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Hilary advised Juliet to file a sexual harassment lawsuit. Chelsea found Chloe dead from an overdose. Abby confessed to Victor that she'd used Newman funds to proceed with her startup incubator project. Billy and Phyllis decided to move in together. Ashley suspected that Dina was dying.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of May 29, 2017 on Y&R
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Victor tells Dr. Harris to invoke the nuclear option with Chloe Victor tells Dr. Harris to invoke the nuclear option with Chloe

Monday, May 29, 2017

Outside Victor's office at Newman Enterprises, Scott overheard Victor on the phone, talking to Dr. Harris. Victor said, "Chloe Mitchell is the reason I'm paying you so handsomely, so you do as I ask. You keep me apprised of any new developments." After the call ended, Scott admitted he'd overheard Victor talking to someone about Chloe Mitchell. Victor explained that he was still searching for Chloe because she should pay for her crime. Victor added that his family deserved closure.

Scott told Victor that Kevin had mentioned that the search for Chloe hadn't been successful. Scott insisted that it was almost impossible for people to stay off the grid. Scott suggested that someone had been helping Chloe. Victor remained stoic. Scott asked Victor if he'd uncovered any leads. Victor said someone had claimed that Chloe had been spotted in Mexico, but no one there had positively identified her. Scott said he'd directed Chelsea to a psychiatric facility where Chloe had once been a patient. Victor said he was certain it would be a dead end.

Scott placed a folder on Victor's desk and said it contained a list of concerts held at Chancellor Park Pavilion. Victor thumbed through the list of musical performances, some similar to the one he'd planned for Nikki. Scott noted that compiling the list had been a menial task. Scott added that he was a man of his word and would continue doing whatever Victor asked. Scott said he was being underutilized and should be helping locate Chloe. Victor replied, "I need you here." Scott protested, but Victor sent him out.

After Scott left, Victor recalled a flashback of his past conversation with Chloe at Dr. Harris' home, where Chloe had demanded to know why she'd been taken to Dr. Harris' home. Chloe recalled that Victor had given her money to disappear. Victor told Chloe he couldn't allow her to roam freely around the world because he didn't want his name associated with her. Victor promised Chloe that the police wouldn't find her. Chloe reminded Victor that he'd promised her a new life. Victor replied, "And you promised me you wouldn't murder my son."

As Victor's flashback continued, he recalled telling Chloe that she was in her new home. Dr. Harris appeared and told Chloe that he would take care of her. After Chloe protested, Dr. Harris explained that he would continue treating her. Chloe again refused help. Victor then grabbed Chloe, and Dr. Harris injected her with a sedative. After Chloe passed out, Victor instructed Dr. Harris to secure all windows and doors, set up 24-hour surveillance, and make sure Chloe had no access to communications of any kind. Dr. Harris agreed and said he had the phone provided to him, so Victor could contact him. After Victor paid Dr. Harris, the doctor promised to look after Chloe.

After Scott stepped out of Victor's office, he ran into Abby. Abby insisted Scott tell her what he and Victor had discussed in their private meeting. Scott replied, "Newman business." Abby said, "Was it about the digital-media acquisition?" Scott replied, "Nope." Abby continued to name various projects and insisted Scott tell her what she'd missed. Scott informed Abby that not everything revolved around her. Abby sighed and glared at Scott as he walked away.

Abby entered Victor's office. Abby noticed that Victor seemed lost in thought, and she asked if he'd been thinking about Adam. Victor said he'd been thinking about how it all could've been different. Victor admitted that Adam had betrayed him too many times. Victor said there was nothing more devastating than finding out one of his children couldn't be trusted. Abby became uneasy. Victor invited Abby to look him in the eye and tell him if she had something to share, because he didn't appreciate having someone do something behind his back. Abby sighed and later left without discussing anything with Victor.

Abby strolled through Chancellor Park, carrying a shopping bag. Scott spotted Abby and said, "No wonder you miss so many meetings." Abby turned and walked toward Scott. Abby insisted that she'd never missed a scheduled meeting. Abby added that she was never invited to the top-secret meetings Scott had with Victor so often.

Scott asked Abby if she'd soothed her feelings by buying something that cost more than most people made in a year. Abby pointed to the Fenmore name on her bag and reminded Scott that his grandfather had founded the store. Abby noted that she donated to charities and found that browsing often helped her solve problems. Before Abby left in a huff, she explained that she'd made the most of what had been handed to her while Scott constantly complained about the opportunity Victor had given him.

Back at Dr. Harris' house, Chloe appeared in the doorway just after Dr. Harris' phone call with Victor ended. Chloe told the doctor that she'd awakened, entered the room, and seen a man and a woman asking about her. Chloe began sobbing and said she couldn't go to prison. Dr. Harris suggested he might have to administer medication to relax Chloe if she didn't calm down. Chloe refused additional medication and asked about the people she'd seen. Dr. Harris told Chloe that the people had asked about her. Chloe became upset, but Dr. Harris insisted that the people had believed him when he told them he didn't know where she was. Dr. Harris gave Chloe colored pencils and a sketchpad and instructed her to draw because it would help calm her nerves.

In a rented car, Nick told Chelsea he was sorry the doctor couldn't provide leads to Chloe's whereabouts. Chelsea noted that she could read people well. Chelsea insisted that Dr. Harris hadn't been truthful, based on the way he'd hastily ushered them out the door. Chloe said if she could question Dr. Harris again, he might slip up and change his story. Nick agreed they should try again. Chelsea replied, "Let's go back inside."

Chloe was drawing when the doorbell rang. Dr. Harris heard the doorbell and instructed Chloe to hide after he realized that Nick and Chelsea had returned. Dr. Harris took the sketchpad from Chloe and set it on a sofa table. Dr. Harris answered the door and told Chelsea and Nick that he was busy. Chelsea pleaded with the doctor and said it was important to her family to know what had happened to Chloe. Dr. Harris let them in.

Nick wandered around the room as Chelsea questioned Dr. Harris. Chelsea said she believed that Dr. Harris knew someone who could locate Chloe. Dr. Harris insisted that Chloe had no close friends at the facility. Chelsea explained that someone had helped Chloe escape from Genoa City after she'd murdered Adam Newman. Chelsea asked about Dr. Harris' visitor records and insisted she be allowed to view them. Dr. Harris recalled that Chloe had told him she had no family. Dr. Harris explained that patients sometimes shut out family members to prevent them from being burdensome. The doctor assured Chelsea and Nick that Chloe couldn't have had any type of outside contact without him being aware.

As Dr. Harris escorted Chelsea and Nick toward the door, Chelsea noticed Chloe's drawing. Chelsea gasped and dropped her keys, so she could get another look at the drawing. After Chelsea and Nick left, Dr. Harris phoned Victor and told him that Chelsea and Nick had seemed suspicious, and he asked what he should do. Victor replied, "I'd hoped it wouldn't come to this, but we have no choice. You know what you have to do." Dr. Harris said, "The nuclear option." Victor said it was the only way. Dr. Harris said he would take care of her. Chloe overheard and seemed stunned.

Chelsea and Nick returned to their car. Nick was disappointed because they hadn't gathered any information about Chloe. Chelsea said, "I might've." Nick replied, "What?" Chelsea told Nick that she'd spotted a sketchpad on a table. Chelsea added that what she'd seen had made her certain Dr. Harris knew exactly where Chloe was.

At Brash & Sassy, Cane entered Victoria's office and learned that Victoria had refused to accept Billy's resignation and had fired Juliet instead. Cane claimed that Victoria had never intended to fire Billy. Cane didn't take the news well and told Victoria that if she wished to keep a "screwup" on her payroll, she owed him an explanation. Referring to Billy, Cane added, "He was caught on camera, talking about betting on professional games with players." Cane insisted that Billy should be the one to get fired. Victoria reminded Cane that it had been Juliet's job to get confirmation from the league on all footage before releasing it. Before Victoria walked away, she said, "What's done is done." Cane promised to carry on with business as usual.

At GC Buzz, Hilary expected Lily to be livid when she approached. Hilary soon realized that she and Lily weren't discussing the topic Hilary had expected. Instead, Lily complained that someone had scrapped the hockey commercial. Lily explained that the hockey league had threatened to cancel their deal because of the footage that had aired on Hilary's show. Lily added that Victoria had traveled to Toronto to explain and had promised not to air the commercial on Hilary's show.

Recalling Hilary's misunderstanding, Lily asked what she was supposed to be angry about. Hilary replied, "It was just the footage that I sent you." Lily explained that she'd never viewed it because Cane had destroyed the flash drive. Lily noted that the hockey league had insisted that none of the Los Angeles footage should ever be aired. Lily, recalling that Hilary had thought she should be angry, accused Hilary of being jealous. Hilary said Lily would never surpass her success. Lily asked if she could have access to her Dare fragrance promotion, since the hockey footage was unusable. Hilary said she'd employ an intern to gather the footage.

Lily told Hilary that Cane had requested she ensure that all hockey footage be deleted and that the master copy of the footage be destroyed. Hilary walked to her laptop and suggested Lily step away. Lily insisted she make sure that Hilary deleted the footage. Hilary replied, "Fine. By all means. Let's make sure your beady little eyes see everything they need to see."

After Hilary completed the task, Lily asked if Hilary had deleted everything, including backup files, related to the hockey league. Hilary assured Lily that the "national nightmare" had been averted. Hilary said she'd prove it by clicking on the last uploaded clip. Hilary placed her cursor on a file titled "Juliet and her Romeo."

Before Hilary started the video, Theo approached and announced that Hilary's guest had canceled. Hilary ordered Theo to phone the guest. Lily was busy composing a text message to send to Cane. Hilary interrupted Lily and said she couldn't show her any of the video files. Lily said she believed Hilary had deleted the footage because she wouldn't want to tarnish her new and improved reputation by backstabbing Billy and Victoria. Lily left.

At Chancellor Park, Billy and Phyllis sat together on a park bench. Billy said he needed to return to the office. Phyllis noted that Billy was anxious to learn whether or not Victoria had accepted his resignation. Billy glanced at his phone and said, "No message, no text, no nothing, so I'm not sure if that's a bad thing or a good thing." Phyllis said she knew that leaving the company was the last thing Billy wanted to do.

Billy replied, "Yeah, it is. The league said somebody has to pay the price, and I'm the logical choice, as I was the idiot who was betting with hockey players on a professional game." Phyllis reminded Billy that he'd been joking about betting. Phyllis assured Billy that if forced to leave the company, he would ascend to bigger and better things. Phyllis suggested Billy join Fenmore's. Billy said Jack wouldn't accept him. Billy said he'd joined Brash & Sassy to prove himself to his mother. Phyllis noted that Billy had proven himself to be a talented businessman.

Billy entered Brash & Sassy and asked to meet alone with Victoria to finish their conversation. Cane watched smugly as Billy and Victoria entered her office. Billy asked if he should pack his belongings. Victoria said, "I formally reject your resignation, Mr. Abbott." Without missing a beat, Victoria handed Billy a file and requested that he help her create a promotion for the hockey tie-in. Billy asked if the league had agreed to let him remain with the company.

Victoria explained that she'd met the league's stipulations regarding the incident. Victoria added that she'd fired Juliet. Victoria informed Billy that she'd slashed his budget and would be more hands-on with his project as a result of his missteps. Billy assured Victoria that she could rely on him at work and with Johnny and Katie, too. Victoria suggested she, Billy, and the kids reschedule their trip to San Diego. Billy replied, "Can we just talk about that later?" Victoria said Billy didn't seem interested. Billy claimed he wanted to retain his momentum at work.

After Victoria stepped out, Cane entered and noted that Billy was still working on the men's line, despite what had happened. Cane added that Billy shouldn't let Juliet take the fall for his stupidity. Billy said he felt terrible about what had happened, but Victoria had refused to accept his resignation. Cane said Billy had options, but Juliet didn't, so Billy should've insisted on accepting the blame and resigning. Billy assured Cane that Juliet would be fine because she was smart and ambitious. Cane warned Billy that Victoria would eventually get rid of him for being a detriment to the company. Billy insisted he wasn't going anywhere, so if Cane didn't like it, he could find another job.

Phyllis entered Brash & Sassy in search of Billy. Victoria entered immediately afterward and greeted Phyllis. Phyllis congratulated Victoria on saving the hockey deal. Victoria said Billy would help her get things back on track. Phyllis said, "So you didn't accept his resignation?" Victoria said she never would because she needed Billy.

Cane walked through the lab and collected his things before heading out the door. Billy stepped out of the office and voiced a snide remark to Cane. Victoria shook her head and asked Billy why he always pushed Cane's buttons. Billy greeted Phyllis with a kiss. Phyllis said she'd just learned that Billy would be staying with Brash & Sassy. Billy said there was no place he'd rather be.

Victoria replied, "I'm really glad that we're still a team." Victoria and Billy said they both regretted that Juliet had been fired. Victoria noted that Billy was much more important to the company. Phyllis said, "It's difficult when two people want the same thing. There's always and winner and a loser." Phyllis held her gaze on Victoria when she said that word "loser."

At the Genoa City Athletic Club bar, Juliet ordered a vodka martini. Juliet told the bartender she didn't have a job, so she might linger a while. Hilary took a seat beside Juliet. Hilary apologized to Juliet for having earlier inquired about her one-night stand with Cane in Tokyo. Hilary said she'd heard that issues had been settled with the hockey league. Juliet explained that Victoria had fired her after the hockey league had demanded that someone be held accountable. Hilary offered to buy the drinks and listen if Juliet felt like venting.

Juliet recalled that she'd let Cane take all the credit after she'd saved the Asia deal. Hilary agreed that Victoria should've stood up to the hockey league for Juliet. Hilary condemned Victoria's lack of leadership skills. Juliet said she'd uprooted her life to accept her job and had nothing. Juliet cried, "Who wants to hire someone who was fired by a Newman?" Hilary urged Juliet for fight for her job. Juliet said she was the lowest-ranking employee with no leverage. Hilary replied, "You have more power than you realize. Trust me on this."

At the Ashbys' home, Lily said she felt bad for Juliet because she liked her. Cane agreed that it wasn't right for Juliet to suffer for someone else's mistakes. Lily admitted that the league had placed Victoria in a no-win situation. Cane said had Victoria fired Billy, they would've all won. Cane said he was certain Juliet was upset because she'd put everything she had into her job. Lily said perhaps Juliet might find a better opportunity. Cane nodded as he sipped his beer.

Ashley invites Dina to a family dinner

Ashley invites Dina to a family dinner

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Phyllis stepped off the elevator at Jabot, and Jack surmised that she was putting in extra hours on her special assignment. He thought she seemed upset, and he recalled that she'd been concerned about Billy losing his job. Jack assumed that Victoria had pulled the trigger, but Phyllis informed him that Victoria was keeping Billy on. Jack praised Victoria for going to the mat for Billy, especially given the money she had lost with the hockey deal being dead. Phyllis indicated that Victoria had managed to salvage things with the hockey league, and she taunted that it was too bad, since she knew how much Jack had wanted the deal for Jabot.

Jack said he'd learned never to underestimate Victoria when she wanted something, and he thought Phyllis would be wise to take note of that. Phyllis snapped that Victoria was keeping Billy on her team because he was an asset, and she mentioned that Billy had offered his resignation. Jack found it predictable that Billy had stepped over the line then regretted it, but he didn't think he had to tell Phyllis about that. Phyllis chided Jack for trying to rewrite history, since Victor had been the reason she and Jack hadn't made it. Jack huffed that Phyllis had made a choice when she hadn't been able to work through her anger, and she hadn't cared who'd gotten hurt.

Jack blurted out that it was no wonder he'd surrounded himself with people who lied and cheated but made excuses for it. Phyllis guessed that Jack's reaction stemmed from Dina being in town, and she assumed that Jack had seen his mother. Jack claimed that he'd simply had an insight about why he'd wound up with Phyllis, but Phyllis countered that at least the person she was seeing wasn't married. She revealed that she'd seen Nikki in Jack's arms, but Jack argued that his friendship with Nikki was nothing he had to hide. Phyllis noted that he'd been sniffing around the Newman marriage for months, and she was sure of what she'd seen.

At the Athletic Club, Abby observed that Ashley seemed out of sorts, and she expressed surprise that Ashley had asked to meet at the club, since Dina was staying there. Ashley indicated that it had been the reason why she'd chosen to meet there, and she offered to tell Abby why after Abby dished about how her visit with Dina had gone. Abby was stunned that Ashley knew about it, and she insisted that she hadn't initiated anything and that Dina had invited her over. Abby acknowledged that Ashley had reasons to resent Dina, but Abby defended that she didn't even know her grandmother. Abby questioned what Ashley was going to do.

Ashley swore that she wouldn't cause a scene with Dina and that she wasn't upset with Abby for visiting her grandmother. Abby reported that Dina had been afraid of how Ashley would react if Dina had reached out to Abby, and she pointed out that Ashley still hadn't forgiven Dina. Ashley promised that she wouldn't stand in the way if Abby wanted a relationship with her grandmother. Abby admitted that she'd been pretty nervous to meet Dina at first, but Dina had turned out to be quite different than the image Abby had had in her head, since she'd seen a glimmer of vulnerability in Dina. Ashley warned Abby not to fall for it, since Dina was a shrewd negotiator who was good at disarming people.

Abby asserted that she liked that Dina spoke her mind, and Ashley advised Abby not to expect too much to avoid getting hurt. Dina and Graham approached, and Dina politely greeted Ashley and Abby. Ashley wondered if Dina was free that night, since it seemed like a good time for an Abbott family dinner. Ashley explained that Traci was in Chicago to do publicity for her book, but Traci could make it that night and wanted to see Dina. Dina was pleasantly shocked, and Ashley urged her to say yes. Abby suggested that they walk out together, and she privately whispered that Ashley had no idea what it meant to her. Ashley hoped she didn't live to regret it.

Dina sent Graham upstairs to fetch something she'd forgotten, and she gushed that she was excited about that evening. Ashley and Abby left, and Phyllis approached Dina and introduced herself. Dina realized that Phyllis had been married to Jack, and Phyllis proclaimed that it had been some of the happiest days of her life. Dina haughtily asked why Phyllis had cheated on Jack with his brother if that had been the case.

Phyllis asserted that the issues in her relationship with Jack hadn't been as black and white as the tabloids had made them out to be, and she accused Victor of orchestrating the painful circumstances that had caused her and Jack to separate. Dina condemned Phyllis for blaming someone else for her own weakness, and Phyllis retorted that she and Jack had found a way to remain civil, unlike Dina and John. Dina called Phyllis out on her own hypocrisy, since the issues between Dina and John had been far more complex than the tales Phyllis had heard. Phyllis hissed that Jack still had scars and a difficult time trusting women. Dina countered that while Phyllis might blame her for Jack's problems, Phyllis had been the one to destroy her own marriage by sleeping with Jack's brother.

Dina conceded that she'd cheated on John, but at least she'd had the decency not to do it with his family members, and she'd chosen to leave rather than to humiliate her husband. Dina stated that what Phyllis had done had been downright tawdry and that Jack's relationship issues had nothing to do with what had happened decades earlier. Phyllis recounted that she'd "fought like hell" have a relationship with her own son, and she couldn't fathom a parent leaving her kids. Phyllis demanded that Dina not hurt Jack more than she already had.

Dina griped that she was sick of being blamed for her grown children's problems. She explained that she'd been desperately unhappy when she'd been married to John, and she'd realized too late that she hadn't been cut out to be a parent, so she'd left. Dina acknowledged that she'd hurt Jack deeply, and she intended to make up for it. She asked if Phyllis could say the same, and she excused herself to go to an important meeting.

Ashley arrived at Jabot, and Ravi informed her that the numbers for Jabot Go were exceeding expectations. He noticed that she seemed distracted, and she revealed that she'd taken his advice about killing her mother with kindness. Ravi inquired how it had felt to swallow her anger. Ashley replied that it hadn't been without torment, but it had felt somewhat liberating. She realized that it had been easy to forget Dina existed when her mother had lived across the world, but it had been exhausting to sort through her emotions since Dina had returned to town. Ashley announced that she'd invited Dina to dinner at the Abbott house that night. Jack was shocked when he overheard.

Ashley recognized that she should have run the idea by Jack first, but everything had fallen into place very quickly with Traci being in town. Jack wondered what had been behind Ashley's change of heart, and Ashley credited Ravi for pointing out certain family dynamics. Ravi figured that it had taken an outsider to offer a different perspective, and he hoped it would be a healing experience. After Ravi stepped out, Jack implored Ashley to tell him what had really happened.

Ashley admitted that there had been nothing easy about being nice to Dina, much less offering to break bread in the same house their mother had walked out of. Jack said Ashley had had a stone wall up for some time, and he questioned how she'd gotten to that place. Ashley indicated that her daughter wanted to get to know her grandmother, and she'd been able to overcome the obstacles to make it happen. Ashley figured that one dinner wouldn't change anything, and they'd get back to their lives once their mother moved back to Paris.

Sharon bussed a table at Crimson Lights, and Scott swooped in and grabbed the bin of dirty dishes from her. He explained that Abby had called him out for playing hooky, so he'd decided to go for broke. Scott and Sharon kissed, and Kevin walked in and declared that a lot had happened since the last time he'd seen them. Scott and Sharon confirmed that they were dating, and Sharon inquired about Bella. Kevin reported that things had been both good and bad, since the girl kept asking when her mommy would be home. Scott relayed that Victor's people had found some promising leads in Mexico, and he was sure it was just a matter of time until they found Chloe.

Kevin mentioned that Paul had been keeping him updated about the search, but the longer Chloe was out there, the less likely she was to be found. Scott argued that Victor didn't have to follow the law, and he believed Victor would go to any lengths to find the woman who'd killed his son. Sharon sensed that Kevin wanted Chloe to stay on the run, and Kevin bemoaned that his idea of a happy family wasn't talking through a glass wall. Sharon pointed out that Chloe and Bella would still be part of one another's lives, but Kevin doubted that they'd develop a relationship with Chloe behind bars. Kevin confirmed that he hoped no one found Chloe.

At a Louisiana hotel, Chelsea begged Nick to listen to her, but he was skeptical that a doodle had made her think she knew where Chloe was. Chelsea explained that the sketch she'd seen at Dr. Harris' house had been the wedding dress she'd designed for Chloe, and the details of the dress had been very rare and unique. Chelsea contended that the wedding had been Chloe's last good memory before her entire world had exploded, but Nick doubted that Dr. Harris would take such a big risk by hiding Chloe. Chelsea understood if Nick was done with the search, but she refused to give up.

Over the phone, Dr. Harris balked when Victor insisted that the "nuclear option" was the only way out. Chloe eavesdropped as the doctor said he'd take care of it, and he noticed her standing there. Dr. Harris told her that they had to talk, and he poured her a glass of water and encouraged her to use her words instead of acting out. He implored her tell him why she looked frightened, and she stammered that she'd been thinking about the people who'd been there earlier.

Dr. Harris stressed that he didn't expect the people to return, and he gave his word that he'd continue to protect Chloe. She inquired about Victor, and Dr. Harris claimed that both he and Victor wanted to see her safe and well. The doctor announced that it was time for her medication, and he handed her a pill. Chloe wished it didn't make her confused and sleepy all the time, but Dr. Harris assured her that it would help her feel less anxious. She appeared to swallow the pill, and he stepped away. Chloe looked down at the pill in her hand.

Dr. Harris set down a plate of food as Chloe sketched. He commented that she was quite talented, and she quietly thanked him and said she liked pretty things. She dropped her pencil, and he bent down to retrieve it. She grabbed a pair of scissors and ominously held them over his head. Dr. Harris turned around, and Chloe dropped the scissors and cried that she was sorry. He reminded her of the rule about not acting out. She whimpered that she hadn't wanted to hurt him, but she was just scared.

Dr. Harris said he understood, but he wondered why Chloe had wanted to attack him when all he'd ever done had been to help her. Chloe swore that she'd never hurt him, but the people who had been there earlier had really shaken her up. The doctor promised that there was nothing to be afraid of. His phone rang, and he motioned for her to keep quiet as he answered the call. Nick told Dr. Harris that he'd gotten the number online. He apologized for bothering the doctor again, but he hadn't known where else to turn.

Nick claimed that he'd only agreed to search for Chloe because he loved his "wife," but Chelsea had started to become obsessed and was threatening to go to the police. Dr. Harris maintained that he'd given them all the information he had, but Nick mentioned that his wife had seen something at the doctor's house that had wound her up. Nick requested that the doctor meet them to reassure Chelsea that whatever she'd seen hadn't meant anything. The doctor wrote down the address and agreed to meet Nick shortly. Chloe nervously asked if Dr. Harris was leaving, and he repeated his promise to take care of her.

Dr. Harris arrived at Nick's hotel room and was surprised that Chelsea wasn't there. Nick claimed that he'd sent her on an errand, but he anticipated that he and the doctor could work it out themselves. Nick demanded that Dr. Harris admit that Victor had bribed him to sign off on Chloe's release papers, and he revealed that he was Victor's son. Nick bellowed that because of the doctor's greed, Chloe had murdered Nick's brother in cold blood. The doctor swore that he'd believed that Chloe had recovered and that she hadn't been a threat to anyone. He recounted that Victor had needed Chloe to help with a task, but there had never been any talk of killing anyone.

Dr. Harris added that Nick couldn't blame the murder on him without implicating Victor, but Nick spat that the doctor was kidding himself if he thought Victor would protect him. Nick threatened to make the doctor suffer for what he'd done unless he divulged Chloe's whereabouts, and he suspected Dr. Harris had been watching her for Victor. Dr. Harris reasoned that Nick had been in his home twice and that Chloe hadn't been there, but Nick pointed out that he'd only seen the front room. The doctor declared that he was done with the interrogation. He headed for the door, but Nick slammed it shut.

At Newman Enterprises, Nikki entered Victor's office and recalled that Victor had manipulated her into a piano concert the last time he'd summoned her there. She wondered what kind of emotional blackmail was on the agenda that evening, but he informed her that Chelsea had gone off to look for Chloe on her own and that Nick had joined her. Nikki worried that Nick would tell Chelsea everything about Victor's actions leading to Adam's death and that Chelsea wouldn't have any obligation to keep quiet. Victor huffed that she could blame her son if that happened, but Nikki snarled that if their family was hurt yet again, it would be because of Victor.

Victor admonished Nikki for enjoying assigning blame, especially if he was the scapegoat, but she swore that she took no pleasure from it. She lectured that he had the ability to step away from the pain he'd caused, but she was hurt when she saw their children suffer for something he'd done. She added that it hurt to think about how happy she'd been when she'd honestly believed he'd changed his priorities to make time for her and their family. Victor contended that she could have all of that back if it was what she wanted. Nikki sadly wished she could, but she didn't think she had any forgiveness left.

Nikki said she couldn't turn back the clock, and she wouldn't feign blissful ignorance anymore. She assumed that Victor hadn't considered the possibility of Chelsea or the police finding Chloe, and she wondered what he'd do when they did. Nikki suddenly added that she didn't want to know, and she stalked out. Outside the office, Nikki paused and reeled from the encounter.

Nick called Victor, who blasted him for lying about Chelsea's search after they'd agreed to keep the story to themselves. Nick flatly stated that it was over, since he'd spoken to Dr. Harris, who'd admitted everything and was about to lead them to Chloe.

Chelsea approached Dr. Harris' house and peered in through the window. She picked the lock on the front door and crept into the doctor's home. Chelsea found an unconscious Chloe sprawled on the floor, surrounded by pills.

Chelsea is in shock after finding Chloe

Chelsea is in shock after finding Chloe

> Chelsea is in shock after finding Chloe

Chelsea is in shock after finding Chloe

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

by Nel

At the Newman office, Victor was on the phone with Nick and chastised him for betraying the family. He told Nick that the truth would be devastating to Nikki. He reminded Nick that, as a family, they'd agreed not to let the story surface, and he hung up on Nick. Nikki returned and asked if they'd found Chloe. She stated that they had to prepare themselves. Nikki said the fallout wouldn't just fall on Victor because Victor would have his set of consequences, and the family would have theirs.

Victor asked why Nikki wasn't bothered by her son's choices. Nikki said that Nick cared very much about Chelsea, and he didn't want to see their relationship tainted with mistrust. Nick had seen enough of that to last him a lifetime. Nikki said Victor should be proud that someone in his family had such integrity. Disgusted, Victor got up abruptly and left his office.

Chelsea was in Dr. Harris' home. She was shocked to find Chloe unconscious on the floor with pills scattered around her. Chelsea tried frantically to wake Chloe, to no avail. Chelsea picked up the empty prescription container and realized Chloe had overdosed. Dr. Harris returned and wanted to know what Chelsea had done. He checked Chloe for a pulse and said Chloe was gone. Chelsea was extremely upset. She called Nick and asked him to go to Dr. Harris' because Chloe was dead.

When Nick arrived, he said they should have found a different way to get Dr. Harris out of the house. Chelsea said it wouldn't have made a difference. Chelsea cried that she'd only wanted to confront Chloe and then have her put in jail. She'd never wanted Chloe to die. Dr. Harris told Chelsea that the EMT wanted to question her. Nick stepped outside and called Victor.

The EMT told Dr. Harris they were ready to transport the body to the morgue, and he'd have to go with them to sign the death certificate and confirm it had been a suicide.

Dr. Harris said Chloe had killed herself because she'd known Chelsea was close. Chelsea said he should have told her that Chloe was there. The doctor agreed and said that Chloe wouldn't have been alone and panicked. Dr. Harris asked if Chelsea wanted the body taken to Genoa City. Chelsea said yes, and the family would make the arrangements. Chelsea picked up Chloe's drawing and told Nick that it wasn't supposed to have ended like that.

Hilary arrived at Crimson Lights and told Lily she'd been thinking about her. Hilary asked Lily if a model/wannabe actress still got paid if a commercial got canceled. Lily said it was not joke -- the league wanted all traces of the video deleted, and they had pressured Victoria into firing Juliet. Lily admitted that Juliet had messed up, but she wondered if it had really been that bad. Hilary said that some people might say what Juliet had done was unforgivable.

Lily said Juliet had worked hard and had been an essential part of the team. Hilary slyly said that Cane valued all of Juliet's contributions, and he'd have to get along without her. Lily said Juliet was smart and would figure out her next move. Lily left.

At the Athletic Club entrance, Jack arrived to escort Dina to the Abbott home. Dina told Graham she'd text him when she was ready to return. While Dina took a call, Jack explained to Graham that it was a family dinner. Graham teasingly suggested that Jack return Dina before her curfew. Jack said they'd probably struggle to keep up with Dina.

Dina returned and asked Jack if he'd known about the dinner and wondered if he was as excited as she was. Jack admitted he'd been surprised, but Ashley had always pulled through where family was concerned. Dina stated that if Ashley considered her family, she'd accept it. Jack hoped for the best and told Dina to prepare for an interesting evening.

At a table in the club, Cane told Juliet that he'd made it clear to Victoria that the situation had been Billy's fault, and Billy should've been fired. Juliet was annoyed that Cane had tried to get Billy fired rather trying to save her job. Cane said he'd reminded Victoria that the whole Asian deal would've blown apart if it hadn't been for Juliet saving the day.

Cane felt he should have kept a closer eye on things. Juliet's ire escalated, and she asked if Cane felt it wouldn't have happened had Cane been doing her job. Cane didn't respond. He gave Juliet a list of headhunters and promised to write her a stellar reference. Juliet said they both knew that a new employer would want to know why she'd been fired. Juliet said once they knew, her reputation would be questioned.

Juliet became incensed when Cane suggested she'd be better off moving back to Tokyo for a fresh start. He said Hilary Curtis would become a distant memory. Juliet wanted to know what Hilary had to do with it. Cane reminded her that Hilary knew about them, and as long as Hilary had that information, she was dangerous. Juliet reminded him that she'd handled Hilary about that situation.

Cane said Juliet might think she'd handled it, but Hilary's ambition in life was to cause trouble. Juliet asked if Cane felt that if she wasn't in Genoa City, then Hilary couldn't cause trouble for him. Cane clarified it wasn't about him -- it was about them.

Juliet realized that Cane wanting her to move back to Tokyo suddenly made perfect sense. She asked if Cane thought that Victoria had fired the right person after all. Before Cane could answer, Lily arrived and asked how Juliet was holding up. Cane said he'd been telling Juliet how unfair her situation was. Lily was sorry Juliet had lost her job and said that Devon and Neil were looking for good people after starting their new business. Lily offered to put in a good word for Juliet.

Juliet thanked Lily and added that Cane felt she'd be better off moving back to Tokyo. Lily didn't want Juliet to go. Lily assured Juliet that Victoria hadn't wanted to fire her. The real culprit was the hockey league. They'd insisted that someone had to be fired if Victoria wanted to keep the deal in place.

Lily felt that the hockey league had overreacted. Not only did they want the commercial scrapped, but they also wanted all evidence of the footage deleted. Lily said she couldn't even use her footage from The Hilary Hour. Juliet glared at Cane and said Cane was right -- it was all so unfair.

After Juliet left, Lily asked Cane if Juliet was angry with him. Things had looked a little tense when she'd arrived. Cane said Juliet had been upset with the situation, and moving from Tokyo to Genoa City had probably left her strapped for cash. He felt that when Juliet came to terms with her situation, she'd be okay. Lily said that Juliet was lucky to have Cane as a good friend and looking out for her.

At the Abbott home, Ashley was overjoyed to see Traci. Traci asked why Ashley had planned the dinner with Dina. Ashley said that Ravi had convinced her that she was giving Dina her power by letting Ashley's anger dictate her actions. Traci said she'd known when she'd met Ravi that he was wise beyond his years. Ashley needed to kill Dina with kindness. Traci was happy that Ashley had curbed her anger toward Dina. Ashley asked if the anger and bitterness ever got to Traci and if Traci had forgiven Dina.

Traci hadn't forgiven Dina, but it was in the past, and it couldn't be changed, so she could see no point in belaboring it. Traci felt it might have been easier for her because she'd been so young when Dina had left. Traci had grown up knowing she'd never have a mother around. Ashley said she remembered every minute -- "like it was yesterday."

Abby happily greeted Traci. Dina arrived with Jack. In the dining room, Dina recalled the rivalry between Jack and Ashley. It was something a mother never forgot. Strange looks were exchanged. Mrs. Martinez entered with the food, and she was introduced to Dina.

Dina stated that the last time she'd been in the house, Mamie had been the housekeeper. Ashley said that Mamie had been more than a housekeeper -- she'd raised Jack, Ashley, and Traci. She added that Dina and Mamie had never gotten along. An awkward silence ensued, but Dina admitted it was all true.

Jack asked when Hamilton-Winters would announce their first Mergeron board meeting. Dina said not for a while because they were still doing logistics. Ashley asked if Dina would be going back to Paris. Dina felt that being with family had rejuvenated her, so she'd have to ask Graham. Traci asked who Graham was. Dina said Graham watched and doted over her. They all wanted to know more about Graham.

Dina asked if it was because of Graham's age. She was sure that Ashley got similar questions about her young friend Ravi. Ashley ignored Dina, but Traci asked how Dina and Graham had met. Dina said that like all career women, she'd met Graham at work. She said Graham was from the U.S., but he'd been with her in France for quite some time. She described him as a dear friend and trusted associate who took care of her.

Dina said she'd met Phyllis, who was still very protective of Jack. Jack stated that he and Phyllis had found a way to work together. Ashley said Phyllis only cared about Phyllis. Abby wanted to shelve the conversation, but Ashley asked what was wrong with pointing out that Jack was better off without Phyllis in his life. Dina agreed with Ashley.

Dina asked if Abby had been dating. Abby admitted she was married to her work. Dina said that Victor was thrilled that Abby had been able to bridge the gap of being both a Newman and an Abbott. Victor was very proud of her.

Jack noted that Dina hadn't asked how Traci was. Traci said she wasn't feeling ignored -- she was just happy they were all together. Dina told Traci she was Traci's biggest fan and asked how the edit on her new book was going. Dina was sure it would be a smash hit like Traci's first book. Ashley added, "And her second, third and fourth books." Ashley asked if Dina was aware that Traci had written several books.

Slightly uneasy, Dina said that was what she'd meant. Traci gave Dina a hard copy of her latest book. Dina joked that had she known about all the perks, she'd have returned a long time before.

In the living room, Dina recalled all the wonderful nights they'd spent in that room around the fire while she'd sung to the children so long before. Abby asked if Ashley remembered that. Ashley didn't respond. Jack said he remembered, and he was surprised that Dina did. Ashley said that Dina had only sung to Jack. Dina felt they didn't remember the good times because they'd been too young and because she'd caused them so much pain.

Dina began singing "Moon and Back." Jack joined in, and Traci and Ashley exchanged a look. Dina said that her father had sung that song to her when she'd been a child. It was her favorite song. Jack said it was his as well. Dina wished that Ashley and Traci had the memories that Jack had because they were moments she'd never forget.

Dina hadn't been sure what to expect from the evening, but she was grateful and thanked Ashley. She knew it had to have been difficult for Ashley because of their relationship. Ashley stated they'd never had a relationship. Traci jumped in and said it was never too late and suggested that it was time for a group selfie. Ashley reluctantly joined them. Dina and Ashley hugged. Dina acknowledged that it had been a wonderful evening, and she left with Graham.

Alone with Abby, Jack said the evening had gone better than he'd expected. He said it had been interesting that Dina had talked to Victor about Abby. Abby told Jack that she wanted to come clean with Victor and had decided to tell him that she'd gone behind his back and moved forward with the tech incubator.

In the dining room, Traci told Ashley that she couldn't put her finger on it, but something was very different about Dina. She'd changed.

In the Newman stable, Victor had been working out with a punching bag when he received a call from Nick advising him that Chloe had killed herself. Victor said Chloe had probably panicked. Nick hoped that Victor didn't think he was off the hook because Chloe had died before implicating Victor. Nick told Victor not to rest easy about facing criminal charges.

Nick said that Chelsea had wanted to find Chloe because she'd needed justice for Adam and closure for herself, which she still desperately needed. Nick said that Chloe might not be able to tell Chelsea the truth, but he could. Nick hung up. Victor looked completely defeated.

When Nikki entered the stable, Victor told her that Chloe had killed herself. He admitted that Chloe had been with Dr. Harris in his home in Louisiana, and he'd taken care of Chloe. Victor had felt Chloe would be better there rather than in an institution. He said he hadn't told Nikki because he'd wanted to make sure she'd never be implicated. Nikki realized that Chloe had to have known that Nick and Chelsea had been close.

Nikki said Victor was in the clear because Chloe was dead. There wasn't anyone to implicate him. Victor said that Nick knew Victor had returned Chloe to Genoa City to go after Adam, but he hadn't meant for Chloe to kill Adam. Nick had reminded Victor that Chelsea wanted closure, and he believed that Nick would tell Chelsea everything. Nikki said that Nick didn't want to keep up the lie.

Nikki asked why Victor had confided everything to her. She asked if Victor expected her to intercede on his behalf. Victor yelled he didn't expect "a damned thing" from Nikki because she'd already told him that she wouldn't help him. He yelled that he didn't care anymore because he'd lost everything, including his family, because of what he'd done. Nikki left the stable.

Hilary met Juliet at Crimson Lights. Juliet mentioned a comment Hilary had made earlier. Hilary asked if Juliet had been referring to having more power than she realized. Hilary said Juliet was smart and capable, and she wasn't out of options. Juliet said that according to Cane, her best option was to move back to Tokyo.

Hilary told Juliet not to do that because Juliet would then be out of the jurisdiction. Juliet asked what Hilary was talking about. Hilary advised Juliet to start a big, juicy lawsuit. Juliet reminded Hilary that she'd been fired for cause because of a dumb mistake that had cost Brash & Sassy a lot of money. She'd never win in a wrongful termination suit. Hilary surprised Juliet when she said she'd been referring to a sexual harassment suit that would be a slam-dunk win for Juliet.

Nick and Chelsea returned to their Louisiana motel room. Chelsea was devastated and told Nick she'd only wanted Chloe to go to jail -- not die. Chelsea had wanted to confront the woman she hated for killing Adam. Chelsea admitted she'd loved Chloe, and she realized that Chloe had thought she'd been protecting and saving Chelsea from Adam.

Chelsea admitted that she'd convinced herself that Chloe had healed, but she should've known Chloe hadn't. Chelsea lamented that all Chloe had wanted was a life with Kevin, Bella, and Esther. Chloe had known that if Chelsea had found her, Chloe would never have that life again. Nick asked about Chelsea wanting justice for Adam. He asked if Chelsea felt cheated. Chelsea was overwhelmed with grief and knew nothing would bring Chloe back. Chelsea thanked Nick for standing by her. Chelsea said that Chloe and Adam had done awful things, but they were free.

Chloe was seen lying on a metal slab in the morgue.

Chelsea tells Kevin about Chloe's death

Chelsea tells Kevin about Chloe's death

Thursday, June 1, 2017

At her penthouse, Chelsea told someone over the phone to get there as soon as they could. Victor arrived and explained that Nick had told him about the trip to Louisiana. Chelsea recalled seeing Chloe on the floor, pale and still, and she lamented that Chloe had been so terrified of them finding her that she'd considered the best option to be taking her own life. Chelsea felt responsible because if she hadn't pressured the doctor, Chloe would still be alive. Victor proclaimed that Chelsea wasn't guilty of "a damn thing."

Victor said none of them had wanted it to happen, but Chloe had been more disturbed than they'd realized. Chelsea recalled that Nick had told her that she'd been becoming obsessed with making Chloe pay, but she hadn't wanted it to be that way. Victor encouraged Chelsea to take solace in the fact that Adam's killer was no longer running around free. She walked him to the door, and he stepped past Kevin on his way out. Kevin asked what Victor had been doing there, since it was obvious that something was wrong.

Chelsea tearfully informed Kevin that Chloe was dead. Kevin insisted that Chelsea's information had to be wrong, but Chelsea told him that she'd been the one who'd found Chloe. Chelsea explained that Chloe had been on strong medication, and Kevin inquired whether Chloe had accidentally overdosed. Chelsea grasped his hands and gently stated that Chloe had taken her own life.

At Brash & Sassy, Nick informed Victoria that Chloe had intentionally overdosed because Chloe had thought he and Chelsea had been onto her. Victoria was horrified, and she asked if Victor knew. Nick reported that Chloe's death had been a surprise to their father, but the fact that she'd been in Louisiana hadn't been news to Victor. Nick growled that it was another secret, since the doctor who Victor had bribed to sign off on Chloe's release had been hiding her in his house. Nick added that Victor hadn't ever had any intention of paying for his sins, but Chloe had paid the ultimate price for hers.

Victoria argued that Victor couldn't have predicted that Chloe would self-destruct, but Nick thought part of Victor was relieved that Chloe was gone for good. Victoria asked if Nick had told Chelsea the whole truth, but Nick stood by his promise to Nikki, even though he hated lying to Chelsea. Nick added that he had no regrets about helping Chelsea find Adam's killer, and Victor could "go to hell" if he had a problem with it. Victoria asked if Dr. Harris could be trusted not to expose Victor, and Nick replied that the doctor would only implicate himself.

Victoria realized that no one else would ever know that Victor and Chloe had conspired together, and Nick figured it would take a lot of the pressure off. Victoria groaned that keeping up the act had been exhausting, and she'd had enough stress as it was between the hockey fiasco and Billy and Phyllis being back together. Nick hoped she didn't cave in and forgive Victor, since if either Victoria or Nikki softened their attitudes, Victor would know he could get away with anything.

Later, Nick arrived at Chelsea's penthouse and extended his condolences to Kevin, who asked how they'd found Chloe. Chelsea admitted that she'd been searching for Chloe for weeks, and Kevin angrily accused her of lying about hating the thought of Chloe being locked up. Chelsea defended that she hadn't been able to live with Adam's killer going unpunished, but Kevin argued that giving up Bella had been punishment enough. Chelsea explained that Chloe had hidden that the judge had sent Chloe to a higher-security facility in Louisiana, and Chloe had run back to the doctor who'd treated her there after Chelsea had found out Chloe had killed Adam.

Kevin thought none of it made sense, and he pointed out that Chloe hadn't been suicidal after Delia had died. Kevin bellowed that Chloe had been tormented by Nick and Chelsea hounding her, and he demanded that Chelsea tell him what she'd seen. Chelsea recounted that she'd found Chloe lying on the floor with pills scattered around her. Kevin insisted on getting proof, and Nick informed him that Chloe's body would be flown home once the medical examiner completed what was legally required. Kevin was adamant about talking to Dr. Harris and the medical examiner himself, but Nick tried to dissuade him from doing so. Kevin asked what they were trying to hide from him.

Nick understood that Kevin wanted answers, but he thought it would only tear Kevin apart to confirm that Chloe's death had been a suicide. Chelsea handed Kevin the sketch Chloe had drawn, and she revealed that she'd known the doctor had been lying when she'd spotted it in his house. Kevin pulled up a photo on his phone of Chloe in her wedding dress, and Chelsea said Chloe had sketched the gown from memory. Kevin recalled how excited he and Chloe had been to get married again, and he thought the sketch meant that Chloe had never stopped thinking about him and what might have been. Kevin wailed that Chloe was gone, and Chelsea put her arms around him as he wept.

After Kevin left, Chelsea bemoaned that it had been one of hardest things she'd ever had to do. Nick assured her that Kevin's family would rally around him, but she thought it wouldn't lessen the pain. Nick thought the support would help Kevin find a way to live with what had happened for Bella's sake as well as his own. Chelsea murmured that she wouldn't be able to get through it without Nick, and he replied that she wouldn't have to. He thought she'd been letting her rage and bitterness overshadow the good things in her life, and he suggested that she start putting it behind her. She wondered if he'd be able to do that, too.

Victor entered Brash & Sassy and offered to help Victoria with the hockey promotion debacle. She flatly stated that she'd resolved everything, and she knew what was really behind the offer, since Nick had told her everything. Victoria huffed that Victor no longer had to worry about Chloe exposing their questionable involvement, and she guessed that he wanted things to go back to the way they'd been. Victor insisted that he adored Victoria, and he suspected that she wanted their family to go back to how it had been.

Victoria spat that she hated that their family was a disaster, and she had Victor to thank for it. She raged that he'd forced his family to plaster smiles on their faces and lie to the people they cared about to avoid him taking them down with him. Victor conceded that they'd had challenges as a family before, but they'd always stuck together. She questioned how she was supposed to ignore that Chloe had died because he'd been protecting his own skin. Victor blamed Nick for letting Chelsea pursue Chloe, but Victoria asserted that the blame was all on Victor.

Victoria imagined that Victor was relieved that he didn't have to worry about Chloe anymore, but she argued that both Adam and Chloe were dead because of Victor's obsessive need to control everyone around him. Victor anticipated that Victoria would regret every harsh word when she needed his help one day, and he barked that none of them had given "a damn" about Adam. He contended that he hadn't killed his son, and he stalked out.

At the Abbott mansion, Ashley asked Traci to stay for the weekend, but Traci groaned that her publisher would kill her if she missed her book signing. Traci promised that she'd be back soon, especially if Dina stuck around town. Ashley couldn't imagine their mother staying longer than necessary, but Traci suspected that Ashley's soiree had been so successful that Dina might never want to leave. Ashley advised Traci not to get carried away by one dinner, and she reiterated that despite what Dina had said, their mother had never sung that song to them.

Traci theorized that Dina had remembered it that way to live with her conscience, and Ashley asked what Traci had meant when she'd said Dina had seemed off. Traci couldn't put her finger on it, but she thought Dina had mellowed, and she recounted that Dina had even joked at her own expense. Ashley chalked it up to nerves, but Traci thought it had seemed important to Dina to ingratiate herself with them. Ashley huffed that it had never been a priority before, but Traci wondered if Dina's trip wasn't just about business.

Traci speculated that Dina had realized that people were more important than money or a career, and she believed their mother had been overdue for that lesson. Traci said she had to get going, since she wanted to stop by to say goodbye to Dina. Ashley called it a decent gesture, and Traci jokingly pointed out that she was the nicest Abbott. Ashley said she always took everything Traci said to heart, and they exchanged declarations of love before Traci departed.

At the Athletic Club, Neil and Devon presented a short list of board candidates to Dina, but she considered the choices unappealing. Graham complained that the candidates were all Americans, and Neil reasoned that they'd be running Mergeron Enterprises from the United States. Dina expected that they'd hire some of her close colleagues for the transition, but Neil lectured that the best boards were comprised of independent thinkers functioning for the company's best interests. Dina haughtily suggested that Neil remember who he was talking to before he tried schooling her.

Neil turned the topic to a company called Umlaut Unlimited, and Dina appeared not to recognize the name. Graham reminded her that they'd acquired the company in Munich, and Dina advised Neil and Devon to leave it be if they were thinking about changing everything. Neil got the impression that she didn't fully trust them to run Mergeron, but Dina contended that she wouldn't have sold them the company if she felt that way. Devon was distracted by Hilary's interview with Julie Chen on the television, and he crossed over to the bar to watch it.

Neil informed Dina that Hilary owned the show that Dina had appeared on, and Dina remarked that Hilary was a beautiful young woman. Neil mumbled that Hilary was a whole lot more than that. Devon returned and said he and Neil appreciated Dina's expertise, but he asserted that they wanted to do things their own way. Dina swore that she had faith in their ability, but she requested that they indulge her. Dina pressed to know how they planned to preserve her legacy.

Later, Neil wrapped things up with Dina as Traci entered the club. Neil hugged Traci, who asked for a few minutes alone with her mother. After Neil stepped away, Dina invited Traci upstairs to talk privately. Traci declined because she had to go to Milwaukee, but she'd wanted to stop by to tell Dina how great it had been to see her. Dina suggested they have supper when Traci got back, but Traci clarified that she would be heading back to New York after her book signing. Dina was disappointed that they wouldn't have more time together.

Dina wished Traci didn't live that far away, and Traci commented that Dina was the one who lived in France. Dina implied that she might not be based in Paris much longer, and Traci wondered if Dina might make Genoa City her permanent home. Dina figured that Mergeron had just moved there, and Traci inquired whether it was business and not family keeping Dina there. Dina insinuated that it might be both, and Traci departed as Graham returned. Graham ominously suggested that it would be best if Dina didn't make plans to remain there indefinitely.

Dina contended that she had a right to spend time in the place where she'd grown up, but Graham sternly reminded her that they'd agreed to it being a brief trip. She argued that things were different than they had been, but he insisted on sticking to their plan.

At GC Buzz, Hilary gushed that her interview with Julie Chen had been a huge step for the show. Hilary intended to become just as successful as Julie was, and Jordan was sure that Hilary had what it took. Hilary pledged to prove the people who still didn't believe in her wrong, and Jordan wondered why Hilary's mood had soured. Hilary groused that Lily had constantly rubbed it in her face that Hilary had blown things with Barry. Hilary spat that Lily thought her life was better than Hilary's, but Lily was in for a rude awakening. Jordan questioned what she meant, and Hilary claimed that she'd just been venting.

Jordan amorously suggested less talk, and he kissed Hilary as Devon walked in. Devon announced that he was there to take Mariah to lunch, but Hilary informed him that Mariah was out working a story. Devon congratulated Hilary on her interview with Julie Chen, and Jordan crowed that Hilary had done a fantastic job in L.A. Devon was surprised to hear that Jordan had also been there, and Jordan explained that he'd been there for the Dare shoot. Hilary purred that she hadn't been able to pass up a free luxury suite, courtesy of Brash & Sassy. Jordan received a text message and had to hurry off, and Devon observed that things seemed to be getting serious between the couple.

Hilary confirmed that she liked Jordan a lot, but she wondered why Devon cared. Devon wished she'd stop trying to make him jealous by flaunting her relationship, but Hilary pointed out that he'd arranged for Mariah to wear Hilary's dress after Mariah had spent the night at his place. Devon didn't think it had been a big deal, but Hilary ranted that he'd made the point that he and Mariah were so hot with passion that they hadn't been able to make it up the stairs without ripping one another's clothes off. Devon realized that Hilary would only know that detail if she'd been there.

Devon pushed Hilary until she admitted that she'd been in Devon's condo. She explained that she'd gone there to get a few things, but she'd panicked and hidden when Devon and Mariah had returned from their plane ride. Hilary grumbled that she'd been trapped and traumatized when she'd heard everything, and it had been enough to have a picture in her head that wouldn't go away. Hilary figured that they were finally over one another, and Devon confirmed that he was over her and that he had a great thing going with Mariah. He hoped Hilary and Jordan were happy, as well, and she half-heartedly replied that they were.

Jack stepped off elevator at Jabot and wished Gloria a good morning. She noticed a spring in his step, and she jealously wondered if he'd gotten lucky the night before. He admitted that he'd spent time with another woman -- Dina. Jack indicated that the whole family had had dinner together at the house, and Gloria was shocked to hear that it had been Ashley's idea. He reported that it had all worked out okay, and he hoped it would be the first of many such gatherings.

Jack thought his family had had a blast once they'd broken the ice, and Gloria realized that Jack was hoping his mother would stay for a while. He recounted that Dina had mentioned a song that she'd sung to him when he'd been little boy, and he'd found himself singing along. Gloria was glad they'd had that special moment together, but she warned him to be careful, since Dina had hurt him before and couldn't be trusted not to hurt him again. Ashley entered Jack's office and brusquely dismissed Gloria.

Ashley told Jack that she was concerned about Dina because of something Traci had said. Jack didn't recall noticing anything unusual about Dina, but Ashley pointed out that there had been real tears in Dina's eyes, and they'd never seen their mother that sentimental. Jack thought it had been natural to show emotion after a marvelous evening, but Ashley wondered if Dina had been reaching out to them because something was wrong with her.

Jack thought Dina had been as feisty as ever, but Ashley couldn't shake the feeling that something else was going on. Ashley wondered why Graham was always skulking around, and she pointed out that they knew nothing about him. Ashley vowed to find out what was going on with Dina, even though she'd despised her mother for years. Jack remarked that Ashley's heart wasn't made of stone, and he offered his full support.

Kevin numbly knocked on Gloria's hotel room door, and Gloria wordlessly pulled him into her arms as he began to sob. After he told her about Chloe's death, Kevin imagined how despondent Chloe had been to think death had been the only option. Gloria said she was very sorry, and Kevin showed her the sketch that Chelsea had given to him. Kevin believed it meant that Chloe had still loved him, and he thought the idea of seeing one another again had helped both him and Chloe to go on, but it hadn't been enough to save her.

Kevin realized that he'd never see Chloe or hear her voice again, and he contemplated how to tell Esther and Bella. Gloria assured him that he'd find the strength and the words, since he had a lot of love inside of him, especially for his little girl. Kevin raged that none of it would be happening if Nick and Chelsea hadn't gone looking for Chloe.

Victor finally finds out what Abby has been hiding from him

Victor finally finds out what Abby has been hiding from him

Friday, June 2, 2017

At the Athletic Club bar, Graham was on the phone, making sure everything was ready for Dina's return to Paris the next day. Ashley greeted him and requested a minute of his time, but he said Dina was waiting for him. Ashley flatly asked who he was and what his relationship was with her mother. Graham explained that he and Dina were friends and colleagues and that he served as her advisor and protector in business and personal matters. Ashley questioned what Dina needed protection from, and Graham pointed out that Dina hadn't had any idea what she'd been walking into when she'd arrived in Genoa City.

Graham contended that it was time to go back to Paris, and he scoffed at the idea that Ashley had expected her mother to stay in town indefinitely. Ashley sensed that Dina had been hiding something, and she demanded to know if her mother had been saying a final goodbye because Dina was dying. Graham stated that Dina was the picture of health, and he wondered what had made Ashley think her mother was dying. Ashley explained that Dina had never been one to get emotional, but Dina had clearly been affected deeply the night before. Graham insisted that Dina wasn't dying, but he remarked that Dina had realized "now more than ever before" that she should be grateful for every day she had.

Dina approached, and Graham retreated upstairs. Ashley inquired whether Graham treated Dina well, and Dina swore that he took very good care of her. Dina asserted that it was a blessing to have someone to depend on at her age, and she thought Ashley might know what she was talking about one day. Ashley grumbled that she didn't need a man to fill her life, and Dina said it hadn't been what she'd been implying. Dina followed Graham upstairs.

Dina asked what Graham was doing in her room, and he replied that he was packing to go home. She hadn't expected it to be that soon, but he told her to gather her personal things from the bathroom. Dina protested that she didn't want to go when she'd been having a pleasant time, but Graham reminded her that they'd agreed to only a short visit. Their argument escalated as Ashley appeared in the doorway and asked what Graham was doing with her mother.

Dina called Graham a dear for helping her organize her belongings, but Ashley countered that it hadn't been what it had looked like. Graham insisted that Dina was the most important person in his life, and he would never hurt her. Dina said Ashley had overreacted, and she asked why Ashley had followed her upstairs. Ashley requested that Dina not leave without saying goodbye. Dina forced a smile and wished Ashley a pleasant afternoon, and Ashley hesitantly stepped out.

At the police station, Paul was shocked when Kevin informed him that Chloe had committed suicide. Paul tried to hug Kevin, who shook him off and said he couldn't begin to process any of it. Kevin recounted how Nick and Chelsea had tracked down Chloe in Louisiana, where Chloe had overdosed on pills. Kevin imagined that Chloe had been terrified of going to a psychiatric hospital or prison, and she'd felt like it had been the only way out. Kevin snapped that none of it would have happened if Nick and Chelsea had left Chloe alone, so it had been their fault. Paul urged Kevin to take a step back and look at it from a different angle, since there was no way to figure out what had driven Chloe to take her own life.

Paul advised Kevin not to let it consume him, but Kevin lamented that he had no idea how to tell Bella that Chloe was dead. Kevin intended to plan Chloe's funeral to give her a proper goodbye, and he reported that Esther was shattered. Paul commended Kevin for doing a remarkable job there with everything going on, and Kevin recalled that Chloe had called him a "badass" for tackling higher-level assignments, but he didn't feel like one. Paul contended that the way Kevin dealt with things when they turned tough was what made him one, and he pledged to be there for whatever Kevin needed. Kevin declared that he needed justice for Chloe, but Paul couldn't give him that. Kevin walked out.

Nick took out his aggression on the punching bag in the Newman stables. Nikki walked in and remarked that Victor had been going at it the day before. Nick assumed that Victor had told her about Chloe, and Nikki demanded to know why Nick had lied to her about searching for Chloe. Nikki warned that it would be devastating if the truth emerged, and she scolded him for risking his family for a budding romance. Nick asserted that he wanted a relationship built on honesty and trust, and he didn't want to be like his parents.

Nick recalled that he'd watched Nikki's relationship with Victor go south more times than he could count, and he wanted to break the pattern and be better. Nikki questioned whether she could survive without Victor, and Nick insisted that she didn't need Victor in her life anymore. Nikki countered that their family did, and Nick asked if she was planning to forgive Victor again. She indicated that she was weighing her options, and Nick suggested that they end it by revealing what Victor had done.

Nikki worried that all of Victor's grandchildren would be affected if they learned the truth, and Nick proposed that she find another reasonable explanation for leaving Victor. Nikki hesitated to exchange one lie for another, but Nick was willing to live like a hypocrite if it meant Victor was out of their lives. Nikki thought too many people wouldn't buy her suddenly leaving Victor when the whole world thought they were a happy, loving family. Nick considered it a shame that she was putting Victor first again.

At Crimson Lights, Sharon stared at some documents as she distractedly greeted someone at the counter. She looked up and apologized when she saw Scott, who realized that she was officially divorced. He gently inquired why her marriage had ended, and she vaguely stated that she and Dylan hadn't been able to go on the way they had been, so she'd let him go. Sharon looked at it as a fresh start, and it meant letting go of the things that reminded her of the past. She removed her wedding ring and stashed it in her purse, and she declared that she had no more baggage from her marriage to Dylan.

Scott considered Sharon amazing for finding positivity in the situation, and Sharon asserted that they were in control of their attitudes and destinies. Scott agreed, and she questioned why he was still working for Victor. Scott grumbled that he had ten million reasons to stay at Newman, and Sharon implored him to look at the job as an opportunity instead of an obligation by getting enough experience to work at a business publication once he'd repaid his debt. Scott thought he should be the one making Sharon feel better, and Sharon insisted that he had by taking her mind off her divorce. They kissed.

Later, Nick stopped by the coffeehouse to tell Sharon about Chloe. He couldn't wrap his mind around someone choosing death over prison or a psych ward, but Sharon understood what it was like to lose her freedom and be at the mercy of others. Nick asked if Sharon had ever contemplated committing suicide, but she couldn't fathom doing that to her children. Nick didn't know why Chloe's love for Bella hadn't been enough to pull her away from the edge, and Sharon thought they might never understand why Chloe had taken her own life.

At Newman Enterprises, Victor found Abby in his office, and she announced that she wanted to talk to him about something. She reminded him of how much she loved and respected him, and she applauded him for standing by her through trying and embarrassing times. She recounted that he'd welcomed her to Newman with open arms and that he'd been an amazing mentor, and she hoped what she was about to say didn't change that. Victor kissed her and noted that it had been a "hell of a preamble," and he asked if it had to do with the secret she'd been keeping from him.

Abby wondered why Victor hadn't called her out on it, and he explained that he'd hoped she'd tell him about it. Abby wasn't sure how glad he'd be after she told him what she'd done, knowing how he felt about people going behind his back. She confessed that after he'd rejected her idea for a startup incubator, she'd been determined to prove it was a good idea, so she'd used company funds to buy a warehouse and launch it on her own. She continued that she'd had second thoughts, so she'd sold the warehouse and put the money back, and that had been the deposit he'd been asking about. She assumed that she should clean out her desk.

Abby was shocked when Victor didn't fire her, and he handed her a drink. He declared that he was impressed by her guts and ambition, and he'd never seen anyone go to such lengths to return stolen money. Victor swore that nothing had changed, since Abby had made her project a reality, and she hadn't continued to lie. Victor admitted that he'd had doubts about the project, but he thought he'd dismissed it too hastily, and he wanted to make the startup incubator project a part of Newman.

Later, Scott entered Victor's office and revealed that Abby had just told him that she'd confessed. Scott wondered if Victor intended to relieve him of his duties, but Victor insisted that he needed Scott's expertise. Scott insisted that he be in on the digital media company acquisition, and he threatened to leave after six months of service if he wasn't. Victor instructed Scott to draw up an offer and have it on his desk that day. Kevin suddenly barged in and begged Victor to tell him everything Victor knew about Chloe's death.

Victor understood that Kevin wanted answers about the tragic turn of events, and Kevin demanded that Dr. Harris be investigated to find out why he'd hidden Chloe. Victor asserted that Dr. Harris had been very concerned about Chloe's welfare and that the doctor hadn't had any idea that he'd taken in a murderer. Kevin speculated that the doctor had been Chloe's accomplice all along, but Victor warned Kevin about what being consumed by rage and revenge would do to his family and to Bella. Scott advised Kevin to give himself time to grieve, and he offered to give Kevin a ride home. Kevin realized that Bella needed to be his priority.

At Jabot, Phyllis proposed to Jack that Fenmore's host in-store events to get customers into the stores, and she added that Lauren had already signed off on it. Jack scoffed at the idea that Lauren knew what it would take to modernize her company, since he wouldn't have needed to bail her out if she'd had a grasp of it. Phyllis surmised that he got his arrogance from his mother, and she informed him that she'd finally met Dina in person. Phyllis called Dina a viper for laying into her in the club dining room, since she'd expected Dina to sew a scarlet "A" on her chest.

Phyllis griped that Dina had thrown accusations at her like Jack hadn't been able to defend himself. Phyllis continued that Dina had made her out to be the "biggest lying bitch in the world," even though his mother had left him and his siblings. Jack was happy that Dina had stuck up for him, and he reasoned that his mother had been trying hard to make amends. Phyllis chided him for defending a woman who'd never given him a second thought while refusing to stand up for the woman who'd loved him with all of her heart, and she stormed off.

Abby stopped by Jabot and excitedly told Jack that Victor wanted her startup incubator to be part of Newman. She crowed that Victor had praised her for telling the truth, but she hadn't told Victor that Jack had bailed her out. Jack reminded her that he'd helped her because he thought the project could make serious profits, and Abby was grateful that he'd bought the warehouse so she could put the money back into Newman's account. She gushed that it felt good to have almost everything out in the open, and she hugged Jack for believing in her. An odd look crossed Jack's face as he remained silent.

At Brash & Sassy, Billy reeled after Victoria informed him that Chloe had killed herself. He couldn't believe that a strong person like Chloe had done something like that, although he conceded that she'd never gotten past losing Delia. Victoria apologized for dredging up memories, and she commented that Chloe had been sick and never should have been released from the facility. Victoria argued that the doctor was a trained professional whose job had been to determine if Chloe had been ready to be released, and he shouldn't have been convinced otherwise.

Billy recalled that he'd been close to taking out Adam himself, but Victoria pointed out that Billy had admitted that Delia's death hadn't solely been Adam's fault. Billy regretted that his actions had cost them their marriage, and he didn't blame Victoria for giving up on him after he'd pushed her away. Billy recognized that he'd been angry when Chloe had sent the letter about the possibility that he could be Bella's father, but he thought he should have recognized the pain Chloe had been in. Victoria urged him not to blame himself, and he excused himself to get some air. He ran into Phyllis on his way out, and Victoria made a quick exit instead.

Billy said Chloe and Delia had died too young, and it had reminded him of how short life could be. He thought he and Phyllis had to appreciate every moment every day, and he thought they'd wasted too much time with worrying about what other people thought about them. He asserted that what was most important was that they made each other happy, and he proposed that they move in together. He added that he wanted to do things that made him happy, like waking up to her and returning home to her, and he asked if she was ready to get his-and-hers towels. She thought it sounded incredible, and she exclaimed, "Let's do it!" They kissed.

Victoria found Nikki in the stables and revealed that she'd had to break the news about Chloe to Billy. Nikki was sure that hearing it from Victoria had been a comfort to him, but Victoria groaned that Phyllis had shown up just in time to offer a shoulder and anything else Billy needed. Victoria didn't think the couple would be together if she hadn't been keeping Victor's secret, and she questioned why they were still keeping up the charade and protecting Victor. Nikki clarified that it had always been about protecting their family, but Victoria groused that she'd been watching her own family disintegrate while Phyllis had been clawing her way deeper into Billy's life. Victoria wanted to stop pretending to be a happy family and tell Billy how she felt.

Nikki surmised that Victoria wanted to make a decision about whether to have Victor back in the family again, but Victoria revealed that she'd just told Victor that it would never happen. Victoria asked if that was what Nikki wanted, and Nikki confided that she didn't know if she was ready to say goodbye to him completely. Victoria cautioned that the longer it took, the more opportunity Victor would have to find a way back into Nikki's life. Nikki explained that Victor had arranged for her to do a piano concert at the dedication of the research center, and she didn't want to jeopardize getting donations that would help people. Nikki insisted on waiting until after the concert to decide about her future with Victor.

Victoria empathized over loving someone who drove her crazy, and she recognized that she and Nikki would keep loving Billy and Victor no matter how many times the men hurt them. Nikki acknowledged that she loved Victor, but she hated the way he took her love for granted. Victoria thought she might take after her dad, since she felt that she'd taken Billy for granted by expecting him to always be there whenever she called. Victoria confided that it really hurt to have Billy and Phyllis right under her nose at work.

Nikki insisted that Victoria take care of herself, and Victoria thought a way to alleviate both of their stress would be for Nikki to take Victor back. Victoria declared that she was tired of lying, and she didn't care what her mother did as long as Nikki did something.

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