The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of August 14, 2017 on Y&R

Victor forced Nick out of the tack house. Nick and Chelsea decided to move in together. Ashley and Ravi made love. Graham corrected Dina's work mistakes. Tessa revealed that Crystal was her sister. Hilary aired a scandalous confrontation between Victoria and Hochman. Neil agreed to give Victoria a loan. Jordan kissed Lily.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of August 14, 2017 on Y&R
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Billy expresses concern for Victoria Billy expresses concern for Victoria

Monday, August 14, 2017

At Chelsea's penthouse, Jordan stopped by to announce that Victor had hired him to snap photos of the staff at Newman Enterprises. Jordan asked for pointers on dealing with Victor. Chelsea told Jordan to just be himself. Jordan asked about Nick, noting that he was a Newman, too. Chelsea said that though she and Nick were involved in a relationship, they still retained their independence. Chelsea insisted that retaining independence had strengthened her relationship with Nick, and Nick seemed to feel the same way. Jordan didn't respond when Chelsea asked if he agreed with her.

At Newman Enterprises, Abby didn't immediately recognize the clean-shaven Scott. Abby excitedly announced that the launch of the "Design Date" app had performed better than expected. Abby couldn't resist taking a jab and noted that Victor had misguidedly placed his trust in Scott by assigning him to an executive position. Scott told Abby that he'd shaved his facial hair to please Sharon, not Victor. Scott asked about Zack, but Abby said her relationship wasn't any of Scott's business. Jordan arrived, and Abby introduced him to Scott. The two men seemed at ease with each other.

At the tack house on the Newman property, Nick was stunned to discover that Victor had hired a team of movers to pack up his son's belongings. After Nick noted that he'd not been given prior notice to find another place to live, Victor reminded Nick that he'd been told he was no longer considered part of the family. Victor added that Nick's residency on the family property would end that very day. Nick asked about Faith and explained that the youngster's room had just been redecorated. Victor said Nick could pick up Faith's and Christian's things at the main house.

Victor advised Nick not to force Faith to make a choice between her father and grandfather. Victor placed blame on Nick for being a self-involved, selfish, ungrateful son. Victor added that in the future, Nick would have to experience real life. Nick accused Victor of resenting him for wanting to go his own way. Victor said he'd disowned Nick for "backbiting and badmouthing" his father. Nick replied, "Well, then, thank you for cutting the strings, Victor."

Nick showed up at Chelsea's home and told her about Victor's harsh decision to kick him off the Newman property. Nick admitted he should've left years earlier, though he expressed concern for the abrupt life change for Faith. Chelsea was shocked to learn that Victor had moved Faith's new bedroom furniture to the main house. Chelsea said she'd recreate a replica of Faith's bedroom after Nick located a new home. Nick embraced the plan and said Christian needed an updated bedroom, too.

Chelsea urged Nick to let Connor and Christian spend more time together. Nick noted that the two children seemed close, having formed a bond at an early age. Nick said he and Chelsea should spend more time together. Nick added that family was important to him, and he proposed that he and Chelsea move in together.

Victor entered his office and seemed pleased that Abby, Scott, and Jordan were prepared for the photography session. Victor welcomed Jordan and admired Scott's clean-shaven face. Scott and Abby debated which of them had launched what might become the most successful project. Jordan began taking individual and group photos while encouraging Abby and Scott to interact playfully. Later, Jordan took Scott aside and said he and Abby had great chemistry. Scott replied, "I don't think so. Abby and I loathe each other." Jordan showed Scott some photos and insisted that Scott and Abby's interactions proved that they seemed drawn to each other.

After Scott and Jordan left, Victor told Abby that he and Nick had parted ways. Abby expressed sorrow and suggested that Nick might reconcile with his father after Nikki moved back to the ranch. Victor didn't seem to believe that a reconciliation was possible. Victor said he'd made a decision that would affect Abby. Victor noted that Abby had likely dealt with loneliness, living alone. Abby insisted she was fine because she'd kept busy. Victor showed Abby a key to the tack house and insisted she move into it. Abby was surprised when Victor tossed the key across a table to her as if she had no say in the matter.

At the Genoa City Athletic Club, Billy confronted Benjamin Hochman about hanging around Victoria solely to get his hands on Brash & Sassy. Billy added that Victoria was too smart to fall for Benjamin's ploys. Benjamin replied, "Well, that sure wasn't the signals I was getting last night when I took the lady out dancing." Billy and Benjamin sat at the bar, talking and drinking martinis. Billy asked Benjamin if his and Victoria's relationship was official.

Benjamin admitted that being with Victoria was enjoyable. Benjamin noted he was aware that Victoria could keep her business afloat with Victor's money. Aside from their shared business interests, Benjamin said, he and Victoria had fun together. Benjamin noted that Billy was no longer married to Victoria and had a live-in girlfriend, so he shouldn't expect Victoria to live like a nun. Billy glared at Benjamin and asked how he knew about Phyllis. Benjamin replied, "Victoria told me."

At Brash & Sassy, Reed confronted his mother and complained that aside from quick trips to their house to drive Johnny and Katie to play dates, she was rarely home. Victoria noted that her workload had increased since she'd fired Cane and Juliet. Reed said he'd learned from Mattie and Charlie that Juliet was pregnant. Reed said that hearing the news from his friends had been embarrassing. Victoria asked Reed if he meant it had embarrassed him to learn the news from Mattie. Reed said not knowing had led him to make matters worse for his friend. Victoria suggested that Reed give Mattie some space until her family had time to deal with their problems. After Victoria was called away, Reed noticed a text message from Mattie explaining that he should stop by her house because she'd be alone.

After Reed left his mother's office, Billy arrived. Billy questioned Victoria about why she'd shared details about their personal lives with Benjamin Hochman. Victoria asked Billy why it had bothered him so much. Victoria claimed that Billy wanted her all to himself. Billy reminded Victoria that Benjamin had a reputation as a corporate raider. Billy admitted he was worried that something else might be going on with Victoria for her to suddenly be attracted to someone like Benjamin. Victoria told Billy to stay out of her life because he'd chosen to be with Phyllis.

At Crimson Lights, Mattie was engaged with her smartphone when Hilary greeted her and invited the young woman to stop by the studio for a tour. Mattie thanked Hilary politely. Hilary then offered to be a supportive confidante. Mattie began packing up her books and angrily accused Hilary of fishing for a scoop on Cane and Lily. Hilary followed Mattie to the patio.

Hilary recalled her own failed marriage to Devon and said it was still possible to love someone even after a separation. Mattie refused to discuss her parents even after Hilary continued to hound her, citing that Cane had messed up. Mattie replied, "You're hardly one to judge." Mattie asked Hilary to leave her and Charlie alone and warned her not to mention the Ashby family on Hilary's "trashy" television show. Mattie left after she saw a text message from Reed stating that he was on his way to her house.

At the pool, Cane offered to accompany Charlie, as was their custom, to shop for athletic gear for school football. Charlie said he already had what he needed. Lily interrupted and noted that she had taken Charlie shopping. After Charlie walked away, Cane told Lily he should've realized that Charlie hadn't yet forgiven him. Lily said it was too soon, though Charlie had admitted he wouldn't have felt comfortable approaching his dad. Lily requested that Cane give their son time to heal and not pressure Charlie before football tryouts.

Cane told Lily he needed stop by their house to pick up a few things. Lily said she wouldn't be home, so Cane should feel free to stop by. Lily asked Cane how he was doing. Cane admitted that living at the Chancellor house was lonely. Cane said his life would be better if he could return to his family. Lily warned Cane not to put a timeline on reconciliation.

After Cane left, Lily stretched out beside the pool. Juliet sat in the chair next to Lily's. When Lily raised her head and looked toward Juliet, Juliet deliberately massaged her pregnant belly with the palm of her hand. Juliet said Cane had told her he'd moved out of the family home. Juliet insisted it had never been her goal to break up Lily's marriage. Juliet said Cane had said he'd only provide financial support for her child, but she hinted that she had additional expectations. Lily challenged Juliet to say whatever it was she yearned to say. Juliet said, "Cane seemed very affected when I showed him the photo of the ultrasound." Before Juliet walked away, she vowed never to hide in shame.

Charlie approached his mother and asked why she'd been talking to Juliet. Charlie said he'd told Juliet earlier that neither he nor Mattie wanted anything to do with her or her baby. Charlie returned to his duties. As Lily prepared to leave, Hilary approached. Lily noted that Hilary had landed the job on the commercial. Hilary explained that many others had also auditioned, so Lily shouldn't blame her. Hilary explained that she'd stopped by the pool to relax before heading to Los Angeles. Lily encouraged Hilary to stay in Los Angeles for good.

Lily blamed her family's crisis on Hilary for encouraging Juliet to file the lawsuit. Hilary insisted that it wasn't her fault that Cane had cheated and lied about it. Lily said, "You're a vile woman. And why Jordan puts up with you, I don't know." Hilary advised Lily to forgive Cane and let him move back home. Hilary admitted she'd talked to Mattie and was concerned that the young woman had seemed cold and angry. Lily suggested that Hilary was worried because Jordan had been spending more time at the Ashby house since Cane had moved out. Before Lily walked away, she said Hilary should be concerned about the prospect of losing Jordan.

In the dining room at the Athletic Club, Cane met with Susan, a corporate headhunter. Susan, citing her adherence to full disclosure, noted that she was also working with Victoria to select replacements for Cane and Juliet. Cane said his only concern was for Susan to find him a new position. Susan said she'd been impressed by Cane's work accomplishments. She admitted that prospective employers were perplexed because Cane had left Brash & Sassy without first securing another job. Susan added that Victoria was well known for her strong loyalty to employees, so it was believed that Cane had either been fired or forced to resign.

Other companies, Susan explained, were leery and would only be willing to offer Cane low-level positions. Cane admitted it was difficult to overcome what he termed "the Newman influence." Susan agreed and said Cane might have to relocate. Cane insisted relocation wasn't an option because Genoa City was his home, and his kids lived there, as well. Cane blamed Victoria for his lack of job offers. Susan vowed not to give up.

At Lily's house, Mattie greeted Reed when he arrived. She told him that her brother and mother had other plans and wouldn't be home for a while. Sadness tinged Mattie's voice when she added that her dad no longer lived at the home. Reed said he was sorry after Mattie said Lily had forced Cane to move out. Mattie began sobbing, and Reed comforted her.

Mattie praised her mother for doing the right thing for her family. Reed shared a pair of earbuds with Mattie and said he'd chosen some tunes that always helped make him feel better. Mattie later noted that Reed had failed to include his own music. Reed kissed Mattie. Cane walked in and saw Mattie and Reed kissing.

Cane offers to help Hochman

Cane offers to help Hochman

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Cane slammed the front door of the Ashby home, startling Mattie and Reed, who had been kissing on the couch. Cane stated that it was still his house, even though Mattie obviously hadn't been expecting him. Mattie introduced Reed, and Cane coldly asked what Reed was doing there. Reed stammered that they'd just been hanging out, but Cane pointed out that it had been more than that. Reed hurriedly departed, and Cane told Mattie that he didn't want "that boy" in the house.

Mattie argued that Cane didn't know Reed, and she accused Cane of hating Reed just because he was Victoria's son. Mattie continued that Cane had been fired because of his own lies, and it hadn't been Victoria or Reed's fault. Cane reminded Mattie that she wasn't supposed to be home alone with a boy, and he stressed that seeing Reed was a mistake. Mattie snapped that a mistake was getting drunk enough to have unprotected sex with someone he'd barely known, and she stormed off.

Victoria burst into Brash & Sassy, and Billy observed that her trip to the bank had been quick. She explained that the bank had decided that the company wasn't a good risk for a bridge loan, so they had to cut expenses down to just the essentials. She referred to the first thing that needed to be sidelined, but she swore that she knew how to get the money. Lily arrived, and Victoria rushed out to take care of something. Billy stopped Victoria and asked if she planned to run off without telling him what she was going to do, and she replied that she'd let him know if it worked or if it didn't.

Lily informed Billy that Cane was staying at the Chancellor estate. She was grateful to have the schedule for the Dare campaign to keep her mind off things, but Billy regretted that they had to put the campaign on hold for budgetary reasons. Lily bemoaned that Brash & Sassy was broke because of Cane, but she needed a paying job. Billy hoped the campaign would resume soon, but he suggested that she tell her agent that she was available for other work. He apologized, and they hugged goodbye.

Later, Reed arrived at Brash & Sassy and was glad that his mom wasn't there, since he wanted to speak to Billy alone. Reed mentioned that Cane had walked in on him and Mattie, and Billy imagined that Cane had been upset. Reed insisted that he really liked Mattie, and he wondered what to do if Cane said Reed couldn't see her anymore. Billy advised Reed to support Mattie the best he could, but Reed had to accept it if her parents wouldn't let them see one another.

Reed wondered where the "fight for the girl" speech was, but Billy didn't want to make things worse on Mattie. Billy recalled that Victoria had been stuck in the middle between him and Victor, and he recommended that Reed wait it out to let the "parent thing" blow over, since it always did. Reed countered that it never had between Billy and Victor.

Lily was surprised to find Cane in their home, and he informed her that he'd walked in on Mattie making out with Reed. Lily remarked that she hadn't realized that things had progressed to that stage, and Cane couldn't believe the teens were dating after the damage Victoria had done. Lily clarified that Cane had caused the damage to their family, but Cane complained that everyone was shutting him out. Lily reiterated that she and the kids needed time after what he'd done, since he wasn't the man she'd thought he was. Cane wondered if she really needed time to figure things out or if she already knew what she wanted.

Lily admitted that she didn't know if she wanted a divorce because she'd been dealing with one crisis at a time. Cane insisted that there was time to make things right, and he refused to give up after everything they'd been through. He insisted that he'd been trying by selling his car to pay the twins' tuition, but she testily noted that he'd simply solved the problem he'd created. She added that they had no income unless something had changed for him, since Brash & Sassy had cut the Dare campaign. Cane assumed that Victoria had done it to destroy him, but Lily ordered him to stop acting like the victim, since Brash & Sassy was struggling because of him. Lily demanded that he leave, and he obliged.

Later, Lily reminded Mattie of the rule not to have a date in the house unless there was an adult there. Mattie explained that she'd wanted to see Reed because he made things less awful, but she groaned that things were still getting worse. Mattie confirmed that she'd overheard that Lily had lost her job, but Lily countered that the campaign was just on hold. Mattie complained that Cane had hurt Lily and was trying to control Mattie, and she thought he wanted to punish the whole world. Lily thought the twins had to build a new relationship with their dad.

Mattie received a text message from Reed, asking if she was okay. Mattie wanted to see Reed, but Lily suggested that the teens slow things down. Mattie whined that it wasn't fair because Reed understood what she was going through and was helping her deal with it, and she begged Lily not to ban her from seeing him. Lily understood that things could get very intense very fast at Mattie's age, but she thought Mattie was going through a fragile time and that it would be easy to get carried away.

Lily worried that things were already tense between Victoria and Cane, and the situation could escalate if Victoria also opposed Reed and Mattie's relationship. Mattie scoffed at the idea of not seeing Reed because of something that might not happen, but Lily didn't want to complicate things. Mattie griped that she had one person who made her feel good, but her dad had taken that away, too. Mattie grumbled that she was being punished for Cane's mistakes.

Noah helped Tessa move her things into Sharon's cottage, and the couple kissed as Sharon walked in. Tessa thanked Sharon for letting her crash there and promised to get her own place soon, but Sharon invited her to stay as long as she needed. Mariah entered the room, and Sharon imagined that Mariah would be happy Tessa was there. Mariah figured that it was her chance to do the college roommate thing that she'd never done. Noah thought it would be great, and he hugged Tessa.

Later, when Sharon and Tessa were alone, Sharon apologized for not making Tessa feel welcome when Tessa had started dating Noah. Sharon prepared to go to work, and Tessa asked if it was at the crisis center. Sharon replied that she was going to Crimson Lights, and Tessa shared that she couldn't stop thinking about the girl who'd called Sharon. Tessa commended Sharon for trying to help Crystal, but Sharon regretted that she hadn't been able to get Crystal away from the scary man. Tessa inquired whether there had been any update, and Sharon lamented that they could only pray that Crystal tried to reach out again.

Noah announced that he'd taken Tessa's things upstairs, but he had to get to the Underground. Sharon and Noah departed together, and Tessa nervously checked her phone. Later, Mariah joined Tessa downstairs and joked that it was the worst moving-in party ever. Tessa mentioned that she'd put the dishes in the dishwasher, and Mariah commented that it had been a brilliant idea for Tessa to move in to have an extra pair of hands around. Tessa skeptically asked if she really meant it, since Tessa had been alone for a while before Mariah had returned downstairs. Mariah blamed her absence on work, but Tessa wondered if Mariah had been avoiding her.

Tessa guessed that it was awkward for Mariah to have her close by, but Mariah denied it. Mariah promised that there was no weirdness, and she was glad they were friends. Tessa confided that Mariah was the first truly close friend she'd ever had, and she whimpered that she couldn't lose anyone else. Mariah noted that it wasn't like Tessa to be emotional, and she sensed that something was off. Mariah observed that Tessa had never been obsessive about her phone until then and that Tessa hadn't been herself at the recording studio. Mariah begged Tessa to open up and talk to her.

Tessa said she never talked about what she was about to talk about, and she insisted that it had to stay between her and Mariah. Mariah swore that it would, and Tessa revealed that Crystal wasn't just some girl that Sharon was trying to help -- Crystal was Tessa's little sister.

At Chelsea's penthouse, Chelsea returned downstairs after checking on a sleeping Connor. Nick recognized that his suggestion that they move in together had been out of the blue, but he thought they were ready for the next step. Chelsea admitted that she hadn't been expecting that much togetherness, and she imagined that Nick would be sick of her in two days. Nick figured that it was her way of saying that she'd get sick of him, but she explained that it was a lot of change for them and their kids. She envisioned what it would be like for Faith to return from camp and find them living together, but Nick thought everyone would adjust.

Chelsea realized that Nick had thought a lot about them being a family, but he understood if she needed more time. He acknowledged that the penthouse had been her home with Adam, and he offered to pretend that the conversation had never happened. Chelsea recognized that Adam would always be a part of her, but it didn't mean that she wasn't allowed to feel happiness again or have a future with Nick. She insisted that Nick had proven that she could be happy again.

Nick said they could do it from separate homes, but Chelsea questioned why they should, since she wanted him, Christian, and Faith there. She proclaimed that her answer was yes, and they kissed. Nick prepared to leave to fetch Christian and some boxes, and he joked that he expected Chelsea to carry him over the threshold when he got back. She declared that she was ready to do it, but she sighed deeply after he stepped out.

At the Athletic Club bar, Chelsea asked Jordan how the Newman shoot had gone, and he invited her to celebrate with him on the rooftop. She revealed that she was picking up takeout to celebrate something of her own, and she announced that Nick was moving in with her. Jordan halfheartedly stated that he was happy if she was, but she was dismayed by his unenthusiastic response. He recalled that she'd given him a spiel about independence the last time they'd talked, and he doubted that having two adults and three kids in her home was really what she wanted.

Chelsea admitted that it was a big deal to move in with someone, especially with children involved, but it had seemed to make sense the more she and Nick had talked about it. Jordan warned that being with someone 24/7 could be hard, but Chelsea envisioned that she and Nick would both be busy with their jobs, and living together would be easier than deciding whose place to stay at. Jordan wondered if she was trying to talk herself into it, and Chelsea replied that she hadn't been able to say no to Nick because it would have felt like rejecting him. Jordan thought Nick would understand if she wasn't ready, but Chelsea figured that it might be really good for them.

Scott discovered Abby in Victor's office, clutching the key to the tack house, and she informed him that her dad had given her the key to a house on the ranch. Scott teased that her daddy wanted her closer, and he congratulated her on getting the validation she'd always dreamed of. Abby explained that it was the key to her brother's house and that Nick had lived there as long as she could remember. She was stunned that her father had kicked Nick out and wanted her to move in, and Scott wondered what she'd do.

Later, Victoria arrived at Newman and asked Abby if Victor was in his office. Abby reported that their father had left but hadn't said where he was going. Victoria was anxious to track him down, but Abby insisted on talking about something first. Abby revealed that Victor had kicked Nick off the ranch. "What the hell!" Victoria exclaimed.

Victoria ranted that Victor couldn't let anything go, and she couldn't believe that he'd kicked Nick out of his own home. Nick appeared in the doorway and guessed that his sisters had summoned him there to discuss his eviction. Victoria called Victor's actions petty and vindictive, but Nick reasoned that he was no longer Victor's son, so he shouldn't live on Victor's property. Victoria was shocked by Nick's calmness, and Abby said she felt awful, but Nick insisted that his fight shouldn't affect them. Abby divulged that Victor had given her the new key to the tack house and had asked her to move in.

Victoria hoped Abby had refused to move into Nick's house, but Nick insisted that the house wasn't his. Nick figured that he'd had to move out if he wanted to move forward and be his own man, and he declared that Abby could have the place if she wanted it. Victoria admonished Victor for pitting one child against the other, but Nick thought she shouldn't be surprised. Victoria suddenly had problems hearing Nick's words, and she abruptly made an excuse for why she had to leave. She rushed out of the office, sat down, and gripped her head.

Meanwhile, Abby admitted that her house had felt empty since her divorce, but the whole situation was too bizarre for her to consider moving into the tack house. Nick asked if she was trying to convince him or herself, and he insisted that he would be fine because he'd be living with Chelsea. Nick firmly stated that Abby had nothing to feel guilty about, and he encouraged her to live how and where she wanted, just like he intended to do. Abby lamented that she always felt like she was stuck in the middle. Nick recognized that Abby was in a great place with Victor, and he encouraged her to move into the tack house if she wanted but to do it with her eyes open.

At Crimson Lights, Noah told Sharon that Tessa didn't expect anything from anyone, and he bet the women would become friends. He ran into Scott on his way out, and he guessed that Sharon had had a hand in Scott's clean-shaven look. After Noah departed, Scott informed Sharon that his face had been getting rave reviews and that even Victor had been impressed. Sharon kissed Scott and suggested that he keep the look for her and not Victor.

Scott asked if he was invited to stop by Sharon's house that night, but she indicated that it was Tessa's first night in the guest room. Sharon wasn't sure how often he'd want to stay at her sorority house, but he thought they would find time to have privacy. Christine entered the coffeehouse and announced that she had news that Sharon probably didn't want to hear. Christine reported that the police had tracked down the john who Crystal had been with before Sharon had arrived at the motel, and the guy had found Crystal by contacting an agency that had advertised full body massages.

Sharon was appalled that sex traffickers had advertised out in the open, but Christine suspected that only one pimp had been involved. Sharon griped that one girl wasn't enough to get the D.A.'s attention, but Christine explained that there was nothing more the police could do but look for Crystal. Christine considered it awful that vulnerable young men and women were being dragged into the sex trade, but she thought their best chance of saving Crystal was if Crystal reached out again.

After Christine left, Sharon ranted that Crystal had no one to look out for her, and she felt like the police were saying that Crystal didn't matter. Scott insisted that Crystal did matter, but Sharon grumbled to tell it to Christine. Scott agreed that there was nothing the police or Christine could do, but there was something he could do.

At the Athletic Club, Cane ordered a scotch and recognized Hochman across the bar. Cane introduced himself and noted that Hochman was based in Chicago. Hochman indicated that he was on the hunt for new business opportunities, and Cane revealed that he was, too, since he'd recently stepped down from a senior executive position. Hochman remarked that most people didn't walk away willingly from such positions, and Cane cited creative differences with his female boss.

Cane considered it a chance to distance himself from the cosmetics business, since his former boss had shut him out of the industry. Hochman deduced that Cane had worked for Victoria. Hochman answered a call from Victoria, who asked if he was free that night. He invited her to join him for dinner, and she stressed that it was only for business. After Hochman hung up, Cane thought it sounded like Hochman was pursuing Brash & Sassy, and Cane implied that he might be able to help.

Later, Hochman spotted Victoria in the foyer as he handed Cane a business card. Hochman approached Victoria, who thanked him for meeting her at the last minute. Cane smirked as he watched Hochman kiss Victoria's hand.

Victor and Billy join forces

Victor and Billy join forces

> Victor and Billy join forces

Victor and Billy join forces

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

by Nel

At Jabot, Jack told Dina he was impressed with how Dina had handled her first day. Dina was grateful for her a new project. Jack said it had been Ashley's suggestion to use Dina's expertise. Jack found it remarkable that Dina and Ashley were able to get along. Dina felt the same way, but Dina felt that she might have pushed Ashley away. Jack explained that Ashley had taken some time off to relax at the cabin.

Jack noted that the previous evening, Dina had referred to the fond memories she had of the cabin. Jack said it had all been bunk. He knew Dina had hated the place, and she'd referred to it as a rustic hell. Dina agreed and said she'd gone because John had been crazy about the place. Jack recalled that Dina had preferred to spend most of her days at the country club back then, and she'd also preferred her recreation on dry land.

Dina explained that she'd known that the cabin had been important to John. Jack added that the cabin had been important to all of them. It had been a good place to have fun and get away from the sadness at home. Dina claimed that she'd tried to enjoy the cabin, especially in the first years. Jack remembered that they would pack up the station wagon, and when John had arrived at home, they'd drive to the cabin and get there as it got dark. Dina knew all those trips had given Jack a lot of joy.

Jack said that the summer after Dina had left, John had made excuses for Dina and told them that she'd been either visiting friends in New York or playing at a tennis tournament at the club. Dina admitted she'd forced John to make excuses for her. Jack said John had barely left the cabin and hadn't wanted them to know the pain he was in. Jack said the girls had been too young to notice, but Jack had felt the weight that had been pressing down on John.

Jack stated it was the first time that he and Dina had talked about John since she'd been back. Dina said they hadn't had an opportunity to sit and reminisce. Jack added they hadn't without Graham lurking over Dina. Dina felt that Graham's role in her life was confusing to Jack. Jack said it wasn't because he and Ashley knew about the handsome reward awaiting Graham after Dina's demise. Dina stated that Graham deserved it. Jack respected her decision.

Dina was delighted that Jack had respected her enough to give her a major project. Jack said he'd have been foolish not to utilize her skills and expertise. Jack said he had to review the due diligence report that Dina had provided. As Dina was about to leave, Gloria walked in. Dina gave Gloria a list of things she'd require in the morning and left. Gloria laughed at the items: almond milk, lumbar support, and scented candles -- lavender and sandalwood.

After Dina had gone, Jack said that Dina had handed in her assignment, and it was very thorough and decisive. However, it appeared Dina had been careless with her numbers. Gloria went to her desk and called Graham. She told him there had been issues with Dina's calculations. Graham thanked her and said he owed her.

Gloria returned to Jack's office. Jack said that he'd recalculated everything that had appeared wonky, and it could've happened to anyone. He asked Gloria not to say anything because he didn't want to embarrass Dina.

Ashley was at the cabin and recalled a time when she'd been a teenager. In her memory, she asked her father why he was sad. John said that he missed her mother. Ashley asked if Dina was returning home. John told Ashley that Dina lived overseas. Ashley told John not to worry and that everything would be okay -- she'd take care of him.

Ravi walked in and discovered Ashley in tears. Ashley told him that she'd been thinking about her dad. Ashley was surprised to see the mushrooms that Ravi had picked, and he said he had a surprise for her.

Ashley told Ravi that she was happy at the cabin. Ravi had the impression that Dina hadn't felt the same way. Ashley admitted that Dina had hated the cabin. Ashley and Tracy had become aware of Dina's unhappiness, and so had John. After Dina had left them, John had barely left the cabin. He'd sat in a chair with a huge stack of books. Ashley had wondered if John or any of them would ever be the same.

Ravi wanted to leave because he felt that Ashley should not be around so much negativity. Ashley said it felt good talking about it. A short time later, Ravi surprised Ashley with a risotto he'd made. Ashley said that Ravi had pushed the flavor over the top by adding the mushrooms he'd picked. Ashley couldn't recall when she'd had so much fun. Ravi enjoyed seeing Ashley so relaxed. She admitted that she had to slow down and enjoy her surroundings. They kissed then things became heated, and they started undressing each other.

At Sharon's, Mariah asked Tessa how long it had been since she'd seen Crystal. Tessa admitted it had been a long time, but they had talked on the phone. Tessa said they'd planned to be together as soon as Tessa had put enough money away. Crystal had been living in an abusive home, but she'd run away. Tessa cried because she didn't know where Crystal was.

Tessa told Mariah that Crystal had called her just before Tessa had arrived at the recording studio and had said she needed help. It had sounded like someone had grabbed the phone from Crystal and hung up. Mariah realized that had been the reason why Tessa hadn't been able to focus at the recording studio. Tessa said later she'd become even more upset when she'd heard how Sharon had been trying to help a girl named Crystal get out of prostitution.

Tessa knew that Crystal was terrified and desperate. Tessa couldn't imagine what those "sick bastards" had done to Crystal. Tessa's priority had been to protect her sister, but she'd failed. Tessa had assured Crystal that when Crystal was ready to leave the abusive home, Tessa would be there for her, but she hadn't been. She knew something awful had happened to Crystal.

Mariah assured Tessa that she wasn't to blame. All the good things that had happened to Tessa had been because of her drive, ambition, and talent, and she'd been doing it for Crystal. Tessa asked Mariah not to tell Noah or Sharon. Mariah agreed she wouldn't -- for the moment. Tessa felt better after her talk with Mariah.

At the coffeehouse, Scott reminded Sharon that Christine had mentioned that it had to be a small operation, since they advertised in the local paper. Scott decided to answer the ad because it might lead them to Crystal. Scott told Sharon that he would become Crystal's new client. Scott called the number, but it disconnected. His phone rang immediately. He told the caller that he was in town for the night and wanted a hookup. Scott was given directions to the location.

Sharon was worried something would go wrong and suggested she go with Scott and sit in the car. Scott said no because it would attract unwanted attention. He assured Sharon that he'd been in difficult situations before, and this one would be like a day at the office. He kissed Sharon and left.

Victoria met Benjamin Hochman at the Athletic Club and told him she was willing to entertain the idea of Benjamin helping Brash & Sassy on her terms. At that moment, Victoria received a call from Billy asking about the financing. Victoria said she was working on it and hung up.

Victoria told Benjamin that she was willing to let Benjamin help her with Brash & Sassy, but it had to be on her terms. Benjamin provided her with a contract and explained that he'd want a 20% share of her company. Victoria said she only needed a fraction of the money that Benjamin was offering. She advised him that it was a short-term bridge loan, and it would be paid back in three months with interest. Suddenly, Victoria experienced one of her episodes.

At Brash & Sassy, on Billy's end of the phone conversation, he heard Benjamin's voice before Victoria disconnected the call. In anger, Billy threw a stack of papers that landed at Victor's feet. Victor asked if Billy was having a rough day and asked how Billy had screwed up.

Billy informed Victor that Cane had been fired, and the Dare campaign had been scrapped. Everything Victoria was trying to fix was because of what Cane had done. Billy tried to dismiss Victor, but Victor wanted to know what kind of damage Cane had caused. Billy said it was Victoria's company, and Victor should ask her. Victor asked if Billy was aware that Victoria had been so upset that she she'd broken down in front of Abby. Billy said that that didn't sound like Victoria. Victor agreed.

Billy told Victor that they were in dire straits. Victoria had been trying to get a bridge loan to get them through the next quarter, but the bank didn't think they were a good risk at that moment. Victor realized that Victoria had gone to his office to ask for a loan. He thanked Billy for being honest with him. Billy admitted that he cared about the company, but he cared more about Victoria. Victor said he'd loan Victoria the money and would have the papers drawn up.

Scott arrived at the motel. A thug opened the door. Scott paid him. Scott was left alone with a blonde girl who put a condom in his hand and began to undo his tie. Scott said he wanted to talk to her and secretly turned on his recorder. He discovered the girl was Russian and barely spoke English.

In his broken Russian, Scott introduced himself as Jim. She said her name was Natalia. He asked her about Crystal. Natalia said Crystal had been a bad girl. Scott asked if Crystal was in trouble and being punished. Natalia said the woman in charge never hurt them. At that moment, the thug knocked on the door and said that time was up.

Sharon arrived at home and told Tessa and Mariah that Scott was on a mission to find Crystal; she explained his plan. Mariah wondered it Scott would be able to track Crystal down that way. Tessa asked if Scott should have attempted it alone, but Sharon assured her that Scott had been a world traveler and had been put into dicey situations. Scott knew how to handle any given situation. Sharon was certain that Scott would find a way of locating Crystal.

Sharon said that the first thing she had been taught at the crisis center was not to get personally involved -- to remain detached and objective and just offer advice. Mariah asked how that was working for Sharon. Sharon admitted that she was emotionally involved with a girl she'd barely met, but Crystal had gotten to Sharon because Crystal had nowhere to turn. Sharon felt that if Crystal had had family or friends who cared, then Crystal wouldn't have had to call the crisis line.

At that moment, Scott called Sharon. She put Scott on speaker. He told Sharon he'd met a girl named Natalia, who barely spoke English but who knew Crystal. Natalia had told him that Crystal was in trouble because she'd tried to leave. Mariah asked what kind of trouble. Scott said he couldn't get more details, but Crystal was with some nice woman. Sharon asked if someone else had tried to rescue Crystal.

Scott reminded Sharon that Christine felt Crystal had been working with a local pimp who managed a few women. It appeared that one of these women was a recent immigrant, and some nice woman had been taking care of them -- somewhere. Sharon and Scott didn't believe it was a small-time operation. Scott felt that Crystal was involved in something much bigger than they had originally suspected.

Billy and Victor arrived at the Athletic Club before Victoria had had a chance to sign a contract with Benjamin. Victor asked to speak to Victoria privately. Benjamin left. Annoyed, Victoria asked if Billy had called Victor. Victor replied that no one had called him, but he'd been informed that Victoria had stopped by his office. Victor said that he and Billy had put their issues aside because they wanted to help her.

Victor told Victoria he was prepared to loan Victoria the money she needed so she wouldn't have to deal with a shark like Benjamin. Victoria said the reason she'd left Victor's office was because Victor had been spiteful and had kicked Nick out of his home. Victor claimed that Nick had wanted nothing to do with Victor, and Nick had decided to move off the property. Victoria said she knew that Victor had been spiteful when he'd had Nick's things packed up and the lock changed while Nick had been out.

Victor asked if that was the reason she was rejecting his offer to help her financially and would turn to Benjamin Hochman. Victor told Victoria that Benjamin Hochman's specialty was to devour companies like Victoria's. Victoria stated she liked Benjamin's motto.

Billy said that he and Victor were together. Victor said he was willing to help her financially with almost no interest, and he asked her to listen to Billy's advice. Victoria couldn't believe that Billy had gone behind her back and involved Victor in her situation. Billy admitted that dealing with Victor had been his last resort, and it showed how concerned he was for the company and for Victoria.

Victoria told Victor that she didn't mean to sound skeptical, but Victor had stolen her company out from under her before. Victor accused her of being stubborn and ridiculous. Victoria said that Victor was a bigger threat to Brash & Sassy than anyone else, and luckily, she had other options. She left to meet with her investor.

Billy told Victor that Victoria had made a couple of good points that Billy hadn't considered when he'd confided in Victor. It showed what a great CEO Victoria was. Billy mentioned that Victor had screwed over his children on countless occasions. Victor corrected Billy and said that his children had screwed him over.

Victor told Billy that Victoria shouldn't deal with a shark like Hochman, but Billy said he trusted Victoria's instincts, and he supported her decision. Victor told Billy that he shouldn't trust Hochman. Billy admitted that despite his reservations, Victoria was right -- Hochman wouldn't be any worse for the company than Victor.

Victoria was at Benjamin's desk in his suite. He offered her a pen and said that he needed her to sign the contract then they would celebrate. Victoria looked over at the Champagne and commented that it looked good, but since it was a very big decision, and before she signed anything, she needed to sleep on it -- in her own bed. She picked up the contract, thanked him for understanding, and left. Outside Benjamin's door, Victoria glanced at the contract and looked concerned.

In Dina's suite, Graham was delighted that Dina had had an outstanding day at Jabot. Dina said that John would have been proud with what Jack and Ashley had done with his company. Graham wanted to hear what she'd done on her first day. Dina told him it was on her laptop -- the Parker Beauty Project. She told Graham to have a look at it. She said she wanted a hot bath and bade him goodnight.

Alone, Graham opened the computer and glanced at Dina's report. A look of concern crossed his face.

Hilary snags a scoop

Hilary snags a scoop

Thursday, August 17, 2017

At the Abbott cabin, Ravi wished Ashley a good morning, and she marveled that she never slept in that late. Ravi remarked that he'd slept very well, and he attributed it to the morning air -- or the company. She recognized that it had been quite a night, and he stammered that having sex had been unexpected. Ravi swore that he had no regrets about what had happened, but he wondered if Ashley thought it had been a mistake. She apologized if she'd been giving him mixed messages, and he was relieved when she firmly stated that she also had no regrets.

Ashley pulled Ravi close and figured that they would have gotten together sooner if she hadn't been so concerned about her image. He mused that it had been worth the wait, even though he'd wanted it to happen for a long time. Ashley admitted that she had, too, but she'd been afraid of what people would think. She was glad that she'd been able to be with him in the moment, and he understood if it turned out to be only one moment in time for them. Ashley replied that she didn't know what the future held, but she knew it had been an incredibly wonderful moment. They kissed.

Ravi wondered how his night with Ashley would affect things at work, but Ashley didn't think it would. He cited the weirdness between Phyllis and Jack, and he didn't want that awkwardness between him and Ashley. Ashley swore that she cared too much about their friendship to let that happen, and she applauded him for introducing her to new kinds of music and helping her with her mother. Ravi was glad that Ashley had grown to see Dina as more than the person who'd abandoned her. Ravi figured that they should head back, and Ashley reluctantly agreed. He kissed her and promised that he'd never forget their time there.

At the Athletic Club, Juliet complimented Hilary's new outfit. Hilary explained that she'd gotten it in New York to celebrate her successful trip there, and she admired Juliet's new maternity clothes. Juliet spotted Cane at the bar and sympathized that he'd been having a hard time since Lily had kicked him out. Juliet approached Cane and chirped that her doctor had said her pregnancy was going as expected. She asked how things were with him, and he reported that he'd had a job interview, so he hoped his life was about to turn around.

Juliet pressed for details about the new opportunity, and she gushed that any company would be lucky to have Cane. He grumbled that she was the only person who thought that, but she stressed that she'd witnessed his business talent. Cane groused that his contributions had been minimized because Victoria had wanted to put Billy in the spotlight, but Juliet advised that the best thing to do was to keep moving forward, not back. Cane figured it would be nice to get his career back on track, and he hoped his personal life would follow if he could get his family back together. Hilary eyed them as Juliet volunteered to be there if Cane needed someone to talk to.

At Hamilton-Winters, Lily informed Neil that the Dare campaign was on indefinite hold because of budgetary issues. Lily lamented that she was basically unemployed, but she hoped it was temporary. Neil reminded her that she could always turn to the "bank of dad," but she was determined to go on more auditions, even though she hadn't had much luck. Neil recognized that there was a ton of competition, and Lily vowed to do whatever it took to get her family through it. Neil asked if there had been any change in how she felt about her marriage.

Lily told Neil that Cane had sold his car to pay for the twins' tuition, but she asserted that one gesture wouldn't erase her husband's lies. Lily had thought they'd be in a better place by then, but seeing Juliet and her baby bump was a visible reminder that Cane had cheated on Lily, and it broke her heart all over again. She indicated that Charlie was furious with Cane and that Mattie wasn't far behind after Cane had caught her making out with Reed. Lily found it ironic that Reed was Victoria's son, and she indicated that Cane didn't want Mattie seeing Reed because of what had happened at Brash & Sassy.

Neil asked if Lily agreed, and she responded that she was on the fence, but she was glad that Mattie was still talking to her. Lily hated the distance between Cane and the kids, but she thought he hadn't made things any better by alienating Mattie. Neil warned that having two unhappy parents wasn't good for the family, and he thought Lily had to be able to forgive Cane, too. Lily confided that she was starting to wonder whether she could, but her voice trailed off. Neil comforted her.

Lily descended the Athletic Club stairs and spotted Juliet leaving the building. Lily entered the bar area, where Hilary imagined that it was never easy for Lily to see Juliet. Lily coolly observed that Hilary was back from New York, and Hilary sweetly remarked that the commercial shoot had been quick and easy. Lily hoped that Hilary moved to New York permanently, and Hilary anticipated that she'd be back there for work soon enough.

Lily pointedly stated that Barry was finding things for her, and she testily questioned whether Hilary needed her to leave more scripts lying around. Hilary recognized that it had been hard on Lily when Hilary had upstaged her, especially when Lily's whole world was crashing down. Hilary said she honestly felt bad for Lily, but Lily laughed and insisted that she didn't need Hilary's pity. Hilary told her to keep telling herself that everything would get better, and she walked away.

At Jabot, Hochman questioned whether it was wise to have a covert meeting in Jack's office, but Jack was confident that it was too early for prying eyes and ears. Hochman bragged that Victoria was ready to sign the bridge loan agreement, and Jack considered it to be the perfect avenue for Hochman to get closer to Victoria and her company. Hochman relayed that Cane shared Jack's enthusiasm for Brash & Sassy's demise, since Cane had offered to hand over dirt if Hochman hired him. Jack wasn't sure it was worth the trouble. Jack recalled that he'd been tempted to hire Cane, but he'd had personal reasons not to do so.

Jack insisted that Hochman not let Cane find out about their alliance, and he advised Hochman not to tell Victoria if he hired Cane. Jack asked when the loan would be a done deal, and Hochman indicated that she'd wanted to sleep on it. Jack noted that Newmans didn't like to depend on outsiders, but Hochman thought it had more to do with Billy and Victor showing up to convince her not to do business with him. Jack urged Hochman to close the deal before Victoria changed her mind. Later, Jack answered a call from the facilities department and got some news about Brash & Sassy's office.

In the Athletic Club dining room, Dina asked what had taken Graham so long to meet her, and he explained that he'd corrected a few typos in her report for Jack. He informed her that a few figures had been off, and she thanked him for catching the errors. Dina received a text message from Jack, asking her to check in with him. She panicked that he'd noticed the errors in her report, and she prepared to go to the office. Graham suggested that he make dinner plans for them, but she didn't know how long she'd be. He told her to call him anytime she needed help, and she headed out.

Victoria arrived at Brash & Sassy and admonished Billy for telling Victor that the company was struggling. Billy chalked it up to a temporary moment of insanity, but he thought her father was a better option than Hochman. He assumed that she'd signed a deal to get the money they needed, but Victoria revealed that she hadn't signed anything yet. Billy surmised that Hochman had pulled a fast one, but Victoria indicated that it hadn't been Hochman -- it had been her.

Victoria insisted that it was a rational and not an emotional decision, and Billy warned her against getting in bed with Hochman just because she was angry at her father. She wanted to take time to review the contract again to make sure the terms were acceptable, but Billy found it odd that she was poring over the details of a simple short-term loan. Victoria reasoned that she'd gotten burned the last time she hadn't been hands-on, but Billy wondered why she was second-guessing her instincts.

Victoria reviewed the document and reiterated that she was just being extra cautious after what had happened with Cane. Billy suggested that they try to get through the next quarter without a loan, but Jack interrupted. Jack declared that it had been a year since Brash & Sassy had moved into the building, so it was time to sign a new lease, and he was there to deliver the documents in person. Billy took a look at the paperwork and hissed that Jack was unbelievable. "You bastard!" Victoria spat.

Victoria was livid that Jack had raised their rent by 25 percent, but Jack contended that he was within his rights as the landlord. He pointed out that Brash & Sassy was free to find another location, and he departed. Billy complained that Jack was using their financial problems to his advantage, but Victoria huffed that the joke was on Jack because they weren't leaving. She believed that relocating would send the wrong message, but they needed a large influx of cash. Billy realized that she was going to sign the deal with Hochman, and she replied that she didn't have a choice.

Dina apologized when she nearly bumped into Billy as she stepped off the elevator, and he realized that she didn't recognize him. He informed her of who he was, and she remarked that he'd grown up to be a handsome man. She mentioned her run-in with Jill, and Billy asked if Dina was there to see Jack and Ashley. Dina announced that she was there for work, since Jack wanted to keep her busy. Billy pointed out that they were competitors, and Dina commented that friendly competition was good for the soul and the profit margin. He volunteered to show her around.

Billy escorted Dina to Brash & Sassy. She inquired about their new products, but he hesitated to give away company secrets. He thought his father would have been floored to know she was back in town and working at Jabot, and she wondered what John would have thought about it. Billy pointed out that John had been one of the most forgiving men he'd ever met, and he recalled that his father had always welcomed him back into the family and the company. Dina thanked Billy for his kind words, and she praised the incredible place he and Victoria had there.

Billy recognized that it was unorthodox to work in the same building as their chief competitor, and he revealed that they'd just been hit with a hefty rent increase. Billy admitted that he liked being in the same building as Jabot, and he wished he was closer to Ashley. Dina noted that they had that in common. He hoped he and Jack could make amends, especially since Jack had let Dina back into his life after years of bitterness. Dina encouraged Billy not to give up, and she offered to do anything she could to expedite a reconciliation. He invited her to pop in whenever she liked.

Ashley and Ravi arrived at Jabot, and he said he'd be in his office. They exchanged smiles before she stepped into Jack's office, and Jack asked about her getaway. She was more interested in how things were going there, and he suggested that they have a drink, since a lot more had happened during her absence than she'd expected. Jack hoped that Billy wouldn't be underfoot much longer, since he anticipated that their least favorite tenant would have an issue with the increased rent.

Jack intended to reclaim the space when Brash & Sassy moved out, but Ashley expected Billy and Victoria to dig their heels in. Jack exclaimed that Brash & Sassy was up to its knees in quicksand, and they would soon be in over their heads. Ashley asked if Jack had heard from their mother, and Jack mentioned that Dina had turned in half her project the day before. Ashley looked over Dina's reports and noticed that some numbers had been wrong from the beginning, throwing off the rest of the projections.

Ashley figured that anyone could make a mistake, but Jack had expected Dina to do the math in her sleep. Ashley guessed that Dina had become accustomed to delegating such work, but Jack thought it was an excuse to avoid considering a less attractive option. He admitted that he'd been up half the night, thinking about why Graham had pushed Dina to sell Mergeron. Ashley questioned whether Dina had needed to sell it because she was no longer capable of running her own company.

In Hochman's hotel suite, Cane teased that valuable information about Brash & Sassy was taking up room in his head. Hochman requested a preview of what he'd get if he hired Cane. Cane asserted that he had every success, weakness, failure, and future plan of the company in his head, so he was the perfect candidate for a consulting position. Cane assumed that Hochman was positioning to acquire the company, but Hochman told him to keep his presumptions to himself. Hochman prepared to end the meeting, but Cane implied that he knew about the skeletons in Brash & Sassy's closet. Hochman demanded specific examples, but Cane refused to disclose anything until they had a deal.

Cane wrote down his contact information on a sheet of paper, and Hochman admitted that he was seriously interested in hiring Cane. Cane thought they'd make a great team, and Hochman replied, "I think we just might."

Downstairs, Cane greeted Lily at the bar, and he informed her that was hoping to get a phone call with a job offer any second. She halfheartedly congratulated him and sipped her drink. Cane pointed out that he'd be able to take care of Lily and the twins financially if the job panned out, and she unenthusiastically thanked him for letting her know. He was surprised that she wasn't happy, and he wondered if something was bothering her. She snapped that she'd been dealing with her career going from hot to not, and it hadn't helped that Hilary had bragged about the commercial shoot that Lily had wanted.

Cane asked if Lily thought Hilary had gone behind her back to steal it from her, and Lily conceded that it hadn't been her part to steal, but she thought Hilary hadn't played it straight, either. Lily didn't understand why she couldn't catch a break when Hilary had done awful things and had still gotten a great opportunity. Lily wailed that she worked hard and tried to be a good wife and mother, and Cane assured her that she was the best person he knew. She retorted that it didn't matter, since Victoria had put her job on hold, and Cane had cheated on and lied to her. Cane stood by helplessly as Lily walked away.

Victoria arrived at Hochman's suite and revealed that she'd decided to go ahead with the loan. Hochman started to get some Champagne, but she handed him an addendum to clarify the terms. As he looked it over, she noticed Cane's contact information on the table. She demanded to know what Cane had been doing in Hochman's suite, but Hochman claimed that he'd simply met a guy at the bar who'd been looking for a job. Victoria ranted that she'd terminated Cane's employment for cause, and she was aware that Cane was looking for payback by making it his mission to reveal Brash & Sassy's secrets to their top competitors. She concluded that Hochman had taken the bait.

Hochman insisted that Victoria had gotten it wrong, and he swore that she knew him better than that. He assured her that he was her ally and not her enemy, and he suggested that they sign the contract. Victoria ripped up the paperwork and called him out on entertaining the idea of using Cane to get to her company. Hochman defended himself, but his words became muffled inside Victoria's head. She barked that she was done there, and she stormed out. He followed her into the hallway, and Hilary covertly listened as he begged Victoria not to walk away.

Victoria accused Hochman of manipulating her to get a piece of her company, but he insisted that it wasn't true. Victoria recalled that people had warned her that he was a "pompous ass" who couldn't be trusted, and she wished she'd listened. He taunted that Brash & Sassy wouldn't survive without the loan because the company was in serious trouble. He insisted that he cared for her, but she loudly proclaimed that spending the night with him had been a huge mistake.

Hochman lecherously stated that Victoria hadn't been able to get enough of "the Hoch" at the time, but Victoria spat that she couldn't remember most of it, and she preferred to pretend that they'd never met. Neil entered the hallway as she raced off, and Hochman slammed his door shut. Meanwhile, an unseen Hilary grinned broadly as she finished recording the entire encounter.

Genoa City watches Hilary's exclusive

Genoa City watches Hilary's exclusive

Friday, August 18, 2017

At Brash & Sassy, Billy reviewed some paperwork, but he suddenly walked out of the office after he received a text message. The elevator doors opened, and a female hand pulled him inside. A short time later, a disheveled Billy and Phyllis stepped off the elevator, and he remarked that it had been "quite the welcome home" as they straightened their clothes.

Billy informed Phyllis that Jack had dropped a hefty rent increase on Brash & Sassy to force them to move, and he admitted that the company was in a tougher position than it had been when she'd left. He added that Victoria was striking a deal with Hochman for a loan, and Phyllis speculated that there had been more to Victoria and Hochman's date than they'd thought. Lauren sent Phyllis a text message to inquire about the trip, and Billy pointed out that one of them had to keep their job.

Dina wished Jack and Ashley a good morning at Jabot, and she hoped she wasn't late after she'd been waylaid en route. Dina joked that they should have warned her about their charming competition downstairs. Jack suspected that Billy had been whining about his evil big brother, and Dina confirmed that Billy had mentioned the substantial rent hike. Jack asserted that he'd simply adjusted it to market value, and he welcomed Brash & Sassy to set up operations in Jill's garage. Dina scolded him for talking that way about his own brother, but Jack countered that Billy had changed all the rules.

Ashley insisted that they had other pressing matters to tend to, and she referred to the first half of Dina's report. Jack started to say something, but Dina interrupted and claimed that she'd been mortified when she'd spotted an error in her calculations when she'd reviewed her work. Dina continued that she'd felt foolish, so she'd stayed up to fix the figures before she'd gone to sleep. She requested that Jack delete her original report, and she handed him a revised one. Dina prepared to proceed with her analysis unless Jack intended to fire her.

Jack was impressed by how quickly Dina had corrected the report, and Dina bragged that she'd bought bigger companies over lunch. After Dina headed out to get to work, Jack insisted that he hadn't tipped off Dina about the errors, and Ashley was relieved that they didn't have to worry about Dina in that capacity. Jack was more concerned about his brother sucking up to his mother, but Ashley imagined that it had only been a casual encounter. Jack referred to the way Dina felt about Jill, but Ashley urged Jack to remember that John was Billy's father the next time Jack issued a rent hike. Ashley considered it to be a waste of time because Victoria had an iron grip on Brash & Sassy, but Jack wasn't so sure.

Later, Dina pulled Ashley aside and gushed that working together was a gift that she'd given up the hope of ever getting. Dina continued that she was proud of Ashley and Jack, and she thought John would have been thrilled that they'd nurtured his dream into something remarkable. Dina stressed that John had been right in that family was the most important thing, and she worried about the rift between Billy and Jack. Ashley thought the men would never patch things up as long as Billy and Phyllis were living together. Dina huffed that she didn't care for Phyllis, and she knew John would have hated his sons fighting over someone like that. Dina pledged not to give up.

On the Athletic Club rooftop, Mattie told Reed that she was embarrassed about the way her dad had reacted to finding them kissing. She reported that things had gotten ugly, and she couldn't believe the things she'd said to Cane. She complained that no one could talk to her father because he was being completely irrational, and Reed wondered how her mom felt about them hanging out. Mattie replied that Lily hadn't gone ballistic but that her mom had urged the teens to take things slowly, and she had no idea what to do next. Cane arrived on the rooftop and looked around.

Mattie spotted her dad and told Reed to get out of there, since things would be much worse if Cane saw them together. Reed hurried away, and Cane approached Mattie, who flatly stated that she had to get downstairs for her internship. Cane apologized for overreacting, and he explained that it was tough for a father to see his daughter kissing a boy for the first time. He swore that he was trying to adjust to her growing into a young woman, and she inquired whether he was adjusting to her dating Reed. Cane still objected because Reed's mother had fired Cane, but Mattie argued that Cane had given Victoria no choice.

Cane warned that Reed had caused trouble since he'd been back in town, and he called Reed bad news. Mattie questioned whether anything Reed had done had been worse than Cane's actions, and Cane insisted that he was just trying to protect her. Mattie snapped that he shouldn't have wrecked their family then, and Cane repeated that he was sorry and walked away. Reed returned and asked if Mattie was okay, and Mattie recounted that Cane's lame reason not to like Reed was because Reed was a troublemaking delinquent. Reed admitted that it was kind of true.

Mattie assumed that her dad had been exaggerating about Reed being bad news, but Reed conceded that he had broken a lot of his mom's strict rules and had been grounded a lot. He confessed that he'd shown up on Victoria's doorstep by police escort, but everything had gotten better since then. Mattie worried that her dad had already made up his mind about Reed being the worst thing to ever happen to her, and Reed asked how she felt. She checked her phone and realized that she was late for her internship, and she rushed off.

Across the rooftop, Phyllis approached Hochman and guessed that things had been moving right along, since she'd heard he was about to sign a loan agreement with Victoria. Hochman informed her that the deal had fallen through because Victoria had found out that he'd been considering hiring Cane. Hochman remarked that his budding alliance with Victoria was deader than the flowers Jack had sent on his behalf, and he had reasons to miss her other than business. Hochman crowed that behind closed doors, Victoria was a "wild woman ready to get brash and trashy" underneath the ice princess façade. Phyllis said it was way too much information, and she walked away.

At the Hamilton-Winters office, Victoria growled that she was angry enough to throw something, but Neil stopped her from taking her frustration out on his office décor. She apologized, and she followed his instructions to take a deep breath and regroup. Neil asked why she'd been arguing with the guy upstairs, and Victoria explained that she'd trusted someone she shouldn't have. Neil commented that they'd all been there, but Victoria recognized that she hadn't been on top of her game, and she feared that it was getting worse.

Neil thought Victoria was being too hard on herself, but she thought she should have seen through Hochman in a second. She groaned that she'd narrowly escaped a disastrous business deal, and she confided that Brash & Sassy was in a lot of trouble. She rambled about having no budget for research or marketing and being short a senior executive -- with no funds to hire one. Victoria insisted that she needed a short-term bridge loan to turn things around, but the bank had turned her down flat, and she hadn't declined her dad's offer gracefully. Neil thought there was another option that she hadn't explored yet.

Victoria recognized that Neil was on the hunt for acquisitions, but she was adamant that Brash & Sassy wouldn't be one of them. Neil indicated that a perk of having a family business was being able to make investments in projects they deemed worthy, and Brash & Sassy was about as worthy as it got. Victoria hoped it wouldn't complicate matters that his family was part of her company, but Neil considered it to be a win-win for all parties, including Lily. He reported that Lily had been anxious about supporting her family, and he insinuated that the loan would make it possible to restart the Dare campaign. Victoria confirmed that she'd be thrilled to do so, and Neil suggested that they discuss terms.

Later, Neil printed out a copy of the loan agreement, and Victoria called it the most pleasant negotiation she'd ever had. She commended his generosity, and he said he loved helping out friends. She recalled a time when they'd been more than just friends, and she wondered if she'd appreciated him as much as she should have. Mattie rushed in and apologized for interrupting, but Neil figured the world would be a beautiful place if everyone was as excited about work as she was. Mattie and Victoria politely greeted one another, and Neil explained that Mattie was interning there. Victoria was sure Mattie would do an amazing job, and she sincerely said she was sorry about what had happened between their families. Victoria thanked Neil and departed.

Reed strummed his guitar and made notes by the pool. Mattie returned and was relieved that he hadn't left, and he explained that he hadn't known what to do after the way they'd left things. Mattie blurted out that she'd just seen his mom in Neil's office, and she didn't know why Victoria had been there, but Victoria had been apologetic about what had happened between their families. Reed thought it was a step in the right direction, but Mattie sensed that more had been going on than she and Reed knew about.

Reed inquired whether Mattie didn't want to hang out anymore, but she insisted that it wasn't fair of their parents to keep them from being friends. Reed suggested that they follow their parents' lead by keeping secrets, but she balked at keeping things from her parents. Reed acknowledged that her honesty was one of the great things about her. Mattie figured that if their parents could hide things, so could she.

At the Ashby home, Jordan surmised that Billy had given Lily the news about scaling back the Dare campaign. Lily bemoaned that her paychecks had gone with it, but Jordan assured her that it wasn't personal. He suggested that she look for work with him in New York, since he still had connections that could help both of them. Lily worried about her limited experience, but he was confident that one of the agencies he'd worked for would snap her up. Lily pointed out that she had kids, so she couldn't just leave, but she'd miss him if he moved to New York.

Jordan insisted that he wouldn't be leaving right away, since Genoa City had a lot going for it. Lily wondered what would happen to his relationship with Hilary if he relocated. Jordan hesitated to talk about him and Hilary as a unit, since he'd "be damned" if he knew what was going on with them. Lily referred to the commercial Hilary had stolen from her, and she wondered if there was any chance Hilary would accompany Jordan to New York. He told Lily not to hold her breath, since he and Hilary had hit a few speed bumps. He insinuated that Hilary was jealous of Lily.

Lily thought Hilary's envy was irrational, since Lily and Jordan's friendship had started long before he'd met Hilary. Jordan pointed out that Lily couldn't call it a one-way feud, since Lily had given as good as she'd gotten. Lily took it as a compliment, and she was sure he'd feel the same way if someone messed with his family the way Hilary had messed with Lily's. Lily didn't want to see Hilary trash Jordan's life the way she had Neil and Devon's, and she couldn't imagine trusting Hilary, much less liking her.

Lily figured that it didn't matter how she felt, since everyone who knew Jordan believed that he was too good for Hilary. Lily said Jordan was too special to be with a viper like Hilary and that he deserved to be with someone who didn't take him for granted. Jordan implied that he'd found that woman but that she wasn't an option. He slowly moved in close and kissed Lily, and she didn't pull away.

At GC Buzz, Mariah threw an extra 20 bucks into a pool to bet on how late Hilary would be that day. She assembled the staff to get their production meeting started without Hilary, who had been ignoring her text messages and voicemails. Hilary breezed in and announced her plan to toss out the day's entire show, since she had exclusive breaking news. Hilary instructed her staff to make sure the footage was cued up, and she didn't want to release any previews.

Mariah asked what poisonous, nasty surprise was on the flash drive, but Hilary wanted to get a purely authentic reaction to the footage once they were on-camera. Mariah was sure she'd be disgusted, but Hilary assured her that it wasn't about Sharon or Mariah's "oh-so-special" relationship with Devon. Mariah asserted that there was nothing lurid about her and Devon that would appeal to the gossip hounds, and Hilary replied that she hadn't thought there was either -- until then.

Mariah offered to take a polygraph to prove that nothing was festering between her and Devon, but Hilary retorted that no one cared when she had ratings gold cued up. Mariah questioned whether the story was legitimate, and Hilary proudly stated that she'd taped the footage herself. The camera began rolling, and Hilary cut off Mariah's introduction and announced that they were preempting their regular features with a late-breaking exclusive. Hilary added that her staff would be hit with the bombshell at the same time as the audience.

Hochman joined Cane at the Athletic Club bar and ordered a drink. Cane wanted to stick with lemonade to keep a clear head while they discussed business, but Hochman suggested that Cane revise his drink order. On the television overhead, Hilary broadcasted that Genoa City royalty was on the rocks, since the troubled Newmans were in the news once again. Hilary teased that the Newman least likely to melt down in public actually had, and the usually calm and poised Victoria Newman had been caught on tape, being anything but. Hilary promised the shocking exclusive after a commercial break.

Victoria returned to Brash & Sassy, and Billy assumed that Hochman had loaned her the money. Victoria reported that Hochman had been about to when she'd discovered a secret side deal that he'd made with Cane. Victoria called it a "match made in hell," but she didn't want to spend another minute thinking about it. She was glad Hochman hadn't wormed his way into their company, but Billy lamented that it didn't fix their cash flow problem. Victoria cheerfully declared that Neil had given her the funding, and the only string was to keep Lily employed.

Victoria invited Billy to a celebratory lunch, and she imagined that they could pay the increased rent, relaunch Dare, and be back on track by the holidays. They started to leave, but her phone pinged with a message from Cane, who said she couldn't miss The Hilary Hour. Billy wondered what the pathetic loser was trying to pull, and Victoria pulled up the show on her laptop.

Phyllis was glad to find Jack alone in his office, since they had important matters to discuss. Jack anticipated that Victoria was signing papers for a bridge loan from Hochman, but Phyllis announced that the deal was dead, since Victoria had discovered Hochman's agreement with Cane. Jack figured that they had to adjust their plan, and he asked if Phyllis had any other ideas. Phyllis noted that Jack hadn't seemed surprised when she'd mentioned Cane, and she guessed that Jack and Cane shared the same goal to take Billy down. She told Jack to consider her off the team.

Jack reiterated that he wanted a competitor eliminated, but Phyllis insisted that she wasn't out for revenge. He teased that she was open to a kinder, gentler form of corporate espionage. Phyllis explained that she wasn't trying to destroy Brash & Sassy but just keep it from swallowing Billy's life whole. Ashley entered after receiving a text message from Abby, telling them to turn on Hilary's show right away. Jack pulled it up on his screen as Hilary clucked that Victoria had learned the hard way not to mix business with pleasure.

Victoria couldn't imagine what Hilary had on her, and Hilary explained that she was about to share a clip that she'd captured earlier that day. Hilary revealed that the man in the video was Benjamin Hochman, a recently divorced financier who was known as a corporate raider who dismantled department stores. Hilary aired the footage of Victoria and Hochman's encounter in the hotel hallway, during which Hochman had taunted that Brash & Sassy wouldn't survive without his funding, and Victoria had spat that she regretted spending the night with him.

Hilary turned to Mariah for thoughts, but Mariah was speechless. Hilary questioned whether Brash & Sassy was broke and passé, and she contemplated who could have known that one night of mindless sex could lead to such hideousness. Meanwhile, Jack grinned broadly, Billy and Victoria stared in horror at the screen, and Hochman barked that he wouldn't need Cane's consulting work on "a damn thing."

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