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Nikki and Jack kissed. Victor disowned Nick and walked out on Nikki. After Abby caused Victoria to fall, Victoria had headaches and trouble focusing. Dina slapped Jack. Cane asked Devon for a job. Jack contemplated hiring Cane.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of July 17, 2017 on Y&R
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Victor and Nick's Fight Is Caught on Camera Victor and Nick's Fight Is Caught on Camera

Monday, July 17, 2017

In the ballroom at the Top of the Tower, Nikki grew concerned when Victoria told her that both Victor and Nick had left the party. Nikki assured Victoria that Nick and Victor wouldn't cause a scene on such a special occasion. Victoria said she wouldn't worry if Nikki wasn't worried. After Victoria stepped away, Nikki asked Abby if she'd seen Victor. Abby said she hadn't. Jack overheard and watched as Nikki hurriedly left the ballroom. Jack followed Nikki.

Downstairs in the parking garage, Victor confronted Nick. Victor said, "You thought you could ruin this event, destroy your mother's evening?" Nick replied, "Don't pretend like this was about Mom. This was about you and getting control." Nick added that Victor's intent was to persuade Nikki and his children to take him back. Nick insisted that the family had no intentions of taking Victor back again. Victor berated Nick for attempting to ruin Nikki's evening to get back at his father. Nick and Victor were unaware that Hilary and her cameraman, Howard, were crouched behind a car while the camera was recording them.

Nick defended his actions and insisted he'd been protecting Nikki from Victor. Nick added that Nikki had already told Victor what she thought about him. Nick added, "You're arrogant and heartless!" Victor drew back and punched Nick in the face. Nick's body twirled around, and he landed against the windshield of his vehicle. Howard's camera continued to record as Nick railed against Victor for refusing to face the truth, no matter how bad or destructive it was to his family. Victor again physically attacked Nick. Nikki entered the garage and yelled, "What are you doing? Stop it! What is going on?" Victor pointed at Nick and said, "Your son nearly ruined your concert."

Nick, with blood trickling from his lip onto his chin, admitted to Nikki that he'd shorted out the soundboard because he'd hated seeing his mother suffer as she'd pushed herself. Nikki replied, "How dare you? You had no right to do that." Nick said Victor didn't care that every note Nikki had played caused her suffering and pain. Nikki said she didn't need saving from Nick or from anyone else. Nikki recalled having told Nick that she'd wanted to perform at the concert. Nick said Nikki was just caught up in Victor's game.

Victor yelled that Nick had used his mother to get back at him. Nick said Victor had never sought Nikki's approval but had instead placed her in a position she couldn't control. Nick added, "And watching you speak to everyone about what a noble and perfect family we were at this cause, it made me sick." Victor, noting that he was sick of his son's self-righteousness and hypocrisy, said Nick had crossed a line. Nick said he'd no longer be part of the charade. Victor replied, "As of tonight, you're no longer my son." Nikki looked devastated.

After Victor turned away, Nick, addressing Nikki, said, "You got sucked back in, and I'm not going to watch it anymore." As Nick drove away, Hilary and Howard grabbed the camera and ducked out of sight. After Nick left, Victor said he and Nikki should return to the party. Nikki requested time alone, so Victor left. Jack entered the garage and asked Nikki if she was okay. Sobbing, Nikki said, "Oh, Jack. Please get me out of here." Jack placed his jacket around Nikki's shoulders and escorted her away.

As the party continued in the ballroom, Tessa insisted that Noah leave her to find his father. Tessa said she intended to leave soon because it had been a crazy day. Noah kissed Tessa before he left. Victor returned just after Noah left. Victoria approached Victor and asked about Nick. Victor replied, "He's gone from this event, and he's gone from my life." Victor explained how Nick had attempted to sabotage the concert. Abby approached and told Victor that people had been asking about him. Victor assured Abby he was all right before he walked away and encountered Scott.

Scott told Victor that he and Sharon were leaving. Victor thanked Scott for being more loyal than some members of his own family. As Sharon and Scott were leaving, Hilary and Howard returned to the ballroom. Howard was eager to air the covert footage he'd recorded of Victor and Nick in the parking garage. Howard noted that he and Hilary could show their audience what lurked behind the polished exterior of the rich Newman family. Hilary reminded Howard that Victor had hired them to cover the event in a responsible way.

Mariah, Devon, and Neil approached Hilary and Howard. Mariah asked Hilary and Howard where they'd been and what they'd been doing. Howard replied, "Getting ratings gold!" Mariah, noting that Nick, Nikki, and Victor had been absent from the party, asked if Howard and Hilary's endeavor had been connected to the absence of Newmans. Devon said he could tell by the look on Hilary's face that she'd caught someone doing something they shouldn't have. Howard piped up and said they'd been hired to cover the event, so it wasn't their fault they'd happened to witness a "not-so-pretty sight."

After Howard viewed playback of the secret footage through his camera screen, he rushed back to the studio. Mariah warned Hilary not to cross Victor. Hilary sarcastically thanked Mariah for her "pearls of journalistic wisdom" and asked Devon if he had anything to add. Devon replied, "I keep saying you're not my problem anymore." Hilary walked away in a huff. Devon invited Mariah to his house, but Tessa approached and asked for a ride home. Mariah seemed eager to return home and invited Tessa to stay at Sharon's when Tessa expressed misgivings about returning to the main house at the Newman ranch.

Victor returned to finish his conversation with Victoria and Abby. Abby expressed frustration about being left out of the loop when neither Victoria nor Victor would tell her where Nick had gone. Victor said it was none of Abby's concern, which angered Abby even more. Victoria urged Abby to forget about Nick and instead mingle with the guests. As Abby walked away, Victor said he was sorry about what he'd said to her. Victoria commiserated with her father.

Jack put Nikki in his car and drove away. Nikki apologized for getting Jack involved, but Jack said he was glad to help. Victor phoned Nikki, but she declined the call. Jack asked Nikki where she wanted to go. Nikki replied, "Anywhere but home." Jack said, "I have an idea."

Ashley seemed perplexed when she received a text message from Jack informing her that he'd had to take Nikki away from the party. Jack apologized for leaving and instructed Ashley to drive Dina home. After Ravi and Dina finished their dance, Ashley told Dina that Jack had had to leave. Dina became flustered and upset. Ashley assured her mother that she and Ravi would get her home safely. Dina excused herself and stepped away.

Ravi told Ashley it was odd that Jack had left so abruptly, and he noted that Victor didn't appear to be as cheerful as he had earlier. Ashley agreed that the evening had been weird. Ashley became worried about Dina and went to check the restroom. After Ashley walked away, Dina walked up to Ravi and said, "This is all very, very upsetting. It just isn't like Graham. How could he just walk out and leave me all alone?" Ravi replied, "Graham?" Ravi was taken aback by Dina's comment.

Ashley immediately returned, and Ravi said, "I think we should get your mother back to her suite." Ashley, Dina, and Ravi walked past Victor and Victoria on their way out. Victor thanked his guests for attending. Before Victoria and Reed left, Victoria told her father that she would speak to Nick about what had happened. Victor seemed uninterested in reconciling with Nick. Other guests began leaving the ballroom.


Abby later approached Victoria again. Abby said, "I am sick of being patronized by you. I am sick of you making me feel like I'm not a part of this family." Victoria accused Abby of being paranoid. Reed watched nearby as his mother and aunt argued. Abby cried that Victoria treated her like she was a six-year-old. Victoria yelled, "Well, then stop acting like one!" Abby threw a drink in Victoria's face, and she fell backward onto the floor. Reed rushed to his mother's aid. Abby immediately apologized. Victoria said she was okay. Reed escorted his mother home. Abby expressed her frustrations to Zack. Zack said Victoria's fall had been an accident.

On the patio at Crimson Lights, Nick entered while talking to Chelsea on the phone. He told Chelsea that the event had gone well. He spotted Noah and ended the call. Noah greeted his father and asked about the bruise on his face. Nick replied that he'd engaged in a discussion with Victor. Noah said that the rift between Nick and Victor seemed to have worsened. Nick admitted that he'd been under added stress since learning that Chloe had killed Adam. Nick apologized for taking out his frustrations on Noah. Nick admitted that Noah had done the right thing.

Sharon and Scott were about to leave the coffeehouse when Abby and Zack entered. Devon arrived just afterward and took a seat at a corner table. Abby told Sharon about her argument with Victoria. Abby said she felt terrible that Victoria had fallen to the floor. Zack insisted that it had been an accident. Abby said she'd wanted to know what had happened between Victor and Nick, especially after Victor had returned alone to the party, upset.

Scott responded to Abby's query and said, "Nick seemed determined to screw up this night. What kind of son does that to his parents?" Sharon, responding to Scott's comment, said they shouldn't speculate because none of them had seen what had happened. Devon overheard and seemed concerned.

Hilary arrived and joined Devon, noting that it had been a stressful night for the Newmans. Devon said, "I'm sure you and Howard got some great footage." Hilary assured Devon she'd handle it responsibly. Hilary changed the subject and noted that Mariah had noticed Devon's interest in his ex-wife. Devon said that if Mariah had been bothered by his behavior, she would've spoken up. Devon added that Mariah appreciated that he and Hilary could be civil to each other. Hilary replied, "You think she'd be cool with the way you're looking at me right now?"

After Ravi and Ashley escorted Dina to the Genoa City Athletic Club, Dina said she could make it to her room on her own. After Dina walked away, Ashley told Ravi she thought it had been rude of Jack to leave Dina alone. Ravi noted that Dina had seemed confused during the party and had referred to Jack as Graham a couple of times. Ashley suggested that Dina had had too much to drink. Ravi placated Ashley and agreed that she was probably right. Ashley and Ravi left together.

At Sharon's house, Mariah and Tessa drank wine and relaxed. Mariah admitted she'd lied to Devon when she'd claimed she'd been too exhausted to accompany him to his house. Tessa asked why Mariah had lied. Mariah said it had been easier than lying to Devon while lying with him in his bed. Mariah said that though she was certain that Devon liked her, she couldn't help but notice how Devon looked at Hilary. Tessa gently replied, "I saw it, too." Mariah noted that Devon had tried to convince himself that he was over Hilary. Mariah said she'd thought she could be content being "the rebound girl" while waiting for the situation to change, though it hadn't. Mariah began sobbing and admitted she'd been hurt. Tessa comforted Mariah.

At Victoria's house, Billy escorted Phyllis inside. The children were upstairs. Billy told Phyllis it was time for Johnny and Katie to get acquainted with her. Phyllis asked Billy if he'd told Victoria about his plans. Billy explained that though Victoria didn't approve of the children visiting at Phyllis' apartment, Victoria hadn't said anything about Phyllis visiting the kids at their home. Phyllis remained apprehensive, but Billy noted that Victoria wasn't at home.

Initially, Johnny and Katie didn't seem to embrace Phyllis. Phyllis didn't pressure the children and instead enticed them by noting that she'd downloaded a new computer game on her tablet. Soon, the children warmed to their father's friend, surrounded Phyllis, and became enthralled in the game. After Billy put the children to bed later, he told Phyllis she'd been great with the kids. Victoria and Reed returned home and seemed taken aback when they saw Phyllis with Billy.

In a motel room, Kevin, typing busily on his laptop, told Chloe that they should move somewhere far removed from Dr. Harris and Victor. Kevin, noting that he'd once set up someone in the Witness Protection Program, explained that he was using what he'd learned to create a fake identity for Chloe. As soon as possible, Kevin insisted, he and Chloe would move to Oregon and begin a new life. Kevin asked Chloe to select a new name because family and friends believed that Chloe Mitchell was dead. Together, they settled on Helen Jones. Kevin said he and Bella would keep their names, and he assured Chloe that she'd be fine as long as Victor never discovered where she was.

Kevin, hoping to make Chloe feel secure, told her that Dr. Harris had too much to lose to get involved. Chloe was still concerned about being caught, but Kevin said they'd settle in a suburban area and live a normal life. Kevin said he had one additional task to complete before they could leave town. After Kevin left the motel room, Chloe bolted the lock.

While Kevin was away, Chloe told Bella that they'd soon move to Oregon. Chloe described the beautiful landscape and talked about new adventures. Bella smiled when Chloe mentioned giving her a little brother or sister. Chloe expressed gratitude to Bella's daddy and insisted she wouldn't make any mistakes. Chloe assured her daughter she'd be the mommy Bella deserved.

From his home, Dr. Harris phoned Victor. Victor warned that whatever Dr. Harris was calling about had better be important. Dr. Harris explained that Chloe had escaped. Victor ordered Dr. Harris to find Chloe and take her back to the house. Dr. Harris explained that Kevin Fisher and Chloe had tied him up before leaving the house together. Victor seemed distressed.

Kevin returned to the motel room he was sharing with Chloe and Bella. Kevin showed Chloe her new birth certificate, identification card, and Social Security card. Kevin assured Chloe that her new forms of identification would check out as legitimate, so they could start their new life. Kevin bent down on one knee and said, "Will you marry me, Helen Jones?" Chloe seemed charmed by Kevin's gesture. Kevin explained that it was too risky to make their marriage official, but he vowed to always keep Chloe safe.

Jack opened the door to the Abbott cabin and invited Nikki inside. Jack said there was no better place to relax. Jack told Nikki that whenever he visited the cabin, he could silence the noise inside his head, think, and find peace. Nikki said she was happy to be at the cabin with Jack because he'd been her rock. Nikki moved in close and said, "Actually, I don't know what I would've done without you tonight." Nikki kissed Jack on the lips. Jack passionately kissed Nikki back.

Victor tracks down Kevin and Chloe

Victor tracks down Kevin and Chloe

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Charlie and Mattie returned home, and Lily revealed that Cane had gone out because he'd thought it would be best if he wasn't there when they got back. Mattie was shocked that Cane had cheated, and Charlie sourly referred to his father's lectures about safe sex. Lily reasoned that Cane had made mistakes just like everyone else, but Mattie wailed that a mistake was something that could be fixed, whereas what Cane had done would affect their lives forever. Mattie asked if they had to pretend that they wanted the baby to be part of their lives, and Lily pointed out that Cane wouldn't abandon his responsibilities toward the child. Mattie wondered about his responsibilities to them and to Lily.

Lily swore that Cane loved her and the twins as much as ever. Mattie wondered why he'd done what he had, and Lily explained that Cane and Juliet had been celebrating a deal and had gotten drunk without thinking about the consequences. Charlie grumbled that his dad was always telling him not to drink, yet Cane had done whatever he'd wanted. Mattie thought Juliet sounded like a horrible person, but Lily said she'd considered Juliet a friend before everything had happened.

Mattie asserted that they couldn't pretend that nothing had happened, and Charlie agreed. Lily didn't want the twins' relationship with their dad to change, but Charlie snapped that it already had. Lily contended that their family meant more to Cane than anything, and she begged them to find a way to forgive him. Mattie asked if Lily had.

At Crimson Lights, Nick typed a text message to Nikki, asking her to call him. He added that he was sorry, and he headed out.

At Victoria's house, Billy was surprised when Victoria and Reed returned home early, and he hoped she didn't mind that he'd invited Phyllis to spend time with the kids. Victoria politely asked how things had gone, and Billy reported that Johnny and Katie had had a blast. Phyllis admitted that the kids had simply acted like they'd been meeting a new person, but Billy commended Phyllis for researching video games to ensure that the children had a great time. Victoria pointed out that it was getting late, and Billy pressed to make sure she was really okay with everything.

Victoria insisted that she had no problem with Phyllis officially meeting her children, and she excused herself to take something for a headache. Billy asked Reed if the music had been too loud, and Reed reported that the show had been great, but Victoria had taken a fall afterward. Reed received a text message and requested permission to meet friends at Crimson Lights, and Victoria told him to go ahead.

Phyllis left to wait in the car, and Billy inquired about Victoria's fall. Victoria claimed that she'd been a klutz and that it had been no big deal. Billy again pushed to know if it had been a big deal for Phyllis to be there. Victoria wished he had told her so she could have smoothed the way, but she was glad everything had gone well. He stepped out, and she rubbed her head.

Later, Nick stopped by to ask if Victoria had seen their mom, since Nikki hadn't returned home from the benefit and hadn't returned his calls. Victoria mentioned that Victor had told her that Nick had attempted to derail the concert, and she understood that Nick was tired of protecting their dad, but she thought destroying the soundboard had been inexcusable. Nick contended that he'd been protecting Nikki because she'd been in terrible pain. Victoria argued that Nikki was a better judge of her condition than he was, but Nick countered that Victoria was wrong about that.

Nick recounted that Nikki had been in agony moments after her performance, but Victoria thought their mother had seemed fine. Victoria scolded that their mom didn't want anyone making decisions for her or treating her like a child. Nick said he didn't want to fight, and he blamed Victor for driving them all to it. Victoria stumbled and almost collapsed, but she chalked her wooziness up to exhaustion or dehydration. Nick apologized for contributing to her stress, and he departed.

Reed arrived at the coffeehouse, and Mattie thanked him for meeting her. She apologized for not answering his text messages, and she confided that she'd found out something bad. Reed assumed that it was Victoria firing Cane, and Mattie said that had just been the start, since her family had become a big mess. Reed proclaimed that busted families were his specialty, and she pressed to hear about his problems instead. He referred to the bizarre things that had happened at the charity fundraiser, and he thought there was even more going on, but he complained that his mom had refused to explain.

Mattie groused about their parents treating them like little kids when the adults themselves were total hypocrites, and she lamented that her dad had been her hero up until a few weeks earlier. She added that she'd thought her family hadn't been like the crazy, complicated ones that her friends had, but she quickly apologized for making Reed's family sound freakish. Reed welcomed her to his world of divorced parents and half-siblings, and he said he'd never expected his family to be a fairy tale. Mattie bemoaned that she'd thought it was possible because her parents had seemed like living proof, but being happy was just another lie that parents told their kids.

At the Athletic Club, Juliet hovered in the foyer before she approached Cane at the bar. She said she couldn't pretend that they didn't know one another, but she had no clue what to say. He suggested that she start by saying she was sorry, and he informed her that his kids despised him because he'd told them about her pregnancy. Juliet swore that she'd never wanted to ruin things with him and his kids, and she reiterated that she didn't expect anything from him. Cane maintained that he would pay child support and provide what was necessary, and Juliet questioned whether it included a father's love, since the baby deserved two parents.

Juliet added that there was no pressure, but Cane spat that all she'd done had been pressure him since the lawsuit. She regretted that he'd been fired, and he scornfully asked what she'd expected when she'd falsely accused him of sexual harassment. Juliet defended that it had been unfair that she'd lost her job because she'd been made a scapegoat, and she griped that it hadn't been her fault that Billy hadn't kept his mouth shut. Cane conceded that Victoria wouldn't have a company to run if she kept a massive screwup like Billy on board. Phyllis and Billy entered the club and spotted Cane and Juliet.

Cane acknowledged that Juliet couldn't legally disclose the terms of her settlement, but he'd received no severance package. He ranted that Victoria was so consumed with winning Billy back that she'd lost her ability to make rational decisions. Billy overheard and quipped that Victoria hadn't copied him on the memo that had instructed Cane to cheat on his wife and get a coworker pregnant. Cane didn't think Billy had a right to judge him, considering Billy's track record. Billy admonished Cane for attacking Victoria when her only mistake had been trusting Cane.

Juliet growled that Victoria had let Billy get away with murder, and Billy scoffed at the idea that she was defending the man she'd accused of sexual harassment. Juliet asserted that she knew who'd made the most serious mistakes and who'd been blamed for them, and she sauntered off. Billy accused Cane of taking down the company with his lies, but Cane countered that the lawsuit wouldn't have happened if Billy had gotten the pink slip. Billy pointed out that Cane would still have a baby on the way. Cane declared that he'd owned up to his mistakes and that it was time Billy started owning up to his.

Billy and Phyllis retreated to a table, and he considered Cane delusional for considering Victoria to be the villain. Phyllis said she felt sorry for Cane, since self-inflicted wounds hurt the most. Billy blasted Cane for wasting an opportunity to settle the lawsuit earlier by lying and making the company suffer, and he figured that Victoria had become a bigger enemy of Cane's than Billy was. Phyllis imagined that the best way Cane could get back at Victoria would be to find a new employer, and Billy anticipated that Cane would reveal company secrets to the competition. Phyllis remarked that they knew that disgruntled ex-employees could be dangerous, citing Juliet as an example.

Cane returned home and asked Lily how things had gone with the kids. Lily said she'd tried defending him, but the twins were upset. Cane recognized that he looked like a fool after he'd lectured them about safe sex and telling the truth, and he knew things would never be the same again. Lily inquired whether he had expected things to be magically okay, and he wondered if she meant things between him and the kids or between him and her. He asked if she was trying to tell him that she didn't want to be married to him anymore.

At the Abbott cabin, Nikki pulled away from Jack's kiss and apologized. Flustered, Nikki explained that she was mentally scrambled after that night, and Jack reminded her that they'd once been married, so it wasn't like they hadn't kissed before. She jokingly inquired whether he went around kissing all of his ex-wives, and he confirmed that her skills were undiminished. She remarked that the night hadn't been what she'd expected, since some of the surprises hadn't been good. Nikki recognized that Nick had been against her performing, but she couldn't believe he'd undermined her the way he had.

Jack thought he might have done the same thing if he'd been in Nick's position. Jack applauded Nikki for hanging in there like a champ despite the agonizing pain she'd been in, but he noted that things could have gone another way. Jack huffed that Victor should have known that no donation had been worth the risk, but Nikki countered that Victor hadn't known about her pain because she'd kept it from him. Nikki maintained that she'd been determined to perform, and she felt great that she'd let people with MS know that they could have wonderful lives. Jack questioned whether she felt great about Victor.

Nikki admitted that she'd assumed the concert had been Victor's attempt to buy her affection, but she believed that he'd truly wanted to do something good. Jack questioned why Victor would go to the lengths he had, and Nikki blurted out that Victor was desperate for her to forgive him. She covered by saying that she had a long list of things she couldn't forgive Victor for, but Jack recalled that she'd forgiven her husband many times. She declared that enough was enough, and she confided that she'd only been acting like Victor's loving wife that night.

Jack urged Nikki to talk to him about what was really going on, and she claimed that she'd never been able to get over what Victor had done to Jack because Victor hadn't learned anything in prison. She blamed herself for always giving Victor a free pass and making up excuses so he could get away with everything. Nikki regretted that she'd believed in the Victor who'd thrown family dinners and told her that he wanted to focus on their marriage, but she realized that Victor couldn't be that man. She added that the real Victor was the man who'd disowned his son that night. Jack remarked that it was the most clear-eyed, intelligent thing she'd said in a long time.

Jack promised that he wouldn't hold Nikki to her words because it had been a very stressful evening, and he would understand if she decided to forgive Victor again. Jack faced the fact that he'd never forgive Victor for stealing his happiness, and Nikki wondered if Jack was biding his time, waiting to get revenge. Jack claimed that he'd learned it was pointless. Nikki acknowledged that Jack hadn't been happy since he and Phyllis had broken up, and Jack admitted that he'd been putting on a show. He'd thought having his mother in town would change everything, but it hadn't, and he wished he could stop obsessing about Graham. Nikki thought Jack was doing the right thing, and she questioned who was looking after Jack.

Jack said he appreciated Nikki's concern, but he could take care of himself. She mused that he shouldn't have to, and she felt like he'd flipped a switch to give her permission to live the life she wanted to live when he'd whisked her out of the party. He put his arm around her and asked what kind of life that would be. She replied that at that moment, being right there with him was exactly what she needed. He held her close.

At Top of the Tower, Victor was on the phone, demanding to know how Kevin had found Chloe. Dr. Harris explained that Chloe had slipped Kevin a note at her fake funeral and that Kevin had shown up in Louisiana, insisting on staying with them. Dr. Harris continued that Kevin had claimed that he'd only wanted to be with "Maggie," but Kevin had tied him up at gunpoint and run off with her, and the doctor had no idea where they'd gone. Dr. Harris defended that it hadn't been his fault, but Victor ordered the doctor to find Kevin and Chloe.

Victor barked that he'd paid Dr. Harris an obscene amount of money to keep Chloe hidden, and the doctor defended that he'd thought he'd gotten rid of Kevin. Dr. Harris suspected that Kevin and Chloe were en route to Genoa City to pick up Bella, and Victor asked if Kevin knew about Victor's involvement. The doctor swore that he hadn't said anything and that "Maggie" wouldn't tell, and Victor asked who Dr. Harris meant. Dr. Harris referred to the daughter that Victor had given back to him, and Victor realized that the doctor thought Chloe was his daughter. Victor instructed the doctor to destroy the phone number and to never contact him again.

In a motel, Kevin suggested that he and Chloe let Bella sleep until they were ready to roll. He planned to drive until dawn then sleep once they were far away, and he assured Chloe that they had no worries. He proclaimed that from then on, it would just be the three of them, starting their new life happily ever after. Chloe griped that Kevin had jinxed their chances of building the life they wanted, since having a happily ever after only existed in fantasies. Kevin told her to start believing in it because it was happening. He was confident that Dr. Harris was still lucid enough not to admit that he'd epically screwed up.

Chloe finished packing, and Kevin prepared to take the suitcases to the car. There was a knock at the door, and Kevin called out to ask who it was. "Your worst nightmare," Victor responded. Chloe hid in the bathroom, and Kevin opened the door and said it was a surprise to see Victor. Kevin surmised that Victor had heard that he and Bella were leaving town, and Victor noted that it had been easy to trace Kevin's credit card activity to his location. Kevin asserted that it was no secret that he was leaving Genoa City, since his family knew that he was ready to erase the bad memories and start fresh with his daughter.

Victor inquired about Chloe, and Kevin stated that she'd always be in their hearts. Victor ordered Chloe to step out, or he'd go in to get her. She slowly emerged from the bathroom. Chloe insisted that she couldn't go to jail, and Victor pointed out that everyone thought she was dead. Kevin assumed that Dr. Harris had called Victor, and Victor scoffed at the thought that Kevin actually wanted to protect Chloe. Kevin called Chloe the love of his life, and he thought Victor would do the same thing for Nikki.

Victor lectured that he wouldn't have been stupid enough to leave a trail, and Chloe asked what he intended to do with them. Kevin appealed to Victor to let them go because they had no interest in spilling Victor's secrets, but Victor replied that he couldn't take that chance. Victor questioned whether Kevin expected him to allow the woman who'd murdered his son to get away, but Kevin pointed out that Victor was just as culpable for causing the chain of events that had led to Adam's death. Kevin insisted that Victor could trust him because they had the same goal -- to keep the world from figuring out that Chloe was alive.

Kevin promised that Chloe wouldn't be discovered once they moved away because she had a new identity. He stressed that he had no interest in ruining Victor's life or judging him, and everything Victor had done would stay secret as long as Victor backed off of Chloe. Kevin swore that protecting Chloe and their daughter was all he cared about, and there was nothing he wouldn't do to keep them safe and together.

Chloe retrieved Bella, and Victor stared silently at them for a moment before he said they could go. He indicated that he wouldn't go after them as long as Chloe remained dead in people's eyes, and Chloe whimpered her thanks. Kevin swore that Victor wouldn't regret it, and Victor replied that they'd better hope he didn't. Once outside, Kevin kissed Chloe and Bella and exclaimed that they'd made it. Victor peered out at them through the window.

Victor gives Nikki her freedom

Victor gives Nikki her freedom

> Victor gives Nikki her freedom

Victor gives Nikki her freedom

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

by Nel

At the Top of the Tower, Ashley greeted Victor and commented on what a huge success the concert had been. Victor proudly stated that Abby had done an outstanding job of putting it together. Ashley said she'd noticed that Nikki and Nick had left the celebration early and asked Victor what was going on with his family. She was curious why Nikki hadn't left with Victor.

Victor explained the situation and admitted that he'd had a physical altercation with Nick. Ashley couldn't understand why Victor would have punched Nick. Victor said it was because Nick had tried to stop Nikki's performance. He explained that Nikki's MS had flared up, but he hadn't known about it. He wouldn't have let Nikki perform had he known.

Victor suggested that Jack had whispered sweet nothings into Nikki's ear and had tried to convince her that he cared more about her well-being than Victor did. Ashley realized why Jack had left with Nikki. She was sorry that Victor was going through turmoil with his family, but she knew Victor and Nikki would get through it -- they always did. Ashley wished him well and left for a meeting. Victor opened his computer and looked sadly at the family photo in the press coverage.

At the cabin, Jack greeted Nikki. He hoped the guest room had been comfortable. He asked if Nikki was in any pain. Nikki said she'd slept well and wasn't in pain. Her hands were a little stiff, but that would fade. She said she hadn't felt that good in ages. Nikki was happy the concert and the stress were over. She said she hadn't been able to stay at the concert after what had happened between Victor and Nick. She thanked Jack for taking her away from the stress. Jack stated that the concert had been a huge success.

Jack showed Nikki the family picture in the press coverage. Nikki said it looked like a happy family, and it was too bad that it was a lie -- a lie that she'd perpetuated. Nikki said everything seemed better at the cabin. She'd found the ranch oppressive, but everything was very peaceful and quiet at the cabin. Jack commented that he hadn't realized how much he'd needed to get away. Nikki was worried about Jack, but Jack advised her not to be because he always landed on his feet, just like Nikki did.

Nikki thought the concert would have been the only challenge, but she was wrong. She thought it would be easy to play the happy family, but it had been hard to keep up the fašade. She told Jack that she was ready to face Victor when she got home. They packed up and left.

At Sharon's, Tessa thanked Mariah for letting her stay overnight and for providing her with a change of clothes. Mariah apologized for blubbering over Devon. Tessa told her to stop apologizing and asked if Mariah would talk to Devon or if she would go on pretending that everything was fine. Mariah was embarrassed and stated that she'd never had a close friend to confide in. Mariah said she wanted to matter to Devon as much as he mattered to her. Tessa encouraged Mariah to tell Devon how she felt. Mariah admitted that she had insecurities about her relationship with Devon.

Tessa stated that Mariah was smart and funny and hid behind walls, but she had a huge heart. Mariah should never feel like she was someone's second choice because Mariah was incredible. Mariah asked if Tessa meant that. Tessa assured Mariah that she did and stroked Mariah's hair while staring at Mariah. Mariah seemed confused by Tessa's actions.

Mariah and Tessa were interrupted when Noah and Devon arrived with coffee. Devon gave Mariah a peck hello and told Tessa that he'd been receiving a lot of calls about her. People wanted to hear her first song. Noah suggested breakfast at the Athletic Club, but Mariah declined. Noah and Tessa left.

Devon told Mariah that he'd missed her after the concert. He said that between her not wanting to spend time with him and that morning, he had picked up a vibe and wanted to know if something was bothering her. Mariah stated that Hilary was first in Devon's life, and Mariah was just Miss Congeniality. Devon firmly stated that he was over Hilary. Mariah wanted to believe that, but she'd seen how Devon had looked at and spoken to Hilary. It had appeared that there was unfinished business between them.

Devon reminded Mariah that he and Hilary had had a lot of history and couldn't just erase each other. They would always have a connection. He'd divorced Hilary because he'd been tired of being lied to and manipulated. Mariah was the opposite of Hilary. Mariah asked if she was the anti-Hilary. She asked why Devon was with her -- she wondered if it was because they'd already been friends and he'd known Hilary would have a cow when she found out that Devon was dating her, of all people.

Devon was curious why Mariah was asking. Mariah admitted that she hated saying or even thinking about it, but she needed an honest answer. Devon said that when he'd been at his lowest point, Mariah had helped him find happiness. She always built him up and did it every day. He would never want her to feel she was a rebound. He wanted her standing by his side. Mariah agreed to do that, and they hugged.

Abby greeted Scott when he arrived at Victor's office. Abby advised Scott that Victor wasn't there, but Scott needed to be prepared for anything because Victor could still be angry over what had happened between him and Nick or he might want to go over the projects. Scott asked how Abby and Victor could act like it was business as usual. Abby snapped that it wasn't up to her, and it wasn't Scott's family, so he needed to back off. Scott turned to leave and said that Victor knew where to find him.

Abby stopped Scott. Abby admitted that Scott hadn't deserved that. Scott admitted that he could be very direct at times, but he would want to hash things out with his family rather than let them fester. Abby confessed that Victor and Victoria knew what was going on but hadn't been forthcoming with any information. Scott stated that Abby had worked very hard to make the evening perfect for Victor and Nikki, unlike Nick, who'd gone out of his way to make trouble. Scott advised Abby to make sure that Victor didn't take her for granted, and he left.

Victor arrived and greeted Abby. He told her that he had a few things to take care of. He added how proud he was of Abby. She'd done a wonderful job putting the concert together. He said that she was his only child who'd been willing to help. Abby was sure that Nick would have helped had he been asked. Victor told her that he'd disowned Nick. Abby wanted to know what was going on between Victor, Nick, and Nikki. Abby was certain that Victoria knew, but she wouldn't tell Abby anything.

Abby told Victor that it felt like Nick and Victoria were in one family and she was in another, and she was always left out. Victor assured Abby that whatever had happened had nothing to do with Abby. He said that he relied on and trusted Abby, and that meant more to him than anything else. They hugged, and Abby left.

Victor thanked Scott for finding such a great venue for the concert and said that it had been a great success. Victor knew that Scott wanted to talk about the unfortunate incident from the previous evening. Scott said he didn't know all the details, but he knew that Nick had been out of line. Victor told Scott that Nick would no longer have the privilege of being a Newman. Victor felt that people were against him. Scott said that he and Abby stood by Victor's decision.

Scott later returned to Victor's office and found Abby in Victor's chair. Scott said he wanted to run some numbers by Victor, but it could wait. Abby asked Scott what he and Victor had talked about earlier. Scott said it had felt like Victor had wanted Scott's reassurance that he supported Victor's decision to cut Nick out of his life and all that went with it. Abby was surprised that Victor had confided in Scott.

Abby didn't understand why Victor felt compelled to disinherit Nick. Abby said that she, Nick, and Victoria had received millions from the lawsuit they'd filed years earlier when they'd felt that Victor had been mishandling their trust funds. They all had enough money to support themselves forever, and she wondered what Victor could really take away from Nick. Scott said it might be better if neither one of then knew what Victor was up to, and he left.

Jack and Nikki arrived at the ranch. Jack said he knew that Nikki could handle Victor herself, but if she needed reinforcement, he'd stay. Nikki said that would only make things worse. Jack said it was the first time he'd seen Nikki at peace, and he didn't want Victor "blowing that to hell." Nikki thanked Jack for helping her. Jack asked how she was going to handle things. Victor would have a lot of questions about where she'd been and what she'd been thinking. Nikki said she was ready for Victor, and she wouldn't "forget a damned thing." Jack left.

Dina was frantically looking for her glasses in her suite. Graham said he was sorry that Jack hadn't spent as much time with Dina as she'd hoped. Graham asked where she'd last seen her glasses, and he offered to go and search the concert venue. Dina praised him for taking such great care of her. She wished Graham could have been at the concert with her because Jack had turned out to be a disappointment as an escort. Graham left.

Ravi arrived a short time later and gave Dina her glasses. She'd dropped them in his car. Dina thanked him and asked if he'd heard from Jack. She thanked Ravi for taking care of her. She also asked Ravi to tell Jack to stop and see her because she wanted to know what was going on with him.

Graham returned a short time later. Dina advised him that Ravi had found her glasses in his car. At that moment, Jack arrived, and Dina demanded to know what Jack had to say for himself. Graham said that Jack shouldn't have abandoned Dina. Jack apologized. Graham said that Jack should have taken better care of Dina. Jack didn't appreciate the reprimand from Graham and said that he hadn't left Dina on the street. He'd left her with Dina's daughter Ashley.

Dina countered that they'd made plans, and Jack should have stuck to them. Jack asked for a private word with Dina. Graham left. Dina accused Jack of inviting her out and then dumping her. She asked how he'd dared to treat her that way. Jack said that Nikki had needed help and to get away from the party. He couldn't share any details because they were private, but he'd been there when his friend had needed help. Dina stated that it was a married friend. Jack said that it wouldn't be for long.

Dina accused Jack of playing with fire. Jack said he knew what he was doing, but Dina said he didn't. She said that he was ready to jump into the flames. Dina could tell by Jack's expression that that was exactly what he wanted. Jack agreed and said that perhaps he had been playing it too safe -- after all, Dina had never let a little fact of a man being married get in the way of her being happy. Jack was stunned when Dina slapped him.

Tessa and Noah had breakfast at the Athletic Club. Tessa was surprised that Noah had taken her out the night before and again in the morning. She asked what had happened to taking things slowly. Noah confessed that he wanted to spend more time with her. They were happy and kissed.

At the Top of the Tower, Ravi found Ashley. He said that he was worried about Dina because Dina had appeared extremely stressed and worked up about Jack. Dina had also referred to Jack as Graham. He asked Ashley if anyone had noticed any issues with Dina. Ashley stated that after their family dinner, Tracy had mentioned that something had seemed off with Dina. Ashley noted that Dina appeared to be on her game where business was concerned and was still as feisty as ever. Ashley thanked Ravi and said she'd keep an eye on Dina.

Victor arrived at the ranch, and Nikki greeted him with "good morning." Victor said it wasn't. They discussed the benefit and what a success it had been. Victor said that Nikki had played magnificently. Nikki complimented Victor for panning the evening so beautifully and was glad that a great deal of money had been raised.

Victor was annoyed that Nikki had left the function without a word to him. Nikki claimed that she'd had to get away after everything that had happened, and she'd needed to get some perspective. Victor asked if she'd gotten it. Nikki stated that she had. Victor claimed he'd seen things more clearly as well. He asked if Nikki had seen the family photo in the press release. He said they looked like a happy family. Nikki agreed but wished it wasn't just a charade.

Victor mentioned his disappointment in Nick's actions. Nikki said that Nick had only been trying to protect her, and she wouldn't have disowned him. Victor said he'd have handled things very differently. Nikki didn't want to rehash the situation. Victor said that after the concert, he'd hoped that he and Nikki would be able to rebuild their life together.

Victor asked how Nikki felt physically. She told him she felt much better, and she planned to get plenty of rest. Victor mentioned that perhaps she could call Jack. Nikki told Victor that Jack had helped her when she'd needed a friend. She didn't want to get into an argument with Victor about Jack. Victor said that he wouldn't argue about the likes of Jack Abbott, and he added that he didn't care anymore.

Victor said he'd tried to apologize about his involvement with Chloe, and he felt that he'd atoned for his mistakes -- at least he'd attempted to. Victor said that he'd told Nikki over and over again how much he loved her. Nikki said she knew Victor loved her and that she loved him -- she always would, but she didn't see him in the same light as she had. She couldn't get past what Victor had done. Victor said that Nikki had made that abundantly clear.

Victor knew that it had been difficult for Nikki to pretend that they were still a couple, so he'd decided to make it easier for her. He wouldn't hide the fact that they weren't together anymore. Before Victor left, he said that Nikki was the love of his life, but would stop trying if that was no longer of interest to her. He bade her farewell and left.

Nikki rushed to the door but stopped by the piano and broke down sobbing.

Abby catches Jack and Nikki kissing

Abby catches Jack and Nikki kissing

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Mariah entered Crimson Lights and ran into Tessa. Mariah reported that things had gone really well when she and Devon had talked, and she inquired about Tessa's breakfast with Noah. Tessa replied that it had been fine, but she hadn't been the one who'd been upset. Tessa wondered if Mariah had told Devon how she felt, and Mariah groaned that she'd been a pathetic, needy female, but she believed that Devon wanted her and not Hilary. Tessa questioned what guy wouldn't.

Mariah called Devon an amazing guy who treated her like gold, and she pressed to know how things were going for Tessa and Noah. Tessa recounted that Noah had wanted to take things slowly, but he seemed to have become even more interested in her. Mariah compared it to the type of game Hilary excelled at that Mariah couldn't play, and Tessa ordered Mariah to stop comparing herself to Hilary. Mariah said she hated jerking people around, and Tessa considered it one of Mariah's best qualities. Mariah suspected that Tessa had made Noah feel safe by mirroring him and pulling back, so he felt comfortable with moving the relationship forward -- maybe faster than Tessa was comfortable with.

Tessa still couldn't believe that Noah was interested in her, but Mariah called Tessa gorgeous, talented, and confident. Tessa confided that she'd never been with someone like Noah, who talked about what was really going on with him. Mariah thought it was nice to have something real, and the women agreed that they were happy for one another. Mariah thanked Tessa for letting her cry the night before, and Tessa noted that Mariah really cared about Devon. Mariah was afraid that she'd get hurt if she let herself fall, but she wanted things to work with him. Tessa remarked that they had to find a way to get something if they wanted it badly enough, and she toasted to two friends making it work.

At GC Buzz, Hilary and Howard reviewed the video footage of Victor and Nick's confrontation in the parking garage. Howard anticipated that Victor might get testy when the video went viral, but he swore that they hadn't done anything shady because Victor had given them access. Hilary lectured that it was supposed to be an inspiring story about the Newman family raising money for MS, and Howard told her not to grow a conscience then, since the video was ratings gold. Hilary acknowledged that it was huge, but she refused to release it because she didn't want Victor as an enemy. She answered a call from Victor.

After Hilary hung up, she informed Howard that Victor had told her to air as much of the material as she saw fit, so they could run with all of it. Howard asked if she was certain that Victor wasn't just trying to set her up, and Hilary reported that Victor had offered to put it in writing. Hilary was blown away by what Victor had said, and she figured she should never look a gift billionaire in the mouth. She and Howard watched the video of Nick confessing that he'd shorted out the soundboard, but Mariah entered and told them to shut it off because they weren't going to air it.

Hilary crowed that Victor had given his permission to use the material however she chose. Mariah was skeptical that Victor was willing to run footage that would make his family look bad, but Hilary was thrilled that she would be able to use it without Mariah and Devon accusing her of being a bottom-feeder. Mariah barked that Devon was done with Hilary, so Hilary could stop throwing herself at him like she'd done at the party. "Insecure much?" Hilary taunted, but Mariah warned that Hilary would just embarrass herself. Hilary confidently stated that Mariah had it backwards, since Devon hadn't been able to keep his eyes off of Hilary, and she thought it was driving Mariah nuts.

Hilary huffed that it wasn't her problem if Mariah couldn't hold a man's interest. Mariah retorted that Devon could have had any woman in the world, but he'd chosen her. Hilary thought it was obvious that Devon was with Mariah because they were pals, and a man in Devon's position had to worry about gold diggers. Hilary asserted that the passion and chemistry that she and Devon had shared had been once in a lifetime, and she thought Mariah could see it by the way Devon undressed Hilary with his eyes.

Mariah told Hilary to get over herself, since Devon was done with Hilary, and Devon and Mariah's sex life was "hot as hell." Hilary shared that she'd had a close encounter with a man herself recently, and they'd been completely honest and emotionally naked. Hilary added that Devon had made it achingly clear in that moment that he still wanted her, and she confirmed that she wanted him. Mariah snapped that Hilary looked pitiful every time she tried to bait Mariah, but Devon was committed to Mariah. Hilary shook her head and walked away.

Nick arrived at the Newman ranch to see how Nikki was doing. She sourly asked how he thought she was doing after what she'd witnessed between him and his father, and Nick explained that he hadn't been able to play the dutiful son any longer. Nikki argued that Nick had sabotaged the concert, but he defended that he'd been worried about her health, so he'd protected her and their family. She barked that if she closed her eyes, she'd swear he was his father.

Nick asked how Nikki was feeling, and she replied that a night away had worked wonders for her. She revealed that she'd been with Jack at his family's cabin, and Nick questioned whether she'd returned home to try to patch things up with Victor. She indicated that nothing had changed and that Victor had told her good riddance before he'd stormed out. She added that Victor had made it clear that he was through trying to win her back, and she pledged to focus on herself and what made her happy from that day forward.

Nick thought his actions had been justified based on the pain Nikki had been in after the concert, but Nikki groused that it was the same logic Victor used when he played God with people's lives. Nick insisted that he'd had to do something because he'd known what the concert had been doing to her, but it was over, and they didn't have to lie anymore. Nikki wondered if Nick had really derailed things to get everyone to side with him, since he'd been very clear about how concerned he'd been about her. She accused Nick of putting as much pressure on her as Victor had.

Victor entered the Underground, and Noah informed him that Nick would be back in a few minutes. Victor said he was there to thank Noah for finding the new soundboard, and Noah inquired about the problems between Victor and Nick. Victor praised Noah for solving the problem Nick had created, but Noah was confused. Victor revealed that, after Nick had found out about Nikki's MS flare-up, he had vandalized the soundboard in order to punish Victor for not being tuned in to her condition. Noah thought they were still family, and Victor told him not to worry about a thing.

Nick returned, and Noah stepped out to grab some coffee. Nick ordered Victor to leave Noah out of it, but Victor countered that Noah was involved because of Nick's shenanigans backstage. Nick realized that Victor had told Noah about Nick sabotaging the soundboard. Victor contended that Noah was a smart man who shouldn't be wasting his time in a dive, but Nick argued that it had been Noah's choice, just like it had been Nikki's decision not to put up with Victor's crap. Victor referred to how many times he'd forgiven them for their sins.

Victor recounted that he'd forgiven Nick for turning him in to the Feds and for suing for the trust fund Victor had worked hard to create, but Victor had let it go. Victor continued that Nikki, Nick, and Victoria had all accused him of being obsessed with wealth and power, but they lived off that wealth and power. Nick contended that he knew what his priorities were, and he'd never let his relationships with his kids deteriorate the way Victor had. Nick told Victor to keep his money and power. Victor stressed that Nick was no longer his son, and he dared Nick to see how far it got him, since it would be too late by the time Nick realized it. Victor walked out.

Noah met Tessa at Crimson Lights and said he'd been happy to get out of the tense situation at the Underground. Noah sensed that Victor had dropped by to make sure they still had a relationship, and Tessa asked if they did. Noah conceded that he and his grandfather didn't always get along, but he thought Victor meant well in his own way. Noah added that Victor never missed an opportunity to put down Noah's bartending job, but he believed that Victor just wanted him to realize his full potential by following his dreams.

Tessa pressed to know what Noah's dreams were, and he became flustered because so few people had really asked him that. He revealed that he wanted to open a chain of Undergrounds in small towns where there wasn't a lot of music, and Tessa chirped that she'd be happy to perform at every location. She wondered if he'd be working with Victor or Nick. Noah was adamant that he couldn't work for Victor, but he thought he and his dad could build something together.

At the Athletic Club, Ashley asked Ravi to meet with a colleague of hers, Stefan, who wanted to pick Ravi's brain about creating a new website. Ravi agreed, and Ashley was glad that Stefan was running a little late, since she wanted to ask about Ravi's concerns about Dina. Ravi confirmed that Dina had referred to Jack as Graham twice and that she had seemed confused at times. Ashley figured that her mother was getting older, but she was glad that Ravi had picked up on details that she and Jack had missed.

Ravi inquired whether Dina was more of a morning person, but Ashley didn't know. Ravi figured that Dina had imbibed some drinks and might have been up past her bedtime, but Ashley didn't want to dismiss what he'd observed. She thought she needed to spend time with her mother alone, and Ravi pointed out that Dina had been through a lot of recent change for an older person. Ashley surmised that Dina clung to Graham like a security blanket because her own children didn't know her at all.

After the meeting with Stefan, Ashley praised Ravi for his terrific input on a couple of different levels. She recalled that it had been out of character for Dina to get teary-eyed over the song she'd once sung to Jack, since her mother had an emotional range from chilly to stone cold. Ravi considered Dina to be warm with a wicked sense of humor, and Ashley contemplated whether her own change of attitude had thrown Dina off. Ashley was determined to find a rational explanation for Dina's behavior.

In Dina's hotel room, Jack huffed that Dina had never let a thing like a man being married stop her from getting what she wanted, and she smacked him across the face. She quickly apologized but chided him for being rude. He said he was sorry for leaving her at the party, and she scolded that it had been disrespectful of him to run off with Nikki. He pointedly stated that the feeling of abandonment was terrible, and she retorted that if the comment was meant to sting, it did. "Are you happy now?" she testily asked.

Jack admitted that he should have told Dina that he'd been leaving the party, and Dina doubted that he'd ever pass up the opportunity to run off with Victor's wife. Jack refused to avoid Nikki to appease the tyrant she was living with, and Dina cautioned Jack against making the same mistakes she'd made. Jack reminded her of his history with Nikki, but Dina noted that their marriage hadn't worked out. Jack swore that he'd just been trying to help a friend in a moment of crisis, but Dina thought Jack knew Victor would never buy it.

Jack regretted that his helping Nikki had been at Dina's expense, and he hoped that he and Dina could spend more time together alone. Dina said she'd like that, and she promised that she wouldn't bar the door just because he'd lobbed a few zingers at her. Jack recognized that he was selfish sometimes, but he'd developed strong self-protective skills at a young age. He explained that he was desperately trying to hold onto what he had and not what he'd lost as a kid, and she tearfully nodded.

Later, Abby stopped by to see Dina. Dina noted that the concert had gone rather well, but Abby divulged that Victor and Nick had gotten into it behind the scenes. Abby recalled that she'd tried to ask Victoria what had happened, but Victoria had dismissed her, so she'd thrown a drink in Victoria's face. Abby was shocked when Dina gave her a high-five and told her not to take crap from anyone. Dina asserted that Victoria should have shown Abby more respect after Abby had made the Newmans look respectable.

Abby pointed out that she was also a Newman, and Dina sympathized that it was frustrating to be caught between two families who didn't get along. Dina believed having a foot in both worlds gave Abby a unique perspective and the ability to learn things about the Abbotts and the Newmans that no one else would. Abby realized that it gave her an advantage, and she thanked Dina for making her see it that way. Dina wanted to provide the wisdom and positivity that Abby's parents couldn't, and the women hugged.

After Abby left, Dina told someone over the phone that she had cash on hand after selling her company, and she wanted to make a major investment in biotech stocks. She recognized that it was aggressive, but she insisted that she knew what she wanted and how she wanted her portfolio structured. She haughtily asked if she needed to remind them who they were dealing with.

At Jabot, Ashley mentioned to Jack that she'd run into Victor earlier, and Jack dryly hoped it had been with her car. Ashley said she'd gotten the impression that Victor hadn't had any idea that Nikki had left the party with Jack, but Jack insisted that they drop the topic. He thanked her for getting their mother home, but she credited Ravi for spending most of the time with Dina. She referred to what Ravi had said about Dina seeming upset and confused when Jack had disappeared, and she asked if Jack had noticed anything out of character for Dina. Jack replied that he knew their mother had "one hell of a right hook."

Jack thought it had been unlike Dina to lash out physically, and Ashley suggested that they keep an eye on Dina and address the issue if it seemed like something worrisome. Jack thought Dina was too proud and stubborn to admit if something was wrong, and Ashley grumbled that Dina had Graham to confide in. Jack regretted that he'd held onto his childhood resentments, but Ashley thought it was healthier in the long run to express his feelings. Jack recalled that Dina had made it clear how unseemly she found his friendship with Nikki, and he imagined that Ashley agreed. Ashley questioned who she was to judge, but Jack pointed out that Ashley always had.

Ashley ran into Ravi in the corridor and told him that she'd spoken to Jack about Dina, but Jack had been preoccupied because Dina had slapped him earlier. Ravi was stunned, and Ashley figured that Jack had given Dina attitude, so Dina had given it back. Ravi asked if Ashley had ever known Dina to act out physically, and he advised Ashley to keep an eye on her.

Nikki stopped by Jabot and informed Jack that Victor knew she wouldn't go running back to him. She thanked Jack for giving her the strength to live life on her own terms, and she gushed that it had been a long time since she'd felt that free. He thought she sounded like the Nikki he'd met when they'd practically been kids, and she told the world to watch out. He wanted full credit if whisking her out of the party had had any part in her transformation, since seeing her strong and happy had almost been worth Dina slapping him.

Jack mentioned that his mother had been scandalized upon hearing that he'd spent the night with Victor's wife, and Nikki burst into laughter. Nikki proclaimed that Victor had walked out on her, and she couldn't care less what people thought. Jack asked if she was sure about that, and she planted a kiss on him as Abby walked in. Abby demanded to know what Jack and Nikki were doing, and Nikki sweetly replied that she was thanking Jack for his support and his generous donation to the research center.

Abby questioned whether it was how Nikki usually thanked people, and Nikki said it was when the spirit moved her. Nikki thanked Abby for organizing a beautiful benefit, and she departed. Abby stared open-mouthed at Jack, who revealed that Victor had walked out on Nikki, so Abby could take it up with "Mr. Mumbles" if she had issues with the way her stepmother was conducting her life. Abby slammed the door shut and bellowed, "No, I'm talking to you!"

Cane goes to Devon for a job

Cane goes to Devon for a job

Friday, July 21, 2017

At GC Buzz, Hilary and Howard edited the footage of Victor and Nick's confrontation in the parking lot. Hilary crossed over to Mariah and hoped she wasn't still upset by Hilary's words of wisdom earlier. Mariah believed that the intimate conversation that Hilary had claimed to have had with Devon had never happened. Mariah asserted that Devon wouldn't lie to someone he didn't love anymore, nor would he lie to Mariah. Hilary taunted that Devon hadn't needed to say anything, and she sauntered off.

Later, Mariah revealed to Hilary that Devon had admitted that he and Hilary had unresolved issues, but Mariah wasn't threatened. Hilary scoffed at the idea that Mariah was fine with her boyfriend pining away for his ex-wife, and she found it adorable that Mariah believed that she was enough for Devon, since he was insatiable. As Tessa walked in, Hilary described Devon making love to her on the kitchen floor. Mariah retorted that Hilary was assuming that he was enough for Mariah. Hilary stepped away, and Tessa applauded Mariah for not letting Hilary get to her.

Howard showed Hilary the final footage, and she told him to "promote the hell" out of it. She bragged that the story was untouchable because Victor had given his blessing, but Howard was baffled about why Victor had agreed. Hilary thought all they needed to know was that they were scratching one another's backs.

Tessa informed Mariah that Noah had opened up to her about some personal stuff, and it had felt nice to be trusted. Tessa added that Mariah was the only person she could talk to about it, but Mariah kept glancing over at Hilary. Tessa suggested they get out of there to get away from Hilary. Hilary greeted Tessa and praised her performance at the concert. Mariah announced that Tessa had been one of the first artists who Devon had signed to his company's streaming service, and Hilary congratulated Tessa.

Mariah gushed about how Devon had seen Tessa's incredible talent, and Tessa remarked that sometimes people just knew when something felt right, like a certain spark between two people. Hilary thought it was neat that Tessa and Devon had made a connection, but Tessa clarified that she'd been talking about Mariah and Devon's off-the-charts chemistry that made her want to write a song and name it after the two of them. Hilary returned to work, and Mariah thanked Tessa, who proclaimed that Hilary couldn't mess with "my girl, Mariah."

At the Ashby home, Lily told Neil that her kids were "going through hell," but she thought they would pull together as a family. Neil questioned whether that family included Cane, and Lily lamented that the twins' world had been shaken, so she didn't want to rush into a decision. Neil advised that staying together for the kids' sake wasn't always the best option, and he asked how certain she felt that she and Cane could fix things. She recalled that they'd gotten through tough times before, but Neil thought that one was different because another woman and an unborn child were involved.

Lily knew that things would never be the same, but she still loved Cane. She wondered if it made her a fool, but Neil said it made her human. Neil acknowledged that Cane was a solid man who was committed to her and the twins, but he questioned what they'd do when Juliet's pregnancy became public knowledge. Lily recounted that she'd told Cane that he had to be there for the child, and Neil found her strength of character admirable. Lily remembered that Cane had stood by her when she'd made mistakes, and Neil encouraged her to consider whether she could do the same thing for Cane.

Charlie angrily confronted Reed at Crimson Lights, and he told Reed not to act ignorant about what had happened between Charlie's dad and Reed's mom. Reed acknowledged that Victoria had needed to fire Cane, but Charlie clarified that Victoria hadn't had to mess up their family. Reed defended that Charlie couldn't blame him, but Charlie stood ominously close to Reed and warned Reed not to bother Mattie. Reed contended that it was Mattie's decision, and Mattie intervened and demanded to know why the boys were always getting into it.

Reed understood that Charlie was upset about what had happened with Cane, and he wished that he could have done something. Mattie informed Charlie that Reed had offered to talk to his mom, and Reed ranted that his mom hadn't been the one who'd lied during the lawsuit. Charlie barked that Juliet had made up the sexual harassment story, but Reed countered that Cane had actually slept with her. Charlie stormed off, and Mattie contemplated whether Reed should just stay away from her.

Reed said he'd been thinking about Mattie a lot, and he'd thought he'd upset her. Mattie explained that she'd been keeping busy to avoid thinking about the disaster her dad had turned their family into, and Reed said he felt bad, but he hadn't been able to handle Charlie putting down Victoria. Mattie thought Charlie didn't want to believe it had been their dad's fault, and Reed recounted that he'd learned early that parents were just people who made mistakes and hurt one another. Mattie was sure that Lily still loved Cane with her whole heart, and Reed hoped Mattie's family was one of the lucky ones.

Mattie said she'd been reading Victorian novels that talked about fate and people who were meant to be together. She continued that she'd thought fate only existed in movies and books, but meeting Reed and finding out about their connections had gotten her thinking. She mused that she'd been dealing with the worst thing that had ever happened to her, but he was able to understand and make her feel better. Reed took Mattie's hands in his as Charlie returned and glared at them.

At Jabot, Abby demanded to know why Jack had been kissing her stepmother. Abby realized that her father had been upset because Nikki had disappeared from the party with Jack, but Jack swore that he wasn't responsible for any problems Nikki and Victor were having. Abby threatened to tell Victor about what she'd walked in on, and Jack smugly replied, "By all means, be my guest."

Jack asserted that a couple had to be together for him to get between them, but Victor had walked out on Nikki. Abby protested that she'd worked on the concert for weeks because Victor had done it all for Nikki, and she thought it was obvious that Victor loved his wife. Abby warned that her dad would go after Jack if Jack was trying to confuse Nikki, and Jack told Abby to start sounding more like an Abbott. Abby snapped that she'd be the one caught in the crossfire if he started the war again, so she'd do what she had to do. She ordered Jack not to make her choose and stormed out.

At Brash & Sassy, Victoria swallowed some aspirin as she spoke on the phone to a recruiter about needing a top-level executive to start immediately. She wasn't pleased with what the recruiter had to offer, and she snapped at them to do their job so she could do hers.

Cane met Devon at the Athletic Club. Cane recognized how Devon felt about him, but Devon replied that his only concern was about his sister and her kids. Cane mentioned that he'd told the twins everything, and they'd been angry and blindsided because Cane and Lily's marriage had been at its best up until then. Devon was skeptical, and Cane admitted that Lily was struggling, especially since there was another child involved.

Devon mentioned that he'd heard Victoria had let Cane go, and Cane complained that Juliet had gotten a payout for lying about something he hadn't done. Devon countered that Cane had lied, as well, and he recalled that he'd told Cane not to lie to Lily, but Cane had allowed her to defend him. Cane insisted that Lily knew that he hadn't harassed Juliet or coerced her into having sex, but Devon flatly stated that Cane had made a fool of Lily. Cane snapped that at least he hadn't sneaked around behind his wife's back to live a lie, and Devon asked if Cane really wanted to go there.

Cane owned the fact that he'd screwed up, and he vowed to "fight like hell" to save his family. He recognized how much family meant to Devon, and he admitted that although it was hard to ask, he needed a job. Cane pointed out that Devon and Neil needed an executive with experience, and he believed he could make an immediate impact. Devon agreed that it was a big thing to ask, and he said he had to discuss it with Neil first. Cane pledged to work hard to prove himself, and he stressed that all he was asking for was a chance.

Across the dining room, Phyllis suggested to Billy that they go to the Underground to listen to music and dance, but he had to go back to the office. She teased him for being all work and no play, and he stressed that he didn't want to but he had to, since he had to get in front of things before Cane did something to damage the company. Billy griped that Cane was always blaming Victoria for everything that had gone wrong in his miserable life, and all hands had to be on deck. Phyllis quipped that the other deckhands had walked the plank, so only Billy and Victoria were left.

Billy explained that he'd helped rebuild Brash & Sassy, so it meant a lot to him. He referred to what Phyllis and Lauren had done with the virtual dressing room, and he said their drive and persistence had inspired him. He thought he and Victoria had to do something as genius and profitable, and he insisted that work had to be his focus right then. Phyllis swore that she understood, and Victoria summoned Billy to the office via a text message. Phyllis offered to take care of the check, and he thanked her and kissed her goodbye. Phyllis gazed over at Cane and muttered to herself, "Thank you, Cane, for being such a screwup."

Later, Jack noted that Phyllis was at the office late, and she explained that Billy was also working, so she'd likely be there all night. Jack figured that Billy was digging Brash & Sassy out of a hole based on the latest sales figures, and Phyllis remarked that it couldn't be happening at a worse time with Cane gone. Jack thought Victoria firing Cane had been the right move. He pointedly added that it was a good thing for Lily, since it was too awkward for spouses to work together when one of them had cheated. He asked if Phyllis would agree.

Phyllis told Jack that Cane's life had blown up and that he blamed Victoria for it, and she noted that Billy and Cane were like oil and water. She acknowledged that Billy hadn't been sorry to see Cane go, but Jack argued that Cane had been the one to close the Asian deal. Jack contemplated whether to give Cane a call to set up a meeting, and Phyllis recognized that Cane knew the industry. Jack suspected that Cane knew where the bodies were buried at Brash & Sassy, but he wondered what was in it for Phyllis.

Jack was surprised that Phyllis was encouraging him to recruit Cane, but she claimed that she'd simply been talking about Cane being a pain in Billy's backside. Jack noted that she was living with one of the two remaining executives working at Brash & Sassy who was working with his ex, and he imagined that it would give Phyllis peace at home if Jack were to use Cane's knowledge to take over the company and kick Victoria to the curb. Phyllis wished Jack a good night and exited. He left a voicemail for Cane with a request to set up a meeting.

At the Athletic Club bar, Devon told Neil that Cane had pitched himself for an executive position. While Devon was still furious with Cane, he also understood that Cane was trying to provide for his family. Devon imagined how Cane's interviews would go once employers found out why he'd been fired from his last job, and he didn't believe that Cane had sexually harassed Juliet. Neil argued that they knew Cane had lied, but Devon was the last person to judge anyone who'd lied about having sex. Devon insisted that it was about their family, and he questioned how they could turn their backs on Cane.

Neil understood that Devon wanted to help Lily, but he thought they needed to consider the possibility that things could go south with Cane and Lily's marriage. Neil worried that getting stuck with bad blood could be a problem for their new business, and he recounted that Cane had "lied like hell" when he'd been backed into a corner. Neil recognized that Cane had talent, but he thought they were better off not letting family problems into their company. Devon realized that sometimes he had to be able to say no.

Billy burst into Brash & Sassy, prepared to talk up the company's bright future to their retailers. Victoria groaned that she was up to her eyeballs with replacing Cane, and Billy asked whether she thought the two of them couldn't pull it off. Billy thought they were better off without Cane, despite the extra hours, and he thought there was extra incentive in making his big brother eat his words. Billy reported that Jack had been there to gloat about their poor sales figures and to offer to buy them out. They were surprised when Abby entered and declared that she was there to say something important in person.

Abby said she wanted to apologize for causing Victoria's fall and to make sure her sister was okay, and Billy realized that the spill had been more than a moment of klutziness. Lily interrupted with a work-related question, and Billy led her into the lab for privacy. Lily explained that she was her family's sole breadwinner while Cane was looking for a job, and she wanted to get back in touch with Barry about finding her extra work. Billy reminded Lily that she was under an exclusive contract for modeling with Brash & Sassy, but he agreed that she could do it as long as there were no conflicts with her duties there.

Meanwhile, Victoria insisted to Abby that she'd already forgotten the drink-throwing incident, and Abby was surprised that Victoria hadn't told Billy about it. Abby rambled on about how the situation could have been different, but the sound of Abby's voice became muffled inside Victoria's head, and Victoria struggled to focus. Abby asked if they were okay, and Victoria asked if Abby was there for another reason. Abby closed the door and revealed that she'd walked in on Jack and Nikki kissing.

Abby worried that Jack welcomed the idea of restarting the war between the families, and she begged Victoria to talk Nikki out of whatever she was doing to infuriate Victor. Victoria advised Abby to stay out of it, since it was a family matter that didn't concern Abby. Abby argued that when the bomb exploded, she'd be hit with the fallout as the only Newman with Abbott blood. Victoria testily asked if Abby expected Victoria to follow her around with an umbrella, and Abby spat that she'd thought Victoria would "give a damn" about Nikki torching her marriage. Abby stormed out.

Billy inquired why Abby had left in a huff, and Victoria bemoaned that the week couldn't get any worse, since Abby had seen Nikki making out with Jack. Billy was appalled, but Victoria thought it was in character for Jack, since starting trouble in her family was Jack's one joy in life. Billy lectured that it took two, and Victoria chided Billy for defending his brother's "classic Abbott bad-boy behavior." Victoria's thoughts became fuzzy as Billy defended himself, and she couldn't concentrate on what he was saying. She snapped that she'd better not catch his brother on the elevator, making out with her mom.

Cane returned home and told Lily that he'd asked Devon for a job, but Devon had needed to discuss it with Neil. Cane refused to get his hopes up, but Lily swore that no one was interested in kicking Cane when he was down. Cane noticed how quiet the house had been when he'd walked in, and he couldn't help but think about how his life had changed. Lily softly stated that she was there and that she still loved him. He pulled her into his arms.

Cane conceded that he had a long way to go to win back his family's trust, but he thought it would give the twins a sense of hope if they saw their parents pulling together. Lily admitted that she wanted to keep their family together, and he was relieved to hear her say it. He moved in to kiss her, and she hesitantly gave in. They started to make love on the couch, but she pushed him away and said she couldn't do it.

Lily asked if Cane really thought she'd want to have sex, and he pointed out that she'd said she loved him. Lily ranted that another woman was carrying his child, and it would become a reality in less than nine months. She questioned how she could make love to him when she knew that, and he weakly protested as she rushed out of the room. He crumpled to the couch and buried his head in his hands.

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