The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of October 23, 2017 on Y&R

Phyllis threw Billy out. Victoria collapsed during a live interview from toxic materials in Brash & Sassy's face mask. Zack drugged Scott, who woke up next to a dead Natalia. Zack and Abby began to make love as Scott linked Zack's app to the sex ring.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of October 23, 2017 on Y&R
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Phyllis and Billy have an angry confrontation Phyllis and Billy have an angry confrontation

Monday, October 23, 2017

Victoria's car ran off the road and crashed. The airbag left visible injuries on Victoria's face. Victoria was still disoriented when Chelsea stopped, knocked on the window, and asked Victoria if she was all right. Victoria opened the door and told Chelsea that she'd taken her eyes off the road before the collision. Chelsea suggested summoning an ambulance, but Victoria refused. Victoria made Chelsea promise not to tell anyone, including Nick, about the incident. Chelsea reluctantly agreed to drive Victoria to the office, even though it was late in the evening.

At her office, Victoria attempted to conceal her facial injuries with makeup. Lily offered to help and began dabbing concealer on Victoria's face. Victoria didn't explain what had happened. Victoria asked Lily to attend a cosmetics convention in Dallas. Lily was reluctant, but Victoria said it was imperative for an executive to represent Brash & Sassy to the industry. Lily agreed to attend. Hilary phoned and invited Victoria to appear on her show the next day.

After a romantic dinner at the Top of the Tower, Phyllis told Billy that their relationship had gone off track because they'd failed to appreciate each other. Victoria stepped off the elevator and told Billy that she planned to appear on Hilary's show the next day. Phyllis stepped away to phone Jack. Phyllis told Jack about Victoria's appearance on Hilary's show to promote Brash & Sassy's men's line. Phyllis explained to Jack that it was imperative for Jabot to deliver their men's line to Fenmore's immediately. Jack told Phyllis to handle it. Phyllis replied, "Consider it done."

While Phyllis was conspiring with Jack, Billy advised Victoria to postpone her appearance because their mask wasn't ready for distribution. Victoria said she wanted to keep up their company's momentum, stay ahead of the pack, and surprise competitors. Billy said, "Okay, fine. Figure it out." Billy noticed the injuries on Victoria's face, but she insisted she was fine after being involved in a slight fender-bender. Phyllis returned and said she and Billy were ready to head home. Victoria left.

After Billy and Phyllis went home, Phyllis began disrobing Billy and kissing him. She was interrupted by an alert tone on her phone. Phyllis stepped aside to read a text message from Lauren. Lauren asked if Phyllis was aware that a shipment of products from Jabot's men's line was headed to Fenmore's. Phyllis replied that the products should be placed on the shelves immediately, and she promised to explain later.

After Phyllis went to get champagne glasses, Billy picked up Phyllis' phone and read a text from Jack. Jack had sent a message asking Phyllis why Lauren had called him about an unannounced shipment from Jabot. When Phyllis returned, she asked Billy why he was holding her phone. Phyllis and Billy argued, and Phyllis confronted Billy about having repeatedly used her computer. Phyllis, yelling and thrusting her finger into Billy's chest, said, "I know you've been using me. I know that you've been using me and lying to my face, and I want to know why! Why did you do this to me?"

Victoria returned to her office. She studied her appearance in a mirror and sighed. Victoria began applying makeup to cover the marks on her face. Though Victoria dabbed on layers of concealer, the marks remained apparent. Victoria glanced at packages of Brash & Sassy's new product line sitting on her desk. Victoria grabbed one package, tore into it, and opened a jar of Brash & Sassy's facial mask product.

At the Abbott mansion, Abby stopped by, having rushed home from the tech conference in Madison. Jack told Abby that Graham had taken off with Dina. No one, Jack explained, knew where Graham had taken Dina. Abby became upset and said all Graham cared about was getting his hands on Dina's money. Jack said he'd hired an investigator to determine the jet's flight plan. Jack added that Traci and Ashley had hired an investigator in Paris.

Abby recalled how her mother had always reminded everyone that Abby was John Abbott's granddaughter. Jack said that Abby and Ashley were still Abbotts because blood was only a part of the equation. Jack stepped out when Abby received a phone call. It was Zack begging Abby to meet him for a date so he could prove that he cared about her.

At the Chancellor mansion, Juliet told Cane that she could make herself quite comfortable. Cane said Juliet's brief episode of pain had given him a scare, and he made her promise to take it easy. Juliet replied, "It was nothing. Just a passing moment. I promise I will be more careful. Nothing means more to me than this baby."

Esther happened to overhear Juliet thank Cane for asking her to move in. Cane introduced Juliet to Esther. After Juliet went upstairs, Esther expressed her disgust to Cane. Esther said that Jill wouldn't approve. Esther seemed shocked when she learned that Jill had placed Cane in charge of Chancellor Enterprises. Esther asked Cane what Lily thought about Juliet living at the mansion. Cane said that his marriage was over, so Lily would have to accept it.

Lily stopped by to talk to Cane. Lily told Cane that she would be out of town, and she asked him to stay at the house with the twins. While Cane was telling Lily that it was bad timing for him to watch the twins, Juliet appeared in a bathrobe. Cane explained that he'd invited Juliet to stay at his home because she'd experienced complications with her pregnancy. Lily told Cane that he could live his life like he wanted. Juliet insisted that nothing was going on between her and Cane.

After Juliet went upstairs, Lily told Cane that Michael hadn't yet received his signed copies of their divorce papers. Cane said he'd been too busy with his new job. Lily said Cane seemed to have moved on in other ways, so there was nothing to hold him back.

At Crimson Lights, Paul stopped by to deliver an update about Alice to Sharon and Scott. Paul told them that various security cameras inside and outside the hospital had caught sightings of Alice leaving the hospital. Paul said Alice had appeared to be terrified, as she should have been, because the people running the sex trafficking ring would consider Alice to be a thief for her role in allowing Crystal to escape. Scott noted that the ring's leaders would seek payback. Sharon asked Paul how Alice had appeared physically. Paul said she'd looked to be in rough shape, though she'd seemed determined to leave the hospital.

Paul said police had gathered a new lead after learning that a company named County Connect, LLC, was listed as the renter of the house the traffickers were living in. Paul noted that there could be a string of shell companies listed to insulate the identities of the people running the sex trafficking ring. Sharon asked how long it would take to determine the name of the owner. Paul said it might be awhile, though he'd enlisted a forensic accountant to work on it.

Scott said he'd pursue leads on his own for the article he was writing, but he promised to be discreet and share his findings with Paul. Paul noted that he'd have to answer to Lauren if Scott put himself at risk. Sharon thanked Paul for delivering the information in person. After Paul left, Scott told Sharon that he'd utilize Victor's resources. Scott said Victor's associates, including his backroom legal team, could put their ethics aside to uncover the mastermind behind the sex trafficking ring.

At the Underground, Abby and Zack talked over drinks. Abby told Zack about the fiasco that had unfolded at Ashley's dinner, which, Abby said, had left her mom heartbroken. Zack assured Abby that, despite the hurt, she and her mom would be fine because they were strong women. Abby cheered up a bit and thanked Zack for sharing words of wisdom.

Zack became distracted when he noticed Natalia in the company of a man. After Natalia left and approached the exit, Zack excused himself. Zack grabbed Natalia and said she wasn't supposed to be working in Genoa City. Natalia explained that Leon was her boss. Zack instructed Natalia to convince her date to leave with her at once. Natalia returned to the main lounge area, and Zack phoned Leon and left a message.

After Zack rejoined Abby, she thanked him for being attentive and sensitive. Zack's phone rang, and he left to take the call. Zack retreated to a corner to warn Leon that people in Genoa City were actively searching for connections to Alice and Crystal. Zack insisted that Natalia be kept out of sight.

Abby, angered, was leaving when Zack caught up with her. Abby cried that Zack had treated her badly by choosing to take a business call over being with her. Abby told Zack to figure out what his priorities were. Zack told Abby that she was the most incredible woman he'd ever met. Abby agreed to return to the table with Zack.

Paul stopped by the Abbott mansion to talk to Jack about Dina's predicament. Paul explained that because Graham was Dina's power of attorney, he was within his rights to demand her release from the hospital. Paul added that Graham and Dina hadn't committed a crime by leaving town. Jack suggested that both he and Christine utilize their connections to determine the flight plan of the plane Dina had flown on with Graham. Paul said he'd do whatever he could to locate Dina. Jack thanked Paul and said he would not rest until Dina was back home where she belonged.

Phyllis throws Billy out

Phyllis throws Billy out

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Nikki arrived at the Abbott mansion and asked Jack what she could do to help. She imagined that Ashley had been devastated when Dina had blurted out the truth in public, and she inquired about Dina's whereabouts. Jack reported that he and his sisters were doing everything they could to track their mother down, but they'd had no luck. He answered a call from Traci and anxiously asked if Dina had been found.

Nikki massaged Jack's shoulders and said she was sorry that Traci hadn't had better news. Jack blamed himself for not handling things differently, since Dina wouldn't have sought companionship if he'd been more accepting and less judgmental of Dina's flaws. He believed that it was his responsibility as Dina's son and oldest child to take care of her, yet legally, Graham had more rights than Jack did. Jack lamented that he'd run into dead ends trying to find Dina, and he didn't know what else to do. Nikki suggested that he stop trying to find his mother.

Nikki speculated that Dina had left with Graham of her own free will and that she didn't want to be found. Jack growled that Graham had been using Dina from the day he'd met her, and he was certain that Graham had taken off with Dina because he knew that she'd otherwise cut him out of her life and her will. Jack reported that Dina had been confused and fragile when he'd seen her at the airfield, but Nikki pointed out that Dina could have been upset to see her children because she'd felt guilty about leaving again. Jack doubted that Dina would choose to leave, but Nikki argued that Dina had hurt her family and run before.

Nikki reminded Jack that Dina had sent the photos of Jack and Nikki to Victor and that Dina had humiliated Ashley in public, so she could see why Dina would want to leave and never look back. Jack understood why Nikki would think that about his mother, but he insisted that she was wrong. He argued that Dina had returned to town to be in her children's lives, and he was certain that she'd been kidnapped. He fretted that Dina was worth more to Graham dead than alive, and he pledged to find her and make Graham pay for what he'd done.

At Crimson Lights, Scott thanked Victor over the phone, and he commented that many women's lives could be saved if everything went well. Scott informed Sharon that Victor had given him carte blanche to use Victor's team to help in the sex trafficking investigation, and he was hopeful that Victor's people could track down the person behind County Connect. Later, he anxiously checked his phone when he received a text message, but he was disappointed to discover that it was a coupon for a free cup of coffee at Crimson Lights. Sharon said she'd imagined the ring going down by busting down doors and making arrests, not waiting for an email. Scott became excited when he received another message.

Scott relayed that Victor's people had found that County Connect owned various small businesses in Wisconsin, including a pizza place, a car service, and a beauty salon. Scott explained that they were businesses that stayed under the radar and had a tendency to do cash transactions, so they were perfect for money laundering to hide the proceeds from the sex trafficking ring. Sharon thought they needed to learn more about the holding company, and Scott intended to follow the lead to the top. They exchanged a high-five.

At the Ashby home, Reed and Mattie watched a movie in the darkened living room. She expressed relief that they no longer had to sneak around behind their parents' backs, and they kissed as Charlie entered the room. An irritated Charlie wondered if they'd waited to kiss until he'd walked in, and he and Mattie bickered. The doorbell rang, and Charlie let Cane in. Cane stopped in his tracks when he saw Mattie and Reed together, and he turned on the light and barked that Reed wasn't supposed to be seeing her. Mattie informed Cane that Lily had allowed them to see one another.

Lily arrived at Brash & Sassy as Victoria covered up the bruises on her face with beauty products. Lily confirmed that the bruises looked lighter, and she imagined that Victoria would only need a dab of concealer before her interview with Hilary the next day. Victoria announced that she also needed Lily to be camera-ready, but Lily questioned whether that was a good idea, given her history with Hilary. Victoria was sure that Lily would be professional, but Lily pointed out that she had to go to Dallas the next day. Victoria figured that Lily could leave after the show, and both women received text messages. "Oh, no," they both groaned simultaneously.

Lily returned home, and Mattie pleaded with her to tell Cane that he was being unreasonable. Cane contended that he was the only reasonable one there, and Mattie questioned why it was so hard for him to understand that she and Reed had permission to hang out together. Cane reiterated that they didn't, and he ordered Mattie not to speak to him that way. Lily explained that the rules had changed while Cane had been visiting Jill, and she apologized for not telling him sooner. Cane incredulously asked if Lily had made the decision by herself, and Lily said she'd discussed it with Victoria.

Cane was offended that his opinion hadn't mattered, but Lily defended that Mattie and Reed had been on their best behavior. Charlie piped up that even he thought Reed was all right sometimes, and Lily argued that it was unfair not to let Mattie see Reed just because Cane didn't like Victoria. Cane apologized for losing his temper, and he said he'd been excited to stop by to plan some things to do while Lily was out of town. Lily told the twins that she hadn't had a chance to tell them that she was going to Dallas for work, so their dad would be staying there. Mattie and Charlie protested that they were old enough to watch themselves, but Lily flatly stated that they weren't debating the issue.

Cane requested to speak to Lily alone, and the teens stepped out. Cane warned Lily not to undermine him in front of the kids. Lily insisted that she'd simply forgotten to tell Cane about allowing Mattie and Reed to see one another, but Cane suspected that Lily was trying to drive a wedge between him and his children. Lily swore that she would never do that, and she explained that she'd planned to tell him about it when she'd gone to Jill's house, but then Juliet had made her grand entrance. Lily chided Cane for questioning her motives when she'd worked hard to maintain the status quo, and she stood by her decision to let Mattie see Reed.

Lily advised Cane to show that he could be an understanding father, and she suggested that they talk to the twins together to figure things out before Cane temporarily moved back in. Cane snapped that he didn't need her help, and he insisted on doing it on his own. Lily testily told him not to ever say that they weren't there because he'd slept with Juliet and told nothing but lies afterward, and she stormed out.

Later, Cane apologized to Mattie and Charlie for the way he'd behaved, and he swore that he was excited to spend time with them and go back to the way things had been. Mattie sourly referred to the way things had been before he'd wrecked their family, and Cane promised that he wouldn't get mad when the twins expressed their feelings. Mattie grumbled to tell it to Reed, and Cane vowed to do whatever it took to make his children proud. Cane mentioned that he was running Chancellor for Jill so he could provide for their family again, and all he cared about was that they were happy. Mattie asserted that if Cane meant it, he would change his mind about Reed.

Cane admitted that he'd been overprotective and irrational about Reed, but he argued that the Newman family was self-entitled. Charlie countered that Nick had given away millions, and Mattie contended that the Newmans weren't all the same. She pleaded with Cane to let her invite Reed over for dinner so Cane could get to know him, and Cane hesitantly agreed. Mattie happily thanked him with a hug.

At the Underground, Nick announced that he had news. Chelsea assumed that it was about Victoria, but Nick replied that it wasn't. Chelsea revealed that his sister had been in a car accident. Nick called Victoria and inquired about her accident, and she realized that he'd spoken with Chelsea. Victoria insisted that she was fine, and Nick advised her to stay on top of her health. He wanted her to see a doctor, but Victoria thought her doctor would just tell her that she shouldn't let her stress distract her when driving.

After he hung up, Nick whipped up a mixed drink, and Chelsea told him that Victoria had convinced her that everything was okay. Nick worried that Victoria was downplaying the whole thing because she was going on The Hilary Hour the next day, but Chelsea was sure that Victoria wouldn't go on if she wasn't at her best. Chelsea urged him to relax and enjoy the cocktail he'd prepared, and he informed her that she was the first one to try his new drink special, which he'd named the "armistice" in honor of the truce he'd just struck with Victor.

Nick explained that he and his father had agreed to retreat to their corners after Nick had earmarked a portion of his charitable donation for orphanages, but Chelsea couldn't imagine Victor having a "live and let live" attitude. Nick conceded that Victor might have an ulterior motive, since he was sure that Victor wanted to make peace with Nikki and Victoria. Nick considered it to be a win for everyone, and Chelsea observed that nothing was weighing Nick down. He proclaimed that the next chapter of his life had officially started, and he toasted to new beginnings.

Later, Lily stumbled upon a giggling Nick and Chelsea, and Chelsea explained that Nick was sore because she'd been critiquing his drink-making talents. Nick told Lily about the armistice, and Lily found it ironic, since she felt like she'd just left a battlefield. Lily added that she would take one if it was strong, and Nick fetched her one. Lily complained that Cane had twisted things around to make her seem like the bad guy, but Nick assured her that she wasn't after what Cane had done to her and Victoria.

Chelsea left to check on the sitter, and Nick sympathized that divorce was rough and that it was even harder when kids were involved. Lily bemoaned that she was exhausted from taking the high road at every turn when she wanted to scream and yell. She recounted that she'd stood by Cane when he'd been accused of sexual harassment and when she'd found out he'd slept with Juliet. She wished she'd kicked him out when she'd seen the footage of him going into Juliet's room, but she'd swallowed her pride and worked hard to keep her family together for her children's sake.

Nick got Lily another drink, and she wished she could take a break from being the one who always played it safe. She wanted to forget about her responsibilities for just one night, and he understood the desire to cut loose with no consequences. Lily imagined going out and having revenge sex with some hot, uncomplicated guy -- like Nick. He looked uncomfortable, and she clarified that she'd meant a guy like him as the general idea. Chelsea returned and inquired about their idea, and Lily replied that she was envisioning throwing caution to the wind and being reckless. Chelsea recounted that she'd once lived a reckless life, and it could be just what the doctor ordered every once in a while.

Reed arrived at Brash & Sassy, and Victoria hoped that Cane hadn't laid a finger on or yelled at him. Reed said it had been nothing he hadn't been able to handle, but he'd thought it had been best to take off. Victoria reasoned that there was less chance that someone would do or say something that they'd regret later, and Reed wished Cane would be as cool as she was being. Victoria indicated that Lily had gone home to talk to Cane, and Reed hoped Cane didn't change Lily's mind about letting Mattie and Reed see one another. Victoria told him not to underestimate Lily, and she added that Cane would answer to her if he caused trouble. Reed worried that if Victoria pushed, Cane would push back.

At home, Phyllis slammed her laptop shut and hissed that it was the computer that Billy had used to steal confidential files from Jabot. She ranted that he'd used her when he was supposed to put her first, and she believed that it had proven that she was the last thing on his mind. She snapped that he'd made his priorities crystal clear, and he'd put Victoria, Brash & Sassy, and getting revenge on Jack ahead of Phyllis. Phyllis found perverse brilliance in the fact that Billy had taken advantage of Jack's mother and ex-wife to screw Jack over, but Billy insisted that she had it all wrong. Phyllis maintained that his undying devotion to Victoria and his desire to stick it to his brother overruled his love for Phyllis. Billy protested that it wasn't true, but Phyllis smacked him across the face and ordered him not to lie to her again.

Billy understood why Phyllis had slapped him, but he swore that he hadn't meant to hurt her or make her feel second best. She angrily wondered if he'd realized that he'd put her career at risk when he'd used her computer to download files. Phyllis raged that he'd almost tanked her reputation, but she imagined that it didn't matter because he'd gotten what he'd needed to help his precious company. Billy defended that he'd felt very guilty about it and that he'd tried to tell her about it a couple of times, but she was skeptical. He recognized that she'd trusted him and he'd betrayed her, and he was sorry. Phyllis spat that no apology would ever work, and she bellowed that he would have stopped if he'd felt guilty.

Phyllis demanded to know why Billy had betrayed her like that, and he countered that he could ask her the same question, since he wasn't the only liar standing in the room. Billy admitted that what he'd done had been wrong, but he wondered why Phyllis hadn't confronted him when she'd found out. She asserted that she'd wanted him to man up and take responsibility, since she shouldn't have to browbeat him into being honest. She added that she'd known that he'd get defensive and run into Victoria's arms, which was exactly what Victoria wanted.

Billy questioned how someone so outwardly strong and confident could be that insecure, and Phyllis yelled that she knew her competition played dirty. Billy blasted Phyllis for using her negative energy to attack Victoria and Brash & Sassy, which was the same as attacking him. Phyllis argued that he could be successful anywhere, but he retorted that he didn't need salvation. He realized why Phyllis had put Victoria and Ben Hochman on a collision course and why she'd gotten friendly with Jack -- to rip everything Billy had accomplished out from underneath him.

Billy recalled that Victoria had warned him that Phyllis was colluding with Jack, but he hadn't believed it. He sarcastically thanked Phyllis for making him look like a complete idiot, and he accused her of having no remorse for teaming up with his brother to hit Billy where it hurt most by working in direct competition with his pet project. Phyllis revealed that she'd had nothing to do with Jack's plan, but she'd figured it out after Billy had revealed himself by taking the bait that Jack had laid out for him. Billy realized that Jack had no intention of pulling back Jabot's men's line, and he asked how big the launch was. "It's big," Phyllis replied, adding that Fenmore's was getting deliveries as they spoke.

Victoria told Reed to try not to worry about Cane and to focus on what he and Mattie would do on their next date. Reed thanked his mom for having his back, and he departed. Victoria answered a call from Billy, who rambled that they'd been set up and that Jack knew. Phyllis tried to snatch the phone away and became livid that Billy's priority was to call Victoria. Phyllis dragged Billy to the door and threw him out as Billy asked if Victoria was still on the line.

Victoria left a voicemail for Billy, asking him to call her back to explain how Jack had set them up. Meanwhile, Billy pounded on the door and begged Phyllis to let him in. He called out that he loved her and that they needed to talk. She whipped open the door, and he thanked her. Phyllis threw an armful of his clothes at him and slammed the door shut.

Victoria collapses on live television

Victoria collapses on live television

> Victoria collapses on live television

Victoria collapses on live television

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

At home, a disheveled Phyllis descended the stairs. She ignored a text message from Billy and started to make coffee. Outside the window, a man's legs dangled from the floor above and hovered over the balcony.

Victoria stepped off the elevator at work, wearing sunglasses and looking haggard. Over the phone, she ordered someone to have a half-million units in transit by the end of the day. She added that the day was big for them because she was about to appear on The Hilary Hour. Victoria dumped out the contents of her purse onto a table, grabbed her phone, and made a call. Meanwhile, Phyllis heard a phone ringing outside, and she jumped when she saw Billy on the balcony. He gestured for her to open the door.

Phyllis ran over to lock the door, but Billy held up a key and suggested that she just let him in, especially after he'd bribed the young lady who lived upstairs to give him access to the balcony. Phyllis spat that he'd mistaken her for someone who gave "a damn," but Billy argued that he'd risked life and limb, and he questioned whether she thought he would give up. He wrestled the door open, and she threatened to call the cops or take his head off after everything he'd put her through. Billy pointed out that they'd practically made lying an Olympic sport, but Phyllis contended that the difference between them had been that she'd been fighting for them. He countered that the difference was that he wasn't giving up.

Phyllis poured herself a cup of coffee, and Billy held out his mug, but she dumped the rest of the pot down the drain. He refused to let her give up on them, and she testily asked if he had a vote in what she thought and felt. He insisted that he cared about her and how she felt and thought, but she retorted that he'd given up when he'd traded her in for a computer. He mentioned various times that they'd had fun together, including the time they'd ended up naked in the sauna, and he was pretty sure she'd had a lot of fun based on the noises she'd made. She claimed that she'd been faking it, and he protested that she was just being mean.

Billy reminded Phyllis of their late-night burger runs and binge-watching television, but she argued that having fun wasn't the issue. She referred to truth and honesty, and he recounted that she'd shown up at Top of the Tower, knowing what he'd done and wanting to make sure that he knew what was at stake. Billy insisted that they made the rules and then broke them, making every minute dangerous and risky, but he thought she wouldn't want it any other way. His phone rang, and she sourly guessed that Victoria was calling. Phyllis picked up his phone and growled that it was always Victoria, and she held the phone over the balcony. Billy begged her to stop and talk about it, but she flatly replied, "Let's not." She dropped the phone to the ground below.

Victoria left Billy another voicemail, griping that he couldn't avoid her calls after he'd disclosed that Jack had set them up. She added that she was getting ready to go on Hilary's show, and they had a lot riding on it, so she needed Billy right away. Victoria nervously inspected her bruises in a mirror and applied more makeup as Chelsea walked in. Chelsea surmised that Victoria hadn't gone to a doctor, and Victoria reasoned that there had been no reason to, since she hadn't been injured. Chelsea pointed out that Victoria had just been covering her bruises, and Victoria stressed that she had to look good because she was about to be on live television.

Chelsea advised Victoria to postpone going on the show, but Victoria insisted that it had to be that day because Brash & Sassy was prepping for a huge product launch. Chelsea argued that Victoria didn't owe anything to anyone, and she doubted that waiting a few days would make a difference. Victoria maintained that time was of the essence for her company to stay competitive, and she couldn't afford to have anything derail her plans. Chelsea chirped that Victoria needed a personal assistant for the day to allow her to focus on business, and she offered to fill the role.

At GC Buzz, Victoria left Billy another message, begging him not to leave her hanging when she was about to go on air. Chelsea coached Victoria to take a deep breath, and Billy appeared and pulled Victoria aside. Billy quickly informed Victoria that Jack had planted phony information and that Jabot had no plans of pulling back on the men's line. Victoria panicked that they were dead, but Billy calmly stated that nothing had changed. Hilary welcomed Billy and Victoria and exclaimed that it would be a treat having Victoria on the show. Hilary stepped away when she spotted Lily, and she coldly surmised that Lily was lost.

Lily announced that she was doing the interview with Victoria, but Hilary declared that it wasn't happening. Lily suggested that Hilary tell Victoria that she didn't care what Victoria wanted, but Hilary protested that the show was already planned and blocked. Lily implied that Hilary was scared to share screen time with her. Hilary complained to Victoria that Lily was firmly associated with the men's line, but Victoria countered that they were marketing their latest product to men and that Lily represented all their products. Victoria insisted that Lily go on the show with her that day, and she pointed out that Hilary had agreed to do things Victoria's way.

Victoria noted to Billy that Phyllis had likely been in on Jack's scheme, but Billy wanted to focus on advertising their mask. Victoria freaked out because they wouldn't be able to corner the men's market. She revealed that if they failed, they'd default on other huge loans that she'd taken out on top of the financing they'd received from Neil. She added that she'd also put her own money into it to have a safety net, but they'd be forced to shut down if the product wasn't a hit. Billy stressed the need to strike marketing gold, and an assistant called out that they were airing in five minutes.

At Jabot, Paul informed Jack and Ashley that there was nothing more he could do in an official capacity about Dina leaving town, and he urged them to think about whether Graham or Dina had ever mentioned a special vacation spot or a second home. Jack suggested that they focus not on where Graham had taken Dina to recuperate from her stroke but where Graham would go to cover up her death. Jack doubted that Graham intended to provide the care Dina needed, and Ashley agreed that there wasn't much hope, since Graham had planned the attack for years. Paul advised them to let him deal with the worst-case scenarios, and he told them not to give up hope until he found out something definitive.

Paul departed, and Ashley tried to visualize Dina being someplace safe, but she didn't think it made sense, given what Graham had been after. Ashley confided that she'd wanted Dina gone after Dina had blurted out that Brent Davis was Ashley's father, and she'd been hoping and praying that she'd never see her mother again. Jack rushed to get the phone when it rang, and he learned that the mailroom had received a package addressed to Dina. After someone from the mailroom delivered the package, Jack opened it and recognized something that he'd ordered for Dina.

Jack pulled out a vinyl record of the song Dina had sung to him when he was young, and he explained that he's asked a collector friend to keep an eye out for it. Jack continued that he'd intended to surprise Dina with it, but he'd forgotten all about it. He regretted the time they'd wasted because of anger and resentment, but Ashley noted that Dina had hurt all of them. Jack contended that Dina had needed him to protect her from Graham, but he'd been too busy holding a grudge, and he thought he should have been a better son.

Ashley remarked that people spent their entire lives leaving things unsaid and convincing themselves that they were content with leaving the past buried, but she praised Jack for working on his relationship with Dina and turning it into something more meaningful. Ashley added that her own relationship with Dina had also deepened, and she had Jack to thank for it. Ashley recalled that she'd barely been able to refer to Dina as "Mother" when Dina had returned to town, and she hadn't wanted to feel a connection, but she'd grown to see Dina as a real human being and not just a symbol of abandonment. Jack defended that Dina's unfortunate outburst had been painful but not malicious, but he didn't see how it would really change Ashley's life.

Jack cautioned that although Hilary had agreed not to use the footage from the party, someone was bound to say something, and everyone would want to comment about Ashley's paternity online. He expected that it would eventually become "yesterday's news," but nothing would change with the people Ashley cared about. Jack reiterated that John had loved Ashley and had been proud of her, and that would never change. Phyllis entered and asked if she was interrupting, and Ashley stepped out. Jack wondered why Phyllis was there.

Phyllis advised Jack that things could happen fast, since Victoria would soon know that Jabot wasn't pulling back on the men's line if she didn't know already. Phyllis expected Victoria to go ballistic, and she didn't want to be there for the fallout. Phyllis implored Jack to send her to the cosmetics convention in Dallas, but Jack informed her that Gloria was already slated to go on Jabot's behalf. Phyllis reminded him of everything she'd done for him and the company, and she thought he owed her. Jack agreed to let Phyllis go to Dallas as long as she broke the news to Gloria, and Phyllis considered it a perk.

Later, Phyllis warned Jack not to accept any food or beverages from Gloria, who was ticked off that she'd been yanked from the conference. Jack mused that it was a shame that he didn't have any popcorn, and he invited Phyllis to pull up a chair to watch The Hilary Hour.

On set, Hilary sniped that Lily was trying too hard, and Lily taunted that Jordan would see what he was settling for. Hilary barked that the only thing Lily aroused in Jordan was pity, but both women smiled when the show went live. Hilary proclaimed that anything could and probably would happen on a live broadcast, and Lily looked at a stricken Victoria and placed a comforting hand on her arm.

Hilary revealed that Victoria was there with a breakthrough product, and she asked Victoria what was going on at Brash & Sassy. Victoria grappled for a response, and Jack grumbled that she could start with the failed corporate espionage attempt by his backstabbing brother. Lily covered by gushing about the company's exciting men's line, but Hilary steered the questioning back to Victoria. Victoria stammered that they'd been focusing all their attention and money on that line, and Billy gestured for her to smile. Victoria warmed up and promoted their new facial mask as being on the cutting edge of restoration research with a proprietary blend of ingredients.

Hilary examined the product label and noticed the organic and herbal components, and Victoria bragged that the science behind it blew Jabot out of the water. Hilary segued into a commercial break, and she snapped at Lily not to block her light. Lily and Hilary bantered while Billy and Chelsea gave Victoria a pep talk. A few moments later, Hilary declared that they were back with the makeup maven and her mascot, and Victoria urged the audience to experience the mask for themselves.

Hilary envisioned inviting her girlfriends over to indulge in red wine and face masks, and Lily expressed surprise that Hilary had friends. Hilary prompted Victoria to provide details about how the mask felt, but Victoria showed no reaction at first before she mumbled nonsensically. As Lily and Hilary smiled nervously, Victoria managed to state that it was hard to describe. Phyllis said she couldn't wait to get out of town so she didn't have to look at Victoria's face, but Jack anticipated that something would hit Victoria hard sooner or later. Ashley returned and dismissed Phyllis, and she presented Jack with a symbol of hope -- a turntable.

Jack played the record, and he recalled that he'd loved it when Dina had sung the song to him as if they'd been the only two people in the world. Ashley recounted Jack and Dina singing it together at their family dinner, and Jack forlornly stated that it had been like no time had passed. Ashley murmured that they'd finally had her back. Paul burst in and announced that they'd found Dina.

Meanwhile, Hilary enthused that the mask sounded unlike anything she'd ever seen, and an expressionless Victoria stood up and dazedly looked around. Hilary asked if something was wrong, but her words became muffled inside Victoria's head. Billy raced over and caught Victoria as she collapsed.

Phyllis packed a suitcase, and she found Billy's shirt among her things. She buried her face in the shirt and cried.

Zack entered Crimson Lights and spotted Scott working on his computer. Zack asked how things were going, but he hesitated to distract Scott from his work. Scott replied that he was always working when he had a story like that one, and Zack imagined that it was hard to hammer away at a rough subject, only to end up with dead ends. Scott indicated that he was putting the evidence together, and Zack suggested that they grab a drink sometime so he could hear more about it. Scott proposed that they meet at the Underground later. Zack stepped away and made a call to tell someone that they had another problem to take care of.

Later, Zack met Scott at the Underground and found him working again. Scott imagined that Zack had also pulled some late nights, and he mentioned that Abby had told him about the time that Zack had stood her up. Scott added that he didn't envy Zack, but Zack figured that Scott only saw "Work Abby." Scott preferred not to hear about "Play Abby," and Zack recognized that Design Date was on the market to keep people like Scott and Abby from wasting one another's time because they rubbed each other the wrong way.

Zack commented that his job wasn't as cool as busting sex rings, and he wondered if dealing with the subject made Scott uncomfortable. Scott recalled that he'd worked in a war zone, and Zack figured that Scott's job freaked Sharon out. Scott confirmed that he was protective of her but that she wasn't averse to risk. Zack toasted to risk aversion, and they clinked their beer bottles together. Scott recognized Natalia when she entered the bar. She rushed out, but Scott chased after her.

Zack made a call and instructed someone not to forget a single detail of what he'd just told them. Scott returned and reported that the girl had been too fast because she was scared to death. Zack pressed to know why she was important, and Scott explained that she was a prostitute that he'd met with to get information, but the guys running the sex ring had uprooted the whole operation, and he'd never thought he'd see Natalia again. Zack noted that Scott was on a first-name basis with the girl, and he ordered more beers.

Scott ranted that the girls were practically slaves who were trapped with no way out, and Zack wondered why Scott didn't hand the investigation over to the police. Scott reasoned that the authorities had rules and regulations, but he didn't have to ask for permission to track things down. Scott divulged that he'd been following an LLC that was being used to cover for the income the ring was channeling, and he thought it was just a matter of time until the paper trail led to the source. Scott anticipated that he'd soon be able to pass what he had off to the Feds and publish his story, since the lowlifes who were trafficking girls would get cocky and make mistakes. Scott excused himself to head to the restroom, and Zack cautiously looked around before dropping a pill into Scott's drink.

Scott finished his beer and prepared to leave, but Zack voiced concern about Scott driving himself home. Scott reasoned that he'd only had a beer or two, but he stumbled when he stood up. Zack offered to call him a cab and helped him stagger out.

Later, Scott opened his eyes and found himself in a motel bed, covered in blood. He discovered a dead prostitute in bed next to him.

This episode included the song "Moon and Back" by Mari Wilson. You can listen to the song below and download the track on iTunes.

Victoria receives a shocking diagnosis

Victoria receives a shocking diagnosis

Thursday, October 26, 2017

Ashley paced at the Abbott mansion, and Jack informed her that the jet was ready for immediate takeoff. He expressed relief that Graham had taken Dina to Florida and not out of the country, and Ashley warned that he didn't know what he was walking into. Jack vowed to stop at nothing to get Dina back, and Ashley stated that it was why she loved him and also why he wasn't going alone. Jack worried that things could get ugly, but Ashley declared that she was ready for a showdown, so he was stuck with her. They headed out together.

EMTs wheeled an unconscious Victoria into the emergency room, and a doctor told Billy to wait outside. Victor appeared and demanded to know what Billy had done to Victoria. Nick asked what had happened, and Nikki begged Billy to tell her that Victoria was okay.

In a motel room, a panicked Scott willed himself to get it together. He placed the "do not disturb" sign on the outside doorknob, and he left an urgent message for Victor to call him back right away. The next morning, Scott anxiously checked his phone and left another message, pleading for Victor to call him. He stared at the lifeless body in the bed, and he lunged for the phone when it rang, but he let the call go to voicemail. Sharon left a message, asking him to call her back because she'd expected to hear from him the night before. Scott nervously peered out the window, and he attempted to reach Victor again.

At Crimson Lights, Sharon called out for someone to pick up a large order, and Abby stepped forward. Abby explained that the takeout was for a family breakfast in the emergency room, since Victoria had collapsed while filming Hilary's show. Sharon told Abby to let her know if she could do anything to help, and Abby brusquely suggested that Sharon tell her boyfriend to show up at Newman to cover meetings, since Abby and Victor wouldn't be in the office most of the day. Sharon pointed out that Scott wasn't one to clock in while he worked on his own stories, but Abby instructed Sharon to tell him to act like he worked at Newman, since they needed him that day. Abby walked out.

At the hospital, Victor ignored Scott's call. Billy asked the doctor if she could tell them anything, and she promised to find him as soon as there was an update. Billy pressed her to provide an educated guess about what was wrong with Victoria, and he explained that he and Victoria had kids together. Victor huffed that Billy was no longer part of the family, but Victor was not only Victoria's father but also the man whose name was on two wings of the hospital, so he should be the one receiving any updates.

The doctor revealed that she was trying to determine if Victoria's collapse had been the result of a car accident that she hadn't sought medical attention for, since they couldn't rule out a concussion. Billy blurted out that Victoria had suffered a concussion months earlier when she'd fallen at Nikki's concert reception, and the doctor said she'd get back to them. Victor was horrified that he and Victoria had become so distant that he hadn't known anything about it.

Victor picked up Scott's call and testily asked "what the hell" Scott wanted, since Victor was in the emergency room with Victoria. Scott rambled that he'd woken up in a motel room, covered in blood, next to a dead prostitute. Scott said he was truly sorry that Victoria was in the hospital, but he swore that someone else had killed the girl and set him up. Victor wondered what Scott wanted him do, and Scott appealed to him to make it go away. Scott recalled that he'd researched Victor, so he knew that Victor had the power to make things happen, and he swore that he'd be loyal to Victor forever.

Victor stonily repeated that he was at the hospital, but Scott fretted that there was no other way out, and he didn't know what else to do because someone had framed him. Victor suggested that Scott call his stepfather, but Scott pointed out that Michael was an officer of the court. Victor instructed Scott to leave it to him, and a thankful Scott provided his location. Victor ordered Scott to sit still and not to call him again that day. After they hung up, Victor made another call.

Abby passed around refreshments to her family, and Nikki complained that the doctor hadn't told them a thing for hours. Nick and Billy thanked Abby for dropping off breakfast, and she handed Victor some coffee when he returned. Abby joked that it was a pretty lousy excuse for a family reunion, and she wondered why they hadn't gotten an update on Victoria's condition. Victor explained that the doctors were guessing at a diagnosis, but they thought it might have to do with Victoria's fall after Nikki's concert.

Abby blamed herself for causing the fall by throwing a drink in Victoria's face, but Victor assured her that the incident had nothing to do with Victoria's condition. "Well, thank you, Dr. Newman," Nikki sarcastically growled, but Victor maintained that Abby wasn't responsible. Billy thought an injury from the airbag was more plausible, and Nikki griped that no one had told her about the accident. Billy insisted that Victoria hadn't intended to leave everyone in the dark, but she'd been trying to keep Brash & Sassy viable at the expense of her health. Nikki haughtily stated that she hadn't been the one to raise Victoria to be successful at any cost, and Abby ordered them to stop it.

Abby thought that anyone who had witnessed the bitterness in their family would wonder why they'd met up there, and she suggested that they put their issues with one another aside and agree to love Victoria. Victor thanked Abby, and Nikki agreed that they should all rise above their differences for Victoria's sake. Abby insisted that Victor wasn't the enemy, and Billy grumbled that Victor wasn't -- that time. Victor ordered Billy not to talk to him or about him, and Billy encouraged the Newmans to take it out on him and not on one another. Billy realized that all of them had lost children, so everything was fair game when there was a prospect of losing another one. The group fell silent.

Scott got dressed, and there was a knock at the door. Paul called out Scott's name, and the police burst in and forced Scott to get down on the floor. Scott protested that it was a mistake, but Paul pulled back the sheet from Natalia's corpse and quipped that it was much more than a mistake. Scott swore that he hadn't done anything, and Paul regretfully replied that he would have believed it if Scott had reported it himself the night before. Scott questioned how Paul had known that the incident had happened the night before, and he contended that whoever had called it in had killed Natalia and was setting him up. Paul reported that Victor had called it in.

At the police station, Paul led Scott into his office. Scott conceded that it looked bad for him, but he argued that things had been laid out so neatly that it was too bad to be true. Scott admitted that he'd been drinking and that he'd blacked out, so he'd panicked like a guilty person, but he swore that he'd been trying to save women. Paul questioned whether Scott's interest in the sex ring was more than professional, and he explained that he had to use extreme caution so that people didn't scream about Scott getting special treatment.

Paul urged Scott to describe everything he'd done the day before, and Scott remembered going to the Underground with Zack before blacking out. Scott swore that he hadn't been trying to get wasted, and he was sure that Zack could vouch for him. Scott suggested that they track Zack down, but Paul sternly stated that he was handling the investigation and that Scott wasn't going anywhere.

In his car, Zack told Leon over the phone that they were moving out of Genoa City right away, since things had gotten too complicated. Zack ordered Leon to cancel any bookings and pack up all the girls except Natalia, who wouldn't be going with them. Paul popped up in Zack's car window and introduced himself, and he asked if Zack minded answering a few questions. Zack readily complied, and Paul explained that he was trying to confirm a statement that a witness had made. Paul asked Zack to walk through his schedule the night before, and Zack mentioned that he'd gone to the Underground with Scott.

Paul wondered how Scott had seemed, and Zack claimed that Scott had been drunk, but he wasn't judging because Scott worked hard and hadn't been driving. Zack added that he'd gotten Scott into a cab, and he feigned concern that Scott had ended up behind the wheel after Zack had left. Paul asked if Scott had indicated where he'd been going, and Zack fibbed that Scott had quizzed the driver about which Genoa City nightspots had the most beautiful women. Paul questioned whether it had been linked to a story Scott was working on.

Zack said Scott had mentioned a woman who'd been looking for him because Scott had been trying to help her. Paul noted that Zack seemed skeptical, and Zack insisted that he didn't want to jam up Abby's colleague, but he had seen Scott flip out when he'd spotted a blonde girl at the Underground. Zack recalled that Scott had raced out to catch her, but she'd been gone, and Zack had assessed from the look on the girl's face that she'd been afraid of Scott. Paul showed Zack a picture of Natalia, and Zack confirmed that she had been the blonde woman at the bar.

After Paul left, Zack called Abby and left a voicemail, wishing that he could be the strong, reliable guy who would never disappoint her, but he was sure that wasn't possible. He believed that the same survival instinct that had pulled him out of his messed-up childhood had been with him so long that it felt like he'd been born damaged and broken, and he thought she deserved better than someone defective who couldn't be fixed. He said it was what he wanted for her, so he was leaving so she could find it. "Goodbye, Abby. I'll never forget you," he murmured before he hung up.

Paul returned to his office, and Scott asked if Zack had recalled anything suspicious. Paul regretted that Zack had, and he inquired whether Scott had gone to another club after the Underground. Scott reiterated that he'd blacked out, but it would have made no sense for him to go club-hopping. Paul revealed that Zack had remembered being at the Underground when Natalia had made a quick exit and Scott had chased her. Scott numbly realized that he needed help from a lawyer. Sharon entered and became alarmed when she spied Scott's bloody shirt.

Scott assured Sharon that he hadn't been hurt and that the blood wasn't his. Paul told Sharon that she couldn't be there, but she demanded to know what was going on. Paul insisted that she leave, and he promised that he would fill her in when he could. Sharon reluctantly walked off, and Scott protested that he needed to tell Sharon that he was being framed. Paul refused to be rushed through a murder investigation when he didn't have a clean timeline or the truth, and he had to hold Scott for questioning as a matter of procedure. As an officer led him away and locked him in a holding cell, Scott maintained that he'd had nothing to do with it.

Reed raced into the hospital and asked if his mom was okay, and Victor reported that she was resting. Reed peered into Victoria's hospital room, where she lay motionless in bed. A nurse closed the curtains to Victoria's room, and Nikki handed Reed a tissue. Reed tearfully wondered why the staff wouldn't tell them anything, and Victor assured him that Victoria was getting the best care possible and would pull through it.

Meanwhile, Abby handed Nick the last bagel, but he replied that he wasn't hungry. Abby bemoaned that it had been a rough week, since her grandmother had been kidnapped, and Nick hoped Dina was okay. Abby relayed that Jack and Ashley had traced Dina to Florida, so they'd flown there the night before. Nick figured that it put Abby in her standard Newman-Abbott dilemma about which family to stay closer to, and Abby mumbled that she seemed to be more of a Newman that day.

Abby inquired about Nick's truce with Victor, and Nick clarified that he hadn't forgiven his father, so he didn't anticipate them having a beer together anytime soon. Abby conceded that Victor had flaws, but she contended that Victor was still their dad. Nick countered that Victor wasn't his father anymore, and he prompted Abby to distract him by telling him about her life. She indicated that her dating app was a hit and that she was in a relationship -- or at least she thought she was.

The doctor announced that Victoria had regained consciousness, and she agreed to a quick group visit as long as Victoria stayed calm. Victoria's family entered the hospital room, and Victoria weakly greeted them. Victoria apologized that they'd had to wait, and she wished the doctors would figure out what had caused her condition so she could get out of there. Victoria found it ridiculous that they had to wait even more, but Nikki asserted that the only thing that was ridiculous was that someone as bright as Victoria hadn't paid attention to her health.

Abby hoped they didn't trace the cause back to the night of the concert, but Victoria suggested that they call it even and forget about it. Reed insisted that he could handle it if Victoria had any major medical issues, and he offered to help. Victoria called to Billy, who was hovering in the back, and she insisted on talking about the fallout from her appearance on The Hilary Hour. Billy encouraged her to focus on getting healthy, but Victoria turned to Victor because he knew what the stakes were at Brash & Sassy. Victor asserted that her health was more important.

Nick was confident that Brash & Sassy would bounce back, but Victoria worried that it was different that time. The doctor returned and reported that Victoria was suffering from prolonged toxic poisoning from repeated personal contact. The doctor explained that the test results indicated that the toxin had entered through the lungs and skin and had built up over time until the body had shut down. Billy pondered whether there had been a poison in the building or the water, but the doctor suspected that it had been something applied directly to Victoria's face. Victoria was mortified to realize that the face masks that they'd been testing for months were toxic.

Victoria recalled that she'd had the symptoms for months, and the timing coincided with her trying the masks at home and at the office. Billy wondered if the formula had been tweaked after they'd signed off on it, and Abby sighed with relief that she hadn't caused Victoria's condition. Abby quickly added that it was horrible, and Reed invited her to join him at the soda machine. Victoria panicked that the face masks were about to launch, and Billy promised to pull every package off the shelves himself if he had to. Victoria groaned that it could be a PR and financial catastrophe, since they had product they couldn't sell, and they'd been relying on the profits. She contemplated how Brash & Sassy was going to survive it.

In Florida, Jack and Ashley drove to their hotel, and she wondered how they would get Dina away from Graham. Jack reasoned that they'd tried diplomacy, so it was time for deeds, not words. Ashley considered it a good thing that she'd never had a chance to talk to her mother after Dina had exposed the truth about Ashley's paternity, and Jack remarked that scary times like that made some things seem unimportant in the big picture. Jack hoped Ashley could get past it in time, and she declared that she'd already made the decision to do so. Ashley pledged not to lose her mother.

Jack and Ashley arrived at their hotel, and she hoped he had a lot of cash to convince the hotel clerk to tell them where Graham had stashed Dina. They heard a group of women chortling loudly, and they were stunned to see Dina drinking martinis with some friends at a nearby table.

Scott connects Zack's app to the sex ring

Scott connects Zack's app to the sex ring

Friday, October 27, 2017

In Florida, Jack and Ashley stared at Dina and Graham laughing together in the hotel lobby. Jack observed that Dina looked happy, and Ashley wondered if she was faking it. Ashley had expected their mother to be depressed and lethargic, and Jack sourly contemplated how Dina could be at ease with a money-grubbing manipulator. Ashley thought there was a simple explanation -- they'd traveled a long way to save someone who wasn't looking to be saved.

Jack said it didn't make any sense, since they'd last seen Dina in a wheelchair, frightened and frail. Ashley questioned what had changed in such a short amount of time, and Jack theorized that Dina was putting on a show because she was scared of Graham. Ashley pointed out that Dina might have forgiven Graham, and she hated to admit that it was good to see Dina acting like her old self. Jack sensed that something was off, and he planned to make a move to find out how Dina was really feeling the instant she was alone.

At Brash & Sassy, Billy fielded calls about the launch and told the staff that he wanted every face mask rechecked for toxins. Billy took call after call to reassure people that everything was fine and that the company stood by all its products. He downed some aspirin, and Lauren entered the office as he flopped down on the couch. She asked if he'd seen the latest headline, and she showed him an online article about how Victoria had been poisoned by her own company's product.

Lauren griped that she'd found out through social media that the masks were toxic, and Billy advised her to tell her customers that the masks weren't for sale yet and that the rest of Brash & Sassy's products were fine. He offered to reimburse her for any costs that affected her bottom line, and he informed her that they were postponing the launch. Lauren sympathized that it was a disaster, and she asked if it was true that exposure to the masks had caused Victoria's collapse on The Hilary Hour. Billy said it looked that way, and he reported that Victoria had stabilized but was still under observation.

Billy asked if Lauren had talked to Phyllis, and he mentioned that he and Phyllis were on a bit of a break. Lauren reported that Phyllis had indicated that their rift was very serious, and she warned Billy that he'd have to work hard if he wanted to get Phyllis back. He groaned that he was busy trying to figure out what had made the masks toxic. Lauren pointed out that it was possible that a competitor had sabotaged the formula, and she wondered who hated Brash & Sassy enough to do something that low. Billy stormed out.

Billy burst into Jack's office, and Gloria informed him that Jack and Ashley were out of town. Billy planned to call them, but Gloria taunted that they had more important things to do than take his calls. Billy accused Jack of tampering with Brash & Sassy's face masks and putting Victoria in the hospital. Gloria questioned why Jack would do that, and Billy hissed that Jack had wanted to destroy the company for a long time -- and Jack had an employee with experience in poisoning face creams.

Gloria resented Billy's insinuations, and he called her out on being Jack's friend with benefits. Gloria clarified that they were business associates, and Billy wondered which one of them had devised the master plan to poison the masks when they'd "associated." She slapped him and ordered him out. After Billy left, Gloria called Jack and informed him that Brash & Sassy's face masks were toxic and that Billy thought they were responsible. Jack denied doing it, and Gloria confirmed that she hadn't done it, either. Jack instructed her not to say anything to anyone until he got back.

Graham approached and told Jack and Ashley that they'd wasted a journey, but Jack told him not to be too confident. Ashley doubted that Dina was there of her own free will, and Graham invited Ashley and Jack to see for themselves. Graham led them over to Dina, whose expression darkened when she saw her children. Dina wondered why Graham had summoned Jack there when Graham knew how much she despised her son. Jack reached out to her, but she smacked his hand away and ordered him not to touch her.

Dina declared that she never wanted to see Jack again, and she stalked off. Graham said he'd tried to protect them from Dina's true feelings, and he followed her. Jack thought it seemed like Graham had brainwashed Dina, but Ashley countered that there was a possibility that it was really how Dina felt. Jack bemoaned that his mother had looked at him like she despised him, and Ashley proposed that they go home. Jack refused to leave until they figured it out.

At Crimson Lights, Sharon left a message for Scott, asking him to call her because she was getting more worried. Mariah overheard and wondered who she was worried about, and Sharon recounted that she'd seen Scott in Paul's office with blood on his shirt. Sharon prepared to go back to the police station, but Mariah pointed out that Sharon didn't know if Scott was still there. Mariah speculated that he was embarrassed because he had gotten into a fight and had been hauled in by the cops. Sharon chided her for jumping to conclusions, but Mariah questioned what Sharon really knew about Scott.

Sharon called Scott a brave, honest man, but Mariah cautioned that love could make people blind. Sharon insisted that she knew Scott, but Mariah argued that Scott had seen people dying all around him and he'd been held hostage, so he could have some emotional baggage that he was concealing. Mariah encouraged Sharon to think about what she'd learned in her psychology classes about what happened when horrific experiences piled up on a person. Mariah wondered if Scott had slammed up against his own personal wall and lost it.

At the police station, Scott stared out the window in the interrogation room. He flashed back to waking up in bed next to Natalia's dead body. He stared at his hands and wiped them on his prison jumpsuit. Michael entered the room, and Scott recounted how he'd woken up next to a dead hooker. Michael asked how Scott had gotten to the motel, but Scott replied that he didn't have a clue. Michael ordered him to start talking, and Scott swore that he wasn't withholding information, since he remembered nothing about how he'd gotten to the room.

Scott recalled seeing Natalia at the Underground, but his next memory was of waking up when he'd never known that he'd gone to sleep. Scott cried that Natalia was dead because of him, and Michael pressed him to explain. Scott insisted that he hadn't killed her, but Michael thought it sounded like Scott was being stingy with the facts. Scott swore that he'd told Michael everything he knew, but Michael noted that Scott had neglected to mention that Natalia had been part of the sex ring. Scott was appalled that Michael thought he'd paid for her services, and he explained that he'd spoken with her because he'd been doing an exposé on sex traffickers.

Scott wondered how much Lauren knew, and Michael hoped Scott could tell her himself once he was out of there. Michael prompted Scott to tell him the rest, and Scott guessed that someone involved in the sex ring who knew he could blow up their operation had killed an innocent young woman to frame him. Scott lamented that it had been his fault, but Michael stressed that Scott couldn't ever say that to anyone else. Michael pointed out that Scott hadn't been charged, so he would talk to Paul about getting Scott released. Michael warned that Paul had to abide by the law, so Scott shouldn't expect to get a "get-out-of-jail-free" card just because they were friends. Scott reiterated that it was a setup, and he vowed not to let anyone or anything stop him from writing the exposé -- even if he had to do it from behind bars.

Michael griped that Paul was keeping his client locked up while the police went on a scavenger hunt to look for evidence, but Paul noted that he had a right to hold Scott for 72 hours. Paul insisted on keeping Scott in custody, since they were very close to charging him, possibly with murder. Michael inquired about the corroborating witness, and Paul indicated that Zack had confirmed that Scott had been pretty plastered and that Scott had gone looking for the woman they'd seen at the Underground. Paul added that he'd be happy to release Scott if Michael could show him proof that negated what the police had. Paul answered a call and looked stunned, and he told Michael that it wasn't good news.

Paul reported that traces of a roofie had been found in Natalia's system, and Michael suggested that perhaps Scott had been drugged, too. Paul responded that Scott had tested negative for drugs, but Michael argued that some drugs left the system before the person was even aware that they'd been drugged. Paul pointed out that Scott had claimed that he hadn't been drunk, but Zack had stated otherwise. Michael scoffed at the idea that Scott had killed Natalia in a drunken blackout, and he asked whether Paul really thought Scott had killed the young woman. Without answering the question, Paul replied that he had calls to make. Michael shook his head and walked out.

Victor stopped by to visit Scott, and Scott sarcastically thanked Victor for throwing him under the bus. Victor recalled that Scott had demanded that he cover up a murder, and Scott groused that he was stuck in there while the person who'd done it was still out there. Scott questioned what Victor had thought would happen when he'd called the cops, and Victor contended that Paul saw what Victor saw -- that Scott wasn't capable of murder. Victor advised Scott to keep looking over his shoulder, since the person who'd framed him wouldn't rest until Scott spent his life behind bars. Victor urged Scott to think very hard about who might be his enemy.

Later, Billy found Victor waiting in Brash & Sassy's office, and he snapped that the files in there were confidential. Victor reprimanded Billy for leaving them on the table for everyone to see, and Billy grumbled that he'd been doing damage control all day. Victor agreed with Billy's theory that Jack might have had a hand in poisoning the masks, and Billy growled that he could strangle Jack with his bare hands. Victor wanted to do worse than that, and he vowed to go after Jack and Jabot. Victor asked if Billy was going to try to stop him, but Billy replied, "No, I'm going to help you."

Lauren arrived at the police station, and Paul informed her that Scott had been charged with solicitation. Lauren swore that Scott hadn't killed the prostitute, and Michael mentioned that Scott had met with Natalia after a girl had contacted Sharon on the crisis hotline. Lauren ranted that none of it would be happening if Sharon wasn't in Scott's life, and she curtly stated that she would see them at the courthouse. Scott begged her to leave it alone, but Lauren stormed out.

Lauren burst into Crimson Lights and yelled that it was Sharon's fault that Scott had been arrested. Lauren blasted Sharon for dragging him into her issues, and she noted that Sharon was completely oblivious to the fact that Scott had been framed for murder. Lauren continued that Sharon had screwed up Scott's life, just like she'd screwed up the lives of every man she'd ever been with. Sharon calmly recognized that Lauren was upset because she was Scott's mother, and Lauren questioned what Sharon knew about being a mother when she'd tried to steal someone else's child. Sharon lunged at Lauren, but Mariah separated them and ordered them to dial it back.

Sharon swore that she loved her children more than her own life, but Lauren thought Sharon's devotion only lasted until she found a good-looking, vulnerable guy to pounce on. Sharon retorted that Lauren was jealous of her relationship with Scott, and she declared that it was time for Lauren to get her own life and let her and Scott live theirs without Lauren in it. Mariah began to film them on her phone, and Lauren raged that Sharon was the one who deserved be in jail for stealing Nick's baby. The women continued to exchange barbs, and Mariah whistled loudly and told them to smile for the camera. Mariah threatened to put them on The Hilary Hour if they didn't stop.

Lauren met Michael and Scott at the Athletic Club, and she apologized for missing the arraignment. Scott told her to stop worrying about him, but she imagined that she'd worry until he was old and grey. Sharon arrived, and Lauren grimaced when Sharon made a show of kissing Scott. Lauren imagined that Scott was hungry and exhausted after spending a horrible night in jail, but Scott planned to duck out with Sharon. Scott kissed Lauren on the cheek and thanked Michael, and Lauren glowered as Scott left with Sharon.

Lauren groaned that she'd been dealing with the face mask debacle on top of Scott's arrest, and Michael also mentioned her fight with Sharon. Lauren didn't see what Scott liked about Sharon, but Michael figured that no woman would be good enough for Scott in Lauren's eyes. Lauren recognized that everyone had told her not to get involved, but she thought that maybe Scott wouldn't be in such a predicament if she had. She insisted that she wanted her son to be happy and to have a fulfilling life, but she worried about what would happen if he was charged with murder and found guilty.

At the tack house, Abby descended the stairs in a robe and slippers, and she dumped an empty ice cream carton in the trash. There was pounding at the door, and she opened it to Zack. She immediately slammed the door in his face.

Later, Abby answered the door again, and someone with an enormous bunch of balloons entered. She discovered Zack behind them and ordered him to leave. He begged her to hear him out, but she snapped that she'd heard it all on his voicemail. She threatened to call ranch security if he didn't leave, and she admonished him for breaking up with her over voicemail like a coward. She testily asked whether he had any idea what it had been like to get his message when her sister was in the hospital and Abby had needed him, but she ordered him not to open his mouth because every time he did, it was a lie.

Abby questioned whether Zack had laughed when she'd fallen for his romantic speech about never letting her down, and he said he was sorry. He wished that he'd never left the voicemail, and she wished that she'd never met him. She repeated for him to get out, but he didn't move. She picked up the phone to call security, and he blurted out, "Abby, I love you."

Abby told security that she'd call them back if she needed them, and she figured that it would reflect badly on her if security told her father that she'd had Zack removed from the property. Zack admitted that he'd tried to avoid her and even attempted to leave town, but he'd realized that he hadn't been able to live without seeing her again. She called it the sweetest, most romantic load of bull she'd ever heard, and he apologized for sending mixed messages. Abby asserted that she'd gotten the message that he didn't want to love her, and she accepted that she wasn't the woman he wanted or needed.

Zack insisted that he wanted, needed, and loved Abby, but he was scared that she'd find out who he really was because he didn't deserve her. Abby wailed that she hadn't wanted to fall for him after her broken marriage, but Zack had gotten through her defenses. She asked what was to keep him from breaking up with her an hour or a week from then, but he swore that he never would. He asserted that he would rather risk everything and be with her than not be with her and have nothing. She kissed him passionately.

Scott and Sharon headed to Crimson Lights, and he asked to use her laptop. Scott struggled to remember what had happened the previous night. Sharon suggested that he get Zack on the phone, but Scott revealed that Zack hadn't been returning his calls. Scott had no idea how he'd ended up in bed with the body, and Sharon encouraged him to clear his mind by making a point not to focus on it. Scott pledged to find out everything he could about Natalia.

Scott discovered that Natalia had posted on more than 30 websites, but Sharon pointed out that many of them were outdated and full of broken links. Scott searched for the name of the dating service that Natalia had used most recently, and he suddenly found that Natalia had been connected to an app. Sharon peered over his shoulder and recognized Design Date, and Scott realized that it was the app Zack had created. Meanwhile, Zack and Abby began to make love on her couch.

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