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Victor helped Chloe flee. Nikki, Victoria, and Nick agreed to cut Victor out of their lives. Faith walked in as Nick slugged Victor. Nick moved Faith out of the Newman ranch. Phyllis learned that Jack and Gloria were sleeping together. Phyllis and Scott drunkenly made out.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of April 10, 2017 on Y&R
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Nick uncovers Victor's shocking secret Nick uncovers Victor's shocking secret

Monday, April 10, 2017

At Jill's mansion, Kevin, clutching Chloe's bridal bouquet, sat on the sofa. Gloria stood back, but Michael sat down beside his brother and asked about his conversation with Paul. Kevin said he'd made sure that officers tracking Chloe wouldn't attempt to subdue her with force. Kevin told Michael that Chloe was unwell and needed help. Kevin added that he still loved Chloe. Michael cautioned Kevin not to falsely believe that Chloe wasn't guilty of killing Adam.

Esther overheard Michael's comment and confronted him about attempts to line up witnesses against Chloe. Gloria defended Michael and told Esther to back off. Michael noted that Chloe needed treatment in a facility. Esther said, "But we haven't even heard her side of the story yet." Kevin told Esther, Michael, and Gloria that Chloe was guilty of a terrible crime.

Gloria comforted Esther. Gloria encouraged Esther not to stop loving and supporting her child even if forced to make tough decisions on Chloe's behalf. Esther couldn't accept the truth until Kevin mentioned the evidence and showed her the letter Chloe had written. Esther sobbed. Gloria said it was a shame that Chloe had been unable to deal with her hatred for Adam.

Bella wandered into the room. Kevin praised Bella for being a perfect flower girl, but he explained that there wouldn't be a wedding because Chloe had taken a trip. Kevin promised to visit Bella and treat her to ice cream, toys, fashion shows, and tea parties. After Esther and Bella left the room, Gloria asked to speak to Kevin alone. Michael left.

Gloria praised Kevin and told him that she was proud of him for remaining strong despite the heartbreak he'd endured after facing the truth about Chloe. Gloria said she was touched by the kindness Kevin had shown to Bella. Gloria added, "You are more her father than whoever her biological father is." Kevin, sobbing, said he wasn't Bella's father. He cried that when he'd awoken, he'd had a family, but at the end of the day, he was all alone. Gloria promised never to abandon her son.

At a private airport, Nick watched as a figure emerged from a misty fog in a dark alleyway. Chloe called out to the man as he approached. Nick scowled when he saw Victor speak to Chloe and usher her into an airport gate. Chloe, still wearing her wedding gown, asked Victor if he wanted to finally be rid of her. Chloe told Victor that all he'd have to do was summon his pilot, and he'd never have to see her again. Chloe, fighting back tears and breathing heavily, insisted that Victor act immediately. Chloe nervously peered out the window, fearing she might be caught.

Victor pointed his finger at Chloe and said, "Whatever you're up to, I don't want any part of it. You got it?" After Victor walked out into a hallway, Chloe threatened to send him back to prison. Victor replied, "What have you done that makes you so damn desperate?" Chloe cried that she couldn't handle long-term psychiatric treatment again. Victor asked about Adam. Chloe insisted that what had happened to Adam had been an accident.

Victor turned to leave. Chloe stopped Victor by shouting, "Chelsea busted me, okay? She knows. She found the evidence that I framed Adam. That evidence implicates you, too." Victor inquired about the evidence. Chloe claimed that she'd kept the diary, which Chelsea had found when searching in a drawer for a keepsake handkerchief.

Nick ventured toward the entrance of the airport building, but he paused when Chelsea phoned. In tears, Chelsea told Nick that he'd been right to suspect Chloe of Adam's murder. Chelsea explained that Chloe had left her wedding and was somewhere unknown. After Nick learned that Chloe had knocked Chelsea unconscious, he asked if she should visit a doctor. Chelsea, safe at Sharon's ranch house, told Nick that she was worried about Chloe escaping.

Chelsea told Nick that Chloe had driven off in her car and could be far away. Chelsea tearfully recalled how she'd found Adam's wedding band in a drawer in Chloe's room. Sobbing, Chelsea added, "She was keeping it like some sort of trophy. She is more disturbed than you even thought." Chelsea said that after Chloe had confessed to blowing up the cabin, she'd claimed that Adam's death had been best for everyone. Nick asked if Chloe had mentioned working with an accomplice. Nick said he didn't believe Chloe could've carried out the crime by herself.

Chelsea became distracted and noted that her battery was low. Chelsea asked Nick where he was because she needed him to comfort her. Nick lied and said he was in his car. Chelsea asked to meet up with Nick at the main house on the Newman property. Nick told her to stay put before he purposely and abruptly ended the call. After the call ended, Chelsea admitted to Sharon that she wanted the world to know the truth about Chloe. Sharon assured Chelsea that they'd seek justice for Adam.

Nick entered the gate building and pressed his ear to the door behind which Chloe and Victor argued. It was unclear whether Nick could clearly hear the conversation between Chloe and Victor. Inside the room, Chloe lied and told Victor that Chelsea had read a few sentences in the diary about Adam and had insisted that Chloe reveal additional details. Victor said, "Were you idiotic enough to mention my name in the diary?" Chloe said she hadn't and didn't believe that Chelsea had gained insight, given the vagueness of the diary's entries. Chloe said that Chelsea had become frustrated, stormed out, and threatened to phone the police.

In an effort to persuade Victor to help her, Chloe said she feared she might say something to implicate him if confronted and questioned by the police. Chloe added, "I don't that think your family will like the idea of knowing that you framed your son. They'll hate you, but if I get onto that plane, and if I disappear, then your reputation as the gentler, kinder Victor Newman, the man who throws the family parties and rescues kidnapped journalists remains intact. So, it's your call." Victor sighed and contacted his pilot. Victor told Chloe that everything was set.

Victor insisted that Chloe inform only the pilot of her final destination. Victor added that if Chloe ever returned, she would lose everything. Chloe said she'd already lost because she'd left Kevin, Esther, and Bella, so there wasn't anything more. Victor replied, "Don't be so sure." After Chloe exited the gate to the runway and locked the door behind her, Nick entered, realized Chloe had boarded the jet, and tried to stop her. It was too late. Nick became frustrated as he watched the jet climb higher and disappear into the fog.

Nick confronted Victor and asked why he'd let Chloe get away. Victor said, "She asked me for help. I gave it to her. End of story." Nick, recalling ties to past events, replied, "Chloe was at the courthouse when Adam attacked the guard, but I know she was in town before that because Mom saw her at Chelsea's for Connor's birthday party. Shortly after that, the real diary pages showed up."

Victor sat quietly with his arms crossed over his waist and tensely bit his lower lip. Nick continued, "You kept saying it was that waitress, but it wasn't the waitress, was it? She was just a distraction for what was right in front of our face. It was Chloe. Chloe hated Adam. Adam never bought it that she forgave him. Chloe's the one who helped you frame Adam."

Victor had nothing much to say to his son. Nick berated Victor for using a lunatic to teach Adam a lesson because he'd walked away from Newman Enterprises. Victor refused to listen and said he had a date with Nikki. Victor walked toward the exit. Nick said, "Chloe blew up that cabin. She murdered Adam." Victor stopped in his tracks.

At GC Buzz, Mariah asked Devon if she should immediately broadcast a show about Chloe murdering Adam or tape a show to be aired later. Devon, fearing getting involved with Hilary, didn't side with either suggestion. After Mariah stepped away, Hilary approached Devon and questioned him. The most Devon would say was that he'd accompanied Mariah to Kevin and Chloe's wedding. Mariah was staring at her laptop when she returned, and she didn't notice Hilary. Mariah's comment about "Chelsea's bombshell" intrigued Hilary. Hilary noticed opened files about Adam Newman and the cabin explosion.

After Hilary learned about what had happened, she was eager to break an exclusive story. Mariah noted that Scott Grainger had suggested waiting until all the facts had been revealed. Devon said he believed Scott's plan was to break the story himself because he was writing Victor's biography. Hilary scoffed and berated Mariah for not immediately including her boss. Devon became aggravated and said he regretted giving Hilary ownership of the show. Mariah stood her ground and said it was her story. Hilary protested, but Devon noted that they didn't yet have all the facts. While Mariah and Hilary were arguing, Chelsea entered and said, "I want to go on-camera!"

Mariah discouraged Chelsea. Chelsea insisted that the world deserved to know what Chloe had done. Hilary asked Chelsea if she had a photo of Chloe for the show to display on air. After Chelsea found a photo on her phone of Chloe and Bella together, Chelsea seemed to have a change of heart and told Hilary she didn't have a photo. When the show went live, Hilary introduced Chelsea.

Hilary clued in the audience with rough details before turning the microphone over to Chelsea. Chelsea looked into the camera and said, "Chloe, please don't do this. Come home. Turn yourself in. We promise we'll take care of you. We care, and we understand that you are not well." Shaking and tearful, Chelsea pleaded with Chloe to think about her family and her daughter.

At Crimson Lights, Scott and Lauren discussed Chloe and Kevin. Lauren said she couldn't believe that Chloe had worked alongside the woman she'd made a widow. Scott recalled a recent conversation with Chloe. Scott said Chloe had mentioned that she'd taken control of her life six months prior. Scott said he realized that Chloe had been referring to a premeditated murder.

After Lauren left, Sharon arrived. Scott asked Sharon to join him to share a pastry. Scott and Sharon discussed what had happened at the wedding. Scott said he couldn't imagine how he might feel had he lost a child in the way Chloe had. Sharon told Scott about Cassie. Sharon said, "There's not a day that goes by that I don't think about her." Sharon noted that Nick had wanted to make Phyllis' son, Daniel, pay for Cassie's death in the same way that Chloe had wanted Adam to pay for Delia's death.

Scott said that Victor would have to deal with what he'd thought had been just an accident but hadn't been. Scott added, "It's almost the complete opposite of what you had to live through." Sharon said both Victor and Adam had always felt the need to prove themselves. Adam, Sharon explained, had never wanted to get ahead just because he was Victor's son. Scott asked Sharon to help him with the book about Victor's life. Sharon agreed.

At Lauren and Michael's apartment, Michael told Lauren that Kevin had to explain to Bella why her mother wouldn't be returning. Michael blamed himself for not being more up-front with Kevin about his misgivings. Lauren said that she, too, had tried to dissuade Kevin from rushing into marriage, so Michael shouldn't feel guilty. Lauren said, "Chloe is the one who duped everyone. No one could've seen this coming." Michael replied, "I should have."

Michael and Lauren both expressed hope that Chloe would be captured. Michael said Kevin might never allow himself to love again. Michael and Lauren both expressed their love and devotion to each other, and Lauren kissed Michael.

Victor admits he conspired with Chloe

Victor admits he conspired with Chloe

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

At Jabot, Jack admired Ravi's new look, and he hoped Ravi had bought his new clothes at Fenmore's. Ravi nervously stammered that he'd purchased most of them there, and Jack said he was just messing with Ravi. Jack noticed Ravi's suitcase and asked if Ravi was taking time off. Ravi divulged that he would be joining Ashley for a conference in New York. Jack declared that it was news to him.

Ravi hoped it was okay that he was going to the conference, since travel was expensive. Jack proclaimed that it was probably an excellent investment, since Ravi had proven to be an asset to the company. Ravi was stunned when Jack informed him that the apps Ravi had created had generated millions of dollars in sales, and Jack offered to make Ravi part of the financial meetings so he'd be aware of such matters. Jack praised Ravi for helping Ashley step up her game, and he called Ravi the future of the industry. Jack wished Ravi luck in New York, and Ravi promised not to let him down.

Ashley was impressed with the graphics Phyllis had designed for Ashley's presentation in New York. Phyllis cautioned Ashley to make sure they were sized properly on the projector, but Ashley was confident that Ravi could handle the technical aspects. Phyllis mentioned that Ravi had told her that Ashley had invited him to New York, and she expected Ashley's gratitude for helping her to see a great man in a new light. Ashley barked that she had no idea what Phyllis was talking about, but Phyllis contended that Ashley owed her, adding, "You're welcome."

Ashley insisted that Phyllis was reading too much into it, but Phyllis suspected that it was more than just a business trip. Ashley confirmed that it was definitely more, since she expected to see Traci while she was there. Phyllis pointed out that Ashley and Ravi had plans to go to the opera, and she guessed that Ashley's invitation had been a way of testing the personal waters. Ashley maintained that she and Ravi were nothing more than coworkers and friends who both enjoyed opera, but Phyllis remained skeptical.

Later, Jack praised Ashley's presentation, but he wished she'd informed him about taking Ravi on the trip. Ashley contended that it had been her decision to make, and Jack gave her kudos for teaching Ravi how to dress for success. She credited Phyllis for taking Ravi shopping, and she figured Phyllis had done it to atone for her many sins. Jack said they all benefited from Ravi looking like he worked in the fashion industry, and he expected it to be a successful trip. Ashley remarked that it was refreshing to have Jack approve of her decisions -- and she wouldn't have to go behind his back if he didn't give her reason to do so.

By the elevator, Ashley informed Ravi that it would be ten minutes before a car arrived to take them to the airport. He presented her with a travel pillow to help make the plane seat more bearable, but she had a feeling the seats would be pretty comfortable. He asked if they were flying first-class, and he was flabbergasted when she informed him that they were taking the Jabot jet. Ravi gushed that they would be going to an incredible conference and the Met, and he already thought he would love the trip. Ashley anticipated that she would, too.

Meanwhile, Jack instructed Phyllis to copy Gloria on the correspondence because she was organizing his files. Phyllis couldn't believe Jack could stand having Gloria around, but she conceded that the same thing could be said about her. Jack recognized that Phyllis had been putting in a lot of hours when she hadn't been moonlighting as a stylist, and she bragged that Ravi had made an impression on Ashley. Phyllis thought Ashley had realized that Ravi could be good for her outside of work, and she commented that New York was romantic. Jack replied that it was just a conference, but Phyllis mentioned the opera tickets that Ashley had purchased. Jack was certain that Ravi wasn't the man for Ashley, but Phyllis teased that maybe Jack didn't know his sister as well as he thought.

Jack wondered why Phyllis was invested in Ashley and Ravi's personal life, and Phyllis said Jack was wrong if he was implying that she didn't have a life of her own, since she'd discovered online dating. He asked if she'd found someone she'd consider getting serious with, and she countered that no one had said anything about getting serious. Phyllis casually invited Jack to join her at the Athletic Club for a drink, but he didn't think it was a good idea. She wished him a good night and headed out.

Jack popped out of his office and asked to meet with Ashley for a moment, and Ravi headed to the lobby alone. Jack insisted that it was time for Ashley to tell him what was really going on between her and Ravi. Jack warned Ashley against getting involved with an employee, but she reiterated that she and Ravi weren't involved. Jack speculated about what would happen if Ravi didn't get the raise he wanted or if he claimed he wasn't being treated fairly, and Ashley called Jack a hypocrite after he'd allowed his own personal life into the workplace.

Ashley wondered why Jack had given Phyllis and Gloria a pass, yet he considered a nice person like Ravi to be a potential problem. Jack urged Ashley to consider what would happen if she led Ravi on and broke his heart, and he worried that one of their most valuable players wouldn't want to be in the same building with her. Ashley barked for Jack to mind his own business, and she stormed out.

At Crimson Lights, Reed greeted Zoey and her friend Kendall. Zoey remembered that it was Reed's birthday the next day, and Reed excitedly anticipated taking his driver's test. Zoey asked if he'd picked out a new car yet, but Reed replied that it wasn't happening. Zoey assumed that Victoria had shot the idea down, but he reported that his mom had said he could use her car anytime. Zoey rolled her eyes at the thought of the "Mom-mobile," but Kendall figured it was better than nothing. Reed mentioned that his mom was throwing him a party at the Underground, and the girls accepted his invitation to attend.

Reed led Zoey and Kendall onto the patio for them to hear him play his guitar. He began to play, but a string broke, and he groaned that both of his guitars were pretty beat up. Zoey asked if brownies would help, and she stepped away to grab some. Kendall told Reed that there was something she had to say to him, and she expressed remorse for laughing and distracting Reed during his performance at the Underground. She mentioned that Zoey had said he'd been upset, but Reed recalled that he'd gotten back up and finished the song.

Kendall wanted to make it up to Reed with a birthday present, and she offered to send the link to his performance to her uncle, who was in the music business. Reed was thrilled, and Kendall cautioned that nothing might happen as a result of it, but she wanted to try. He gushed that it would be amazing, and Zoey returned with the brownies. Reed raved to Zoey about Kendall's offer, and he thanked Kendall and said it meant a lot to him. Kendall headed out, and Reed amorously told Zoey that it was just the two of them. Kendall jealously gazed in at the couple through the window as they kissed.

Paul stopped by the Newman ranch, unannounced, and Nikki panicked that something was wrong with Victor or one of their kids. Paul assured her that her family was fine, and he asked when she was expecting Victor. Nikki indicated that Victor would be there soon for dinner, and Paul reported that he'd gotten information about Adam's death that he wanted to pass along before it went public. He revealed that the police had reason to believe someone had killed Adam, since Chloe had allegedly confessed to Chelsea at Kevin and Chloe's wedding, and the cops were searching for Chloe to find out exactly what had happened.

Paul explained that there hadn't been much proof that Adam's death hadn't been an accident until that day, when Chelsea had found Adam's wedding ring among Chloe's belongings. Nikki sympathized with Chelsea, and Paul imagined that Nikki was also worried about what it would do to Victor. Nikki recognized that Paul had also lost a son, and she fretted about what Victor would do if he got his hands on Chloe. Paul insisted that the Newmans allow law enforcement to handle it, but Nikki warned that she couldn't make any promises. Paul left for to the police station. Nikki left a message for Victor, asking him to return home as soon as possible.

At a private airport, Nick accused Victor of helping the woman who'd killed Victor's son to escape. Victor called Nick delusional, but Nick revealed that he had proof that Chloe had been at the cabin on the night of the explosion and that she had been the last person to see Adam alive. Nick explained that Chelsea had confronted Chloe, and Chloe had confessed to blowing up the place. Nick snarled that Chloe was flying anywhere thanks to Victor, who made a call to get the plane back.

Victor relayed that he'd ordered the charter company to tell the pilot to contact him as soon as the plane landed, since the aircraft's radar was off. Nick guessed that Victor hadn't wanted to know where Chloe had gone so that no one would make a connection between them. Victor smashed things on the floor and growled that Chloe had killed his son, and he vowed to find out where she was and deal with her. Victor wondered what had pushed Chloe over the edge to confess, and Nick explained that he'd put things together after he'd found a tracking device in Connor's toy.

Nick recounted that he'd traced Chloe to the cabin using her cell phone records and that he'd caught her disposing of a dart gun and a wrench in a Dumpster. Victor asked why Nick hadn't gone to him, and Nick spat that he hadn't known whether his own father had been a "damned accomplice." Nick added that he'd been trying to protect Victor by getting Chloe to confess, since he'd wanted to build a solid case before tearing their family's lives apart. Victor realized Nick's investigation had caused Nick's rift with Chelsea, and Nick confirmed that Chelsea hadn't been able to believe that someone she loved had done something that unforgiveable.

Victor scolded Nick for not telling him earlier, but Nick argued that Victor could hardly be mad at him when Victor had worked with Chloe for months to frame Adam. Nick questioned whether Victor was denying that he'd put the whole chain of events into motion, but Victor wouldn't deny it. Victor admitted that he'd wanted to teach Adam a lesson after Adam had testified against him in court instead of taking over at Newman. Nick bitterly noted that Victor had enlisted the help of the one person who he'd known would go along with framing Adam, and he guessed that Victor had sprung Chloe from a mental institution.

Victor confirmed that he'd offered Chloe a life with her daughter in exchange for planting evidence of Adam's guilt, but Chloe had double-crossed him. Victor swore that he'd wanted to make things right by sending Adam to live anywhere in the world to spend his life with his family, and he would have given up his own life to save Adam's if he'd known what Chloe had been doing. Nick flatly stated that Adam was dead, Chelsea was a widow, and Connor was fatherless. Victor cried that he'd lost his son, but Nick demanded to know how Victor could live with what he'd done.

Victor said there was nothing left to talk about, but Nick refused to let Victor walk away. Nick pointed out that he could have his father arrested, since he'd done it before, and there was nothing to stop him from doing it again. Victor questioned why Nick hated him, and he pleaded that if Nick loved his family more than he hated Victor, then Nick would do as he asked.

At the Athletic Club, Victoria told Billy that she was glad he'd been able to meet for dinner. She noted that it had been a while since she and Billy had been out together, and he figured that they'd been working like crazy. She anticipated that things would get even busier with the deal he'd just secured, and she was happy she'd hired marketing help, since her "boys" would have a lot on their plates. Billy became offended, and Victoria quickly defended that Billy and Cane worked for her. Billy pointed out that he and Victoria had history, and he hoped she had a separate category for him. She replied that she most definitely did.

Victoria admitted that she wanted the night to last longer, and she said the dinner was her treat because Billy had closed an important deal. They agreed that it had been fun to land the deal in spite of Jack's interference, and Billy remarked not to mess with a Newman. Victoria was dismayed that he was comparing her to her father, but Billy swore that it was a compliment. She dared him to name one good quality about Victor, and Billy eventually commended Victor for teaching Victoria to be the ultimate strategist in business and how to fight for what she wanted in life. Billy affectionately added that Victor and Nikki had produced an exceptional, brilliant, beautiful person like Victoria.

Victoria wondered how she'd ended up laughing and relaxing with Billy after they'd been at odds not long before. He noted that she'd broken up with Travis, and she pointed out that Phyllis had dumped Billy. Victoria asked if Billy missed Phyllis, and he replied that he did sometimes. Victoria applauded him for answering honestly, and she encouraged him to keep proving himself. She murmured that she was glad that they had gotten to where they were, and he placed his hands on hers. Victoria's phone chimed with a text message, and she abruptly headed out to deal with an urgent matter at the ranch.

Billy chugged a drink at the bar, and Phyllis joined him. He asked how the rest of her day had gone, and she reported that her date had been neither excruciating nor exciting, so she had to adjust her online profile to get a better match. He mentioned that he'd had dinner with Victoria and that they were starting to get along. Phyllis responded that she was happy for him, and she thought having an outing with the kids and dinner in the same day was an indication that Victoria wanted to get back together as much as he did. Billy grumbled that Victoria hadn't said that, but Phyllis thought it was what Victoria had done that counted.

Victoria arrived at the ranch and asked Nikki what was going on. Victor and Nick entered, and Nikki informed them that Paul had been there, but she realized that the men already knew what had happened. Nikki informed Victoria that Adam's death hadn't been an accident -- he'd been murdered. Nick added that Chloe had done it, and Nikki tried to comfort Victor with a hug. Victor announced that there was more and that they needed to hear it from him.

After Victor filled his family in about everything, Nikki was aghast that Victor had recruited Chloe as an accomplice after she'd tried to kill his son. Victoria huffed that Victor never learned, since he always went into "God mode" to dole out punishment if he felt slighted or attacked, no matter how many times his family suffered. Nikki called herself an idiot for actually believing that Victor had finally changed to become a man who'd put his love for his family above business and himself, and she couldn't believe she'd forgiven him and welcomed him back into her life. Victor told Nikki not to get overdramatic, since he was that man.

Nikki snapped that Victor wasn't the man she'd thought he was, or he never would have put a heinous plan with an unstable woman into action. She demanded to know why he'd lied to her for months, and Victoria coldly surmised that Victor hadn't been able to risk going back to prison. Nikki argued that it would happen, anyway, once Chloe told the police about her arrangement with Victor. Victor insisted that he was prepared to face the consequences, but the most important thing was to find Chloe. Victor's phone rang, and he learned that the pilot had flown to Ontario, where Chloe had jumped into a waiting car and sped off.

Nick thought they could track Chloe's phone, but Victor indicated that she'd left it on the plane. Victor promised to do everything in his power to seek justice and avenge his son's death, but it wouldn't get Adam back. Nikki hissed that Chloe had caused the explosion, but Victor had been every bit as responsible as Chloe had been for Adam's death, so Adam's blood was on Victor's hands. Victor bellowed that he didn't need to hear it from her, and Nikki angrily marched upstairs as Nick and Victoria silently walked out the door. Victor sat alone and bowed his head.

The Newman family makes a dangerous pact

The Newman family makes a dangerous pact

> The Newman family makes a dangerous pact

The Newman family makes a dangerous pact

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

by Nel

From their respective locations, Nikki, Victor, and Jack watched Chelsea on GC Buzz, pleading for Chloe to turn herself in. Chelsea promised that Chloe would be treated fairly. They knew Chloe wasn't well, and Chelsea wanted her to think about her family and her daughter. She begged Chloe to return home.

Chelsea arrived in Victor's office, and she commented that Victor and Adam had started to rebuild their relationship only to have Adam ripped out of Victor's life again. Victor was horrified to think that Chloe had spent time under the same roof as Chelsea and Connor. Chelsea stated that had anyone asked her if Chloe would have hurt her or Connor prior to the incident, she would have said absolutely not, but she could no longer rule it out.

Victor asked Chelsea if Chloe had mentioned why she'd returned to Genoa City. Chelsea admitted Chloe hadn't. Chelsea thought about all the lies Chloe had spewed and wished that Chloe had never returned. Everything would have been different--- Chelsea would have her husband, Connor would have his father, Victor would have his son, and all the pain could have been avoided. Victor assured Chelsea that Chloe would be found. Chelsea couldn't believe Chloe had scammed her. Whoever had schooled Chloe on how to lie had been brilliant. Chelsea said that Chloe had faked their entire friendship. Victor stated that Chloe had scammed everyone.

While Victor held Adam's wedding ring, Chelsea advised that Chloe had realized Chelsea was onto her when she'd seen the ring. Chelsea had followed and confronted Chloe when she'd run upstairs. Chloe had admitted that she'd broken into the cabin and that she'd wanted Adam to die. Victor noted it had been a horrible way to find out the truth.

Chelsea stated that Nick had shared his theory with her, but she hadn't believed him. Nick had tried to warn her, but she had refused to listen. Chelsea knew that Nick was angry with her because he hadn't returned any of her calls. She felt she'd screwed things up between them. Victor stated he'd always believed that Adam's death had been an accident. He admitted that he and Adam had had their differences, but Victor had loved Adam and he'd wanted Adam and Chelsea to have a happy future together. Chelsea said she'd never forget how Victor had tried to give her and Connor a future with Adam. She hugged Victor.

At Victoria's, Billy asked about the birthday boy. Victoria reported that Reed was talking to his dad, who'd called from Poland to wish him a happy birthday. Victoria asked Billy to take Reed to the DMV for his driver's test. She had to go to the ranch. Billy said he'd seen Chelsea on GC Buzz. Victoria was certain the whole town was buzzing with shock, horror, and disgust. Billy didn't understand how Chloe could have killed Adam. She had seemed okay to him. Victoria agreed that they had all believed that Chloe had been sane enough to be released from the mental institution.

Billy knew it would be a tough day and that Victoria needed to be with her parents. Victoria stated that she needed to be with her mother. Victoria advised that she'd told Reed about Adam and was confident he'd be able to handle himself if a situation arose. Victoria wanted Billy to assure Reed that she'd be at his birthday party, and she left.

When Reed arrived downstairs, Billy wished him a happy birthday. Reed assured Billy it would be if he passed his driver's test. Billy gave Reed a vintage guitar key chain as a birthday gift and stated Reed could put his mother's car key on it once he passed his driver's test. Reed was thrilled and called for Victoria. Billy advised him that Victoria had gone to the ranch but would be at his birthday party. They left for the DMV.

Nick arrived at the ranch. Nikki advised that Victor had slept in a guest room and had been gone when she'd arrived downstairs. Nick thought Victor was probably trying to cover his involvement in Adam's death and was likely worried since Chloe had been exposed. Nikki questioned why Chelsea had been on GC Buzz. Nick said Chelsea wanted Chloe to accept legal responsibility and turn herself in. Nikki asked if he'd told Chelsea that Victor had secured Chloe's return to town. Nick hadn't told anyone because he still needed to process the whole ugly thing.

At Lauren's, Phyllis said that after she'd seen Chelsea on GC Buzz, she'd been worried about Kevin, Michael, and Lauren. Lauren admitted they'd been shocked, but Kevin was coping. Phyllis offered to be Lauren's support system. Lauren knew that Phyllis always pulled through for her.

Lauren didn't want to focus on her family's situation but rather on Phyllis' love life. Phyllis claimed she didn't have a love life. Lauren noted that every time she spoke to Phyllis, Phyllis was working, working out, or home for the night and sleeping alone. Lauren felt that Phyllis shouldn't be alone for the summer. Phyllis said that no matter the season, she didn't need a man to complete, define, or validate her. Lauren suggested that Phyllis should date Scott, but Phyllis said no and that no grown man needed a matchmaking mother.

Lauren noted that Phyllis had had a great time with Scott the night of the opera benefit. Lauren wanted Phyllis to spend time with Scott and acclimate him to his life in Genoa City. Phyllis refused and said she and Scott would each find a fantastic partner, but Phyllis' would find her without a nudge, especially from his mother. Phyllis left.

At Jabot, Gloria knew Jack had seen Chelsea on GC Buzz. She also knew that Adam had been Jack's friend, and the news had to have been very upsetting. Jack had accepted Adam's death as a random bolt of bad luck, and he was shocked to discover Adam had been murdered. Gloria said that Chloe had tricked everyone, and she knew that Chloe had always been troubled, manipulative, and deceitful -- but Chloe was also a murderer. Gloria felt that it had been the only way Chloe could have dealt with Delia's death. Gloria was worried about Kevin and admitted he was broken. Gloria swore she'd be there for Kevin for as long as it took to fix him -- if he could be fixed.

Jack assured Gloria that Kevin was a survivor and would find a way through it. Gloria stated that at least her son was alive -- Victor had just discovered that his son had been murdered. Jack advised Gloria that her sympathy and tears were wasted on Victor. Gloria asked if Jack really thought Victor felt nothing for his children.

Jack stated that the people in Victor's family were possessions that Victor could control or dispose of when they were no longer of use. Jack said Victor loved power, and if they crossed the Moustache, there would be trouble. Gloria knew that Adam had suffered at Victor's hands long before Chloe had gotten her claws into him. Jack added that Nick and Victoria would rather take jobs as dogcatchers than work at Newman Enterprises again.

Gloria mentioned that Abby worked at Newman Enterprises. Jack admitted he'd been worried about Abby because getting Victor's love and support had a cost. Gloria admitted she'd made extreme demands on her boys, but they'd always put up with her. Jack assured Gloria that she didn't give her boys enough credit for how much they cared for her. Gloria said she knew her boys had no idea how much she loved them.

Gloria admitted that her campaign against Chloe had been an attempt to protect Kevin. Gloria had known Chloe would crush Kevin sooner or later, but it hadn't been soon enough for Kevin to see that Chloe was poison. Jack claimed to know a bit about falling for someone who wasn't what he'd thought they were. Gloria said that her heart broke for Kevin. It had been bad enough being jilted by his so-called soul mate, but then to find out that she was a fugitive, arsonist, and murderer was devastating. Jack asked if there were any leads to finding Chloe. Gloria said no, and she hoped Chloe would stay lost so Kevin would finally be free of her.

Gloria blamed herself for Kevin's lousy taste in women because she hadn't protected Kevin from his rotten, abusive father. Jack reminded Gloria that she'd been a victim herself. Gloria admitted she'd blown it with Chloe because of Gloria's little digs and catty comments that had pushed them together. She hadn't been able to get Kevin to see that Chloe wasn't good enough.

Gloria broke down in tears and berated herself for not keeping her mouth shut, and she fell into Jack's arms. Jack put his arms around her to comfort her. Phyllis arrived and told them not to stop on her account. Phyllis said that when she'd seen them at the Athletic Club, she'd believed it had been an act for her benefit. Gloria admitted that it had been an act, but since they'd been working together, the chemistry had kicked in. Jack stated that he and Gloria were single and not hurting anyone. Gloria said that their long-standing feud had just been foreplay.

Alone with Jack, Phyllis exploded and said she couldn't believe Jack was with the woman who had taken advantage of John and nearly destroyed Jabot with a poisoned face cream. She asked if Jack had forgiven Gloria because she hadn't slept with his brother. Jack answered yes to everything. Phyllis felt that Jack had to have been extremely lonely to latch on to the first leopard skin bustier that had happened his way. Jack claimed it was all about having fun, and someday Phyllis would remember what fun was.

Victoria arrived at the ranch. Nick said that letting Chloe get away with murder wasn't an option. Nick said things would get worse because Chloe wouldn't be the only one going to prison. The police needed to know that Victor had gotten Chloe to town so she could help him frame Adam and that Victor had helped Chloe escape. Nick wanted to see Paul, but Nikki stopped him. She advised that they might not have the option of admitting anything to the police.

Nick and Victoria asked if Nikki wanted them to defend Victor and protect him from justice. Nikki assured them she had no intention of ignoring Victor's alliance with Chloe and that he'd be held accountable. Nikki admitted that some of the responsibility for the horrific chain of events was hers. She'd given Chelsea an untraceable cell phone when Adam had planned to flee the country, and she'd lied to the police so that Victor could evade them. Nikki admitted that her major crime had been allowing Victor to get what he'd wanted, and she berated herself for her blind faith, unconditional love, and belief that underneath it all, Victor was a decent man.

Nikki admitted that Victor had confessed that he'd framed Adam, and he'd thought that Nikki would just let it go because he'd needed her help. The most disgusting part was that it had been exactly what she'd done. If she hadn't been playing the devoted wife, she'd have figured out what Victor and Chloe had been up to. Nikki assured them that she was looking to the future, and she wasn't going to forgive Victor. There would be no more pretending that Victor knew what was best for the family.

Nikki wouldn't let Nick go to Paul because they needed to know how the situation would affect the three of them. Nikki asked them to think back to the previous year and the negative publicity, Victor's prison sentence, and their campaign to get him out of jail early. That had almost ruined the Newman name, which would always define them. Their reputation would be tanked if Victor went to prison again. Nick remained adamant that Victor couldn't get a pass because he was just as guilty as Chloe for killing Adam. Nikki stressed that no one could ever know about it.

Nikki stated that the minute Paul knew that Victor had helped Chloe escape, he'd arrest Victor for aiding and abetting. Nick reminded Nikki that Victor had framed Adam and had an unstable woman released from a mental institution to do his dirty work. Victoria wondered what else Victor had been hiding. Nikki knew that that would be Paul's next question, and nobody knew what else he might dig up. Nikki said that Victor had been guilty of many things, but killing Adam wasn't one of them. That was Chloe. Victor hadn't known that Chloe had killed Adam when he'd put Chloe on the plane.

Nick said Victor had flown Chloe out of town fearing, someone would find out about their little arrangement. Nikki assured them that Victor would be punished for what he'd done, but if Victor went down, they would too. Nikki said the fallout would include major companies blacklisting Newman Enterprises; there would be online petitions, boycotts, and a feeding frenzy for tabloid media like GC Buzz and other rags questioning if they knew about his scheme with Chloe and wondering if they'd helped Victor and Chloe accomplish it.

Nikki knew those things would go through people's minds, and those things would destroy the people they cared about. Reed, Noah, Faith, and Chelsea would get the backlash. The situation had to be dealt with in-house and not in the press. Nikki asked if they trusted her enough to do that. Victoria agreed. Nick was reluctant but agreed -- "for now."

Victoria acknowledged that if Mr. Sato dropped Brash & Sassy, they'd be finished in Asia, and their pro-hockey deal would be done. Victoria said that she and Billy had reestablished trust and were in a good place, but she couldn't tell him about her father's role in Adam's death. Nikki said no one could know because one little slip would cause devastation. Nikki and Victoria were concerned about Abby working so closely with Victor. Nikki knew they couldn't tell Abby anything because it would only be a matter of time before the Abbot family knew everything.

Chelsea arrived at the ranch and apologized to Nick for not listening to him. She admitted she'd been in denial, and it had taken finding Adam's wedding ring to convince her. Nick understood that Chelsea wanted to defend her friend. Chelsea said that Victor had launched a search of his own, and she suggested that she could help -- perhaps hire a P.I. or create a website for tips and offer a reward for information about Chloe.

Nick suggested they let the police and Victor's people do their jobs. He felt if they got involved, it might mess up their lives or the investigation. Chelsea thanked him for being levelheaded. Chelsea said she needed to focus on Connor, Nick, and herself.

At the DMV, Billy was in the back seat and assured Reed that Reed had it. A very stern female instructor got into the car. Reed attempted to charm her and invited her to his party if he passed his driver's test. The road tester noted that Reed was probably accustomed to getting whatever he wanted when he batted those eyelashes, but that wasn't going to happen. She gave Billy a stern look, so Billy got out of the car.

At Crimson Lights, Billy congratulated Reed on passing his driving test. Victoria arrived and also congratulated Reed. After Reed left, Billy asked what had happened at the ranch. Billy was miffed when Victoria didn't want to talk about it.

Nikki waited for Victor in his office. When he arrived, he knew Nikki was angry and confessed he'd made the worst mistake of his life when he'd returned that lunatic to town. He admitted he hadn't told Chelsea about the mistakes he'd made with Chloe. He said they needed to help Chelsea because family meant everything to him. Nikki scoffed and said she'd never believed that Victor had changed, and she never would. Victor deserved to feel guilty, since he'd been the lynchpin in his son's murder. Nikki said she'd never forgive Victor.

Nikki blamed herself because she'd always enabled Victor, but she was done with forgiveness and reminded him how he'd betrayed his family. She said Victor had lost control, and all the people he supposedly cared about might go down in flames with him. Nikki stated that his reign as the king of the Newman family had ended. Victor asked if it was time for him to get a lawyer, but Nikki assured him that no one would go to the police because she needed to protect herself, their kids, and their grandchildren. Nikki told Victor that to the outside world, the family would appear like the close-knit, loving Newman clan, but behind closed doors, Victor would no longer be a member of the family. She grabbed her coat and bag and left.

Faith witnesses Nick punch Victor

Faith witnesses Nick punch Victor

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Phyllis knocked on the Baldwins' door and called out to ask if Lauren was home. Scott opened the door, clad only in a towel, and invited Phyllis in. Scott informed her that Lauren and Michael had gone to Chicago for a romantic getaway, and Phyllis tried not to stare at the half-naked Scott. Phyllis left some paperwork for Lauren, and she spotted something Scott had been writing. Scott explained that it was a story about a friend who'd been heartbroken by a woman who'd turned out to be a murderer, and Phyllis inquired whether there had been any new leads about Chloe. Scott indicated that Chloe had vanished without a trace, and he wondered if she'd had any help getting away.

Phyllis wondered if Scott was writing about Chloe in his journal, but he informed her that they were notes for Victor's biography. Scott recalled that Victor had once been Phyllis' father-in-law, and he suspected that there was tension between them, but she downplayed it. Scott intended to talk to Victor to see how his feelings had changed since learning Adam had been murdered, and Phyllis grumbled that Victor didn't have feelings, since even getting a new heart hadn't made him human. Scott requested that she go on the record with her take on Victor, but Phyllis reached for a bottle of scotch, took a swig, and said it wasn't going to happen.

Scott fetched glasses so that he could join Phyllis for a drink, and he divulged that Victor had given him permission to interview anyone for the book. Phyllis suggested that Scott interview Chloe, but he imagined that he'd have trouble finding her. He imagined that every day that Chloe wasn't found would be "hell" for Victor, and Phyllis chugged another drink and objected to Scott defending Victor. A tipsy Phyllis complained that she was bored of talking about Victor, and Scott asked what she wanted to talk about. Scott was stunned when Phyllis divulged that Lauren had suggested that she and Scott date.

Phyllis and Scott drunkenly plopped on the floor, and he wondered how Phyllis had reacted when his mother had said they would make a good couple. Phyllis said she had refused to do it and had run out as fast as she could. Scott figured that Lauren had been trying to get him to stay in town by any means necessary, and Phyllis chortled as she called herself a tool that Lauren had been using. Phyllis imagined her best friend spreading word to all the mama bears that Phyllis was a bear trap, and Scott slurred that Phyllis caught their sons and never let go. Scott warned Phyllis not to spill the scotch because he didn't want to lose his buzz.

Scott picked up a framed photo of him and Lauren, and he scoffed at the thought of needing his mommy to get him a date to the homecoming dance. Scott added that at least Lauren had had the good sense to set him up with someone sexy, and Phyllis asked if he really thought that. Scott declared that Phyllis was undoubtedly the sexiest woman in the room, and she lifted her glass and said she'd drink to that. Scott moved toward her and accidentally spilled scotch on her as she fell back on the couch. He grabbed a tissue and helped her clean up, and she remarked that it was too bad he wasn't still wearing a towel. They passionately kissed.

Devon walked Mariah to GC Buzz after taking her out for a late lunch, but he stopped in the entryway to avoid going another round with Hilary. Mariah wondered what was going on when she spotted Hilary directing Jordan to hang a new poster promoting "The Hilary Hour," featuring a large photo of Hilary. Hilary asked what Jordan thought, and he amorously replied that it wasn't as hot as the more revealing pictures he'd taken. Mariah confronted Hilary about changing the name of the show, and Hilary announced that she was rebranding to highlight the key draw for the audience -- Hilary herself.

Mariah incredulously asked if she was out, but Hilary insisted that Mariah was a valuable member of the team. Hilary referred to Mariah's name in tiny lettering at the bottom of the poster, and Mariah griped that it reflected that she was much less important than Hilary was. Hilary asserted that it was what was best for the show, since Chelsea's interview going national had given them credibility, and other outlets had requested footage of Hilary. Mariah argued that it had been her story, but Hilary countered that she'd had to drag the story out of Mariah. Mariah asked if Hilary was punishing her, and Hilary retorted that she called the shots because she owned the show.

Devon scoffed at the idea that rebranding was good for the show, and he considered it "classic Hilary" to never be satisfied and to keep reaching for more. Jordan defended that Hilary was finally living up to her potential without Devon holding her back, and Devon suggested that Hilary put the "yes man" on her payroll. Hilary invited Mariah to hire a photographer to shoot her own publicity poster, although Hilary would get final approval. Mariah accused Hilary of pulling the power play because Mariah was dating Devon.

Hilary insisted that she was too occupied with the show to play games, and she implored Mariah to focus on work, too. Mariah mumbled that she had to get out of there before her foot focused on kicking Hilary's butt, and Devon and Mariah left. Hilary cooed that Jordan was her knight in shining armor, but he questioned whether their hookup had just been a one-time thing. Hilary kissed Jordan, and she anticipated using an actual bed the next time, complete with Champagne and romantic music. She asked if he had something else in mind, and he jokingly envisioned a bowling alley with nachos, beer, and smelly shoes. They headed out.

At Devon's penthouse, Mariah asked if Devon would think less of her if she downed a drink. Devon thought they were entitled to imbibe after what Hilary had pulled, and Mariah toasted to being "a small-font woman." Mariah recognized that she didn't have Hilary's drive, and she considered herself to be nothing more than a relatable sidekick. Devon believed Mariah had nailed the real reason for the rebranding, and he apologized that Mariah had to deal with Hilary's jealousy. Devon proclaimed that he liked Mariah because she marched to the beat of her own drummer, she always told the truth, and she made him laugh, so she was definitely worthy of a big font. They kissed.

Mariah and Devon's kiss became more passionate, and he asked if she wanted to go upstairs. She balked, and he apologized if he'd made her feel uncomfortable. Mariah assured him that she really enjoyed hanging out with him, but she wanted to make sure they were the only two people in the bed when it happened. Mariah proposed that they take the night off to do a "Hilary cleanse" and try it again -- if he wanted to. Devon swore that he would wait as long as Mariah wanted, since they should have no doubts about why they were together. They kissed goodbye, and she departed.

Nick stopped by Victoria's house, and she fretted that Billy had sensed that something had been off, but she'd limited their conversation to kids and work. Nick revealed that Chelsea wanted to start her own search for Chloe, but he'd tried to talk her out of it. Nick added that he was afraid of what he'd do if he were in the same room as Victor. Over a couple of beers, Nick recounted that he'd encouraged Chelsea not to obsess over finding Chloe and to let Paul handle it, but he felt like a "real ass" for lying to her. Victoria reasoned that nothing he'd said had been a lie, but Nick pointed out that he'd definitely withheld the truth, and relationships had to be built on honesty.

Victoria thought Nick was being honorable by protecting his loved ones, but Nick lamented that he was lying not only to Chelsea but also to Abby and his kids. Victoria assured him that he had her and Nikki to lean on, and Nick told her to keep her fridge stocked with beer. Nick mentioned that Victor had summoned Chelsea earlier, and Chelsea had thought Victor had seemed crushed. Victoria figured that Victor had wanted to make sure Chelsea didn't find out about his connection to Chloe. Nick worried that if Chloe was ever caught, everyone they'd lied to would be right to call them self-serving hypocrites.

Victoria anticipated that Billy wouldn't let it go, and she contemplated explaining to him how the truth would affect Johnny and Katie. Nick reiterated that Billy could never know, and Victoria groaned that it was frustrating. Nick reminded her that he lived on the same property as their father, and Victoria sympathized that it complicated things even more with Faith living at the ranch. Nick thought it would only be a matter of time until Nikki cracked and tried to get them to forgive Victor, but Victoria said she'd never seen Nikki that determined to hold Victor accountable. Nick commented that it was about time someone taught Victor a lesson.

At Crimson Lights, Reed attempted to tune his guitar. He complained to Tessa that it wasn't working, and she said she knew a trick that might work. Kendall approached and wished Reed a happy birthday, and she suggested that they go for a ride, since he had his license. Reed asked how Kendall had known about his license, and she mentioned that she'd seen his online update. She invited him to go to a carnival that was in town, but he replied that he didn't have wheels. She suggested that they go out another time to celebrate something other than his birthday, like her uncle signing him to a huge music contract.

Reed asked if Kendall had sent her uncle the link to Reed's performance, and she figured that her uncle was swamped and would get back to her soon. She insisted on taking a birthday selfie on her phone, and they posed for a photo. She was dismayed when Zoey called, and she begrudgingly handed over her phone so Reed could tell Zoey about getting his license. Reed confirmed that Zoey would be attending his party that night, and he returned Kendall's phone.

As Kendall chatted with Zoey, Tessa reported that she'd temporarily fixed Reed's guitar, but he needed to have it replaced. Tessa wished him happy birthday, and she asked if he needed more time with his girlfriend before they headed over to his grandmother's house. Reed said Kendall was just a friend, and Kendall stared at Reed and Tessa as they headed out. Kendall tried to convince Zoey not to attend the party because Reed's mom hated Zoey, but when that didn't work, Kendall suggested that Zoey walk into the Underground like she owned the place.

Victor followed Nikki to the Newman ranch and admonished her for walking out on him at the office. Nikki barked that she'd meant every word about him no longer being part of their family, and she was adamant that the days of him changing her mind were over. Nikki huffed that Nick and Victoria had agreed that the world would continue to see them as a close, loving family, but the reality would be very different, since Victor would be on his own. Victor coldly asked if she was finished, and Nikki replied that she was just getting started.

Nikki informed Victor that the sleeping arrangements the prior evening hadn't been a one-time thing, and she ordered him to remove his things from the master bedroom and steer clear of her. Victor acknowledged that he'd hurt her, but he thought she was overreacting. Victor swore that his actions haunted him, and her reaction had just ripped open old wounds when he needed her to help heal them. Nikki surmised that he needed her to forgive and forget like she always had before, but she vowed never to make that mistake again. She declared that she was finally putting her family first instead of him, and she stated that he was no longer invited to Reed's birthday party. Victor bellowed that she couldn't tell him what to do. Faith arrived home and asked if everything was okay.

Nikki inquired about Faith's day at school, and Faith couldn't wait to start working on an essay about someone she admired, since she'd chosen to write about Victor. Nikki pushed Faith to pick someone from history who'd had an impact on the world, but Faith insisted that she wanted to write about her grandpa. Victor admitted that he was far from perfect, but he tried hard. Faith ran off, and Nikki sternly suggested that Victor find a way to change Faith's mind about the essay. Victor growled that Nikki might have poisoned Nick and Victoria against him, but he'd "be damned" if he let her do it with his grandchildren.

Later, Nikki played the piano, but she stopped when Tessa and Reed arrived, and she wished Reed a happy birthday. Tessa offered to have their lesson outside, but Nikki insisted that she liked having music in the house. Reed wanted to show Tessa that he'd been practicing what she'd shown him the week before, and they pulled out their guitars. Reed complained that his machine head was busted and that he hadn't had time to get it replaced. Nikki hoped he could have it fixed before the party, since it would be a shame if he couldn't play.

Reed invited Tessa to his party. Nikki informed her that other people who Tessa already knew would be there, but Victor wouldn't be able to make it. Reed was disappointed, and Nikki claimed that Victor had a business commitment. Tessa accepted the invitation, but she regretted that she wouldn't have time to get Reed a gift. Reed swore that it was no big deal, but Nikki thought Reed would never be too old for her to spoil him rotten. Nikki prepared to go help Victoria set up, and Reed followed Nikki to the door and asked her to tell Victor that Reed would really miss him. Nikki hugged Reed and guiltily promised to pass the message along to Victor.

Victoria entered the Underground and told Noah that the place looked fantastic. Noah informed her that the cake had been delivered, and he asked if she'd heard from Nick, who hadn't returned his messages. Victoria mentioned that Nick had just been at her house, and Noah worried that the whole thing with Chloe was messing with his father's head. Noah remarked that everyone had been rocked by it, and Victoria quietly replied that he had no idea.

Nikki arrived, and Noah asked where Victor was, since he'd wanted to give his grandfather his condolences about Adam in person. Nikki stood by her story about Victor having a business commitment, but she said she was sure Victor would be touched. Nikki mentioned that Reed and Tessa would be there any minute, and Noah perked up. Nikki pulled Victoria aside and confided that she'd told Victor that they were all in agreement about him no longer being a member of the family. Nikki added that Victor had pushed back, but she'd stood her ground, since she wasn't going to allow him to hurt any of them again.

Noah wished Reed a happy birthday and said he was glad Tessa had been able to make it. She remarked that she wouldn't miss a chance to eat cake, and Noah announced that he was adding it to the menu so it would be there every day. Tessa flirtatiously replied that she'd be there every day, too. Meanwhile, Victoria couldn't believe that Victor had agreed to stay away, and Nikki coldly stated that he hadn't had any other choice.

Victor took out his aggression on a punching bag in the stables. He was surprised when Faith entered and marveled at how strong he was, and he invited her to sit down and talk. She wondered if he thought she should write about a historical figure in her essay, and he encouraged her to do it if she wanted to. Faith couldn't think of anyone more important to her than him, and Victor replied that if he had to write such an essay, it would be about her, since she was bright and beautiful with a good heart. Faith hugged Victor as Nick walked in.

Faith told Nick that she'd chosen to write about her grandpa for her essay assignment, and Nick suggested that she get started on the outline. Faith hugged them both and ran off. Victor said he didn't need any more disparaging words, since he'd had enough from Nikki. Nick asserted that he fully supported his mother. Victor hoped that one day Nick would change his mind, and he warned Nick not to get between him and Faith. Nick contended that he was her father, and he threatened that just one call to Paul would send Victor back to prison.

Victor demanded that Nick show some respect for his father, but Nick snarled that Victor's son was dead because of the woman Victor had conspired with. Nick considered Victor lucky to be living his life in the comfort of his own home, but Victor retorted that he had lost his wife and children and had been barred from family events. Nick argued that Connor and Chelsea were the ones who were really paying the price. Victor suggested that Nick do something if he thought Victor hadn't suffered enough, and he dared Nick to hit him. Nick hesitated, but Victor taunted that Nick didn't have the guts. Nick slugged him as Faith walked in and screamed.

Nick forces Faith to move home

Nick forces Faith to move home

Friday, April 14, 2017

At the Baldwins' home, Phyllis and Scott began disrobing as they drunkenly made out. They tumbled onto the couch in a passionate embrace. An oblivious Kevin entered the apartment, and he was shocked to find Scott and Phyllis in a compromising position.

Phyllis and Scott hurriedly got dressed, and Kevin apologetically rambled that he'd needed to get away from Gloria. Scott insisted that no harm had been done, and Phyllis stammered that she was sorry about Chloe. Phyllis said she needed to be somewhere, and she thanked Scott for the drinks. Scott followed Phyllis to the door, and he asked what had just happened. Phyllis replied that she wasn't sure, but she figured that maybe Lauren hadn't been wrong. She giggled as she scurried away.

Kevin confided to Scott that he'd gone over every single moment with Chloe, and he wondered if anything they'd shared had been real. Scott said it had looked like love to him, and Kevin admitted that he still loved her. Kevin mentioned that he'd tried to track her down, but there had been no leads, so he had to accept that he would never see her again. Kevin suddenly said he was sorry, but he had to ask. "You and Phyllis -- what the hell?" Kevin queried.

Scott said he wasn't exactly sure what had happened, but there had been scotch involved. Kevin called Phyllis a force of nature, and Scott couldn't believe that he'd almost slept with his mom's best friend. Kevin mentioned that Michael and Phyllis had once had a thing, and Scott grimaced as Kevin imagined the couples going on a double date. Kevin thanked Scott for the first non-miserable moment he'd had since Chloe had left.

At Crimson Lights, Sharon asked Jack how he was doing, since he and Adam had been close, and Jack pointed out that Adam and Sharon had been close, too. Sharon remarked that she, Jack, and Chelsea had been the only people to get close to Adam other than Victor, but Jack urged her not to pity Victor after he'd framed his own son for murder. Sharon imagined that Victor was devastated, and she felt for him. Jack barked that Victor had tormented his kids for decades, so they should thank the gods of karma if Victor was suffering.

Jack griped that Victor never paid, and Sharon asked if it wasn't enough to know Victor was suffering. Jack thought Victor hadn't paid nearly enough for all the crimes he'd committed, and Phyllis overheard and said she'd drink to that. Jack was glad to see that Phyllis' hatred for Victor hadn't abated, and Phyllis imagined that she'd go to her grave, wanting revenge. Jack indicated that Sharon had a newfound sympathy for Victor, and Phyllis surmised that Sharon had bought into Victor's kinder, gentler act.

Jack noted that Victor was holding Sharon's daughter hostage at the ranch, but Sharon defended that Faith was there because the girl hadn't been able to stand hearing her parents fight. Phyllis questioned whether Sharon was worried that Victor would warp Faith's mind, but Sharon thought Victor and Faith were good for one another. Sharon scolded Phyllis and Jack for thinking they knew better than she did as Faith's mother, and she figured they were willing to go to war with Victor over anything. Phyllis refused to surrender to Victor.

After Sharon stepped away, Phyllis wondered if Jack was thinking of ways to prey on Victor's vulnerability, but Jack countered that it didn't mean he would act on it. Phyllis recognized that their mutual hatred of Victor wouldn't erase the damage between them, but she was glad they were trying to be civil. She noted that all the horrible things that had happened between them had always involved Victor and revenge, and she wondered if their ability to make cracks about Victor was a sign they'd won. Phyllis mentioned that Scott had told her that Victor was getting ready to hand over the Newman reins to Abby. Jack looked thoughtful.

At the Newman stables, Faith worriedly asked if Victor was okay after Nick had punched him. Victor insisted that he was fine, and Faith asked Nick why he'd hit her grandpa. Victor claimed that Nick had thrown a right cross like Victor had taught him, but Faith observed that Nick wasn't wearing boxing gloves. Victor swore that he wasn't hurt, and Nick pointedly stated that he didn't hurt people on purpose -- especially not his family. Victor stepped out to get cleaned up, and Nick told Faith that they had to have a serious talk.

Nick acknowledged that Faith was having fun living with her grandparents, but it had never been meant to be permanent. He told her that it was time to go home to live with either him or her mom, and Faith asked why it had to be then. Nick reasoned that Faith had moved into the ranch because he and Sharon had been fighting, but things had changed, so there was no reason for Faith not to be where she belonged. Faith whined that her grandpa would be lonely, but Nick said Victor could take care of himself. Nick instructed Faith to pack her things, since she was moving home that night. She sullenly stalked off.

In the Newman living room, Victor huffed that Nick had gotten one shot at him, and he promised that Nick wouldn't get another. Victor asked where Faith was, and Nick reported that she was packing upstairs, since she was moving home that night. Victor recalled Nick's promise to let Faith stay there, and he argued that Faith loved Victor. Nick coldly stated that he was her father, so it was his call. Victor admonished Nick for taking out his anger on his own child, but Nick retorted that they were in that mess because of what Victor had done to Adam. "As if you give a damn," Victor growled.

Victor blasted Nick for putting distance between Victor and Faith and for taking her away from where she felt safe. Nick refused to let Victor influence Faith anymore, and he ordered Victor to stay away from Chelsea and Connor, too. Victor huffed that how he dealt with them was none of Nick's business, but Nick barked that Victor was the reason Connor's dad was dead. Nick thought Victor was lucky that Chelsea didn't know the truth, or Victor would never see Connor again. Nick added that Victor shouldn't plan on spending time with Christian.

Nick contended that Victor had put Christian's uncle in prison for no reason other than his own ego, and he hoped Christian would never get to know Victor. Victor swore that nothing would change, since he'd always be Christian's grandfather and Nick's father. Nick spat that Victor didn't deserve to know his grandkids, and he went upstairs to fetch Faith. Victor's phone rang, and he told someone to go ahead as planned.

A sobbing Faith sat with Victor on the couch, and he held her close. He said they'd had a good time, but he thought she'd be happy at both of her parents' homes. He offered to set up a link so they could play chess online, and he promised to help with her homework whenever she wanted. Faith asked Nick if that would be okay, and Nick begrudgingly said it was. Faith and Victor exchanged declarations of love and hugged, and she forlornly wheeled her suitcase out.

Nick told Victor to do the right thing for once and leave his grandkids alone. Victor retorted that he didn't want to hear what Nick had to say anymore, and he guessed that Nick felt threatened. Nick explained that Faith was too young to know what was going on, and he urged Victor to let go while she still had respect for him. Victor pointed out that it wasn't the first time his family had gone against him, and it was ripping his heart apart. Victor insisted that he adored Faith and that she loved him, and he anticipated that Nick would regret every word he'd said one day. Nick walked out.

At the Underground, Nikki declared to Victoria that she'd already distanced herself emotionally from Victor when she'd told him that they'd be living separate lives. Nikki added that he'd lost his right to be a member of their family, and she'd made it clear that he wasn't invited to Reed's party. Nikki reiterated that they needed to be a united front, and Victoria agreed that they couldn't let Victor get away with setting Adam's death in motion.

Nikki worried that it would be hard for Nick to keep the truth from Chelsea, and she thought it might drive him to lash out. Victoria assured her that Nick knew how to separate himself from Victor better than anyone, and Nikki had faith that they would get through it as long as they stuck together. Victoria warned that Victor wasn't one for playing by the rules, so she didn't expect him to lie down and take it. Nikki promised that Victor knew better than to show up, and Victoria was glad, since she was stressed out enough already.

Victoria wanted the night to be perfect, but she remarked that it would be hard to pull off when she saw Abby and Billy arrive. Nikki recognized that it would be a challenge to keep them in the dark, but it was the way it had to be. Victoria bemoaned that she had to keep the truth from Billy after their many arguments about secrets and lies, but she realized that it would be a disaster if he had the ammunition. Billy approached and asked what he was interrupting.

Nikki claimed that she was worried about the decorations being mature enough for a teenager. She tried to steer Victoria to the kitchen, but Billy insisted on speaking with Victoria privately. Nikki stepped away, and Billy asked what was going on with the women. Victoria replied that they were both fine, but Billy didn't buy it. He found it suspicious that Victoria hadn't gone to Reed's driving test or shown up for work that day, and he wondered why she was putting distance between them. He guessed that she thought he'd known about Chloe's involvement in Adam's death.

Billy conceded that it was no secret that he'd wanted Adam to pay for what he'd done to Delia, but Victoria recognized that Billy would never put people in danger to get revenge. He pressed to know what was going on, but she said she didn't have time to humor him. She asked him to help her get Reed's gift, since the only thing that mattered was making it the best party ever. Billy followed her.

Noah asked Tessa if she intended to serenade the birthday boy, but she insisted that Reed was the star of the show that night. Zoey and Kendall entered, and Reed crossed the bar to greet them. The girls handed presents to Reed, and Zoey suggested that they have a private celebration later that week. Meanwhile, Nikki told Abby that Victor had needed to work late, but Abby hadn't realized that he'd had anything on his calendar. Nikki claimed that it had been last-minute, and she hurried away to tend to the guests.

Noah asked if Tessa had any groupies yet, and she joked that they were waiting outside. She confirmed that she had regulars at the coffeehouse, and she tried to play the music they wanted. She said she watched their faces when she played certain songs, and the look in their eyes was just as good as the money they gave. Noah inquired whether she didn't play for fame and riches, and Tessa conceded that she wouldn't turn them down, but she didn't have a label to support her. Noah guessed that she would one day, but Tessa remarked that she only had her guitar and the music in her head.

Nikki approached and was glad Tessa had made it, and she offered the use of the ranch if Tessa ever wanted to practice there on her own. Noah imagined Victor picking up an instrument and joining the family band, but Nikki snapped that it would never happen. Nikki quickly added that Victor was too impatient to learn something new, and she stepped away. Tessa noticed that Nikki seemed tense, and she wondered what was up.

Noah pulled Nikki back over and inquired whether everything was okay. Nikki claimed that she was just a little preoccupied because of the control freak in her, and he suggested that she take a break to talk about Tessa's future albums. Noah asked Tessa what she'd name her first album, and Tessa replied that she'd call it Wanderlust, since her mind was always wandering with her music. Noah hoped it didn't mean Tessa was thinking about leaving Genoa City anytime soon.

Zoey insisted that Reed play, but he hesitated because of the problems with his guitar, and he thought it would look egotistical to play at his own party. Kendall contended that everyone wanted to hear him play, and she encouraged the guests to start chanting Reed's name. Zoey cooed that there was nothing hotter than a cute guy playing guitar, and Reed stepped onto the stage. Reed said he could make no promises about his guitar or his playing, but Victoria joined him and handed him a fancy new guitar. Reed marveled that it was the one he'd wanted, and he thanked Victoria with a hug. He grinned broadly as he began to strum.

Reed finished his song and stepped off the stage. He hugged Victoria again, and he declared that it was the best night and that she was the coolest mom ever. Reed stepped away and embraced Zoey, and Victoria lamented that Reed would be a man before she knew it. Billy encouraged her to enjoy Reed being a kid while she still could. She expressed her doubts about Zoey, and Billy clucked that Victoria was falling into "Victor territory." Victoria chided him for referring to her father whenever she said something Billy didn't like, and she added that she was nothing like her father.

Billy asked Abby if she'd sensed a weird vibe at the party, but Abby thought it would be a success if no one ran out in tears. Victoria told Zoey and Kendall that she was glad they'd made it, and she complimented their outfits. Reed asked if he could borrow Victoria's car to take Zoey to a show in Madison that weekend, but Victoria argued that he'd just passed his driver's test. Zoey bragged that her sister had been driving ever since she'd gotten her license, but Victoria insisted that Reed get more experience before driving a long distance at night.

A disappointed Reed asked to talk to his mom privately. Reed told Victoria that he wasn't mad, but he wished that she'd simply said that she needed the car to avoid making him look like a child in front of his friends. Victoria apologized, and Reed hoped she'd denied his request because it was too far away and not because she wouldn't give Zoey a chance.

Billy asked Nikki if she'd noticed that Victoria seemed out of sorts, and Nikki chalked it up to being an anxious mom. Noah and Tessa interrupted, and Nikki introduced Tessa to Billy. Noah talked up Tessa's music career, but Tessa noted that all she had was a regular gig outside a coffee shop. Billy suggested that she get heard by cutting an album, but she countered that it wasn't free. Billy questioned whether she'd leave it up to fate, and she commented that it was her life philosophy at that point. Billy glanced over at Victoria and mused that not everyone could let go.

Noah stopped Nikki from cleaning up a table, and she noted that he and Tessa seemed to be getting along. Noah worried that he might not have a connection with someone else after his breakup with Marisa and that going on a date would be a letdown. Nikki advised him not to cut himself off, since sometimes it was better just to move on. They hugged.

Noah regretted that he and Tessa kept getting interrupted, and he suggested that they hang out sometime when he wasn't at work. She feigned surprise that he was allowed to leave the place, and he volunteered to show her other cool places in town. Noah noticed Nikki smiling at them, and he remarked that his grandmother's mood was improving. Tessa prepared to head out, and Noah walked her to the door.

Kendall privately told Victoria not to feel bad about not letting Reed go to Madison. Kendall recounted that she'd done a presentation at school about distracted driving, and teens were more likely to get into an accident within three months after getting their licenses. Kendall assured Victoria that she'd made the right call, and Victoria said her son was lucky to have a friend like Kendall. Kendall stared at Reed and Zoey kissing.

Billy apologized to Victoria for pushing the Newman button. Victoria fretted that she'd embarrassed Reed again, and she wondered why Reed wouldn't date a nice, levelheaded girl like Kendall instead. Billy was sure that Reed would learn in time, but Zoey was the girl he wanted at that moment. Billy tried to pull Victoria to the dance floor, but she warned that she'd embarrass Reed again. A man approached and announced that he had a delivery for Reed, waiting outside.

Outside, Reed's friends and family looked on as Reed discovered a car with a large bow attached. Reed opened an envelope, and he read a note from Victor, saying he was sorry that he hadn't been able to make it that night, but the gift might make it easier for Reed to visit him. Nikki and Victoria seethed. Meanwhile, Victor sat alone at home and cried.

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