to outmaneuver Jack without first clueing him in. Billy wholeheartedly embraced Victoria's plan and said, "This is when I love to work for a Newman."

Billy's enthusiasm gave way to disappointment after Victoria had a revealing phone conversation with Leon, a member of the Board of Governors. Victoria told Billy that Jack had told Leon about Billy's past transgressions. Leon, Victoria explained, was reluctant to associate the league with anyone connected to sex scandals and gambling addictions. Billy apologized. Victoria vowed not to give up and sent Leon an email boasting about Brash & Sassy's brand-new line, their loyal customer base, and their appeal to the youthful and active. Victoria and Billy discussed creation of a "sizzle reel." Victoria said they'd have to work twice as hard after Jack had tilted the playing field.

At Jill's mansion, Jill was taken aback when Colin visited and announced that he intended to set her free. Colin explained that he'd had a heart-to-heart conversation with Neil. Colin added that he'd been made aware that his presence in Jill's life was more of a hindrance than a help to her recovery. Jill seemed surprised by Colin's seemingly genuine change of heart. Colin said that Neil had agreed to loan him the money to purchase a ticket for a flight back to Australia.

Jill twirled the ring Phillip had intended to give her and said that the ring had inspired her to concentrate on what was most important in life. Jill said the letter Katherine had left with the ring had spurred her to create a bucket list like Katherine's. Jill retrieved her bucket list from a desk drawer and asked Colin to read it. Colin noted that Jill had listed numerous trips to exotic locations. Colin hesitated before reading aloud one particular wish, which was "forgiving Colin."

Colin told Jill he feared he'd mess up again and cause her to suffer another heart attack. Jill praised Colin for recovering her ring instead of taking the cash he'd received for it and fleeing the country. Jill added that she'd always been aware of Colin's shady business dealings and his habit of operating outside the fringes of the law. Jill admitted that she'd been hurt by Colin's recent lies and betrayal, but the discovery of the ring and Katherine's letter had made her realize that she didn't want to live the rest of her life being resentful. Colin seemed disappointed when Jill explained that she'd forgiven Colin only for her own peace of mind.

Colin's mood brightened when Jill invited him to be her travel companion. Jill told Colin that she'd removed his name from all of her financial accounts. Colin said he'd be thrilled to accompany Jill on trips. Colin said he knew he could never be the love of Jill's life, but he promised to aspire to be the kind of man Phillip was. Jill kissed Colin.

At GC Buzz, Devon stopped by and questioned Hilary's claim about wanting ownership of the show as her only part of their divorce settlement. Hilary admitted that she'd been aggressive in her desires, but she only wanted something that could be all hers. Devon reminded Hilary that he disapproved of mean-spirited gossip being promoted on the show. Hilary noted that the show had been losing viewers before she'd taken control of content. After Devon stepped away to take a call, Hilary approached Mariah.

Hilary pleaded that Mariah should convince Devon to award ownership of the show as part of the divorce settlement. Mariah was reluctant, saying she didn't want to lose her job. Hilary promised not to fire Mariah and said she'd give Mariah her own assignments. Hilary admitted that Devon, fearing she would run the show into the gutter, might back off if Mariah stayed on. Hilary, in her own defense, recalled that she'd nixed Mariah's interview with the unreliable "Clarissa," a woman that had accused Jack Abbott of sexual harassment. Maria reminded Hilary of the numerous people Hilary had backstabbed. Hilary promised she'd tell the truth and refrain from airing trash and fake news.

Devon later talked to Mariah. Mariah told Devon that he should give the show to Hilary. Mariah noted that Hilary had promised to keep her on as a co-host because the two had great chemistry. Devon mentioned the tripping incident and warned that Hilary wasn't known to keep her promises. Victoria showed up and requested footage from the Brash & Sassy launch. Mariah opened her laptop containing raw footage of recent video and said she'd transfer a copy of the launch to a thumb drive. Victoria said she'd wait for the content to download.

After Mariah stepped away, Victoria noticed a file named "Jabot-Clarissa-Harassment." When Mariah returned, Victoria inquired about the interview and asked to view it, but Mariah refused. After Mariah stepped away again to talk to Devon, Victoria began covertly downloading the harassment file. Devon captured Mariah's attention when he asked her out to dinner. After Victoria downloaded the file, she ducked behind a counter so Mariah couldn't see her.

Hilary stopped by Jack's office at Jabot. She explained that she'd signed her divorce papers because she'd grown tired of living in limbo. Hilary admitted that losing her marriage had been hard. Hilary cried that something so beautiful had turned so toxic. Jack, citing his own failed marriage, said he'd decided there was no point in trying to figure out why. Jack advised Hilary to determine what she should do since the divorce was official.

Hilary told Jack that she hadn't asked for anything but the show because she needed something that could be all hers without drawing her back to Devon. Hilary asked Jack to help her business decisions. Jack told Hilary to use her knowledge of the skeletons in Devon's closet as leverage to get what she needed. Hilary admitted that she and Devon had recently wound up in bed together. Jack told Hilary to ban Devon from the show entirely, so his presence wouldn't cause her emotional pain.

At the Top of the Tower, Ashley met with Neil and asked him to return to work at Jabot. Neil asked why Ashley had specifically thought of him to fill the position. Ashley cited Neil and Jack's partnership on the foundation. Ashley admitted that she'd been disappointed in Jack's decisions regarding Jabot's future. Neil was surprised when Ashley happened to mention that Gloria was working with Jack.

Ashley told Neil that his skills would help Jabot navigate a tough transition. Neil demanded to know more about Ashley's plans. Ashley admitted that she hoped to build a strong team and launch a plan to impress the board of directors. Neil seemed taken aback by Ashley's plans. Neil said it sounded as if Ashley was planning a bloodless coup.

At Crimson Lights, Billy ran into Phyllis. He took a seat at her table. Phyllis learned that Jack was attempting to thwart Billy's potential deal with pro hockey by recounting his past sins. Phyllis was aghast that Jack had told a potential business partner about her and Billy's affair. Billy said, "I'm going to pay for this the rest of my life, and I didn't even get the girl."

Phyllis said she couldn't be much help getting to Jack because he'd hired Gloria as his watchdog. Billy, shocked that Jack had hired Gloria, said, "Why would he ever hire that conniving bitch?" Phyllis explained that Gloria had aided Jack with partial acquisition of Fenmore's. Phyllis added that Jack had even hinted that he and Gloria were dating. Billy lamented that Jack didn't care about hurting Brash & Sassy with his desire to get even. Phyllis told Billy not to let Jack drag him down and force him to do something he'd regret.

Victoria and Billy watch Gloria's interview

Victoria and Billy watch Gloria's interview

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

At Chelsea's penthouse, Chloe and Chelsea fretted over the upcoming deadline for the fall collection. Chelsea referred to trends that she had never expected to become popular the last season, and Chloe replied that she never would have thought they'd still be hanging out and working together after everything she'd done. Chelsea insisted that Chloe had worked hard to become a better person and had succeeded. Chelsea's phone rang, and she realized that she was late to meet Nick at the Underground. He suggested that he join her at her home instead. Chloe prepared to leave, but Chelsea told her to wait.

Chelsea called Chloe amazing for getting the help she'd needed and being the best friend a girl could ask for, and she recognized that it hadn't been easy for Chloe to let go of the anger and pain. Chloe credited Chelsea for continuing to forgive her over and over again, and she acknowledged that Kevin had also helped her. Chloe marveled that there was a side of him that she'd never seen before, since he'd had the confidence to put his life on the line for someone he cared about. Chelsea considered Kevin to be Chloe's personal superhero, and she wondered if Chloe would become his sidekick again. Chloe knew it was what Kevin wanted, and she thought she was ready to become "Mrs. Superhero."

Chelsea hugged Chloe and refused to let go as she giddily envisioned a spring wedding for Chloe and Kevin. Chelsea headed upstairs to get ready for her date, and Chloe headed for the door, but she found Nick there. Chloe invited him in, and she wondered if she needed to give him the best friend talk about not hurting Chelsea or else Chloe would hurt him. Nick acknowledged that Chloe had been a good friend who'd made the last six months bearable for Chelsea. Chloe blurted out that the sooner Chelsea got over Adam, the better.

Chloe quickly clarified that she'd meant that she was glad Chelsea wasn't letting memories of Adam hold her back from living life. Chloe swore that she wanted what was best for Chelsea, and Nick said he knew Chelsea appreciated everything Chloe had done, as did he. After Chloe departed, Chelsea greeted Nick, who admired her look and suggested that they go out so he could show her off. She kissed him and declared that all she needed was takeout, a glass of wine, and him.

Nick noted that it had seemed like Chloe had had pep in her step, and Chelsea reported that Chloe was excited about her relationship with Kevin. Chelsea admitted that she'd had reservations about working with Chloe again, but Chloe had proven herself to be an amazing friend who she could rely on, kind of like Nick. Chelsea and Nick began to kiss more passionately, but the doorbell interrupted them, and Chelsea was surprised to find Michael there. Michael explained that probate had finally closed on Constance's estate, and he handed a check to Nick.

Nick recalled that Sage had said Constance had put everything into a charitable foundation, but Michael revealed that Constance had left a small amount earmarked for Sage for taking care of her. Michael requested Nick's signature to confirm receipt of the funds, and he let himself out. Chelsea sensed that something was on Nick's mind. Nick mused that everything that had happened had started with Constance and that she was still affecting their lives.

Chelsea asked if Nick thought the money was cursed, since everyone who'd been one degree from Constance had died in a tragic way right before they'd been about to get what they'd really wanted. Nick was sure that the money wasn't cursed, and he wanted Chelsea to have it. Chelsea insisted that she didn't want or need it, but Nick urged her to put it toward Connor's college education. Chelsea said Victor had already set up a fund, but Nick expected there would be strings attached, whereas there wouldn't be with Constance's money.

Chelsea reluctantly agreed to accept the funds, and Nick thought Sage and Adam would approve. Chelsea remarked that it wouldn't be an issue if Adam's explosion and Sage's car accident hadn't happened, and she contemplated what would have happened if she'd arrived at the cabin two minutes earlier. Nick stated that fate had kept her safe, but Chelsea questioned why fate had saved her and not Adam. She wondered why Sage and Adam had been the ones to die.

Kevin met Scott at the Underground, but Scott said he almost hadn't made it because it didn't seem right for him to be at a bar when Ahmed was still missing. Kevin assured Scott that Victor would find Ahmed if anyone could, and he inquired how Scott's job search was going. Scott reported that he'd gotten offers for desk jobs, but he didn't want to stay in one place. Scott lamented that no one was willing to front the money for him to go back to the Middle East because he'd been taken as a hostage. Scott added that he needed a nice distraction, and he knew the perfect one -- Chloe.

Scott explained that he didn't know Chloe, so there would be plenty of backstory to process, and he wouldn't have to think about the things bouncing around in his brain. Kevin warned that Chloe had been through a lot, and Scott wondered what had happened to Kevin and Chloe between their weddings. Kevin recounted that they'd been working on fixing things when her daughter had been killed by a hit-and-run driver, and Chloe hadn't been the same after Delia had died. Kevin revealed that Chloe had needed professional help, and she had decided to get away from him and Genoa City. Scott questioned whether Kevin still had concerns about what she would do that time around.

Kevin told Scott that Chloe had put the bad stuff behind her, and she'd moved forward, even though she'd never forget Delia. Kevin recounted that Chloe had gotten her act together six months earlier, and she'd decided to stay in town and make amends. Kevin added that Chloe was focused on her other daughter, Bella, and they were a big, happy family. Kevin found it nice to be the dependable, responsible one, and Chloe joined them and proclaimed that she'd toast to that.

Kevin objected when Chloe downed a shot that was supposed to be his, and she replied that he'd been too slow. Chloe and Scott good-naturedly bantered, and she ordered another round. Chloe noted that Kevin had never mentioned how handsome Scott was, but she would have throttled Scott if something had happened to Kevin during Scott's rescue. Scott remarked that it was nice to know that he had someone in his corner, fighting for him.

Chloe teased Scott for being unemployed, but he mentioned that he was writing a story about his time in the field to tell the unedited truth. An upbeat song started to play, and Chloe wanted to dance, but Kevin refused. Chloe pulled Scott to the dance floor, and they high-fived when the song ended. A slow song played next, and Scott suggested that Kevin cut in, but Kevin told him to go for it. Scott twirled Chloe around, and she imagined that he hadn't done a lot of dancing in the places he'd been. She hoped her comment hadn't made him sad, and he admitted that his ordeal hit him at unexpected times.

Scott bemoaned that he sometimes felt helpless, like the bad guys would always win and there would be no justice in the world. Chloe empathized because she'd also been in a dark, gloomy place, but she assured him that if she'd gotten out of it in one piece, so could he. She added that he had to do it himself, since he'd be sorely disappointed if he waited for justice to prevail. She proclaimed that the best thing she'd ever done had been to take control of her destiny six months earlier.

At the Ashby home, Cane pulled out the camisole that he'd discovered in his suitcase. He flashed back to telling Juliet that he had just wanted to lie down, and he recalled her helping him stagger to the elevator. Cane was startled when Lily entered the room, and he quickly stashed the lingerie out of sight. Lily asked if Cane was jetlagged, but he replied that he was still on a high from sealing the deal. Lily sat on his lap and informed him that she had to go to a photo shoot soon, but the kids were at sleepovers, and they had the whole house to themselves.

Cane regretted that he had to take care of some time-sensitive matters for work, but he suggested that he take Lily to Top of the Tower after her photo shoot. They kissed, but his expression darkened after she stepped out of the room. He grabbed the camisole and called Juliet, who appeared on video-chat. Cane held up the garment and informed her that he'd found it in his suitcase when he'd unpacked, and she didn't seem surprised. He demanded to know how it had gotten in his bag.

Juliet claimed that the sake had hit her hard when she and Cane had gotten to his room, and she hadn't thought she'd be able to make it back to her place, so she'd stayed over. Cane incredulously asked if she'd spent the night in his bed, and she said he'd still been sleeping when she'd gotten dressed and left in the morning. She insisted that she hadn't known that she'd left her camisole, and she hadn't told him the whole story earlier because she'd been embarrassed by her unprofessionalism.

Cane offered to send the camisole back to Juliet, but she told him to donate or toss it. She inquired whether he'd had a chance to discuss the division manager job with Victoria, and Cane said he hadn't seen Victoria yet, but he would recommend Juliet for the position. After he hung up, Lily invited him to go to Brash & Sassy with her to wrap up his work while she went to her photo shoot.

At Jabot, Gloria updated Jack with his phone messages, and she mentioned that the "TV gal" had called to thank him for his advice. Jack turned away to return the calls, but Gloria made disparaging comments about Hilary and pressed to know what golden nugget of wisdom he'd thrown at the "modern-day Hedda Hopper." Jack thought Gloria should be thanking Hilary for stopping "Clarissa's" interview, and Gloria stated that all was well that ended well. Gloria dared Jack to admit that she'd become an asset to him in and out of the office.

Gloria fetched Jack some coffee and hovered by his desk. He curtly asked if there was something else, and she admitted that she'd overheard his earlier conversation with Ashley about Billy and Brash & Sassy. Gloria guessed that Ashley had tried to stop Jack from crushing his baby brother's company like a bug, but she thought it had been ridiculous for Ashley to defend Billy, who deserved to be punished. Jack confided that Ashley thought he was using his animosity toward Billy to make business decisions, and she was absolutely right.

Jack contended that just because he'd conducted business in anger hadn't meant that he'd made bad decisions, and knocking Billy down had turned into a giant opportunity for Jabot. Jack recognized that the company hadn't updated or promoted its men's line in a long time, and Gloria asked what she could do to help. Jack said he'd let her know, but she insisted on doing research about market trends. Jack declared that he was open to all ideas that added to the bottom line, and it was all the better if it also hurt Billy.

Gloria handed Jack some regional reports from Fenmore's, and she called the acquisition another brilliant idea that Ashley had been against. Gloria huffed that she knew what it was like to be betrayed by someone she'd loved, and she fantasized about getting rich and spitting in Jeffrey's face when he crawled back to beg for forgiveness. Jack looked forward to seeing the look on Billy's face when he realized why he'd lost the deal. Jack hoped Victoria saw that Billy was dead weight for her company and dumped him once and for all.

At Brash & Sassy, Billy and Jordan discussed the creepy fan who had stalked Lily outside her home. Jordan couldn't believe that the police had only charged the man with trespassing, and he mentioned that Lily and Neil had filed a restraining order. Billy planned to arrange for more security at future appearances, and he asked how Cane had reacted. Jordan wasn't sure whether Cane even knew about the incident, since Lily hadn't been able to get in touch with Cane in Tokyo. Billy thought it didn't sound like Cane.

Billy instructed Jordan to take shots of Lily wearing a hockey jersey with Brash & Sassy's logo. Victoria burst in and declared that she might have found something to give them an edge, since she'd seen a file at GC Buzz. Billy indicated that they had company, and Victoria thanked Jordan for being there on short notice. Victoria intended to use footage from Jordan and Cane's shirtless contest on their sizzle reel, but Jordan protested that he spent most of his time behind the camera. Victoria pointed out that sales had gone through the roof after the footage had aired, and she thought she might have something else to add.

Once she was alone with Billy, Victoria sat down at Billy's computer to plug in her thumb drive, and she spotted a plane reservation to Toronto that Billy had booked that day. Billy figured that Leon couldn't ignore him if he was standing in Leon's office, and he vowed not to leave until he convinced Leon to work with Brash & Sassy. He inquired about the file, and Victoria explained that she'd seen a file about a harassment claim involving Jabot and a woman named Clarissa on the tabloid's server. Billy offered to ask around about Clarissa, but Victoria countered that they could just look at the file. Billy was shocked but pleased that Victoria had committed digital espionage. Both of their phones beeped with more urgent matters, and they agreed that the file had to wait.

Cane and Lily arrived at Brash & Sassy, and he thanked Jordan for catching the freaky fan and staying with Lily. Jordan commended Lily for laying into the degenerate, and Lily suggested that they get started, since she and Cane had plans afterward to celebrate his success in Tokyo. Victoria congratulated Cane on sealing the deal with Sato, and Billy dryly congratulated Cane for doing his job. Cane bragged that he'd won Sato over despite Sato's reservations, and he broached the subject of the division manager position. Victoria brushed it off until later, and Billy and Cane exchanged barbs.

After the photo shoot, Jordan praised Lily's work, especially after what she'd just been through. Lily thought everything was better with Cane back, and Jordan hoped to have that kind of relationship one day if he found the right lady. He turned the topic to the photos he'd just taken, but she spotted a text message on his phone and learned that he was meeting Hilary for drinks later. Jordan recognized that Lily thought Hilary was bad news, but he wanted to find out on his own. He asked if that would be a problem, and Lily worried that he would get hurt. He insisted that he could handle it, but she advised him to take garlic and a wooden stake on his date.

Meanwhile, Cane reported to someone over the phone that his trip had been successful and that the Asian rollout was on track. He covertly tossed the camisole in the office trash as he stated that he didn't anticipate any complications.

At Top of Tower, Lily toasted to her handsome, successful husband and to reclaiming their guest room. She hoped Colin was on a one-way trip, but Cane hadn't known that his father had moved out. Lily divulged that Colin had gone on a once-in-a-lifetime trip with Jill, and Cane was surprised that Jill had forgiven Colin. Lily figured that Jill loved Colin even though he was a thief and a liar, and Colin loved Jill, too. Lily thought Jill and Colin would be miserable without one another, and she hoped they lived happily ever after, just like her and Cane.

As Lily and Cane pondered what to order for dessert, there was a loud clanging sound, and Lily jumped. Cane said the busboy had dropped something, and Lily pledged not to let the obsessed fan have power over her. Cane apologized for not being there when she'd needed him, but she assured him that all that mattered was that he was there then, and she felt safe. Cane received a text message from Juliet, asking if he'd talked to Victoria yet. Lily encouraged him to take it if it was important, but he dismissed the message as nothing.

Victoria closed the blinds in the office and said she was dying to watch the footage of Clarissa. Victoria and Billy opened the file, and Mariah announced that Clarissa had agreed to speak on the condition of anonymity. Gloria responded, and her voice had not been disguised in the file. Billy and Victoria were shocked when they recognized Gloria's voice. Victoria and Billy watched Gloria's admission that she'd had sex with the man who'd harassed her and that the man had been Jack.

Victoria confronts Jack

Victoria confronts Jack

> Victoria confronts Jack

Victoria confronts Jack

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

by Nel

At Brash & Sassy, Victoria and Billy reeled after they'd seen the video of Clarissa/Gloria accusing Jack of sexual harassment. Victoria and Billy pondered the validity of the video, since GC Buzz hadn't aired it in its entirety. Billy said they had Jack where they wanted him. Billy knew that Jack couldn't stand Gloria. Billy wondered when Gloria had ever fallen apart after he saw her turn on the tears. Victoria thought it was possible if a powerful man had harassed her for sex. Victoria warned that they couldn't jump to conclusions because the issue had too many moving parts.

Billy noted that Jack's name had never made it to air, and Gloria had wound up working at Jabot. Victoria asked why Gloria would've trashed Jack's reputation just to be a receptionist at Jabot. She wondered why Jack had been terrified of Gloria's accusations if there hadn't been any truth to the story. She also noted that Jack had provided Leon Herschel and the Board of Governors with personal information about Billy's gambling, cheating, and general moral turpitude that had resulted in the deal falling through.

Victoria noted that she and Billy had footage of Jack looking like a sleaze, and it didn't look good. Billy wanted to take the footage to Jack and demand that Jack back off the hockey deal. Victoria said no. Billy said that Jack had just screwed them over. Victoria said Billy was thinking too small.

At Jabot, Gloria gloated over the hockey deal. Jack asked Gloria to get her report finished. Gloria said it was in his in tray. Jack was impressed with Gloria's ideas for the men's line and how she'd covered every angle. He told her to get the design team started on some ideas and to keep the ball rolling while he secured the hockey deal. Jack was extremely pleased and told Gloria that it was going to be fantastic.

Billy barged into Jack's office against Gloria's protests. Gloria asked Jack if he wanted her to call security. Jack said there was no need because Billy would be leaving shortly. Smugly, Jack asked if Billy had lost the hockey deal. Billy stated that he probably shouldn't be there after what Jack had pulled. Jack told Billy to leave, but Billy said Victoria was pissed about the hockey deal. Jack asked if Victoria was pissed at Billy for being the reason the deal had fallen apart.

Billy calmly said Victoria wanted payback, and she'd found a way to get it. Jack was smug and said he seriously doubted that. Billy asked Gloria if it was possible that Victoria had found a way to stick it to Jack -- Clarissa. Gloria and Jack froze. Billy confirmed that Victoria had the video and wasn't afraid to use it. Jack and Gloria ran out of the office to see Victoria.

Victoria was on the phone with a reporter when Jack stormed in and demanded that she end the call. Jack warned Victoria that she didn't want to play that game. Victoria played a snippet of Gloria's accusation. She turned the laptop around, revealing a picture of Jack. Victoria said that Jack's face had never made it to air. Jack said GC Buzz hadn't aired it because it was garbage. He asked if Victoria was going to sell it to someone else. Victoria said she'd give it away for free so the whole world would see what a snake Jack was.

Jack said it was stolen footage. Victoria said part of it had made it to air. Jack asked if that was a trick she'd learned from Victor -- public humiliation. Victoria countered that it had been nothing less than Jack smearing her company's good name and tearing Billy's life apart, again -- just for a deal Jack hadn't wanted or even cared about until he'd realized that Billy was involved. Victoria called it a very shoddy move. Victoria noted that it hadn't been Jack's only sleazy move -- and said, "Right, Clarissa?" Victoria asked if that was who Jack had become. Jack promised to wallow in shame later.

Jack asked what Victoria wanted to keep the video from falling into the wrong hands. Victoria said she wanted Jack to call Leon Herschel, advise him that he wasn't interested in the hockey deal, and say that Jack had overstated his issues with Brash & Sassy. Then she'd see whose hands the video fell into. Jack called Leon and said he was pulling out of the deal because of an unexpected change in priorities. Victoria also wanted an apology. She wanted Jack to admit that it had been a dirty move against Billy. Victoria said it was beneath Jack and Jabot, and it was an insult to John's legacy.

Jack reluctantly admitted it had been a cheap shot and asked what else Victoria wanted. Victoria gave Jack the thumb drive and said it was the only copy, but Jack thought it was a trick. Victoria assured him there was no other copy, and no one else knew about the video. She admitted she'd been talking to her voicemail when he'd arrived. She told Jack she didn't do gutter work because that wasn't how she conducted business. Jack glared and stormed out. Gloria followed after glaring at Victoria and Billy.

Billy told Victoria she'd been brilliant, and it had gone off according to the plan. He loved how Victoria had defended him.

At Chelsea's, Nick and Chelsea talked about grief and how it didn't just go away. They felt they could connect and helped each other in ways others couldn't. Nick suggested that they needed to be where there were people and music. He held out his hand to Chelsea but then apologized for trying to drag her out.

Chelsea admitted she'd spent too much time in the condo, thinking about Adam and the future they'd almost had. She didn't want to wallow anymore. She acknowledged that people meant well, but she could see the pity in their eyes when they saw her. Nick understood. Before leaving, Nick found a pen and signed over Sage's inheritance check to Chelsea. He kissed her, and as he was about to leave, Chelsea stopped him. She wanted to spend time with him and stated that she couldn't keep sliding back. They decided to go to the Underground.

At GC Buzz, Jordan arrived and asked Hilary if their evening was going to be about making Devon jealous or about them. Hilary asked if Lily had filled his head. He said that Lily had had a lot to say, but he counted on his own perceptions. He didn't care about Hilary's answer -- he just wanted to know what he was up against. Hilary said Devon had signed the divorce papers, and they would soon be over. Hilary admitted things between her and Devon had been over for a while. She wanted to celebrate her freedom with Jordan, and they decided on the Underground.

Devon took Mariah to the Top of the Tower. Mariah asked if Devon really wanted to be there. Devon asked if Mariah was worried it would bring back memories of the night he'd found out what a liar Hilary was and how he'd stormed off and crashed his car. Mariah added that she had contributed by exposing Hilary. Devon said the choices had been his, and none of it had been Mariah's fault.

Mariah asked Devon if they were on a date. Mariah said they were just friends, and it was just dinner. Devon asked if Mariah dated. She admitted she did, just not her boss. Devon asked if Mariah was afraid that Hilary would see them. Mariah advised that she wasn't afraid of anybody -- except Hilary, just a little. Mariah looked at the menu and told Devon that she'd watched television and learned that a lot of the beef in dining rooms was fake. Devon said the Top of the Tower served the real thing.

Mariah made a comment about rich people. Devon asked why she was so prejudiced against the wealthy. Mariah said she wasn't. She loved money and hoped one day she'd have lots of it. She just felt people were obsessed and over the top with it. She asked if the food at the Top of the Tower was any better than a burger and a beer. Devon said it could all be good in its own way. Mariah agreed. She informed him that Hilary posted photos of some extravagant dishes like blueberry foam with foie gras.

Devon told Mariah that he had lived with his grandmother and then in group homes until Neil had taken him in. For Devon, gourmet eating had been eating in front of the television instead of eating at the sink. Mariah suggested they leave and said he was still going to buy her dinner -- just not in a place that had six wine glasses and four forks she didn't know what to do with. Devon suggested they go to the Underground. Mariah said the food there was mediocre and the service terrible, but it sounded good. They ran to the elevator.

At the Underground, Chloe was drunk, and while she danced with Scott, she told him that she had taken control of her destiny. Scott asked how she'd done that. Chloe told him she'd crushed grief with a jackhammer, and she'd been victorious. Chloe said she was doing much better than she had been. Things had changed for her six months earlier. Chloe decided they needed more drinks, cake, and fries. She excused herself to go to the ladies' room.

Scott told Kevin that Chloe was a trip and a real firecracker. Kevin bragged about Chloe's strength and marveled at how she'd healed. Kevin had no idea how she'd done it, but Bella had been a big part of it. Scott said Chloe seemed to know exactly when and how it had happened.

Nick and Chelsea arrived, and Nick greeted Scott warmly. Nick introduced Chelsea. Chloe walked out of the ladies' room and threw herself at Chelsea. Chloe said that Chelsea was her best friend, and she'd do anything for Chelsea. Chloe slurred that Chelsea was a survivor and tough like her and Scott. Chloe mentioned Adam, and Chelsea turned somber. Kevin decided it was time for them to leave. Scott offered to walk them out.

At the door, Kevin, Chloe, and Scott bumped into Mariah and Devon. Kevin introduced Scott. Mariah was delighted to meet the Scott Grainger. She complimented him on his piece about the refugee crisis and admitted it had made her cry.

Chelsea wondered if it had been a good idea to go to the Underground. Nick said that Chloe's timing had been off, but she had meant well. Chelsea agreed and said it wasn't Chloe's fault that Chelsea couldn't let loose and go crazy. Nick blamed himself for dragging her out, but Chelsea disagreed. She thought Scott was very nice. Nick agreed, but Scott had given her the pity face. Chelsea said she didn't want to hear another person tell her how sorry they were for her loss. Nick offered to take her home, but Chelsea told him that she'd go home by herself. She needed some alone time. She kissed Nick and left.

Scott joined Nick at the table. Nick told Scott that Adam had died in a freak accident, and getting closure had been an issue when they didn't have all the answers. Nick said Victor had thought he had saved Adam from a prison term Adam hadn't deserved. The explosion at the cabin had turned out to be Adam's death sentence. Nick and Chelsea had been there and had witnessed the explosion. Scott thought Chelsea was "one hell of woman" to have survived that. Scott stated that Chelsea was lucky she had the Newmans' support.

Scott admitted Victor was the reason that Scott was alive and back in the United States. Nick reminded him that Victor had tried to save Adam, but Scott defended Victor by pointing out that Victor couldn't have predicted the accident at the cabin. Nick explained that when Victor was involved, things always got complicated. When Victor did someone a favor, he usually wanted one in return. Scott said that he and Victor knew where they stood with each other.

Scott told Nick he was concerned about his driver, Ahmed. No one had seen him since Scott had been grabbed. Victor had been looking into it. Nick assured Scott that Victor was definitely a good guy to have in his corner, but he warned Scott to keep his eyes open.

Scott told Nick that it had been good to hook up with Kevin and dance with Chloe. Scott admitted that Chloe was a trip and quite a talker. He hadn't understood half of what she'd said. Scott mentioned that Kevin had told him about Delia. Nick admitted that had been a rough situation for everyone, especially for Chloe. They hadn't been sure if Chloe would survive that. Scott mentioned that Chloe had admitted she'd been doing much better because something had happened a few months ago that had helped her get her life back. Nick asked if Chloe had mentioned when the life-changing event had occurred. Scott said it had happened six months before. Nick looked thoughtful.

Jordan and Hilary arrived at the Underground. Hilary said she loved the place, and the vibe was amazing. Jordan saw Devon and asked if Hilary was sure about that. When Hilary saw Devon with Mariah, Hilary appeared angry. Jordan suggested they could either say hello or pretend Devon and Mariah weren't there. Hilary stated she was tired to pretending because it was just another way of lying.

Hilary told Jordan she wanted to own GC Buzz, and that was all she'd wanted in her divorce settlement. She said she'd made the show new and fresh. She put her reputation on the line every time she stepped in front of the camera. She wanted to call the shots. If the show flew or failed, it was because of her. Jordan commented on her determination. Hilary said he sounded surprised. She said that if she'd been a man, no one would have batted an eye. Jordan assured her that if she'd been a man, he'd have made different plans.

Jordan almost felt bad for Devon and stated he wouldn't want to go up against Hilary in a negotiation. He felt Devon should hand the show over to Hilary and run. Jordan liked a woman who knew exactly what she wanted and how to get it.

Devon told Mariah that they needed to order their burgers, but Mariah advised him they had company. Devon saw Hilary, but he refused to leave if Mariah was okay with it. She was fine as long as she had a bowl of pretzels to munch on while Hilary sent death glares at her. Mariah said if it had been a real date, she'd be a pile of ashes. Mariah said Devon should be on a real date with someone in high heels, silky locks, and a push-up bra, not a work buddy. Mariah found it confusing that Hilary was happy, smiling, and laughing because Hilary was never happy.

Mariah told Devon that any girl would kill to be in her position. Devon said that that came with inheriting a fortune. Mariah denied they were all gold diggers. She said that Devon was sharp, smart, decent, and hot. Devon noted that Mariah had just told him they were work buddies, and he asked if Mariah didn't want to be with him like the girls who'd kill to be in her place. Mariah looked over at Hilary and kissed Devon. Hilary saw them kissing and was enraged.

In the taxi, Kevin told Chloe that Scott thought she was crazy. Kevin said that he was lucky to have Chloe. Chloe claimed she was loud, sarcastic, and pushy. She said that Kevin was very good to her even though she was who she was. Chloe said she hated herself. She appreciated that Kevin always waited and never pressured her until she saw reason.

Chloe was at home and asleep when she suddenly bolted up from a nightmare of the cabin exploding. Kevin calmed her, but Chloe was rattled.

Chelsea arrived at home and saw the picture of her and Adam. She then saw Connor's dinosaur. She had a flash image of the night she'd been packing to meet Adam and telling Connor that they couldn't tell anyone where they were going. Later, Chelsea sat at the piano with her eyes closed and saw the cabin explode.

Sharon connects with Scott

Sharon connects with Scott

Thursday, March 23, 2017

At Crimson Lights, Sharon refilled Scott's coffee and observed that he looked frustrated. She noted that whenever she ran into a wall while working on something, she went for walk. She added that sometimes she had to walk a long way to have a breakthrough, but it worked every time. She offered to watch his stuff, and he exchanged pleasantries with Chelsea on his way out. Sharon asked if Chelsea was having her usual latte or picking up pastries for Nick, and she guessed that Chelsea wanted to surprise him with something fun. Chelsea confided that it would be more like an apology.

Chelsea mentioned that she'd had to cut her evening with Nick short the night before, but she steered the conversation to Sharon owning the coffeehouse again. Sharon groaned that she was up to her eyeballs between running the place and going back to college, but she'd always regretted not finishing school, so she wanted to give it another shot. Sharon sensed that Chelsea had intentionally changed the subject. Chelsea shared that Nick had inherited some money that Constance had left for Sage, and he'd insisted that it go toward Connor's college fund.

Chelsea recounted that it had stirred up memories of Sage and Adam, and her voice trailed off as she noted that it had been six months since Adam's death. Sharon assured Chelsea that Nick understood, and Chelsea recognized that the topic was awkward because Nick was Sharon's ex. Sharon maintained that she was glad Nick and Chelsea had found one another, but Chelsea pointed out that some people considered it strange that she was with Adam's brother. Sharon insisted that she didn't, and she believed Nick knew that Adam would always be a part of Chelsea and Connor.

Later, Scott returned and thanked Sharon for the excellent advice, and he sat back down at his laptop. Sharon sighed deeply as she gazed at her computer screen, and Scott insisted that she let him repay the favor after she'd helped him. She explained that she was taking classes, and it had been a while since she'd written an essay. He offered to take a look, but she balked at having a professional writer read her work. He was sure it was just her insecurities talking.

Scott recommended that Sharon move a compelling anecdote to the beginning of her essay, and he guided her on how to build her argument. He proclaimed that it was a solid first effort, and she was pleasantly surprised, since she'd thought she was a terrible writer. Scott understood her insecurity, but he swore that he knew a good essay when he saw one. Sharon commented that people had put her down her whole life, and Scott thought it was time for her to hang out with different people.

At the Newman ranch, Nikki pushed Nick to tell her what had happened between him and Chelsea. He revealed that the mention of Adam's name had sent Chelsea into a tailspin the night before, and she'd gone home alone to avoid people staring at her with pity. He wasn't sure where they'd left things, and Nikki sympathized that it was hard for Chelsea, who'd been close to having a second chance with Adam before his accident had ended it all. Nick admitted that the explosion had been nagging him, and he wondered if it hadn't been an accident.

Nick figured that everyone had chosen to believe the police report because it had been easier than dealing with a possible murder. Nikki asserted that they'd all believed it because it was the truth, and all the evidence had pointed to the explosion being an accident. Nick inquired about the burner phone that Victor and Nikki had given Chelsea, and Nikki lamented that she would have been partly responsible if Chelsea and Connor had been at the cabin when it had blown up. Nick pondered who would have wanted to kill Adam if the explosion hadn't been a fluke.

Nikki asked why Nick was suddenly wondering about Adam's death, and Nick flashed back to Scott relaying that Chloe had told him that something had happened six months earlier that had changed everything. Nick received a text message from Chelsea, inviting him to stop by. Nikki hoped the couple worked things out, and she advised Nick not to mention the doubts he was having, since it would only reopen the wounds.

At the Athletic Club, Chloe requested more coffee, but Kevin thought water and aspirin might work better. She initially insisted that she didn't have a hangover, but she conceded that maybe she'd had one too many. Kevin recalled that she'd seemed like she'd been celebrating, and Chloe replied that she loved her life. Kevin pointed out that she hadn't slept very well, and she flashed back to having a nightmare about Adam's explosion. Kevin asked what her dream had been about.

Chloe tried to avoid responding, but Kevin argued that she usually remembered her dreams. She contended that her only nightmare would be losing him, and he asked if he'd said or done anything to worry her. She swore that it had nothing to do with him, but it was in her nature to get paranoid whenever things were going right. Kevin encouraged her to stay positive, since things had only been getting better, and he would make sure they stayed that way. Chloe said she believed him, and she kissed him goodbye before she headed off to work, passing by Michael on her way out.

Michael checked to be sure Kevin's feet were still on the ground, since Kevin had been sporting a smitten look lately. Kevin thought it was the same way Michael looked at Lauren, and he wanted the same thing they had. Kevin declared that he was going to ask Chloe to marry him. Michael was skeptical that the third time would be the charm, since common sense dictated that a couple wasn't compatible if they needed three times to get it right. Kevin was determined to get Michael's blessing, and he demanded to know what it would take to get it.

Kevin contended that Chloe had put in the work to get healthy, and they were getting another shot because she'd accepted what had happened. Michael thought Chloe had seemed more at peace after Adam had died, but Kevin thought it was a stretch to think Adam's death had been the only reason. Kevin thought marrying Chloe would give him back what he missed most -- a family. He hoped to have Michael and Lauren behind him, and Michael wondered how long Kevin had been thinking about marriage. Kevin insisted that it wasn't a random impulse and that it felt right, but Michael cautioned Kevin against ignoring the red flags.

Kevin argued that both he and Michael had messed up a lot in life, but they'd turned their lives around, and he believed Chloe could do the same thing. Michael advised that building a solid foundation took time, especially with someone with Chloe's history. Kevin considered the stability of a committed relationship to be a good thing for her, and he thought he'd be crazy not to propose. Michael told him to do it right with a beautiful ring and a romantic setting to make Chloe feel wanted and loved. Kevin asked if that meant Michael was in his corner, and Michael replied that he'd never been anywhere else. They hugged.

Chloe arrived at Chelsea's penthouse with some forms for Chelsea to sign, and Chelsea mentioned that she'd been expecting Nick. Chloe spotted the pastries from Crimson Lights and asked what the occasion was. Chelsea replied that she'd had to work though some stuff. Chelsea alluded to something generous that Nick had done, but she'd been wrapped up in her own head, thinking about Adam and the explosion. Chelsea wanted to thank Nick properly for putting Sage's inheritance from Constance toward Connor's education. Chloe ordered Chelsea to give it back because Adam had been linked to the money.

Chloe voiced concern that Chelsea would undo the progress she'd made, but Chelsea questioned whether Chloe would feel that way if they were talking about anyone but Adam. Chloe admitted that she probably wouldn't, but she loved Chelsea and would do anything for her, including telling her things she didn't want to hear. Chloe indicated that it wasn't healthy for Chelsea to be daydreaming about Adam, and Chelsea wished that she'd been able to say goodbye or see his body.

Chloe pointed out that Chelsea, Adam, and Connor had spent time together at the cabin as a family, and she marveled that it had been an incredible place with a gorgeous view of the lake. Chelsea wondered how Chloe had known the cabin had been by a lake, and Chloe claimed that Chelsea had told her. Chloe rambled about how Chelsea had provided a detailed description of the smell of the trees and the light in the windows, but Chelsea didn't remember the conversation. Nick's arrival interrupted them.

Chloe prepared to get back to work, and Chelsea stepped out to give instructions to the nanny. Nick recalled that Chloe hadn't seemed to be feeling any pain the night before. Chloe conceded that she'd gotten a little tipsy, but Kevin had gotten her home in one piece. Chloe said she could count on Kevin the way Chelsea could count on Nick, and she hoped Chelsea appreciated Nick and let the past with Adam go. Nick countered that there was no reason to forget it, but Chloe thought he should thank her for trying to help him out. Chloe departed, and Nick looked perplexed. He picked up Connor's stuffed dinosaur from a chair and remembered it being the boy's favorite toy.

Chelsea told Nick that she'd wanted time alone with him to apologize for screwing up, and he swore that he understood. She wondered what he was doing with Connor's toy, and she mentioned that Connor never went anywhere without it. Nick guessed that she'd had it at the cabin, and Chelsea confirmed that she'd packed it when she'd thought she and Adam would be going away together. Nick noticed that the stuffing was falling out, and he volunteered to try to fix it. They were both shocked when he pulled an electronic device out of the stuffed animal.

Chloe entered Crimson Lights and asked if Sharon had something good for a hangover, and Sharon suggested green tea. Sharon asked how things were going with Chloe and Kevin, and Chloe said they couldn't be better, but she hoped she didn't blow things up that time. Sharon recognized that both she and Chloe had had problems, but it took finding the right help to get better. Sharon inquired whether Chloe had found a therapist after she'd moved back. Chloe claimed that she was seeing someone she liked, and she vowed to do whatever it took to make sure she was totally in control.

Victoria arrived at Brash & Sassy and greeted Billy, who informed her that he was finishing up his presentation for the Board of Governors before heading to the airport. She thought he had a shot at cementing the deal, since they'd gotten Jack to back off, and she envisioned Brash & Sassy becoming the official men's grooming line of professional hockey. Victoria credited Billy with brainstorming the idea, but he praised her for saving the day by schooling Jack on how playing down and dirty was done. Billy said he'd been caught off guard by the way Victoria had defended him to Jack, but she abruptly excused herself to take a call.

At Jabot, Jack grumbled that he'd thought Gloria would have had the good sense to call in sick. Gloria acknowledged that she'd screwed up, but she argued that he hadn't really been interested in the deal that Victoria had forced him to drop. Jack testily asked whether Gloria was trying to make him angrier than he already was.

Gloria recognized that Jack was mad at Billy and Victoria, but she scolded Jack for taking his frustrations out on her. She lectured that Jack hadn't gotten where he was by carrying grudges, and the little fiasco had gotten him to focus on revitalizing the men's line. She reminded him that he had all the research she'd done, and they could push forward and do great things. She added that Jack would have lots of opportunities in his spare time to stick it to his baby brother.

Later, Gloria burst into Victoria's office, and Victoria told her not to let the door hit her on the way out. Gloria haughtily stated that the interview had been a fabrication and that Jack hadn't done the things she'd accused him of. Gloria admonished Victoria for being willing to use the interview to make him look bad, and Victoria retorted that Gloria was a piece of work. Victoria pointed out that Gloria had tried to destroy Jack on national television, and she thought Gloria might have succeeded if it hadn't been for a technical glitch.

Gloria argued that Jack had been honest when he'd spilled the beans about Billy's gambling problem, and she asserted that Jack had done Billy a favor by getting it out in the open, since Leon would have found out about it eventually. Victoria contended that if Gloria really cared about Jack, Gloria would get him to shut down his obsession with revenge, since the blowback would hurt him more than it hurt Billy. Victoria warned that Jack had gotten a good taste of what happened when he interfered with her company, and she wouldn't pull any punches the next time.

Billy entered Jack's office, and Jack barked that Billy wasn't welcome there. Billy acknowledged that he'd hurt Jack badly and that Jack was entitled to lash out, but he questioned what it accomplished to keep fighting the war. Billy considered it to be a waste of energy to treat one another that way when they could be brothers again instead of enemies, and that was what he wanted. Billy stated that Jack could despise him forever, but it would make Jack just like Victor. Jack growled at Billy to get out.

Billy thanked Jack for setting the record straight with Leon. Jack admitted that he could have done nothing when he'd learned Leon and Billy had been working on a deal, but he'd wanted to cause trouble for Billy. Jack added that he needn't have bothered, since the one trait that defined Billy was that he was his own worst enemy, and Billy would eventually screw things up like he always did. Billy stalked over to the door, but he turned around and retorted that Jack was one to talk, since Jack had hired a woman who'd tried to take down his company. Billy recognized that he wouldn't have the deal if it hadn't been for Gloria, and he asked Jack to thank her for him.

At Top of the Tower, Jack ordered a scotch at the bar. Nikki greeted him, and he told her to spare him the sermon. She swore that she wasn't one to judge, and she inquired how his trip had been. He assumed that she was going to chide him for not making the benefit, but she said she had just been asking how his trip had gone. Jack apologized for not attending the charity event, and Nikki remarked that at least Ashley hadn't gone stag. Jack surmised that Abby had taken his place, but Nikki informed him that Ravi had.

Jack called Ravi a computer nerd, but Nikki recounted that Ravi had worn an exquisite tuxedo and that Ravi and Ashley had made a cute couple. Jack snapped at her to let him enjoy his drink in peace, and Nikki remarked that usually it took Victor to get him that worked up. Jack said it was just business, but Nikki clucked that even business was personal for Jack, just like it was for Victor. Nikki wondered if Jack had found a new rival to replace Victor, and Jack asked if Victor missed him. Nikki stated that Victor had been far too busy.

Jack surmised that Victor had retired, but Nikki didn't want to label Victor's work hiatus. Nikki added that she was grateful to have more time with her husband, and Jack huffed that she didn't have to do a slow fade with Victor. Jack questioned what had happened to the Nikki who would never settle for anything. She asked whether it was an honest question or whether Jack was just a big ball of resentment trying to find someone to keep him company.

Billy returned to Brash & Sassy and announced that he had to go to the airport, but he'd wanted to thank Victoria for trusting him with his idea. Before he left, he insisted on having a conversation about the way she'd defended him. Billy recalled that he and Victoria had had a plan to trip up Jack, but she'd flipped the script by defending Billy. He found it very endearing, and he felt that it had been from her heart.

Billy begged Victoria to tell him if he was wrong, but she remained silent. "That's what I thought," he said, and she responded when he planted a passionate kiss on her. Billy pulled back and huskily stated that he had to catch his flight. He turned back and gazed at her before he headed out.

Nick demands answers from Chelsea

Nick demands answers from Chelsea

Friday, March 24, 2017

At Crimson Lights, Neil assumed that Devon hadn't summoned him there for casual conversation. Devon recognized that he'd been through a lot of personal and professional changes, and he was ready to move on from Hilary. Devon added that he was already dating Mariah, and he confided that he'd enjoyed it when she'd initiated a kiss. Neil cautioned that things could be complicated, but Devon thought finalizing the divorce would make things simpler. Neil advised Devon to check his gut for both his and Mariah's sakes to be sure he was ready to take things further.

Neil pointed out that Hilary and Mariah worked together, but Devon mentioned that Hilary had agreed not to terminate Mariah or anyone else if he gave Hilary GC Buzz in the divorce settlement. Neil wondered what Devon was waiting for, and he thought the best thing for all of them was to move on. Devon turned the topic to what was going on with Neil, who revealed that Ashley had offered him a job at Jabot. Devon recounted that Neil had already learned that he would only go so far in a company where he was staff rather than family. Devon thought it was time to put his bank account to good use by starting something new with Neil by his side.

Devon stated that he and Neil had the capital and experience between the two of them, and he envisioned building their own company that would be profitable but would also put something back into the world. Neil warned that it would take a huge capital outlay, and startups folded every day, so Devon might be left with nothing. Devon pointed out that he'd done very little with his money, and he thought it was time to follow through with what Katherine had wanted. Devon proclaimed that there was no one he trusted more than Neil, and they'd proven that they were family and friends who didn't keep secrets or hold grudges. Devon extended his hand, and Neil shook it.

At GC Buzz, Hilary forced a smile and asked if Mariah had had fun the night before. Mariah brightly replied that she had, and she thanked Hilary for asking. Mariah recalled that Hilary and Jordan had been laughing all night, and she noted that Hilary had been pawing all over him. Hilary retorted that Mariah had been the one with her lips locked on Hilary's husband's face, but Mariah clarified that Devon was about to be Hilary's ex-husband. They both reached for the same dress, and Mariah dryly remarked that it was a surprise that they both wanted the same thing.

Hilary held up the dress next to her in front of a mirror, and Mariah said Hilary could have the dress as a consolation prize. Hilary huffed that Mariah didn't want Devon and that he definitely didn't want Mariah. Mariah questioned whether it was because she wasn't a "high-maintenance pain in the butt." Hilary asserted that Devon liked a woman who challenged and motivated him, and there was only one woman in the room up to that task. Mariah conceded that Hilary and Devon had been sizzling hot before he'd known what a liar she was, but he was done with Hilary, and it was Mariah's turn.

Hilary haughtily stated that it was clearly important to Mariah that Hilary believed Devon and Mariah were a hot new couple, and she sarcastically said she was seething with jealousy. Mariah insinuated that she and Devon had just been trying to protect Hilary's feelings, and she suggested that things had heated up between her and Devon when he'd begged her to return to work. Hilary angrily asked if Mariah was implying that they had an insatiable lust for one another. Devon appeared and wanted to know the answer, too.

Hilary stepped aside to tend to a work issue, and Mariah admitted to Devon that she'd exaggerated about their torrid love affair that didn't exist. Mariah explained that Hilary had made it seem like Mariah was too pathetic for him to want her and like he was sad and lonely, so she'd stood up for him as his friend. Devon said he had nothing to prove to Hilary, who wasn't his problem anymore. Mariah groaned that Hilary was still a problem for her, since Hilary thought Mariah had kissed him just to irritate Hilary. Devon asked if Mariah had, and she conceded that it had been that way at first, but then it had been nice. Devon crossed over to Hilary and told her that GC Buzz was all hers.

Hilary asked what had changed, and Devon explained that staying tied to one another wasn't a great idea because they were at their worst together. He offered to have Michael draw up the papers, and he stressed that there would be a stipulation that Hilary couldn't fire anyone for a year. Devon added that he was trusting Hilary not to take the place into the gutter, and he reminded her that she'd be giving up all other rights to his estate. Devon called Mariah over, and he informed Hilary that they had gone out the other night and that they would be seeing a lot more of one another. He wanted to make sure it wasn't an issue, since the women worked together. Hilary replied that everything would be fine.

At the Newman ranch, Reed thanked Nikki for letting him have his music lesson there. She remarked that music made the house feel more alive, and she'd heard that Victoria had found a university student to teach Reed. Reed mentioned that the student was in a jazz band, so he hoped the guy wouldn't be old and boring. Nikki insisted that Reed didn't have to prove anything, and she thought it would be fun for him to grow as a musician who had talent. She was excited to see what he did with it, and he thanked her with a hug.

During the lesson, Reed strummed his guitar, and he explained that he didn't really read music, but he knew chords. The instructor huffed that it wouldn't get Reed far, and Reed argued that famous musicians hadn't known everything when they'd started out, either. The instructor scoffed at the idea of Reed becoming a successful musician, and Reed testily asked what his teacher wanted him to do. The instructor ordered him to play a scale in D minor, and Nikki listened at Reed's clumsy attempt to do it.

Cane arrived at Brash & Sassy, and Juliet sent him a text message to ask if there was any word. He approached Victoria, who informed him that she'd interviewed someone highly qualified for the position in Tokyo. Cane was irked that she'd met someone without him, and she reasoned that she needed to sign off on the hire and that she had time to meet with the candidates herself. Cane proclaimed that she didn't have to bother because he had the perfect person in mind.

Victoria was surprised when Cane recommended Juliet for the position. He explained that Juliet had been integral in securing the Sato deal. Victoria thought Juliet preferred to work as a consultant, but Cane said Juliet had made it clear that she wanted to work there. Victoria agreed to put Juliet in the running, but she also planned to meet with other people. Cane voiced his support for Juliet, and Victoria assured him that it would be a strong mark in Juliet's favor. Victoria received a text message and rushed out. Cane called Juliet and left a message saying he had news for her.

Jordan yawned while he and Lily went over proofs from a photo shoot, and she surmised that he'd been out late with Hilary. Lily warned that Hilary was a she-demon who would swallow him whole, but Jordan found Hilary to be sharp, funny, and beautiful. Lily pointed out that Hilary was also married, but Jordan countered that Devon and Hilary's marriage was over. Lily questioned whether Jordan wanted to be a rebound, and he suggested that they avoid the topic. Lily clucked that she knew Hilary, but he didn't, and he asked if she was worried that he was falling for Hilary. Lily wondered if he was.

Lily recalled that Hilary had sent two decent men to dark places, and she didn't want that to happen to Jordan. He swore that he wasn't in love, and he urged her to let it go, since he was just enjoying meeting new people in Genoa City. Jordan started to say that he liked it there better than someplace else, but he stopped short, and Lily inquired what had happened during the past ten years. Jordan recounted that the economy had tanked, and everyone with a smart phone thought they could do what he did. He quietly added that he'd done what he'd had to do to stay in New York City, but it hadn't been anything to put on his résumé. He gushed that the new job working with Lily and Brash & Sassy was exactly where he wanted to be.

Lily called out for Cane, and she picked up his phone and saw multiple enthusiastic text messages from Juliet. Cane appeared behind Lily, who reported that Juliet was dying to talk to him. Cane asked if Lily was jealous, but she replied that she was just curious. Cane explained that he'd recommended Juliet for the division manager job, so Juliet's excitement was about the job, not him. He teased Lily for being jealous, but he swore that she didn't have to be because he only had eyes for his sweet, sexy wife. They kissed.

Later, Jordan was surprised when he spotted the camisole in the trash. Lily caught him holding it and joked that it wasn't his color, and he asked if it was hers. She said she'd never seen it before, and he observed that it was in perfectly good condition. She guessed that it had fallen off the rack. Meanwhile, Juliet sent a message to Cane to let him know she was on her way to town, and Cane wrote back to assure her that she was the best candidate for the job.

Victoria arrived at the ranch and paid the instructor for his time, and she showed him out. Reed muttered that the guy had been a jerk because Reed didn't know how to read music. Reed argued that many famous guitarists played by ear, but Victoria advised him not to boycott learning. Reed grumbled that he'd known she'd find a way to make music a punishment, and he stormed off. Victoria called Nikki, who was at Crimson Lights. Nikki confirmed that the instructor had seemed full of himself, and Victoria wailed that she couldn't seem to do anything right with Reed. Nikki heard someone playing guitar outside the coffeehouse.

Nikki listened intently as a young woman finished singing her song. Nikki clapped and praised the performance, and the musician offered to take a request. Nikki didn't think the woman would know the tunes she was fond of, but the singer replied that she'd grown up listening to all kinds of music, and she considered a song to be an expression of a mood. Nikki asked if the woman knew how to play the piano, and the woman revealed that she played the piano and drums, but she felt most connected to her guitar.

Nikki inquired whether the woman would be interested in teaching a teenager who was talented but raw with his own ideas about how he wanted to learn, but the woman didn't think teaching was her thing. Nikki tossed a bill into the woman's guitar case and said the gig paid more than what was in the case. The woman introduced herself as Tessa.

Back at the ranch, Victoria asked Reed to help her understand what he'd thought the lesson would be. Reed explained that he'd thought it would be helpful, but the instructor had been a poseur. Victoria wondered if Reed was afraid he couldn't do it, but Reed refused to discuss it further. She maintained that he obviously had talent, but he needed skills and training. Reed thought he shouldn't bother because he was just a slacker who knew a few chords, and he would never become anything. He started to head out, but Nikki entered and insisted that he couldn't leave because he needed to meet Tessa.

As Reed showed Tessa his guitar, Nikki informed Victoria that Tessa's playing had been lovely. Victoria was glad Reed was no longer sulking, but she fretted that they didn't know anything about Tessa. Nikki figured that it was just a lesson, and Victoria could escort Tessa to the door just like she had the other instructor. Reed announced that Tessa was cool, and he wanted to proceed with the lesson. Nikki volunteered to be a quiet observer while Victoria got back to work, and Victoria departed. Reed declared that Tessa was hired, but Tessa insisted on seeing what he had before she decided whether or not to stick around.

Chloe stepped off the elevator at Top of the Tower, where Kevin was anxiously waiting for her at a table. She noted that he was staring, and he replied that she was gorgeous. She pointed out that he'd told her to get dressed up, and she asked what the occasion was. Kevin recalled that he and Chloe had had a recent conversation about no longer being the people they'd once been, and he understood that life was short and that he couldn't take things for granted. Kevin declared that it was time for him to legally adopt Bella and for them to officially become a family. He dropped to one knee, pulled out a ring, and asked Chloe to marry him.

Chloe balked at the idea of making things official when she and Kevin already lived together, but Kevin contended that it was what people did when they loved one another. He thought things had changed since she'd returned home, and there was no need for them to waste time when they could be the couple everyone dreamed about being. He suggested that there was only one word to say, and she tearfully cried yes. He slid the ring on her finger, and onlookers applauded as Kevin and Chloe kissed.

Chloe and Kevin toasted with Champagne, and she admired her ring. He pledged to get things right that time, and she envisioned Bella as a flower girl and Chelsea as the maid of honor. Kevin expected Michael to be the best man, and Chloe bet Gloria showed up in a white dress. Kevin was glad Chloe was willing to invite his mother, and Chloe acknowledged that Gloria was part of the package. He received a text message that summoned him to work on a computer emergency, and she insisted that her "tech god fiancé" take care of it while she started planning wedding ideas. He kissed her and lovingly swore that it would be forever that time.

At Chelsea's penthouse, Nick asked why an electronic device had been inside Connor's favorite toy. Chelsea recognized it as a tracking device similar to ones she'd used in her days as a grifter. Nick observed that the light was off, so the battery was probably dead. Chelsea had no idea how it had ended up in the toy, but Nick firmly stated that someone knew. Chelsea checked Connor's other toys, but she found nothing strange.

Chelsea said it reminded her of the time Adam had put cameras in the house when he'd been pretending to be Gabriel. Nick asked how long she'd had the dinosaur, and she recounted that Adam had already moved back in when Connor had gotten it, so Adam wouldn't have needed to track his son. Chelsea recalled that she'd lost the stuffed animal on the night she and Adam had planned to leave, but Dylan had found it on the tarmac and returned it. Nick contemplated whether the police had put the device in, but Chelsea pointed out that the case had already been closed. Nick vowed to find out who had planted the device.

Nick noted that the device had been marketed to the average consumer to track suitcases or pets, but someone had used it to track Connor or Chelsea. Nick questioned who would have known which stuffed animal Connor couldn't live without. Nick wondered if someone had bribed the nanny, but Chelsea doubted it because Adam had compiled a thorough background check on her. Chelsea mentioned Anita and Chloe, and Nick repeated Chloe's name and remarked that Chloe had always hated Adam. Chelsea recalled that Chloe hadn't moved in until after Adam had been in jail, and Chloe had let go of her rage by then for Bella's sake.

Nick recalled Chloe's recent comment about hoping Chelsea would forget that Adam had even existed, but Chelsea chalked it up to Chloe just wanting her to move on. Chelsea numbly recounted Chloe's earlier statement about the cabin being near a lake, but she didn't remember ever telling Chloe that detail. Chelsea noted that Chloe had seemed upset at the idea of Chelsea taking Sage's inheritance, and Nick pointed out that Chloe had been borderline obsessed with Chelsea and Adam. Nick's gut told him that Chloe could have planted the tracking device, but he couldn't fathom why. Chelsea said there was only one way to find out.

Later, Chloe burst into the penthouse and babbled about how she and Chelsea shared a brain because they'd sent text messages to one another at the same time. Chloe breathlessly insisted on going first, since there were things she wanted to tell and ask her best friend. A stone-faced Chelsea said she wanted to ask Chloe something, too, since Chloe hadn't been honest with her.

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