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Ashley learned that Graham's mother was alive. Graham forwarded photos of Jack and Nikki kissing to Victor. Victor enlisted Kevin's help to hack into Nick's bank accounts. Lily walked out of marriage counseling. Juliet learned that she might have a potentially life-threatening condition.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of September 18, 2017 on Y&R
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Ashley discovers Graham's secret Ashley discovers Graham's secret

Monday, September 18, 2017

In a hallway at Jabot, Dina angered Phyllis by saying that Phyllis would betray Billy just like she had Jack. Phyllis recalled that Dina had betrayed her husband and three children. Phyllis insisted that Dina's actions had been ugly and heartless. Billy calmly intervened and asked Phyllis to stand down. Dina thanked Billy for having decency. After Dina walked away, Phyllis was miffed because Billy had sided with Dina. Phyllis canceled their dinner reservations, but Billy said they should change their plans and work off aggressions.

At the gym at the Athletic Club, Phyllis and Billy lifted weights and boxed the speed bag. Billy and Phyllis teased each other about which of them was the most physically fit. Billy proclaimed their competition to be a draw. Phyllis said that the first to make it to the sauna naked would win. Both ran out of the gym. Inside the sauna, Phyllis was the first to strip down. Billy said he'd won because he enjoyed seeing Phyllis naked. Phyllis called it a draw and began kissing Billy; they made love.

At the Genoa City Athletic Club, Graham returned from an extended trip to Paris and caught Ashley inside his suite with the lights off. Graham whipped out his cellphone and threatened to summon the police unless Ashley explained why she'd entered his room without his consent. Ashley showed Graham the key Dina had given her and said she'd entered the room to pick up some papers for her mother. Ashley said she hadn't been able to locate the papers and had done nothing wrong. Graham asked where Dina was. Ashley replied, "At the office, where I need to be." Ashley left abruptly.

Graham phoned Dina and asked to meet with her. Dina later entered Graham's room, and he asked her why she'd allowed Ashley into his room. Dina admitted she'd given Ashley a key and had allowed her to snoop. Graham complained about Ashley violating his privacy. Dina asked Graham if he was being defensive because Ashley had found something. Graham said he had nothing to hide.

Graham asked Dina why she was desperate to earn Ashley's approval. Dina cried that she was the reason Ashley couldn't trust others. Dina admitted that her lie had nearly destroyed Ashley, though she'd finally found out the truth. Graham replied, "What truth?" Dina cried, "John Abbott wasn't her father."

Ashley entered her office and told Ravi that Graham had caught her in his room, which Dina paid for, so technically she'd have to be the one to press charges. Ashley said she'd have to find Dina, tell her what had happened, and make sure their stories matched before Graham questioned Dina. Ravi asked why Dina had allowed Ashley access to Graham's room. Ashley replied, "To get me off his back." Ashley said Dina was certain Ashley wouldn't find anything incriminating. Ashley said Dina's plan had backfired.

Ashley told Ravi she'd found a billing statement from a senior living facility in Florida for accommodations costing Graham $8,000 a month. Ashley added, "While Dina is footing the bill for Graham, Graham is footing the bill for someone else." Ravi said it might be one of Graham's distant relatives. Ashley recalled that Graham had said he didn't have any close relatives. Ashley replied, "What if the whole Oliver Twist thing is just a big, fat lie?"

Ashley phoned the Boca Pointe Active Living Residents' Facility, feigned a Southern accent, and pretended to be a sales representative for a communications company. An older woman named Mrs. Bloodworth answered Ashley's call and noted that her son paid all her bills after Ashley, pretending to offer discount phone service, asked how much Mrs. Bloodworth was paying on her current plan. Mrs. Bloodworth hung up on Ashley. Mrs. Bloodworth's phone cradle sat next to a framed photo of Graham. After the called ended, Ashley told Ravi that Graham Bloodworth was a liar because he clearly had a living relative.

At the Newman ranch house, Abby let herself in and found a brooding Victor sitting in the dark. Victor canceled their planned dinner and requested time alone, but Abby pressed Victor to tell her what was wrong. Victor offered no details besides claiming that Nick had gone too far. Abby said that though she was certain she wouldn't understand exactly what had happened to cause the recent estrangement, she recalled that Victor and Nick had managed reconciliations in the past. Abby offered to help restore peace to their family, but Victor insisted that Nick had cut too deep a wound by turning Faith against her grandfather. Abby insisted that Faith would never hurt Victor on purpose. Victor cried that Faith had called him a liar and declared that she could never trust him anymore.

Abby pleaded with Victor to tell her what had happened. Victor claimed that Nick was angry at his father for helping Noah obtain a liquor license for a bar in Ann Arbor. Victor added that Nick, supposedly angry about his father's interference, had told Faith he'd been kicked out of the tack house. Abby calmly replied, "Dad, it is the truth." Victor claimed Nick was resentful because his father had a good relationship with his grandchildren. Victor said he'd refrained from confronting Nick because he didn't want to lose his temper in front of Faith. Abby pleaded with Victor to talk to Nick and work things out before the situation worsened.

At the Underground, Chelsea was shocked to hear that Nick had told Faith the truth about Victor's actions. Nick said, "I had to. I had to clean up the mess Dad made by going to see Faith at camp. He twisted the story around and made me look like the bad guy." Chelsea asked Nick if he'd told Faith what had led up to Victor's decision to kick him off the ranch. Nick replied, "Not the specifics. There's way worse that I could've told her."

Chelsea questioned Nick about what Victor had done. Nick claimed he'd been referring to wrongs done to Sharon. Nick recalled that Faith had stood up to Victor during an encounter at the stables. Nick told Chelsea he wouldn't refuse to let Faith spend time with Victor because the child was close to her grandfather.

Chelsea suddenly realized that no patrons had shown up. Nick said he'd allowed Faith to stay overnight with a friend, and he'd given the bar staff the night off so he and Chelsea could enjoy a romantic dinner alone. Nick's smile turned to a grimace when Victor walked in. Victor asked to speak to Nick alone. Chelsea pledged her support for Nick and warned Victor not to use Connor as a weapon.

After Chelsea stepped out, Victor asked Nick if he was poisoning everyone against him. Victor berated Nick for putting a child in the middle of a family feud. Nick said, "That's your spin. This time, the blame is on you. You put Faith in the middle of this."

Nick expressed anger at Victor for telling Faith lies about the reason he'd moved into the penthouse with Chelsea. Nick added that Victor had put Faith in a difficult situation, which had forced her to lie to both of her parents. Victor grew quiet when Nick admitted that Nikki had called the camp and learned that Victor had gone behind their backs and visited Faith before she'd left camp. Victor said Nick had been looking for an excuse to keep Faith away from him.

Nick insisted he wouldn't keep Faith from seeing Victor. Nick said he'd kept Faith out of the conflict to protect Victor. Nick added, "I'm not doing that anymore." Victor replied, "From now on, there'll be no protection of you, either. Remember that." After Victor left, Chelsea checked on Nick. Nick said, "We made our feelings known. The lines have been drawn. There's no going back."

At the Abbott cabin, Nikki breathed a sigh of relief as she entered through the door. Jack led the way and turned on the light. Nikki said all her cares had melted away, and she insisted on making dinner. Jack chuckled. Nikki recalled that she hadn't always been a lady of the manor and had eagerly embraced the process of doing things for herself. Nikki said she looked forward to listening to the cry of the loons while sitting in the moonlight. Nikki said she believed time spent at the lakeside cabin had allowed her to draw the strength she'd needed to leave Victor. Jack asked Nikki if she'd made a return visit because her conviction had wavered.

Abby stopped by the cabin unexpectedly and asked Jack and Nikki if they were trying to "start the final Newman-Abbott war." Nikki reminded Abby that she and Victor were separated. Nikki refused to elaborate after mentioning that a complex situation had forced her decision to leave Victor. Abby claimed that Nikki was shutting her out because she was a Newman in name only and not part of the inner circle. Abby added that something that had happened before the concert had split the family apart, but no one would tell her what. Abby said Victor had become distraught after Faith had turned against him. Abby pleaded with Nikki not to hurt Victor, because he would lash out.

After Abby left, Jack offered to drive Nikki home. Nikki admitted that she'd been searching for an escape. Nikki said Victor would find a way to retaliate against them. Jack dared Victor to "bring it on." Jack and Nikki stepped outside and stood on a porch, enjoying the moonlit evening. Jack insisted he and Nikki could handle Victor. Jack drew Nikki close and said, "This is our time, Nikki. This is our place, and no one can take this from us." As Jack kissed Nikki, an unknown, unseen person snapped photographs.

From the ranch house, Victor phoned Nikki. Nikki didn't answer, so he left a message. Victor said, "You have made your loyalties clear. Damaging my relationship with my granddaughter Faith comes at a cost." After Victor hung up, he gazed at a framed photo of Nick holding Faith. Victor made another call. He said, "I told you the day would come when I'd need a favor from you. Well, the day is here. I want you to come back to Genoa City."

Jack and Ashley learn Graham is from Genoa City Jack and Ashley learn Graham is from Genoa City

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Over breakfast at the Ashby home, Lily called out to ask where Charlie was. He entered the room and inquired whether Mattie had finished yet, but Lily urged him to sit down and eat, since having meals together was important. Charlie asked how Mattie's life was going, and she grumbled that she was still grounded. Charlie was shocked, and Mattie remarked that their dad wasn't the only one who could mess up around there.

Lily revealed that Mattie had cut class, and Charlie thought they were pulling a prank on him. Mattie remained sullen, and Charlie speculated that she'd cut school to build a robot or consult with NASA. Mattie admitted that she'd been with Reed, and Charlie surmised that she'd been caught ignoring the edict not to see Reed. She called their dad a master detective, and she abruptly excused herself to brush her teeth. Charlie asked Lily what Cane had done.

Lily preferred to hear about Charlie, since he was usually never around for breakfast. He forlornly recognized that he no longer had early morning football practice, and she asked if he liked cross-country. He acknowledged that practice was easier, but he missed football and the guys on the team. Lily reasoned that things would go back to normal once the season was over, but Charlie lamented that he would have made the team if he'd just been a little bit better.

Charlie encouraged Lily not to be too hard on Mattie for skipping class, and Lily wondered what he thought of Reed. Charlie expressed that a smart, pretty girl like Mattie was "another hemisphere" from a wannabe rock star, but he figured that his sister was good at sizing people up, so there had to be something to Reed. Mattie returned and declared that she was ready to go, and Lily suggested that the twins take her car to school. Mattie assumed that Lily was making sure she got there, and Charlie quipped, "Let's waltz, Matilda." Lily lovingly looked on as the teens headed out.

Charlie drove to school, and Mattie was irritated when he wouldn't unlock the car door. He asked if she was mad because he'd teased her about cutting class, and she contended that there had been extreme circumstances because their parents had been unfair. She defended that skipping first period had been the only way for her to see Reed, and Charlie wished that she'd told him about her plans. Mattie imagined that he would have told her to "dump the loser," but Charlie insisted that he would have taught her to beat the system to avoid getting busted. He questioned what had happened between Cane and Mattie, and she groaned that their dad had made everything a million times worse.

Mattie recounted that Cane had found her headband at Reed's house and that Victoria had caught Cane yelling at Reed. Charlie thought it was no surprise that Cane had been upset when Mattie hadn't been allowed to see Reed, but Mattie swore that they'd only been hanging out. Charlie suspected that more had been going on, and she admitted that she and Reed had been kissing. Charlie wondered if Reed was worth the trouble. Mattie bemoaned that no one would have a problem with her and Reed being together if Cane hadn't messed up.

Cane stopped by the Ashby home, and Lily informed him that the kids weren't there. He confessed that he'd timed it that way, since he and Lily needed to talk. Lily wasn't ready to discuss anything deep, but Cane pleaded that the clock was ticking on their marriage, so they couldn't keep putting it off. He contended that things needed to change because the separation was affecting their children, but she figured that the twins would get used to it. Cane argued that Mattie had never acted out before, and Lily reported that Charlie blamed himself for not making the football team. Cane stressed that the turmoil was taking a toll on their kids, so they needed to address it right away.

Lily knew that Cane wanted to move back in, but she still needed time apart, and she couldn't force the process. Cane looked around the room and recalled various memories that they'd shared in the house, and he wanted that life back. He recognized that it would be hard work, but he insisted that they couldn't fix their marriage if he wasn't there. Lily explained that she needed her home to be a safe space, but Cane swore that what they had was too precious not to fight for. She replied that she didn't want to fight, and he suggested a compromise.

Lily was taken aback when Cane suggested that they see a marriage counselor. He recognized that he hadn't wanted to go the last time they'd had problems, and she imagined that he wouldn't be having a child with another woman if they had sought counseling. Cane refused to step back and let their marriage die, but Lily felt uncomfortable with the thought of reliving everything in front of a stranger. He thought they could push past the pain if they acknowledged the hurt and truth in a controlled environment with a professional, and be had faith that they'd somehow be able to save their marriage and put their family back together. Lily reluctantly agreed to try it.

At the Abbott cabin, Jack asked Nikki if she'd slept well, and she gushed about the blissful quiet. He joked that she could pretend that she'd missed having him in bed with her, and he suggested that she make it up to him with a good morning kiss. She obliged, and she thanked him for remembering her tea. Jack commented that he needed java in the morning, but Nikki preferred to stick with her tried and true. He thought it sounded like a reference to Victor, and she quipped that Victor had been tried but not true, which was why she was there. Jack chuckled as he wrapped his arms around her.

Jack volunteered to call off his meetings and stay at the cabin, but Nikki said she had appointments, too. He hoped one of them was with a lawyer to make her separation official, but she indicated that she was meeting with a trainer at the gym to stay healthy. He noted that whatever she'd been doing lately had been working, and she credited him for being part of it. Nikki marveled that it gave her peace to be at the cabin, but Jack recognized that Abby's intrusion hadn't been soothing. Nikki asserted that they didn't have to apologize to anyone, and she liked the pace they'd set for themselves. He called it slow and easy, and they kissed.

Ashley ran into Victor in the Athletic Club foyer and congratulated him on his brilliant idea to have Abby move onto the ranch. Ashley referred to Victor's first impression of Graham, and Victor inquired whether he'd been correct about Graham being after Dina's money. Ashley nodded, but she thought it would be difficult to do something about it.

Ashley explained that Graham had told her and Dina that both of his parents were dead, but she'd discovered that his mother was very much alive and that he was taking excellent care of her in an expensive senior living facility. Ashley noted that Graham had gone to a lot of trouble to work his way into Dina's life, including giving a sob story about being an orphan. Victor inquired about Dina's reaction when she'd found out the truth, and Ashley replied that she was about to find out. Ashley hoped that Dina would realize that she'd been played and give her companion the boot.

In her hotel suite, Dina tossed and turned in bed as she flashed back to threatening to kill Brent if he ever said a word about their secret. Brent had sworn that he wanted his daughter to know him as a father, but Dina had refused to let him see Ashley ever again. Dina had clutched a gun as she'd told Brent that he'd done all the damage she intended to allow. Dina suddenly awakened and called out for Graham.

Dina summoned Graham to her suite. She rambled that she'd made a terrible mistake when she'd told him about Ashley not being John's daughter. Graham figured that no harm had been done, since Ashley was already aware of it. Dina clarified that it wasn't public knowledge, nor was what she'd done to her husband and daughter. Graham was glad that Dina had opened up to him, but she wasn't because she'd sworn to take the secret to the grave. He assured her that she could trust all her secrets to him, but she warned that he would be dead to her if he ever told another living soul.

Dina apologized for being harsh. Graham insisted that it was no different than other sensitive information that she'd trusted him with, but he was surprised that something that had happened many years earlier still had an effect on her. Dina recalled that she'd been a terrible wife who'd resented John's devotion to his company, so she'd had affairs. She regretted that Ashley had paid the price for Dina's failings, and Graham again suggested that they leave town because it was obvious how much Ashley's attitude pained Dina. Dina refused to leave Genoa City and anticipated that it would just take time to repair her relationship with Ashley.

Graham contended that Ashley would always feel that Dina had ruined the one thing that had meant the most to her -- her relationship with her father. Dina huffed that she wasn't going back to Europe and that she didn't need him instructing her about her own daughter. Graham considered the matter closed, and he offered to give Dina a ride to work, but she announced that she wasn't going in that day. She sourly imagined that Jack wouldn't be there, either, since he'd gone out of town with Victor Newman's wife. Graham pointed out that Victor and Nikki were separated, but Dina contended that an unhappy marriage was still a marriage. She lamented that her children were making the same mistakes she had.

There was a knock at the door, and Graham opened it to Ashley, who declared that she was there to see her mother. Graham pointedly noted that she'd gone to the right room that time, and Dina invited Ashley to join them. Dina scolded Ashley for making up a convoluted lie about why she'd been in Graham's room, and she assumed that Ashley had found nothing that Graham had been hiding. Ashley requested that Graham step out so she could speak to Dina alone, and Graham left to go to the gym.

Dina lectured that it would have been much easier if Ashley had been truthful with Graham, but Ashley defended that she hadn't wanted him to get mad at Dina. Dina demanded that Ashley give up the notion that Graham was out to get Dina, but Ashley swore that she never would after what she'd learned the night before. Ashley mentioned the active living residence in Boca Raton, and Dina surmised that Ashley and Jack wanted to ship her there. Ashley divulged that Graham's mother was living there, and she found it highly disturbing, given that Graham had told all of them that his mother was dead.

Dina scoffed at the idea that Graham was hiding a parent in another state, but Ashley reported that she'd found a pricey monthly statement that proved Graham had paid for the residence. Dina theorized that perhaps he had a distant aunt, but Ashley relayed that she'd made a call to confirm her suspicions that the resident was Graham's mother. Ashley conceded that the woman she'd spoken with hadn't identified herself as Graham's mother, and Dina accused Ashley of jumping to erroneous conclusions again. Ashley thought it was clear that Graham's mother was alive and that he'd set things up to meet Dina in Monte Carlo.

Ashley ranted that Graham had inserted himself into every aspect of Dina's life and ingratiated himself to the point where she'd left him the bulk of her estate. Dina opted to focus on Ashley's agenda, but Ashley insisted that she was only looking out for Dina, since Graham was trying to turn Dina against her own children. Dina barked that with all of Ashley's foolishness, it just might work. Ashley stormed out.

Victor worked out with the punching bag at the gym, and he noticed Graham staring at him. Graham said it was good to see him again, and Victor asked if he boxed. Graham replied that he didn't spar, but he thought punching the bag was a good way to work out his thoughts. Victor gave Graham some pointers on working out with the punching bag, but he excused himself when he spotted Nikki.

Victor approached Nikki and asked if she'd been home the night before, and she mentioned that her phone had been turned off. He inquired whether it had been off that morning, as well, since he'd expected her to return his call. Victor pushed to know where she'd been the previous night, but Nikki retorted that she hadn't jumped to answer his call, nor would she run her itinerary past him. She added that she'd enjoyed the peace and quiet, and Graham listened as Victor demanded to know whether she'd been with Jack.

Nikki walked away, dismissing the conversation as one she wasn't interested in. Victor continued to press her to reveal where she'd been, but she cautioned that he was way out of line. As Graham eavesdropped, Nikki lectured that living apart meant her personal life was none of Victor's concern. Victor bellowed that she was still his wife, and she warned him not to speak to her like a minion if he wanted it to stay that way. She addressed his messages about Nick and Faith, and he insisted on dealing with it immediately. Nikki insisted that she always had time to speak about their kids or grandkids, but she refused to discuss Jack with him.

Victor snarled that he'd wanted to tell Nikki in person that she'd had no right to interfere, but she defended that it was her family, too. Nikki admitted that she'd been upset that Victor had gone around their son, but he insisted that she should have discussed it with him. Nikki asserted that Nick had deserved to know, but Victor raged that she'd ruined his relationship with his granddaughter, who no longer trusted him. Nikki questioned whose fault that was, and she argued that Faith could count on her. Victor hissed that Nikki was making a big mistake, and she admonished him for making a scene in the gym. He snapped that he didn't care.

Graham picked up an envelope outside his hotel room door and entered his suite. He opened the envelope, which contained a note that said "per your request" and photos of Nikki and Jack kissing at the cabin. He slid the photos back into the envelope and pulled out a file folder from his desk drawer. He affixed a preprinted address label showing Victor's address to the envelope, and he peeled off another label to show Dina's room at the hotel as the return address. Meanwhile, Dina sat alone in her room, staring at Graham's number on her phone.

At Jabot, Ashley informed Jack that she was certain that she'd spoken to Graham's mother, but Dina couldn't begin to entertain the possibility that Graham had lied. Jack wished Dina could give the same benefit of the doubt to her kids, and he thought they should keep digging to find out why Graham had wanted Dina to think that his parents were dead. Ashley figured that they could fly to Boca Raton, but she was sure that Graham's mother had no idea about the lies her son was spinning. Jack wondered if Dina had a connection to Graham's mother. Ashley relayed that when she'd told Dina about the facility in Boca Raton, Dina had thought they wanted ship her there. Jack remarked that it wasn't such a bad idea.

Over speakerphone, Jack expressed interest in touring the assisted living complex, and Ashley mused that it seemed like a great fit for their mother. Jack claimed that they'd been referred to the facility by a friend -- Myrna Bloodworth. A facility representative confirmed that Myrna had been living in one of their most luxurious units since the complex had opened in 2012.

Jack promised to look into flights, and the employee remarked that Myrna would be excited to have a visitor from her hometown -- Genoa City. After they hung up, Jack and Ashley were stunned that Graham was from Genoa City, too. Ashley wondered if Graham's obsession went back much further and "what the hell" had started it.

Lily walks out of a counseling session Lily walks out of a counseling session> Lily walks out of a counseling session Lily walks out of a counseling session

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

by Nel

At the Underground, Nick advised Noah that the Ann Arbor location was moving ahead very quickly since they'd been able to secure their liquor license. Noah knew Nick wasn't happy that Victor had used his clout to get the license. Nick assured Noah that it was done, and he was over it because they needed the license to move forward. Nick acknowledged that Victor had helped them through a serious roadblock. Nick told Noah he wanted to contact his banker to make sure they had enough money on hand in case they saw another location they would like to purchase.

Noah was very excited and thanked Nick for financing his dream. Noah added that he and Devon had met a promoter at the music festival in San Francisco, Irv West, who was a major player. Noah said that Irv was heading to Genoa City to see Tessa perform. Noah claimed that he'd been politely stalking Irv in an effort to persuade Irv to make a stop in Genoa City. Nick was shocked when Noah said that Irv would be at the Underground later that evening.

Noah told Nick that Tessa was a gifted artist. She had taken her painful memories and turned them into compelling music, and it helped that Tessa had Devon's support. Nick teased that Noah was a big fan and not just of Tessa's music. Noah admitted that they'd become closer. Noah claimed that he wanted to manage his expectations. Nick wondered if Noah had doubts about Tessa, but Noah confessed that he wanted to stop finding girls who were challenging and drama queens. He was trying to reset his default from rescue to something deeper and more mutual.

Noah admitted that he'd been extremely upset because Tessa hadn't told him about Crystal. Nick felt that if Crystal was involved in the sex trade, it wouldn't have been easy for Tessa to talk about it. Noah stated that Tessa had told Mariah. Tessa had explained that she'd held back from sharing that information with him because she'd believed that Noah would be judgmental and that she'd have to live up to a higher standard because Noah was a Newman. Tessa had later realized that Noah was only interested in who she was.

Nick regretted not helping Crystal more after he'd found her by the Dumpster. He wished he'd known that Crystal was Tessa's sister. Noah said that Nick's instincts were always to step in and help -- that was who Nick had always been and the example he'd set for Noah his entire life. He loved Nick for it.

At Crimson Lights, Kevin received a call from Victor telling Kevin to meet him at the ranch. Michael arrived and greeted Kevin with a warm hug. Michael said he hoped the phone call had been Kevin leaving Michael a voicemail message that Kevin was in town. Kevin said that that was going to be his next call. Kevin told Michael that Bella needed some grandmother time and was at Esther's. Kevin told Michael that he and Bella were very happy in Portland, and it had been the right move for them.

Michael pointed out that Kevin had provided more information at that moment than in all of Kevin's emails and social media combined. Kevin apologized. Michael claimed he'd been waiting for an invitation to pay Kevin a visit in Portland. Kevin said that as soon as he and Bella were settled, Kevin's door was open for a visit from Michael. Kevin said that Bella was in a good place with her mom and corrected himself and said memories. Michael was happy and said he had to get to court. Michael began to leave but stopped at the door and stared at Kevin's back.

At Chelsea's, Jordan griped about Devon telling him not to play with Devon's ex-wife's fragile emotions. Jordan claimed that Hilary had been using him. Devon had accused Jordan of standing on the sidelines, waiting for Lily and Cane to split. Devon knew that Jordan and Lily were friends. Chelsea understood Devon's reaction -- Jordan had dumped Hilary and hadn't wasted any time before having dinner with Lily and the twins. She asked if things had gone any further. Jordan admitted that he'd kissed Lily, and it had been a simple kiss.

Chelsea told Jordan to look at things from Lily's perspective. Lily probably felt like she'd been through a wringer -- very hurt, angry, and vulnerable. Chelsea teasingly chastised Jordan for kissing Lily under those circumstances. Jordan felt that Lily had been pulling away, and he said that he'd never wanted to pressure her in any way. Chelsea stated that Lily was focusing on her family and the future.

Chelsea reminded Jordan that Lily and Cane were a long-term couple with a long history. Chelsea said that when Lily was ready to make a break, he'd know. Chelsea reminded Jordan about their past and how it had taught them to block people out. She admitted that that wasn't healthy. She cautioned Jordan to protect his heart. Nick arrived, and Jordan left.

Nick thanked Chelsea for looking after Christian while he and Noah had been in Ann Arbor and Faith had been with Sharon. Chelsea was concerned about Faith being with Victor, but Nick felt Faith wouldn't want to see Victor. Nick maintained that Victor had had no business going to see Faith at camp. He blamed Victor for creating the situation with Faith.

Nick told Chelsea that he was waiting for Victor to retaliate. Chelsea was surprised that Nick didn't seem worried. Nick advised her that he'd taken steps to protect himself. When Victor was involved, Nick had to be a few steps ahead of Victor and prepared for anything. Nick told Chelsea he loved her and their life together. They made love on the sofa.

At the gym, Cane thanked Hilary for pushing him to be more proactive and said it would finally pay off. He said he and Lily had an appointment with a marriage counselor. Hilary was delighted and stated it was a great strategy to emphasize the family aspect to remind Lily what she'd be throwing away. Cane was hopeful that seeing a counselor would give him and Lily a chance to work things out.

After Cane left, Jordan arrived and asked if Hilary needed help with the weights. Hilary coldly refused his help and thanked him. Jordan advised her that he was back at Brash & Sassy, and he asked how Hilary was doing. She sarcastically replied, "Outstanding." Hilary began to lift weights, and Jordan helped her. Hilary asked why he wasn't at work. Jordan replied that it was his day off.

Hilary informed Jordan that Lily and Cane had gone to see a marriage counselor in an effort to save their marriage. Hilary was certain that Cane and Lily wanted to reunite. Hilary was taken aback when Jordan said that Lily and Cane needed to work things out. He knew the twins would be happy if their parents reunited. When Jordan helped Hilary with her oblique exercises, she looked at him longingly.

At Crimson Lights, Lily bumped into Juliet and stared at Juliet's belly. Juliet had heard that the Dare campaign had been revived and she was happy that Lily had her job back. Lily realized that Cane had informed Juliet about her status. Juliet said that Cane had been thrilled about Lily being called back to work. In turn, Lily said she was happy the test results were negative for cystic fibrosis and that the baby would be okay. Juliet commented that some people didn't understand the maternal bond between mothers and their babies unless they'd experienced it firsthand. Juliet said that Lily knew how that felt.

Lily was stung by the comment, but she admitted that Cane had told her that Juliet was carrying a boy. Juliet said that Cane had been very supportive through everything, and she knew it was because Lily had encouraged him to act responsibly. Lily denied it and said that Cane had taken on the responsibility. Lily said she had to leave for an appointment, wished Juliet the best, and left. Outside, Lily paused and took a deep breath.

At the therapist's office, Cane thanked Lily for attending. The therapist arrived and told them to be open and truthful. The therapist confirmed that Cane had mentioned that he and Lily had recently separated, and Cane confirmed that they were both committed to preserving the family and possibly their marriage. She asked Lily to explain why Lily was there. Lily said she didn't want the family to split up, and she wanted to trust Cane again. Cane agreed and admitted he was to blame for their situation. He stated that Lily and the twins were his world.

Cane was asked to explain the choices he'd made and his regrets. Cane said that he'd had sex with a colleague in Tokyo. He explained that he'd gotten ridiculously drunk after he and Juliet had closed a business deal. They'd wound up having sex, but there hadn't been any repeat incidents. He said he'd never had any conscious sexual thoughts about Juliet. He told Lily that he loved her and that he'd made a terrible mistake, which he'd regret the rest of his life.

The therapist explained that trust was at the root of all marriages, and it wasn't an easy thing to get back. She said that Cane had taken a solid step to owning his mistake. Lily interrupted and stated that there wasn't only one mistake in Tokyo, but a series of them. She said that Cane had sworn to her that nothing had happened. Lily said she'd defended Cane to everyone, including the twins. Cane had lied over and over again, even after seeing video footage of him and Juliet entering his hotel room and Juliet leaving hours later. It had been humiliating. Lily declared that the twin's lives had been undone, and for Cane to state it had been a mistake was insensitive and inadequate.

Cane admitted that Lily was right and that he'd endangered their marriage with a woman who'd meant nothing to him. It had been a meaningless night and one that he didn't even remember. He didn't want to lose Lily, and he regretted what he'd done. He knew he'd let Lily and his kids down. Cane pointed out that they'd been through bad times before, and he was certain they could get past it.

Lily admitted she didn't like the way she felt about their situation. Cane jumped in and said that Lily had had an affair, and he'd forgiven her. Lily proclaimed that Cane couldn't compare what she'd done to his situation. Cane said that he'd gotten past Lily's affair, and he didn't understand why it was so hard for her to do the same for him. Lily reminded Cane that she could run into a certain pregnant woman at any time -- the way she had before the counseling meeting. It was a constant reminder that Cane had cheated and lied to her again and again.

Lily said that Cane had tried to ruin Billy's reputation out of spite, and because of that, Cane had hurt her, the kids, and many others. Juliet was carrying his child -- something she could never do because she'd had cancer, and that was the reason it was so difficult. Cane felt that Lily wasn't being fair about things that were out of his control. He claimed he was doing the right thing by taking responsibility for Juliet's baby. That was what Lily had told him to do.

Cane wanted to know why Lily was shutting him out. Cane admitted that he'd seen Jordan in their house, sitting in Cane's chair at their table, and having dinner with his kids. Lily said that Jordan was a friend and warned Cane not to imply that she'd been trying to replace Cane with another man.

Cane wanted Lily to tell him what she wanted. He'd admitted he'd been wrong, he'd become everyone's punching bag -- including his family and Lily's family, and he'd lost his job. He wanted to know what it would take for Lily to believe how sorry he was and to believe how much he loved her. He cried that he just wanted his family to stay and heal together.

Lily felt that Cane was pushing her to make a decision. Lily said she didn't have a timetable for making a decision. The therapist agreed and said that in order for counseling to work, they both had to want the same thing for their marriage to survive. That was what Cane wanted. Lily was asked if she wanted the same thing. Lily didn't respond. Cane took that to be her answer, and he asked why she'd agreed to participate in counseling. Lily had hoped to get clarity on how to deal with the twins because they'd been struggling with everything that had happened.

Cane was disappointed that Lily had attended counseling for Mattie and Charlie and not for them. The therapist said that Lily had been honest, and that was the point of the meeting. The therapist wanted them to take a final moment before ending the session, but Lily interrupted and said she couldn't continue. She walked out.

Kevin arrived at the ranch and informed Victor that his family was happy and thriving in Portland. Victor said that a solid family could be a healing force, but when the family was broken, it could turn to poison. Victor claimed that Nick had turned the family against him. Kevin was surprised that Nick had sabotaged Nikki's concert for charity. Victor claimed that Nick had almost succeeded.

Victor told Kevin to contact Hilary to view the video where Nick had admitted the sabotage and had claimed that he'd done it because he'd been concerned about Nikki's health. Nick had almost robbed Nikki of a wonderful experience. Kevin asked if that was the real motive for Nick to punish Victor. Victor stated that Kevin knew the motive: Adam. Victor said that Nick was a hypocrite because when Adam had been alive, Nick had hated Adam's guts. Kevin felt that Nick had appointed himself as Adam's avenger. Kevin said that Nick had stalked and harassed Chloe. He'd hunted Chloe down like a dog. If it hadn't been for Nick, things would have been very different.

Victor said that after the concert, Nick had prevented Nikki and Victor from reconciling and had influenced Nick's children against Victor. Victor claimed that he'd had a wonderful relationship with Faith until Nick had told her bad things about him. Victor said that Nick wanted to turn Noah against him, but Victor wouldn't allow that to happen. He told Kevin that he would give Nick what he wanted most. Victor wanted Nick to put his money where his mouth was. Kevin looked perplexed.

Juliet arrived at the Underground and saw Cane sitting at the bar. Cane invited her to join him. Cane appeared to have a lot on his mind, and she asked if he wanted to talk about it. Cane told her that he and Lily had seen a marriage counselor. It had turned out that he'd been an optimist, and things hadn't gone as he'd hoped. He said that it took two people to make things work, and he believed that Lily wasn't on the same page.

Michael arrived at Lily's. Lily thanked Michael for deescalating the situation with Victoria. Lily asked Michael what Cane's legal obligations were to Juliet. Michael advised her that Cane would have to pay for care, food, and medical expenses, and Juliet could ask that Cane share in the educational costs. Lily realized that the baby would be a constant part of their lives. Michael agreed.

Lily told Michael about the marriage counseling session, and she admitted she wasn't sure, but it might have been the last one. Michael asked if Lily wanted to take legal action. Lily admitted that previously, she hadn't been able to think about it, but she wasn't sure if she and Cane could get through it.

Victor enlists Kevin's help to take Nick down Victor enlists Kevin's help to take Nick down

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Cane poured a drink at the Chancellor mansion. The doorbell rang, and he was surprised to discover Juliet with bags of takeout food in hand. Juliet recounted that Cane had been discouraged after his marriage counseling session, and she worried that rough days could lead to rough nights. She thought Chinese would do the trick, but he replied that he didn't need her to take care of him. Juliet clarified that he didn't have to eat it with her, but Cane observed that it was too much food to eat on his own. She claimed that the baby was craving mu shu, and he invited her in.

Juliet admired the beautiful home, and Cane stressed that he was only staying there until he figured things out at home. He encouraged her to dig in, and she asked about him. Juliet assured him that there would be more counseling sessions, but Cane worried that it had been his first and last one. Juliet looked pleased.

Later, Cane offered Juliet the last egg roll, but she swore that she and the baby were too full. She started to clean up, but he insisted on doing it. He mentioned that he'd made a mean Aussie waffle as a back-to-school tradition, but he doubted that other traditions with the twins would happen that year. Juliet assured him that things would be easier once he moved home, and he grinned at her optimism. She joked that the smile hadn't cracked his face, so they'd made progress. She added that it was good, since they'd be raising a child together. He remained silent, and she asked if he'd changed his mind.

Cane reminded Juliet that his family was his priority, but Juliet countered that he'd been acting like a father to her child by accompanying her to doctor's appointments. She didn't expect him to be around all the time, but she insisted that their son know that his father loved him and wanted what was best for him. She thought it sounded like Cane wouldn't have the same love for their child that he had for Charlie and Mattie. Cane realized that he'd been sending Juliet mixed messages, and he explained that part of him couldn't help but be affected by having another child, but another part felt like he had to choose between his family and the baby.

Juliet insisted that the baby was Cane's family, too. She swore that her son would be the center of her universe and that she'd make sure he knew unconditional love, but she couldn't put her child's life on pause until Cane was ready to be a part of it. She added that she also had the names under control, and she was torn between Algernon and Wilbur, but she might use both names to honor two of her ancestors. Cane sputtered that there was no way his son would be called Wilbur Algernon, and Juliet chuckled and told him she was kidding. She pointed out that he couldn't have it both ways, so he either had to step back or step up.

Cane and Juliet good-naturedly bantered over possible names, and he insisted that their son deserved a decent name and "a decent everything." He apologized for how he'd been acting before, and she understood that things had been hard on him. He recognized that it had been hard on both of them, and she tenderly kissed his cheek. She hovered close and slowly planted a kiss on his lips.

Mattie returned home, and Lily declared that her daughter was just in time for a girls' night at the Athletic Club. Lily thought it would be nice to have a fun night to clear the air, but Mattie grumbled that nothing would change as long as her parents refused to let her see Reed. Lily implored Mattie to act like an adult by having an open, honest conversation without hostility, but Mattie recalled that she hadn't seen such communication between Lily and Cane lately. Lily swore that they were trying to work through things, and she mentioned that they'd had their first counseling session that day. Mattie hopefully asked if it meant they were getting back together.

Lily said she didn't know where she and Cane would end up, but they'd gone to counseling because their family was a priority. Mattie insisted that it meant her dad had to move back home, and she anticipated that he would be less uptight once he did. Lily warned that it wouldn't mean that Cane would let Mattie see Reed, since Cane's problems with Victoria wouldn't just go away. Lily wondered if Mattie would be able to forgive Cane if Lily took him back, and Mattie asserted that she could if their family went back to how it had been. Lily wasn't sure that was possible.

Lily lectured that Cane moving home wouldn't make everything go away, since he'd fathered a child with another woman. Mattie figured that her dad could write a check and move on, but Lily gently explained that taking Cane back might not be what she wanted. Lily confided that she didn't know what she wanted and that making a decision would take time. Jordan arrived, and he asked if it was a bad time. Mattie snapped that it was perfect, since her mom had made dinner reservations, and Lily and Jordan could go together because it was what they really wanted. Mattie stormed out.

Lily called to cancel the dinner reservation, and she told Jordan that Mattie still couldn't understand why Lily wasn't ready to take Cane back. Lily complained that she kept running into Juliet, and she was screaming inside because Juliet got to carry Cane's child when Lily would never be able to. Lily revealed that she'd had ovarian cancer, and while she'd been fortunate enough to save her eggs and have a surrogate carry the twins, she'd never be able to give birth to Cane's child. Lily lamented that she'd never get to feel what Juliet was feeling, and Jordan asserted that it was only happening because Cane had screwed up, but none of it was Lily's fault. Lily worried about doing the right thing for her family.

Jordan advised that any decision Lily made about her marriage shouldn't only be about her kids, since no one would be happy if she wasn't happy. Lily reiterated that she had to do what was best for her kids, and Jordan asked if the kids had been the only reason she'd gone to counseling. Lily bemoaned that even if she and Cane worked through their issues, she thought the baby would have a stronger pull on him than he realized.

At the cottage, Mariah modeled a slinky dress and asked Tessa what she looked like on a scale of one to ten, and Tessa proclaimed that Mariah was a 20. Mariah explained that it was her first night out with Devon since they'd made up, and she wanted to show him what he'd been missing. Mariah crowed that they were two hot girls going on a hot night out with hot guys, but Tessa announced that she hadn't dressed up for Noah -- she had someone new in her life. Tessa excitedly revealed that Irv was considering booking her as his opening act from coast to coast, but she couldn't help but feel guilty for focusing on her career when she was no closer to finding out where her sister was.

Mariah reasoned that it wouldn't help find Crystal any faster if Tessa put her dreams aside, and Tessa thanked Mariah for always being in her corner. Mariah gushed that she was Tessa's biggest fan. Devon and Noah arrived, and Devon admired Mariah's sexy look. Noah revealed that his dad had called for a family dinner, and Tessa figured that she could catch a ride with Devon and Mariah, but Noah explained that he wanted Tessa to go with him. Noah promised to have her to the club in time to meet Irv, and he and Tessa departed. Devon was glad to have some time alone with Mariah, and they kissed.

At Crimson Lights, Scott asked Sharon if she was doing all right, since he knew she was frustrated that they hadn't found Alice's car at the airport. Sharon groaned that they were back to square one again, since the car had vanished into thin air. Sharon believed there was still a chance that Alice was involved in the sex trafficking ring, but she didn't know the next step to take. Scott declared that he did.

Sharon was impressed by Scott's research, and he hoped that one of the women he'd interviewed would recognize Alice. Sharon worried about what would happen if word got back to Alice, since she couldn't bear the thought of something happening to him or Crystal, but Scott argued that he had to finish his series of articles on sex trafficking. Sharon figured that it would be worth it if even one girl called the crisis hotline as a result, but she insisted that he be safe. He swore that he'd do anything for her, and they kissed.

Sharon and Scott prepared to leave for the Underground, and she said Noah needed a packed house to impress a promoter. Scott volunteered to rave about Tessa's performance, and he inquired about how serious Noah and Tessa were getting. Sharon was grateful that Noah was taking things slowly, and Scott imagined that Noah had a lot on his plate with the expansion. Sharon informed Scott that she'd soon have Faith back at home, and she thought her daughter might be ready to meet him. Sharon was sure that Faith would like him, and she thought it was about time Faith saw how important he was to her.

At the penthouse, Nick told Chelsea that for dinner with the kids, he'd thrown everything in the kitchen into one big pot to create potpourri night as a new tradition. He noticed that she was distracted, and she admitted that she couldn't stop thinking about Victor. He refused to cancel his trip because of what Victor might do to get back at him, and he urged her not to let Victor get to her. Nick gushed that he had a woman he loved, great kids, and a business that he couldn't wait to expand with his son. Nick noted that it was something he and Victor would never have because his father was determined to control every aspect of Nick's life.

Later, Tessa admired the penthouse, and Noah said he smelled something interesting. Chelsea offered to finish up in the kitchen because Nick had done all the work, and Noah translated that it meant fixing Nick's mistakes behind his back. Faith entered and hugged Noah, who introduced Tessa as a musician who Faith would pay $200 to see in concert one day. Tessa insisted that Faith would get free backstage passes, and Noah mentioned that Tessa was living with Sharon and Mariah. Noah asked Faith about camp, but the girl became tight-lipped as she glanced over at Nick. A smoke alarm sounded, and Chelsea yelled to Nick for help.

Nick couldn't believe how fast his meal had broiled, and Noah suggested that they order pizza. Tessa imagined that it was nice for Faith to have two brothers to boss around, and Nick explained how Faith was related to Christian and Connor. Faith asked if Tessa had siblings, and Noah replied that Tessa had a younger sister. Noah continued to deflect Faith's questions about Tessa's family, and Chelsea intervened by requesting Faith's help with dessert. Nick apologized for the awkwardness, but Tessa commented that they were lucky to have such an amazing family.

Noah cornered Faith on the stairs and asked what was wrong, and Faith sadly revealed that her grandpa had lied to her about why Nick had left the ranch, so she'd been mad at the wrong person. Noah was sure that Nick and Victor hadn't wanted her to be caught in the middle, but she maintained that her grandfather shouldn't have lied. Noah encouraged her to remember that Victor loved her, and he thought that she'd learn as she got older that grownups weren't perfect. She whimpered that her grandpa had been.

Chelsea proposed a toast, and Nick hoped it wasn't for the pizza delivery guy. Chelsea declared that she'd miss Nick and Noah while they were out being movers and shakers. She continued that she was really proud of them and excited for the second branch of the Underground. She raised her glass to fathers and sons, and Faith added, "To dads and daughters."

Later, Nick asked if Faith was ready to go to her mom's, and he assured her that she didn't have to be nervous about seeing her grandpa. Faith asked if she had to see Victor, and Nick promised that neither he nor her mother would make her do anything she didn't want to do. He added that it was okay if she was still upset, but it also wouldn't hurt his feelings if she forgave Victor. Nick urged Faith to make the decision for herself, and they hugged.

Nick bet Chelsea couldn't wait until he left to have peace and quiet, but she said the quiet would make her miss him even more. They looked back fondly on the evening, and he noted that even Faith had cracked a few smiles. Chelsea pointed out that Faith had been surrounded by family who loved her, and she credited Nick with giving them all a great life. Nick clarified that they were doing it together, and they marveled that they'd managed to turn a bunch of rascals into one big family. They kissed.

At the Newman ranch, Kevin wondered what Victor had meant by making Nick put his money where his mouth was. Victor explained that Nick thought he didn't need Victor or the Newman name to be completely independent, but Kevin pointed out that Nick was loaded. Victor noted that Nick had gotten his independence from the enormous settlement from the lawsuit he'd filed against Victor, and he wanted to take that option away from Nick. Kevin thought there was no legal way to take the money from Nick's account. "That's where you come in," Victor replied.

Victor indicated that Nick had fired his financial advisor and moved his account to a bank that the Newmans didn't use, and Kevin assumed that Victor wanted him to hack into Nick's account. Victor explained that he wanted Kevin to access the account and transfer just the $500 million that Nick had won in the lawsuit. Kevin cautioned that such a large sum would likely be tied up in investments, and Victor instructed him to liquidate the investments and transfer the cash into his account. Kevin protested that it was a felony, but Victor noted that it wouldn't be the first time Kevin had broken the law. Victor questioned whether Kevin was saying that he couldn't do it or wouldn't do it.

Kevin warned that Victor would be the first person Nick would suspect of relocating that much money, and Kevin didn't want to spend his life in the federal penitentiary. Victor argued that Nick wouldn't figure it out if Kevin did his job properly, and he insinuated that perhaps Kevin wasn't up to the task. Kevin bragged that he couldn't think of anyone who could do it more successfully than he could, but he was concerned about word getting out about his involvement. Victor swore that they were only ones who knew, and Kevin agreed to do it.

After dinner, Victor inquired how Kevin planned to access Nick's account, and Kevin figured that Nick wouldn't fall for a phishing scheme. Victor offered any equipment or funds that Kevin needed, and Kevin asked about the time frame. Victor replied that it didn't matter as long as it was done right, and Kevin recalled when Nick had been the good son in Victor's war with Adam. Victor barked that Nick had turned his grandkids against him -- and no one got away with that. Kevin thought Nick would regret turning his back on Victor. Victor agreed, but he'd reached a point where he didn't care.

Victor haughtily stated that Nick had always had difficulty admitting his mistakes and had blamed everyone else instead. Victor insisted that he was taking measures to give Nick what he really wanted -- total independence -- and they'd see how it worked out.

At the Underground, Devon told Mariah that he hadn't seen Irv yet, and she threatened to track Irv down if he bailed. Mariah recognized that Tessa usually kept her emotions under the radar, but she thought Tessa really wanted to impress Irv. Devon suggested that they put work on hold for a moment, and they kissed. Sharon and Scott's arrival interrupted them, and Sharon pulled Mariah aside and assumed that Mariah and Devon had worked things out. Mariah announced that he'd made it clear that he wanted her and no one else.

Noah and Tessa arrived at the club, and she stepped away to tune up. Devon greeted Irv, who introduced his "girlfriend" -- Natalia. Devon raved about Tessa's music, and Irv said he'd liked her first track enough to check her out live on his way to Chicago. Noah showed Irv and Natalia to a table, and Mariah quipped to Devon that she'd thought for a moment that it was "bring your daughter to work" day. Devon welcomed Mariah to the music industry.

Devon informed Scott and Sharon that the promoter had shown up, and Scott promised to show his enthusiasm for Tessa's music. Across the bar, Irv told Natalia that she was more beautiful than her photos on the Internet, and she placed her hand over his. As Noah greeted the crowd, Sharon pointed out Irv to Scott, who thought he recognized the woman Irv was with.

Juliet faces a life-threatening condition Juliet faces a life-threatening condition

Friday, September 22, 2017

As Tessa took the stage at the Underground, Scott moved to get a closer look at the woman Irv was with. Tessa announced that she was going to play a song that she'd written about love and what happened when one lost it. Scott stared at Natalia and flashed back to meeting her in the seedy motel room. Irv smiled as Tessa performed, and the crowd erupted in applause when she finished. Sharon rushed over to Scott and inquired why he was interested in Irv's date, and Scott revealed that he'd met Natalia at the motel when he'd pretended to be a john.

Mariah hugged Tessa and gushed that the performance had been amazing. Noah enthused that the crowd hadn't been able to get enough, and Irv approached with Natalia at his side. Irv stated that Tessa's performance had exceeded the hype, and he thought Devon had undersold her talent. Irv asked if Tessa liked life on the road, since he wanted to send her across the Midwest on tour as the opening act for some of his more established artists. Irv added that she'd be headlining soon enough with her talent and looks, and he needed her on his roster.

Devon indicated that he was on board, and Tessa enthusiastically threw her arms around Irv, who jokingly warned her not to make his girlfriend jealous. Natalia complimented Tessa's performance and stepped away to the ladies' room. Sharon realized that it was the only chance to get Natalia alone, and Scott prepared to distract Irv while Sharon went to find Natalia. Scott approached as Irv bragged about his past success stories, and Noah informed Irv that Scott ran Hashtag. Irv suggested that Scott do a profile on him to get a ton of hits.

Devon mentioned that Tessa was going on the road to open for Irv's clients, and Scott raved about how Tessa's lyrics had grabbed him. Tessa thanked Scott with a hug, and he covertly whispered to her that Irv's "girlfriend" was a hooker who knew Crystal. Tessa excused herself to splash some water on her face, and Irv wondered why his girl was taking such a long time. Scott figured that she was gabbing with the other ladies, and he offered to buy Irv a drink while he got some background information for his article about the music promoter.

Sharon and Tessa stopped Natalia as she exited the ladies' room, but Natalia protested that her date was waiting. Tessa insisted that it was important, and she and Sharon led Natalia into the office. Tessa showed Natalia a photo of Crystal and explained that Crystal was her sister. A look of recognition crossed Natalia's face, but she turned away and fibbed that she didn't know Crystal. Sharon surmised that Crystal and Natalia worked for the same people, and Tessa explained that she'd been trying to locate Crystal for weeks. Tessa begged Natalia for her help.

Natalia confirmed that Crystal had been her friend and that the people they worked for had taken Crystal somewhere. Tessa desperately asked if there was anything else that Natalia could tell them, and Natalia said she wanted to help but couldn't, since she shouldn't have been gone from her date that long. Tessa pressed her number into Natalia's hand and asked her to call if she had any new information. Natalia headed to the door, but she turned and stated that she liked Crystal very much. After Natalia left, Tessa tearfully realized that she might actually have a lead. Sharon hugged her.

Scott peppered Irv with questions, and Irv wondered if Scott should be writing down or recording his answers. Natalia returned, and Irv handed Scott a business card to arrange a time to finish the interview. Noah told Irv that he was sure Tessa wanted to talk to him further, but Irv insisted that he had no time. Irv told Devon to send him an email with Tessa's bio and links to her music, and he led Natalia out.

Tessa rejoined her friends and couldn't wait to tell them what Irv's date had said. Mariah protested when Devon wanted to take off to stop by the office, but she agreed to go with him. After Devon and Mariah headed out, Noah expressed regret that Tessa hadn't spent more time with Irv. Tessa commented that sometimes less was more, since things had turned out better than she'd expected.

Noah kissed Tessa and commended her spectacular performance. He mentioned that he was leaving the following day, but he offered to let his dad take the meeting solo, since he wanted to be there in case she heard something about her sister. Tessa explained that while Irv had been part of the reason she'd been excited earlier, it hadn't been the main reason. She asked if Noah had noticed anything about Irv's date, and Noah recalled that the girl had been too young and hot for Irv and that the two clearly hadn't really known one another. Noah realized that Natalia was a hooker.

Noah was aghast that the guy who was going to represent Tessa had been there with a girl from the sex trafficking ring. Tessa recalled that she'd almost given up hope after she'd lost contact with Crystal, but knowing that Natalia knew and cared about Crystal had given her something to hold onto. Noah thought Nick would understand if he didn't go to Michigan, but Tessa wanted Noah to follow his dream. He insisted that she be careful and not run off if she got any leads in his absence, and she promised that she'd be safe. They kissed.

Sharon expressed frustration to Scott that they hadn't been able to get more out of Natalia, but she had her fingers crossed that Natalia would call Tessa. Sharon figured that all they could do was wait, but Scott noted that Irv had paid for drinks with his credit card, so perhaps they could take the card information to Paul. Sharon thought she owed it to Crystal to follow up on any possible leads, and she commended Scott for recognizing Natalia. Sharon added that she owed him, and she always paid her debts. They kissed.

After stopping by the office to email the documents Irv had requested, Devon suggested that he and Mariah have a drink at the Athletic Club bar. Mariah admitted that she was preoccupied because she hadn't heard anything further from Tessa. Devon noted that Mariah had been really into Tessa's performance that night, and Mariah figured that everyone had been. He offered to drop Mariah off at home, but his voice trailed off when he alluded to another possibility. She wondered if it was his way of asking her to spend the night. He pointed out that it had been awhile, and she suggested that they fix that. They kissed.

At the Athletic Club gym, Phyllis asked if Billy was sore yet, and he thanked her for getting his mind off the war with Jack and Jabot. She assured him that he could handle anything that was thrown his way, and he admitted that sometimes it felt like too much, but she made him feel sane again. They kissed, and he suggested that they go upstairs for a bite to eat.

In the dining room, Jack pitched an idea to Hilary about featuring a new Parker Beauty product each day of the week. She thought it sounded fantastic, but she wanted some extra scoop for her viewers if she was going to promote Jabot's products. She noted that he'd been coy about how far he was willing to go to beat Brash & Sassy, and she wondered what his limits were. Billy and Phyllis arrived in the entryway, and he was sure that Jack and Hilary were cooking up something to make Brash & Sassy look bad. Billy vowed not to let it happen on his watch, but Phyllis stopped him from approaching the table.

Phyllis cautioned that making a scene wasn't a good idea, especially after the footage of Victoria had aired on Hilary's show. Billy suspected that Jack was feeding Hilary garbage about how Brash & Sassy was failing, and he contemplated how to fix it. Phyllis proposed that they either go back to the gym to let the aggression out or go home to relax and make love until they passed out. Billy chose the second option, and they headed out.

Jack crowed that he always found a way to win, and Hilary pushed him to spill. He pointed out that he'd be a fool to let a reporter in on his strategy, but she countered that she was part of it. He insisted that he hadn't forgotten, and Victoria approached as Hilary departed. Jack invited Victoria to join him, but she was skeptical. He reminded her that they were supposed to be friendly competitors.

Jack reasoned that it was a proven success to feature products on Hilary's show. He added that Jabot was just playing catch-up after how well Brash & Sassy had been selling at Fenmore's, but he anticipated that Victoria would feel like things were standing still once Parker Beauty products hit the shelves. He implied that something else would happen after that, and she pressed to know what it was. He contended that Jabot always knew when the competition had an edge and what to do to stay on top. Victoria wondered if he was trying to rattle her, and he asked if it had worked.

At home, Billy groused that Siberia was less empty than their fridge, and Phyllis suggested that he check the cupboards. They bickered about why they had so little food in the house, and he suggested that they return to the club to eat. Phyllis declared that he wasn't fooling her, since she knew he wanted to see what Jack was up to. She refused to let it happen because Billy was all hers that night, and she kissed him passionately.

After dining on peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, Phyllis pretended to forget what she and Billy were going to do after dinner. Billy kissed her neck to help her remember, but his phone rang. She insisted that he take the call while she drew a bubble bath, and she seductively said she might let him join her when he was done. She sauntered off, and he answered a call from Victoria, who relayed that she'd just had an interesting run-in with Jack. Billy mentioned that he'd seen Jack and Hilary at the club with their heads together, and Victoria sensed that Jack was up to something big.

Billy recalled that the Parker Beauty launch was the only thing they knew about, but Victoria implored him to find out what Jabot's next new project was. Billy heard the tub running, and he opened Phyllis' laptop. Billy reported that Dina's password was still working. He added that Phyllis was waiting for him, and he didn't want to give her reason to wonder where he was. He plugged a flash drive into Phyllis' computer and began to download some files.

At Jabot, Jack told someone over the phone that he wanted the whole proposal as fast as they could get it to him. He instructed them to tell research and development that it was "go time."

At the Chancellor mansion, Juliet hoped she hadn't been out of line by kissing Cane, but she thought it had been what he'd needed in the moment. He confirmed that he'd been down when she'd arrived, but he was doing better. Juliet prepared to leave as Kevin entered. Kevin was surprised to see Cane, who explained that he was staying there. Cane introduced Juliet, and Kevin recognized her as an employee at Brash & Sassy. Juliet clarified that she no longer worked there, and she and Kevin awkwardly exchanged pleasantries before she departed.

Kevin asked where Cane's wife was, and Cane guessed that Lily was at home. Kevin remarked that there had been a lot of changes since he'd left, and he inquired who Juliet was besides an ex-coworker. Esther appeared and reported that Bella was napping, and Kevin wondered why she hadn't told him that she was shacking up with Cane. Esther sourly replied that she'd been trying to pretend that Cane wasn't there, but it wasn't easy. She griped that Cane's stay was supposed to be temporary, but his stuff was everywhere, and the whole house smelled like mu shu pork. Esther went to check on Bella while Cane filled Kevin in on everything.

Kevin was stunned to learn that Cane was having another son. Cane conceded that it hadn't been what he'd planned, but he intended to be a father to his child. Kevin imagined that it was a sore spot for Lily, since she'd already given Cane a lot of chances. Cane explained that she was trying to forgive him, but he thought it was too much. Cane lamented that he'd thought counseling would steer them in the right direction, but it had blown them off course. Kevin recalled that Lily had eventually forgiven Cane for the bad things he'd pulled before, but Cane thought Juliet's baby would be a daily reminder of why Lily should never forgive him.

Esther returned to fetch something for Bella to drink, and Kevin said the girl had missed her. He added that it wasn't easy to live far away, and Cane asked why Kevin had moved. Kevin replied that he'd needed a fresh start, but he was back for a brief visit for business and for Bella to spend time with her grandmother. Esther mused that Bella reminded her of Chloe at that age, and she sternly told Cane that she'd put a can of air freshener on the counter.

Esther exited, and Cane took it as his cue to start cleaning up. Kevin assumed that there had been a cozy dinner for two, but Cane called it takeout between friends. Kevin questioned whether the pregnancy had drawn Cane and Juliet closer, and Cane indicated that just being in the same room had been a big step. Cane insisted that what was important was the baby, and he didn't plan on abandoning an innocent child.

Juliet entered the Athletic Club, and Hilary cattily asked if Juliet had settled another lawsuit or if there was another reason she was smiling. Juliet reported that she'd just had dinner alone with Cane at the Chancellor house, and Hilary told her to enjoy it while it lasted. Juliet declared that she'd helped improve Cane's spirits, and she wondered whose shoulder Lily was leaning on. Hilary spat that Cane only cared because of the baby, and once Juliet popped the kid out, his interest in her would disappear. Juliet suddenly doubled over in pain, and she begged Hilary to take her to the hospital. Hilary begrudgingly helped Juliet to her feet and walked her out.

At the hospital, Juliet gasped in pain in a hospital bed. The doctor entered and urged her to try to relax. Hilary started to leave the room, but Juliet called out to her and asked her to contact Cane. Hilary objected that they shouldn't worry him if it turned out to be nothing, but Juliet insisted that she needed him. Hilary stepped out and contemplated whether or not to make the call.

Later, Juliet lay in bed, and she turned over when the door opened. She murmured that Cane was there, and he said he'd jumped into the car the moment Hilary had called him. Cane stroked Juliet's cheek and asked if she and the baby were okay, and Juliet replied that the doctor would be back soon to tell her. Cane insisted that the doctor would tell them, since he intended to be there. He asserted that their baby boy's health was his number-one priority because she and the baby might be the only family he had. He held her close as she promised that they'd be his family.

Juliet awakened from her dream when the door opened, and the doctor asked how she was feeling. Juliet replied that she was anxious, and the doctor inquired whether it had been the first time she'd felt cramping. Juliet indicated that she'd had minor cramping a couple of other times and some light spotting that hadn't been cause for concern. The doctor suspected that Juliet might have a condition called placenta previa, where the placenta was planted low and could cover the cervix.

The doctor explained that the condition could cause cramping and bleeding as the pregnancy progressed, and they had to watch closely because it could be life-threatening for Juliet and the baby. Juliet heard Cane talking to Hilary outside the room as the doctor said she wanted to send Juliet to radiology for an ultrasound. Juliet asked the doctor to send Hilary and Cane in while she waited for the tests. The doctor offered to return to explain the condition to Cane, and she departed. Juliet quickly worked up tears as Cane and Hilary entered the room.

Later, the doctor told Cane, Juliet, and Hilary that Juliet needed to follow her instructions to the letter, or the lives of Juliet and her baby would be in jeopardy. Cane swore that he'd make sure Juliet did, and the doctor stepped out. Cane thanked Hilary for calling him, and he said he could take it from there. Juliet insisted that they could both go, but Cane was adamant about staying until they got the test results. Hilary dryly remarked that things had worked out well, and she departed.

Juliet said she was sorry for interrupting Cane's evening, but he assured her that she didn't have to apologize. She whimpered that she was scared, but he swore that he wouldn't let anything happen to their baby boy. He gently touched her swollen belly.

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