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Lily was devastated when Leslie presented video footage of Cane and Juliet entering his hotel room together. Graham convinced Dina to sign her will. Dina revealed to Ashley that she and Graham had a deal. Nikki suffered a multiple sclerosis relapse.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of June 19, 2017 on Y&R
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Ashley probes Graham for details about his life Ashley probes Graham for details about his life

Monday, June 19, 2017

At Phyllis' apartment, Phyllis asked Billy if he believed Cane was guilty. Billy said he wasn't sure. Billy expressed concern for Victoria and for Brash & Sassy, which Billy noted had been on shaky ground even before the hockey-footage debacle and Juliet's lawsuit. Billy said he was concerned about Victoria and hoped the setbacks wouldn't take a toll on her. Phyllis suggested Billy could help out at work or with his children. Phyllis added that Victoria's emotional well-being wasn't Billy's problem. Billy said he was sensitive to Victoria's emotions like Phyllis was to Jack's. Phyllis pointed out that though Victoria had occupied much of Billy's time, he should spend time with his children.

At Michael's condo, Michael briefed Victoria about Juliet's harassment lawsuit. Michael said, "I just got word from Leslie's office. She has agreed to an expedited discovery, so we'll do it tomorrow in my office." Victoria expressed concern that Leslie had agreed to meet because she had evidence. Michael said Leslie had agreed because Juliet had pushed to drop everything. Michael added that Leslie still believed she could spin the case into a victory.

Michael assured Victoria that Leslie's side hadn't produced one shred of evidence. Victoria admitted she no longer felt as confident and was concerned about negative press. Michael said he'd already filed a restraining order, which would prevent the depositions from becoming public records and keep them off-limits to the press. Victoria was grateful but remained wary of Leslie's agreement to the stipulations. Michael said, "One would assume that it is not in Juliet's best interest to be branded a liar in the public record." Michael, moving on to the key points Victoria should cover in her testimony, noted that Juliet had never before mentioned sexual harassment while employed at Brash & Sassy and had been fired for cause, and only Victoria, not Cane, had made the decision to terminate. Victoria agreed that all the statements were true.

Michael warned that Leslie would likely attempt to trip up or elicit an emotional reaction from Victoria during questioning. Doing so, Michael added, would allow Leslie to draw out details that could be used against Victoria. Victoria assured Michael she'd suppress her emotions during the deposition. Victoria asked Michael to share his thoughts about the case. Michael said Juliet stood to lose future job prospects. Michael noted that their case didn't seem to be the type that could go either way because the facts were on their side.

After Victoria left Michael's, Phyllis stopped by. Phyllis asked Michael to tell her when the lawsuit might finally be resolved. Michael chuckled and replied, "May I ask why this is of interest to you?" Phyllis said she believed Victoria was using the lawsuit to keep Billy close by pretending she was on the edge of a nervous collapse. Phyllis added that Billy blamed himself for the hockey-footage debacle. Michael agreed that the lawsuit might never have been filed had the footage never aired.

Phyllis said she suspected Victoria wanted her out of Billy's life. Michael, noting that he was working closely with Victoria, said she was truly under pressure. Phyllis remarked that when under pressure, Victoria became more like Victor, so she could handle the situation on her own.

At Victoria's house, Victoria was heading out when Billy opened the door. Billy said he'd stopped by to see Johnny and Katie. Victoria said the kids were with Nikki at the ranch, riding ponies with Faith. Billy noted that dinner with Dad wouldn't compare. Victoria said the kids would return before dinner, and she invited Billy to have dinner with her and the children. Billy inquired about Victoria's well-being. Victoria assured Billy that she had faith in Michael's ability to prevail, so Billy shouldn't worry. Victoria, changing the subject, suggested Billy help out by setting the table for dinner.

At Cane and Lily's house, Cane returned home and found Jordan and Lily embracing. Jordan pulled away, and Lily walked toward Cane. Lily explained that she'd been distressed until she'd heard that Juliet had dropped her lawsuit. Cane said he was thankful Lily had a shoulder to lean on. Lily embraced Cane, and he told her she was lucky to have such a good friend. Cane made eye contact with Jordan as he consoled Lily.

After Jordan left, Cane told Lily that Juliet had decided to move forward with her lawsuit. Cane said Michael believed Juliet might falter while being deposed and admit she'd fabricated her story. Lily replied, "I hope he rips her lies apart." Lily told Cane that Hilary was planning to run a story about the lawsuit. Lily explained that even Jordan couldn't believe that Hilary would stoop so low, so he'd stopped by to share the unfortunate news. Cane agreed with Lily that Hilary's true plan was to destroy them. Lily added, "And she's going to enjoy every minute of it."

Lily was concerned about how Mattie and Charlie would handle the news. Lily and Cane sat down with their children and told them about the lawsuit. Cane explained that he'd been accused of harassment. Lily assured her children that the lawsuit was based on lies. Mattie feared that everyone would hear that her dad was being accused of doing something awful.

After Mattie left the room, Lily went to comfort her. Charlie said he'd feared that his father had been hiding something. Cane comforted his son and praised Lily for standing by him. Charlie said, "I know you wouldn't do something like this." Lily returned and seemed distraught as she watched Cane comfort their son.

In Jack's office at Jabot, Jack questioned Dina about the nature of her relationship with Graham. Jack explained that it hurt him to see Dina treat Graham like a family member. Dina said she believed her own family wouldn't accept her. Dina admitted it was difficult to accept Jack's generosity because she feared she might let him down again. Jack assured his mom that she shouldn't worry, and he recalled how his dad had maintained the Abbott home exactly as Dina had left it in hopes of welcoming her back to familiar surroundings. Jack added that John would've offered forgiveness, as he, too, would have.

Gloria interrupted Dina and Jack's conversation to remind Jack about a meeting, and Jack left. Gloria was surprised when Dina said she'd be staying in Genoa City. Dina, noting that both she and Gloria had been married to John and loved Jack, said she and Gloria should have lunch together. Dina admitted she was aware that Gloria and Jack shared an intimate relationship. Gloria became flustered and said she wasn't comfortable discussing her relationship with Jack. Dina said she was curious about what made Jack happy. Under her breath, Gloria said she, too, was curious about how to make Jack happy.

After Dina left, Jack returned to his office. Jack was disappointed that his mother had left without a word. Jack berated himself for having invested so much time worrying about her. Jack admitted that since his mother's return, he'd been rehashing past mistakes and family drama. Gloria said she believed Jack had spent years longing for his mother to be part of his life and to give him her love and approval. Jack agreed and said he'd never envisioned competing with someone like Graham. Gloria replied, "You're jealous because he has more of her than you do."

Gloria mentioned Dina's comment about Gloria and Jack sleeping together, though Gloria scornfully noted their intimacy had ended. Jack recalled that his and Gloria's closeness had sprung from a mutually beneficial arrangement in which Gloria had received the salary and benefits she'd demanded. Gloria replied, "I just started looking forward to sneaking around with you. Thought you did, too." Jack seemed taken aback. Gloria abruptly ended the conversation and returned to her desk, where she sighed dejectedly.

At the Genoa City Athletic Club, Ashley questioned Graham about his involvement with Dina. Graham said he hadn't been forthcoming because he believed Dina's family merely tolerated his presence. Ashley said she understood and noted that she didn't even know his last name. Graham replied, "It's Bloodworth." Ashley suggested they start over and get to know each other.

Graham told Ashley he'd traveled to Paris after finishing college, fallen in love with the city, and chosen to stay. Graham explained that Dina had hired him because his skill sets in business management met her needs, and he desired a mentor. Ashley became curious when Graham said that he was in no position to judge Ashley's family. Graham noted that he, too, was familiar with complicated family dynamics. Graham told Ashley that his parents' marriage had ended badly.

Graham praised Dina, said she was a great person, and told Ashley she should be grateful they'd reconnected. Ashley placed her hand on Graham's just as Dina entered the room. Dina attempted to sneak up the stairs, unseen. Graham called out to Dina, and she joined them. Ashley thanked Dina for staying in town, especially for Abby's sake. As Ashley walked away, Graham watched intently. Dina took notice. Graham explained how Ashley had used her charm to coax information from him.

Ashley entered Jack's office and began rolling off information about Graham. Ashley said, "Graham's last name is Bloodworth. Born and raised in the Midwest. Both parents are deceased. Went to Paris after college. Never left." Ashley said Graham had related a tale about his parents having suffered a horrible trauma, so he'd encouraged Ashley and her siblings to treasure time with Dina.

Jack said he didn't believe Graham. Ashley said she'd asked Ravi to research Graham. Jack was impatient and said they should force Graham out of Dina's life immediately before he whisked her out of the country. Jack suggested Ashley employ her persuasive skills to get Dina to turn on Graham. Ashley refused and told Jack he was out of his mind.

At GC Buzz, Jordan confronted Hilary about scandalizing the lawsuit to hurt Lily's marriage. Hilary claimed she'd been mulling over how she'd explain her side if Jordan would give her a chance to speak. Jordan seemed wary. Hilary said it was simply her job as a reporter to cover the story. Hilary admitted that she couldn't separate her history with Lily from the facts without turning it into a personal vendetta.

Hilary told Jordan she would drop the story. Hilary added that she'd even declined Juliet's request to be a witness at a deposition. Jordan replied, "Juliet called you as a witness? You don't work for Brash & Sassy. How would you know what did or didn't happen between Cane and Juliet unless your involvement in this is way deeper than what you've told anyone?"

Jordan demanded to know what Juliet wanted Hilary to reveal under oath. Hilary claimed she'd been called to be a character witness. Hilary admitted that she'd slipped up, though she'd striven to let go of old grudges and petty resentments. Hilary pulled Jordan close for a kiss, and she asked him to stick by her and help her be a woman he could be proud of. Jordan pushed Hilary away and said, "You know who you should be proud of? Whoever taught you how to act because you're right up there with Viola Davis and Meryl Streep. And the only thing that you regret about your plan to trash Lily and Cane is that I caught wind of it."

After Jordan left, Hilary summoned Devon, and when he arrived, she said she hadn't been sure he'd show up. Devon said he'd heard about the piece Hilary planned to run about Lily and Cane. Hilary said she'd decided against it. Devon replied, "So you're going to make a reasonable decision not based on hate and resentment?" Hilary defended herself and claimed she'd only recommended a lawyer to a woman wanting to defend herself, though nobody, including Jordan, had believed her.

Devon said he realized he'd been summoned because Jordan had left. Devon turned and headed toward the exit, but Hilary began sobbing. Hilary cried pitifully that Devon had always been her voice of reason. Devon embraced Hilary and comforted her.

Nikki's MS flares up Nikki's MS flares up

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

In Dina's hotel suite, Graham urged Dina to talk to him about what he'd done to offend her. He assumed that it had to do with his encounter with Ashley, but he reiterated that it had been nothing. Dina thought Graham and Ashley had seemed cozy, but Graham explained that Ashley had been on a fishing expedition because she didn't understand his and Dina's relationship. Dina questioned what was in it for him.

Dina called Graham her closest friend and most trusted advisor, and she considered him the only person she could truly count on. He swore that she always could, but she wondered why he was hanging out with an old gal like her when he could have a wonderful social life. Graham insisted that he was happy and content, and he knew Dina needed him. She admitted that it had been hard to see him with Ashley, who was beautiful and younger. Graham asserted that he wasn't interested in other women and that he only cared about protecting Dina.

Graham imagined that Dina's children would like nothing better than for him to go back to Paris alone, but he pledged not to let anyone dictate what he could or couldn't do. Graham doubted that Jack and Ashley would ever accept or trust him because they didn't understand his relationship with Dina. Graham asserted that what he and Dina had worked for them, and they shouldn't have to explain themselves to anyone. Dina assured him that her children wouldn't cause any trouble, and he kissed her forehead.

Graham started to head out, and he asked Dina if she was sure everything was all right. She swore that everything was fine, and so were they. He promised to call her later, and he stepped out. In the hallway, he made a call to finalize Dina's will immediately. He indicated that nothing had changed from what Dina had said in Paris, so she wanted to sign the documents as soon as possible.

At Jabot, Ashley was appalled that Jack wanted to pimp out his own sister, and she refused to hit on Graham to make Dina jealous. Jack contended that they had to pull out the heavy artillery, but Ashley pointed out that Dina didn't want Graham out of her life. Jack remarked that sometimes people didn't know what was best until someone helped them to realize it. Jack anticipated that Dina would drop Graham if he succumbed to Ashley's charms.

Ashley thought Jack was crazy to think she'd resort to flirting with Graham, but Jack countered that Graham was intelligent and not bad looking. She called Jack's plan immoral and worried that their mother would hate her forever if she went through with it. Ashley added that Graham wouldn't fall for it, since he wouldn't kill the golden goose by showing interest in her, knowing how Dina would react. Ashley agreed to continue reaching out to Graham as a friend and to expose him if he was using Dina, but that was it. Jack huffed that his idea was better, and he thought he could make it work without Ashley's help.

Later, Ravi informed Ashley that, based on his research, Graham had been a professional actor for a while, but Graham's last credit had been in 1999. Ravi disclosed that there hadn't been much information about Graham online, and Ashley wondered how a wannabe actor had ended up as the right-hand man to her mother. Ashley reported that Graham had denied that he and Dina were lovers, yet Ashley found it strange that Dina was very possessive of him. She revealed that Jack had a plan to drive a wedge between Dina and Graham, and they'd find out soon enough if it worked.

Meanwhile, Jack recognized that Gloria was upset with him, but he hadn't meant to make her feel tossed aside. Gloria apologized for seeming needy, but she insisted that she was ready to move on. Jack noted that she enjoyed the company of men and that there were plenty of them nearby. She asked if he had someone in mind, and he named Graham. Gloria contemplated whether to kiss Jack or to slap him.

Jack described his plan to Gloria, and she inquired whether he expected her to make nice with a man she hardly knew. Jack recalled that he'd seen a twinkle in her eye when she'd first met Graham, and he urged her to stage a seduction so that Dina would wash her hands of Graham. Jack accused Graham of insinuating himself into Dina's life to get his hands on her money. He begged Gloria to help him keep Dina from being exploited, but she refused to get involved.

Nikki practiced playing the piano at the ranch, but she became increasingly frustrated when she hit the wrong notes. She imagined the crowd booing and Victor barking that she was nothing without him. She crossed over to the bar set, opened a decanter of liquor, and deeply sniffed the contents. Sharon suddenly entered, looking for a sweater that Faith had left behind. Nikki mumbled that she'd just seen it somewhere, and Sharon spotted it across the room.

Sharon observed that Nikki seemed preoccupied. Sharon mentioned the concert. Sharon thought it sounded glamorous, but Nikki groused that she spent every free moment practicing. Sharon inquired whether Nikki felt ready, and Nikki replied that it was definitely outside her comfort zone, but she couldn't let Victor down because he'd donated a lot of money. Sharon sympathized that it was hard being under pressure, and she called Nikki out on holding the bottle of liquor when Sharon had walked in.

Sharon surmised that Nikki had been tempted to take a drink, but Nikki scoffed at the idea of sacrificing her sobriety over a concert. Sharon suspected that it wasn't just about Nikki's nerves, but Nikki argued that she'd never performed in front of people. Sharon recalled that Nikki had taken her clothes off for strange men, so she was surprised that a charity event would freak Nikki out. Sharon revealed that she'd been volunteering at a crisis hotline, so she'd been trained on how to help people with issues. Nikki asserted that she didn't need an armchair psychiatrist.

Sharon sensed that there were issues bothering Nikki other than the concert, since she'd noticed that Nick had been upset with Victor and that Nikki and Victor hadn't invited Faith over very often. Sharon admitted that she'd thought Nikki and Victor had been having problems again, but she'd figured she'd been wrong when Victor had donated the money for a medical building in Nikki's name. Nikki wished that Victor had asked if she'd wanted to do the concert before he'd offered her services. Nikki excused herself to answer a call, and she sweetly greeted Victor and told him she had company. He announced that tickets had gone on sale for the concert, and he expected a sold-out crowd for a night to remember.

After Nikki hung up, she struggled to hide her visibly shaking hand. Sharon inquired how Nikki would have answered if Victor had asked her to perform in advance, and Nikki replied that she would have passed, since she had no interest in being a poster child for multiple sclerosis. Nikki figured that Victor had wanted to remind her of who she was and who she wasn't, but she quickly covered by saying that Newmans were expected to be magnificent, whereas she was an amateur. Nikki explained that she only liked tinkering on the piano at home for fun, and Sharon encouraged her to perform at the charity event with that attitude, since no one would think less of Nikki if the performance wasn't perfect.

Nikki said she'd be fine as soon as she got rid of her jitters, and Sharon assured her that a lot of people were rooting for her. Nikki conceded that Sharon was pretty good at the therapeutic thing, and she prepared to resume practicing. After Sharon departed, Nikki continued to play, but she suddenly cried out in pain. Her hands began to shake uncontrollably, and she begged them to stop. She weakly yelled out for help and crumpled up against the wall. She struggled to cross the room, sobbing for someone to help her, and she collapsed on the floor.

At Newman Enterprises, Abby walked into Victor's office as he finished a call to implore someone to buy tickets to the charity concert. Abby said she needed to discuss something, but Scott entered with a poster for the upcoming concert, featuring a photo of Nikki in front of a piano. Victor presented Abby and Scott with a list of likely donors and expressed confidence that the two of them would get the seats filled in no time. Abby and Scott protested, but Victor asserted that it wasn't a request, and he ordered them to divvy up the list as they saw fit.

At the park café, Abby griped to Scott about having to sell tickets for Nikki's vanity project. Scott found Victor's gesture impressive and romantic, but Abby grumbled that Victor had pawned the work off on them. Scott brightly remarked that at least they weren't stuck inside, and he planned to utilize his rapport with people to sell the tickets. Abby assumed that he was implying she didn't have the same aptitude, and she proposed a bet as to who would finish first, with the person who took longer having to buy coffee for a week. He informed her that he took his cappuccino with two shots of espresso.

Later, Scott informed Abby that he'd sold most of his tickets and that it wouldn't be long until all the names on his list were crossed off. Abby crowed that she was done already, and he figured that she'd had an advantage because the society types knew her. She replied that most of them had been strangers, but she had latched onto their interests to make them think she had something in common with them. Scott chided her for not bothering to talk about the cause, but Abby asserted that it had been about selling the person, not the product. She scolded him for undermining her just because she was better at something than he was. Sharon approached and asked if they needed a referee.

Scott explained that Victor had assigned Scott and Abby the same project to push their buttons, and Abby called Scott a sore loser. Scott scoffed at the thought that Abby was a gracious winner, and Abby admitted that they'd taken out their frustration with her dad on one another. Abby gave Scott her coffee order, and she stepped aside to take a call. Sharon asked if Scott truly was a sore loser, and he confessed that it was an embarrassing character flaw. He conceded that it had been ridiculous to get worked up, and Sharon noted that even when Victor had the best of intentions, he ended up making things harder for everyone.

At the Ashby home, Michael explained to Cane that the proceedings would happen in a conference room and not a courtroom, but the witnesses would still be under oath. Michael planned to try to punch holes in Juliet's case, and he warned that Leslie would go over every detail of the time Cane and Juliet had spent in Tokyo together. Cane flashed back to lying naked in bed with Juliet. Michael stressed that the whole point was to find out about the evidence and the strategy Leslie was planning. Cane muttered that all Leslie had was Juliet's claims, and Michael replied that they had a whole team to refute them. Michael inquired whether Lily was ready to go, but Cane objected to her joining them.

Michael understood that Cane wanted to spare Lily the discomfort of the subject matter, but he considered it critical for the Brash & Sassy team to present a united front. Cane argued that Billy and Victoria would be enough to rattle Juliet, so they didn't need Lily. Lily overheard as she entered the room, and she wondered why Cane didn't want her there. Cane reasoned that she wasn't testifying, but Michael thought nothing would intimidate Juliet more than Lily's presence. Lily insisted on seeing Juliet's face when Cane was vindicated.

At the park café, Victoria insisted that she didn't need a pep talk, but Billy thought he might need one. He contemplated how he could avoid making Cane sound like a slimeball in his testimony, since Billy didn't want to hurt the company. Victoria told Billy not to worry, since Juliet's case hinged on one lie, and they would all move forward once Michael got Juliet to admit it wasn't true. Billy was skeptical.

Victoria wished that Cane had told her that Juliet had salvaged the Asian deal, and Billy sensed that Cane was hiding something else. Victoria was certain that Cane had never looked at another woman because he was devoted to Lily, but Billy knowingly pointed out that sometimes even men who loved their wives still cheated. Victoria was livid that Juliet had turned on Cane, especially after Victoria had mentored her and had tried to help with a severance package and recommendation. Victoria pledged to teach "that woman" a lesson, since she didn't just want to get Juliet to drop the lawsuit -- she wanted Juliet to be humiliated.

Victoria and Billy entered the conference room at Michael's law office, and she grumbled that she couldn't wait to get it over with. She was surprised to see Lily, who explained that she was there to show support for Cane and the company and to show her former "friend" that Juliet wasn't fooling anyone with her story. Michael advised everyone not to get emotional and to answer only the exact questions asked, since Leslie would word things to try to trip them up. He continued that everyone should otherwise remain silent and not react, and he instructed them to write down any questions or comments because he couldn't speak to them during the proceedings.

Michael added that it was okay for anyone to admit that they didn't remember if they really didn't, but the one thing they couldn't do was lie, since they'd be subject to perjury charges if they did. Leslie and Juliet arrived, and Leslie called it an intimidation tactic for that many people to be there. Michael asserted that his clients had a right to be present, and Leslie threatened to have a judge limit the number of attendees. Juliet glanced around the room and said everyone could stay, including Lily. Juliet refused to let them get to her, although she was sure they would try.

Victoria testified that she'd instructed Cane and Juliet to go out and celebrate closing the Asian deal by having dinner on the company and enjoying the sights in Tokyo. Leslie provided a copy of expense reports approved by Victoria, indicating that the company had paid for various alcoholic beverages, including three bottles of sake. Lily's eyes widened, and Leslie questioned whether it was typical for employees to drink that much. Victoria replied that it wasn't typical, but it wasn't unheard of. Leslie insinuated that alcohol was frequently a precursor to sex, but Victoria pointed out that she wasn't an expert on the impact of alcohol on sexual relations.

Leslie turned the topic to Cane recommending Juliet for a full-time position, and Victoria recounted that he had been enthusiastic about hiring Juliet as the division manager for Asia, but Victoria had opted to hire a more experienced candidate. Victoria recalled that Cane had been disappointed but understanding when Juliet hadn't gotten the job, but he hadn't thought Juliet would relocate for a position in Genoa City. Leslie suggested that he'd been hoping Juliet would stay away from his workplace and his wife.

Leslie interrogated Victoria about firing Juliet for cause, and Victoria asserted that Juliet had carelessly passed on misinformation that had nearly cost the company a major deal and that Victoria had been forced to fire Juliet to keep the deal in place. At Leslie's prompting, Victoria recalled that Cane had been upset about the firing and had thought she'd made the wrong call. Leslie quoted Victoria's words to Juliet about no one ever having to know the real circumstances surrounding Juliet's termination, and she speculated that Victoria had been trying to cover something up.

Victoria barked that Leslie had taken her remarks out of context, and she clarified that she'd promised give Juliet a good recommendation so that Juliet's career wouldn't be harmed. Leslie questioned why Victoria had done that if Juliet had made a costly mistake, and Victoria replied that at the time, she'd thought Juliet had been a decent human being. Leslie asked if Victoria was willing to state for the record that Cane couldn't have used his position to coerce Juliet into a sexual relationship. Victoria proclaimed that she believed her colleague, but Leslie argued that Victoria couldn't be 100 percent certain that nothing sexual had happened.

Victoria conceded that she hadn't been a fly on the wall, but she firmly stated for the record that what she saw was a disgruntled ex-employee who was lying to get a big cash settlement. Victoria bellowed that if Juliet had been traumatized, there had been plenty of time for her to step forward. Over Michael's objections, Victoria raged that Juliet should be ashamed of herself, and she demanded to know how it felt to look at the man Juliet had wrongfully accused and his wife when they'd considered Juliet their friend.

Victoria snapped that she'd gone out of her way to create a position for Juliet, and even when she'd been forced to fire Juliet, she'd given Juliet a severance package because she'd cared about what happened. Victoria admonished Juliet for showing her appreciation by filing a lawsuit, and she demanded that Juliet stop lying while she could still live with herself.

Surveillance video puts Cane's story in doubt Surveillance video puts Cane's story in doubt> Surveillance video puts Cane's story in doubt Surveillance video puts Cane's story in doubt

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

by Nel

The discovery continued in Michael's office. Leslie said she had no further questions for Victoria. Leslie left the office to take a call, and Juliet followed her. Billie told Victoria that that had been intense. Victoria was determined to show Juliet that they wouldn't be intimidated and that they had the truth on their side.

Leslie was on the phone and told someone that she was pleased they'd been able to find the information she needed. Leslie returned to Michael's office and announced that the judge had approved Lily being added as a witness. Michael objected and said that he hadn't had time to prepare Lily. Lily asked Michael if she had to testify. Michael told her she had to. He advised her to keep her answers short and not to elaborate.

Leslie asked if Lily had considered Juliet a friend and if Lily felt that Juliet was a truthful person. Lily said she had until Juliet had accused Cane of sexual harassment. Leslie asked Lily if Cane had told her about the deal in Tokyo. Lily said he had. Leslie asked if Cane had mentioned that the deal had been called off because Cane had broken protocol by giving Mr. Sato a bro hug and that Juliet had saved the deal when she'd been able to convince Mr. Sato to return to the table. Lily said no.

Leslie stated that Cane had taken full credit for securing the Asian deal, but he had failed to mention that because of his faux pas, the deal had almost fallen apart. Leslie asked Lily who the liar was.

Michael deposed Juliet next. He talked about Juliet's financial situation. Juliet admitted that she'd had to charge a lot of things when she'd moved from Tokyo to Genoa City. Michael stated that Juliet had received a generous settlement from Brash & Sassy, but Juliet countered that she wouldn't have called it generous. Michael noted that it hadn't been big enough to dig her out of her financial hole.

Michael wanted to know how the position of divisional manager had arisen in conversation after Mr. Sato had agreed to the deal. Juliet admitted that she'd asked Cane to put in a good word with Victoria. Cane had promised to talk to Victoria on Juliet's behalf. Michael asked if there had been any caveats to Cane's offer.

Juliet admitted that Cane had advised her that it was Victoria's call. He didn't have the power to hire. Michael asked if that negated her claim that Cane had wanted sex for her securing the job -- quid pro quo -- because he didn't have the ability to hire her at Brash & Sassy. Juliet admitted that without Cane's recommendation there were no guarantees that Victoria would have given her an interview. To ensure she had a shot at the position, Juliet had needed to go along with Cane's proposal. She had wanted to keep it professional, but that hadn't happened.

Juliet said that while they'd been at the bar, she'd wanted to tell Cane about her qualifications, but Cane had shut her down. She'd known that without Cane's recommendation she wouldn't get the job at Brash & Sassy, and Cane had been clear what he'd wanted. Cane hadn't wanted to talk about the job -- he'd wanted more drinks. They'd spoken about the job after they'd had sex. When they'd been ready to leave the bar, Cane had been unsteady on his feet. Juliet helped him to his room. Cane had insisted that she help him get into bed.

Juliet said that Cane had grabbed her and pulled her onto the bed, and he'd thanked her for saving the deal with Mr. Sato. She'd tried to remove herself, but Cane had insisted that if she wanted the job, then she shouldn't be in a rush to leave. Juliet had known she'd have no chance at the job if she had refused have sex with Cane. Juliet claimed she'd never been so ashamed.

Michael pointed out that after three bottles of sake, Juliet and Cane had both been drunk. If Juliet had been as impaired as Cane, Michael asked how she'd understood Cane's intent. Juliet said she'd been shocked by Cane's proposal because she'd never expected that from him. Michael asked if Cane's proposal had sobered her up enough for her to understand what would happen. Juliet said yes.

Michael asked if things had been awkward when Juliet and Cane had met for breakfast the following morning. Juliet said not until Cane had returned her earring that had fallen into his bed. Michael wanted to know if there had been any witnesses who had seen Cane give her the earring. Juliet admitted there were none. Michael stated that the incident hadn't stopped Juliet from accepting a lesser position that Victoria had offered. Juliet said that she'd been eager to work at Brash & Sassy and would have accepted anything that had been offered.

Michael asked Juliet if she had worried that the sexual harassment would continue once she'd moved to Genoa City. Juliet claimed she'd needed the money. Michael said that it always went back to the money, and he offered that there hadn't been a sexual encounter -- it had been Juliet's fantasy, and Juliet wanted to get the payout that she desperately needed. He asked Juliet if that was closer to the truth.

When Leslie deposed Cane, he admitted that Juliet had had been able to bring Mr. Sato back to the table, but Cane had closed the deal. Cane yelled that he wasn't guilty of sexual harassment. He hadn't offered Juliet a job in exchange for sex. Cane said that after Mr. Sato had left, Juliet had mentioned the job. He'd offered to put in a good word with Victoria. He didn't know how the earing had gotten into his bed. He admitted that Juliet had helped him to his room but denied inviting her in and asking for sex in exchange for a job at Brash & Sassy.

Leslie asked if Cane was stating unequivocally that he'd never had sex with Juliet in Tokyo. Cane was silent. Leslie claimed that Cane's memory was obviously foggy, and she presented hotel video footage of Cane being helped to his room by Juliet at approximately 10:30 p.m. and Juliet leaving his room the following morning at 7:13 a.m. Lily was visibly upset.

At Newman Enterprises, Abby saw the poster of Nikki and stated that she hadn't seen Nikki in a while. She asked if Nikki was all right. Victor said that Nikki had been rehearsing for the benefit. Abby advised that she'd sold all her tickets for the benefit and that the incubator project and warehouse were officially part of Newman Enterprises. She said she'd been looking for other tech startups. Victor advised her to enlist Scott's help. She said she didn't need Scott's help, but Victor insisted that she work with Scott.

Abby thought that since Victor had given Scott a new toy, Scott wouldn't be sticking his nose into her projects. Victor said he wanted Abby and Scott to work together. Abby was annoyed and said she didn't need Scott's help and that she was on top of things. Victor said that Abby and Scott working together was good for business and good for the bottom line.

Abby thought that because Scott would be running Hashtag, he'd be traveling the globe. Victor said Scott would be based in Genoa City. Victor wanted Abby to use Scott's expertise -- and that wasn't a request. Victor said that Scott had potential. Scott was his protégé and a candidate for a future executive position at Newman Enterprises.

Abby bristled and said she'd understood the need for new blood in the company, but they shouldn't be in contention for the big chair -- especially not Scott Grainger. She claimed that Scott didn't care about business or the company. She pointed out that Victor kept giving Scott chances in spite of the fact that she'd proven herself to Victor many times over. Abby wanted to know why Victor had her jumping through hoops.

Victor told Abby that he'd held his other children to a high standard and asked if Abby expected him to hand over the company to her on a silver platter. Abby said no, but she felt he expected more from her because she was a Newman and an Abbott. She said that Victor shouldn't question her loyalty. Victor said he questioned her loyalty to Jack because Jack couldn't be trusted. He said that Jack would insinuate himself into Abby's project without her knowing it.

Abby claimed Jack wouldn't do that because he knew it would tear the family apart, but Victor said he would because that was who Jack was. Abby claimed that Jack had been focusing on pulling the family together because of Dina. At that moment, Abby received a text message. She told Victor she had a meeting and left.

Tessa arrived at the ranch and found Nikki in pain on the floor. She wanted to call for an ambulance, but Nikki refused. Tessa called Nikki's doctor. When the doctor arrived, she gave Nikki a steroid shot. Nikki felt better and told the doctor that she'd been caught off guard because she hadn't had an episode in years. The doctor asked if Nikki was under any stress. Nikki admitted she was nervous about her performance at the benefit for the neurological center. The doctor advised Nikki to eliminate the source of the stress and left.

Nikki told Tessa that she felt better after being medicated. Tessa asked why Nikki hadn't let her call for an ambulance. Nikki said the image of her doubled over in pain and wheeled into the emergency room was not something she wanted leaked to GC Buzz. She insisted that wasn't good press for the benefit. The Newmans had to present a certain image to the public. Nikki said everything had worked out because she was fine.

Tessa reminded Nikki that the doctor had said that Nikki could have another flareup and that the last episode had most likely been due to stress. Nikki promised to lighten up her rehearsal schedule and take a spa day. Tessa reminded Nikki that the doctor had advised her not to perform. Nikki was adamant that she'd be healthy and able to perform. Tessa was worried that Nikki might be found on the floor of her dressing room.

Nikki grew agitated and refused to discuss it any further. Nothing would stop her from performing. Nikki wanted Tessa to promise not to say a word to Victor about her flareup. Nikki tried to practice again, but her hands hurt. Tessa advised Nikki to kick back until the medication eased her pain.

Victor arrived with Nikki's poster. Tessa commented that Nikki looked hot. Victor said that Abby and Scott had sold all their tickets. He thought the benefit would be a great success, and Nikki's performance would be the show-stopper. Tessa received a call and left. Victor asked Nikki to play for him. Nikki got through a piece for Victor in spite of her shaking hands. Victor commented that it was beautiful and added that Nikki would be pleased with what he'd planned for her at the benefit. Nikki stated she didn't want any grand gestures.

When Tessa returned, Nikki claimed nothing would stop her from performing at the benefit. Her recent episode would be a distant memory. Tessa was worried that if Victor kept pushing Nikki, it would cause another flareup. Tessa suggested that the stress would be eliminated if Nikki told Victor to back off. Nikki confessed that Victor thought she couldn't do anything without his help. She needed to prove Victor wrong. She wanted to prove she could do things on her own and didn't need Victor.

Scott met Lauren at the Athletic Club. He told Lauren about the digital media "Hashtag" that Victor had snapped up and had put Scott in charge of. Scott was delighted that he'd be the voice of the people who couldn't speak up. He told Lauren he'd be staying in Genoa City, and his editorial decisions would be made from the Newman Tower. He was happy he'd be doing something that mattered. Lauren was happy for him, and she was happy that Scott would be out of danger. She felt it was a good fit for Scott.

Scott said the only danger Lauren saw was in him seeing Sharon. Lauren stated that she couldn't tell him whom to date or stay away from. Scott said that the Sharon that Lauren had known was gone. He asked Lauren to drop the anti-Sharon campaign. He said the Sharon he knew had gone back to college and was studying psychology. He added that Sharon volunteered at the crisis center and was committed to making her life better. Scott said Sharon was thoughtful and caring, and he enjoyed being with her.

Lauren commented that what Sharon had been doing was great, but she wanted Scott with someone else. Scott told Lauren to deal with it, or she'd see less of him. Lauren suggested that she should see Sharon's transformation for herself, and Lauren wanted them to get together. Scott wanted Lauren to spend time with Sharon and get to know her, but he wouldn't force the issue. Lauren promised not to interfere in his relationship.

At Crimson Lights Sharon introduced herself to Zack and asked how the dating app was doing. Zack teased her for asking about something she had no interest in. Sharon asked how Zack liked Genoa City. He admitted it wasn't the provincial village he'd expected. Sharon said that Abby could show him around and introduce him to a ton of people. She said that Zack already knew her son's friend Tessa. Zack wanted to know why Sharon was so interested in who he knew. Sharon said she'd seen him and Tessa together, and Tessa had said she'd know Zack in Chicago. Zack claimed they had run in the same circle.

Sharon asked about the dating app. Zack explained that the concierge arranged the date, time, and place for the date. Zack offered to sign Sharon up. Sharon thanked him and said she was dating someone and wouldn't need a dating site anytime soon. Zack got a call. He told the person on the other end that they needed to speed things up.

Abby arrived, and she and Zack went onto the patio for privacy to discuss the dating app. Zack asked Abby if he could take her on a real date, but Abby said that a real date was out of the question because they worked together. Abby agreed to a third trial date, and she invited Zack to the benefit. He declined because he didn't want to put Abby in the position of having to explain who he was. Abby assured him that she wanted her family to know who he was and that he was the one who would make Newman a ton of money. Zack agreed to accompany her.

Sharon was happy to see Scott, who greeted her with a kiss. Scott noticed that Sharon appeared agitated. Sharon explained that Abby's business partner, Zack, seemed to be hiding something, and he seemed shady to Sharon. She felt there was more to his story, and she wanted to keep digging to get to the bottom of it. She didn't want Noah getting caught up in Tessa and Zack's drama. She said that without concrete proof, Noah wouldn't listen.

Scott saw Abby and Zack on the patio. He said it was no shock that Abby enjoyed Zack's company. He was her type -- a good-looking alpha male. Sharon was certain there was more to Zack. She felt there was something Zack didn't want people to know. Zack had that bad boy vibe.

Scott asked what type of vibe he gave off. Sharon said he was trustworthy, rugged, and combustible. One of Scott's smoldering looks affected a lot of women and Sharon had witnessed that between him and Abby. Scott said the heat Sharon saw was Scott and Abby's hot dislike for each other. To prove he had no interest in Abby, he pulled Sharon in for a passionate kiss.

Victoria vows to fight the lawsuit Victoria vows to fight the lawsuit

Thursday, June 22, 2017

At the park café, Nick observed that Phyllis seemed riveted by something on her phone. She explained that she was waiting for an update on Brash & Sassy's sexual harassment lawsuit, and Nick assumed that Billy had once again shown a lack of judgment. Phyllis informed him that Cane had been the one named in the suit, and she lamented that everyone around Cane was paying the price. Nick couldn't see Cane cheating on Lily or using his position to force a woman to have sex, but Phyllis pointedly noted that Cane wouldn't have been the first happily married man to screw up.

Phyllis hoped Cane was innocent so they could wrap up the case and all move on, since Billy had been taking on more work and responsibility with the kids to make life easier for Victoria. Nick thought Phyllis was insecure because of the attention Billy was giving to Victoria, but Phyllis insisted that she was just annoyed because Victoria had pushed Billy away because of boundaries, yet Victoria suddenly didn't have any. Nick warned that they'd both seen the movie and knew how it ended, but Phyllis asserted that Billy was committed to her. She wondered if Nick could say the same thing about Chelsea, and she advised him to stop judging her relationship and take care of his own.

Jordan stopped by Chelsea's penthouse and noted that it looked like a fabric hurricane had ripped through the place. Chelsea bemoaned that she was behind on her collection, especially since she no longer had a partner to bounce ideas off of. Jordan said he'd been hoping she was okay after he'd heard the news about Chloe, but Chelsea suspected that he was there for more than just to check on her. Jordan explained that a woman who'd been fired from Brash & Sassy was suing for sexual harassment, and Hilary had encouraged the woman to file.

Jordan asked for Chelsea's take on Hilary, and Chelsea replied that Hilary seemed like a complicated, high-maintenance woman. Chelsea recognized that Hilary had caused her fair share of drama but had also been on the receiving end, and Hilary always put herself and her show first. Jordan complained that Hilary hadn't had any problem slamming the company he worked for just to get a juicy story, and he resented that she would do whatever it took to trash Lily and Cane. Jordan revealed that Hilary had agreed to kill the story after they'd gotten into a fight, but he didn't like the vengeful thing she had going on against Lily. Chelsea wondered if Lily was more than just a friend to Jordan.

Jordan swore that Lily was one of his very few friends and that his only mixed feelings were for Hilary. Chelsea figured that no harm would be done if Hilary didn't pursue the story, but she understood that it was difficult when a couple disagreed about an issue. Chelsea believed that Hilary obviously cared about what Jordan thought, and she urged him to decide whether what he and Hilary had was worth fighting for or not. The doorbell rang, and Chelsea invited Nick in. Jordan and Nick exchanged pleasantries, and Jordan departed.

Nick guessed that Chelsea planned to use Jordan for photo shoots, but she confessed that she hadn't been honest, since she and Jordan went way back. Chelsea revealed that she'd known Jordan back in her scamming days, when he'd been a photographer who had taken pictures that people wouldn't want to put on their résumés, but he'd since gone legit. Nick hoped she knew that she could have told him the truth, and Chelsea explained that she'd promised Jordan that she'd be discreet. She assured Nick that Jordan hadn't taken photos of her and that they hadn't been an item, but she just wanted their history to stay in the past, since she had her hands full with the present.

Chelsea recognized that Nick wished she'd given Victor his money back, but she anticipated that it would help her take her company to the next level. She was excited to get back to her passion, and Nick joked that he'd thought he was her passion. She doubted he cared about women's designs, but he replied that he dug the designer, and they kissed. Chelsea sensed that he wasn't passionate about running the Underground, and Nick said he'd never felt that way about any job, but he liked seeing the fire in her eyes. He suggested that they celebrate, and he turned to the shopping bag he'd arrived with. He announced that he had something to show her how much she meant to him.

Nick pulled out a bouquet of flowers to start, followed by a pastry box. Chelsea hoped it was doughnuts, but inside the box, she discovered a T-shirt with pictures of doughnuts on it. Nick presented her with tickets to the water park, and he envisioned her in a bathing suit. Chelsea gushed that he hadn't needed to impress her with all that, but he explained that he'd done it because what they had meant a lot to him. He added that he didn't take it for granted and never would, and they kissed.

At the deposition, Leslie asked Cane to tell her if Juliet had spent the night in his room, and he nervously guessed so. Lily raced out as Cane called after her, and Michael requested an adjournment. Leslie indicated her willingness to revisit the idea of a settlement. Cane chased after Lily, who demanded to know exactly what had happened in his hotel room that night.

Lily berated Cane for lying to her from the moment he'd landed in Japan. He protested, but she bellowed that she'd just seen a video of a woman leaving his hotel room after he'd invited her in. Cane defended that he'd barely been able to walk, and Lily blasted him for getting so drunk that he'd forgotten about his wife and kids. She wanted to know exactly what had happened in the hotel, and he recalled that he'd passed out then woken up alone.

Cane continued that when he'd talked to Lily, he'd been hungover and embarrassed about getting drunk, and he hadn't known that Juliet had stayed over until she'd told him later. Lily realized that he'd known but hadn't told her, and she imagined that he wouldn't have said anything if Leslie hadn't found the footage. Cane swore that he hadn't wanted to hurt Lily and the kids, and he begged her to believe he was telling the truth. She stormed off.

Leslie told Michael to keep her posted, and Juliet followed her out of the conference room. Michael figured that it hadn't been the first time a client had withheld crucial information, but Billy questioned why anyone would keep defending Cane when the tape had proven that he'd lied. Victoria pointed out that just because Juliet had been in Cane's room hadn't meant Cane had harassed or coerced her, but Billy spat that it proved Cane was a lying sleaze, and he worried that they had no idea what the next bombshell would be.

Victoria refused to think about settling until she talked to Cane, but Billy expected Cane to tell more lies. Michael conceded that the footage made the case harder to win, but he agreed that the video didn't prove anything but an overnight stay. Billy grumbled that it proved Cane was incapable of telling the truth. Victoria promised to call Michael once she made a decision.

In the corridor, Juliet wondered why Leslie hadn't told her about the security footage, and Leslie replied that she hadn't been sure the hotel would be able to provide it. Juliet gleefully recalled the look on Cane's face when he'd realized he couldn't lie anymore, and Leslie agreed that his credibility had taken a huge hit. Leslie instructed Juliet to go to the hotel and relax, and she'd call when she heard from Michael. Leslie suspected that Brash & Sassy couldn't afford another press nightmare after the problems with the hockey league.

At the park café, Billy complained to Phyllis about Cane's lies. Phyllis opined that the video didn't mean Cane was guilty, since they had no idea what had gone on in the room, and it was a big leap from consensual sex to coercion. Billy recalled the looks on Lily and Victoria's faces, and Phyllis asked how Victoria was handling things. Billy replied that Victoria had her battle gear on, and he hoped she took his advice and cut Cane loose.

Billy thanked Phyllis for sticking by him even though he'd been preoccupied and distant. Phyllis assured him that she was exactly where she wanted to be, and Billy swore that she was the only woman in his life. She wondered what he thought would happen with the case, and he didn't expect Victoria to give up or give in. He hoped that Victoria realized the best option was to cut a check and have it be over for the company, but he imagined the pain was just beginning for Cane and Lily.

Cane and Lily returned home, and he remarked that she hadn't said anything on the way home. She snapped that he'd deceived her, Michael, and Victoria every day since the night in Japan. Cane admitted that he'd drunk too much, but he maintained that he hadn't betrayed Lily. Cane explained that he'd lied because he had been ashamed and had wanted to forget it had happened, but Lily pointed out that Juliet obviously hadn't. Lily thought Juliet's testimony had been convincing, and she wondered how much of it had been true. Cane pleaded that there was nothing more important to him than Lily and their family, and he wouldn't throw it away on a stranger.

Lily said she knew what it was like to make the wrong decision and be filled with shame and regret, but she'd admitted what she'd done to Cane, whereas he'd lied to her. Cane reiterated that Juliet's accusation of him coercing her into sex was a lie and that she'd only done it because she wanted a big payday. Lily questioned whether Cane had been eager for Victoria to hire Juliet because of the night in Tokyo. Cane swore that he'd thought Juliet would be an asset to company, since she'd done a good job by helping to close the Asian deal. Lily spat that it had been something else he hadn't told her.

Cane swore that he and Lily could get through it, and he begged her not to let it break them up after everything they'd gone through together. His phone rang with a call from Victoria, and Lily coldly told him not to keep Victoria waiting. Cane asked if Lily would be okay, and he reached out to her, but she turned away. Cane headed out, and Lily broke down in tears.

Later, Jordan stopped by the Ashby home and inquired about the deposition, but Lily remained quiet. He pushed to know if Juliet had dropped the suit, but Lily informed him that the case against Cane was stronger than they'd known. Jordan grumbled that Cane didn't deserve Lily. Lily wailed that Cane had begged her to believe him, and she really wanted to. Jordan asked if that meant she didn't.

Lily recounted that she'd never seen an attraction or flirtation between Cane and Juliet, and Jordan agreed that he hadn't, either, but it didn't mean they hadn't had sex. Jordan asserted that if he had a wife like Lily, there would be no way another woman would have spent the night in his room. Jordan was livid that Cane had made Lily question Cane and herself, and he thought she had a big decision to make. Jordan questioned whether she could put her faith in Cane and forgive him or if she'd had enough.

Cane met Victoria at Brash & Sassy, and she coldly stated that he'd lied to her, even when she'd specifically asked him to tell the truth about that night in Tokyo. Cane conceded that he should have told her that he'd passed out in his room, and she admonished him for also covering up how he'd almost blown the Asian deal. She testily asked if there was anything else he wanted to tell her about that night, since she was giving him one more chance to tell the truth. Cane admitted that he'd gotten drunk and passed out, but he stressed that he'd never dangled the job in front of Juliet or tried to convince her to have sex with him.

Cane acknowledged that he'd been an idiot, and he regretted his behavior, but he swore that Juliet's allegations were untrue. Victoria wished he'd told her and Michael the whole story instead of letting them be ambushed by the video, and Cane thought they needed to settle the case. Victoria contended that she didn't know or care if Cane and Juliet had had sex, but she saw nothing to support Juliet's claim of sexual harassment.

Victoria asked if Cane was sure he hadn't inadvertently implied something, and Cane pointed out that Juliet hadn't had a complaint before she'd been fired. Cane suggested that perhaps settling was the best way to make the whole thing go away. Victoria noted that both Cane and Juliet had been less than truthful but that Juliet couldn't produce evidence of something that didn't happen. Victoria vowed to fight the lawsuit all the way.

Dina met Jack at Jabot in response to a message he'd left. Dina refused to tolerate Jack's interference in her relationship with Graham, since she considered Graham part of the family. Jack argued that Graham wasn't family and that she had actual family around, so there was no reason for her to lean on Graham when she could lean on them. Dina contended that she and Graham were very close and that he knew things about her that her blood family didn't. Jack griped that Graham had insinuated himself into parts of her life where he didn't belong, and he guessed that Graham had taken advantage of her loneliness and wanted something in return.

Dina huffed that she wasn't some lonely old woman who was grateful for small acts of kindness, and she understood that her relationship with Graham was an arrangement. Dina said she and Graham were there for one another like people in any strong relationship, but Jack questioned why she wouldn't rely on Jack and his sisters. Dina recalled that Graham had been there for her when her children hadn't been, and she refused to abandon Graham. Jack barked that he didn't trust Graham, but Dina countered that Graham had always proven himself and had never let her down.

Dina regretted her part in her estrangement from her children, and she was glad to have them back in her life, but she insisted that her relationship with Graham had nothing to do with them. Jack asked why Dina seemed to be the only person in Graham's life, and she wondered if Jack felt that his inheritance was being threatened. Jack countered that no one in the family needed or wanted Dina's wealth, but he didn't want to see her exploited. He added that he couldn't let it go because he cared, but Graham's arrival interrupted them.

Jack mentioned that Dina had just been singing Graham's praises for being an excellent employee, and he expressed surprise that Graham wasn't in Paris to oversee her affairs. Graham informed Dina that he'd just spoken with Jean-Marc, who was anxious to hear from her about signing some documents. Dina explained that Jean-Marc was her attorney, and Graham claimed that there was still paperwork from the Mergeron transaction to complete. Dina applauded Graham's business acumen, and she suggested they tend to the papers. After Dina and Graham stepped out, Jack made a call and requested an urgent meeting.

Later, Jack thanked Michael for stopping by. Jack explained that he needed to know his options about controlling his mother's finances and holdings, but Michael advised that it wouldn't happen unless Dina gave Jack her power of attorney. Jack questioned whether there might be any loopholes, but Michael argued that Dina was an adult of sound mind who'd been estranged from her children until recently.

Jack griped that Graham had insinuated himself into every facet of Dina's life, and he wanted to get in touch with an attorney named Jean-Marc who'd been involved in the sale of Mergeron. Michael was familiar with the French lawyer, but he warned that it wouldn't bode well if Jack approached Jean-Marc behind Dina's back. Michael said his hands were tied, and he could only offer Jack good luck and advice to be careful, since people did strange things when love and money were involved.

At the Athletic Club, Graham was concerned that Jack had upset Dina, and he observed that Dina didn't seem like herself whenever she reached out to her children. Dina defended that Jack had been more than gracious when he'd invited her to stay at his house, but Graham reminded her that they both knew why it wasn't a good idea. Graham griped that Jack had never put his resentment aside, and it hadn't been enough for Jack when Dina had chosen to extend her stay.

Graham lectured that Jack couldn't accept that Dina had had a full life before Jack had reentered it. Dina insisted on having Jack in her life, even if it was trying for Graham. Graham swore that he wasn't thinking about himself and that he would be content to follow her wherever she wanted to go. Graham added that he'd made a commitment to her that her children would never make, and he intended to keep it.

Dina signs her will at Graham's urging Dina signs her will at Graham's urging

Friday, June 23, 2017

At the cottage, a shirtless Scott stared intently at his computer screen. Sharon crept downstairs in his shirt and teased that it was way too early to look that serious, but he replied that it wasn't in Stockholm. She complained that she was a mess, and he agreed, but he pulled her onto the couch and called her a hot, beautiful mess. She asked about the new digital media company, and he said he felt lucky. Sharon insisted that Victor had entrusted Scott with the company because Scott deserved it, but Scott clarified that he hadn't been talking about the job. They fell back on the couch in a passionate kiss.

Scott and Sharon headed back toward the stairs, but his computer chimed with a message. He discovered an email about transferring ownership of Hashtag, and he said he had to run it by Victor, who was working at home that day. Sharon chirped that Scott was lucky that Victor lived on the same property, but Scott anticipated that Victor might put together where Scott had spent the night. Sharon figured that Victor's ego was so big that he'd assume Scott had driven out just to see him.

Scott questioned why Sharon had stayed in such close proximity to her former in-laws, and Sharon explained that it was good for Faith to be near her father and grandparents. She added that Victor and Nikki didn't seem to have a problem with it, and Scott promised to do his best not to destroy the good will. Sharon called him presumptuous to assume that he'd be spending more nights there, but he preferred to think of himself as an optimist.

Nick called out for Nikki at the ranch, and he spotted a poster of Nikki for the upcoming charity concert. Victor appeared and announced that Nikki wasn't home, and Nick turned to leave. Victor warned that Nick couldn't avoid his father forever, and he sourly asked if Nick was expecting congratulations for his successful detective work in Louisiana. Nick testily questioned whether Victor had any idea what it had done to him to keep Victor's role in the tragedy from being discovered, and he figured that Victor considered himself safe with Chloe dead.

Nick chided Victor for expecting his family to forgive and forget until it happened again, but Victor thought Nick should help him end the hostilities for Nikki's sake. Nick observed that it didn't look like Nikki had taken Victor back into her life, and Victor confirmed that she hadn't. Victor proclaimed that he'd moved heaven and earth to provide for his family, so the least he expected was for his family to back him up. Nick hissed that his mother had let every awful thing slide, no matter what it had cost her, and he resented that Victor expected Nick to help him do it again.

Nick suspected that Victor had pressured Nikki into playing at the concert, but Victor contended that she loved playing music, as had been evident when she'd performed at the Underground. Nick argued that it had been different because there had been no pressure, but Victor was certain that when Nikki finished performing and heard the applause, she'd realize that he was the only one who could give her what she needed. Nick recognized that the manipulation might work until Victor did something else to hurt her, and she'd feel betrayed all over again. Victor huffed that if Nick continued to criticize and openly despise him, Victor didn't need him.

Victor ordered Nick to take Faith to Nikki's concert, but Nick replied that Faith wouldn't be there because she was away at camp for a month. Victor barked that he hadn't known about it, and Nick retorted that it didn't concern him. Victor assumed that it was Nick's way of keeping Faith away from him, but Nick asserted that Faith had wanted to go and had asked him to tell Victor that she'd miss her grandfather. Victor wondered what Nick's animosity was really about, since Nick had never liked Adam.

Nick acknowledged that Adam had done things Nick hadn't liked, but he'd just been starting to understand his brother when Adam had died. Victor considered Nick's outrage nothing but hypocrisy, but Scott interrupted with time-sensitive agreements for Hashtag. Victor told Nick that it was a company he'd purchased and that Scott would be running it. He added that Scott had helped to put together the charity concert. Nick noted that Scott had done a 180-degree turn to embrace a corporate lifestyle, and Scott recognized that Victor had given him a great opportunity. Victor and Scott huddled over the paperwork, and Nick scowled and walked out.

Scott went over his plans to strive for real investigative reporting rather than quick profit, and Victor instructed him to submit his full presentation to the marketing department. Scott hoped Nick hadn't left because of him, and Victor chalked it up to Nick's lack of interest in business. Scott understood Nick's desire to do his own thing, and Victor compared Nick's stubbornness to Scott's. Victor prepared to head over to the pavilion to see how the venue was shaping up, and he told Scott to see himself out.

Nick stopped by the cottage and ranted to Sharon that he was over his father trying to control everyone and everything. He relayed that Victor had been annoyed that Faith wouldn't be at the concert, and Sharon was surprised that Victor hadn't known the girl was off at camp. Sharon figured that Nikki would have told Victor, but Nick said his mother was dealing with her own stuff. Sharon recalled that she'd tried to talk Nikki into canceling the performance, but Nikki had been determined to get on stage. Sharon confided that Nikki had been a little worried that she wouldn't live up to Victor's expectations, and Nick grumbled that it was the last thing Nikki needed to worry about. Scott suddenly returned to grab his computer, and he was surprised to see Nick there.

Nick said he'd assumed Scott's meeting with Victor had been really important, but he guessed Scott had already been in the neighborhood. Sharon told Scott that she and Nick had been talking about the concert, and Nick asked if Scott had any insight into what Victor was thinking of doing. Scott called it a celebration of the research center in Nikki's name, but Nick thought it had more to do with Victor's massive donation. Scott explained that there had been a time that Nikki's disease had prevented her from playing the piano, so she was a compelling example for those who suffered from multiple sclerosis. Scott kissed Sharon goodbye and departed.

Nick commented that Scott and Sharon had moved fast, but Sharon didn't think so, and she called Scott a great guy. Nick pointed out that Victor thought so, too, but he hoped Scott realized Victor was using him. Sharon argued that Scott was a world-class journalist who put his heart and soul into his work, so Victor was lucky to have him. Sharon acknowledged that Victor had given Scott a position that would usually be reserved for family, but none of the Newman kids except Abby wanted to work with Victor. Sharon pushed Nick to tell her what was going on, since she could see through his and Nikki's happy family act, and she could tell they wanted nothing to do with Victor.

Graham entered Dina's hotel suite and anxiously asked if Jean-Marc was emailing the documents and handling the "other matter." Dina assumed Graham meant her will, and he pointed out that Dina had intended to sign the will before she'd left Paris. He wished he'd known what had awaited them there, and she wondered if he was sorry that he'd joined her on the trip. He reiterated that he'd made a promise that he intended to keep.

Dina pushed to know what was bothering Graham, and he noted that Ashley had turned out to be pleasant, but Jack seemed intent on rehashing old grievances to make Dina feel guilty. Graham groused that Jack had been openly hostile toward him, and he hated seeing how it affected Dina. Dina groaned that Jack just didn't understand, and Graham agreed. Graham worried that the longer Dina stayed, the more her children would convince her to move in with them, but they wouldn't let her live her life the way she wanted.

Dina questioned how her children would stop her, and Graham replied that they'd attempt to take away her power. He recognized that she carried guilt from abandoning her children, but he believed that Jack and Ashley would have no qualms about abandoning her, because they weren't invested in her well-being like Graham was. Dina instructed him to print the documents for her to sign, including her will. She added that she should have signed them before they'd left Europe, and he kissed her hand.

At Jabot, Jack left a voicemail for Nikki, saying he'd been worried about her. Ashley overheard and reminded him that Nikki had a husband. Jack admitted that he'd been checking in on Nikki periodically because he was concerned about her practicing nonstop for the charity event. Jack added that he was looking out for her because her husband didn't have a clue what was going on with her and didn't "give a damn," but Ashley argued that Victor loved Nikki deeply.

Jack griped that it was all about Victor putting on a show as a great philanthropist when Nikki had been completely obsessed and stressed with having to perform. Jack planned to offer Nikki a shoulder to lean on because her husband was emotionally inaccessible, and he worried that she was on the brink of taking that first drink. Jack was sure that something was off with the Newman family, since it was clear that there was a strain on Victor and Nikki's marriage. Ashley surmised that Jack intended to take advantage of it, and Jack vowed not to let Victor hurt Nikki again.

Ashley indicated that Victor had shown compassion about the situation with Dina and that he'd agreed that Graham's motives were suspicious. Jack inquired about Ravi's research, and Ashley revealed that Graham had moved to Hollywood to pursue acting but that he'd only had a few bit parts decades earlier. She mentioned that Graham's online profile showed his title was executive vice president of corporate strategy, and Jack griped that Graham was strategizing how to separate Dina from her money. Jack recounted Michael's advice that they could do nothing without Dina's power of attorney, and Ashley thought they should back off.

Ashley argued that Dina and Graham were consenting adults, and even though Ashley didn't trust or like him, Dina did. Ashley thought Graham treated Dina like the most important thing in his life and that Dina adored him, and it was their mother's choice. Jack wondered if Ashley thought Dina deserved to be screwed over, but Ashley countered that if she felt that way, she wouldn't have sat down with Graham to find out what he wanted with their mother. Ashley couldn't say that she'd forgiven Dina, but she didn't want to see Dina get hurt, and she thought their mother seemed happy.

Ashley suggested that Jack stop micromanaging Dina's life, since Dina would end up resenting Jack if he tried to cause trouble. Ashley urged him to let Dina know that he didn't want to lose her again, and Jack said it was why he'd invited Dina to stay at the house. Ashley advised him to give it time, and they hugged. Ashley's phone rang, and she told someone she could be there right away. After she hung up, she informed Jack it had been Dina, but she had no idea what their mother wanted.

Ashley appeared in Dina's doorway as a man finished notarizing the signatures on Dina's documents. Graham spotted Ashley, who guessed that Dina hadn't told him that she'd called Ashley. Graham claimed that the paperwork was related to the Mergeron sale, and he left to send the documents to the attorney then head down to the spa. Ashley observed that he'd seemed to be in a particularly good mood, and Dina said it was why she liked having him around.

Ashley indicated that Jack was having a hard time dealing with Graham having a monopoly on Dina's life, and Jack had invited Dina to stay at the house because he wanted to spend more time with her. "Just him?" Dina asked, and Ashley confirmed that she'd also be at the house sometimes. Dina said she loved spending time with Jack, but she doubted that Ashley wanted her under the same roof. Ashley pointed out that it was a big roof with a guesthouse, so they wouldn't have to share a bathroom and regret never having had mother-daughter moments. Dina admitted that she admired Ashley and Abby's closeness, and she applauded Ashley for being a wonderful mother -- everything Dina hadn't been to Ashley.

Dina gushed that she adored Abby and saw herself in her granddaughter, and she hoped that didn't bother Ashley. Ashley said she had more pressing concerns about Dina, and Dina figured that they had to do with a younger man meeting an older woman of means. Dina asserted that Graham wasn't about to steal her fortune, and Ashley jokingly asked if he was heir to another fortune. Dina contended that he'd been well-rewarded for his service and loyalty, and he was also a good friend with her best interests at heart. Ashley wondered if Dina was afraid to be alone, and she contemplated what would happen if Graham met someone and left Dina. Dina was sure he wouldn't because they had a deal.

At the Athletic Club spa, an attendant asked Nikki if the massage had helped, and Nikki reported that she was feeling better. Nikki headed for the sauna, and the attendant questioned whether it was okay because of Nikki's MS. Nikki snapped that not all of them were heat-sensitive, but she calmed down and stated that she'd cleared it with her doctor. Nikki looked down at her shaking hands as she entered the sauna. She sat down, closed her eyes, and imagined Victor telling her she was nothing without him.

Gloria entered the sauna, and Nikki prepared to leave. Gloria asked if Nikki was okay, and Nikki claimed that she'd been overdoing it, so she was sore. Gloria mentioned that Jack had told her about the concert, and she called him Nikki's personal cheerleader. Nikki stressed that she and Jack were very good friends without benefits, and Gloria asked if it was a dig at her. Nikki recognized that sometimes it was hard to stay objective, and Gloria admitted that she felt protective of Jack, especially since he'd been acting strange with his mother back in town.

Gloria relayed Jack's plan for her to seduce Dina's companion, and Nikki chortled. Nikki apologized for laughing, but she thought it was obvious that Dina was pushing Jack's buttons. Nikki imagined that Jack was still confused about his adult responsibility to Dina, and Gloria was afraid Jack wanted something Dina couldn't give him. Nikki murmured that unfortunately, some damage could never be undone. Nikki said she'd see Gloria later, and she weakly shuffled over to the sauna exit. Nikki called Jack and begged him to meet her.

Later, Graham greeted Gloria in the sauna, and they recognized one another from their encounter at the bar. She purred that she'd just been thinking about adding more steam.

Jack met Nikki at the park café, and he asked what was wrong. She reported that she'd run into Gloria in the sauna and that Gloria had seemed genuinely concerned about him. Jack suspected that it hadn't been the reason why Nikki had asked to see him, and he questioned whether she was still insisting on going through with the concert. She confirmed that she was and that he was the only one she could talk to about it. She admitted that she was terrified and that she'd been practicing every minute, and he thought the stress was too much.

Nikki informed Jack that she'd gone to the spa and that her doctor had given her steroids for the pain and swelling, but she wished she could get some long-term relief. Jack urged her to postpone the concert, but she refused, joking that it wouldn't be Carnegie Hall. Jack recognized that Victor might not see or care about what it was doing to her, but Jack did. Jack figured that Victor wanted to bask in the glory of Nikki's performance and to make the entire event about him. Jack implored Nikki to walk away, leaving Victor standing with nothing.

Nikki claimed that the concert was about proving something to herself, since Victor had felt clever by springing the event on her to prove that he had the power to make big things happen. She confided that it had "galled the hell out of" her, and she refused to let Victor steal her confidence. She pledged never to lose herself, and the concert was a way of trying to find a true part of herself again. A pained look crossed Nikki's face, and she said she had to go home.

Nikki shakily stood up, and Jack held her close and promised to do whatever he could. She replied that he'd already done it by being such a good friend, and she insisted that she would be fine. Victor looked on as Nikki walked away, and he ominously approached Jack. "What in the hell do you think you're doing with my wife?" Victor growled.

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