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Juliet and Cane learned that their baby had genetic markers for cystic fibrosis. Jordan broke up with Hilary. Billy plotted to use Dina to take down Jack. Abby learned about Dina's affair with Brent Davis. Victor secretly visited Faith at camp. Faith blamed Nick for ruining her life.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of August 21, 2017 on Y&R
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Nationwide preemption due to eclipse coverage Nationwide preemption due to eclipse coverage

Monday, August 21, 2017

Due to CBS News coverage of the solar eclipse, The Young and the Restless did not air. While this was not a planned preemption, there were no "lost" episodes as a result.

Regular programming resumed on Tuesday, August 22, and picked up where there Friday, August 18 episode concluded.

Victoria returns to the doctor

Victoria returns to the doctor

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Nikki rang the doorbell at the tack house and was surprised when Abby opened the door. Abby revealed that Victor had kicked Nick out and given the place to her. Abby added that Nick and Christian had moved in with Chelsea, and Nikki was irritated that no one had told her. Nikki questioned Abby's choice to live there, knowing what Victor had done to Nick. Abby said it meant a lot to her to feel like she was officially part of the family, although she hated that it had been at Nick's expense.

Nikki admonished Victor for being vindictive, but Abby recounted that the move hadn't seemed to bother Nick. Nikki was glad that Abby and Victor were in a good place, but she cautioned that her own splintered family proved that it might not last very long. Zack entered, and Abby introduced him to Nikki as her business partner who was helping her move in. Nikki departed.

Zack teased Abby for owning thousands of business books, and she went to get some shelf paper that she'd left in the car. His phone rang, and he smiled when he realized that the call was from a hot blogger who wanted to interview him. Abby returned and overheard as Zack said he wasn't ready to blast to the blogger's two million subscribers yet. After he hung up, Abby questioned why he'd turned down the interview.

Zack explained that the app had just launched, and he didn't want it to be over-hyped when there still might be glitches to work out. Abby noted that he was all about playing it safe, but he pointed out that he wasn't playing it safe by dating his business partner. Abby swore that she'd pulled him into the tech incubator because she liked his idea and trusted his abilities, and she thought their personal lives would be boring if some risk wasn't involved. He anticipated that both ventures would continue to succeed, and she said she had no doubt.

Abby applauded Zack's unpacking skills, and he mentioned that he'd moved around a lot. She recalled that she had done so as a kid and that she hadn't become close to her father until she'd moved to Genoa City. She added that she was proud to be Victor's daughter, and Victor asking her to move there had made her finally feel like a true member of family. Zack found it hard to believe that a talented, smart, beautiful person like her had ever felt less than, and he thought she was amazing. She replied that she thought he was amazing, too, and they kissed.

At Chelsea's penthouse, Nick informed Chelsea that he'd unloaded the dishwasher, and she joked that it was the most romantic thing he'd ever done for her. He deadpanned that he'd never have to buy flowers for her again, and she replied that she would have invited him to move in a lot sooner if she'd known unloading the dishwasher was part of the deal. He pointed out that he'd invited himself, and he urged her to tell him if she was having second thoughts. Chelsea conceded that she'd been hesitant when Nick had first mentioned moving in, but she'd realized how lucky she was when she'd woken up next to him in her bed.

Nick wondered what would happen if he left sweaty socks on the floor or if he used up all the laundry detergent, and Chelsea marveled at the thought that he did laundry, too. She sensed that he was making silly jokes to avoid being emotional, and she insisted that she had no second thoughts. He admitted that he'd been keeping something from her, and she guessed that it was that he ate pretzels in bed. Nick recalled that when he'd seen her next to him that morning, he'd realized that he was the luckiest guy on the planet. They kissed.

Chelsea prepared to run to the office for a fabric delivery. She offered to call a sitter, but Nick looked forward to playing with Christian and Connor. After Chelsea left, Nick opened the door to Nikki, who lectured that she would have appreciated a little warning that he didn't live at the tack house anymore. Nikki questioned why Victor had suddenly kicked Nick and his children out of their house, and Nick figured that his dad had disowned him, so a surprise eviction had been a very "Victor-like thing" to do.

Nick reasoned that he'd spent most of his adult life living on Victor's property, so it had been nice to cut the cord. He added that he loved living with Chelsea and that they were committed to making it work. Nikki thought it was fine as long as he hadn't made the decision because he was without a father and a house, and Nick insisted that he wouldn't use Chelsea that way because he loved her. Nikki wished them both the best, and Nick asked if he should be saying the same thing about Nikki and Jack. Nick warned that Victor would be infuriated when he found out, and he didn't want her to be caught in the middle if the war was reignited.

Later, Chelsea returned to the penthouse, ranting that the supplier had sent the wrong kind of fabric. She freaked out when she noticed that Nick had moved one of Connor's framed drawings, and Nick explained that he'd rearranged things to set out some of his own family photos. Chelsea snapped that it was her favorite drawing, and Nick swore that he hadn't meant to hide it. She realized that she was overreacting, and he apologized for being thoughtless. He figured that it would take time to get used to the idea of sharing a home, and they embraced.

At the Ashby home, Lily turned away after she and Jordan shared a kiss. He hoped he hadn't been out of line, and she assured him that he hadn't been, but she hadn't expected it. Jordan admitted that he'd been thinking about kissing her ever since she'd asked Cane to move out. Lily worried that she'd given Jordan the wrong idea, since she was still married and loved her husband. Lily begged Jordan not to be upset, since she didn't know what she was doing with anything anymore. He asked if getting back together with Cane was a possibility, and she told him that she couldn't think about being with anyone until she figured out how to make her own life work.

In the Athletic Club dining room, Neil and Devon discussed making an offer on a small, growing company. As they concluded their meeting, Neil announced that their company had just given a bridge loan to Victoria to get Brash & Sassy through the next quarter. Devon was taken aback that Neil had done it without talking to him, and Neil defended that it had been time-sensitive. Neil explained that he'd done it because of Cane, and he glared at Cane, who was sitting at the bar.

Neil told Devon that a shortage of cash had forced Brash & Sassy to put Dare on hold, ultimately putting Lily out of a job. Devon griped that Cane had messed up the company and Lily's ability to provide for her family, and he realized that giving money to Victoria was a way to help Lily out. Devon supported the idea of helping Lily, but he thought it would be a full-time job as long as Cane was in her life. Neil approached Cane and told him to consider their conversation a mini-intervention.

Neil mentioned that Lily had told him that Cane was living at the Chancellor mansion, and Cane swore that he was doing everything in his power to convince Lily to take him back. Neil advised Cane to stop blaming other people and take responsibility for his actions to show Lily that he was the decent, honest man that Neil knew he was. Cane insisted that he was trying, but Neil countered that Cane wasn't trying hard enough. Neil recalled the old saying that people made their own luck.

At GC Buzz, Mariah reported that the footage of Victoria's face-off with Hochman was trending on steroids. Hilary squealed that people were also re-streaming the video of Victor and Nick's fight, and Mariah referred to a meme that would generate even more publicity. Victoria stormed in and demanded that they take the footage offline immediately. Hilary contended that even if she wanted to take down the footage, it wouldn't matter because it would be out there forever on the Internet.

Victoria huffed that her argument with Hochman had been private, but Hilary countered that it had been conducted in a public space. Victoria accused Hilary of stalking her family, and Mariah suggested that they work it out by airing a follow-up interview for Victoria to tell her side of the story. Victoria thought it would only help them make her look worse than she already did, and she had no intention of going on the show. Victoria recalled that she and Hilary had had a great relationship, and she wondered what had changed.

Victoria questioned whether her life had suddenly become fair game because Juliet had complained about being fired. Hilary swore that she'd been out for the truth, and she argued that there wouldn't have been a lawsuit if Cane hadn't behaved inappropriately. Victoria blasted Hilary for encouraging Juliet to sue just to get ratings, and she ordered Hilary not to make herself out to be a saint. Hilary asserted that Victor hadn't had any problem with her airing the footage of him and Nick, and Victoria retorted that her father didn't speak for her but that he'd taught her how to deal with bottom-feeding hacks. Victoria warned Hilary not to make an enemy out of her if Hilary wanted to keep her job and her dignity, and she stalked off.

Later, Mariah observed that Hilary had totally checked out during a production meeting, and she surmised that what Victoria had said had gotten to Hilary. Hilary was stunned that Victoria had been madder at her than at Hochman, but Mariah wondered how Hilary had thought Victoria would react to seeing her own meltdown on television. Hilary refused to undo it, and Mariah warned her to expect major blowback. Devon arrived, and Mariah hoped he was there to whisk her away to somewhere magical. They made plans to meet at the Underground later.

At Jabot, Phyllis entered Jack's office to give him a report about her visit to Fenmore's locations. She figured that Jack needed a new way to dismantle Brash & Sassy with Hochman out of the picture, but Jack thought Victoria had managed to do it on her own by airing her tawdry affair in public. Phyllis grumbled that she'd also be on the losing end if she lost more time with Billy, but Jack speculated that she wouldn't be if Brash & Sassy couldn't pay the increased rent. Billy overheard as he entered and scolded Jack for being quick to underestimate Victoria, since they'd just sent a wire transfer to pay the rent in full through the following quarter.

Jack wondered how Brash & Sassy had been able to pay rent in advance when they needed the cash to stay afloat, and he guessed that Victor had stepped in. Billy gleefully announced that Jack's good buddy Neil had given them the financing to turn the ship around, and Phyllis happily realized that Brash & Sassy could hire more people. Jack reminded her where her loyalties should be, but Billy imagined that she would be excited to have him home instead of working around the clock. Billy thought a gracious, forgiving man like John wouldn't have been impressed with Jack's efforts to deliberately sabotage Victoria's company.

Later, Jack snapped at someone over the phone, and Phyllis guessed that Victoria's deal with Neil had put Jack in a funk. Jack was livid that Billy had mentioned their father to paint Jack as vindictive, since John had never let his good nature get in the way of a business deal. Phyllis doubted that John would have approved of Jack's plan to annihilate Brash & Sassy, and she believed Neil wouldn't, either. Jack vowed to find another way to take his competition out of the business.

Jack was pleasantly surprised when Nikki stopped by Jabot, and she was glad not to run into Gloria or Dina. Nikki found it ironic that his family was banding together as hers was falling apart, and she revealed that Victor had thrown Nick out of the tack house and that Victoria had been humiliated over the debacle on The Hilary Hour. Nikki didn't understand how Jack could be friends with Hilary, but he indicated that he'd seen a side of Hilary that he liked and admired.

Jack pointed out that Nikki had no reason to still care about Victor, but Nikki argued that Victor had been the love of her life for decades and that they shared children. Jack countered that the bad times had outweighed the good, but Nikki said it didn't mean she'd just stopped loving Victor. Jack wondered if she was with Jack in part to stick it to Victor, and Nikki figured that Jack might be with her for the same reason.

Jack admitted that he'd been poking the bear when he'd first encouraged Nikki to cry on his shoulder, but they'd spent real time together since then. He'd remembered how much he liked having her in his life and how much happier he was when she was around. He swore that his life was brighter with her in it, so he had no agenda where Victor was concerned. Nikki insisted that there was none for her, either, and she wanted to be back in Jack's life. They kissed.

Lily and Jordan arrived at Brash & Sassy, and Billy invited them to have a seat. Billy announced that the Dare campaign was back on because Victoria had secured financing, but the company was still on shaky ground, so they needed outstanding numbers the following quarter. Billy anticipated lots of video shoots and personal appearances, and Lily exclaimed that she'd do whatever they needed. Billy recognized what the job meant to her, and he hoped she knew what she meant to the company.

Over drinks on the Athletic Club rooftop, Lily exclaimed that she felt like a huge weight had been lifted, and she was glad to have one thing in her life that she wasn't losing. Jordan asked if she meant her job or him, and she said both. Hilary watched jealously as they clinked their glasses together.

Victoria visited her doctor and indicated that there had been events she hadn't remembered and conversations that she hadn't recalled until someone had told her about them. Her doctor asked if she'd been drinking, and she replied that she'd had some wine in moderation, but she hadn't experienced drunken blackouts. He inquired about other symptoms, and she reported that her hearing sometimes became jumbled before returning to normal. She admitted that her stress level had only increased since the last time she'd seen him, and he wanted to run an EEG to help him figure out what was going on.

Later, the doctor reported that Victoria's brainwave patterns were normal and that there was no indication of injury or seizure disorder. He explained that it wasn't uncommon to have memory issues or hearing problems after a concussion, and the symptoms could be gone in days or last for months. Victoria asked if there was any treatment, and he instructed her to monitor her symptoms and take notes. He reiterated that her body was telling her to take it easy, but she didn't think it would be possible to take time off work. Cane received a text message from Victoria, asking him to meet her at Brash & Sassy.

Cane arrived at Brash & Sassy and hoped Victoria wasn't angry because he'd warned her about her special appearance on GC Buzz. She clarified that she'd asked him there to thank him for saving her from making a terrible decision. She revealed that she'd been about to sign a loan agreement with Hochman when she'd seen Cane's name and number scribbled on a notepad in Hochman's room. Victoria surmised that Cane had been hoping to do business with Hochman, since Cane had been willing to commit corporate espionage with Jack. She sarcastically thanked Cane for saving Brash & Sassy, and she stressed that he was still fired.

Billy ordered Champagne at the Athletic Club, and Phyllis asked if they were celebrating Victoria's loan with Neil. Billy toasted to Phyllis for sticking by him, having faith in him, and making him happy. He added that he'd missed her while she'd been gone, and she regretted that Jack had decided to wage war on Brash & Sassy. Billy declared that it was too bad because he and Victoria weren't going anywhere, and he wasn't about to let Jack or anyone else kick them while they were down. Phyllis warned that Jack wouldn't give up easily, but Billy pledged to handle it and to keep her from getting caught in the crossfire.

Billy acknowledged that Jack had a right to hate him, but he pointed out that Jack's latest attack hadn't hurt only him. Billy anticipated that Jack wouldn't stop until Victoria's company was ancient history, but he vowed to start playing offense to make sure that didn't happen. Phyllis recalled that Jack had accused her of having divided loyalties, but she firmly stated that she was loyal to Billy. Billy proclaimed that Jack had punished him enough, and it was his turn to punish Jack.

Jordan breaks things off with Hilary

Jordan breaks things off with Hilary

> Jordan breaks things off with Hilary

Jordan breaks things off with Hilary

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

by Nel

At the ranch, Victor recalled telling Nick that he was sick and tired of Nick's self-righteousness and hypocrisy and that Nick was no longer his son. Victor also recalled telling Nikki that he would not hide the fact that they weren't together anymore. Nikki was the love of his life, but if that was no longer of interest to her, then he bade her farewell.

Nikki arrived and told Victor that she wanted to pick up a few items she'd left behind. She apologized for disturbing him. Victor asked Nikki to call in the future, and he'd have her things sent to her. Nikki noticed that Victor had been watching the video of Victoria's altercation with Benjamin Hochman. She asked what Victor intended to do about Hilary humiliating Victoria like that.

Victor told Nikki that it had already aired, and it wouldn't have happened had Victoria accepted his help to get her out of the financial hole she'd dug for herself. She'd refused his help. He'd been insulted and said he'd rather focus on the members of his family that actually wanted to be with him.

Nikki said she'd noticed all the new furniture in the room Faith occupied when she stayed at the ranch. Nikki was stunned when Victor told her that he'd had the furniture moved from the tack house into his home. Victor couldn't understand why Nikki was so upset about furniture. Nick could take the furniture any time he wanted it. Nikki said it wasn't about the furniture but about the way Victor had chosen to throw Nick and the kids off the ranch.

Victor assured Nikki that Faith and Christian were welcome to stay at the ranch anytime, for as long as they wanted. He didn't want Nikki to make him sound like he'd done it out of spite. Victor told Nikki that Nick didn't want anything to do with his father. He'd given Nick what he'd wanted. He'd also given Nikki what she'd wanted -- to live away from the ranch by herself. Nikki was worried that the grandchildren would wind up in the middle of the family issues.

Victor pointed out that Faith had felt comfortable, safe, and secure living with them. She'd always be welcomed into his home. Nikki said that Faith would be returning from camp the next day, and Nikki couldn't wait to see her. Victor agreed and said that he wanted to talk to Faith before she went back to school. Victor felt that Nick would stop Faith from seeing him because of the way Nick felt about him.

Nikki stated that that was something Victor would do, but Nick would never get his children mixed up in his issues. Victor admitted he'd made mistakes, but he'd owned them. He'd made changes and had lived up to his promises. Nick had tried to sabotage Nikki's concert and undercut Victor. Nikki accused Victor of allowing Hilary to air the video -- nationwide -- of his altercation with Nick. She hoped Victor was happy about that. She added that Victor had managed to evict everyone off the property who he believed was his enemy.

Nikki knew Abby had moved into the tack house and had earned Victor's respect. Nikki knew that Victor was happy he had the house to himself -- exactly what he'd wanted. Nikki felt that the house was almost too quiet. Perhaps that was the reason Victor was so eager to spend time with Faith. Nikki warned Victor that he shouldn't be surprised if Faith wanted to move on without Victor.

After Nikki left, Victor called Faith's camp director and said he was on his way to thank the camp director and his staff personally for providing Faith a great time. Victor acknowledged that Faith would be home the next day but added that there had been some changes with the family situation, and he wanted Faith to be apprised of those changes before she headed home. He said he was leaving immediately and hung up.

At Chelsea's, Nick said that he should pay the bills, but Chelsea wasn't prepared to let him do that. They settled on a 50/50 split. Nick said that he'd sprung the idea of moving in on Chelsea, and he felt guilty because the circumstances hadn't been ideal. Chelsea said that if their situation was going to work, Nick didn't need to be the provider, and she didn't need him to take care of her. Nick wanted their situation to work because he wanted them to be together.

Nick told Chelsea that Faith was returning home the next day. Chelsea asked if Faith would be living with them. Chelsea thought it would be better if Faith went to Sharon's first. She said that she wasn't Faith's favorite person, and they needed to ease Faith into their relationship. Nick said Faith was older, and she'd understand. Nick felt it would be better if Faith stayed with them first because she'd be surrounded by people who loved her. He told Chelsea that he'd get Faith's furniture from Victor.

Nikki arrived at Chelsea's and said she had to ask Nick to put aside his animosity toward Victor because Victor wanted to spend some time with Faith. Nick said that he wanted to limit the amount of influence Victor had on Faith. Nikki reminded Nick that Faith had a special relationship with Victor. Nick felt that Victor was manipulating Nikki, and he asked if Victor had sent Nikki to speak to him. Nikki denied it.

Nikki reminded Nick that Faith had spent months living at the ranch with her and Victor, and Faith had hated that her parents had been fighting. Nikki said that Faith would return home and find that her father and grandfather were estranged over a stupid feud that aired on television and that her father had moved off her grandfather's property and into his girlfriend's place. Faith had gone through a lot of changes, she'd be very upset if Nick kept her away from Victor, and she'd blame Nick. Nikki asked if Nick had prepared Faith for the changes. He admitted that he hadn't because he'd wanted Faith to have fun at camp.

Nick asked if Nikki thought that Victor should explain everything to Faith. Nick said that if Nikki was there on Victor's behalf, it proved that Victor was still working her, which reinforced his instincts to limit the amount of influence Victor would have on Faith's life. Nikki accused Nick of allowing his anger to cloud his judgment. Chelsea heard Nick tell Nikki that they both knew that Victor would use his relationship with Faith to fill her head with garbage. Nick said Faith would hear everything from him when he picked Faith up.

Poolside at the Athletic Club, Lily had been having a drink with Jordan when Neil arrived. Jordan left. Lily told Neil that the Dare campaign was back on and that she was happy that she'd be busy and able to provide for her family. Neil told Lily that Hamilton-Winters had provided Victoria with a bridge loan. Lily hoped he hadn't done it for her. Neil said that Brash & Sassy needed an infusion of cash, and he couldn't give them that amount of money just for Lily to keep her job.

Neil told Lily that he'd spoken to Cane and advised him to take responsibility and get his life together. Lily said it wouldn't be that easy. Cane seemed to be under the impression that he had a checklist, and once he'd completed the tasks, they'd get back together. Lily saw Cane as a man who got in his own way and followed his impulses. Neil advised Lily to do what was right for her. Lily said that what was right for her might not be right for her family. Lily hated the thought of breaking her family apart, especially since Cane had forgiven her in the past.

Neil knew Lily was dealing with the shock of what Cane had done. He advised Lily to take the time and space she needed before making any long-term decisions. He added that Cane might prove to be the man she'd fallen in love with, or Lily would conclude that things were beyond repair. Neil said that Lily had no reason to feel guilty.

Hilary opened the door of her suite to Jordan. She grabbed and kissed him. She said she wanted to celebrate her first commercial shoot and that it would open doors for her. Hilary said she couldn't have done it without Jordan. She wouldn't have known about the commercial if he hadn't taken Lily into her studio to record her for the commercial. She asked if Jordan had seen her latest exclusive. Jordan hadn't. Hilary suggested that he should watch it because it would give him a new perspective on his boss.

Hilary began to undress then kissed Jordan. She said that she and Jordan were good together. Hilary said that she was ready for another nude photo session. She loved the shots he'd taken of her before. She started to kiss him again, but Jordan pulled away. He said that things hadn't been good between them for a long time. She claimed they were trying to reconnect. He said she was beautiful and hot, and he wanted her. He felt they needed to admit that they needed move on.

Very angry, Hilary asked if his decision had anything to do with Lily suddenly being available. Jordan said that Lily was married. Jordan said that he wanted to end things before they became more complicated. Hilary spat that she was a "tough bitch" with no feelings. She claimed that she'd made a mistake caring for Jordan. She said she felt sorry for him because Lily would never walk away from Cane or wreck her family. Hilary told him that she wouldn't wait for Lily to break his heart. Jordan kissed Hilary's forehead and left.

In the dining room of the Athletic Club, Juliet told Cane that she'd had a prenatal test, and they'd done a genetic screening as well. She handed him the results. They indicated that the baby had genetic markers for cystic fibrosis. Juliet told Cane that she had a cousin who'd had it. Cane claimed he didn't know his family's medical history.

Juliet informed Cane that both parents had to have the gene in order for the baby to have the disease. Otherwise, there would only be a 25% chance the baby would get it. Cane agreed to get a blood test. He assured Juliet that the treatments for cystic fibrosis had improved dramatically.

A short time later, Juliet and Cane returned to the Athletic Club. Juliet and Cane agreed they'd love the baby no matter what. Juliet said they should receive the test results shortly. Cane hugged Juliet as Lily approached. Juliet left. Cane told Lily about the baby and that he and Juliet had gone for tests. Lily said he didn't have to explain because they were separated. Cane said that Lily was still his wife, and he would continue trying to make things right.

Lily said she hoped the baby would be okay. She claimed that Cane was a good father. Cane wished that Mattie and Charlie felt the same way. Lily said that the twins were trying to reconcile what Cane had done -- the man they'd adored and had depended on. Lily advised him to be patient because the twins would come around.

Lily asked about Cane's consulting job. Cane told her that it had fallen through. Lily said that the Dare campaign was back on and that Brash & Sassy had called her back. Cane was happy for her, and he said he'd take that as a sign. He said that it had been great catching up. He wished her luck. Lily left.

At the bar, Hilary told Cane that she was happy that he and Lily were so civil about everything. She got it. It was easier to be in denial -- especially about his wife. Cane asked what she was talking about. He asked if it had something to do with her spreading more lies. Hilary claimed they weren't lies -- only the painful truths. Slyly, Hilary said she saw the little glimmer of hope in Cane's eyes that Lily would take him back, and they would live happily ever after.

Hilary asked Cane if that was what Lily had him believing. She hated to dampen things with cold and harsh reality. Hilary hinted that Lily and Jordan hadn't wasted any time. Hilary said she'd had seen it with her own eyes -- Lily and Jordan had probably hooked up already. Cane frowned.

At Sharon's, Tessa anxiously looked at her tablet and asked herself where Crystal could be. Mariah entered the room and asked if Tessa was all right. Tessa said no -- Crystal was being held against her will, and no one knew where she was. Tessa was frustrated because she couldn't help her sister. Mariah assured Tessa that the police were involved, and so was Scott with his journalistic skills. Scott had discovered that a woman took care of the girls, and that included Crystal. Tessa stated that they didn't know that for certain. They only knew that Crystal hadn't called her or Sharon.

Mariah suggested that Tessa tell Noah and Sharon that Crystal was her sister. Tessa refused because everyone would learn about Tessa and her past. Mariah assured Tessa that no one would judge her. Tessa said that she'd confided in Mariah because she'd trusted her. Tessa wanted to look for Crystal, but she didn't know where to start. She felt guilty because she was living in a beautiful house, had an amazing friend, and had signed a recording contract. She was living her dream while Crystal was living a nightmare.

Later, when Tessa was alone, she received a text message from Crystal -- "I'm at the Night & Day Motel, Room 2. Need your help." Tessa was gone when Mariah returned to the living room.

Sharon was at the police station and left Paul a voice message. She said she'd gone to see him to tell him that whatever Crystal was involved in wasn't the small local operation that Christine had thought it was.

At that moment, Sharon saw two young girls taken into the station. One of the girls said that someone would be there shortly to bail them out. Sharon asked the officer if the girls were from the Night & Day Motel. The officer confirmed they were. Sharon asked if the two girls were part of the district attorney's investigation. The officer asked who Sharon was. Sharon advised him that one of the girls had reached out to her, and the girl might be paying the price for contacting Sharon.

Sharon described Crystal to the officer and asked if he had any information. The officer smiled and walked away. At that moment, the thug that Sharon recognized from her encounter with him at the motel walked in and paid the bail for the two girls. Sharon walked into Paul's office and took a picture of the thug with her phone. She sent the picture and message to Scott, stating that it was the same guy she'd encountered at the motel. Sharon sat in her car and waited for the thug to exit the station with the two girls. She took pictures of his car, but she was disappointed that she hadn't been able to get his license plate.

Lily met Jordan at the pool. Jordan told her that he'd told someone something they hadn't wanted to hear, and he felt better for it. Lily said she'd run into Cane, and for the first time, she hadn't felt like crying or screaming after the encounter.

Jordan told Lily that with all the excitement about the Dare campaign, they hadn't finished their conversation about the kiss. Jordan said he cared a lot about Lily and hoped the kiss hadn't added another complication for her. He didn't want Lily to feel pressured. She assured him she didn't feel pressured. She claimed that Jordan had been her rock. Jordan was delighted and offered to be anything else that Lily needed.

Victor pays Faith a special visit

Victor pays Faith a special visit

Thursday, August 24, 2017

Tessa arrived at a seedy motel and knocked on the door of one of the rooms, but she found it ajar. She whispered Crystal's name and received no response, and she crept into the room and found it empty. She sent a text message to Crystal to indicate that she was there, and she asked where Crystal was. Tessa heard a phone chime, and the thug who had hauled Crystal away appeared in the doorway. Tessa demanded to know what he'd done to her sister. The man growled that he hadn't gotten Tessa there to answer her questions, and he slammed the door shut.

Tessa ordered the thug to be a man and tell her if her sister was okay. The guy begrudgingly replied that Crystal had food, a place to live, and a job and that she hadn't been hurt in any way. Tessa retorted that Crystal had been forced into selling her body for sex, and she accused the man and the people he was working with of taking advantage of a kid and turning her out for tricks. Tessa ranted that it was sick and wrong, but the goon taunted that their operation wouldn't shut down. Tessa threatened to tell the cops, but he grabbed her phone, threw it across the room, and hissed that he didn't think she was getting the message.

The thug contended that Crystal had made her own choice, but Tessa insisted on knowing that Crystal was okay. The man handed Tessa his phone, and Crystal appeared on video chat. Tessa asked where Crystal was, but Crystal didn't know. Tessa swore that she wanted to help her sister, but Crystal insisted that she was fine. Crystal firmly told Tessa not to try to find her, since it wouldn't be good for either of them.

Tessa vowed not to stop looking for Crystal, but the man snatched the phone away. He growled that if Tessa wanted to protect her sister, she'd forget that Crystal had ever existed. He added that anything that happened to Crystal from then on was on Tessa. Tessa offered to get money, but the man barked that that they were done, and he walked out.

At the Underground, Sharon told Nick about witnessing a man bailing out prostitutes at the police station and a blonde woman driving them away. She surmised that Nick had summoned her there to talk about Faith, and she imagined that their little girl wouldn't be the same when she got home from camp. Sharon imagined that boys would be in the picture soon, and Nick groaned that he was going to have nightmares about it. Nick thought that home issues would be a bigger deal, and Sharon offered to let Faith stay at his house for the first few days. Nick revealed that he'd said goodbye to the ranch, and Sharon realized that Victor had been behind Nick's departure.

Sharon said she was happy for Nick when he told her about moving in with Chelsea, but she thought it had been shortsighted of Victor to force Nick out of the tack house. Nick recognized that it would be a major change for Faith, but he promised to "work like hell" to make the adjustment as easy as possible. Sharon wondered if Nick would allow Faith to spend time at the main house, since she didn't think he wanted Faith to become collateral damage in his war with his father. Nick was flattered that Sharon thought he was above getting in the way of Faith's relationship with her grandfather, but he believed that Victor wasn't, and he had no idea when the next hit would be.

Nick expected his dad to twist the situation to his advantage, but Sharon doubted that Victor would put Faith in the middle. Nick thought Sharon was giving Victor too much credit, and he asked if she'd forgotten everything she knew about Victor. Nick acknowledged that Victor loved Faith, but he pointed out that Victor had loved a lot of people when it had served his purpose. Nick thought Victor's version of love was all about control, and those strings and expectations applied to Faith, too. He added that in the end, Victor only loved things that he felt he owned.

Across the bar, Noah asked Mariah if she was alone, since he'd expected Tessa to perform that night, but she hadn't responded to his text message. Mariah reported that Tessa's guitar had still been at the house when she'd left. Later, Mariah fretted that she'd heard nothing from Tessa, and Noah imagined that Tessa was stuck in traffic. He observed that Mariah seemed worried, and Mariah tried to convince herself that Tessa would never miss a gig.

Tessa arrived at the bar, and Mariah worriedly asked where she'd been. Tessa fibbed that her phone had died, and Mariah was distracted by a text message from Devon, who informed her that he was running late. Tessa said she had to talk to Devon, and Noah joined them and greeted Tessa with a kiss. Tessa told Noah that she didn't think she could perform because her throat was feeling raw, and Noah figured it had been why she'd left her guitar at home. He suggested that they go somewhere for hot tea, but Tessa wanted to stay to talk to Devon about getting back into the studio right away.

Noah stepped away, and Mariah questioned what was going on, since Tessa was pressing to record as soon as possible when she'd just complained about a sore throat. Tessa replied that it wouldn't happen that night, and she also wanted to talk to Devon about going on tour and getting an advance on her record. Mariah noted that Tessa had never been that obsessed with work and money, but Tessa snapped that she needed a job to support herself. Tessa quickly apologized for barking at Mariah, but Mariah thought she should be the one apologizing because Tessa's concern about Crystal was always underneath the surface. Tessa thanked her with a hug.

Faith met Victor in a car, and she wondered why he'd gone out of his way to visit her at camp when she'd be home the next day. He explained that she would be busy catching up with her friends and family once she got back, so he was there to spend time with her. Victor presented Faith with brownies to share with her friends, but she didn't understand why he believed they wouldn't have any time together. She insisted that she wanted to go horseback riding and play chess with him, and she questioned why he was really there.

Victor revealed that there had been some changes at the ranch, so Faith wouldn't be living there full-time anymore. Victor explained that Sharon would always be there but that Nick had moved out, and a disappointed Faith asked why. Victor implied that Nick had gotten lonely and that he had wanted to be around other people, and Faith asked if Nick had moved in with Chelsea. Victor called Faith a smart girl, and he confirmed that Nick had.

Victor assumed that Faith wanted her father to be happy, but Faith asked what would happen to her. Victor figured that she'd live at the penthouse with Nick and Chelsea, but Faith whined that it wasn't her home and that the ranch was. Victor invited her to visit if her dad allowed it, especially since Victor felt lonely in the big house. Faith inquired about her grandma, and Victor sighed deeply and revealed that Nikki had also moved out. Faith protested that Nikki couldn't do that because he'd be all alone, but Victor pointed out that he wouldn't be if Faith visited him.

Victor encouraged Faith to share her brownies with her friends in her cabin, but she remarked that his visit had been short. He said he was happy to spend any time with her, either there or at home, and he claimed that he'd told her about the changes so that she wouldn't be shocked when she got home. Victor continued that she could seek him out whenever she wanted to play chess or go horseback riding, and he assured her that she could trust him if she ever needed someone to confide in. Faith insisted that she trusted him more than almost anyone, and he mused that they were a team. They hugged.

At Hamilton-Winters, Mattie announced that she'd reorganized a proposal, and Neil called her efforts genius. He suggested that she take off for the night, and Devon offered to be flexible with her schedule if she needed time off. Mattie proclaimed that she loved being at work, since things were direct and normal there. After she headed out, Devon remarked that normal was the best they could hope for in that situation. Neil pointed out that at least Lily could afford to pay her bills, but Devon thought she had to know that she'd never go without money. Neil countered that Lily preferred having a job to taking a handout from her billionaire brother.

Neil asked if Devon was still okay with extending a loan to Brash & Sassy. Devon was glad that Lily didn't have to worry about getting a paycheck, but he wanted to know that his and Neil's agreement to consult one another before making decisions still stood. Neil agreed, and Devon prepared to leave to meet Mariah. Neil asked how things had been since Devon had left Mariah hanging after she'd dropped the "L-bomb." Devon said Neil would be the second to know when things changed, but he thought his love life shouldn't be the one his family was worried about.

At the Athletic Club, Cane insisted that Lily and Jordan were just friends and colleagues, but Hilary doubted that Cane couldn't see that something was going on between them. Cane suspected that Jordan had lost interest in Hilary and that she was afraid Jordan had set his sights on Lily. Hilary dared Cane to go home and see if she was wrong about Jordan being there with Lily, but Cane told her to save her theatrics for her audience.

Hilary called Lily a professional victim who played the damsel in distress, waiting for someone to save her. Hilary admonished Cane for letting Lily turn to Jordan, and she told him to save his tears because he would need them. She stalked off, and Cane spotted Mattie descending the stairs. He invited her to the rooftop to catch up, but she made an excuse about her mom making dinner. Cane said he expected that kind of response from her brother but not her.

In the club dining room, Cane and Mattie discussed her internship, and he offered his help if she couldn't talk to Neil or Devon about something. Mattie chided him for pretending that everything was okay between them after he'd told her that she couldn't see Reed, and Cane swore that he wanted to shelter Mattie from the fallout between him and Victoria. Cane reiterated that he wanted to fix what was broken and that he loved Lily and the twins. Mattie got up to go home for dinner, and Cane suggested that they schedule a dinner for just him and Mattie. Mattie agreed to think about it, and she departed.

Cane stopped by Hamilton-Winters and thanked Neil for not taking the same stance about hiring Mattie as he had with Cane. Neil pointed out that Mattie had done nothing wrong, and he informed Cane that the company had given a bridge loan to Brash & Sassy to give Lily back the job she loved and her ability to support her kids. Cane swore that he would always take care of Lily and their children, and he stressed that his top priority was to regain his family's trust. Neil warned that sometimes, despite one's best efforts, things ended up beyond the point of no return. Neil asserted that Lily would be fine no matter what, and he pointedly stated that she and Jordan would be thrilled to get back to work.

Hilary ran into Devon as he was about to exit the club. He mentioned that he was meeting Mariah at the Underground, but he had time. Hilary didn't want to give people the wrong idea by talking for too long, but he joked that people could just watch the episode where she'd told the whole world that they'd gotten divorced. Hilary envisioned how insane the ratings would be if they announced that they were back together, and Devon cautioned her not to let Jordan hear her talking like that.

Hilary guessed from the look on Devon's face that things were going well at Hamilton-Winters, and he confirmed that he finally felt like his professional life was on track. Hilary offered to promote his artists on her show, and he asked how life was going for her. She mentioned her trip to New York to shoot the commercial, and she seductively recited a line about having a weakness for dark, dreamy desserts. She burst into laughter and recalled that she'd had to say it 50 times in 50 different ways, but she'd loved every second of it. Devon was happy that she'd found something she loved, but he hoped that she wouldn't have to go head to head with Lily the next time.

Devon said he had to get going to meet Mariah, and Hilary touched his hand and stated that it had been nice to catch up. Hilary thought their friendship was making progress, and she said she didn't want to cause any problems between him and Mariah. Devon insisted that neither he nor Mariah got jealous, but Hilary recounted that Mariah had made sure to let her know how much fun Mariah and Devon had had at the music festival. Hilary compared it to the good times she and Devon had shared before everything had gone wrong. Devon thought special was the perfect word to describe his time with Hilary.

At the Ashby home, Lily thanked Jordan for driving her home and walking her in. He replied that it had been how his mother had raised him, and he prepared to leave before the kids got home. They simultaneously received text messages, and Jordan declared that Brash & Sassy was on the move again. Lily expressed excitement over her schedule of upcoming appearances, and he noted that they'd be hitting the road together.

Lily was sure that she and Jordan would keep things professional, but he sensed that she seemed uneasy about traveling. She chalked it up to the logistical nightmare of a life with kids, but he thought the twins seemed self-sufficient. Lily clucked that it meant the kids needed more supervision and not less, and Jordan knowingly remembered being that age. She stepped out to grab her tablet as the doorbell rang, and she asked him to answer it. He opened the door to a stunned Charlie, who'd forgotten his keys.

Lily explained that Jordan had driven her home and that they'd been talking about work. Charlie thought it was cool to travel around to take photos, and Jordan recalled that he owed the teen some pointers for his photography elective. Jordan proposed that he catch Charlie between shifts at the pool, but Charlie divulged that he'd had to give notice because his job had been interfering with football tryouts. Charlie anticipated that Lily would protest, but she pointed out that she hadn't said he couldn't try out.

Charlie teased that he'd been able to hear Lily sighing from across the field, but he didn't even know if he'd make the team. Lily suggested that Charlie engage in a sport that didn't involve tackling, but Charlie insisted that his games would be fun. Charlie acknowledged that his dad was the one who was into him playing football, but Lily pointed out that she'd taken her son to get cleats. Charlie recalled his mom's rule that anyone hanging out at their house was invited for dinner, but Lily had no idea what they'd eat or when. Jordan volunteered to help.

Later, Mattie arrived home and marveled that Jordan had made her mom look amazing. Jordan remarked that he just shot what he saw, and Mattie inquired whether it would be the four of them for dinner. Lily credited Jordan with making something from things he'd found in the freezer, and Jordan joked that he'd brag once they tasted the food and didn't flinch. They prepared to sit down at the dinner table, and Lily squirmed when Charlie suggested that Jordan take Cane's chair.

Over dinner, Charlie teased his mom for acting like she'd never been to high school. Lily countered that she had, and it was why she kept an eye on them like a hawk. Jordan suggested that Lily pull out her old yearbook, but Lily turned the topic to Mattie's internship. Mattie proudly revealed that Devon and Neil had been happy with her presentation, but Charlie was more fascinated by Jordan's history of photographing celebrities. Jordan insisted that it wasn't as glamorous as people thought. Meanwhile, Cane listened from the doorway, unseen.

As Cane eavesdropped, Jordan recalled having lunch on a private yacht after a photo shoot, and Lily remarked that he was stuck with her and Dare after his many exciting gigs. She informed the twins that she was going back to work, and Mattie thought that they should have celebrated. Lily mentioned that she would be traveling a lot, and the twins insisted that they'd be fine. Jordan imagined that the teens were already planning a party, and the foursome laughed and joked. Cane silently closed the door and stood outside alone.

Abby gets curious about Dina's affair

Abby gets curious about Dina's affair

Friday, August 25, 2017

At Crimson Lights, Nick announced Faith's return from camp and asked if the girl had missed chocolate brownies, and he prompted her to remove her headphones. Nick stated that he was sure her mom would have been there to pick her up, but Sharon had needed to work. Sharon emerged from the back and excitedly hugged Faith, and Nick mumbled that Faith had reserved all the hugs for her mom. Sharon marveled at how tall Faith had gotten, and she bet her daughter was glad to be home. "I guess," Faith nonchalantly replied, and Sharon wondered why she'd said it like that.

Faith insisted that she was happy to be home but that she missed her friends from camp already. She inquired about Christian, and Nick promised that she would see her brother soon, but he wanted to have a talk as a family first. He divulged that some changes had occurred while she'd been at camp, and he mentioned how much Chelsea meant to him and how Faith loved being a big sister to Connor and Christian. Nick reasoned that their families enjoyed being together, so he'd decided to move in with Chelsea at her penthouse.

Faith noted that Nick had decided to move without telling her first, and he explained that he hadn't wanted to tell her over the phone or by email. Nick said Chelsea had a surprise waiting for Faith at the penthouse, and Faith inquired about her mom. Sharon indicated that Faith would still stay at the cottage on their days together, and Faith asked of she'd get to see her grandpa. Sharon didn't see why not, and Nick agreed if it was what Faith wanted. Faith asserted that her grandfather needed company because her grandma had moved out, and Nick questioned how she'd known about that. Faith vaguely replied that she'd talked to other people while she'd been at camp.

Nick conceded that the changes were a lot to take in. Faith said she loved their old house, but she supposed the new arrangement could be good, too. Nick envisioned Faith bossing around "the littles" and being closer to her friends and school, but Faith looked nonplussed. Faith perked up when Sharon sent her to the counter to get a brownie, and Sharon thought the conversation had gone better than expected. Sharon offered to help when Faith was staying with her, and Nick asked her to promise not to let Faith spend much time with his dad.

Faith returned, and Nick suggested that they check out their new digs. Scott approached as Sharon and Faith hugged goodbye, but Sharon gestured for him to stay away. After Nick and Faith departed, Scott assumed that Sharon didn't want Faith to know about their relationship. Sharon insisted that she wanted Faith to meet Scott, but the girl already had a lot on her hands that day with adapting to a new living situation. Sharon sympathized that Faith had been through a lot for a child her age, and Nick's house had been a constant that was suddenly gone.

Sharon thought that Faith had seemed subdued, and she sensed that the girl hadn't been telling them everything. Scott noted that a lot of people obviously loved and supported Faith, and that would make a difference no matter where she lived. Sharon regretted that she hadn't followed her instincts by insisting that Faith stay with her for the first few nights, but it had been important to Nick to take Faith to his new home. Scott argued that Sharon didn't have to defer to Nick, and he advised her to trust her instincts.

Chelsea arrived at the Newman ranch and informed Victor that she'd received a call from the movers who were supposed to deliver Faith's new bedroom set, but she'd learned that Victor had turned them away. Chelsea asserted that the set had been a gift that she'd designed for Faith, but Victor huffed that it had been a bribe so that Faith would tolerate Nick and Chelsea's relationship. Victor added that it wasn't about furniture but his granddaughter's well-being, and he scoffed at the idea that a new bed would dazzle Faith into forgetting how Nick had upended her life while at she'd been away at camp.

Chelsea admonished Victor for trying to make things difficult when Nick just wanted to provide his kids with a loving, stable home. Victor reminded her that Nick had turned his back on Victor, and he refused to allow Nick to turn Faith against him. Chelsea asked if Victor had learned nothing from his war with Adam, and Victor swore that his only concern was Faith. Victor pledged to be there when Faith found it difficult to live with Nick and Chelsea, adding that the ranch would always be the girl's sanctuary.

Later at the penthouse, Chelsea flashed back to her conversation with Nick about moving in together. Nick and Faith arrived, and Chelsea welcomed Faith home with a hug. Chelsea gushed that she was excited to have another girl in the house, and she hoped Faith would eventually feel at home. Faith forced a smile, and Nick pointed to Faith's photo on the piano. Nick mentioned the surprise, but Chelsea reported that the timing hadn't quite worked out. Faith insisted that she could find her room herself, and she ran upstairs.

Chelsea told Nick that the movers had never shown up, and Nick surmised that Victor hadn't let them take the furniture. Chelsea mentioned that she'd tried to convince Victor how important it was to them, but he hadn't cared. Chelsea felt like she'd failed twice to redecorate Faith's room, but Nick assured her that making Faith feel loved and welcome was the most important thing, and he believed Faith wanted it to work as much as they did. Meanwhile, Faith called Victor.

Faith told Victor that she was glad he'd told her about her dad moving in with Chelsea, since she wouldn't have wanted to find out after she'd gotten back. She added that she hadn't mentioned that she and Victor had talked, but she hadn't lied -- she just hadn't told her parents everything. Victor promised to always back her up, and Faith wailed that Nick and Chelsea had called the penthouse Faith's home, but it wasn't. Faith complained that there was supposed to be a surprise, but it hadn't happened, and she missed the ranch. Victor swore that they would see one another when she visited her mother, and he urged her to express her opinion to her dad if she didn't like things.

Faith returned downstairs, and Nick asked what she thought of her new room. Faith flatly stated that it was fine, and she wanted to see Christian. Chelsea stepped out to see if the tot was up from his nap, and Nick suggested that they celebrate Faith's first day back with a family trip to the park. Faith asserted that Chelsea and Connor weren't her real family, but Nick argued that Connor was her cousin and that the penthouse was her home.

Faith questioned why Nick hadn't told her about the move before she'd returned home, and he explained that he hadn't wanted her to worry at camp. She asked why he hadn't waited or simply hadn't moved at all, and he acknowledged that it seemed scary, but he thought it could also be exciting. She snapped that if they were a family, he wouldn't have made the decision without asking her, and she ran to the door. Nick ordered her not to walk away from him.

Nick sat down with Faith and reminded her how much he loved her, and he wanted to talk about why she was unhappy. Chelsea listened from the top of the stairs as Faith said she'd liked things the way they'd been at the ranch, with her mom and grandpa close by. Faith thought that was what being a family was, unlike the way things were at the penthouse. Nick insisted that all of it was about being a family, since families grew and spread out, and it just meant that there were more people to love her. Faith ranted that she'd had a perfect life at their old house, but Nick had ruined it. Faith passed by Chelsea as she raced upstairs.

Over breakfast at the Athletic Club, Abby bragged to Dina that Zack's dating app had outperformed all the other apps that had gone live that week. Dina noted that Zack seemed to be the whole package, and Abby revealed that he'd just helped her move onto the Newman ranch. Abby admitted that it was strange to live in her brother's home, but she thought it was a good sign that her dad wanted her close. Dina mused that Victor was a man who didn't like being alone, and Abby wondered if Dina thought Victor had extended the invitation to fill up empty space.

Dina called Victor a master manipulator who praised or criticized to get the reaction he wanted, and she urged Abby not to forget how valuable she really was. Abby groaned that it was complicated being both a Newman and an Abbott, and she asked if Dina still considered herself to be part of the Abbott family. Dina replied that she hadn't for many years, but she was trying to be part of it. Abby hesitantly pressed to know why Dina had left John and her family.

Abby relayed that she'd heard that there had been another man before Dina had decided to leave her family and move to Paris, and Dina admitted that she'd broken John's heart and their marriage. Dina recalled that the other man had been a charming, handsome golf pro who had been catnip for a lonely woman. Abby realized that Dina hadn't left John to be with her lover, and Dina confirmed that she'd left because she'd been unhappy and unfulfilled. Abby asked if Dina had ever seen the golf pro again, and Dina remembered a brief encounter with him when she'd returned to town in the '80s. Dina confided that it was a part of her life that she deeply regretted, and some mistakes lived inside a person forever.

Across the dining room, Phyllis cooed that mornings could be amazing when Billy didn't have to rush off to work at sunrise. She questioned what he'd had in mind when he'd mentioned that he wanted to hit back at Jack, and he stared over at Dina. Billy claimed that he'd just been making noise because Jack had ticked him off, but he was glad Brash & Sassy hadn't ended up in bed with Hochman in a business sense. Phyllis speculated that Victoria and Hochman had truly liked one another and that his motives had been pure, but Billy questioned why Phyllis was defending Hochman.

Phyllis put it on Victoria for embarrassing herself by making a scene in a public place, but Billy refused to blame the mother of his children for it. Phyllis spotted Dina and referred to her as a "hypocritical bitch," and Billy sarcastically imagined that Phyllis was having fun working with Dina at Jabot. Phyllis spat that Dina had been a pity hire, yet Dina had no problem acting like she ran the place. Billy thought Jack had better watch his back, or his snake of a mother might steal the company out from underneath him.

Phyllis doubted that Jack would ever let anyone take Jabot from him again, but Billy pointed out that no company was immune to problems, including Brash & Sassy. Phyllis testily inquired why Victoria hadn't hired someone to replace Cane already, and Billy figured that Victoria was being cautious after getting screwed over. Phyllis suspected that Victoria didn't want to hire someone, but Billy swore that he'd have more hours to spend with Phyllis. Phyllis left for work, and Billy crossed the room and wished Abby and Dina a good morning.

Abby prepared to leave, and she thanked Dina for their talk. Dina replied that she had nothing left to hide at her age, and Abby departed. Billy offered Dina a lift to Jabot, but she realized that she'd left a few things upstairs. He escorted her to her suite, and she stepped into the adjoining room to grab her purse. Billy tried to snoop on her computer, but he balked when it required credentials. He spotted her login information scrawled on a piece of paper, and he snapped a photo of it on his phone. Dina returned, and they headed out.

At Crimson Lights, Billy tried to log into Jabot's network, using the information he'd photographed in Dina's suite, but he received a message saying the login wasn't authorized.

At Jabot, Ashley remarked that Dina's report was impressive, and Jack found it ironic that their mother was suddenly an asset to the company when she couldn't have cared less about Jabot when they'd been kids. Jack wanted to discuss giving Dina an expanded role, but Ashley begged to differ, since she didn't understand why having a generous, loving husband hadn't been good enough for Dina. Jack thought it didn't matter, but Ashley griped that he wasn't the one who had to live with a lie because of it. Ashley figured that Jack remembered things more clearly because she'd been too young, and Jack somberly recalled that he'd been there when their dad had found out about Dina's affair.

Jack flashed back to John confronting Dina about sleeping with Brent Davis, and Dina had wailed that John had a company to love while she was stuck at home with three kids. Ashley comforted Jack, who recounted that it had been one of many fights that hadn't stopped until Dina had finally left. Jack wanted to turn the topic to something lighter, and he inquired about Ashley's trip to the lake. She replied that there wasn't much to tell, and Ravi walked in. Jack asked what Ravi had thought about his time with Ashley at the lake, and Ravi struggled for a response.

Ravi stammered that he'd had a blast and that the cabin had been very peaceful. Jack imagined that it had been an education for a computer programmer to be in the great outdoors, but Ashley remarked that Ravi was quite a sailor. Jack pressed to know more about their other adventures, and after an awkward silence, Ravi stated that he'd finally gotten to paddleboard. Ashley added that Ravi had foraged for mushrooms and made a great risotto, and Jack pointedly questioned whether Ashley's perspective had changed. Ashley abruptly stated that they should focus on work, and she led Ravi to her office as Jack knowingly smirked.

Later, Phyllis entered Jack's office and reported that she'd just seen Dina at the club with Abby. Phyllis sourly asked how long Dina was going to work there, and Jack quipped that he'd ask Phyllis if she had a problem with it, but he didn't care. Phyllis declared that he was free to hire anyone he wanted unless they were affiliated with Victoria and Billy, and she complained that Victoria still hadn't hired someone to fill Cane's position. Jack taunted that Victoria wanted to keep Billy in her orbit while trying to get back in his life, and he sensed that was "bugging the hell" out of Phyllis.

Dina arrived at Jabot, and Ashley praised her mother's report. Dina said she hadn't realized how much she'd missed working, and she thought Ashley had been right about her being a little depressed after she'd sold Mergeron. Dina added that it had been a treat to have breakfast with Abby that morning, and she wondered if Ashley knew that Abby was living on Victor's ranch. Ashley recalled that Abby had always fought for her father's approval, but she worried that Victor sometimes took back what he gave, unlike John. Dina revealed that Abby had been very curious about why Dina had ended her marriage to John.

Dina swore that she'd never tell Abby anything that Ashley wouldn't want her daughter to hear, and Ashley firmly stated that Abby was John Abbott's granddaughter, just like Ashley was his daughter. Dina promised that would never change, and Ashley requested that they never talk about it again. Dina vowed that Abby would never hear about Brent from her and to take the secret to her grave. Ashley pledged never to burden Abby, since she knew what it was like to carry one around. Dina reiterated that Ashley never would have existed if Dina hadn't made that mistake, and she would never regret having Ashley in her life. An unseen Ravi hovered nearby.

Abby dropped off some paperwork to Victor at the ranch. He offered her some breakfast, but she reported that she'd already had it with Dina. Abby marveled that she finally had the chance to have a real relationship with her grandmother, and Victor recognized that having grandchildren was a blessing. Abby confided that she'd asked Dina about why she'd left John and that Dina had very honestly told her that another man had been involved. Abby mused that Dina had risked her family for a golf pro, but it had never amounted to anything. She inquired whether Victor knew anything about Brent Davis.

Victor pointed out that he hadn't lived in Genoa City when Dina and John had been together, but Abby imagined that Ashley had talked to Victor about it. Abby pressed to know if Ashley had ever mentioned Dina having an affair with a professional golfer, and she wondered if her mom had ever met the guy. Victor suspected that Ashley didn't want to relive that unpleasant period in her life, but Abby thought maybe things were different because Ashley and Dina had been getting along. Victor stressed that the subject matter was uncomfortable and that revisiting it would only open old wounds, and he strongly advised Abby not to talk to her mother about it.

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