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Juliet filed a sexual harassment lawsuit against Brash & Sassy. Chloe emerged alive from her casket and begged Kevin to secretly find her in Louisiana. Ashley and Jack's suspicions about Graham grew. Graham referred to a secret Dina was keeping from her family.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of June 5, 2017 on Y&R
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Chloe's death strains Kevin's mental health Chloe's death strains Kevin's mental health

Monday, June 5, 2017

At the police station, Paul told Nick and Chelsea that a Louisiana medical examiner had ruled Chloe's death a suicide after determining that she'd overdosed on prescription drugs. Paul expressed his condolences. Paul added, "Kevin has made all the arrangements, and Chloe's body has arrived at the funeral home. She's going to be buried today." Chelsea was shocked to learn that Chloe's funeral would take place so soon.

After Chelsea and Nick left Paul's office, Father Todd arrived. Paul acknowledged that Father Todd would be officiating at the funeral of a murderer who'd taken her own life. Father Todd noted that he'd also officiated at Chloe's wedding and had discovered an unconscious Chelsea after Chloe had attacked her. Father Todd added, "How could I not do it, Paul, knowing the impact mental illness has had on our own family?" Father Todd noted that Kevin, Bella, and Esther deserved to have someone that felt compassion for Chloe to officiate at her funeral. Paul said he and others would be haunted, wondering if they'd missed signs of Chloe's worsening illness. Father Todd acknowledged that it was impossible to know what was in someone else's heart and mind.

At Michael and Lauren's house, Kevin nervously obsessed over the details of Chloe's funeral. Michael asked Kevin if he was okay. Kevin said the last time he'd seen Father Todd had been the day of the wedding. Kevin mourned his loss and cried that Chloe, the woman he'd loved the most, was also Bella's mother. Kevin added, "No, Mikey, I'm not okay." Michael seemed pained to watch his brother suffering.

Kevin grew angry and said the town was full of hypocrites that condemned Chloe. Lauren entered and agreed with Kevin that people were often small-minded and judgmental. Lauren urged Kevin to focus on remembering Chloe and assuring Bella that she was safe and secure. Kevin thanked his family for their support. Michael told Kevin he should consider getting away for a while after the funeral.

Nick and Chelsea went to the coffeehouse after leaving the police station. Chelsea was still reeling after learning that no one other than Paul had informed her about Chloe's funeral. Nick said it might be best not to attend, given what Chloe had done to Chelsea. Chelsea said she and Chloe had worked, lived, and raised their children together, and she wanted to attend the funeral. Nick said it wasn't a good idea because Kevin might not regard Chelsea as a family friend.

Chelsea told Nick that both she and Kevin had loved Chloe. Chelsea noted that Chloe had also deeply hurt them both. Chelsea added that Kevin would understand her desire to make peace with Chloe. Nick was reluctant, but Chelsea pleaded with him to attend the funeral with her. Nick said Chelsea shouldn't expect him to attend the funeral because Chloe had killed his brother.

At Crimson Lights, Scott thanked Sharon for offering to accompany him to Chloe's funeral. Sharon explained that she'd grown close to Chloe during the time they'd worked together. Sharon added that she understood Chloe because she, like Chloe, had lost a daughter and dealt with mental illness. Scott noted that empathy seemed in short supply, though Victor had shown genuine compassion to Kevin. Sharon said it was surprising that Victor had expressed forgiveness for the woman who'd killed his son. Scott said he was concerned about how Kevin might handle Chloe's death once the shock of losing her had lifted.

Kevin entered the chapel alone. He paused when he saw Chloe's casket flanked by a large portrait of her and sprays of floral arrangements. In a series of flashbacks, Kevin tearfully remembered happy times with Chloe. Kevin reminisced about the day Chloe had proposed marriage. Kevin remembered the day he'd told Chloe he wanted to legally adopt Bella, so they could all be a family. Kevin seemed comforted after recalling the day he'd presented Chloe with an engagement ring.

Father Todd entered the chapel. Father Todd told Kevin he was there to comfort Chloe's loved ones. Kevin asked Father Todd why he hadn't acknowledged Chloe. Father Todd assured Kevin that Chloe was at rest. Kevin greeted Esther before stepping into the anteroom to be with Bella.

Father Todd expressed his condolences to Esther and said he regretted that he couldn't stay after the funeral to offer comfort and counseling. Esther explained that her doctor had prescribed medication to help her cope. Esther expressed doubt that anything would truly help her. Esther said she understood what Chloe had gone through after losing Delia. Father Todd shared an uplifting verse, which comforted Esther.

Gloria entered the chapel and told Esther she was sorry. Esther replied, "You hated Chloe, so spare me your sympathy." Gloria explained that she was grieving for her granddaughter, who'd lost her mother, and for her son. Kevin returned and watched as Esther warmly embraced Gloria. Kevin acknowledged that his mother and Esther had shown compassion to each for his sake.

Scott and Sharon arrived. Sharon told Kevin that Chloe had been her friend. Lauren and Michael arrived. Scott noted that Kevin had dealt with a lot of changes. Michael told his family that he'd recommended to Kevin that he might find peace if he and Bella left town for a while.

Father Todd told Kevin not to think about the past or the future and to instead concentrate on creating a meaningful expression of his love for Chloe and a fitting remembrance for Bella. Kevin said he didn't expect additional guests because everyone he cared about was present. Father Todd began the service by welcoming family and friends. Father Todd prayed that God would soothe their hearts, knowing that Chloe was at peace with the Heavenly Father. Father Todd recalled Chloe's humor and the depth of her love for Kevin, and he expressed gratitude for Bella, whom he said was Chloe's beautiful, joyful legacy.

Chelsea and Nick entered the chapel. Kevin quietly confronted them. Chelsea said she hoped Kevin didn't mind her being there. Kevin looked at Nick and said, "What the hell are you doing here?" Kevin lashed out at Nick and blamed him for Chloe's decision to end her life because she feared he'd find her. Michael tried to calm Kevin as he grew increasingly agitated.

In Victoria's office at Brash & Sassy, Hilary stopped by and offered Victoria reassurance. Hilary said she'd destroyed all the video files related to the hockey league, including Lily's appearance on her show. Victoria thanked Hilary. Hilary noted that running a company often involved tough decisions. Victoria took full responsibility for what had happened and said, "Well, I try to do what's best for the company."

On the patio at Crimson Lights, Billy approached Juliet and apologized for the part he'd played in what had happened in Los Angeles. Juliet said that because she was the last-hired employee, she didn't blame Victoria for firing her after the hockey league had insisted that someone be fired. Juliet added that she also didn't blame Billy for her firing. Billy offered to be of assistance in Juliet's job search and wished her luck. Juliet said she wished Billy and Brash & Sassy well, and she added that she'd make her own luck.

At the Genoa City Athletic Club, Cane and Lily ate breakfast together and remembered Chloe. Lily acknowledged that Chloe had once been Cane's wife. Lily said, "I'm sad that she's gone, but I'm really grateful for our life together." Cane replied that he was, too. Cane explained that Chloe's funeral would be private.

Cane said he would focus his attention on damage control after what had happened with Brash & Sassy. Cane blamed Billy, and said it was unfortunate that Juliet had been fired. Lily said firing Juliet had been Victoria's decision. Lily expressed mild disappointment that the commercial had needed to be scrapped but said she'd dialed back her ambitions to conquer Hollywood and would instead concentrate on Cane and their children.

Cane and Lily were sharing a kiss when Hilary approached. Hilary, seeming somewhat insincere, said, "How romantic." Lily bristled. Hilary said Cane and Lily resembled a pair of secret lovers more than they did the parents of teenagers. Lily said she was determined not to let Hilary's sarcasm ruin their morning. Hilary insisted she was being sincere because Lily and Cane's long marriage proved that a couple could remain happy together. Hilary recalled her two painful divorces as an unfortunate comparison. Lily angrily defended her brother and dad and said they shouldn't be blamed for Hilary's failed marriages.

Hilary again congratulated Cane and Lily for making their marriage last despite temptations. Lily, believing that Hilary had been referring to her, noted that she'd made mistakes in the past that both she and Cane had worked through together. Cane echoed Lily's sentiments. Cane added that he and Lily could deal with any challenge life might throw at them. Before Hilary walked away, she smiled and said, "Okay."

Billy entered Brash & Sassy's office and told Victoria he'd run into Juliet. Victoria became defensive about her decision. Billy said Juliet understood that the hockey league had forced Victoria's hand in the matter. Victoria replied, "I'm glad she's not taking it personally because I thought she was creative and industrious." Billy urged Victoria to stop beating herself up over her decision to fire Juliet.

After Cane and Lily arrived, Victoria called them and Billy into her office. Victoria announced the latest news from the hockey league. Victoria said, "Not only do they want to promote Brash & Sassy products this next season, they want to get moving on it. They want to get moving right away. And they specifically want to schedule more photo shoots with you, Lily." Billy was thankful for the hockey league's decision despite what had happened in Los Angeles. Cane replied, "Yeah, look at you. You're like Teflon. You screw up, and you still get rewarded."

Lily left to take a phone call. Cane said Billy could avoid causing another problem by having nothing to do with hockey. Cane's remark angered Billy. After Cane left, a man entered Victoria's office and called out her name. The man handed Victoria an envelope and said, "You've been served." Victoria opened the envelope and told Billy that Juliet was suing the company for sexual harassment.

Cane stepped out of Victoria's office and paused in the lab. Cane had flashbacks of the night he'd gotten drunk and had sex with Juliet while on a business trip to Tokyo. After Cane stepped outside the lab, Lily told him she was excited about her second-chance opportunity to work on the hockey project, which she hoped might include a commercial. Cane said he thought the league might want a new commercial. Cane insisted he would be the one to set it up, so he could be by Lily's side.

Hilary met with Juliet on the patio at Crimson Lights. Hilary asked Juliet how she was doing. Juliet reported that she felt stronger and more in control. Hilary said she was glad for Juliet. Juliet said she'd spoken with Billy. Hilary replied, "Ugh! How did that go?" Juliet said she'd told Billy that she harbored no animosity toward anyone at Brash & Sassy.

Kevin gets an unexpected surprise

Kevin gets an unexpected surprise

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

At Chloe's funeral, Kevin demanded to know how Nick could show his face there. Kevin ranted that it was Nick's fault that Chloe was dead, but Nick swore that he felt terrible about what had happened. Kevin accused Nick of being there to ensure Chloe was really dead, and he spat that Nick and Chelsea had done it together. Father Todd requested everyone's attention, and he reminded them of where they were and why they were there.

Father Todd suggested that everyone refrain from words or actions that would dishonor Chloe's memory, since none of them was free from sin, and Bella was blameless. He continued that Bella losing her mother had been tragic enough without the confusing behavior of the adults in her life. Nick offered to take off, and he expressed his condolences to Kevin. Chelsea recognized that Kevin was in an extreme amount of pain, and she hoped that one day he would understand that she and Nick hadn't been responsible for Chloe's death. Nick and Chelsea departed as Paul arrived, and Kevin sadly stated that it was time to say goodbye.

Father Todd referred to the difficult life Chloe had led, and he recognized that everyone was struggling with mixed emotions, trying to reconcile a life cut short when it might have turned around in time. He imagined that they'd all asked for compassion at some point and found it lacking, and he implored everyone to honor Chloe by looking after the people in their lives. Father Todd urged everyone to love one another despite their differences, and he invited Kevin to say a few words. Kevin kissed Bella and stepped to the front of the church.

Kevin stood silent for a moment, and Gloria told him that he didn't have to do it. He insisted that it was okay, and he stared at the casket and said goodbye to Chloe. Kevin asserted that people had made up their minds about Chloe, and they'd been wrong, but he'd known her and loved her. He announced that he was there to tell the truth about who she'd been, since the world had thrown things at her that no one should have had to endure, but she'd done her best to stand up to all of it. Kevin called Chloe a beautiful soul who hadn't been able to handle it, but it hadn't been her fault.

Kevin contended that everyone had just needed to look at Chloe to see all the love in her heart, since she'd had unlimited love for Esther, Delia, Bella, and him. He believed that Chloe's love had defined her, and he proclaimed that she was with Delia and that they'd always belonged together. Kevin knew that Chloe would miss Bella, but he promised that he would take care of the girl until his very last breath, and he'd make sure Bella knew and understood who Chloe had been. Kevin began to sob, and Michael gently led him back to sit with Esther and Bella.

Father Todd thanked those in attendance for being present and for being there for one another, and he encouraged them to keep the people they cared about close. The priest advised Kevin and Esther that they weren't truly alone, just as Chloe wasn't truly gone as long as she lived on in their hearts. Kevin hugged Bella and asked if she was doing okay, and he placed his hand over her heart and reminded her that Chloe would always be right there. She scampered over and reached up to touch Chloe's portrait, and Kevin picked the girl up and helped her place a teddy bear on the casket.

After everyone else departed, Father Todd offered to stay and talk with Kevin, who thanked him for everything. The men hugged goodbye, and Father Todd left. Kevin gazed down at the casket and wondered how he could ever apologize for letting Chloe down when he should have seen that she'd needed help. He imagined that he had been too awestruck by the fairy tale of finally being together to see that Chloe's world had been crumbling around her. He wailed that she'd deserved better, especially from him. He placed his hand on the casket, and the lid of the casket slowly opened. Kevin fainted.

At Crimson Lights, Chelsea assumed that Nick was mad at her for making him go with her to the funeral, but he insisted that he'd made the decision on his own. She recalled that he'd warned her that it would be a disaster, and she lamented that he'd been right. Nick expected that Kevin would struggle for a while, and he and Chelsea both knew it was a lot to bounce back from. Nick pointed out that it had been some time since they'd gotten the boys together, and he suggested they do it later that day to help make things feel normal again.

Nick and Chelsea met with their boys in the park, and they commented about it being the perfect time of year. She asked if the little sluggers were ready for their first professional baseball game, and Nick marveled that smelling hot dogs and throwing peanut shells was bliss. She teased him for his idea of bliss, and she said hers would be an outdoor concert under the stars. Nick suggested that the four of them do it as an outing, and she thought it sounded wonderful. He caught himself checking the time to see if Chloe's service might be over, but they agreed not to dwell on it.

Chelsea stepped away for a moment, and when she returned, she announced that she'd bought baseball tickets. Nick declared her that day's MVP, and she said he could pay her back by buying tickets to a concert. Nick liked the idea of them getting together and being normal again, and Chelsea noted that he was talking as if they might slip into feeling like a unit -- like a family. He put arm his around her and said he'd been hoping she'd say that.

At Brash & Sassy, Cane teased Lily for leaving him there so she could go home and do laundry, and they kissed. Meanwhile, in the conference room, Victoria told Billy that she didn't understand why Juliet had sued for sexual harassment, since it would be a reach to build a case. Billy was sure that the charges wouldn't stick, and Victoria was determined to fight the lawsuit. Billy was baffled because Juliet had expressed no resentment when he'd just seen her, but Victoria suspected that Juliet wasn't as magnanimous as Juliet had wanted him to believe.

Victoria informed Billy that the suit wasn't about him, and she wanted to speak to the staff separately before discussing it with Billy in detail. Her phone rang, and she was irritated when she learned it was Barry, who wanted to talk about loosening the terms of Lily's contract. Victoria snapped that she would call back if it became a priority for her. She stormed out of the conference room and told Lily and Cane that they needed to have a chat about a couple of things.

After Billy left, Victoria complained that Lily's agent had called Victoria's private number to talk about adjusting the terms of Lily's contract. Lily swore that she hadn't asked Barry to do anything, and Cane added that there had been nothing but miscommunication with Barry since they'd returned from L.A. Lily insisted that she was loyal to Brash & Sassy, and Cane imagined that Barry had gone around Lily to force her hand. Victoria accepted their side of the story and apologized for going ballistic after being under a lot of stress.

Lily intended to tell Barry that she no longer needed his representation, and she regretted if she'd caused any problems. Lily prepared to head home, and Cane started to join her, but Victoria said she needed to go over something with him. After Lily left, Victoria held up the legal documents and announced that Juliet was suing them. Victoria was surprised when Cane immediately advised her to settle the lawsuit. He reasoned that the negative publicity from allegations of wrongful termination would convict them before they even got in the courtroom, so they should do whatever it took to make it go away.

Victoria wondered why Cane wasn't being a fighter like he usually was, and he called himself a pragmatist who looked at the evidence before he made a decision. Victoria informed him that there was one essential fact that he was getting wrong. Victoria divulged that Juliet wasn't suing for wrongful termination -- she was claiming sexual harassment and naming him.

Reed strummed his guitar in the park café, and Mattie noticed him as she sat down. He recognized her, and she swore that she hadn't been following him. He hoped his playing hadn't bothered her, but she said she'd liked his song. Reed informed her that a nice old man had dropped a coin into his coffee, and he'd burned his fingers fishing it out because it was a dollar. Mattie remarked that she'd never seen a silver dollar, and Reed gave it to her. Mattie inquired whether Reed had written the song, and he explained that it was a work in progress.

Mattie suggested some lyrics, and Reed wrote the idea down in a notebook. She noted that music was obviously his thing, but she clammed up when he asked what her interests were. Reed observed from Mattie's study materials that she was really into school, and he wondered how she managed an intense course load of advanced classes. She replied that she went to coffee shops to avoid distractions, and he mentioned that he'd be playing at open mic that night at the Underground if she had some free time. She thanked him for the invitation but became flustered, and she suddenly said she had to go. She wished him luck with his lyrics, and he reminded her not to forget her dollar.

Later, Reed packed up his guitar as Billy entered the café, and Billy remarked that it was a nice day for practicing. Reed grumbled that it had been, and he started to stalk off. Billy understood that Reed was upset about Billy and Phyllis, but he pointed out that he and Reed had always been able to talk about anything. Billy wondered if Reed's anger had stemmed from what Zoey had pulled, but Reed said he didn't want to waste another second thinking about her. Billy sensed that someone else had taken her place. Reed confided that he'd run into an interesting girl twice, but he might have scared her away.

Reed reported that the girl had packed up and left the park to supposedly finish her homework, but he equated it to her saying she had to wash her hair. Billy pointed out that there was a strong chance that she'd had a lot of homework with a full load of advanced classes. Reed bemoaned that he had no idea what the girl thought of him, and he had no last name or phone number to try to find out. Billy jokingly asked Reed to clue him in if Reed ever figured out the mystery of the female mind.

Lily returned home and told Mattie about how she and Cane had smoothed everything over with Victoria. Lily imagined that Mattie would be happy once school was out, but Mattie revealed her plan to take summer classes. Lily hoped her daughter also found time to have fun, and Mattie mentioned that she was thinking about going to the Underground to listen to some live music. Lily wondered if there was someone special Mattie wanted to hear, and Mattie downplayed it as just trying something new. Lily teasingly asked if a boy was meeting Mattie there, but Mattie insisted that she just wanted to hang out.

Mattie changed from her school clothes into a trendier outfit, and Lily observed that Mattie was going all out just to listen to music. Mattie regretted telling Lily about her plans, but Lily insisted that it was okay if Mattie liked a boy. Mattie revealed that she barely knew him, since they'd only had two brief conversations at the coffeehouse, and he didn't go to her school. Mattie figured that the guy thought she was a total nerd anyway, since she'd made him think she was only interested in school, and she scoffed at the idea of boys liking smart girls. Lily asserted that any boy who was intimidated by Mattie's intelligence wasn't worth her time.

On the Crimson Lights patio, Hilary handed Juliet a cup of coffee, and she wondered what had happened to Juliet's great attitude earlier. Hilary assured Juliet that there was no reason to have second thoughts, and Juliet insisted that she was okay, but she was nervous because she'd pulled the trigger. Hilary encouraged Juliet to refuse to be a scapegoat and to fight back by knocking some of those at Brash & Sassy on their "trust-fund behinds." Hilary insisted that the company should be nervous, not Juliet.

Juliet thanked Hilary for asking Leslie to take the case, and Hilary anticipated that it would be a victory for all women who'd been sexually harassed if Juliet stayed strong. Juliet intended to follow Hilary's example, and she thanked Hilary for being her only support since Juliet had been fired. Hilary was glad that Juliet had taken her advice to file the suit and get justice, and Juliet noted that it seemed personal to Hilary. Juliet asked if something similar had happened to Hilary, but Hilary claimed that she'd simply done her research.

Hilary asserted that Cane had used his position as Juliet's boss to get Juliet to have sex with him in exchange for supporting her career advancement, but Hilary questioned where he'd been when Juliet had been unceremoniously fired. Juliet griped that he'd urged her to move back to Tokyo, and she hoped the judge and jury thought she had a strong case, despite the extenuating circumstances. Hilary argued that being drunk hadn't excused Cane's behavior as a superior who'd been in control of Juliet's future at the company, and she pointed out that Cane hadn't been too drunk for sex. Juliet regretted what the suit would do to Lily, but Hilary pointed out that Juliet showed more concern for Lily than Cane had on the last night of his business trip, when Lily had been the last thing on his mind.

Hilary suggested that Juliet's case needed to encompass more than the act of sex, since the harassment had started with the way Cane had taken advantage of Juliet being a woman to land a deal. Hilary contemplated whether Cane would have given Juliet such a prominent role in a major deal if she'd been a man, and Juliet noted that Cane had always been competitive with Billy. Hilary doubted that Juliet had ever been in a position where she could have said no if she'd wanted Cane to endorse her at Brash & Sassy. Juliet was determined to stand up for herself, and Hilary told her to do it with pride, since the most crucial part was not to let anyone intimidate her.

Later, Billy approached Juliet and relayed that he'd been in the office when Brash & Sassy had received her claim. He assumed that she'd made it up to get back at Victoria, but Juliet said her lawyer had told her not to talk to him. Billy recalled that Juliet had been ready to move on with no ill will, but she warned him to save his breath if he was going to bully her. He recognized that it had been unfair that she'd lost her job over a shared mistake, but he cautioned that she'd only wind up embarrassed in court when she had nothing to base her fictitious claim on. Juliet retorted that she had a very good case, but Billy argued that he hadn't sexually harassed her. Juliet agreed that it hadn't been him.

 Kevin is shocked to learn Chloe is alive

Kevin is shocked to learn Chloe is alive

>  Kevin is shocked to learn Chloe is alive

Kevin is shocked to learn Chloe is alive

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

by Nel

At the church, Kevin regained consciousness after fainting when he saw the lid of the coffin raise. He saw Chloe and heard her telling him to wake up. He was stunned, but Chloe assured him he wasn't dreaming. Kevin wanted to know what was going on. Chloe said she was alive and asked Kevin to trust her and do everything she told him to. Chloe explained that she'd been put into a paralytic state to make it appear she'd died. She begged Kevin to step up and be the badass he could be.

Chloe gave Kevin a piece of paper and told him to go to that address, where she promised she'd be waiting for him, but he couldn't tell anyone about her. Chloe said she had to get back into the coffin before anyone arrived to remove her remains. As Kevin left the church, two men arrived. At that moment, Dr. Harris arrived and told the men he was from the crematorium and was there to pick up the remains of --Mitchell, Chloe. The men left.

Dr. Harris helped Chloe out of the coffin. Chloe wanted to know what he'd given her because she'd been paralyzed. She'd been able to hear what had gone on around her, but it had been scary. Dr. Harris assured her that things had gone exactly as planned. She shivered and said it had been creepy faking her own suicide.

Chloe admitted that Victor had been right. The only way people would stop looking for her was if they believed that she was dead. Chloe suddenly panicked, thinking someone would see her. She jumped up, but Dr. Harris assured her they were safe. Their car would arrive shortly and take them to the airstrip. They would fly back to his home in Louisiana, where she'd live and be safe.

Billy met Juliet at Crimson Lights. Billy asked who Juliet had named in her lawsuit if it wasn't him. Billy asked if Juliet had claimed that Cane had sexually harassed her. Juliet said it wasn't a claim -- it was fact. Juliet told Billy he needed to back her and said that Cane had been trying to get Billy fired since the first day she'd started working at Brash & Sassy.

Billy found it hard to believe that Cane would cheat. Cane was devoted to Lily and happily married. Juliet said a lot of men loved their wives, but it didn't stop them from cheating. Billy wanted to know what Cane had done to her, but Juliet told him to read the complaint then she left.

At Brash & Sassy, Victoria told Cane that Juliet had filed a lawsuit against the company. Cane thought that Juliet was a disgruntled employee lashing out. He suggested that Victoria settle the suit and be done with it. Cane was shocked when Victoria advised him that the suit wasn't about a wrongful termination -- Juliet had made the claim of sexual harassment against Cane, stating that he'd forced her into a sexual relationship in order for her to secure a position in the company. Victoria wanted assurance that Cane hadn't harassed Juliet in Tokyo.

Cane resented the accusation. Victoria reminded him that she wasn't the one accusing him -- it was Juliet's claim. Victoria wanted to make sure that nothing had happened in Tokyo that could be misconstrued as sexual harassment. Cane was adamant there was nothing.

Victoria asked Cane to retrace his activities in Tokyo. Cane explained that after the deal with Mr. Sato, he and Juliet had celebrated, as Victoria had suggested. They'd toured the city, gone to the karaoke bar, and had sake bombs. Cane felt that Juliet was trying to shake them down. Reed barged in. As Cane rushed out in anger, he tripped over Reed's guitar. Cane griped at Reed about it and stormed out of the office.

Reed wanted Victoria to know he'd be at the Underground for open mic night. At that moment, Billy arrived and asked Reed about his mystery girl. Victoria's interest was piqued. She wanted to know more about this mystery girl and asked the girl's name. Reed said he'd invited her to the Underground for open mic night, but she'd turned him down, so her name didn't matter.

Victoria was happy that Reed had moved on from Zoey. She apologized that she wouldn't be at the Underground to see him play, but she had a lot to handle at work. Reed understood and asked to use Victoria's computer.

Alone in the lab, Reed finished what he'd been doing on the computer and started to pack up to leave when he noticed a container of men's Dare cologne. He picked up the container and generously sprayed himself with it. He put the container back where he'd found it and left.

In the boardroom, Billy told Victoria that he'd seen Juliet at Crimson Lights and that Juliet wasn't going to give an inch. Victoria told Billy that Cane felt it was a bogus claim. Billy asked Victoria who she believed. Victoria said the suit claimed that Cane had pressured Juliet to have sex with him in exchange for a job at Brash & Sassy. Billy recalled that Cane had pushed very hard for Victoria to hire Juliet after he'd returned from Tokyo.

Billy admitted he wasn't a fan of Cane's, but he found it hard to believe that Cane would risk his marriage over a one-night stand in exchange for a job recommendation. Victoria advised that she'd given Juliet a generous severance package, even though Juliet hadn't been with the company very long. Victoria refused to allow Juliet to extort money from them.

At the Athletic Club, Hilary saw Juliet with a suitcase and asked if Juliet was leaving Genoa City. Juliet said that Leslie had advised her to lay low. Hilary assured Juliet that Leslie was a shark and would do a good job for Juliet.

After Juliet left, Cane arrived. He had been advised that Juliet had checked out. Cane saw Hilary at the bar. He grabbed Hilary's phone out of her hand and slammed it on the bar. Hilary was annoyed. Cane asked Hilary where Juliet was. Hilary had no idea. Cane advised Hilary to cut the crap. He said Hilary's fingerprints were all over it. Hilary claimed she didn't know what Cane was talking about.

Cane said he knew Hilary had overheard his conversation with Juliet when they had both agreed that their one and only time together had been a mistake. Hilary asked Cane if she'd blasted it on her show. Cane knew Hilary had other plans. Cane asked if Hilary wanted him to believe that Juliet had left and that Hilary hadn't seen her leave, or that Hilary's not-so-subtle innuendo in front of Lily about their marriage being destroyed by secrets and lies had been a coincidence.

Cane knew that Hilary knew about the lawsuit. Hilary played innocent and said she wasn't suing anyone and asked what lawsuit Cane was talking about. Cane warned her not to play that game or she'd be sorry.

Hilary smiled and said that whatever Cane had done to Juliet, it was bound to disgust Lily. Cane stated that that was really low -- even for Hilary. Hilary asked if Lily knew. He told Hilary to stop, and if she didn't, he promised that she'd regret it. As soon as Cane was gone, Hilary called Mariah and demanded that Mariah meet her at the Athletic Club immediately.

After Chloe's funeral, everyone gathered at Michael and Lauren's. Gloria was anxious about Kevin and insisted he shouldn't be alone. Michael said that Kevin needed some private time with Chloe. Gloria yelled that the woman was dead, and she asked how long he could need. She said Kevin shouldn't be alone, and he needed his mother. Michael persuaded her that Kevin needed the time to be alone and would be there soon.

Sharon asked Paul if he'd heard from Dylan. Paul said he hadn't. Sharon told him she had through her lawyer. Paul was concerned because Dylan wasn't to contact anyone. Sharon assured Paul that Dylan was safe. She advised that the divorce was final, and she was no longer Paul's daughter-in-law to worry about. Paul said they'd all move on with their lives, and he wanted Sharon to be happy.

Mariah arrived, and Kevin arrived moments behind her. Mariah asked Kevin about the funeral. Kevin told her he'd almost punched Nick out when Nick and Chelsea had shown up. He hadn't wanted them there and had blamed them for Chloe believing that her only way out was suicide. He admitted it hadn't been his finest moment. Mariah thanked him for teaching her how to be a friend. Kevin said he was happy that he and Mariah weren't a couple because Mariah's friendship meant much more to him.

Kevin thanked everyone for their support and said he had some news he wanted to share. Kevin asked if Paul had meant it when he'd offered Kevin some time off. Paul assured Kevin he had. Kevin said that after the funeral, he'd realized how much he needed to get away. Kevin said he needed a change of scenery and was going to go to Tahiti -- where he and Chloe had planned to spend their honeymoon.

Kevin told Lauren that Michael had really lucked out when he'd found Lauren. Kevin said that Lauren and Michael had shown him what a great relationship was, and he thanked her for that. He stated that every time he'd looked at Chloe, he'd known he'd found his Lauren.

Kevin thanked Paul for teaching him that things weren't always black and white and that there could be grey areas in between. If it wasn't for Paul, Kevin admitted he'd still be breaking into houses. Paul wished Kevin a good trip.

Mariah received a call from Hilary demanding that Mariah meet her at the Athletic Club immediately. Mariah said only Hilary would bug her at a funeral. Hilary said she was sure the funeral service was over. Mariah said she realized Hilary didn't have any friends, but Mariah did, and she was there for Kevin. Hilary told Mariah that if she valued her job, she'd give Kevin a hanky and meet her at the club. Mariah apologized to everyone and left.

Kevin acknowledged what a good friend Scott was and thanked Scott for stopping him from putting Nick in the hospital. In return, Scott thanked Kevin for saving his life and wished Kevin a great trip. Kevin admitted he didn't know how the journey would end and said he wasn't going to take Bella with him because it was too risky. Scott thought it would be better for Kevin to take Bella with him, and he was confused why Kevin felt it would be too risky. Kevin was uncomfortable with the conversation and was thankful when Gloria interrupted.

Gloria told Kevin she was grateful he hadn't followed in her footsteps. Kevin agreed they'd gone through some tough times, but he admitted that Gloria had always been there for him in every way that mattered. Michael interrupted. Kevin invited Michael to go for a walk with him because Kevin needed some air. Kevin hugged Gloria and left with Michael.

Sharon offered to help Lauren put the food away later, but Lauren said that she'd noticed how cozy Sharon and Scott had been. Lauren wanted to know if Sharon and Scott were seeing each other and how long it had been going on. Sharon admitted they were seeing each other. Lauren acknowledged that Scott was a grown man and could make his own decisions, but Lauren said the last thing Scott needed was more drama in his life. Lauren pointed out that Sharon had been married a few short months before. Sharon said she had no intention of hurting Scott.

Lauren acknowledged that she was very protective of Scott and said that Sharon should understand why she'd protect Scott from a woman who'd stolen Sage Newman's child and had planned to raise it as her own. Lauren said that Scott wasn't aware of Sharon's history of mental illness and her many issues over the years. Scott joined them and asked if he should go back into the kitchen and pretend he hadn't noticed the tension between them. Lauren said they'd been talking about history. Sharon added that that was what it was, history -- and exactly where they should leave it.

Gloria told Lauren that she'd overheard Lauren and Sharon's conversation. Lauren wasn't surprised. Lauren was upset and recounted everything that Sharon had been through over the years and the countless times Michael had defended Sharon. Gloria warned Lauren to be careful, or Lauren would push Sharon into Scott's arms.

When Mariah arrived at the Athletic Club, Hilary said she had a gift for Mariah. Mariah asked if it was ticking. Hilary said she knew how much Mariah loved doing sexual harassment stories, and she had a doozie for Mariah to run with. Hilary clarified that everything had been verified. Hilary said that she'd heard from a reliable source that a major lawsuit had been filed against Brash & Sassy for sexual harassment.

At home, Lily questioned Mattie about going to the Underground and asked about Mattie's boyfriend. Mattie said there was no boyfriend, and there was nothing to tell. She'd only met him twice, and she knew nothing about him. Lily guessed he was a musician and asked what instrument he played. Mattie told her it was a guitar. Lily didn't want Mattie going to the Underground alone and suggested that Charlie go with her. Mattie objected, saying Charlie had a game of lacrosse. Mattie said she'd go with her friend Erin.

Mattie left moments after Cane arrived. Cane told Lily about the sexual harassment lawsuit that Juliet had filed. Cane said the lawsuit stated that Juliet had been coerced into having sex with an employee. Lily was shocked when Cane told her that Juliet had named him.

Kevin and Michael sat on a bench in the park. Michael was happy that Kevin was taking some time off. Kevin said he wanted to find peace and a way to be happy again. Kevin said that while he was gone, he wanted Michael to keep Gloria out of trouble. Michael laughed and said that Gloria had a new man in her life to keep her in line. Gloria had been getting busy with Jack Abbott. Kevin was shocked and asked if Jack was going to be their next new stepdad.

Kevin told Michael that he appreciated everything Michael had done for him and that Michael was the best brother and friend anyone could ask for. Michael suggested that he go on the trip with Kevin. Kevin said that someday they'd take a trip together, but he needed to be alone on this one. Michael remembered when Kevin had first arrived in town -- Michael had expected Kevin would be nothing but trouble, but Kevin had made a great life for himself. Michael thought Kevin was an exceptional human being, and Michael knew Kevin would get through losing Chloe.

Michael wished Kevin a good trip. Kevin said he wanted to go back and say goodbye to everyone, but Michael told Kevin to get going, and Michael would say goodbye to everyone for Kevin. As Michael started to walk away, Kevin told Michael he loved him. After Michael left, Kevin pulled out the sheet of paper Chloe had given him with the address where they were to meet.

Jack and Ashley's suspicions about Graham grow

Jack and Ashley's suspicions about Graham grow

Thursday, June 8, 2017

At Brash & Sassy, Michael informed Victoria that Juliet had chronicled the progression of harassment, but Victoria griped that Juliet was only trying to extort money. Michael inquired whether Victoria was willing to settle to make the lawsuit go away, but Victoria was adamant that she wasn't. Victoria accused Juliet of using the innocent circumstances of celebrating the closing of the Asian deal against Cane after he'd supported hiring Juliet in the first place. Victoria argued that it hadn't been Cane's job to give, and Juliet had ultimately accepted a job that had been a step down from the one she'd wanted.

Victoria thought it was obvious that Juliet was using her friendship with Cane to get back at Victoria for firing her, but Michael wondered what Juliet was hoping to gain. Victoria surmised that Juliet hadn't been satisfied with the severance package and needed cash to pay her debts, but Michael considered it a risky, public way to get money. Victoria groused that the real injustice was that sexual harassment was a serious matter that actually happened to women who had no recourse, but Michael countered that the definition of injustice varied wildly. Michael said he'd see Victoria in court if she insisted on not settling, and he stepped out.

At the Ashby home, Lily asked why Juliet had turned on Cane. Cane guessed that Juliet wanted money, and he expected Victoria to put an end to the lawsuit by settling. Cane was appalled when Lily questioned whether there was merit to Juliet's claim, and Lily wondered why else Juliet was doing it. Cane figured that Juliet needed money after she'd lost her job, but Lily pointed out that settling would look like an admission of guilt. Lily pleaded with him to be honest with her about whether the suit was about something that had happened in Tokyo.

Cane reiterated that Victoria had told him and Juliet to go out on the company dime to celebrate, but he swore that there had been no sexual harassment. Lily remarked that Juliet didn't seem like the vindictive type, and Cane implied that someone else had gotten into Juliet's head. Lily thought the lawsuit had Hilary written all over it, and Cane mentioned that Hilary had been more than happy about it when he'd run into her earlier. Cane wanted to be sure that he and Lily would be okay, and she said she believed him about it being a lie. They hugged, and she left to run an errand. He received a text message from Michael, saying they needed to meet.

Cane met Michael at the Baldwin home, and Michael reported that Victoria had filled him in about Cane and Juliet's working relationship. Cane explained that he and Juliet had worked well together when she'd been his translator in Japan, so he'd suggested offering her a full-time position. Cane added that he was stunned that Juliet was lashing out at him like that, and Michael implored Cane to tell his side. Cane recounted that it had been all business until they'd closed the deal, and Victoria had told them to go out and celebrate. Cane recalled their fun evening, but he conceded that it had been a mistake to keep drinking without having dinner.

Cane continued that he'd been more inebriated than Juliet had been, and she'd helped him back to his room. Michael asked if that was it, and Cane nodded. Michael queried whether Cane was willing to testify to it under oath. Michael confirmed that Cane's account had matched with Victoria's, but he still had to depose Juliet and prep Cane to meet with Juliet's attorney. Cane wanted to talk to Juliet to convince her to drop it, but Michael ordered him not to. Cane hoped Michael could appeal to Victoria to settle, but Michael anticipated that if the case had no merit, it would be over before it ever went to trial.

At the Athletic Club bar, Jordan asked Hilary if he'd told her about a trip he'd made to India several years back, when he'd taken a picture of a mongoose smiling at a cobra. He said she reminded him of the mongoose, and she replied that at least she wasn't the snake. He remarked that she wasn't yet, and he wondered what was going on in her scheming head. Hilary claimed that she was just trying to think of her next exclusive, and Jordan mentioned that Juliet had filed a sexual harassment suit against Brash & Sassy. Hilary feigned surprise, but Jordan figured that she already knew Juliet had named Cane as her harasser.

Jordan thought it hadn't been a smart move when Juliet had been fired for cause, but Hilary contended that Juliet had been unfairly singled out after all the grief Cane had put her through. Jordan argued that Cane had been Juliet's biggest supporter, and Jordan hadn't seen any sexual harassment. Hilary speculated that it had happened at another place and time, but Jordan questioned why Juliet hadn't reported it earlier. Hilary thought it was better late than never, but Jordan suspected that Juliet had gotten some bad advice from someone claiming to be in her corner.

Hilary was surprised that a guy like Jordan had been quick to assume that Juliet's case was frivolous. Jordan asserted that Juliet didn't have the right to ruin a good man's life and reputation, and he thought there hadn't been any signal that Lily and Cane's marriage was in trouble. Hilary scoffed at the idea that the man was automatically the victim and that the woman was vindictive or a slut, but Jordan maintained that the timing was suspect. Jordan considered it a blatant attempt to extort money, but Hilary contended that the truth always surfaced.

Lily confronted Hilary and called her unbelievable for goading Juliet into filing the lawsuit. Hilary was sure Cane wanted Lily to believe that, but she contended that the problem was between Lily, Cane, and the woman he'd allegedly harassed. Lily thought it was obvious why Hilary had made a point of saying that the Ashbys' marriage could withstand anything, and she ranted that Hilary was a pathetic human being who wanted to spread misery. Lily huffed that nothing would happen as a result of the suit, but Hilary smugly replied that it remained to be seen.

Hilary asserted that what Cane had allegedly done had been disgraceful, and she warned that the story would go nationwide, so Lily had better get ready to stand by her man. Hilary stepped aside to take a call, and Lily grumbled that she didn't get why Jordan was with Hilary. Lily lamented that she'd thought she and Juliet had been becoming friends, and she wondered what Jordan had thought when he'd seen Juliet with Cane. Jordan thought they'd gotten along most of the time, and Lily asked what he meant.

Jordan revealed that he'd heard Cane and Juliet arguing, but Lily wrote it off because it had been over a press release. Jordan recalled that Lily had thought it had seemed personal, but Lily reasoned that even friends had differences of opinion. She asked Jordan to be honest about whether he thought there was something to Juliet's claim, and he replied that Hilary had been right in that they'd eventually find out the truth. Lily wailed that it was her husband's reputation, and Jordan pointed out that it was also her marriage, family, and career, so a lot of people stood to get hurt if Cane lost.

At the Underground, Reed was thrilled to see Mattie, who introduced him to Erin. Reed mentioned that his cousin managed the place, and he called Noah over. Noah welcomed the girls and said the first round of sodas was on him. Mattie asked if Reed ever got nervous playing in front of people, and Reed replied that he could be himself once he hit the first chord. Mattie wondered who he was being then, and Reed clarified that he'd meant he could musically express himself. He headed to the stage, and Erin teased Mattie for not telling her that Reed was hot. Mattie unconvincingly claimed that she hadn't noticed as she stared at him.

Across the bar, Mariah observed that it looked like another full house, and Noah said he expected Tessa to be there soon. Mariah gushed that it was amazing that Devon wanted to give Tessa a recording deal, and Noah agreed that it would be if Tessa actually took it. Mariah questioned why Tessa would walk away. Tessa arrived and waved at them.

Mariah asked if Tessa felt nervous or excited about Devon offering her a deal, but Tessa said Mariah didn't have to keep selling her to Devon. Mariah swore that she'd had nothing to do with the offer and that Devon wouldn't have made the decision unless he believed in Tessa. Tessa looked skeptical, but Mariah suggested that Tessa ask him herself as Devon approached. Mariah told Devon that Tessa wasn't sure he was serious about wanting to sign her, and Tessa explained that she felt like a charity case after Nikki had taken her in.

Devon implored Tessa to feel like the talented musician she was, and he swore that he had to find the best talent to get his company off the ground. He stressed that he'd made the offer because he thought Tessa had something special, but he understood if she wasn't ready. Noah intervened and said Tessa just needed a moment to process everything, and Devon urged her to take as much time as she needed to feel comfortable with her decision. Noah stepped onstage and kicked off the night by introducing Reed.

After Reed finished his song, Tessa remarked to Noah that Reed had remembered to take some advice she'd given him. Noah thought she was ready to get into the recording studio, and he questioned what -- or who -- was holding her back. Mariah interrupted to tell Noah that his bartender needed help, and after he stepped away, Tessa asked if Noah and Mariah were a tag team. Mariah defended that Noah was worried about Tessa. Tessa admitted that she'd freaked out after she'd seen someone from her past, but she wanted a fresh start away from Chicago.

Tessa confided that she'd never had friends, and she wasn't accustomed to people helping her. Mariah jokingly called Tessa a mysterious musical cowgirl who'd ridden into town with her guitar to shoot off a few songs and then ride off into the sunset, but she encouraged Tessa to stick around. Mariah stepped away when Noah returned, and Tessa apologized if she'd been giving off the wrong vibe. She confessed that she was over the moon about the opportunity with Devon, but it was just a lot to take in. Noah urged Tessa to listen to her instincts, and he tenderly kissed her.

Reed asked for Mattie's opinion of his performance, and she replied that he hadn't been bad, but she quickly added that he'd been pretty good. He awkwardly thanked her, and she acknowledged that it had taken a lot of nerve to get up there. He explained that he'd just had to block out the crowd and find the zone, and she compared it to how her brother sounded before a lacrosse game. Reed said he'd love to take her out to a movie, and Mattie agreed to it when she didn't have stacks of homework. Erin interrupted and said she and Mattie had to go. Reed called after Mattie to get her number, but she had already headed out.

At the Abbott mansion, Jack flashed back to Dina telling him as a young boy that his father would be late again. Jack had begged to stay up and wait with her, but Dina had reminded him that he'd had school in the morning. She had agreed to let him stay up for a little while, and she had sung to him. The front door slammed shut, and Jack asked Ashley how Milwaukee had been. She reported that all she'd seen had been endless presentations, but none of them had wowed her. Ashley admitted that there was something about Graham that wasn't sitting right with her.

Ashley told Jack about witnessing Graham grabbing their mother by the wrist, but Graham and Dina had both claimed that Ashley had misread the situation. Ashley suspected that Graham was trying to control Dina, since Graham had been packing because Dina didn't want to go back to France and he did. Jack noted that Dina had made no mention of plans to leave, but Ashley said Graham had been pressing Dina to go back. Ashley sensed that something wasn't right, and Jack suggested that they find out what was really going on.

In her hotel suite, Dina tearfully clutched a tissue as Graham entered with flowers. He offered them as an apology for their disagreement earlier, and she assured him that it had already been forgotten. Graham wasn't sure Ashley felt the same way, but Dina insisted that she'd made it clear that he would never harm Dina. He said he was truly sorry for grabbing her arm, but he'd felt protective and cautious because her children had never shown an interest in her until then. Dina forgave him.

Downstairs in the dining room, Zack reported to Abby that the office space was amazing and that they were way ahead of where he'd thought they'd be. He applauded her for delivering on her promises, and she stated that the project was personal to her. Zack mentioned some minor repairs that the building needed, but he pledged to bust his tail to make the startup a success for everyone. Abby pledged to take care of the building issues immediately, and she informed him that the project had become part of Newman. They shook hands as they parted ways, but he gazed back at her as she greeted Dina.

Abby told Dina that her business meeting had just ended, but Dina thought from the way Zack had been looking at Abby that it had been more personal. Dina asserted that there was nothing wrong with cultivating more than a business venture to keep things from getting boring. Abby explained that Zack was part of her incubator project, and Dina thought it sounded risky. Abby recounted that Victoria had said the same thing, but Dina noted that Victor had gone along with Abby's idea. Dina gushed that she was proud of Abby, and Abby said it meant a lot to hear it from a smart, successful woman like Dina. Dina offered her help or advice if Abby ever needed it, and Abby was touched.

Abby stepped away to take a call, and Jack and Ashley approached Dina. Ashley said they were worried about her, since they weren't sure if Graham had Dina's best interests at heart. Dina reiterated that Ashley had misinterpreted what she'd walked in on, and she announced that she and Graham were planning on returning to Paris the next day. Ashley questioned whether it was what Dina wanted, and Jack offered to talk to Graham about returning to Paris on his own while Dina stayed at the Abbott house. Dina blurted out that Jack "mustn't do that."

Jack recognized that he and Ashley hadn't been close with Dina, but they still cared about her. Dina refused to dismiss Graham by shipping him back to Europe, but Jack had a feeling she wasn't ready to leave yet. Ashley guessed it had been why Dina had been upset when Ashley had walked in earlier. Graham joined them and assumed that Dina was saying goodbye to her family.

Dina declared that it was time to say goodnight and goodbye. She became emotional as Jack hugged her. Ashley embraced Dina and whispered in her ear to be safe. Graham said it had been a pleasure meeting them both, and he led Dina away. Jack agreed that something seemed off between the two, and he wasn't about to let their mother leave with "that man." Jack proposed that he and Ashley find out what was really going on.

Victoria ran into Abby in the lobby, and Abby asked what was going on. Victoria referred to work stuff, and Abby bragged that she'd been busy with the startup incubator idea that Victoria had shot down. Victoria countered that she'd simply expressed her doubts, but Abby crowed that Victor had changed his mind and decided to put it under the Newman umbrella. Victoria imagined that Victor was happy that one of his kids had finally been willing and able to step in, and Abby testily asked if Victoria was implying that Victor had settled for Abby because Victoria hadn't done it.

Victoria wished Abby would drop the paranoia, and she swore that she was genuinely happy for and proud of Abby for dealing with their dad's games. Abby scoffed at the idea that it had been a coincidence that Victoria had shown up when Abby had been about to give her presentation. Abby pointed out that Victoria hadn't had to stay for the meeting, and Victoria defended that she'd wanted to hear Abby's idea. Victoria apologized for not being enthusiastic about it, and she noted that Abby obviously didn't care about Victoria's opinion anyway.

Victoria thought Abby should be celebrating what she'd achieved, and Abby replied that she'd settle for a family dinner. Abby wondered why Victor had stopped being gung-ho about them, but Victoria reasoned that they were all busy, so it was hard to pull the whole tribe together. Abby mentioned that she'd had a lot on her plate, including getting to know her grandmother and launching a new business. Victoria wished her luck, but she advised Abby to be prepared because something unexpected always happened.

Ashley and Jack team up to find out what is going on with Dina

Ashley and Jack team up to find out what is going on with Dina

Friday, June 9, 2017

Nikki arrived at the Underground, and she thanked Noah for letting her use the club to practice for the concert. Nikki added that Tessa had agreed that Nikki's playing was rusty, and Noah thought it was great that the women were working together. Nikki admitted that she was intimidated by the thought of playing in front of people, but Noah reminded her that it was for a great cause. He stepped away to pick up a package, and Nikki began to play the piano. She cursed when she messed up multiple times, and she was startled when Tessa walked in. Nikki suggested they get to work, but she was clearly flustered.

Nikki continued to flub up, and Tessa urged her to relax and try it again. Nikki began again, but she grimaced when she hit the wrong notes. Nikki tried another song. Tessa smiled when Nikki's playing went smoothly, but Nikki suddenly stopped and huffed that it was ridiculous. Nikki expected that she would look like a fool, and it wouldn't be inspiring if the cream of society thought her multiple sclerosis flared up before their eyes. Tessa believed that Nikki would be fantastic, but Nikki wanted to give up.

Tessa insisted that she wasn't a quitter, and neither was Nikki. She called Nikki the most generous person she knew. Nikki wailed that she was doomed to fail and that the whole thing had been set up to make her look bad. Tessa questioned why anyone would want to do that, and Nikki imagined that Tessa had noticed the tension between Nikki and Victor. Tessa replied that it was a force of habit to mind her own business, and she wondered if her living at the ranch was making things more difficult. Nikki swore that Tessa's presence wasn't causing problems, but she thought Tessa was very smart and sensed things without being judgmental.

Nikki felt that she could talk to Tessa because Nikki had once been her. Nikki couldn't believe how her life had become about maintaining an image, and she feared that she'd lost sight of who she really was. Nikki realized that it sounded like she was complaining about the wonderful life she'd been blessed with, but she was at a crossroads, and she'd never been as uncertain about her future as she was then. Tessa suggested that Nikki pick a simpler piece that she could feel more confident about, but Nikki rushed out to take a break.

Tessa called Victor, and he asked how things were progressing with the concert. Tessa reported that Nikki might not be able to make it through it, but Victor stressed that Tessa was there to help Nikki do so. Tessa wondered why it was important to do it in public, and Victor vaguely stated that the concert meant a great deal to a lot of people. He sternly told Tessa not to let him down, and she told "Mr. Newman" that she got it. Tessa hung up and turned around to face Nikki, who demanded to know why Tessa had been talking to Victor.

At Crimson Lights, Sharon informed Scott that she'd worked an extra shift on the crisis hotline after Chloe's funeral. Sharon lamented that someone that young had felt like death had been the answer, and it made her feel lucky to have supportive people in her life. Scott admitted that watching Kevin go through it had made him look at things in a different way, and it had hit him that he couldn't go on the way he had been. Scott contended that he'd tried to honor his debt, but he was a writer and couldn't keep pretending that he "gave a damn" about business. He intended to give his notice at Newman that day, and Sharon imagined that Victor wouldn't be happy.

Sharon asked if Scott had any plans for a future career, and he envisioned becoming a barista, since he'd made coffee all over the world in hectic conditions. Sharon thought he might be bored, but he leaned in to show her why that would never happen. Noah caught the couple kissing when he entered, and he groaned that his timing sucked. Noah ordered coffee to go, since he was hanging out with Nikki while she practiced for the concert. He mentioned that Tessa was also helping out, and Sharon commented that Tessa seemed like a special young lady.

Noah confirmed that he and Tessa had gotten to know one another and that he liked looking out for her, and Sharon noted that he sounded protective. Noah recounted Tessa's reaction when an old boyfriend had shown up, and Sharon warned that it was trouble that Noah didn't need to get involved in. Noah had no idea if they'd had a bad breakup, but he sensed that Tessa was in no rush to run into him again. Sharon lectured that getting to know someone meant being honest about the past, and she thought Noah shouldn't have to wonder. Sharon recalled that he had a long history of trying to rescue people and ending up getting hurt, and she didn't want to see it happen again.

Noah asserted that Tessa wasn't a project but was a beautiful, talented woman who he was just dating. Scott prepared to go see Victor, and Sharon wished him luck. After Scott left, Noah commented that he liked Scott, but Sharon refused to let the conversation be over. Sharon pointed out that Noah really didn't know anything about Tessa, and he reasoned that it was the point of dating. Sharon urged him to take things slowly, and Noah indicated that Tessa didn't trust people, so he wasn't pushing her. Sharon recognized that he was a grown man, and she simply advised him to be careful.

In Paul's office at the police station, Kevin looked down at the slip of paper that Chloe had given him with the address where she'd asked him to secretly meet her. Paul entered and informed Kevin that he'd pulled strings to get Kevin's vacation request approved. Kevin inquired whether there had been any other word on Chloe's death, and Paul said the medical examiner in Louisiana had ruled it a suicide. Kevin wondered whether Dr. Harris had been charged with anything, and Paul reported that the police in Louisiana had been satisfied that the doctor had only been trying to do a good thing by helping her.

Paul saw no reason to press charges against Dr. Harris or for Kevin to pursue it further, since it would only keep Kevin from moving on. Paul urged Kevin to hold on to the fact that Chloe had been safe and cared for during the last few months of her life, and Kevin replied that he'd try. Paul wished him a wonderful, healing trip, and the men hugged. After Kevin stepped out, he peeked at a gun in his laptop case.

Dr. Harris took Chloe to his home in Louisiana, and he told her to rest while he answered a call. She shuffled off, and he reported to Victor over the phone that everything had gone as planned. Victor declared that the world thought Chloe was dead, and he instructed the doctor to take very good care of her. As Chloe eavesdropped, Dr. Harris pledged to devote himself to her treatment. Dr. Harris told Victor that he didn't anticipate any further issues, and they hung up.

Chloe reentered the room and complained that she was tired but couldn't sleep. The doctor explained that she might feel groggy because the drugs he'd given her had been very powerful. She flashed back to confronting Dr. Harris about telling Victor that he'd start using the "nuclear option," and the doctor had reminded her that they'd agreed from the beginning that they might have to resort to extreme measures if anyone tracked her down. Chloe had whimpered that she'd lose everything, but Dr. Harris had insisted that the only recourse was to make everyone believe she was dead.

Chloe recalled that she'd cried that it would be hard on her loved ones, but she couldn't go to prison or back to the mental hospital. She had demanded to speak to Victor, and Dr. Harris had called him. Chloe had requested confirmation that Victor would keep his word that her death would only look real. Victor had stressed that he was a lot of things, but he wasn't a murderer, and he'd assured her that the doctor would protect her from the rest of the world once she was through the ordeal.

As Chloe sketched, Dr. Harris looked over her shoulder and admired her natural talent. He offered to look into art therapy more, and he promised to have plenty of art supplies. She calmly smiled and thanked him, and he asked if she understood why it had been necessary to make everyone believe she'd died. She robotically replied that she felt much safer, and he swore that she'd be safe there with him. He added that he was proud of her for making the best possible choice, and she murmured that she knew. She turned back to her sketchpad, and the doctor stepped away to make lunch. Chloe muttered, "Hurry, Kevin, hurry."

In the park café, Kevin used a napkin to remove the gun from an evidence bag. He placed the gun in his duffel bag and dumped the evidence bag in a trash can. He opened his laptop and typed in the address that Chloe had given him. Victor greeted Kevin, who slammed his computer shut and said Victor had scared him to death. Kevin explained that he'd been shaky, and Victor extended his condolences. Kevin recognized how Victor had felt about Chloe, so he accepted them with a grain of salt.

Victor spotted Kevin's bags and asked if he was going somewhere. Kevin claimed that he was taking a vacation to figure out where his life went from there. Kevin added that he was going to Tahiti, where he and Chloe had intended to go on their honeymoon. Victor imagined that it would be hard to go alone, but Kevin blurted out that he wouldn't be alone. Kevin clarified that he was heading to a big tourist spot with lots of people, but he didn't know the details because Michael and Lauren had made the plans on his behalf. Victor hoped the trip gave Kevin some solace, and the men shook hands. After Victor walked off, Kevin found Chloe's location on an online map, and he grabbed his bags and left.

At the Abbott mansion, Ashley contemplated what she and Jack could do to help their mother. Ashley theorized that Graham felt threatened by them because he'd never anticipated that they'd have a connection with Dina, so Graham was trying to drive Dina back to Paris before they got their hooks into her. Jack worried that Graham had an undue amount of influence over Dina, and Ashley was adamant that they find out before Dina got on a plane. Jack fretted that the problem was getting Dina alone when Graham was a constant shadow. Ashley had an idea.

In the Athletic Club dining room, Dina remarked that she'd miss Genoa City. Graham pointed out that the trip had been successful on many levels, even though it had stirred up difficult emotions. He pointed out that they were leaving on a high note, so he was sure she could see it was for the best. Ashley phoned Graham, but he was careful not to reveal who was on the other end of the call. Ashley claimed to have found a photo album her mother wanted, and Graham volunteered to stop by to pick it up. After they hung up, Jack surmised that the last thing Graham wanted was for them to get near Dina again. Ashley planned to stall Graham while Jack found out what was going on from Dina.

Later, Graham arrived at the mansion, and Ashley offered him some tea to make up for getting off on the wrong foot when she'd asked him questions about her mother. He recognized that sometimes he was overly wary and had a tendency to hover, but Ashley remarked that Dina was very lucky to have someone like him in her life. Graham contended that he was the lucky one, since Dina was a remarkable woman. Ashley acknowledged that there had been distance between her and her mother, but she'd always respected Dina's business acumen.

Ashley imagined that Dina had amassed a fortune and would leave behind an extraordinary estate, and Graham asked if Ashley thought he was after Dina's money. Ashley demanded to know if he was, and Graham guessed that Ashley thought he was trying to keep Dina from getting close to her family so that she'd leave him her millions. He said he was used to people making assumptions, but he'd thought Ashley knew her mother well enough to know that Dina wasn't the type to be manipulated. Graham asserted that he'd never asked to see Dina's estate plan, and he wasn't expecting any inheritance.

Ashley was skeptical that Graham would be happy to walk away with nothing one day, but he contended that he was being paid well for his services. Graham offered to show her his bank statements, but Ashley replied that it wasn't necessary. Graham was appalled that Ashley's interest in Dina centered around money. Ashley defended that she didn't need it, so she didn't care about an inheritance. Graham scoffed at the idea that Ashley actually cared about Dina.

Graham understood that Ashley didn't like or trust him, but he argued that she'd shown little interest in her mother's life until then, so her sudden concern felt lacking. Graham chided Ashley for spending her entire life, judging Dina, and he doubted that Ashley was shocked that Dina didn't care to spend more time with Ashley and the rest of the Abbott family. Graham insisted that it had been Dina's choice to only stay a short while to see her children one more time. Ashley wondered what he meant, and Graham explained that they didn't expect to be back in town anytime soon. He wished her a pleasant day and headed out.

Dina was surprised when Jack stopped by her hotel suite, since she'd thought they'd said their goodbyes the night before. He asked if she was really leaving that day, and she replied that she didn't want to wear out her welcome. Jack inquired whether leaving had been her decision or Graham's, but Dina swore that it had been the plan all along. Jack recalled that she'd been sharp and decisive during their family dinner, but she turned into a person he didn't recognize when she was around Graham. Jack believed Dina had connected with her family in ways they'd never thought possible, and he begged her not to go. Dina insisted that she had to leave.

Jack pushed Dina to tell him what was going on, since he was worried, and Ashley was even more upset. Dina swore that she was doing just fine and that Graham was just protective. She thought Jack was overreacting, but he doubted that one family dinner and a few conversations had been enough for her after they'd become closer during her trip than they ever had before. He pleaded with her to stay, and he had a feeling that she wanted the same thing. Dina speculated that maybe she'd be back one day, and Jack inquired whether Graham was forcing her to leave.

Dina conceded that she wished she could spend more time with her family, but she remarked that they all made choices in life and had to accept the consequences. She hoped that he could settle for having the wonderful visit they'd had, and he realized that she wasn't going to change her mind. He wished things didn't have to be that way, but she firmly told him goodbye. They hugged as Graham walked in, and Dina struggled with her emotions as she said Jack had just been leaving. Jack sternly told Graham that he "damn well better take care of her," or he'd have Jack to answer to. Graham promised that Dina was in very capable hands. Jack left, and Graham assured Dina that she'd done the right thing.

Jack returned home and told Ashley that he and Dina had said their goodbyes again. Jack reported that Dina was heading out that night, but he'd gotten the distinct impression that it wasn't what Dina wanted. Jack indicated that he hadn't been able to get Dina to open up, but he was sure there was more she'd wanted to say.

Meanwhile, Graham started to call the bellman to pick up his and Dina's bags, but Dina suddenly asserted that she couldn't leave. Dina refused to leave her family and declared that Graham couldn't force her. He reminded her of what she'd told him before they'd left France -- that she didn't want her family to know. Dina said she knew Graham was right, but it was hard because she didn't know where the journey would take them. Graham swore that he'd be with her every step of the way, and he promised that she'd have nothing to worry about as long as she was with him. He held her close.

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