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Myrna encouraged Graham to get payback against Dina for destroying their family. Lily decided to file for divorce. Mariah confided to Kevin that she had feelings for Tessa. Tessa and Mariah abducted Alice. Mariah pretended to be Cassie to guilt Alice into revealing Crystal's whereabouts.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of September 25, 2017 on Y&R
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Ravi investigates a breach of Jabot's servers Ravi investigates a breach of Jabot's servers

Monday, September 25, 2017

At the Newman ranch, Victor noticed a manila envelope in his stack of mail. Dina's name was printed as the return addressee. Before Victor could open the envelope, Abby barged in, shouting, "Well, this is shaping up to be the day from hell." Abby sought Victor's advice on a sour business deal. Victor suggested Abby seek counsel from the legal department. Abby noticed that Victor was distracted. Victor called Abby's attention to an envelope Dina had sent him. Victor opened the envelope and saw photos of Nikki kissing Jack. Abby seemed disgusted by the images.

Abby admitted to Victor that she'd visited the cabin while Nikki and Jack had been there and had pleaded with Nikki not to hurt Victor. Victor insisted he didn't care and was aware that Jack and Nikki just wanted to get under his skin. Abby noted that Dina, not Jack or Nikki, had sent Victor the photos. Abby asked Victor why Dina had gotten involved. Victor said Dina didn't want him to be kept in the dark. Abby said that despite Victor's claims, she was certain he cared about what was going on between Jack and Nikki. Abby told Victor that regardless of his and Nikki's differences, there was no doubt that Nikki loved him.

At the Genoa City Athletic Club, Jack and Nikki enjoyed breakfast and fondly recalled their time together at the Abbott cabin. Nikki said that at the cabin, she'd truly felt like she could be herself. Jack asked if Nikki had mentioned her feelings to Victor. Nikki replied, "No, and I'm not going to because then it would become about him instead of us, and that's the last thing I want." Nikki admitted she'd wanted to brag to Victor about her overnight getaway with Jack but feared Victor's harsh reaction.

Jack considered taunting Victor. Nikki said doing so was the kind of manipulation she wished to avoid because it would diminish her and Jack's relationship. Before Nikki and Jack parted, she swore that her relationship with Jack had nothing to do with Victor. Jack said he felt the same way. After Jack walked away, Nikki checked her phone and saw a photo Victor had sent via text message of her kissing Jack. Nikki exclaimed, "Oh, my God!"

In the Athletic Club dining room, Lauren and Phyllis met to dine and discuss business. After Lauren noticed Phyllis' uneasiness about Jack and Nikki being together, Phyllis reminded Lauren that Nikki, as she'd done in the past, would return to Victor and dump Jack. Lauren asked why Nikki's relationship with Jack bothered Phyllis. Phyllis said she was certain that the relationship would end badly. Lauren said she believed Phyllis was insecure about her relationship with Billy. Phyllis insisted that she and Billy were doing well despite working for competing companies, which proved to be a hurdle difficult to overcome.

Phyllis asked if Lauren had reconsidered doing business with Brash & Sassy, considering their underhanded tactics with sales reporting. Lauren seemed more determined to proceed because she believed Brash & Sassy's sales were strong. Phyllis refused to drop the matter and noted that Brash & Sassy's sales had plummeted before Victoria had approached Ashley about a marketing plan that only a few knew about even before Jabot's association with Parker Beauty had been announced. Phyllis wondered aloud where Victoria could've accessed the inside information. Lauren noted that someone had also leaked Jack's request for her to ditch Brash & Sassy and carry Parker Beauty products.

Phyllis recalled how Victoria had prevailed despite setbacks and said, "How does a woman like that get her hands on our proprietary information?" Lauren implicated Billy, but Phyllis defended Billy and blamed Victoria for secretly acquiring confidential information. Lauren insisted she wouldn't cut ties with Brash & Sassy due to brisk sales. Lauren added that leaks at Jabot weren't her problem. Lauren said Phyllis should be wary because Jack didn't have her best interest at heart, no matter what he'd said to win her trust.

Nikki stopped by the ranch and sarcastically thanked Victor for the photo. Victor said he'd thought Nikki would enjoy it because it might remind her of her exhibitionist tendencies. Nikki replied, "The dancing was my choice, and going to the cabin with Jack was my choice. Now, I want you to stay out of my life." Nikki accused Victor of being disgustingly intrusive for hiring a spy to photograph her and Jack. Nikki said Victor's actions proved he was still attempting to control, monitor, and shame her. Victor yelled that he hadn't taken the pictures and didn't know who had. Victor warned Nikki never to intrude and falsely accuse him ever again. After Victor left the room, Nikki checked the envelope and saw Dina's return-address label affixed to the corner.

At Brash & Sassy, Billy bragged that accessing Jabot's files on Phyllis' computer would be a game-changer. Victoria, elated, exclaimed that she could kiss Billy. Victoria cautioned Billy to be careful about using Phyllis' computer. Billy said the stolen information could be the perfect payback for Jack attempting to undermine them with Lauren. Billy added that he couldn't stand for Victoria to suffer due to Jack's retribution against him. Victoria warned Billy not to access Jabot's files again because corporate espionage was a federal crime.

Billy inserted the flash drive he'd used to download documents from Phyllis' laptop. Billy and Victoria learned that Jabot planned to restructure their classic lines and develop new lines to capitalize on current trends and attract younger women of all ethnicities. Billy said, "They're going after millennials." Victoria noted that Brash & Sassy had had the same plans. Billy added that Jabot had ten times the budget of Brash & Sassy. Billy proposed creating a dazzling product line and beating Jabot to the punch.

As Billy and Victoria busily brainstormed ideas, Victor stood in the doorway, listening. Victor entered the office. Billy was taken aback by Victor's sudden appearance. Billy announced that Victoria didn't need help from her father. Victor said Victoria might think otherwise after Billy ended up in prison for taking drastic, illegal measures to aid Brash & Sassy. Victoria interrupted and explained that her dad had offered help with anything she might need. Victor offered to stop Jack from attacking Billy through Brash & Sassy.

In Ravi's office at Jabot, Ashley told Ravi she'd learned that Graham's mother was originally from Genoa City. Ashley enlisted Ravi to search various archives to glean information about Graham. Ravi received a phone call about a serious matter and told Ashley that Jabot's IT department had detected an unauthorized download of files pertaining to research and development. Ravi said only Jack and Ashley had been authorized to download the documents. Ashley asked if Ravi could determine who had accessed the files. Ravi said he was certain that the culprit had used a legitimate password. Ashley said she believed she knew who had accessed the files. Ravi warned that Ashley shouldn't proceed until the IP address could be traced and confirmed.

In Dina's suite at the Athletic Club, Graham told Dina he was aware of how upset she'd been about Jack and Nikki's relationship. Dina noted that Victor wasn't one to be trifled with, especially when it came to Nikki. Dina added that she feared what Victor might do to Jack. Graham told Dina he'd taken matters into his own hands to hasten the demise of Nikki and Jack's relationship. Graham explained that he'd sent photos of Jack and Nikki together at the Abbott cabin to Victor. Dina wasn't pleased, but Graham insisted that it would be better for Victor to see the pictures privately than it would be for him to learn about his ex-wife's relationship on The Hilary Hour. Dina said her only concern was for Jack, and she complained that Nikki was only using her son.

In Graham's suite at the Athletic Club, Ashley confronted Graham. Ashley said Graham had been clever to convince Dina that his input on her report would be invaluable, so he could acquire Dina's password for Jabot's server. Ashley warned that her IT department would soon identify who'd entered the server and when. Graham replied, "What are you accusing me of now?" Ashley asked Graham what he'd done with the R&D files he'd stolen. Graham said he had no idea what Ashley was talking about because he had no interest in the inner workings of Jabot Cosmetics; therefore, he had no motive. Ashley accused Graham of scheming to sell the information to competitors.

Ashley suggested that Graham needed money immediately, not knowing when he might receive his inheritance. Graham explained that Dina would disinherit him if he hurt her children. Ashley insisted that Graham's lifestyle was expensive, and she asked to check his laptop. Graham gave Ashley permission to check his computer. Graham asked Ashley what John Abbott would think about her making such accusations.

Ashley asked Graham why he'd mentioned her father. Graham noted that Dina thought John to be one of the most ethical of businessmen. Ashley said that Graham could never understand someone like her father. Graham replied, "You have no idea what I'm capable of." Ashley warned that Ravi would determine who had accessed the server. Graham replied, "You know, I welcome the truth coming out. Then you'll realize that I'm not the bastard in all of this." Ashley said, "Well, we'll see."

In Jack's office, Jack held a meeting with Phyllis and Lauren. Jack told Lauren that customers entering department stores should first see Parker Beauty products prominently displayed. Lauren said she wouldn't force her managers to rearrange shelves no matter how many tales Jack told about Brash & Sassy's impressive sales numbers. Jack glanced at Phyllis and said, "Then you told her." Lauren reminded Jack that Phyllis worked for her. Jack reminded Lauren that he was part owner of Fenmore's and had helped keep the company afloat. Jack added that he expected Lauren to ensure that his new products became a success.

Phyllis seemed uneasy when Lauren reiterated that she would carry both Brash & Sassy and Parker Beauty products. Lauren added that Jack was imagining that Brash & Sassy had concocted its sales figures, and she implored Jack to stop wasting Phyllis' time. After Lauren left, Nikki stopped by. Phyllis left. Before Nikki could explain, Victor emailed the photos of Jack and Nikki at the cabin, and Jack saw them.

Dina arrived at Jabot, and Ravi asked to check her laptop's security settings. Dina gladly handed over her laptop and commended Ravi's dedication. After Dina walked away, Lauren emerged from Jack's office. Ravi asked to speak to her in private. Ravi told Lauren about the data breach. Lauren cried that no company was immune to data theft, and she asked Ravi to ensure that Fenmore's security was as strong as Jabot's.

Phyllis stood in the doorway and overheard Ravi and Lauren's conversation. Ravi told Phyllis that someone had downloaded files that only Jack and Ashley had been authorized to access. Ravi's search results seemed to raise his suspicions, and he announced that he'd have to check all employees' laptops, including Phyllis' computer. Lauren seemed taken aback when Phyllis said, "Well, you don't suspect me, do you?" Lauren offered her laptop for Ravi to check, too.

Dina entered Jack's office after he summoned her. Jack showed Dina the photos of him and Nikki kissing. Jack told Dina that Victor had sent him the photos. Jack sarcastically said he wanted to get something straight before he sent Victor a thank-you note. Jack grew angry and said, "This is your doing, isn't it?" Jack glared at Dina, but she didn't immediately respond.

Ravi's discovery implicates Phyllis

Ravi's discovery implicates Phyllis

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

At Crimson Lights, Mariah found Tessa on the patio, warming up her voice by making strange whirring noises. Mariah found the routine very interesting, and Tessa jokingly proposed that she put it in a song. Devon joined them and handed Tessa some tea, and Mariah told them to have an amazing time in the studio. Tessa voiced surprise that Mariah didn't intend to be there, and Mariah reasoned that she didn't want to be a distraction. Devon questioned why Mariah would be.

Mariah recalled that Tessa had had an attack of nerves at her last studio session, but Devon argued that it hadn't been connected to Mariah's presence. Tessa insisted that there were no such things as jinxes, and Devon added that Mariah was his good luck charm. Mariah claimed that she had a lot of work to do, but she told them to have a great time. After Devon and Tessa left, Kevin appeared and teased Mariah for finding new best friends after he'd left town. She was happily surprised to see him, and she wondered if Paul had summoned him for a secret mission. Kevin replied that it was very top secret.

At the Chancellor mansion, Mariah remarked that Kevin's little girl had gotten big. Kevin thought Portland was good for Bella, and Mariah asked how his life was. She referred to his secret consulting job, but he turned the topic to her and her billionaire. Mariah looked away and halfheartedly stated that things were great, but she recognized that Kevin could always see right through her. Kevin became confused when Mariah described Devon as the coolest, most terrific guy she'd ever dated. She admitted that she was attracted to someone else.

Kevin wondered if Mariah was interested in someone he knew, but she hesitated to provide any details. He hoped she hadn't met a guy on the Internet, and she swore that the person was someone who had been in her life a lot. Kevin contemplated who it could be, and he reminded Mariah that he was her best friend and wouldn't judge her. She eventually admitted that the person was a woman, and a stunned Kevin stammered that he hadn't been expecting that. "Neither was I," Mariah replied.

Mariah was reluctant to tell Kevin who the woman was, but she didn't think the woman was opposed to the idea. Kevin noted that Mariah didn't know for sure, and she bemoaned that she couldn't wrap her head around what she was feeling. Kevin thought it was because she was afraid, and he put his arm around her. Mariah confessed that she felt tingly and nervous around the woman, and she'd never felt that way about anyone before, but it was the deepest thing she'd ever felt for someone. She didn't know how to label it, and he pointed out that she didn't have to. Mariah admitted that she'd kissed the woman.

Kevin pressed to know whether the woman had responded or run screaming from the room. Mariah recalled that the woman hadn't disliked it but that they hadn't talked about it because Devon had walked in. Kevin wondered why Mariah hadn't told the woman how she felt, and Mariah explained that she cared about Devon and that it was the best relationship she'd ever been in. Mariah blurted out that she'd considered throwing it away after one kiss with Tessa, and Kevin realized that Mariah was attracted to the future rock superstar who was dating Noah.

Mariah pointed out that Noah was crazy about Tessa, and she didn't know what best for anyone, including herself. Kevin observed that the way Mariah talked about Tessa was different from the way she'd ever talked about any guy, and he thought falling in love sometimes defied logic. Kevin advised Mariah not to go for the easy, since the best things were always the ones that were hardest to get. Kevin pointed out that it wouldn't hurt for Mariah to talk to Tessa, but Mariah didn't know what to say. Kevin was sure Mariah would find the words to tell Tessa how she felt.

In the recording studio, Devon cheered after Tessa finished recording her song. He believed that she'd tapped into something really exciting and that her "girl power" message was very compelling. He added that he'd been able to tell how personal it was to her, and she mused that the lyrics were as personal as it got. Mariah arrived and was surprised to hear that Tessa had finished recording two songs already. Mariah remarked that it sounded like a perfect session, and Tessa replied, "Now it is."

Devon gushed that Tessa had killed it, and he thought the tracks were exactly what his streaming service needed. Devon headed out, and Mariah grew awkwardly silent. Tessa worried that Mariah had gotten bad news about Crystal, but Mariah indicated that she hadn't heard anything. Tessa explained that she'd wanted to turn her fear and anxiety into something positive for her performance, and channeling her feelings had taken her to another level.

Tessa couldn't wait for Mariah to hear the tracks, and she mentioned that the first song had been the one about Crystal that she'd shown Mariah at the gym. Tessa added that the song was also about Mariah, since the lyrics were about how Mariah had helped her cope with her sister getting into trouble. Tessa thought she owed Mariah, and Mariah replied that she owed Tessa, too. Tessa protested, but Mariah insisted that she owed Tessa the truth about how she felt.

In Ravi's office at Jabot, Phyllis dramatically remarked that somewhere within the network lay the digital fingerprints of a corporate spy. She recalled when she'd been pretty good at code, and she inquired whether Ravi had found anything. He doubted that he'd find the smoking gun on Lauren's computer, but he insisted on checking all the machines. Phyllis was glad that he'd inspect her laptop, since she was paranoid that a supervirus would knock her out right before a deadline. Ravi commented that he'd rather worry about a virus than someone among them stealing.

Phyllis found the idea of corporate espionage chilling. Ashley entered and huffed that Phyllis shouldn't be concerned because she worked for Fenmore's, but Phyllis pointed out that Fenmore's employees had Jabot laptops. Phyllis wondered what it would take for Ashley to believe they were on the same side, but Ashley dismissed Phyllis. After Phyllis begrudgingly stepped out, Ravi assured Ashley that he hadn't shared any confidential information, but he had uncovered an interesting tidbit. He divulged that while he wouldn't be able to name the perpetrator until he figured out which computer they'd used, he knew which password had unlocked the gate -- her mother's.

In Jack's office, Jack confronted Dina about sending Victor the photos of him and Nikki kissing. Dina took full responsibility for the photos, but she insisted that Jack was fully to blame for the tawdry mess. Dina insisted that Nikki's husband had had a right to know, but Jack disagreed after what Victor had put Nikki through. He defended his right to privacy and to pursue happiness, but Dina countered that he was being careless and downright stupid. Jack barked that he hadn't been prepared for such a betrayal after he thought they'd built some trust.

Dina asserted that she'd been trying to help by making Jack see that he should stop messing with an ex-stripper. Jack lectured that Dina was in no position to judge Nikki and never would be, and he bellowed that he was done watching Victor control people. Dina cautioned that Victor wouldn't stop, and she feared for Jack. Jack growled that he'd learned to take care of himself at an early age, and it would be nice to know whose side she was on. He ordered her to leave, and she stepped out. He slammed the door behind her as she fought back tears.

At Brash & Sassy, Billy incredulously asked whether Victor expected him to join in on a crusade to take down his own brother. Victor contended that he was there to help his daughter and her company, and he warned Billy not to pretend that there was any love lost between him and Jack. Billy refused to support a vendetta, and he insisted that Brash & Sassy didn't need Victor's help. Victor questioned whether Billy was calling the shots, and he headed for the door, but Victoria stopped him. Victor smirked.

Victoria informed Victor that she anticipated that the rest of year would be tough, so Brash & Sassy needed to move up its best product for an earlier launch. Victoria added that Jabot was preparing a sneak attack by reviving Jabot Junior to garner the youth market. Victor warned that Brash & Sassy couldn't compete with that, but he thought he had a solution to the problem. Victor reminded Victoria of a new line of anti-aging skincare products that she'd developed when she'd been at Newman. He revealed that he'd retained the rights to develop and market it -- and it was ready to launch.

Billy skeptically questioned why Victor had dropped money into the project and sat on it. Victor explained that he'd sold the cosmetics division, but the line could be a game-changer that he wanted to hand over to Victoria. She wondered what the catch was, but Victor swore that there were no strings attached. Billy doubted that they could have the product on the shelves before the holiday push, but Victor implored them to use speed and force to use the new line to knock Jack off his horse and crush him. Victoria surmised that it was all about Nikki and Jack, but Victor insisted that they had nothing to do with it.

Victor offered to draw up papers to transfer the line to Brash & Sassy, but Victoria wanted to be clear that the products and formula were hers to do with as she saw fit with no contingencies. Victor stated that the only condition was to continue Brash & Sassy's success, and she thanked him. Victoria recognized that her father had given her the miracle she'd needed, and she hugged him. Victor said it made him happy to see her happy and smiling, and he urged her not to become complacent. Victor expected Jack to go after her company, but he was confident that they would defeat him. Billy glowered.

After Victor left, Billy encouraged Victoria to slow down and think about what to do. Victoria rambled that Jabot might launch any day, and it felt good to be in the race. Billy reminded her that she'd turned her father down just weeks earlier, and he insisted that they weren't that desperate. She countered that they'd be filing for bankruptcy by Christmas if Victor hadn't offered them salvation on a platter. The thought of Brash & Sassy only existing because of Victor made Billy sick to his stomach, but Victoria suspected that the gift had been her father's way of reaching out for comfort and support because he was hurt by seeing Jack and Nikki get close.

Victor greeted Dina as she joined him on the elevator, and he inquired whether she was going down. "Haven't we both sunk as low as we can go?" Dina asked. Victor surmised that Dina was referring to the photos she'd shared, and he said he appreciated the information. She claimed that it had been a bit impulsive of her, but she wanted Jack to back off before there were real problems. She wondered if it was too late, but Victor assured her that he didn't intend to go after Jack personally. Dina offered Victor her condolences on his separation, but he insisted that he enjoyed the newfound freedom and independence. He wished her a nice day before he stepped off the elevator.

Victor summoned Kevin to the ranch. Victor mentioned that he had another job for Kevin that was just as confidential, and Kevin inquired whether it was just as illegal. Victor instructed Kevin to gain access to Nikki's cell phone and email, and Kevin questioned why. Victor barked that it was none of Kevin's business if he was concerned with preserving his idyllic life in Portland with a woman who the world thought was dead. Kevin promised to get to work on Nikki's accounts, but he cautioned that he might find things that Victor would rather not know. Victor swore that he was more than prepared.

In Graham's hotel suite, Dina expressed relief that the photo hadn't made Victor furious enough to go after Jack again. Graham figured that Victor was too powerful to be bothered, and he pointed out that the most powerful man in town owed Dina. Dina regretted that Jack was angry with her, and Graham grumbled that her children were constantly looking for reasons to be mad. He revealed that Ashley had stormed up there earlier, convinced that he'd stolen Jabot's secrets. Graham condemned Ashley for blaming Dina just because she'd conceived Ashley with another man, and he thought Ashley had to accept that John wasn't her father and move on.

Graham theorized that Ashley had inherited her paranoia and vindictiveness from her dad, and he realized that Dina had never told him who Ashley's biological father was. Dina refused to share the identity of Ashley's real father, and Graham swore that he hadn't meant to pry. Dina joked that no one would solve that mystery with her romantic adventures, and Graham commented that she was making it hard to resist trying. He inquired whether Ashley's father was still alive, but Dina asserted that there had been too much discussion about it already. After Dina departed, Graham pulled out a photo of a young boy.

Ashley was shocked when Jack informed her that Dina had admitted to sending Victor the photos. Jack couldn't believe Dina's moral indignation over him dating a woman who was separated from her husband, but Ashley believed Dina had done it to try to protect Jack. Ashley didn't think their mother had been wrong to attempt to prevent Jack from going down a bad road, and she insisted that Jack stop the affair. Jack revealed that while he and Nikki had reconnected, they weren't sleeping together. He vowed not to let Ashley, Victor, or Dina take away his chance at happiness.

Ashley turned the topic to the hacking incident, and she recounted that she'd gone to the Athletic Club to confront Graham about it. She explained that there had been an unauthorized download of confidential information and that Ravi was trying to figure out who'd done it. Ashley continued that the culprit had used Dina's password on a computer other than Dina's laptop. Jack bellowed that it was felony cybercrime, and he summoned Ravi there right away.

Ravi reported that he'd cleared Dina and Lauren's computers by running a deep forensic profile, and he wanted to check Jack's machine to be sure it hadn't been compromised. Jack testily referred to an enormous requisition he'd approved for a security update, and Ravi explained that the update had protected from outside attacks, but the incident had been an inside job. Jack ranted that whoever was responsible would likely sell critical information to someone on the outside, and Ashley chided Jack for being rude and obnoxious to the one person who was working to fix it. Jack asked for Ravi's forgiveness, but he implored Ravi to give him a name. Ravi exited.

Later, Phyllis entered Ravi's office and assumed that Ravi knew she'd had nothing to do with the hideous crime. He informed her that no one had been "brought to justice" yet, and he returned her laptop. She observed that he looked exhausted, and she offered to take him out for pizza, but he said he needed to speak with Jack. She commented that Ravi had earned the whole pie.

Ravi entered Jack's office and announced that the computer that had accessed the confidential files belonged to Phyllis. "Get that bitch out of this building. She needs to be fired today," Ashley demanded.

Meanwhile, Victoria wanted to focus on Brash & Sassy bouncing back, which was what she expected to happen with Victor's generous gift -- unless Jack killed them with the teen line first. Billy thought they had to get creative to prevent Jabot Junior from hitting the shelves, and he wanted to keep monitoring Phyllis' computer. Victoria insisted that he not log in again because it was too risky, and she ordered him to stay away from Phyllis' laptop. Phyllis appeared in the doorway as Victoria begged Billy to tell her that he wasn't going to do it.

Victoria suspects Phyllis is working with Jack

Victoria suspects Phyllis is working with Jack

> Victoria suspects Phyllis is working with Jack

Victoria suspects Phyllis is working with Jack

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

by Nel

At Jabot, Ashley demanded that Jack fire Phyllis for downloading confidential files, but Jack refused. He claimed that Billy had stolen the information. Ashley didn't believe that Billy would do that to them, but Jack said that Billy had stolen Jack's wife, so he was capable of stealing their information. Ravi didn't believe Phyllis was the culprit because she had wondered how Victoria had known about their Parker Beauty line. Jack agreed with Ravi. Phyllis had access to any number of Jabot's computers. Billy was the only one who had access to just one -- Phyllis'.

Ashley didn't believe Billy would do such a thing. Jack said that Billy had taken advantage of Dina by being friendly, and he'd managed to get Dina's password. Ashley wondered if Victoria had pushed Billy into it. Jack felt they'd both planned it, and Billy had acted on it. Jack announced that if Victoria and Billy wanted access to Jabot's secrets, he wanted to provide them with information, but he'd decide what information they saw. He said Victoria would use the information to Brash & Sassy's detriment, and Jabot would emerge on top.

Ashley griped about there being more games and deceit. Jack asked if Ashley wanted Brash & Sassy out. Ashley responded that she did -- just like any other competitor. Ashley didn't agree with Jack's plan, fearing that it would blow up in their faces. Ravi agreed with Ashley because it left Jabot open for Brash & Sassy to corrupt their technical infrastructure. Jack assured Ravi that he wouldn't be blamed for whatever happened. Jack stated that Ravi would receive a sizeable bonus for his discretion and for discovering the breach in the first place. Jack warned Ravi to keep silent about their discussion.

Jack knew that Ashley was devastated over what Billy had done. Ashley chastised Jack and snarked that he shouldn't have gone after Billy and the company Billy worked for so viciously -- and Billy shouldn't have retaliated. Ashley was disappointed in both her brothers for letting the situation escalate. Jack pointed out that Billy's loyalties weren't with John Abbot or the legacy he'd left. All that mattered to Billy was his success alongside Victoria.

At Brash & Sassy, Victoria warned Billy not to hack into Jabot's server through Phyllis' computer again. She wanted him to promise that he wouldn't do it. Phyllis arrived and asked what Billy shouldn't do. Billy and Victoria made up a story about the kids. Victoria said she had a call to make, and she left the room.

Phyllis questioned Billy about Brash & Sassy's numbers at Fenmore's. Billy asked if Jack had been wondering about them. Phyllis claimed that Jack had analyzed Brash & Sassy's numbers, and he couldn't prove that Billy had done anything wrong. Jack had decided to put his energy into making their new product line, Parker Beauty, a success. Billy asked Phyllis to remind Lauren that Fenmore's bottom line was in good shape because of Brash & Sassy's sales. Phyllis said that she didn't have any influence over Lauren. Victoria had been eavesdropping at the door. When Phyllis was leaving, Victoria pretended to be on a call.

Victoria told Billy that she'd listened to his and Phyllis' conversation. Victoria said that she'd avoided being the ex-wife who brought up negatives, but Brash & Sassy had too much at stake. Victoria said that she'd broached an issue with Billy previously, but he'd ignored her. Victoria was convinced that Phyllis was working with Jack against Brash & Sassy.

Victoria admitted to Billy that there was a personal dislike and mistrust between her and Phyllis, but Phyllis hated how devoted Billy was to Brash & Sassy. Phyllis despised the long hours that Billy and Victoria spent together. Phyllis would be much happier if Billy's job and the company dissolved. Billy didn't believe any of it. Victoria asked him to look at the facts.

Victoria said that Phyllis had pushed Benjamin Hochman in her direction, knowing that Benjamin wanted to get his hands on Brash & Sassy. Billy felt that Phyllis had simply set Victoria up on a date. Victoria said that Benjamin was a well-known corporate raider. Phyllis had told Billy that Jack suspected that Victoria had a spy at Jabot, but that had only been a smoke screen. Victoria asked if Billy believed that Phyllis had given him that little tidbit of information because she'd been concerned and wanted to give him a heads-up.

Victoria told Billy that Phyllis had wanted to know if Billy knew who the spy was. When Phyllis had been with Billy earlier, she'd asked him about Brash & Sassy's great sales numbers at Fenmore's and wondered how he and Victoria had managed to pull it off. Victoria told Billy that Jack had run the same game with her the previous evening at the Athletic Club. Billy wondered if it was possible that Phyllis had played Victoria to get under her skin. Victoria countered that Phyllis had been playing Billy. She asked if Billy had noticed how Phyllis avoided talking about Jabot's plans at Fenmore's.

Victoria stopped Billy from saying that it had been because of Phyllis' high ethical standards and added that Phyllis didn't have any ethics. Billy reminded Victoria that she was talking about his girlfriend. Victoria said that Phyllis hadn't been so loyal and loving when Billy had asked her to put in a good word with Lauren. Phyllis had claimed that her opinion didn't carry any weight. Victoria reminded Billy that Phyllis and Lauren were best friends. Lauren could be swayed if Phyllis spoke to her about Brash & Sassy, but she wouldn't because she wanted them to fail -- as did Jack. Billy said Victoria was wrong.

Victoria understood that Billy wanted to believe that Phyllis was on his side. She asked Billy to look objectively at the pattern. Billy understood what she was saying and why Victoria thought Phyllis had been working with Jack to take them down, but he added that Victoria's accusations were out of line. Phyllis would never hurt him that way. He said that Victoria needed to drop the accusations before it created a wedge between them and slowed down everything they'd been trying to accomplish.

Victoria agreed to stop. Billy said the only person they needed to focus on was Jack. He'd stop at nothing to take Brash & Sassy out. Victoria said they needed to play it carefully. She reminded Billy that he hadn't given her a promise to stay off Phyllis' computer. Billy claimed he couldn't promise that, but if he did it again, he assured Victoria that he wouldn't get caught. He said they finally had Jabot on the edge, and he wanted to make sure that they held onto that edge.

Abby entered Victor's office and asked why Scott was there. She told him that Victor wouldn't be in. Paul arrived, and Abby left. Scott told Paul he'd seen Natalia with the music producer. Paul informed Scott that there were no suspicious purchases on Irv West's credit card. Scott felt that there had to be a link. Scott suggested they follow the money, but Paul said the people they were trying to find were too smart to leave a paper trail, and it was very difficult to track a digital currency. Paul assured Scott that Christine was still investigating, and he'd told her about Natalia. Scott promised to share any other information. Paul left.

Outside Victor's, office Abby received a call from Zack inviting her for dinner.

Zack was outdoors when he called Abby, but he had to cut the call short when he received a call from Alice. Alice told him that Natalia had been getting a lot of requests. Zack wanted a hundred girls like her. Alice asked about Crystal and said Crystal would be a big money maker. Zack said she had to stay away until further notice. Zack asked to speak to Natalia.

Alice put the phone on speaker. Zack told Natalia that he was proud of her, and she was his number one girl. Natalia asked about her bonus. Zack said the money was for everyone, but Natalia said that he'd promised her a bonus. Zack suggested that she not make it a problem, or she'd wind up with Crystal. Alice took the phone away but not before Natalia heard Zack tell Alice not to allow the girls to think they were entitled to any of the money.

Abby returned to Victor's office and asked Scott why the chief of police had gone to see him. Scott told her it was none of her business. Abby said that if it had something to do with Newman Enterprises or something he was working on for Newman, it was her business. Scott explained that he and Paul had discussed his research, which had information about a guy's credit card purchases, and that he and Paul had discussed the sex trafficking ring. Paul hadn't been able to learn anything new, and Scott was frustrated that he couldn't get any traction.

Abby said it wouldn't last long because she knew how tenacious Scott was, and he wouldn't stop until he got the information he needed for his story. Scott said the story was the least of his worries because people's lives were at stake. Abby added that she knew Scott wouldn't stop until he'd rescued the poor victims who were in that horrific situation. She appreciated his commitment to the cause.

Zack arrived. Scott told them to have fun, and he left. Zack listened as Abby griped that Scott had criticized her on a report she'd sent out. Abby understood that Scott had been working on something far more important, but she wished he'd given her some credit. Zack asked what Scott was working on. Abby said it was an exposé about sex trafficking. Abby didn't notice Zack's worried expression because she answered a phone call.

At Alice's, after Alice had completed her call with Zack, she noticed that Natalia looked upset because of what Zack had said. Alice assured Natalia that everything was fine and that Natalia lived in better conditions than those she'd grown up in. Natalia agreed. Alice said that she and Zack liked Natalia, and they wanted to make sure the girls were taken good care of. Natalia said she was sad about Crystal and asked Alice where Crystal was and if she was okay. Alice assured her that Crystal was safe and in a nice place. Alice said she hoped to see Crystal soon.

A buzzer went off in the kitchen. When Alice went to check on it, Natalia eyed Alice's cell phone.

At the studio, Mariah told Tessa that she felt a special closeness to Tessa. Tessa said she felt the same way and that Mariah was like family to her. Mariah backed off expressing her feelings and told Tessa that she had Mariah's complete support. Devon walked in and asked Mariah if something was wrong. Mariah cooed that her life couldn't be more perfect because Devon was in it.

After Tessa finished recording, Devon told Tessa she'd been amazing. He wanted to get her streaming as soon as possible to capitalize on the popularity of her first song, and especially since Irv would be booking her all over the Midwest. Devon was happy that Irv had seen Tessa's performance the previous evening. Tessa admitted that she was, as well, because Irv had been more helpful than expected.

Devon wanted to take the ladies out for a celebratory drink, but Tessa asked for some girl time with Mariah. They had a lot to catch up on. Devon wished them a good time and left. Tessa showed Mariah the text message she'd received from Natalia. It stated that Crystal was safe and that Alice would visit her soon.

In Graham's suite, Dina was indignant. She claimed that Jack was really angry. Graham offered to go to Jabot and get Dina's computer, but Dina said that going back to Jabot would only stir up more animosity. Graham said he'd be quick -- he'd get her computer and leave. He wanted to show Jack and Ashley that he and Dina wouldn't be cowed by false accusations and suspicions.

Graham told Dina that he was very disappointed in Ashley's behavior. Ashley had appeared more open when they'd first met, and she'd given him the impression that she'd accepted Graham in Dina's life because he made Dina happy. He said that Ashley's deep-seated anger toward Dina stemmed from John Abbot not being Ashley's biological father. Dina became angry and asked why he kept talking about Ashley's father. She said she'd made herself very clear and admitted that she shouldn't have told him in the first place.

Graham told Dina that she'd been stressing over nothing, and he promised that he'd never violate her confidence, since he had no idea who Ashley's father was. Dina stated firmly that John Abbott would always be Ashley's real father. Dina left.

Graham looked at a picture of a young boy standing in front of the Genoa City Country Club sign while Graham spoke on the phone to his mother, Myrna. He asked if she had known any of Dina's children and whether Brent had worked at the country club. Myrna admitted she'd known who the children were, but the staff and their families weren't permitted to mingle with the members -- a rule that Brent had chosen to repeatedly ignore.

Graham told Myrna he'd been blindsided when Dina had told him that Ashley wasn't John Abbott's biological child. He was surprised that Myrna hadn't mentioned it. Myrna claimed that was the first she'd heard about it. She asked if Graham was certain that it was true. Graham admitted that there hadn't been any reason not to believe Dina, and she had made him promise not to reveal that information to anyone. Myrna called Dina a lying, selfish bitch.

Myrna told Graham to stay focused. He couldn't allow Dina or the Abbotts to derail what he'd worked so hard to achieve. She reminded him that Dina had destroyed their family, and they'd lost everything because of her. It was time to get their payback. Graham promised it would happen.

Ashley had been pacing and fretting. She told Ravi she could imagine Phyllis or Graham accessing Jabot information, but not Billy. She felt that Jack and Billy should have forgiven each other instead of continuing their animosity. Ravi said he'd searched the Genoa City birth records, and he'd found a birth certificate for Myrna Bloodworth. She'd been born in Genoa City. Bloodworth had been her maiden name and the name Graham had chosen to use.

Ashley told Ravi that Graham had had both parents until his father had left. Ashley felt that Graham could've been lying. She asked if there had been a birth certificate for Graham. Ravi admitted that it hadn't shown up on the records. Ashley said the more answers they found, the more questions they had.

Ravi suggested that Graham might have been born outside the city and returned with his mother when he'd been a child. Ashley was thoughtful and suggested that if Graham had been raised by both parents, then Myrna's comings and goings would have been logical. Ravi also suggested that Myrna might have had Graham out of wedlock, but Ashley said that would have been quite a stigma at that time. She asked Ravi to check school records, and she left for a meeting.

On her way out, Ashley bumped into Graham, who claimed he was there to pick up Dina's computer. He hoped that Ravi had been able to confirm that the computer hadn't been used for any malevolent purpose. Ashley advised him that cybersecurity hadn't released Dina's computer, and if they had, she wouldn't hand it over to Graham, since he didn't work at Jabot, but Dina did. Ashley asked Graham to show himself out.

Phyllis returned to Jack's office and asked if he knew who had downloaded the confidential files. Jack informed her that the emergency had been averted. Phyllis asked if Jack had filed charges. Jack explained that it had been a false alarm. Phyllis didn't buy it. Phyllis wanted to know how they'd gone from code red to chill. Jack explained that Ravi was as close to perfect as a man could be when it came to computers, but even he wasn't infallible. Jack assured her all was well.

Jack advised Phyllis that Ravi had installed a highly sensitive firewall that had mistaken a login for an intrusion. Ravi had called it a "virtual figment," and Jack advised Phyllis to relax.

Alice faints when she sees Mariah

Alice faints when she sees Mariah

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Cane rushed over to the Ashby home in response to a message from Lily. Lily thought they should talk, and he rambled about how they could change marriage counselors. She asserted that she wouldn't be going to counseling again, and she wanted just the two of them to discuss their future. She revealed that Mattie had mentioned him returning home, and Cane wondered if his daughter wanted him there or if she was hoping he'd change his mind about Reed. Lily explained that Mattie missed him and their old life, and Cane said he did, too. Lily thought Mattie was ready to forgive him.

Lily envisioned that things would eventually settle down if Cane got a job and moved home, and they could pretend things were normal. Cane thought it sounded like Lily knew what the kids needed, but he wondered what she needed. She stated that he'd hurt her more than she'd thought she could be hurt, and she was really angry and confused, but she knew she still loved him. Cane pointed out that he and Lily had been through more than most couples and had survived, and she was the most important thing in the world to him. She insisted that it wasn't true, since he had his son with Juliet.

Lily wondered if Cane had thought about what his life would soon be like, and she contemplated what would happen if Juliet called him because their baby had a fever when Cane was on his way to Charlie's sports event. Cane argued that they'd learned how to make choices while raising Mattie and Charlie, but Lily countered that they'd divided responsibilities, and he'd be doing that with Juliet, too. Lily questioned how things would work with money if Cane had to make a choice between sending Mattie to the college of her dreams and putting his youngest through private school. Lily asserted that his unborn child deserved his love and support as much as the twins did, and she didn't want to get in the way of that love, but she couldn't forget that he'd cheated and lied.

Lily recognized that the child would be a constant reminder of what Cane had done to their family and their marriage, and she didn't think she should get past what he'd done. Lily silently crossed the room and opened the front door. Cane brokenly said there had to be something he could do, but she sadly told him to go. He caressed her face to wipe away her tears, and he stepped out. She slowly closed the door and broke down in tears.

In her hotel room, Juliet stared at her pregnant figure in the mirror. She flashed back to being in the hospital and Cane telling her that he wouldn't let anything happen to their baby boy.

Devon discovered Hilary drinking alone in the Athletic Club dining room, but she clarified that she was enjoying her own company. He assumed that she was still upset about Jordan, and he assured her that it was okay to admit that she'd cared about the guy. Devon acknowledged that control was a big thing for her and that not having it was even bigger, but Hilary insisted that she didn't need his sympathy because her life was full. She rattled off a list of positive things in her life, but Devon suspected that it would never be enough for her because nothing ever was. He added that she could fool herself, but she couldn't fool him.

Devon revealed that he'd confronted Jordan about going after Lily, just like Hilary had wanted Devon to do. Hilary questioned why he'd gone to Jordan if Devon knew all of her tricks. He explained that he'd approached Jordan because the guy was a player who acted like a friend before making his move, and he wouldn't let anyone do that to his sister. Devon wondered why Hilary wanted to get back with a guy like that, and he imagined it was because she didn't like losing to people, especially Lily.

Hilary asserted that she didn't need a man because she was happy, and she didn't need anyone to change her or make her feel bad because they were threatened by her success. Devon assumed that she was referring to him, and she contended that he was putting more thought into it than she was. Devon pointed out that he knew her better than most people, and he knew that under the drive and ambition was a vulnerable person who wanted to be loved. He walked away.

Devon stopped by the Ashby home and was stunned when Lily informed him about her conversation with Cane. Lily recounted that she hadn't been sure what she was going to say, but everything that she'd been thinking had started spilling out. She imagined Cane being at the hospital when Juliet gave birth, coaching Juliet through it and holding the baby in his arms, and she wondered if the baby would have his last name. She groused that it had all started when Cane had cheated on her and lied about it, but Devon pointed out that it hadn't been the first time Cane had kept the truth from her. Lily recognized that Cane had told many lies over the years, but that one would never go away.

Devon thought Lily had made the right decision, but she questioned it because Mattie and Charlie seemed ready for Cane to return home. Devon warned against sending the message that everything was forgiven, since Cane should be held accountable for breaking Lily's heart. Lily recognized that the baby was innocent but that Cane wasn't, and there had to be a clean break because she couldn't be in limbo anymore. She had expected to feel at peace with her decision, but she felt hollow, like part of her had been ripped out. Devon understood that love didn't just go away, and Lily wailed that the man she'd loved was gone. Devon comforted her with a hug.

Lily was embarrassed that she'd cried all over Devon, but he joked that he could afford the dry cleaning. They recalled how they'd always been there for one another, and she was glad that the twins had each other. Devon encouraged Lily to think about herself, and he wondered what she intended to do next. Lily thought that talking to Cane had been hard, but she anticipated that the next step would be harder.

Juliet greeted Cane at the Athletic Club bar, but he didn't respond. She thanked him for being at the hospital, and he curtly replied that he wasn't in the mood to talk. She surmised that he'd talked to Lily, and he revealed that Lily couldn't get past the baby. Juliet pointed out that Lily might change her mind, but Cane retorted that maybe there were no more maybes because Lily had made the decision without him. Juliet regretted the damage that their one night in Tokyo had caused, and she said she'd let him be. She headed off.

Cane plopped his drink on Hilary's table and announced that Lily couldn't get past him having a child with Juliet, so they were through. He ordered Hilary to keep her opinions and unwanted advice to herself, since he never should have listened to her. Hilary argued that it was his fault for getting drunk and sleeping with a coworker, but she thought Lily still loved him. Hilary expected Lily to cry and be dramatic, but she imagined that Lily would eventually welcome him back into her life, so he needed to keep fighting. Cane figured that Hilary wanted to have another shot at Jordan, but he accepted that they'd both lost. Hilary contended that he was the one giving up on his family, but he insisted that he wasn't.

While driving in a car, Tessa vowed to find Alice and make her divulge where Crystal was. Mariah insisted that they needed a plan that was smart and sneaky, and she had once been good at things like that. Tessa snapped that Mariah was freaking her out and making her nervous, but Mariah reiterated that they didn't have a plan. Mariah scoffed at the idea of knocking on the door and saying they were just in the neighborhood, and she pushed Tessa to help brainstorm what to do. Tessa didn't know, but she refused to give up until she made Alice tell her where her sister was.

Mariah and Tessa parked outside the safe house. Mariah preferred to call the police, but Tessa thought there was no way the authorities would believe a sex trafficking ring was operating in such a nice neighborhood, and she worried that notifying the police would tip Alice off. Mariah pointed out that there was a possibility that Natalia had told Alice about seeing Tessa at the Underground, so it could be a trap. Mariah stressed that they needed to be cautious for Tessa and Crystal's sakes, but Tessa pointed out that Mariah was there, too. Mariah asserted that she'd never gotten to know her own sister, and she resolved to "make damn sure" Tessa spent the rest of her life with hers.

Inside the house, Alice coached Natalia that rich guys liked sexy but demure types, and she looked over another girl who entered the room. Alice declared them perfect, and she received a text message about the limousine being there. Outside, Mariah blasted the sex ring for using money to rent a limo instead of paying their workers. Tessa whimpered that her sister was caught up in it, and she couldn't sleep at night, thinking about how it had been them against the world when growing up. Tessa couldn't believe that she had a real-life friend who was there to stand by her, and Mariah refused to abandon her. Tessa hoped she didn't lose Mariah when she revealed her plan, since Mariah wouldn't like it.

Alice reminded the girls to get the cash up front and to act like their dates were the most important men in the room. She praised them for being terrific girls, which was why they were getting the good clients with dough to blow. She encouraged the girls to give the clients the service they wanted, and she marveled that things were much nicer than they once had been. There was a honk outside, and Alice told the girls to make her proud as she shuffled them to the door. Moments later, the doorbell rang, and Alice assumed one of the girls had forgotten something. She opened the door, and Tessa threw a blanket over her head and knocked her over.

Driving away in the car, Mariah protested that it wasn't a plan but a crime, and she was an accomplice with a record. Tessa offered to pull over and let her out, but Mariah vowed to stick by Tessa even if they went to prison. Alice called out from the trunk and asked what they wanted, but Tessa ordered her to shut up and stop moving.

Tessa and Mariah dragged Alice to the Newman stables, and Alice demanded to know where she was. Mariah tied Alice to a chair, and Alice begged for some water. Tessa uncovered Alice's head, and Alice recognized her. Tessa hissed that Alice knew her sister, Crystal, who was one of the young women Alice had taken in off the streets. Tessa continued that Alice had thought no one cared if Crystal fell off the face of the earth, but Tessa was there. Tessa demanded to know what Alice was hiding, and she pulled out her phone and threatened to call the cops unless Alice talked to her.

Over dinner at the Athletic Club, Scott and Sharon lamented that Paul had found nothing suspicious on Irv's credit card. Sharon figured that no one wanted the services of a prostitute showing up on their statement, and she thought the person running the ring knew how to cover their tracks. Abby and Zack entered, and she grimaced when she spotted Scott. Abby griped that she had to put up with Scott every day at work, and the last thing she wanted was to be in the same room with him when they were trying to have a romantic evening. Abby prepared to go elsewhere, but she was shocked when Zack suggested that they join Scott and Sharon for dinner.

Zack recalled that Sharon had insisted that she'd never sign up for an online dating service, so he wanted to talk to her. Abby doubted that Sharon was in the market for a dating app, but Zack explained that he wanted to find out Scott and Sharon's shared interests to fine-tune his algorithm. Abby protested that the night wasn't supposed to be about work but fun, and he agreed to get his mind off of his job for a while. Zack admitted that he'd been on overdrive, trying to impress her, and Abby assured him that he had. He pointed out that she wasn't the only Newman that he had something to prove to, but she was the most gorgeous.

Sharon speculated that Irv had hired a prostitute to call his girlfriend for the night to make himself look more important and desirable. Scott thought there had been no way a guy like Irv had hooked up with Natalia through the massage ad that Scott had responded to, and he thought they had to follow the money to get to the core of the organization. Sharon bemoaned that she hadn't heard from Crystal in ages, and she didn't know how to help. Abby approached and asked if Scott and Sharon minded if she and Zack joined them for dinner.

Later, Zack thanked Scott and Sharon for talking to a semi-stranger about where they'd gone on dates, and Sharon noted that Scott was devoted to his research, too. Sharon remarked that it was nice how Zack and Abby worked together, and she asked how they balanced their business and personal lives. Zack worried that he'd blown it that night, but Abby considered what she'd learned fascinating. Abby added that she and Zack had the same goals, and working hard and playing hard was very important to both of them.

Zack mentioned the piece Scott was writing on sex trafficking, and he imagined that it was hard to put something like that aside to enjoy a nice dinner. Scott bristled because the story wasn't public knowledge, but Abby huffed that he should be happy that they'd been talking about him. Zack inquired whether Scott had started by talking to the johns or the girls, and Scott vaguely replied that it would all be in Hashtag when it was time.

Sharon and Scott prepared to head out, and Zack apologized for hijacking their night. Abby insisted that Newman pick up the check, and Scott and Sharon departed. Zack said he owed Abby one, and she gushed that it had been amazing to watch his killer business instinct. He said he was just a tech guy, whereas Scott was pursuing heavy stuff. Abby thought it sounded like Zack admired Scott, and Zack replied that he admired anyone who pursued what they believed in. Abby warned Zack against developing a "bromance" with Scott, since she got enough of Scott at the office.

In the foyer, Zack pulled Abby into a kiss, and she asked what it was for. He noted that there was a guard at the gate at her place, and he assumed that her dad would know if she had a visitor who showed up at night and didn't leave until the next morning. He suggested that they spend the night in a room at the club, but she kissed him and said it would have to tide him over. She expected that he would take her home and that security would notice when he left -- that night.

At the cottage, Scott promised that there would be no more double dates, but Sharon said she'd had fun explaining why they were a good fit. She thought Zack seemed like a good guy who'd been genuinely interested in Scott's series on sex trafficking. Mariah stumbled into the room with an armful of bottled water, and she stammered that she and Tessa were working on a project that might take all night. Mariah hurried out.

Sharon wished Faith a good night over the phone. After Sharon hung up, Scott found it odd that Faith had gone on a sleepover on what would have been her first night back at the cottage. Sharon recalled that her kids had felt like they'd needed to look after her when she'd gone through rough patches, so she was glad that Faith felt that she could go have fun, knowing that Sharon would be perfectly fine.

Sharon figured that she was getting a taste of what it would feel like when her baby went away to college, but Scott noted that Faith might end up living upstairs, like Mariah. Sharon wondered if Mariah had seemed jumpy to him, but he confessed that he'd been distracted by the thought of having an empty house. Sharon purred that she wasn't alone, since he was there with her. He mused that it was his point exactly, and they kissed.

Alice coughed and complained of a dry throat. Mariah returned to the stables and asked Tessa if Alice had said anything about Crystal. Mariah wanted to move things along to get answers, and she crouched next to Alice and told her to drink up. Alice stared in horror at Mariah's face, and Mariah insisted that the water wasn't poisoned. Alice screamed Cassie's name before she fainted.

Mariah pretends to be Cassie to trick Alice

Mariah pretends to be Cassie to trick Alice

Friday, September 29, 2017

Kevin worked on his laptop at Crimson Lights, and Devon was surprised to see that he was back in town. Kevin explained that he'd wanted Bella to spend time with her grandmother, and they made small talk about Portland. Devon thought Kevin had made the right choice to start a new life with his daughter, and he asked if Kevin had met anyone. Kevin replied that he'd been focused on Bella, and Devon surmised that Kevin was still mourning Chloe.

Devon hoped Kevin eventually found someone special, and he remarked that he'd never thought Mariah would crash into his life the way she had. Devon gushed about how great his relationship with Mariah was going, and he found it nice to be with someone who was loyal and didn't play games. Devon sensed that Kevin seemed uneasy about discussing Mariah, and Kevin abruptly said he had to get going to put Bella to bed. Devon questioned whether Kevin didn't think Devon and Mariah were okay.

Kevin chalked it up to being protective of Mariah as a force of habit, and Devon assured him that he didn't have to be, since Devon "respected the hell" out of her. Devon rambled on about his and Mariah's honest communication and great chemistry, but Kevin recalled that Devon had felt that way about Hilary not long before. Kevin imagined that Hilary was a tough act to follow, but Devon swore that he wasn't pining over Hilary or anyone else, and he expected to be with Mariah for a long time.

Kevin remarked that he'd learned that they never knew what the future held, and Devon wondered if Kevin wanted another shot with Mariah. Kevin swore that he and Mariah would never go down that road again after they'd crashed and burned, and he was happy being her best friend. Kevin expressed confidence that Mariah didn't have any feelings for him.

In the Newman stables, Mariah and Tessa panicked when Alice fainted. "Holy crap, she thinks I'm my sister!" Mariah exclaimed. Tessa tried to revive Alice, and Mariah asked if Alice had said anything. Tessa reported that Alice hadn't, and she dryly noted that Alice wasn't talkative while passed out, either. Mariah worried that they couldn't do it alone, and she prepared to leave to get backup. Mariah told Tessa not to let Alice get away, since Cassie might be their last hope.

At the cottage, Sharon and Scott made out on the couch as Mariah burst in. Mariah urgently insisted on speaking with Sharon alone, and Scott headed out. Mariah quizzed Sharon about what Alice and Cassie's relationship had been like, and Sharon demanded to know what was going on. Mariah confessed that Alice was literally tied up in the stables. Sharon cried that Mariah had committed a serious crime and could go to jail, but Mariah defended that she and Tessa had only had one chance to grab Alice to try to save Crystal.

Sharon asked what they'd found out so far, but Mariah indicated that Alice hadn't talked while she'd been conscious. Sharon freaked out at the implication that Alice was unconscious, and Mariah recalled that Alice had fainted when she'd seen Mariah and had thought that she'd been staring into the eyes of a dead girl. Sharon found it strange because Alice had never even seen Cassie as a teenager, and Mariah figured that everyone had people they never forgot.

Sharon realized that she was right about Alice being part of the sex trafficking ring, and she wanted to call Paul. Mariah warned that Alice could have Crystal killed, and Sharon questioned how she could help. Mariah implored Sharon to tell her how Alice had treated Cassie, and Sharon wondered what Mariah was planning to do. "Bring Cassie's ghost back," Mariah declared.

Tessa worriedly hovered over an unconscious Alice, who flashed back to reminding Cassie that Alice had purchased the girl's doll. In the memory, Cassie replied that it had been the only doll she'd had before she'd gone to live with Nick and Sharon, and she recalled that Alice had yelled a lot. Cassie recounted that she'd had to be quiet because Alice had sometimes slept in the daytime, and Alice promised that things would be better that time. Cassie insisted that she didn't know Alice and that she just wanted to call her mommy. Alice stirred in her sleep and murmured Cassie's name.

Alice awakened and wondered if Cassie had really been there, but Tessa barked that Crystal was the only girl Alice should be worried about. Alice insisted that she didn't know anyone named Crystal, and Tessa threatened to have the cops raid the fancy house where Alice kept a stable of girls locked up until men were ready to pay for them. Alice maintained that she worked in medical sales, but Tessa demanded that she stop lying. Tessa received a text message, and she suggested that Alice take some time alone to remember where Crystal was. She coldly told Alice not to bother screaming because no one would hear her.

Sharon was aghast that Mariah intended to pretend to be Cassie, and she thought it was a bad idea. Tessa entered and reported that Alice was sticking with her story. Mariah announced that she had a plan, but she needed Sharon's help, and she asked if Sharon was in or out.

Alice struggled to get free, and the lights suddenly fizzled out. She nervously asked who was there and what they were going to do to her. Mariah appeared, wearing a pink jacket and smiling sweetly. Mariah greeted Alice, adding, "It's me -- Cassie. I've missed you." Alice told herself that she was hallucinating, but Mariah insisted that she was really Cassie. Alice referred to the terrible car accident that had killed Cassie years earlier, and Mariah knelt down next to her and insisted that she was there to help Alice.

Alice begged "Cassie" to untie her and get her out of there, but Mariah replied that she was afraid she couldn't do that, since it wouldn't be what Millie wanted. Alice barked that Millie was gone, but Mariah clucked that Millie was watching Alice and still wanted Alice to be a good person. Alice swore that she was a good person, but Mariah lectured that what Alice was doing by exploiting those girls was horrible and wrong. Alice defended that she looked out for the girls and protected them by being a mother to them -- the kind of mother that she should have been to Cassie.

Mariah noted that a real mother wanted what was best for her daughter, which was what Millie had wanted for Alice. Alice wailed that she still thought about Cassie all the time, and "Cassie" pointed out that if she'd grown up, she'd be the same age as the girls whose bodies Alice was selling. Mariah questioned whether Alice would have sent her sweet, innocent Cassie off to seedy motels with creeps, and Alice begged her to stop, since she'd never want that for Cassie. Mariah insisted that Alice had no other choice but to do the right thing.

"Cassie" urged Alice to help Tessa find her sister and get Crystal out of that terrible life. Alice protested that what she was seeing couldn't be real, but "Cassie" explained that she was there because someone had needed to stop Alice from going too far. Mariah pressed Alice to help by revealing where Crystal was, so Alice could go home and be at peace with herself, knowing that she'd done the right thing to make Millie proud. Alice told herself that it was a dream that she'd wake up from, and Sharon rushed in. Alice thanked God that Sharon was there, and she begged Sharon to tell her that she wasn't losing it.

Sharon confirmed that she saw Cassie, and she sat down next to Mariah and imagined that Cassie had to be there for a very important reason. Alice wondered why Cassie cared when Alice hadn't been good to her, and Sharon pointed out that Cassie wouldn't be there if she hadn't forgiven Alice. "Cassie" begged Alice to treat the girls better than Alice had treated her, and Alice hung her head and agreed to help. Alice revealed that Crystal was with a guy named Leon in New York City, and Sharon untied one of Alice's arms and handed her a phone to call the guy to tell him to take Crystal home.

Scott arrived at Newman Enterprises and asked Abby what had happened to her date. She asked the same question about his, since she'd thought he and Sharon were having an epic romance. He reported that Sharon had had a family thing with Mariah, and Abby taunted that it wasn't a great sign that he'd been excluded. Later, Abby hoped Scott hadn't taken what she'd said in the wrong way, and he replied that he'd taken it like she'd intended. He added that it would take more than that to offend him, and he explained that he'd taken off because Mariah had wanted to have a private conversation with Sharon.

Abby recognized that dating someone with kids wasn't easy, and she divulged that her stepson had been troubled. Scott pointed out that she hadn't mentioned the boy during their interview, and Abby confided that they weren't her happiest memories. Scott mentioned that he didn't have any problems with Mariah or Noah and that he hadn't met Faith yet. Abby advised him to keep the problems between him and Sharon. Scott wondered why Abby thought they had problems, and she noted that he and Sharon were very different.

Abby figured that Sharon was all about her kids, while Scott was chomping at the bit to save the world. Scott recalled that his mom had said almost the exact same thing, but he referred to the saying that opposites attract. Abby conceded that opposites might attract in the short term, but she'd learned during her online dating research that couples had to have similar interests to stay together. Scott insisted that he and Sharon had things in common, but Abby anticipated that things wouldn't work out.

Lily answered her door and asked "what the hell" Hilary was doing there. Hilary acknowledged that she was the last person Lily wanted to see, but she was there because she'd just seen a devastated Cane. Hilary invited herself in and bemoaned that Cane was a complete wreck because any glimmer of hope he'd had was gone. She thought he and Lily had been going to marriage counseling to deal with their issues, but Lily asserted that it wouldn't fix their problems. Lily refused to talk to Hilary about it, and Hilary guessed that Lily's problem was about the baby.

Lily snapped that she didn't owe Hilary an explanation, and Hilary sympathized that it was a lot to accept, especially since Juliet had the misguided notion that Cane would be there for her. Lily expected Cane to live up to his responsibilities, but she pointed out that it was none of Hilary's business. Hilary swore that Cane loved only Lily, and she voiced concern that he would fall into a well of despair if Lily didn't give him hope. Hilary continued that Cane was the love of Lily's life, and she urged Lily to reconsider counseling because their marriage deserved one last shot.

Lily spat that Hilary was the last person she'd ever take marital advice from, and she ordered Hilary to get out. Lily opened the front door and found Michael standing there. Lily invited him in, and Hilary begged Lily to think about what she'd said, but Lily slammed the door in her face. Lily apologized to Michael and went to get an aspirin for the headache Hilary had given her. Michael worried about Lily being under stress, and he asked what else had happened besides Hilary's visit. Lily announced that she'd decided to file for divorce.

Michael was sure that Lily had given it a lot of thought, but he advised her as someone who'd had big challenges in his own marriage to continue the process. She appreciated his concern, but she pointed out that she and Cane had gotten divorced before because he'd been deceitful. Michael observed that she seemed calm, and she explained that going to a counseling session had crystallized her thoughts and feelings. Lily lamented that it got harder every day to think about the woman across town who was carrying Cane's child, since it was a painful reminder of the terrible things he'd done.

Lily admitted that she loved Cane and was sure she always would, but she was afraid that her love would turn into something ugly if they stayed together. She wanted the divorce to be as amicable as possible for the twins, and Michael inquired whether Cane had a job yet. Lily replied that she didn't want anything from Cane, but Michael anticipated that the state would mandate that Cane pay child support if the kids continued to reside with Lily. Michael asked if Cane had a lawyer, and he realized that Cane didn't even know what was happening. Lily wasn't looking forward to breaking the news to Cane, and Michael offered to do it.

Cane worked out his aggression with the punching bag at the gym, and Jordan suggested that Cane use gloves to avoid injuring his hands. Cane imagined that Jordan had been counting the days until he could move in on Cane's wife. Jordan swore that he wasn't after Lily and that they were just friends who worked together. Cane accused Jordan of dropping Hilary the moment he'd thought he had a shot with Lily, but Jordan insisted that it hadn't been why he'd ended things.

Cane hissed that Jordan had had his eye on Lily since the day he'd arrived in town, but he contended that Jordan was dreaming if he thought she would be available. Jordan suggested that Cane focus on his own problems instead of creating new ones, and Cane asserted that he and Lily were committed to making things work. Cane added that his marriage was far from over, and he warned Jordan to back off.

Jordan stopped by to see Lily and noticed that she seemed stressed. She confided that she'd made the decision to end her marriage, and she begged him to tell her that she hadn't made a mistake. Jordan understood that Lily needed reassurance that getting a divorce was the right thing to do, but he insisted that it had to be her call. She contemplated whether she was doing what was best for her kids or if she was just being selfish by trying to justify getting what she wanted. She added that nobody would win, and she questioned why something that unfair had had to happen to them. Jordan put a comforting arm around her.

Hilary returned to the Athletic Club and insisted that it was important that she talk to Cane, who reluctantly agreed to one drink. She urged him not to give up, since she had no doubt Lily loved him, even if she couldn't get over Juliet's baby. Cane groaned that it was just the tip of the iceberg, but Hilary argued that the Ashbys had forgiven one another before, and it wouldn't be insurmountable if Juliet wasn't carrying his child. Cane pointed out that he couldn't do anything to make the baby disappear, but Hilary suggested that he make Juliet disappear.

Cane thought there was no way Juliet would go back to Japan after everything she'd given up to move there, but Hilary countered that Juliet had no job, family, or real friends in Genoa City. Hilary reasoned that Tokyo had been Juliet's home for a long time and that she'd been ready to head back, but Cane recalled that Juliet had changed her mind when she'd found out she was pregnant. Hilary speculated that Lily would be able to let go of her animosity if Juliet was on the other side of the world. Hilary pushed Cane to at least try, since he had everything to gain and nothing to lose. "Mind if we join you?" Juliet asked.

Hilary said she and Cane had just been talking about Juliet, and she claimed that Cane had mentioned that Juliet had been a rising star in Tokyo. Juliet clarified that she'd been trying to find her niche when Brash & Sassy had called, and Hilary guessed that Juliet missed the Far East. Juliet firmly stated that her life was in Genoa City, and Michael interrupted and asked for a word with Cane. The men stepped away, and Hilary encouraged Juliet to consider moving back to Tokyo, since it was obvious Cane didn't want her. Hilary anticipated that Cane would resent Juliet as the impediment that kept him from reconciling with Lily.

Hilary reiterated that Cane wanted Lily and that Juliet would never be the rebound. Hilary pushed Juliet to go back to Tokyo and make a fresh start because it would be the best thing for her and the baby. Juliet huffed that if Hilary was finished, the answer was no. Juliet recognized that Hilary would love to take her down, but she believed there was a chance for her and Cane, since he cared about the baby and about her.

Cane finished a call from a prospective employer and apologized to Michael. Michael said he was there in an official capacity, since Lily wanted him to speak to Cane as her attorney. Cane crumpled into a chair as he realized that Lily wanted a divorce.

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