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Phyllis caught Billy using her computer to access Jabot's server. Nick announced that he was donating his trust fund to charity. Graham revealed that Brent Davis had been his stepfather. Dina publicly blurted out that Brent was Ashley's father. Dina collapsed during an altercation with Graham.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of October 9, 2017 on Y&R
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Phyllis catches Billy accessing her laptop Phyllis catches Billy accessing her laptop

Monday, October 9, 2017

In Jack's office at Jabot, Phyllis insisted to Jack that Billy wouldn't use her company laptop to access Jabot's server. Jack's facial expression remained stern as Phyllis cried, "He wouldn't do that, Jack. He wouldn't." Jack reminded Phyllis that she was the one who'd been convinced that Billy and Victoria had had prior knowledge of Jack's plans to "ace out" Brash & Sassy from Fenmore's. Jack added that Phyllis' suspicions of a company mole had been proven wrong. Jack angrily pointed out that Billy, the gambler obsessed with beating his brother, always had a thousand reasons to justify his bad behavior. Phyllis stuttered when she attempted to explain why Billy wouldn't "screw me over." Jack replied, "You and I both know Billy would damn well do it."

Phyllis assured Jack that she'd never revealed her password. Jack reminded Phyllis that Billy had used Dina's password. In a brief flashback, Phyllis recalled having seen Billy using her laptop. When confronted, Billy had claimed he'd been checking the status of their Internet connection. Phyllis also remembered the day when Billy had taken possession of her laptop at the gym, claiming she didn't have time before her scheduled massage to place it in a locker.

Phyllis seemed sobered by her memories and said, "Yeah, maybe Billy did this." Jack told Phyllis that Ravi was working to put security measures in place to prevent future breaches. Phyllis blamed Victoria's influence and cried that what had happened was a violation of trust. Jack insisted that Phyllis not confront Billy, so Jabot could beat Billy at his own game and regain an advantage over Brash & Sassy.

After Phyllis left, Jack met with Hilary and enlisted her help to cover Ashley's dinner at the Top of the Tower. Hilary reminded Jack that Top of the Tower, in addition to being deep in Newman territory, had also been the venue for Nikki's concert. Hilary noted that she'd drawn the wrath of the Newman family for her coverage of the concert. Hilary admitted she had made things worse by airing a piece about Benjamin Hochman and Victoria. Jack warned that Victoria was a carbon copy of Victor Newman and shouldn't be crossed. Hilary welcomed the opportunity to air a piece about Ashley's award and the family celebrations, though she'd cover it her way.

In Victoria's office at Brash & Sassy, Billy pleaded over the phone with a production manager to do whatever was necessary to ready the beauty mask for release as soon as possible. Billy noted that holiday sales were approaching, and ads couldn't be aired for a product that didn't yet exist. Victoria arrived and told Billy that after she'd more closely reviewed the budget memo Billy had ascertained from Jabot, she'd thought it best for Brash & Sassy to hold back on plans to ramp up Dare. Billy disagreed and cited Jabot's lack of a men's line as the perfect opportunity for Brash & Sassy to fill a hole in the marketplace. Victoria replied, "Jack specifically said that they weren't abandoning the men's line, that they were just reallocating funds so that they could relaunch Jabot Junior." Victoria added that she'd rather know for sure where Jabot planned to plant a foothold before spending the money Neil had loaned to Brash & Sassy.

Billy suggested he use Phyllis' laptop again, but Lily arrived before Victoria could respond. Lily seemed eager to begin her new position. Victoria and Billy explained that they'd made the decision themselves to hire Lily to take over Juliet's former position and had not been pressured by Neil to do so. Victoria praised Lily's past corporate experience and her knowledge of the Dare line. After Lily left, Billy received a text message from Phyllis summoning him to return home. Before Billy left, Victoria suggested he attempt to access Jabot's servers again via Phyllis' computer, but she cautioned him to be careful.

Before Billy returned home, Phyllis had set up her company laptop on the coffee table and was busily typing. When Billy entered, he said he thought Phyllis might be ready for relaxation instead of work. Billy announced the hiring of Lily to help with the workload as Phyllis joined him on the sofa. Phyllis noted that Billy and Victoria seemed pleased with the direction they'd taken with Brash & Sassy, though Billy wouldn't likely trust her enough to share details. Billy replied, "Would you trust me?"

After Billy questioned Phyllis, she admitted she'd had a heated exchange with Victoria. Phyllis added, "She tried to shake my faith in what you and I have." Billy assured Phyllis she was the only woman for him. Phyllis told Billy she'd be upstairs, drawing a bath, and would summon him when it was ready. Phyllis watched Billy from the top of the stairs as she used her phone to send herself an email, which sounded a chime on her laptop. Billy slid Phyllis' laptop toward him and typed in Dina's username and password. Phyllis called out and said the tub was ready. Billy quickly turned the laptop back to the position where Phyllis had left it. When Billy met Phyllis at the top of the stairs, he mentioned that her computer had "dinged." Phyllis said that she was ready to play and would deal with business later.

At the Genoa City Athletic Club, Cane greeted Colin and told his dad that Lily had filed for divorce because she couldn't forgive him for the mistakes he'd made. Cane expressed hope that Jill might hire him for a position at Chancellor, based on a proposal he planned to present. Cane added that he would try to do the right thing for everyone, including his soon-to-be-born son. Colin was excited to hear he'd be welcoming a grandson and insisted on meeting Juliet. As Juliet approached, Colin took her hand and introduced himself as her baby's grandfather.

Juliet told Colin she planned to stay in Genoa City so the baby could be close to his father, though she acknowledged it wasn't the ideal plan for raising a child. Cane acknowledged Juliet for at least standing by him while his life seemed to be falling apart. Colin noted that the child, completely innocent of wrongdoing, would be welcomed into the family. Cane rolled his eyes when Colin suddenly pulled Juliet close and tightly embraced her. Juliet, however, was moved to tears. After Juliet left, Cane invited his dad to dinner, and Colin invited Cane to fly with him to meet Jill, so Cane could pitch his business idea.

Cane stopped by Juliet's suite and acknowledged that Colin's reaction to meeting her had been exuberant. Juliet admitted it had caught her by surprise. Colin thanked Juliet for shouldering part of the blame. Juliet replied, "I meant it. You're a good person, Cane."

Cane told Juliet he'd be out of town for a few days in pursuit of a business opportunity. Juliet insisted she wouldn't stand in his way. Cane made Juliet promise to phone or text if she needed him because he'd be thinking about her and the baby. Juliet replied, "That means a lot." After Cane left, Juliet leaned against the door, placed her hand against her back, and winced in pain.

On the patio at Crimson Lights, Hilary greeted Mattie and expressed sorrow about Lily and Cane's divorce. Hilary acknowledged that Mattie would probably rather talk to Reed, but Mattie said she wasn't allowed to see him or even use her phone. Hilary offered the use of her phone and assured Mattie she could be trusted. When Reed arrived at the coffeehouse, Hilary explained that Mattie had used her phone.

Mattie greeted Reed with a hug. Reed consoled Mattie. Mattie cried that she hated seeing her dad dealing with sadness. Victoria arrived. A startled Reed insisted he'd just bumped into Mattie. Victoria said she didn't want to make matters worse for Mattie, but she couldn't ignore finding Reed and Mattie together.

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Charlie was busy on his laptop when Lily returned home. Lily announced that Billy and Victoria had hired her for an office position, and she asked Charlie to keep quiet until she had a chance to tell Cane herself. Charlie noted that Lily had evidently taken his dad's old job. Lily asked about Mattie. The door opened, and Mattie and Reed entered, followed by Victoria. Victoria explained that she'd found Reed and Mattie together, and given that they'd been banned from seeing each other, she'd hoped to address the situation.

Mattie said she'd used a friend's phone to send a text message to Reed and didn't think it was fair for them to be forbidden to see each other. Victoria agreed. Victoria and Lily talked privately, commiserated, and decided that Mattie and Reed could see each other. Reed and Mattie were ecstatic when they heard the news.

At Sharon's house, Mariah congratulated Tessa and Noah after the couple made plans to live together. Noah left to prepare for Tessa to move in her belongings. Tessa said Noah's suggestion to move in together had taken her by surprise. Tessa compared her loving, supportive relationship with Noah to Mariah and Devon's. Mariah said Devon had made plans for them to travel to Chicago for a romantic getaway. Tessa joked that she and Noah wouldn't impose on their trip by tagging along.

Mariah said she'd loved having Tessa with her when the two couples had journeyed to San Francisco. Tessa said Mariah was the most amazing person she'd ever known, and she thanked her friend for helping rescue Crystal. Mariah said she just wanted Tessa to be happy. Tessa urged Mariah to reconnect with Devon. Mariah admitted she didn't want Tessa to leave. Tessa and Mariah shared a warm embrace before Tessa collected her bags and walked out the door. After Tessa left, Mariah slumped on the sofa and sobbed.

At Crimson Lights, Sharon told Nick that Alice, deliberately targeted by an unknown hit-and-run driver, had left the hospital before being questioned. Sharon expressed concern for Alice's safety. Nick praised Sharon for helping Crystal and said he hoped police might be able to break up the sex ring. Nick advised Sharon to keep security officers at the ranch updated to ensure her own safety.

Noah arrived and told his parents that he'd invited Tessa to move in with him. Noah changed the subject and told Nick that their project couldn't move forward until Nick made a payment. Noah mentioned Nick's issue with the bank, and Sharon asked what had happened. Noah explained that someone had cleaned out Nick's bank account. Nick claimed the bank had made an error.

After Noah left, Sharon said, "What were you not telling him?" Nick admitted that Victor had taken the money to make a point. Victor, Nick added, believed his son couldn't be successful on his own. Nick said he planned to make some changes and prove his dad wrong. Hilary interrupted, and Nick said he had something to tell her that she'd want to hear. Hilary seemed intrigued.

Traci discovers an old photo of Graham Davis Traci discovers an old photo of Graham Davis

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

At Crimson Lights, Nick admitted to Chelsea that what he'd decided to do was outside the box, but he was confident that it was the way to go after everything that had happened. She doubted that, but she refused to miss seeing how it all played out. Hilary entered the coffeehouse and sourly declared that she was dying to hear what Nick wanted to tell her. Nick announced that he wanted to appear on The Hilary Hour.

Nick conceded that he didn't appreciate Hilary's style of reporting, but he thought he could use it to his advantage by giving his opinion of his father on her show. Hilary asked what Chelsea thought about it, but Chelsea insisted that it didn't matter because there was no changing Nick's mind. Hilary told Nick to stop by the studio to do it that day, and she gave him fair warning that she would ask hard questions. Nick welcomed her to "bring it."

Later, Devon arrived at GC Buzz and asked Hilary if Mariah was there, since he wanted to invite Mariah to the dinner Jack was hosting for Ashley. Hilary mentioned that Jack had asked her to cover the event on her show, and she bragged about landing an interview with Nick later that day. Devon congratulated her, since the fact Nick had agreed to go on the show meant she was doing something right.

Devon left another message for Mariah as Hilary instructed her staff to make sure everything was ready for Nick's interview. Devon surmised that she was making sure Nick had no reason to back out, and Hilary remarked that Devon knew her too well. Devon stated that despite their differences, he respected her ability to run the show. Hilary regretted that she'd blown things with Victoria by running the piece about Ben Hochman, and Devon advised that an interview was never more important than her personal relationships. Hilary agreed.

Hilary mentioned that she'd run into Jordan, and she had no doubt he was still interested in her. Devon recalled her statement that she wasn't interested in Lily's castoffs, and Hilary admitted that she'd spoken out of anger and jealousy. Devon pointed out that Lily had filed for divorce, but Hilary was confident that the divorce would never happen. Hilary mused that Cane and Lily had a connection that would never disappear, and she believed they would always find their way back to one another with that kind of true love.

Nick furiously worked out with the punching bag at the gym, and Chelsea cautioned that he'd have nothing left for Victor on Hilary's show. Nick swore that he had plenty more to say, but Chelsea warned that there would be no taking the words back once they were out there. Nick expected that Hilary would make sure it wasn't just a puff piece, but Chelsea urged him to consider dealing with his issues in private rather than airing his dirty laundry on a television show. She suggested that it wasn't too late to cancel the interview.

Nick growled that his father had stolen from him, and he referred to the horrible things Victor had done to his children in the name of loving them. Nick recognized that the world saw Victor as a successful businessman and philanthropist, but Chelsea worried that Nick would embarrass both Victor and himself on television. Nick groused that he was tired of playing the game, and he knew the risks. He anticipated that his life would never be fully be his own until he cut off ties to his dad, and the interview would do that. Chelsea requested a preview of what he intended to say, but Nick insisted that she wait and watch the interview.

At the Abbott mansion, Ashley gazed at family photos on the mantel, and she picked up a framed picture of John. She flashed back to him being impressed by the figures she'd given him for Jabot's teen line, and he'd gushed that he was proud of her. Jack called to Ashley, and he reported that Dina would be at the dinner -- without Graham. Ashley insisted on being surrounded by people she cared about on her special night, but she wasn't sure her own mother fit into that category. Ashley said she missed her dad, and she wished John could be there to see her get her award. Jack assured her that John was there in spirit, beaming with pride as he looked down on her. They hugged.

Jack imagined John wondering what had taken Ashley so long to win the award. Ashley recognized that their father had set high standards that she was still trying to reach, but he had always accepted his kids for who they were. Jack remembered that the sun had always risen and set on her in their dad's eyes, and she asked if it bothered Jack that she'd been John's favorite. Jack figured that he'd never been in the running, since he'd squandered his chance by acting up in his youth.

Ashley noted that Jack and Dina had been close until their mother had abandoned them. She was happy that John had never found out about her true paternity, but Jack thought it wouldn't have changed John's relationship with Ashley. Jack blasted Brent for revealing to Ashley that he was her father when Dina had wanted to keep it a secret, and he recounted that Dina had almost killed Brent for it. Jack believed it was important for Ashley to remember that finding out the truth had only made her stronger.

Jack informed Ashley that he wanted to memorialize her celebration by airing it on The Hilary Hour, and she assumed that he was trying to get more publicity for Jabot and Parker Beauty. Jack argued that neither would exist if it hadn't been for Ashley. Traci entered the house and called out to ask if there was an award winner in the house, and Ashley and Jack greeted her with hugs. Jack excused himself to go to a meeting, but he urged Traci to tell Ashley to focus on what was important.

After Jack left, Ashley informed Traci that she'd spoken with a woman in Florida who had referred to Graham as her son. Ashley added that Graham had not only passed the woman off as his aunt to Dina, but he'd also neglected to tell Dina that Myrna was from Genoa City. Traci realized that Graham might be from there, too, but Ashley reported that Ravi hadn't been able to find any records of Graham living there. Traci figured that Graham could have changed his name, and Ashley bemoaned that there was way too much mystery, but she was sure that was the way Graham wanted it.

Ashley apologized for needing to leave when Traci had just gotten there, but Traci revealed that she'd invited an old classmate over to catch up. Traci teased that her friend was a hunky football player who she intended to let have his way with her on the sofa, but she noticed that Ashley was preoccupied. Traci wondered why Ashley wasn't more excited, and she guessed that Ashley was too busy researching Graham. Ashley ranted that he was a con man who'd manipulated their mother into leaving him the bulk of her estate. Traci encouraged Ashley to take Jack's advice and focus on her major accomplishment. The sisters hugged, and Ashley left.

In her hotel suite, Dina slammed her laptop shut and griped that she'd thought Jack had accepted her apology, but it was clear that he wanted to hurt her. Graham unsuccessfully attempted to log into Dina's computer and determined that the password was invalid. Dina surmised that Jack had shut her out of the company, and she griped that he could have at least told her that to her face. She added that she wouldn't be surprised if Jack disinvited her from their family dinner, and she dreaded attending the event. Graham offered to go with her, but she doubted Ashley and Jack would allow it.

Ravi stopped by, and Dina assumed that he was there on Jack's behalf to tell her that she was no longer needed at Jabot. Ravi set up a new password for Dina and informed her that gaining access to the server would be no problem. He recognized that he should have called to keep her from thinking the worst, and she assured him that she felt better. Graham expressed surprise that the passwords had been changed when the security breach had been a false alarm, but Ravi imagined that Dina would have done the same thing at Mergeron.

Graham pushed to find out if Ravi was looking for something specific, and Ravi vaguely replied that he was always interested in other companies' systems. Ravi looked forward to seeing Dina at Ashley's celebration, and Dina asked Graham to show Ravi out. Graham confided to Ravi that Dina was concerned about the reception she'd receive from Jack and Ashley that night, so she wanted Graham to go with her. Ravi agreed to talk to Ashley about it, but he insisted that it would be her decision.

At Phyllis and Billy's apartment, Phyllis peered down at Billy from the top of the stairs. She glanced at her computer and flashed back to seeing him trying to log onto Jabot's server. Billy wished her a good morning and asked if everything was okay. "Actually, no, it's not," Phyllis replied. Phyllis explained that she didn't think Billy should go to Ashley's celebration because she thought Jack might be planning to embarrass Billy.

Billy appreciated Phyllis' concern, but he didn't think it was necessary, since he and Jack had already discussed setting their personal differences aside out of respect for Ashley. Billy hoped attending the dinner would be a clear sign that he wanted to be part of the family again, and Phyllis realized that he missed them. He recognized that having one dinner wouldn't smooth over everything, but he considered it to be a start. Phyllis suggested that the easy way for him to get back into Jack's good graces would be to quit Brash & Sassy, since it was a slap in his brother's face every day Billy worked there.

Phyllis warned that Billy was making things worse by working for the competition, pulling customers and profits away from his father's legacy. Billy scoffed at the thought that Jack would open up his heart if Billy left Brash & Sassy, but Phyllis thought it would go a long way to prove Billy's loyalty. Billy argued that Jack had kicked him out because Phyllis had chosen Billy, and he thought Jack had to get over it and put family before business. Phyllis questioned whether Billy could be the bigger man by putting his love for his family above everything else. Billy admired her for keeping her relationship with him while maintaining a working relationship with his brother, and he figured if she could do it, then he could, too. He walked out.

At Brash & Sassy, Victoria looked up from her computer and wondered how long Neil had been standing there. He replied that he'd been there long enough to admire her concentration, and he thanked her for promoting Lily. Victoria swore that it had been the best decision for Brash & Sassy, and she complimented Lily's marketing skills and exciting ideas. Neil inquired whether things were back on track, and Victoria credited him and his loan for saving the company. He told her to call if she needed anything, and he started to head out. Victoria called after him and said she could use his help.

Neil lay with his eyes closed on the couch, testing out a new face mask. A timer sounded, and Victoria instructed him to wipe the mask off. She requested his input, and he praised the masculine fragrance and declared that his face felt like it had had an awesome massage. He looked in a mirror and insisted that he'd lost ten years, and he encouraged her to feel his face. As Victoria touched his cheeks, he jokingly volunteered to be a male model for Brash & Sassy, but he mentioned an idea that he wanted her to think about.

Later, Billy arrived as Neil departed, and Victoria explained that she'd roped Neil into being a guinea pig for the new face mask. She rambled about being excited to get the new product on the shelves, and she rattled off a list of things to do that day. Billy rubbed his head, and Victoria asked what was wrong. She guessed that it had to do with Phyllis.

Billy recounted that Phyllis thought the only way to get Jack to forgive him was for him to quit his job, and he conceded that she had a point. Victoria figured that Phyllis was just mad about what Victoria had said at the club, and Billy intended to convince Phyllis that there was nothing to be jealous of. He started to order some roses, but Victoria told him to do it later, since they had work to do before they both left early that night. Victoria revealed that Neil had asked her to attend Ashley's celebration dinner. Billy asked if she honestly thought that was a good idea.

Phyllis slammed the door to Jack's office shut, and Jack inquired whether Billy had tried to access Jabot's server, using her computer. "Damn you, Jack," she hissed. Phyllis wished that Jack had never told her that Billy had used her computer, and Jack surmised that Billy had tried to do so again. Phyllis reported that she'd stopped Billy before he'd gotten more information and that he still didn't know she was onto him. Jack informed her that Ravi had changed the passwords, and he instructed her not to let her laptop out of her sight.

Jack barked that Billy didn't care who he hurt as long as he got what he wanted, and Phyllis recalled that Jack had also accused her of that. Jack argued that at least she had a sense of loyalty, and he wondered why she'd remained loyal to him. Phyllis reiterated that she just wanted Billy away from Victoria, but Jack suspected that Phyllis was trying to convince herself that Victoria was the only thing standing between her and Billy. Jack warned that Billy was obsessed with beating Jack and that it was more important to Billy than his relationship with Phyllis. Phyllis protested, but Jack ordered her to stop being a victim.

Jack told Phyllis to stop blaming Victoria and start blaming Billy, since Phyllis was so busy defending Billy that she was helpless in the face of facts. Phyllis was sure that Victoria had manipulated Billy into accessing Jabot's server, and Jack pointed out that it proved that Billy would do anything Victoria wanted him to do, even when it hurt Phyllis. Jack contended that Billy had already made the choice to use Phyllis to get proprietary information from Jabot, so Billy was as culpable as Victoria was -- if not more. Jack warned that if Phyllis didn't acknowledge it, she'd find herself hurt in ways she couldn't imagine.

Jack noted that Billy wasn't the only one lying, since Phyllis hadn't told Billy that she was working with Jack to take Brash & Sassy down. Phyllis insisted that Billy never had to know, but Jack maintained that both Billy and Phyllis were keeping secrets. She testily asked if Jack was the arbiter of her morality, and she questioned why it was that important to Jack to loathe Billy the way he did. Jack called Billy a liar and a cheat who wasn't worthy of the Abbott name, and he vowed that Billy would have nothing left when Jack was done with him. "He'll have me," Phyllis retorted.

Ravi returned to Jabot, and Ashley asked how Dina had seemed. Ravi relayed that Dina had thought he'd been there to fire her on Jack's orders, but she'd been relieved when she'd learned that she still had a job. Ravi added that Dina was worried that her children were angry with her, and Ashley informed him that Dina had sent Victor compromising photos of Jack and Nikki. Ashley sided with Jack on that one, and she was frustrated that her mother wouldn't acknowledge Graham's lies. Ravi revealed that Graham wanted to accompany Dina that night.

Ashley made arrangements over the phone to take photographs before the ceremony. After she hung up, Ravi suggested that she let him handle Graham because she had enough on her plate, but Ashley thought it was her responsibility to deal with Dina. Ashley called Dina and mentioned Dina's desire for Graham to escort her that evening, and Dina became worried that Ashley was upset. Dina was pleasantly surprised when Ashley invited Graham to join them, and they hung up. Ashley was determined to see Graham try to lie his way out of everything in front of her mother.

Meanwhile, Traci thanked her friend, Sandy, for getting together to stroll down memory lane. Traci asked if Sandy recalled a former classmate named Graham Bloodworth. Sandy remembered a loner named Graham who'd been younger than them, but his last name escaped her. After Sandy departed, Traci pulled out an old yearbook and flipped through the pages. She suddenly stopped when she discovered a photo of Graham Davis.

Ashley learns the truth about Graham Ashley learns the truth about Graham> Ashley learns the truth about Graham Ashley learns the truth about Graham

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

by Nel

Ashley walked into Jack's office and saw a huge bouquet of flowers with a card from Brash & Sassy, congratulating her. Jack was annoyed, but he promised Ashley he'd be on his best behavior at her party. Ashley advised Jack that Graham would be escorting Dina to the party. Ashley said that she planned to put Graham on the spot in front of Dina to show her what a liar he was. Jack was concerned because they couldn't get Dina to open her eyes to see who Graham really was.

Ashley was infuriated by Graham's ability to dispel any accusations that were made against him and that Dina always believed Graham over anything that Ashley or Jack told her. Jack said it was Ashley's night, and he wouldn't allow Graham to ruin it. He also had something else he had to do, and it couldn't wait.

In the Athletic Club dining room, Dina told Graham she was relieved that Ashley had invited Graham. Graham said he was certain that that wouldn't be the only surprise of the evening. He reminded Dina that she'd been filled with trepidation at her first invitation to dinner at the Abbott house, but in the end, she'd wound up having a fantastic time. Dina said that she was happy Graham had been invited to the party.

Dina lamented that she had hoped that Jack would accepted the olive branch she'd extended, but he'd remained upset about the photos of him and Nikki that she'd sent. Graham stated that it was very upsetting because Dina had tried to reach out to her children, but they'd refused to accept the person she'd become. Dina lamented that they wouldn't accept Graham, either, as someone who was important in her life. Graham advised Dina to let go of the guilt, but Dina claimed that she couldn't because she felt the guilt every time she looked at Ashley.

Abby arrived and told Dina that she and the family were very proud of Ashley and that Jack had asked Abby to take Dina to Jabot.

At Brash & Sassy, Billy claimed that he was uneasy about Victoria attending Ashley's party because he suspected that Victoria wanted to intimidate Phyllis. Victoria assured Billy that she wouldn't confront Phyllis.

Billy told Victoria that he'd tried to access the Jabot server from Phyllis' laptop, but Phyllis had interrupted him. Victoria panicked and asked if Phyllis had caught him. Billy assured her that Phyllis didn't know, and he wanted to make sure she never found out. If Phyllis did find out, he hoped she'd understand that it was against Jabot, not her. Victoria warned Billy that he had to be extremely careful around Phyllis. Billy assured her he could handle it because there was too much at stake for the company and for him.

In Ravi's office, Phyllis told Ravi that she knew about Billy accessing Jabot's confidential files. Ravi apologized that he hadn't been able to say anything to her, but he'd been sworn to secrecy. Phyllis said she'd keep her eyes on her laptop at all times, or she'd have it locked up. She didn't want Billy to know that they were onto him. Ravi told Phyllis that he was sorry that Billy had betrayed and used her. Ravi was disgusted and asked her what kind of relationship that was. Phyllis was sure that Victoria had pressured Billy into accessing the Jabot server.

Ravi apologized to Phyllis for his comments and said that her relationship was none of his business. Phyllis claimed that what she and Billy had was complicated but worth it. Phyllis asked Ravi if Ashley had been treating him well. Ravi told her that he'd be attending Ashley's party as Ashley's date, and he was enjoying every moment with her.

Inside the entrance of the Athletic Club, Nick ended a call with Hilary, who couldn't wait to hear what Nick had to say. Chelsea knew it would be difficult for Nick to put his life on public display, but Nick said it had to be done. As they were about to leave, Victor arrived and said that he'd wondered when he'd run into Nick. Nick stated that he knew Victor had hired someone to hack into his bank and drain his account. Victor asked how Nick wanted him to react. Chelsea asked if regret and shame were off the table.

Victor claimed it was his money. Nick said that Victor's thieving act wouldn't stop him from expanding the Underground with Noah. Victor claimed that Nick had other accounts filled with Victor's money -- the money he'd earned so his children wouldn't have to suffer the way he had. Victor accused Nick of turning the family against him and poisoning Faith's mind about him. Nick wanted to be clear that Victor was the only person Nick had turned his back on.

Victor warned Nick that there was nothing Nick had that Victor couldn't take. Nick advised Victor that he had everything he cared about, and he and Chelsea left.

At GC Buzz, Nick told Chelsea that he'd almost lost it in front of Victor. All he'd wanted to do was to wipe that smug look off Victor's face. Hilary arrived and welcomed Nick and Chelsea. Hilary gushed over her Chelsea 2.0 wardrobe. Hilary left to have everything set up for Nick's interview. Nick told Chelsea that he needed a few minutes to gather his thoughts. He confirmed that the interview was something that needed to be done. Hilary returned and told Nick they needed to start taping immediately because she had to leave to attend Ashley's Innovator of the Year party.

With the camera rolling, Hilary asked Nick to tell everyone why he was on her show. Nick said he was there to set the record straight then he froze. Hilary stopped taping to give Nick a minute to settle down. When she returned, they proceeded with the interview. After the interview had been completed, Hilary admitted that Nick's revelations had been jaw-dropping and had left her speechless. Hilary respected Nick for his courage for what he'd done. She also suggested that Nick needed to warn his family. Chelsea couldn't believe how much information Nick had given. Nick assured her that it had needed to be said.

A few minutes later, Hilary told her cameraman that it had been a red-letter day in the history of The Hilary Hour -- first, Nick Newman like they had never seen him before and then an exclusive with the Abbotts. She couldn't wait to see how Nick's family would react to the interview. Nick and Chelsea overheard Hilary's comment, and Nick said he couldn't wait to see their reactions either. Hilary thanked Nick, and she left. Chelsea told Nick that there was no going back and asked if he had any second thoughts. Nick admitted that he had absolutely no second thoughts about what he'd done.

Victor arrived at Brash & Sassy. Billy griped about Victor sneaking up on them. Victor asked Victoria if she'd signed the documents for the new line. He advised her to get the product on the market as quickly as possible. Victoria said that she'd also expanded the women's and the men's lines. Victor asked why she'd put out so much money on the men's line when the new product was revolutionary. Billy commented that focusing on the men's line was the best thing, and Victoria added that Jabot had pulled back on their men's products.

Victor asked if Billy had tapped into confidential information at Jabot and asked if that was the reason Billy felt so reckless and frisky. Victoria asked if Victor had a problem with that. Victor admitted he had an enormous problem with it and that in his opinion, it had been a huge mistake. Victor qualified his comment and told Victoria that he was merely giving her some advice. Victoria stated that she stood firmly by her decision. Billy claimed it was a chance for the company to grab the corner of the cosmetics market -- a market that Jabot had abandoned. Victoria said they'd expand their product line -- and they'd also do a major promotional push for Dare because they had the funds to do it.

Victor wondered why Victoria would spend the bridge loan she'd received from Hamilton-Winters on the men's line. Victoria felt it was the best use for the money. Billy said they'd be able to pay their loan back several times over. Victor stated that Billy had spoken like a true gambler. Victor reminded Billy about a wild card named Jack. Victor said he didn't need to remind Billy how untrustworthy Jack was. Billy assured Victor that Jack had no idea that he'd accessed Jabot's server, and the situation was under control.

Victoria confirmed that there hadn't been any indication that Jabot was onto them. There wasn't any reason for Jack to change his plans. Jabot's priority was for a major retail blitz to launch their new skin line. Billy added that Jack had been salivating to take Brash & Sassy down. Billy couldn't see Jack holding everything back for one colossal deathblow. Victor stated that that was what he was concerned about.

Victoria appreciated Victor's concern, and she knew that he didn't always agree with the way she ran her company. Victor acknowledged that it was her company, and he had complete faith in her judgment. However, he warned Victoria and Billy to keep their eyes and ears wide open.

Victoria told Victor she had to get going because she had to get ready to attend Ashley's Innovator of the Year party with Neil. Victor asked if Billy would be there. Victoria confirmed that Billy would be there. Victor assumed that Nikki would be escorted by Jack. Victoria confirmed there was a good chance that Nikki would be. At that moment, Victor and Victoria simultaneously received a text message to tune in to The Hilary Hour. They tuned in as Nick said that he was there to tell everyone what it was really like being a Newman. Victoria wanted to know what Nick was doing and asked Victor if he knew.

Traci arrived at Jabot and observed that Gloria was still working at Jabot. Traci added that she was still trying to wrap her head around why Jack had hired Gloria in the first place. Gloria said that she wasn't going anywhere because Jack had seen how valuable she was. Ashley walked out of Jack's office and greeted Traci. Jack asked Gloria to track down Ravi and Phyllis. Miffed, Gloria left to do Jack's bidding.

Traci told Ashley that she'd found something on Graham, and she wanted to show Ashley when they got home. Dina arrived with Abby. Traci and Dina greeted each other with a hug. Traci said she'd heard that Dina was doing consulting work at Jabot. Dina stated that things weren't going smoothly. Traci added that they needed to catch up.

Everyone gathered in Jack's office. Jack made a heartfelt toast to Ashley. He confirmed that he'd make a formal toast to her at the party. He stated that Ashley had made a name for herself using a pseudonym because she'd wanted to be recognized for her work and not because her name was Abbott. Ashley was an astute businesswoman, and she was the heartbeat and soul of Jabot. An industry blogger had recently referred to Ashley as the most beautiful woman in beauty -- inside and out. Jack thanked her for everything she'd done.

Ashley stood beside Jack. Teary-eyed, she thanked everyone and claimed that Jabot had had an extraordinary year. She admitted that they had a great team working with them. Individually, everyone congratulated Ashley. Dina watched. Jack noticed Phyllis' somber mood.

Gloria reminded Jack that he had a meeting to attend, and Jack left. Gloria said that Ashley had given a delightful speech, but she was sad that she wouldn't be attending Ashley's party because she had other plans. Ashley said she was sorry. Gloria countered that Ashley was as sorry as Gloria was sad. Gloria congratulated Ashley and left.

Alone with Ashley, Dina said that she was very proud of Ashley and acknowledged that she hadn't been around to watch Ashley's career grow. Dina thanked Ashley for inviting her and Graham to the party. Ashley advised Dina that she hadn't changed her mind about Graham and that she didn't believe a word that Graham said. Dina appreciated Ashley's candor. After Dina left to get ready for the party, Ashley received a text message from Ravi asking her to meet him in his office. He had some information about Graham's mother.

In his office, Ravi provided Ashley with Myrna's work history. The information that had jumped out at him was that Myna had worked at a private school. Ashley told Ravi that sometimes private schools gave a tuition benefit to employees for their children. She realized that Graham had attended the private school where his mother had worked. Ashley asked for the name of the school. Ravi told her it had been Walnut Grove. Ashley was excited, told Ravi that he was amazing, and rushed off to get ready for her party.

Jack summoned Phyllis to his office after his meeting was over. He apologized for going off on her. Jack admitted that he'd been a jerk. Phyllis agreed that he'd been a jerk. Jack knew that they were on the same side, but he'd let his resentment toward Billy get ahead of him, and he'd taken it out on Phyllis. Phyllis admitted that she'd overreacted, and she apologized. He asked Phyllis if she'd be able to keep her game face for the whole evening with Billy. Phyllis assured him she could.

At that moment, Billy arrived in Jack's office to take Phyllis home. Billy noticed that there had been a celebration. He asked if Traci had attended. Jack confirmed that she had. Billy was hurt and claimed that he had to have missed the phone call. Phyllis advised Billy that he would be at the most important part of Ashley's celebration. Billy said that Phyllis was right, and he wouldn't make a big deal out of it. He'd celebrate with Ashley at her party, and he was sure it would be a barrel of fun.

Outside Jack's office, Billy asked if Phyllis' comment had been for Jack's benefit or his. He asked if they were okay and apologized for things he'd said to her earlier in the day. Phyllis told Billy they were golden and assured him she wouldn't allow Jack, Victoria, or anyone else to drive a wedge between them. They kissed.

In Dina's suite, Graham spoke to his mother on the phone. He told her that they couldn't have asked for a more perfect opportunity because everyone would be at Ashley's party. He told Myrna that it was time to expose Dina's lies and blow her world apart the way Dina had blown theirs apart. He assured Myrna that after Ashley's party, no one in that sick, spoiled family would want to speak to Dina again. Graham heard Dina at the door and hung up.

Dina entered the suite and complimented Graham on how gorgeous he looked. She claimed she'd change and be ready in a flash. Dina was excited that Graham would escort her to the party. Graham admitted that he wouldn't miss it for anything.

At the Abbott's home, Traci showed Ashley the yearbook with a photo of a Graham, but she didn't think it was the Graham that Ashley was looking for. This Graham's last name was Davis. Traci said that she and Sandy recalled that Graham had been younger than them, and he'd been pulled out of the school in the middle of the year. Ashley took the book and looked at Graham's photo with a grim expression. Traci asked Ashley if she'd known a family named Davis.

Ashley's paternity is publicly revealed Ashley's paternity is publicly revealed

Thursday, October 12, 2017

At the Abbott mansion, Ashley stared at a yearbook photo of Graham Davis and asked what Traci remembered about him, and Traci recalled a boy who hadn't seemed happy. Traci ran upstairs to fetch her earrings, and Ashley flashed back to telling Graham that Ravi was conducting a thorough search of Graham's past. Graham had replied that he welcomed the truth being out because then she'd realize that he wasn't "the bastard in all of it."

Traci teased Ashley for being too preoccupied to hear the doorbell, and she invited Ravi in. Ravi observed that Ashley looked like she was problem solving, but Ashley claimed that she was thinking about how to be honest without getting overemotional during her speech. Ashley recognized that she couldn't have gotten to that place in time by herself, and Traci guessed that Ashley was wishing their dad was there. Ashley murmured that John had always known what to do and exactly what to say, but she had to do it on her own that night.

In her hotel room, Dina doubted that the evening would go well, since Ashley kept calling Graham a liar. Graham griped that it was insulting that Ashley didn't trust Dina's judgment just because of a mistake Dina had made years earlier. He added that Ashley acted like her life had been one trauma after another once she'd learned John wasn't her father, but she had the name, money, and award to show for it. Dina revealed that Ashley had gone into a horrible tailspin and had suffered a serious breakdown after she'd found out the truth. "My, that is tragic," Graham mused.

At Top of the Tower, Jack smiled as he gazed at a video slideshow of the Abbott family. Nikki fawned over Jack's selections for the linens and the flowers, but she expressed surprise that he was having the event in the Newman building. Jack explained that the chef was Ashley's favorite and that he would do anything for his sister. Nikki commended Jack for doing a beautiful job, but she scowled when she saw Hilary step off the elevator. Nikki huffed that the restaurant was closed for a private party, and Hilary responded that it looked like they'd have the whole place to themselves.

Hilary instructed her crew to set up, and Jack informed Nikki that Hilary was covering the festivities for a piece on her show. Nikki urged him to rethink his decision before Hilary ruined the entire evening by twisting innocent comments into scandals. Hilary asserted that she'd recorded nothing but the truth the last time she'd shot there, and she believed Nikki was the only one holding a grudge, since Nick had just asked to appear on her show. Nikki retorted that Nick would never do such a thing, but Hilary announced that Nick's rebuttal was airing right then. Nikki excused herself to see what Hilary had done to the Newman family.

At Brash & Sassy, Victoria and Victor prepared to watch The Hilary Hour, and she wondered if Hilary had blackmailed Nick into doing the interview. Hilary welcomed Nick to the show and mentioned the explosive footage of the battle of the Newmans. Nick admitted that he hadn't been happy that she'd run the story, since it had been a very private family matter, but he understood that the public wanted to see that the wealthy had problems, too. Nick proclaimed that there were a lot of things that people didn't know about him and his family, especially his father.

Nick acknowledged that his fight with his father had shown him at his worst and that he'd rightfully caught heat on social media, since he'd looked like an ungrateful son who'd thrown around accusations against his family's patriarch. Hilary questioned whether the public had gotten it wrong, and Nick recognized that he'd had enormous advantages in life because of Victor. Nick called Victor a force of nature who had started with nothing and created an incredible empire from sheer will. Victoria wondered if Nick was trying to make up with Victor, but Victor wasn't so sure.

Nick admitted that he'd been given a lot, financially and otherwise, and that he'd always felt his dad's influence. Hilary noted that he didn't sound ungrateful at all, and she asked if he and Victor had mended fences. Nick confirmed that there was a lot to forgive on both sides, and one of the biggest hurdles was the lawsuit that he and his sisters had filed against their father for mishandling their trust funds. Nick recalled that he'd been handed a half-billion dollars in the settlement, and he revealed that most of it had just been sitting there.

Nick explained that he hadn't earned the money and that it had caused its own set of problems. He reasoned that not having enough money could tear a family apart, but the same could be said for having too much, since it was easy to see dollar signs instead of human beings. Nick thought a simple solution was to eliminate the money from the equation so the people closest to him never got hurt by it. He declared his intent to give away every last cent from his trust fund, with the bulk of it going to the Abbott-Winters Foundation, since he knew Jack and Neil would do good things with the money. Abby's jaw dropped as she watched the broadcast from the Athletic Club bar.

Nick and Chelsea finished watching the show at GC Buzz, and he told her that he had no regrets. He insisted that it had needed to be done, and he knew there would be repercussions. Chelsea praised him for finding his own inner peace, since his father had used money as a form of control, and Nick had managed to take it off the table. Nick had no idea how the rest of his family would react, but he received a text message and figured that he was about to find out.

Phyllis and Billy arrived at Top of the Tower with Michael, who mentioned that Lauren was away on business. Jack extended his hand to Billy and said he was glad his brother could make it. Billy shook Jack's hand, and Hilary called it a moment to preserve to witness Jabot breaking bread with Brash & Sassy. Phyllis stared nervously at Jack.

Neil proclaimed that Jack had done his father proud again, but Jack insisted that Ashley had been the one to do so. Neil mentioned that he'd invited Victoria to be his guest, but she hadn't been able to make it. Billy overheard and asked if there was a problem, and Neil recounted that Victoria had received a text message about a Newman crisis. Phyllis pledged not to let anyone else steal the limelight from the Abbotts that night. Jack politely greeted Dina and Graham, and Graham said he was glad to be part of such an exciting occasion.

Privately, Phyllis remarked that the handshake had been quite a performance, and she wondered whether Billy and Jack were ready for peace. Billy swore that neither he nor Jack had meant it and that the gesture had been hypocrisy at its finest. Phyllis sensed that Billy was confident that he'd gotten a leg up on Jack, but Billy chalked it up to being a fake sibling moment for Ashley's sake. Billy stepped away to enjoy some drinks on Jack's dime. Hilary approached Phyllis and noted the explosion behind Phyllis' eyes when Billy had expressed concern about Victoria. Phyllis vowed not to give up without a fight.

Ashley stepped off elevator to applause, and she thanked the crowd. Jack called her "Dad's beauty, inside and out," and he asked if she was ready. She declared that it was the night the Abbotts showed their strength as she eyed Graham.

Dina gushed that Jack had created a wonderful atmosphere that was perfect for family and close friends. Jack dryly informed her that Nikki had been the first to arrive, but Nikki rushed over and said she had to leave because of a family emergency. Nikki asked Jack to give Ashley her apologies, and she hurried out. Dina haughtily stated that maybe Nikki had remembered what family she belonged to.

Dina exclaimed that Ashley was glowing with success, and Graham thanked Ashley for allowing him to escort Dina. Ashley claimed that she was happy he was there, and she thought it would be a great night. Ravi joined them, and Graham led Dina away to check out the view. Ravi encouraged Ashley not to let Graham ruin her night, and she responded that she'd found a way to handle Graham, but she could use some Champagne or bourbon first. Ravi suggested both, and they headed to the bar.

Hilary approached Devon and wondered where his date was, and he reported that Mariah had canceled because she'd been really tired and wanted to crash. Hilary jokingly asked how old Mariah was, and Devon conceded that it was pretty early.

Abby kissed Dina hello and apologized for being late. Abby explained that she'd just found out that Nick was giving away all of his trust fund money to charity, but she didn't want to get into it that night. Dina advised Abby not to follow suit with her own money, and Abby gushed that she loved how much they were on the same wavelength. Graham listened with interest.

Billy hugged Traci, and she remarked that it was progress that he and Jack were in the same room together. He quipped that it was performance art for Ashley's sake, and Traci was sure that John would have appreciated the effort. She hoped that if the men faked forgiveness long enough, it would turn real, but Billy didn't think that was practical. She commented that all of John's children operated based on the philosophy of what their dad would have done.

Jack invited everyone to take a seat. Devon pulled out a chair for Hilary and wondered if she needed to supervise the camera, but she expected to get everything she needed from right there. Phyllis contemplated whether Lauren would have told Michael to relax and enjoy or to get ready for some billable hours, and Michael cited his ability to multitask. Billy wondered what could possibly go wrong, and Neil remarked that it was a good thing everyone looked sharp, since the camera would capture every move that could and would be used against them. Graham told Traci that he was glad that they were dinner mates, but Traci replied that the writer in her preferred to observe rather than chat. She added that she liked figuring out what made a character tick.

Jack announced that the night was about the most forthright businesswoman he could name, and he declared that he and Traci had a word or two to say about Ashley. Ashley protested that they'd already done it at the office, and Jack recalled that they'd paid homage to Ashley's brains and creativity at Jabot, but the night was about Ashley herself. Traci piped up that Ashley had been the apple of their daddy's eye, and she mentioned that she'd committed her idolization of her big sister to paper. Traci read a heartfelt poem that she'd written in her youth about her love and admiration for Ashley.

Jack called Ashley an amazing combination of powerful, intelligent, and loving, and he encouraged everyone to raise their glasses to the Innovator of the Year. The guests cheered as Jack presented Ashley with her award, and Graham pressed Dina to say something. Dina protested that it wasn't the time, but Graham urged her to let Ashley and everyone Ashley cared about know that Dina wanted to make amends. Dina stood up and asked to speak.

Graham implored Ashley not to begrudge her mother a few kind words in front of family and friends. Dina declared that she was proud of Ashley's success and grateful that her children had allowed her back into their lives. Dina acknowledged that she'd made a horrible mistake when she'd left Genoa City and her children, and Ashley dismissively assured her that it was water under the bridge. Graham sternly stated that Dina wasn't finished, but Ashley retorted that she thought Dina was.

Graham lectured that he'd heard that Ashley was gracious, but he had yet to see it. Jack tried to intervene, but Ashley bellowed that she didn't need protection from Graham. Graham questioned why Ashley was terrified of her mother's honest words, and Ashley ordered him to stay out of it. Dina defended Graham, and Ashley ranted that her mother had no idea who Graham really was. Ashley proclaimed that she knew the who and the what, but she didn't know the why. Graham asked if Ashley really wanted to do it there, and she adamantly replied, "You bet I do."

Ashley raged that she'd had her fill of mysteries, and it was time for answers, since Graham hadn't spoken one honest word since he'd arrived in town. Ashley referred to the woman he was supporting in Boca, and she revealed that Myrna had been born and raised in Genoa City and that that Graham had attended Walnut Grove. Traci pointed out that the photo had been of Graham Davis, not Graham Bloodworth, but Ashley declared that they were one and the same, since Bloodworth was his mother's maiden name.

Graham suggested that Ashley had had too much Champagne, and he noted that she was upsetting Dina. Ashley snapped that Dina should be upset, since Graham had deceived her ever since he'd wormed his way into her life and gotten her to make him the primary beneficiary of her will. Ashley surmised that he hadn't just gone after any bank account, and Graham blurted out that he'd needed revenge because Dina had destroyed his life. Graham scoffed at the idea that Dina had been the only woman Brent Davis had ever looked at, and he confessed that the woman in Florida was his mother and that Brent had made the three of them a family for a time.

Graham revealed that Brent had been his mother's husband and his stepfather -- the only father he'd ever known. Graham continued that it had been the only family he'd been a part of until Dina had sunk her claws into Brent. Graham said Brent had left the wife and kid who'd worshipped and depended on him to go back to Dina, who hadn't given "a damn" about Brent or the family he'd left behind. A bewildered Dina mused that it was all about "Ashley's father, Brent Davis." Graham angrily asked if Ashley was happy, and Dina said she just wanted the truth. Graham proclaimed that he cared about the truth, and he thought Ashley did, as well. "To Ashley, the untrue Abbott," Graham toasted.

At Brash & Sassy, Victoria figured that nothing had happened that couldn't be undone. Nikki arrived and clucked that their family kept giving Hilary material for her show, and Victor snarled that it had taken their son's financial ruin to rip Nikki away from Jack. Nikki insisted that no one was ruined and that she always put her children first, and she contended that donating money was noble. Nick and Chelsea entered, and Nikki and Victoria reprimanded him for making a grand announcement to Hilary rather than discussing his decision with them.

Victoria wondered if it had been Chelsea's idea, and Chelsea confirmed that she'd had no idea what Nick had planned to say in the interview, but she backed his decision completely. Nick pointedly stated that Victor knew exactly why Nick had made the move, and Victor questioned whether Nick thought he was taking Victor's power away. Nick asserted that it hadn't been his goal to hurt Victor the way Victor had hurt him, and Nikki demanded to know what was going on. Nick prompted Victor to share what he'd done, but Victor denied knowing what Nick was talking about. Nick divulged that Victor had stolen every last cent from his checking account.

Victor pointed out that it was money he'd earned, but he had enough of it, and he questioned why he'd need Nick's. Nikki figured that Victor had done it to punish Nick, but she chided Nick for giving away everything out of spite. Victoria called it a stupid knee-jerk reaction, but Nick maintained that money became an obstacle between people, and Victor had helped him see the light by kicking him off the ranch and draining his bank account. Victoria stressed that Nick didn't have to go through with it, but he refused to change his mind.

Nick asserted that he wouldn't be broke, since he had money he'd earned on his own, and he was still planning on expanding the Underground, even if it wouldn't be as big as what he'd hoped. He spat that his trust fund had never done any good, but it would do something positive in Jack and Neil's hands. Nick added that Victor had always believed that Nick was nothing without the money, so he guessed that his father officially thought he was nothing.

Nikki, Victoria, and Chelsea stepped out to let Nick and Victor speak alone. Chelsea contended that Victor had emptied Nick's account to prove that he could continue to do as he pleased, but Nick was putting an end to it by cutting Victor off at the knees. Nikki warned that no one cut Victor Newman off at the knees, so Nick had only escalated the war.

Meanwhile, Nick asked whether Victor had thought he'd just sit back and let Victor pillage everything he claimed was his, and Victor admonished him for throwing away his legacy. Nick argued that he'd only gotten the money because he was Victor's son, but Victor had disowned him. Nick reasoned that he'd severed the last connection between them, but Victor considered Nick foolish for throwing away lot of protection -- protection from himself.

Dina collapses during an argument with Graham Dina collapses during an argument with Graham

Friday, October 13, 2017

At Ashley's party at Top of the Tower, the guests were taken aback by Graham's toast. Jack claimed that there had been some confusion, and Dina sputtered that she didn't understand what was happening. Graham accused Dina's self-righteous children of confusing her, and he asserted that Dina had done everything she could to keep the truth from Ashley in order to protect her. Traci demanded to know the truth, and Jack ordered Graham to leave. Graham and Ashley glared at one another.

Graham ranted that Dina had put Ashley first, even though Ashley had played the victim. Graham spat that he didn't feel sorry for Ashley, since she'd grown up with the prestige and benefits of being an Abbott, and she'd lost nothing, unlike the others whose lives had been destroyed. Ashley surmised that he meant his and his mother's, but she pointed out that he'd gone on about how much he cared for Dina. Ashley understood his anger and outrage, but she asserted that his need for revenge was pointless, since Brent had never been able to give Graham the things he coveted.

Ashley bellowed that Brent hadn't been good enough to shine John Abbott's shoes and that Dina had done Graham a favor by getting Brent out of their lives. Ashley admonished Graham for setting his sights on a rich old lady by getting her to trust him more than her own children. Ashley began to clap, and she commended Graham's performance. Dina wailed for them to stop, and Michael suggested that the guests give Ashley and Dina some space. Ashley threatened to call security and have Graham dragged out.

Graham prompted Dina to leave with him, but she insisted on staying, since everything Ashley had said was true. Graham tried to convince Dina to let him explain in private, but she snapped that her trust in him was gone, and she ordered him to get out. He pleaded with her not to listen to her children, since they'd never cared about her like he did. Graham added that he wouldn't be surprised if Ashley was having another mental breakdown, and Neil forcibly escorted Graham out. Jack suggested that they get back to celebrating Ashley, but Abby asked if that was even possible.

Billy noted that there were a lot of third wheels sitting around, and he suggested that the guests let Dina's kids tend to their mother without an audience. Neil insisted on saying a few words in honor of the lady of the hour, and he said he was proud of Ashley and that she deserved the Innovator of the Year Award. Neil recalled that he'd worked with her a lot over the years, so he'd been lucky enough to have a front-row seat to her brilliance, and he admired and respected her. He raised his glass and encouraged everyone to give Ashley more love, and everyone toasted to Ashley. Neil gathered people to leave.

Billy asked if Ashley was okay, and she thanked him for clearing the room. He offered to stick around, but she told him to go while she dealt with Dina. They hugged, and he said he loved her. Jack gruffly wished Billy a good night, and Billy departed. Ravi wondered if Ashley wanted him to stay, but she assured him that it was okay if he took off. Abby asked what was going on, and Traci asked if her mother was ill, since Dina looked like she was in shock.

Jack stepped aside to address Hilary, who doubted that he was there to give her an exclusive sound bite. She imagined that he wanted to make sure that her footage never saw the light of day, and she assured him that she was happy to help a friend, but he'd have to make it up to her. Jack approached Dina at the bar, and she numbly realized that she'd spilled the secret that she'd sworn she'd never tell to a table full of people. Dina cried that Ashley was going to hate her, and Jack comforted her. Meanwhile, Ashley sat alone, struggling with her emotions.

Dina swore that she had to undo the damage she'd caused, and she begged Jack to tell her what to do. Abby demanded that someone explain what was going on, and Traci added that she was having trouble keeping up. Abby recalled that Dina had ended her marriage to John because of Brent, and Jack claimed that it was misinformation. Ashley asked Traci and Abby to step aside.

Ashley hissed that thanks to Dina, everything was out there, and she felt like part of her had died that night. Dina whimpered that she felt the same way, and Ashley tearfully reminded Dina of her promise to stay silent. Dina sobbed that she was sorry, but Ashley walked away. Jack offered to escort Dina back to her suite.

At GC Buzz, Mariah doodled on a notepad as she answered a call from Tessa, who wondered if Mariah had received her text messages. Mariah claimed that she was stuck at work, and Tessa asked if she was free to hang out that night. Mariah groaned that it would be a while because of some impending deadlines, and she mentioned that she'd also had to blow off Devon that evening. Mariah expected not to wrap up until the next day, and Tessa suggested that they hang out another time. Mariah forlornly hung up.

Later, Mariah started to head out, but she jumped when she ran into Tessa. Mariah fibbed that she'd been going on a snack run, and Tessa presented Mariah with cheap red wine and dark chocolate to help with the stress. They discussed Nick's interview, and Mariah was surprised that Tessa had watched the show. Tessa confirmed that she watched all of Mariah's segments, but Mariah thought Tessa would have been preoccupied with settling in with Noah. Tessa questioned whether Mariah thought Tessa wouldn't have time for her anymore, and she admitted that it was the real reason she'd stopped by.

Tessa explained that she'd unpacked at Noah's, but she'd had trouble settling in, since she and Mariah had left some things unsaid. Mariah reminded Tessa that they'd agreed not to get sappy, but Tessa said all she'd been able to think about was that friends were honest with one another. Tessa thought that maybe she hadn't been honest with Mariah by pretending that everything was good, and she'd rushed off when they should have sat down and talked about things. Mariah didn't think it would change anything, but Tessa argued that neither of them would know that until they said the things that weren't being said. Hilary returned and spied them talking.

Hilary asked if she was interrupting a coffee break, and Tessa barked that she didn't see a sign about not feeding the employees. Mariah wondered why Hilary wasn't covering the Abbott dinner, and Devon strolled in and announced that it had ended early. He recalled that Mariah had planned to go to sleep early, and she claimed that she'd lost track of time. Devon invited Mariah and Tessa to join him and Neil for dinner, but Mariah figured that Tessa was heading back to Noah's. Neil entered and pulled Devon aside to take a conference call from Hong Kong, and Tessa told Mariah that they'd talk again soon. Hilary watched as Mariah halfheartedly agreed and turned away.

Neil suggested that they get to the Athletic Club before it closed, but Mariah bowed out because she was fading fast. Neil exited, and Devon urged Mariah to try to get some sleep before their trip to Chicago. He asked if she was still down for the trip, and she replied that she couldn't wait. They kissed as Hilary looked on. After Devon left, Hilary remarked that it was pretty obvious that Mariah just wasn't that into Devon. Mariah asked why Hilary thought that, and Hilary knowingly replied, "Because I have eyes."

At Chelsea and Nick's penthouse, Chelsea chided Nick for stalling about telling her what had happened with his dad at Brash & Sassy. Nick recounted that Victor had thrown around threats to try to get under his skin, but he insisted that it was nothing to worry about. Chelsea argued that they were a team, so what affected him also affected her. He pulled her onto his lap and said he appreciated her candor, but the doorbell interrupted them. Victoria sauntered in, rambling about trying to wrap her brain around the lunatic move Nick had made. Victoria added that what he'd done was certifiable.

Nick asserted that donating his trust had been the sanest move he'd ever made, since Victor could no longer accuse him of riding his father's coattails. Victoria appealed to Chelsea to back her up, but Chelsea supported Nick's decision. Victoria lectured that she'd learned to negotiate a truce instead of engaging in a drawn-out war, and she referred to the good business advice Victor had given her. She reported that Victor had given her a skincare line to get Brash & Sassy back on its feet, and Nick warned that Victor might take it back when she wasn't looking. Victoria blasted Nick for pulling a stunt that had only given him the illusion he was on top, leaving the rest of them as collateral damage.

Nick accused Victoria of simply not wanting to ruin a good thing for herself. Victoria huffed that she was there to have a rational conversation and not to be insulted, but Nick countered that she'd barged in and called him a lunatic. She complained that he was only dragging things out with their dad, and she questioned how it would affect his kids. Nick thought he'd done them a favor, and he regretted not doing it sooner. Victoria heard ringing in her ears, and Nick asked if something was wrong. Victoria bellowed that there was no talking sense into him, and she stormed out.

Nick fetched Christian after hearing the boy on the monitor. Chelsea inquired whether Nick had talked to Noah about scaling down the expansion plans for the Underground, and Nick recognized that he should have handled things differently. Chelsea jokingly suggested that he run it by her before the next big speech he made on television, and he explained that he hadn't told anyone so that no one could have talked him out of it.

Nick figured that he'd had to stop being a rich guy's son so that he was free to succeed and fail on his own terms, and that was important to him. Chelsea insisted that it was important to her if it was important to him, and they kissed. Chelsea cooed to Christian that his daddy had gone on television and become the most popular guy in town, and she imagined that every charity around would be knocking on Nick's door. Chelsea wondered what Nick was going to do about his dad, but he wasn't worried because Victor couldn't hurt him anymore.

Victoria sipped a drink at the Athletic Club bar, and Ravi shied away when he spotted her. She called after him and invited him to have a seat, but he hesitated because they worked for rival companies. They agreed not to pump one another for confidential information, and he ordered a scotch. Victoria noted that Ashley's dinner had ended early, and Ravi explained that the guests had left to give the family privacy to work out some issues, since things had gotten ugly.

Victoria inquired whether the rest of the Abbott family had stayed behind, and Ravi indicated that Billy had left with Phyllis. Ravi wished that he himself had stayed because Ashley needed someone in her corner. Victoria guessed that Ravi liked Ashley, and Ravi called Ashley a special person who he was lucky to work for. Victoria said she'd heard Ravi's skills were invaluable, and she wondered what would have happened if she'd interviewed Ravi first. Ravi guessed that they'd never know, and they clinked their glasses together.

Phyllis and Billy returned to their apartment with Michael, and Phyllis remarked that Lauren had picked the wrong evening to go on a business trip. Michael joked that he'd thought he'd been at a Newman dinner instead of an Abbott one, but Billy admitted that he'd been thrown. Michael noted that he'd never heard of Brent Davis, and Billy intended to figure out who all the players were. Phyllis wondered if she'd really heard Dina say that Brent was Ashley's father, but Billy countered that John had raised Ashley. Michael pointed out that while Billy and Ashley had known they hadn't shared a mother, the news meant they didn't share a father, either. Billy insisted that Ashley would always be his sister.

Michael headed out, and Phyllis guessed that Billy had been covering. Billy swore that he'd meant every word about always being Ashley's brother, but he conceded that it felt odd. Billy imagined that Ashley had known for a while, and he wished that she had confided in him so that he could have helped somehow, but he understood that it had been easier to keep it hidden. Billy griped that, based on how he'd tried to distract people, Jack had obviously known the truth.

Phyllis realized that Billy was giving Ashley a pass but was angry at Jack for not saying anything. Phyllis defended that Jack had been protecting his sister, and Billy asked if it was all right for family members to keep secrets from one another. Phyllis pointedly stated that it should apply to family or anyone close, and Billy admitted that perhaps he was overreacting, since some things were better left unsaid.

Jack and Dina arrived at her hotel suite, and he observed that she'd been quiet on the way there. Dina lamented that she had no words, since she'd ruined Ashley's life. Jack thought Dina's words hadn't left much room for interpretation, and everyone had heard that Ashley's father wasn't John but some loser who Dina had had an affair with. Jack urged Dina to get some sleep before they dealt with it the next day, and Dina realized that she'd hardly had time to process Graham. Jack asserted that Ashley was the priority, but he assured Dina that they would all protect her from Graham, including writing him out of her will immediately. Graham hovered outside and overheard Jack tell Dina that they had to deal with Graham.

Dina said her will hadn't even crossed her mind, and Jack promised to take care of it first thing in the morning. Dina reiterated how sorry she was, and he wished for Ashley's sake that it was enough to fix it. Jack departed, and the door opened a few moments later. Graham entered and said he'd been worried about Dina, and she huffed that it was amazing that she hadn't been worried about him the whole time. Graham contended that her children had gotten in her head, but he could make her understand. She spat that she understood perfectly.

Dina accused Graham of wanting to drive a wedge between her and her children all along, but Graham insisted that it had been Ashley's goal to make him look bad. He pointed out the numerous times that Dina had tried to reconcile and Ashley had rejected her, and he assumed that Ashley had once again turned her back on her mother. He apologized if the things he'd said had upset Dina, but he swore that all he cared about was her welfare and happiness. Dina barked that he wanted money and revenge, and he scoffed at the idea that he and his mother weren't entitled after Brent had left them broke because of Dina.

Graham raged that Dina had jetted off to France to find her next gigolo, and she would never be anything but pathetic, needy, and soulless. Dina smacked him across the face and proclaimed that she wanted him out of her life, and she started to call Jean-Marc in Paris. Graham snatched away the phone and yelled that he deserved every penny. Dina demanded the phone, but she suddenly collapsed. Graham called to Dina, and he started to dial for help on his phone, but he stopped and stared at her motionless body on the floor.

Ashley, Traci, and Abby retreated to the Abbott mansion. Ashley apologized for being quiet, but she noted that it had been a lot to take in. Abby and Traci scuttled off to fetch tea and cookies, and Ashley stared at a photo of John. Jack arrived and told Ashley that Hilary had agreed to bury the footage. He recognized that they eventually had to talk about it, and he relayed that Dina was a wreck -- not just because of what she'd done to Ashley but also because of the truth about Graham.

Jack pointed out that Ashley had caught him off guard, and she explained that she hadn't been able to keep quiet when Dina had defended Graham. Jack questioned how Ashley had put the pieces together, and she recounted that everything had made perfect sense when she'd seen Graham's yearbook picture. Jack called Ashley's connection to Graham a biological accident, and he was adamant that her father would always be John Abbott.

Jack informed Ashley that Dina was having Graham written out of her will, and Ashley bemoaned that it was almost worth her paternity becoming public knowledge. Jack wished he could take back Dina's terrible slip of tongue, and Ashley said she appreciated everything Jack had said about her and their dad. She anticipated waking up to a different reality the next day, and she wondered if people would treat her differently. Jack assured her that they wouldn't, and he held her close. Abby and Traci reentered the room as Ashley wailed that her daddy had died believing she was his daughter.

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Multi-soap vet Michael Tylo dead at 73


Multi-soap vet Michael Tylo dead at 73
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