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Scott overheard Victor on the phone with the doctor who he was paying to care for Chloe. Hilary overheard Cane and Juliet discussing their one-night stand. Cane destroyed a flash drive with Juliet's confession about their romp. Victoria fired Juliet for her role in the hockey league debacle.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of May 22, 2017 on Y&R
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Jack makes peace with Dina Jack makes peace with Dina

Monday, May 22, 2017

Outside Victor's office at Newman Enterprises, Abby was talking on her phone when she spotted Scott. Abby quickly ducked out of sight. Scott knocked before entering Victor's office. Victor, noting that Scott was his senior vice president in charge of special projects, assigned him to select a venue and arrange a musical performance for the opening of the medical-school building to be named in Nikki's honor. Victor said Nikki would appear as a special performer at the event. Victor explained that Nikki's M.S. had once staunched her ability to perform on the piano. Because doctors had treated Nikki, Victor added, she'd recovered enough to play again. Victor explained that he wanted to give sufferers hope. Scott agreed to carry out Victor's wishes.

At the Newman ranch, Tessa assumed that Nikki wasn't supportive of Noah dating her. Nikki said she didn't know why Tessa thought that. Tessa said she believed Nikki had higher expectations for her grandson. Nikki explained that money didn't drive Noah because he had his own ideas about his future. Nikki added, "For the record, I have never thought that you weren't good enough for Noah. You got that?" Nikki told Tessa that people liked her for who she was. Victor phoned and summoned Nikki and Tessa to his office.

In Victor's office, Tessa and Nikki were surprised to see Dean Miller. Victor announced that a date had been set to announce the opening of the Nicole Newman Medical Center. Nikki seemed stunned when Victor said she would perform by playing piano during the ceremony. Dean Miller agreed when Victor explained that Nikki could show others that she'd recovered the ability to play piano. Victor asked Tessa to help Nikki prepare for the concert.

After Dean Miller and Tessa left, Nikki said, "Whatever it is you're trying to gain here, you're not going to get it." Victor shrugged nonchalantly. Nikki agreed to perform to help give others hope, but she was angry at Victor for manipulating her. Victor said, "No one will ever love you as I do." After Victor stepped out, Nikki sighed.

At Crimson Lights, Nick told Sharon that Chelsea was actively searching for Chloe. Sharon said she assumed Victor was pleased, knowing how resourceful Chelsea was. Nick changed the subject and asked Sharon about her college coursework. Sharon said she'd been enjoying college, especially her psychology practicum, which entailed volunteering at the crisis hotline. Sharon said she liked the feeling of giving back.

Nick recalled that he'd been drawn to Sharon's generosity when they'd first met. Sharon replied, "I wonder how we lost those unique, compassionate parts of us?" Nick said, "You never did." Scott approached, put his arm on Sharon's shoulder, and said he'd stopped by to see a friendly face. Nick learned from Sharon that Victor had appointed Scott as a senior vice president. Scott said he'd been given the title after Victor had abandoned his biography project. Scott said he believed Nikki had urged Victor to nix the book.

Sharon and Scott listened as Nick noted that his father did everything for his own self-interest. Nick added that Scott didn't owe Victor his undying loyalty for having saved his life. Sharon quipped, "I don't know. Shouldn't life-saving be worth just a smidgen of undying loyalty?" Nick told Scott that if he ever tired of the corporate life, he could serve drinks. After Nick stepped away, he watched Scott kiss Sharon.

On the patio at the coffeehouse, Nick phoned Chelsea and left a message. Abby entered and joined Nick. Abby bragged that their father had given her more responsibilities at Newman Enterprises because he'd recognized her confidence and entrepreneurial skills. Nick asked about Scott's role as a vice president at Newman. Nick said it wasn't like their dad to allow others into the inner sanctum. Abby said that though Scott was arrogant, he was also smart and seemed loyal to Victor. Nick noted that Victor had paid Scott's ransom and often turned his good deeds into strategic moves.

After Nick left, Abby joined Zack in the coffeehouse's dining area. Abby thanked Zack for quickly signing her paperwork. Zach replied, "I am ready to roll. Ready to set things up with Proven Success, LLC." As Abby handed over the keys to Zack's office, Tessa entered, briefly spotted Zack, and quickly left before being spotted. Abby said Zack's company would be her first tenant and the first startup of which she'd retain majority control. On the patio, Tessa phoned someone and told them she'd spotted Zack. Tessa said she'd left quickly because she hadn't wanted Zack to see her.

At Chancellor Park, Sharon and Scott strolled toward the café. Scott shared his misgivings about being beholden to Victor and being forced to carry out unimportant tasks. Sharon recalled that Scott had once told her he'd done intelligence work. Sharon encouraged Scott to open up to her, and she assured him he could trust her. Scott said that during an assignment in England, he'd gleaned information about an international arms dealer through the man's wife.

Scott admitted that he'd fallen in love with the arms dealer's wife and, after realizing that she'd be implicated, he'd had to end his operation for fear of being compromised. Scott noted that based on his intelligence gathering, the husband had been sent to prison. Scott told Sharon that he'd acted to protect the wife because he'd known she was innocent. Afterward, Scott explained, he'd accepted the assignment in the Middle East. Sharon replied, "So, because of that decision, choosing to protect the woman you loved, you almost lost your life." Sharon clasped Scott's hand and said she understood why Scott had done what he had. Sharon kissed Scott and told him he'd been brave.

At a psychiatric hospital in Napa Valley, California, where Chloe had once been a patient, Chelsea met with the administrator, Ms. Lewis. Chelsea said she was concerned about her sister, Chloe, after the young woman had cut off communication with her family. Ms. Lewis explained that she hadn't worked at the facility for long. Ms. Lewis scanned Chloe's file and explained that Chloe had been released in October of 2015. Ms. Lewis noted that because of privacy laws, she couldn't release additional information.

Chelsea's eyes teared up as she claimed that her and Chloe's mother had recently died and left a sizable portion of her estate to Chloe. If, Chelsea explained, Chloe didn't claim the money within a month, Chloe's portion would be controlled by their brother. Chelsea said the money could help Chloe. Chelsea offered a payment in return for information. Ms. Lewis agreed to offer a hypothetical theory of her own about Chloe.

Ms. Lewis read notes on her laptop and said, "If a patient got a temporary discharge and then did something violent, say perpetrating a hit-and-run, that patient would be moved to a more secure facility." Ms. Lewis said a patient like Chloe would've been committed involuntarily to keep her from harming others. Ms. Lewis said she couldn't offer additional details. Again, Chelsea pleaded for help. Ms. Lewis wrote down the name of a facility in Louisiana.

At the Genoa City Athletic Club, Neil joined Ashley for breakfast. Ashley congratulated Neil for closing the deal with Mergeron Enterprises. Ashley admitted she'd been blindsided by Devon's appearance on television with Dina Mergeron. Neil said Devon had wanted to appear with Ashley's mother to announce his purchase of the company. Ashley said she supposed, after hearing her mother's comments, that Dina expected her children to forgive her and forget the past.

Neil leaned in toward Ashley and replied, "Let me ask something. Would you have stayed in the room and listened if she had said any of that to your face?" Ashley said she likely wouldn't have. Neil suggested Dina had used a television broadcast because she was aware that her children wouldn't have been receptive to her message in person. Ashley pointed out that Neil didn't know Dina.

Neil warned Ashley that her past wounds would become part of her forever if she failed to deal with them and release them. Ashley replied, "Like you did?" Neil said he thanked God every day that circumstances had forced him to confront his mother. Neil added that if he hadn't, he would've never known his mother's story. Before Neil left, he told Ashley that Dina had rented a suite upstairs.

At the Abbott mansion, Jack perused a news release about the Hamilton-Winters Group's acquisition of Mergeron Enterprises. The article was accompanied by a photo of Neil, Devon, and Dina. Jack recalled a memory from when he'd been a child. He recalled lying on the sofa after being released from the hospital. After his mother had noted he should be resting in his room, Jack had said he'd been lonely. Dina, Jack remembered, had been in a hurry to play a tennis match. Jack had pleaded with his mother to stay at home. Before Dina had rushed out the door, she'd told Jack that Mamie would keep him company. Young Jack had been devastated by his mother's callousness.

Outside a suite at the Genoa City Athletic Club, Jack took a few deep breaths and neatened his jacket before knocking on the door. Graham, Dina's companion, opened the door. Jack said, "Where's your boss?" Dina appeared, dismissed Graham, and invited Jack to step inside and enjoy breakfast with her. Jack said he hoped Dina had made a profit from the sale of her company to Devon and Neil. Dina said she'd sold the company to be relieved of ownership, but she would still have a hand in decision-making. Jack noted that Dina would also remain on the company's board of directors.

Jack brought up Dina's television interview and asked if the sentiments she'd expressed were her way of assuaging her guilt and rehabilitating her image. Jack added that Dina had had numerous opportunities over the years to jot a note, send an email, or even employ one of the companions to extend offers to reconnect. Dina claimed that what Jack had assumed as a young boy to be his mother's selfishness had actually been self-preservation. Jack berated his mother for failing to contact him and Ashley before selling Mergeron. Dina said she'd thought Jack would be pleased for his friends.

Jack reminded Dina that she'd left him to recover alone after a hospital stay. Dina incorrectly recalled which medical ailment Jack had undergone treatment for as a youngster. Dina acknowledged that her past actions had left scars. Dina said she hoped she and her children might start again, so they wouldn't hate her. Jack said he didn't hate his mother because he barely knew her.

Ashley took a seat at the club's bar. Graham sat nearby. After Ashley learned that Graham was visiting from Paris, Dina suddenly appeared with Jack. Ashley wasn't receptive to her mother and noted that she'd seen Dina's "pathetic" interview and wasn't sure what her mother was trying to accomplish. Dina mentioned that she and Jack had talked over breakfast. Ashley became even more livid.

Jack attempted to shush Ashley. Graham escorted Dina out for a walk. Ashley told Jack not to believe Dina's lies. Jack said he'd decided not to cling to his childhood anger any longer.

Hilary overhears a private conversation

Hilary overhears a private conversation

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Chelsea and Nick kissed at her penthouse, and she joked that she'd let him in even though he hadn't delivered carbs. He noted that she was in a good mood, and he guessed that she'd found someone in California to talk to about Chloe. Chelsea revealed that she'd flown to San Francisco to meet with the mental hospital's administrator in person, and she'd refused to leave until she'd gotten answers, so she was one step closer to finding Chloe.

Chelsea relayed that Chloe had checked into the mental hospital when she'd said she had, but Chloe had been involuntarily committed to a different place after she'd tried to run down Adam. Chelsea called Chloe a master at keeping secrets, and Nick pointedly added that it had either been Chloe or the person who'd helped her. Chelsea surmised that Chloe had been a good enough liar to get released from the higher-security facility, which was outside New Orleans. Chelsea assumed that had been where Chloe had met an accomplice who'd had the cash and connections to arrange for a fake passport.

Chelsea planned to go to New Orleans to put her bribery skills to work again, but Nick was concerned that she was talking like it was a done deal. She whined that she'd thought he was behind her, and she intended to use every trick she had to get Adam the justice he deserved. Nick asked Chelsea to keep him posted, and they kissed goodbye. She planted a more passionate kiss on him to thank him for being in her corner, since it meant more than she could say.

At Newman Enterprises, Victor was surprised when Dina stopped by to see him, and she declared that it was good to be back. He congratulated her on selling her company to Neil and Devon, and she questioned whether Victor was mad that she hadn't approached him after he'd reached out to her by having someone from Newman phone her direct line. Victor replied that he knew nothing about it, and Dina guessed that it had been a young employee who'd wanted to get a leg up at the company. Dina recognized that it wouldn't have gone over well with her children if she'd sold her company to Victor.

Dina reported that she'd had a decent conversation with Jack, but she didn't think Ashley would ever get over how Dina had left John. Victor remembered how devastated Ashley had been when she'd found out who her real father was, and he flashed back to a distraught Ashley questioning who she was and who she was going to become. Victor noted that it had taken a long time for Ashley to get her life back in order, and he indicated that they shared a beautiful daughter. Dina asked what Abby was like.

Victor said Abby had inherited both her parents' business acumen and her mother's beauty, and he admired that Abby balanced being both a Newman and an Abbott. Dina was surprised that Abby was loyal to both families, but she was glad the story had ended happily after Ashley had lied about Abby being Brad's daughter. Victor asserted that he and Ashley had mended fences, but Dina blasted Ashley for being judgmental of other people's sins after the way Ashley had deceived Victor. Victor had the feeling that Dina wanted him to help bridge the gap between the women.

Dina confided that there was a huge void in her life because she barely knew her own children, and Abby was a complete stranger. Victor recalled that there had been a rift between him and Adam for years, and not a day went by when he didn't regret that he hadn't healed the wounds when he'd had a chance. Victor agreed to think about helping Dina, and she hoped to see him again before she left town. Abby stepped off the elevator as Victor showed Dina out, and the women obliviously passed by one another in the corridor.

Abby was stunned when Victor informed her that she'd just missed Dina. Victor explained that he and Dina had known one another many years earlier, so she'd wanted to touch base to tell him that she'd sold her company and to talk about Ashley and Abby. Abby said part of her was glad Dina had cared enough to ask, but she mostly felt like Dina hadn't had any right to do so. Victor suggested that Abby get to know Dina before forming an opinion. Abby inquired whether Dina had asked to meet her, and Victor replied that Dina had been curious about Abby but hadn't asked to meet her.

At the Ashby home, Cane informed Lily that he'd had no news from Victoria, and Lily optimistically stated that no news was good news. Cane griped that everyone had just needed to stick to the plan, but certain people had improvised. He called it the perfect storm of miscommunication, and he swore that he would have stopped the live broadcast from airing if he'd known that Victoria had decided to show the behind-the-scenes clips. Lily questioned why he would have objected to promoting something that they'd worked hard on.

Cane explained that they hadn't needed to air the extra footage because it had been enough to have Lily talk up the campaign in the interview, but the league had ended up seeing two star players talking about betting on games. He anticipated that there would be bad press and no hockey tie-in, so they'd spent money on a commercial that no one would see. Cane felt bad that Lily had put in a lot of hard work, and she recognized that it was bad for Brash & Sassy if the commercial never aired, but she chirped that she might have other options. Lily revealed that she'd met with Barry in L.A., but it hadn't seemed like the right time to tell Cane about it with everything else going on.

Lily was excited that Barry thought she could do more than model, like host a TV show or act. Cane realized that he'd been out of loop on more things than he'd known about, and Lily insisted that she'd never make a decision without talking to him first. He urged her to go for it, and he gushed that she was going to be a star. Lily hugged him and said he was amazing, and he prepared to head to the office. She advised him to try not to be hard on others, since everyone had been blaming one another for an honest mistake. Cane squirmed.

At GC Buzz, Hilary intended to air her interview with Julie Chen as soon as possible. Mariah admitted that she was envious of Hilary for landing the interview, and Hilary complimented Mariah's piece with Dina. Mariah was surprised not to get a tutorial about how Hilary would have done it better, and she suggested that Hilary go to L.A. more often. Hilary complained that playing nice with Lily had made her skin crawl, but she was a professional who would do whatever it took to get the job done.

Hilary was annoyed when Lily stopped by the studio to request footage for her demo reel. Lily pointedly stated that Barry had told her to start working on it, and Hilary expressed surprise that he'd taken Lily on as a client. Hilary taunted that Lily shouldn't get her hopes up, since success took talent and creativity that Lily didn't possess. Lily argued that Barry felt otherwise, and he knew more about the business than Hilary ever would. Mariah suggested that they focus on their recent achievements, since Hilary's interview with Lily had been a win-win. Lily mumbled that they would have been better off skipping it.

Hilary recounted that Juliet had told her the problem with the footage had just been a simple misunderstanding, but Lily indicated that it could cost Brash & Sassy the whole campaign. Hilary panicked about what the blowback would do to her, and Lily admonished Hilary for making it all about herself. Hilary fretted that people might think that she'd edited the material, and it was the last thing she needed before her interview with Julie Chen aired. Mariah suggested that Hilary have Billy on the show to personally appeal to the public and the hockey league, and Lily thought Billy would jump at the chance. Hilary praised the idea and headed out to pitch it to Billy.

Billy and Phyllis arrived at Brash & Sassy, and he grumbled that the commercial might never see the air unless Victoria saved the day. Billy regretted that he'd joked around with the hockey players about betting while someone had been shooting a video, and Phyllis imagined that Victoria would convince the hockey league to let it go. Phyllis promised that Billy wouldn't have to get through it alone, and they kissed as Juliet walked in. Phyllis left for work, and Billy wondered how an innocent joke had led to things going "to hell" that fast.

Juliet asked Billy a simple work question, but he buried his head in his hands. She offered him some aspirin, but he thought it wouldn't help. He wanted to call Victoria to find out what was going on, but he expected that she was either busy or wouldn't pick up because she was angry. Juliet imagined that Victoria was waiting to yell at them in person, since even if Victoria pulled off a miracle, she couldn't just pretend that it had never happened. Juliet anticipated that someone would take the fall.

Billy pointed out that Victoria hadn't said anything about someone being fired, but Juliet figured that Victoria blamed her for not calling back the league to confirm that they'd reviewed all the footage. Cane overheard as he arrived and asserted that the blame fell on Billy, not Juliet. Juliet told Cane to stop, since things were bad enough, and everyone screwed up sometimes. Cane barked that Billy always screwed up and got away with it, but Juliet lectured that they were all on the same side.

Juliet stepped away to take a call, and Cane insisted on shutting down the post-production work that was costing them thousands of dollars an hour when they might not even have a commercial. Billy countered that they were accommodating the director's schedule, and they'd lose her perspective on the final product if they stopped. Cane sourly recognized that Billy liked to gamble, but he argued that it was the company's money. Billy suggested that they have faith that Victoria would pull the project out of the fire and that things would go back to normal. Cane demanded to know the betting line, since he doubted the odds were even.

After Billy left, Juliet lamented that she was a perfectionist who usually triple-checked everything, but that had been the one time she hadn't. Cane reiterated that Billy should have had her back, and he thought things could still turn around for them. Juliet reflected back on Victoria staring at her when Juliet had confessed that she hadn't gotten the final go-ahead, and she worried that she might not have a job after she'd given up everything to move there from Tokyo.

Cane hated that Juliet was caught up in the mess Billy had made, and she recalled how she and Cane had been able to fix things with Sato in Japan. An unseen Hilary entered the office as Juliet commented that at least their mistakes hadn't hurt anyone, and she'd take celebrating too much over the hockey league nightmare any day. Hilary eavesdropped as Cane said he'd never forgive himself for what had happened between him and Juliet in Tokyo.

At Jabot, Ashley pointed out that it had been nine years since Dina had last visited Genoa City, and she thought Jack was gullible for buying into Dina's sudden attempt at parenting. Jack argued that Dina was the only mother they had, and Ashley asked if he enjoyed getting burned. He insisted that it was worth the risk, but she told him to leave her out of it. Phyllis strolled in and announced that she was back at work, and Jack commented that he was glad she was feeling better. Phyllis claimed that she'd had a nasty virus, and Jack dryly bet that the weather in L.A. had helped.

Jack explained that other than Phyllis' tan, the giveaway had been that he'd tried to have chicken soup sent to her, but the delivery service had reported that no one had been home in their three attempts to drop it off. Ashley testily noted that Phyllis and Billy had said they weren't sneaking around anymore, and Phyllis defended that she'd taken the trip to surprise Billy. Jack mentioned that he'd seen the video clip about Brash & Sassy on Hilary's show, and Phyllis swore that Billy's comment had been taken out of context. Jack questioned how bad it could be, and he and Ashley sensed from Phyllis' hesitation to respond that it had to be bad.

Phyllis admitted that the footage might do damage to Victoria's company and to Billy's future. She blabbed that the hockey league might pull the whole deal, and Jack remarked that it was a real shame after all the resources Brash & Sassy had invested in the campaign. Phyllis guessed that he was really thinking that it was good news for Jabot, and she pointed out that Jack had tried to sabotage the original deal. Jack acknowledged that Billy and Victoria had won that battle, and he insisted that he'd had nothing to do with the latest debacle.

After Phyllis left to get to work, Jack crowed that he had a front-row seat to watch his reckless brother "hoist[ed] on his own petard again." Ashley chided Jack for forgiving the woman who'd abandoned them but not his brother. She thought they clearly couldn't talk about it, and she sauntered out. She received a text message from Victor, who requested to meet about something important.

Billy stepped off the Jabot elevator and ran into Jack. Billy recognized that Jack didn't want him on the floor, but Jack gave him a pass, since he'd just had a very enlightening conversation with Phyllis about Billy's trip. Jack congratulated Billy on the candid footage and remarked that Billy had outdone himself that time. Jack dryly asked if Billy had stopped by Vegas to place the bet he'd been talking about, but Phyllis interrupted.

Jack strode off, and Billy testily asked why Phyllis had spilled everything to Jack. Phyllis reasoned that Jack had seen Hilary's show, and Billy groused that the last thing he'd needed had been to run into Jack. Phyllis suggested that they go somewhere to be alone, but Billy informed her that he had to pick up the kids and spend the night with them because Victoria was out of town. Jack covertly watched as a disappointed Phyllis said she'd call Billy later.

Ashley met Victor at Crimson Lights, and he informed her that Dina had stopped by. Ashley suspected that Dina's motives had been purely selfish and that Victor wanted to try to convince her otherwise. Victor contended that people felt a desire to connect with their family once they reached a certain age, but Ashley refused to give Dina a free pass for getting old. Victor said he regretted not healing the wounds with Adam before Adam had passed away, and he knew there was no greater agony in life than to feel rejected by one's own children and no greater desire than to make things right.

Ashley surmised that Dina had tried to recruit Victor into playing on Ashley's sympathy, and she was livid that her mother had dragged him into it and that he'd gone along with it. Victor acknowledged the damage Dina had done to Ashley when she'd kept Ashley's paternity from her, but he maintained that they had an opportunity to heal the wounds. Ashley asserted that she'd managed to move forward with her life without her mother in it and that Dina had had many chances to reach out, but Dina had given up. Victor argued that Dina had known that Ashley wouldn't give in, and he anticipated that Ashley would understand one day when she stood where Dina was standing.

Victor asked Ashley to promise not to interfere with Abby and Dina's desire to get to know one another. Ashley recognized that Dina thought Ashley's sins could be compared to Dina's because Ashley hadn't told Victor about Abby being his daughter right away, but she'd never cheated on anyone or abandoned her children on a selfish whim. Victor softly stated that he'd never be able to get back the years Ashley had kept him from Abby, and Ashley admitted that had been her only regret about the situation. Victor encouraged Ashley to make up with her mother, since no one knew how many more years they had left.

Victor said he hadn't meant to overstep, but he'd wanted to remind Ashley that he'd been bitter after his mother had left him at the orphanage. Victor recalled that he'd thought he'd never forgive his mother, but it had been very healing to "come to terms." He wondered if that could happen between Ashley and Dina, and Ashley noted that Victor and Jack actually agreed about wanting her to meet Dina halfway. Victor told her from his own experience that there was nothing worse in life than regret, and he reminded her that Dina was the only mother she had.

Abby hesitantly knocked on Dina's hotel room door. Dina opened it and invited Abby in. Abby said she'd been surprised to get Dina's message, and Dina proclaimed that it was high time that she got to know her granddaughter. Dina feared that Ashley had made her out to be a monster, but she wanted to change all that.

Ashley adopts a new strategy to deal with her family issues

Ashley adopts a new strategy to deal with her family issues

> Ashley adopts a new strategy to deal with her family issues

Ashley adopts a new strategy to deal with her family issues

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

by Nel

At Brash & Sassy, Cane said he was happy that Juliet realized that what had happened between them in Tokyo had been a mistake, and he'd never forgive himself. Juliet was worried about the company and losing her job. Cane assured her that he was worried, as well, but it was out of their hands. Hilary had arrived to speak to Billy but stopped short of entering the office when she overheard Cane and Juliet talking about their night in Tokyo.

A short time later, Juliet was arguing with a reporter on the phone when she received a text message from Hilary asking Juliet to meet her at GC Buzz. Hilary said she might be able to help Juliet with her problem.

At the Underground, Reed and Tessa were practicing, but Tessa seemed upset and asked for a few minutes. When Noah asked why Tessa was upset, she said she'd been having a bad day. Noah knew a lie when he heard one, and that made Tessa angry. She warned Noah not to call her a liar. She quickly apologized. When Noah asked if they were still getting together later, Tessa claimed she had to help Nikki with the benefit.

Noah told Tessa that his favorite part about being a bartender was listening to stories. People felt there was something about opening up to a stranger that made things appear a little better. He wanted her to think how she'd feel opening up to someone who cared. Tessa assured Noah that she wasn't blowing him off, but she wasn't the touchy-feely type. Tessa thought Noah was a cool guy, and she was just a weird chick with no friends. She told Noah that she was leaving Genoa City. Noah wanted to know why.

Tessa reminded Noah that she'd never said she'd stay forever. She'd made some money, and it was time to move on. Noah asked Tessa about Nikki's benefit, but Tessa said she was replaceable. Noah disagreed. Tessa countered that Noah barely knew her, but Noah pointed out that he wouldn't even get a chance to know her, since she was running away again, just like she'd run from her family. Tessa accused him to taking a cheap shot. Noah said he didn't mind fighting dirty for someone he cared about.

Tessa broke down and told Noah she'd seen a guy at Crimson Lights that she'd known in Chicago. He hadn't seen her, and she wanted it kept that way. Noah wanted to know if the guy had been a friend or an ex. Tessa admitted that it hadn't been like that. Noah thought the guy had to be bad news if Tessa wanted to leave town rather than run into him. He asked what the guy had done to her.

Tessa said he'd been a nice guy at first -- then he wasn't. Noah wanted to know if Tessa had dated him. Tessa said not in the way Noah thought. They had run in the same group. Noah wanted to know if the guy had been abusive, but Tessa felt she'd said too much and didn't want to talk about it.

Noah suggested that perhaps the guy was just passing through, but Tessa said she couldn't take that chance. Noah said that if the guy was dangerous, then Tessa needed to stay. He saw that Tessa was afraid. Noah asked her to stay and promised he wouldn't let anything happen to her. He asked her to trust him.

At that moment, Kendall arrived and asked to see Reed. When Reed stepped out of the back room, Kendall asked if they could go to a movie later, but Reed reminded Kendall that he was dating Zoey. Kendall stated that she just wanted to hang out as friends and left. A short time later, Reed received a text from Kendall inviting him to Crimson Lights after his lessons because everyone would be there.

In Dina's suite, Abby asked why Dina had never reached out to her while she'd been in boarding school. The school hadn't been far from Dina. Dina said that she'd been afraid to. Abby had been led to believe that Dina was fearless, but Dina admitted that Ashley frightened her. Dina confessed that the decisions she'd made in the past still haunted her. Abby asked why Dina had left the family. Dina said she'd been very young and had wanted her own life -- a life she couldn't have with children. She admitted that she'd been selfish and had taken the easy way out.

Abby asked if Dina had told Ashley that. Dina admitted she had -- many times. Dina admitted that nothing would ease her guilt, and she'd stayed away to keep the peace. She added that Abby was an adult and should decide who to have in her life. Abby asked if Dina was suggesting that they have a relationship. Dina asked if it was possible to spend time together. Abby hesitated and said it was too late, but Dina said it was never too late.

Dina stated that Abby was an intelligent, lovely woman, and Victor was very proud of her. Abby said that Dina and Victor had a history, and Abby wondered why Dina had sounded angry when she'd called Dina on behalf of Newman about the sale of her company. Dina admitted that she and Victor hadn't always seen eye to eye.

Dina commented that it couldn't be easy for Abby to be an Abbott and a Newman. Abby confirmed that she tried to honor both families and stayed out of Victor and Jack's feud. Dina asked if the Newman kids had accepted her. Abby said they were all family, and they all laughed, cried, and fought. Abby admitted that she and Victoria were on the outs because Victoria was jealous that Victor chose Abby over Victoria to succeed him. Victoria felt that it was her entitlement.

Dina said she wanted to rectify the problems she'd caused within her family. She was happy that Abby and Ashley were so close. Dina lamented that she wished she'd had that kind of relationship with Ashley. Abby said if Dina really wanted to reconcile with the family, Abby would help her. Dina thanked Abby for going to see her. Abby asked if she should call Dina grandmother, but they settled on Dina.

Ashley walked into Jack's office and commented on his great mood. Jack was elated over Billy's downfall and wanted to capitalize on Brash & Sassy's problems. Jack said Victoria was in Toronto, trying to save the hockey deal, but he felt it was dead. He admitted he wouldn't shed a tear if Brash & Sassy died, and he didn't think Ashley would either. Jack felt that Jabot could pick up a giant part of Brash & Sassy's market. What was bad for Brash & Sassy was good for Jabot.

Jack and Ashley's discussion turned to Dina. Jack wanted Ashley to give Dina a break. Jack left when Ravi arrived. Ravi noted Ashley's dark mood. Ashley asked if Ravi could develop an app to make her mother disappear. Ashley admitted she'd never forgive Dina and that Dina knew which buttons to push on Ashley. Ravi said that Ashley was an amazing and intuitive woman and told her to trust her gut. Ashley admitted she didn't believe anything Dina said.

Ashley told Ravi that Jack wanted her to forgive Dina. Ashley said that Dina had scarred them -- Jack had gone from one failed marriage to the next, and she wasn't far behind. Ashley admitted that she avoided personal connections and spent most of her time at work. Ravi claimed she didn't always spend time there because he and Ashley had been exposed to new experiences. Ashley claimed that that would always be an uphill battle. Ravi promised that if showing her new experiences would be an uphill battle, then he'd gladly fight to help her.

To Ashley's chagrin, Dina arrived at that moment. Dina introduced herself to Ravi and told Ashley she was there to see Jack. Dina was delighted that she got to see Ashley and her friend. Ashley corrected Dina and said Ravi was a colleague. Dina commented that Ashley's colleague was the same as Graham was to Dina. After Ravi left, Dina crowed that Ashley had a young man in her life and that she and Ashley were more alike than Ashley cared to admit. Ashley was about to leave, but froze in her tracks when Dina said she'd had a delightful visit with Abby. Dina said that Abby was attractive and smart like Ashley.

Ashley warned Dina to stay away from Abby. She wouldn't let Dina destroy Abby the way Dina had destroyed Ashley. Dina confessed that she regretted everything she'd done to Ashley, but she wouldn't allow Ashley to trash Dina's character when Ashley had done the same in her life. Ashley said she'd never abandoned her child. Dina said that Ashley had lied about Abby's paternity. Ashley wondered if Dina was comparing what Ashley had done to what Dina had done. Dina accused Ashley of not being forthcoming.

Ashley told Dina that she'd never cheated on Brad, and she'd never lied to the man she'd loved for years. Brad had always known that Abby wasn't his child. Ashley said that Abby and Victor had a great relationship. Ashley said she'd never burdened Abby with a secret about her paternity. Ashley was extremely upset and called Dina self-righteous.

Jack walked in at that moment, and Ashley yelled at him to get out. Dina explained to Jack that she'd gone there with wonderful news but had ended up in an altercation with Ashley. Ashley asked Jack not to go down that rabbit hole, but Jack wanted Ashley to hear Dina out. Ashley yelled that she'd heard enough to last a lifetime, and she stormed out.

Dina told Jack that she didn't blame Ashley for being angry and hurt. She told him about her wonderful visit with Abby and that Abby was open to a relationship with her. Dina wanted her family together again and asked if Jack wanted it as well. Jack said it would take time. He also admitted that Dina wasn't to blame for everything that had happened in their lives. Dina told Jack that he'd always been special, but Jack said that not many people would believe that. Dina stated that a mother saw what no one else did.

Outside Jack's office, Ashley told Ravi that Dina had gone behind her back and met Abby and that they'd had a delightful conversation. Ashley knew that Dina wanted Abby to hear Dina's version of events, and that was what Dina was doing with Jack at that moment. Dina wouldn't leave until she had Jack in the palm of her hand.

Ravi told Ashley to relax. He advised her not to get angry because that gave Dina the upper hand. He said that if Ashley kept calm, swallowed her pride, and showed some kindness, Ashley would take the power back. He asked Ashley how good that would make her feel.

Jack went to see Cane at Brash & Sassy and gloated over telling Cane that it would only be a matter of time before things blew up in Billy's face. Jack crowed that Cane had gotten everything he'd wanted, and Billy would be out of Brash & Sassy. Jack admitted it had happened sooner than he'd expected. Jack asked how things had gone off the rails so quickly. Cane explained that there had been a mix-up about the league's approval of the final video scenes. Jack said that the footage with the players and Billy talking about gambling would never have seen the light of day had Billy made sure he'd had the league's final approval.

Cane explained that what had been seen on The Hilary Hour had never been meant to be seen by the public. Jack claimed that that had been classic Billy -- given enough rope, Billy would hang himself every time. Cane hoped that Billy hadn't choked the company in the process. Jack assured Cane it wouldn't choke because Victoria would cut all ties with Billy if Victoria got the deal back. Jack said it put Cane into a perfect position because Victoria would need a strong right hand that she could count on. Best of all, Cane didn't have to get his hands dirty because Billy had done it to himself.

Lily arrived at her home, carrying heavy parcels. She yelled for Mattie and Charlie to help her. Mattie walked in behind Lily and complained about her assignments and that they had to be ready on the same day. Lily and Mattie discussed Mattie's assignments until Cane arrived and heard Mattie say that she wanted to be a surgeon. Cane teased that he'd hoped that Mattie would follow in his footsteps and climb the corporate ladder.

Mattie left to do her homework. Lily asked if Cane had heard from Victoria about whether they still had their hockey league campaign. Cane said that Brash & Sassy was still hanging in limbo, but even if they lost the hockey deal, they'd survive. No matter what happened, they had each other and their family.

Zoey and Kendall arrived at Crimson Lights. Zoey asked Kendall how much longer Reed would be practicing. Kendall said he'd probably be another hour. Zoey asked if Kendall remembered the hot lacrosse player from Walnut Grove because he wanted to hang out with her. Zoey sent him a text asking him to meet her at Crimson Lights. Kendall asked Zoey about Reed. Zoey claimed it had only been a casual thing because Reed spent more time with his guitar than he did with her. Kendall advised that it wasn't how Reed saw it. Zoey said that was Reed's problem.

Kendall sent Reed a text inviting him to go to Crimson Lights. A short time later, Reed arrived and found Zoey on the patio, making out with a guy -- Charlie Ashby. He pulled Charlie off Zoey and said he was Zoey's boyfriend. Zoey complained that Reed spent more time with his guitar than he did with her. Reed asked Zoey if she wanted to be seen with a dimwitted jock like Charlie. Charlie threatened to knock some of Reed's teeth out. Reed dared Charlie to try and told Charlie not to get twisted because Charlie could have Zoey. As Reed walked by Kendall, he thanked her and asked if she was happy.

Juliet arrived at GC Buzz to see Hilary. Hilary explained that she'd gone to see Billy at Brash & Sassy and had unintentionally overheard Juliet and Cane talking about their night in Tokyo. Juliet explained that Cane had almost lost the Asian market, and she'd helped him save it. Hilary asked how long the affair had been going on. Juliet said it wasn't an affair -- just a one-night stand.

Juliet explained to Hilary that she and Cane had celebrated securing the Asian market, and they'd had too much to drink. Juliet had taken Cane to his room, and one thing had led to another. Cane didn't remember anything, and it had meant nothing to either of them. Juliet admitted she had no interest in Cane. Hilary couldn't believe that Juliet had spent the night with Cane. Hilary implied that Juliet had gotten the Brash & Sassy job after she and Cane had returned from Tokyo. Juliet said that her night with Cane had had nothing to do with her getting the job at Brash & Sassy.

Juliet warned Hilary not to rip Lily's family apart because Hilary would cross a line she might never recover from. Juliet said that Cane and Lily were happy, and Lily was a good friend. Hilary suggested that Juliet calm down and stop being so dramatic. Hilary said she'd never said she'd tell Lily or anyone else about Juliet's secret. Juliet warned Hilary that if Hilary told anyone about what had happened in Tokyo, Juliet would personally make sure that Hilary lived to regret it. Juliet left.

Hilary smiled as she watched a replay of her conversation with Juliet.

Jack rattles Phyllis with a prediction about Billy

Jack rattles Phyllis with a prediction about Billy

Thursday, May 25, 2017

At Jabot, Jack ran into Phyllis and claimed that he'd thought she'd left with Billy. Phyllis reported that there had been a change of plans because Victoria was in Toronto, so Billy was spending the night with his kids. Jack commented that it was what Billy needed, since the kids weren't judgmental. Phyllis imagined that Jack could teach them the art of holding a grudge, but she told him not to celebrate Billy's demise just yet.

Jack thought that Phyllis' unshakeable faith in Billy would be inspirational if Billy wasn't a world-class screwup, and he questioned whether she believed Billy hadn't been tempted to bet on the hockey finals. Phyllis figured that Billy had been, but he'd only been joking about it. She imagined that Jack would shove his arm in a document shredder before he'd forgive Billy, but she asked him not to kick Billy when he was down. Jack wondered if she'd be that defensive once Billy lost his job and was just hanging out all day, and he expected her to eventually kick Billy to the curb where he belonged. Jack wished her a good night and left.

An irate Reed returned home and discovered that Billy planned to spend the night there. Reed inquired whether everything was good between Billy and Victoria, and Billy replied that things were complicated. Reed assumed that they'd hooked up in California, and he was pleased that they were finally a "thing" again. Billy explained that there had been unexpected issues with the hockey league, so Victoria had gone to Toronto, but they weren't getting back together. Billy pressed Reed to talk about why he was upset, and he guessed that it had something to do with a girl. Reed snarled that he'd caught Zoey locking lips with a cocky jock.

Reed bemoaned that Zoey had thrown him under the bus for ignoring her because of his music. Billy questioned how Reed had ended up at Crimson Lights at just the right time to find her making out with another guy, and Reed replied that Kendall had set him up for an embarrassing nightmare by sending a text message. Billy sympathized, but he pointed out that at least it had happened before things had become too serious. Reed spat that it made him sick that Zoey had chosen an obnoxious moron over him, but Billy encouraged Reed to rise above it.

Reed went upstairs to practice, and Billy went to answer a knock at the door. He was surprised to find Phyllis there, and she said she hadn't liked the awkward way they'd left things. She explained that she hadn't been able to tell whether he'd been slightly irritated or massively resentful that she'd told Jack about what had happened at the commercial shoot. Billy assured her that it wasn't a big deal, and he suggested that they talk about it the next day. She argued that things weren't okay if they weren't okay, and she pressed to know what was going on with him.

Billy praised Phyllis for being nothing but amazing when he hadn't been easy to be around. He swore that things were good between them, and he didn't want to lose her because he had certain responsibilities, like the ones he had that night. Phyllis gushed that she loved that he was a dedicated dad, but she needed him to help her with her fantasies of being on a deserted island. He imagined similar sexy daydreams as he led her to the door, and he expected them to go from fantasy to reality very quickly. They kissed passionately as Reed spied them from the stairs.

After Phyllis left, Reed confronted Billy about the kiss, and Billy realized that Victoria hadn't updated her son about Billy's relationship status. Billy contended that he and Phyllis were single adults who were dating, but Reed protested that he'd thought Billy liked Victoria. Billy explained that he loved Victoria as a friend, but he pointed out that Reed knew they were divorced. Reed called Phyllis a hookup on the side, and he couldn't believe that Billy would do that to Victoria.

Billy stressed that Victoria knew he was dating Phyllis, but that didn't change his commitment to his kids. Reed recalled that Billy and Victoria had still been in love after their divorce, and he was skeptical that it was suddenly over. Billy said he and Victoria had been apart for some time, and they'd realized that they worked better as coworkers and friends. Billy swore that he'd still be around, and Reed surmised that Billy was keeping Phyllis in his orbit because it was better than being alone. Billy insisted that Reed's relationship with Zoey and Billy's with Victoria were completely different situations.

Billy understood that it hadn't been cool for Reed to see him kissing Phyllis, and he swore it wouldn't happen again. Billy stressed that he and Victoria had been open and honest with one another, and Reed grumbled that they should have been honest with him. Billy pledged to get better at it, since he and Victoria were both parents to the kids upstairs. Reed groused that he was glad Billy was their dad and not his, and he stormed upstairs.

Tessa met Nikki at the Athletic Club and announced that she'd found everything on Nikki's list at a music store. Nikki wanted to figure out what she'd be playing as soon as possible, and she pushed for Tessa's input. Tessa noted that Nikki had put together the saddest mix tape in musical history, but she recognized that Nikki's personal life was none of her business. Nikki insisted that the most important thing was the performance, since she didn't want to launch a neurological center with "Clinical Depression Suite in A Minor."

Tessa understood that sometimes one needed to wallow in misery, but they had a crowd to consider, and she didn't want them to be too shattered to shell out donations. Nikki proudly stated that she'd trained Tessa well, and Tessa compared a great anthem to a tattoo -- it was a personal experience, but people around the world could understand and appreciate it. Tessa rambled about not all music being art, and she remarked that open mic was proof of that. She realized that she might be late for her performance that night.

Jack approached, and Nikki introduced him to Tessa, who hurried off to the Underground. Nikki invited Jack to sit, and he sarcastically stated that Victor would love that, but she informed him that Victor wouldn't be there. Nikki told Jack about her upcoming performance at a concert, and he thought she'd found the mojo she'd lost. Nikki bitterly stated that it would be a command performance, and Jack called it the smartest move Victor had ever made, since it would give Nikki nothing but joy. She mumbled to tell it to her nerves, but Jack considered it a chance for her to shine for a good cause.

Nikki wished Victor's motives were as pure as Jack's enthusiasm, and she imagined that Victor hoped she'd embarrass herself so he could swoop in to rescue her. Jack questioned what Victor had done to make her talk like that, and Nikki noted that Jack made flip comments about Victor all the time. Jack suspected that something big was bothering her, since she'd tried to avoid the topic several times. He pointed out that she was flying solo and taking on projects, and he pushed her to level with him.

Nikki confessed that she and Victor had been having marital issues, but they weren't ending their marriage, and she didn't want anyone else to know. Jack remarked that as much as he loathed Victor, he loved Nikki more, and he wondered if there was anything he could do to help. She stated that there was nothing anyone could do, but she was focusing on her family, charity causes, and her health. Jack said he considered her to be family, and he'd trade her for some of his genetic family. She guessed that he'd seen Dina again.

Nikki and Jack walked into the foyer, and she remarked that they both had people who they let push their buttons. Jack admitted that Dina was that person for him, but Nikki was glad he'd had a chance to reconnect with his mother. Jack thanked Nikki for the great company that night, and she said she felt better after their chat. Phyllis arrived and scowled when she saw Jack hugging Nikki.

Cane rushed into Brash & Sassy and breathlessly asked if Victoria had called from Toronto. Juliet informed him that her text message hadn't had anything to do with work, and Cane griped that she'd interrupted his time with his family by making it sound like an emergency. Juliet revealed that Hilary knew about their one-night stand, and Cane demanded to know why Juliet had talked to Hilary about it. Juliet insisted that she'd never wanted anyone to find out, but Hilary had been eavesdropping on them earlier. Cane panicked, but Juliet told him to relax, since she'd taken care of it.

Juliet explained that she'd reminded Hilary that it was Juliet and Cane's word against that of a professional gossip and known liar. Juliet assured Cane that Hilary was all about journalistic credibility, so Hilary wouldn't risk a slander lawsuit when the show was her only asset. Juliet urged Cane not to let Hilary taunt him, since Hilary had no proof and had everything to lose. Cane told himself that the stakes were too high for Hilary to mess with them, and Juliet reiterated that she'd made it clear that they wouldn't indulge Hilary.

At GC Buzz, Hilary smirked as she watched the videotape of Juliet admitting that she and Cane had had sex. Mariah and Devon walked in, and Mariah expressed surprise that Hilary was still there. Hilary said she'd been inspired, and Mariah asked if Hilary had the next day's big story. Hilary claimed that she hadn't chosen an opener, but she planned to sleep on it. Mariah indicated that she was there to pick up a copy of the L.A. interview with Lily, and she stepped away to retrieve it. Devon congratulated Hilary for making a big splash in Hollywood, and Hilary gave him props for acquiring Mergeron Enterprises.

Hilary wished she'd been there for the interview with Dina, but she conceded that Mariah hadn't embarrassed the show. Devon observed that Hilary had almost complimented Mariah, and Hilary recognized that they'd all had a productive week. Mariah returned and announced her intent to drop off a flash drive at Lily's home. Hilary offered to take it because it was on her way, and she reasoned that she and Lily had to start getting along if they were going to be Genoa City's co-divas. Devon and Mariah departed, and Hilary switched the label from Mariah's flash drive to another one.

Noah welcomed Mariah and Devon to the Underground, and Devon stepped aside to take a call from Mergeron. Noah remarked that Mariah's boyfriend was starting to "out-Newman Newman," but Mariah noted that they weren't the only new power couple in town, and she asked how Tessa was. Noah said Mariah was there to have a good time and not to listen to him whine, but she urged him to talk to her. He confided that he was worried because Tessa had mentioned wanting to leave town, and he was afraid she was in trouble.

Noah informed Mariah about the guy who'd freaked Tessa out enough for her to want to bolt, and he wished he knew why. Tessa arrived and hugged Noah hello. He excused himself to pick Devon's brain about the acquisition, and he encouraged Tessa to hang out with Mariah. Mariah revealed that Noah had told her about the tense situation, and Tessa was irked that he had been discussing her private business. Mariah insisted that Noah was just worried, and she understood what it was like to want to keep a tight lid on a messed-up past.

Mariah added that she and Noah had similar instincts about people, and if Noah trusted Tessa, so did Mariah. Tessa admitted that trust wasn't something she took for granted, but she wasn't good at giving it back. Mariah empathized with what it was like to have someone she trusted stab her in the back, and Tessa was flabbergasted when Mariah revealed that she'd once been in a cult. Mariah said she still couldn't believe that she'd gotten a happy ending or at least a new chapter, and she was certain that Tessa could also have one if she trusted the people who really cared about her. Tessa gazed over at Noah.

Tessa promised that she wouldn't bail without warning, and Mariah invited her over to Sharon's house for a night of outrageous horror hits and pizza. Noah prepared to kick off the show, and he insisted that Tessa go first. Tessa headed to the stage, and Mariah told Noah that she wasn't sure if she'd gotten through to Tessa. Tessa greeted the audience and announced that she'd planned to sing a song about goodbyes, but she was in the mood for something different. She began to strum her guitar.

Tessa finished her song to the crowd's applause, and she hugged Noah as she stepped off the stage. Devon asked if the song had been original, and Mariah recalled that he'd said Tessa had potential the last time they'd seen her play. Devon informed Tessa that he'd just acquired a music streaming service and that he was signing new artists, and he asked if she wanted to be the first artist they signed. Tessa was flattered, but she requested time to think about it.

At the Ashby home, Lily scolded Charlie for leaving his sports equipment by the front door, and he mocked her. She pointed out that she was a cool mom, according to his sister, and Charlie scoffed at the source. Mattie told him to stop playing without a helmet to salvage what was left of his brain. Lily said she'd missed them, but she asked them to dial it down because their dad had had a rough day at work.

Lily joked that she'd heard other mothers complain that they had to tell their kids to do something four or five times before they lifted a finger, but she only had to ask Charlie three times. She promised to tell the twins all about L.A. over dinner, and the doorbell rang. Lily was stunned to find that Hilary had stopped by to drop off the interview that Lily had requested. Hilary stated that she'd felt a certain sense of responsibility because the hockey endorsement debacle had gone down on her show, and the interview might be all Lily had left of her fleeting moment in the spotlight if Brash & Sassy lost the deal.

Lily countered that Barry might disagree, and Hilary taunted that things might have been different if Cane had devoted himself to the commercial the way he'd rolled up his sleeves in Tokyo. Lily snapped that Cane always gave his all and that he'd had nothing to do with what had happened in L.A. Hilary asked who the guilty culprit had been, but Lily barked that she had no comment. Hilary suggested that Lily screen the footage before she sent it out after what they'd learned in Hollywood, but Lily shut the door in her face. Lily sat down at her computer, but the ringing phone distracted her.

Lily headed back to her computer, but she stopped to interrupt an argument between Charlie and Mattie. Lily sternly said the table wouldn't set itself, and the twins headed off to take care of it. Cane returned home, and he moaned that he was glad to be home with his favorite people after a long day. Lily inquired about Juliet's emergency, and Cane fibbed that it had been a strategy to save the hockey deal. He added that he didn't want to talk about work when he could relax and be with his family, and he and Lily embraced.

After dinner, Mattie asked when they'd get to see the commercial, and Lily replied that they'd eventually see it more than they'd like to. Cane proclaimed that Lily had been a rock star in L.A., and he'd gotten her a gift that the whole family would love. He handed Lily a gift bag, and she pulled out a framed photo of her on the hotel rooftop with her billboard in the background. Lily and Cane kissed, and Mattie hoped her mom wouldn't get too famous.

Cane asked Charlie how practice had gone, and Charlie bragged that he might be varsity captain next season. Mattie clucked that he'd have to keep up his GPA, so she wouldn't count on it. Charlie mentioned that there had been some drama at Crimson Lights when his "hottie friend" had turned out to have a boyfriend that she'd forgotten to dump, and the "emo artsy poser boy" had shown up. Charlie griped that the girl hadn't told him that she'd already had a dude, but Mattie lectured that Charlie had been guilty by association. Cane asked the twins to clear the table to give him a moment with Lily, and the teens stepped out.

Cane spotted the flash drive and asked if it was Lily's interview. Lily mentioned that Hilary had dropped it off before dinner, and they both found that strange. Lily wanted to check to make sure the interview looked okay before she sent it to Barry, but Cane amorously suggested that she wait until the next day, since he had other ideas while the kids did their homework. She raced him to the bedroom, leaving the flash drive behind.

Victoria fires someone to save the campaign

Victoria fires someone to save the campaign

Friday, May 26, 2017

Victoria crept into her home, and she was pleasantly surprised when Reed welcomed her back with a hug. He revealed that Billy had taken the kids to school after spending the night there, and Victoria realized that she should have thought to ask Billy to stay there before she'd left. Reed thought she'd known what would happen, and he told her that he knew Billy and Phyllis were together. Victoria guessed that Billy had told him, and Reed said he'd caught the couple making out in the house.

Reed griped that Billy had stayed there and had acted like part of the family, yet he'd been all over Phyllis. Victoria insisted that Billy was part of the family, but she recognized that she should have told Reed that Billy was seeing Phyllis. Reed asked why she hadn't, and Victoria reasoned that she hadn't wanted to ruin the nice relationship Reed and Billy had, especially since Reed needed an older guy in his life with his father being away. Reed swore that she didn't need to protect him, since he wanted to be the one looking out for her.

Victoria asserted that she was perfectly fine, but she had to get to the office. Reed indicated that she wasn't the only single one, since he and Zoey were through after he'd caught her all over a pretentious jock from Walnut Grove. Victoria pointed out that J.T. had loved the school, but Reed grumbled that only tools went there. Victoria argued that kids might be tools because of their parents and not because of the school.

At the Ashby home, Lily called out that breakfast was ready, but Cane fretted that he had no time because Victoria wanted to meet everyone at the office as soon as possible. Lily asked him to let her know once he found out anything. Mattie entered, and Cane said he loved them and left. Mattie spied the flash drive and asked if it was the footage from L.A. Lily invited her to watch it together. Mattie opened the laptop and plugged in the drive.

Mattie gushed that it could be Lily's big break, but Lily downplayed it as just one commercial. Mattie assured her mother that there was no reason to be nervous, but Lily thought it was normal to feel that way. They prepared to watch the footage, but an alarm on Mattie's phone sounded, and Mattie insisted that she had to prepare for a quiz. Lily suggested that they watch the video later, and she handed Mattie the laptop and left the flash drive on the table.

Reed arrived at Crimson Lights, and a text message on his phone distracted him. Mattie entered as she read something on her phone, and she bumped squarely into Reed. He became incensed at first, but he looked at her and stammered that it was his fault. Mattie took the blame for texting while she'd been walking, and Reed joked that his school's video about not texting and driving should have applied to walking, too. Mattie noticed his guitar and thought he could write a jingle about it, but he replied that he wasn't the type.

Mattie nervously retreated to a table and put on her headphones while Reed ordered coffee. He turned around to ask if she wanted anything, but she couldn't hear him. He pulled out one of her headphones and offered to buy her coffee for running into her. He introduced himself, and they shook hands. Reed asked what Mattie was studying for, and she explained that her teacher had just postponed a quiz. Reed thought it took serious dedication to study for a quiz that might not happen.

Reed asked what grade Mattie was in, and they discovered that they were both sophomores. He was surprised that he hadn't seen her in the halls, but he noticed the logo on her backpack and realized that she went to Walnut Grove. Reed explained that he'd chosen to go to GC High because of its music program, and they compared musical tastes. He asked if she ever planned to tell him her name, and she introduced herself. Reed said she could get the next round if they ever crashed into one another again, and they exchanged smiles as he headed out.

Billy arrived at Brash & Sassy, and Juliet asked if he'd heard anything. He reported that he'd only received the group text message about meeting in the conference room, and Juliet bemoaned that she hadn't been able to eat, sleep, or think straight. Billy was confident that Victoria had handled things with the hockey league, and he expected her to walk in any minute and announce that the campaign was back on. Cane arrived and realized that they were still waiting for Victoria, and he proposed that they brainstorm ideas about how to spin the cancellation of the campaign.

Billy objected, but Cane refused to stand around and hope for the best when Victoria's trip had simply been a Hail Mary. Cane insisted that they figure out how to deal with the fallout after Billy had singlehandedly embarrassed an entire sport, and Billy scoffed at the idea that Cane was as pure as the driven snow. Juliet ordered them to stop bickering, and Billy remarked that Victoria had turned around bigger disasters. Cane questioned whether Billy would wager the rest of his career on it, and Victoria entered and declared that the verdict was in.

Victoria relayed that she'd explained to the league that the situation had been a series of unfortunate events that had happened because they'd been excited to share the footage, and the league had agreed not to let one stupid mistake ruin their deal. Victoria warned her crew not to get too excited, since the mistake had damaged their partnership, and Brash & Sassy had to make major concessions. Victoria revealed that the league wanted to erase any trace of the video footage and to scrap the entire commercial. Victoria confirmed that Lily would still be the face of the product, but the league had demanded that the person responsible for the mistake be terminated.

Juliet contended that there hadn't been one person at fault, but Victoria explained that the league wanted blood, and someone had to be held responsible. Victoria added that the only way to keep the deal in place was to abide by the league's wishes, and they couldn't afford to lose anything else. Victoria asked to speak with Billy alone, and Cane and Juliet stepped out. Juliet was stunned that Victoria was going to fire the father of her children, but Cane thought Billy had done it to himself. Cane argued that they wouldn't be in that situation if it hadn't been for Billy's joke, and he suspected that Billy would have tanked the deal one way or another.

Meanwhile, Victoria thanked Billy for hanging out with the kids. She informed him that she knew Reed had found out about Billy and Phyllis, and she admitted that she'd never told Reed about it because she hadn't known what to say. Billy thought he'd struck out both personally and professionally, and it was only fair that he fell on his own sword. He respectfully tendered his resignation, and he prepared to send a formal one via text message. Billy apologized for letting Victoria down again, but she told him to stop and listen to her.

Victoria acknowledged that Billy had made a careless, stupid joke, but she refused to accept his resignation. Billy insisted on taking the fall, and her phone chimed when he sent his resignation in writing. Billy stalked out, and Cane sympathized that it hadn't been easy to let Billy go, but he stressed that it had been the right thing to do. Cane anticipated that they'd bounce back twice as fast without Billy there, and Victoria noted that Cane had seemed to have thought about it as much as she had.

Cane said all that mattered was how they were perceived in the business world, and he mentioned that Lily's new agent had requested a copy of the interview. Victoria reiterated that the league wanted the footage erased from existence, and she was adamant that the clip never see the light of day. Meanwhile, Lily told Barry over the phone that she loved his ideas. She promised to send the interview footage right away.

Victoria asked Juliet to join her in the conference room, and she prompted Juliet to provide her take on how things had gone wrong. Juliet said she'd replayed it in her head a thousand times, and she recalled that she'd been rushing because Cane and Billy had been pushing to get the footage to Hilary as soon as possible. Juliet called it a terrible mistake that she'd never make again. Victoria acknowledged that it hadn't been a single person's fault, but she thought it was obvious that Juliet had made the major error. Juliet pointed out that Victoria had just fired Billy, but Victoria confirmed that she hadn't.

Victoria reported that Billy had offered his resignation, and Juliet guessed that Victoria had refused to take it. Victoria reasoned that the public never would have seen the clip if Juliet had handled things properly, and Juliet insisted that she'd thought she had, but things had been moving quickly. Victoria recognized that Juliet was creative and clever, but she thought Juliet needed to learn from her rookie mistake. Victoria promised to give Juliet a glowing recommendation and swore that no one would know the details of her termination, but Juliet was fired.

Cane rushed home and anxiously searched for the flash drive. Lily asked what Victoria had said at the meeting, and Cane begged Lily to tell him that she hadn't sent the footage to her agent. He revealed that the hockey deal was still a go, but it would be toast if anyone saw the footage on the drive. Lily handed over the drive and said she hadn't checked it out yet, and they both expressed regret that no one would see the commercial. She figured that stardom could wait a while longer, and he crushed the drive under his foot.

Victor met Scott at the park café, and Scott declared that it was the perfect location to host the research center opening. Victor noted that Scott could have told him that in the office, but Scott countered that the coffee and the view were better at the café. Victor complimented Scott's instincts, since he thought Nikki would approve of the venue. Scott sensed that the benefit wasn't just an act of charity and that the key was that Nikki would be pleased. Victor flatly stated that Scott was fishing for a story when there was none.

Victor instructed Scott to just keep doing his job, but Scott complained that he didn't know what Victor expected from him. Scott felt like his job had been a test from the beginning, and Victor said he'd hired Scott because he trusted Scott's instincts. Scott didn't think keeping an eye on Victor's daughter was the best use of his expertise, and he needed to know more. Scott referred to Victor canceling his biography because Nikki had asked him to back off, and he inquired whether Nikki was okay. Phyllis overheard and announced that she'd just seen Nikki looking perfectly fine, but maybe it had been because Nikki had been in the arms of another man.

Victor huffed that it wasn't surprising that Phyllis saw problems in relationships wherever she looked, and she commented that nothing was what it seemed with Victor. Phyllis voiced false concern about Victor and Nikki, but Victor surmised that Phyllis was talking about her own sorry life. Phyllis crowed that her personal life was doing fine, but she'd just wanted to let Victor know that Nikki had been nestled in Jack's arms. She cheerfully wished Victor a good day and patted Scott's shoulder before she sauntered off. Scott observed that she'd taken great pleasure in needling Victor, and Victor asked if Scott was sleeping with her.

Later, Billy met Phyllis at the park café, and he informed her about his decision to resign, although Victoria hadn't accepted it. Billy admitted that he'd screwed up but that the campaign and the company still mattered to him. Phyllis pointed out that Victoria ran hot and cold, but Billy thought he and Victoria complemented one another and that their work environment would be ideal without Cane. Phyllis questioned why Victoria was really keeping Billy around.

Billy thought Phyllis was reading too much into the situation, but she suspected that Victoria wanted to keep him close. Billy argued that he and Victoria had kids, so she didn't have to give him a job to keep him around. Phyllis guessed that Victoria wanted to punish him by reminding him who was the boss, but Billy swore that Victoria had been fair and straightforward with him.

At a facility in Louisiana, Chelsea told an administrator that her mother's death had been a shock, but her sister, Chloe, deserved her fair share of the inheritance. Chelsea asked if there was some way to find out where Chloe was, and she added that she would be glad to help with any related costs. Chelsea pulled out an envelope and offered to do whatever it took to find her sister, and the administrator testily asked what Chelsea was suggesting. Nick appeared and announced that Chelsea was suggesting a bribe.

Nick claimed that his wife wasn't thinking clearly and that they'd discussed that it wasn't smart to bribe a medical professional. The administrator explained that she wasn't allowed to give out information on patients, and she marched off. Chelsea asked what Nick was doing there, and he recounted that she'd said it meant a lot that they were in it together. He continued that he'd realized that he'd needed to show her that she wasn't in it alone, but she lamented that she was no closer to finding Chloe. A woman with a mop approached and offered to tell them about Chloe for the right price.

Nick offered to pay the woman for information, and she revealed that Dr. Harris had released Chloe right before he'd retired. Chelsea pushed the woman to meet them after work, but the woman wailed that, unlike Chloe, she'd never get out. The woman rushed off, and Chelsea realized that she was a patient there. Nick wondered if they could believe anything the woman had just told them. Chelsea pointed out that it was the only lead they had.

Chelsea and Nick tracked down Dr. Harris' house, and Nick mused that he felt like he knew the doctor after checking out his social media page. Chelsea remarked that Dr. Harris was younger than she'd expected, so he had either saved his pennies or had serious cash. Nick warned that a bribe might not work if the doctor had money, and he urged Chelsea to play it smart. She knocked on the door, and a man opened it. Chelsea begged for Dr. Harris' help.

Chelsea claimed that it had been awful when her sister had been sent away, but she understood that Chloe had needed help. Dr. Harris said he'd made sure Chloe had received it, but he didn't recall Chloe mentioning that she had a sister. Chelsea pretended to be hurt, and she wailed that she wanted her sister back. She asked if Chloe had indicated where she'd been headed when the doctor had signed her release, and Dr. Harris suspiciously questioned how Chelsea had known he'd released Chloe. Chelsea said Chloe had briefly mentioned it, and Dr. Harris recalled that Chloe had been heading back to her hometown, but he figured that she might have gone elsewhere, due to the emotional triggers of returning home.

Dr. Harris added that he hadn't provided follow-up care after Chloe's release, and Nick snapped that the doctor should have, since Chloe had gone back home for the sole purpose of revenge. Chelsea revealed that Chloe had confessed that she'd taken a man's life, and Dr. Harris worried that Chloe was dangerous if she was alone and untreated. Nick explained that they were there to find out where Chloe might be, but Dr. Harris maintained that he had no idea. The doctor wished them luck, and Nick and Chelsea exited.

Victor and Scott returned to Newman Enterprises, and Scott asserted that he didn't owe Victor answers about what he'd done on his own time. Victor recognized that Phyllis would like nothing more than to see Victor drawn and quartered, so it was his business if she'd seduced Scott. Scott thought Victor didn't know him at all if Victor thought Scott would betray him, but Victor contended that trust had to be earned. Scott sourly asked if he had to prove himself by providing a list of women he'd had drinks with and playing backup harmonica for Nikki. Victor ordered Scott to provide him with a list of concerts that had been performed at the park pavilion, and Scott walked out.

Victor answered a call and demanded to know why Dr. Harris had phoned him. The doctor reported that the woman Victor had warned him about had been there with a story about being Chloe's concerned sister, and she'd been with a man who'd claimed to be her husband, but the man hadn't been wearing a ring. Victor confirmed that Dr. Harris hadn't made any mention of their connection, and the doctor complained that it hadn't been what he'd signed on for. As Scott eavesdropped, Victor barked that Chloe Mitchell was the reason he paid Dr. Harris handsomely, so the doctor would do as Victor asked. A dazed Chloe shuffled into Dr. Harris' living room.

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