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Hilary exposed Jordan's various identities. Juliet died during emergency surgery, leaving behind an infant son with medical complications. Abby was devastated when Victor announced Victoria's appointment as COO. Crystal publicly revealed that Zack was using Design Date as a front for his sex trafficking ring. Dina stabbed Nikki.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of November 6, 2017 on Y&R
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Sharon pleads with Paul to investigate Zack Sharon pleads with Paul to investigate Zack

Monday, November 6, 2017

At Crimson Lights, Sharon and Scott shared information about Zack with Paul. Sharon said she and Scott had discovered connections between Zack and the sex ring. Sharon, concerned that Scott was facing a murder charge, explained that Zack had known about Scott's investigation. Sharon added that Scott had even been with Zack at the Underground the night before Scott had awakened in a motel room, lying next to Natalia's body. Scott defended himself after Paul mentioned Zack's claim that Scott had been too drunk to walk without assistance.

Paul acknowledged Scott's account that Zack had drugged him and set him up to appear responsible for the young woman's murder. Still, Paul insisted, Zack didn't seem to fit the profile, so authorities couldn't act solely on the fact that Natalia had advertised her services on a dating site. Zack momentarily entered the coffee shop through the patio entrance then quickly exited the premises after he spotted Paul with Scott and Sharon. Scott told Paul that Zack, according to Tessa, had once been associated with unlicensed massage parlors in Chicago. Sharon said she was confident Paul could clear Scott if he'd follow the leads she and Scott had provided.

After Paul left, Tessa and Noah arrived. Sharon enlisted Tessa's help to pour coffee. Talking privately, Sharon told Tessa that she'd shared information about Zack with Paul. Tessa expressed frustration because she couldn't contact Crystal to let her know how hard they were working to shut down the sex ring operation. Sharon replied, "Crystal may be the key to solving this case." Tessa said she was unsure that Crystal was acquainted with Zack. Sharon noted that even so, what Crystal had suffered under Alice was likely still happening to other innocent girls under Zack. Tessa agreed to help.

Later, Paul returned to Crimson Lights. Sharon and Scott updated Paul about their growing suspicions. Paul agreed to make a few calls before questioning Crystal. Sharon said, "We're so close, Paul. Tell me we're going to get this guy in time." Paul promised to do his very best to investigate Zack.

Mariah and Noah showed up at the coffeehouse. Noah told Tessa, Sharon, and Mariah that the fire at the Underground might have been deliberately set. Noah insisted that he and Nick intended to use the tragedy to rebuild a better business. While Noah laid out his future plans, Tessa and Mariah exchanged nervous glances. Later, Noah talked privately with Mariah. Noah said he realized that Mariah's friendship with Tessa had changed after she'd moved in with him. Noah encouraged Mariah to enjoy time alone with Tessa.

At the Genoa City Memorial Hospital, Billy spotted a woman lovingly embracing her partner near the exit. The couple left together. Billy, ambling on a pair of crutches, stood alone just outside the doors. Jack appeared and said, "No one else here to pick you up?" Jack agreed to drive Billy to Phyllis' apartment. Jack reminded Billy that Phyllis hadn't bothered to show up. Billy, still bruised and sporting a bandage on his forehead, quipped that perhaps Phyllis had forgotten that he was a hero.

In the hallway outside Phyllis' apartment, Billy, with Jack at his side, wasn't warmly welcomed when Phyllis opened the door. Jack stood in the background, but he couldn't help but overhear Phyllis recall how Billy had betrayed her. Billy apologized and acknowledged that trust was paramount in any relationship. Phyllis expressed doubt about Billy's sincerity and insisted that nothing would change her mind. Billy didn't have an opportunity to respond after Phyllis quickly shoved him and Jack out the door and slammed it shut.

At the Abbott mansion, Jack welcomed Billy to stay and noted that Dina was also living there. Jack reminded Billy that though Phyllis would always remain a divisive issue in their relationship, Billy would be better off without her. Victoria stopped by and told Billy that some were hailing him as a hero. Victoria acknowledged that the thought of almost losing Reed had been her worst nightmare. Billy joked that perhaps Victoria might reconsider his firing. Victoria acknowledged that Billy had worked out some issues with Jack. Billy said that lying trapped in a collapsing building had inspired him to engage in difficult conversations.

Victoria suggested Billy return to Jabot. Jack overheard and said there was a limit to his generosity, especially after Billy had left Brash & Sassy in a precarious situation. Victoria insisted her company would rebound. Billy said, "Hold on. You turned things around overnight at Brash & Sassy?" Victoria replied, "Maybe all it took was getting rid of you."

Billy said he was certain Victor had had a hand in turning things around. Victoria said that other than raising kids together, she would no longer confide in Billy. Jack listened intently to Victoria's conversation with Billy before she abruptly left. Billy later told Jack he wouldn't give up on Phyllis because she was the only one for him. Jack was reluctant to discuss Phyllis.

Outside Victor's office at Newman Enterprises, Abby ran into Victoria. Abby asked about Reed and Nick. Victoria said that Reed was well. Victoria added that, as for Nick, the loss of his nightclub marked another great loss, with the first being eviction from his home on the Newman ranch. Victoria changed the subject and explained that she was on her way to visit Victor. Abby recalled that Victoria had lately neglected to visit their father. Just before Victor arrived, Abby gloated about Victoria's recent business and personal setbacks.

When Victor approached, Abby suggested they all enjoy breakfast, but Victor redirected Abby to represent the company at a conference. Abby was left standing alone after Victoria followed Victor into his office and closed the door. Victoria expressed relief that Abby wouldn't be privy to their discussion regarding Newman Enterprises' acquisition of Brash & Sassy. Both Victor and Victoria discussed ways to mitigate her company's tarnished reputation while not acknowledging that Newman Enterprises would be bailing out Brash & Sassy. Victor said his only regret was not being the one to fire Billy. Victoria refused to talk about Billy.

After Victoria noted that she was working with and not for her father, Victor said Victoria was acting as if they were equal partners. Victoria claimed that though Brash & Sassy could still become a valuable asset, she was the real prize in the deal. Victoria asked to be named chief operating officer, making it clear to everyone that she would be the heir apparent, given that Nick, Noah, and even Adam had abandoned their dad. Victor expressed concern that Abby wouldn't welcome the announcement, but he agreed to consider Victoria's request. Victoria later presented a contract outlining her demands. Victor read over it.

Abby was sitting alone at the Genoa City Athletic Club when Zack joined her. Abby complained that Victoria had been skulking behind Abby's back with her father. Abby said she'd been shut out once again and felt she was the lowest of the low in rank. Zack disagreed and reminded Abby that Victor had recently placed trust in her to help run the family business. Zack kissed Abby's hand, proclaiming his destiny was to cheer her.

Abby returned Zack's affection with a kiss on the lips and said she didn't know what she'd do without him. Abby said she was certain Victoria was up to something. Abby lamented that she'd be up all night, trying to figure it out. Zack said Abby could phone him, even in the middle of the night. Abby suggested they move in together, so he could offer support at all times. Zack, initially reluctant, agreed.

At the Genoa City Athletic Club, Hilary confronted Jordan and accused him of using her while waiting for Lily to become available. Hilary warned that when she was ready to hit back, Jordan wouldn't see it coming. After Hilary left the club, she went to her studio. Chelsea and Hilary chatted while she perused wardrobe options from Chelsea's collection. Hilary mentioned that she'd been occupied because her business and personal lives often intersected. Chelsea asked Hilary if she might be working on a story about Devon. Hilary replied, "Nope. Not Devon." Chelsea said, "Jordan?"

Hilary modeled a dress in front of a mirror and assured Chelsea she wouldn't share gossip. Hilary labeled Jordan a user because he'd attempted to reunite with her after Lily had backed away from a romantic relationship. Hilary threatened to expose Jordan's shady past as a public service to women everywhere. Chelsea defended her longtime friend and proclaimed Jordan to be a great guy. Chelsea noted that she would never discuss Jordan's past history. Hilary wasn't deterred and said she intended to dig deep until she learned about the real Jordan Wilde.

Hilary said that if Chelsea shared what she knew about Jordan, she could control the narrative, rather than leaving it up to Hilary to share every detail, warts and all. Chelsea replied, "Is that a threat?" Hilary hinted that friends as close as sisters should help each other. Chelsea acknowledged the importance of their friendship, but she refused to cooperate and was adamant that her and Jordan's regrettable past was off-limits. Chelsea passionately noted that she'd turned her life around, had since become a mom, and wouldn't allow anyone to undermine the life she'd worked hard to build.

Chelsea met with Jordan at the Athletic Club bar. Hilary, Chelsea explained, had cornered her and demanded to know about her and Jordan's past, especially their "grifter days." Chelsea added that Hilary had also attempted to scare Lily away by sharing tidbits about Jordan's past, though Hilary was solely aiming to destroy him. Chelsea, upset, expressed concern that she might get caught up in Hilary's thirst for revenge against Jordan. Jordan insisted that Hilary was merely overreacting. Chelsea replied, "Maybe so, but I am already way more involved in this than I want to be, so I'm telling you, do whatever you need to do, but shut this down."

Jordan angrily confronted Hilary at her studio. He warned Hilary to stay out of his past. Hilary replied, "I see you've been talking to Chelsea." Jordan replied, "And now I'm talking to you." Hilary asked Jordan what might happen to his career if what he'd done in the past became public. Jordan said he wondered what might happen to Hilary's career if the X-rated photos he'd taken of her were published. Hilary seemed unfazed, noting that she had possession of his camera's memory card. Jordan said he'd kept copies and would expose Hilary if she persisted.

At the charred remains of the Underground, Nick opened the door to what had been his office and recalled the well wishes delivered by family members when he'd first opened the nightclub. Phyllis joined Nick and said, "Need a hand?" Nick jokingly asked Phyllis if she had a bulldozer. Nick said he felt like he was living in a bad dream. Nick noted that for the second time, he was facing a major rebuild and believed fate was telling him to move on. Phyllis, reflecting about moving on, told Nick she was done with Billy.

Chelsea joined Nick and Phyllis and was shocked by the devastation. After Phyllis left, Nick told Chelsea that he might have unintentionally set the fire. Nick recalled that he'd lingered at the bar for a while, lighting matches one after another and might not have extinguished the matches and a lit candle. Nick cried that his actions might have put others, including his nephew, in danger. Chelsea tried to put Nick at ease. Nick suggested he walk away and forget plans for expansion. Chelsea acknowledged that the expansion had been Noah's dream, not Nick's.

Hilary finds dirt on Jordan

Hilary finds dirt on Jordan

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Devon joined Neil at the Athletic Club and explained that he was late because his appointment in New York had turned into back-to-back meetings, so his plane had just landed. Neil reported that he'd just closed a deal to acquire Power Communications, and Devon indicated that he'd visited ten clubs in one night and found a few artists that he wanted to sign to their label. Neil wished he had something he was passionate about, like what Devon had with his music.

Neil swore that he wouldn't trade working with Devon for anything, but he admitted that he wasn't stimulated. Neil compared what he'd been doing to watching Devon hitting the clubs and scouting talent, and he didn't want to miss out on all the fun. Devon prompted Neil to tell him about the acquisition, and Neil crowed that the PR firm was their best find yet. Neil raved about the firm being eclectic and diverse, but the downside was that the CEO was walking away, so they had to find someone competent to run the company. Devon proposed that Neil do it, since Neil hadn't sounded that enthusiastic since they'd started Hamilton-Winters.

Phyllis and Chelsea finished having dinner and approached Devon and Neil's table. Devon invited the women to join them, and Chelsea agreed to stay for a cocktail, but Phyllis said she had to go. After Phyllis stepped away, Neil announced that they'd been about to celebrate their latest acquisition. Devon mentioned Power Communications, and he declared that Neil would be running it. Neil observed that Chelsea looked surprised, and she pointed out that the firm was pretty progressive and edgy. Neil realized that she was saying he wasn't.

Neil defended that he didn't have to be 25 and hip to head a young company, but Chelsea worried that the employees wouldn't give Neil a chance because they wouldn't be able to get past his clothes. She noted that a three-piece suit didn't project hip, and Neil protested that she was making him feel 100 years old. Devon acknowledged that there was nothing wrong with Neil's attire when he was representing Hamilton-Winters, but he was about to become the face of a youthful brand. Neil balked at the idea of wearing hipster clothes, but Chelsea chirped that it didn't matter if he didn't know how to dress the part because he knew someone who did.

Devon suggested that Chelsea style Neil to give him a look that reflected the new company, but Neil was reluctant to be dressed up like a mannequin. Neil asked why they were trying to change him, but Chelsea argued that a new look to stand out from the crowd wouldn't change him -- just his image. Devon pointed out that Neil could find something that consumed his heart and soul, or Neil could keep wearing the same suits because they were safe and familiar. Chelsea commented that perhaps Neil felt more comfortable that way, but Neil loosened his tie and asked when they could start.

At the Athletic Club bar, Jordan warned Hilary that he hadn't been bluffing about making copies of her nude photos, and she regretted believing that he'd given her the only digital copies. She inquired whether he had his camera programmed to automatically back up his photos, and he vaguely replied that a pro always had a backup plan. Jordan ordered Hilary to stop digging into his past, and he threatened to release the photos to the world if she tried to mess with him in any way. He taunted that she could kiss her dreams of having a serious reputation goodbye, and he chugged the rest of his drink and walked away. Hilary noticed that he'd left his phone behind.

Phyllis joined Hilary, who filled Phyllis in about her predicament with Jordan and the explicit photos. Hilary was determined to get her hands on Jordan's backup drive, and she suspected that he kept it in his room at the club. Phyllis suggested that Hilary request turndown service for Jordan's room and sneak in while the maid was inside, and Hilary pushed Phyllis to have a fun evening with Jordan to keep him distracted while Hilary searched his room.

Hilary figured that it could be a golden opportunity to remind Billy of what he'd lost. Phyllis grumbled that Billy knew, but he didn't understand why. Phyllis agreed to help Hilary, but she wondered how to get Jordan down there. Hilary revealed that he had left his phone behind, and she was sure he'd be more than grateful if Phyllis called his room to let him know.

Later, Jordan joined Phyllis at the bar and said he'd be forever thankful that she'd returned his phone. Phyllis claimed that she was always leaving hers somewhere, and she speculated that perhaps it was fate. She mentioned that Brash & Sassy was most likely going under, but Fenmore's was in need of a photographer, and she invited him to discuss it over a drink. Jordan replied that he never turned down work, but he insisted on buying. Phyllis purred that she never turned down a free drink.

In Jordan's room, a maid turned down the bed and shut off the lights. After the maid exited, Hilary emerged from her hiding spot and searched the room.

Meanwhile, Phyllis and Jordan enjoyed an easy banter over drinks, and he couldn't believe that she knew Malcolm Winters, one of the best photographers around. Phyllis cooed that she'd heard the same thing about Jordan, who reached over to wipe something away from the corner of her mouth. Phyllis referred to seeing something from the perfect angle, and she touched his knee. He huskily stated that Billy had been a loser to let her go, and she recalled that she'd never been Billy's first priority.

Jordan suggested that he and Phyllis have another round, and she received a text message from Hilary to request that she keep stalling. Jordan proposed that he and Phyllis have a couple more drinks in his room, but she claimed that the message had reminded her that she'd forgotten to send a file from her laptop. She invited him back to her place for a nightcap, and he amorously exclaimed, "Check, please!"

Later, an exasperated Hilary finally appeared to give up, and she looked around the ransacked room. Her eyes stopped on the fireplace, and she reached up inside of it and pulled out a box. She snickered victoriously when she saw its contents.

At the Ashby home, Lily yelled for Charlie to turn his music down, but Charlie informed her that it was all Mattie's doing. Lily was surprised to see that Charlie was setting the table, and Mattie entered the room. Lily asked Mattie to help her brother, and Mattie grumbled that it was sexist to expect women to set the table while men took out the garbage. Lily surmised that she was upset because Lily wouldn't let her see Reed, but Charlie clarified that Mattie was bummed because the divorce hearing was the next day. Lily recognized that the divorce would change their lives, but Mattie envisioned that it would have a minimal impact on her and Charlie because they'd soon be off to college.

Lily argued that it would affect the twins for years, since they'd have to decide where they spent weekends or holidays. Mattie asked if they were done, and she stormed off. Lily bemoaned that she felt like she'd let her children down, but Charlie insisted that it was all on Cane. Lily pointed out that the divorce had been her decision, since she hadn't been able to forgive Cane. Charlie asked if Lily still loved his dad, and Lily admitted that she did. Charlie thought it seemed like a waste, since Lily loved Cane, and Cane loved all of them. Charlie added that they'd been happy until Cane had messed up, and they'd been less happy since then, so he didn't see how a divorce would solve anything.

Lily went to the Athletic Club and ordered white wine at the bar. Devon and Neil joined her, and she said she'd almost called them to see if they were working late, but she hadn't thought it seemed adult to blubber to her family. Neil swore that she could do it anytime, and Lily wailed that she'd be divorced by that time the following day. Devon wondered if Lily was having doubts, and she recounted that she'd been convinced that she'd been doing the right thing, but she wasn't sure if ending her marriage would make her happy. Neil and Devon hugged her.

Billy entered the Chancellor mansion and startled Juliet, who asked "what the hell" he was doing there. Billy announced that he was moving in, and he wondered why she was there. Billy was taken aback to learn that Cane had given Juliet permission to move into Billy's mother's house, and he asked if Jill knew. Juliet offered to leave right away, but Billy apologized for not being nice and insisted that she stay. Billy figured that Jill would give him the boot long before she'd kick Juliet out, and he recognized that it was a big house, so it would be no big deal to cohabitate. Juliet mused that he was forgetting someone as Cane walked in.

Billy was surprised that Cane hadn't found somewhere else to live after he'd gotten a job, and Cane explained that he was keeping an eye on Juliet and the baby. Juliet revealed that she'd had some problems with her pregnancy, but she didn't feel right staying there with the tension between the men. Cane and Billy swore that they could be civil, but Juliet hesitated to put her baby in jeopardy because they couldn't act like grownups. Cane defended that he and Billy were both responsible parents who loved their kids, and he promised that they would make it work.

Juliet groaned that she was too tired to pack that night, but she warned that she'd leave if Billy and Cane started up the next day. Cane fetched a glass of milk for her to ensure she slept well, and she headed upstairs. Billy wondered if Cane expected to live with his baby mama while his wife and kids continued life without him. Cane flatly refused to argue, since he owed Billy for saving his kids' lives, and it was a debt Cane would never be able to repay.

Billy anticipated that Cane would give him a hard time about screwing up the face masks, but Cane quipped that he'd only rib Billy because Victoria had fired him and Phyllis had thrown him out. Billy poured a drink and toasted to karma, and Cane realized that the one thing they had in common was that they'd succeeded in trashing their lives. Billy pointed out that Cane was still married, but Cane countered that he only was until the next day. Cane noted that Billy's kids were too young to hate him, and Billy found it lame that they were still competing. Cane conceded that they might actually be alike.

Billy and Cane compared notes about how they'd screwed up their lives, and Billy poured another round of drinks. Cane lamented that he would be divorced by that time the next day, and Billy moped because Phyllis hadn't taken him back after he'd run into a burning building to save children. Cane stressed that Phyllis loved Billy, and Billy was sure that Lily still loved Cane. They agreed that what they were doing was sad, and Billy declared that they were men of action. Billy prepared to call them both cabs, and Cane steadied Billy when he almost fell off his crutches. The men tipsily headed out.

Lily returned home, and she heard Cane drunkenly call out from outside the door that he was sorry. Cane drunkenly whined that he hadn't meant to get Juliet pregnant and that he didn't even remember sleeping with her. He rambled that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with his sexy wife, and he cried that he loved Lily. A police siren sounded, and flashing lights appeared behind him.

At Phyllis' apartment, Jordan hovered next to Phyllis as she poured some drinks, and he gently moved her hair back from her neck and seductively suggested that they skip the drinks. She nervously stepped away and reasoned that it would be silly to waste them, and she led him to the couch. He sat down right next to her, and she jumped up to put on some music. Phyllis tried to change the sexy song that started playing to something more upbeat, but Jordan pulled her into his arms and held her close. Billy suddenly called out her name and pounded on the door, and he refused to go anywhere until she let him in.

A neighbor called Phyllis to complain about the disturbance, and Phyllis reluctantly let Billy in. Billy was appalled to find Jordan there and accused him of making moves on Billy's woman. Phyllis snapped that Jordan had been invited but Billy hadn't been, and she added that she wasn't Billy's woman anymore. Phyllis screamed as Billy lunged to try to strike Jordan and fell off his crutches.

Phyllis ordered Billy to go, and Jordan griped that he didn't need the hassle. Billy told him to run along, and Jordan exited. Phyllis demanded to know "what the hell" Billy was doing, and he replied that he loved her. She spat that he was drunk, and he slurred that she was beautiful. The police appeared in the doorway, and Billy belligerently confirmed that he was drunk, but he swore that he loved Phyllis.

At Jabot, a frazzled Gloria told someone over the phone that she'd have Jack look into something and get back to them. Jack arrived, and Gloria rambled that she'd been trying to reach him, since the phone had been ringing off the hook. Jack assumed that the press wanted comments about Billy's heroism, but Gloria reported that someone had jacked up Jabot's wholesale prices to their West Coast buyers. Jack protested that he hadn't authorized it. Dina entered and proclaimed that he'd be proud of what she'd done for him.

Jack testily reminded Dina that he'd given her the straightforward assignment of checking profit margins and seeing that the West Coast had ample product for their shelves, but he hadn't said anything about a price hike. Gloria hovered as she offered them coffee, but Jack sternly said he could pour the coffee himself, and Gloria stepped out. Jack questioned why Dina had gone behind his back to make decisions that she'd had no business making, but Dina contended that she'd run a corporation of her own for decades. Jack snapped that adjusting prices hadn't been part of her job, but Dina asserted that he was supposed to be making profits, not running a charity.

Dina ranted that Jack had no idea what his business was all about, since he'd been spending all his time with Nikki while letting Jabot fail. She huffed that he wasn't his father and that he never would be, and she thought John would be ashamed of how Jack was ruining the company. Gloria reentered and blasted Dina for being ignorant and cruel. Gloria griped that she'd been fielding calls from their distributors, who had been complaining about aggressive conversations to try to change contracts that had been in place for months or years.

Dina barked that a receptionist wouldn't have a clue about how such matters worked, but Gloria reported that people were threatening to stop doing business with Jabot. Gloria ordered Dina to stop blaming her son for her mistakes, and Dina retorted that Gloria was just another floozy whose only skill was being good between the sheets. Gloria countered that she was loyal to the men she slept with, unlike Dina, who'd hurt and betrayed her lovers. Jack intervened and showed Gloria out, and Dina chided Jack for being a very weak man who let someone like Gloria run his life.

Jack assured someone over the phone that there had been no price changes, and he slammed the receiver down. Dina scolded him for being foolish, but he told her to go home and take some time off. She expected him to run Jabot into the ground, but he insisted that she needed more time to recover from her stroke. Dina asked if he was going to fire her, and Jack said they'd talk about it later. She departed.

Gloria returned to Jack's office and asked a despondent Jack if he needed anything before she left. He confided that he couldn't risk having his mother work there anymore, but he was worried that Dina would slip back into a depression if she wasn't working. Gloria was less worried about Dina than the effect Dina was having on him. Jack remarked that the one life lesson he'd learned was that loving someone inevitably went along with hurt.

During a musical montage, Dina sat alone at the Abbott mansion, staring straight ahead. Phyllis gazed out the window as Billy sat in a jail cell. Hilary rifled through Jordan's box and found a backup drive, but she seemed more intrigued by multiple identification cards bearing Jordan's photo but different names. Jordan swigged a drink at the Athletic Club bar and looked at a picture of him and Lily on his phone. Lily forlornly pulled out a framed photo of her and Cane before placing it back in a drawer. Cane joined Billy in his jail cell, and the men shared a knowing glance before they both slumped dejectedly against the wall.

A frightened Crystal returns to Genoa City

A frightened Crystal returns to Genoa City

> A frightened Crystal returns to Genoa City

A frightened Crystal returns to Genoa City

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

At the police station, Cane pleaded with Paul to release him from a holding cell. Paul refused, explaining that Cane had already been allowed his one phone call, made to Esther, and wouldn't be given special treatment. Cane, stating that he was scheduled to be somewhere, cried, "I screwed up my marriage. Don't make me screw up my divorce. Please!" Juliet showed up and told Cane that there was still one person who had his back. Juliet glanced at her belly and added, "And eventually, someday, there'll be two."

Juliet explained to Cane that Esther had decided not to bail him out of jail immediately. Juliet added that Esther had claimed that Mrs. C. would've made Cane sit in jail and think about what he'd done. Before Cane collected his belongings from the desk sergeant, he said he hoped Lily didn't know anything about what had transpired the night before, when he'd been arrested. Cane thanked Juliet for providing a fresh change of clothing. Juliet appeared forlorn as she stood alone in the police station lobby after Cane quickly entered an elevator and left without her.

Inside and empty courtroom, Lily and Michael arrived early. Lily cried that her marriage would end with her on one side of the room and Cane on the other. Michael told Lily that she'd stood by Cane longer than most women in her position would have. Lily admitted that ending her marriage wasn't what she'd wanted, though she knew Cane wouldn't give up hopes of reconciliation until the divorce was official. Cane's lawyer entered the courtroom without her client. Michael asked the attorney about her client's absence. Cane's attorney claimed she was sure she'd hear from her client soon, though she nervously checked her phone a number of times.

Neil and Devon entered the courtroom and offered Lily their support. Lily told her father she was ready to begin a new life and wondered if Cane's absence was his last-ditch effort to stall the divorce. Cane arrived just as Michael told Lily that the proceedings could take place without Cane. Charlie showed up, too, and pleaded with his parents to keep their family together. Cane, too, begged Lily to fight for their family. Devon and Neil defended Lily's decision to end her marriage. Cane persisted in his endeavor to change Lily's mind and delay the court proceedings. Lily seemed torn.

Just as Lily requested that Michael file for a delay, Juliet entered the courtroom. Lily became livid. Cane said he didn't know why Juliet had shown up. Lily noted that Juliet was living in the same home as Cane, was carrying his child, and would be part of his life for decades. Juliet asked Lily to give Cane another chance. Lily said she couldn't wait to end her marriage and forget that Juliet existed.

Cane became upset with Juliet when she mentioned that she'd been the one who'd bailed him out of jail. Lily said, "She did what?" Juliet, sobbing, said she'd never meant to cause harm. After Charlie and Juliet left the courtroom, Lily said a neighbor had likely called the police because they'd heard Cane yelling outside the door of their home. The judge entered and called the proceedings to order. Lily told Michael to forget about delaying the divorce.

Charlie and Juliet left the courtroom. Charlie and Juliet sat together on a bench in the hallway. Charlie calmly told Juliet that his parents' divorce wasn't just about Juliet. Charlie explained that though Cane's cheating was bad enough, he'd lied, too. Charlie told Juliet that Cane seemed to be taking out his frustration on her rather than accepting blame for his own actions. Juliet seemed touched by Charlie's expression of compassion.

Juliet suffered a painful cramp and doubled over. Charlie offered to summon help. Juliet said the pain would pass. Charlie remained concerned, but Juliet explained that cramping was a normal part of pregnancy. Juliet stood up and was about to leave, but she experienced another severe cramp. After Juliet collapsed, Charlie caught her and gently placed her on the bench. Charlie noticed blood on his hand, panicked, and burst into the courtroom to seek assistance for Juliet.

Jordan entered Paul's office at the police station and said he'd been burglarized. Paul directed Jordan to the desk sergeant to file a report. Jordan requested a minute with Paul to personally explain what had happened. Jordan said someone had broken into and ransacked his room at the Genoa City Athletic Club. Jordan noted that he had expensive photography equipment stored in his suite. Paul asked about the hotel's surveillance cameras. Jordan said the security staff had claimed that the cameras hadn't recorded a disturbance. Jordan said he believed the burglary had been an inside job.

At the Genoa City Athletic Club, Nick met with Noah and Tessa. Noah was shocked when Nick said they shouldn't rebuild the Underground. Noah said the insurance money would allow them to rebuild and install a better sprinkler system. Tessa left after receiving a text message from Sharon. Noah continued talking about plans to rebuild and expand, but Nick insisted he was done with the Genoa City location and had no interest in expanding the venue to other cities. Nick said his heart wasn't in the project anymore, not after his structure had twice suffered serious disasters. Nick added that he was ready to move on to other ventures.

Noah was reluctant to forge ahead without his dad's support. Nick told Noah that Victor was responsible for all the roadblocks they'd encountered, including difficulty acquiring liquor licenses. Noah said they could find a way to circumvent Victor's influence. Nick explained that it was different for Noah because, in Victor's eyes, Nick had betrayed his father. Nick urged Noah to follow through with his plans on his own. Noah said that though he could rely on money from his trust fund, he needed Nick's experience and support. Nick encouraged Noah to take a leap of faith and strike out on his own.

When Sharon arrived to open Crimson Lights, she discovered that the door had been forced open. Sharon slowly checked the dark spaces within, wielding an empty carafe like a weapon as she swung open the door to a storage room. Sharon found Crystal hiding. Crystal explained that she'd become increasingly fearful that either Alice, the sex ring boss, or Leon had likely tracked her down at the safe house. Sharon advised Crystal to alert the police, but Crystal said she didn't trust anyone but Sharon and Tessa.

Just after Tessa arrived at Crimson Lights, Crystal shared her fears that members of the sex ring had tracked her down, so she'd left the safe house. Sharon showed Crystal a photo of Zack. Crystal, shaking, recognized Zack as the boss of the sex ring operation. Tessa recalled that she'd worked in massage parlors run by Zack in the past, though he'd since become the head of a dangerous sex ring. Tessa panicked when she remembered having mentioned Crystal's plight to Zack.

Crystal explained that Alice, not Zack, had recruited her by pretending to offer friendship and protection. Sharon suggested they phone the police so Crystal could identify Zack, but Crystal refused. Crystal cried, "They have people everywhere. I know Zack is looking for me. I can feel it. If I keep moving, he can't catch me." Tessa agreed not to contact the police, citing Natalia's fate. Sharon told Crystal that Natalia had been murdered.

Paul stopped by Crimson Lights, ignoring the sign on the door indicating that the coffeehouse was closed. Sharon let Paul in through the patio entrance, so he wouldn't spot Crystal. Paul told Sharon he had news about Crystal. Sharon kept quiet about Crystal's presence. Crystal and Tessa hid behind the counter. Paul told Sharon that Crystal had left the safe house and was out on her own again. Though Tessa and Crystal remained out of sight, they overheard Paul and Sharon's conversation.

Paul asked Sharon to contact him immediately if she heard from Crystal. Paul explained that police needed Crystal's help to break up the sex ring. Paul said he hoped Crystal could identify Zack if he was involved in the sex ring. Paul warned that if Zack was involved, he should be considered a danger. After Paul left, Tessa thanked Sharon for not telling him that Crystal was in Genoa City. Sharon noted that Crystal wouldn't be safe until authorities ended the sex ring nightmare.

At GC Buzz, Hilary excitedly told Mariah they would immediately air a show about people discovering they'd been dating someone leading a secret life. Mariah noted the some people kept secrets for good reasons. Hilary said she was about to shine a light on ugly lies. Hilary opened the show by announcing on a live broadcast that Jordan Wilde, a man she'd once dated, was also known as Marcus Jones of Illinois and Jason Hightower of California. Hilary displayed driver's licenses from each of the two states mentioned, bearing photos of Jordan.

Back at the Genoa City Athletic Club, Jordan grimaced while viewing The Hilary Hour on a television in the hotel's bar. Jordan shook his head in disgust when he heard Hilary question whether his real name was Jordan. Mariah, seated on the set beside Hilary, admitted that even she was shocked by Hilary's revelations about Jordan. Hilary invited viewers to contact her show if they had information about Jordan. Hilary told viewers she'd post photos of the two driver's licenses online, and she again encouraged viewers to share information regarding Jordan's true identity.

After Hilary's show ended, other patrons watching Hilary's broadcast at the Genoa City Athletic Club noticed Jordan. The patrons stared at Jordan to get a better look at him. Jordan abruptly headed toward the exit to escape the curious gawkers. Before Jordan could leave the club, he ran into Paul. Jordan insisted that Paul drop the burglary investigation. Paul seemed confused when Jordan claimed that someone known to him had slipped into his room and borrowed his missing photography equipment.

Juliet is rushed into emergency surgery

Juliet is rushed into emergency surgery

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Jack greeted Victoria at the Athletic Club, and he inquired whether life at the new and improved Brash & Sassy was all she'd hoped it would be. She declared that she'd eliminated everything toxic from her company, and he anticipated that the FDA would back off from analyzing every product in the line, since it would be a waste of taxpayer dollars. Jack was surprised when Victoria thanked him with a hug, and she gushed that it had been exactly what she'd needed to hear. She added that she had a favor to ask that would benefit both of their companies.

Victoria proposed that Jabot let Brash & Sassy out of its lease, since it was no secret that Jack had never wanted them in the building, plus Ashley would get her lab back. Jack told her to consider the lease forgotten, and he noted that Victoria didn't seem upset about losing her company. Victoria insinuated that she hadn't, and she said she had to run. She bumped into Scott on her way out, and he asked if there was any truth to the rumor that Victor was saving Brash & Sassy from bankruptcy. He divulged that he'd heard it from a respected business journalist who claimed that she'd gotten the intel from inside Newman. Victoria told him not to say a word to anyone.

At Newman Enterprises, Nikki expressed concern to Victor that Victoria might not have her company's problems under control. Victor was distracted by a text message from Chelsea with a photo of Christian and Connor in their Halloween costumes, and Nikki didn't understand why he wasn't upset. Victor figured that he had more faith in Victoria than Nikki did, and Nikki surmised that it would give him sick pleasure if Victoria failed in business. Nikki brusquely greeted Abby on her way out, and Abby observed that Nikki hadn't sounded happy, much like the text message Victor had sent to Abby.

Victor reported that he'd been going over Design Date's numbers, and he suggested that Abby take a look. Abby inspected them and asked if they were accurate, and Victor declared that they were spectacular. He suggested that they have a party at Top of the Tower to announce to the world that the Newmans were back. Abby expected Zack to be excited about the party, but Victor didn't want to detract from her driving the project to success. Victoria walked in and said she had to talk to Victor, and Abby bragged that Victor was throwing a party to celebrate Design Date's latest figures.

Victoria was unimpressed, and Victor instructed Abby to spread the word to the guests. Abby snidely hoped Victoria could make it in spite of her company being in trouble, and she departed. Victoria informed Victor that someone inside Newman had leaked the rumor that Victor was saving Brash & Sassy, but Victor protested that they couldn't release the news until they were able to put a positive spin on it. Victor picked up his phone and ordered his PR department to be there within five minutes.

Victor sternly reminded his five-person PR team that he'd made it clear when he'd hired them that there were two things he valued the most -- loyalty and trust. He fired all of them and ordered them to vacate the building. The group filed out, and Victoria freaked out that they had no one to help them solve the crisis. Victor pulled out a document and announced that Victoria would be COO of Newman Enterprises once he signed it. He scribbled his signature on the page and asked, "So, COO, what do we do now?"

Jordan stormed into GC Buzz and demanded to know "what the hell" Hilary had done to him. Feigning innocence, Hilary questioned what a delusional person like her and her vanity-project show could possibly do to him. Jordan blasted Hilary for publicly trashing his character because she'd been upset about something he'd said during a private argument, but she contended that she wasn't responsible for what he'd done or was continuing to do with his fake identification cards. She added that she'd only reported the facts, but he griped that she'd implied the worst and let her audience fill in the blanks.

Hilary crowed that her mailbox was full of reports from women about Jordan's different identities, and some of them had been waiting a long time to find out who the real Jordan Wilde was. Jordan warned that she didn't want him as an enemy, but Hilary taunted that she had no regrets after his last threat to post her nude photos. She dared him to admit that it had only been a bluff, and he replied that he'd never wreck someone's life that easily, whereas she hadn't hesitated to ruin his by committing a felony break-in. Hilary doubted that he would press charges, since she'd found enough evidence for a week's worth of reputation-damaging reports.

Jordan ordered Hilary to back off, but she questioned why he'd sounded afraid when he'd called her a pathetic joke. Jordan snapped that he still had a life and a job, since Victoria couldn't stand Hilary, and Victoria would take his word over hers. Hilary proclaimed that Victoria's on-air collapse had been the death knell for Brash & Sassy, but Jordan asserted that he was part of Victoria's big comeback plan. Hilary told him to buzz off, and he stormed out as Nikki entered.

Nikki wondered why Hilary had summoned her there, and Hilary handed her an envelope. Nikki pulled out the photos of her and Jack kissing, and she surmised that Hilary intended to blackmail her with them, but she indicated that Victor had already seen them. Hilary stated that the photos were Nikki's to keep, and she handed over the originals on a flash drive. A skeptical Nikki wondered what Hilary was after, and Hilary slyly replied that she thought Nikki might be interested to know who'd taken the photos. Nikki mentioned that she already knew that Jack's mother had been behind the whole thing, but Hilary revealed that Jordan had been paid to do the dirty deed.

Abby spotted Dina at Crimson Lights and assumed that her grandmother was on a break from Jabot. Dina confided that she wasn't sure she still worked there, since she and Jack had had a disagreement over a corporate issue. Abby advised her to march back to Jabot and work things out with Jack, and she invited Dina to the party Victor was throwing for Abby the following night. Dina declared that she adored Abby for not judging her, and Abby insisted that no one was judging Dina. Abby offered to buy coffee and carbs, and she stepped up to the counter. She turned around and saw Dina stuffing packets of sugar into her purse.

Abby plastered on a smile and asked if everything was okay with Dina. Dina decided to take Abby's advice and head over to Jabot to clear the air, but Abby pointed out that they hadn't eaten yet. Dina grabbed a croissant and exited. Scott noticed the perplexed look on Abby's face and asked if something was wrong. Abby guessed that he wanted there to be something wrong so he could judge her for it. He defended that she'd looked troubled, so he'd inquired about it like a decent human being -- not that she deserved much decency after she'd been telling people that he might have murdered a woman.

Abby sourly hoped Scott checked his facts more closely at Hashtag, since she'd never implied that he was guilty. She wasn't sorry that she'd mentioned Scott's arrest to Nick, since Scott had been spending time with Sharon and possibly with Faith, too. Scott admonished her for trying to mess up what he had with Sharon, but Abby contended that his investigation was putting everyone around him in danger. Scott grumbled that it wasn't in her skill set to determine who she could trust, but Abby huffed that she was an excellent judge of character. They exchanged barbs, but she refused to let him ruin a great day. She announced that her father was throwing a celebration for her the following night to recognize her accomplishments at the company, and she invited Scott to stop by to see what success looked like -- if he wasn't in jail.

At the hospital, Lily stared at a sleeping Cane in the waiting area. Meanwhile, monitors sounded as an unconscious Juliet lay in a hospital bed. Lily woke up Cane and told him that Juliet had been rushed into surgery. Cane wondered why Lily had stayed, and she admitted that she hadn't wanted to, but she hadn't been able to walk away. He noted that they were supposed to be divorced, and she replied that their case was legally on hold. He asked what they were going to do.

Lily read off selections from the cafeteria menu, but Cane insisted that he was okay. She lectured that she knew how he got if he didn't have breakfast, and she offered to put the divorce on hold until they got some good news. Neil arrived to check on them, and he inquired about Juliet. Cane reported that she'd been rushed into emergency surgery, and he plopped down in a chair to wait. Cane regretted that he'd wished the baby hadn't ever existed.

In the operating room, a doctor instructed her team to prepare for an emergency C-section. Meanwhile, Neil received a text message and said he had to go, and he asked Lily to call when she heard something. After Neil departed, Cane informed Lily that the nurse had given him Juliet's things and had suggested that he get in contact with her family. Cane recalled that Juliet had told him that her mom had died but that her dad was still around, and he pulled out Juliet's cell phone to make a call.

After Cane hung up a call with Juliet's father, he reported that Mr. Helton hadn't wanted to know anything about his daughter. Lily was stunned that Juliet's father didn't want to be there, and Cane said it had sounded like Mr. Helton had disowned her. Cane couldn't imagine behaving that way if his kids needed him, and Lily imagined that Juliet and the baby would need him more than ever.

Hilary arrived at the hospital and asked if Juliet had shown any improvement. Lily insinuated that it wasn't appropriate for Hilary to be there, but Hilary argued that she was the closest thing Juliet had to a friend, so she had more right to be there than Lily did. Hilary offered to wait somewhere else, and she stepped away. Cane pulled out a sonogram photo from Juliet's things.

In the operating room, the doctor worried that Juliet was losing too much blood, so they had to get the baby out right away or risk losing them both. Later, the doctor thought they should stop, and she sighed deeply. She emerged from the operating room and approached Cane and Lily, who appeared to be devastated by the news.

Neil entered Victor's office and admitted that he wasn't entirely surprised to see Victoria there. Victoria requested that Neil sign a nondisclosure agreement, and he obliged. Neil speculated that it had something to do with why Victoria had suddenly been able to pay off her loan in full, and Victor informed him that they wanted to announce the return of Brash & Sassy to Newman, but they wanted to be in control of the message. Victor added that his old PR team was out, and he wanted Neil and Power Communications to step in.

Neil proposed that Newman outsource its PR to his company, and he would make sure Newman was given top priority. Victoria declared it a done deal, and Neil requested their availability and cooperation. Victor indicated that the only distraction they had was a party to celebrate Abby's recent success, and Neil suggested that they make a surprise announcement about Newman's merger with Brash & Sassy at the event. Neil insisted that Victor and Victoria be the center of attention rather than Abby, and Victoria figured that Abby was a team player who would understand.

Neil enthusiastically gave instructions to someone over the phone, and Victor said it was great to see him back in his element. Neil recalled that he'd told Devon that buying and selling companies hadn't satisfied his creative urge, so the opportunity to help Newman had happened at the perfect time. Victor remarked that he'd known Neil had a gift from the moment he'd started working for Newman Enterprises years earlier, but Neil thought that time was different, since he had his own company. Neil added that he was doing it for the same reason Victor still was -- they were "enjoying the hell" out of it.

At Brash & Sassy, Nikki lamented that the place had once been a hub of activity, but no one would even know the company still had offices there. Victoria chirped that it was in transition, and Nikki thought it was obvious that the company was in more trouble than Victoria was admitting. Victoria conceded that they'd taken a huge hit, but they were still in the game. Victoria announced that they were moving, but she refused to reveal any details. Nikki mentioned that she'd had an interesting meeting with Hilary, and she wondered how well Victoria knew Jordan.

Later, Jordan rushed to Brash & Sassy after receiving an urgent text message from Victoria, and he asked if everything was okay. She replied that it would be once the company got out of the building, and he asked where they were headed. She sternly stated that they weren't going anywhere, since she didn't need a photographer who took seedy side jobs to spy on her mother. Victoria repeated Victor's words about holding trust and loyalty in the highest regard, and she fired Jordan.

Meanwhile, Neil declared that he felt great about everything except keeping Abby out of the loop, but Victor stressed that telling Abby about the new focus of the party might jeopardize the announcement. Victoria returned and assumed that the men were taking a break because Neil was killing it as she'd predicted. Victor reported that Neil had managed to get Scott's journalist friend to hold off on breaking the story, and Victoria credited Neil with saving both Newman and Brash & Sassy. Victoria wondered if Neil knew an affordable photographer, since she'd had to terminate her old one.

Abby entered with a report for Victor, and she noticed Neil's workstation setup. Neil claimed that he'd dropped by to show Victor what Hamilton-Winters was up to, and Abby invited him to the party that Victor was throwing to celebrate Design Date's success. Neil congratulated her and promised not to miss it, and Abby stepped out. Victoria imagined that Abby wouldn't be feeling very festive by the end of the party.

Jack was pleasantly surprised when Nikki stopped by to see him at Jabot, and she mentioned that she'd been downstairs to see Victoria. Jack wondered what Nikki's take was on Brash & Sassy's future, since Victoria had seemed optimistic for a woman who'd asked to be let out of her lease. Nikki replied that she had no idea what Victoria had in mind, but even if she did, it wouldn't be a good idea to talk to him about it. Jack admitted that he'd let their rivalry get out of control, and Nikki said she'd been happy to hear that he and Billy had made up. She thought it was possible that Jabot and Brash & Sassy could coexist, and Jack mused that she could talk him into anything. Dina burst in and told them to get a room.

Nikki accused Dina of turning an innocent conversation into something lurid, and Dina refused to let a "gold-digging floozy" talk to her like that. Nikki spat that Dina was nothing but a nasty old woman, and she questioned how many times Dina had been married, with each husband wealthier than the last. Dina chalked it up to sour grapes from an ex-stripper, and she imagined that any rich young man would be happy to have a free lap dance. Nikki retorted that she didn't need to pay a salary to a stud to give her attention, and Dina insisted that Nikki take it back. Jack intervened and recognized that Dina had gone too far.

Jack had expected his mother to be recovering at home, and Dina complained that he'd made it clear that he didn't want her there. Jack protested, but Dina thought it was apparent that a "gyrating strumpet" had corrupted his priorities. After Dina left, Jack recognized that Nikki had been a good sport about Dina, but it wasn't a game, and he worried that Dina was getting worse. Jack recounted that his father had never gotten over how Dina had abandoned him, but he was beginning to realize that maybe John had gotten off easy.

At the Athletic Club, Dina smiled at her reflection in a fork before she grabbed all the silverware from her place setting and tucked it into her purse. Dina ordered a top-shelf drink from a server and pointed out that she didn't have any silverware.

Crystal publicly exposes Zack's sex ring

Crystal publicly exposes Zack's sex ring

Friday, November 10, 2017

At the hospital, Cane finished a cup of coffee as Lily awakened. She reported she'd had a dream that the twins were being born and that she was dying. She shuddered and said it had felt real, and he remarked that it had been all too real back then. Lily bemoaned that there hadn't been a miracle for Juliet the night before, and Cane murmured that he still couldn't believe it. Lily inquired whether there had been any word on the baby, but all Cane knew was that there had been complications.

Lily sympathized that the poor little boy had no mother and was fighting for his life. She admitted that she felt guilty because she'd been jealous of Juliet for being able to carry Cane's child when Lily couldn't, and she'd thought that things would be better if Juliet was out of their lives for good. Cane assured Lily that he knew she hadn't wanted things to turn out that way. Lily answered a call from Mattie, who asked about Juliet and the baby. Lily replied that she would fill the twins in later, and Mattie requested to be ungrounded for the night to go to an event with plenty of adults present. Lily agreed to lift Mattie's punishment for that night only, and Mattie sent an enthusiastic text message to Reed, saying she could go.

Cane returned from making a call to Juliet's father, and he reported that Mr. Helton had barely reacted to the news that his daughter had died. Cane continued that Mr. Helton hadn't even asked about Juliet's child, and when Cane had told him that the baby had survived but that there had been medical complications, Juliet's father had cut him off and said he didn't want to know. Cane couldn't believe that the man wanted nothing to do with his own grandson and that he hadn't inquired about funeral arrangements. Cane was overwhelmed by the realization that he was all his son had in the world.

Cane flipped through the hospital paperwork, and he noticed that the name on his son's birth certificate was blank. Lily asked if he and Juliet had discussed names, and he recalled that nothing had really stuck. Lily suggested Sam as a tribute to Cane's sister, Samantha. Cane thought it was a wonderful idea, and Lily stressed that it was important that the baby have a strong connection to Cane, since the infant was entering the world with no mother. Lily sensed that Juliet was watching over Cane and their son, so the two of them weren't alone.

Lily fetched coffee and a muffin for Cane, and he thanked her for staying with him when she hadn't needed to. She reasoned that it had been an emergency, so she'd done what she could to help, but she thought she should head home. She softly assured him that he was a wonderful father and that his little boy was lucky to have him.

At the Ashby home, Mattie examined her reflection in the mirror, and she answered a knock at the door. She discovered Reed there in a suit, and he said she looked beautiful. He explained that the party was a business thing, and he wasn't sure what to expect, but his grandfather and his mom wanted him there. Mattie threw herself into Reed's arms and gushed that she'd really missed him. He replied that he'd missed her, too.

At Crimson Lights, Tessa walked in and apologized for startling Crystal. Tessa said she'd wanted to check in before she performed at the Newman party, and Crystal marveled at the life Tessa had. Tessa swore that Crystal would also have one soon, and Crystal wouldn't have to hide anymore because Zack would pay for what he'd done to her and the other girls. Crystal grumbled that she'd heard it before.

On the patio, Scott grimaced at the thought of Victor throwing a party in honor of Newman's latest success story, and Sharon griped that it was just a front for a sex ring. Scott recognized that Zack had played Abby perfectly, and the evening would be a chance for Zack to legitimize himself. Sharon murmured that it would be a shame to ruin Zack's big night.

Sharon asked Crystal where Tessa was, and Crystal revealed that her sister had left to sing for some suits. Scott pointed out that Zack would be one of the suits, and Sharon explained that Newman had funded Design Date. Crystal ranted that all people cared about was money, no matter how it got made or who got hurt. Sharon insisted that the Newmans had no idea that the app was a front for organized prostitution, and Scott announced that he'd thought of a way to rattle Zack and get him to admit what he was involved in.

Scott suggested that Crystal go to the party to confront Zack, and Sharon would get it all on video. Scott promised that he'd be by Crystal's side to ensure nothing bad happened, and Sharon said it was entirely Crystal's choice. Scott indicated that it might be the best chance they had to "nail the bastard," and Crystal grinned and declared that she'd need a killer outfit for such a swanky occasion.

At Jabot, Abby enthused that it was Ashley's lucky day, since Victor was throwing a party that night to celebrate Design Date's raging success. Abby referred to recent secret meetings, and she suspected that her father was about to give her a new title and a bigger role in the company. Ashley congratulated her, and they hugged. Abby mentioned that she'd heard that Jack had fired Dina, and Ashley explained that it hadn't been fair to keep Dina on when she wasn't able to conduct business on that level anymore.

Ashley revealed that Dina had made noticeable mathematical errors in her first assignment and had likely asked Graham to redo the work for her. Ashley said she was happy that Abby and Dina had created a fantastic rapport, and she hoped Abby could convince Dina that they weren't trying to punish her. Abby recounted that she'd seen Dina stuffing sugar packets into her purse at Crimson Lights, and Ashley wondered if Dina had been too proud to ask where Mrs. Martinez kept the sugar. Abby encouraged Ashley to give Dina a full tour of the mansion.

Later, Ashley rifled through a box and looked quizzically at a few of the items inside. Dina entered and demanded to know why Ashley was going through her things, and Ashley replied that she'd had Dina's assistant box them up to take home. Dina surmised that Ashley was so eager to get her out of Jabot that Ashley didn't want her to set foot in the building, but Ashley insisted that she'd been trying to help. Ashley suggested that they get ready for Abby's party together to make sure that they got there in plenty of time, and Dina testily asserted that she wouldn't be the one to make them late. Dina grabbed the box and walked off.

Victor and Victoria arrived at Top of the Tower, and Neil was glad to see them there early. Neil explained that their mission was to revise the Brash & Sassy narrative by announcing that the brand was returning to the fold, and the theme was "coming home." Neil added that it was a wonderful chance to divulge Victoria's appointment as COO, since she was the face of the future, and they'd reinforce the message that she was back working with her iconic father. "Let's do it!" Victor exclaimed.

Zack stepped off the elevator and shook hands with Victor. Zack mentioned that Abby was over the moon at the thought of moving up in the company and taking over the reins, and being in the spotlight meant a lot to her. Victor commented that the evening wasn't just about Design Date, and Zack declared that it was Abby's day. Victor clarified that the party was about the company and the entire family, and Zack swore that he was there for Abby and not to toot his own horn. Victor praised Abby for following through with Zack's idea, since numbers didn't lie.

Victoria was glad that Nikki had made it, and Nikki remarked that even though Victoria and Abby had had their moments, it was sweet of Victoria to support her sister's success. Victoria replied that it was what family did for one another, and Nikki told Victor that she was sure Abby was thrilled with all the trouble he'd gone through for her. Neil requested that the Newmans appear to be a united front that night, and he hoped that Nikki would continue to play her role as matriarch. Nikki scowled at the thought of pretending that she could tolerate Victor, and Victor huffed that if Nikki couldn't keep up the fašade to the rest of world, then she shouldn't be there. Nikki instructed Neil to just tell her where to stand and what to say.

Abby entered the restaurant with a broad grin. Zack said she looked incredible, and she proclaimed that she felt that way. He recognized that she'd worked hard for that night, but she insisted that none of it would be happening without him. Neil pulled Abby aside for a close-up with the rest of the Newmans, and Abby haughtily stated that she was happy that Victoria could be there to help her celebrate. Victoria fawned over Reed in his suit, and she voiced surprise that Lily had let Mattie join him.

Neil instructed everyone where to stand for a family photo. Abby was irritated when he positioned her off to the side, whereas Victoria was front and center. Neil told Nikki to move closer to Victor, and he pushed Victor to hold Nikki's hand. Nikki protested, but Victor told her to do it for the family. Neil crossed over to Mattie and remarked that it was the last place he'd expected to see her, and she insisted that her mom had given her permission to be there. Mattie added that her parents were still at the hospital to make sure that Juliet and the baby were okay.

Neil greeted Ashley and Dina, and he recalled that he hadn't seen them since Ashley had won her award. Dina remarked that it had been an evening they'd never forget, and she stepped away. Ashley observed Neil's stylish new clothes, and he figured that he'd been in the corporate world for a long time, so he'd needed to project a different image after he'd transitioned to a creative field. Ashley admired his new look, and Neil invited her to have drinks later to catch up.

Neil asked for photos of Abby by herself, and she lapped up the attention as she shot a contemptuous glance at Victoria. Abby finished her photo session and cattily remarked that she was sure things would turn around for Victoria soon. Abby asked if Zack had missed her, and he handed her a glass of Champagne. Abby bragged that her dad was finally giving her the recognition she deserved, and Zack mused that it was just the beginning for her and for them. Scott watched as they embraced.

Noah groused to Victor that he'd been psyched about the Underground expansion, but Nick hadn't wanted to rebuild and had walked away. Noah complained that he'd been pouring his heart into it for months, but he didn't even have a job anymore. Victor implied that it was a good time to jump back on board at the family company, but Noah protested that corporate life wasn't for him. Victor revealed that the woman who'd been running Top of the Tower was moving back to her hometown. Noah realized that Victor was asking him to manage the restaurant, but he respectfully declined the offer.

Victor tapped the microphone and asked for everyone's attention while he explained why they were gathered there that night. Abby beamed in anticipation of her father's words. Victor proclaimed that the Newmans had a reputation for bouncing back from adversity, since they never gave up. He cited Abby as the perfect example, since she'd presented him with the idea of an incubator project, and unbeknownst to him, she'd pursued the idea. He proudly declared that the Design Date app was a profitable part of Newman and that Abby was part of a new generation of Newmans whose contributions to the company would drive it into the future, starting that night.

Abby smiled brightly, but her grin faded when Victor named Victoria as the COO of Newman Enterprises, calling her his new right hand and second in command. Victor added that Victoria would also continue to look over Brash & Sassy, and they were there to welcome back his beautiful daughter to the family fold. Abby looked crushed as Victoria stepped to the podium and thanked her father for his vote of confidence. Abby rushed off, and Scott followed her and asked if she was okay. She demanded to know if he'd known about it, but he swore that he hadn't.

Abby cried that Victor had lied about the party and her future, and Scott sympathized that she deserved better. Zack joined them, and Abby wailed that she'd been screwed, so she had to go before she lost it. Zack pleaded with her to stay, and Scott stepped away to talk to Victor. Abby refused to watch Victoria basking in the glory, but Zack pointed out that he hadn't heard Victor talking about Victoria's triumphs at Brash & Sassy. Zack added that Victor had bailed Victoria out, but Abby was the one who'd delivered, and he encouraged Abby not to give Victoria the satisfaction of seeing her storm off.

Scott asked if he would still be reporting directly to Victor, and Victoria said she'd be meeting with the senior staff the following week. She asked Scott for a full report of his job description and a list of things he was working on. Victor introduced Tessa as the entertainment as Sharon and Crystal waited to make their move.

As Tessa sang, Victoria pushed Noah to imagine how it would feel to run a place like Top of the Tower. Noah admitted that it would be a rush, and she called that the definition of the right job for him. She excitedly envisioned all of them working together as a family again, and she argued that he could ask for things that he'd never been able to ask for before. Victoria promised that she'd make sure things wouldn't go back to the way they had been when Victor had had final say about everything, and Noah confirmed that he was in. They hugged.

Abby approached Victoria and recognized that no one had expected the evening to unfold that way -- especially not Abby. Abby said she wanted to welcome Victoria back, and she hoped they could work together for the common good, since they had their own divisions to run. Victoria applauded Abby for handling the news graciously, but she firmly stated that she was COO, so Abby would be reporting to her. Abby couldn't believe it was happening after Victor had led her to believe that she was next in line, and she blasted Victoria for sailing back in -- after almost going bankrupt -- on what was supposed to be Abby's big night.

Victoria huffed that everyone knew Abby wasn't ready to take over the company, but Abby retorted that Victoria had run her makeup empire into the ground in less than a year. Victor intervened and acknowledged that it had been a surprise, but he assured Abby that her contributions would be valued. Abby spat that a surprise was someone popping out of a cake, and before she rushed off, she cried that it wasn't fair. Victor expected that Abby would get over it, but Victoria figured that they would be fine even if Abby didn't.

Zack followed Abby to the bar but stopped short when he spotted Crystal. Zack told Abby that they should get out of there, but Scott observed that Zack looked rattled, like he'd seen a ghost. Scott pointed out that, unlike Natalia, Crystal was very much alive. Sharon revealed that Zack had been using Design Date as a front for a sex trafficking ring, but Abby insisted that it wasn't true. Crystal divulged that she'd been one of Zack's girls, but Zack ordered her to be careful about what she said. Scott questioned why Zack would make threats if he had nothing to hide.

Zack swore that he had no idea what Scott was talking about, and he pulled Scott aside and hissed that he'd had enough of Scott's garbage and that there would be consequences. Crystal revealed that Zack had gotten her hooked on drugs and had held her prisoner along with other girls, but Zack pretended not to know who she was. Zack claimed that Scott had orchestrated the scene because he couldn't stand to see Abby happy and successful, but Crystal stepped up to the microphone and called for everyone to listen to her. Crystal announced that the dating app the guests were celebrating was part a front, since it was flooded with girls who Zack owned, operated, and trafficked. Crystal admitted that she'd been one of those girls, and she'd been forced into prostitution and intimidated with threats of violence every day because of an operation that Newman Enterprises had paid for.

Neil tried to control the press as Dina grumbled that it was typical sleaze from the Newmans. Nikki told Dina to do everyone a favor and "shut the hell" up. Dina pulled the stolen silverware out of her purse and stabbed Nikki, who cried out for help. Zack dragged Abby to the elevator, and Scott chased after her as the elevator doors closed in his face.

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